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The Observator


Printer / Publisher:  Charles Brome
Volume Number: 3    Issue Number: 221
No Pages: 2
The Observator page 1
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The Observator

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The Observator

Date of Article: 17/10/1686
Printer / Publisher:  Charles Brome
Address: the Gun in S. Pauls Church-yard
Volume Number: 3    Issue Number: 221
No Pages: 2
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• V O L ? : THE J & T I M T E I S I % J P JL.^ 2, If x J L . Jl J L ^* Prudence Includes other Virtues. The Train cf the Pretended Popish Plot. Aiders and Abetters of it are Parties againjl Me, and fo neither Competent, for Judges, Jury, or Witnefles. ^ Caution to the Censorious. ^ e D n e f W , o a o b e r 2 7 . 1 6 8 6 , TRIM- t Et me fee a little. It was ( as I remem- MER. JL< ber ) in February Laft WM Twelvemonth, that you itnter'd upon This Pactfick. Qualifying Humour-, a Thing that Everybody WondePdat, confidering the Death- and- Damnatton- Methods that you were upon, Before: For 7V> « ;, and Otes, were never more Contrary one to Another, in their ( U& t& encfgf, then Nobs, and the Obfervator, in This State of Oppfition, were in their polftfquejS: But without any more Prologue; the $| U0ence, the Jutffce, the Can- Jjo?, and the Ijonetf g of the Proceeding, is That you are to Defend. OBSERVATOR. And why £ ouC Words, Iprethee, when £ ) n e would have done the Bus'nefs ? Boccalinis Laconiques would have fent a man to the Gallies, for Half fo much : For when y'ave faid IPRVDENCE^ AU the Reft is Included. What is it, I prethee, but SHigtiom, that Direfts us in AO the Offices of Humane Life} Of Body, and of Soul ? ' Tis Sfllittiom, that Diftinguifhes betwixt HMgJlt and aOirong i that Proportions Retaiacti, and JBunfl& rmnt; that Difcerns, and Diftributes Juttfce: ' Tis Cfllff- & om> that Balances temporal, and ( Et « nal i nouc and 2Df(|> onour ; The tempratfong, or tne tetmgf of fltyfi World, with the 3| opS, or the S^ ffe- XteffyOfa Life to& omt j and makes Virtue, Triumphant, even upon the Pile, or upon the Scaffold. ' Tis 32if0lJOm, that Reafons us into a Senfe of SDUtp, and Confcknee i that Supports us, under All Difficulties, and Diftreffes that makes Death, and Torments, Eafy to us: ' Tis flflllfBottt, that Reades to us, upon the Government of our ^ aflton0 } and, inConclufion, that Seafons, and In ft ruth us in All Other Virtues. There's no fuch Thing as temperance : fl^ agnammftp, or ^ ttflfce, Without it. Trim. Thou Talkji liker a Gold- Beater, or a Wyre- Drarwer, then an Author-, for, Provided that the Matter be Beaten tljt'llj and Drawn- out Jfoe, the Weighty and Sub fiance of Things, is the LeaftPart, I perceive, ofyour Bus'nef. Prethee, for once, wilt thou but fpeak to a man's Brains, as well as to his Ears and come to the Strefi of the Queftion ! Obf. I'le only Faften my Ends Firft, and be, Then, as Nimble, with ye ( if you'l Pardon the Figure ) as a Weavers Shuttle. But let us take Matters, as we Go,' however. There was a Change of ( BobeCfiment SDeBgn'fl, and popular 3fetoufp, for Fear of Popery, was to be the Preparatory to That Change. Th. tt Fear of ^ operp Imply'd fome Danger of i t; and the Belief ot That Dangtr was Heightened, and Empr0^ y, into the Chimera of a | 0 o p f ( | ) j l l o t . fetoea5 r i n g , was R o b i n g , and ffitliefofno;, was C o n - firming it .