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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834


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No Pages: 1
North Wiltshire Musters 1539 page 1
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834

Date of Article: 01/01/1539
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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MUSTERS IN WILTSHIRE, 30 HENRY VIII.- KYNWORTHSTONE, H. 25 Wyllyam Reppe Robte. Topyn Thomas Heywarde John Cossyn James More Morys Roger Wyllyam Symmes Robte. Bythewey Wyllyam Mydwynter John Orgayn Wm. Weste Wm. Stybbes Thomas Bayley John Cocke John Woodward Robte. Lany Robte Carowe Win. Chylde John Style Wm. Restefelde John Munke Crystofer Cromwell Wyllyam Rycars Richard Wethen John Bernerd Thomas Wynbourn Thomas Farnell Rychard Wreyn Wm. Oweyn Wm. Colyns John Broke Robte. Eysscher John Collyns John Abbott a harnes and a bill one harnes & a bill } a harnes and a bill | one harnes & bill one harnes ^ a salet, splynts, bowe ^ and scheffe of arrowes a sorde and a dagger | a bowe scheffe of ar- j rowes, sorde & dagger a sorde, dagger & a bill a so id e & a dagger a bill a salett, splynt, & a bill a bill } a harnes and a byll a bill & a salett a bill a bill a man, a harnes, & a bill a harnes ? V > a harnes & a bill The Towne of Mounton. Robte. Sloper Willyam Myller Crystofer Gelley Matthewe Androwes. John Androwes Thomas Phyllyppys Thomas Style Wyllyam Puttyng Henry Busschell Gyllys Norman John Hardyng Thomas Longfeld Stephen Cowe Thomas Estwell Wyllyam Puttyng Willyam Greynwey Henry South Robte. Sloper Thomas Longfeld Mathewe Androwe And all the reste the same Tythyng )• Archers Bills. a harnes. | a salett 8c splynts ) > one harnes Okebourne Seynt George. Thomas Croke, senr. Thomas Croke, jun. John Made Wyllyam Bremley Wyllyam Myles John Stanford Wyllyam Deer y Archers. Thomas Bryne Richard Browne Thomas Dyxson John Ponter Walter Colman Edward Wylks John Brydde Wyllyam Bechey Richard Lyddyard Thomas Pyttehouse Nicholas Spondys Wyllyam Tyttecombe Rayffe Tyttecombe Richard Grene Robte. Goldyng John Skippyng John Red ford John Gyllyngton Thomas Colman Thomas Brynde Thomas Croke Willyam Goddard And all the reste of the ) , , . ... same Tything | a harnes and a toll The Towne of Bakynton. y Bills. a harnes and a bill a harnes and a bill Edward Ryme Thomas Bassett Rychard Payne Mathew Hewett Rychard Spencer Wylliam Spencer Phylyppe Talbott Cristofer Spenser John Chesterman Myghell Hewett. With all the reste of the same Tythyng 1 Archers. " Bills > one harnes Archers Okebourn Mesey. Willyam Blake Roger Paynter Robte. Weste John Woodroffe Robte. Westebury Wylliam Smyth Robte. Blake Willm. Prowttc John Paynter Robte. Hurlebatte, junr. John Batte > Bills. Willm. Lyddard Crystofer Plommer Thomas Croke John Curtes Wm. Blake. With all the reste of the same Tythyng. one harnes
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