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John Bull "For God, the King, and the People!"


Printer / Publisher:  Edward Shackell
Volume Number: XVI    Issue Number: 807
No Pages: 8
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John Bull "For God, the King, and the People!"
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John Bull "For God, the King, and the People!"

Date of Article: 29/05/1836
Printer / Publisher:  Edward Shackell
Volume Number: XVI    Issue Number: 807
No Pages: 8
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JOHN BULL, " FOR GOD, THE KING, AND THE PEOPLE!' VOL. XVI.— No. 807. SUNDAY, MAY 29, 1836. Price 7 d. CC € 10L0SSEUM.— The BEDOUIN ARABS give their much ad- mired and truly wonderful PERFORMANCES, DAILY, at Three o'clock. Doors open at Half- past Two. Entrance in Albany- street.— The stupendous PICTURE of LONDON, painted upon a surface of 46,000 square feet, Saloon of Arts, Swiss Cottage, Conservatories, Aviarv, Fountain, Marine Grotto, Cone of Montmorency, New View of Verrex, Val ' d'Oasta, Interior of a Silver Mine.— Entrance in the Reerent's- park. QLOSSEUM.— The Nobility, Gentry, and Public are respect- fully informed that the AMUSEMENTS for the Summer Season at this Establishment, consisting of a great variety of novel and pleasing Entertainments, will be repeated EVERY EVENING. , The Proprietor, in announcing the RE- COMMENCEMENT of the COLOS- SEUM SOIREES, begs to s'ate that he has spared neither pains nor expense in order to present a combination of novelty, elepance, and brilliancy. THE SALON DES NATIONS has been newly decorated, and will be brilliantly illuminated with gas. In the compartments will be seen the beautiful Views bv Parris, Marshall, and others. THE INDIAN SUPPER ROOM has also been re- decorated and illuminated on a new principle. IN THE SALON DES DANSE a new and complete Terrace has been erected, on which will take place a great variety of Amusements. THE HALL OF MIRRORS supported by chrystal columns, and lined with glass, will be seen in its accus- tomed brilliancy. The ROCKS, WATERFALLS, GARDENS, PAGODAS, and BRIDGES will all be refulgent with light. The UNIQUE FOUNTAIN will present an entirely novel appearance of de- light and splendour. Its thousand Jets d'Eau, mingling with thousands of Jets de Feu, and surrounded by the rare and valuable plants with which the CONSER- VATORIES abound, will realize all that can be imagined of FAIRY LAND. Orchestra and Promenade Bands of Music. Entrance in Albany- street.— Doors open at Nine o'Cloek.— Admission 3s. 6d. HEATRE ROYAL, DRURY LANE.— The unrivalled Made. Malibran having, by her matchless performance of THE MAID of ARTOIS! rivetted the attention, and elicited the greatest enthusiasm of an Audience crowded to the ceiling, will perform that character every remaining Night of her Engagement.— To- morrow, the New Grand Opera of THE MAID OF ARTOIS. Isoline, the Maid of Artois, Madame Malibran. To conclude with the Historical Drama of CHARLES THE TWELFTH.— Tuesday, the Comedy of Speed the Plough. To conclude with the Opera of Fra- Diavolo.— Wednesday, the New Grand Opera of The Maid of Artois. Isoline, Madame Malibran.— Thursday, the Tragic Play of Pizarro, Rolla, Mr. Paumier. — Friday, the New Opera of The Maid of Artois. Isoline, Madame Malibran. HEATRE ROYAL, COVENT GARDEN.— Mr. Serjeant Tal- fourd's New Tragedy of ION having been received with the most enthu- siastic applause, by a brilliant and overflowing audience, and its repetition having been unanimously demanded, it will be acted, by permission of the Author, on Wednesday next.— To morrow, JULIUS C/ ESAR. Marc Antony, Mr. C. Kemble; Brutus, Mr. Sheridan Knowles; Cassius, Mr. Macready. With THE FOUR SISTERS— by Mrs. Waylett. And the STEEL PAVILION, being for the Benefit of Mr. OSBALDISTON.— Tuesday, The Hunchback. With the first Act of Za- zezizozu. And the Assurance Coi'upany.— Wednesday, Ion. And the Steel Pa- vilion.— Thursday, Quasimodo. Don John of Austria. And No Song 110 Supper. THEATRE ROYAL, HAYMARKET— Monday, FORTUNE'S FROLIC. After which, ATONEMENT, or the God- Daughter. With ( never acted) a BALLET, in one Act, called SWISS NUPTIALS. And RURAL FELICITY.— Tuesday, My Husband's Ghost. With Atonement, or the God- Daughter ; a Ballet, and other Entertainments.— Wednesday, The Provoked Hus- band. With Atonement, or the God- Daughter ; and a Ballet.— Thursday, The Way to Keep Him. With Atonement, or the God- Daughter; and other Enter- tainments.— Friday, The Merchant of Venice. With Atonement, or the God- Daughter ; and other Entertainments. QUEEN'S THEATRE, TOTTENHAM- STREET, FITZROY- SQUARE. MASTER HENRY O'CONNELL ( the deserted Son of Daniel O'Connell, Esq., M. P.) begs most respectfully to state, that at the suggestion of his numerous Friends, he is induced to take a BENEFIT at the above named elegant Theatre, which has been fitted up and decorated in a very superior style, a l'ltalienne, by Mons. Cloup, and for elegance, coolness and accommodation is not exceeded by anv in London.— On THURSDAY, June 16, will be performed the Tragedy of DOUGLAS ; the part of Young Norval by Master H. O'Connell ( his second appearance on any stage, and who made so successful a debut at the Victoria Theatre in that Character). The other Parts will be sustained by dis- tinguished Professionals. After which, a variety of Singing, Dancing, and other Entertainments. To conclude with the IRISHMAN IN LONDON ; the Part of Murtoch Delany by Master H. O'Connell ( his first appearance in that Character on any stage). The Part of Caroline will be sustained by the highly talented Miss Fanny Cecil, whose kind friends have permitted her to come forward on this in- teresting occasion.— In earnestly solicitingthe patronage of a humane British Pub- lic, to whom the injured and the oppressed never appealed in vain, Master Henry O'Connell most humbly but confidently hopes, that a generous people will afford him that support, which neither the ties of nature, the dictates of humanity, nor the sacred obligations of religion, or solemn oaths, with the united entreaties of his best friends, have induced his natural Protector and Father to extend to him, his acknowledged but unfortunate Son, out of his very ample fortune, and the thousands he receives from the good opinion of his countrymen.— Boxes 5s.; Pit 3s.; Gal. Is.; Stalls 8s. 6d. To be secured, as well as Private Boxes, on application at the Theatre every day from Twelve till Four o'clock, and at Master OConnell's, 5, Tavistock- court, Covent- garden.— Doors open at Half- past Six; Performance to commence at Seven o'clock precisely ; Half- price at Nine o'clock.— From the limited size of the Theatre, and the numerous applications already made for Places, it is earnestly requested that no one will apply for Orders, as they cannot be admitted. BRITISH INSTITUTION, PALL- MALL.— THE GALLERY, with a SELECTION of PICTURES by ANCIENT MASTERS of the Italian, Spanish, Flemish, and Dutch Schools, including two of the celebrated Murillos from Marshal Soult's collection, which his Grace the Duke of Suther- land has most liberally allowed the Directors to exhibit for the benefit of the Institution, is OPEN DAILY from Ten in the Morning till Six in the Evening.— Admittance, Is.; Catalogues, Is. WILLIAM BARNARD. Keeper. rilHE THIRTY- SfXOND ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the JL SOCIETY of PAINTERS in WATER- COLOURS, at their Gallery, Pall- mall East, IS NOW OPEN.— Open each day from Nine till dusk. Admittance, • One Shilling ; Catalogue, 6d. R. HILLS, Sec. THE THAMES TUNNEL, opposite the end of Old Gravel- lane, Wapping, but on the Surrey side of the River, near the Church at Rother- hithe.— The works are now in progress.— Notice is hereby given, that the Public may VIEW the TUNNEL every day ( Sundays excepted), from 9 in the Morning until dusk, upon payment of One Shilling for each Person. The Archway is brilliantly lighted with Gas; and the Eastern Arch is open to the Inspec- tion of Visitors, in addition to the Western one. The work, which extends upwards of 620 feet under the bed of the River, is perfectly dry, and the descent by a safe and easy staircase. By order, J. CHARLIER, Clerk of the Company. N. B. There are conveyances to and from the Tunnel by an Omnibus every half hour from Gracechurcli- street, and three times daily from Charing- cross, and the Green Man and Still, Oxford- street; also by the Greenwich and Woolwich Steam Boats from Hungerford Market, Queenhithe, and Fresh Wharf, at 9,11, 2, and 4 o'clock.— Walbrook- buildings, Walbxook, 27th May, 1836. ES HUGUENOTS.— The Music in Meyerbeer's celebrated M_ A Opera, THE HUGUENOTS, will be published on the lst of June. All the Vocal Pieces with English and French words; three Books of Quadrilles, by Weippertand Tolbecque ; the Airs and Choruses as performed at Mrs. Bishop's and Mori's Concerts, arranged as Solos and Duets for the Pianoforte by A. Adam, and as Fantasias by J. Herz, Czerny, Huuten, Adam, Schuncke,& c. & c.; as Harp Solos and Harp and Piano Duets, by Bochsa. New Music by Moscheles:— Sou- venir des Concerts de Londres, Fantasie, 4s.; Rondo on the Swiss Air, " The Merry Harvest Home," 2s. ; Fantasia on the favourite Barcarole, " Or che in cielo;" Rondo on the popular Bolep, " The Bridegroom's Return," 4s. ; Men- delsshon's new Overture " The Calm and the Prosperous Voyage," as a Duet, 6s. — MORI and LAVEMT'S New Musical Library, 28, New Bond- street, SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE, in high condition, and of excellent quality, may be had at the GRAY'S- INN WINE ESTABLISH- MENT, at 63s. per dozen, or in pints at 36s. per dozen. Cash on delivery. Country orders must contain remittances, or orders for payment in London. 23, High Holborn. GEO. HENEKEY and Co. Note.— Three dozen cases, .^ 9 ; six dozen cases, pint", ^ 10. ONEY to LEND.—£ 10,000.— Any Nobleman, Gentleman, Clergyman, or other respectable person of responsibility, requiring the loan of any sum of Money, from jf500 upwards, on their personal security, Bond, or Note, to save the expense of a mortgage on property, or an application to friends or trustees, accommodated at a low rate of interest for a stated period, and with every possible privacy ; or the Advertiser, who is Trustee, under the will of a Nobleman deceased, to ^' 70,000 Three per Cent. Consols, would be glad to invest the same, or any part, on Freehold, Copyhold, or other eligible pioperty, at 4 per cent.— Apply by letter first, post- paid, to Mr. Howard, No. 84, Mount- street, Gros- venor- square, London. ' MR. G. H. DERWORl has the honour to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, his Pupils and Friends, that his CONCERT will take place at the HANOVER- SQUARE ROOMS, TO- MORRO VV EVENING, May 30. The Concert will consist of New Music, entirely of his own composition. The following Performers are already engaged :— Madame Caradori Allan, Mrs. H. R. Bishop, Miss Masson, and Miss Clara Novello, Signor Begrez, & c. The Band and Chorus will consist of more than 130 Performers. The whole will conclude with a New Hymn, composed for this occasion, in honour of their Majesties, with full Orchestra and Chorus.— Tickets, 10s. 6d. each, to be had of Mr. Der- wort, Professor of the Guitar, 55, Great Marlborough- street. NCIENT CONCERTS.— The Subscribers are respectfully in- formed, the EIGHTH CONCERT ( and last of this Season), will take place on WEDNESDAY next, June 1. The Rehearsal on Monday Morning at Twelve. The Subscribers have the privilege of introducing their friends to single Concerts by Tickets, price One Guinea each ; or Rehearsals, price 10s. 6d. Programmes of the regulations ( including the limited transfer of tickets in families, terms of subscription, & c.) to be had at Lonsdale's ( late Birchall arid C s) Musical Circu- lating Library, removed to 26, Old Bond street. OLEBULL'S SECOND GRAND CONCER1 - The Nobility, Subscriber's to the Opera, and the Public are respec y informed that M. OLE B. BULL will give his SECOND GRAND CON< T of Vocal and Instrumental Music, on the Stage of the KING'S THEATRE, WEDNESDAY EVENING, lst of June. Mesdames Grisi, Assandri, Signori R * ni, Tamburini, Lablache, Moscheles, B. Puzzi, and other Artists of celebrity ; lready engaged. M. Ole Bull, in addition to other pieces, will play an Adagi f Mozart's, and Variations by Paganini.— Tickets to be had at the Box- o: of the King's Theatre; 21, Old Bond- street; and at Leoni Lee's Music Wa. house, 48, Albe- marle- street. Lower Stalls 15s., Pit 7s., Upper stalls 5s.. Galle, / 3s. SIGNOR BEGREZ'S MORNING COGGER 1, under Me rairon- age of H. R. H. the Duchess of Kent, will take place on WEDNESDAY, June 8, at Two o'clock precisely. Performers— Mad. Giulietta Grisi and Mad. Malibran De Beriot, Mrs. H. R. Bishop, Madlle. Assandri, Miss Clara Novello, Mrs. Alfred Shaw, Signori Rubini, Ivanoff, Tambnrini, Begrez, Guibelei, and Lablache, Messrs. Balfe and Parry, jun. Mr. Moscheles on the Pianoforte, Mr. Mori on the Violin, Mr. Bochsa on the Harp, and Sig. ^ uzzionthe Horn, will each play Fantasias. The Orchestra will be numerous and complete. Leader, Mr. Mori; Conductor, Signor Costa.— Boxes and Tickets, 10s. 6d, each, to be had of Signor Begrez, 6, Jermyn street, and Mori and Lavenu. 28, New Bond- street. R. DE BERIOT has the honour to announce that his MORNING CONCERT will take place in the Great Concert Room, King's Theatre, on THURSDAY, 9th June, at One o'clock. PROGRAMME. PART I.— Overture, " Der Freischiitz." Duetto, " Se inclinasse," Signori Rubini e Tamburini ( L'ltaliana in Algieri) New Concerto, Violin, M. De Beriot .. .. Aria Finale, Madame Malibran De Beriot ( La Sonnambula) Brillant Fantasia, Harp, Miss Bisset ( from La Sonnambula) Duetto Buffo, " Ma guardate che iigura," Madame Malibran De Beriot e Signor Lablache ( La Prova) .. .. Aria," Stanca di piit," Madame Grisi Duetto, " Sei gia Sposa," Miss Trotter e Signor Rubini ( La Donna del Lago) GRAND DUETTO, " Vanne se Alberghi," ( by general desire) Madame Malibran De Beriot e Madame Grisi [ being the only time of their singing together in public this season] ( Andronico) Mercadantr. PART II.— Sestetto, Madame Malibran De Beriot, Miss Bruce, Miss Trotter, Signori Rubini, Tambnrini, e Lablache ( Cenerentola) Rossini. Grand Fantasia, Piano, Mr. Thalberg ( his second appearance in England), from the celebrated Mayerbeers Opera, " LesHu guenots," Terzetto, " Le faccio un inchino," ( by desire), Madame Grisi, Ma- dame Malibran De Beriot, e Miss Trotter .. .. Cimarosa. Scena, " Der Freischfltz," Miss Bruce .. .. .. Weber. Brillant Duetto, Piano and Violin, Mr. Thalberg e M. De Beriot - jj p^ BerioL Aria Finale, " Oh dolce incanto," introduced at Milan, in'Doni- 5 De Beriot e zetti's " Elixir," Madame Malibran De Beriot .. .. £ Benedict. Duetto, " II Marinaro," M. Ivanoff e Mr. Balfe .. .. Rossini. Ballad, Madame Malibran De Beriot; Violin Obligato, M. De Beriot De Beriot. Finale .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Beethoven. Tickets, One Guinea each, to be had of Mr. De Beriot, 59, Conduit- street ( where Boxes can only be secured), and of the principal Music- sellers. Weber. Rossini. De Beriot. Bellini. Miss Bisset. Gnecco. Marliani. Rossini. Thalberg. « OCHSA> S UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT on the STAGE JO Of the KING'S THEATRE, FRIDAY MORNING, June the 10th. For particulars of this extraordinary performance, see Bills at Music- sellers.— Boxes, Stalls, and Pit Tickets, to be had of Mr. Bochsa, 47, Conduit- street; of Mr. Chappell, 50, New Bond- street; and Opera- office. MTHALBERG has the honour to announce to the Nobility, 9 Gentry, and the Public, that his SECOND MORNING CONCERT will take place in the Concert- room of the King's Theatre, on THURSDAY, June 16.— Further particulars will be duly announced.— Tickets, 10s. 6d. each, to be had of M. Thalberg, 13, Lower Brook- street ( where boxes and stalls only can be secured), and at the principal Music shops. fBIO IRISH SNUFF- TAKERS.— CROFTON and RIPPONS beg JL to offer, for the approbation of the Public, their IRISH SNUFF, whicn may be had of every principal Snuff- dealer in London, and at No. 20, Sackville- street, Dublin, by inquiring for Crofton and Rippons' genuine Irish Snuff. AMPSH1RE.— To be LET, Furnished, with immediate pos- session, an excellent DWELLING- HOUSE, with Garden and Pleasure- Grounds, and with or without a small Paddock, beautifully situated near the vil- lage of Hursley, five miles from Winchester, six from Rom ey, and nine from Southampton. An additional quantity of Land may be obtained, if required.— For particulars apply to Mr. Fowlie, Hursley, Winchester— if by letter, post- paid. (^ EXSIDE.— To be LET or SOLD, a detached FREEHOLD COTTAGE RESIDENCE, containing drawing and dining- room, five bed rooms, kitchen, scullery, & c., with large Garden, walled, situate at Hayling, in the county of Hants, possessing fine sea views of the Isle of Wight and Spit- head, with extensive land views. It is within five minutes' walk of the Warm Baths, Library, and Esplanade. Immediate possession may be had.