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Limerick City Petitions


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Petitions Relating to the Local Taxation of the City of Limerick page 1
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Limerick City Petitions
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Limerick City Petitions

Date of Article: 31/07/1822
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No Pages: 1
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40 MINUTES OF EVIDENCE BEFORE SELECT COMMITTEE Appendix It having been stated to the Committee, that the passage of the river had been ( A.) marked out by buoys, are you aware whether that is the fact?— I am aware that there ^ ' have been buoys put down. John Fisher, jun. But you do not know by whose authority, or at whose expense it has been Esl• done?— I have always understood it was by the Chamber of Commerce it was (• 20 June.) done. You state, with regard to Thomond bridge, that it is very much out of repair ?— That it is an ordinary passage, I was asked the question whether it was out of repair; I say it is not so much out of repair, as to render it impassable, but that it is a very bad passage. Have you known that any steps have been taken for its improvement?— I know of no steps that were taken, further than different parties consulting together, within some few months, as to effecting a widening of the bridge. Did you ever hear that there was a surveyor sent down, or an engineer, for the purpose of seeing whether that was practicable ?— I do not remember that I did. Do you believe that it is impracticable to widen the bridge?— I am not sufficient engineer to be able to answer the question. Do you believe that any amendment of the bridge, if left of its present width, would be of any service; do you think the bridge would be worth repairing, at its present width ?— No, I do not, further than merely making it a good level surface. Do you know that there is a plan now in progress for a new bridge in the city of Limerick?— I do. Have you been informed of the site chosen for that bridge ?— I know of no site chosen for that bridge, further than the opinion of the engineer who drew the plan. Where was it fixed?— It was fixed at the end of Cecil- street, near the bishop's palace. Would such a bridge, built in that place, be detrimental to the Old Town ?— I con- sider that any bridge, built any where lower down than the Custom- house quay, would more or less injure the Old Town. Do you mean to say, that the commissioners, under the Act of Parliament, in the parish of St. Michael, levy rates at their own pleasure ?— They determine what rates shall be levied. Are they not accountable to the inhabitants at large?— I do not know of their being responsible, further than their publishing their accounts ; and that the persons who are subject, under the Act of Parliament, to go out every three years, may not be elected again; I know of no further responsibility. Have you heard of the inhabitants being dissatisfied with the amount of rates, or with their application ?— I have heard some partial complaints, of one person think- ing the street he lived in was not paid . proper attention to ; and another, that his street was not so well lighted as another; and so forth. Have they taken means to obtain redress?— Yes, frequent applications, when I was a commissioner, were made to the body upon these subjects, and they were always taken into consideration; and, as far as the commissioners could attend to the wishes and interests of the people, I believe they did; and I presume they do the same still. The grand juries are generally composed of persons supposed to be in the interest of the corporation ?— Yes. Is there any considerable body of men of respectability and property not connected with the corporation in Limerick?— There is. Are they ever appointed to serve on the grand juries?— I think not. Do you speak positively to that?— I think I can. Have you never known an instance of a person being appointed to the grand jury whom you consider to be unconnected with the corporation ?— I do not think I ever knew an instance of a person being on the grand jury, who was not pretty well known to be a friend of the corporation; I think not; I do not wish to pledge myself positively to the fact. Are they generally the same persons put on the grand jury?— I think for the most part they are ; of course there is some variation. Are they generally members of the corporation, either aldermen, common coun- cilmen or freemen ?— They are. You said that you had no treasurer of the commissioners in the New Town ?— No. What
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