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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1154
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 04/07/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1154
No Pages: 4
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V < jjj NUMBER 1,154] SATURDAY, JULY 4, 1812. [ PRICE 5b, DRUG, OIL, COLOUR, & DYE- STUFF WAREHOUSE. JJMRS ROW AN BEfJS leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that in addition to his former STOCK, he has received, per the VENUS, from 1.0NDON, a GENERAL AS- SORTMENT of DRl/ GS, of wlifch the following form part:—- Phrcnee Oil, in Chests, JEther, Opium, Rhubarb, Jalap, Oil of Almonds, Valerian, Onii Root, Quid- Silver, Ptruvisui Beu- Ju Antimony, Coriander Seed, Anniseed, Magnesia, Calcined Ditto, Cassia l. y/ nta, Epsom Sabs, Calomel, Sul'tmttt, Also, per the CERES, from LIVERPOOL, A General Assortment of PAINTS and WATER COLOURSs Which, with eyery Article in the DRUG, OIL, COLOUR, and DYE- STUFF LINE, he is enabled to dispose of on moderate Terms. N B. An APPRENTICE Wanted to the APOTHECARY Jlttstwass, who will also hare an opportunity of acquiring a knowledge of the Wholesale Drug Business 472) **"" Belfast, June 24. 40 € YELLOW CANDLE TALLOW. " 1 ASKS RUSSIAN TALLOW, now landing, and for sale by GILLIES & STOCKDALE. ALSO, Alicante Barilla, Montreal Pot Ashes, Id, 3d, and Stained, Archangel Matts, Amber Rosin, Richmond LeafTobacct, £ rale Sugars Honduras M.' ihogani, Cotton Tarn, No. 80 to 14- 4, Jamaica Rum. * ( 424 II TOBACCO, COTTON WOOL, & ASHES. 84 Hhds. Virginia Leaf Tobacco, 40 of which art of prime quality, 120 Bales Upland Cotton Wool. 46 Barrels first sort Montreal Pot Ashes, 42 Ditto, Ditto, New Tort Ditto, 35 Ditto, D. tto, Ditto Pearl Ditto, ' 70 Bales Aiicant Barida, of superior quality, On Sale on moderate Terms for good payments, by THOMAS BELL, May 20. • ( 2 » S) 84, North- street. M'ADAM & MCLEERY AVE just received, per the Aurora, from LONDON and have on hand, F'me and Common Congou, Souchong, and Green TEAS, Very Fine, Fine, and Second SCALE SUGARS, Refined SUGAR, and CANDT, Miserable— Indigo— Refined Saltpetre— Rozin, Alicante Barilla— Mustard— Pimento Pearl Ashes— White Ginger, & c. And an Assortment of SPICES and DYE- WOODS, which they will dispose of on moderate terms. They have likewise lor stile, NINE THOUSAND AMERICAN CANE" REEDS, of an excellent Quality. 492) Belfast, June 2.5. ,,. l_ OLIVE OIL, INDIGO, Sc. GRIMSHAW, MURPHY, V CO. ARE landing, a few Pipes OLIVF, OIL, and have re eeived a further supple of SPANISH FLORA IN DIGO, and Ground BRAZIL WOOD, which with their Gtmr. it Supply « f Dyt- Stujfs, they are enabled to dispose of OQ moderate Terms. THfY HAVE ALSO ON SALS, Bowed Georgia, Orleans, and West India Cotton- Weal, Pit and Pearl Ashes, Oil of Vitriol, and A Regnar Supply of FLOUR VI~ rn Hz 1 N E W N YA DEALS BY AUCTION AT NEWRY. THE SUBSCRIBERS will SELL BY AUCTION, at their Deal- Yard, on THURSDAY the 9 h of luly, at the Hour of TWELVE o'clock, the Cargo of the Proven, CAP- TAIN BRUTN, from DRONTON, consisting of 18,000 Nine &• Six Feet DEALS. Terms will be liberal, and declared at Sale. JOHN & HUGH BOYD. NEWRY, 29th June, 1812. ( 516 REAL SPANISH RED WINE. DENNIS CAULFIELD hourly expels the arrival of the Ncwry, Capt. LUSK, dire6t from AUCASI, with S00 Pipes, 5 ft Hogsheads, and j<) 0 Quarter- Casks, Which be counts on to be Old Rich High- flavoured WINF., and on arrival, he will sell same by AuAimt, without re- serve, of which due Notice wdl be given, with long credits. .449) NEWRY, June IS, 181 « . npHE TRUSTEES of the TURNPIKE ROAD from fl NEWRV to BANBRIDGE, nifcet at he DOWN- SHIRE ARMS, BANBRIDGK, on MONDAY the 6th of July, at TWELVE o'clock, pursuant to adjournment. SMITHSON CORRY, Treasurer. NEWRY, June 20, 1811. ( 4SS I1 FOR NEW. YORK, TH! AMERICAN SHI? DESDEMONA, CAPTAIN SHKPHF. RD, A Substantial, fine Ship, of about 400 Tons Burthen, now at LEI TH, and shortlv expefled at WARREN- POINT.— For Freight or Passage, apply to ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, 12th June, 1812. ( 400 HOUSES TO BE LET IN NEWRY, For such Term as may be agreed on, from the firM of May last, ' T'HAT Extensive TENEMENT, in North- street, for. I merly occup- ed by Mr. JOHN BLAIR, and the HOUSE adjoining, lately held by Mrs. Kiua.— For particulars, ap- ply to Mr. JOHN LAWSON. 520) NEWRY, July 1. To 1 la LANDS TO BE LET. EE LET, several SNUG FARMS, in the T9w » - land of fcarrickaetie, adjoining Carnkiugh, near Newry;; on such Leases as may be agreed on. Immediate Possession may be bad, and encouragement will be given to industrious Tenants of good charatfter. Application to be made to Patrick O'Hanlon, E » i|. Nawrv Q? 3 NEW SCYTHES AND REAPING HOOKS. HULL Isf STEWART AVE received their Assortment of SCYTHES and fit REAPING HOOKS, of the moat approved marks— STRICKLES and SCYTHE STONES. Also an extensive Assortment of HARDWARE and IRONMONGERY GOODS, METTLE POTS, PANS, OVENS, See. 462) 25, Bridge- street—- J u « e 28, FIRE ARMS, HARDWARE & IRONMONGERY. 4RRIV& 0, per the JCrt! y, Ntfitnt, and Fanny, to the Subscribers, considerable additions to their Stock in the sbove line, which they are enabled to dispose of very reasonably. HULLk STEWART, tS. Bridge- street—. May $ 2. AN APPRENTICE wanted.— A Fee will t> 3 expend WANTED, YOWNG LAD, of gend Connexions, as an AP- PRENTICE to the WOOLLEN BUSINESS.— A Fee will be required. Apply at the Office of this Papsr. ( 440 A' 326) No. 50, Mustard- street— I tin 1. TO LIGHT THE TOWN OF BELFAST FOR THE ENSUING SEASON. npKF. POLICE COMMITTEE do hereby give Notice - JL that they will receive Proposals from any person who is willing to enter into a Contra&. with sufficient security, to Light 700 Lamps, or njore if required, flora the first August next until the lJth May ensuing. Proposals to be made in Writing, Sealed, and indorsed " Proposals for t. igbling" and free of Postage Tht Con- tractor will be declared on the - 4th luly next. , All particulars relative to this business may be kh* wu, OR " application to JAMES HYNDMAN, CLERK. No 17, Doneyail- street— May 25, 1812. K?- Wanted also, a person to furnish Lamp Heads, Burners, & c. by ContraiSl, and to Paint the entire Heads. S6S) BLEACH- GREEN & FARM, On the River B inn, County Down, held in Fee Farm Tn lit Mitter of -| ' tno BE SOLD BY AUC- AVTHONY GARVS. Y, a fimtrupt. A MAN- SERVANT. Wanted from the First of August next, 4M \ N- SF. RVAN f, well recommended, who, besides being a goad Family Servant, can be useful about a Countrv- house. If found so, he will have handsome Ad- vantages besides Waves. Apply to Mr. POLLOCK, at Cambane, near Hillsbo- rough.— This to be published only four times 497) June 25, 1812. f WANTED, Fur tbe School of Londonderry, built on the Foundation of Erasmtst Smith, ' ipwo PERSONS, either Married or Single, qualified to .' I a< 3 as Master aud Mistress;— they will be respectably Lodged, and have liberal Salaries. Application to be made to the I. ORD BISHOP of DF. R. RY, or the Rev. RICHARD BABINGTON. 509) LONDONPERRV, Jnne 19. TO BF. LET IN BANGOR, I) uri » g tbe Hatbing Season, A NfiAT Furnished HOUSE, with every Accommoda- tioli for a Genteel Family — For particulars, apply to THOMAS BROWNRIGG. BANOOE, June 29 (. 5<> 1 TO BE LET, Or thz Interest in the I. ease So'/ i, ' ipHE HOUSE in Mill- street, formerly occupied by Mrs. IL KERR, and at present in the possession of Vtrs WIL- For terms, apply to ROBERT SIMMS, No 53, ( 387) Belfast, June 12 SON Castle- street. TO BE LET, From the first of August, H^ HE HOUSE, No. 14, Mill- street, Belfast, at present occupied by Mrs. WILSON ; it is in complete repair; and has every neceisary accommodation fir a Gentleman's family; in the rear there is a well- inc'osed Yard, Stable, Cow- house, See.— also, a House for a Gig, Car, or Carriage, | with a hack entrance to Ferguson's- entry.— Proposals will be received by ROBERT FERGUSON, June SO. ( 442) Antrim Regiment, Dublin. HP JL TION, at the Inn, ui Banbridge, on MONDAY the —. ISth of July next, at ONE o'clock, pursiunt to the Order of the J. ORD CHANCELLOR in this nutter, AH the said Bankrupt's ESTATE in the DWELLING- HOUSE, FARM, BLEACH- GREEN, and MILLS, it Lenederg, near Banbridge, in the County of Down. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. M'COMB and O'NEILL, the Assignees, Dromore; or, to GEORGE VAUGHAN, Agent to the Commission. Dromore, June 92, 1813. All Person* indebted to the Estate, are requested to pay their Accounts forthwith to the Assignees, otherwise they w 111 be sued for the same. ( 486 YOUNG SWINDLER WILL Cover Mares this Season, at the MA agon of DOWNsaias'sStables, HILLSBOROVOB: Bred Mares, Four Guineas, all others, Two Guineas; Half- a- Guinea to the Groom He was got by Swintiler, dam by Tugg, grand- dam Harmony, by Eclipse, gr- at- grand- dam Miss Spindle* • hanks, by Omar, Sterling, Godolphtn, Arabian, Stantiion, Arabian, Pelham Barb, Spot, Wbite- legged, Lowther Barb, Old Vintner Mare, & c.— He was a famous true Racer; for his performances, vide Hook Calendar, of 1808,9,10, aud 11 Good Grass for Mares, at 1/. lrf. per night, and all ex- pencei to be paid belore the Mint are removed. ( Oil BUILDING GROUND. To be Let, in Great Edward- Street, in Front bf the New Shambles, FEW LOTS of GROUND— one of the best Situa- tion. in Belfast for Building, with Vaults coatyiete. A long Lease will be given. Eor particulars, inquire of Major FOX. ( 2<> 1 A BUILDING GROUND. AN ELIGIBLE PIECE of GROUNG, lying between SMimriii. li and HERCULES- STRICT, TO BE LET, for such a Term of Years as can be agreed upon Application to be made, in Writing, to Mr. J. TEM' PLETON, of Malone. A Plan of the Ground to be seen at Mr. M'MASTER'S, North- street. ( 435) Belfast, June 20. LANDS FOR SALE, IN THE COUNTY OF DOWN. ' 1HHE ESTATE of BLEARY and BALLYNAOAR- IL RICK, the Property of WM. MACNAMARA, Esq. as formerly advertised in this Paper. Application to be made to Mr. R. MAONAMARA, of Gilford, who will furnish Rentals, and give any necessary information to Persons inclinable to Purchase— Also, to GEORGE CROZIER, Esq. Dominitk- street, Dublin. ( 380 At the Court at Whitehall the 8 th of November, 1811, PRESENT, His Roys! Highness the PRINCE REGENT in Council. Whereat the time limited bv the Order of his Royal Highness fhe Prince Regent in Council, hearing date the Eiphth day of February last, for the pavm- nt of the Bounties for the encourage- ment of Seamen and Landmen to enter into his Mn. jestv's Royal Navy, and the rewards for discover- ing Seamen who may conceal themselves, so that snch Seamen should be taken for his Majesty** serviie; and also the rewards tn persons who should procure the voluntary service of ahle and ordinary Seamen, and Landmen, fit for his Ma- jesty.' s naval service, and should convey such Sea- men and Landmen on board any of his Majesty'* ships and vessels, or to any of his Majesty's sea officers employed in raising men, will espire on the thirty- first day of December nert; which Bounties and Rewards are as follow, th* t is to. say— J. T( S everv able Seaman not above the age of fifty, nor under the age of twen y rears, who should enter himself to serve in his Majesty's Rriyal Navy, a Bounty of five pounds; and to avery ordinary Seaman so entering himself, and riot above the age of fifty, nor under the age of twenty ye* rs, a bonrity of two pounds ten shil- lings ; to every able- bodied Landman not above the age of thirty- five, nor under the age of eighteen years, so entering himself, a bounty of thirty shillings; to every person or persons who shall discover any able or ordinary Seaman or S » amen, who may have concealed him or themselves, so that such Seaman or Seamel shall he taken for his M-' jesty's service by any of his Majesty's of. lieers employed to raise men, a Reward of three pounds for every such able Seaman, and fifty shil- lings for every such Ordinary Seaman, fit to serve on board his Majesty's ships; to any person or persons who shall procure the voluntary service of able or ordinary Seamen or Landmen fit for his Majesty's service, and shall convey them on board any of his Majesty's ships or vessels, or to any of his Majesty's sea officers employed in raising men, Reward of three guineas far every such able Seaman, two guineas for every such ordinary Sea- man, and one guinea for every such Landman, to- gether with an allowance, at the rate of one penny per mile for each able Seamati, ordinary Seaman, and Landman, for every mile such men may re- spe3ively travel to the nearest of his Majesty's ships of war, or nearest place of residence of any of his Majesty's sea officers employed in raising men ; provided such man shall be found fit for his Majesty's service, and there shall not be reason to suppose that he is an apprentice t And whereas it is expedient that the said several bounties, re- gards, and travelling allowance, should be con. tinued to be paid for some time longer, his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and oi\ the behalf of his Majesty, and by ahd with the ad- vice of his Majesty's Privy Council, doth there- fore Order, and it is hereby accordingly ordered, that the payment of the said bounties, rewards, and travelling allowance be continued to the thirty- first day of December, one thousand eight hun- dred and twelve inclusive, trd that tbe same be pnid in the manner specified in his Majesty's seve- ral Proclamations now in force for the encourage- ment of Seamen aad Landmen to enter into his Mijesty's Royal Navy, and for the discovering Seamen who may conceal themselves, and for giving rewards for procuring the voluntary ser- vice of Seamen and X> a* dmen; whereof all per- sons concerned are to take notice and govern themselves accordingly. CHETWYND. glti1 UT TBE LORD LIEUTENANT & COUNCIL OF IRELAND A PROCLAMATION. PrCHMOND, wv. WHEREAS it hath been represented that there is no longer any necessity for con tinuing the Quarantine which was laid by our Proclamation, bearing date the Twelfth day of Oc- tober, one thousand eight hundred and ten, on all Ships and Vessels coming direflly or circuitously from, or having touched at the Harannah, or any other Port in the Island of Cuba. Now we, the Lord Lieutenant General and Ge neral Governor of Ireland, by and with the ad- vice of his Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Coun. cil, do therefore order, that the said Proclamation of the Twelfth of October, one thousand eight hundred and ten be, and the same li hereby re- voked. And the Commissioner* of his Majesty's Cus- toms are to give the necessary orders herein as to them may respectively appertain. Given at the Council Chamber in Dublin, the 30th day of April, 1812. W. Tuam* Westmeath. Frankfort; S. O'Gra- dy. Wm. Saurin. John Ormsby Vandelettr William Fitz- Gerald. 000 IAVK TH* KING. PARLIAMENT,, —^ • HOUSE OF LORDS— SATURDAY, JUNE 2T. Lord SIDMOUTH presented to the House the fol « lowing , MESSAGE FROM THE PRISCE REGENT. „ GEOHOF. P. R. " His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his M ijcsty, has gitren or- ders that there be laid before the House of Lords co| Mes of the information which has been received re- lative to certain violent and dangerous proceedings, which', in defiance of the laws, have taken place and still continue to be carried on in several counties of England. " His Royal Highness confidently relies on the wisdom of Parliament fxir the adoption of such mea- sures as. msy be best calculated to secure the lives and property of his Majesty's subjects in the disturbed dis- tricts,, and fur the restoration of order and tranquility." Lbrd SlDMotmt moved, that the Message be taken into consideration on Monday next, when the infor- mation would be laid on the table, and that their Lord- ships he summoned for that day. Adjourned to Monday. HOUSE OF COMMONS— SATURDAY, JUNE 27. Lord CASTr. KUE.' Gii, at the bar, presented a mes- sage from the Prince Regent, ( for which see the Lord's Report) which was read by the Speaker. Lord CASTLKREAGH moved that it be taken into considentian on Monday. Mr. BROUGHAM expressed his astonishment tint, f necessary, these steps had not been t; iken at a much earlier period ; and, if it were intended to suspend any of the constitutional laws, which even in the worst of times, ought to be m. tintair. cd, that such a motion had not been introduced before the order for calling qver the House had been discharged. Lord CASTLEREAQH, in a low tone of voice, re- plied, that the present was not a fit occasion for dis- cussing the subject, and that the information alluded to in the message, would belaid before the House on Monday. To two questions from Mr. GILKS and Mr. HOR- NER, his Lordship answered, that on Monday he should move ah address, in consequence of his Royal Highness's Message, and that subs- quently ( Wednes- day, we believe,) he would move, that a. Secret Com- mittee be appointed to enquire into the facts. Adjourned to Monday. LONDON, Monday, June 29. Yesterday being the last Sunday in the month, the following bulletin was shewn at St. James's Palace : " Windsor Castle, June 27. " Since the last report his Majesty has had an in- crease of his disorder which has again subsided." His Majesty, we are concerned to state, was more severely afflicted in the beginning of the last week, than he has been for many months past; he refused sustenance for four- and- twenty hours, during which time his fever was alarmingly high. We are informed that the Commissioner?, who were appointed by the Lord Lieutenant about two years ago, to distribute the sum of two hundred thousand pounds, advanced by the Bank of Ireland for the relief of manufacturers and traders who were suffering temporary distress by the then stagnation of trade and depression of credit, have been enabled to complete their commission with such perfect suc- cess, that the whole of the sums distributed have been replaced without a shilling expence to the pub lie ; and it is gratifying to understand, that in conse- quence of this well- timed measure, employment was afforded to upwards of 12,500 persons, most of whom, but for this special interposition, must have been des- titute of the means of subsistence. We have extreme pleasure in laying before the public this summary view of the successful result of that well- timed operation, because from the very nature of the measure some loss and deficiency must have been risked to render it ef- fectual, Friday se'ennight, a detachment of about 100 sol- diers from several militia regiments, who had not volunteered to " go to Ireland with their respective regiments, were ordered to proceed to Sheerness, to take a part of the garrison duty. On arriving at the ferry, some of them refused to cross the Swale, al- ledging that they were exempted by act of Parliament from doing duty in any of the British Islands, and as Sljeerness was in an island, there was no authority for their being sent there. The whole of the party soon became of the same opinion, and the officers used every means in their power to bring the men to a sense of their duty in vain. Tliey persisted in their deter- mination not to go into the island, and they were marched back to Chatham. When they arrived in the barracks, ten of the most forward and vialcnt of the men were put in confinement, where they now re- main, and are to be tried by a Court Martial ) the rest afterwards expressed their sorrow for their im- proper conduct, and went voluntarily to the place of destination. The first clause of the Mutiny Act for 1812, states, that the number of forces should consist of two hundred and forty five thousand nine hundred and ninety- six officers and men, including hi* Majesty! ffircn j serving in the East Indies. The ntrmber specified in the Act for 1811, was eighty four thousand eight hundred and one effective men. In the Hotlse of Commons on Saturday, the j Speaker informed the House, that he had receiv- j ed the following letter from the Earl of Welling't ton, dated " Fuente Ouinaldo, May 2S. " Sit— I have communicated to the General Officers. Of ( leers, and troops under my command, the unanimous Reso- lution of the House of Commons, of the 27th April, convey- ing the approbation of the House of the. r Conduit in the seige and capture of iladajoz. 1 beg to a » - ure the House of the high sense 1 entertain ol its approbation, as displayed by the repeated nlarks of favour, with which it has received my conduA and that of the army under my conimaud. 1k likewise return to yttti, Sir, nty thanks tor the manner in which you have communicated this vote, and remain, Hqt f « W2LLIN0TQM," A letter from Lisbon, of the 11th, savs—" A tragical incident took place on board the Union, of 99 guns. Capt. Linzee was stabbed by on « of the crew, who alledged the oppressive behaviour of that officer as the motive of his atrocious con- du£ K Capt. Lirizee is considered to be out « f danger, and will return to England in tbe Sahri- na. The perpetrator of this daring outrage has been tried and executed. " Soult has shot the officer Who commanded. the Frencti at the bridge of Almeraz, when it was t* « ken by Genl Hill; Report does not mention his name." One of the French Papers contains the follorr- ing minute account of the journey of Charles IV, of Spain, and his Queen, from Marseilles ta Rome :— " PARIS, JUNS 13— King Charles IVI. who has, with his family, passed some years at Marseilles, having expressed a desire to reside in a country, the temperature of which might be more comform- able to the climate to which he had been accus. tomed, his Majesty tbe Emperor Cotideived that a residence in Italy would be favourable, both to hit health and that of the Queen. Their Majesties set out from Marseilles on the 25rh ult. on their way to Rome, where they will occupy the Villa Borghese, which his Majesty the Emperor has placed at their disposal. At Aix, Avignon, Va- lence, Chamberry, and all the towns they passed through, their Majesties were received with the greatest honours, and were attended by the Ge- nera's commanding the military divisions, " At Mont Cenis, they1 were received by the Prefect of the Po, who accompanied them as far as the Imperial Palacfe of Stupinis, where they were waited upon by the Prince, the Governor- General. During their stay, his Highness enter- tained them with concerts and hunting parties, the ordinary diversions of his Majesty. From Stupinis their Majesties proceeded to Placentia, where they made some stay. They alighted at the Palace Landi. On the Sth inst. they arrived at Parina, and lodged at the Imperial Palace At five o'clock the Queen received a visit from her niece, the Princess Antoinette of Parma, Who is a nun in the Convent of Orphans, She then saw her nurse, who is still living;; and, after- wards, there was a concert. On the 9th their Majesties continued their journey. Het" Royal Highness the Grand Duchess, who had gone to pass some days at Florence, received them in her Paiacfi. Thence they set out for Rome, where they were expected to arrive on the 17th." The German papers mention, that the Count of Gottorp, who had resided some time at Herrenhut, wished to become a member of the Society of Moravian Brethren ; but th « Directors of the Union would by no means give their consent to it; it being contrary to their institution to connect themselves with cioWned heads, or those who have been such. Private letters by the Aitona Mail state, that the Emperor of Austria has assembled three bodies o troops, consisting of 80,000 each } two of them in Galiicia, and one in Transylvania; MILITARY INQUIRY. The 19th Report of the Commissions of M 1{- tary Inquiry has been laid before Parliament; It contains an inquiry into the establishment of the Royal Military Asylum. O n the sdbjeifl df con* rafts, it contains the following valuable bbsfirva* Hint :— " The most considerable itPrfi in the aotitiat account is the cost of provisions, an ! our attention has been direfted to the mode of su ' ply. All provisions ( as indeed all other articles wanted for the Asylum) are procured by contrafi on tenders^ after advertisement, and the different proposals, with the names of the parties, afe minuted in a book, and can, therefore, be at any time referred to. The contrafts are voidable oti one month's notice from either party. The different articles of provisions are separately contracted for, arid the agreement is made by the pound, stone, Or hun- dred weight, the quartern loaf, nd sack of flstir, according to the customary mods of de- ding f it each. The benefits derived from this mode of ContraSing, are precisely such S; We had antici- pated. when we recommended a similar course iti the supply of Che'sea Hospital, The fenirtl in the Appendix shews the prices at which the seve- ral articles of provisions are now dbtained, and ft is particularly deserving of observation!, with re- ference to what we had occasion to state on the supply of bread to Chelsea Hospital, that bread is delivered to the Asylum at 3\ d. per quartern loaf nndet the assisie price for wheaten bread, al- though no accommodation for baking or storing is afforded at the Asylum. The bread is to be equal to a sample produced at the time the con- traft is entered into, and is not, so far as we could judge, made from 0 > ur of the firs' quality, but it ' is superior in this respeift to the bread in use at Chelsea Hospital. Allowing • nly three farthings on the quartern loaf, for difference of quality and advantage of baking in the Hospital premises, in addition trrrhe abatement on the aisice, the excess of price paid for biead in the Hospital ration, is Id. per lb. or Id. per day on each ration, beyond that at the Asylum. ' The present Contrafl fot fl. ittr, commencing the I2th of April, ts at 104/. per sack, the market price at the time it was en- tered into, being, as stated by other persons ten* dcting, 110/. The price of meat is under 6d. pef pound for beef, and about 7\ d for mutton, The 1 contraft for coals is at S8r, per chaldron.— 1' htse prices confirm the opinion we entertain, and have sometimes had occasion to ejpress, thai the full benefits of competition are obtained in t ose cases only whet- e the tradesman is at liberty to tender for the supply of the single commodity in which he deals.*** The bills are pun& ually discharged at the end; of every quarter j and this circumstance has no doubt a very Uvcurable ir; dnans9. aa the. corutaiSs/' BELFAST ani^. l'. IvClA. u CH! iQtN lCT. F.. awMtnagtig'. . LONDON • - NEWT CONTfMtjtliC Ertmi the following extract of a private letter, which we received- this morning, We may form - someJdea of the substance of the documents jo be laid. before both Houses of Parliament this day, iff prtrsnatVse bf fhe Prince Regent"'': Message :—. M NOTTINGHAM. JUNE 24.—{ Xtp. M.)— Out; rapes of a ferions nature s. fill, prevail in this town • and neighbourhood. A few evenings ago a per. son who had been active in assisting to bring the evil. disposed persons to justice, was shot at in his p- arrlen, at the close of the day, by a party of the J. ridditec, and narrowly escaped with his life. Parties of these deluded people are in the habit of assemblies'- in different parts of the town, to carry their revenpeful designs into execution, and it is not without- the greatest risk that anv of the mili- tary can walk the streets, of an evening. Bfigade- Major Hurrmhrev, who^ is on the staff here, was laid wait for this evening, on his return from the theatre { which s » em< to be a favorite resort of these lawless ruffians)." by a large party, and with- out the slightest provocation on his parr, was Itnoclced down bv a shower of stones, which they carried in pocket handkerchiefs, two of which took effect, and one, which struck him on the forehead, nearly terminated his existence. His wound, how. ever, has been dressed, and great hopes are enter- tained that nothing of a serious nature will result from ft. We have also extracted the following particu- lars respertinp- the spirit of outrage that has so long prevailed in some of the Nor hern Countries, from the papers re eived this morning : Our Huddarsfield Correspondent, nnder the datp of the 25rh instant, jays—" Last Monday, about midnight, a great number of armed men, with their faces disfigured by broad hlack marks down each cheek, and over the forehead, assem- bled near the dwelling- house of Mr. FR- ber, a shop- keener at Briestwistle, in this neighbourhood, and after firing two puns or pistols, demanded admit- tance into Mr. Fisher's house, which he refused. Thev then broke open the door, and two of them rushing into the house, seized Mr. Fisher, who had jus' pot out of bed ; they each presented a pistol to his breast, and threatened him with instant death if he stirred a fomt. Not intimidated by this th'eat, Mr. Foster riuhed from them towards the door, when he was seized bv six other men, who placing a sheet over his head, face, and arms, kept him in that situation while their comrades ransacked the house, and took from his pocket- book bills to the amount of jgll^, besides £ 20 in notes, and some cash ; they also took a quantity of notes and cash out of a drawer, but to what amount Mr. Fisher does not exactly know. When the depredation was completed, the leader cried out to the guard placed over Mr. Fisher*^-" Let him go ; don't hurt him ; we ^ ave got what we wanted, and we will bring it back in three months:— and immediately made off. A RUSSIAN TRAITOR. BELFAST COURSE OF'HXCHANUE, * L Jvcr S.— Belfast on London ( 2ld*.) 9 per rent. Belfast on Dublin ( 61 JJK.) 1 pe- cent. Belfast on Glasgow 7f per cent, / ill", jtri. r 2— S| per cent. Gov. DeV 71- J 5 per cent. Ditto 100- J Eur, I. rtH, JVHB SO— 3 V> er cent. Consols for Acc- 56^ Jor. r 2.— Dub. Oil Lon. 9 8- J | June SO.— Lon. onDub. 9$ " it AsRIVED. MAILS SINCE OUR LAST. S Br OoNAGHABBE S Bv DUBLIN nun 0 0 1 BELFAST, ' Saturday, July 4 , 1812. Extract of a Letter from St. Petersburg}?. « ' Thp story of a conspiracy against the life of the Emperor, is without foundation. It is true, however, that Speranskoi and Magnatskoi have been banished to Siberia. The trntb is now gene- rally known, tho' only whispered. Nothing, has appeared in our News- raper. " Speranskoi is a man of uncommon ability, an elegant clasical scholar, and the finest writer we have ever had ; his manners affable, refined and captivating almost to sorcery. Such a man is a country, where merit is a surer means of ad- vancement, than birth or fortune, roit'd not fail of hastily rising in a department in which he had an opportunity of displaying his uncommon fer. ius and acquirements— he rose rapidly to the office - f Secretary of State, He wanted, how- ever, one quality, honesty. He was expensive, far beyond his income ( and he had no private fortune.) Admonition from higher personages had no effect; unwilling to lose a valuable ser- vant, and to prevent disastrous consequences, the Emperor gave him large sums of money, and ordered that care should be taken that his pecunl ary circumstances were not at any time embar. rassed. But this generous and wise treatment of his Sovereign could not make of a rogue an hon- est man. Whether the remedy came too late, or, s some suspect, he had strong personal ani- mosities, lie sold himself to the tyrant of the world, who achieves more by his purse and his perfidy than by his sword. <• While the secrets of the Cabinet of St. Pe- tersburgh were made known at Paris, the Russian mission had found a channel, by means of agents, in a much humbler but not less confidential sltua. tion, to obtain information of the preparations that were privately making to attack Russia, and the measures ' hat were pursuing in different parts, with o- her powers, to facilitate the execution of the great objeCt. In consequence of this know- ledge, Russia has been for a considerable time preparing for the event, and had gained Sweden to her party. It is supposed some information had also csme from Stockholm. " It became evident at St. Cloud; that Russia had knowtedge of their secret proceedings. Spe. ranskoi at length le. irned the name of ihe person who communicated intelligence to the Russian mission, and made it known to the French agents at St. Petersbtirgh. The man's name was Michel Michcl- e.—* Befor » he was arrested, he had time to thrust a large bundle of papers into the hands of a young Russian nobleman, who immediately, left Paris, and by a circuitous route reached the Rus- sian frontier, before the telegraphic dispatch to at- test him arrived.— At Berlin he had the start of the telegraph but one hour. Torture had made Michelle confess ihe. delivery of the packet of pa- pers. Had it been immediately discovered, it had never reachef) St. Petersburg]"!— Michelle was shot. The papers discovered the treaclieiy of Speranskoi, the utmost extent of which is not known. " It js now, I thinJ?, impossible for any fon « tn Minister to pe- ne'trate into . the Secrets of this Cabi- i discovery was mad • net, Tiie)- will find spies, who are winked at> that ' ~ will give ihero false intelligence, and true intelli- gence of no consequence. Some changes in the Ministry are expelled ; it is'said Chartcriiky, who ,- was. foimerly Minister for Foreign Affairs, ( he is a Pole aVd a Catholic) will be Chancellor BY I- XPIIESS. In another part of this day's Paper we iosei extracts from the London Prints of" the 29tb>.- » - The following is an abstract of the firinctfal cot » ' tents of Journals of the 30th, whj. ch last night ai j j rived, by express, from Doitagbadee London, Tuesday, June $ 0. | A Malta and Gibraltar Mail arrived this morn- | ing, brought by the Amelia packet to EalmoutH. ! She sailed from Gibraltar so recently' a?' the lOtn instant, and has brought intelligence of a moit gratifying nature from that part of Spain. I By the postscript of a letter, dated Stockholnj, Jane 12, we learn, that a courier had just arrived ; in that city, with intelligence that hostilities* had commenced between the Russians and the French but the particulars had not transpired Pilot. Another Anholt mail arrived last night," and still we have no account of hostilities. The let- ters from St. Petersburg state with confidence that peace has been concluded with Turkey, and that the ratification of the Porte is forthwith ex- pected. The Emperor is expected to return to his capital after the arrangements for the campaign are finally settled at Wilna. MURAT ( King of Naples) has arrived at Dant^ ic, at the head of the French cavalry, which, as we stated yesterday, is rapidly extending over the sea- coast of the Baltic. The prospers of a ftiendly intercourse between this country and Russia are highly encouraging ; the private advices from Stockholm assure us " that the Russian Commandants of Riga, Revel, and Cronstadt, had received orders for allowing the entry into those ports of all vessels, excepting those of France ; and for permitting all ships to sail, laden with wheat, barley, & c. for any friendly or neutral port, under the convoy of Swedi h or English ships of war. In consequence of this re- solution, which was communicated to Sir J. Saiu marez by a merchant, the English Admiral im- mediately dispatched a frigate for Riga." The abrogation of tine Orders in Council con- tinues to diffuse joy and satisf. xClion throughout the manufacturing districts. On Saturday, at Leeds Market, a greater quantity of cloth. was purchased than has been known to have been bought in one day at any former petiod. At Liverpool one and a half millions of yards of j bounty goods have been shipped within the last week, worth 36125,000, and it is said, that two and a half millions of yards more are in progress of embarkation. Within the same interval of a week, £ 12,000 convoy duty, at 4 per cent, has been paid, indicating further shipments to the amount of £ 300,000. At the same port, we are also informed, that the wages of the Lancashire Manufacturers have been raised 1/. per cut, or about 2s. SJ. per week. We are happy to find by New- Nork papers to the 22d tilt, that the hostile tone and temper which gave so much alarm when the last advices from America came away, have entirely subsided, and that every thing wears the asped of a dispo sition to peace and Conciliation. Some explana- tions given by Mr. Foster, would, it was expected, be made the subjeCt of a Message to Congress, favourable to the re- establishment of a good un- derstanding. Under such circumstances there can be little doubt that concord will be altogether restored by the arrival of the intelligence of the repeal of the Orders in Council. Government, in the cr- mina^ purposes on which ^ th » . se eviUdifposed persons 4*> occupied- The p- n-. i , fessed objeCf of rhe call upon P-. y- liajnent is, tn fake the most effeCtti d me snres for the ierurtv " f. the lives and ornperiieS of Mtrl^ jestf's peaceahel sub- jects th? disturbed districts." T^ eseycordspreoUi- de everv'idea of'a'revohi.' lonary or political nature; which, in our . opinion, is matter of $ reat consola- ] . tion, as neither our enemies, ahnVad^ nor those whp pAirtetn slartti at home, can find th" least ' ground for inferring the existence- of ' h. at kind of spirit among any considerable portion o£ the people, which would have the effeCt of at all difchioidling our exertions in the scenes" of the' war, or of inter- rupting- our domestic ' tranquillity' fn ; any general dpgree or er^ ent. . , • •"• ..- , - The uhusud danger to which the lives and | Sr<-> lfferties of his Ttfslje. sties peaceably subjects m<* y- be exposed in. the rl. ist- Urbed distri^ s, is certainly matter M; very, serious. moorent ; but it is- sti! l on- ly a, matter of mnre sviCt and more enlarged po. lice — Mr. Whithread and.. Mr." Wi! berfi) r'ce . ex* pressed their hopes'that a mrtre vigorous execu- tion of' the - existing laws would be sufficient to answer all the exigencies of the c* se ; and in the Uriper Hons, e the, suspensionvif the flalens Corpus / lit v-' as depfecatetr by 3?! arL.$? aiihope and Lord - Holland, '• ", *' ' " : '. her de « ce" id,<. at, t. b's ei^ » s^ bf the season, to person- ate the walking VertUs rri the rHfved Pagent of • th* ' JiB/ Bee. She'retntnfd W the Bsth Theatre, in • 1776, and a, s it is well known, returnecjia fe yea/ s afterwards. to . relpnii. nfcthe London " flfnti^ r with. a- splendour of talents which continued wjt i ur) dim. iniihed lustre to the , pre9ent petiod^... .-.• .- ( Prime Mjiiiiiet.) Rt. maizo was ill in htahfi' when he left fit. Petersburg!, and it was then ^ up- posed he would tesigm" "•- The House of Commons proceeded yesterday to take the first steps towards the consideration : i of '. he Message sent down by the Prince Regent : on Saturday, relative to the disturbed districts—. r An Address was voted, on the motion of Lord j Castlereagh, thanking his Royal Highness for I ; his gracious communication, and assuring him, j that the House - would adopt such measures as i would be best calculated to insure the lives an^ l , properties of his Majesty's peaceable subjects in the districts in question. Lord Castlereagh pre- sented at the same time a sealed packet of papers containing the secret information recently com- municated to his Majesty's Ministers. These Documents were referred to a Select Committee of twenty one Members, to be appoint- ed this; day. by ballot. r. In, excuse to the accusa- tion made by Mr. Br'onghman for allowing the j Call of th'e House to fall to the ground, when it was in contemplation. to submit to hs judgment a ; matter of so'much importance ; Lord . Castlereagh stated, th. it when the Order for the Call of the j House was discharged, His Majesty's Ministers i were not in possession <> f the information now sub- ;' mitted to'Pailiament. Hence we infer, that the subsequent to the discussion on Mr. Canning's motion, on Monday the 22d j. inst.— We cannot ptetend to form any conjecture as to tbe nature of the plans arid systems of distur- bance and outrage which call for such extraordi- nary attention on the part of the Crown and of the Legislature.' But the'wards' which . we. haVe cited ^ from - Lord Castlen- agh's motion convey an | dea, that theie is no principle of disloyalty towards tbe . Sovereign or of aisaffeilion to the Constitution and ] ' MRS. SIDDONS. " ' Last night beinjr fixed ftr Mrs. Siddor « ,' s benes- fit, and last uopenrance on the Stage, the eager- ness of the FuWic'tO" witness the Farewell Address , of is justTy celebrated ACtress was so g, reat:, that a . e'onsid" rab! e crowd had a^ mbled- at Vhfe H'dors of the Theatre before five o'clock,. The doors were opened about a quarter before six. o'clock, and though the conc^ ttrje . of people w. is very great, yet there was less confn, sinn< and distnrbancef than might have been expeC> ed~ on srtch an occa- sion. A t half- past*- six o'clock- the house was com- pletely filled ; the pit was particularly crowded. . The olay was Macb'lh^ ri^ her performance of the Lady gave very stri- king'prooF of the lo- jswliich must now be sust^ ined^ By the stage ; for in- none of the extensive cirtle of. her performance does she display more console"-- usly that powerful > ra! ent. for the delineation of the lofty passions of the soul, which have so- lon; r" distinguished her thea- trical, career, than in Lady Macbeth. The stipe- ri irify which an alnbitiftus wornap obtains by her' addresv over the mind of the man" whom she sa,. duces into guilt, was delineated by her, in the two first aCts, with an art so perO-. t, and with such' strength of colouring, as'to make the most frtCiBle impression on the speflarors— we sav speCtuors.,. for it is the necnliai5 felicity of her talent t^ jit her expression,- her . attrmdes, and action speak to the feeiin » s as sensibly as her voice. " This powerful " instrument of acting tor the'eye, the most forcibly ' used in the banquejting scene; " and also in that, which, by its impression, hec- tme the last scene of' the play ; for^ after her exhibition of a tortured conscience in her sleep, the Company would set; and hear no more— the- electrical effect was pror, duced— and the afidience literally encored tiie scene. They became boisterous in their applause of her acting, anolin'calling ; v a repetition.—_ The incongruity of stopping rhe march of a Tragedy, for the encore of a, whole scene, like a song in an opera,' struck one part of tlx- hou « e, while another Continued to demand it. , Tile cur- tain dropt— an attempt was n. ade to solicit the' pleasure of thp house to pen,;-! the play to pto. ceed— but no— and after a long suspension the curtain rose—- Mrs Siddons sppeared to take her leave. She was seated by a table, ill the dress of the sleep scene. Her advance to the front of- the stage was met with universal applause; and af- ter a moment's apparent struggle with herself, she began ihe following Address ( written by H° race Twiss, Esq. ) with great feeling and effeCt :— Who has not felt, how growing use endears The fond remembrance of our former years ? • Who has not s- gti'd, when doom'd to leave at last The hopes of youth, tkie habits » f the past. The thousand ties. aud interests, that import A second nature to the human heart, And, wreathing round it close, like tendril!,' climb, Blooming in age, and sanctified by tiihe X , YesJ at this moment crowd upon my mind Scenes of bright days for ever left behind Bewildering visions of enraptured yoUth, - When hope. 3nd. fancy wore the hues of truth ; And long- forgotten years that almost seem . ' The faded traces of a morning dream! > Swset are those mournful thoughts : for they renew- The pleasing sense tif all t owe to ybu—' For each in- piring smile, and soothing tear— For those full honoors of ifiy long career, That cheer'd my earliest hope, and chasM my latest fear! And thonttb, for me, those tears shall flow no more, And the wirm' syn^ ine of your smile is o'er—• Though the bright, heims are lading, fa. sr away, . That shone uiiclnu led through my summer day ;- Yet " grateful Memory shall refleCt their light O'er the dim shadows of the comipg night, " And lend to later life a softer tone, A moonlight tint,, a lustre, of her own! Judges and Friends! to whom the tragic strain « ^ i- Mttase's fatling never ti - ke in vain, Perhaps yotir hearts, when years have glided by, And past, emotions « a!. e a Meeting sigh, May thiyic OH her, whose lips have pour'd so long The charmed so'rrowj of yyur Shakspeare's song— On her, who. parting to return no more, Is now th- mourner she but scent d before— Herself subdu'tt, resigns . the melting sjiell, And breaths, with swelling heart, her 1 • - g, her last fare- well! ' v ,,'..- Mrs. Siddons delivered this Address with much firmness, inipressiveness and effeCt, until near the close, when, her voice faultering and dying away, she was handed off the stage by Mr. Kemble she retired bowing, and followed by acclamations from all parts of the most crowded house that we have ever seen. On the fall of the cortain, Mr. Kemble return- ed to know whether it was the pleasure of the audience that the play should go on? but they would hear no more, and the greater part ietired immediately. Mrs. Siddons first appeared in the Theatfe-. Royal, Drury- lane, in .1775, under an engage- ment made with Mr. Siddons, at Cheltenham,' that sufcimer, by the Rev. Dr. Bate Dudley, for, his friend Mr. Garriek. Her sal- At. y was £ 0 per weekend that, of Mr- Siddqns 40s. Her fir^. t ap- pearance was in Portia, in the Merchant of Feitice, a- rph^ rajCtqr not best suited to her- powers; and al- terwards. she made a more unfortunate attempt m corfledy, in Mrs. Cowley's Runaway; soon. afeer . which her admirers had the'mortihcal'ion to mt ' Sir Edward' and Lady , M, ay embarked at Do- riaghadee for P. irtpa'ri- ck, on Wednesday- last, on board the Westmorland Packet. . Th. ere . are . bri- k s, i, les. for horses a^ yi; Knglidi and'Scotch markets,' consequently A ' CdhsidArable export at'Don'aghadee. *. • i On Monday ' last, at, a horse- race, held ' at ^- ni- doine, Parish, of. I, oug^ i'rusl^ i> d, near, D. PW « Bat- rick, in an affray, which happened. on'that occa- sion, a man named Neilson ( who it appears was unconcerned, in any " di& pute)'! unfortunately, lost his life, and One or two'other persops we under- stand had- a narrow escape for their live!.'—- Such atrocities,- fropi whatever cause they arise, area disgrace,, to the cojiijuy. . where tliey happen, and loudly call for fhe. interference of the Magistracy of the country to put a stop to them. Tbe Treasurer of the House of Industry ac- knowledges having received from the Executors of the late Mrs. Archbold, Ten Pounds sterling, bequeathed by her for the use of said Institution. The Treasurer of the Belfast Cll irittible Society has received from' Mi Samuel Smith, the sum of One1' Poufid, sterling, being the amount of a tine le- vied from a person for not fulfilling, his engagtsioent. ,..--.. A CAUTION. Extract of a Letter Jrom D'onaghadee, dated July 3. On'Tuesday lasr,' twO men in sailor's dress, calling themselves Americans, said they had been shipwrecked on the western coast of Ireland, imposed upon. some of the inhabitants by an i> n- . pressive story of distress. They called - upon Mr. Arbuckle,' stating their necessity > v'rh much plau- sibilityi but he ^ suspeCting> vhem - a little, did not ; give' any thing. They however proceeded to a house . in__ the.. K « « init) V- v » Bil^.| tlierg^ prodaced. the forged signature of Mr. Arbuckie, with a dona, tfon of I Jj. 2d. ; and also of Mr-.- J, Cochran, for 5:.- 5d. : both' njmes and sums without any. foun- dation. . « •'•.'" V It'is to be sincerely, wisbe'd' that these stroll- ing- vagabonds will - fall into the hands of some a'Ctive Magistrate,- Wiio may commit them. ' It is generally reported tfot there are . nine composing this vagrant erew." . SUNDAY SCHOOLS. The NewoSuhdny Wcliool Society have issued their annual Address to the' Public. liyrit' we aie happy to ojeerye that a. t tlie^ corninencement of their laboty s, one- roo. nt belonging to the House of Industry con tained a!-! the pupils*. biit, tht, vse soon became so nume- rous, tftat the Managers fortnd . it pecessary to rent two " other laj'ge. rooms in Union- street, an'd in'these the; children are . taught according to the J- ancas'tvrian system bf education. - Thus many hundreds of our ^ outH are'rescued fi^,- r » ignofance, idleness, and all theii exorbitant y. ices ; they are kindly and gently ' coMuctW into regularliablts, are taught; tw- read and , tyf '' te » iind,^ Badp. iamiiiar. sritb- xise Scriptures. The best « j> nncip! es « f moi- » ' ity fire irfijffinted in their ten- ier minus, and by their oeing thtta . early init; i ited nto the knowledge Hh. d practice- of virtue, society may tfith' dcligtn pMijbunce them tbe rising, hopes of tlje ' corihtry.- It is pleasing aiso to observe, that iri tire management'of^' these schools, the greatest- liberality is evineed. The children are taught to read the Scrip- tures* but without any comment— np peculiar tenets, no creeds are inculcated- No Sectaiian principfes are known,., nor is the question ever asked to what de- nomination ef Christians theirparents belong. These schools are at present » nly Sunday Schools, but we are happy to observe that the Managers have in con- templation to make them daily • school.':. As this, howev'er, depends entirely jipon the public supplying them, -. vith sitificient . funds, we sincerely hope the contributions aUeut to be solicited will be so liberal as to enable them to carry this dcSirablepurposei'nto nTect. The h uman mind will be emancipated, . ignorance will be dispelled, and superstition eradicated, in proportion as the, pyjjJ'. c, eovaterutat- euAiid suppoi't - these and si- milar establishments, which, all must admit, are founded upon the purest principles. of philanthropy. LONDONDERRY RACES,. - On Wednesday la'st the Races commenced at Derry, and continue, for a week. The first race was a mstch between Lord Donegall's Sir Arthnr, 8st. alb against Mr. Battersh. y's Fitzgerry, 8st. two miles, for 100 guineas each, and 30 gu. ineas added by the Stewards— won by Fitzjerry. ^ , SAME DAY,— A Sweepstakes of 50 guineas, h. f one mile and a half. , Won by Mr. Whaley's cliesnut liliy, three year old, carrying 8 ! t. 2 lb., •• SAME DAY.— A Sweepstakes of SO guineas each ( 10 horses entered), 20 ft. to which 100, guineas were added bjr the Stewards— second . horse saving stakes, and receiving 20 guineas. Won by Mr., Hassard's Miss Tooley„ four years old, carrying 8 st. Se, ond hone, Mr. Battersby's Fitzjerry, five years old, 7 st. 6 lb. The Races are, well attended, and as many fine horses are entered, very excellent sport is expeded^ Married. At Edinburgh, on the 2' Vth of June, DAVID SOMEK- VILI. E K « N ALDSON DICKSON. Esq. . of Blair Hall, Perth- shire, Lieutenant in the 2d or Royal North British Dra- goons, to ANNA,, youngest daughter of the late Charles Crymble, Esij, of Ballyclare, CoVnty of Antrim. • On Sunday last at Agh& dowey Church, in the diocess of Derry, SAMUEL WILSON of Killeigue, Esq. to ELIZABETH, daughter of the Rev. Pete'r Carltwn, reClrrf'of said parish^ - ^ Lately, at Cambridge, Mr. J. VuaLEr, aged 74, to Mrs* AN N I. « NN, of Wisbeach, aged 3 t, alter a courtship of four days. This- is the fifth lady that the bridegroom has led to the hymened altar. • Last week, at Norwich Miss Afaria ttaier, to Mr. But- cher, both resident at that place. The bride was given away by her maternal unclti,' Mr Bn-. uer, and the name of the Clergyman who united the hap^ iy couple in the siken • band* of wedlock was Pointer. ' Died. \ " •••;';. In Ballirmahon, Oa. S'ind » y, the_ 28th irSt the Right Rev Dr. JoH'is CKUISS, Roman Catholic Bishop of Ard. igh. . On Thursday . morning, suddewly, at his hou- e in Percy-' sreet, London, Mr. Harrison, .. the celebrated Oratorio « nd' C'oncert'Singer. His. prnperry, which is considerable, will devolve to his ami- tble widow and daughters. Lately ill the parish of Kuockatido, to. Elgin, Scotland, a very eccentric character, be> t, luipiv, n in- the narrow circle of her acquaintance, by. the nickname ot Rid Jean, but, whose real name was Jean Roy. The only puuninem feature of this character was-, that having in eatly life conceived an ini-. placable aversion to her sci,' ' considering it. not nrily as the last but even as the least 6f the Creator's work", she resolved to abandou it for ever and become - a mUn I All-, a pi evv- { ous Step, ^ owar. d!. e^.- ctji^ iar. piwailhie enterprise, con menced - the ( iperatjqn pf'^ avfcg^- bur wl'ere Nature has don- nothing. the application ofwt " must sncceed very ill. How- ever equipping fier^ WifW'Wirtljp'pSnibij., « hott coat, a blue banner, she exh- bired- the- ftppt- aranee of a fl i- hy youn , psan, md. following the- orarpatiuu of a ( tryJabonrer, con! perform, her- work - vyith man- like ieieriry ; and the . nost - f- Jej^ ud. mifaos hef eiiipleyar could- adopt,- for secu- io- t a con- tinoa'ion of her sa vfce, ; was to pretend jfeilcmsy of her an, j his wife: jokweotf ' this kind - lie ai vay, considered as t!-. r highest cnmpliment- This extraordinary character wt « the subject of rait3i ^ terisipn anif" merriment to the vosin? ne ,.* , J> le of both sexes, ^ Jy whom she wis ofien very ru WyVe- it- e^ ; theit; treat, meet, hqwejer, shts keenly r. e « ent-- l -. t iking- care, never-' to let slip » n o( kpo « U'iit. y ofj- eialfating on h- r ag • pressors, by, j. naLnir. g curpo. al pimiJinj : u, . he. b.- iag no mean prpficiiait u^ jhe heroic. art S> f, pugi[ i9nj — What o. ntri- butei to reg-. ler rh's. piece of biography « till i, i,, re interes'ip r .. is, that ^ ifiier s. ti- anjrj desire of being, thought a' man be e- T- ceptej)*, she'seemeuto possess tfte fre* use of ' all . her mental faculties, could reasptj. accurately, joke sarcasticafly, snd po- s- s< ed no inconsirfWable- volubility of laiiguaire. A little he. Fore her death ( abrtut the age of seventy ) beinv; seriously as'^ ed wljat. hf^ motives were for obsivtvinjif a conduct of kq strange singularity, ^. replied in a serious tone," that it was " the effect, of a'bai e tuition J" ——,-. - The ® W( iftis.; Pendleton, frjai heace for Liverpool, arrived 30th ulr. The - arjj^ Jj^ ag. Britannia, AWdeen, for London; and Kellv, M'ljw'sin, for Liverpool, Tic loading, to sail in a few iliJiVA Vino JjEsHWtn V .'( v V The armed brig Levant, M'Kibbln, is loading at London for this port.. The Certs, SaVsge, from hence, arrived Safe at Liverpool SOth. uIt The Draper, M'MuIlan, hence for Bristol, arrived safe 29th i/ lt. , The Ati- ora, Starks, for l. iverpool, clears thii^ ay, and sails to morrow, wind permitting. The armed brig Fador, M'Niece, sails'for London 6rsr fair wind after 11th inst. The armed brig George, Caughey, is loading at London for this port. The Hawk, M'Cormick, for Greenock and Glasgow, is lo^ dirg, to sail first . fair wind. The Bee, Ratikin; for Dublin, clears to- ijgy, and saiis on the evening's tide. The Diana, M'Callum, at Glasgow; the Betseys, Neil- son, ar Port- Glasgow; and- the Dispatch, Jameson, at Dub- lin, are loading for Belfast. ARIUVftQ. Cyrus.- Donaldson, from Jamaica, 273 hhds. 1" t: erces, 17 barrels Sugar, 137 puncheons, 24 hlids. Runt; 3' i ha-- s Cottnn, 27 casks, 12 bags Ginger, 21 casks PUJVIKO, Gj logs Mahogany, 52 tons Logwood. Brothers, Taylor.- from Trinidad, 225 hhds. 42 tierces, 114 barrels Sugar, 10 puncheons Rum, 7 harVels Cotfru. Minerva. Olsen, Irom Dronthon,' 12400 Deals and Deal Ends, fOOO Bass Mats. Ltfuisa, Evans, from Chester. 23 Uessels with Coals, and three with Slates. Ch/ isty and Jane, Buchannan, from ITerry; Friends, and Two Friends, from Lame. SAILS ® . SOth wl: im6<— Clanronald, Al'CaUum, fADerry, 1st insrant— Agnes, i. oilg, for Green-' ct 2d instant— Hugh Jones, Larm- JUr, ior J. im iica. Mary, Roberts^ for P ymou'h. » •' sin — 1— ir.—•,— fr"--'-—' J;^- j BELFAST EXPORTS. For the Week ending July 2. Jamaica—' 4G, 060 yards Liner— 1 bale, 1 b » x I. inenThreat! 1 bo* l. inen Shirts— 4330 yards Iri- h Cf. dico— 716 i ar- - rets Pork— 30 barrels Beef— 280 kegs Ton-., lies— 24 Va- k* Hams— 667 boxes Srop— 30. J boxes Candlev- l . » ' i t'wkii a .,.. J3ut. ter—> 18 cases. Writing tsper— to . c.- r- ks tll. v. j Sail* SO hampers Cheese— 21 casks Bottled Cs -- i j Liverpool— 3.10,74* 3 yards I. nen— 190 firfci-" l utdfr—" J © bales Bacon— 70 Cow Hides— 1C2 biuiu ** ^. df- Jktn 17 casks Spirits of Salts— 43 bigs Wheat Glasgow— 15 barrels Gjnger— 309 firfsiu- Au'ter— 200 bar. rels Pork— 3 hhds. 22 bsles Baccn. Londonderry— 24 boxes Toba: co i'ipe — t tons Corkwood— 20 casks Smalts— 50 hhds J1 tlercss St. de Sug. ts. Weeilj Sbsjiping and Commercial List. BELFAST Oatmeal. SO Wheat 0 Barley ie Oats.. 15 First- Flput „.,.. 48 Second ditto 4S Third ditto... 30 Bran O Firkin Butter 118 Russian Tallow.... 92 Buenos Ayres do... 90 Brazil do ... 88 Rough Tallow 9 Rough Lard 0 Beef go Salt Skins.- 50 Cow Hides 38 Ox ditto 0 Horse ditto..'..„'..., S Calf Skins ( Slinks). " O Veal ditto 0 Fresh Butter 1 Scale ditto 1 Beef 0 Mutton 0 Veal 0 Potatoes 0 New Potatoes........ 0 Liverpool Coals 0 Cvniberlandditto... 24 Scotch ditto 24 Scotch maltingditto O MARKETS, S. D. ( per cwt. of 1121b. ^ Biinii. Notes. per cwt. of k Bank Notes. j » per stone of ! 6lk. per cwt. of 1201b. per B>. of In oa. per toil. 0 — 0 — O — SI 0— 25 0— 0 Veight of Bread this Week at tHe t'uhlic fiiiecy— Whiti Loaf, ( 1/. Id.) Sib. Ooz— Brown ditto, ( I,. \ d.) Sib. » > z. . PRICE OE FLOU. K AT ANTRIM Mil First Flour Second ditto. Third ditto...'.... 0' 0 — 0 0 ^. iier cwt. of 1- 5£ '. h. Fouith ditto.. Bran Two Shillings per Cwt deducted for ptompt paymen'. NOTICE IS HEIIEJJY felVEN, rjpHAT the Law will be pat in force against all' Persons fjlau^ htering- Cattle ia their Houses or Shops or throwing. Offals, into the Streets; ami the Police Inspec- tor* have received orders to give inform at k » i against- all Per- sons so oifend. ng. ' . ^ THOMAS VERNER 544) SOVEREIGN A T MIDSUMMER EXAMINATIONS in - f^- Mr. DURAND'S FSKNCH SCHOOL, 1' iemiimn ' were'adjured to the following Young Gentlemen, via.:—• I Spelling Fnncb— Mi. h. Mills, Wm. Jrwtti. IVriting Letters— Wm. Irwin. 1 Reading— Wm. Irwin, M'chv Mills, Thomas Thompson, JK ' i h^ oias M Cannrfon, Duncan ( J. Getty. Translating— Wm. Bigger, . Will. It wm,. 1M. ik- rin, Stewart' 1 Hadikis, Adam M'Cl » ni>... - | Parsing— Wm. Bigger. Tlios. ThsHtipson, Thompso- i Luke. I Neatness in Writing Exercises . diirsh^ ,-/-•(• Setsscn— Bancall Cr I Getrv, Edward. Benn, Wm Irwin, George . Mil s, Jame-, I M'Cltnn, Adam M'. Clean, Sam. Bjg^ t, U'ni. J] i.: K* r, I Yt flU HuiUiei, l'houus iM t'— mnvu. i" • CAMPBELL BELFAST COMMERCIAL TO r, K SOLD, NOTICE.'' AT MIDSUMMER EXAMINATIONS in Mt « FETHERSTONS BOARDING SCHOOL. Premiums were adjidgtd to th - fol oving Young Ladies:— K)) t! linf~ yi'n% Thompson, Garden- hill; Mis* Kelso, and Miss Rebecca Watt. English Grammar.— Miss Tennant, Mis* Shelton, Miss Jane and Miss Ann See l, Baltyculter; Miss Lavinia Knox, Miss Magill, and Miss R Watt. EnnUi'i Reading— Miss Watt, Miss Margaret Barnett, Miss MarHl, Miss Shelton, Bliss J. Seed, Miss Margaret Tennant, Miss Thompson, Miss R Watt, and Miss Rea. Parsing— Miss Watt, Mi< a Margaret Barnett, Miss Ma- gitl, Miss J Seed, and Miss A. Seed. Recitation— Miss Flack, Miss Margaret Rarnet, Miss Watt, Miss Margaret Watt, Miss A. Seed, Miss J. Seed, Miss Blackwood, Miss SUeltoa, Miss R. Watt, Miss Ctcar- km, and Miss Thompson. Geaeraphy— Mis » Margaret Bornefc, MisS Magill, and Miss Watt. Writing— Miss Margaret Barnctt, Miss Watt, Miss J. Seed, Miss Sproull, Miss Blackwood, Miss Abernathy, ^ ainttield; Miss J. Barnett, and Miss Kelso. Terrestrial Globe— Miss Margaret Barnet. t, Miss Flack, Miss J Seed, Miss A. Seed, and Miss Magill. J1tans— Miss Flack, 3 pi'ems.; Miss Margaret Barnet, and Miss J. Seed. Sacred History— Miss Watt, and MisS Flack. F. Trmplarti Cinduct— Miss Matilda Burk, Miss Margaret B'irk. and Miss Burdott. VACATION will end on Monday, 3d August. 545) Castle- street, Belfast, June 30. PORTAFERRY SCHOOL. AT MIDSUMMER EXWIIN vTIONS, Premium* were adjudge i . is ' olluws :—- I. ucinn— John Maxwell. Greek Grammar— Robert M Cleery, won from John Max- well, by ballot Virgil— John Maxwell, won from Robt. M'Cleery, by ballot Latin G' m'i rands ectse— H- nry W Sprott ( Sdnego). 1st French C ass, Gil B'a « — John Maxwell. PraV3i't Idiom —. A'fx nJer Strac ' an Sd French Class, r leniachus— Robert M'Cleery. Voca- bulary— Wm Wjrnock. l> t Gojraphy CU< — Alex Straciian, Ist; James Maxwell, 2( 1; J hn Maxwell 31. 21 Geography Class— Mich. Bvm-, 1"; Geo. Johnson 21. 3d G-" t- r ' p y Class— Henry W Spiott, won from James Bovd, by ballot Reci- ation Altx Strachan, Lt; Robt. M'Cleery, 2d ; Jas Da'zell Sd; James Bovd. 4th. ReiHing Class— Robt. M Cleery, I- t; Alex Strachan, 2.1; Jani - s D lzell, 3d; John Maxwell, 4th. 9! Reading Class— Geo, Johnson, l « t; John Ringlaud, 2J. Pir. ng in Ditto— MieS Byrne. 1st; Geo John- on, 2d. fld Reading Cl . s-— J me Dal » ell, ist; Robt. Cher inside, 2d; Eliza Warnock, 3; 1 Reciratinn— James M Cleery, 1st; lames Gels- on, 2d. • 4th Reading Class—\ nne Savage, 1st; Jane Daljell, 2d ; Helen Strachan S I 5th Real 1. g CI ss— Samuel Dmnan. Cth Reading class— Ebsi Hill, ist; Kath. Braniff, 2d ; Mary Pollock, 31, won from J Little by ballut. 1st English Grammar Class— Jane Dalz'. ll, 1st; Robert Chi rn, side. 2d; lames Armstrong, 3d 2,1 English G'ammir Cla « s— Anne Savage, 1st; Helen Str chan, 2.'; Jane Dalzell, 3d. 3d F. i- vlish Grammar Class - John Little, 1st; Kath. Braniff, 21; Sarah Neither, S i ] « t Wr'ting Cla « — John M'Xwell, 1st j James Boyd, 2J ; J. rvts Dalz- 1. 3d ; Al. X. Str, cb iq, 4th. 2- 1 Wri'ing Claa-— G- o Johnson, 1st; John Ringland, £ d. I Sd ' Vriring Cla* s— James Crawford, 1st; Sam. Donnan, 2d. 4ib Writing Class— J . mes Geiston, 1st; James Armstrong, 2d; Robert Cherni'ide, 3d. ath Writ ng. Class— Wm vI'Namara, 1st; Sarah Neisbet, 2d. 6th Writing Cl. « =— Kath Braniff, 15ft; Jh. Conway, 2a, 7th Writing Class— Eliza Byrne, l » c; James BraubT, 2d. 53t) ° SAMUEL LIVINGSTON. . THE ' MISS ACHESONS Jt AVE opened their Shop of MILLINERY | UNDERWRITERS' SALE, AT. NEWRY. | WILL FA If 4 OOHfl. 4 , V WILL SELL BY AUCTION, for account of the ON- j » « 8WRITE » S, at his Store*, on the CANAL- QIJAC, IF at ONE o'CI ck, on SATURDAV the Ilrh inst. 60 Tom English Bar- Iron assorted, S Di'to S c wt. Iron Hoops Ditto, Damaged by Salt Water, on board the Sloop ifnv.'/ n, ! » BS DAVIS, Master, on her passage from Bristol to Ncyry. Terms Bank Notes ROBERT July I. _ MOLLAN, Broker. ( 537 OATMEAL, KELP, A NDREW AIKEN is now Landing, and ii bis on Sale, 60 Tons » f Oatmeal, of excellent Quality, SO Ditto Gal way Kelp, 250 Bar els New Tori and Boston Pot Ashes, First Brand, 50 Hhds. Virginia Tbacca, well- jLtvoured, and very iurap " try, 18,000 Barrel Staves, A Quantity of American Oak and Pine Timber, Pine Plank, & c. 4 NEWRY, July 2, 1812. ( 550 On the Premises, on SATURDAY the lid day of August next, if not previously disposed of ( of which J due notice will be given,) A CAPITAL CONCERN TO BE LET, {•" HE PREMISES, formerly in the possession of the late Mr. MONEAR and his under- tenants, for a term of 50 years, with clause of renewa1.—— I'h se Premises re situated on the north- si le of High- