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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834


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North Wiltshire Musters 1539 page 1
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834

Date of Article: 01/01/1539
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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MUSTERS IN WILTSHIRE, 30 HENRY VIII.- KYNWORTHSTONE, H. 17 Est Bedwyn. John Dobson Jno. Whytechurche Willyam Cowdrey Richd. Clerke )> Archers Willyam Hyll Jno. Burche Richd. Wygge Richd. Byggys Willyam Snow Thos. Upton y Bills Stephen Burwood Willyam Yereley Est Bedwyn afforsaid. Richd. Bygges } Jno. Dobson. With the J. a harnes reste of the same Tythyng ) The Towne of Chesbery. Stephen Whytechurche Nicholas Thorman Thos. Busschell Robte. Harres John Tarraunte . John Balle Archers Bills Richd. Herde Walter Burche Thos. Burche Jno. North V Willyam Rawlyns J Chesbery aforesaid. a horse and harnes Stephen Whytechurche Nicholas Thorman Thos. Bray Thos. Busschell Jno. Tarraunte Robt. Harrys Willyam Myldnald Willyam Chore Richd. Hordeley Willyam Mewe Robte. Mewe Jno. Rawlyns Mother Byrche The Towne of Este Grafton and Weste Grafton. a harnes a harnes > a harnes Willyam Pyper Edmund Romsey Thos. Noys John Bronysdon Rayffe Pyper Wyllyam Mundy Thomas Somersett Thomas Yelde Wyllyam Bachelor Robrrte Pyper Thomas Baalle Archers !> Bills Est Grafton and Weste Grafton afforsaid. \ Thomas Noys Thomas Chylde Wyllyam Bacheler Johes. Broniesdon Wyllyam Somersett Johes. Balle Rayffe Pyper Edmund Rumsey John Blandy a Harnes > a Harnes Wyllyam Wyatt Robert. Smyth Town of Clenche. | Archers Stephyn Kyng Bill. Clenche afforsaid. Wyllyam Wyatt a Harnes. 7 Robtus. Smyth Roberte Bannyng Stephyn Kyng S a Harnes. The Town of Westcombe. Thomas Baylyffe. Lawrens Roche John Jemmyns Wyllyam Cruche Wyllyam Walter Hewe Chedrocte Edward Bacheler John Peerson Edward Banke Lawrens Peers Robtus. Pyper Henry Jenney • Archers. Y Bills. J Westcombe afforsayd. John a Barens John Jennyns. With all| two harne& the reste ot the same Tythyng. 5 The Towne of Croston and Wylton. | Archers. Robertus Busschell Miles Pyper Willyam Pye John Fyldon Myles Fyldon John Clerke John Pyper J" Bills- John Pyper Thomas Pyper John Romsey Edmund Chadwell J Croston afforsayd. Roberte Busschell a Harnes. And all the reste of the Tythyng, a Harnes.
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