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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1025
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 15/09/1813
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1025
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 20.] N0, 1025. Wednesday j0tmtaL CORN MARKET, SHREWSBURY. m September 15, 1813. Price Sixpence Hal/ penny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Wanner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five. Shillings and Sfvpence each. ir TO BUILDEHS. ANY Persons desirous of contracting for building a small STONE B Fil I Hi E over SOU I TON BROOK, 011 the Road leading from VVem to Hawkstone ; and also for building a small BRICK ARCH at B I. ACKHCRSFs FORD, on the Road leading from Ellesmere to Weni; are requested to send in Proposals, for both or either of them, sealed up, and directed for the Clerk of the Peace, at the Shire Hall, Shrewsbury, on or before SATURDAY, the 18th Instant. Plans and Specifications may be seen by applying at the Clerk of the Peace's Office, or to the County Surveyor, Canal Office, Ellesmere. The Contractor must be provided with proper Sureties , for the due Performance of his Contract, and for upholding , a metrical Romance of the 13th Century, j the same for seven Years after the Time of its Completion, j 15s. Boards. i i NFXT Fill Y, \ n/ h of THIS MONTH. T) ICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, nnd Co. ( lie CoN- ; II TRACTORS for the Lottery, respectfully remind the Public tbat the ' I STATE LOTTERY begins drawing on the 17th of this Month, September, on which Day an additional Prize of TEN THOUSAND POUNDS will he given to 1 he FIRST TICKET DP AIV N a Prize above £ 20— The first 1,000 Blank, drawn on this Day, will also receive £ 20 each — Tbe I ottery consists Of only 12,000 Tickets, and the Scheme contains This d. iv is published, in 8vo. price 14s, iii Boards, OKEBV A POEM, in Six CANTOS. ISv WALTER SCOTT, Esq. The fifth Edition. Printed for A. Constable and Co. and J. BALLANTYNE and Co. Edinburgh; and for LONGMAN, HURST, REES, ORME, and BROWN, London; anil to be had of W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury ; Minshall, Oswestry ; Painter, Wrexham; Porker, Whitchnich; Smith, Ironbridge; and of all tbe Booksellers iu the United Kingdom. Of whom also may he lisd, the latest Editions of all Mr. Scott's other Works, as under:— Tbe Lay of thc last Minstrel. Thirteenth Edition. Price 10s. 6d. Boards. Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. Fourth Editiun. Price 36S. Boards Sir Tristrem Third Edition. Marmion: a Talc of Flodden Field. Eighth Edition. 12s Boards. Ballads and Lyrical Pieces. Third Edition. 7s. 6d. Boards. The Lady of the Lake. Eighth Edition. 12s. Boards. The Vision of Don Roderick. Second Edition, gs. lids. NOTICE TO CR EDLTORS~ AND DEBTORS. ALL Persons to whom THOMAS PUGH, late of LLANIDLOES, in Ihe County of Montgomery, Gentleman, deceased, stood indebted ol the Time of his Dentl., are desired to send au Account of their respective Demands, and the Nature of Iheir Securities, to Mrs MAR. CARET PuGH, of Llanidloes aforesaid, the Widow and Executrix of Ibe said Thomas Pngli; And all Persons iu dehted lo the Estate late of the said Thomas Pugh, arc desired to pay their respective Debts lo the said Margaret Pugh immediately. JO th September, 1813. Shrewsbury Races, 1813. ON TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, will be run for on Bicton Heath, a PURSE of SIXTY POUNDS, the Gift of the Hon HENRY GREY BENNETT and Lieutenant General Sir ROWLAND HILL, K. B for Horses, & c. that never won that Value, Matches and Sweepstakes except- ed; 3- years old to carry Gst. 4- years old 7st 7lb. 5- years old 8st. 3lh. 6- yeais old Sst. inlb. and aged Sst. I2lh. The Winner of one Sweepstakes in tbe present Year lo carry 3lb of two 5lb and of three 7lb extra Mares and Geldings allowed 2lb— The best of three two- inile Heals. The Slakes lo Ihe second best Horse. Same Day, a SWEEPSTAKES of 1' igs. each, with a clear PURSF. of 3< igs. given by the Town; three veur old' to carry 6s(. 7lb four 7st. 12lb. five 8st 61b. six 8st. > 8lb. and aged, gst sib. Mares and Geldings lo be allowed Sib. To slarl at the Winning Chair, and run twice round the Course. The Stakes to be paid on the Day of Entrance, and the Horses named lo pay los. 6d. to the Clerk of the Course. Mr. Egerton's hr. h. Hit or Miss, by Haphazard, 5- yrs old Lord Clive's Master Harry, 4- yrs old Mr W. W. Whilmore's br. f Nosegay, hy Warrior, out of Cecilia, 3- yrs. old Mr Pel ham's br h. Tinker Barnes, 4- yrs old Sir E. Smythe's b. in. Slaug, by Vermin, 5- yrs. old Mr F. R. Price's b h Ambo, 4- yrs old Lord Stamford's b. ni. Stella, by Sir Oliver, 5 yrs. old Sir T. Stanley's br. f. Boadicea, by Warrior, dam by Lur- cher, 4 vrs. old. WEDNESDAY, the Gentlemen's Subscription for a GOLD CUP of too GUINEAS Value, Ihe Surplus to be pa> d in Specie; ten Subscribers al logs. each, for all ages; twice round Ihe Course and a Distance; three- year olds to carry 6sl. tilb. four, 7st. I2lh. five, Sst 7lb six " and aged, 8.1. Illb. Mares and Geldings lo be allowed 3lb. Mr. Benson's Uncle Toby, 4 vrs old Mr. Heller's Hit or Miss| by Haphazard, 5 yrs. old Sir F,. Smythe's h. m by Meleor, 5 vrs. old Mr. J. K Powell's b. c. Corporal Trim, by Warrior, 3yrs. Old Mr. Coles's g. f. Olivettn, bv Sir Oliver, 4- yrs old Mr. T C. Helier's br. f. by Diamond, Dam hy Sir Peter, 4 yrs old Mr J <) Crewe's b f. Sister to Beresford, by Mr. Teazle, Dam hv Volunteer, out of Storace, 3- vrs. old Lord Grey's b in Stella, bySirOliver, 5 yrs old Mr. Price's b c Ambo. 4 yrs. old Mr. Charlton's h. c Thyrza, by Haphazard, out of Brain- worm's Dam, 3- yrs. old Same Day, Hi- Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Subscription of FIFTY POUNDS, for 3 and 4- year olds ; 3- ycars old to carry 7st. 4 years old 8st. sib. A Winner of one Plate to cari v . lib. of two 5lb. and of tluee 7lb extra.— Mares and Geldings allowed 2lb. each. The best of three Heats ; twice round the Course to a Heat. The Slakes totlie second best Horse. THURSDAY, a SWEEPSTAKES of logs, each, with n clear PURSEof^ ogs given hv ibe Town ; three- year olds to rarry 6st. 7II1 four7st. 12lb" five Sst 61b. six 8st 12lb. and aged p « l 2lb. Mares and Geldings to be allowed sib. the best of ihree I wo- mile Heals To start si the Winning Chair, and run twice round the Course to a Heat. The Slakes to Ire paid on the Dav of Entrance, and Ihe Horses named lo pav los 6d to the Clerk of the Course. Mr. J. Fgerton's Hil or Mi « s, by Haphazard. 5- yrs old Mr Benson's b h. British Bayonet, 5- yrs. old Sir E Smvlhe's I). m. Slang, by Vermin, 5- yrs old Mr R. Heber's b. f. by Diamond, Dam by Sir Peter, 4- yrs. old ' Mr. Kern's b. r by Saucho, Dam by Teddy, 3- yrs old Sir W Wynne's Cambrian Lass, 5 yrs. old Mr. W. W Whilmore's b. f Noseg- iy, by Warrior, out of Cecilia, 3- yrs. old The Horses, Sic. intended to run for these Plates and Sweepstakes, are to enter al theTAI. BOT INN, Shrewsbury, 011 MON NAY, tlie 20th of September, between the Honrs of four and six o Clock in Ibe Afternoon : paving two Guineas Entrance for Ihe Plates, and Half a- Guinea to the Clerk of the Course, or double nt tbe Post, which must be paid before twelve o'Clock on Ihe Day of running. The winning Horse of a Match, Plate, or Sweepstakes, to pavone Guinea to the Clerk each Day for Weights and Scales. The Horses to start each Day precisely al twelve o'clock, and onlv half an Hour will be allowed between each Heat. No less than three reputed running Horses, & r. lo start for either of Ihe above Plates ; if only one en- ters, the Owner lo be allowed ten Guineas; if two, five Gnineas each. The Stewards permitting two Horses to run, and cither of them afterward, refusing, such Horse will nol be allowed tbe five Guineas, lull ten Guineas will he given to llie Horse lhat i. ready to start. All Disputes lo IH determined by the Stewards, or whom they shall ap. point. Each Rider is required to declare at the Time of entering the Colour he will ride ill, that they may be inserted in the printed Lists ; and any Jockey riding in any other Colour than that he has so mentioned, shall forfeit 108. 6d. lo the Clerk of the Course. The Slakes to be paid to the Clerk of the Course at the Time of Entrance. Sir EDWARD SMYTHE, Bart RICHARD IIEBER, Esq. Mr. W. SMITH, Veterinary Surgeon lo the Shrewsbury Yeomanry Cavalry, Clerk of the Course. " No Person will be permitted to erect a Booth or Stand for the Sale of any Kind of Liquors, without first paying into the Hands of the Clerk of tbe Course llalf- a- Guineaon the Day of Entrance, w hich will be added to llie Town Sub- scription. No Horse to stand at flie House of any Person who does not subscribe one Guinea tuwnrds Ihe Plate: nor any Smith lo plate a Horse, miles, he be a Subscriber of ten Shillings aud Sixpence Part ofthe Course being corded out for the better Ac- commodation of Fool People, it is hoped that 110 Person will attempt lo be on Ihe running ( around during thc Time fhe Horses are running. Constable, will be employed lo clear llie Course; and ihe Stewards particularly request that no Person will ride ou any Part of Ibe running Ground during the Races. Any Persons obstructing or i. i- . ulting tbe Persons so employed, will be prosecuted by Order of. thc Stewards. AH Dogs found on the Course will be destroyed. 2 Prizes of . 2 Prizes of . 5 Prizes of 6 Prizes of 7 Piizes of 50 Prizes of 2,330 Prizes of In Ihis Lottery there 11 £ 20,000 lo, oco 1,000 500 200 .. £' 100 and £ 50 £ 25 and £ 20 Prize under £ 20. TICKETS and SHARFP are selling at Shrewsbury, bv VV EDDOWES. Printer, Market liratiton, R GRANT, Post- Master, Wrexham, J PAIN'TR, Bookseller, Oswestry, VV. PRICE, Bookseller, For RICHARDSON, GO00I. UCK, and Co. CONTRACTORS, LONDON. EVERY OVF. OFTHE FOLLOWING TWENTY ONE CAPITALS, W Ell E ALL DRAWN LAST LOTTERY, EVERY ONE SOLD BY T. BISH, AND HIS AGENTS. 3,237 . . 9,190 7. U3 18,1.11 496 7,883 8,< 131 10,407 FI. FINN 14,545 15 388 16,117 a Prize of £ 20,000 10,050 £ 2,000 19,288 2,000 4,613 1,000 7,023 1,000 7.085 1,000 7,324 1,000 11,410 500 13,285 500 18,881 500 19.393 300 | & c & c. , £ 300 200 200 200 200 200 SIX) 200 200 The above unparalleled Success accounts for the extraor- dinary demand experienced al BISH's Offices forthe present Lottery, which cousistsofbnt 12,000 Tickets, yet lias Two Prizes of £ 20,000, Two of £ 10,000, anil not ANY Prize less than £ 20: added lo which, Ihe First 1,000 Blanks will he entitled to £ 20 each. The whole Lottery will be drawn In Two Days, commencing 17th September, on which Day tbe First Ticket drawn nbove £ 20, will be entitled to an addi- tional Prize of £ 10,000. TICKETS AND SHARES ARE SELLING BY J S AN DFOR I), Bookseller, Shreiosbury, R PARKER, Ditto, Whitchtrch, A. MOROAN, Ditto, Stafford, P DF. NM AN, Ditto, Wolverhampton, R. PARKER, Grocer, Ellesmere, SMITH aud WILSON, Printers, Newcastle; AND BY T. BISH, Ftock- Broker, 4, Corilllill, and 9, Cbaring- Cross, London CENTRE" Regiment of Shrops- h ire Local Militia, TRAINING AND EXERCISING. NOTICE is hereby given to sticii Persons as are or shall be enrolled in Ibe CENTRE Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia,- That thev are lo assemble at SHREWSBURY, in the Cou.' iv of Salop, 011 SATURDAY, the TWENTY- FIFTH Day of SEP- TEMBER, 1813, at Teil o'clock in the Forenoon, to lie Trained and Exercisel for the Spare « f Fourteen Days, exclusive of the Dais of Arrival al, and Departure from, and Marching lo anil from such Place. And NOTICE is hereby further given, That every Person ( not labouring under any Infirmity incaptcitil- ing him) whosliall no appear a! the said Time and Place, is deemed a Deserter, and, if not taken until after the Time of such Training and Exercising, forfeits the Sum of I WENTY POUN l) S, which if not immediately paid, hi; will be committed to the Common Gaol, there lo remain without Bail or Mainprize, for any Space not exceeding Six Months, nor less than fourteen Days, or HAWARDEN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, FLINTSHIRE. THE FEOFFF. FS having latelv erected a commodious SCHOOL- HOUSE, adjoining this School, together with a Dormitory over the old School Room, 48 Feel in length, by 18 Feet in breadth, and having nearly completed the Whole in n manner suitable to a genteel Establishment, do now offer the same to the Notice of School- masters, under llie hope, that an Appointment mar be made to the interest both of the Master aud the Parish, as well as to tbat of Ihe Public at large. Thc Feoffees, wilh the most liberal Sentiments of En- couragement towards a deserving Master, flatter them- selves that they shall be so fortunate as to meet with a Person whose reciprocity of Sentiment will ensure a steady, impartial, and uniform Discharge of his School: Duties; under such Circumstances, they cannot help expressing their Confidence, that liie Establishment would be both permanent and productive, thc School having been in Re- pule, with its complement of Boarders, for almost 40 Years, under tbe same Master. The Feoffees, can have no Objections to a Person in Orders, but their Statutes, for obvious Reasons, preclude an officiating Clergyman. The Situation of Hawarden is most delightful j its Air most salubrious ; not more tban two Boys have died at Ihe School during the above long Period— distant from Chester • even Miles, ud the great Mail Road to Holyhead. N. B. Letters addressed, Post- paid, lo Ihe Feoffees, at Hawarden, will meet wilh due Attention, as soon as they, the said Feoffees, have had an Opportunity of considering the Applications of Ihe several Candidates. The School lo be rnlered upon at Christinas next. Ilawarden, August 26th, 1 SI 3. ^ aleg op auction. CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATES. BY GLOVEK AND SON, Sometime in September or October nest; SEVER. A L very valuable and improvable FARMS, situale iu the Counties of Denbigh and Montgomery, called TAN Y PISTIL, TAN YCRAIG, CEFN DERWIN,& CR AIG- N A NT. now inthe Occupation OF F'VAN Davies, Hugh Evans, John Vaughan, and Ricbard Edwards ; Particulars of which will appear in a future Paper, aud further Information in tbe mean Time may he obtained al the Office of Mr. W. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury, 62, BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, QUEEN- STREET, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. C^ HF. AP, Durable, aud Impenetrable PAINTS, ground In J Linseed Oil, for Park Palings, Fences, Tiles, Slales, Plaster and Stuccued Fronts, Ship- painting, Out- buildings, and Weather- boarding of every Description. Invisible Green.... per Cwt 56s Dark Green 70b Bright Olive Green M2s. Black Paint 60s. While Paint... 5tjs Stone Colour .. per Cwt 56s. Lend or Slate Cniour.. 5t) s. Yellow 56s. Chocolate 56s. Red 40s. Prepared Oil, tn thin the above for ' tie, 5s. 6d. per Gallon. • ver Gal. 8s. Gd. Genuine SpermOil Pale Seal Oil 5s. od Chamber Oil 5s. 6d. Pale Whale Oil 4s. Gd. Pitch . ... per Cu t. 92s. od. ry, or prepared for Use. Genuine ground / „„, r,..., White Lead Ver C, cU 56s' Turpentine... per Gal. 13s. Od. Linseed Oil . ( is. ml Boiled Oil. 6s 6d. Tar per Bar 44s. od Fine Colours uf every Kind, Painters' Brushes, ice. &. c. The Impenetrable Paints are very ornamental, possess great Durability, are a Cure, for tlieWoi m aud Dry Rot, and will stand iu hot Climates. They are peculiarly adapted for Work exposed lo Ihe Effects of Weather, and may also be applied with Advantage lo tbe general Purposes of useful inside Painting, as they dry quick, and are very handsome in Appearance They are used in the Mnnnerof other Paints, and require only to be thinned with the prepared Oil, the While Paint excepted, which requires the Addition of Turpentine. The Impenetrable PaihtS are Sold in Quantities not less than 2Slbs. aud can only be purchased of GEO. UPTON and Co. Oilmen and Colour Manufacturers, 62, Queen Street, 41, London Wall, and Kciinet Wharf. N. B. These Paints are not prepared from Coal Tar or Fish Oil. NOTICE is hereby given, that Application is intended to be made lo Parliament in the next Session for Leave to bring in a Bill, and obtain an Act, for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the Commonable Lands and Waste Grounds in the Parishes of Ltauerfyl, Llaugadfan, and Garlhbcibio, » ud iii the Township of Cuereinion- fcehan, otherwise Lhiudybo, in the Parish of Mallwyd, within that Part of the Manor or Lordship of Caercinion, which is coinmunly distinguished or known by the Name of Caerein- ion Uchcoed, in the County of Montgomery. JONES and OWEN, Machynlleth, 6th Sept. 1813. Solicitors. X. OTICE is hereby given, lhat in Ibe next Session of i^ l Parliament a Petition will be presented to the Honour- able the House of Commons, for Leave to bring in a Bill for continuing the Term, and altering and enlarging the Powers, of an Act of thc twelfth Year of thc Reign of his present Majesty Kiug George the Third, intitled " An Act " for repairing, w idening, and keeping in Repair the Road " froin Burltun, in the County of Salop, through Knockiu " to l. lanymynech, iu the same County, and from Knoekin " to Ihe East End of Ihe Llannader Road, and from Place " Carrick Lane to Ihe Turnpike Road from Llanymynech " lo Oswestry, near Coid Issa Mountain, and from Oswes- " try Turnpike Roail on Knoekin Heath to Ihe East End of " Kuockin Lane:" And also of another Act of the thirty- second Year of his said Majesty, infilled, " An Act for cou- " tinning the Term, and altering and enlarging the Powers " of an Act of Ihe twelfth Year of his present Majesty, for " repairing, widening, and keeping in Repair, the Road " from Burlton, in the Connty of Salop, through Knockin " to Llaltvmynech, in the same County, and from Knockin " lo the East End of Ltauriader Road; and from Place " Carrick Lane to ihe Turnpike Road froin Llanyniynech " to Oswestry, near Coid Issa Mountain, and from Oswes- '< try Turnpike Road on Knockin Heath, to the East End " of Knockin Lane:" Aud which said Roads pass through tbe several Parishes of Loppington, Middle, Baschurrh, Ruyton, Knockin, Kinnerley, and Llanymynech, in the County ofSalop. And it is intended to apply for Power lo alter and increase the Tolls taken under and by Virtue of thc said recited Acts of tbe twelfth and thirty- second Years of thc present Kiug, or cither of them. FRANCIS BRADDOCK, September 7, 1813. Clerk lo the Ttuslecs. NOTICE is hereby given, Thai Application is intended tube made lu Parliament the next Session, for Leave MONTGOMERYSHIRE. In Lots, sometime in September or October next, ( unless disposed of in the mean Time by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given): AMOST desirable and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of Five desirable and very improvable Farms, great Part within a Ring Fence, and llie Whole lying near 10 each other; well wooded and watered; with several Cottages; containing abont FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY ACRES, situate in the Parishes of Myfod und Llanfyllin, and calledPLAS- NANTYMEICHIED, AI. I. T- G0CH, GL, AN PWI. L, CEFN- BOGFI. LIU, COED- ILL, PFNY- OOED, BWLCH- Y- DDFRWIN, and CRAIGNANT- VACH, and now let from Year to Year. The Buildings are in good Repair on each ofthe Farms, and there is a considerable Quantity of Timber upon the Estate. Further Particulars will appear in a future Paper, and may in the mean Time he had of Messrs. WALEORO and HASSAI. L, Solicitors, in Wem; or Mr. W, EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. WELL- ACCUSTOMED PUBLIC HOUSE, TRENCH LANE, NEAR WELLINGTON, SALOP. BY MR. BAGNOT I), At the Dwelling House of Mr. Richard Boluss ( the King's Arms), at Ihe Trench Lane, near Wellington, in Ihe County of Salop, on Friday, the 17th Day of September, 1813 ( unless sooner disposed of hy private Contract), | between theHours of four and six o'clock in the Afternoon | ( subject to such Conditions as will be then produced): ALL that TTE aforesaid capital well- accustomed