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The Rehersal of Observator, &c


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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 42
No Pages: 2
The Rehersal of Observator, &c page 1
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The Rehersal of Observator, &c
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The Rehersal of Observator, &c

Date of Article: 19/05/1705
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 42
No Pages: 2
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R E T H E H E A R S Obfervator, A L i An Account of the Eleaion for the County of Suffolk. With that of Ox ford, & c. I J Defence of the Reverend Mr. Lamb from the Foul Mouth of the Obfervator. With ' the Affault of the DiHenters upon the Church of Harpenden. 3. The Hopes of the Diffenters now in the Elections neareft Scotland. A The Security Proposed for the Church of England. y A Short Account of Tacking. An Advertifement concerning Sir W. A t. From ^ atucftaj May the 12th, to featurtsa? May the 19th 1705. ( l . ) Country- man. T T T E parted laft time upm / % / on the Reception the T • Tack& s meet wich in the Country. And now the Eleftions are Begun, I'll ftew thee an Account 1 have of an Eletlion ia a County about which Thou and 1 have already fquabbl'd, that is Suffolk. Here's a Letter . thence of the 9th Inftant, irom an Eleftor that was Prefent, who fays, in thefe words, I cannot forbear giving yen the hopeful sit count of our County Eleftion for SUFFOLK. About ten in the Aforning came the Lord DYSERT and Sir ROB. D AVERS, Uflier'd into the Town by fuch a Body of all the Chief Gentry, and moft Reputable Yeomanry of the County, as Enlivened the Refutation of the Church party. When pre fent ly they were Succeeded, according to Cuftom, by Sir SAMVEL BARNARDISTON, and Sir DVDLY CVLLVM. But to fee what a Rabble had espous'd that Faftion ! Tou never beheld fuch a Scoundrel Mealy. Excepting Sir THOMAS FEL. TON and two more, I do not think there were three Gentlemen to Head that Herd. At a Window indeed / efpy, d the D. of G. L. C— s. and the L. H. Zealous Promoters. But the Earl of DYSERT & c. Opposed that Rout of PRESBYTERIANS, INDEPENDENTS, ANAB ARTISTS, QUAKERS, who Appear'd in a Body, PAPISTS * nd MODERATION BROTHERS, who were all Covenanted againft poor CHVRCH. And began fuch a Noife of NO TACKERS No FRENCH SHOOS; HEAR THE QUEEN, & t. That you \ x oit d have Thought Hell had been broke loofi. But when my Lord DYSERT and Sir ROBERT D AVERS Appeared ( thofe Noble TACKERS) / was furpris'd to fee how all that Glorious Appearance were Tr anfported, and prefently Entertained with the Grateful! Mttfick of NO FORTY EIGHT. NO PRESBYTERIAN REBELLION. SAVE THE QUEENS WHITE NECK. A TOWER. A TOWER. A DAVERS. SAVE YOVR COVNTRY BY MY LORD AND DAVERS, & C. But you mould have Rewind to fee how the CLERGY went Unanimoufly in a Body from the late Lord HEREFORD'S Houfe to the Place of Polling• And Polfd above 200. which ft Difpirited the Adverfe Party, that we heard no more of t ' htm. I f the CLERGY woud be Unanimous and FaithfuH to the Interefts of the CHURCH, the Gentry / find wou'd Espoufe them through the KingdomAnd then We need fear no Undermining Pat ty. In Jhert, all Parties here Try'd their utrnoft. The Enemy brought in the Lame and the Blind and all that Co- fd but fpeak. Tet We out- Folfd them by 573. Afay this the firft County- Eleftion be a Precedent to the whole Kingdom, happily Prafagt the Set- " t tlement of the Church, and the Refcne of her Majefty oat of tbe hands of thofe that feek her Dejlruftion, and our Subverfion. Thus the Letter. Adding the Poll. viz.. for Ld. Dyfert, 2877. And for Sir Robert Davers, 2883- Sir Samuel Barnardiftont 2286. Sir Dudly Cullum, 2318. Ohfi Our Truth and Hon efty has f j d l y Lamented this our Defeat. Notwithftanding his fweec Dialogue ' twixt Sir R. D. and the Chimney- Sweeper. And now Defpairs of Succefs in the Corporations, as well as County of Suffolk. He gives them over as all High- Fiyers, and Papijhe.