* So that there went but ^ e c j u c p , and CreOtllftp, to the Ere& ing of a Formal Conspiracy. Some,(! k the Greater Part) took the Sham by C o n t e n t - So many Baggs of jfjqrratttie, Marked OTES7 and BEDLOE,& this they Ettafl'B Out again, upon the Credit of th zFirfi Vouchersj without either Weighings Counting, or Examining Matters. Some, in fhoit, CfeeKeb'& J with the CcouO, for Company; for the Minds of the Common People, in a Throng, are Carry'd This way, and That way, as well as theii JBotilCSf. There were Others, that, though they Believed no more of the $ lot- 0rtl'cle0, then they did of £>& iO0 JFals[ e0, yet, for Jtac, cr ^ ntereSjTroup'd along with the Selftbfng Train and, in the Godly Phrafe, Lifted themfdves among the Followers of the Beaft: For a man, in Thofe days, could not be ^ joteflant-^ ouf, ( MjOUt Believing Lies, or, at leaf! deeming to Believe them. And you may remember, how they Mufteryd, and Scored- up, fo many ^ jotettant and fo many ^ oteffant Comtramecss, by that Dijcrrvin at ing Teft. he that had a Plea for Common Juft ice, in his Mouth, had a Pope prcfently in his Belly. Nat to be Fierce, Violent, Unmannerly and Vnreafonable, was to be Eufee- toarnt and Carnal \ A Forehead, in fine, of BraJ?, and a Zeal, SteeCd with Impudence, was the Charalleriftique of the fec& et- Partp This was the Temper, the Cafe, and the Pralhce of the Times, when I fit ft undertook This Province. The Cheat of the ^ jetetlDtO Plot, and the S^ alffS of the iDtljer, were, Both at That Inftant, in Agitation and Vigour: As appear'd by the Virulent Calumnies of That Seafon, and by the Rebellions that immediately follow'd upon't. Now if I have Stated the bus- ' nefs Aright, the Point in Iffue, is tfjfgt, whether, under Thefe Circumftames I did S2M, or Jft, in whatl& fO; and by Jlfllfjom, ( in Common Equity ) I am to be Judged, Trfd, and Concluded. In the Firft- Place, as to the Damnable- He/ HJh- Popijh- Plot, i Blefs my Stars for't, I never Believed One Syllable on't; bnt thought it fo much my Duty, to Beat down the Credit of it, that I never gave over, ' till I prov'd it - to the ( HBi^ lO, as Impudent, as Wicked, and as Perjurious an Impofture, as I took it for, my feelf: So that I do here ^ jottfr, againft All, and Every Man of the jafDertf, ComfmtiXfr, & iabttrecg, of This Diabolical JFojgerp and » > u!) OJtiatfon, as utterly Incompetent, to be either o f ' the Bench, or of the Jury, upon Mee, in This Can fez whether Engag> d, in the Defence, or Support of it, through Fear, Ignorance, Malice, or any Other Inducement whatfoever. That is to fay j Unlefs they have 3Uttpjrarfj'O, <£ In- torfttm,( Hn- falO, All their Former Mi' ftakes, as Loudly, and as P, obliquely, as they Vented ' em. For^ | Slot, o r $ o Plot, is the Qtteftion-, and Hee that's Prepojfeft, Prejudges me. Pre> hee let us lay our Matters Together a little: ' Tis moft Certain that 3 was in the 2& tg{) t, when ^ fccfe People were in the- 32Itongand that the Same jQue( lion is ftill a- foot ; and that it Moves, upon the very Same $ mgtsf, pjetenceg, and pjfncfpieg: That is to fay, upon ihtInsinuations of iscan& al, 3el0Ufp, & Fears^ for Et'bectp, and Edfgfon •' But make as much on'c now as you can; If 31 in the Efgtit, and my ^ PppoCtrg in the 92ircng J and if % am^^ the Sam Man C f i l , that I MJfljS $ ( the C a u f e , and the C f c - cumotancejj the Same too) why Tloen, molt Undoubtedly-, the fUgi[) t & the flfllrong, lies Now, where it was Before. If any man will fay that I have Departed from my Self, let him Shew it. Trim. Why you were not Born, with Popffy SlpologffSf, and ^ joteffant S © oDatltiesJT in your Mouth lure. You Talkpf\_ Vetoing it; ] why there's n'ever a Cojfee- Houfe about This Town, that is not able to Furnifh ye with a Hundred Jnflances of your Contrstdittions. Obf. Right; And a Hundred Thoufand Other Stories of Things that never were in Nature. Why your IjcacfapiS, and your ( E> enecal( tft0, are but a kind of Coffee- tjoule 9[) 8gg0t \ and there needs no more then a Foul Breath to the Blowing of it. But when I fay Let any man Jhew it; My Meaning is, Let any man Produce the Paper •, the Text, and Context; and find One Clafh of This Kind, in the whole Hiftoi y of my Life, and I'le give up my Caufe. Befide, that over and above { EEitflftiH, and fnftSfoUjS S> lanHet'£, I have PASSION, PRIDE, VAN ITT, and INTEREST, to Encounter, as well as ERROR. Many a man, in fuch a Cafe as This, will Hang by the Teeth upon a Point, like a Dog upon a Bell- Rope ; you lhall Draw him up Steeple- High, by the Chops, and he'le Never let go his Hold. ' Tisa Double Plague to ' em.- Firft, to acknotoUCge tfamfeJfceg in the Wrong: And 2ly,( which is Worft) to Own in the EfgJjt. Tis a Thing, that the and UanftJ? of Flefh and Blond, will hardly Stoop to. £ PECCAn] is the Confejfion of a C& rlllfan, not of a trimmer: And Then the Great Diana ot Eatl'tUHe and C o m p j e f j e n f l o n , is at Stake, too; for without leaving a Neft- Egg of Popecj), and Sicfcftcatj? pototc j for Hypocrify, and Further Induftry to Brood upon, the whole Projett, and the Intereft of ir, is gone in Fumo. Briefly, the Fattion, & their Adherents, have ever had This Good Husbandry with them, to leave 3 U S j e - C o I e i J enow among the dimbetiSjto Kindle anotherFire. fox a word, I Demand no more, in my Own Particular, then the Common Privilege of an Englijhman, by the Laws of the Land, in the Kings Courts of Juft ice j which is, that my 3uOge0 may not be $ Jattfe0; and that I may not be Trfd, by fe> ufeo? n'D { fflittnetfeg, or a ^ atfet 3( UC{? '•> or by Thofe, in fhort, that, in their Own Defence, muft find Mee tfufltp, to make Themfelves appear 3twoctnt* Trim. Why you make the Cafe of the Two Kings JRefgng, and the Plot in the Two Kings < ® fau& to be all One. Obf. That ( hall be made out to ye, in Courfe. But prethee let us get over One Rubb Firft. By Whom am I to be Try'd, whether I have done Well, or No ? My Charge is, the Favouring of Roman- C atholiques, againlt Proteftants:. And you will not have Thofe, I hope, to be My fudges, that have any way Favour'd Republicans, and Conjpirators, againft both Church and State wherefore, let no man Cenfure < X) tt, about This Matter, till he has Firft Examined Himfelf. And if he can Safely, Fairly, Truly, and Honourably, fay of Himfelf, as Hereafter follows, Pm Satisfy'd. As for Example. I I am the Man, that never Valud < D t « 0 ' t jJ j^ atratf& e, any more then 1 ^ tht of riom I did never JBtlftbe, » » « m, or C a u f e to Believe, either for $ j o f i t , f a c t u m , R u m o u r , or Company Diredly, or Indiredly , That fame 3Dam- London, Printed for Gbmles Brows at nable, Ijirtlflfc REPUBLICAN Cheat, ofthe f 