Public House, called Ihe KING'S ARMS, now in the Occupa- tion of the said Richard Boluss, and the Outbuildings belonging thereto, wilh a Yard ; nnd a large Garden atljoin- j ing, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, J The House consists of a spacious and convenient Kitchen nnd Bar, a Clnb Room 2Q Feet 6 Inches by 14 Feet 6 Inches, wilh two Fire Places and sliding Partitions fbr the Purpose of dividing the same into two, on tbe first 1 Floor; 11 Dining Room, and four excellent Lodging Rooms with convenient Closets, on the second Floor ; au excellent vaulted Cellar, 29 Feet G Inches hy 14 Feet 6 Inches, with a convenient Liquor Cellar at the End. The Outbuildings consist of an excellent spacious Brew- house, Stable, Granary, Pigsties, and other Conveniences. The Premises are recently and substantially built wilh Brick and Tile, and well situated for Business, in theCentre oflhe Doiiiugton and Wiockwardine Wood Works, in Ihe Parish of Wrockwardine, where the Rales are extremely low. The Stock of Ale, Liquors, and Casks, with the Fixtures 011 IhePremises, to be taken by the Pun baser at aValuation Any Part of tbe Purchase Money nol exceeding £ 700 may remain 011 Security of Ihe Premises; anil further Particulars may he known on Application at the Office of Mr. BROOKES, Solicitor, in Newport, Salop. H E R E FO RDSIIIRE. At the Red Lion Inn, Leominster, nil Friday, the first Day of October next, between the Hours of four nnd six in the Afternoon, in three Lots, subject to Conditions of Sale LO be then produced: LOT I. AMOST desirable FARM, called I. AWTON, situate in the Parish of Kiligsland, in the County of Hereford, in Ihe Possession of MR. Thomas Vaughau ; consisting of a good Farm House, Barns, Stables, and other convenient Outbuildings, and 160 Acres ( be the same more or less) of very excellent Arable, Meadow, Pasture Laud, and Or- charding, all in a high State of Cultivation. Tbe Huuse and Buildings belonging to this Lot have been lately repaired and improved al a considerable Expense. LOTII. A DWELLING HOUSE, Garden, and Orchard, situate at Sburle Heath, in the said Parish of Kingsland, containing together by Estimation three Parts of an Acre, be the same more or less, and in the Occupation of James Davies. LOT III. A Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, called the CROWN INN, with Ihe Outbuildings, Garden, nnd Orchard iheretu belonging, cuulaining by Estimation one Acre and an Half, be I he same more or less, situate at Shurle Heath aforesaid, and adjoining Ihe Turnpike Road leading from Eardislaud to Leominster, and now in the Occupation of Mrs. Basset. Possession of Ihe Premises may be had al Cnndlemas next; may be viewed by Application to Mr Thomas Vaughau, the Tenant, at Lawton ; and further Particulars may be had of Ihe Rev. Mr. PARDOE, Hopton Caslle, and of Messrs. LLOYDS, Solicitors, Ludlow. IHth August, 1813. SHROPSHIRE. salts auction. FARMING STOCK, am" HOUSEHOLD GOODS. BY R. POOLE, On Monday and Tuesday, the 20th and 21st Days of September, 1813; A IL the valuable I AKM1NG STOCK, 1MPLE A\ MENTS in HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, of Mr. CHAMBERLAIN, of the KUDGES FARIH, at Lighlmoor, who is declining the Farm- ing Business; consisting of two valuable Draught Marts one of which is in- foal, and one capital two- year old Filley five prime Dairy Cows; one Sow in- pig, and four Store Pigs; three Sets of Gearing; one Waggon and Gearing, two tumbrils, one Plough, two Pair OF H arrows, Winnow- ing Machine, Wheelbarrow, Half- strike, Straw Engine, two Cornt offers, two Dozen of llag « , Grindstone, two Saddles and Bridle, Side Saddle, six Harvest Bottles, wilh P, G I roughs, Spades, Shovels, Sieves, Riddles, and other IM- piemenis.--. The HOUSEHOLD GOODS comprise handsome rourpost, 1 cut, and oilier Bedsteads, and Hangings, Goose Feather Beds, bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets and Bed- qnilts, Mahogany Dining, Pembroke, Tea, nnd Dressing I aides, six Mahogany Chairs and oue Elbow, handsome Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Mahogany Wash- hand Stands, Chamber and Kitchen Chairs. Oak double Chest of Drawers Pier and Swing Glasses, Bedside Carpets, Clock- fared Bard, meter, large Housekeeper's Press, handsome F, I » hl Day Cluck and Case, Fowling Piece, Wire and Kitchen Fenders, and FIIE Irons, several Sets of Enamel China, Copper and LLN, '' RE; WI'h other Kitchen Requisites : also large and small Vlash 1 ubs, Coolers, Washing Tubs, Pails and Gawns, several capital Iron- bouud Ale aud Beer Casks, Barrel Churn, and complete Assortment of Dairy Utensils, & c. & c. SA, E LO begin cach Day precisely al 11 o'Cl ick.- I he Farming Stock, BreWing and Dairy Ulensils to be soid the first Day. MONTGO 17 ER YSlllR E. CAPITAL LEAH MINES. At the While Lion, in the Town of Machynlleth, in the said County, on Tuesday, the 21st Day'of September, 1813, between the Hours of four and six 111 the Afternoon, subject to Conditions to be then pr< duced . ONESEVENTH PART,.. SHARE of Ibe LEASE for an unexpired Term of 8 Years from the 51 h of Novem- ber next, of and in Ihe Mines and Minerals in and under '. Iv,:^!','. 8calM DYFNGWM- UCH A and Ui rNGn M- 1SSA, situate iu the Parish of Penegoes, in thc said County. s Also, ONE SEVENTH PART orSHAREoflhe LEASE tor an unexpired Term of 17 Years from the ml. of August last, of and in the Mines and Minerals in and under the Farm and Lands railed ESKIRGA LED, situale in the said Parish of Penegoes Also, ONE SEVENTH PART of the WATER V\ H t. F. L, TOOLS, and other Machinery used iu carrying on the above Works. These Mines have been for many Years worked lo^ reat Advantage, and are capable of considerable Improvement being ilistaut about 10 Miles from a navigable Part of ihe River Dovey al Derwen las. For Pariiculars apply al ihe Office of Messrs. JONES and OWEN, Solicitors, Machynlleth. NORTH DEVON, AND ALDEKNEY C. ATTLET AND M) CTH DOWN SHEEP. The Property of the Right Hon. LORD BRADFORD. In Lots, at WESTON, on Friday, the24th September 1813 UPWARDS of 20 Head of Cattle of the purest North Devon Breed, consisting of in- cnlf Cows ami Heifers and six Pair of Bullocks well adapted lo work or feed. The above have been bred wilh Care and Attention from Ibe most valuable Stocks. Likewise several high bred Aldernev Cows; and 40 South Down Ewes, bred from tbe Slock Ills Grace the PUKE of BEDFORD, and THOMAS COKE, Esq of Holkliain ' The above Slock will be found well worth ( he Attention ot the Public — The Sale lo begin precisely at 12 o'Chick. At the Talbol Inn, in the Town of Aberystwyth 011 Monday, Ihe 27th Day of September, 1813, between Ibe Hours of Ihree and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced- AMOST desireable MARINE VILLA, most beautifully situated on the Coast of South Wales, adjoining the Town of ARFRYSTUYTH, commanding extensive and Picturesque VIEWS of the BAY of CARDIGAN SNOWDON, and tbe other Hills of Carnarvonshire' possessing every requisite nnd convenient llffiies, with a Pasture Field and an excellent waited Garden adjoining. The House consists of a large Drawing Room, a Dining Room, and Breakfasl Room, willi a covered Balcony open- ing to the Sea, six best Bed Rooms, and I • o Dressing Rooms. The Furniture may betaken at a Valuation. Further Particulars may be had bv applying lo Mr HUGH HUGHES, Aberystwyth, if by Letter, Post paid. ELLESMEIIE— FREEHOLD LAND. ~~ BY W. J\ MES, At tbe Red Lion Inn, in F. llesmere, in the County ofSalop on Tuesday, tbe 26lh Day of September, 1813, between the Hours uf four and six o'Clock in the Afternoon either together, or in such Lots as may he agreed upon at the Time ofSale, and subject to such Conditions as will then he produced : ALL those THREE several Closes, PIF. CF. S, or Parcel. _ of LAND, called or known by the Name of the to bring in a Bill to continue and enlarge the Term and alter and amend I he Powers of an Act passed in the 33d Year of until he shall have paid the said Penalty) and lhat every ! ' be Reign of His present Majesty, entiiled " An Act for . . • - , tt ,.„, » .,, 1^....... .1: « ;— 1 : — .1.- r> 1 - Stewards. such Defaulter will be proceeded against with Rigour. The Serjeants will attend at the Time and Place afore- said lo deliver out Billets. By Order of the General Meeting of Lieu- tenancy of the County of < alo/ i, LOXDALE. SOUTH Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia. TRAINING AND EXERCISING, NOTICE is hereby given to sucli Persons as are or shall lie enrolled in the South Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia, That they are to assemble at LUDLOW, in the Coutily of Salop, on MON DAY, llie TWENTY- SEVENTH Day of SEPTEMBER, 1813. at Ten o'Clock iu tbe Forenoon, to be Trained and Ex- ercised for the Space of Fourteen Days, exclusive of the Days of Arrival at, and Departure from, and Marching to and from, such Place. And NOTICE is hereby further given, That every Person ( not labouring under any Infirmity incapai ilat- ing bim) who shall not appear at the said Time anil Place, is deemed a Deserter, and, if not taken until afier the Time of such Training and Exercising, for- feits the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS, which if not immediately paid, he will be committed to thc Common Gaol, there to remain without Bail or Mainprise, for any Space not exceeding Six Mouths nor less than Four- teen Days, or until he sliad have paid the said Penalty 1 and that every such Defaulter will be proceeded against with llignur. The Serjeants will attend at the Time and Place aforesaid, to deliver out Billets. By Order of the General Meeting of Lieu- tenancy of Ihe County of Salop, LOXDALE. repairing, widening, diverting, and improving the Road " from Stafford lo Church Bridge, and also Ihe Road fiom " Stafford to Uitoxeter, all in the County of Stafford; nnd " also the Road from Stafford to Newport, in the County " ofSalop," and to increase and alter the existing Tolls', Rales, and Duties upon the said Roads; and to discharge the Arrears of Interest upon the Money borrowed; and which Roads pass thro' the several Parishes, Townships, or Plac • es, of Utloxeler, llran. shall, Loxlev, Kingston*', Bljlh, Grindley, A merlon, Driuetou, llixon, Gratwich, Chartley, Chartley Holme, Fradswell, Stowe, Colwirh, Gayton, Weston, Hopton, Salt, Ingestrie, Tixall, Saint Thomas, Littleworlh, Saint Mary and St Chad in Stafford, Fore- bridge, Silkmuor, Berkswich, Acton Trussell. Brocton, Beduall, Teddesley, Penkridge, llatherton, Hn Kington, Cannock, Church Bridge, Castle Church, Bradley, Bil- tingtoii, Hanghton, Guosall, Plardiwick, Colon, Wil- brightou, Culey, Aqualate, Meer and Fortou, and New- port, in tbe 1 miotics of Stafford and Salop. Stafford, 2d September, 1813. COLLINS and KEENS. BIRCHEN POOLS, containing 13 Acres, or thereabouts, be ! the same more or less, situate within Haifa Mile ofthe At the Angel Inn, Ludlow, on Thursday, the 30tl. Day of ''' own of Eliestncre aforesaid, now in Ihe Holding of Mrs. September next, between the Hours" of four ond six in 1 Surah Ryolliu. the Afternoon, in four, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time uf Sale, subject to Conditions lo STANTON LACY AND BROMFIELD, SHROPSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby giveu fo the Proprietors of Lands aud Estates in the Manor, of Stanton Lacy, Upper Haytun, Lower Haytou, and Bromfield, in the Parishes of Stanton Lacy and Bromtield, in the County of Salop, and to all others whom it may concern. THAT Application is intended lo be made to Piuliaiucpt iu Ihe next Session for Leave to bring 111 it Hill and obtain an Act for dividing, nllotiug, and inclosing a certain Commou or Parcel of Waste Land, called HAYTOVS BEN I, situate in the Manors of Stanton Lacy, Upper Dayton, und Lower Hay- tou, in the said Parish of Stanton Lacy iu ihe County of Salop ; and also so much and such Pari or Parts ofa certain oilier Common or Parcel of Waste Land, called SHORT- WOOD, as lies within the said Manor of Stanton Lacy, Upper Hayton, and Lower Haytou, in Ibe siid Parish of Stauton Lacy, and all oilier tbe Commons and Commonable Meadows, Woods, Fields, und M asle Lands, within Ihe si. id Manors of Stanton Lacy, Upper Haylon, and Low er 11 A\ Ion, in llie said Parish ofSlantou Lacy: And also so much and such Parlor Parts of ilie aforesaid Common or Parcel of Waste Land callcd Shorlwood, as lies iu the Manor and Parish of Bromfield, in the said County of Salop. Dated the first Day of September, 1813. H. aud W. LLOYD, Solicitors. be then produced : LOT I. ACAPITAL and spacious DWELLING HOUSE, called Ihe BROA 11 GATE, suitable to the Accommo- dation of a genteel Family, most desirably and pleasantly situated in Broad Stieel, Ludlow, late the Residence of Mrs. Kiuuersiey, ( rf which early Possession may be had); containing 011 ihe .. rst Floor six large Bed Rooms aud a Luuudry, with Attics over; 011 liie Grnund Floor, a hand- some Entrance Hall, Drawing Room, Breakfasl and Dining Parlours, Kitchen, I'autries, w ith excellent Offices there- under, Cellars, and Stabling; a Hothouse, with a large Garden, enclosed witb a lofty Brick Wall, facing the South, well stocked witb choice Fruit Trees, anil commanding a most delightful View of Whilcliffe Hill and tbe River Tome, Also, attached to this Lot, Part of two Gardens in the Possession of Mr Thomas Bowen and Samuel Hayes, situate below the Town Wall, running parallel with Ibe first- inenlioued Garden, aud communicating with the House, as Ibe same are now marked and staked oul : toge- ther also with a neal DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining the Stable, and fronting Ihe Street called Merry Vale, and in the Possession of Mr Samuel Powell, Plumber and Glazier. LOT 11. A DWELLING HOUSE, situate in Lower Broad Street, in the Possession of Mr Richard Caiiess, ars apply to the said Mrs. BYOLLIN, EE, Solicitor, Ellcsinere. For further Particu! or to Mr. FRANCIS LU CARNARVONSHIRE— NORTH WALES^ " CAPFPAL FREEHOLD ESTATE. At tbe Sportsman Inn, in the Town of Carnarvon, in the said County, 0.1 Thursday, the 7th Dayof October, 18' 3 between thc Hours of thiee and live o'clock in the After- noon ofthe same Day, subject lusuch Conditions as shall be then and tlie. e produced, unless disposed ol iu H. e mean Time by private Contmct, of which due Notice will he given : rpHE capital MANSION HOUSE of BRYNHIR, con- I sisting of Ihree Parlours aud excellent Lodging Rooms, ill. suitable Outbuildings, Coach- House, Siables Lodge, Orchard, aud Garden, together wilh Hie Demesne Lands, containing by Admeasurement 56 Acres, or theie- abouts. BRYNHIR is sitnated within seven Miles or the Market i Town of Pwllheli, and lli. ee of Tie Marine, and stands 011 a delightful Eminence commanding one of 1 lie most cbaim- j ing and extensive Prospects in Point of Variety of any in 1 Wales. ' That much ndmired ancient Structure Ihe CASTLE of I CRICKIETH presents itself in From, with Cardigan Bay ess, J and all Vessels trading to the Ports of Crickieil, Pu in.^ ii* wilb Ihe Outbuildings and Yard adjoining, and ibe Re- I B. u mouth, Triielbniuwr, , tc' ^ ricKieth, Hw llheli, mainder of the Garden in the Possession of the said Tho- ! "' — ' mas Bowen. LOT 111 A small DWELLING HOUSE, situate at the Bottom of Mill Street, with tbe Garden thereto belonging, now iu tbe Possession of JaiieHuvward. LOT IV All those FIVE FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSICS, with ( he Outbuildings, Gardens, and Appurten- ances thereto belonging, called the VINEYARD, situate in Lower Broad. Street, in the several Occupations of Samuel Hayes, Sarah Woodall, David Roberts, John Clarke, audThomns Hughes. Also, a very excellent PI ECE of GARDEN GROUND, adjoining lo and communicating with tbe last- nieniionerl Premises 011 Ibe East, being the Remainder of the Garden iu the Possession of ibe said Samuel tlaycs. Thc Broad Gate House and Part of Ihe Garden, also that Part of the Garden sitnate below the Town Wall and com- prized iu Lot 1 ; the House in Possession of Mr. Richard Carless, and Lot 3, are held bv Lease under llie Corpora- tion of Ludlow, for the Remainder of two several Terms of 31 Years, al small annual Rents, and renewable 011 Payment of small Fines, as will be express, il it. future Particulars. The Remainder of the Premises ure Fieeliold. The Whole may be viewed-; and further Particulars may be had of the Rev. Mr PA It DOE, Hoptou Caslle, and of Messrs. LLOYDS, Solicitors, Ludlow. ISM August, 1813. The Pict uresqtie Mountains of the County of Merioneth skirl ing Cardigan Bay, are a striking Feature in the Scenery commanded from this justly admired Situation. This Property, whit h is'VERV productive, and well sup- plied with Water, calculated to be turned to the greatest Advantage in irrigating, is close to the Sea, which affords AN easy Access to Lime aud Manure, as well as Ihe Enjoyment of Bathing The Neighbourhood has most excellent Tront Streams and is vciy well supplied will, fresh and salt Water Fish and an abundance of Game. ' The Purchaser may at 11 Month's Notice lmve Possession and be accommodated ill a considerable Portion of the Money. Also divers Messuages, Farms, Dwelling Houses, AND Gardens, situate in and near the Town ofCrickieth. This last Prope. lv, which is oflhe liest Quality, is render- ed peculiarly valuable in Resprcls, from possessing Situations commanding extensive Views of the ariiareut Country, and IT. Contiguity to the Sea and good Ruads. A Herring Fishery is carried 1111 lo a great Extent under this Estate. The Estate may be viewed on applying IN MR William Jiiues, of Court, in Crickieth ; and further Particulars had of Mr GI. YNNF, GRIFFITH, at Bodcgioe*, near Pwllheli, or at his Office hi Carnarvon, WHWffliasW!—" roATr » n. v. FPIP'Y, SFPTEMBF. R 10. VirTPPY ( 5 A1 V FD IY THE ( ROVVN PRINCE fail this trnrnii!"' a Messcrjii'r art red from Berlin ami ( a| la; n Li cVe, of ti e 25th rot- inw tfl, from Slrid- sti'd. Tbey ci'nie in Ihe Vixen, and were landed at Flan- borough Head.— Bv ti is conveyance we ha » c teceiveil two S" edish Bullet lis, the 41 h and 5' h rorceri'ing the affairs of' the SI si, 2$ d, aid 23d — The fourth, dated tl e 21st, relates chiefly to ti e Positions ot the C rown Prince's a, d Ihe F. nemv's Armies. 1IF' H FI'! I F. TIN. 11 RitKlsdoiff, Kaon, Al. gust 24. <* AH the Rei oris of Hie secret agents having announcer4 on ihe eveninE of the 21st of Auuusi, ihat the Kmpcro Nat1"' eon was concent'Btinp tin corps of the Dukes it Regrio and Ttelhino nod Padua, and of Oer, era's Bertrahr and Regain, foim'og n ore then PS. t'- OO men in the environs of Haruth, and everv thitiff atitioi. ncrrl on the pail of his. troops a ra- io march uron Perlin, the l'tince llovaltnade the folti W irg- dispositions . —' I'he third Pruss; an corps, coYnftlanded bv Bulon-, plaeeri two divisions between Herner^ dorf and Klein P. rlin. One division already occupied Miltenwatde. ant) another Trehbiir, in order to make the whole movement The 4th Prussian Corps, uvder Tauerize m united at' B atkenOlde. The Swedish » u" left Pnistlaiu on the 22d. at two, a. m proceeded upon SaarniUnd, passed the defiles, and t ok post at ftuhbdorff The Russian aitvv followed the Swedish armv, and t < k post el Giiteigatze General Czerni- cb< ff maided Pelelz ai d Tauerhnrtfcen with 5000 C'i'sacs and a i vie;. rie i, flight infantry — These< rn spent' announced, that the Kmperor NiMi. olet. ti wtisto pass bv Lm kati to proceed to B.' i it'll. General Czernicheff executed his oiders with his usual nit'Hiveece, andcariied alaim and uneasiness to the rear n tin enemy's column". Geneial Hinehfelrlts, who harl received orders lo j. roeeed trr m the envirottsof Magdeburg to Biandelihurg and Potsdam, and from Pt. lselam to Saarmund, made a rapid movement of fne Sverlish miles in ten hours — Afl'.