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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3456
No Pages: 4
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser
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Leicester Journal and Midland Counties General Advertiser

Date of Article: 30/10/1818
Printer / Publisher: John Price 
Address: Market Place, Leicester
Volume Number: LXVII    Issue Number: 3456
No Pages: 4
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v fent VOL. LXVU. Printed and Published by John Price, far kef- place ^ Leicester* lNo. 34£<; FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1818, < Circulated through the principal Towns- and populous Villages in the Counties of. Leicester, Rutland, \ \ Lincoln, Nottingham, Derby, Stafford, Warwick) Northampton, Cambridge, and York. $ STAMP DOTY; .: Ad. fi'RtcE sfevfejj I'ENCE- pa PA1 » EU & L » iii « T.. 8TF; S EIOJIT SIIITIJNBS PH- UUurter . Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, MONO A Y; Oct. 20. Official account ofthe loss of the CAB AI. VA E AST- 1N DiA M AN. We are sorry to announce that accounts have been received, by the private sliipWiud-- sor Castle, which arrived off Dover on Sa- turday lust, having left Bombay the 3d of Jui: e, and the island ef Mauritius lite 17t. hof July, eoufimtitrg previous statements, of the loss ofthe Company's ship Cabalv a.— It ap- pears that'having sprung a leak oil' ( be Cape, on tbe 22d of June, she beat up for Bom- hay, to dock the ship, and that, in her pas- sage Clither, she struck on the small Island of Carclagos, on the 7th of July , at half past, v. M. a ad was totally wrecked. Captain Dalrvtnple, Mr. Grant, the Surgeon's mate, aud fifteen ol' the crew, were drowned. Mr. A} res, the Purser, the 6th Ofiicer, and eight men, arrived UL the Mauritius, in a small open boat, from the Island, where they bad kit the remainder of tbe crew, on the Mth of July. His Majesty's stifp lilagicienne. with the Challenger, sloopof war, and a schooner, immediately put. to sea, to bring away the remainder of tin; crew.— By the same con- veyance we are happy to receive a confirm- ation of the intelligence of the safe arrival of the Hastings, of 74 guns, at the Mauritius, she being previously reported to be lost.— it has, it appears, been deemed expedient to lighten bcr SCO ton:', and it vv as, expected she would sail in a few davs, alter the 25th of July.— The Marquis of Huntley, in c- ompa- pv, Villi the Duke of York, arrived at Bom- lia v on the ilev eath of May; and at the time of'the Wuf.^. r Castle leaving the Presi- dencv, ( the third of June) they had a con- siderable part of their cargo for C hina on board. The Liverpool Courier says " We stat- ed a few weeks ago, that Abraham Thorn- ton had arrived in this town, for the pur- pose of Emigrating to the United States, lie has experienced more difficulty than he had anticipated in getting a passage thither, jft appears that lie bad engaged one in the Independence, but when the other passen- gers \ ecame acquainted with his name and character, they unanimously refused to go in the same vessel with liim; and a new mus- ter roll was in consequence made out, in which iiis name v. as omitted." Major- General Sir J. Byng's military Command is extended to Derbyshire,, North- ampton, Nottingham, Jutland, Stafford, Lei- cester, * arvuek, Shropshire, and Worces- tershire. His bead quarters continue at Poutefract,- . ^ The I res- ut Reign.— Monday completed the til'ty- eighth year of the reign of our v en- erable and afflicted Sovereign, an iuterval of regal tenure aire tdy. tw o years longer than that of any sovereign who ev er sat on the British throne; that of ilenry the III. the nearest to tli present in duration of any for- mer reign, lasted very little more than fifty - six years. The Tower and Park guns, as iwnal, celebrated titi- s respected Anniver- sary. " Seignorage on the Gold Coin. — For some time past it lias been reported that a ques- tion has been tinder consideration, whether it would not be indispensable, as a prelimin- ary measure to cash payments, to gra. it a itfgnoMff". on tiie gold coin of the realm, as well as « n that of silver. All the persons " best acquainted with tho mo letiry system have been nonsuited; but we do not believe that tbe matter is settled. Tbe uoi, ersal feel- ing of the country is in favour of the resump- tion of cash payments. The horrible prose- cutions for forgery, which have shocked the public mind ; and tho diaboli al suggestions that li sve been spr ad of i- lundaling the couptry with fabricated paper, its America and France were inundated j— the export of British capital, which the high price of the Funds, compared with that of other coun- tries, lias provoked, to the encoui- r gement of foreign trade agslinst our own;— and the w hole responsibility of the contiimauee of the present system being thrown by tin Bank oil Ministers;-— it is b; iieved, 1mscon- tinued the Earl of Liverpool ill liis opinion that a return to the wholesome measure ei a metallic currency can no longer be resist- ed. To prepare for that event, some preeatt- tion to keep the gold in the kingdom must: be resulted to. The Bank lias already been forced to stop'' the issue of Sovereigns, be- cause they are no socuer issued than they disappear" It is only by a seignornge to at the evil can he prevent* d ; and it is thought that- nothing less tb " ill- a diminution of weight, to the amount of ten per fctit.. would avail to keep tbe gold coin in the kingdom; so that, preserving the purity of the gold, the Sovereign would- weigh no more thai 18s. though it would pass current for 20:". The ar- guments in fivour of this change are, ttiat if a bank notliterally not « crtli one farthing, is freely taken for 20s. surely . a piece of gold coin, intrinsically worth 18s. would pass for the same suni; ard if so, as to id! domestic intercourse and deali g, no apparent change - would take place. Thus, then, when such important adwafttnges would result, the con- siderate feeling of the country would counte- nance the measure. The gold coin would be kept in the kingdom, aud tbe small notes of one and two pounds, of which the forgery chiefly consists, would be totally withdrawn; increased guards against the forgery of the larger notes would he easily resorted to, and no one would have occasion to carry more than between four am) live - pounds worth of gold and silver in his pocket.— Against this expedient, however, tile arguments arc most weighty", 1. It Would in fnet be a revival of the Prop- erty Tax often per ceilt. on certain classes ol the community, while others would totally es- cape it. The stockholder. tbe land- otvners whose estates are under lease, annuitants, mortgagees, persons having salaries, and all persons with fixed incomes, would suffer a diminution often percent, while" for every article of consumption they would pay mOrej since* merchants, manu- facturers, and traders, would increase the price of the articles in which they deal, to indemnify themselves against the tax. 2. It would be a composition with the nation- al creditor, and would extinguish eighty mil- lions of our debt by a stroke of the pen; since Government, who borrowed money at twenty shillings to the pound, would pay it with eigh- teen shillings to the pound. Ar. d 3. It would not ultimately keep tbe gold in the kingdom*.- since the foreigner, by adding to the price of every article sent into the coun- trv, in older to preserve himself against the de- preciated coin ofthe realm, would increase the balance of demand on England, and would thereby lower the rale of exchange. Such is the state of tbe question. It admits of much controversy; and doubtless, if brought before Parliament, will occasion even a greater sensation than it did when last ttit d in tlie reign of Queen Elizabeth. On Saturday last, the fiterloo, of 04 guiis, was launched at Portsmouth Doc,:- - yard. If there are occasions when the in- terest of the finest of all nautical scenes is capable of being increased, it must be when the man- of- war is intended to perpetrate some great event, or the nanie of some Hero, dear tb the patriotic, feelings of every Eng lishman— it musthtive been on t., e launching of the Waterloo. This assertion is borne out by the v ast crouds of attendance on the occasion being greater, by far, than t: n any former launch within the. recoiled ion* of the oldest; the number cannot be estimated at less ti. uii 20,001) persons. The harbour was covered with Noblemen and Gentlemen's yachts, and pleasure boats of all descriptions. A great number of Ladies and Gentlemen wetfe launched in h, r. At about twenty minutes past twelve, Lord Howard, of i-' ffiug- ham( who gathered many laurels under tlie great Hero cf Waterloo), accompanied by N. Lidd. uns, Esq. Master Shipwright, nan- ed the- Ship, by breaking a bottle of wine against, her bows in the usual form; his Lordship remarking, that as her head( wuicli is a fine full- length lignte of tbe Duke of Wellington) repiesmtid the glorious Duke of X1! ellington, so he named the ship Water- loo, ill honour of th gie.; t Duke, Slid ill commemoration of his splendid battle. She mov ed into her proper el ment with that admirable stupendous magnificence and majestic ease, vvhich render the completion of this highest- achievement of human' skill and science at once tbe utmost gratification and pleasure of the . spectator. She is cer- tainly one of the finest ships of Iter class in t e navy ; is built on the new principle, with diagonal riders' antl truss frame; her gun and upper d - cks are laid diagonally. The follow- ing are her dimensions Length oti tbe gun deck.... 102ft. Oin. Breadth 4!) 21 Depth in Hold 21 0 Burthen in Tons 2i; 5( l Her figure is exquisitely carved, and the like- ness very accurate. PEERAGE OF MARMION by the supposed tenure of his castle ofTam- worth, claimed tbe office of Royal Champion and to do the service appertaining; namely, on the day of Coronation,, to ride completely armed, upo- n a barbed horse, into Westmins- ter Hall, and there to challenge the combat against any person who would gainsay the KING'S title. But this office was adjudged to Sir John Dympcke, to whom the manor of Serivelby had" descended byatiotlier of tbe co- heiresses of Robert de Marmioii; ami it remains iu that family, whose representative is. Hereditary Champion of England » t tiie present day. The family and possessions of Ere » ills have merged iu the Earls of Fcrrars. I hav e not, therefore, created a new title, but only revived the titles. of ap old one in an imaginary personage." Oflate years the head of the Dymocks, of Scrirelby, in Lincolnshire; hash. id claim to the Peerage of Maimion, which, accord- ing to some authorities, lias been either extinct or in abeyance since the year 1310, founded, doubtless, i n the alliances or de- scents adverted to iu the above extract, and this claim is now actually in a train of in- vestigatory adjudication before tlie House of Lords. An Account of the Animal Charge of the Public Debt, created, in the undermen- tioned Years, and the Prpdiice. of the se- veral Duties, & c. granted for defraying tbe same, in the Year ended 5tli of Janu- ary, 1818:— From one of the supposed founders of the v ery ancient and noble family, who, in days If tig past, enjoyed ihe above Peerage,- Mr.' W ALTER SCOTT has- taken the title of one of hi.-; most popular and i teresting Met- rical Romances, vi;:. " A! A KM ION, a Tale of Madden Field.'' In one of the notes to this production, Mr. SCOTT thus speaks respect- ing the Hero of his Poem : — •' Lord UarmioM, tbe principal character .. f the nrwt " Romance, is entirely a ficti- tious personage- In earlier times, indeed, the family of Marmion, l ords of Fontenay, in Normandy, was highly distinguished. Robert- do Mann ion, Lord of Fontenay, a distinguished follower of, the Conqueror, ob- tained a grant of tiie Castle and Town of T'.' uiworth, mtd also of tbe Manor of Scrivel- bv, in Lhfeohtshire. One or both of these noble possessions v. as held by the honourable service of being the Royal Ch- nnpion, asthe ancestors of De M minion had formerly been to the Dukes of Normandy. But after the castle and demesne oi Tamworth had passed thiomdi four successive Barons from Robert the family became extinct in the person of Philip de Munition, who died in the 20th Eyw. I. without issue male. He was suc- ceeded in bis castle of Tamworth by Alex- ander de Fret ille, who married Mazera, his grandaughter. Baldwin do Freville, Alex- ander's descendant in the reign of Richard I ccooorccojocacacQo — — .- — — --.-. © © ...... . I- , ., g g P . HI J. « CR — C- VI — HI & ? * • r « « ? it £ ! g5sf 2S8S28 • < 1 T- I FC O — OO O O it > CC'.? 5 5 ^ ^ be C> e W : iv c o ; A. ^ wt X- c « * o CI is « » c Cl-' w " cr "- 1 CJC ~ cj< Ki ^ cc W Ct W >~ N "^'- CC Gfc W C: O V- o ® © w © S CJ S © - crs a 2° Ci M CC © © Ci . CD OD . eft ta- . O cn © ' cc tc ] CC « ^ o CT. 00 c; w w i/ i i- ts Y1 < 1 V< © GC tc tfts ^ DREADFUL ACCIDENT TO A STAGE COACH. Last Friday evening, about nine o'clock, a dreadful accident happened at Langivy Broom, near D'. tcbet. to the Light Bath coach, on its way from ihe Golden Cross, London, nnd filled with passengers both inside and out; as jthe coach was driving along at its usual brisk rate, and owing to the darkness of the night, the coachman did not observe a donkey that lay by the road side, until be started up ou a sud- den, which so frightened the leaders that they ran instantly on the off side, making a short turn, by which the coach was overturned and dashed to pieces, the coachman thrown from his box and dreadfully injuied ; one of the outside passengers, we lament to say, had both his legs broken, another his collar b°!". e. and ali ( he others were so severely injured that none of them, except one Gentleman, were able to pro- ceed On their journey, the coach being shatter- ed, aild the coachman so much injured that nei- ther of them couhi proceed ; the only pas- enger w ho was able, although much bruised, together with the luggage, were forwarded by another coach which arrived. Not ihe least imputation can be attached to the coac. lur. an on this unfor- tunate occasion, he being a very sober nian, aiid steady driver. TREATY FOR T11E EVACUATION OF F R A N C E. In the name of the holy and indivisible Tri- nity I Their Majesties the Emperor of Austria, the King of Prussia,& the Emperor of all the Russia s. having repaired to Aix- la- Chapelle, and their Majesties the King of France and - Navarre and tbe King- of the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, having sent thither their Plenipotentia- ries the Ministers of the live Courts having as sembled in conference, and the French Plenipo- tentiary having made known, that, in conse- quence of the state of France and the fr. ithful execution of ihe Iteaty of November 2>" » , 1815, his most Christian Majesty was desirous that the military occupation stipulated by the fifth arti- cle of the said treaty should cease as ' soon as oossibie, the Ministers of tbe Courts of Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia, ( the names of the Powers you will see are placed in the al- phabetical order,) after having, in concert with the said Plenipotentiary of France, maturely examined every thing that eould have an influ- e nee til) such an tin portent decision, declared that their Sovereigns would admit Ihe principle, ofthe evacuation of the Fifeitb territory at the end of the third year of the occupation, and wislung' to consolidate their resolution in a formal convention, and < 6 secure at the same time the definitive execution'of. the said treaty of November 20, 181.5,' their Majesties named ( here follow the names of the Ministers.) who have agreed upon the following articles:— • Article L— The troops composing the army of Occupation shall be withdrawn from the French territory by the 30th ot November next, or soon- er if possible. II-— The strong places and fortresses, which the said troops bow occupy, shall be surrender- ed to commissioners named for that purpose by his most Christian Majesty . in the state in which they. were at the time of the occupation. Con- formably to the ninth article of the convention concluded iu execution ofthe fifth article of the tr'eal. y of November at); 181C. HI.