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The Post Boy


Printer / Publisher:  L. Beardwell,
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2204
No Pages: 2
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The Post Boy
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The Post Boy

Date of Article: 30/06/1709
Printer / Publisher:  L. Beardwell,
Address: next the Red-Cross-Tavern, in Black Friars, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2204
No Pages: 2
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Willi the Fre£ he& Advices,' f oreiff. a afid'Donieftk]. , « .' iwV. i;<> . winsfoE tmd - tiliid i ' m i a n . ^ a j a i au F r o m C l i e f O June z g . to C ^ t f t f O a ? J u n e . 3 0 ^ 1 7 0 9 . > , ••• uv. - — - ~• - — - • —• •' — - t/ i mi •-.•• : •-- •.,-' 5 fj.,<, I n nl. i. r ! '. » '(•> v " X- • • Tifierdr/ came in cine Mail fronfofttnth, raitli the Antwerp ami' puties, Ware uaanimoufly pf opinion," That it was n0f> fefefcJ BrufTcIs Letters and Odettes, of the id'tf July, A', i . wkicl hMe to attack ' cin without- infinite - Disadvantage, and vifi- » contain the following Advices. , ja,, ble- Haiird ; and thenroponrreiofv'if upon the Siege of this Place. The better to lucfteed ufcthiiDBfign,- - Car/ was tai ken ta encareafe die EneioyYJ? ihcmffc. aibeingattack'd : Bot which purpoie our AftilJery1 was order'd to be brought u p' the Lys to Menin; and the flying Camp under the Com—* manjd of General Doaipt6 t o advance from Alo'ft to Oudenarde, as'if he; deftgn'jd t o pafs she Seheid there, " » ift order'* to join our Army,. G. n, tlie other- hand; die heavy Baggage was leutj the 26th infta& t, about- Ninernvthe- MrfrningTrorii ' » our Camp at LOOK to Lille^ and- at Seven in- rhe Evening Orders were given to the Arnly to hold t> h. eir » felvcs in a Readinefs to march, immediately after the Tattoo: Accordingly,; between 9 and- 10 a-' Cl- ofck,' we brobeTup. and rnarch'd, as every- b « dy, except the Generals- thought, towards the Enemy ; but loon sfttii © nr Army kdivjfecF and the Right Wing, in two Columns, moved along. the< Stone- Way that leads. from Douay r ® the Village o f Reuc'hin, from whence L/ uterburg, and cover Alface againft any fudden Attempt t( icy. rook to the Left, along the great Road from Lille to cf the Army o f the Empire. ' Pont- a- Bouvines, whese they pafs d the Marque, and purfue, d their Mareh by the , Village e f Fiofeiorrt ' arid W illemeau, tfireftly for AntHoi'u. The Lefr Wing marclfd, at the fame Time, in T w o Columns, by the Way of Pont- a- Treflin ; fo that the .37th,' ab: qi3& i wd- a- Clock in the Morning, the whole Arrayscame before i ournsy, and inverted the Place on the tide of- L i l l e / whilft General Dompr6, who rnarch'd, the ?< 5th, frOrti A'eft, Mj< Ftflp'ti& on the other fide of the Schifld; witfi tlie TYqs5p,$, tsridef his Command, and Ten Battalions thSthad been detach'd from our Left for that purpofe. Thirty Squadrons and Twelve Battalions were alio detach'd in our Marfelt; . under the Comj"' mand of the Prince of Orange- NafTa- u, to furprize St. Amana and Mortaigne ; which his Higlinefs has perform'd accor- 1 dingly, the Garrifon o f St. Aniand retiring upon his Approach to Valenciennes.; and that of Mortafgny having yefterday furrerider'd themfeJyes. Prifpners of War, afToort as our Men had carried, Swoj$ in Hand, the Jledoubt that • defended the Bridge of that important Port, which is fituate at the Confluence of the Scarpe and the Scheld- We- arti t" take Paft ta Morrow nearer Tournay, i » stisder to . fett the Quarters and dra- w the Lines of Girouifivallation, " for » the necefTary Difpofitions, to give the Enemy a warm Re- - which purpofe a great Number of Pioneers have been fureception, in cafe they fhould venture to attack him, having, mon'd Out of Flanders. The JVIarefq! i'aI: de Villars, . not for that piirpofe, planted above i yo-^ Pieces of Cannon in fufpe& ing in the