- ii* weie in this stair when the ene mv attacked General Thunu 11 ai Tn- bbin, on the 22d, iu the nioinirg. Theii superiority det- imieed thr- General to evacuate that post. The enemv advanced successively, ar. it occupied all the interval between Mittenwald and tin- Saare, covt red by woods a d flanked by maishi- s. Tl. e advanced post « tell back slew'v. and covered ihr front of the line. On the 93d, in the mouiirg. the corps of General Bertrand debonehed upon Geiterr. i Tai ei zein. Hie latter repnl ed him, and made son.' piisoner-. — The village of Gross Bern, against v- hich the 7tb French corps and a strong lejme was directed, was taken bv him. The Boke of Reggio's corps, pioceeeded upon Aluendorff By the occupation of Gross Bern, ths enemy was at it'OO lobes from Ihe centre of the camp. General Billow received ordeis to atta. k it ; he executed it with the decision of a skdful General The troops marched with the calmness hat distinguished the sold ers of the great Frederick in the seven yeais war. The cannot. ade was waim lor some hours. The troops advanced under the protection of the ariillcrv. and fell ivith the bavonet npon Ihe 7th corps, which had de plow d u the plain, and which maiched bold I v " poo the camp. There weie several charges ofravalrv against the coips of the Duke of Padua, which do great honour tothe Prussian Generai Opren. The Russian aud Swedish auiu were in balt'e, and waitedthe deploving of the other enemv'* Coips to attack them nl the ' nine time. General Wn zin- pen. de WHS at the head of 10,000 hois*, and the Count De Wi int at the head of the Russian infaniry. Marshal Count Stedet jih' i in front of the Swedish line, and his cavalry iu teserve.— The village of Ruhlsdoiff, siiuated iu front ol hi' corps, was furnished with infan'rv, in order to keep open the contmunir atiori w ith General Buiow The oti* r corps of the enemy's army not havint; debouched fr.. m llie woods, Ihe Russian and Swedish aimv dirl not stir.- However, Ihe enemy menacing the village of Rnhbdorfl', and having alre. ich pu.- hed his tirailleurs against the light Swedish troops placed in front of that village, tin I'liuce ordeied some battalions, suppsited bv artillery, lo reitihiice ihe advanced posts, anrl O h eel Cardell was directed lo push on with a battalion of flying artiiU- rv. lo lake the enemy in front — Hitheito the results of the affair of Gross Beren ate ? 6 cannon 3 ' caissons and much baggage, and 1500, prisoner', among whom are 40 tions ( chicfly belonging lo the United Stales) eaptu. ed on Ihe American and We- t India stations between the 30th of March • nd the 22d " f July. Officers, the Colonel ot the Uhlans o' ihe Saxon Guard, and several Lieutenant Colonels and Ft nch Majors The number of killed and wounded . f the enemv is veiv considerable, and the wood- ate. filled with stragglers, whom the light cavaliy ttte bringing in every moment — The enemv ate retiied beyond Trehltni, wb't h is alrearh occupied bv two regiments of Cossacs. Generals Bulow, Tanei. Z' in and O'Rourke are in put suit ol - lie enemy, as well as the whole li lit Russian cavalry.— The Piince Roval found among ihe prisoners Oiffi - i ts ami soldiers who had served under his orders, and who Shi d tears of joy ai set ing theii c Id G> neral attain." Moniieurs of the 3d, 4th, and 5th instant, have ariived. Thev I Obtain no intelligence whatever relative to Bona- pnite, ot the a my under his immediate command. The Mnniieur notices the ariival of the King ot Prussia, lord Cat heart aud e. tliris, at Prague j and states that the Duke ot Coo be" " and and Lord Aberdeen were dai'v expected theie. — A I) cue has l. ten put htherl at Pans for raising 30,000 men to. in the classes of 1814, 1813, 1812, and auteiior years, will, aie to he divided among the corps d'armee m Spain. The niolins and objects of Austria aie stated with clear nts-, ntaidineSs, and spirit, in ihc Proclamation of the Prince of S. bwaitzei. be. g.— ( See lost page.) One part of it „,„ st gall Ilnriapaite more than any other, as h. ing nime personal in its at ack up n him:—" fr n nil ag- iiml lrance. but agumit lite domineering po- ter cf France, cut of her men IJO ' dot, thai Ihis ureal alliance Inn been formed." In other winds it is against the tytauny and ambition ofthe Ruhr of France that Austria has made ceniini n cause with Russia, Prussia Great Biitain and Sweden Fr. m being lit' Ally, she b't ame not only the A'ly of Russia against Fiance, but ha- slept in between the combatants, and piesenled to the remorseless Assassin of Nations tin own bate Ineasi, seared vith many a forrt. t r wcituil, inflicted t \ bis pnniaid, aid ruckling deeply in hei viiah still The'whole foilune of BomipaiU's life is at stake This is the greatest and most equal struggle that lies ye' been maintained against hint, bv nations exasperated to madness bv the in known nnd enonnoiis oppression alncli he atti utpled to exercise npon the m. Pn » aie letters state that Silesia had been completely evacu- ated by the T IH mv ; that General Benniiigsen WAS advancing, bis advanced gua d weinsrat l. issn, and some Cossack leginu- nis at Cii. ssftt; tha- Count Wslnioden had intricrpted a letter In. in Napoieoti to Davi, ust, dated lieilin, 17ili August. In this letter he announced, that the Duke o Ueggto was to adial. ee from Baruth with 80,000 men, and no doubt orders the Prince ot F. ckmuhl to act on ( he offensive. FROM IHE LOS DON GAZETTE. WH1TF. HA1L, SFPIRMBLS II, 1813. His Roved Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name nud on the behalf his Majesty, to nominate Lieut.- General the Earl of Dallionsie, Lieut.- General ihe boo. William Stewart. Major Gen. George Murray, Qmuter- Master, General and Major- General the hon. Edward Michael Pakinhaui, Ai'jntait Geneial to the anny luirier the com- mand ot the Maiquis oi Wellington, to be Extra Knights of the most Honourable Order of the Haiti, The Gazette contains dispatches from General Sir George Pitvosl, bait, dated Kingston, Upper Canada. July 3, 1813, which contains " the highly graiiiyoig intelligence of the capture, on the 24th ult. of a body of the < nemv's forces, con- sisting ol two field- officers, 91 other officeisof diflerent tanks, 27 noii- commis'ioned . Ilieert, and 462 privates, together with a stand ol colours and two field- pieces. The details of ih s gallant affair, which n fleets so much credit on our Indian ailit s, as w. II as upon Lit lit. Fuzgibbon for the piomptitode and dt cision w ith which he availed him- self of the in. piession Iheir aitnek had made upon the enemy, will, I have no doubt, be read by your lordship with great satisfaction. Since the surprise (| 1(. ei. Mln'i camp at Sidney Cit- ek, .. ii the6th ultimo, aud their Bobst quent retieal fiom the Forty Mile Ctet k, in w Inch almost t In- whole ol their camp ttpii] age, together with nqiiantiiy oi' s'ores and pro- visions, tell iiito our hands, Major- Geueral Ileal born has wiilidrawn the troops Ircnn Fort Erie, and has concentrated his foiees i. t Fori George. Colonel Vincent has in conse- quence made u forward movement fiom the head of the lake, in order to support the light infautiy and Indian w arriors who are employed in circumsciibiug the cinciny, so as to compel them to make use ef their own iCsources for the maintenance of their aimy, Major- General De Rotteiiburg has assum- ed ( he command of the centre division ot Upper Canada. Afler the squad ion under Coriitnodore Sir James Yeo had shew n itself oti the Forty Mile Creek, which principally determined the enemy to retreat fiom ihat position, i* was very successfully employed in interrupting and cutiing off their supplies going from Ihe Genesee River, and then o^ her settleinent. fi upon the southern shoie of the lake; five small vessels witn provisions, cloulhing, and other ai tides, were token, and several- loaded boats were captured^ and go ne destroyed " ' rlip Gazette also contains dispatches frniVi Adtniral Sir J. 7*. Warren, who gives a li:- t at 128 vessels of various def> orip SATURDAY. . s|<' L> TF. MBRR 11. - French papers t . the 7th instant have reached town, con- nin< j three Bulletin^, datt d ihe 26 h, 98tn, and 30th of \ ngust and stand to he nddiepsed in the usual form to the i K: npress Beeent. The first of thes » ^ reverts to the opening of he campaign, and e6n'ain< a formal description of posts rro- » unimpo! tant,'' ' I'he next pives an account of the operations it Dresden. " Bonapa ie fniding that the grand allied army I wi-. passinir to the left bank of the E'be, with the view of | forcing bim to fall back, hastened from rilesVp, Tiaking with , him two of the c< irps wh- ch had Wen stationed there,' and with the Guards arrived at Dresden on the ^( hh ultimo, | where he found th » ee others cfirps," making hiB whole force | nearly rqoal to that of the a'lies, which was already before ihe city, and crowned all the hi! U ar" Und it at the distance •> f a short league from the walls. On the very day of his arrival, at four in the after- noon, a desperate attempt appears to have been made to storm the fortifi. ations, and that with • neb heroic valour, as to carry one of the redoubts. The French, " however, protected bv the strength of the works, were enabled toYepcl the attack, and probabiv with consider- able loss on the part of the allies, although it is evident that the city and the tofces in it were in no small danger. Some shells fell in fhe town, " the reserves of the 14th co. ps wre already engaeed ; but ( says liorjaparte) *' the moment ao- pea re J pressing Murat was sent out at the head of the cavalry, and Mortier with the Guards ; and at length the assailants were either repulsed, or perhaps had retired on the approach of night from aconvictiou that theto- vn could not be canied without a loss more than proportionate to the ad- vantage. The Very attack, " however shews the spirit of those enemies which the fierce aud unreh nting tyranny of the Corg! can monster bas raised up against him. — They go to seek the lion in hi* deft. They rush against the cannon's mouth tor vengeance. The destruction, liowever, was not confined to the ranks of tbe allies. The French admit, on this day, five Generals wounded, and one killed ; and they do not claim more than 2000 prisoners, taken in a conflict whicfc covered the plain with dead. The events of tire succeeding day are told with tess dis- tinctness ; but it would seem that by some accident-, the left of the allies had been too much lengthened, so as to cut off . s large part of the left wing from the main body of the a'rmv by the interposition of a valley. Df this circumstance, whether oversight or misfortune, Bona pai te represents him self to hive profited " by dispatching Murat and Victor to that part of the field, who cut off half the allied left wing^ and made them prisoners; whilst Mortier, Marmont, and St. Cvr, occupied the attention of the cen'ertmd right wing by a con- nonade in the plain. Still the success was but partial, The greater part of the allied army was undisturbed, it is not represented that they were compelled to retreat ; but at two in the afternoon, it is said, " they decided ou retreating,"— a decision, probably, recommended by prudence, and carried into effect with all the skill which. such circumstances are. eminently calculated to unfold. It is, indeed, asserted, that on the following daVj the French followed up their success j but weobse » ve that it was only the Cavalry which followed the retreat of the adies. None of the infantrv ventured to stir 0" t of Drebdcn, except. Vandamme's corn's, winch was dis- patched on a particular seivice, and which is said to have defeated a Russian corps in one of the Bohemian passes on • he ' 29th. this engagement, to??, a French General, the Prince of Reuss, was killed j so that it is probable the ad van'age was not very derisive. It is asserted, in ihe French Bulletins, that the total loss of the allies in men is 60,000, including from to 30, t) 0() prisoners, aud 10,000 wounded left in the Villages near D esdenj and that there have been taken from them 60 pieces ot cannon, 40 pair of colours, and 4000 caissons. This loss, we are per- suaded, is as much exaggerated as that of the enemy is ex- tenuated, which, it is pietended, did not exceed 4000. The failure of the attempt on Dresden, is no doubt much to be lamented on the. part of the allies, but the lisk was vi el I worth running Had the enterprize succeeded, the war would have been ended at a blow Bonaparte must have heen taken with the city of Dresden. On the other hand, the failure has annth lated no rational hope of the allies. It has not, and it outrht not to have shaken their confidence in each other, or in the goodness of their cause, it has no: even presented any distinct prospect of ultimate success to the ardent mind of Bonaparte himself. All that he ventures to fay on it is, that it allows him to form great hopes. He appeais to be well aware that the more arduous part of the contest is vet to be undergone, and it is plain that the iesult ofthe campaign is now considered even by himself as doubtful. Letters from St. Petersburgb state, that Messrs G ilfatiu and Bavard had received lheir dismission from the Irnpeiial Court, the mediation of the Kmpeior to lecture tranquility be » wecn the United states and Great Britain had not been accepted by the latter. An official notice having been deliver ed to this effect, the American Plenipotentiaries wete pre- paring to take their departure His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland arrived « t Lnndock on the 14th of August. On the evening of the next dav he went to a ball which was given there, accompained bv our Minister, Sir Charles Stew art. On the following morning his Royal Highness ie! t Lundack, and proceeded on his way towards Pi ague. We aie sm iy to learn by the Malta mail, tbat at the date of he latest accounts the plague still raged in ttiat island. Y'sierday dispatches were received at ' he Admiralty from the Medi'erran. an Thev contain the details of a most gallant enterprise • peiformed by the boats of the Bacchante frigate Captain Hoste, in the Adriatic, under the command of Lieut. Hood, of that ship It appears ihat Captain Hn> te received information of a convoy having assembled in one of the ports of the Adriatic, to the amount of between CO and 70 vessels, which he conceived it possible to destroy He accordingly ennbarked 150 seamen and marines in the boats, who were afterwards landed, and had to contend with upwards of 400 of the enemy's tioops, whom they completely routed. They next pioceeded to attack the convoy ; and, it is said, that upwarils of 4() of the enemy's vessels weie burnt, and the re- mainder biought out The loss sustained by the enemy is stated to have been severe, while that on our side, considering the danger of the enterprize, is not of much tnagniiude. Yesterday, James Leaiy, the murdeierof the unfortunate Edward Clifford, was taken in a hackney coach to Newgate ; he was seated between Cooke aud Thisileton, an< f two othei officers sat in the fore part of the coach. At six o'clock h « was double ironed, then taken into the office, where he was measured in height, and his description taken, and after- wards brought and locked up in one of'the chapel cells After he was brought into the cell, the handkerchief was taken from bis neck, aud his pockets searched. He still kept his colour, but the tear* stood in his eyes, and he said,^' t< » ke my hand- kerchief and my shoes too ; you will soon take my life." Before the door was closed, Cooke and Thistleton, the two officers who apprehended him, and who .1 him in charge at every examination, came to shake bands with him, and wish him farewell. He looked on them wiih a stern eve, and said —" D— n such friendship, you will be soon satisfied when you see me hanged; that is all you want." At seven o'clock he was locked up in his cell, and this day the Clergyman, for the tiist time, will vist him. is also slated to have been klled in llieanair with General Vandammc. This moment ( halfc- past 7) a Mail lias arrived from Got- tenb'irgh. It was preceded hy a Colonel in tbe army, with dispatches for Gov rnment He reported as he passed thro' the citv, that theCn wn Prince had followed up bis victory, and had taken in all 50 piece of cannon. The letters by the Gottmhurgh Mail state, that on Ibe 26th, Blucber had defeated Ney and lYlacdonald, and had taken 5c pieces of cannon.— Whether this has any reference to the Crown Wince, we hsve 110 time at this late hour to ascertain. Few prisoners were taken, as there were ordeis from both sides to ( rive no quarter. The Austrian . Declaration is at engtb made public ; if is a document of the first- rate importance, and for perspicuity and powerful argument cannot but be considered as a truly interesting production. Tbe fishermen and smugglers from all parts of the coast report a great hat tie on the 28 th, between the Allies and the left ofthe P reach " arrrty, in which tbe latter were defeat- ed with immense I %' Wiuie of the fishermen say 30,000, others 50,006 killed,- wounded, and prisoners. It is report- ed that while Bonaparte was on tbe centre and left repulsing the Austrian attack on Dresden, the Russians and Prussians attacked his left, and it is hoped have obtained these great advantages The Stocks experienced a considerable vise this morning --- Omnium vvas as high as and there were immense purchases. There are reports of Bantzic being taken « — of the allies havinaf a gain g advanced towards Dres- den—- and of an embargo having been laid on tne other side of the water.*— Captain Wright's Lieutenant, who has so Ions: been imprisoned in the Temple, is said to have ) » turned to this country. Three per Cent. Consols. 57 § - Every Part of the Kingdom joyfully resounds with the rich abundance of our present Harvest, To. add to so general a Theme of Grat tucSe, how opportunely comes that luxuriant Harvest which is to be reaped on Friday, the 17th, in f ortune's Lottery Held! MARKET HERALD. Prices of Grain in our Market on Saturday last:— Wheat 14s. 6d. to 15s. 6d. per bushel of 38 quarts; Oats 9s. Od. to 10s, Od. per customary measure of 57 quarts. Corn Exchange, Sept. 10. Tbe lale large arrivals of Foreign Wheat caused many buyers to step forward, in Ihe hope of being able lo pick the prime samples at a lower price, but the bad condition in which the cargoes arrived requiting it to be sent to granary, bas caused a brisk sale of English Wheat at rather a small advance in price; Barley and Malt continms in good demand at last Monday's prices ; Oat's are also brisk sale at that day's price; in Peas, Beans, Rye, and other articles there is 110 alteration. Current Price of Grain per Quarter as nvrfer r Wheat 7Cs. to 104s. Barley 46s. to 48s. Malt 84s. to 90s. I White Peas 76s. to 80s. Oats 26s. to 34s. " Beans 00s. to 00s, SHREWSBURY, WEO'VESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1813. ffT A Repository of Indies' H or les, to be Sold for a Charitable Purpose, will be open at the Lion Inn, on Thursday in tlie Race Week, from eleven in ihe Morning to three in the Afternoon, and on Friday, jfrom one to Jive in Ihe Afternoon.— Admit- tance one Shilling, which will he returned in Ihe Purchase of arm Article above that Amount. Shrewsbury, September 13, 1813. On SUNDAY NEXT, September 19th, Two SKRMONS will be preached al the Parish Church of Madeley, in this County, by the Rev. Jo us Error/, A. M. Vicar of IVellington,- after which Collections will he made for the lienefit of the Sunday Schools in that Parish. BIRTH ® . Oil theQth instant, in Upper Grosvenor street, the Lady of the hon. John Bridgeman Simpson, of a son. At Trevallyn House, near Chester, the Lady of the Rev. Robert Twiss, of a son. MARRIED. Wednesday last, al Exeter, T. VV. Reid, Esq. lo Mary, youngest daughter ol the late Rev. Timothy Kenriclt, of that city. DIED. On Ihe 7th instant, after a few hours illness, the Rev. Francis Leighton, ot' Ford, near this town. This melan- choly e- venl look place when ou a visit to the family of his son nt Worcester. He was highly aud sincerely respected by alt who knew him, as a man eminent for true piety, uni- versal charity nnet benevolence, aud deep learning. No man ever fulhlled in a niore exemplary manner the duties of every relation of life, public anil domestic. He w ill live long iu the recollection of his relations and acquaintance; and the poor have to regret a kind and aclive friend. Sunday last, at the iodgiugs of Mr. Edwards, plumber, Wvie Cop, Mrs. Tomkis, aged 58. Monday last, Mrs . Heathcoie, ihe lady nf Richard Eden sol- Heathcoie, Esq. of Condover Park, iu this county. Friday last, greally regretted by his family and friends, Mr John Blower, painter, of Ihis town, aged 45. On the Wyle- Cop, Mr. Jackson, mealman. Oil the- jd instant, at Oswestry, while on a visit at his sou's ( Mr. Robert Stanton, cutler), Mr. Stanton, sen. of London, aged 74. A few days ago, suddenly, Mr Gibson, miller, of Wiltle sea. He was at a friend's house with a parly of ladies 10 tea, and the only gentleman present; on taking up his cup, he suddenly lei il drop, and reclining oil his wife, who sat next him, expired instantly. Fine Flour 8.5s. to POs — Seconds 80s. to S. i « . SEPT. 13.