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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834


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No Pages: 1
North Wiltshire Musters 1539 page 1
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834
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North Wiltshire Muster printed 1834

Date of Article: 01/01/1539
Printer / Publisher:  
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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MUSTERS IN WILTSHIRE, 30 HENRY VIII. II Tything of Edyngton and Tynhed. Johes. Gawen " 1 Thomas Payne Willm. Tyler Thomas Randall Thomas Smart }- Archars ix. Johes. Morse Thomas Showryng Willm, Phelps Richardus Alen Robertus Smert Robertus Alleyn Johes. Cattcott Willm. Boyde Georgius West Edwardus Merick Robtus. Blakeborough Johes. Morrs, junr. Meric. Nasshe Thomas Salby Johes. Michell Johes. Adelam. Johes. Harvard Johes. Bassett Johes. Prydder Johes. Morrs Henric. Hyll Thomas Taylor Johes. Greneland Walterus Drewatt Phus. Taunton Rich. Spycer Willm. Gilbart Willm. Wattley Willm. Yong y Byllmen v. }> Byllmen x. Byllmen x. J The whole Tything hath in a redynes vij har- nes, with other small wepyns. Tithing of Colston. Aldelmus Lambe Johes. Poole Henry Poole Rogerus Lambe Johes. Symkyns Georgius Fissher Johes. Lombe Willm. Raynolds Th. Clarke als. Crocker Aldelm. Avyner Stephanus Oryall 1 ^ Archers ij. y Byllmen ix. Tithing of North bradley. Robt. Peris Rogerus Hickeman Leonardus Pittman Robtus. Wylkyns Thomas Willyams Thomas Bullemar Henric. Whyttok Johes. Heskyns Johes. Morrs. Ricus. Rave Robtus. Large Robtus. Batt 1 Archars xij. Thomas Harrs Henric. Halyer Thomas Saunder Thomas Haward Henric. Hill Ricus. West > Byllmen x. Johes. Perse Willm. Bewly Jacobus Truvirgy Jacobus Wylkyns J The whole Tything hath in a redynes ij Horse and iij Harnes, with other small wepyns. Johes. Lorde, junr. Thomas Whyttok Johes. Frye Johes. Talleman Robtus. Overton Ricus. Wyttok Johes. Overton Johes. Bullewell Robtus. Jeffery Tithing of Henton. | Archers iij. I f* Byllmen vj. Archers vij. The whole Tything hath in a redyties nes with other small wepyns. Tithyng of Kevyll. Johes. Bathe Willm. Jordeyn Robtus. Pryer Johes. Forde Nichus. Condale Thomas Whytehed Thomas Clarke Walterus Clarke Willm. Condate Johes. Darby Walterus Rasye Thomas Frynde Phus. Masson Willm. Lyppyat Antonius Hancok Thomas Taylor Thomas Monday Johes. Rede Thomas Doler? Robtus. Symmys y Byllmen xxv. Wyllyam Serteign Ricus. Longe Robtus, Blokeley Robtus. Hyll Johes. Stephyns, senr. Johes, Stephyns, junr. Johes. Wade Humfrus Whyttmor Wyllyam Nasshe Wyllyam Jonys Thomas Skeriff Wyllyam Hyll J The whole Tything hath in a redynes vj with other small wepyns. har- Har
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