left the Defign of th. e: Aflies, but rather expecting to be atta. ck'd in his Camp, " liad drawn fevetal Regiments out of this. PJace, to reinforce his Army; fo that." according to the beft Intelligence, the Garrifon confiftsonly of Eleven Battalions, 2 ofVendofme ; 2 o f Vexin ; 1 of Trefer, formerly la Faille ; 2 of St. VaiHe ; r of Artagnan ; 1 o f V e r v i l l e ; a n { ] , Gf fiourbon : Which, the Day before we inverted the Place, were much weakned by a Detachment of 8 Meii ^ r'Cotnpany, that march'd to Lens, with fome Squadrons of Horfe. We are likewife aiiur-' d, that there are in the Town but 5 Squadrons of Dragoons, and 4 independent Troops of Horfe ; fo that the who 16 Garrifon dpes hardly amount to 4000 efijsfHv* Men. They are commanded by Lieutenant- General de Surville, who was wounded in Defence of the Citt?.< Jel of Lille ; Monfieilf de St. Pierre, and the Sieur Dolet, Deputy- Governour. One of their chief Ingeniers-, who Wjis fent out to confer with , the Marefchal de Villars, was taken Prifoner. We reckon to open the Trenches in Five or Six Days, by which Time we expe& to receive our heavy Artillery. Ghent, July 1. N. S.. The O- fticersof the great Train of heavy Artillery, which had been fent up the Lvs to Menin, having, in the Night between rhe 26th and : 7th part, receiv'd Orders from the Duke of Marlborough and the Field Phiiifrsburgh, June 3 f. N. S. ' E have Advice, That moft of the Artil-, , lery which the Enenfy fent over the Rhine the 1 5 th inftant at the fame- time that the Marefchal d'Harcourt pafs'd that River, return'd to Strasburgh the rpth, as d; d alio 18 Battalions of Foot, which,- v. ith jooo of their left Horfe, havd ftnce begun their March towards the Netherlands. The Maiefchal d'Harcourt having thus weakned the Army under hi's Command, and being, befides, much incommoded by the late Raihs, and ftreighten'd for Fcriage, has thought fit. to repafs the Rhine ; and, ' tis givei aut, he will march towards the Mofelle, with moft of hii Forces, leaving only a f ew Troops to guard the Line of mterburg, " of Empire.- pjris, June 28. N S. Advices from Grenoble, of the l i f t inftant, import, That the Marefchal Duke of Berwick, hiving view'd the Places in Savoy, was return'd , to that City, ( Grenoble) and had fummon'd 6000 Pioneers to rendezvous near Beaumont the 3pth, with Defign to re- bui! d two old ruin'd Forts on the- Heights of Brianqon, in Flopes thereby to keep the Duke of Savoy, for fome t. me, at a Bay, and hinder him from cntring the Plain, and laying Siege to that Place. The exceflive Rains, which, for a Fortnight, have fallen in Dauphine, have drown'd great Part of the Corn, which will aggravate the Mifery the Inhabitants of that Country have hitherto undergone, to a gi- eater Degree than any other Province of this defolate Kingdom. An Exprefs from the Marefchal d'Harcourt has brought Advice, Thar, according to the King's pofitive Orders, that General had detach'd ; ooo Horfe, and 8coo Foot, to reinforce our Army in Flanders; That thofe Troops are marching with fuch Expedition, that ' tis reckori'd they will reach Verdun the 30th inftant, and the 8th. o f J u l y the Camp at Lens. Letters from thence, of the 26th, advife, That the Marefchal de Villars had made all the Avenues o f the eafieft Accefs. Provifions begun to be very dear in our Camp ; where- fore, Orders are fent to the Governours and Magiftrates of theadjaient Places to lupply them with as much Meal and Beer as they can fpare, with all poffible Speed ; the Brewers o f Douay and Valenciennes, among the reft, being order'd to brew only for the Soldiers; and becaufe the Marefch de Villars, for fear of a Surprize, makes rhe Soldiers encamp, every Day, in order of Battle, and confequently, no Detachments can be fent out t o fbrrage, all the Villages of the Bculonois, and even of all ' Picardy, are appointed to furnifh a continual Supply of Forrage; for which they are to be fatisfied