— For further particulars apply to view to Mr. Pristo, Nurseryman, Hayling, near Havant; or at the Office of Mr. Wm- Bromely, 3, Gray's Inn- square, London. BL AC KH EATH .— To be LET for the Summer, a large HO USE, well FURNISHED, consisting of large arid lofty dining and drawing- rooms, and smaller ditto ; library and sitting- room up stairs, ten bed- rooms, and two dressing- rooms, two men- servants' beds below, housekeeper's room, servants' hall, and large kitchen and scullery ; three water- closets, with excellent offices and every convenience. Garden, green- house, double coach- house, five- stall and single stable, & c.— Apply for terms to Mr. Roberts, at Messfs. Hankey and Co., 7, Mincing- lane , to Mr. G. Boyle, Estate Agent, 290, Regent- street,' or to Mr. Gilbert, Montpelier- row, Blackheath. FURNITURE and UPHOLSTERY MANUFACTORY, BAZAAR, BAKER- STREET, and KING- STREET, PORTMAN- SQUARE.— The Proprietor respectfully announces that . he has again extended this Department, and the magnitude of the Stock at present exhibited is un- equalled in the kingdom. From this varied and elegant assortment, houses of any class can be entirely furnished in a few days ; and the whole being manufac- tured upon the premises, o> r expressly for the Proprietor, he is enabled to gua- rantee the workmanship as'well as the materials of every article ; and the prices being affixed, the Public will readily perceive they are at least one- third less than the usual trade charges. CARPETS, UPHOLSTERY, AND CABINET FURNITURE. JACKSON and GRAHAM ( successors to Richards and Co.), having completed their alterations, respectfully invite the Nobility, Gentry, and Families about to furnish, to view the Largest, Cheapest, and most Elegant Stock in the Metropolis. The extensive Stock of CARPET S, all of the very best quality, comprises several hundred New and Splendid Patterns in Brussels, together with the most magnificent Velvet Pile Carpets, more beau- tiful than French or Tournay, designed and manufactured exclusively for this Establishment. Also Carpeting of every kind for inferior rooms and bed- rooms, Rugs, Druggets, & c. & o. THE SUPERB STOCK OF UPHOLSTERY, comprises everything new and splendid for Drawing and Dining Rooms Curtains, in Silk Damasks, and Brocades, Rich Satin Stripe Tabborets, Chintzes of surpass- ing elegance, Mohair and Merino Damasks, Tournays, & c. & c., with handsome Gilt Cornices and Rods, Fringes, Gimps, and Trimmings of every description. The superior manufactured Stock of CABINET FURNITURE AND CHAIRS, every article of which is warranted, comprises nearly every requisite for furnishing houses of any class, from the cottage to the mansion. Also a great variety of Pier, Console, and Chimney Glasses, in elegant double gilt frames. . In addition toother advantages, a saving of full 25 percent, will be effected by purchasing at this Establishment. 37, Oxford- street, two doors from Newman- street. UNIVERSITY LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, Incorporated by Royal Charter. No. 24, Suffolk- street, Pall- mall East.— Notice is hereby given, that the ANNUAL GENERAL COURT of this Soeiety will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 8th day of June next, at the BRITISH COFFEE HOUSE, Cockspur- street, Charing- cross. The Chair will be taken at Three o'clock precisely. 21st May, 1836. CHARLES M. WILLICH, Sec, and Act. TO the CLERGY.— A Clergyman is desirous of EXCHANGING a RECTORY, a few miles from London, and possessing many advantages, for a LIVING in the COUNTRY, or Country Town in a healthy situation, and with a comfortable house.— Letters ( post- paid), stating particulars, are requested to be addressed to Y. Z., Messrs. Rivington. Waterloo- place, Pall- mall. HURCH PREFERMENT.— WANTED to PURCHASE, with the prospect of very early possession, an ADVOWSON, or NEXT PRE- SENTATION of a Living, from ^ 500 to ^' 1,100 per annum. The immediate neigh- bourhood of London will be preferred.— Address, Rev. T. W., post paid, to the care of the Publisher of the John Bull, 40, Fleet- street. ACLERGYMAN of the Established Church, living in France, receives into his family SIX PUPILS, whom, with his own sons, he care- fully instructs in those parts of polite and liberal knowledge suitable to the wants of youth on leaving school. To a young gentleman of good conduct, a year's resi- dence is sufficient both for these purposes and for the learning in a proper manner the French language.— Apply, post paid, to Mr. George Reynell, 42, Chancery- lane. TmHE JOHN BULL NEWSPAPER.— This most valuable Con- Ff servative Jnuinal, complete to 1835 inclusive, 15 vols., neatly half- bound, excepting the Vol. for 1835, to be SOLD for Six Guineas.— Apply to J. Miller, Bookseller, 404, Oxford- street, five doors from Dean- street, R. B. H. BULLOCK, Wine Merchant, REMOVED Irom Grafton- street, to No. 37, OLD BOND STREET. M AS MIDSHIPMAN.— To PARENTS, < fec.— There are Two VACANCIES in one of the finest East Indiamen out of London for re- spectable YOUNG GENTLEMEN as MIDSHIPMEN. For youths having a predilection for the Sea, this would prove an advantageous opportunity, as they will have every prospect of becoming proficient in the duties of the profession. For the amount of Premium, which is moderate, and all other particulars, apply- by letter ( post- paid) to Messrs. Greenwood and West, Shipping Agents, and Agents for procuring Passages to all Parts, No. 4, Birchin- lane, Cornhill. Personal ap- plications at their Offices from Twelve to Three. ^ HE WRITING of PERSONS of all Ages, if ever so bad, __ IMPROVED, and SHORT- HAND TAUGHT, in Eight, easy Lessons. The Pupils are taught quite privately, or met at their own houses in all parts of Town. Separate rooms for Ladies. Arithmetic and bad spelling improved, in a few clear and easy lessons, on an entirely new system.— Apply to Mr. Langmaid, 122, Regent- street, where Pupils are qualified for every situation where Book- keeping and Accounts are requisite.— N. B. Copy the address, No. 122. T~ HE great Superiority of MILES and EDWARDS'S CHINTZES over the common imitations now selling by upholsterers, & c., was never more apparent than at the present time. M. and E. beg to inform the Nobility and Gentry that for the approaching Season their Designs will be found to surpass any of their former productions, and that they can be seen only at their Ware- rooms, No. 134, Oxford- street, near Holies- street. M. and E. are reluctantly compelled to state they have not the slightest connexion with another house assuming their name. C1ARPETS.— LAP WORTH and RILEY, Manufacturers to the J King and H. R. H. the Duchess of Kent, have the honour to acquaint the Nobility and Gentry, that their Assortment will be found of the most select and unique character, adapted to every style of Building. In ORIENTAL CARPETS their collection is unequalled, and of unusual dimensions. British, Tournay, and Axminster Carpets made to any design.— Warehouses, 19 and 20, Old Bond- street. ENGAL MATS of EXTRAORDINARY SIZE.— The India Mat Company beg to inform the Nobility and Gentry that they have just imported the above splendid Mats, some of them measuring 100 feet long and 40 feet wide, and 200 feet long and 12 feet wide, without a join. Also various smaller sizes with coloured borders. The Proprietors feel great confidence in offering these truly elegant Mats as the most chaste and beautiful covering for the floors of Saloons, Banqueting, Ball, Drawing, Dining, and Billiard Rooms, or Picture Galleries. They beg further to state that their beautiful appearance is not their onlv recommendation ; they are superior to every other kind of mattting in quality and durability. China, India, and Malacca Mats fitted to roomsor made to plans, and forwarded to all parts of the United Kingdom, from the India Mat Company's Warehouse, 38, Welbeck- street, Cavendish- square. & JTAYS and BELTS.— VISTIRIN and Co. ( removed) solicit Ladies to inspect their fashionable French and other Corsets, which they engage to fit without fault, however difficult the figure. COAT STAYS to im- prove the shape and carriage of growing Ladies. BANDAGE STAYS and ELASTIC BELTS for abdominal debility or enlargement, which give ieffectual support and retain their position without compression. PATENT STAYS for the relief, support, and cure of spinal curvatures and vertebral weakness, which restore the shape, and make defective forms perfectly proportionable without padding. Soiled Stays. Country residents instructed to transmit orders.— 62, Margaret- Btreet, Cavendish- square. EXPRESSLY to LADIES.— The Proprietors of Regent House have great pleasure in announcing that, notwithstanding the many con- temptible efforts that have been made by unprincipled competitors to obtain a Silk for which they ( the Proprietors) have justly gained great celebrity, they will submit on MONDAY, and following days, a much larger STOCK than they have hitherto been enabled to exhibit, and at the same price.— N. B. Their new Show Room is now replete with a Splendid Stock of FOREIGN and BRITISH SHAWLS of the most fashionable description. Address, ALLISON and EDWARDS, Regent House, 240, Regent- street. CITY IMPROVEMENTS.— The Inhabitants of the City, Fins- bury, Islington, and their vicinities, will be glad to hear that the Premises, 103, Fore- street, formerly occupied by Todd and Co., the celebrated Silk Mercers, have been taken by S. BENTON and Co., who intend to supply Milliners and Fa- milies with every article in SILK MERCERY, DRAPERY, HOSIERY, LACE, & c., in any quantity, at Wholesale Prices. OTICE to the PUBLIC.— SELLING OFF.— LAMB and CO., GOLDSMITHS, JEWELLERS, and SHEFFIELD PLATERS, Re* moved from 43, Ludgate- hill, until the premises are rebuilt, to the First Floor of Messrs. KITCHING and VIRET'S, Linen- drapers, 20, Ludgate- hill, where their immense Stock of Jewellery, Plate, Watches, Sheffield Plate, & c., is Sell- ing Off at a great sacrifice, as they are determined to dispose of the whole pre- vious to re- opening their premises at Midsummer with an entire new stock of every description. Silver Spoons and Forks 7s. 2d. per oz., if for Shipping, 5s. 8d. per oz.— N. B. 25 per cent, taken off all Sheffield Plate, from the wholesale price, for cash only. OLD WAISTCOAT W A T C H E S.— A. B. SAVORY and SONS, opposite the Bank, Cornhill, London. The following Watches are of the best description, and are warranted to per- form correctly :— , VERTICAL WATCHES, in double- bottomed gold engine- turned cases,? j 7 either gold or silver dials .. .. . • • • • • S HORIZONTAL WATCHES, in double double bottomed gold engine-? 9 g turned cases, highly finished ornaments, jewelled in two holes .. j Ditto, a size larsrer, 4 holes jewelled .. .. .. .. 10 10 A. B. SAVORY and SONS, opposite the Bank, Cornhill, London. IRCULAREXPAND1NGDINING TABLES andDESSERT STANDS, recently invented by ROBERT JUPE, and for which he has obtained his Majesty's ' Letters Patent.— Messrs. JOHNSTONE, JUPE, and Co., respectfully invite the Nolility and Gentry to inspect these novel and useful inventions. The Circular Table may, with the greatest ease, be varied in size to accommodate from four to twenty persons. The principle is so simple that it cannot become deranged, and the troublesome use of fastenings is dis- pensed with. The Dessert Plateau forms an elegant ornament during dinner, and when in use the accommodation is complete.— Cabinet and Upholstery Manu- factory, 67, New Bond street. RESSING and TRAVELLING CASES, DESPATCH BOXES, and LEATHER WRITING DESKS, Dressing Pouches, elegant Fancy Wood Writing Desks, Work Boxes, Jewel Cases, & c. The greatest stock of any house in London, warranted of the best qualily, at the most reason^ able prices,' manufactured on the premises. 10| inch Wriring Case, with patent inkstand 15s* Every kind of Leather Goods made on the shortest notice. TURRILL'S 250, Regent- street. NEW SCOTCH ORANGE MARMALADE, 12s. per dozen Pounds, pots included ; Raspberry, Gooseberry, and Currant Jams, same price. Fine West India Preserved Ginger, 4s. per lb— very superior China Ginger, at 3s. per lb., in jars as imported— finest Bermuda Arrow Root, 2s. 6d. per lb— fine English Honey, 9d. and 10J. per lb— finest Mu^ atel Raisens, Jordan Almonds, Eleme Figs, French Imperial, & c.; at W. LAZENBY'b Oil, Italian, and Fish Sauce Warehouse, 56, Lamb's Conduit- street, Foundling Hospi- tal— Families ( by taking six bottles) are supplied with Fish Sauces, Pickles, Capers, French Olives, Anchovies, & c., at wholesale prices, for ready money only. Fine Turkey Coffee, 2s— finest Mocha Coffee, 2s. 6d. per pound. sfSl " V- vTTI 174 JOHN BULL. Way 29. TUESDAY'S GAZETTE. OFHCE OF ORDNANCE, May 21. F Corps of Royal Engineers— Second Captain W. M. Gosset to be Captain, vice Haigh, placed on tl'e retired list; First Lieut. T. Budgen to be Second Captain, vice Gosset: Second Lieut. R. S. Beatson to be First Lieut., vice Budgen ; First Lieut. M. W. Heath to be Second Captain, vice Stoeker, placed on the retired list; Second Lieut. S. Freeth to be First Lieutenant; vice Heath. BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. S. and J. SMITij, Nottingham, brickmakere— E. CLARKE and A. DEACON, Goswell- street, drapers. BANKRUPTS. J. HAGGER, Richmond, Surrey, cord'. vainer. Att. Bartholomew, Red Lion- street, Clerkenwell— J. PALMER, Sydney- street, Mile- end, carpenter. Atts. Mitchell and Hill, New London- street, Fenchurch street— J. POTTS, Swan- bank, Conglefon, Cheshire, tailor. Atts. . Milne and Co., Temple; Potter, Manchester— G. WOOTTON, Redboume, Lincolnshire, coal- dealer. Atts. NiHioIson and Co., Glamford Briggs ; Dyneley and Co., Field- court, Gray's Inn— K. SHAW, Lane- end, Stoke- upon- Trent, Staffordshire, manufacturer of china. Att. Young, Lane- end. FRIDAY'S GAZETTE. St. James's Palace, Mav 26.— The King has been pleased, on the nomination of Lord Foley, to appoint Charles Dance, Esq., one of his Majesty's Hon. Corps of Gen tleman- at- Arms, vice Charles Bague. BANKRUPTS. J. H. SKF. LTON, Piccadilly, Manchester warehouseman. Atts. Street and Co., Phitpot- lane— J. and E. SIMS, Stroud, common brewers. Atts. Swain and Co.. Frederick's- place, Old Jewry— J. KYMER, Mincing- lane, London, mer- chant. Att. Laing. Fenchurch street— E. STAPLES, Castle- street East, Oxford- st., oilman. Att. Davies, Palsgrave- place. Temple— J. COSGRAVE. Raven- row, Mile End (' Id Town, rope maker. Atts. Dunn and Co., Tbreadneedle street— W. CHIFNEY, Wood Ditton. Cambridgeshire, horse- dealer. Att. Carlton, Chancery- lane— W. PISSEY, Rayleigh, F. s.- e\, draper. Atts. Hardvvick and Co., Lawrence- lane, Cheapside— W. PICKLES. Blackburn, Lancashire, linen draper. Atts. Makinson and Co., Elm- court, Temple; Atkinson and Co., Manchester— J. BLYTH, Langham, Essex, miller. Atts. Foster, jun., Cambridge; Foster, Setjeant's Inn— J. SHARP, sen.. Leamington Priors, Warwickshire, printep-. Atts. Patterson and Co., Leamington Priors; Rickards and Co., Lincoln's Inn- fields. The Paris papers of the early part of " the week are chiefly occupied with remarks on the change of the Ministry in Spain, and on the question of intervention— a question which appears to be still unde- cided. The Chamber of Deputies has been employed with the Budget, the principal items of which have been agreed to, with very little discussion. The grant of a sum of 3,500,000 francs ( 140,0001.) forthe cons ruction of a new House of Peers, encountered much opposition, and was at length voted by a small majority, there being 160 for it, and t26 against it. From Spain we learn that M. Isturiz has completed the new Ministry, taking on himself the Department of Foreign Affairs, and temporary President of the Council; General Seoane, Minister of War; M. Atruirre Solarte, Ministerof Finance: M. Alcala Galiano, Minister of Marine ; and the Duke de Rivas, Minister of the Interior. The Department of Justice remains to be filled up. It is quite evident, that the auspices under which this new set of Ministers have appeared are by no means the most promising. They were left in a minority of 12 against 96 on the 16th, the very first day of their taking their seats on the Ministerial benches in the Chamber of Pro- curadores. We are glad that our predictions of the success of Gilbert Gurney are fully realised. We hail this as a certain sign that the public taste for what, is reallv good, is still unimpaired ; and that men of taste not only read but desire to possess the products of true genius. This must be the case, as the whole of the first very large impression is entirely sold, and the publishers are at press with a second edition, also of considerable extent. THE BOOK OF FLOWERS, AND THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS.— These elegant little works clothed in a robe of apple- green embossed satin, enriched with ornament, are fit for the boudoir of a Princess. They convey in the most pleasing manner scientific information combined with a selection of sentiments and appropriate passages from poetical writers, also the conventional oriental meaning of symbolic phrases, for expressing the secret sentiments of the heart. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and coloured with fidelity to nature. THE FOUNDLING AND ITS UNKNOWN PARENT.— NO novelist was evermore happy in the choice ol his subjects than Capt. Marryat; first we had his inimitable Peter Simple— then followed that admirable piece of fresh- water biography, Jacob Faithful— and now he delights the public with the adventures of a foundling in search of a parent. Japhet in search of his Father we think the best tale that Marryat has yet penned; it is a sparkling work full of humour, full of incident, full of variety, never taxing the thought or wearying the patience of the reader, but written in that off- hand, unassuming style which all can relish and appreciate. SIR WILLIAM GELL'S LAST WORK.— The last great work of Sir William GELL, Rome and its Vicinity, is? indeed, a splendid monu- ment of his persevering industry. He is understood to have been occupied on this production more than fifteen years. Every spot celebrated in history he visited and has here described, whilst the map, which ' he constructed from a laborious trigonometrical survey, and which accompanies the work, is perhaps one of the most beautiful ever produced— its cost was immense. Well has it been observed that in this, his last work, Sir William Gell has furnished a body of illustration which is indispensable to the complete scholar and the classical traveller. LITERARY NOVELTIES.— We last week had the satisfaction of acquainting our readers that Mr. Colburn, who for 20 years has_ been distinguished as one of the most eminent and enterprising publishers of the time, had opened a new establishment at Windsor. We are now enabled to mention a few of the new publications wheh he is about to produce, namely:— The Naval History of Great Britain to the present Time, by Captain Brenton, R. N., in monthly parts, with numerous characteristic embellishments, being a new and improved edition of thatimportant work. Forty years'experience in the Navy, and the aid of the distinguished naval heroes who signa- lized themselves during the above eventful period, are the advantages possessed by the gallant Captain for writing this work. Part I. is to appear on the 1st of June.— We perceive, with much pleasure, that the Viscount de Chateaubriand, confessedly one of the greatest literary characters in Europe, has been engaged on a work on English literature, which is likewise to be issued from the above seat of Royalty.— The charming L. E. L. has also nearly ready a little volume on a most attractive subject, Traits and Trials of Early Life; and the musical amateur is promised a volume called The Violin and its Professors, which will exhibit, we are informed, very curious particulars connected with the history of that instrument from the earliest period to the present time, with numerous anecdotes of pro- fessors, amateurs, < fcc. The late prevalence of north and east winds suspended for a con- siderable period the usual display of elegance and fashion which grace the parks, and which it is the peculiar privilege of the metro- polis to witness at this season. Many ladies, no less distinguished by the attributes of beauty than the splendours of rank, were, how- ever, observed braving even the asperities of those harsh and blistering gales ; and it is a fact deserving both attention and exten- sive circulation, that in ROWLAND'S KALYDOR there exists an infal- lible preservative of the complexion and of the brightest tints which adorn it, amidst those inimical changes of temperature, proverbial in our climate— the congenial antidote to ail cutaneous affections has attained celebrity by the development of its remark- able property of sustaining unrivalled purity and elasticity of the skin; of which ROWLAND and SON have had the felicity to receive more numerous acknowledgments within the last few weeks, than at any given period since the introduction of their KALYDOR to public notice ; and it is with a pleasure attendant only upon the confidence acquired by extensive experience, they make known that it will be equally appreciated for its refreshing and renovating qualities during the heat and relaxing tendency of the summer months. Astley's gave an entire change of performances on Whit Monday; the first, a melo drama, the incidents of which, although calculated to excite a strong and painful interest, appeared to be highly relished by the spectators. The feats of horsemanship were even more sur- £ rising than usual. Two new performers, a Frenchman and a Dutchman, have been added to the equestrian corps, and exhibited surprising skill and agility. Ducrow himself, however, still leaves all attempts at rivalry far behind. An agreeable and very successful little piece has been produced at the English Opera House, called The Middy Ashore. It simply por- trays the vagaries and characteristics of a true genuine- hearted son of Neptune, in the personation of whom Mrs. Keeley appeared quite in her element, introducing very effectively some very pleasing snatches or reminiscences of the most favourite of Dibdin's songs. The price of iron has advanced 41. per ton since November last, and a further rise is expected. The price of copper has within the last fortnight risen from 31. to 41. per ton. INFERNAL MACHINE. WE beg to submit to our readers a letter from Mr. STEUBEL, ( he inventor of what may truly be called an in- fernal machine. In order that the public may estimate the importance of possessing this tremendous weapon either for use, ( if we should be savagely inclined), or to prevent its adoption by any foreign power, if more humanely disposed, we give in the first instance, a description of its force and power from the pen of the ingenious contriver:— DESCRIPTION OF A BATTERY OF CARTRIDGES INVENTED AND CON- STRUCTED BY JOHN STEUBLE, A SWISS MECHANIC. 1. The effects of this war machine are terrible, and can be directed easily to any point. Its construction is veiy simple, and offers in its application considerable economy, both of time and ammunition. 2. It is fixed upon an ordinary gun- carriage, and discharges at each time 34 balls of an inch in diameter. It is loadedfrom behind, and can throw balls 1,200 feet w ith precision, and at that distance the balls thrown by this machine will pierce through and destroy a plank li inches thick, and will strike a hard blow at the distance of 3,000 feet. If thrown against the enemy at the distance of 2,400 feet they will do great mischief. 3. The balls are thrown in a horizontal direction, and extend gra- dually to the width of 18 feet, and never go higher or lower than 18 inches of the exact mark at which they are aimed or directed. 4. This machine is as easily transported as a cannon of 61b. calibre. 5. It can be discharged four times in a ininnte, and in this manner throw out 136 balls in a minute, or 8,160 balls in an hour— the balls striking the mark to which they are directed. 6. This machine is particularly adapted for fortresses, on account of the quickness with which it can be charged and discharged. 11 could also be employed with great success both in mountainous and level countries. 7. Only six men are required to work this machine. Neither rain or any change of weather will prevent the machine from being used. The letter which follows, we conceive worthy of parti- cular attention. We at first hesitated as to touching upon the subject, but facts have come to our knowledge which induce us to make one effort in the cause of justice and humanity— justice towards the inventor of the dreadful weapon, and humanity to civilized society in preventing its adoption either by England or HER ENEMIES. SIR,— As you have inserted at some length a Report in the House ofCommons on the presentation of my petition by Mr. HUGHES HUGHES, on the 29th March, I take the liberty of transmitting to you a statement, of facts which I am prepared to verify on oath con- nected with my case, certain of obtaining through you that justice which has till now been denied me by the Government. I invented a machine of war, discharging many balls in a minnte, which the Russian Government agreed to purchase. In September, 1834, Mr, BLIGH, the British Minister at St. Peters- burgh, called on me, saw the machine, and highly approved of it. On the 30th September, 1834,1 signed two agreements— their pur- port was an offer on my part to the British Government ( at the re- quest of Mr. BLIGH) of the machine for 10,0001. 3,3001. of which was to be advanced to me in Russia, to repay the expenses incurred for building the machine, and the remainder ill England, where Mr. BLIGH was to send me, at the cost of the British Government. I was also in addition to have at the rate of 1,5001. a- year during my resi- dence in this country. On the 22d October I blew up the machine to prevent its falling into the hands of Russia, that being the only means left me. I immediately informed Mr. BLIGH, who agreed to advance the 3,3001. and send me to England on the 1st November in the Branston Moor. Previous to advancing the money Mr. BLIGH induced me to place in his hands certain securities, and to sign an agreement that unless the money was repaid within six months these securities, of consider able value, should be hi,--. On the 1st November I went on board the Branston Moor, at Cronstadt, as desired by Mr. BLIGH, and found to my sorrow that he had neglected to make the necessary and proper arrangements. This produced a delay, and the consequence was, the vessel, the securities, and myself were arrested by the Russian authorities. Mr. BLIGH exerted himself to get back the securities, and to allow the ship to proceed ; he procured their release, and left me to my fate, which was incarceration for many months. During my imprisonment many applications were made to Lord PALMERSTON, and the only reply obtained was, that untilMr. BLIGH or myself arrived in this country nothing could be done. Succeeding in escaping from the Russian police, I arrived in Lon- don the 3d November, 1835, and was told at the Foreign- office that till Mr. BLIGH arrived, no answer could be given. I tola them I could not wait, being without resources, and asked something on account, and Mr. BIDWELL, of the Foreign- office, paid me, on the 20th Novem- ber, 1835, 501. On the 10th December last, Mr. BLIGH having just arrived, asked me to put the machine together, which I refused, till the ratification of the contract of the 30th September, 1834.— Mr. BLIGH replied that it was wholly unnecessary ; the six months having expired, the ma- chine then belonged to him. On the 5th of January, 1836. I was sent to Woolwich to be exa- mined, when I refused to answer questions put to me about the ma- chine until the ratification of the above- mentioned agreement. _ After several applications to Lord PALMERSTON, I at length, in the beginning of February, received a letter from Mr. BLIGH, stating the Government would " nothave anything to do wiih the machine, and that I should have my securities back again if I paid him the 3,3001., with five per cent, interest." Such, Sir, is the true statement of facts, and Lord PALMERSTON meets them by saying Mr. BLIGH acted in a private capacity, and not as a British Minister, in the transactions with me. How was it possible for me, a poor foreigner, unacquainted with the English language, manners, or customs, to know when a Minis- ter was performing in his public or private capacity. The principal grounds on which 1 found my claims on the Govern- ment are— That they, instead of answering my offer of the 30th September, 1834, within six weeks, as promised, led me to suppose, until the beginning of February, 1836, that they intended carrying it into effect, suffering me to remain in confinement many months, when, had they informed me they did not intend purchasing the machine, I could have accepted a second offer, urged upon me by Russia repeatedly during my confinement. Why did Mr. BLIGH many times during my confinement urge me to escape to England, if only to inform me that the securities were his, and not mine ? Was I wrong in considering that the British Govern- ment was anxious to have the machine and ratify the agreement ?_ Again, when I arrived, why still keep me in suspense till the arrival of Mr. BLIGH, if they had, as Lord PALMERSTON says, made up their minds to haye nothing to do with it from the first ? For what reason was the 501. paid me on the 20th November? Is it usual to give foreigners money who apply for it at the Foreign- office ? If so, it ought to have been fully explained to me at the time. Why send me to be examined at Woolwich if they had previously- made up their minds regarding me ? And, lastly, why should I have borrowed of Mr. BLIGH, or he have lent me 3,3001., but to secure me for the service of England ? Among the Russians my character stood high, and I might have had credit to any extent. Why should I go to the British Ministers ? 1 have never heard that it is a part of their duty to lend money to foreigners. The above circumstances put together, in addition to the high respect I had for the word of the representative of England, I con- tend was sufficient to induce me to think that the agreement would be ratified. I am positive that yon, Sir, and the vast majority of the English nation, will not blame me for having believed the representative of your nation honest and honourable, above meanness, chicanery, or a desire to obtain valuables by holding out false hopes and advancing a small portion of money. . . I consider that preventing such a machine as mine ( a description of which I send herewith) from falling into the hands of such a power as Russia, merits some recompense from your Government. I submit that the above, together with the imprisonment I have suffered, and the loss of time incurred, both throngh wishing to please your Government, fully merits more than the sum advanced by Mr, BLIGH. Mr. GISBORNE seemed to dispute some of the facts contained in the petition : I am ready to prove all the circumstances by doenments and creditable witnesses at the Bar of the House of Commons, if the British Government will not render me justice without such an expose. Is it worthy conduct on the part of Mr. BLIGH or Lord PALMERS- TON to withhold my claims by a legal quibble, the money not having been repaid within six montfis? It was in consequence of that same agreement entered into with Mr. BLIGH that my incarceration took place— an ever. twliich totally put. it outof my power of fulfilling that part of the contract. I will trespass no farther on your valuable columns with apologies for this statement, but rest satisfied that you will advocate the cause of justice and humanity. I am, yours obediently, JOHN STEUBLE, A mechanic of the District of Aargau, in Switzerland, re- siding since November at No. 1, Marylebone- street, Regent's Quadrant.