— We had but few arrivals of English Wheat al market this morning, and prime samples fetched 4s. per quarter more than lasl Monday, although tlie traele was very dull, aud bul few buyers, i'he ordinary qualities, as eceil as all kinds of Foreign Wheat remains as ou lasl Monday ; Barley maintains its price, the supply being rather short; but Ihe supply etf Oats is abundant, which has bad the effect of checking the rise that was oipected, and the market is heavy al last Monday's prices. I11 Peas, Beans, and other articles there is no alteration. Tomorrow will he published. Price Is. fi7. PARTICULARSofthe SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT of a CASE of HYDROPHOBIA; with OESERVA TIONS, Ike. BY RICE WYNNE, APOTHECARY, SHREWSBURY. Shrewsbury: printed and sold by W. EDDOWEB; sold also by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Pate Hosier Row, Londein ; and by the Booksellers in the differ- ent Tow ns in the County of Salop CAMBRIDGE CLE2. 1NE3LT MEETING ofthe Cambridge Club v. it, S be held al the Fox INN, 011 MONDAY, SEPT tut:-. 201 ll, 1613. THOMAS EYTON, jun. Esq President Sir CORBET CORBET, Bart. Vice- President. Theatre, Shrewsbury. TH F. l'nhtie are most respectfully informed, the I SHREWSBURY THEATRE will open on MON- DAY EVENING next, September 30, with a new Comedy, never acted here, called The Students of Salamanca. Don Christoval, Mr Crisp— Pertilla, Mrs. Williams. Between the Play and Farce, a COMIC SONG, by Mr. Denning, from the Theatre Royal, Cheltenham. A HORNPIPE, by Mr Stanley. To conclude witli the favourite Farce of THF. BKK HIVK. Ming'e, Mr G. Crisp. On TUESDAY, Sept 21, Goldsmith's celebrated Comedy, She Stoops to Conquer. Principal Characters liv Mr Crisp; Mr. Carr, from I lie Rirminglinm Tin- aire ; Mr. Watkinson; Mi. G. Crisp; Mr. Denning; Mrs. \\ iiiiams; Mrs. Chambers, & c. t^ c SINGING BETWEEN THE ACTS. To conclude v illi ihe Musical Farce of ItOSIN A ; Or, HARVEST HOME. Rosina, by Miss Arnold, from the Hay market. Theatre, her first Appearance here ; Phoebe, Mrs. Williams. Doors to be opened at Six ; to begin at SEVEN ei'Clork. Boxes 3s 6d. Pitas. Gallery Is.— Tickets aiu| Places for the Boxes to be taken at Mr. Careswell's, Mardol Head Places in the Boxes for the Stewards' Night, to be draw n for precisely at eleven o'Clock 011 Thursday Morning. Performance every Night during the Race Week. Several new Pieces are in Preparation, and will be pro- duced with all Expedition. LION ROOMS. rpHERE will bea DANCING and CARD ASSEMBLY 1 at these Rooms, 011 TUESDAY and THURSDAY Evenings in the RACE WEEK. SHREWSBURY, ISLII SEPTEMBER, 1813. HAY TO BE SOLD BY RETAIL. ALOT of excellent OLD HAY, trussed and delivered — Any Person in want, may apply lo B. BARRETT, at the Cross Guns, Frankwell, where the Price, will be given, and Orders imnieeliatcly attended to W postscript. LONDON, Monday Alight, September 13, 1S13. French papers have just arrived to the 9th inst. Their contents tend materially to dispel tbe gloom from the pub- lic mind, which the last official reports iu the Fr< nch papers had occasioned. They admit that General Vandamme, having pursued the Allies into Bohemia, was surrounded, and himself killed, with the loss of tiooo prisoners So much being slated in the French papers, a great deal more man be anticipated. There is not time to give a literal trans- lation of the official reports which have come to hand, but the abstract is as followsThe first official dispatch is dated the ist of September, which is very leng ; it states tbe positions of the French army, and the further retreat ofthe Allied army into Bohemia ; bul the most important account it contains is, that General Vandamme, with his division, having had some partial successes over the Allies in their retreat into Bohemia, bis eagerness to obtain fur- ther advantages, and to destroy the ftussian corps under General Kleist, wbich was opposed to him, carried his impetuosity too far, aud at the moment of success he found himself nearly surrounded by a superior force, the Allies having been joined by some Austrians and Prussians ; and 110 alternative being left bim but to give them battle, the action commenced, in which he lost 6000 men and 30 pieces of cannon, and was himself killed The remainder of his division then retreated, aud was al length supported by some reinforcements which were sent to its aid. The Emperor expresses much regret for the loss of this General. The second official report is dated from the army iheQd inst. it begins by recapitulating the affairs of the ^ 6lh and 27' b, exaggerating the former reports • f these days, it now swells i he loss ol I be enemy to 80,000 men, and states tbe Combined Ai my, w hich amounted to from 180,000 to 200,000 men, to be now no more than loo, 000. But that which appears to be the most important event given in this report is the death of General iVIoreau, stated to have been occasioned bv a ca1 non ball. The Prussian General Kleist Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr Owen :- House- Visitors, Joseph Carless, Esq. and Mr. Drink water. Additional Subscriptions to that Charity. William Nathaniel Davies, Esq. Montgomery £ 2 2 0 Mr. William Gittins, Shrewsbury 2 2 0 Price VVatkis, Esq. ditto.. ... 2 2 0 Dansey Richard Dansey, Esq. Easton 2 2 0 Rev Thomas Scott Smyth, Bicton 2 2 0 Augmented Subscriptions. John Owen, Esq. Penrhos, from 3 Guineas to 4 4 0 Henry Procter, Esq Aberhafesp, from 1 Guinea to 2 2 0 Cojnmissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Salop. SHROPSHIRE REGULAR REGIMENT of MILITIA.— Henry ( ieorge, Esq. Lieutenants Thomas Tranter and Thomas Smith, to be Captains.— Ensigns George Cadswell, John Bishton, and Roger George, to be Lieutenants, vice Richards deceased, and Tranter aud Smith promoted. NORTH SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MU. ITIA — EnsignThos Pric e to be Lieutenant, vice Cope—-- John White- hurst, jun to be Ensign, vice Price, promoted. Committed to the gaol by John Lee, Esq. Mayor, 011 Saturday last, William Clarke, charged with stealing a silver watch of the value of £ 3 10s from the standing of Peter Pozi, in this town. Caution to Drivers of Stage Coaches— The driver of one of the public stage coaches travelling to this town, has been fined in the mitigated penalty of 4os. for quitting his box while stopping ou the road, without leaving a proper person to hold the burses. By the 50 Geo. 3d, c. 43, it is enacted, < c That if the driver of any coach, or oilier carriage, conveying passengers for hire, shall quit his horses, or the box of such carriage, until a proper person shall be employed to hold the horses w hile sucb carriage stops, so, as to prevent them from running away ; which person shall have actual hold of such horses, and shall hold the same until tbe driver lias returned to his box, or until the postboy who ride9 one of the horses is again mounted, and basin his hands the reins for guiding the said horses ; every driver or person neglecting so to do, being thereof convicted by the view of a justice of peace, or oath of one witness, shall forfeit tbe penalty of not less than los nor more than £ 5^ for each oH'ence " Proper persons are appointed to lay information ag » inst all drivers or persons offending against the above salutary law, ou tbe due observance of which the safety and lives of his Majesty's subjects so much depend. Our Races commence on Tuesday next, when great sport ' is expected.— The Theatre opens on Monday.— See Adverts. Mr Webb continues bis benevolent tour, having been at Liverpool, Preston, Lytham, Blackpool, Blackburn, lVJan- | Chester, Stafford, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester,& c. Cir- j cumstantial details of bis bounties at these and intermediate. I places, it is impossible to collect: from the Coventry Herald ! we learn, that during the few days he passed in that city, | be gave donations to the following Public Charities, viz. i Bablake Men ami Boys' Hospital for Women, Laneasterian School, Faiifax's, Bayley's, and tbe Blue Coat Charities, j besides sums lo apprentice poor boys, and other objects of ! distress— It is not his intention to visit Shrewsbury at | Chris mas; but we understand Dr Johnson will then pre- sent the promised gifts to the apprentices, £ 5. additional to ! Dr. Bell's School, £ 5 to St. Juhan's Sunday, 20 guineas to j the Stafford General Infirmary; Discharge bis Bills for tbe j Board and Education of Boys at School, & c. ) Have not Salopians reason to exclaim, long may this ( christian character ( whose benefactious here amount to upwards of £ 1400) be spared to pursue his career of bene- volence, and " the blessing of bim that was ready to perish" come upon him! Thursday last, two acres and a half of wheat were stacked at Els vick, near Newcastle, which contained 2280sheaves, and will produce 76 bushels per acre. Sundav se'nnight, Mr. Matthew Pratt, of Urpetb, iu the county of Durham, a respectable farmer, who has entered his 80th year, bad a son christened at Chester- le- street church, when his two grandsons and two grand daughters stood sponsors. Horribte Murders — It is our painful task this week to record one of the most atrocious and unnatural Murders that ever stained the criminal annals of this or any other country. Rd. Glover, a potter, about 70 years of age; his wife, nearly of the same age, and their son William, a » ed 4o, lived together in a small cottage, at Rbyd- y- blevv, in Mon- mouthshire, near the turnpike road leading from Merthyr- Tydfjl to AbergaVenny. On tbe morning of Friday, the 3d inst. the latter, horrible to relate! started from his sleep, and seizing a tram- cart axle- tree, killed his aged father, by repeated blows with the same 011 his bead; which being- done, he dispatched his mother also, and afterwards repair- ed to tbe house of hid sister, at the distance of about a mile. On his ariival there, he proposed to liquidate a debt he owed her husband, and produced three guineas in gold; which creating both surprise and anxiety, a few questions produced a full confession of his guilt, and an acknowledg- ment at the same time of bis having taken the cash from his mother's pocket He was immediately secured, and medical assistance called in, but of no avail. The Coroner's Jury having sat on the bodies, a verdict of Wilful Murder was found against the prisoner, who has in consequence been committed to Monmouth gaol. C. HULbF. RT EGS leave most respectfully to inform his Friends and Customers, Ihat having REMOVED from the WYLE COP, he bas opened a commodious Warehouse, next door to the RAVF. N INN, RAVEN- STREET, where he is now selling Calicoes at Fourpence, Fivepence, and Sixpence per Yard, and upwards; Patent Cotton Shillings, fiom oue to two Shillings per Yard; Patent Linen Cloths, aud Patent Threads; Supeifine Broad Cloths at eight Shillings per Yard; Narrow CI. tbs and best Snpeifines equally reason able; all kinds of Drapery, Mercery, and Hosiery Goods, Umbrellas, & c. IN PAINTINGS.— Fine Views by Satvator Rosa, Wilson, Siiiglorbaeh, Stringer, Monamy, Morland, Ochialli, Ibbet- son, & c. Portrait of Sir Joshua Reynolds, by himself; a Lady, hy Vereltz; Belshazzar's Feast, by Veronesi; Beautiful Madoua, by Mnrillo,& c IN PRINTS— The'Death of General Wolf, Sir Ralph Abercromby, Lieutenant Neville, & c. IN HOOKS— An extensive Variety of popular aud scarce Publications: particularly, best Edition of Calmet'sDiction- ary, and Supplements;' Wilson's Bible; Boswell's An- tiquities ; Johnson and Exley's Encyclupa: dia ; Staekhouse's History of the Bible; Censura Lileraria; Cabinet of Genius, Proof Impressions ofthe Plates, only 12 Copies printed, sold to the Prince Regent, Lorel Hopeton, Loid Aldborough, & c.; Belshani's England, Rapin's Ditto; Monthly Magazine complete; Monthly Reviews for 20 Years, Ditto Critical for 30 Years, & c. kc. N. B. New or Second- hand Books, bought, sold, or exchanged. ROBERT~ WILl) lNG BEGS Leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has commenced Business in the TEA and GRO- CERY Line, at the House lately occupied by the Miss LANES, opposite the MARKET HOUSE, Shrewsbury, where every Attention will be paid to those Orders with which he may be favoured TO FAMILIES AND OTIIEIIS^ Itepocl £ lr; U0tcai festival. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PUBLIC CHARITIES. STEWARDS. The IffGfJ SHFR1FF OF THF COVSTY. The Worshipful the M/ tYttR OF LIVERPOOL, The LORD I. IEVTF. NANT OF THE COUNTY, His Owe the DVKP. OF RUTLAND, K. G. Tie F. I nr. OF in LI ON, The LORD STANLEY, VISCOUNT KIRKU'A LL, The Right Rev. the LOUD BISHOP OF CHESTER, The LORD LILFORD The Right Honourable GEORGE CANNING, M P. Sir WILLIAM GERARD, Bart. Sir JOHN FLEMING LEICESTER, Bart. Sir THOMAS STANLEY MASSEY STANLEY, Bart. Sir RICHARD BROOKE, Bart. Sir THOMAS DALRYMPLE HESKETH. Bart. Sir EUWARI) PRYCE LLOYD, Bart. M. P. Lieut- Gen. GASCOYNE, M. P. Major- Gen DIROM, JOHN BLACKBURNE, Esq M. P. DAVIES DAVh. NPORT, Esq M. P. WI LRU AH A V EGER TON, Esq M P. JOHN IRELAND BLAl KBURNE Esq. M. P. EDWARD WILBRAHAM ROOTLE, Esq. M. P. JOHN IIODSON. Esq. M. P EDMUND HORNBY, Esq. M. P. ROBERT HOLT LEIGH, Esq. M. P. PETER PATTEN, Esq. M. P. NICHOLAS ASH I ON, Esq. GEORGE CASE, Esq. WILLIAM CROSItfE, Esq. PCDSEY DAIfSON, Esq. THOMAS hARLE. Esq. EDWARD FALKNER, Esq. HENRY BLUNDELL IIOLLINSHEAD, Esq. THOMAS LEYLAND, Esq. CHAIRMAN OF THE COMMITTEE CHARLES LAWRENCE, Esq. AT ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH, ON TUESDAY MORNING, the 21st SEPTEMBER, A SERMON Will be preached hy the Right Reverend the LORD BISHOP OF CHESTER, and a COLLECTION maele for ihe PUDLIC CHARITIES In the course of the Seivie- e will be intro- duced several Pieces of SACREB MUSIC, from HANDEL, BOYCE, & c. At Si. PETTAFS CHURCH, ON WEDNESDAY, the 2- jd, HAYDN'S CELFBRATEII OKATORIO OF THE JOHN POO! F,, GROCER, TEA DEALER, & c. he. CASTLE- STREET, SHREWSBURY ; npENDEIi. S his best Thanks to his Friends aud the 1 Public, for their unprecedented Favours to him during the last Winter in the Article til KENSINGTON MOULD CANDLES, and respectfully begs to inform iheui he has just received a large Assoitment of Ihe various Sizes, and will feel obliged by their Ordeis. J. P has constantly on Sale the following Ariicles. of the best Quality; Wax and Spermaceti Candles; line Sper- maceti and other Lamp Oil; best London, Pickling Vine- gars ; Reading, Burgess's, and all other fine flavoured Fish Sauces ; Anchovies, Capers, & c.; Teas, genuine as imported by the F. ast India Company. J. P. is the ONLY AGENT for the Sale of the real KENSINGTON MOULD CANDI. ES 111 this Town. SHREWSBURY, SEPTEMBER, 1813. CREATION, SARAH JONES, ( WIDOWOF THE LATE JOHN JONES,) GROCER AND TEA- DEALER, M A LTDOL, SHREWSBURY, RETURNS her most respectful Thanks to the Friends of her late Husband, aud begs Leave to inform them and ihe Public, that she intends to carry on the Business as usual, and hopes, that by keeping a Stock of t he best Articles, she may continue to deserve a Share of public Favours. N. B. The Cheese and Butter Trade will be carried on in the same Manner as usual. JO^ FITCOLUFH, TAILOR AND HABIT MAKER, SHREWSBURY, RESPECTFULLY begs I cave to inform his Friends and the Public in aenernl, that be intends carrying on Ihe above Business, NEAR THF. TOWN HALL, and humbly solicits t heir Patronage and Support, hoping, by strict Attention to their Orders, to merit ibe same. To his numerous Friends in WELLINGTON and its Vicinity, he liegs to return his sincere Thanks for the many Favours conferred upon him during his Residence there, and lo assure those who may please to favour him with their Support, that their Orders shall be punctually attended lo. Septembers, 18J3. fFiili a Grand Miscellaneous Act, selected particu- larly for the Occasion. ON THURSDAY, the 23d, WILL BE PERFORMIVT) A GRAND SELECTION OF SACREB MUSIC, Fromthe Works of H AN DEL, MARCELLO, PERGOLESI, MOZART, < kc. & c. ON FRIDAY, the 24th, %\) T SgeBStal). On the EVENINGS OF " lESDAY and THURSDAY WILL BE PERFORMED, AT Tllh MUSIC- HALL, TWO GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERTS. Principal Focal Performers : MADAME CATALANI, MASTER KING, MASTER HOBBS, MRS/ SALMON. MR. GOSS, MR. NALDL, MR. BELLAMY, MR. BRADBURY. MR. BRA HAM. t eatler of tbe Bandf Mr. YANIEWICZ. Principal Instrumental Performers : SecondVmlin Mr. WATTS. M. BLOWER, Widow of the late Mr. JOHN BLOWER, of thisTown, Painter, BEGS to inform her Friends and ihe Public, that the Business of her late Husband will be carried 011 for the j Benefit of his Family ; and hopes for a Continuance of their j Favours. M. B. is obliged thus early lo intrude upon Ihe Pub [ lie, having understood that some Persons have circulated that the Business is immediately to he given up. Tenuis MR. H I ME, Mr. ASHLEY. Violoncellos Mr LINDLEY, Mr. C ASHLEY. Double Bass Mr. ANFOSSI, Mr BOYCE. Bassoons ... Mr. HOLMES, MT. T. ULLY. Obues ... MI-. GRISBACK, Mr. M SHAE. PL. Mr. ASHE. Mr. MAUON, 51r OLIVER. Mess, PETRI 11 ES, I ruin pels .. M ess H YDIIS. Troinboni. Mr. MARIOTTI. Double Ket- tle Drums Mr. JENKINSON. Flute Clarionets . Horns M( FASHIONABLE STAYS. MISS LEACH OST respectfully begs 1 eaveto inform the NOBILITY and GENTRY of SHREWSBURY, that she is JUST ARRIVED from LONDON with ail elegant Assorlnieut of long and short Corsets. Miss LEACH will feel very grateful to any Ladies who may honour her wilh iheir t'leneuce, at Mr HAMMOND'S, Dog- pole. SHREWSBURY, SEPT. 15, isis. IV WRITING AND DRAWING ACADEMY. F. l'AHKKS, ESPECTFULLY informs the Inhabitants of Shrews- bury and its Vicinity, lhal lie intends opening a DAY SCHOOL, on the Wyle- Cop, ( al Mr. EDWARDS'S, Plumber,) on MON DAY, SEPTEMBER 2jlh, 1813, for a limited number of Pupils of both Sexes, and hopes by Attention to merit Approbation. TERMS. Reading, Writimr, Arithmetic, usefulp Branches of ihe Mathematics, & c. v per Quarter J Entrance for Ditto Drawing, per Quarter 1 Entrance 5 FRENCH AND DANCING IF REQUIRED. N. B. English Grammar and Geography, which will be taught at staled Times, included in the above Terms. £ 0 0 1 0 Conductor, Mr. GRKATOREX, Who will preside at the Organ. The Rand awl Chokussiss will be completed on Ike grundtsl Scale. Subscription to the Five Performances, Two Guineas ; Single Tickets, for the Oratorios, 1 us ( 3d ; for the Concerts, 12s. ( id. Books are opened for Subscription, and Tickets ready for delivery, at the Music Shops of Mr. YANIEWICZ, l. oi- el- Street ; Messrs. HIME. Castle- street; Messrs. BANKS, aud Messrs. HIME, Churcti- itreet; Mr. SOUTHWELL, Duke- Street; and at Ihe Shop of Mr. DANSON, Bold- Slieet. Jo avoid confusion, no Money will be received at the Doors, for any of the Performances. The REHEARSAL will lake place 011 Monday Morning, ihc 20tli September, in Si. Peter's Church, at Ten o'C'lock, when a punctual Attendance of all the Performers is ex- pected. ON FRIDAY, the 24th, A GRAND BALL, IN THE GREAT ASSEMBLY ROOM, Which, together with the magnificent Suite of Apart- ments in the Town Hall, has, been grautcd by Ihe Mayor and Council for tins OCCHM, 1' 1' " Tickets los. ( id. each. ALL TICKETS TRANSFERABLE. Fam\ Ues( ic, hvpurpo! j?, tp honour tlifi Festival with tMr Presences, may he oqcommouuttd with LODGINGS, on Application to Mr; Gor.?. Fr! 7ll% T> Castle- Street ^ j^ Xqp IM- iRUAUY. TKTOTICE is hereby given, that the ANNIVERSARY MEETING of the Contributors to this Infirmary, will he held on FRIDAY, the 24th of SEPTEMBER Inst All Contributors and Friends to this Charity are desired to attend CECIL WELD FortF. sTEK, Esq. theTreaSnrer, al ten o'Cloek in itie Morning, front the Infirmary to St. Chad's Church ; where ( here will be a Sermon ou the Occasion, and afterwards to dine with him at tbeTALBOT INN The Accounts and Proceedings of the Infirmary will be then ready to be delivered lo the Contributors. September 2,1813. JOH N JONES, Secretary. TO IRONMONGERS, BRAZIERS, TIN- PLATE WORKERS. AND TO BF, DISPOSED OF, AWEEL. ESTABl. LSHED TRADE in tlie ah/ ive Branches, where tlie Returns are very handsome.— The Purchaser to tal c to the Stock aud Fixtures, and may have a Lease of the Premises for a Term of Yeas s. Apply at THE PRINT! It's. M1 L£ IC£ SfER& iI* RB RAMS. R BAYL1S informs his Friends, he inter, il « shewing, on FR1 DAY, the 24th Instant, sonic well bred Rams for LETTING FORTIIK SEASON ; when he will be happy lu see any Gentleman wl » will favour him with his Company. DONINGTON HOUSE, SEPTEMBER 14,1813. urn low. TO BE LF. T, ACONVENIENT RESIDENCE, in one of the princi- pal Tlroioughfares; suited to the Business of a Mer- cer, or olher Trade requiring a conspicuous Situation; with immediate Possession— For Particulars enquire of Mr. JONES, Solicitor, Ludlow, Postage free. " XI OTICE is hereby given, thai JOHN LEWIS, of Ihe j^ i Town of MACHYNLLETH, ui the County of Monl- gomeiy, CARRIER, bath by Indenture dated the 20th Day of August Instant, assigned over the whole ot bis personal Estate to Mr MAURICF LEWIS nnd Mr. ROWLAND LEWIS, of Machvnlleth aforesaid, IN TRUST for Ihf equal Benefit of such uf his Creditors as shall execute the same » ithill one Month from the Date thereof; and that such Deed will remain dining lhat Period at the Oflice of Messrs. JONES and OWES, for Ibe Signature of Ihe several Creditors who • hall be inclined to execute ihe same and take the Benefit thereof. Dated the inth A ugust, 1813. TO LINEN DRAPERS, TEA DEAI. ERS~ UPHOI. D- 1 ERS, or any BUSINESS requiring SPACIOUS PREMISES. TO BE LET, AND POSSESSION GIVEN THE 25TH DECEMBER NEXT, or sooner if required, ACAPITAL DWELLING HOUSE nnd SHOP, now in full Trade, situated in a genteel and populous Market Town in the Comity ofSalop, wherein the Linen Drapery and Mercery Trade has been carried on several Years, the Returns on the Average ± 7000 per Annum. The Premises consist of a commodious Front and Back Shop, with Glass Partition, Mahogany Counters, snd ex- cellent Shelves, fitted up in a particularly neat Manner, with two modern Sash Windows, and may be ( onsidered lie rly equal to any Shop out of London— On the Ground Floor, au excellent Parlour and Kitchen; first Floor, a pleasant Dining Room, with four well pioportioiied Bed Rooms; second Floor, three very good Bed Rooms, with every Convenience for a respectable Tradesman, such as Brewhouse, Pantry, Cellaring, Stable, and other Advan- tages. The aboves Premises are deserving the immediate Atten- tion of anv Person wishiug to embark in Business, as ibe Rent and Taxes are very moderate, and are well adapted fi letting Lodgings, having a private Enhance, & c. The Shop Fixtures and two Patent Lamps to be taken 1 a fair Valuation Please to apply, hy Letter Post paid, to W. M. at TIN PRINTER'S, which will meet wilh due Attention. suit iiv- niny. TO BE DISPOSED OF BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ffWE following capital nnd verv eligible FREEHOLD I PREMISES, situate in BELMONT, in the Town of SHREWSBURY VIZ LOT 1. A spacious and very excellent HOUSE, a desirable Residence for a large and genteel Family, now in the Occu- pation of the Miss Pritchards. There is a very excellent COACH- HOOSE aud STABLE belonging to Ihis Lot. I. OT II. A STABLE and COACH- HOUSE, contiguous to the above, in the Occupation of Thomas Harries, F. sq LOT HI Another STABLE and COACII- HOUSE, ad- joining to Lot 2, in lltr Occupatiuu of M r. Paul Wilkinson LOT IV. A neat. DWELLING HOUSE, contiguous to the above, in ttie Occupation of M r, Weston. irj?' The Whole are Freehold of Inheritance, and Ihe Land- Tax is redeemed. For Particulars apply to Mr. TUDOR, Auctioneer, or to Mr. PHILLIPS, at the'College, Shrewsbury 1 Friday SWIFT and Co. the Contractors, respectfully remind the Public, tbat the STATE LOTTERY begin drawing 011 Ihe 17th of litis Month, September, on w hicli Day an additional Prize of TEN THOUSAND FOUNDS will be eiven to the FIRST TICKET DRAWN a Prize above £ 211.— The first 1,000 Blanks draivn on this Day will also receive £ 20 each— The Lottery consists of 1 Ts" Pit ICE" is' onl'v TLLLT^ R'PL: NCE only 12,000 Tickets, and the Scheme contains , GREAT BARGAINS / JV LlWJir ANT) H'OOyLVN I) lid PER T, to BE SOLD OFF, consiterablv UNDEFT PRIME COST, at the Shop lalclv occupied bv Mr SIMON, Baker, next Door to Mr. MaddoxV and near the Britannia Ion, at the Welsh Bridge, End oi Martini. Shrewsbury. The Inhabitants of Shrewsbury aud its Vicinity are most respectfully informed, ( bat the ahtive valuable Stock must be cleared ' off the Premises IMMFMAI FLY ; the Favour of an early Call is therefore respectfully solicited, as Ibe Shop is only taken for a Short Time, and' the Goods must be suid without Delay. » « • The Shop opens on Salurdat/, ihe 18Ih Inst. SERiMONS FOR FAMILIES, SECOND EDITION, Lately published by Sherwood, Neelv, and Jones, London, . . * Price r, s. fid. I. A SERIES OF DISCOURSES ; containing.! System . V of doctrinal, experimental, and practical Religion, particularly calculated FOR TFTI USE OF FAMILIES. BY THE REV. HUORWORTH, A. M. Vicar ol [ h irs'rurn, Yorkshire " We call recommend this Volume to our Renders, ns being sound iti Doctrine, clear in Illustration, minute in practical Exhortation, and animated. in Manner and Style." Christian G nan, ion for May, 1811. See also Eclectic Review foi September, 1811. '' All these Subjects are treated evangelically nnd practically, with forcible and faithful appeals to the Conscience. We have no doubt lhat Ihe blessing of God will attend tbe perusal of them, especially 111 Families, for which they ore adapted" Evangelical Magazine for August, 1813. 11 HYMNS FOR SUNDAY RCUOOI S; by the same Author. Price 8rl each, orgs, per Dozen.— This Ittiie Work ; nnd WA tiEflouSE, with two Floors over, togelhe is presented to the Public, under a Cen. viction ttiat a sin- 11 eL~- i" « - rv i- j:.- - - --' Hymn Book, adapted to the Use of Sunday Schools 2 S .... C .... 7 .... 50 ... 2,330 , £' 20,000 10,000 1,000 500 200 £ 100 and £ 50 , £ 25 and £ 20 Prizes of .... Prizes of .... Prizes of .... Prizes of .... Prizes of Prizes of ... Prizes of ... - In this Lottery there is no Prize under £ 20, Persons in the Country may be supplied with Tickets and Shares, by sending their Orders, with Remittances, to ether of SWIFT and Co's Offices, in London, viz — No. , Poultry; No 12, Charing Cross; or No. 31, Aldgate igh- Street :— 01 hy Application to their Agents, J WATTON, Printer, SHREWSBURY, H P. SILVESTER, Bookseller, NEWPORT. W FELTON, LUDLOW. D. PROCTOR, MARKET DRAYTON. particular, and to young Persons in general, is much wanted. Incomparable as are the " Divine Songs" of Dr. Watts, they evidently do not contain a sufficient Variety for constant Use. It is hoped, therefore, thai the present attempt to furnish a Supply for this Deficiency, will meet wilb a favourable Reception from a pious & candid Public. HI. THE COTTAGE MAGAZINE, or Plain Christian's Library, in monthly Numbers. This Magazine is adapted to tlie Reading of ALL REAL Christians, and is especially designed for COMMON RFADFRS: as Ihe Unlearned, the industrious Poor, well- disposed Servants and Apprentices, Sunday Scholars, and young Persons of every Description. ' acli Number.— ITS - ITS STYLE is plain, bp Auction. - HORSES, WAGGONS, TUMBRILS, & c. At two o'Clock Oil Saturday Afternoon, September I8II1, 1813, at the Market Place ; THMVE WAGGON HORSES, iu Lots-, THREE WAG. * GONS, Ditto; TW o TUMBRILS, Ditio: GEARS for five Dorses, Ditto. The Horses are young, steady, r. nd geod Workers: the Waggons, Tumbrils, and Gears in good Condition, and well worth tl. e Attention of Purchasers'. Shrewsbury, Septembn 8,1813. ~ SHREWSBURY" / Ro. v. vovfjrp-, shop, dwelling houses, WAREHOUSES, AND ST A BL1NG. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At tlic Unicorn Inn, in Ihe Town ofShrewsbeiv, or, Satur- day, the lSlh Day ot this Instant September, nt Huee o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless disposed of in the r.> Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will ! n ClVen; AMOST excellent IRONMONGER'S SHOP, with the 1 WAREHOUSES, STABLES, and DWEL- LING HOUSES hereafter described, situate at tbe Bottom of the WYLE COP, in Rack Lane, and Prim's Lane, Hi Shrewsbury aforesaid, IT* the following Lots: LOT I A large and commodious SHOP, nnd WAREHOUSE adjoining, 011 liie Ground Floor, with two Floors ore. the same, and excellent Cellaving under ilic Whole, together with a small convenient Yard behind tbe Pi finises, now in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Hayes, and Messrs. John Hughes and t tins. LOT II. All that COUNTING HOUSE, DRIVING WAY, d WAUFHOUSF, Willi together with a til : Shed and Yard adjoining, and a good Cellar and Vault mi- ni | der this Lot, which is situated in Hack Lane, and adjoining PRISON CHARITIES, COUNTY OF SALOP. ) EPORT of tiie Stale of the Subscription for PRISON CHARITIES, for the Year ending at Midsummer, 1813, which was established for tiie following Purposes: I. To enable Debtors to gain a Livelihood while in Confinement; to reward llteir Industry and good Behaviour while there ; and to furnish them with some Implements or Materials on quitting Prison, tbe better to support themselves and heir Families 011 their Return to Sociel) 1. II. To encourage Industry, Penilence, and orderly Behaviour in Criminal Prisoners; and to furnish with Clothes and Implements those, who on quitting Prison receive a Certificate of their good Behaviour. III. To provide ail tnose who are dismissed with a small sum for immediate Maintenance, to prevent the great Temptation of committing a Crime lor thai Purpose. • + * To those who are desirous of a more particular Detail of the Application of this Fund, Ihe Book kept in the lommiitee Uoom ofthe Gaol is open for Inspection. ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS. Annual Subscrip- tions L. 6. D DOCTRINES are purely Evangelical, simple aud engaging. Il is hoped, that all decidedly pious Ministers will find Ibis Work congenial to ( heir wishes for Circulation amongst tbeir respective Flocks. Shrewsbury: Sold by W Eddowes: and may be had of all tbe Booksellers in the Kingdom The two first- mentioned Works may also be obtnined of the Author, St. Chad's, Shrewsbury. Welsh Pool Cheese & Butter Fair, WILL be held on MONDAY, the 27th Instant, being the FIRST MONDAY after the TWENTIETH, 0 11 which Day it is annually held. Welshpool, September ( i, 1813. Rev. Archibald Alison Charles Ay ell, Esq. Right Hon. Loid Bradford Air. Thomas Baker Rev. Edward Bather Rev. I. Bright - Rev J B Btakewuy William Boifield, Esq. George Brooke, Esq. Isaac Hawkins Browne, Esq. Rev Dr B ickeridge Robert Burton, Esq. Rev. Dr. Butler William Charlton, Esq. Ttiomas Clarke, Esq. Hon. Colonel Clive William Clive, Esq. William Ctudde, Esq. Sir Corbet Corbel, Bart. Sir Andrew Corbet, Bart. John Corbet, Esq. Rev Arcboeacon Corbett Mrs. Corbelt . John Cotes, Esq. Rev J. A. Cotton Rev. Edmund Dana Mrs. S. Darby Right Hon. Earl of Darlington Robert Waring Darwin, M D. Rev. W. W. Davies Rev. George Dickin Thomas Du Gard, M. 1). Geoi ge Durant, Esq. John Edwards, Esq. Hon. and Rev. F. Egerton Mr. William Egglestou John Evans, ill. D. Jonathan Thomas Evans, Esq. Thomas Eyton, Esq. Rev. SirJ. T. C. Edwardes, Bart. Rev. John F- ylon Cecil Weld Forester, Esq. M r. Fox ... Rev. Isaac Frowd Rev. Laurence Gardner Mr. Harley Thomas Harries, Esq. Rev. Richard Heigliway The Hon William Hill Sir John Hill, Bart. Mr. Robert Hill Rev. William Hopkins Rowland Hunt, Esq. Mrs Hunt Miss Hunt M tati Ii Hunt J. P. Johnson, M. D. Rev. R. H. Johnston Rev. William Judgson Right Hon. LordKilmorey Mrs. E. Knight John Kynaston Powell, Esq, Rtv. Edward Kyuaston Rev. John Lea 1813, 1 I 0 10 ] I 0 5 o 10 0 10 0 10 1 I 1 1 I 1 0 10 I I 0 10 1 1 1 1 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 5 0 10 1 1 0 10 0 10 0 to 0 10 1 1 0 10 1 I 0 5 0 to 0 to 0 10 0 10 0 10 1 1 0 5 0 10 0 10 10 0 10 I 1 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 10 1 1 I 1 I II 1 I 0 10 0 to Ralph Leeke, Esq, —- f Sir Robert Leighton, Bart. Rt v. Francis Leighton Rev. Dean of Lichfield Rev Edward Liuzee Thomas Lloyd, Esq. . Mrs. Ltoyd Richard l. yster, Esq. Rev T M. Lysler Lady Maikham Thomas Money, Esq. Joseph Muckleston, F. fq. Thomas Mytton, F. sq. Charles Morral, Esq. Charles Morral, Esq. jun. Roberl More, Esq. Rev. George Martin VlissOrmsby M rs. Owen - Rev Herbert Oaketey Itev. Hugh Owen William Owen, F'sq. Right Hon. Edward Earl of Powis I'homas Nethertou Parker, Esq. rbomas Peuiberton, Esq. Robert Pemberton, Esq. itev. Charles Peters John Phillips, Esq. Mrs. Plowden Joseph Price, Esq. John Prob rt, Esq. VI iss Probert - Joseph Reynolds, Esq. Rev John lle. cke Edward Rowland, Esq. The Marquis ofStaiford Samuel Amy Severne, Esq. Rev. Samuel Sneade William Sparling, Esq. Joseph Sutton, Esq. J. Symouds, Esq Mr." William Scoltock William T& yleur, Esq. William Tayleur, M. D. Rev. G A. Thursby VV. E Tomline, Esq. Rev. John W alcot WatkinWatkins, Esq. Thomas Whitmore, Esq. Rev C. Whitmore Edmund Wigley, Esq. Rev. John W ilde Rev. Richard Wilding F. dward Williams, Esq. 6 Rev. Edward Williams C Rowland Wingfield, Esq. fc Itev. John Wingfield VIrs. Frances Wingfield Mrs Wolley Mrs. Wouuhou. se SHREWSBURY CANAL. rriHE next GENERAL ASSEMBLY ofthe Company of Jl Proprietors of the Shrewsbury Canal, will beheld at the BUCK'S HEAD, st the Long Lane, in the Parish of Wrockwardine, on TUESDAY, the TWELFTH Day of OCTOBER next, at eleven of the Clock, where the Pro- prietors are requested to attend in Person or by Proxy EGERTON LEEK E, 15th SEPT, 1813 Clerk to the Company. Vj OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Application will Is be made lo Parliament in the next Session, lo obtain an Act for dividing, allotting, inclosing, and draining the Commons and Waste Lands called Caerdoc Hill, La'wley Hill, the Hollv- hurst, Neichlcy Hill, the Cardington H ill, Cardington Moor, Blackhurst, Hoar Edge, and Chat wall Lawn, and other Commons, within ( he several Townships of Cardington, Wilson ( otherwise Wilstonc), Comlev, Bot- vile, EnchmarshV Lydley, and Chatwall, iu the Parishes of Cardington and Church Stretton, and within ( he Manor of Lydley and Cnrdington, in the County of Salop PEMBERTON, COUPLAND, and DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. Lot I, and is now in the Occupation of the said Messrs. J. H light s nud Sous. LOT III. A large WAREHOUSE, how used as a Bacon House, with two Floors over the same, and a small Yard behind, also adjoining Lot 1, ant! situate in Friar's Lane aforesaid, now occupied by Messrs J Hughes and Sons. This Lot is capable of being converted, at a smaii Expense, into two Dwellings LOT IV. A STABLE, calculated to hold seven Horses, with Hay Bin 011 the Ground Floor, and a small Yard attached, witb two Floors above the same, situate in Friar's Lane, and adjoining Lot 3, and uow also occupied by Messrs. Hughes's. LOTV. Four DWELLING HOUSES, situate in Back Lane, three ot" which are occupied hy Thomas Bratton, Ami w illtams, Hugh Morris, and the other void. Lot VI. A Pieceof void LAND in Back Lane aforesaid, well situated for building small Houses upon, w ith a small Gig House t hereon. LOT VII. A DWELLING HOUSE, on the Wyle Cop, with a Shop in Front, well situated for Business, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Carpenter. LOT VI I. Another DUELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot7, now unoccupied LOT IX Another DWFLLING HOUSE, situate near fo Lot 8, in the Occupation ot William Rrnmmer. LOT X. Four DWELLING HOUSES, with good Gardens adjoining, situate at the Hooka- Gate, near Welbateb, in Ihe several Occupations of George Bnffton, William Mansell, John Tipton, and Mansell. i. OT X1 A BUILDING and LAND, adjoining Lol 10, now used as an Ash Manufactory, aud occupied by Messrs. J. Hughes and Sons Lor XII. A DWELLING HOUSE, occupied as S Carpen- ter sSltop, near Lol It, and adjoining the Road thereto, now ill llie Possession of Messrs. Hughes and Simpson. LOT XIII. A Quantity ofHAY, in a Field in the Sparrow Lane, near Abbey Foregate, in lire Occupation of John Hughes and Sons LOT XIV. A Quantity of HAY, in a Field in Sutton Lane, t ear the Hermitage, also in the Occupation of the said John Hughes and Sons. Possession of Lots 3, 4.6, and 8, may be had immediately, and of Lot 11 011 the 1st of January, 1814. The other Lots are let to Tenants from Year lo Year, except Lot 1, in the Occupation of Mr Hayes, A Map of tbe Premises may he seen at theCountini house of Messrs J. HUGHES and SONS ; and for further Pariicu lars apply to Mr. W. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. DONATIONS, & c. L, S. D April 15. One Year's Interest of Mr Hawkins's Bequest ( Property- Tax deducted) Interest of Mrs Knight's aud Mr. Hulit'i Benefaction ( Property- Tax deucted) - 2 Omitted lns. tid. iu Mrs. Hunt's Subscrip- tion last Year - - - - - 0 10 Grand Jury Summer Assize - - 0 12 Sixteenth Year's Receipts and Disbursements. 0 6 Ditto Ditto Lent Assizs A Donation James Webb, Esq. by M. O. Charity Boxes RECEIVED. L. S. D. Balance of last Year's Account - 23 18 Subscriptions, Total for 1812 - 84 19 6 Donations, & c. - - 34 18 2 Arrears of former Years received: 1810 - 1S1) --,-.-- - £ 3 2 - 22 1 I 25 13 6 DISBURSED. Paid to industrious Debtors To industrious Criminals To Debtors quitting Prison To Criminals quitting Prison M ilk for young Children Printing aud Advertising Reports Books for the Use of the Prison - Subscriptions for 1812 unpaid Balance iu Treasurer's Hands . £ 8 13 70 0 l « 9 9 9i| Annual Subscrip- tions. L S. D. 0 10 b 1 I 0 0 10 0 1 1 0 0 10 6 0 to Ci 0 to b 1 1 0 0 10 b 0 10 ( j 0 to b 0 10 b 0 10 b 0 1( 1 ti 0 10 6 0 10 0 0 to b 1 1 0 0 10 b 0 10 0 0 1( 1 ( j 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 10 b 0 10 ti 0 10 ti 0 10 G 1 1 0 1 1 > p 0 10 fi 0 to ti 0 10 ti 0 10 b 0 10 b 0 10 6 1 1 0 0 10 a 0 10 b 1 1 0 0 10 ti 0 10 t> 0 10 <> 1 1 0 0 10 b 0 10 b 1 1 0 0 10 b 0 10 ti 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 10 b 0 10 b 0 10 ti 0 1( 1 tj 1 1 0 0 to t> 0 10 ti 0 10 ti 0 10 ti 84 19 6 L. S. D. - 1 9 ti - 1 0 0 21 0 0 - 3 2 10 34 18 2 L. S I). 7 a 3 no - 0 •- 7 11 0 to 5 0 7 d Q 7 8 0 3 > 7 0 78 13 4! jbg y y DR. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS, for Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, and Head- Achs arising from Indigestion or free Living; for Bilious, Goniv, aud Rheu malic Complaints, and for Colds, slight Fevers, & c Bv kindly assisting Nature in the due discharge of the Animal Functions, they preserve Health and promote Longevity; arc the best general Family Medicine, and are particularly convenient for Travellers, as lliey are mild in their Opera, lion, and do not require any Confinement, Sold by F. Newbery and Son^, No 45, St Paul's Church yard, and by their Agents in the Country, Price 4s. Gd. a Box, containing 36 Pills Be sure that the Name of " F. Newbery," is engraved in the Stamps. % ale0 tip auction. SALE POSTPONED TO THE SEVENTEENTH OF SEPTEMBER. SOUTH DOWN SHEEP, rjiwo HUNDRED SOUTHDOWN EWES, in Lots 1 of ten each, at WOLVERI. EY, near Kidderminster, ou the Morning of tbe 17II1 of September next : Also EIGHT RAMS, to he LET for the Season. These Sheep are Hie Properly of Mr John Knight, and have been bred fiom Mr. Ellman's and Sir John Sebright' Flocks. OLD ESTABLISHED INN, DWELLING HOUSES, STABLES, GARDENS, it OTHER PREMISES, WYLE COP, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, SALE POSTPONED. At the Unicorn Inn, Shrewsbury, on Friday, lite 24th September, 1813, at fonro'f lock in the Afternoon, in the fo lowing, or other I ots, as may be then preferred, ( unless an acceptable Offer for the V\ hole or Part is made in the Ipterim); LOT I. pj? ^ tiaiM* V ALUABLE PlAfto FOiJTE, fiOUSEtJOtfi FURNITURE, & c. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On tl'p Premises, 111 St Aikmond's Snnaie, Shrewsbury, I TO MORROW, Thursday, the 16H1 of September inst j A LL Ihe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, I j'\ School Desks, Fui ms, and other Effects belonging lo I Miss tlOWI'. LLS ; eoraprising several Cub. sh, Tent, and j Font post Bedsteads, with Hangings; eight capital Goose 1 Featue. r Beds and Bolsters, Blankets, Counterpanes, paint- ed Dressing Tables and Chests of Diawers, Glasses, Oak Bureau, japanned, Bamboo, and Mahogany Chairs, wilh Hair Seats ; nine PairofShects ; Iwo capital 2- hafetl Oa'; Dining Tables; a valuable PIANO FOR i'E. with Pedal, and additional Keys, by Butcher; iwo painted large siz. d double Writing Desks. School Forms, Stools, Napkin Press, large Oak double Bea. ifet, a 24 Hour Clock, large Kitchen Table, Chairs, Wj. e Fenders, Fire Irons, Bottle Jacks, and 1 annus ot tier Kitchen and Culinary Articles ' I he Sale 10 commence pre cisely at eleven o'Clotk. Fli I, EHOLD EST ATES^ ~ IN THE COUNTIES Of IlERi fOKD AND 5AL0?. BY J vTH \ P E n, At tic Angel Inn, ia Ludlow, iu tbe Countv of Salop, ort Monday, the ltjtli Day of October, i « i3j b. luem tl « Hours ot Join and sis: In the Afternoon, subject loTlie Conditions then to be produced; A VERY ELIGIBLE AND IMPROVABLE ESTATE, xi ia the follow i. ig, oi Such other Lots 11s shall lie agreed upon at lb Time of Sale, viz LOT I All those several Pieces or Parcels ef Meadow, Past are, Arable, and Orchard LAN D or Ground, situate i . i the Parish of LITTLE HEREFORD, in the Comity of Hereford, lying very compact within 11 fling Fence, and containing logethci 22i) A. 3R. 15P. or thereabouts, l ite in the Occupation of Ephraim Swan, and now occupied by Ihe Proprietor LOT II. A MFSSt/ AGE, or Tenement, and Farm, with the Buildings, Lauds, and Appurtenances thereto belong- ing, within a Ring Fence, situate ill tlie Parish of LiI'TLB HKRFFORO aforesaid, in lite said County of Hereford, con- taining together HllA. oR ejP. c, r ibeieabtmts, uow in I he Occupation of Mr Evans, or his Uudeitruants. LOT III. A PIECE uf PAS'! URE LAND, adjoining Lot 2, situate 1111 he Parish of AS If FORI! C'ABBO X EL, ill lie County of Salop, containing 4A oR. 2 > P, or thereabouts, ill the Occupat ion oi ! he ta: d Mr Evans, LOT IV. A PIECE of PASTURE LAND, adjoining to Lot 1, situate in tbe Paris', 1 of AsiiFoRi) CARBON L L afore- said, contaii ing I3A oR 3bP or thereabouts, late iii the Occupation of Ephraim Swan, and now of'the Proprietor. This Lot is sold subject to an Occupation Road through it to Lot 5. I. OT V. A PIECE of MEADOW LAND, adjoining Lot 4, called WOODCOCK MEADOW, siiuate in the Parish of Cainham, 111 the said County of Salop, containing 8A. lit, 2P. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of ttie Proprietor. LOTVI A PIECE of PASTURE LAND, adjoining Lot 5, called BURNT OAK, situate in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel aforesaid, conlainiiig 6A, OR. 27P. or theicaboutsj 111 tlie Occupation of the Proprietor. LOT VII. A MESSUAGE and GARDEN, situate in the Parish of ASHFORD CAIIEON F. L aforesaid, emitainingoA. 1R. OP. or 1 hereabouts, in the Occupation of James Hill. LOT VI ( 1. A PLOT of GARDEN GROUND, situate at HUNTINGTON, in lltc Parish uf A- hford Carbine I afore- said, containing 7 Perches, or thereabouts, in tbe Occupa- tion of Edw ard Davies. LOT IX A PIECE of MEALOW LAND, called LEAKE'S MEADOW, situate in the Parish of Ashford Carbonel aforesaid, containing S2A. oil. 14P. nr there- abouts, in ttie Occupation uf Edward Leake, or his Under- tenants. 1 OT X. A GARDEN and ORCHARD, situate in the Parish of Ashfoid Carbonel aforesaid, containing Half au Acre, or thereabouts, in the Occupation of William Evans. The above Estate is subject lo Land- Tax and Tillies. The Timber on ttie several Lots to be taken to at the Valuation thereof 10 tie produceel at the Time of the Sale. The Estate is situate within three Miles of Ludlow, four Miles of Tenbury, and ten Miles of Leominster, all which are good Market Towns.— Possession of the Lots will be given at Lady- Dav next. Printed Particulars, with Maps, are in Preparation, and may be bad at the Place of Sale; the priucipal luns in Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Chester, Birininguam, Wmcesier, Hereford, Leominster, and Teribury; of Mr. W HITE, Ercall Park: RICHARD GRIFFITHS, Esq. 37, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, Loudon; and of Messrs. PEM- BERTON. COUPLA N D, and DUKES, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. For a View of ihe Estates apply at F^ aston, near Ludlow aforesa'd. SHREWSBURY, 14TH SEPTEMBER, 1813. T In Ihe Month of September or early in October, 1813 : rjwo MESSUAGES and FARMS iu the Townships of H Kinnerley, Argoed, and Dovaslon, in lite County of Salop, in the Occupatiou of Messrs. Davies, as Tenants lo the late Rev. Mr Ingram. Particulars in a fntnie Paper. Euquireof Messrs. ROBINSON and WNLRELER, Tenbury, or Mr. LOXDALE, Salop. CAPITAL TEAM OF HORSES, WITH AN EXCELLENT BROAD WHEEL WAGGON". BY W. SMITH, Precisely at two o'Clock on SATUR DAY NEXT, the 18th of September. 1813, at the Market House, iu Shrewsbury, SIX valuable WAGGON GELDINGS, wilh their Gears, in Lots; together with 0 capital new- built BR AD VVH EEL WAGGON, wilh Tarpaulins, & c complete. THE AUCTIONEER begs to inform the Publick, the Horses are remarkably good Workers, are in good Con- dition, anel will be sold without Reserve.— The above Team was lately employed from ibis Pine', to Maebvnlieth HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT SMITH'S REPOSITORY, St Aikmond's Square, Shrewsbury, 011 Ihe Morning nf Ihe SECOND RACE DAY, Wednesday, the aid of Septem ber, 1813 ; AGREAT Variety of useful HORSES of various De- scriptions — Sale to begin positively at ten o'Clock. Gentlemen having Horses or Carriages to dispose of, may have Ihem Sold al I his Sale. Il is requested that all Horses may be sent to the Auctioneer's Stable by eight o'Ciock in the Morning ofthe Sale. FREEHOLD LAND— SHREWSBITRY. BY S TUDOR, At the Fox Inn, in Shrewsbury aforesaid, on Saturday, the 18th Day of September 1813, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon ; ALL thoseTWO PIECES of LAND, situate in SUT- TON LANE, iu the Parish of ST Julian, containing by Admeasurement, sA. ill. I P. he the same more or less, in the Occupation of Mr. Josepti Enoch. The Tenant will shew the Premises; anel for further Particulars apply to Messrs. PEMBERTON, COUPLAND, and Du KES, Solicitors, at whose Office a Map oftlie Lands may be seen. The Piece of Land in Brick- kiln Lane, advertised iu a former Paper, is disposed of by private Contract. Subscriptions of former Years in Arrear. 1811 - - -' - - - £ 7 I7C The Subscriptions are received at the County Gaol by Mr. CARTWRIGHT, and by W. ERTOWFJ, Boeohetler. NORTH DEVON CATTLE, NEW LEICESTER SHEEP, nnd SUFFOLK PUNCH 110RSE STOCK. MR- CHlLDE's Annual Sale will commence at Ihc Farm Yard, Kiulet, near Bewdley, ou Friday, the ist of October, 1813, at ten o'Clock, when there will be Suid between forty and fifty Head of'Caitle, of the puie North Devon Breed ; consisting of thirty in catf f ows and Heifers, stinted to two most valuable Bulls, . and several Pair of Bullocks, well aelapted to feed or to work, and two very valuable young Bulls; nearly too choice Ewes an it'I heaves, of the pure New Leicester Breed, and a like Number of Wethers, iu a good State for tho Butcher, or to put to Turnips; several very capital Sod, ilk Mares, lhat are stinted lo Mr CIULDE'S well- known Punch Slallion; a considerable Number of verv superior Colts aud Fillies, of various Age., Hint are descended from ttie most Valuable Horse Stock iu the County of Suffolk ; and some very bony and useful hack Mares, that have been corercd by the Suffolk Horse. ^ IIE UNICORN INN as above, containing sixteen double and single Bed Rooms, suitable for respectable Guests, five pleasant Parlours anil Silting Rooms; Bar, Kitchen, Brewliouse, Pantry, Scullery, anil Cellaring underneath; also, sundry good Stables, with Hay Lofts, of Extent to receive forty Horses ; Carriage Sheds, Yard, with Pump Ihereon, Offices, and Carriage Road tei the Whole, together with Ihe excellent Garden attached, tbe whole Premises extending from the Street to the River Severn 011 the East Side of said Carriage Road, and now iu the Occu- pation of Mr Edward Williams. LOT 11. That commodious DWELLING HOUSE, wilh cheerful Parlour and Tea Room iu Front, suitable Bed Chambers, Kilt lieu, Pantry, and Cellaring, now occupied by Mr. Edward Hayes, and " adjoining Lot I Lot III All that genteel DWELLING HOUSE, with suitable Parlours, Silling Rooms, and Bed Chambers, cheerful Kitchen, convenient Brewho'use, I ellaring, anet Offices, with a small Garden attached, in t he Ooe upation of Mr. Stndley ; also a two stalled Stable adjoining, in die Occupation of Mr Edward Williams. LOT IV One six- stalled Stable, one four- stalled Ditto, with Lofts over, and a Dwelling House nearly adjoining Lot 3, in tlie Occupation of Mr. F. dward Williams, aud a j Space for keeping Coal, in Ihe • Occupation of Mr. Edward | Hayes LOT V. All lhat extensive and pleasantly situated GAR- DEN, with Erections thereon, well situated for Building, in the Occupation of Mr Edward Hayes ; also a small Dwel- ling House and Garden adjoining, in the Occupation of Mis. Harris. LOT VI. A Space of Yard, or Building Land, adjoining Lots 4 and 5, as marked ou Ihe Premises, wilh Stable Erection thereon. LOT VII. That very excellent and productive GARDEN, well stocked with Fruit Trees, extending to the Public Wik near I tie River Severn, with pleasant Summer House aud a Privy Ihereon, and Coal Yaid adjoining, in tbe Occupation uf Mr Stuejley ; also a four- stalled Stable, wilh Grainery over, occupied by Mr. Edward Williams, aud a Biewhouse Occupied by Mr. Edwarel Hayes. N B Every Lot will be sold subject to each Purchaser having a driving Road, in ihe Day Time, 10 the several Lois along ihe Carriage Road attached to Lot 1. These Premises are eligibly situated, being up to the Severn, anel have Space enough for the Establishment of a Manufactory, Brewery, or other Concern requiring Exlent of Room ami Convenience of Site For further Particulars apply to Messrs ASTFRLF. Y and JEFFREYS, Solicitors; Mr. STIJDLFY, Grocer, Wyle Cop ; 01 of THE AUCTIONEER, Shrewsbury. " SUPERIOR CABINET AND BED CHAMBER FURNITURE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Monday, Itie 27th September, Instant, at HAWK- STONE ' 1 NN, ( removed there from Sandford Hall, for positive Sale, without Exception or Reserve,) precisely at eleven o'Clock : AGENERAL Description of HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, of excellent Quality; comprising several double Fourpost Bedsteads, w ith japanned Cornietes, Chintz Hangings lined, handsomely fringed, aud Window Curtains to suit; Tent Beelsteads, wilh Hangings of superfine Dimity; Half- tester and Press Beelsteads and Hangings, for upper and under Servants; eight prime bordered sea- soned Dantziek and Hambro' Feather Beds, for large, medium; and small Bedsteads; four bordered Straw Mattresses in Tieken; four fall bordered Flock Dilto; twelve Pair of super Witney and York Blankets; Mar- seilles Quilts, Counterpanes and Coverlids; painted double and single Washing Tallies, Dressing Tables, Bason Stands, Chamber Chairs', ami other painted Goods— The Ma- hogany Arliedes are twelve handsome Spanish W ooel Dining Pai lour Chairs in purple Morocco; a Set of fine Spanish Wood Dining Tables on Pillars, Claws and Cas- tors; handsome Spanish Wood Sideboard Table, will, Plate and Celleret Drawers, Cupboaid, anil Brass Rod, wilh l. ight Branches to Ditto; W ardrobe Chests ttf Drawers, Night Tables Geutlemen'' sShaving Tables, Sofa and Pem- broke Tables, Hall Chairs, - Supper and Knife Trays, Dumb Waiter, < kc. & c— Also, scarlet Dining Room, Breakfast Parlour, aud Chintz Drawing Room Window Curtains, Carpets, and Sofa ; Prospect Swing Glasses ; Music Stool; Beds itie, Compass, and stair Car pel ting, some Floor Cloth's, & c Ike. Sto. Catalugues will be distributed in the Towns of Whit- church, Drayton, Went, Hodnet, and Prees ; may be had at the priucipal Iti 11s at each Place; also at Lee Bridge, Pern Hill. Hawkstone Inn, and; of Tin: AUCTIONEER, Shrewsbury. SHIFFNAL. BY FRANCIS HALLEY, Oil Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, September 29th, 30th, and October lsl, 1813, on tbe Premises of ibe late Mrs. RICHARD SLANKY, of ibe Church Style rlouse, Shitfual, 111 ihe Coun y of Salop, ( aud lately occupied hy C'lithbi it Johnson, Esq) Al l. ihe valuable and modern HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, PRINTS, tee. CHINA, Glass, Table Services of Earthenware, Biewing Vessels, and othei valuable Effects 1 Particulars of which will lie inserted ill Catalogues, anil may be had at the following Places iu due lime:— Mr. Smart's, Wolverhampton-, Houlstons, Wellington; Silvester, Newpoti; Smith, Ironbridge; and o' THE AUCTIONEER, Sniffual BY J. li.-. OOME, At GARTH, Montgomeryshire, on Saturday, the 18th of September, lata ; PART of ihc FARMING STOCK of RICHARD MYT- TON, Esq. consisting of 14 fat Bultoe'ks, thiee, four, and five Years old; On capital South Down and Anglo Merino Ewes; 14 capital Suuth Down and Ang. o Merino Rams and Ram Lambs ; 7 Waggon Horses; witli a Num- ber of Biood Mares, veiy highly bind, uud Culls null Fillies, mostly got by Pavilion. Catalogues may be bad at the OAK INN, iu Pool, and of THE AUCTIONEER. The Sale to commence at ten o'Clock. lvUblULE PROPERTY— IN VViiiU. BY J. BROO. WE, At the White Horse Inn, 111 Wem, 011 Tuesday, the 28TH of September, 1813, between tbe Honrs of three and five o'Clock iu the Afternoon, in the following or sucti other Lots as shall be agreed upou at ihe Time of Sale: L- UNDRY FREEHOLD HOUsFiS, - VI AL 1 HOUSE, 0 STABLES, aud other Buildings, with execlieui Gar- dens, situate ill WEM, and three Pieces of rich Meadow aud Pasture LAND, contiguous 10 the Town of Wem, 111 1 he County of Salop, late tlie Properly of WILLIAM GRINSELL, Esq deceased LOT I. A DV> ELLING HOUSE, with a Garden at the Back, situate in Cripple- strcel, in the holding of Mr. Dai vies; ihe House consists of a good Cellar, large Kitchen oiiel Parlour on the Ground Floor; two Ben Booms ou the next, and two over the'ui. Also a Dwelling House, situate in Noble street, with a large substantial Mallkiln and Gar- den al the Back of itie House; ibe House consists of two good Cellars, large Kitchen, Purloin, Back- kitchen, Brew, house, and large Paulry, on the first Floor; three Lodgitre Rooms 011 the uext, and four on the upper floor; ihg Whole of which was lately in the holding ot Mr Jenks. A Driftway and Room over Ditto, a Stable, Bay, and Bain Floor, 1.,' le in ihe holding of Ibe said Mr . lenks. LOT II Two DWELLING HOUSES, situate in the Bankhouse Lane, with Gardens adjoining, as shall be ap- pointed at the Time of Sale. „„„ .. , LOT 111. A large PieceofGARDEN GROUN D, adjoin- ing to Lot 2. LOT IV A Piece of old GRASS LAND, on the Elles- mere Road, close to the Town of Weill, 111 the Holding of the Rev. Mr. Salt. LOTV. A Piece of LAND, adjoining the above Lot, now in Grass, in the Holding of Ihe said Mr. Salt. LOT VI. A 1 iece of LAND, near the low n of Wem, on the Road 10 Low Hill, now iu Grass, 111 ihe holding of Mr. Charles Kvnaslon. For Particulars apply toMr. KYNASTON, Wem, who will appoint 11 Person to she w the Premises.— Half of the Pur- chase Money may remain on the Propel ty, if required. At the White Lion lun, in the Town of Baia, iu the County ot Merioneth, upon Thursday, the 301I1 Day i f Septem- ber, 1813, between the Hours of ibiee and five 111 tbe Afternoon, in ON E LOT, aud subject lo ihe Cond. lious to be then produced ; - i LL that MESSUAGE or Tenement, commonly called J\_ or known by liie. Name of PANT Y CEUBREN', with about tin Acres of very iiuproveable Laud itiento be- longing: A111I alt those several small Dwelling Houses, now held therewith, situate iu the Parish of Llauuwchllyu, in the said County, in Ihe Occupation of David Joucs, and bis several Undertenants. Also TWO olher small DWELLING HOUSES, situate iu Llanuwchllvn aforesaid, now in Lease, Ihe Puiiiculats of which will be produced al the Time of Sale, in I lie Holding of John Jones and Elisabeth Davies. I'YNT V CEUBREN is pleasantly situated, about tour Miles from ihe Town of Bala, lo which llteie is a very good Road; and tbefi- is a valuable Sheip- atk belonging to 1 tiis Tenement on I he K ill e uftled t he G jt o. David Jones, Ibe Tenaut, will she* the Premises: nod for farther Particulars apply it the Office of Mr JoHB THOMAS, Solicitor, in the Town of Llanfyll n. LONDON. 1 FROM THF l. ONVON GAZFTTR. APMTRALTY- OFFff F, SFPTFMBER 6. 1813. Sx » ractrta Let* er from Rear- Adnrral Coekbnrn to the Right Hon, Admiral S- t John BorlastP Warren, ft art. K. B. and transmitted by the Adm fal to John Wil- on Crokrr K q. Scoplre, off Ocracoke Bar, July 12, 1813. Hear. Admiral Ccckburn states, the tfcok up the anchorage off ^ crscrke Bar, w'!> ' he ships named in ' he margin*, having on board t! f detachment of troops under the orders of Lieutenant- Colonel Naoier, on the llih of JuK"; and conceiving tbat much advan'as/ e wa> likely to be derived bv carrying into in. mediate exe cution the orders he had received tor putting an end to the com- merce carried on from the port of Ocracoke by mcars ot the inland navigation, and for destroying anv ve> sels that might he in the port, bed reeled preparations to be instantly commenced for the de- barkation of the troops, and for making the in ended at'ack.— An advance?! division of the best pulling boats, with armed teamen and soniemarinesof the Sceptre, wasditected to precede the others, for the purpose of attacking the enemy's shipping, and ot occupying and diverting the fire of any armed vessels stationed at the place; Lieutenant Westphall, First ot the Sceptre, was entrusted with this diviv'- on, supported bv Captain Ross, with the rocket . boats. Captain Patterson, of the Fox, commanded the division of flat and heavie r boats w th as man\ of the !, 0' 2rl regment, artillery, fee. See. as they could carry, which were destined to. at t a* k and oc • cu. p\ such positions on the surrounding lands. circumstances and the enemy'- means of defence might point out the propriety of after davlight. The third and last division was composed ot the Conflict, the armed tenders, 5> nd small vessels, which were directed to take the remainder of the troops on board. and to follow the boa's into the barbou-, as fast and as far as might tie found practicable ; Cap- am Ross, of this ship, va* charged with the general super- lntendanrti of the whole arrangement, and Captains Knight and Maude, with tnuCh laudable zeal, also attended to render me their personal assistance wherever circumstances might require it.— The whole moved from the ships towards the shore about 2 o'clock this morning, but owing to the great distance from the bar tothe harbour, and the heavy swell which was running, it w? s. consider- ably after day- light before the advanced division turned a projecting shoal pomt, behind which ttie ve sels lav, and round which is the only po'S ble wav by which the shore can be approached with safety; the enemv, therefore, had some li tie time to prepare for defence, which he did not fail to avail himself of, and immediately as the boats doubled the point, a heavy fire Was opened on them Irom a brig and schooner which hoisted American colours, Sc were soon discovered to be the only armed vessels here; Lieut. We- tphall, therefore, with Ills division, polled directly and resolutely for these, under cover of some rockets, which were thrown by Captain Russell, with ad- mirable precision. The fire of thebi'g now began to slacken ; and on Mr. West- phall's approach ng her txnv with the advanced boats, the enemy- cut her ca1 le, and abandoned her, and the schooner struck her colours.