by the Intendanrs : By which means, our Generals think not only to fpare our Horfe great Fatigues, but alfo to hinder tlft: Troopers from deferting. We arc ftill bufie, Night and Day, in coining the Silver- Plate, which the Nobility, and other lubrtantial Perfons, continue to fend to the Miitt ; and the new Speies will be deliver'd out in a Fottnight. The taking of fome of the fuperfluous Church- Plate for the fame purpofe, tho' confented to by the Bijjops and Abbots, is not yet put '. in Execution- A Report has » been current here, for Two . Jays together, That the Queen of Spain having been deliver'd of a fecor. d Prince, was in a very dangerous Condition ; But that News prov'd fa'fe ; an Exprefs which arriv'd from Madrid, in 7 Days, to the Duke d'Alba, not mention- " ng any thing like it. P. S. An Exprefs from Flanders, who Went this day thro' this Place for Verfailles, h3s brought Advice, That the Enemy did, yefterday Morning, very tinexpe& edly, invert Tournay with 25 or 30000 Men, which occafioiis various Reafonings : Some will have it to be one of Prince Eugene's and the Duke of Marlborough's Stratagems to draw the Marefchal de Villars out of his unacceffible Camp; but the Generality are of Opinion, that the Confederates are earneftly bent upon the Siege of that inv Depiities, to return hither the Boats . laden with the Cannon and Ammunition pafs'd by Caurtray the 37th, anu'tlje 39th moft of them arrived here, being follrjw'd yefterday by the reft; And this Day they are to te fenr u p the Scheld to the Gamp before Tournay, with Thirty other VefleTV, laden with Cannon, Mortars, Bombs, and Warlike Stores, that are arrived here from Saz, to be employ's! in the Siege of that Place BruflVs, J u l y 2. N. S- ' Letters from the Confederate ' Army before Tournay advife, That our Generals having ' poflefs'd themfelves of all the Ports round that Towrj, and portant Place ; Which we are apprehenfive is'not provided ' made Bridges of Communication on the Scheld, above and either with a fufficient Garrifon, or Necetfaries for a vi- ' below thc Place, have refolv'd to lay Si « ge to i t : Hoping, ( Defence. ' from the Weaknefs o f the Garrifon, to be Maftersof it in be Camp before Tournay, June 29. N. S. Upon the Re- ' lefs than Four Weeks after opening the Trenches We jor- Gen. CJopfTa hd ^ Vfafor Gen. Cadogan, of the Strengrh ' hear, That the Marefchal de Vitt? frs;~ teirlg fenfible o f his he Enemy's Camp at Le'nsjOUi Generals and the Field- De- ' Miftake, in drawing fo nteny Troops out of fo important , _ — arlace^ ' a tiiCCi wGuld f l i l i hsVe retrieve tfat F l u t t j in drier to 1 which, he detach'd, i j o o Horfe and Dragoons, under the ' Command o f Meflleurs d'A qua Viva andPlgnatelli, each ' carrying a Foot- Soldier behind them, with Orders to en- * 4eavour to throw t& emfclves into Tournay; but that * their Van was attack'd and defeated by the Confederate ' Troops poftcd atMortaigne and St. Amand, and the reft * oblig'd to retreat t o Gonde, with great Lois. Some Ad- 1 vices lay, That the Marefchal de Viliars has quitted his * Camp, but others import, That he has only extended it ' More towards Douay Prince Eugene has lent for an a- * Me Engineef from hence. Count Zinzendorf, the Impe- ' rial Plenipotentiary, arriv'd here on Friday laft, from the ' Army, by the Way o f Courtray and Ghent. The fame our Commilftoners returned hither from Soignles, 4 where they have agreed, with the Intendant of Maubeugc, ' upon a new Treaty for the Contributions of Brabant, on ' the fame as the laft Year. Plymouth, June t6. This Day came in a Ship of and for London, from Viana, with Wine, taken by a French, and re taken by a jMiddleburg Privateer. < • <>-••'•- Ptrtfmoath, June zy. y Yefterday came in a Ship « £ Co » k, in Ballaft, from Oftend, taken off of Beachy. head by a* French Shallop, and ranfoirfd. • Rear- Admiral Baker, with the Fleet under his Convoy, is ftill at Spithead ; as