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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834


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North Wiltshire Musters 1539 page 1
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834

Date of Article: 01/01/1539
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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26 MUSTERS IN WILTSHIRE, 30 HENRY VIII.— SELKELEY, II. Preschette. Archer Bill. Thomas Hyscoke Willyam Morauute John Schalwell Thos. Hyscoke, Fermour 7 , of the parsonage } one harnes. The Towne of Wynterbourne Bassett. John Webbe Thomas Frye I. Archers Richard Box Richard Lymmyng Richard Hotchyns Stephen Graunger John Bremysdon James Cove. John Hammons John Playsterer John Browne John Webbe Thomas Frye Richard Hotchyns Steven Graunger John Bromesdon , Bills. a horse, a harnes,& a bill a harnes } a bowe & schefFe of arrowes Stottyscombe. Robte. Playstede Willyam Harrys Thomas Harrys John Playstede John Danyell Thomas Lawrens • Archers Robte. Playstede. With all the reste of the same Tythyng, byll one harnes. Okebourn Seynt Andrewe. John Webbe John Webbe, junr. Rayffe Drewe Willyam Drake Nicholas Shypperyve Wyllyam Tyttecombe Thos. Jonys, jun. Willyam Paynter John Hurlebatt John Cole Robte. Walderon Nycholas Wyllyams John Payns John Crocke John Collyn Rayffe Cole John Tytcombe Thos. jonys Thos. Osbourne Thos. Colle John Colle. With all the reste of the same Tythyng. I Bills. } three harnes. The Tythyng of Brode Hynton. Willyam Frankeleyn John Hey John Marchaunte Wm. Frankeleyn John Bocks John Davy John Gowze John Constable Wyllyam Meryke Rychard Symons John Brewer Richard Whytebourn John Tuke, senr. John Adys Rychard Hunmer. With \ five harnes all the reste of the I same Tythyng J John Frankeleyn Wm. Smith. With the resle J 1 rtth^ f Androwe Potter, all the reste ; h all | With ) > too harnes • one harnes The Tythyng of Lokregge. Rychard Mortymer a bill John Mortymer and the | a harnes & a bili Tythyng alone ^ The Tythyng of Midnall. John Jons, senr. John Jons Wyllyam Playsted John Bocher John Playsted, junr. John Busscher Thomas Kyrby John Danyel John Stevens John Marten Wm. Halle Wm. Busschell J. Archers John Bryan Robte. Gybbes Willyam Butter Robte. Orcharde Thomas Stevens John Jons, Tukker Willyam Playstede John Brokar John Brame John Playstyde Wm. Busscher John Custerd John Symmes Bills. one harnes a harnes, bill & dagger a bowe & Schefte of arrowes } a bowe a bowe & schefte of arrowes
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