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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834


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No Pages: 1
North Wiltshire Musters 1539 page 1
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834

Date of Article: 01/01/1539
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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27 MUSTERS IN WILTSHIRE, 30 HENRY VIII.— KYNWORTHSTONE, H. Willyam Veysey Willyam Selos Edniond Morley Nicholas Restroppe Thomas Andrewes Willyam Lovelake Richard Person John Edwards Thomas Hynton Thomas Bryne Willyam Edwards Thomas Walter Richard Edwards Thomas Cockes, jun. John Maeo a harnes a harnes halfe a harnes too harnes halfe a harnes halfe a harnes halfe a harnes Chesulden. Thomas Stephens Hewe Myddylhurste John Spencer Willyam Carter Walter Myller Henry Hyx. Willyam More Cristofer Jacobbe Willyam Davys John Gardener Roberte Peter John Hewlett James Templer Roberte Deram Thomas Lemwell Austen Toppyn Antony Stephens Willyam Smyth Richard Restroppe Thomas Smyth Wyllyam Byggenall Thomas Myller Roberte Combe Willyam Andrewes RayfFe Crosby Thomas Gardyner Richard Gybbes Jefferey Place Thomas Stephens John Morse Jone Morse Robt. Smyth • Archers. J- Bills. iij harnes a harnes. a Karnes a harnes And all the reste of the Tythyng besyde too harnes The Parissche of Lyddeyoth Tregosse. James Chatterton Richd. Pratour Wyllyam Baylham Thomas Egges Thomas Brown James Myddelton Richd. Frankelond >• Archers Wyllyam Rycheman John Toke Thos. Frankelond Walter Lummyng John Wylks Richd. Brown Thomas Yeres Wyllyam Bulton Thomas Walleppe Thomas Constable Thomas Cherche Water Parrys Nicholas Phellyppes Hugo Garlyke Thomas Wylks Crystofer Frankelyn. Thomas Nasse Nicholas Cherche Thomas Walter RayfFe Parker Bryse Lymyng James Chattertoun Richard Frankeleyn Wyllyam Rycheman Thomas Constable Thomas Cherche John Toke Walter Parrys Nicholas Phellyppys !> Bills. one harnes one harnes | one harnes a bo we halfe a harnes halfe a harnes | halfe a harnes The Parish of Lynam. Richard Barne Thomas Lamfer Thos. Mawytt Nicholas Lamfer John Long Thos. Tyrraunte Nicholas Archerd John Beyll Thos. Doddymer Thos. Huntley Henry Woodroffe Henry Bryll Wyllyam Lamfer John Mawdydd Phellyppe Byrchewell John Mason Nicholas Archerd Thos. Tyrraunt John Beell. With all the reste of the Tythyng. • Archers )• Bills } one harnes too harnes horse. and The Parysshe of Elcombe. Archers > Bill. Thos. Saddeler Richard Whytebour John Rete Richard Comauur Richard Brend Robte. Wyks John Reve John Lyttell Richard Hancoke John Reve Thos. Wylks. With all f too harnes and the reste of the Ty- C horse thyng.
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