0pf$>* | Jlot: I never Promoted, Cberifh'd, or Encourag'd, by my Sample, fucfr, or Cctmfol, the Intereft of That Execrable Impofture. I never fetooje, SStihojn'D, petMont!, « tt6? et3&, featD, aaircte, or Sl( ttU, j4ny thing in Favour of it. 1 never Cry'd it up, or Harangu'd it, in pulpit, Coffo^ oufr, or Common IjaO : I was never In, at the True- Proteftant G a m e o / C& rflMBucnfRg, or ^( ett-^ untfng: I never Supported jfojftDOjn flfllinufffJJ, againft pub- Uque 3uQl'ce : I never Stifled, or Perverted JLatn, or Wrelted SMfnftjyo nake, either ( Eofjpel- Plot on't j and nevtr thought any man the more a Papift for not being a Phanatique. Or if ever I 2£ Ua3 Milled, by any Miftake o/ 3u5gtnent, by any Scruple of Ifonhernefa, Confctence, or cijrilffan C& adtp, to Be-, lieve Settee of the One fide then they SJgCECb'U, or 22l0jfe of the Other j I have found my Error, and made the Uttermoft Satisfaction to the Publique that the Cafe will bear.] ^ ite are the People, and no Other, that are, in Equity, and in Reafon, to be Admitted for ^ cjjet0: And whoever Pretends to make the jDbfert)*- tOJ> a^ apftt, for Siding with Roman- Catholiques ; where they have fconour, Conftfente, 3Rtaf0tt,*? Umanftg, and 3( uQfce, moft Apparently in their Favour j and where there'sall the Duties, and Obligations of a CI) UctI)- o£ < tn%\ m^ CHRISTlAN, and SUBJECT, Incumbent upon the Obfervator, over & above: Let him have a Care, that by the Same Lo* gicjue, he prove not Ijfalfelf a ConfpfcatD?, a 3 « ggler, and an atfeefff, for Siding with Republican ^ raj)- tojjS, 2infg| taof t^ e Pott, and the Common < fntmfe0 of all ( EooDneffJ i againft men, oftD5atfott » ec Perfuafton, or under flnp Colour, Salvo, or Pretext whatfover. If you Deny thv- ^ lot was a &{) am, ' tis quite Another Cafe; but Admitting " SE^ at, there's no Avoiding the Confequtr. ee of All the Reft. Wherefore if thou ( houla'ft happen to find fome Pert Expofttort in his iEJeto- aDcett- ljat, lye Peeking with the Finger that has tne Antique Head upon't, at this Innocent Paper Jogg him a little, and dellre him, in his Ear, to look to his Hitts, and fee that he ftand Duly Qual y f f d , to lit upon the Life and Death of a Gtntlemans . Reputation, that never did him any hurt; for, Othtrvnfe, the Matter is Coram non Judice. Now if it falls out, that he be One ofthe Thoufands that never Bow'd the Knee to Baal, let him & ap, and Wellcome. But if the Poor man E ver Danced to the Tune of £ ftRfy) StpUC& er'U Sr Edmond Bury Godfrey ? ] If he ever Sacrificed to the Irue-^ otcffant a ? 0 l c c l ) , ( t h e Popijh Plot) He is Frtgidus et MaUficiatus. Trim. Well! And what if I fhould meet the young man now, that was Joking t'other day at Sams, and asking, What ? he Dropps his Obfervator Here, for a Dijh oj Coffee, I warrant ye. Obf. Why prethee bid him Blefs the Hour, that his Gown ever fell into the Hands of an Honeji Taylour, to fave a Remnant out of it, toward a Pair of Breeches; for he muft have gone Half- Bare- Arfe elfe. Trim. Do ye know whom you fpeak of? Obf. Why what if he were a DEACON; or a very LORD ? ' tis all a Cafe to Me, But This is a fiHfifppfng) little, Grammaticafter, that took London in his way to Kent-, and refolv'd to have a Lajh at the Obfervator, before he entred upon his Country And fo much for my 3ft% e0t the Gun in St. Church- vard,.
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