are the Tranfports. Yarmouth, June 27 On the 15th fail'd hence her Majefty's Ship the Dunwich, with the Gallies. light Colliers, and Coafters, t o the Northward : Sail'd alfo, the Folkfton and Advice- Prize, with about 40 Sail under their Convoy, fr. i- Holland. Yefterday came in a Fleet of laden Colliers, and this Day feveral more, under Convoy of the Feverfham and Flamborough. London, June 30. Tuefday laft the Four Troops of Horfe- Guards, and the T w o Troops of Horfe- GrenadieiV, were review'd in Hide- Park, by his Grace the Duke of Ormond. The fame Day, was launch'd at Woolwich the Royal- Anne. Galley, and her Maftsfet before N i g h t ; Ihe is built after a new Invention, under the Direction of the Right Hon. the Marquis of Carmarthen, who, on that Occafion; gave a noble Entertainment to feveral Perfons o f Quality and Diftinftion, of both Sexes, on board the William and Mary Yacht. A T a Meeting of feveral Perfons concern'd in New- J \ Eaft- India Trading- Shares, it was thought proper that there / hould he a general Meeting of all the Proprietors of the faid Shares. Now, all fuch Perfons, as are interefted in the faid Shares, are defired to meet at Mercer's- Hall in Cheapfidc, ro morrow, being the Firft of July, at Four in the Afternoon, to confider of what is neceftary to be done in relation to the faid Affair. Juft publifh'd, X HE Lawyers Library, a n ew Book of [ nftruments, conlifting of Precedents fitted for the Ufe of Attorneys, Ecical Per. uns, Scriveners, Merchants, Owners of Ships, Mariners, and, generally, for ail Perfons concern'd in Trade and Comnerce ; being the moft complete Colleflion, of its Size and Nature, hitherto extant. The focond Edition revis'd and enlarg'd. Printed Printed for R. Gofling, at the Mitre againft Chancery- lane, and John Pemberton, at the Golden Buck againft St. Dunftan's Church, both in Fleet ftrect. pr. j s. 6 d. W Hereas fevera! Thoufands are lubfcribed for of that Excellent Book, entituled, The great NtteJJity and Advmttge of Publitk Prayer and Frequent Communion; defign'd to retire Primitive Piety, with Meditations, Ejaculations, and Prayers before, at, and after the Sacrament. The Second Edition. By the Right Reverend Father in God, William Beveridge, D. D. late Lord Bilnop of St. Afaph. Printed for R. Smith, in Exeter- Exchange, in the Strand. Thefe are to defire other pious Perfons to do the fame, that the Good aim'd tt may be effected 5 it being printed fo as to be fold at 1 s. bound, that the Charge may be fmall, and the Good done thereby greater. Thofe that take xoo fhall have 10 Gratis: Being ready to deliver Bound or in Quires. To morrow will be publifh'd, A Dvice to a young Lord, written by his Father, un- X X . der thefe following Heads, viz. Religion, Study, and Kxerciies, Travel, Marriage, Honfe- kccping, and Hofpitality. Of the Court, cf Friend/ hip, of Pleafure and Idlenefs, of Converfation. SoA Id bBy rJi. eMf oArpchceowu, n nte aor fS taat iSonpeercs- iHfiaclkl. Remedy for Cu r ing JLX. * he King's- Evil, confirm'd now by 82 extraordinary Cures, face O& ober 1705, ( the laft on a Woman, in 6 Months, affliited therewith j6 yean) containing likewife fome other ufeful Obfervations. ByWm. viekers, Clergyman. Sold by A. Collins, at the Black- Boy againft St. Dunftan's Church, in Fleet- ftreet; J. Baker, at the Black- Boj in Pater- Nofter- Row ; and at the Author's Houfs, in Sherburne- Hne, sear Lombard- ftreet. Juft Publifh'd, T H E beft Anfwer that ever was made, and to which no Anfwer ever will be made, { not to be behind Mr. Hoadlyin Affurance) In Anfwer to his Bill of Complaint, exhibited againft the Lord Bifnop of Exeter, for his Lordfhip't Sermon, preach ^ before her Majefty, March 8. 1708. Addrefs'd in a Letter to the faid Mr. Hoadly himfelf; by a Student of the Temple. Sold by J. Morpbew near Stationcr's- Hall. Price 1 s. Where may be had the View of the Times in the 4th Vol. of Rehearfals with a Preface containing Remarks on the fecond Defence of the Rights of the Church. This Day is Publifh d, TH E Theory and Practice of Architecture, or Vitruvius and Vi^ nola Abrid^' d, the firft by the Famous Mr. ; inCon- .6d. . < . „ This day is PuMifh'd, . - S Erritiml concerning the Death, Reftrrettion, a n d^ Afcenfion ofChrift, and the MiflSon of the Ho » y Ghoft. By the Ktehc Reverend Father in God, William Bevei idge, D. D. fate Lord Bilhop of St. Afaph. Printed from his Original Manufci ipts, vol. 6. Printed for R. Smith in Exeter Exchange in the Strand, Price bound j 1. The Worksin S Volumes, Sold for 11- > 7 *• A T the Gulden Acron in White Fryers, coming down / J by the Green- Dragon Tavern in Flectftreet, is to be fold feveral diftinaSeftions of Votes of Parliament, the Proceedings, and Debates of the Convention held in Scotland, in 16B9. A moft curious Colledion ofTraits relating to the Power, Proceedings, Debates Prerogatives, Preheminencies, Judicatures, Elections, and Lifts of Parliament, in moftVolumes, with feveral Conferences, Reports, Rcprefenrations, and Refolutionsof the Houfe ot Lords. A Colie& ion of above 550 diltinit Speeches, viz. Klngs, Chancellors, Judges.& c. inPariiamcnc, with Variety of Speeches madeabout Ship- Money, Militia, making the Protettor King, about the Abdication, and to the Grand Juries, Stc. A Collefiion of State and Mifcellany Letters from lC, 6o, to 1707. A fine Colle& ion of Traits, written by feveral fmart and Ingenious Pens, lince the late Revolution relating to'Oaths, fufpending, and depriving of the Bifhops, and about the Do£ trin « > f Pallive Obcdience, s nd Nonrefiflar. ee, No. 5 Jo. A choice Coiieition of Catalogues of Books, . beginning with Clavil's, and continued by the Term Catalogues, with near above 100 Catalogues mora* of the beft extant, are propofed to be fold together, being fit for any Publick Library, as alfo a Colleition of Elegies and Poems mad^ npon faveral Kings, Princes, Bifhopj, Judges, and feveial very eminent Divines, No. ifo. t j Juft publifh'd, Propofalsibr Printing, by Subfoription, C Or pus cmntpnt Veterum Poetarttm Latinorum4 fecun* dum Seriem Temperum j ioTwo Vols, inpolid: The ift Vol. contains ali thofe that have been preferved entire, or near entire: The id Vol. all A c Fragments of the Anrient Poets ; the Poemata Ecclcfiafticorum; a Supplement of the beft Modem Poets; and an Index to the whole, to find anv Fable, Hiftory, Image,' Description, ire. as they are done by the feveral Poets, with Cutts, Maps, Each Author will be printed from the beft Editions, as Stephens, thtf/ rr/ orurn, the Dauphine, and mention made from what Edit'wt printed, and from what compav'd and correifted ; with their Livts, a Chronology, & c. All done on a curious Paper made Abroad, anl a new Letter, much larger and finer than the former Specimen. Ta this Corpus are added Manilius, Pbadrns, Collumeh*, PalUdius, Rutillius, and near 30 more of the Antients ; which, With the Chronology, Supplement, Index, & e. will make this near as much more as any former Corpus. Done with her Majefty's Royal I icence and Privilcdge. The 1 Vols, will be about + 00 Sheers. Price r>> Subfcribcrs, TtvoGuines's in Quires; one down, the other on Delivery ; a 7th Gratis ; the Royal Paper Four Guineas. The Book will certainly go to the Prefs the ift of Auguft next. The Undertakers are Jacob Ttnfan, at Grays- Ina- Gate ; John Ricbtljim, at the Queens Arms in Little Britain; and B. Tooke, at the Middle- Tcmple- Gatc: Where Propofals may be had, and Subfcriptions taken in j alfo by Mr. Barns, in Pall- Mall; Mr. HWwf. in St. Mai tins- Lane ; Mr. Levis, next Tom's Coffee- Houfe, Rnilel- ftreet; Mr. Mitcaife, in Drury Lane ; Mr. Sanger, at the Temple- Gate; Mr. Taylor, at the Ship, Mr. Atkins, at the Golden Ball, and Mr. Clements, at the Half Moon, in St. Paul's Church- yard ; Mr. Parker, and Mr. Smith, under the Royal- Exchange; Mr. Clements, and Mr. Picjlf, in Oxford ; Mr. Jeffrey! and Mr. Thurleburne, in Cambridge ; the Boekfellers in Edinbtrmth, G'. ajcorv, and Dublin, and in alithe Capital Cities aRd Towns in Great Britain.. A D V E R T I S E M E N T S . DOiStor Anderfon's. or the Famous Scorch Pills a r e, by her Majefty's Authority, only prepir'd by me John Gray, at the Golden- head near little Turn- Stile in High- Holborn, London; and to prevent Counterfeits from Scotland, as well as in, and about London : You are defir'd to take Notice, that the true Pills have their Boxes feal'd on the Top with Red Wax, with the Lyon Rampant, and the Anchor fed for the « reft. They are to be Sold at Mr. Gangway's at the Royal Exchange, and at Mr. Richard Gravat, at Briftol, ana at the Tennis- Court Coffee- houfe at the Cock- Pitt, and at Mr. Knight'j Coffee- hotifc, in EfTex- ftrect. The Elixir of Balm ofGilead, and the Salt of Balm ofGilead, never preparM before, but by me John Gray. They are alio fold at myHoufe aforefaid. Thefe Pills, and the Salt of Gikad, nothing better to be taken in Tunbridge or Ebifljam or aay other Mineral water. All thefe arc prepared by meJo, hn Gray. M Arren's Trearife ( being the 6rh Edition, with great Additions) of all the Degrees and Symptoms of the Venereal Diftemper in both Sexes; wherein its Caufes, Kinds, Cure, Ufe and Abufe of Mercui y, Mifchiefs by Quacks, F. ffcfts of ill Cures, Seminal WeaknefTes, and all other Matters relating to that Diftemper, are from Reafon and long Experience explicated and deteifed ; necef. fary to be underftood by all that ever had, now have, or at any time may have the Misfortune of that Diftemper, Which, if not rightly manag'd, proves dangerous as well as obnoxious. The whole mterfpers'a with Prefcriptions Obfervations, Hiftorics, and Letters of extraordinary Cafes and Cures, the like never done before. By J. Marten, Surgeon. Sold by P. Varenne, intlieStrand, S. Crouch, in Cornhill, J. Knapton, M. Atkins, in St. Paul's- Church- yard, John Ifted. at the - - - - by Mr. Wycherley, price 1 s. Sd. Tartuffe, or the French Puritan a Comedy, price 1 s. 6 d. LocinsJunius Brutus, a Tragedy, price t s. 6 d. The Art of Love, a Poem, Dedicated to the Ladies, by Mr. Charles Hopkins, price i s . Lore Letters from a Nun to a Cavileer, French and Engh/ h, price 1 » . All Printed for Richard Wellington, at the Dolphin and Crown, in St. Paul's Church Yard, where is fold all forts of Plays. Golden- Ball againft St! Dunftan's Church, Flcetftreet, and moft other Bookfelleri. Alfo at the Author's Houfe, in Hatton- Gardcn. § 3 . n r * H E Son ot Jane Evan*, in Minor ftreer, St. J . Giles's, that was born bbr. d : Tho. Batten, Carpenter, in Dyot- ftreet, St. Giles's, blind feveral Years of Cataradis : William Chamblc, Taylor, in Crofs- ftreet, Hatton- Garden, almoft blind of a Gutt* Strent, ( » '. e. when the Eyes appear as fair as thofe that fee, yet are blind:) The Son of Ed. Blogg, Silk- weaver in Flower, in Deanftrecr. Spittle- fields, blind a conliderable time, by a violent Defiuxion of Humours, fo that he/ Could not endure the k- aft Light; were all, with Multitudes more of the moft difficult Dileafes incident to the Eyes, rcftor'd to Sight- by Mr. BRINSDEN, Oculift, in King- ftreet, Covent- Gardcn, London, who has acquired a peculiar Method ofculing all Difeafes of the Eyes, and it conftamly to be advis'd with a; his Houfe. T H E Volatile Spirit of Bohee- Tea ; the firft o f this Kind that ever was made in England, for Curing Confumptions, inwird Waftings, and all other Decays in Nature ; which hath been proved in many extraordinary Cafes: Two Shillings Six Pence the Bottle, with Dircttions; feal'd with black Wax, having a doable Coat of Arms, to diftinguifh it from Counterfeits. Sold only at. Batfon's Coffee- Houfe, againft the Royal Exchange, Cornhill. LONDON: Printed for L. BearJmelk next she Rud- Crofs- Tavtrn, in ' Black- Friart. ^ * ' ^ ^ ^ I
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