**. Conntry- m. Yet what Papifls xvett there, were on Your fide, againft the Church. Particularly Bgr. L— y a noted Papift procur'd 200 Votes againft the Earl of Dyfert. Obf. No Matter for that. They are all Papifhes. I have faid it, over and over. And if the Plot— Office was up again, I wou'd Swear it. And, as my Brother Truth and Honefty fays, That all this is long of thefe Wicked Parfons ; whom therefore WE Rail at, Curfe, and Expofe all that WE can. Country. m' And mare than you can witheitheV Truth or Honefty. But thank G o d , your Itfith not foGreit as your Malice. And your Stories are fo Sillily contriv'd, as to pafs the Belief of any Man of Common Senfe. YOU have Ly'd your felves out of Credit. YOU have made a Trade of it. And what YOU fay is no more a Reflection, than if it came from an Oyfter- Woman at Billings- Gate, or a Water- Man upon the Thames. And YOUR Threats are of no more Regard. YOU fent a Letter to Oxford ( which I got and - Printed, March 31, N- 35.) with the Names of. the Tackers in the Univtrftty, County, and City, whom YOV Threaten d to Shoot throught the Head if they offer'd to Appear at the then Enfuing Eleftions,- and call'd them Penftoners of France. But YOUR Scandal is Defpis'd, and Reckon'd as Ridiculous as YOUR vain Boaft of YOUR Legions, and Impotent Threats. Thefe fame Tackers Nam'd in YOUR Letter, are now Chofe again in the County Univerfity, and City of Oxford. I tell thee, if I were to Stand at an Eleftion, I wou'd Hire THEE and thy Scandalous Clubb tog fpeak all the III of me that YOU cou'd fowj* it wou'd Really be a Recommendation of me, even t o Strangers, who had one Drachm of Senfe or Probity, and who underftood the Manner of Proceeding of the moft ' Hardened, Prophane, and Lying FACT. ION, that ever the Earth bore. Thy Objervators, and the Other Papers of the Scandalous Club ariee ffuffd with Inveftivts again ft tfie Church and Clergy, and almoft IMPOSSIBLE Stone! told, like thole ill The Cobler of Gtiucefter, fuch ail other Author in the times of Forty- One, which TOU have now Re- Piinted, out o f TOUR Deep Refpett to the , Church, no Doubt! Thou tell'ft a Story ( too Beaft- Iy to be Repeated) in thine of the 9th. Inftant, Vol. 4. N . u . which I have heand many years ago •, and thou lay'ft . it upon a High- Flyer, a Knight in Kent ( we guefs whom TOU Mcan) as if done yefterday. But if ever it was donef which I can hardly believe J I Remember full well it was laid t o be done by a Parcel of the Debauchee Wb/ ggs, who us'd to Trophane CHURCHES, and all things Sacred • as fome of them Lately have done ; who are n o w Pinacles ot the FaElion, and Saints of the Co And which is more, without Mendinz '• fluerace Ehttions. they have got molt of the Gentry, ( a l l but the Whigg- Rakes ) f r om us. And among the Common People, they have the Sober and Substantial Party. But yet OUR Number WE hope will Prevail. Which cannot bt lnconfidsrable while WE have the Fools and Knaves on OUR fide,! Confidering which, 1 did not think, That the Church cou'd have put US fo Hard to it as I perceive now in the Beginning of thsElel clions. But our Hope is in the North) who are Nearer, and keep a Correfpondence with OUR Good Brethern in Scotland. venant ( 2.) Obf. But what fay"> ft thou to what I tel of your fine Parfon Lamb, in my Obfervator N 5. th* Jaft but one to that before nam'd ? Don, t I make him a pure Drunken Fellow, and fetdown a Violent Expreflion of his, in favour of the Tackers. Country- m. I believe it, like the Reft of thy Sotries! That is, I believe not one Word of it. And thou brings no Vouchers. And 1 have this further Reafon to believe, that Mr. Lamb is not a man of that Violent and Pafftonate Temper, thou woud'ft Reprefent him. Thy Violent CREW gave Tlim a Trial of it, about A Month paft, at Har- - penden near St. Albans; where a Company of Whiggs and Diffenters being Met, to concert Ele- 3ions And, as they ufe, to Rout and Revel; Mr. Lamb Lock'd up the Church- Doors, to fecure that Place, at leaft,'- from their Jnfults. For which as it happen'd, he had good Reafon. For in their Cups, they had a Mind to have the Church- Bells to Ring, to Grace their Solemnity. And finding the Clhtrch- Doors Lock'd, they made no Ceremony with it, but broke into the Church, and fell a Ringing the Bells. Upon which Mr. Lamb went to them, and Represented their Difordor to them, in fo Mild a manner, that he Perfwadcd them to Depart in Peace, and leave him in Polfeffion of his Church. But upon fecond Thoughts, and t'other Cup, they got up again, and finding the Church- Doors Lock'd op again, they, as before, Brake in the Second time, and fell to the Bells. Mr. Lamb went to them again ^ and his Rhetorik had that Perfwafion, as to get them out Quietly the Second time, and he JfOekyd up the Church- Dcors again. But, to make my Story Ihort, they Broke in the Third time. And Mr. Lamb feeing no End of it, took with him the Church wardens and Conflables, and Reafoning the Cafe with them, law there a violent Dijfenter of his Parifh, to whom he Addrefs'd himfelf, and faid, Neigh hour, Pm Sory Never to fee you at CHURCH, but upon fuch an Occafion as this, to do violence to it. T h e Dijfenter as Pertly Reply'd, That the Church rvas as much his, as the Parfons, and that he wou'd come to it, when he