— 15th May, 1836. Three " affairs of honour" have occurred since our last:— A meeting took place on Sunday morning between an Irish Member of Parlia- ment, whose name has been recently before the public in connection with certain transactions at the Turf Club, and Captain SCOTT, of the — Regiment of Foot. The quarrel arose outof observationsmade by the latter gentleman on the conduct of the Hon. Member in the affair alluded to. Mr. EDMUND BLACKNEY, who was Mr. RUTH- VEN'S second on the occasion, has published the following par- ticulars of the affair :— " The place of meeting," says Mr. BLACKNEY, " was Barnes Com- mon, where, in consequence of a mistake on our part, we were an hour before the time. The ground was measured, the parties took their places at eight paces distant, and fired at a signal. At the first fire Mr. RUTHVEN'S pistol missed, the cap only going off; at the second his ball struck the watch in the waistcoat pocket of Mr. SCOTT, who was walked off the ground by his friend Mr. CLOSE, after my refusing on the part of my friend, to enter into any explanation whatever. A communication then took place between Sir. RUTHVE. Y and the latter gentleman, which ended in our returning immediately to the ground, and Mr. CLOSE changing places with his friend, and becoming a principal. He received at the first fire, Mr. RUTHVEN'S shot in his hip. Thus the matter ended ; and although I felt it pru- dent to leave town for the moment, and to advise my friend to do the same, I am happy to hear Mr. CLOSE'S injury is but slight." Another meeting took place on Monday morning off the Uxbridge- road, between N. A. G— 1— n, Esq., and Captain H— t— n, the former attended by J. N— t— n, Esq., the latter by P. N— k— s, Esq., on the first fire Mr. G. was shot very slightly, Captain H severely, but not dangerously. The seconds having interfered, the parties left the ground reconciled. A meeting took place on Wednesday morning, near Battersea, between Captain S. and Mr. J., arising from a dispute relative to the Derby. After an exchange of shots the seconds interfered, but with- out effect; and on the second fire Mr. J. received the Captain's shot in the shoulder, and was taken home, accompanied by a medical gentleman, who was on the ground. The wound is not considered dangerous. The Gloucester Chronicle says ;— The Anti Dry- rot Company have commenced the process for steeping timber in their pits, at High Orchard, near this city. A large building is in active preparation for the manufacturing of Corrosive sublimate, which will be another addition to the increasing commerce of our flourishing port. The increased vigour with which the opposition to the new Isling- ton Market has been renewed, is raising up a numerous party in favour of it. At Boston, last week, a numerous meeting of graziers and sheep salesmen passed resolutions in support of the new market. The following, we suppose, is intended as a puff for the particular speculation to which it alludes :— It may be important to state, that the Preston and Glasgow Railway passes through Gretna Green. It will be easily possible to travel from London to the forge matrimonial and back again to London on the same day; and what is, perhaps, of still greater consequence in an elopement, the railroad trains cannot overtake each other, so that pursuit will be vain. On Saturday last, as the half- past two o'clock train was proceed- ing on the railroad from Leeds to Selby, when near Milford the en- gine and one of the carriages were overturned, apparently by a slight rise in the rails where the road was under repair. The engineer and fireman were hurt by the concussion, but they are both in a fairway of recovery. Last week the long- pending case of Mr. and Mrs. Swift ( Miss KELLY) came under the consideration of the Cour Royale, which confirmed the decision of the English Courts, pronouncing the mar- riage valid. The question is, however, to give rise to further legal proceedings. GRAND FETE CHAMPETRE, IN AID OF THE ROYAL DISPENSARY FOR DISEASES OF THE EAR, REGENT'S PARK.— Much credit is due to the musical profession in coming forward on this and other occasions, in aid of this excellent and useful institution, and when it is remembered, that without good hearing, good music and good singing are unappreciated, and, consequently, " Othello's occupation's gone," we are not surprised at their willingly lending their services. Among the songs, we may mention one writt en for the occasion—" A coronet may gild thy brow," by the Rev. W. Fletcher, F. R. A. S., and sung with rapturous applause by Miss Rainsford. Among the fashionable company present, we observed the Hereditary Prince of Orange and Prince Alexander of the Nether- lands, and suite. The Princes seemed to take a lery lively interest in the charity, especially in some children born deaf and dumb, but who had obtained relief at the Dispensary, and who were presented to them by Mr. Curtis, the Surgeon to the Institution. A few days since a young man, with apparently more money than wit, applied for ten shares in the " Ormskirk Gingerbread Manufac- tory," on which he tendered a deposit of 11. per share. He was utterly thunderstruck on being told that the advertisement announcing such a company was a mere hoax, resorted to for the purpose of ascertaining how many such gulls as himself there might be in the neighbourhood. ECCLESIASTICAL COMMISSION.— The Commissioners, appointed to consider the state of the Established Church in England and Wales with reference to ecclesiastical duties and revenues, have made a further report, being the third since the establishment of the Com- mission in February 1835.— The Commissioners commence b} T stating, that " not being fully prepared to make a final report on all the mat- ters which have engaged our attention, we venture to offer to your Majesty our further remarks upon that branch of the inquiry which formed the subject of our first report; because, in consequence of the number of Episcopal Sees at present vacant, any further delay in carrying into effect the new arrangements re- specting the Bishopricks will be attended with great incovenience."— The immediate object of the report appears to be to complete the first branch of the inquiry— namely, that which applies to the new arrangement of dioceses, and to such an adjustment of the Episcopal incomes as may remove all necessity for Commendams,_ and may also diminish the motives to translation. The Commissioners first give separate reasons for the various recommendations from the text of their former reports, and then repeat them in the more tangible and intelligible shape of distinct propositions— thus bringing the whole of the proposed alterations at once to the eye; and those who wish to recur to the reasons for any of the changes may easily turn back to the reports themselves. The Commissioners now recommend that the city and deanery of Bristol, instead of being united with Llandaff to the See of Bath and Wells, as formerly proposed, should, with the whole parish of Bedminster, be joined to the diocese of Gloucester, and that a house should be provided, in some convenient situation, near the city of Bristol, so that the Bishop of the united diocese may reside alternately there and at Gloucester. According with the recommendations of the Commissioners the incomes of the Archbishops and Bishops ( at the expiration of the present lives) are to be as follows:— Canterbury 15,0001., York and London 10,0001. each, Durham 8,0001., Winchester 7,0001., Ely 5,5001., St. Asaph and Bangor united 5,2001., Worcester and Bath and Wells 5,0001., each. Durham and Ely being vacant, and the proposed reduction of the former being expected to yield a surplus of 12,0001. and that of the latter diocese 5,0001. a year, and Bristol being about to be vacated, the Commissioners recommend the immediate creation of the new See of Ripon, with an income of 4,5001. a year; the See of Manches- ter to be created when Bangor and St. Asaph are consolidated by a vacancy in either. They also recommend that all the Archdeacon- ries should be in the gift of the Bishop of the diocese in which they are situated; the competent endowment of these offices is reserved for another report.— Leave was obtained on Friday se'nnight to bring in a Bill to carry this report into effect. May 22. JOHN BULL. 171 T First of June, the Seventh Vol. of HE CONTINUATION OF HUME AND SMOLLETT'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND; From Geo. II. to 1835. By the Rev. T. S. HUGHES, B. D. Prebendary of Peterborough, late Christian Advocate at Cambridge, Author of " Travels in Greece," & c. Being the Twentieth Vol. of Valpy's only complete and illustrated edition of the History of England, in 21 vols. 5s. each, bound in cloth, and embellished with 80 Engravings. %* On the publication of the last Vol. in August, the Continuation, Vols. 14 to 21, will be advanced in price to 6s. each. On the first of June, also, in larger type, THE THIRD VOLUME, in 8vo., of Mr. HUGHES'S CONTINUATION, to range with the large Editions of Hume and Smollett. This portion will be com- pleted in 7 vols. 10s. 6d. each. Printed and published by A. J. Valpy, M. A., Red Lion Court, Fleet- street; and sold by a » l Booksellers. THE LAST NEW PUBLICATIONS OF THE SEASON.— 1. Back's Expedition to the Arctic Sea in search of Captain Ross.— 2. La- borde's Visit to the Excavated City, Petra, and Mount Sinai.— 3. Sir John Mal- colm's Life of the great Lord Clive.—- 1. Sir G. Head's Home Tour through the Manufacturing Districts.— 5. Captain Henningsen's Account of the present War in Spain.- - 6. Marquees' Wellesley's Despatches.— 7. Smyth's Voyage down the Amazon River.— 8. Barrow's Tour in Ireland.— 9. Lord Mahon's History of Eng- land-— 10. Ilaumer's England in 1835.— They may be had of all Booksellers in town and country. f 30 and three follow- ing days. Just published, in 8vo., price 10s. 6d. boards, OBSERVATIONS on the UNFULFILLED PROPHECIES of SCRIPTURE, which are yet to have their accomplishment before the com- ing of the Lord in Glory, or at the Establishment of his everlasting Kingdom. By the Rev. JOHN FRY, B. A., Rector of Desford, in Leicestershire. Of whom may be had, by the same Author, 1. A SHORT HISTORY of the CHRISTIAN CHURCH, from its erection at Jerusalem down to the Present Time. Designed for the Use of Schools, Fami- lies, & c. One vol. 8vo., price 12s. boards. " His matter is unquestionably selected with judgment, and luminously ar- ranged ; his language is clear and concise, and not deficient in elegance."— Theo- logical Review. 2. A NEW TRANSLATION and EXPOSITION of the very ancient BOOK of JOB ; with Notes explanatory and philosophical.. 8vo., 12s. boards. London : James Duncan, 37, Paternoster- row. In 8vo., price 14s. boards, with a large Engraving of the Council in Session, after the original Painting in the Church of St. Maria Maggiore in Trent, and fac- simile of the Subscription to an attested Copy of the Canons, & c., with other An fographs of eminent Persons connected with the Council, MEMOIRS of the COUNCIL of TRENT, principally derived from Manuscript and unpublished Records ; namely, Histories, Diaries, Letters, and other Documents of the leading Actors in that Assembly. By the Rev. JOSEPH MENDHAM, M. A. " It is an indespensable addition to every theological and historical library."— British Magazine. Where may also be had, bv the same Author, in 4to., 16s. boards, INDEX LIBRORUM PROHIBITORUM. A SIXTO V., PAPA, Confectus et Publicatus ; At Vero A Successoribus Ejus In Sede Romana Suppressus. The impression consisting of only 125 copies: early applications are necessary. London: James Duncan, 37, Paternoster- row. - J. DUNCAN having purchased the whole remaining Copies of the undermen- tioned Works, is enabled to offer them for a limited time at the low prices affixed :— PLATONIS OPERA OMNIA; recensuit et Commentariis Scholiisque Ulustravit IMMANUEL BEKKERUS Accedunt Virorum Doc- torum Heindorf, Wyttenbach, Ast, Buttmann, Gottieber, Pindeisen, Serrani, Routh, Staulibaum, Nitzch, Hetisde, Fischer, Boeckh, Lange, Nurnburger, Stutz- anann, F. A. Wolf, aliorumque Annotationes Textui subjectoe. Versio Latina, et Timaei Lexicon Vocum Platonicarum. In eleven volumes 8vo., price 71.14s., or on large paper, royal 8vo. ( of which only one hundred and fifty copies are printed), price ill. lis. extra boards. Thi* beautiful edition has received the highest encomiums from the late Pro- fessor Dobree, and many other eminent British and Continental Scholars, and is the only Variorum one hitherto published: it contains the whole of the Greek Text, revised and amended from manuscripts now first collated or used in any edition of Plato; the Latin translation of Ficinus ; the Greek Scholia ; the Annotations, either entire or select, of the different Commentators on the Text of Plato, or the works attributed to him ; a Reprint of the Lexicon Platonicuni of Timaeus, as edited by Ruhnken ; the whole preceded by Fischer's Literary Notice of the Life and Wrilings of Plato. Bekker's Text and Scholia are used, and such typographi- cal errors are corrected as had escaped that Editor's vigilance. The spirited projector of this fine Classic intended to publish it at 101. 10s. for the small, and 181. 18s. for the large paper; but it is now offered at the above- mentioned reduced prices. 2. EUIIIPIDIS OPERA OMNIA, in 9 vols., 8vo., small paper 101.10s., now • offered for 61. 6s.; large paper 181. 18*., now offered for 101. 10s. 3. The WORKS of DR. JOHN TILLOTSON, Archbishop of Canterbury, with Li<" e. In 10 vols. 8vo., 51. 5s., now offered for 31. 10s. 4. PATRICK, LOWTH, ARNOLD'S, and WHITBEY'S COMMENTARIES on the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT. In 6 vols, royal 4to., price 121.12s., now offered for 91. 9s. To be had of James Duncan, 37, Paternoster- row; and the Booksellers of Ox- ford and Cambridge. T ONDON, SALISBURY, EXETER, PLYMOUTH, and JLi FALMOUTH RAILWAY COMPANY.— A DEPUTATION from the DIRECTORS will attend at; the places as understated, for the purpose of deli- vering SCRIP, in exchange for BANKERS' RECEIPTS :— Bath and Bristol May 24 and 28 Leeds " 24, 26, and 28 Frome " 26 and 27 York " 26 and 27 Hull " 28 Gloucester Cheltenham Cirencester Manchester and Liverpool Chester Newcastle " 6 and 7 Edinburgh " 9 Glasgow " 10 Scrip will be exchanged as usual at this Office, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between the hours of Ten and Twelve. By order of the Directors, No 71, Lombard- street, May 16, 1S36. GEORGE PRICE, Sec^ OUTHWARK, SURREY, and KENT JOINT STOCK BANKING COMPANY. Capital, ^ 2,000,000, in 40,000 Shares of ^ J50 Deposit, 5 per Share. j- " 30,31, June 1,2, & 4. June 3 each. MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION. BY HIS MAIESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. G. MISTER begs to inform the Nohility, Gentry, Ac. that he has invented an EASY CH 41R that will recline and elevate, of itself, into an innumerable variety of positions, without the least trouble or difficulty to the occupier; and there being no machinery, rack, catch, or spring, it is only for a person sitting in the chair merely to wish to recline or elevate themselves, and the seat and t> ack take any desired inclination, without, requiring the least assistance or exertion what- ever, owing to the weight on the seat acting as a counterbalance to the pressure against the back bv the application of a self- adjusting leverage; and for which he has obtained his Majesty's Letters Patent. G. M. particularly recommends this invention to invalids, or to those who may have lost the use of their hands or legs, as they are by it enabled to vary their position without requir ng the use of either to obtain that change of position, froui its endless variety, so necessary for the relief and comfort of the afflicted, The Chair is made bv the Inventor only, at his Wholesale Cabinet and Uphol- stery Manufactory, 33, Gerrard- street, Soho. G. M. is confident an inspection only is required to be couvinced of its superiority over all others. Merlin, Bath, Brighton, and every other description of Garden Wheel Chairs, much improved by G. Minter, with his self- acting reclining backs, so as to enable an invalid to lie at full length. Spinal Carriages, Portable Carriage Chairs, Water Beds, and every article for the comfort of the invalid. IMPORTANT NOTICE. G. Minter having tried the validity of his Patent, both in the Court of Exche- quer, before Biron Alderson, and in the Court of King's Bench, before Lord Deninan, and Special Juries each time, he will now give a handsome reward to any person giving him information of any Chair, where the seat and back act as a counterbalance, being sold, made, or even in use, that has not the legal stamp on the top of the legs, and the words, " Patent, G. Minter, 33, Gerrard- street, Soho," & c. , " F IMPORTANCE to INVALIDS.— ROBERT WlsS very respectfully invites Public attention to bis PATENT PORTABLE WATER- CLOSETS, which an immense demand has proved to answer their intended pur- pose. In consequence of many complaints from his Friends, of having been im- o The object of this Company is to afford the advantage of a Banking Establish- ment to a business population exceeding one million, where there exists no public monetary7 medium. The Provisional Committee are making arrangements which will give to the Shareholders greater advantages than any Banking Company in the Metropolis can command. Applications for Shares ( post- paid) may be made to Messrs. Stevens, Wood, Wilkinson, and Satchell, Solicitors, St. Thomas Apostle, City. N. B. All applications from the country must contain a reference to a respectable house in town. T ONDON and PORTSMOUTH RAILWAY DIRECT, with _ I_ J a BRANCH to CHICHKSTER and BOGNOR, terminating in CAPA- CIOUS DOCKS at PORTSMOUTH. Capital, ^' 1,200,000, in 24,000 Shares of ^ 50 each. Deposit, £ 2 per Share. The Provisional Committee are proceeding with the necessary arrangements connected with the branch advertised to Chichester, and an active survey of the line is being prosecuted for carrying into effect the original intention of this Company, for constructing the intended Railway between London and Ports- mouth by the most direct and practicable line, as they have throughout acted under the conviction that any otner or more circuitous line must only entail on the passengers and transit of goods, between those places, additional cost of con- veyance in proportion to the extra length adopted, without any corresponding benefit being derived. The Promoters of, and the Provisional Committee of Management of this under- taking abstain from fully publishing the measure, until the results of the surveys will enable them to lay the exact route of the mainline itself, and of the re- spective branches, in detail before the public, so that efficient means of investi- gation may be afforded, which can alone secure public support and the sanction of the Legislature. The proposed Direct line, which will pass through Guildford and Godalming, was submitted to the attention of a Public Meeting, held at Guildfoid on the 25th instant, at which the Mayor, John Smallpiece, Esq., presided, when a Com- mittee of the inhabitants of that borough was appointed to take into con- TEETH. " INCC) RRODIRLE ARTIFICIAL or NATURAL TEKTH from one to sideration the best means of securing Guildford and Godalming the advantages complete set fixed without wire or other ligatures- guaranteed to answer every of such mode of communication. J1 — a R< NIRR. IF>! KINPARTS Any information required may in the meantime be obtained at the Offices of the Company, 7, John- street, Adelphi, where applications for Shares, will be received, if by letter, post paid ; and also to the Company's Agent at Portsmouth, J. N. Robinson, Esq,; or at Portsea, to Archibald Low, Esq., Solicitor. J. MILLER, Secretary. RAILWAY posed on by imitations of the above, which after a few months become useless, R. W. cautions the Public against the same, and requests them to observe, that unless" R. Wiss, 38, Charing- cross," is printed on the basin, they are not genuine. To be seen at the Manufactory, 38, Charing- cross, near theAdmira'lty. Pr., from 21s. nruiE AXYRITE, or PATENT SHAVING STONE.— This M. novel and ingmious invention expeditiously removes the beard without the aid of razor, soap, or water; is safe, cleanly, and portable. To Gentlemen travelling, to the nervous or near- sighted, it is invaluable. When travelling per steamer or mail, yachting or sporting, walking or riding, visiting a friend or going out to dinner, it may be used on board, in the carriage, or even on horse- back, with the most certain success. Price 6s. Sole Depots:— 77, Cornhill; Rigge, 65, Cheapside.— Signed " Delavigne." im H ONS1EUR MALLAN and SONS, Surgeon- Dentists, respect- IV 18 fully acquaint their Friends and the Public, that for the better conveni- ence of their City connection, they have OPENED an additional ESTABLISH- MENT, at No. 10, LUDGATE- HILL, City ( opposite the Belle Sauvage Inn), where one of the above firm may be consulted DAILY, and at their Old Established residence, No. 32, GREAT RUSSELL- STREET, Bloomsbury, where they con- tinue to RESTORE DECAYED TEETH with their Celebrated MINERAL manner singularly efficacious, and SUPPLY WHOLE or PARTIAL SETS of DR. ADAM CLARKE'S MISCELLANEOUS WORKS. On the 1st of June will be published, elegantly printed in duodecimo, price 6s. in boards. Vol. I. of THE MISCELLANEOUS WORKS of DR. ADAM CLARKE; including his Memoirs of the Wesley Family; Sermons ; Sturm's Reflec- tions, & e. & c. The whole printed from the corrected copies left by the Author for publication, embellished with Portraits, Views, Autographs, & c. The Work will be pub'ished Monthly, and completed in about Fifteen Volumes. London: printed for Thomas Tegg and Son, 73, Cheapside; and sold by J. Mason, 14, City- road; R. Griffin and Co., Glasgow; Tegg, Wise, and Co., Dublin ; and all other Booksellers. " I ONDON, SHOREHAM, and BRIGHTON JsLA WITHOUT A TUNNEL.— An advertisement having appeared in the papers of this day stating, inferentially, that only two projected lines, of railway between London and Brighton are under the consideration of Parliament, the Provisional Committee of this undertaking ( the third line, but the only one with- out any tunnels whatever) deem it right to put their Shareholders and the Public in possession of the fact, that this projected undertaking is under the considera- tion of the Committee of the House of Commons equally with the line proposed by Sir John Rennie, and that ( as varied from this line) by Mr. Stephenson. The Committee of the House of Commons will, in due course, report upon this line, which, in ihe minds of all parties not prejudiced, is the best line proposed, and notwithstanding the efforts strenuously making to induce a belief to the contrary, confident, reliance may be placed upon a favourable report being given by an impartial Committee of the House of Commons upon this line, the only one without a tunnel. By order of the Provisional Committee. J. C. FOURDRINIER, Secretary. Railway Offices, 31, New Broad- street. SALISBURY, ROMSEY, and SOUTHAMPTON RAILWAY. Capital ^ 300,000 ; Deposit per Share. The Provisional Committee of this Railway announce, that since the rejection at the Public Meetings at Romsey and Southampton of the Line proposed under the name of " The Hampshire and Wiltshire Junction Railway," and the adop- tion at those Meetings of this Company, the Share List has been rapidly filling, and is now nearly complete. Applications for the remaining Shares may be made to the several Bankers and Agents in the country before advertised; to Messrs, Williams, Deacon, and Co., Birchin- lane, London ; at the Head Office, No. 71, Lombard- street; or to WILLIAM HOUSMAN, DAMAN and STEAD. CLEMENT and NEWMAN, Joint Solicitors to the Company. By order of the Directors, GEORGE PRICE, Secretary. GORDON ON LOCOMOTION.— Third Edition. In one vol. 8vo., embellished with Thirteen Engravings, price 10s. 6d. boards, ATREATISE upon ELEMENTAL LOCOMOTION and In- terior Communication, wherein are explained and illustrated the History, Practice, and Prospects of Steam Carriages; and the comparative value of Turn- pike Roads, Railways, and Canals. Third Edition, improved and enlarged, with an Appendix, and a new set of Plates. By ALEXANDER GORDON, Esq., Civil Engineer. London : printed for Thomas Tegg and Son, 73, Cheapside ; R. Griffin and Co., Glasgow ; and Tegg, Wise, and Co., Dublin. FULLER'S FREEZING MACHINE, by which four different ICES can be made in a few minutes, and repeated as often as required. The Freezing Apparatus, by which Ices can be. made by artificial process; also the Tee Preserver, in which Ice can be kept three weeks in the warmest season, to prevent the necessity of opening the ice- house only occasionally. Ice Pails for icing wine water, butter, & c.— Fuller's Spare Bed Airer. This vessel is con- structed upon philosophical principles, and will retain its heat for sixty hours with once filling.— The above articles of scientific discovery may be seen only at the Manufactory, Jermyn- street, six door* from St. Jame*' s- strept, London. ARNOLD, Perfumer, & c. to Her Majesty, their Royal Highnesses . the Princess Sophia, Duchess of Kent, Princess Victoria, Duchess of Cum- berland, « fec., grateful for the patronage with which his IMPERIAL CREAM has been honoured, the increasing demand for which evinces the superiority of that invaluable article, which has actually recovered Hair that has been nearly lost by the use of modern compositions, which, instead of nourishing, parch, and finally destroy it. T. A.' s extensive practice in HAIR- CUTTING affords him an oppor- tunity of practically studying the growth of Hair, and he confidently recommends his Imperial Cream as the only article extant that will nourish, cleanse, and beau- tify the Hair, and at the same time promote its growth if a single root remains.— The Imperial Cream is sold wholesale and retail at the Depdt, 20, High- street, Ken- sington, in Pots, price 3s. 6d, each, with a Practical Treatise on the Human Hair ; and by appointment, by most Perfumers, Hair- dressers, and Medicine Venders. No. 71, Lombard- street. INSTANTANEOUSUGH-]:.— By his MAJESTY'S LETTERS PATENT.— JONES'S PROMETHEANS.— The advantage of these lights over all others ever introduced to the Public, is their simplicity and durability; neither time or climate will deteriorate from their original qualily ; they are composed of minute bulb of glass hermetically sealed, containing a quarter of a drop of sulphuric acid, surrounded by chlorate of potash, and inclosed in wax paper, for tne purpose of burning sufficient time to seal a letter, and emit, on being burnt, a fragrant perfume. A small pair of nippers are recommended for the purpose of crushing the bulb, and thereby causing the flame.— Manufactory, Light Hou « e, 201, Strand. - LAVENDER WATER, DUCHESS of KENT'S.— Prepared and sold only by S. BROOKER, Chemist,& c., 14, Holborn, opposite Furnival's Inn. This celebrated Perfume, patronised by Her Royal Highness and the Fa- shionable World, will be found to possess in an eminent degree the properties that are ascribed to it, viz , great purity and durability of fragrance. In Bottles, 5s., 3s. 6d., and 2s. 6d. each.— Brooker's Anti- Acid Tooth Powder, Camphorated do., and Ticture of Myrrh, are delicate preparations for cleansing and preserving the Teeth and Gums. In Bottles and Boxes, Is. each.— Orders by post attended to. N. B. 14, Holboin, opposite Furnival's Inn. THE COMPLEXION and SKIN.— Mrs. VINCENT'S GOT- LAND'S LOTION.— Extract from the latest letter received ( the original may be seen at Mrs. Vincent's Gowland's Lotion Warehouse, 33, Queen- street, Cheapside, removed from 6, Davies- street, Grosvenor- square), dated, " 11, Rue du Lion d'Or, Dunkerque, April 2, 1836. Madam— For many years I have been accustomed to use Gowland's Lotion, when I resided at the Rectory- house, Hal- lingbury, Sawbridgeworth, Herts ; since my residence in France I have discon- tinued its use ; the consequence is that I have a return of the eruption, which never made its appearance during the years I used your Lotion, & c. & c. ( Signed) L. Barker."— The importance of this Lotion for the complexion and skin over the ephemeral productions of the day must be obvious. This truly pleasant and innocent Lotion thoroughly cleanses and purifies the skin, eradicates all cuta- neous eruptions, and every imperfection, improves even the most delicate com- plexion, and produces a fair, soft, and brilliant skin. Gentlemen riding, driving, or exposed to weather and after using the razor, will find it allay all irritation, and render the skin delightfully smooth and pleasant- All respectable Medicine Venders, Perfumers, and Druggists. Prices, 2s. 9d., 5s. 6d., and 8s. 6d. Observe the signature, " M. E. Vinceni," on the label on the bottle. Fresh issues bear an engraved outside wrapper, and in addition to the signature, " Robert Shaw, 33, Queen- street, Cheapside," is engraved on the Goverhmeni Stamp.— Ask for Vincent's Gowland's Lotion. THE BRIGHTON SAUCE, for Cutlets, Chops, Gravies, Fish, Hashes, Steaks, Savour}' Dishes, Soups, Wild Fowl, and especially for Cold Meats. This Sauce will be found more useful than Pickles, and is the mos| delicious auxiliary for palates accustomed to the Eastern Sauces. Not any is genuine, but that sold in Bottles with Labels, signed in the hand- writing of one of the Proprietors, GEORGE CREASY, North- street, Brighton. To be had of Morell and Son, Fortnum and Mason, Sherbon and Sams, Piccadlily; Ball and Son, Bond- street; Cane, 73, Oxford- street; Dickson and Simmons, Covent- parden; Edwards, King William- street Sterry and Sons, High- street, Borough; Taylor, Regent- street; Pittman and Ashfield, Fleet- street; Finch and Green, Ludgate- hill; Day and Son, Gracechurch- street; at the DEPOT, 29, Walbrook, and of Messrs. Crosse and Blackwell, King- street, Soho, London ; James Stewart, Hanover- street; Henderson and Son, South Bridge- street, Edinburgh. BURGESS'S ESSENCE OF ANCHOVIES. Warehouse, 107, Strand, corner of the Savoy- steps, London. JOHN BURGESS and SON, being apprised of the numerous endeavours made by many persons to impose a spurious article for their make feel itincumbent upon them to request the attention of the Public, in purchasing what they conceive to be the original, to observe the Name and Address correspond with the above The general appearance of the spurious descriptions will deceive the unguarded, and for their detection, J. B. and Son submit tne following Cau- tions: some are in appearance at first sight " The Genuine," but without any name or address— some " Burgess's Essence of Anchovies"— others " Burgess," aud many more without address/ JOHN BURGESS and SON having been many years honoured with such dis- tinguished approbation, feel every sentiment of respect toward the Public, and earnestly soli " it them to inspect the labels previous to purchasing what they con- ceive to be of their make, which they hope will prevent many disappointments BURGESS'S NEW SAUCE, for general purposes, having given such great satis- faction, continues to be prepared by them, and is recommended as a most useful and convenient Sauce— will keep good in all climates. Warehouse, No. 107, Strand ( corner of Savoy- steps), London. The original Fish Sauce Warehouse. purpose for Mastication and Articulation.— CHARGES AS IN PARIS.— 32, Great Russell- street, Bloomsbury, and 10, Ludgate hill, opposite the Belle Sanvage. LWAY'S P REP A RED ESS ENC E of SENN A.— The obvious and acknowledged utility of the Infusion Senna as a domestic Purgative renders any further recommendation unnecessary: at the same time it must be confessed, that considerable inconvenience attends the form in which it is usually prepared, and if not immediately used, is liable to undergo a chemical change, by which it not only loses its purgative quality, but acquires that of an opposite tendency, and is inconsequence found to excite violent griping of the bowels.— In this preparation, the Senna is so combined, that the usual inconveni- ence is at once obviated, for it will be found to undergo no change whatever by keeping, and require no other preparation for immediate use than simple dilution with cold or warm water, or if preferred tea or coffee may be substituted. The increased use of Senna since the first introduction of the above induces the present Proprietor to make it more generally known.— Prepared only by Simkin, late S el way, Chemist to his Majesty, 2, New Cavendish- street, Portland- place. Sold by him, and by Sanger, 150, Oxford- street; Willoughby and Co., 61, Bishops- gate Without; Winstanley and Son, Poultry; and all respectable Patent Medi- cine Venders, in bottles at Is. 9d., 3s. 6d., and 7s. each, and upwards. CCUTANEOUS Eruptions, Scrofula, < fec.— BUTLER'S FLUID J EXTRACT of JAMAICA SARSAPARILLA, and the other Sweetening Woods, ordered by the College of Physicians, forming a very concentrated decoc- tion, is indisputably the best ( as it is the original) preparation of the kind, either for taking alone or for making the Compound Decoction of Sarsaparilla, now so generally ordered by physicians, and recommended by many of the best medical writers. A dessert spoonful diluted with water makes half a pint of decoction of the usual strength. It is highly esteemed as an alterative in Scrofula, Scurvy, Erup- tions of the Skin, and all Cutaneous Diseases ; also has been found extremely use- ful in Chronic Rheumatism, and a remedy for the improper use of mercury. Pre- pared and sold in 4s. 6d., 10s., and 20s." bottles, by Thomas Butler, Chemist, 4, Cheapside, corner of St. Paul's Church- yard, London ; and ( authenticated by his name and address being printed on the accompanying lab'es) may be procured by Sanger, 150, Oxford- street; the Apothecaries' Company, Virginia- street, Glasgow; and of most respectable Druggists and Medicine Vendors throughout the United Kingdom.— Observe the address, 4 Cheapside, corner of St. Paul's. RELIEF from PAIN.— IMPORTANT DISCOVERY in ME- DICINE.— LEFAY'S GRAND POMMADE.— This extraordinary Prepa- ration 100,000 in 1823, and ^ 40,000 in 1832. f Commenced in 1829. Grants of Public Money to Scotland for Ten Years, 1823 to 1833. For the poor For Academies, Hospitals, & e. For Education PUBLIC WORKS. College of Edinburgh Caledonian Canal Port Patrick Harbour POLICE AND CRIMINAL BUSINESS. je. Nil. Nil. Nil. 50.000 100.000* 106,912f Nil. 256,912 Cost of Judicial Establishment for one year, 1830, in- cluding Salaries to Judges, Clerks of Session, Deputies, Sheriffs of Counties, Sheriffs' Surplusages, Circuit jP- Expenses, & c .. 150,251 s. Revenue for one year, 1828 4,627,340 18 Rate of Collection £ 6 7s. 3d. per cent. Of which revenue, Assessed Taxes 294,914 18 STATE OF GRANTS. 8. Ireland in fen years 3,179,240 0 Scotland ditto 256,912 0 d; 1 3- 12ths 2,922,3: * This for general good, in saving tbe passage by Pentland Frith, t This ought, in fairness, to be charged to Ireland. WE never go to concerts, and, as we never go, of course never no tice the innumerable congregations of performers and auditors, which we see advertised to take place almost every morning and evening in the week; but we were present last Saturday at the performance of Mr. OLE BULL, at the Opera House— led, perhaps, to see what our Norwegian name- sake was like; and we must say— because we al- ways speak our mind— that we never heard anything at all compara- ble with it. PAGANINI was, and is, we conclude, a sort of DIAVOLO— ANTONIO, if you will— on the fiddle, and most wonderful and extraordinary, and surprising are the capers he cuts. Mr. BULL is of a totally different school— his playing of an entirely opposite caste— full of feeling and power, without the slightest affectation or apparent effort, he produces tones of which nobody even fancied the fiddle capable; his execution the most brilliant, is all performed without bustle or pre- tension ; and he plays a quartet on the single instrument, the four parts clear and distinct, and the upper part as splendidly executed, as if he were merely going through the ordinary work of a common per- former. The applause he met with was rapturous— as it ought to be. He is young, full of ardour and enthusiasm, and has perhaps even now not reached the acme of his art; but we have no hesitation in saying, that this country has never held so extraordinary a performer upon that instrument. In fact, he must be heard to be understood; description falls far short of the truth. He has a second concert on Wednesday, at which we conclude all the world will be present, for the world— if that means the world of fashion and of taste— had better not lose an opportunity of giving themselves as much pleasure as instrumental performance can bestow. Another event has occurred which induces us to go a little out of our way. Mr. Serjeant TALFOURD'S Tragedy of Ion has been acted at Covent Garden Theatre, for Mr. MACREADY'S benefit. That admi- rable as Ion is as a poem, it is entirely adapted to theatrical repre- sentation, we do not mean to say, but the public had an oppor- tunity of hearing some of the most beautiful language that has begn written for ages— admirably recited by Mr. MACREADY and Miss ELLEN TREE. The audience appeared fully to appreciate the merits of the work, and the exertions of the performers; both the hero and heroine were called for at the conclusion of the play, which was received with thunders of applause, and the learned and accomplished author himself, who was recognised in the boxes, was hailed with a most triumphant tribute to his talents and genius, which he acknowledged with all due courtesy. A new Opera by Mr. BALFE, in which Madame MALIBRAN shone forth most brilliantly, was produced on Friday at Drury Lane. The effect it excited was most extraordinary, and it was announced for repetition every evening of the heroine's engagement, amidst the most vehement applause of an overflowing audience. We regret to have to record the death of his Grace the Duke of GORDON, which took place yesterday morning, at his house in Belgrave- square. The title is extinct. The Earl of ABOYNE, born June 28, 1761, the next of kin, succeeds to the title of Marquess of HUNTLY. Gordon Castle and 30,0001. a- year go to the Duke of RICHMOND. The late Duke of GORDON sat in the House of Peers as Earl of NORWICH. He was born February 1,1770; succeeded his father, fourth Dnke, Jan. 17, 1827; married Dec. 11, 1813, ELIZA- BETH, daughter of ALEXANDER BRODIE, Esq. His Grace was Gene- ral in the army, and was appointed to the Colonelcy of the 3d Foot Guards on the death of his Royal Highness the Dnke of GLOU- CESTER. He was a Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, Governor of Edinburgh Castle, Hereditary Keeper ofthe Castle of Inverness, Lord Lieutenant of Aberdeen, and Chancellor of Mareschal College. He was brother to the Dowager Duchess of RICHMOND, to the Marchioness CORNWALLIS, and to the Duchess of BEDFORD; brother- in- law to the Duke of MANCHESTER ; uncle to the Marchioness of TWEEDALE, to Vis- count MANDEVILLE, M. J?., to the Lady of J. H. CALCRIFT, Esq., M. P., to Baroness BRAYBROOKE, to the Lady of Lord ELIOT, and to the Lady of C. Ross, Esq., M. P. His Grace's sisters are co- heirs presumptive to the Baronies of Beauchamp and Mor- daunt. It will be perceived by the above that many noble families will be put in mourning by this melancholy intelligence. The Duke of GORDON was a Conservative, and a more kind- hearted, noble, and gallant gentleman never breathed. In society he was one of the most agreeable and unaffected companions that ever existed. His presence imparted gaiety and pleasure to every company he adorned. His death will be universally lamented, more particularly in the north of Scotland, where his Grace had endeared himself to the inha- bitants by his repeated acts of kindness and philanthropy. It is with very great concern that we have to announce to the public the death of Mr. Serjeant FRERE, Master of Downing College, and of Dun- Gate, in this county. This excellent man was, in the closing • scenes ofhis existence, not unworthy of himself. He exhibited to his family the value of those principles of Christian piety, which he had taught them through life; and he died composed and tranquil, in perfect resignation to the will ofhis Creator, and humbly trusting in the merits of his Redeemer. He was educated at Eton and at Trinity College, and obtained the highest classical distinctions in the course ofhis academical career. He was an ornament to the Univer- sity— a gentleman, a scholar, and a Christian, and his loss will be long and deeply felt by all who knew him, more particularly by those, to whom his ear was ever open— the friendless and the poor. He died in the evening of Wednesday last, in the 61st year of his age.— Cambridge Chronicle. The remains of the late much- lamented ANNA ELIZABETH, Duchess of BUCKINGHAM and CHANDOS, were removed with much state from Stowe Park, his Grace's magnificent seat, in Bucks, to be conveyed for interment to Avington, near Winchester. The Marquess of CHANDOS, and bis son, the youthful Earl TEMPLE, left Buckingham House, Pall- mall, on Monday, to attend the melancholy ceremony. We understand, says the Herald, that in the much- talked- of ap- proaching trial, Mr. Serjeant WILDE, Sir W. FOLLETT, and Mr. BAYLEY are retained for the Hon. Plaintiff, and that Sir J. CAMPBELL, Mr. WIGHTMAN, and Mr. RICHARDS are retained for the Noble De- fendant. We also hear that the Noble Defendant has pleaded the general issue, and that ( if not otherwise arranged) the cause will be tried at the sittings after the present Term, before Lord Chief Justice TINDAL, in the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster Hall. The sittings after this Term commence on Tuesday, the 14th of June. At an early hour on Wednesday morning the. funeral procession ofthe Honourable Major- General BERKELEY CRAVEN left his late residence on the way to the vault of the Noble Family, which is situated at Benley, near Crome, in Warwickshire. A number of persons were assembled upon the occasion. In addition to the hearse, which was drawn by six horses, there were two mourning coaches, containing the Hon. AUGUSTUS CRAVEN, nephew to the deceased; Lord MOLYNEUX, CHARLES GRENFELL, Esq., M. P., and JAMES WICKENS, Esq. ( the deceased's solicitor), the private carrriages of the Duke of BEAUFORT, Earl CRAVEN, EarlSEFTON, and several other noblemen and gentlemen followed. Married, on Thursday, the 26th inst., by the Archbishop of ARMAGH, at his Grace's house, Vice- Admiral Sir JOHN BERESFORD, Bart., to AMELIA, widow of the late SAMUEL PEACH, Esq. After the ceremony, the Admiral and his Lady left town for Richmond. His April 175. JOHN BULL. 115 Grace the Archbishop and Lady ANNE BEHESFOIID entertained at dinner on the occasion many of the friends and relatives. The statements of vast sums having been lost by the late G eneral CRAVEN have been contradicted— the differences, it is said, are between seven and eight thousand pounds; and it is added that every claim on the unfortunate gentleman will be paid. Sir GEORUE BEAUMONT takes the chair at the anniversary dinner of the- Leicester Conservative Society, which is fixed for Wednesday, the 8th of June. The two French Princes are at Berlin, where their reception by the Court has been most flattering. It is said that several men of letters belonging to the Tuileries, are engaged in composing from notes sent by the " Dukes of ORLEANS and NEMOURS an account of the fetes given to them by the Court of Berlin. The document, says the National, is shortly to be published in the Moniteur. We shall have next the political conclusions from the narrative, which are to be from the pen of M. THIERS. A Paris paper contains the following :— The Emperor of RUSSIA has seven children, amongst whom are three Princesses ; the eldest is the Grand Duchess MARIA Nico- LAIEWNA, and it is said she is very handsome, and has a great desire to see France. The Court of Russia does not disapprove of her wish, and letters have been received from St. Petersburg, stating that her suite who are to accompany her have been chosen. Reports are spread in the salons of St. Petersburg of the probability of a marriage between the Duchess MARIA and the Prince Royal, the Duke of ORLEANS. It is also stated, that it is likely during the visit of the Duke of ORLEANS to Berlin, that the Princess MARIA will be in that capital. The marriage of the Prince of CAPUA to Miss PENELOPE SMYTH was again celebrated at St. George's, Hanover- square, on Monday, no cause against it having been shown, although the banns had been forbidden. This is the fourth celebration— the first at Rome, by Cardinald WELD ; the second, at Madrid; and the third at Gretna- green. The Prince and Princess entertained a distinguished party at dinner in the evening, at Mivart's Hotel. The Duke of WELLINGTON will on Saturday the 18th of June give his annual Waterloo fete at Apslev House to the General and Gallant Officers engaged in that memorable conflict. The Prince of ORANGE is expected to defer his departure from England until after that day, in order to be able to accept the Noble Duke's invitation. The Anniversary Dinner of the Lincoln Conservative and Guardian Society was held on Thursday se'nnight, when nearly 300 of the most wealthy and influential gentlemen of the city and neighourhood sat down. The theatre, which had been prepared for the occasion, pre- sented a most cheering and splendid appearance, being brilliantly lighted, and decorated with banners, laurel, < fcc. tfec. The ladies were admitted to the boxes, and, we need scarcely add, greatly enhanced the interest of the scene. An excellent band of music was provided, and indeed nothing was omitted which could promote the enjoyment of the evening. Loyal toasts were given, and warmly responded to in stirring speeches, advocating those Conservative principles on which the Society is based, and which only can save the country from the tyrannny of an unbridled democracy. It is stated that upwards of 20,000 individuals are at present resid- ing ip the metropolis, who have been brought to town by reason of railway and other speculations, and whose presence is required to obtain the various Acts of Parliament. Brigadier- General EVANS has withdrawn himself from the Junior United Service Club, in consequence of the recent affair between himself, the club, and Capt. DICKSON.— Globe.— Upon this paragraph the Morning Post says :— This is a very innocent announcement on the part of our contemporary. The Brigadier- General received a gentle hint, and was acute enough to avail himself of it. ECCLESIASTICAL INTELLIGENCE. PREFERMENTS, APPOINTMENTS, & c. The Rev. WILLIAM POTTER, M. A., to the Rectory of Witnesham, Suffolk, vacant by the death of the Rev. Jos. G. Whaley. Patrons, the Ma- ster and Fellows of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. The Rev. JOHN HAYMES, M. A., to the Vicurage of Wrawby, in the county of Lincoln, void by the death of the Rev. J. Holt. Patrons, the Master and Fellows ol Clare Hall, Cambridge. The Rev. JOHN SPURGIN, B. A., to the Vicarage and Parish Church cf Great and Little Hockham, Norfolk, vacant by the death of the Rev. T. Skrimshire. The Rev. EDWARD IIOLLEY, B. A., to the Rectory of Hackfield, with VVhitwell, Norfolk. The Rev. STEPHEN OAKLEY ATTLAY, M. A., to the Vicarage of St. Stephen, and to the perpetual Curacy of St. Saviour's, on the pre- sentation and nomination of the Dean and Chapter of Norwich. The Rev. WILLIAM HENRY HOLWORTHY, to the Rectory of Bliek- linur with Erpingham annexed, Norfolk, on the presentation of the Dowager Lady Sufiield. The Rev. JOHN W. FLAVELL, B. A., to the Rectory of Ridlington, with the Vicarage of East Ruston annexed, Norfolk, on the presenta- tion of the Dean and Chapter of Windsor. The Rev. ROBERT THOMPSON, M. A., to the perpetual Curacy of Ellel, on the nomination of the Rev. John Dodson, M. A., Vicar of Cockerham. The Rev. WALTER BURTON LEACH, M. A., Rector of Sutton Montis, Somerset, appointed a Surrogate of the Vicar- General of the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells for granting marriage licenses. The Rev. GEORGE ATKINSON, of Heapliam, to the perpetual Curacy of Stow, and to that of Coats, adjoining. The'Rev. CHARLES BETHEL OTLEY, Rector of Welby, to the Rec- tory ofLeadenham, on the presentation of Mr. Bernard Smith. The Hon. and Rev. RICHARD CAVENDISH TOWNSEND BOYLE, M. A., to the Rectory of Merston Bigott, Somersetshire. Patron, the Earl of Cork and Orrery. The Rev. JAMES GUILLEMARD, M. A., to the Vicarage of St. Giles's, Oxford, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. C. L. Swainson. The Rev. WILLIAM H ERBERT SA UN DERS, to the Curacy of Listowell, in the united diocese of Ardfert and Aghadoe. The Rev. ROBERT BOYLE DAVIES, son of the late Rev. Boyle Davies, to the Ctiracy ot Shandrum, diocese of Cloyne. The Rev. JOHN BAGWELL GORDON, to the Curacy of Clogheen, diocese of Lismore. OBITUARY. At bis residence, Caldecote, Bedfordshire, the Rev. Mr. Harvey, aged 67. He had been out in the morning, and shortly after eating a hearty dinner he expired. Although for some years Mr. Harvey had lost the use of his hands and legs, he could not bear the confinement of a house, and was only a few weeks ago driven to Newmarket, and attended the course in what a London paper at that time was pleased to call his coffin, but which was in fact a mere couch made to fit the door of his carriage, with the legs protruding out, for his peculiar comfort. The deceased gentleman was an excellent scholar, but has not done duty as a Clergy- man for many years. At Northiam, in the 76th year of his age, the Rev. Henry Lord, D. D. The Rev. Thomas Lewis Hughes, M. A., Rector of Penegoes, Montgomery- shire, and one of the Vicars Choral of St. Asaph's Cathedral. UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. OXFORD, May 27.— Congregations will be holden for the puroose of granting Graces and conferring Degrees on the following days, viz.:— Thursday, June 2; Thursday, June 9j Thursday, June 16; Thursday, June 30; Saturday, Julv 9. A congregation will be holden on Tuesday, July 5, solely for the purpose of admitting Inceptors to their Regency. No person will on any account be admitted a candidate for the degree of B. A. or M. A., or lor those of B. C. L. or B. Med. ( without proceeding through Arts), whose name is not entered in the book kept for that purpose at the Vice- Chancellor's house on or before the day preceding the day of congregation. Saturday being the last day of Term, the following degrees were conferred — Bachelors in Divinity: Rev. R. Mitchell, Fellow of Lincoln; Rev. H. R. Harrison, Fellow of Lincoln.— Masters of Arts: C. E. Lefroy, Christ Church, grand comp.; G. Rushout, J. Garratt, R. R. Dean, Rev. T. A. Maberly, Christ Church.— Bachelors of Arts: T. Rothwell, Oriel, grand comp.; J. J. Plumer, Balliol, grand comp.; C. Sweet, J. Penrose, Balliol; Sir W. C. James, Bart., Christ Church ; J. Moore, Scholar of Lincoln ; D. B. Bevan, Magd. hall; W. P. Hoblvu, A. Mogg, R. N. Maddock, Queen's; S. A. Pears, Scholar of Copus; J.^ Iannay, J. M. Barlo. v, Worcester; C. H. Spragge; Scholar of Exeter; J. H. Bower, C. D. Francis, C. Pridham, H. Wickens, Exeter; Hon. C. F. Cranstoun, T. Harries, Jesus; F. J. Cramer, New Coll.; S. Stead, R. Perceval, G. Whit- bread, Brazennose; A. E. Campbell, Trin.; W. Pulling, Oriel; J. A. Hessey, Fellow of St. John's. Wednesday being the first day of Act Term, the following gentle- men were nominated Masters of the Schools for the ensiling year :— The Rev. J. B. Dyne, M. A., Fellow of Wadham ; the Rev. E. Hawkins, M. A., Fellow of Pembroke ; the Rev. H. Kynaston, M. A., Student of Christ Church. In a congregation holden at the same time the following degrees were conferred -.— Masters of Arts: E. J. Edwards, Balliol, grand comp.; A. C. Tait, R. Scott, Fellows of Balliol; R. J. Roberts, R. Burgess, G. W. Owen, New Inn hail; T. F. R. Read, Scholar of University; J. D. Clarke, University; T. L. Trotter, Lincoln; R. Muckleston, Scholar of Worcester; H. Parker, Worcester; J- Irvine, H. W. Wright, T. E. Poole, J. K. Glazebrook, R. S. Hawker, Mag- dalen hall; E. W. Foley, Fellow of Wadham; W. Smyth, E. Har- land, Wadham ; J. K. Charlton, Hon. H. C. Bagot, Cfirist Church ; H. J. Swale, F. Storr, Queen's ; G. C. Hall, E. Meyrick, E. Pears, Demies of Magdalen ; H. P. Gnillemard, Scholar of Trinity ; E. R. Larken, Trinity ; T. W. Goodlake, H. Le M. Chepmell, Scholars of Pembroke; G.' B. Rogers, Pembroke; G. A. Webb, Merton ; J. L. Ross, Oriel; C. W. Bingham, H. Hill, Fellows of New coll.; T. Briscoe, Fellow of Jesus; E. L. Barnwell, Scholar of Jesus; H. Knapp, St. John's.— Bachelors of Arts : H. Gray, Edmund hall; W. F. Donkin, Scholar of University; O. Gordon, T. W Weare,, Students of Christ Church ; Hon. A. Bagot, Hon. A. Wodehouse, J. B. Beresford, C. S. Cocks, A. Borradaile, H. Rice, Christ Churcb ; C. Seagar, Scholar of Worcester; A. Atwood, T. Orgill, Worcester; W. Preedv, Wadham; F,. Merrick, W. M. Herchmer, Queen's ; H. Shute, J. E. Grubb, C. Diinlop, Pembroke; J. Pycrolt, W. Cope, J. Ballard, A. Taylor, J. Butler, H. W. Daubenev, Trinity; J. Hill, Fellow of New coll.; S. Barney, H. B. Bulloclte, I'. Brown, Exeter; A. Orr, J. S. Utterton, C. H. White, Oriel; R. H. M. Hughes, Jesus. Nomina C'andidatorum Termino Paschatis, A. D., 1836, qui honore digni sunt habiti in Literis Humanioribus, secundum ordinem alphaheticum disposita. CLASSIS I.— Amould, Josephus, e coll. Wadb. ; Donkin, Gulielmus F., e coll. Univ.; Gordon, Osborne, ex / Kile Christi; Hessey, Jacobus A., ecoll. D. Jo. Bapt. ; Prichard, Jacobus, C., e coll. Trin.; T'utterton, Joannes S., e coll. Oriel; Woolley, Joannes, e coll. F. xon. CLAS^ IS II.— Butterworth, Josephus H., ecoll. Exon.; Caswall, Edvardus, ecoll. .- En. Nas.; Connell, Jacobus, e coll. Ball ; Cranstoun. Hon. Carolos, e coll. Jesu ; James, Gualterus. C., Baronettus. ex / Kde Ct'risti. ; Lowe, Fredericus P., ecoll. Univ.; Moore. Josephns, ecoll. Line.; Patteson, Marcus, e coll. Oriel; Pears, Steuart A., e C. C. C.; Pridham, Carolus, e coll. Exon.; Pulling, Gtllielmus, e coll. Oriel; Whitbread, Gordon, e coll. .' En. Nas.; Wickens, Henricus, e coll. Exon ; Wilson, Joannes M-, e C. C. C. CLASSIS 111.— Bowles, Josephus, ex Aul. Magd. ; Broadlcy, | Alexander, e coll. Wadh.; Brown, Fredericus, e coll Exon ; Brown, Henricns, H. e C. C. C.; Deane, Francisciis H., e coll. Wadh.; Doliguon, Joannes Gulielini's, e coll. Ball.; Francis Christophorus, e coll. Exon ; Hanhay, Jacobus, e coil. Vigorn ; Hunt, Josephus, ecoll. Reg. ; Keate, Robertas G., ex ALde Christi; Meyrick, Edvinus, e coll. Keg. ; . Monro, Edvardus, e coll. Oriel ; Morrell, Georgius K., e coll. D. Jo. Bapt.; Penrose, Joannes, e coll. Ball.; Pollen, Ricardlis, ex JEde Christi; Pycrolt, Jacobus, E. coll. Trin. ; Seacer, Carolus, e coll. Vigorn.: Whitehead, Edvardus, e coll. Wadb.; Williams, Joannes, e coll Trin.; Worsley, Joannes, e coll. Magd. CLASSIS IV.— Arrowsmith, Aaron, ex Aul. Magd.; Attwood, Albanus, e coll. Vigorn; Beaseley, Gulielmus C., e coll. Line.; Bell, Georgius J., e coll. Ball; Borradaile, Abraham, ex / T'. il" Christi ; Eorrer, Carrey H., e coll. Oriel; Bradley, Carolus, e coll. Vigorn. ; Carter, Georgius, e coll. D. Jo Bapt. ; Chaplain, Edvardus, J., K. e. coll.. Magd. ; Day, Carolus, e coll. Trio. ; Duke, Evardus, e coll. Exon. ; Dunston, Thomas W., ecoll. l*' xon.; Evans, Edvardus, e coll. Jesu.; Fynes- Clinton, Carolus Franciscus, ex / Kde Chrisli ; Harrison, Antonius, e coll. Reg.; Holbech, Hugo, ex / K'' e CtirM]: I. akin, Thouras, ecoll. Oriel; Leslie Joannes ex / Kite Christi ; Maddock, Roberlus M., e coll. Reg. ; Panting, Ricar- dus, ex / Ede Christi ; Riddell. Joannes C. B., ex / Ede Christi; Russell, Samuel H., e coll. I). Jo. Bapt.; Smith, Henricus J. C., e coll. Wadh. ; Taylor, Carolus, ex / Kde Christi ; Trevor, Georgius, ex Aul Magd. ; Twining, Gulielmus, e coll. Ball.; Weare, Thomas Gulielmus, ex / Kde Chri- ii; Wilson, Gulielmus, e coll. Reg. GUL. HAYWARD COX,} F. OAKELI5Y, f Examinators in TRAVEKS TWISS, f Literis Humanioribus. T. L. CLAUGHTON. J Sumina Quinta; Classis, sive cseterorum omnium qui Examinatoribus satis- fecerunt, XCII. CAMBRIDGE, May 26.— At the congregation on Wednesday last the following degrees were conferred:— Doctor in Divinity: The Rev. H. Robinson, St. John's, comp.— Licentiate in Physic: F. Branson, Caius.— Masters of Arts: G. Williams, Trinity ; Rev. J. Clay, Rev. T. N. Hamilton, St. John's, comps.; Rev. G. Gooden, Jesus ; E. Hedges, Queen's.— Bachelors in the Civil Law: C. K. Jones, Down- ing ; W. Wenman, Trinity hall.— Bachelors of Arts: T. Hodgson, J. J. Evans, Trinity; H. Percy, St. John's; A. R. Ford, St. Peter's, comp.; J. Campbell, Queen's; E. C. Awdry, Catharine hall; M. H. Gosseliu, Christ's. At the same congregation T. J. Marker, of Exeter coll., Oxford, was admitted ad eundem. Hebrew Scholarships— On Friday last P. Carlyon, B. A., of Em- manuel coll., was elected a Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholar of the first class; and F. Myers, M. A., of Clare hall, a Scholar of the second class.— A gratuity of 201. was also adjudged to E. Huff, B. A., ot Queen's coll., in consideration of the knowledge of the Hebrew language displayed by him in the examination. MISCELLANEOUS. Mrs. RIDLEY, of Arthington Hall, near Wetherby, sole executrix to the late Rev. B. P. JOHNSON, Rector of Ashton- upon- Mersey, in the diocese of Chester, has paid into the hands of the Rev. C. B. SOWERBY and the Churchwardens, for the benefit of the poor of that parish, the sum of 2001. sterling, bequeathed to them by their late Rector. It is by instances such as these, of no unfrequent occur- rence, that the enemies of the Church are best answered. We are liappy fo add another to the many instances that have of late appeared of the kind and happy feeling which ought always to exist between a Clergyman and his flock. At a farewell dinner recently given at the town of Wiveliscombe, to the Rev. RICHARD KEATS, who had been nearly 20 years Curate of that parish, a very handsome silver vase, value 751. was presented to him by a numerous and most respectable body of the parishioners, as a testimonial of their affectionate regard. The following are the regularly established weekly Church services for the parish of Mansfield, all performed by the Rev. Dr. CURSHAM, the Vicar, in person, along with all the parochial duties:— Sunday, three full services; Tuesday evening, a service at the Alms- houses ; Wednesday evening, a service at the Grammar School Chamber; Thursday evening, a service at the parish Poor- house; Friday even- ing, a service at Pleasby- hill, in the parish of Mansfield, three miles distance.— This Church is impropriate, and the parish is upwards of six miles in length, and contains nearly 7,000 acres, and 12,000 inha- bitants. The hamlet of Pleasby- hill contains nearly 1,000 acres, and about 800 souls, for whom no Sunday Church spiritual provision is made, and the total Vicarial income from the same does not meet the expense of hiring a room for the above weekly service.— Nottingham Mercury, Saturday, May 21. Thursday morning, at nine o'clock, pursuant lo annual custom, the general annual visitation of the Clergy took place in the vestry- room of the parish Church of St. Paul, Covent- garden, in the city and liberty of Westminster, before Archdeacon CAMBRIDGE, Dr. PHILLIMORE, and J. ISHERWOOD, Esq., one of the Registrars of the Ecclesiastical Court, where the Rectors, Curates, and other clerical functionaries, attired in their full canonicals, accompanied by the Churchwardens and parochial authorities of the metropolitan parishes, and others situated in the county of Middlesex in the diocese of the Bishop of LONDON, were present. The first business entered upon was the swearing- in of the Churchwardens returned at the last Easter parochial elections, and also receiving their presentments. The oath formerly administered has beeu abolished, and on this occasion the affirmation of the Churchwardens that they would diligently and faithfully perform the several duties of their office was received in lieu. The usual routine of business having been transacted, Archdeacon CAMBRIDGE, with Dr. PHILLIMORE and Mr. ISHERWOOD, vacated their seats on the bench and entered the Church, followed by the whole of the assembled Clergy, and a number of ladies and gentle- men, which procession had a very imposing appearance. The morn- ing service was then read, after which a sermon was preached by the Rev. GEORGE BOWERS, the Rector of St. Paul's, Covent- garden. The ecclesiastical authorities then retired to the communion table, when the Registrar called over the names of the Rectors an I Curates of the several parishes within the above- mentioned diocese, several of whom did not appear, but many of them sent apologies for their non- attendance. Archdeacon CAMBRIDGE then delivered the usual charge, which terminated the ceremony. New Burlington- street, May28. Mr. BENTLEY will immediately publish the following N E W WORKS. In 3 vols. 8vo. With Portraits of the Prince of Wales, from the Painting by Cosway; the Duchesses of Devonshire, Gordon and Rutland, from Sir Joshua Reynolds's celebrated Pictures; and of Pitt and Fox when young, from original Minia- tures by Ozias Humphreys, POSTHUMOUS MEMOIRS OF HIS OWN TIME. Now first, published. By SIR NATHANIEL WILLIAM WRAXALL, Bart. Including Original Anecdotes of the most distinguished Political and Literary Personages, Wits, and Beauties of the latter part of the Reign of George III., and of the Regency. N. EXCURSIONS IN SWITZERLAND. By J. Fenimore Cooper, Esq. Author of " The Pilot," " The Spy," & c. 2 vols, post 8vo. WOOD LE IGHTON. By Mary Howitt. 3 vols. IV. Second Edition, with New Preface, &<•. In 2 vols. 8vo., with Fourleen Characteristic Illustrations, PARIS AND THE PARISIANS IN 1835. By Frances Trollope, Author of " Domestic Mauners of the Americans," tfec. V. THE MOUNTAIN DECAMERON. A Romance of North Wales. By J. Downes, Esq. 3 vols. VI. Mrs. Trollope's New Work. In 3 vols, post 8vo., with 15 characteristic Illustrations, THR LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF JONATHAN JEFFERSON W H I T L A W ; Or, Scenes on the Mississippi. Bv the Author of " Domestic Manners of the Americans." Just published, 12mo., 7s. 6d. cloth, the Second Kdition of SJIR JAMES E. SMITH'S COMPENDIUM of the ENGLISH FLORA. With Additions and Corrections by Sir W. J. HOOKER, LL. D..& C. " The peculiarities of the new edition of Smith's Compendium, by Dr. Hooker, are, that it embodies the most recent discoveries of new species, even some made in the course of last year; and not only refers each genus to its place in the system of Jussieu. but points out the groups that are natural, and furnishes short notices occasionally of the eeneral habits and qualities of the more extensive natural orders."— Medical Gazette, April 30, 1836. London : Longman, Rees, and Co. Ju* t published, in 8vo., price 12s., the Second and concluding Volume of THE LIFE and TIMES of WILLIAM III., King of England, and Stadlholder of Holland. By the Hon. ARTHUR TREVOR, M. A., F. A. S., & c. London ; Longman, Rees, and Co. TH E By the Author of * Just published, in 2 vols. 8vo., with Portrait, price 28s. » / f" EMOII{ S of SIR WILLIAM TEMPLE, Bart. By the iVA Right Hon. THOMAS PEREGRINE COURTENAY. " A valuable historical work. Whatever talent, diligence, and access to the best sources of information could produce on the subject, we naturally expected from the author ; nor has he disappointed us. The biography is clear and satis- factory ; the views of Sir William Temple's Works, critical and judicious, and the extracts and correspondence generally, various and interesting."— Lit. Gaz. London ; Longman, Rees, Orme, and Co. In 3 vols. postSvo. 11. lis. 6d. GIPSY. _ Darnley " " Richelieu," '• Mary of Burgundy," " Life and Adventures of John Marston Hall," & e. " It has been generally acknowledged that Mr. James, as an author, approached nearer to Sir Walter Scott than any other at present before the public. * * • • In ' The Gipsy' we think that Mr. James has been more successful than in any other work yet published "— Metropolitan Mag. London : Longman and Co. Just published, in 1 vol. Kvo., price 7s. ANTEDILUVIAN, PATRIARCHAL, AND HISTORICAL RESEARCHES, concerning the way in which men first acquired their knowledge of GOD and RELIGION, and as to what were the Doctrines of the Churches of Adam and Noah ; with an Account of the long Nisht of Idolatry which followed and darkened the Earth, and also of the means designed by God for the recovery and extension of his Truths, and of their final accomplishment by Jesus Christ. By THOMAS CLARKSON, M. A., formerly of John's College, Cambridge, and Author of " The History of the Abolition of the Slave Trade." London : Longman and Co. : and S. Piper, Ipswich. H1 T1 BELL ON STAMMERING, & c. Just published, pri'- e 7s. 6d. TAMMERTNG—- its CAUSES— Practical Instructions for its _ 1 complete and permanent removal. The means by which LISPING, BUR- RING, and other IMPEDIMENTS of SPEECH may be overcome. By ALEXANDER BELL, Professor of Elocution. This Work is particularly recommended to Gentlemen connected with the Pulpit, the Senate, the Bar," and the Stage. Sherwood and Co., Paternoster- row ; and the Author, 25, Norton- street, Port- land- place. In 12mo , price 2s. 6d. cloth boards, | HE CATHOLIC CHURCH. FIVE SERMONS, preachedin the Parish Church of Blackburn, Lancashire, on occasion of the Com- memoration of the Reformation, celebrated October 4, 1835. By the Rev. J. W. WHITTAKER, D. D., Vicar of Blackburn. London : John Cochran, 108, Strand, and may be had of all Booksellers. In 8vo., price 7s. 6d. THE MODERN SABBATH EXAMINED. " A book of more good sense and clever views than ' The Modern Sabbath Examined' it has not been our lot often to report upon."— Spectator. " The author will have no reason to be offended at being characterised as a disciple of Dr. Whately, with whose writings he is evidently familiar, and whose independent spirit of inquiry he appears to have caught and emulated."— Ec. Rev. " A learned, able, and temperate treatise."— Atlas. " Written with great moderation, care, and skill."— New Monthly Magazine. Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria lane. Fourth Edition, in one vol. 8vo., price 12s. cloth, with a Map of Ireland, and Chart of the Shannon, INCUS'S JOURNEY THROUGHOUT IRELAND, during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of 1834. " We have often had to lament the difficulty of obtaining accurate information respecting the state of Ireland ; most writers on this subject have yielded to the prejudices of party, if not to the extent of uttering falsehood, at least to the scarcely less culpable suppression of truth. We rejoice then to have before us the evidence of a traveller like Mr. Ingl is, whose work bears in every page the stamp and impress of veracity."— Athenaeum. " A witness above all suspicion."— Quarterly Review. Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria- lane. In royal 8vo., illustrated by Twenty- seven explanatory Plates, price 11. Is. ATREATISE on EQUITATION; or, the ART of HORSE- MANSHIP simplified for Amateurs : forming complete Lessons for Train- ing Horses, and Instructions for Beginners in Riding. By J. G. PETERS, late Lieut.- Col. and Superintendent of the first Cavalry Riding School, formerly under the immediate command of the late Duke of York. The Work is also printed in the French and German Languages. Whittaker and Co., Ave Maria- lane. CARPENTER'S BIBLICAL COMPANION. In imperial octavo, price 18s.; quarto, price 27s. THE BIBLICAL COMPANION ; or, Introduction to the Read- ing and Study of the Holy Scriptures: comprising a comprehensive Digest of the Principles and Details of Biblical Criticism. Interpretation, Theology, History, Natural Science, & c., adopted for popular use by WILLIAM CARPEN- TER, " Author of " Lectures on Biblical Criticism," & c. " We should not regard it as the great object of attention, simply to hear ano- ther interpret what the Bible contains, but rather this, to ascertain how we may be able ourselves to discover its contents."— Professor Plancke. London: printed for T. Tegg and Son, Cheapside; and may be procured by order from every Bookseller in the United Kingdom. HOWE'S CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY. Just published, in one volume. 12mo., price 6s. 6d. CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY, by JOHN HOVYE, M. A., selected and systematically arranged, with a Life of that eminent Divine, by SAMUEL DUNN, Author of " The Gospels Harmonized," and Editor of " Clarke's Christian Theology." Contents:— Life of the Author— The Scriptures— God— The Attributes of God— The Trinity— Man— Christ— Repentance— Faith— Justification— Regeneration— The Holy Spirit— Love— Joy— Hope— Patience— Sanctification— Prayer— Family Religion— Ministers and People— Good and Bad Angels— Apostacy— Afflictions— j) eath— Judgment— Heaven— Hell, & c. & c. & c. London: printed for T. Tegg and Son, Cheapside ; and may be procured by order from every Bookseller in the United Kingdom. NEWEDITION OF ZUMPT'S LATIN GRAMMAR. Just published, in 8vo., price 10s. 6d. AGRAMMAR of the LATIN LANGUAGE, by C. J. ZUMPT. Translated from the German, with Additions, by the Rev. JOHN KEN- RICK, M. A. Fourth Edition. B. Fellows, Ludgate- street; _ . Of whom may be had the following recent Publications, by theHev. John Kennck. 1. EXERCISES on LATIN SYNTAX, adapted to ZUMPT'S GRAMMAR. T2UAEKEYnto EXERCISES, adapted to ZUMPT'S GRAMMAR. Third Edi- ^ 3!' An ABRIDGMENT of ZUMPT'S LATIN GRAMMAR. For the Use a Schools. Second Edition. 12mo. 3s. , , , . „..„„.„ 4. ACCIDENCE of the LATIN LANGUAGE, extracted from ZUMPT'S GRAMMAR, for the Use of Beginners, l^ no. Is- 6d. 5. INTRODUCTION to GREEK PROSE COMPOMTION, Declension, Con- jugation , and Syntax of Prepositions. Second Edition, 12mo. 176 JOHN BULL. March 6 . STOCK EXCHANGE.— SATURDAY. " The Settlement of the Account took place on the23J, and passed • nscr without any defalcation. Since the Settlement the Market has - fesen rAther better, the quotation for the Account being at. 91 Ja to SB, and that for Money 91 2f % ; Exchequer Bills and India Bonds are • 5> iii t- ather flat, but it is understood that at. the meeting of the Bank 3Ssreetors on Thursday next accommodation will be granted upon JSichequer Bills, India Bonds, and other available Securities, at the lauraal rate of interest. Exchequer Bills, at the close of business this • afternoon were 12 to 14 pm; and India Bonds are 1 dis. to 1 pm. In the Foreign Market there has been great fluctuation in Spanish Stack, which has been as low as 39, as high as 42 lA, and closed this afternoon at Portuguese Securities have been rather de- pressed tint. have slightly rallied, and left off this afternoon at 84% for Five per Cents., and 53> s for the Three per Cents. In the " Transatlantic Bonds there 5s a very dull market, and a general tendency downwards; Chilian Bonds are 45 to 47; Columbian are 38 to31; aud Mexican are 33 to 34. In the Northern Bonds there is mot& ing whatever to notice; Belgian Stock is 101% to 102; Dutch Five per Cents, are 1013( 102, the Two- and- a- Half per Cents, are 38S to 57; and Russian are 10956 110. In Shares, the Calcutta and Saugur are at M pm. The Repulse, sr. w on the eve of departure for Calcutta, will carry out, as passen- gers, the projector and superintendents of the Calcutta and Saugur Ha. ilway and Harbour, for the purpose of commencing that im- portant and desii able undertaking. Greenwich Shares have been done at as low a rate as 6M pm., oc- casioned by the circulation of some doggrel rubbish that an accident occurred during the holidays at tfie Railroad, which was most • saSrely unfounded. The price of the Shares rallied to- day to 7 I ® ,, at which they closed. Birmingham and Derby Shares are 10, the Gloucester 5 per Share. Brighton Shares :— Stephenson's are 14. Rennie's are at 23f, and Cuudy's are at IK per Share. South- ampton Shares are 25 per Share, North Midland are 13%, and South Eastern i per Cent. Consols, 913f Ififito for Account, 91% 92 Cent. Reduced, • SV Cent Reduced. 981< f " « ew3!£ per Cent., 100J£ % Bank Lore Annuities, 15% 15- 16 Bank Stock, 21H£ India Stock, 258% Exchequer Bills. 14 12 India Bonds, 1 dis. 1 pm. Tie Paris Papers of Thursday allude to the report of something ." Eke anew congress., at which M. Thiers is to assist. " It is affirmed," « tysthe Messaxer, " that M. Thiers intends to make a tour to the & » nks of the Rhine after the close of the session. He may there wsetrt with great personages in the course of the summer. The " EmpeTor Nicholas will come to Ems for the Empress, who is going to • iSret flace for the benefit of the waters. The King of Prussia is ex- - pfcted in his Rhenish provinces. Lastly, Prince Metternich is said intend paying his annual visit to his fine estate of Johannisburg." " Hie address of the Common Council of Toronto to Sir Francis with his reply, and some other documents connected with the TilFsIrs of Upper Canada, have been received. The agitation party in " Canada is openly at war with his Excellency, for even he, VVhig- • ssfcasea as he is, cannot conceal from himself that their designs are < 4Sriected to dissevering Canada from England.— Standard. OesrintAL MEETING or THE BARONETS.— A general meeting of Baronets, and their eldest sous, is to be held on Monday next at, the ' Clarendon Hotel, at one o'clock precisely, for the purpose of adopt- ing a petition to his Majesty praying that the Ulster Badge may be ' awn on the person, it is expected that the meeting will be nume- issasly attended. • A review of the Foot Guards took place yesterday morning in St. Jaaies's Park. The Prince of Orange, bis sons, the Duke of Wel- " Hn- gten, Lord Hill, Earl Rosslyn, and from 40 to 50 General Officers ~ werepresent. Their Royal Highnesses expressed great admiration th^ precision with which the troops performed their different TAWROLETIONS. PITT DINNER.— The anniversary of the birth of the late Right . Htm. William Pitt was celebrated on Friday by a dinner at the City < » f tendon Tavern. Covers were laid for nearly 100 gentlemen.— " The Hon. George Rice Trevor officiated as Chairman, supported by " die EarloFHarewood, President, Lord Skelmersdale, Vice- President, Lord Loft. us, Lord Viscount Mahon, M. P., Lord Viscount Cole, 3t. f, Sir John Chetwode, Bart., Sir John Osborne, Bart., Sir John - © ifcbon Bart., Sir Charles Knightlev, Bart., M. P., W. R. Cart- wrright, Esq., M. P., Vice- President, S. G. Price. Esq., M. P., Colonel ICoHoHy, M. P., Colonel Powell, M. P., the Hon. Lloyd Kenyon, J » hn " ftound, Esq., Col. Daubeny, William Sawbridge, Esq., R. P. Glyn, . Esq., D. Robertson, Esq., & c. Afterthe health of their Majesties, the Princess Victoria, and other members of the Royal family were drunk, chairman proposed the immortal memory of the late Right Hon. WiHixm Pitt, the Army and Navy, the House of Brunswick, the Earl of Eldon, the Duke of Wellington and the Lords, Sir R. Peel I . he Conservative Members of the House of Commons. The foi- ls- wing toasts were then drunk :—" The Archbishop of Canterbury ami " the nnited Church of England and Ireland." ( Loud cheers.) ^ Prosperity and Perpetuity to the Pitt Club." ( Three times three.) "" TheEarlof Harewood, President." ( Loud cheers.) " The Chair- lor. aa and Committee." " The Pitt Club of Scotland." " Lord Kenvon and the Pitt Club of Wales." " The landed and commer- xia] ' interests of the country." " The Wooden Walls of Old Eng- " iaafL" " Ships, Colonies, and Commerce," & c. The company did " zaot separate till near midnight. , Sowlaud's Macassar Oil and Kalydor Warehouse, 20, Hatton- gar- « > 3teri, had, last night, a W. R., a Crown, and splendid Star, in honour rtf IES Majesty's birth- day. Jn 2 vols, handsomely bound in cloth, price One Guinea, OpjHE RELIQUES of FATHER PROUT. Reprinted from Jg|_ " Fraser's Mairazine," with Illustrations by Daniel Maclise, Esq., A. R. A. This book is sufficient to make reputations for half a dozen writers."— New liEaKtfety. " No one for learning, talent, and originality, has surpassed Father iFmwt."— Literary Gazette. " Of the charming etchings which illustrate these '^ sfljBmep, our best praise is that they are worthy of their subjects."— Court Journal. James Fraser, 215, Regent- street. STALL'S PORT RAFTS'..!" KM IN ENT CONSERVATIVE 1 STATESMEN.— No. I., containing the DUKE of WELLINGTON, CORD LYNDHIJRST, and I. ORD WHARN'CLIFFK, will he published on the - 3st of June. Prints, small folio, 12s. ; large folio, proofs, 18s. ; India proofs, 11. Is. ?-' sx Numbers of this magnificent Work will appear yearly, each Number contain- -." rng- Three Portraits, with Twelve Pages of Letter- press. • Subscribers' names received by the Proprietor, at Euston- square ; and by the " Publishers, Fraser, 215, Regent- street, and Moon, Threadneedle- street; also by ( myvy respectable Bookseller in town and country. ANT I DRY- ROT COMPANY; ( Kyan's Patent for the Pre- servation of all Timbers, Canvass, and Cordage from Dry- rot and Decay.) Constituted by Act of Parliament. ' The Directors of this Company have the satisfaction of informing the Share ' lolders that the amount of Capital originally anticipated will not be required; *] thm; ch the whole of the important national objects connected with Mr. Kyan's - TjtliiaMe discovery will be embraced, and immediately carried into full and effi- operation on the most extended scale throughout the United Kingdom and Onlonies. d. per lb.; genuine Wax, 2s. Id ; superior transparent Sperm and Composition, 2s. Id.; best Kitchen and Office Candles, 5'^ d.; extra fine Moulded Candles, with the improved Waxed Wicks, 7d.— Yellow Soap, 42s., 46s., 52s. and 56s. per H21bs.; Mottled, 52s., 58s. and 62s.; Windsor and Palm, Is. 4d. per packet ; Old Brown Windsor Is. 9d.; Rose, 2s. ; Camphor 2s.; superior Almond 2s. 6d.— Superfine Sealing- Wax 4s. 6d. per lb.— Refined Sperm Oil, 6s. 6d. per gallon ; Lamp Oil, 4s.— For Cash, at DAVIES'S Old Established Warehouse, 63, St, Martin's- lane ( opposite New Slaughter's Coffee- house). Charing- cross. . ALE, STOUT, CIDER, < fec.— FIELD, WARDELL, and Co. ( late W. G. Field and Co.), beg to acquaint their Friends and the Public, that their genuine BURTOM, EDINBURGH, and PRESTONPANS Ales, Pale Ale as prepared for India, Dorchester Beer, London and Dublin Brown Stout, and Cider and Perry, are in fine order for use, and as well as their FOR. EIGN WINES and SPIRITS, of a very superior class.— N. B. London and Dublin Brown Stout, Burton Ale, and Pale Ale as prepared for India, in casks of 18 gallons.— 22, Henrietta- street, Covent- garden. Windsor, May 26. MR. COLBURN'S NEW PUBLICATIONS. On the 1st of June, with the Magazines, Parti., price 3s. 6d., to be completed in Ten Monthly Parts, with numerous PORTRAITS and other ILLUSTRATIONS, CAPTAIN BRENTON'S ^ R AVAL HISTORY OF GREAT BRITAIN, From 1783 to the Present Time. Also just ready, TRAITS AND TRIALS OF EARLY LIFE. By L. E. L. In 1 vol., price 7s. 6d. bound. III. A New Work on ENGLISH LITERATURE. By the Viscount De Chateaubriand. In 2 vols. 8vo. TV. THE VIOLIN, AND ITS PROFESSORS, From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. With numerous Anecdotes of Amateurs, & c. By George Dubonrg. In 1 vol., price 7s. 6d. bound. Published by Henry Colburn, Windsor; sold by John Cumming, Dublin, and by every respectable Bookseller in the Kingdom. * » * Orders should be forwarded immediately to the various Booksellers to pre- vent disappointment. NEW WORKS Just published by Richard Bentley, New Builington- street, ( Publisher in Ordinary to his Majesty.) Tn 2 vols. 8vo.. with Portrait, THE LIFE OF THE FIRST EARL OF SHAFTESBUR Y. From Original Documents in the possession of the Family. By Mr. B. Martyn and Dr. Kippis. Now first Published. Edited by G. Wingrove Cooke, Esq. Author of " Memoirs of Lord Bolingbroke." " A valuable acquisition to English historical literature."— Lit. Gaz. II. In 2 vols, post 8vo., with Plates, A VISIT TO THE WHITE MAN'S GRAVE ( Sierra Leone). By Francis Harrison Rankin, Esq. " One of the most delightful books of travelling impressions that we have met with for many a day."— Spectator. THE THREE ERAS OF WOMAN'S LIFE. By Mrs. Elton Smith. 3 vols. < r We most cordially commend this interesting work to our readers. The gill, the wife, and the mother: such are the three eventful epochs that the author has undertaken to delineate; and with equal truth, delicacy, and feeling has she drawn her pictures."— Lit. Gaz. IV. SPAIN REVISITED. By the Author of " A Year in Spain," & c. 2 vols, post 8vo. " Most welcome volumes. They are indeed as lively and graphically sketched picture- books as could be desired."— Athenaeum. V. Second Edition, revised, and corrected, In 3 vols small 8vo., with Po'trait of the Author, A PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND, & c. By A. De Lamartine. " Lamar/ ine's European reputation will be infinitely heightened by these delightful volumes."— Quarterly Review. » Lady Charlotte Burv's New Work. THE DEVOTED. By the Authoress of " Flirtation," & c. 3 vols. " A beautiful work. To say that it is the best novel of its class, of the present season, is not to say half as much as it deserves."— John Bull. VII. Third Edition, revised, with Additions, In 2 vols, post 8vo., with numerous Plates, price 21s. A STEAM VOYAGE DOWN THE DANUBE, With Sketches of HUNGARY, WALLACHTA, SERVTA, AND TURKEY. By Michael J. Quin. VIII. Second Edition, revised, with Additions, In 2 vols. 8vo., with Portrait, MEMOIRS OF LIEUT. GEN. SIR THOMAS P I C T O N, G. C. B. Including his Correspondence. From the Originals in the possession of the Family, & c. By H. B. Robinson, Esq. " It is the duty of every Englishman, who has his heart in the right place, to become acquainted with this biography."— Captain Marryat. Mr. Henry Lytton Bulwer's New Work. Complete in 4 vols. post8vo. FRANCE. SOCIAL, LITERARY, and POLITICAL. By Henry Lytton Bulwer, Esq., M. P. *#* Either Series ( in 2 vols.) may be had separately. " This is a brilliant book. It is airy, rapid, picturesque, and full of wit. It is in short, not less valuable than it is delightful."— New Monthly Mag. GBNERAL AVERAGE PRICES OF CORN, per Quarter. Computed from the Inspectors' Returns of the Six preceding Weeks. Wheat— Average 48s lOd— Duty on Foreign 38s 8d— from British possessions 5s Rye 32s Barley, Maize,& c. 32s Oats 22s Beans 37s Pease 39s STOCKS. Bank Stock India Stock 3 per cent. Consols.... 3 per cent. Red 31 per cent. 1818 3| per cent. Reduced . New 3|-, per cent Bank Long Annuities. India Bonds . Id 9d 8d 6d 5d 21s 3d 13s lOd 13s 9d 14s Od lis Od 3s 2s 6d 2s 3s , 3* Exchequer Bills K Consols for Account . J 91| Mon. Tu. Wed. Thur. Friday 212 2105 210} 210? 259 258 258 — 91? 91g 91S 9I| 91| 90| dOf m 901 90} 9Sq 993 991 98} 98J 98? 98f 99j 98.} 98} 100j 100J 100 § 100 100} 15- 3 154 1M 15} 2 p 2 P 1 P par 1 lfi p 13 p 14 p 14 p 14- p 911 91| 911 91| Sat. 211| 2584 91f 100| 15 J 1 P 12 p 92 BIRTHS. On the 25th inst., in Brook- street, the Viscountess Corry, of a son— At Hamp- ton Lodge, Surrey, the Right Hon. Lady Catharine Long, of a son, still- born— At Felmersham, Beds., on the 24th inst., the lady of the Rev. C. C. Reaty Pownall, Vicar of Milton Ernest, of a daughter— On the 24th inst., at the Earl of Hare- wood's, in Hanover- square, the Lady Louisa Cavendish, of a son— At Orchard House, Northumberland, the Hon. Mrs. Coulson, of a son— The lady of James Morrison, Esq., M. P., of Upper Harlev- street, of a son— On the 25th inst., the lady of R. Dashwood, Esq., of the Royal Engineers, of a daughter. MARRIED. On the 24th inst., at St. Paul's Church, Bedford, by the Rev. James Donne, the Rev. John Brereton, of New College, Oxford, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Brere ton, of Bedford, to Emily, second daughter of the late John Edwards, Esq., of Selsoe, Beds. On the 21st inst., at St. George's, Hanover- square, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, Charles Wombwell, Esq., of the 10th Hussars, son of Sir George Womb- well, Bart., to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Thomas Orbv Hunter, Esq. At Cheain, on the 26th inst., the Rev. Edmund Dawe Wickham, youngest son of James Anthony Wickham, Esq., of North Hill, Frome, to Emma, only child of Archdale Palmer, Esq., of Cheam Park, Surrey— On the 24th inst., at Walford, Herefordshire, Charles Underwood, Esq., M. D., to Mary Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Colonel Thoroton, of Flintham House, Nottinghamshire— On the 25th inst.. at St. Mary's, Brjanston- square, Bare William Goldie, Esq., of the Bengal Engineers, to Julia Harriet, only child of the late James Gosling, Esq., formerly of Clay Hall— At Cheltenham, on the 19th inst., William Madden Glascott, Esq., of Alderton, in the county of Wexford, to Elizabeth Harriott Lucy, youngest daughter of Jatnes Boyd, Esq., of Rosslure, in the same county— On the 26th inst.,' at St. John's, Hackney, by the Rev. Mr. Ha « b> wood, Mr. Edmund Witherby, of Loughton, Essex, to Barbara Mary, eldest daughter of the late Patrick MacLachlan, Esq., of Stamford Hill, Middlesex. DIM On the 26th inst., at his house, 31, Devonshire- street, Portland- place, WTilliam Young Ottley, Esq., F. A. S., in the 65th year of his age— Suddenly, on the 25th inst., at his house, Great Stanhope- street, W. E. Tomline, Esq., F. R S. F. L. S.—- On the 21st inst., in Upper Harley- street, in her 36th year, Penelope, the wife of John Cotton, Esq.— On the 21st inst., of consumption, Fanny, wife of Richard Edward Arden, Esq., of Red Lion- square, aged 25— On the 5th inst., at Sea, on board the ship Lady Flora, Lieut. Henry Pereria, of the 43d Regiment, M. N. I., eldest son of Colonel Pereira, of the Madras Army— On the 24th inst., at C lapham- common, William Budd Ravenhill, Esq., aped 39 years— At Weston Super Mere, on the 21st inst., Annabella, widow of the late Hon. Charles Savile— On the 21st inst., Mrs. M. Brock, aged 55, many years attached to the Royal Household at Kensington Palace— On the 22d inst., after a few days' illness at the house of her brother, S. Briggs, Esq., in York- teTrace, Regent's Park, Susanna, wife of D'Oyly Saunders, Esq.. of Askam Bryan, near York, aged 61— On the 27th, at Wimbledon, Charles Henry Bouverie, Esq., only son of Lady Bridget Bouverie and the late Hon. William Henry Bouverie. LONDON : Printed by EDWARD SHACKELL, Printer, of No. 14, Amwell- sfreet, Pentonviile, in the County of Middlesex ; and of No. 40, Fleet- street, in the City of London ; and published by the said EDWARD SHACKELL, athisPiinting- office, No. 40, Fleet- street, aforesaid, at which last place alone, communications to the Editor ( post- oaid) are received
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