— The sum destined to provide for the pay, the equipment, and the clothing of tiie troops of the Army of Occupation, shall be paid, in all cases, till the 30th of November next, on the same footing- on which it has existed since tbe 1st of December, 1817. 1V.-- AI1 thepeciiuiary arrangements between France and the Allied Powers having been re giihtted and settled, the sum remaining to be paid bv Fiance to complete the execution ot tbe fourth article of the treaty of November 20, 1810, is definitively fixed at - 265 millions of francs. ' V.— Of this'sum, the amount of lo6 millions of effective value shall, be paid by an inscription oli rentes on ihe great book of the Public Debt of France, bearing interest from 22d Sept. 1818.— The said inscriptions shall be received at the rate ofthe funds on the 5th Oct. 1818. VI.— The remaining lfio millions shall be paid by nine met tblj instalments, commencing with the 6< h of January next.—( Note— I formerly by • mistake named the 2Cth of* December, ofthe pYesCnt year,) by draughts on the houses of Hope and Co. and Baring, Brothers, and Co.— In the same manner the inscriptions ofthe ren- tes mentioned in the above article, shall be de- livered to the commissioners of the Courts of Austria, Gri at . Britain, Prussia, and Russia, by the Royal treasury of France, at the epoch of the complete ami definitive evacuation ofthoFrench territory! • VII.— At the same epoch, tbe commissioners of the said Courts shall deliver to the Royal treasury of France, tbe six obligations, f efignge- maits,} not yet discharged ( aCt/ uittees,) which shall remain in their bands of the 15 obligations ( engagements) delivered conformably to th « se- cond article of tbe convent ion concluded for the execution of the fouith article of the 20th of No- vember, 1815. The said commissioners shall at the same time deliver the inscriptions of seven millions of rentes. Created in virtue of the 8th article nl the said . convention. VIII.— The present convention shall be rati fied, and the ratification exchanged at Aix- la- Chapelle, in the course cf 15 days, or sooner if possible, in tbe faith of vvhich tbe respective Plenipotentiaries' have herewith signed their names, and aiiixed to it '. heir seal and arms, Done at Aix- la- Chapelle, the Oth of Oc- tober, in the year of Grace, 1818. fllere follow the signatures ofthe Ministers.] We have found the above treaty conformable to our will, in consequence of which we have confirmed and ratified the same, as we do now confirm and ratify it for our heirs and suc- cessors, [ Here follow the signatures of the Sovereigns with the specification of the different years of their several reigns.] Aix- la- Chapelle, Oct. 17,1818. BANKRUPTS. From Tuesday'e Gazette. Joseph Dibdin, Camberivcll, victualler Philip Felix Le Brim, King- street, Covent garden, chemist Join) Ashvvortb, Manchester, innkeeper James Buckley and . Jacob Marlaud, Aihton- iinder- Lyne, and Thomas Me. lbuist, Manchester, cotton manufacturer FROM SATURDAY'S GAZETTE. G Dyson, junr. formerly of Castle court, Cornhiil, and now or late of China Terrace, Lambeth, ' auctioneer J Wilson, Kathbone place, Oxford street, book- seller J W Alderhead Snuggs, Lime street, spirit mer- chant W Rust, Sheffield, merchant H Graham, Gaistang, Lancaster, grocer J Harper, Fleet street, bookseller DIVIDENDS. From Tuesday's Gazette, October 20. AT OUII. DHA'LL. November 10, J Townsend, Ludgatc street, warehouseman 10, J Carmichael, Little Russell- street, baker— 10, A Gompertz, Great Winchester street, merchant—- lo, R King, Duke; street, Lincoln's Inn fields, tailor- 14, G.- Pearson. Leadenhall street, tailor 10, W Jackson, Clement's lane, merchant—— 10, E Nicod, Heme! Hampslead, wine merchant 10, S Davenport, Egliam, brewer lo, John Coulter. Chatham, carpenter 10, A J Mack- enzie and II Roper, Cross street, Finsbury square, merchants 10, J B Tootal, Minories, corn factor 10, J Weaver, Rcdcross street, linen draper 3, 11 Duckworth, junr. Billiter lane, merchant 10, J Stuart, Bishopsgate street, saddler itibmmm .1 Perry. Nftntwieh, iiucii draper, at the Fot Inii, Shrewsbury Frbtn Saturday's Gazelle, October 24. AT GUlbDHAbL. November l( i, W'. Orinfe; Soiithwark; distiller — 14. W Bat!), Eshfcr, victualler—— 14, \ Auili- tron, Philpot lane, merchant—— Wr. i Browning,- St. Meiy- Sxe, wine merchant-— 14. W Hopkiii. s, Alder% riie street; coopbr- 1" CT. Lesthr; Hattoil garden, Ifardwareman^ 14, W Bryan, Caeiherweli. mercbaot- 7, i P Thompson, Great Newport street,; feagrftver - 10, J Smith, Tabciitntde vvalk. merchant 4, J Pitcher, Back load. St. Geosge'x. brick- layer— 14; I) thickly and W HalL Brook- street, goldsmiths- 7, J Fairlainb, Wvnyatt street. Persian iuannf!? e1itrer-— 14, J S { tains., Wapping wall, men bant—— 10, FPotheiiei; Corporation tow; distiller-—— 21, T Punlny,' Margate, bookseller-— 10, J Ashton, Tower street, wine merchant—— 1", S P Sesger, Maid- stone, d Hi per—— 7, G Robinson, Paternoster row, bookseller- 10, D Glover, Gutter lane, merchant—-— 17, Elgar, Maidstone, Kent, grocer December 1, J Woiffe and J Dorville, New Bridge street, merchants IN THk CoilNTBt. November i « , J Biisli, Thatcham, innkeeper; at the King's Head Inn, Thatcham- 16, j Lister. Aimondburv, merchant, at the Pack Horse Inn, Huddetsfield- 1C. S Rose, Swan- sea, dealer, at tbe Bush Inn, Swansea—— 16; H Ranch, Worcester, lineii draper,, at the Star and Garter Inn, Worcester—— 16, T Gillam and W Weaver, St. Michael in iledwartlihc; drap- ers. at the Star and Garter, Worcester Union Canal. Notice is hereby given, npiIAT I lib next half yearly General Assem- j bly of the Company of Proprietors of the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire UnfonCh* mil, will be held at the Saracens Head Inn, iu Leicester, on Monday the 16th day of Novem- ber, 1818, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. T. Sheppciid, Cleik to the said Company. Wanted Immediately, AN Apprentice to the Linen and Woollen Drapery Business, with whom a Premium will be expected.- Apply to Mr D. Ofcmsfi, Draper, Burlon- upou Trent, ( if by lettrr post- pitld.) IN' THE COUNTRY. November 11, J » nd J Wilson, Shrewsbury, drapers, at tbe Raven Inn, Shrewsbury II, C Dyson, Almondbury, higgler. at the Rose and Crown Inn, Huddeistield .11, T Herbert, Senford, Sussex, butcher, at the White Hart Inn, Lewis - 13, O Empson, JShclIicld, tanner, at the Angel Inn, Sheffield 24, J Mathews, Penzance, Cornwall, sail maker, at the Star Inn. Marazien — 13, It Kenyon, Manchester, muslin manufacturer, at the Dog Ipn, Deans- gate, Manchester December 8, J Heath. East Teigr, monih, ship builder, at the Hotel, West Teignmouth 0, To Wbolitapten, II orkted Makers, Hosiers TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Substantial newly erected Building, 40ft. Jr\ 7ins. by 29ft. gins, two stories high, toge- ther with Sinkcr- makeis shop and garden, con- taining altogether by admeasurement. 531 square yards, situate in the Bond Street, in Leicester, aud formerly occupied as a hosiers warehouse. Enquire of Mr. COOK, Architect and Survey- or, Horse Fair Street. i. iu'eolnshire. Tie Wineeby Estate. To be sold by Private Contract, rpHAT valuable and most desirable Freehpld 1 Estate, comprising ihe whole village. and parish of Wiuceby, ( excepting the Parsonage house antf29A, 0R. 33P. of Glebe laud), containing up. wards of 800 acres of excellent pasture, uieado. v, and arable laud, including about . JO acres of beau- tiful and very valtiahle plantations, with farm bouse, cottages, and suitable buildings This Estate possesses great advantages, the land being of'a very superior quality, either for pasturage cr tillage, the aiable land is peculiarly- adapted to the growth of turnips, barley, and seeds, aud con- tains immense quantities of the richest marl, which makes the soil inexhaustibly productive at a trifling expence. The L'slate is well watered and divided into convenient pieces, by good white thorn edges. The preset ves abound in game, and the Drockeisby and r: ni ton Hunts are within an easy distance. Wineeby is situated on a fine eminence, command- ing delightful views or the surrounding country and German Ocean, it is nearly equidistant between Horncastle and Spilsby, both of them capital mar- kets for farming produce of every description. Horncastle is noted for having the largest fairs in England, and is only 4 miles from Winceby, from whence corn can he quickly delivered, antl from thence conveyed by water to the best markets in Yorkshire, Lancashire, or London, at a moderate essence. To the Gentleman who wishes to realize bis pro-, pertv by purchasing an Estate that wHI pay ample interest, the Hpoi tsii-. an who would secure an unin- terrupted iarig- e of field sports, or the Farmer who wishes to establish himself both permanently aud advantageously, tins v, iil be, found an opportunity that rarely preseuts itself, the neighbourhood is high* ly respectable,-. and the sui iomidiiig villages ares pleasingly situated, that the vicinity of V. incebyi truly beautiful. Further particulars and price may be known by applying to OCTAVOS ALLKM. Y, of Wincebv, Esq, SAMUEL AI. LENBY, of Maidenwell, Ls. j. or to Mr. WitsoN, Solicitor, Louth, alt ill the county of Lin, colu. Oct. 7th, 1818. For preserving and leautifying the Teeth. rjtHF, Vegetal le Troth- l'cwde has so long .1. been the appendage of every toilet of rank and fashion that it is unnecessary to oiler any fur- ther recommendation of it. Being composed of ve- getables. ami without the assistance of ally mineral or pernicious ingredient whatever, it is free from the usual objection against the use of other dentifrices. Its detersive power is just sufficient to annihilate those destructive and e. oiroding particles which ge- iicrally adhere to the gums am! in the interstices of the teeth ; healing soreness in the former, and pro- moting a new enamel of pearly whiteness, ( where it has been injured or corroded) oil the latter. It likewise imparts a firmness and beautiful redness to the gums ; to the breath the most detectable sweet- ness ; and if used constantly, as directed, will pre. serve the teeth in a sound state even to old age. Sold in boxes' at its. Od. by R.- Bntler ami Sons, Chemists, No. 4, Cheapside, Loudon ; anil 34, Sack, viile- street, Dublin ; and-, fortheni, by tbe principal perfumers and booksellers throughout the united kingdom iV. B. Purchasers are reqaestcif to observe thai ihe mine and address of " Butler, 4, Cheuyside," uie engraved in the stamp and label attached" to each box of this esteemed Dentifrice, as IMITATIONS « f it are note sold under the same title of Vegetable Tenth Pon der. Leicester Journal, and Midland bounties General Advertiser.- ^ Tiduesday and Thursday's Post- LONDON, WEDNESDAY Oct. 28. THE QUEEN. Tim following is tlie Bulletin of Wed- nesday'.—- , t- , « Kew Palace, October 28. " The Queen is more comfortable this morn- j„ n- . fh coosequence of several hour's sleep in the'nig'M; but tbe symptoms of her Majesty's malfMyare not changed. „„,„," ". FRANCIS Mil . MAN. " HENRY HALFORI) i orn Exchange, Oct. 28. Onr market continues very thinly supplied with all descriptions of English Gran; and what few samples of Wheat appeared this morning found buyers at Monday's prices, as well as the best foreign ; although we have bad about 4t> 00 quarters from abroad this week,— Fine parley fully " supports Monday's pricest Ttttvin"- a brisk demand tor that article, and but little ' at. market. Oats- were Is- per quarter dearer, but not brisk in sate at that, advance- Pens and jjeans were rather better sale than on Monday., and higher prices were asked for each. Leicestershire Votes.. ' To be sold by Private Contract., A''- Considerable quantity bf Tythe- free Land, in the Lordship of Otd Dalby, in the coun- ty of Leicester, in plots of 4,8,12, 10, and 20 acres, or upwards^ as may suit purchasers. For partfcfllars, or to treat, apply to Mr. Cable, rott, Solicitor, in Melton Mowbray, ( if by letter, postpaid.) > ' Willoughbg Waterless— 1 > eicestershire. TO BE LET. From year to year, or for five years certain, ' Aud may be entered up:* immediately, AMessuage or Tenement, very pleasantly si- tuated at Willoughby Waterless aforesaid, consifetiug of Wo good parlours, and two kitchens, on tiie ground floor, five good bed rooms, with a kitchen and flower garden, and every convenient outbuilding, suitable tor the residence ot a large Family, or for a School, late in the occupation of Sir. J. C, Gambit-. Any quantity of excellent grazing and meadow Lan1! adjoining the House, not exceeding 18 Acres, may be had therewith immediately; and 11 Acres more at ljidy- day next, if required. Forfurther particulars apply to Mr. WILLEY, burgeon, Walton, near Lutterworth. Willougbhy Waterless isabont 8 miles from Leicester, and . » troni Lutterworth. ; September 2- 1, 18l8. . * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. PETER KIM, At the Rose and Crown Inn, in Hoiightomon- the. Hill. On Wednesday, the 18th of November, 1818, .- at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, in such lots, and on such conditions as shall be then agreed upon : rpWO messuages or tenements, with gardens fi homesteads, ayd other conveniences there- to belonging, situate in'Hotightonou- tiie- H 11 afore said, one lately occupied by Mr. Thomas Boucher, deceased, and the other now in the tenure of Tho- mas Waterfield. Also, a close of exceeding good land near the tillage of Houghton, containing 1.4. la. 27P. ( more or less"), late iu the ocApation of the said Thomas Boucher. For further particulars apply at the office of Messrs.. LOWBHAM- AND GREAVES, Solicitors, Lei- cester. Upwards of 300 lots nfeleun. and neat Household Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. B. NEALE, ALL the genteel, neat, and clean house- hold furniture, homespun linen, beautiful china, and other- valuable cflects, the property of EUWARD MORLEY, Gent, on the premises at Bur- ton Overy, in tbe county of Leicester, on Wednes- day and Thursday the 4th and 5th Nov. 1818, who is removing to a distant residence. Consisting of good 1 post bedsteads and 1 angings, capital feather beds, blankets and quilts, oak and mahogany drawers, oak, mahogany, and other chairs, excellent 8 day clock, japanned and gold case,- coon liueu, small dinner Service white china, beautiful set of tea ditto, white and gold, . pier and s- niny glasses, mahogany, oak. and other tables, brewing vessels, and good kitchen furniture, with many other effects, & e. Sale to commence each day at 10 o'clock. Catalogues may be had, of the Auctioneer, or 911 the nremises. Burton Overy. brand /' revented. rpO'couiiuraci tlie many attempts that are daily I made to impose on the unwary a spurious composition instead of Genuine Blacking prepared by Day and Maitin, they are induced to adopt a new label in which theirsigiiatuicaud address, 97, HIGH II OL HO UN, I* placed sp conspicuously in the centre of tbe label, that they trust an attention to this, aud the difference of the" type which is tinlike all letter- press, will enable purchasers at once to detect the imposition. ' I'lie Ileal Japan Rlaekins, made and sold wliole- tmlchy. DAY AND MAR'l IN, 97, Hisli Holboin, and retailed by the principal Grocers, Druauists, Booksellers, iionmongers, Perfumers, Boot- Mak- ers, Aic. iii Ihe United Kingdom. In Bottles at Od. Is. and Is. ( id-, each. A ropy of the l. abel will be left with all Ven- ders. COUNTY OF LF. ICKSTF. R To wit THE ASSIZE OF BREAD, FOU THE ilt'X'OHED OF GARTREE in the COUS'l V of LEICESTER. THE WEIG'trr . AND 1' ltlCE Ol Ih. oz. dr £. s. d. o- jo; 0 (- if 8 ?