— The troops tn the mean time having effected a landing, without further opposition, took possession of Portsmouth and Ocraci kc Island, where all surrendered to our mercy. The brig captured proves to be the Anacondo, mounting 18 nine- pound long guns, is a most beautiful ve.- sel, coppered, and perfectly fit for his Majest^ s service-— The schooner is the Atlas letter of marque, of 240 tons, mounting ten guns, is also a fine vessel, and fit for his Majest\' s service. It now becomes mv pleasing duty to mention to you, Sir, the good conduct of the several office! s and men you have placed under my command, who were indelatigable in their exertions in carrying forward and effecting this service ; and I beg also to mention to you the truly cheerful, ready, and able co- operation I have invariably experienced from Lieut.- Colonel Napier, of the 102d regiment, and the officers and troops under his orders. * Sceptre, Famulus, Fox, Nemesis, Conflict, and Highflyer and Cockchafer tenders. [ The Gazelle likewise contains an account of the capture of the Ameiican letter of marque Porcupine, of 25 guns and 7' 2 men.] BANKRUPTS Sl'PTKMBER 4. Thomas Anderson, of Newcastle- upon Tyne, perfumer, Sep- tember 10,28, October 16, at the George Inn, in Newcastle- upon- Tyne.-— Tho mas Hudson and Ralph Hudson. of BishopVWear mouth, Out ham coal fitters. September 13, 27, Oct. 16, at the Bridge I nn, in Bishop's Wearmouth.— Thomas Mead, of Moore- street, St. Ann's, Middle- ex, victualler, September Jl, 18, Oc- tober 16, at Guildhall, London.— Jehn Sharp, of Wilberfoss, Yorkshire, innkeeper, September ) 7, 18, October 16 at William Bavnes', viu ner, in Yo; k — Eli Sifces, of Bo ton, Lancashire roller- manufacturer, September V0, 21, October 16, at the Star Inn, Manchester.— Joseph Srnale, of PlymstocJc, Devonshire, miller, September 16, 17, Octotier 16, at the London Inn Plymouth Dock.— Benjamin Terry, of Doncaster, oil- merchant September 29. 30 October 16, al the Red Lion Inn, in Donca- ter — William Thomas, ot Plymouth, linen- draper, Oetobe 1 9, 16, at Guild ha I, London. SEPTEMBER 7.]— Thomas Holmes, of Botcherby, Cumbeiland. nia'Met, September 15, 16, October 19, at the Bush Inn, Carlisle, — John Rodson. jun. of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, merchant, Sep tember 10, 28, October 19, at the George Inn, Newcastle'upon Tyne. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. The Mail from Heligoland bas brought us the Order of Ihe Day issued by Ihe Prince of Schwai tzenburg, ou the 17th August, on ihe Declaration of War by A us tria agaiusl France. This document may be consider- ed as a kind of abridgment of Ihe Declaration itself, setting forth the grounds upon which Austria has been induced to go to war. The following is a copy : " The great day is arrived! Brave warriors! our county rdies on you. Hitherto, every time she called npon you you justified her confidence. All the endeavours of our Emperor to restore the long- wanted peace to Europe, and to fix the peace and welfare of the Empire, which is in- separable from the peace and welfare of our neighbours, on a solid basis, were in vain. Neither constant patience, nor pacific representations, nor tbe confidential reliance of the other belligerent powers in the Emperor's councils and measures, in short, nothing could bring the mind of the French Government to moderation and reason. On that day on which Austria loudly declared herself for tie cause of justice and order, she likewise took on herself to combat for the greatest of all blessings. We do not singly under- take this coinhat. \ V. C6taiid in thesamerauks with all lhat Europe bas to oppose, of greatness and activity, against the powerful opponent of her peace and liberty- Austria, Russia, Prussia, Sweden, England, Spain— all join their united endeavours for the same end— for a well- founded - aud durable peace, a reasonable distribution of strength among the different States, and the independence of every single power— It is not against France, but against the domineering power of France out of her own borders, that Ibis great alliance has raised itself. What niay be perform- ed by the constancy of nations has beeu proved to us by Spain and Russia; what may be performed by the united force of so muny powerful States, will be shewn in the year 1813. In such a holy war we must more than ever possess those virtues, by which our armies have rendered them- selves conspicuous in so many former wars. Unconditional willinguess to sacrifice every thing for our monarch and native country— great equanimity in good or unfavourable circumstance*— determination and constancy in the field of battle— moderation and forbearance towards the weak— these qualities must always be found in us.— Brethren in arms! I have lived in your ranks all those years which I have devoted to my country's service. I know, I honour in you the brave men who conquered a glorious peace, and those who are following their footsteps. I rely on you ! 1 am chosen from among you by our monarch, and bis gra- cious favour bas placed meat your head ; his confidence, jointly with yours, are my strength. In what manner every individual ic lo be useful to the whole will be fixed by the Sfihereof action allotted to hi in j but in every appointment, ill every situation, ill every decisive moment, always to do lux duty, and lo I lie utmost of liis power. Such is the de- termination wliicli must make us all equal, aud elevate uB lo the same glorious point. The Emperor will remain with us, for lie has confided tlie utmost to UF— Ihc honour of the nation— the protection of our native country— and Ihe security aud welfare of posterity.— Be thankful, war- riors, that you are going into battle before ( ion, who will not forsake the just cause, under the eye of a paternal and feeling monarch, under the eyes of your grateful fellow- citizens, and m the sight of all Europe, which experts from you great deeds and great happiness, after long sufferings. Remember you must conquer, that you may justify this ex- pectation. Combat as it becomes Austria's warriors to do, and you will corquer. ( Signed) " CHARLES, " Prince of Schwartzenbcrg, Field Marshal." The following is n translation of another interesting document ol the same kind, issued by Gen. Moreau:— GENERAL ORDERS. 41 Grosivilcli, Head- quarters, Aug. 17, tsirt. <€ The sanguinary struggle fur our independence is re- sumed; all the efforts of our illustrious Allv, I. is Majesty the Emperor of Austria, and our own, tu obtain a durable peace without any further bloodshed, have proved fruitless. The design was, that he should have groaned under Ihe Ignominious yoke for a long time to come. To arms, there- fore, ye valiant Russians, Prussiaus, and Germans! Our power is formidable, as it possesses both energy and a large numerical force. His Imperial Highness Ihe Archduke Charles i. Commander in Chief of lite Imperial Austrian Army, who have made common cause with ours. Courage ill battle, united wilh perseverance, must infallibly prevail. " In the name uf his Majesty the King of Prussia, as General in Chief of the allied army, " The Russian Major- General and Chief of Ihe Etat Major, " MOREAU" The Berlin Gazelle of the 18th states, that the Arch duke Charles had reviewed the Russian corps under Milaradowitch, and then set out with the Empcroi Alexander lo Prague. Besides Joinini, who was Director General of Military Maps and Plans, and much in the confidence of Bonaparte, several oilier Staff Officers have gone over to the Allies. The Lady Mary I'elham packet is arrived, and brings an account ofa most severe hurricane throughout the Lee- ward Islands. As far as our present information extends, its destructive effects have not reached farther than from Barbadoes to St. Kilts, and in this range, according to letters from Antigua of the 25th and 28th of July, this latter island has wholly escaped. It is estimated that about 10,000 hogsheads of sugar have been destroyed, and that Ihe rising plants for 1814, in Martinique and Dominique, are uprooted. The shipping at. BatbJffoes most of it foundered j but what is extraordinary, the Island itself escaped injury. Guadaloitpe has suffered materially, and several ships in Ihe harbour are lost.— The extent of the damage by land and water at St. Kitls is not ascertained, hut the loss has beeu very serious. The whole force of ihe storm appears to have been concentrated at Dominique, where the lelters re- present every thing on the surface as swept down, and Ihe shipping totally destroyed. America.— On Tuesday, July the20th, thefollowing Message was sent by the President of the United Stales, lo the Seuate and House of Representatives: " There being sufficient ground to infer thai it is the enemy's purpose to combine with Ihe blockade of our ports special licenses to neutral vessels, or lo British in neutral disguises, whereby they may draw from our country Ihe precise kind and quantities of exports essential to their wants, whilst its general commerce remains obstructed, keeping in view also the insidious discrimination between different ports of the United Stales, aud as such a system, if not counteracted, will bave the effect of diminishing very materially the purpose of the war 011 the enemy, and encouraging a perseverance in it, at the same lime that it will leave the general commerce ofthe United States under all the pressure the enemy can impose, thus subjecting the whole to British regulation, in subserviency lo British monopoly — I recommend to tbe consideration of Ihe Congress, the expediency of an immediate and effectual prohibition of exports, limited to a convenient day iu the next Session, and removeahle in the mean time in the event ofa cessation of I he blockade of 011 r port s JAMES MADISON." The Message was referred to Ihe Committee for Foreign Relations, who reported the next day, that it was inexpedient to act upon the Message of the President. This Report was referred to a Committee of the whole House, who amended the Report by striking out " inexpedient," and inserting expedient. This Amendment, in a Committee of the whole House, was strenuously advocated by the Speaker and others, and as strenuously opposed by others. The Amendment was reported and agreed to by the House, and referred to a Select Committee, Mr. Grundy, Chairman, who, on the next day, reported a Bill, laying an Embargo, Shropshire Game Duly. ALPHABETICAL LIST of the GAME CF. RTIF1CA I'ES, al £ 3 13s. 6d. each, issued for Shropshire, from the 1st luly to September 10th, 1813, inclusive. AN c consisting of twenty old sections, being substantially copies from the old Embargo Acts, and containing all the obnoxious provisions of the old enforcing Act. The Bill was immediately committed to a Committee of the whole House, forced through the Committee, reported to the House without amendment, all amend- ments being rejected, and then forced through the House, engrossed, and passed the same day ; it was reported at about seven at night.— Ayes 80, Noes 50.— A Committee was appointed to carry the Bill to the Senate, and ask their concurrence. On Saturday, the 24lh, the Senate ordered the Bill to he printed, ( confidentially.) and postponed the consideration of it till lhe 86th, and on Wednesday rejected it.— Ayes 16, Noes 18.— It thus appears that the baneful influence of Mr. Madison over the American Councils is beginning to decline. This person, the only actuating principle of whose policy is a blind malice against England, appears to exercise some ingenuity in discovering means lo gratify his ruling passion at the expense of irretrievable injury to his own country. The blockading squadrons seem to keep the coasls of the Chesapeake, Potomac, and Delaware in constant alarm. It is understood, that the Americans have in return made numerous attempts to destroy our ships by torpedoes and other devices of the ingenious and liberal- minded Mr. Fulton; but hitherto with the usual success which has attended Ihe inventions of that gentleman. Yesterday several bakers were summoned before the Lord Mayor for making false returns of the prices of flour, and fined in the penalties of 10?. and 20/. each. On Sunday the 22d ult. during divine service, at the dissenting chapel, at Cockey Moor, near Manchester, at which a very great number of persons were assembled to hear a funeral sermon, the gallery being overloaded, gave way. Fortunately it was observed in time to give a cautionary alarm; and the persons, who were in imminent danger, had coolness enough to profit by the advice offered them, viz. to come down quietly and separately, avoiding all hurry and bustle. By these means Ihey all got dow n without the least accident. Melancholy Accident.— Sunday afternoon, the 4th instant, as Christopher Codrington, Esq. aud Mr. James Wyatt, the architect, were 011 their journey to London, in a chariot and four horses, about three miles be'ow Marlborough, they were met by a return chaise, and a Gentleman riding a young horse by the side, and going between the two carriages, his horse being unmanage- able, run against the chariot, when he fell, the wheel going over him, overturned it; M r. C. falling under received no injury , but Mr. Wyatl's head coming with great violence against one of the silver sluds of the chariot, to which Ihe blinds are fastened, fractured his skull, which caused his death. An inquest was taken ou the body on Monday morning, before William Clarke, Esq. one of the Coroners for the Ccunty of Wills, aud a verdict returned by the Ju y— Accidental Death. The deceased never uttered a word alter being taken up from the ground, but breathed his last within a very short period after the dreadful catastrophe took place. Mr. W'. was generally known as a Member of Ihe Royal Academy, and one of the greatest ornaments to the science of Architecture, of modern limes. Partridge Shooting.— A match for 100 gu'neas a side, of the following nature, took place on Monday the 6th : Captain Thomas, a noted good shot, matched himself to kill birds againsta Mr. Chambers, the former to commence his sport on the manor of Eastou, in Surrey, and the latlcr from his residence, about ten miles distant from Easton, in Sussex. The competitors were allowed to shoot from five in Ihe morning until five iu the afternoon, with one brace of dogs only, cach to be accompanied by two friends of his adversary. The Captaiu killed four brace of partridges in the first three hours, and he bagged altogether 11 brace in 29 shots, having killed double in two instances. Mr. Chambers got 34 shots, and bagged 12 brace and a half, having killed double five times iu Ihe course of the day; so that shooting was nearly equal, and Mr. Chambers won by falling in w ith most birds. On Kiln- drying Wheal for Seed.— The best Wheat for seed to be laid ou the kilu four or five inches thick, the kiln to he heated middling strong, with blind coal ( coke), and continued thereon for 24 hours, being turn- ed frequently ; alter being taken off the kiln, allow it twenty- four hours to cool, turning it at times ; after- wards it is put through the fanners, by which operation all the light grain, & c. is separated from the plump seed, which is alone proper for sowing. After the heat has lain upon the kiln, and the fire begun to have effect, a great number of very small worms, formerly undiscovered by the eye, appear ou the top of the grain, which are destroyed hy the heal; these, if not destroy- ed, may produce the evil: and eury suspicious corn being thrown out hy Ihe fanners, none but proper grain is sown by the farmer. VI'AINSof RED l'ORT WINE, Tea, Fruit, Mildew, k > and evcrv Vegetable Matter, are eulirelv removed from TABLE LINEN, LEATHER, BREECHES, Cotlons, Muslins, Laces, aud other Articles of Dress, by HUDSON'S CHEMICAL BLEACHING LIQUID: it also removes the above Stains from Ladies' BUFF Dresses, without in- juring the Bull Colour, and restores all Kinds uf Lineu to their original Whiteness, when discoloured by bail washing, disuse, or long Sea- voyages, WITHOUT AN Y INJURY to the Texture of llie Cloib.— Prepared and Sold by HUDSON and Co. Cliyniists, 27, Haymarket, London ; sold also by EDIJOWES, and Watton, Shrewsbury ; Edwards, Oswestry ; Painter, Wrexham; Houlstons, Wellington; and others throughout the United Kingdom, in Bottles at 5s. 3s. and 3s. each. Atcherley Thomas, Westot Atcheiley Richard, Martoi Atcherlry John, Stanwardiue Fields Adams William, Ludlow Acton Edward, Haduall Atcherley Roger, Bridgnorth AingworthWilliam. EardiAgtoit Bentley Peter, Esq. jun. Wes- ton Rhyn Birch John, Boycott Bickeiton Ricbaid, Newton on the Hill Boodle Thomas, Noneley BurltonJohn, English Franktoi Bayley LloydThomas, Preston Brockhurst Bayley William, Resford Baugh Rev. Richard, Ludlow Boughton W. E. Rouse, Esq Stanton Lacy BroomcRichard, Church Stret- ton Botterell Edward, Hohlgate Blakeway Roger, Onibniy Beale Thomas, Esq. Heath House Bryan Roger, Little Hall Beddoes Thomas, jun. China Longville Bright Rev. J. B. Totterton Breese John, Hopesay Bayley Thomas, Black Birches Bell John Allan, Shtewsbuiy Bather John, Esq Little Rytoi Brookes WilliamW. Dodington Bromfield William, Ditto Boulton Benjamin, Ditto Broughtou Peter, Betton Bradbury George, Drayton Britain Thomas, Stoke Bradbury Samuel, Suitton Bayley Edward, Aston Booth Joseph, New Woodhouse Becket John C. Gravenbunger Briscoe John, Howie Brasier Rev. John, Cheswar- dine Bickerton William, Northwood Baker William, Aston Botterells Butcher Joel, Wot field Bangham Thomas, Bridgnorth Barighiim Benjamin, Dilto Bn au Joseph Claverley Bayliss Edwaid, jun. Bridg. noith > Bis. ell Thomas, Hales Owen Bissell James, Ditto Bissell Thomas Smith, jun. Ditto Bates William, Bridgnorth But fie Id William, Esq. Malin Lee Brookes Thomas, Osbaston Berwick Lord, Attingham Btatton Richard, lloddington Croxon John, Esq. Oswestry Croxon Edward, Esq. Trefar- clawdd Cureton William, Westbury Clarke John Jandrell, Cruck- meole Cotgrave Thomas, Ellesmere Cureton John, Kenwick Cowdell Henry, Ludlow Coleman Rev. T. B. Church Stretton Cooke John, Neen Sollars Cooke Thomas, Shrewsbury Cooke Samuel, Dilto Cooke Thomas, Meole Brace Corbet Sir Andrew, Bart. Ac- ton Reynold Corbet Andrew Vincent, Esq, Ditto Colley John, Astley Curtis William, Wolstaston Corbett Panton, Esq. Longnor Curbett Uvedale, Esq. Ditto Corb « tt Robert, Esq. Ditto CoiS. r John, Esq. Dodington Corbet Sir Corbet, Bart. Ad derley Chorlton William, Betton Challenor John, Kllerton Clive William, Esq. Stvche Charlton Philip, Esq. Wythe ford Crockett Rev. Robert, Long- ford Con. pson George, Esq Cleo- bury Mortimer Cleobury Johu, Acton Round Coter John, Cleubuiy Morti mcr Corfield Francis, Neenton Ca rut hers John, Hales Owen Caruthers Joseph, Ditlo Carulhers George, Ditto Cooks Richard, Ditto Crow George, Neen Savage Compson James, Esq. Cleobury Mortimer Chihle William, Esq. Kinlet Caloott Rev. William, Cainham Crum(> Thumas, jun Stottesdou Cotton Richard, Claverley CrowtherThomas Astley, Ditto Compson James, jun. Cleotiurj Mortimer Clayton Rev. R. Matins Lee Claike Daniel, Buitdwas Cupe William Henry, Wrock- uanliue Wood C01 bet John, Utlington Cludde William, Esq. Wrock wardine Campbell Hugh M. Esq. Wel- lington Downes Edwaid, Kinnerley and Argoed Duckett John, West Fellon Davies Arthur, E- q. Oswestry Dovaston Milward, Ditto Denslon John, Grafton Denstou Stephen, Stamvardiiie Wood Downes Samuel, Ashford Car- bonel Downes J. F. Ditto Downes Thomas, Munslow Dawson Robert, Nash Dike Charles, Clon Dallaway John, Boreaston Davies Richard, Broughton Davies James, Leaion Durnell Johu Hiram, Acton