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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834


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North Wiltshire Musters 1539 page 1
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834

Date of Article: 01/01/1539
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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MUSTERS IN WILTSHIRE, 30 HENRY VIII. II )> Archers x. J . Byllmen iiij. Tythyng of Nettyllton. Thos. Nett, the elder 1 Wyllyam Bysshoppe Wyllyam Sedds Thos. Nett, the younger John Bullocke John Shyrwyn Roger Serjant Thomas Nicholls Thomas Davy, junior Robart Bysshoppe Water Haynes John Aust Wyllyam Bullocke Wyllyam Davy Jno. Smyth of Woodstrett The whole Tythyng hath in a redynes j horse, and ij harnes, with other small wepyns. Tythyng of Kynglon Mighell, and Northlangley. Wyllyam Gengyll 1 John Hammot Wyllyam Watts Nicholas Woodman Wyllyam Tyler Archers ix. Thomas Brown Water Taylor Henry Neck Wyllyam Hamont f" Archers, vi. J Thomas Hollwaye John Croker Wyllyam Brown Wyllyam Smyth Richard Russell John Smyth Robert Gengyll John Mylls Richard Gengill Thomas Broke Richard Tanner Nicholas Dyck Robert Startupp Richard Harrs Edward Watts John Dyke Water Bell Robt. Sparrowe Wyllyam Stockeman George Hellyer Richard Brown Richard Tanner Wyllyam Sevear Adam Overbury John Brown Wyllyam Loker The whole Tythyng hath in a redynes, I horse, ij harnes, with other small wepyns. ' Byll men xx. THE HUNDRED OF CHIPPENHAM. The Borowhe of Chippenham. 1 Henry Pyrry John Banks Thomas Stett Thomas Foreward Thomas Sckott John Gryffyn Robert Lynsye John Fissher John Bud Robt. Fissher, a servant Henry Goldeney Stephen Showryng Henry Maundrell Wyllyam Payne John Dyssher John North, parish clark J Edmond Smart - i Nicholas Kean Richard Jamys John Rycharson John Rede Thomas Towghwoode Robert liretvn Wm. Wellthyn, a servant James Andrewys John Bygs Henry Bradeley John Berkele Robert Wyllyams Wyllyam Jonson y Archers xvj. I Byllmen xxij Adam Gower Wyllyam Pekeham Robert Hentlande Wyllyam Mayden John Thorn John Bryggs John Sease John Blecke Thomas Dodymede Wyllyam Rockeley Wyllyam Plumer Wyllyam Baker John Robards Water Broke Robert Screvenar John Dyxen Wyllyam Coxefillde John Chessam Thomas Rede John Clarke Thomas Rutter Wyllyam Beards Wyllyam Sawyer Wyllyam Screvenar Wyllyam Gervis Peter Bodon Robert Phelps The whole Borowhe hath in a redynes. iiij, horses, and vj harnes, with other small wepyns. Byllmen xvj,
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