( » 12 JO 0 ") 0 0 ( t) Quartern Loaf ditto . ... I 5 8 10 2 2 12 ) 0 The Peck Loaf Wheaten 17 0 — Half Peek Loaf ditto 8 11 —— Quartern Loaf ditto .... 4 5 Half Quartern Loaf ditto 2 2 Peck Loaf Household 17 0 Half Peck l. oaf ditto .... 8 11 1 0, < si to ,11 0 114 • Half Quartern Loaf ditto 0 5 » Set by 11s, Two of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, in and for the said Hundred, the 27th Day of . October, 1818, and to continue in force- for seven Davs, from Monday next. E. P. STRATFORD. J AS. ORD. Town Hall, Marketilarboroiii. b. COUNTY OF LEICESTER To wit. THE ASSIZE OF BREAD, FOR THE HUNDRED of GUTHLAXTON. lbs. oz. dr. Quartern Loaf Wheaten to weigh 4 8. 8. 8. 12. 12. 12. s. d. .. 1 oi .. 0 11= -. 0 111 .. « < i- I . ,0 . .0 IS 10 14 rpHK Commissioners in a Commission ef I Bankrupt, bearing date tbe 30th day of September, 1816, awarded and issued forth against JOSEPH- WAJ- AS,. of Leicester, in the county ot Lei- cester/, Grocer, Dealer and Cbapmpii, intend to meet 011 the 4ih day of November next, at eluven o'clock iii the forenoon, at the White Hart Lin, in Leicester aforesaid, to make a further Dividend of the Estate and Effccls of the said Bankrupt; when and where tht; Creditors,' who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. And all claims not then proved will be disallowed. J. Lawton, Solicitor. Ditto Standard Wbeaten, 4 Ditto Household 4 5 Half Quartern Loaf, Wheaten.. 2 2 Ditto Standard Wlieaten 2 2 Ditto Household 2 2 Two- penny Loaf, Wheaten.... 0 II Ditto Standard Wheaten 0 11 Ditto Household ...... r 0 12 Penny Loat Wheaten to weigh.. 0 5 Ditto Standard Wheaten 0 5 Ditto Household 0 fi 2 Set by- us, Two of bis Majesty's Justices of the Peace in uiid for the said Hundred, this 24th day . of October, 1818; aud to continue in force for seven iavs, from Saturday next. J. POIVELL. J. IV. PAIISEY. ritHE Commissioners in a Coinuibsiou ol 1 Bankrupt',' bearing date the Gib day of Julv, 181G- awarded and issued forth against JOHN Goons, of Leicester, iu the ci• Unity ol Leicester, Hosier, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on fhe 4th day of November next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the White Hart Inn, in Leicester afore- said, to make a further Dividend of Ihe Estate and Effects of tbe said Bankrupt; when and where the creditors, who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend. And all claims not- tlteii proved will be disallowed. J. Lantern, Solicitor. MIE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing dale the 10th day of May, 1810, awarded and issued forth against ' 1' HO- M is N- HVG, of Leicester, in the comity of Leicester, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 4th dav of'Novcuiber. next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, at tiie vVliite Hart Inn, in Leicester aforesaid, in order to make a further Dividend of tiie Estate and Effects of the saii'l Bankrupt; when ahd where t. he'Creditors, who have not already- proved . their Debts, ale to come prepared to prove Ihe Same, or tliev Will be excluded the benefit Of Ihe said Dividend. And all claims not then proved will be disallowed. J. Laicton, Solicitor.. II ERE AS ON. IRI. E'S SANIVEKS, of Lut- terworth, in the county of Leicester, Currier, hath, by Indenture, dated the 17th October instant, assigned over all his personal Estate and Ef- fects to Mr.' Benjamin Smith, of Lutterworth afore- said. Draper; and Mr. George Houghton, of Lutter- worth aforesaid, Liquor Merchant, in trust for the bene lit. of his Creditors. Notice is here! y given, That the said Deed now lies at the Office of Mr. Richard W atson, Solicitor, Lutterworth, for the sig- nature of such of the Creditors of the said Charles Sanders, as are willing to accept of the Composition arisingfrom bis Etl'ef- ts ; and those Creditors who shall refuse to sign the said Deed, at the expiration of one month from the date of" this Notice, will be excluded the benefit arising therefrom. All Persons to whom the saitl Charles Sanders stands indebted, are requested fit send an account thereof to Mr IVatson ; apd all Persons indebted to the said Charles Sanders, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Messrs. Smith and Houghton, within one month from the date hereof, otherwise icgai proceedings Will be takeu to recover the same. • ' Lutterworth, October 22d. 184- 8. Henry Robottmn's Insolvency. WHEREAS HENRY ROBOTTOM, ofHinck- lev, in tlio county of Leicester, baker, hath by Indenture bearing date the 10th day of Oc- tober instant, assigned overall his Estate and Ef- fects unto John Bldkesley, ' ot Hinckley aforesaid, Banker, and Samuel Mdllabey, of Gtendon, in the county of Warwick, Miller, in trust for the equal benefit ot the " creditors of liiin the said- Henry Ro- bottom, who shall execute the Indenture of Assign- ment 0: 1 or before the I Otli day ot November next. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the said Assignment, is " left at thfOffice of Mr. CowOEtLj Solicitor, in Hinckley afor. esaid, for sig- nature, ofthe respective creditors of him the said Henry Roboltoni. All persons indebted to the said Henry Robottom, ire requested to pay the amount of their several debts ihto the bank of Messrs. SANSOME and BLAKES- i'. kv, 111 Hinckley aforesaid, 011 account of the said t rustees without delay, or they will be sued for tbe same. By order ot the Trustees, W. , M. COWDELL. Hinckley, 21st October, 1818. _______ TO BE LET, AGood established business in the Millinery and Dress- making, with or without the ' Stock. For particulars enquire of M. A. HAI. L, Market Street, Lough borough. Fifteen Guineas Reward. LEICESTER ASSOCIATION, For the prosecution of Felons, frc. ABrow 11 MARE, of the saddle kind, about 15 hands high, four years old, with a star ill the forehead, auiT a nag tail rather long, the pro- perty of Mr JOHN BRYAN, of the Public Wharf, iu the town of Leicester, Innkeeper, having been stolen from a Close nearly opposi. e the Pea- cock Imi, 011 the Turnpike Road, leading from Lei- cester to Belgrave, late last night, or early this morning. The said JOHN B RYAN hereby offers a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, in addition to the Reward of T E N G U I NBAS allowed by the above Association, to any person or persons w ho will cause the offender or offenders to be brought to justice, both which rew ards will be paid on convic- tion of such offender or offenders; and should tw o or more have been concerned ill the above robbery, and any one of them will impeach his accomplice or accomplices therein to conviction, the person so, impeaching Is hereby promised both the above re- wards, and that proper application shall be made to obtain his full pardon. T. SHEPPARD; Solicitor to the above Association. Leicester, October 24, 1818 STATE LOTTERY. RESPECTFULLY submitted far Public Inspection THE SCHEME Of tbe State Lottery, to begin Drawing on tbe 24th NOVEMBER, Which contains, with ONLY 14,000 Tickets Four Prizes of £ 30000! & c. & c. Consols and Money. FIRST DRAWN PRIZE ' WILL RECEIVE £ 30,000 111 Over and above any other Prize in the Scheme to which it may be entitled. SCH E~ ME. 4 Prizes of-£ 30,000 Consols are £ 120,000 2 5,000 Money 10,000 5 1,000 Money ...... 5,000 500 Money 3,000 • 200 Money 1,000 101) Money 1,000 50... . Mot'- ey 1,000 ( i .... 8 10.... 20.... 2,810 10... . Money 28,100 14,000 Tickets j ] Tickets and Shares are on sale in variety at all tbe Licensed Offices ill London ; and by tbe Agents in all the principal Cities and Towns in ; ht United j^ iagdom.' TURNPIKE ROAD, Frcm f. mt'juboroiKjh to Ashby- de- la- Zovch, and from Gbleorton to Rcmpstone. Notice is hereby given, - THAT the Tolls arising ot the Toll Gates un- der mentioned, will be let by Auction to the best bidder, at the Plough Inn, in Longlilioio', on the 2(> th day of November next, between thev hours of S and » > in the evening, in the manner as directed by the Act" passed-. iu-. the33tfi. acar of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Roads, w hich Tolls the last vear were let tor the sums hcreaftet mentioned, ( viz.) Loughborough Gate £ 90 0 0 G raceilieii gate, T/ iritigsfone gate, and Thrings- tone bar 122 0 O Ash by bine gale, and Coleorton bar 122 0 0 Beit tin gate, and Normanton bar 152 0 0 And will be put up al the same sums. Whoever happens to he. the best bidder, must at tbe same time give security, with sufficient sure- ties, to the satisfaction, of tiie Trustees of the said road, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at sueh times as they shall direct. IF, N. Dram ley. Clerk to the Trustees. SheCpsbead, Oct, " 23,. 4818. TURNPfkE ROAD, From Loughborough to Cavendish Bridge. ' iNotioe is. hereby given, rpH AT the Tolls'arising at the Toll- gate at 1 Disliley, wilt hi) let by. Auction, to the best Bidder, at the Plough Inn, in Loughborough, on the 26th day of November, between the hours of three and sK i'l the evening, in the manner as directed by the Act passed ip the lath year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike Reads, w hich Tolls, the last year, was let for the sum hereafter mentioned, viz Disliley Gate £ 426 0 0 And will be put up at the same sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, most, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sure- ties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees > f the said Road, for the payment ofthe Rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. B. N. Brantley, Clerk to the Trustees. Sheepsheiyl, 29th. October, 1818, Turnpike Tolls to Let: N'OTICE it Jierchy given, that the tollsaris- jng at the several toll giit. es and bars hereafter mentioned, elected upon Ihe turnpike road- between Hinckley and MelbomnCommon, in the county of Leicester, and the several branches thereof, will be LET BY AUCTION to the best bidders, atthe house of Elizabeth Headman, the George Inn, in Market Bosworth, on Wednesday, the 18th day of November nc. l;, between the hours of two anil four o'clock, in the mamiiir directed by an act pass- ed in the 13th year of tl.-. reign of his present Ma- jesty, " for regulating the turnpike roads," for one year, to commence on th : 1st day of January next, which- said tolls were let the last year at the several sums hereafter mentioned, and Will be put up at such sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder or bidders, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said turnpike road, for the payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. Hinckley and Staple- ton Gates, ...... £ 82 10 Cadeby and Ireland lane Bars, and the Cadeby Machine, 7 10 Osbaston Gate and Bars, Hoo- Ash, " Old Lane, Froggatfs Lane, Engine and Newbold Gates, Cartbrook, Swan- niiiglon, and the Round House Bars, 500 0 Staunton Gate and Bars, .... ,... 20 0 Redwood Gate arid Bars, .'...; OS 0 Swepstone Gate and Bar, 64 0 The renter* of Gates that stand iu. arrears will not be allowed to bid., , To be Sold by private Contract, Two Shares of£ 35 each, secured upon the tolls of the above turnpike road, [ One concern. JOHN THORPE, Clerk to the Trustees. Market Bosworth, October 27, 1818. TO Bi: SOLD BY SUCTION, By Mr. F. BURGESS. On Monday November 16th, 1818, at Mr. JEAYS, ihe White Lioii Inn, Leicester; THE FOLLOWING Valuable Stocking- Frames. No. Gge. Wdth. Plain oi rib whereat 4 24 15— plain— Mr. Almey, Shilteh 15 32 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 13 24 15— ditto— Thomas Ribsous, Birstall ' 26 18 - 15— ditto— North, Rothley 25 16 15— Tib — Ditto ' ditto 32 32 lo— plain— Ditto ditto 30 18 15— rib — Ditto ditto 11 22 15— plaia— W. M. Jarvis, Tbnruby 17 20 20— d.- tio— Ditto ditto 1 23 15— ditto— John Jan is, ditto 3 21 16— ditto— John Stnri ess, Great Glenn 6 30 15— ditto— Daniel Rc. ds, New town Har. 5 26 15— ditto— Ditto ditto rcourt 42 22 15— ditto— Joseph Rekls, ditto 8 23 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 9 30 15— ditto— Thomas Ja< eys, Oadby 21 18 15— ditto— John Hopkins, Braunstone Gale, Leicester 27 20 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 2 20 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 18 18 12— ditto— James Cramonent, King street 31 20 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 21 20 16— ditto— John Robinsons 20 24 16— ditto— Honghtons, Marquis Granby yd 11 22 15— d. tto— Iiiffc's shop" 22 22 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 23 24 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 16 24 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 19 22 13— ditto— Ditto ditto 21 22 15— ditto— Lit to ditto 28 24 16— ditto— Ditto ditto 88 23 15— ditto— Ditto ditto 10 23 15— ditto- Ditto ditto 12 24 — ditto— Ditto ditto 24 21 — lib.— Ditto ditto The greater part of these Frames are in good con- dition, apd at work in excellent hands, well worth the attention of the manufacturers, • Sale to commence at 3 o'clock precisely. Conditions ot sale, a? usual. Catalogues to be had of the Anctioqer, six days previous to the sale. To Publicans and others. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Ih/ Mr. COOKE, On Tuesday the 3d November, 1S18, ALL the capital well seasoned brewing ves- sels, barrels, and other effects, the pro- perty of Mr. William Ca/ ver, On the premises, the sign ot the General Wolfe, Northgate street, Leicester. Comprising 150 gallon copper, ( nearly new) 40 gallon iron boiler, 10 strike mash, tub, cooler and pipeiiig hop press, 2 gathering tubs, wort pail, tan dish, mash rule, AC. one 80 gallon barrel, two 64 gallon ditto, one 30 gallon ditto, and 5 smaller ditto, tap tub, 2 plated tankards, ti ditto cups, pewter ale measures, skittle frame, pins, and bowls, with other articles connected with the public business, the whole in excellent preservation, and worth the at- tention of the public. Also, Part of the Useful Household Furniture, Beds, Bedding, tkc. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. The premises either to be sold or let, enquire on the premises, or the Auctioner, Granby street, Lei- cester. TO BE SOLD, And entered upon at Lady- day next', AClose of rich pasture land containing 12 acres, situated in the lordship of Melton Mowbray. For particulars apply to Mr. W. HINUS, Sysonby. ' - • •' New Trent Boat, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By DA VIS and SON. • At the Fleu dc Lis Ihii, Belgrave-' gate, To- MORnoyv. Saturday, October 31st, 1818, at three o'clock In the afternoon, ACapital new Trent Boat, built of excellent seasoned wood, has a 2- inch floor inside, and ill all other respects stronuly built. ^ For further particulars and a view of the same apply to ROBERT KEIUHTLEY, lielgiave- gate, Lei coster Keyham, vea r'Leicester* TO BE' SOLD BY AUCTION, By DAvis arid SON, 0 » Monday November 9th, 1818, and four following days, ALL the excellent live stock, implements in husbandry, dairy utensils, brew ing vessels, coppers, wool, household liirnittire,. linen, and other numerous effects, of. Mr. Windsor, ( deceased). On the premises at Keyham. Leicestershire. l » f Day's- Sale, ' Monelay- Nov. 0, Consists of 65 excellent old Leicestershire breed- ing ewes and theaves, 73 wether and ewe 1 mbs, 26 shearhogs, < 1 rams, 17 store bullocks, 2 fat cows, 2 incalved cows, 2 useful infualed draught ma res, four sets ofhor. se tackle, saddle, quantity of good fleece wool and tagloeks, & e. , vc. 2d flays Sale, ' Tuesday Nov. 10, Consists of 2 narrow wheel waggons, 1 s'x inch cartel narrow wheel ditto, roll, 2 ploughs, four pair harrows, winnowing fan, ileaks, bags, goo'l^ nialt mill, 2 strikes, moveable led horse trough and trame, ladders, sheep troughs and cribs, barrows, drag rakes, corn try, forks, rakes, sieves, narrow wheels, capital large barrel churn, stone cheese press, tv. o good milk leads,,, harvest booties, with a g eat vari- ety of other articles. 3d, 4th, and CM Day's Sale, Wednesday, Thurs- day, and Friday, Consists of useful 4 post and other bedsteads with furniture, good feather and flock beds, mattresses, blankets and coverlets, 31 pair of good sheets, ex- cellent table and other linen, oak drawers and bu- reau, 8 day and 30 hour clocks, good ( ak dining, snap, and other tables, chairs, fenders aad high po- lished fire irons, oak cupboards, oven and range, large quantity of pewter, china and glass, linen chests, large and small coppers, well seasoned sixty gallon 30, 20, and smaller barrels, 8 strike mush tub, with other brewing vessels, brass pots and pans, quantity of cheese and bacon in lo;>, several dozen of glass bottles, books, pier and sw ing glasses, trays, urns, with a numerous assortment of other articles. Sale to begin each morning at ten o'clr ck. Catalogues may be had at the place of sale, and of Ihe Auctioneers, Leicester, 6 days previous. The abjure sheep are of the old Leicestershire breed, from rams ofthe late Mr. Moses Mil er. « Knawston. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BURTON, At the Crown Inn, in Oakham, on Saturday the 31st of October, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, \ Freehold Estate at Knawston, in fhe County of Leicester, in the fallowing t I. ots:— Lor 1. Brand Meadow 14 High Meadow close 18 Hoilow back close 12 LOT 2. Brand closp ( in two parts) LOT 3, New meadow .* LOT 4. House buildings and House closff, ( iu two parts) ....... 31 Li tile close 4 Little House clo- e 2 Whisp close ........: .11 Ploughed House close .......^ 8 R. P. 0 2 1 io 3 45 0 11 37 3 30 16 0 27 2 30 1 32 0 6 )• » 8 1 34 2 20 1 2 157 1 30 The Tenant ( Mr, PETER PRESTON) at the House, w ill shew the premises, and further particular vttay be had at the office of'Mr. LATHAM, of Melton Mowbray. Co'nton Basset A o 11 in eft; a ru shii e. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BURTON, On Monday the 9th, and Tuesday the lOfli ot No- vember, 1818, on tlie premises of Mr. JOHN CRABTREF, Who is leaving his Farm, at Colston l.' assety A LL tbe valuable Live Stock, Huy, Keep- ing, & C. kc. i Comprising 93 capital breeding ewes, 30 shear- lings, and 86 lambs, 12 incalved cow s, 6 incalved heifers, 12 two- year old heifers and steeis, and 14 yearling Calves, 7 very useful draught hntses, one hackney mare, one infoal'd ditto,. and foi r young horses, viz. one 2- year old fillev, by Norton, 1 year- ling colt by ditto,- one foal by Milling, aad i draught foal, with tackle for 10 horses, LIKEWISE The Keep, now growing on 105 acres, meadow and pasture laud, 55 acres, stnbbh s, with 40 tons of well g t Hay and Straw, keeping for 14 hi ast un- til Lady- dav 1819 N. B.— ITie above Stock will be found on lispec- tion well worfb attention, having been selec ed and bred with great, care from tbe best Rams and Bulls in the neighbourhood. The Live Stock will be sold on Monday the fir; I day's sale ; the Horse Tac'- le, Keeping, an I Hay, on Tuesday, each day at 11 o'cl ek. WOLSTON, WARW 1CKSHIRE. Extensive and culpable Floch of Sheep, Fat Cows, Bullocks, Steers, Sturhs, able Waggon Horses und Mares, Two handsome Poneys, valuable Im- plements in Farming, and other Effects. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 11F THO MA S ( 1 BIM F. S, On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 3d and 4th days of Noyember, 1818, upon the Farm lately occu- pied by A. C. HERNE, Gent, at, Wolston, in the county of Warwick, deceased, "" I " HE entire and truly valuable Live Farming 1 Stock, implements in Farming, and other Effects; comprising ninety- four ewe sheep," sixty tlieave-, fifty. three- ewe lambs, and fifty- four wetlicj ditto, four ram lambs, and three ranis, twelve fat cows, six fat bullocks, anil one store ditto, two still k steers, and . six shirks, one sow- pig, six able waggon horses aud three mares, with their tackle, two val- uable poneys. The implements, which are all in good preservation, consist of a- stout 6- inch wheei waggon, with double shafts', gearing ami lime boards complete; three narrow wheel waggons, three six inch- wheel carts, and a ram cart, a foui'diorse- power thrashing machine, two winnowing machine fans, pate. it foar- knife chaff machine, patent turnip cuf- ier, and an excellent malt mill; two double and four single. ploughs, four pair of barrows,' and oue drag harrow, double land roll, two sets of plough gears with bends, spoke chain, and two iron bars, large tarpaulin, ten ladders, four waggon ropes, and two jacks, forty bags, eight head- stalls, six horse nets, two waggonjacks, four barley takes, grinding stone and frame, with numerous small ' impfements in farming, which will be enumerated in printed particulars, which will be distributed in due time- The public are most respectfully informed, the Stock will be found worthy their attention ; tbe Im- plements are in good preservation ; and the lots will be put up according to catalogue. Sale to commence each morning at Ten. '"•- SiOU& teBoaoucH. Capital Road and Market House. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT. ( Bi) order ofthc l-'.^ eail. ors,) ' t Oil tfnrpremise. st some time in the month of Novem- ber, 181S,- in one or more lots, ALL tht isc capital aud most desirable pre- ' niises comprising the Cress Keys Inn and Market House, now in full trade, and most capitally situate in Highgate Street, Loughborough, late in the occupation of the Owner Mr, JONAS SUGDEN, deceased, Paticnlars w ith tlie day of sale will appear in a future paper. . , " - N. 11. £" 409 may remain on security upon the estate if required. Ilallaton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. B. PAYNE, On Monday the 2d day of Novefnher, 1818; atrflie sign of the Royal Oak, in Hallatdn, in the coun - ty of Leicester, at live o'clock in the artefnoon, • aubjeet to such conditions as will be then and there produced ; A Convenient well built house, with large J. . V garden and out ollices. late in tbfc occu- pation of Mrs. Fenvvieke, situate in Hallafon Aftrtfer said, containing oil the ground floor two parluuis; ( fitted up with handsome grates, well papered, ; ie,.)" kitchen, pantry, and cellars; on the first tii. ov foiir bed rooms; on the seond floor two attic*; in tiie ' yard is a good stable for 2 horses, with loft, a coyv ' house, and other ourolfices. The Garden is well planted with choice Fruit Trees. ' Hie buyer may be accommodated with part of the Purchase Money on security of the Pre- mises. For a view of the premises, and for fiirther'tiai- ticulais apply to Mr THOMAS WADLAND, of HaHaton. Modern and useful Household Furniture, China. Glass, § - C. be. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' By Mr. II. PAYNE, ' Oil Monday, ihe 9th day of November, 1818, at a • house situate in the Cank Street, Leicester, late in the occupation of Mr. COOPER ;' ( COMPRISING( in part) bedstCads, feather V and flock beds, blankets, mattresses, ma- nogany chests of draw ers, elegant Japan, Bamboo, ' Chifioniet e, Mahogany dining, Pembroke, tea, and other tab- cs, dining anil drawing room fire ironsand fenders, mahogany chairs, 8- day clock, japanu'd coal tabs, sasli wiudowsand frames", barrels, an ex. cedent w eighing machine, a capital Yorkshire grin, die stone, fit for the finest edge tools, a quantity of religious tracts, books, & c. and a variety of kit- chen requisites. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. Freehold Estate Leicestershire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( IN ONE LOT) By Mr. IIOl. LIER, On Tuesday the 10th day Of November next, ( unless disposed of in the mean time by pri- vate contract, of which due " notice w jli be given,) at the Bull's Head, in Hinokley, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to con- ditions:— ALL those Two undivided Ninth Parts or Shares ( the whole into nine equal parts considered as divided) of and in all those several Messuages or Tenements, Farms and Lands, situate at Picketing Grange, Stapleton, and Peckletoii, in the county of Leicester, containing together Five Hundred and Ninety Eight Acres, oi thereabouts, in the several occupations of George ' 1 liir'lb'y, T homas Pratt, William Doweil, Joseph Richardson, Sarah Toon, and Henry, Buckley ; subject to Land Tax aud Tithes. The above Estate is situate in a fine comitrv. wiih good roads,- three miles distant from Market Bos- worth and Hinckley, and' at easy distances fVbni other market towns. -, The Premises may be jviewed bv application to tbe ' 1 enants ; and for further particulars, and an in- spection of maps of tie Estate, as also to treat for tbe purchase of the same, apply to John Lynes, Esq. of Kirk by Mailofv, Leicestershire; or to Messrs Couplant. Dukes, and Salt, Attoniies, Shrewsbury.. Under an Execution. TO BE SOLD BYAUCTIdW, By Mr. MARRIS, On the premises of EOWARO TARRY, of Thurnby, in the county of Leicester, oil Monday, the- 2d of November, 1818,, ALL tbe household furniture," of the saiil EDWARD TARRY. Comprising ( in part) 1 bureau bedstead, 4 stiimp bedsteads, 3 wool beds, blankets, sheets, coverlets, tables, chairs, an oak dining table, snap table, 30 hour clack, a capital barrel churn, cheese press, cheese and other tubs, milk leads, mash tub, gather- ing and w orking tubs, several barrels from IS to 40 gallons, ami some smalier, a large iron boiler and furnace, and a beaufet. Also, Four dairy ccwsj 4 rearing calves, a donkey, and other effects of the said Edward Tarry. N. B. Tbe sale toconimence at 10o'clock". Market Harborougli, October 30, 1818. LEICESTERSHIRE. . Freehold Estate at' Great WigOMt TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, . By Mi HOLLOIVAY, At the Three Crowds Inn, in Leicester, on Satur- day, the 21st day Of November,' 1818, at threo o'clock in the afternoon, subject to sitcfe eondi, . tioi s Of sale as shall be then produced, ( unless in the mean time disposed of hy private contract, in which case notice will be given) ADesirable freehold and lithe free estate, situate in the lordship of Great Wigston, ill the county of Leicester, consisting of 3 closes ot land called the two hill cio. es, ai d the far long mea- dow, containing together 30 acres or thereabonts, in the tenure of Mr. Andrew Taylor, of Kilby, who will shew the premises. A barn and oilier outbuildings proper for the oc- cupation of the farm are already erected on the estate. The two hill closes are in tillage, and the far long meadow consists of capital grass. laud. At the time und place of Side, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, To the best bidder, at ail aiinual rent, for the - term of seven years from the 0th day of April next. Three closes of rich land In Great Wigstttn afore- said, containing together 20 acres or thereabouts, also in tlie tenure of Mr. Taylor, adjoiiiingithc above estate. Further particulars may be known oji application to Mr. GEORGE WARTMACY, Attorney", in Market Harborough. Fo Farmers, Graziers, and Butchers, or others inclined to enter into the trade- of a Butcher, in London.. TO BE DISPOSED OF BY PRIV ATE CONTRACT, A Capital long established business of a f'\ Butcher,. The situation is in a populous respectable neighbourhood, the premises roomy and well arranged, and the returns of the business regular. The proprietor is about to retire after hav. ing carried it on successfully upwards of twenty years. A reasonable proportion of the premium will be allowed to remain on auprovedseciirity, and every assistance rendered to secure the connection, but no one need to apply v. ho cannot command a mod-. erate capital, and principals only will'be treated with, and the strictest reference as to lespectabiliti of character will be required. All farther particulars together w^ th the terms, piay be known byj& soKai'apfd. icatioii, or by lelto , post paid, to Mr H.-, tli) AY, ScHcitor, 5, St. John's Square, London, Leicester Journal, and Midland Counties CTtic^ al Advertise*. marmot' LOST, Between. Loughborough and Burtm- on- the- Wonlds, on the 27th instant, AGold Ring, with six Gold Seals, and two Watch Keys. DESCRIPTION. One Seal with Anns and Crest, one Crest and Ci- pher C, G. M ; one with a Head of Shikespear, avid Cypher H. L, 011 THE reverse side ; three smaller Seals. ' H' • ' Whoever will bring thesame to the house of C. G. MUNDY, Esq-. at Bnrton- OB? tlte- Woalds, may, re- ceive a re vard of FIVE GUINEAS. 28th O- tohev, I8t8, •— i . —- llll- SUMi. A Youth of mry respectable Parents, who left School, in the neighbourhood of Lutterworth, on Sunday morning, October 25th, and has not been heard of since. HE WHS well dressed, in a blue Coat, with gilt buttons, fffaded striped Waistcoat, bine cloth Trowsers, very full and low - about the ancles, and white Stockings. He is tall, and rather thin, about five feet teri inches high, has Very dark hair, growing over tbe forehead, strong features, thick lips, and rather dark complexion. He bud but Utile money with him, and it is supposed must soovu have sold his Watcli to obtain tbe mcansof sup- port. . Those Persons who have seen or. heard an, v thing of a Youth ol'this description, are earnestly request- ed to scuil word to bis distressed- Relatives, by let- ter addressed ro Mi N. POST OFFICE, Lutterworth, and they'will'be rewarded r r tljcir tiouble. • ts j--. • 4' nation to Mut/ iei- s. AT a critical1 season like the present, when children are teething, the utmost attention ought to be paid to thein, particularly as th/ mea ah a and chin cougti are so prevalent. If tile irrita, tion of the gums comes with any other disorder, very- few infants recover. Mothers ought never to be without th « AMERICAN. SOOTHING SYRUP in tbe nur- sery; for. ifacii. ild wakes in the night with pains in the gums, this valuable medicine applied, will im- mediately open the pores, heal the gums; and there- by prevent levers or convulsion-, for should it come ia competition with any other disorders, it often destroys the mother** brightest hopes. Parents who may be dubious of the virtues of the Soothing 8yi up, may refer to the rases that have appeared in the Newspapers for the last ten years. To be hail of the proprietors, Johnson and Wil- liams, No. 91, Newman street, ' Oxford street, Lon- don r and by their appointment, of- the principal medicine venders in town and country, at 2s. ' Jd. per bottle. . { N. H. Ke sure to ask tor Johnson and W illi. mis's Soothing Syrup. : _ TWanted, N Apprentice to a Surgeon and Apothe- cary.