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The Observator


Printer / Publisher:  Joanna Brome
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 176
No Pages: 2
The Observator page 1
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The Observator

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The Observator

Date of Article: 24/07/1682
Printer / Publisher:  Joanna Brome
Address: the Gun in S. Pauls Church-yard
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 176
No Pages: 2
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t h e , v . 0 m n t i 76 O B S E R V A T Ridiculous / lotion* of the Cafe. Ibe Guilty draw iti ^ Innocent. [ The Matters of. Fa£ fc & c. a Spite full Lib ell. Notable Heads int. ^ Sovereignty of ihe Common Hall. £ The Rights of my Lord- Mayor AfTertcd Q The. Point cleared. Scttnda/ Js upon the Lord- iViayor and the Kings Minifters. — - ffittnDf?, July M - WHIG. '- r-' Hefe ABionsof the Cafe againft my Lord To. Give me the Back fide of the Paper then, ( for J[ Mayor, fly like Wildfire, aver City and Every fool can reade on the In fide of his book,) and Country. I'le fmell ye out the ( fanary- Btrds as eafily as ye fhali TORT. Like Wildfire indeed for when they have do the Knaves out of a Pack of Cards. As for Exam- . Sputter d, and Bounced a little, they'l vanifh all into pie now; H& e ? qre Ign. oramusxes in' abundance v BifmoakfM hy prethee ' tis with the greater Part of thefe [ hops- Land Merchants-, < Church « Whigs •, Ramp- OJficersjiSlioxmongers as ' tis with Old Rats-, They'l Wriggle Diffenters of all forts and fizeS tiAjfociaiors-—. . and Grinv ( ye may think) and Squeak., & Tear, & iet Wh. You had e'en as good fa ve your breath; for their Teeth perhaps in the Trap-, but yet after all this thefe fwarmsof Aftions will not off with Fooling. pudder, they are caught, neverthelefs. This is really the Have ye read a Sheet cajl'd '[' the Matters of Fatt in Cafe of Moft of them, and the'Reft come in for Com- the Prejent Elector, of Sheriffs, & c j pany. Aslc'em, what Quarrell have you to my Lord- To. Hefpeaks ofQ The mifcariages of my Lord May= Mayor} He never didyou any hurt. What's the Ground or and fome other Perfons, See.] of your Achon f A. Why truly I can fay little to That. Wh. Pray tell me truly how you find it; for there My Lord may be a Goodman for ought I know •, but are Notable Heads in't, I can Affure ye. ' men would be loth to iofe their Ltbertyes j and I'me To. Ay. Bur you may live to fee Some of thofe Heads Advis'd to't by Friends. I am no Lawyer, and hene- more Rotable yer, when the weather comes to Clear ver did me any harm. up a little. I ha ve heard many Better Sermons from Wh. But would not you have Citizens Joyn then, the People on the lop of the fridge, then from Mh and flick together in a Common ( faufe ? J Peak in the Cellar at the Bottom of it: and much To. There are a great many Simpletons among ye, foundtr DoElrine from Peter's Heddupon a Pole, then that have not the Wit of the very Beafts ofthe Forrefl. ever he deliver'd in a Pulpit. Notable Heads, d'ye Let a Blown, or Wounded Deer go to thruft himfelf fay? Why they are ali Mad-, or elfe they play into the Herd, they'l keep him off^ or Beat him out, rBooty. Their Bufinefs lyes at Dover; 6c they are runand never Endure him .• But in This Forreft of theO- ning Poft for Puddings to S(. Michaels Mount. They ty, Let men fmell never fo Rank, of Conspiracies, have not made one true Step fince the'y went out of Scandall, Riot \ they can yet find Room, Entertain- the way yonder upon theConfim: atio> j ^ And they are ment, and Countenance with the Multitude : though fo Damnably Puzzled too, that they Have not. the wit ' tis as Clear as day that they mingle with ' em only left to Ask the way home again, jn a word, you wtiald to Involve the Innocent with the Guilty, in a Common find it a Hard Task to ( hew me One fober Head, this fta^. Do but look thorough the Lift of the Lead- day, upon a Whigs Shoulders., But Talk's but Ta/ L ing- men in thefe Atttons, and you will find a great ma- youTfay ; wherfore come to the Point, arid let's lee ny Perfons that have no other Hope, or ! rospect of what you can make on't out ofthe Notable Piece ye Safety left them, againft the Stroak of fuftice, but talk of. But let's have it in fhort then for the fato betake themlelves to the Rabble for SanBuary, and vingoftime. Protection. Nay and fome of them the Pityfullefl Wh. The firft Claufe Complains of £ a Bold and Wretches too : that were but to'ther day, begging Op en Invafion of the Franchifes of the City j zsf Contempt pardon, like School- Boys, with their Breeches about their ofthe Laws of the Landy . and the Ancient Cuftoms of Heels for playing the Rah eh els, crying they' 4 never the Corporation-, The Rights and Priviledges of the Freedo fo any more. And who but Thefe men now ( in the men, & c. Matters of Fa&. FJ. i. ,. •. turning of a hand ) to fly in the face of their Prefer- To. Here's a Barefac'd Challenge/ without any Auvers? Or whatd'yethink ofthe Teftimony- bearerto thority to Support the Truth, and Credit of. it jand Mr. chrijlopber Love of famous memory ? I fhali refer ye, for a Full & Vnanfwerable Refutation, tb , Wh. i Guefs where ye are ; And if things be as I a Difcourfe Entitled [ The LordMayors Right of EleEl- Iiear, the man has Reafon on his fide ; And my Lord- ing a Sheriff, Afferted againfi All Pretences ofa Papula/ Mayor is well enough ferv'd. Fattionf] wherein yon Will find every Inch , jf my Lord To. You are much in the Right j if things be as Mayors Proceedings, Juflify'df&. n. ade good, from the I hear too , for what could mv Lord Expert better Records, Cujloms and Vfages of the City, and the Laws from any man that Reprefented him as a Papift j and of the Land \ And that neither the. Sheriff's, nor the a Denyer of the Popijh Plot at h\, ELtlion into his Of- Common- Hall have any Right to the Powers and Prifice, then to be Charg'd as a T> ^ yr^ in the Execution vileges now in queftion. of it ? And in Thefe Cafes, the forgivtng of the One, Wh. [ The Common- Ha'l ( Jconfef) is net properh is the Encouraging of the Other. a Court, fave for the Punifhing my Lord,- Mayor, ar. d I Wh. Come: let me pur a Hop to your Carriere. I Aldermen, when they tranfgrefs againft the Duties cf have here in this Paper a Lift of thofe that have al- their Places, and the Trutl r ' epofed in them, Ibid, . , ready Enter'd their Asians-, and of feveral others To. You fay very well •, And that's to be the fcu:'- thatare Agree'' d, and Rejolv'd todo't. Ifyehavea ' nefs of your next Common- Hall v I f the Author cf Curiofity, I'le fhew ye the Catalogue it felf, this [ Matters of Fail ] may have his Will ,• Fo; be has here with a Wet Finger thrown off my Lord- May- on has been already pro v'd a Fair - Adjournment what or, Aldermen, and Common Council, and Tranfiated the if the Order deliv^ r'd in t heji. Terms had not been Sttf- Authority of the City to a Common- Hall. You have ficientl Shall the / Ms- wording of my Lords Command told us over and over, that if the Mayor does not Cap Deftroy the Authority of it ? a Hall, the Freemen may do it of themfelves j And Wh. tfhy fhou'rdmy Lord Refufe to hear People fpeak. then if they may fit as Long as they pleafe Debate when he was upon the Hliftings on Friday ? Ibid, what Matters they pleafe Come to'what Refolutions To. Becauie ' twas neither the bus'nefs ofthe Day j theypl& afei and Remove, or I'uvijh, Put out, or Pm nor, ofthe Place, Nor Agreeable to th t Ceremony in what Officers they pleafe; here's the Law of. the and Method of the Occafion. Land •, The Charter,- dad Conftitution of fche City over- Wh. [ 7 hey would not fo much as Suffer an AH of Parthrown at a daftr, and an zA'ofolute, Arbitrary, and liament to be read. Ibid.] Unaccountable Power, Lodg'd in the Multitude: And To. And if they had propos'd the Singing of the I would fain know now, upon this- Suppoiltion, by 1x9th Tfalm, it had been as much to the Purwhat Warrant, Law, Rule, Method, thisis to be do'n^ pole. And by what Perfons, or officers, thefe Privileges are Wh. My Lord- Mayor is Anfwerable to God, for th'e to be put in Execution ? Belize that at this rate, ' tis Lives that were lop, and the Sicknefles that were Conbut the Peoples faying, We do not like this Mayor, o f trailed in that Qrowd. Ibid. that Sheriff, and the work is. done. ' ' To. Prethce let them Anfwer for't that made the Wh. The Right of Ehtlmg Sheriffs is, in th. it Conven- Crowd, znd had nothing to do there. He is much troution ; and the zJMayor fo far from having a Negative, bled at f j t Mmifier of Staters Interpofing with my Lordthat he cannot fo much as take the Suffrages, or Adjourn, Mayor in this Affair, as a High Off'ence againftthe Truft or DilFolve without leave of the Hall. Ibid. Repoftdin him. Pa. 3.3- But we'le talk of that further To. The Paper before- mentioned will give ye am- to moiTDlxu He goes on now, Threatening my Lordpie Satisfadion in th. efe Particulars .• Or it might Mayor with a Parliament, Ufhrping . upon the Com- EufEce to fay, that whatsoever is done by the Mayors mon Hall •, Proceeding to Declare Mr North Sheriffs Order, is done by the Mayor himjelf. But now he's Robbing the Freemen of their Rights, and Exsrcifmgan coming (, as he pretends) to the Merits of the Caufe \ Arbitrary and Iliegall Power: YV hen All thefe Reproand tells ye, that [ Some cJlfimftcrsprevaiPd with my ches are but the Gail, and Impofture of a Libell and Lord- Mayor to drinl^ ia Mr North, which he Tamely Every Syllable Clear'd in the Aforelayd Paper. Comply'd with Ibid.'} But His fayingit, is no Proof. Wh. ilM'i not need to tell ye of [ my Lord- Mayors Or what if they did? The Ceremony is according to SufferingfeWer all of the Beft Quality ofthe Contrary Ancient ( fuftom, and the Per fan Nominated, beyond Party tq be Affronted and Affaulted •, if not in his very Exception, for all the Qualifications that may Con- Prefince, at leaft withi- i his ( fates. P. 3/ J fummate the Character of a Perlon fit for the Office. To. How Falfe, and Lothfome are thefe Impudent Now where's the Reproach at laft of my Lord- \ iay- Calumnyes ? for Every body knows what ASronts the ors Complying with all the Meafures ofhis Duty, Of- Brutall Rabble put upon his Lord- fhip^ by Hiffmgs, fice, and Difcretionl And then they call every thing R'vilings, and Other Infolent Demonftrations of a Tnine, that is not Rebellious, and Stubborn. The Mini- Vulgar Rudenefs, and Malice as far as ever they could flcrs Recommended Mr North. \ A eli! And the Tap- come at him .• And he had not come offfo neither, flers, and the Tubsters, Opposed bimand what then ? but for a Guard of Generous and Loyall Citizens and Wh. Well / But what fay ye to the Aft. 7 Car. 1? Subjetts, that Conducted him fecurely into his own Ibid. Habitation : And he was not Quiet there yet but To, That very Aft does Exprefly Affert, and Af- ftill purfu'd with Importunity es, Flattery and Menace, firm ipy Lord- Mayors Right of Confirmation: And till he was fore'd at laft, in his own defence, to whereas he Excepts tothe Alteration of the Form of betake himfelf to his Repofe. the Precept, It is Exprefly according to the Style of Wh. [' Nay he Ailed. Contrary to the Duty ofhis Office, the Proclamation. M well as to the Wifdom of a Man, in giving up himfelf Wh. But fever all attended my Lord with Swords by Implicitly to the Government andCondutt of SrLJ. whom their fides, and Known Papifts. lb- P. 2. he not only permitted to be prefent at his Difcourfe with fe- Xo. The Men with Swords by their fides were of verall Freemen that came to htm about the Privileges, Councell for the Rioters and the Known fapijls were and Franchifes cf the City ; but he Connived at, and Althe Church- of England- men, thai gave their Voices for lovfd that Miniver, in Chicking, and Rebuking fome Genthe Government, in his Next Claule, he falls firft up- tlem. n, who had the Courage in his hearing, to Claim on my Lord• Mayor for his informing the King contrary their Rights Ibid.] to Truth and Knowledge; as if there had been a Riot: To. If this Claufe were not falfe, it would not be and after that upon the King and Councell, for Com- fuitable to the reft; And yet that Correfpondence with mitting the Sheriffs to the Tower, upon that Suggefti- a Publique Minifter, which he Charges as a Crime upon. Ibid. The bus'nefs of the % iot will in good time on my Lord- Mayor, ( Even if it were True) were but be Determined by a Court of Juftice, and the Kings according to the Obligation of his Oath, and ' Duty. Authority Vindicated, I hope, upon the Heads of the Have but Patience till to morrow morning, and l ie Invaders of it. I do not mean upon thofe only that make it Evident to ye. But for the Rebuking, and Cry'd out [ God Blefs our Sheriffs! £$ 0? C l& UtgjS ! Checking, he fpeaks of, I was told indeed of a Pragrnoje ! & c.] But upon the Prometers mat ic all Ignoramus that Ask'd a very Honorable Perof thole Treafonous Clamours, of what Title, Degree, fon what he had to do in the City of'London? and I hope or Condition foever. The next Paragraph is a Shuffle he was anfweSd according to his Defert -, And I hope upon the Recorders DESIRING them to Adjourn •, as to fee him fervW according to his defert too. Implying it at the Choice of the Common- Hall whe- Wh. Have a Care what ye fay. ther they would, or no. Now though this Notificati- To. A Word to the Wife. Lorfdons Printed for Joanna Bwms ac che Gun in S. P a t t h Church- yard.
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