liurnell Dawes Robert, Sutton Dlcken Thomas, Esq. Wem Davies Charles, Drayton Davenport William Y. Wor. field Deve- all John, Sidbury Darby Kdward, Hales Owen Dnppa Thomas, Bridgnorth Datlaway John, Chetton Davenpoit Edmund S. Wor- field Dixon James, Isombridge Dickinson Thomas, Wellington Edwards John, Esq, Oswestry Edwards Robeit Atchetley, Baschurch Edwards John, Ditto Evans Thomas, Prescott Edwards Richard. Cwm Edwardes Benjamin, Esq. Shrewsbury Evans Richard, Ditto Evans John, Ditto vlwardes Sir John, Bart. Frodesley iwards George, Neenton Edwards Richard, Oldbnry Even James, Wellington EytonThomas, jun. Esq. Ditto Emery Richard, Esq. Burcott Emery Joshua, Esq. Ditto Frank John, West l'elton rowd Rev. Isaac, Bishop's Castle France Francis, Nobold Faulkner Robert, D. ayton Flewitt James, Alvetey Fregleton Robeit, Claverley Farmer James, Ditto Griffiths Edward, Eardiston GodbyAugustus, Fsq. Oswestry Giles John, Neen Sollars Green Thomas, Stoke Q1 oome Thomas, Smetheott Gouch William, Esq Shrews- bury Gwilliam Thomas, jun. Dor. rington Glover Charles, jun. Acton Burnell Gregory William, Whitchurch Groome Richard, jun. North- ivood Goodall John, Cheswardine Goodall J ihn, Dorrington Grant Richard, Drayton Groome John, Newtown Gitton Thomas, Esq. Bridg- north Glaze George, Stottesdon Hurlestou John, Esq. Oswestry Hunt John, Esq. Ditto HarriesThonias, Esq Cruekton Heighway Samuel, Pontesford Heighway William, Pool Place Harrison Rev. Hamlelt, Pon- tesbury Hopkins Rev. William, jun. Fitz Hatchett Samuel Bulfeeley, Esq. Ellesmere Hill Benjamin, Stanton Lacy Hill Thoinas, Ditto Harper Richard, Stokesay Harding Rev. John, Hopesay Hanmer Thomas, Esq. Hard- wick ilditch George, Haston Hiles Henry, Sutton Hayward George, Donington Hawkins William, Kenley Howelts Luke, Chilton Heathcote Richard Edensor, Esq. Condover Hollywell James, Dodington Heat ley John, Eaton Hallen Richard, Sambrook " allows Joseph, Calverhall Hill Rev, Robert, Hawkstone Hill Sir John, Bart. Ditto Hill John, Esq Ditto Heatley John, iun. Eaton Hales Ralph, Whixall HinchcliffeGeorge, HalesOwcn Harding Andrew, Bridgnorth Hinkesman John, Westwood Hayward Francis, Alveley Hyde John, Stottesdoo Hall Thomas Lambert, Cieo- bury Mortimer dill Thomas, Ditto Hawkins Robeit, Charlton Haynes John, Wellington Jones John, Esq. Oswestry Jones Lewis, Esq Ditto Jones Edward, Esq. Weston Rhyn Jones David Williams, Crick- heath Jones Richard, Ellesmere Jones Samuel, Munslow Jones Thomas, Shrewsbury • tones John, Horton lackson William, Shrewsbury Jandrell Richard, Pulveibatch Jenkinson the Hon. C. C. C. Pitchford Judgson Rev. William, Adder- ley Jeivis Henry, Esq. Cheswardine .1 uckes John, jun. Child's Ercall Justice Philip, Esq. Drayton Jellicorse WilUam, Howie Jebb J. Wright, Whixall tones William, Bridgnorth Jones Henry, Ditto Jenkins Edward, Esq. O Hi- ll 1 neto n Jenkins Robert, Esq. Ditto tcke William, Horton Jones Edward, Iscmbridge Juckes Charles, Cotwall Juckes Thomas, Rodington Kenyon ilie Hon. Thomas, Prado Knowles Sir C. H. Bait. Lud- low Kilvert John, Grin « hill Knight John, Esq. Dodington Kilinorey Lord Vise. Adtlerley Kyunenlev Thomas, Leighton [. each Samuel, Esq. Llanforda leighton Sir Robeit, Bart. Lotun Lloyd Thomas, Little Shra- wardine Lee John, Ellesmere Lee Francis, jnn. Ditto LangleyT. N. Richard's Castle Latham Thoinas, Woore Lowe Richard, Aston Botterells Lloyd John, jiin. Bridgnorth Lnteward John, Neen Savage '. ca William, Claverley Lewis ctiailes, Wellington Mytton John, Esq. Hatston Menlove 1 humas, Breaden- heath Muckleston Joseph, Esq. Pres- cott Menlove Joshua Lewis, Elles- mere Meyrick Robert, Ludlow Moselev William, Ditto Mason Henry, Richard'sCastle Motris Philip, Hurst Morris William, Ditto More Robert, Esq. Linlev Medticott Thomas, Bishop's Castle Morris John, iun. Bicton MerringtonWilliam, Grinshill Massey William, Acton Rey- nold Maddock George A, Hencott Murhall Julio, Dodington Marray Rev. John, Ditto Malienor John, Edstsston Minor William, Lo. gford Macmic. hael John . Bridgnorth Morris Ed ward, Cleobury North Meredith John, Wo, field Morris Joseph, Bridgnorth Milner Thomas, D tto Mountford Richard, Wrock. wurdiue Wood Niccoll- John, Newnham Nicksuu Jonathan, Esq. Wem Nickson Jonathan, Wtiitqhuich Norcop William, Esq. Bettou OwenW illinm, Esq. Woodhouse Oseland Rich. Richard'srastU Oakelev Rev. Herbert, Oakley House Owen Hugh Buckley, Shrews- bury Oakt ley Richard, Alveley Oldborv George, F. ardington Payne Thomas, Esq. Maes- brook L'clia Phillips Jolsn, Plealey Grove Phillips Joseph, Plealey Peters Rev. Charles, Pontes- bnry Picks » ock Seth, Balderton Powell William, Fiiz Piitchett Gilley, Ludlow Princejoseph, Ashford Bowdlei Powell Rev. Richard, Munslow Patrick Samuel, Stanton Lacy Price Richard Bell, Esq. Bit- terley Partridge William, Boreaston Pardoe Rev. George, Hopton 1 Castle Pemberton Edward, Esq. jun. Longnor Poole John, Hinstock Peake Eli, Pilson Peake Thomas, Sutton Price John, Wem Palmer John, Ollerton Poivetl John, Snitton Pardoe Thomas, Cleobury Mortimer Powell William, Hales Owen Prond William, Bridgnorth Purton William, Faintree Pooler James, Stockton Pursell John, Sidbury Perry John, Claverley Povatl Henry, Charlton Pigg Richard, Preston Boats Roberts Rev. Nathaniel, Os- westry Rocke Rev. John, Shelderton Richards Thomas, Church Stretton Rogers Thomas, Bioughton Russel Richard, Lndlow Rogers Thomas, Brockton Roberts Thomas, Wilmington Richards John, Whitchurch Roe John, Whixall Roberts Thomas, Whitchurch Rowe Rev. J. J. Ditto Reynolds Henry, Cleobury Mortimer Stanton John, Ellesmere Slaney Robert Aglionby, Esq. Walfotd Sutton Richard, Kenwick Smith John, Lndlow Syer John, Ditto Salwey Richard, Esq. Richard's Castle Sayce John, Bishop's Castle Sayce Richard, Brockton Shinjler William, Broughton Scott Richard, Esq. Betton Sandford Samuel, Shrewsbury Spearman John, Efq. Oxon Siirman Thomas, Berwick Sandford Thomas H. E- q. Sandford Spendelow Richard, D. ayton Steward John T. Esq. Wem Smith Ferdinando, Hales Owen Skelding Henry, Alveley Stokes Michael, Worfield Skelding William. Bridgnorth Smith Thomas, Cleobury Mor- timer Smallman Richard, Euden Burnett Smith Jacob Child, Oldbury St., kes Charles, W01 field Southam Thomas, Stottesdon Shelton Richard, Rushton Sled man Edward, Ercall Magna Thomas Richard Abertanatt Tozer Henry P Esq. Oswe3try Tomley John, Mid'lleton fopp John, E, q Whi'ton " homes John, E* q. Alberbnry 1' unstall William, Stanton Lacy Thomas John, Criftin Turner Joseph, Shrewsbury Thomas John, Ditto Trevor John, Whitchurch Taylor John, Ellerton Taylor John, Stoke Tarleton Thomas, jun. Calver- hall Tollv John, Cleobury Morti- mer Venables John, Lossford Venables Robert, Ditto Ward Mr. Samuel, Maesbrook Ucha Warren John, Esq. Oswestry Warter John, Esq. Cruck Meole Warter Henry Diggory, Esq. Ditto Walker Fryer, Ellesmere Walmsley John, Sleap Weaver Samuel, Ludlow Wilding Samuel, Church Stretton Walcot Rev. John, Bitterley Walcot Charles, Ditto Wall Edward, Neen Sollars Wollaston John, jnn. Bishop's Castle Watkins Watkin, Shotton Wingfield John, Onslow Wade Charles Gregory, Han- wood Wood John, Grinshill Wood Peter. Cheswardine Walford John, Wem Walmsley George, Ditto Walmsley John, Edstaston Wocd William, Espley Wilkinson Samuel, Northwood Whitmore John, inn Betton Wright William, Drayton Warren Joseph L. Ditto Whitfield Richard, Hopton Wood John Mare, Stottesdon Woodcock Walter, Hales Owen Wheeler William, Cleobury Mortimer Wheeler Humphrey, Ditto Wheeler Humphrey, Stenple Whitmore Ctiailes B. C. Stockton JW hit more Thomas, Esq. Aptev [ Wood John, Stockton ollaston Thomas, Hales Owen. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. rpHE CORPORATION of tiie - 1. RC- VAL EXCHANGE ASSUBAN- C « do hereby give Notice, that they have authorised their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 21. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due on the - 29th Instant, are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready lo be delivered bv the Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apptv for Ihe Re- newal of their Policies, on or before the 14th Day of October, as the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL FENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mr. William Eddowes, Jun. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jennins. Oswestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. Ludlow, Mr. Jacob Smith. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. Wrexhom, Mr. Joseph Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Holywell, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr. Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thoinas Tudor. Hen- port, Mr. J. H. Smithers. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson. Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown. Hnnley, Mr. John Tomlinson. Newcustle- under- Line, Mr. James Halmarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr, Samuel Perrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley. Nantwich, Mr. William Tomlinson. Northwich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of Expense, wher* the annual Premium amounti to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably marie 2001I Losses, by fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be bad of th. diffeieiit Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; TAHI. IM ofthe RATES for such ASSURANCES aud for the GHANTINO ANNUITIES on Lives, may be had of thesaid Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend fby Special Agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the Age of t. i Years. S- p'ember 14, 1813. Stephens John, Bridgnorth Published by Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for Ihc Affairs of Taxes, M. WINTER, Secretary. ( List of Gamekeepers in our next.) M" UTILITY AND ELEGANCE COMBINED. Under the Illustrious Patronage of their Royal Highnesses the Piinceis of WALES and Duke of SUSSEX, the Spanish Ambassador, and most of the Nobility. ACASSAR OIL for the HAIR. This Oil is proudly recommended on the basis of TRUTH and EXPERI- ENCE, and the most respectable testimonials.— Its virtues are composed of vegetable ingredients from a tree in the Island of Macassar, in the East Indies, It possesses pro- perties of the most salubrious nature for restoring the Hair, where it has been BALD for years, preserves it from falling off or turning grey, to the latest period of life ; produces on Ihe tresses a most beautiful GLOSS, SCENT, and CURL; also is pre- eminent for Children's Hair, instead of Soaps, Sec. it cleanses the Hair much easier, is extremely pleasant to the infant, and brings the Hair to a beautiful state ; promotes the GROWTH of Whiskers and F. ye- brows; in fine, renders the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, inexpres- sibly attracting. View Rowland's Treatise on the Improvement of the hutnan hair, illustrative of the virtues of the Macassar Oil. with a number of testimonials from Persons of distinguished Con- sideration, highly worthy the attention of Parents, Proprie- tors of Boarding Schools, & c. & c. included with each bottle in the wrapper, which is signed 011 the outside, A. Rowland and Son, in red ink", without which none are genuine. Sold at 3s. 6d. IQs. fid. and One Guinea per bottle, bv the Proprietors, ROWLAND and SON, Kirby. street, Hatton- garden ; and by Iheir appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Printer, and Messrs Wood and Watton, Shrewsbury; Hulme Hair- dresser, Welshpool; and by all Hair- dressers, Perfumers and Medicine Venders iu every Town throughout the Empire, But beware of Impostors— the genuine has the Signature A. ROWLAND and SON. Of wliom may be had, Patronised hy her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, and his Excellency the Duke del lnfanti\ do, and many families of high distinction, ALSANA EXTRACT; Or, ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC for the TEETH and GOMS. A Preparation that surpasses all others for eradicating all Disorders of the Teeth and Gums, and rendering them ex- tremely beautiful. Sold at IPs. 61I, per bottle, or small bottles at 4s. 6d. each. Also the Alsana Powder, for cleansing the Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per- brix. ERUPTIONS from one of the most annoying complaints we are subject to; their unsightly'appearance urged impatiently their lemoval; and too often this impatience has caused their obstinacy. Let these Patientsever remember that tbe treatment ought to be mild, innocent, and rational, tbat they depend almost universally on internal irritation, and from imperfect digestion ; and that Purgatives are detiimental.— SPILSBl/ RY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS are now universally preferred in the Cure of these Complaints from their success : as well as in Scrophula, Scorbutic, Gouty, Rheumatic, and Bilious Complaints. Sold wholesale by E. EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church. yaid, and retail at the DI- PENSAKY, 15, Solio- Square, Loudon, in Bottles of 6s.— Double 10s. 6d. and largest 11. 2s. duty in- cluded.— Compound Essence, 8s. Sold also by W, EDDOWBS, Bythell, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shiewsbury ; Ridge- way, and Proctor, D. ayton; Chester, Newcastle ; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, StafToid; Smith, lronbridge and Wenlock; nd by most of the respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. I) HEUMATISMS, PALSIES, and GOUTY AFFEC- * V TIONS, with their usual concomi- ants. Spasm, or flying Pains, Flatuleucy, Indigestion, and general Debility, ( originating in whatever source), are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Etsence of Mustard Pills, after every olher means had failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills, in those complaints where necessary,) is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, generally curing CHILBLAINS by una Application; and the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the lirne usually taken by anv olher Lini* ment or Embrocation; and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is particnlaily efficacious for all broken Chilblains, and ill- conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shingles, Breakings out 011 the Face) Nose, Ears and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads arid Scorbutic Humours of everv Description. Prepared only, and sold by R JOHNSTON, Apothecary, No. 15, Greek- street, Soho, London. The Essence and Pills at 2s. 9d. each ; the Cerate at l « . lfd. and 2s. 9d. Sold hy W. EbDowKS, Newling, and Palin, Shiewsburv ; Painter, Wrexham; Baugh, Ertesinere; Houistons, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow; Partridge, and Gitton, Bridgnorth; Edwaids, Price, and Min hall, Os. westry ; and every Medicine Vender in the Cnited K- nrdom. SIR, Edinburgh, bth January, 1813. IT is now eight yeors since 1 was first afflicted with the scurvy, ( luring whicli time I have had frequent recourse to the eminent of the faculty here and at Glasgow, but I am sorry to say lo little or iro purpose. Seeinir in the newspapers many surprising cures performed by your An- iscorbutic Drops I was induced to make trial of them. I purchased a bottle, of your agent, Mr. Baxter, Italian Warehouse, South Bridge, Edinburgh. Soon after I began to take tbe Medicine, I found my complaint rather to increase; but by Mr. B. xter'i advice I persevered, and before I had taken four bottles, I became sensible of the complaint giving wav to the efficacy of the Drops. My case, Sir, does infinite credit to t he superior efficacy of your valuable medicine. I had at one time nij less than seven running sores about me, one in particular on the inside of my left leg, affl'cted me more than all the others, the ulcers being so deep in the flesh as almost to lav the bone bare, attended with violent pain and inflammation from the knee to the extremity of the toes, discharging vast quantities of ichorous matter, with pieces of the diseased twine, which kept me in sucb continued and excruciating pain as rendered my life truely burdensome. 1 have now, thank God, the satisfaction to declare that your Drops have effected a com- plete cure, which I am desirous you should publish for the benefit of others. Since my cure I have enjoyed 11 good state of " health, to which blessing I had been So many years a stranger. The scars now in various parts of my body only remain as a lasting testimony of what your medicine has done for me, I most heartilyiwish your Drops were more exten- sively known, when certain I am, many of my suffering fellow- creatures would be extricated from loathsome disease and tormenting pain, and be, as it were, snatched from the biink of Ihe grave, to a state of convalescence. Iam, with every respect, Sir, vour obedient humble servant, WILLIAM TAYLOR. Attested by W. Edgar, royal navy, Caltonhill signal station, and W. Thomson, General Agency Office, Edinburgh. To Mr. John Lignum, Surgeon, Manchester. BUTLER'S Celebrated Vegetable Restorative Tooth Powder. BEAUTY of Countenance and regularity of Features are allowed to distinguish ihe Brui-. li Fair; hut ttie Proprietor 01 BUTLER'S TOO TH POWDER would beg leave to remind his Countrywomen, Unit the lustre 01 iheir cha> nu loses halt* it, influence where the Teeth are discoluured, or shew a rotlen and unhealthy appearance; this is the more inexcusable, a- llie pre- sent preparation affords the infallible means of removing everv blemidl ot the enamel, and is sate in its application, lieing com- posed of vegetables. It is recommended to the attention of .< 11 ranks, as clearing away every imperfection, either in Ihe colour or the decay of the enamel of the Teeth ; as rendering tlie breath sweet and delectable, and making the gums of their proper - haue and vermilliun hue, and a certain preventative against the Tooiii- acii. No composition ot this kind ever brought torward to public notice, has met such universal approbation , and the Proprietor lias to boast lhat it is in dailv use by Rov ally itself. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr Butter',, No. 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paiernoster- row ; alsob. EDDOWES, Wood ai. d Wat. ton, Morris, and Burrev, Shrew- bury ; tvlwards, and Morral, Oswestry; Raugh, Elle. mere; - Pa Qter, Wrexham; Houl- tons, Wellington - Sin th, Iruub idge; Scarrott, Stuffnal; Gitton, and Bahghara, Bridgnurth ; Goiter and Penualt, Kidderminster. ' These Drops are sold in moulded square bottles, at 6s. and 14s. ( one 14s. bottle is equal to three 6s. ones) wholesale aud retail bv Mr. Lignum, Manchester; also retail by EDDOWES, Watton, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Wedlock; Gitton, Bridgnorth; Gower and Cn. Kidderminster; Denmnn, Wolverhampton; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Silvester, Newport- Parker, Whitchurch; Bauah, Ellesmere • Owen, Welsh- pool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Builton, Leominster; Edwards, Oswestry ; Davies, Hereford ; aud by the principal Venders of genuine Medicines, EVERY MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR. BY the EFFICACY of DR. BOF. KHAAVE'S INFAL- LIBLE RF. D PILL, ( 4s. 6d. only per box), PERSONS OF EI THER SEX ( assisted bv the invaluable copious Direc- tions therewith givm) are enabled toeiadicute Effectually A CERTAIN INSIDIOUS DISEASE, and to facilitate the Recovery of Health, with Ease and Safety, Certainly and Secresy, in a few days. For bilious Diseases, Scurvy, Scrofula, and Impurity of I- iod, the Efficacy of this medicine is so well known and highly attested lor 50 yeats past, that any further comment is rendered unnecessary. Another Supply is just received from london, and for sate tiy W. I- IDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury. Dr Solomon expects, when consulted by Letter, tho usual compliment of a or. e pound note to be inclosed, ad* dre sed Monev Letter. Dr. Solomon, Gilead- Honse, near Liverpool, i'aid ii. ubie postage."
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