— Apply " to Mr.' PAGET, L. eieester. A TILUE -- BLUE ( CLTUJBS* HAIlftOROUGH DISTRICT, True Blue Club. \ T a numerous and respectable Meeting, I \ held at the George Inn. in Market Har- borotigh, oil Wednesday- the 14th of October, 1818. It was unanimously RtsoIvcd, lst. That a'Club be established under the title of THE HARBOROUGH DISTRICT TRUE BLUE CLUft. ' 2,1. That the object of the Club be to main- tain and encourage A iherenee- to our glorious Constitution: Loyalty to our King; Attachment to the Established Church: Respect for the dignity of Parliament 1 Revet enee for the Laws: AND Support of the Constituted Authorities of the Realm. Hd. That the designs of tbe Club being thus for the promotion of the general welfare, still its parti- cular aim and efforts will be in the first place direct- ed to secure the return to the Commons House of Parliament, as Representatives of the County of Leicestei, firm and steady supporter* of the Consti- tution as by law established in Church and State. 4tb. That all persons whose sentiment* accord with the above Declaration, be invited to become Members. ' 5th. That the Meetings bf the Club be held once in each year at Hal borough, upon a day as. conveni- ent as can be settled for the accommodation of the Members, and that prdper notice be given by public Advertisement iii the Leicester and Northampton Papers. " " ' • 6th. That the Meetings be held at the bouses of Freeholders friendly to the Interest in rotation. 7th. That Gentlemen attending the present Meet- ing who are willing til become Members of this Club b* reqocs'ted to put down their names, and ill order to a third an opportunity to all other persons who may b « friendly to the same, signatures be re- ceived at the following places, viz :— the Angel Inn, the Union, tlif George, the Hind the White Hart, the Cherry Tree, and Swans, in Market Har borough, until the first day of January, 1819. * The names of the'Members of the H thorough True Line Club, signed on the lst day of Meeting. Organ. TO BE DISPOSED OF, A, Fine toned O^ GAN with Stop, open Diap- ason, and Principal, of a most excellent quality, bv the. eelebrated Father Smith; with Twelfth and Fifteen;!) added by one. of the best modern builders, extending from D. in alt. to double C. with short octaves to and G. For particulars apply to Mr. JARVIS, Professor of Music, HolsetVir Street, or to JAMES KNOTT, Dyer, Nortll- ate Street. " Leicester,' October 28, 1818'. TO BE DISPOSED OF, With immediate possesion, AValuable established business in the Gro- cery " and Chandlery, fce. Me. ill a popu- lous neighbourhood. Arty person with a small capi- tal will find it vvoith attention. Apply to r. WALL, grocer, Gallowtrce gate, if by letter, pust p-' id. N. B. Stock and Fixtures with Furniture, may be aken at a fair valuation, • out- ,—, —— Freehold Estate, Tifthe- free-. Leicestershire. To i'' e sold by "' Private Contract, AMost desirable freehold estate, situated at B irsby, in the county of Leicester, con- sitting . of a farm bouse with suitable offices, and one huu Ired and eight acres of glazing land, tythc free, and laud tax redeemed. The above- estate is now occupied by Mr. J. WALTON, yearly tenant, who will shew it, and give reference for particulars. ^ Barsby is " nine mites From Leicestor, ill a pleasant part of tlie county. ____ LEICESTERSHIRE. Valuable Freehold and tyllie- free Estates, TO- BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CON TRACT, AN Estate at Queneborcncgh, comprising the Manor of Queneborough, with fishery aud other appurtenances, mauor house, with suitable offices, dove- cot, spacious detached barn, ( adapted to couvert i; ito a malting office, or stables,) together with 230 acres of arable, meadow, anil pastnrcLaud, 200 of which are contiguous to tbe house, the whole of good quality, and '"> ahi « y state of cultivation. QueUeboroHgh is li mites from Leicester, 7 from Loughborough, 9 from Melton, 5 from Quoi n, the roads are excellent, and the situation highly dcs; i- ible to a I'oxliu vTiai nr Agriculturi. il. This Estate w ill be sold together, or in any allot- ments, suitable to the wishes of persons desirous to purchase. ' AT TWYFORD, An Estate, comprising a Farm House, and suita- ble Offices, standing upon ," 60 acres of good arable and pasture Land, in a ring tei. ee, on the road from Oakham ito Leicester, 10 miles from Leicester, six from Melton Mowbiav. At SO- rERIiY, Xn Estate, comprises a Farm House and Offices, standing upon 50 acres of grazing Land, of the . first Quality, * drilling tlie village, is iu the centre oj tne. Leicestershire Honrs, 5 miles from Moltoa, 5from Oakham, 14, from Leicester. . Apply to Mr. HEALY, LACGIHOTJ, near Falk- inghain, Lincolnshire; postpaid ietteis only will be attended to. mr. OO!!! FOR THE FIRST DRAWN PRIZE ON THE 24th of NEXT MONTH, ( NOVEMBER ) WHEN THE STATE LOTTERY BEGINS. THE. Scheme consists of 11,000 Tickets, and contains Four Grand Prizes of £ 30,0110 Consols, and various other Capitals, all lo be paid in Sterling Money.— Tickets and Shares are nulling IU great variety by g T. BTSIJ, STBCK- BROKER, CONTRACTOR FOR THE LOTTERY, 4, CornluU, audi), Charm;/ Cross, London, And bv the following Agents, r. y. Wright, Printer, Sot ling hum, J. P. Lucas, High street, Birmingham, ./. Turner, Bookseller, Coventry, J. IVbitlam, BooLyUei-, H'erksop, J. Ereemun, Umiwliirf Nintliujiipton, 5?*. Clemaitson, Post Office, Mellon Mowbray, S. Heudsmorc, Bookseller, Ashby- dc- ln-'/ Mich, J. Uopkiuson, Wine Merchant,. Loughborough, J. DrulcaM, News Office, Stamford. J. Felt on, Jeweller, llivckley. If. CUtrk Printer, Market Harborough. v In the last Lottery Contract BISH fas usual) sold Capitals gieater in Number siif Amount man any other Officu- keeper, including Nos. 4,706 and 17,395, two Prizes of £ 30,0;)( I, bath in Sh-. res; aud in a former Lottet v, All Three Prizes of £ 30,001); And whene ver-£ a ® , 000 Prizes form part of the Scheme, his offices have been very eonspiewws. W F Maior E Maior James Ol d F Apthorpe T Thorpe R Havmes E Griffin I! Walker T C Ord T Wright H Coleman J'S Coleman H'Biillivant " W W urtnaby W Dent T 1 lolitich- J H Dent T Ward CJJ Humf'rey G Bosworth J H Heycock John West W Perkins John Bright Tobias Green W Clarke John Goodmail E Griffin, Junr, Henry Calmer N Shuttle" ortli J It Davenport J 1' Ord John Driver H Cramp Joseph . vartnaby W Holloway 11 Sbuttlewnf th R Hliuttleworth J P Tail by J Dobson James Morpott John Patrick W Nnrsijy John Stiles J Sheppard J Bull J Tailby T Kendall J Foster M Moore; t J M Cop pin T Cox T Hubbard W Abbott G Wartnaby T V- arfnaby J Wartaaby R Hind 11 Bull f ' 1' Abbott H Shuttle worth Jltnr, M Birch Richard Burton R B Huinf'rey J - B Hlinifrey T. Coleman R Fairer J Barnes W Pell P Adams W Burton T Mm, ten W Haymes R Rouse THE OLD INDEPENDENT Fine Blue Interest. flflrfEfriends ofthe OLD INDEPENDENT TRUE JL BLUE INTEREST residing in LOUGHBO- ROUGH and its vicinity, will dine together atthe ANCHOR INN, Lougliborengh, on TUESDAY, the third day o/' Noveiliber next, when the Compa- ny of all the Freeholders and well wishers to that nderest, is ret/ nested. C. G. MUNDY, Esquire, In she Chair. STEWARDS Sir Charles Thomas Palmer, Bart. Rev. Doctor Hardy William Herrick, Esq Rev. S. F. Dasbwood Colonel Cheney Rev. Charles Holdeu William Middlcton, F. s(| Rev. W. R. Tyson Saville John Hyde, Esq Rev. N. P. Joh. isou John Buckley, Esq ' 1 homas Denning, Esq John Cradock, E » q Hehry Hind, Esq John Creswe'. l, Esq Jaiiics Ella, Esq. John Woodcock, Ksq Lev. John W. R. Hover John Burgess, Esq ( liarlts Lacey, ICsq ( Nottingham) John Astill, liisq Rev L Giifch John Minors Biilstrode, Esq Edward Creswell, Esq . Rev. Thomas Stevenson Mr Benjamin Rowland Mr. Hill Mr. Ambrose Rrewin Mr. ' fbonias Bui kill Mr. Charles i ace* Mr. MiHiam Danlby Mr John Gregory Limner oil the table at half- past two. ORDINARY— 4s. 6d. It is particularly requested that those whointrnd tofitrcr the Meetiiig with their Company, n ill send for tlieir i'ivkt ts jis early as possible, to the Bar of the Anchor Inn, that provision may be made, ac- cordingly. Loughborough, 28fA October, 1818. THE OLD Tit UE BLI E IN TER EST. MANY Gentlemen,> f the OLD TRUE BLUR INTEREST," having agreed to Dine together al AsHtiY- DF.- LA- ZOT'CH, on TUESDAY, the lenth of November next, the Company of alt Free- hold! rs and well wishers to ihat Interest is re- quested. Those Gentlemen who intend honoring the Meet- ing villi their Company, will have the goodness to leave their Names at the BAR of the QUEENS HEAD INN, previous to Saturday, the seventh if November. Dinner on the Table at half past two o'clock. ORDINARY, 4S. ed. Ashby- de- lu- Zuuch, October 27, 1818. TCTOTICE is hereby given, that the Partner _|\ L ship between JOHN COLTMAN nnd JOHN COOPER, of tbe Borough ofLeicester, Mercers and Drapers, was dissolved by mutual consent on the twenty- second day of October, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. John Coltman. John Cooper. Witness — Titos. II. BOSWCHTII. Wanted, AN Apprentice to the. YVholesalc and Retail Grocery business in a neighbouring County Town.— A premium is expected. Enquire at the Journal Office, if by letter, post l^" 1- 1 .- . v ••' . . WANTED Immediately, an Apprentice by Messrs. Marriott, and Co. Surgeons, Kibwortl^, The most respectable references will be re- quired. Kibworth October 22,1818. On Saturday the 31 st of October, . WILL BE PUBLISHED, In Quarto, ou shperfiiie Royal Paper, price six shillings; and ou fine Medium Paper, price three shillings ; AN INDEX to Subjects not noticed, or im- perfectly referred to, in the INDEX to the principal Matters contained in the NOTES to the FAMILY BIBLE, lately- published under the direction of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. To which is prefixed A Statement of the Circumstances which have led to this Publica- tion. ,-•-..: By the Rev. II. B. Wilson, D. J). . Rector of the united Pari- lies nf St Mary, Alder- manbury, and St. Thomas Apostle. London: sold by J. Otridge; Lacking! on and Co.; and J. Asperne. OAKIIAM CANAL NAVIGATION. AT the last General Annual Assembly of the Company of Proprietors cf - the Oak- ham Canal, holden nt the- Geotgelnn, Oakham, eu Momlav, the 5th dav » f Octoberinstaiitr. JOHN CALDECOTT, Esq. in the Chair. The Clerk having produced a Statement. of ttie Receipts and Expenditures for flic last year, in was. on due consideration of that Statement Resofred, that a Dividend of £ 2 per share be paid by the Treasurer, by the 2tl of November next. That the one shilling per load heretofore usually taken foi weighing, shall be reduced to six pence per load. ( Signed) JOHN CALDECOTT, Chairman. The thanks of tills Meeting were unanimously given to Mr. Caldecott, for his very able and impar- tial conduct- in tbe chair. JAMES BIT LIVANT, Clerk. " Non est illi cuTpare rjui won tentavit." MESSRS. ANDEN and Co. Ct AN assure the publictheir'/ Viicffon Permh- / nens, will- change Grey or Red Hair to a perfect brown oi black ; to prove the simplicity of tbe process, the diiectioris wh chare usually sealed are left opeii at tbe places of sale for inspection.— The universal patronage it has experienced is the best proof of its infallibility, ' l'he envelope contains an apparatus for applying the liquid to tbe hair, price 10s Cd and t Is per bottle. Also, may be bad La Pyuire sans Pareille, for re- moving superfluous hair ami beautifying tbe com- plexion, a consignment from the Continent, at 7s 6 I per box. For Wholesale orders direct fill New Bond street, or 22, Hatton Garden; and'may" be had Retail of Mr. James Derbyshire, Leicester ; B Fox, Derby ; J. Corbett, Nottingham ; Mr. Flanders, Atherstone; 8. Hottriil, Lutterworth, and every place adjacent The Wiaow and Family ' f the late ISAAC COOKS HAW, REG leave lo inform their friends and Hie public, that the business will be Carried on at the Printing Office, High Street, in all its branches, viz :—- Printing, Bool selling, Bookbind- ing, Stationary, Engraving, ami Copper Plate Print- ing, lie. and with respecifyl thanks for all past fa- vors corf erred on tbe deceased, they earnestly soli- cit now, a continuance of support. A Circulating Library consisting of upwards of 2000 Volumes, to which lias recently been added some of the most popular Novels, ,\ c. Leicester. October 2 » , ISM, CHARITY SERMON. On SUNDAY NOVEMBER . THE FIRST, IN THE AT r i- RN'OON, A S E II M O N MiLL fit) Preached in Sh M t RTlN's CHURCH, 11 Y THE . Rev. H. J, MADDOCK, M. A. Late Fellow of Magdalen College, . Cambridge. IN AID OF A FUND For Erecting - and Supporting A C H A R I T Y S C H O O L IN THE PARISH OF A L L 8 A I N T S. K5-. It is humbly hoped. that this appeal to the be- nevolence of the Town will be welcomed and prospered. AH SaiuG'is the oply parish in Leicester, with the exception of St. Leonard's, Which has not its Day School for the Children of the Poor Tlte Population is nearly four thousand, aud consists chiefly of Poor Mann farturers. There are very few opulent in. habitants, and the rates are very burden- some. Ground has been purchased and plahs prepared for a building which may contain two hun- dred children; but to efiect their object tbe Committee nvust rely upon tbe. beuevylentas-. sistance of the town at J.- rge. Bv order of the Committee, ( Signed) E. T. Vaugfian, VICAR. LEICESTERSHIRE MILITIA, AND LOCAL MILITIA, EDUCATION. R. SLINGS BY takes Ihe liberty to an- nounce to the Ladies and Gentlemgfl of Market Bosworth and its vicinity, he intends open- ing an Academy fof the tuition of Youth, on Monday-) the () th of November, 1818. Those. Parents or Gnah di. lYs Who will favor hill! with their Tuillou, may depend < yi the strictest attention being paid fo thfir Morals and Education Market Bosworth, October 23,1818, . Grocery, Tea, Drug, It'rp, Oil, aiid'CdMr Ware- hoitse. System. \\ T KNIGHT returns thank's to his v 7 * friends and the public for pijst favors, and begs leave to inform them he has Iff addition to the above branches, connected the Chandlery Business, which he intends carrying on in its various depart- ments, and by strict attention to tbe making of good articles, hopes to merit a continuance of ' their fu- ture commands. N. B. An Apprentice wanted immediately, Systoiv, October 23, 1818. Wanted, 7 A N Apprentice to a I( inen and Wobllfen i~\ Draper. Apply to Mr. THOMPSON, Gal- low tree Gate. Leicester. vraritr';-*-^ FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 181P4 BIRTH. Last" week, tlie Lady of- tlie Rev. C. J. Bewic of Hailaton, ofa daughter. On the 2 lib instaiif, the Lady of Dr, Hill, of ibis- town, of a Son, . , - MARRIED. October 22, at Dymocli Church, by the Rev. Kyrle Ernie Money, Lieutenaiit General Vansit- tart. to Miss Copson Harris) niece to John Drum- mond, Esq. of tbe Boyce court, Gloucestershire. DIED. On Thursday the 22d inst. in the - list vear of his age, George Freeman Burnaby, Esq. yojingest son of the lite Veneiable tbe Archdeacon of Leicester. On " Wednesday last, of the typhus fever, in the 28th year of her age, Mrs. DeaCon, wife of Mr. F. Deacon, ironmonger, iu the Market- place, in this town ; a woman of the most amiable manners, and possessing genuine and exalted piety. A few day s ago, Mr. Cooper, formerly of the New Works; in our number of the2d October, we no- ticed tiie death of his eldest son, the last reclaming branch vf his family. LEICESTER INFIRMARY, October 27, 1818. PATIENTS ADMITTED AND DISCHARGED Admitted, Discharged Jn.. i..-. .>., 9 tn... 8 Oul..,, 19 Out ..,,.... 12 LL60. SE VISITORS, Mr. Aid, Miller, and Mr. Joseph Slater, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, Crjflll A T the several Subdivision Meetings, iu atul JL for the County of Leicester, will be held, fir the respective Hundreds, on the several days and times, and at the several places, under mentioned, for the purpose of receiving fresh lists of all per- sons, between the ages of 18 and 45, in each parish; and also fur the hearing of appeals. ' BOROUGH OF LEICESTER. On Monday, the 2tl day of'November next, at the Guildhall, in tbe said Borough, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. GUl'HLAXTON HUNDRED. On Tuesday, tbe 3d day of November next, at the Bull's Head Iun, tuBlaby, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. WEST GOSCOTE HUNDRED. On Wednesday, the 4th day of November next, at tbe Plough Inn, in Loughborough, at ten o'clock in tbe forenoon SPYRKENHOE HUNDRED. On Thursday, the 5th day of November next, at the Bull's Head Inn, in Market Boswortli, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. GARTREE HUNDRED. OnTbursday, the 5 th day of November next, at the Rose and Crown Inn, in Kibworth Hareourt, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. EAST GOSCOTE pUNDRFD. On Friday, the tit Ii day of November next, at the Unicoi n antl Star Inn, in Thurmaston, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. FRAMLAND HUNDRED. On Tuesday, ihe 10th day of November next, at the George and Talbot Inn, in Melton Mowbray, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. By ordei of the Lieutenancy, DECIMUS COOKE, Clerk of the General Meetings. Leicester, Cth October, 1518. %* Constables making False Retwrns will be fined the full Penalty of £ 20 imposed by Act of Parliament. ^ During tbe hue canvass at Loughborough, tlW importunity was so strong ns to ale nil oven' respectable Tradesman, who told his nfcigliboii' ihat lie expected they would next bring o rer giinent of " Snlgiers" with " fixed bag- onett"-- and if be did not giv e his vote he should be ru- i*- , through I ' v' I fie iilitor of the Leicester . tovrnah SIR) i hail with the greatest Satisfaction Ihe pro- ceedings of the District Board- in this Arfchdmi- conry, tt- lafivfe to the New Chui'ell A. et.— It v. rth grbat pleasure fhst I hail thel fipprMfchot the period when : i New Chapel will bf> given ta the populous and increasing parish of St. flti.-- gnret, ahd I hop'fe thut the libenilitV of Pfffli*.- meiit will be met by a correspondent feeh'ns oil the part ofthe more opuleilf Pan'sbionfers Of tha district; I rfegtb't that the provisions of the l « ! e Act are not made more ptiblie ; and while I re- joice to find that by a resolution of tiie Board, all neeessafy information is directed tb it! givCnf and' that they have appointed a tvbrth} atid highly respected Secretary, fullv chphble' 6t' meeting their ivisbes: yet1 lament that art ab stract of the Act has not been transmitted fffali populous Parishes, with full instructions for net"'* ing under it. Dies- enters can build) repair, and enlarge Chapels without any assistance j and I trust, now that the opportunity is given, that tilt! Members of the Church of England wiil hot be less backward in coining forwards to sifpport their Places of Worship. I hope, no party squabbles will impede tbe iTccbmptishthent bt tbfe good work; and tfiat the unanimous reso- lution of a Vestry « ill meet the wishes ofa kind and- considerate act of the Legislature. Knowing that many of the Parishioners of St. Margaret are exceedingly anxious to tacertai. il the proper sttpS to be pursUed to accomplish the liificb wished for objefct, and the regulations un- der w hich the proffered boon is to be obtained / 1 think that any of jour Correspondents would be conferring a mateiiui obligation on the pr! - lie. by furnishing tlicfn with some instructions on the point. tour's, & Ci A PARISHIONER, The Theatre closed for the season Iastnight, with tbfe historical Tragedy of Richard ,111. and, High Life below Stairs— for the BENEFIT ofthe INFIRIU. ARV; being an AMATEUR PERFORMANCE. With the personal a& sletancc of Mr. EI. LISTON and his coi>. P3 DRAMATIQVK AMATEURS: Duke of Gloucester, ( afterwards Richard III.) Mr. John Gill— King Henry VL Mr. Chales Bates — Duke of Norfolk, Mr. John Norton— Dlike of York, Master . ttibn Gbirgh— Prince of Wales, Mr. I lia, junr.— TrPssell, Mr. Saninel Oliver— Lord Mayor, Mr. Edw. Quitter— and Lieutenant of tbe Tower,- Mr. Wm:. Fewkes Richmond by Mr, Ellistoii Tbe House w as most respectably- filled before tbe drawing iqr of the ctirtaiil.— The AMATEURS evinc. ed ijreatbisfriMiic ability,- and received gieat eclat. We" hope- In Our next to announce a handsome - SNM from flie. ir philanthropic labours, in behalf of an institution whose portals art open to the afflicted of every Country. Mr. Eiiision. upon closing of the Theatre . has given Five Pounds to the Leicester Infir- mary. JoStAlf EATON, the Pe rtestridn, whose great feats we lately recorded, we are sorry to find is now a prisoner for debt in tbe county gaol, his wife and four children are in consequence in a stafe of penury, EA- TON has transmitted fo us a long statement of'lhe vicissitudes of bis life, which our limits w ill not permit us to state at large; but he appears to have been an honest man, and entered upon his arduous undertak- ings in the hope of realizing a sum which might have enabled him to resume his business of a master baker. " Had I been so fortunate" he says, " as to have realised one £ 60, never more would my pedestrian matches been beard of;— all itty llopes were a plftuitom;— it is only a delusion to expect profit or empty honour from feats of labour ;— the charm dissolved in 1815, it was then thought ati honour for Dukes and Lords to touch the hem of WILSON'S garment, who received near a £ lOOO for the non perform- ance. of a match, which now would be thought no- thing of!" During hie late match with Jones, he says, " neither one or the other had a bed or pillow to lay their heads upon;" to add to his calamity, bis watch, the only property he had remaining, which was to have been raffled for, was stolen 011 the Monday evening before he went to Gaol. Should tbe benevolent lie dis- posftd to render liini any assistance, donations left at the Journal Office, will be duly transmit- ted to hifu,. On Wednesday last. Mr. Joseph Woodforth, of Pocket Gate, near Loughborough, shot him- self in a fit ofdespondency — Ve. diet— Insanity. A most atrocious murder w as perpetrnU- d on Wednesday night last. William Robinson, tbe deputed Gamekeeper of Fs Gurt, Esq. of Ald- erwashley, in this county, with five Assistants went on the above night to the Sand Hall Lands for the purpose of guarding and preserving the game. A few minutes before t. vclve o'clock they discovered four nienin the act of poaching. — The keeper and bis assistants made imme- diately towards thcin, when they fled in diffe- rent directions. John Hall, one of the poachers was pursued and taken; another of tbe poachers was unsuccessfully pursued, and W. Robinson, in the mean time, followed the other two. Not returning, as expected by bis companions, all possible search wa- s made for liiin, but ow ing to the darkness of tbe night lie could not be found fill six o'clock the next morning, when he was discovered a corpse in a field or two distant from tbe spot from whence he commenced the pursuit, dreadfully beat, and with many marks of violence on tbe bead and neck. Derby Mercury. Oil Wednesday night last, a young woman, daugh- ter of Thus. Dalbv, blacksmith, Loughborough, hav- ing absented lierselfin the evening, and not return- ing either at bed time or the. foll iwing morning, her parents made diligent search, supposing her merely to have absconded. But on Saturday she was found drowned in the canal, having previously laid part of her apparel on the bank side.— The Jury brought in a verdict— INSANITY. A covey of Ten Partridges sprung up one morning last week,- from the Rev. , I\ Jr. Bull's : garden, in the New Works, in this town. Tb ihe Editbr iff the Leicester Journal S IK) InyOitr last week's paper it was asked by S-^ whether I be fresh Entries demanded by the Ex- cise are really necessary) or whether it is not an expedient made use of by the Under Offieerif to " raise the wind. Whether I am to Suppose S-- of the mascu- line or feminine jfefiflcr 1 know not; if the Inf ter. I must beg pardon for any Want of courtesy t if the former, I woiiltl anfewer with feeling to pupa's answering the interrogatories of bis set,) whose tender years bat e hot fully qualified him for a querist or logicidtii Here then, Sir, t f. lUst observe, that the Un- der Officers have tut power whatever to alter any existing. Or institute any new regulation, relative to the Excise, i. Or do they claim tbe least emolument frbtil the fresh entries, ( be tbey necessary or hot,) 110W ifiade— nor has the Office Keeper, into w hose lap the loaf has hitherto fall- en, any legal claim to lit shilling in question— if tbe Trader, in bis generosity, chooses to con- tribute towards appeasihg the ferocity of the Lion, or allaying fhe thirst of the Dolphin, it is ungenerous to attach tb^- rapacify of these two animals to the Oliieers of Excise, Your Ol cdient / - r:- li— Officer of Excise. Leicester, October 58, 1818.- , ~ To the Editor rf the l. eitesfer Journal. SFP) I will fbatik yen to insert, finder yOnr Iluht- ing Intelligence, the following short Address to the Gentlemen and Fatmers of the Harboiouclt CoUntry:— GENTLEMEN, From tbe s- caicity of Coverts in the Harbo- rough country, 1 ml from their decayed state, 1 thing you will agree With me.— it is better to postpone distuibing it until tegular Hunting.— The experience of last season fully proves tbe policy of sin h a step— us there are many Cov- erts yet untried in this country, w e shall not be able to Visit J< < us until Monday ihe 16th of November, on winch day I purpose meeting at Rollestoni Your obedient servant, GEORGE OSBALDESTON. THE QUORN HOUNDS WILL MEET ON Monday, Nov. 2— at Kirby Gate 1 tiesday 3— at Widmerpool 1 hnrsday —- 5— at Kettlebv Friday — 0— at Bardon Half ANO ON Saturday 7— at Bunny- Each day at half past ten o'clock. SIR BELLINGIIAM GRAHAM'S HOUNDS, MEET ON Monday, Nov. 2— at Wellsborongh Wednesday, 4— at WhHstone Town Thursday, 15— otEiikby Saturday, —— T—' at Fishers Mill Monday, D— at Seal Each dav at ten o'clock. Y order of the Court for tbe relief oflnsol- vent Debtors. The Petition of JOHN MEASURES, lateof'Bilgnive- gate. in the Borough of Leicester, in the county of Leicester,- Confection- er and Baker, 1 ow a prisoner for Debt, in the Fleet Prison, in llu- City of London, will be heard at the Guildhall, in the city of Westminster, on the 27th of November\ 18I8, at f lie hour oft) in the morning; mid that a schedule ( containing a list ofall the Credit- ors ofthe said prisoner) annexed to the said petition, is filed in tbe Office of the said Court, No. 9, Essex Street, Strand, in the County of Middlesex, fo which any Creditor may refer: and in case any Creditor in- tends to oppose the discharge of the said prisoner, it isfm tliil ordered, that such. Creditor shall give notice in writing ofsncli bis intention, to be left at the Office of the said Court, two days at least before the said 27th dav of November, toeetUei with the grounds 01 objections to sycli discharge, and io de- fault thereof, such Creditor shall be precluded from opposing the said prisoner; and he hereby declares that he is ready and willing to submit fo be fully ex- amined as to the justice of his conduct to his cred- itors. John Measures. ROLFE, No. 3, Asylum Buildings, Westminster road, Southwark, Insolvent's Agent. . FAIRS. Nov. 2.— Leicester, Newark, Hinckley, Lane End Lichfield, Newcastle, Wlieaton Aston, Bal sover, Moreton in Marsh T' 0 ( foiiP. ESPOSDES TS. W. L. in our nrxt. I . tit . VtO. jlL a. lks>, GtiifJitl Advertiser. POETICAL PORTRAITS, .'" lfy W. COOKE, Eiy, MFDD/ e Temple. JOHNSOK rf, tlio Sociat" s of modern days, Whp must as often as he's named have praise, M'lio in an age where talent sought their way Through various routes of taste— caprice, or pay, Though pressed by Poverty on every side, Yet with a manly, firm— intrepid stride, Eorm'd tVom himselfa school of moral truth, As guides for age— as institutes tor youth, His own example beaniing through tlic wi. ole, lu all the spotless purity of soul. IJuKKti whose omniscient eye surveyed around Ail- that in learning— morals— taste were found : Tile powers of rhetoric were all his ow n, To shine— convince— or legislate alone ; - All hirn'd obedjent to his guiding hand, ' A;,: 1 bowed sirbmi^ sivefonissole command; Vft whilst we view'd those powers in bright array, Emits more luxuriant grac'dtli' enamcl'i'd way, ,.. Ripe i> experience— ripe in strength of thought, - N'ojy warm'dby w it, uod cow by jp. dgment wrought, ' ' Till flit- wrapt mind iiy various passions tort, . Found all its thought* in admiration lost. REVXOLOS C, whom nature from bis earliest hour, . Endued with allTfcr fascinating power, Adorned with every aid of graphic art, To seize the genuine impulse ofthe heart; Ifence when hie pencil sketch'd the human face, He gave the mind — die manners and the grace ; The individual was notouly known, I'ortruit and Character dike were shewn, d To gifts like these so opposite and clear, He-. adde. il all that could the man endear; A sober sense, by easy manners led, A , fund of talk so perfectly well bred, As aw'd e'en Malice to restrain her mind, Kr. oiMug tba. t Reynolds could not be nialign'd. < JOLUSMITJC*. whose moral. sweet desct iptive qnill, Pare as the ibtini on Ag. nippe's bill, Displayed the Uilrats of a virtuous muse, AVita. all the graces Pycts should infuse, • How of;, dear Hard of Auburn, have we strayed Round London's pitrliehs in the. summer sha le, Then at the Grecian / closed onr rambling day With wits and Templars iii the social way, V. here mirth and observation's pleasing powers Illumed and vivified the fleeting hours? How oft I have seen the. rays of nature start M arm and impressive from' thy honest heart, In careless . phrases— sometimes uniefui'd, Yet all th' effusions of a pregnant mind. Adieu! dear Raid! and tho" tis many a year Plncc Fate lias st ipp'd thy muse's bright career, Still Memory whispers with a grateful tongue, How Reynold's painted— and how Goldsmith sung; St ill to my ear thy warbling ly re conveys The fond memorials of thy well earned praise, Alleviates still the loss it could not save, And draws one comfort from th' oblivions grave ; A comfort— time nor in cident shall rend, In feeling such a Poet was my friend. 1inn'd with this sister art,' twas BURNEY'Sgskitl To paint the powers of music at his will, Those wondrous pow ers, which act w ithout coutroul To Wako, to rouse, to animate the soul; Or touch the chord wlieresofter notes reply, Andpi'ly blends her sympathetic sigh. Sileh' was bis skill, atnl soch his higher art Alike to touch with harmony his heart! Where ti » fe and science happily eonibin'd To shew the produce of a eulfnr'd mind. Hail, h. ippv spirit! who with varied grace B? qneath'd those talents to thy rising race, Where llurttcrj's name with freshert'd bloo. n still lives To shame those legacies which fortune gives. Nor WYNI> H\ M'S/ I merits should be left unsung' Whilst memory b..-- a note— or praise a tongue; Arts, science, politics, his mind " embrae'd, In all the variegated forrns- of taste, Pager to know- what conld in all be found, And ; o co! Hinuiiicn( e the same around ; " H hat tho' in all this range of mental pow'r, 5fte- Sometimes cropt a thistle for a flower, Tho* sometimes c. rp- ii- i* lie rear'd bis lance lo all the gallantry of old romance, His aims uere- honest, aud thus understood lie always acted for the public good. O GARIIICK ! i - Who cau paint thy various powe>. » To checr and vivify the social hours? . Or. in the fascinating charms array'd, To rouse— tp n'. clt— to threaten or persuade ? Whether in Lew's decrep'id form, all wild Pouring his frantic enrst- son his child. Or now- with innrd'rons. fcll Ambition warm, Assumed MAcbeth— or Richard's hideous form, Or tiiru'd aside to meet in sprightly glee His laughter loving sister Comedy, In Drugger's idiot look— or ftanger's ease, Which gave to fashion every charm to please ; M hate'er the part, ' twas nature pure aud whole, Wii © for the purpose tir'd his kindred soul, To shew the various passions as. they rise, WitbouJ tile borrow'il robes of art's disguise, That all th' admiring world in bbn might see Nnt piic - but all mankind's epitome. How oft wrapp'd tip ill wonder hove I been When yon and Skabspeare aggrandiz'd the scene! How oft as listening < ui thy magic ground, 1 shared in all ihe. fond illusions round, Liv'd o'er each act, join'd in the loud applause, And felt the moral of the Drama's laws< Laws, which display the manners of mankind, improve our taste and meliorate the mind. a Dr. Samuel Johnson. b Right Hon. Edmund Burke. c Sir - Joshua Reynolds, d Intellisitur pins semper qnam pingitur e Dr. Goldsmith / ( Grecian Coffee- house, Temple. g Dr. Charles llurney, Mns 1). h Right Hon. William Wyndham. i Oavid Garrick, Esq. Oce. ( A) Author of the. Life of Samuel Foote, Esq- Elements of Dramatic Criticism, Ac. ire. [ To be* continued.] Extract front tlio " Old Times" of Saturday the 17th October instant. " We lately presented our renders wjth a disiresaing specimen of provincial eloquence extracted from the Leicester Journal. The fol- low rug is, if possible a still more lamentable in- stance of inflated style, senseless jargon, and fulsome compliment. We need scarcely say it centos from Leicester. •• We felt gratifiee oil finding such a rock on " w iii- in we could repose our confidence ^ such " great example of what is most dignified in " h iman nature. on which we could lix our eyes, " by a rclle. x ( ref. ex! ! .') act, the virtuous part " of the community felt better pleased witii " themselves, in proportion as. they'bccnme siis- '" ccptlble of love and admiration towards an " object so lilted nn every principle ol rcaron " uhd religion fo com ten a> l them I While ptac- e-. lata ('{ stance, 1 adrni erf him as one of the .'• remote luminaries which adorn the herflis- " phere' ; I certainty pefceived him to be a star " of the first magnitude, but no sooner was 1 " stationed upon the spftt, than I became sensi- hie of the lustre of his beams, felt llie force of " bis attraction, and recognized. in him the Sun " and centre of the system 11—( This is a galany " witii a vengeance!'') " The concluding sentence baffles criticism • " a3 well as comprehension ; and forms a new specie* of metrical phrase ;"— " Hy his amenity of manners and benignity '.' of mind, he smoothed the asperity of eontru- " d ctiim ;— and left to the macUinv . of public business, the least possible frittion! ! J— Cut- " tern desuut." Vtd. " Character of the late Rev. Thomas Robinson, by Robert Hall, M. A." p. p. 12— 13— 10 We have really become a character of some notoriety; we always considered the a- ra in which we lived to be a strange one, but never till noiv conceived, that our account of a fete would have furnished materials for a flaming' display Of metropolitan criticism, or rather we may say— would have become llie precursor of a < f distressing specimen'' of metropolitan bad tasife. The " Old Times," w hich once " we could recognize as an old friend, has- receiilly assumed to itself the office of Censor Morum, of the Pro- vincial Newspapers; and every Editor of a Country Journal must, of course, plead ( oils jurisdiction, as it steers so completely clear of party prejudices and party intrigues. While, therefore, we admite tlie accuracy id' the judg- ment which dictates the Review, we are insen- sibly led" to Bow iu silent submission to the de- crees of the awful tribunal which pronounces tlie sentence! Our account of Ihe late splendid and interest- tug fete at Lowesby Hall, Induced the " Old ' limes" to hold us up as a lamentable instance of provincial oratory; aud Mr. Hall's eloquent- ly- drawn character Of the late Mr. Robinson, has given it an opportunity of exhibiting that highly respectable and truly celebrated preach- er, as a vender ot " inflated style, senseless jar- gon, arid fulsome compliment 1!"— Vi e havejust reason to be proud oi' tne literary character ot the man with whom we are arraigned. An in- dictment fot vitiated composition has beeii pre- ferred against ns both by the Editor ot Ihe " Tiiins ;" the bill has been found by the brilliant Grand jury who sit daily in- the Times' Office, and we are now put upon our trials before the • Country.— AVeVive nothing to do but to tra- verse the indictment— to remove it into a supe- lior Court-— and to apply for a reversal ofthe feeble dicta of iiicoiusidcrate arul itidiscrimiiiat- ing criticism I Whatever opinions might exist as fo fhe para- graph of Belvoir notdriety, most persona per- ceived, that. it would never have be? u honored wiih the notice of tlie self- r'cohstifnted dictators, bad it not conveyed a « eil- mcrited compliment toa certain noble and illustrious, family, and had it not been vainly supposed, that tlie impo- tent bickerings of a Morning Paper, could cast a damp upon the recollection of an entertain- ment, admired by the candid of AI. L PARI IES, and influenced by the. principles of NO. XE. Per- haps the Court above liad an idea that it might torture so contemptible an insect as ourselves with impunity; that we bad. been educated in the same School with tloderieli Random, and been manacled as We was. lest forsojilh, we should learn to write. We v. ill, however, tell our. ludges, that how ever insignificant they may think a Pro- vincial Journal, it is not so passive a lteptile as they- imagine, and that they must not oppress it ten mifcli, lest it turn upon its pursuers, and participate in the diversion w hich they intended to enjoy exclusively! The Anatheina pronounced upon the extract from'Mr. Hall's pamphlet, is indeed most sin- gular. What must be thought of the literary judgment or taste of a Journal; which holds up to public lidicu'e, oneofthe finest specimens of English composition ! AVe will venture to af- firm, that a IriOiC elegant specimen of chaste eloquence coilld scarcely be adduced than the one which the " Times" has pronounced to be a " lamentable instance of inflated style, senSe- " less jargon, and fulsome compliment." We cannot indeed suppose, that the " Tijites" ever duly coujide; ed the extract; it was enough for its purpose. '• thatit camefrom Leicester"— could anj thing good emanate from so polluted a source? We repeat it;' we h ive just cause to lie proud of Ihe high compliment w hich the Lon- don Editor has paid us, in supposing for a mo- ment that Mr. Hall was our correspondent, in tracing so glaring a resemblance as he has done, between our style and that of the respect- ed and eloquent Minister of JRirvey lane.— There cannot, however, be a doubt, from the sneering manner iu which the paragraph is in- troduced, that we were sup, osed to be ihe au- thors of 1 lie quotation, and we can easily, ex- plain w hence tlie mistake arose. Shortly afier Mr. Robinson's death, we extracted a part of his character as drawn by Mr. Hall, iti giving a shirt recount of: Him in our Journal, some of our PROVINCIAL PRIKNPS thinking this mighl serve ns. good a purpose as the. former exlract w as intended to do, pointed it out to the Editor of the ." Times;" Prejudice prevents the invert- ed commas with which we guarded the quota- tion, from being seen; it is delivered over lo the secular Power— sentenced to the stake— and now rites like aPn< i; xix ftorn its ashes, to • expose the injustice of its sentence I Probably when the mistake is discovered, the LOnt'on Critics will " twitch grave reason's mantle," and exclaim " with a look, is this realih/?" is it pos- sible we can lihve madeisoegregious a mistake? have we, to aid a party purpose, " con descend- ed ' to become so great a " monument" of incon- sistency— so complete a " galaxy" of unfortunate Critics.' Such reflections as these must crowd upon the minds of the discriminating censor!, in case they are not Utterly blind to literary beau- ty ; lit them not suppose that their readers will sw allow their draughts as genuiue, w ithout en- quiring into the iugredieids of which tbey are composed ; or that iho public will think the worse of a Loyal and Conscientious Dissenter, because they may chitse to condemn as a species of" metrical PhYtse" what would, were lie to notice them, sink their flotilla and disperse their squadron! We cannot c'ose our remarks upon this singu- larly •' distressing" subject., without earnestly advising the Proprietors of the " Old ' Times", if tTicy value the respectability of tbeit paper, to turn a deaf car to the suggestion* of interest- ed parties, and not to suffer their Journal to be- come ( be receptacle of communications dictat- ed solely by local motives. We hope indeed that llie Sew Times will never condescend to lend its paper for such purposes, especially as they are so frequently attended with " distress- ing" consequences. We will also take the liber- ty of reminding Ihe Old Gentleman that patron- age is not entailed upon his family— that the public sti!: hold the title deeds— and that ii may- be transferred without having recourse to the tedious process of Ping and Recovery 11 ' To the Editor' of the Lei,- ester Journal. SIR, Having almost constantly attended the Lei- cester M arket for thirty years, and rental ked the progressive increase in the number of persons attending it, and consequently tiie correspond- ent increase of every article of consumption ; I request, through your medium, to call llie at- tention, ol' our present worthy Chief Magistrate, and of Hie Corporation, to the serious inconve- nience attending the introduction of almost every article of commerce into a small market- place scarcely- capable of containing the people assembling to sell their respectivo wares. The Corn market, as things siaiid, is almost entirely occupied by carte, beescms, horses, and apple hampers ; and so great has been the con- fusion for the two last Saturdays, that it lias be- come impossible to transact business there with any- degree of comfort. Considering the magnitude of the transactions carried on in this department of the market, I hope I shall not be thought obtrusive, in calling the particular attention of the Corporation fo this most serious inconvenience; hnd I . trust that the time is not far distant, when the Corn Trade will again EXCLUSIVELY occupy that portion of the Market which it formerly possessed, I am yours, & c.< A MARKET MAN. October C « lh. To the Editor cf the Leicester Journal. SIR, Permit me through the medium of your Pa- per, to make a few observations upon the pro- duction of PHII. O " VERITAS, relating to the lost Ram, as stated in your former number, aid ifien leave it to the public to judge whether the taking and detaining- the Sheep in question was merely inadvertence or design. Your correspondent would insinuate thatthe Sportsmen Breeder pays so little ' attention to bis business, thai any mistake is not attributable to him, but to liis domestics ; whoever hasseen him at a market ordinary with bis bottle and glass before him, would give Veritas credit for that assertion; it would bethought there, that no person had any knowledge but himself. He would likewise insinuate, that it was lb rough illiberality and initliee that the paragraph ap- peared in your paper ; now I will leave it with ( lie public at large, and with the Ram Breeders . who attended the Fair, ( mid maiiy of them we're present when tlie sheep was claimcd), if there was any thing illiberal or malicious in Ihe owner claiming his slieep, when it was found in Mr. Bar- ton's pen ; let ihe interrogations and ansvyer speak for themselves. When the owner was satisfied the sheep Was his, he said, BARTON, you have a good sheep here, wliere did you get this from ! bis answer was, D— n your impu- dence fellow, v. liat is that to you? I bred it!— 4 Nay," was the reply," I bred this sheep,& it is Ibe same 1 had taken from the Bull Head last Christmas Fair;" BARTON said .'' you rascal, you never bred sueli a sheep in y. oui life ;" flie reply was, " you neverbred tliaf sheep, nor any one so good, and when it is gone out of your pen you have none left like him;" BARTON then had a charge not to let the sheep, and the owner gave h'im-- two hours to send the sheep, or if in - that time he was not returned, he would fetch Iii til as his own, and have BA- RTON taken up for detaining hini ;'. but BARTON thought proper to send the sfiCep within the time, and delivered him up himself", and ashed pardon in the Pair, publicly, before a great concourse of people.— Now let me ask VERITAS whether BARTON re- signed the sheep as an honorable man would have done, or as a who durst retain him no longer ? or why did he say, if I had not taken him back they would have a warrant for me, and send nfe to gaol. If there was either honor or hoiiesty in him, would lie have blade the de- claration four hours after the sheep w as return- ed. that he was bid elgbl guineas for the sheep r. i Rugby. Fair; when life owner replied, BAR- TON, \ ou would not let such a sheep as that for eight guineas, had he been your own, nor would I ; but lie ( BARTON) said, " If 1 hud known this Sleep was uot my own ut Rugby, I would have tkhen care nu/ good fellow, you should have had no opportunity of owning him here to day, for I would have let lim for eight guineas ;" w hen Ihe owner replied," there requires nofu- i ther comment upon your honesty BARTON than this, that you would let hriother person's sheep for an inferior price, to prevent him the opportunity of ovyninghim •." when be immediately said, " I will be d— d if I would not." Now let " VERITAS blush for asserting tlie sheep was resigned in an ' honorable w ay, for I should suppose his friend never blushed on the occa- sion. Had the sheep fallen into the hands of an honest man, he would have been returned a long time back, but in the persons hands in which be were, he was resigned when he durst keep him no longer, ./ ILIFFE. Hnmberstone, Ost. 24th, 1818. We cannot, we conceive, more efl'ee'fnnlly as- sist in the great w ork of public edification, than by extracting, the impressive conclusion of the Bishop of Chester's sermon. preached before the Judges ofthe Assize, at Chester, on Sunday September 6, 1818. The whole discourse, in- deed, is ah admirable specimen of sound, per- spicuous, and convincing reasoning; clearly establishing the genuine " Scriptual Doctrine of Man's Salvation;" and satisfactorily explain- ing the apparent discrepancy in the New Tes- tament representations of our being saved, on ihe cue band " by Christ alone';" and on the other, by " the deeds done in our bodies." " There is not a passage in scripture, there is not at least, as w e most conscientiously and deliberately believe, which does not harmonize with the rule or canon of interpretation we have laid down. Thin explanation at once pats an end to that controversy which has too long been carried on between faith and works. Through faith, and that alone, we obtain tiie appointed means of salvation, and are admitted into the . pale or fold of Christ. But after that we are made the children ofGod by adoption and grace, we must slill fight the gcod fight, or we shall not gain the prize; we must run the race which is before us, or we shall not reach the destined goal. Faith every where implies, or is the re- sult of, lliaf predisposing quality of mind, which inclined the hearers to receive the truths of the Gospel. The christian, however, advances from faith to faith. It is a virtue which may be increased, may be diminished, or lost. " The just man shall live by faith ; but if he draw back my soul shall have no pleasure in him."* In every ease, faith appears to have'obtained the remission- of sin, and to have absolved the pc- iralties of former transgressions: but still, it never convey ed any, except a conditional,, pro* inise of final salvation. It was, after all, to be determined by Ihe conduct of the believer, by his continuance, tor not. in Well- doing, whe- ther faith led to newness of life, and that— to life eternal. " If these things be so, it is incumbent upon every friend to religion and virtue, upon every w ell wisher to social order, and the happiness of man, as at all times, so particularly ncyv.- to point out the utter . hopelessness.- ef obtaining salvation, without the observance of the laws cf God. Whatever is substituted in the place of christian morality, must, in the end, prove treacherous and fatal. Nor are the evil effects, alas! of such a system of religion, to be deduc- ed from theory, they have been too well attested by facts. Future remunerations have been . bohien out, independent of moral obcdience.— Vice lias been rendered confident of salvation ; and the great barrier has been fhrown down, between him who scrveth God, and liiui who serveth him not! The most atrocious violators of the law have lulled their consciences, w if li > stime fancied experiments of faith; and they who have broken every commandment upon earth, have yet looked for their reward in hea- ven. Hence the con. posedness with whiciicven murderers have gone, from scenes ofhonor, to the house of God. Hence tile facility w ith w hich such persOnshnvo turned, from shedding blood to praying. To the same, cause also must we attribute that growing hardihood in crime, thro' which convicted assassins so often deny their guilt, though almost in the presence of their Maker; and thus only" can we account for that presuming audacity, with which creatures, eovered w ith guilt, have . in their last moments, dared Confidently to boast, that tliey- are ascend- ing— from the scaffold itself— unto the right hand ofGod ! I " May these fanatical delusions proven warn- ing voice to my country, bob, re it be too late.— May they convince us of lbs alarming effects, and evil tendency of Enthusiasm : may they keep us in the sober steady path of that ration- al religion, under which this nation has attained its present proud pre- eminence, and in . the practice of which our Fathers lived and died.— Spiritual assurance becometh noone of the sons of men. All are sinners. The best of created beings should entertain an a * fill looking for cf judgment to come; most close his accounts, with bope indeed,: through Christ, but w ith a hope still trembling— - Let me then, in con- clusion, adjure you, if you wish to be saved, to search out the terms of salvation from your Bi- ble, the only sure source of unerring triith ; pray- ing, through the grace of God. for that li\ ely faith, which will incite yon to do all which you can do, whilst it teaches you to rely upon no- thing that you have done ; ever adding to that faith, virtue:— assured, that these and these alone, will speak peace to you, here, and here- after." HISTORICAL HF. CORD OF THE DIFFERENT POLAR EXPEDITIONS. The failure of the Arctic Expedition of Dis- covery, in the unexpected return of the Doro- thea and her consort, the Trent sloop, is w e be- lieve, the 17? h or 18th which has occurred, iu attempting to accomplish tl - daring project of penetrating fotlie North Pole. The first expedition of this kind which history records, wes made between the years 1553 anil 1C6 « . by Sir Hu^ i Willloughby, Richd. Cb » ud- ler, and Stephen Burroughs, in quest of a North east passage lo India. They reached N'uva Zembla, and the Strait of Waigats, but could proceed no farther, on account of immense shoals of ice. This Expedition led to the estab- lishment of the Russia Company, with valuable exclusive privileges. Iu 15?( i, Martin Frobi- sher ( who was afterwards knighted for his cou- rageous repulse of ( lie Spanish Armada) sailed from Blackwnll with two barks, the Gabriel ol 25 tons, and the Michael of 20, and a pinnace of 10. On the 1 ilh July he saw Greenland, rising like pinnacles of steeples, and all co- vered with snow." The pinnace was lost in a Storm; the Michael, disheartened by the pros- pect. sailed home, and reported that the Ga- briel foundered at sea. But Frobisber return- ed bomeoir 2< 1 October, not being able to ad- vance fui ( tier thatiGreenland " for themonstrous ice which lay aboutil." The passion for adven- ture was ke; talive by a fooiish story about the existence of a gold mine; and in 1577 Frobi- sher was again sent out by a subscription made among the Gentlemen at Court. He sailed in the Aid, a ship of S00 tons, and was againstop- ped by the iee at Greenland, where he met with islands of ice, rising ^ 0 or 40 fathoms al. ovethe surface of the sea. in 1515, John Davis, tailed with the Sunshine, of London, a bark of fifty tons, and the Moonshine, cf Dartmouth, of 35 tons : lie discovered the Strait which bears his name, but was obliged to return after being enclosed betw een fields of ice oil' Greenland.— The hisr'vei t latitude he reached was 08. 53.— In 1005, the King of Denmark sent out John Cunningham, a Scotchman, and James llall, an Englishman; they only reached the ' latitude of 63, 33, and encountered many perils from immense shoals of ice.— In the same year, a company of London merchants sent out Henry Hudson, who reached the very high latitude of 81 J, where his progress was completely barred by a frozen sea. In 1012, Captain Thos. But- ton reached the latitude of ( io, when he was | finally stopped by a barrier of ice. About ihe I same period the Muscovy Company sent out Jonas Poole, who could only reach the latitude of 80. In the same year Captain Hall pushed northwards to the parallel of 82.—- In 1614, R. Fotherbye was embayed in ice in lat. 79, 54.— In 1615, Robert Bile'tli and Bussin were stop- ped in lat. 79. 14,— In 1616, Baffin penetrated to lat. 81. In 1751, Captain M'Callam sailed without ol struction from Hackluyts Headland, as high ai; lat. 83J. It is remarkable, that about Ibis potion tlie sea w as very open, for both Cap- tain M'Callam and Captain Wilson, so high as 83^ found the sea open, and were deterred from sailing further only by their responsibility to their owners, as their destination was merely to Greenland. In 1746, other attempts were ineffectually made, but llie navigators wintered in Hudson's Bay. Dr. Markelyne states that a Mr. Stephens, in 1754, reached the lat. ofH4J. Several attempts were made to reach a higher latitude without effect between 1630 and 1720 , chiefly by the Hudson's Bay Company, In 1720, Knight and Barlow were sent out, but they were never afterwards beard of.— In 17< 6 and 1777, the Admiralty sent out Lieuts. Pickersgill and Lane, but these naval officers made very little progress, ai. d effected no dis- covery whatever. t aptain Cook explored the expanse beyond Bebriiig's Strait, between the parallels ol 70 and 71 degrees, where tliey were stopped by the ice. In difleient years the Greenland whalers have advanced to the lati- tude of 81 and 82. and so late as 1806, the elder Mr. Scoresby ascended to the latitude of 81. 50. The son of Mr. Se'oi shy lately suggested the bold plan of approaching ihe Pclc " over the icy continent fro in Spitsbergen. Adopting the mode which the Russian hunters have employ- ed with such advantage jn'cxploririg the Fro- zen Sea from Nova Zembla to the shores of Kamscbatka, he proposes to pass the winter in the island of Spitzbergen, and starting in the spring with sledges, drawn by dogs, to pursue a direct journey of 6 or 7t; 0 miles to the Pole. He might then expectto find aconliiiu'ous sheet of ice, stretching through his whole track. * Heb. x. S8.— This is the true translation of a > passage, which is incori'tictly rendered it) Our com- mon version. It was the 14th. and not the 18th August, that Captain Muirhead, of the Larhiiis, sa\ v the Discovery Ships for the last lime to tho north- ward of 76. MAlUvET HERALD. Mark- Lane, Monday, Oct. 20. 1818. •• The supply of English Wheat this morning tieing small, and consisting only cf land car- riage samples from Essex and Kent, fine runs from those counties sold readily, and picked parcels obtained an advahce cf Is per quarter on liisl Monday's prices ; but the inferior des- i riptiens were dull sale. The arrival of Foreign Wheat continues very- largo. principally, fn in the Baltic ports, which go oil'slow ly, except that of fine quality.— Barley is 2s per quarter dearer, mid both English and Foreign of fine quality were in brisk demand at that advance.— Oats went off freely at rather better prices than were obtained' on • Friday.— Wliite and Grey l'ense were 2s per quarter higher.— In Beans there is no alteration. A VEH AGE PR ICE OF CORN, *.. ( PER OI'ARTER) IN ENGLAND AND WALES, For the > 1 eel. irdirg tit. K7/ i,' 1818. T O T A L. • Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans Pente s. ct. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. 81 10 i 60 2 ] 61 0 ; 35 2 j 75 4| 71 9 Oatirieal^ per boll, cf 1401b.. 35s 7d UF. TCRN pRICh. ON ROAR!" SHIP Foreign Wheat Fine ditto English Wheat Fine ditto ... Old diuo Rye *.•• Fine. ditto Barley Fiue New ditto Malt Fine Old White Pease...... .. Fine Grey ditto Fine ditto Tick Beans ( new).... Fine Small ' tick Leans .. Old Feed Oats (. new) Fine Poland ditto ( new) .. Fine Potatoe Oats OF GRATN. A St'Kill it. . 60s. . to.. • 64s.. to.. • 65s.. to.. • 704.. to.. • — s.. to.. .' 52s.. to.. • — s. . to.. . 42s.. to. • — s.. to . . 60s,. to. . 60s. . to. • 70s.. to. • — s.. to. • COs. . to. • — S.. to. . 52s.. to. . — s.. to. . 66s.. to. - — s. . to. • COs.. to. • — s., to. . 26s.. to. . 32s.. to. • 32s.. to. • 34s.. to. • • 34s. . to. 70s 78s> eos 76s Mis • CG s .'•— s- • 48s ,64 » , C8S - ft 8s .8(! s ,84s .63s ,.— s - eos ,70s ,72s ,70s ,74s ,30s ,37s ,36 s ,38s ,38s PRICE OF Fl. OVR. Town made Flour G5s,, to.. 70s } per Ditto Scconds Gtis. . to. .65s J Sack. Bran las• • to• • LKs ) per Fine Pollard . 18s• • to • * C6s \ Quarter Rape Seed ( new) ..£ 46- to-* i£ 5l> per Last PRICE OF MEAT. SMITKFIEI. D, MONDAY Oct. 26. To sink the offal— per stone oftilb. Beef, ,4s ( id to 5s ( id I Veal.. 4s 4d to 5s Mutton- Is Od to 5s Cd | Pork.. 4s ( id to 5s HEAD OK CATTLE THIS DAY. Beasts, about 28^ 0 j Calves Sheep 19430 ! Pigs Ort 380 3' 2U PRICE OF LEATHER. per lb. per lb Butts, 50 to 56lbs each 22( 1, to Ditto. 56 lo 66/ 64' each 2 « d to 27d Dressing Hides I9d to 2 « d Fine Coach Hides 2tfd to 22 « » Crop Hides, 35 to 40lbs for cutting 19d to 20d Ditto 45 to 60lbs 20d to 22< 1 Calf Skins 30 to 40lbs Ditto 50 to 70lbs Ditto 7( f. to bOlbs Small Seals ( Greenland).. Large ditto per dozen.. RAII HIDES. PER STONE. • • 24d to BOd .. . S6d to 4' 2d . .. 3Cd to 40d .. . 24d to 28d • COS.. to.. 100s Heifers, ,2s Sd to 3s 2d Steer s... 2s 8d to 3s 2d Middlings2s4d to. 2s6d SJIEEP Polled.. — to 6s 3d Downs, ,3s 6d to 4s 3d PER STONE. Ordinary 2s Od to 2s 2d Calf... Us o,| English Horse.. 10s Od Skins. Shearlings..... ,3s 6d Lambs . , s3. . to. .£ g 6d PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. Kent. £ 5 16s . to..£ 7 Os - Sussex.-•••••. .5 12s- to** 6 10a Foreign Hops . .3 Os. . to.. 4 Ids NEW POCKETS. Kent £ 7 '• • a* -£- s• • to • • £ 8 Os Sussex •• 7 7s •• 0 Os-- to.- 8 Os Essex.. •-•- 8 Os • • to • • Faruham......... 8 t) s-- to** 9 Os 10 Os PRICE OF FA T, PER STONE OE KIOHT POI NnS. Stated by Ullow Metiers. J Stated by the Butchers St. James's 5s 9( 1 Wliitcchapel . , 5s 9d A verage.. 5s^ }) d St.. James's . . ,6s 9d Whitechapel . : 6s 94 Average. fM PRICE OF TALLOW, SOAP, \ e. per 112 lb. To wn Ta How ... — s Od.. to.. 99s 6rl Yellow Russia * — s Od • • to • S) 5s Od White ditto — s Od- to- 92s Od; Soap ditto*. — s Od- to*- 92s Oil Melting Stuff ... 79s Od • to * - 8Cs t'd Ditto Rough • •. 54s Od • to. .56s ( id - Y- eHowSoap 112s j Motlledl24s | Curd" 128s Palml28s | Graves 24s Od | Good Dregs lt) s d Price of Candles, per d « z. 14s Cd— Moulds 16s Od Cil per dcz. allow cd for ready money. HOMB MARKET. • , PRICE OF CORN AND FLOUR, IN LEICESTER MARKET, On Saturday. OCTOBER 24FA, 1818. , WINCHESTER MEASIRE. per Quuiicr. per Quarter Wheat... F> e Barley.. . Oats Beans-... . 76s to 52s to 01 s to 32s to 70s to 96s 54s 72s 42s SOs Hog Pease — s to BJnePease — s to Oatmeal.. — s to Pale Mult 88s to 7,1 « — a SOs 92S 66S.. to .'• 7F)" S 1 C4S.. 10.. 68s lZer. • ach Fine Flour Seconds ditto .. . uos ./. Thirds ditto Cls. . to.. Ma S J. SMITH, ' ReMter of Assize Returns PRINTEU and PUBUSIIEO by JOHN PKLCE, Murkit Place, Leicester.—— This Paper is regularly filed in LONDON, at the I. omit, n. Chapter, and Peel's Coffee Houses; and by Messrs. NLUTON and Co. No. 5, Warwick- square, Newgate- street'; aud by J. WHITE, NO. 88, Fleet- street; where Ad'veitim - ments are received. Advertisements art ! >' received, and the Paper disti it etid, by Mr; Adam- Druggist, Loughborough ; Mr. Barrow, Kegv. orll Mr. Beatlsniore, Ashby- de- la- Zouch; Mr. I. es'. i Sheepshead; Mies Ward, llincklcy ; Messrs. I and Co. Melton.; Mr: BojttrilL Latter « » •'•••. Mr. Glover, Ho by . and Grantham.
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