wou'd, and how he wou'd, and do what he pie as'd, with Other Infulting Language. But the Authority of the Church- Wardens and Conflables, and fear of the Law Repriev'd the Church, and fav'd Mr. Lamb, for That time. Who in all this Affault upon Himfelf and the Church, carfry'd with the Greateft Evennefs and Moderation, of which all Prefent were Witneffefs. And therefore the Obftrvatorh contrary Reprefentation of Mr. Lamb, without other Voucher, than his own Veracity, will go down with none, but who are in Love with Slander, arid take every Occafion againft the Church. ( 3.) Obf. Tliefe Clergy do us all the Mifchief. Therefore we muft be Revenged on them, one way or other. They Preach againft us, andln- ( 5 . ) And as if the Day were our own already, I Triumph in mine of the 1 zth. In. ftant, and ask Them, what they to ufe to Ask at US, ( as Undermoft to Receive Favour?, and theirs to Grant ) what will Content you, and Eafe you o f your Flights ? 1 put the Fright upon Them] A n d I l a y , No good man is againjl the Security of the Church or againft making New Laws, if any are wanting, to Defend it againft its Enemies the PAPISTS. Country- m. But the Church has other Enemies • YOU Whiggs ond Differ, ters, who are Battering her every Day, in the moft Shamlefs and Violent Manner. Otf. O, for that, I fay in the fame Paragraph, That the P rot eft ant Diffenters are the Support and Friends of the Chimb of England. Country, m. This is Infulting pall all meafure! when in the very next Paragraph, you. charge the Clergy with Preaching down the Doftrine of the Church of England; And fay, That the DISSENTERS Preach it up. And fo are the Tru* Church of England. Then down with the Church of England ! They are the Difj'enters! This TOV have Labour'd at in leveral Pamphlets, to Prove the Dijpnters to be The Church of England. This is TOVR way of being the Support of the Church of England ! To get it All to TOVRJELVES, and out with thofe who are now Falfly calfJ the Church o{ England, And in I kins of the 9th Inftant N . 11. roll wou'd take away the Right of our Clergy to their Livings, and to Vote in Elections, and calls them Free booters of Dtviniry; And fuch Contemptible Creatures, as our Noble Progenitors wou'd have Difdain'd to have fet with the DOCS of their FLOC^. Thou fay'ft, They hold their LIVINGS by no other Tenure, than the Poor of the Land hold their ALMS- HOUSES. And therefore fay'ft, I cannot but Admire at their Impudence, to Intermeddle with our Elections. Country- m. OVS^ Elettjons! fays John Tuchiti. And how often has he Repeated, I have two Members in the Houfe of Commsns Reprefentivg My Perfon. But the Clergy are Such CO NTEMI' UBLE Creatures, as are not Worthy to have any to J^ prefent them! They Live only upon Alms! And all the B'fbops Palaces, and the Parfon ages in the Kingdom are Alms Houfe s! They are fo little Worthy to be l'ajtors, That our Noble Whiggs, even Tnuhin and De Foe, wou'd DiJ'dain to fet them with the Dogs of their plods! THESE! THESE1 are the Friends of the Church, and its only Support! againft THESE there is no need of the Occasional Bill to be Reviv'd, or any Security tobeAsk'd! No need of Tiding ( which has been often us'd upon fmaller Occafions ) when there is no Hope of Obtaining it, by any other Methods! (• 5.) TACKLING! firft Introduc'dby the Whiggs againft . Char. U. And Apply'd Occafionally againft Even K. Will. But now Monftrous to be Mention'd ( when all other Ways are Stopp'd) for the Prefervation of the Church, and of the Queen ! Behold ye are til Children of Ifr « el, give here your Advice and Council! a d v e r t i s e m e n t . The Paflage of^ aft Jrbelve a Clock told in my laft, a Gentleman of undoubted Reputation hand from the Country. But writing again for a more Particular Account of it, Receiv'd lately what is under Written. * ir, There is a mi/ take as to the PerJ'on. and it is a General one in this Country. Sir H ry and not Str W. Afh— r. The a? ifwer to my Enquiry is this — Sir H ry Afh— t. bid his Coftn Mr. Afh- 1 of Alh 1 to give his Service to his Cofen Va ry, and Advife him net to be too hot, for that it was paft Twelve a Clock with the Chuch of England : And faid the — n was on their fide, meaning Sir H — n y ' s ~ fide This is what Mr. Va— ry told me laft Night, and I have often heard him fay at other times. And this Mejfage was deliver d to Mr. Va ry in Febraury laft or the beginning of March. Now let all Errors be Correcled. That Paft Twelve « ClotI & c. was Cry'd ftands ftill who was the Beli- Mxn is . all the Difpute. London, Printed and S<$ M by the Bookfellers of London and Weftmnfter. 1703.
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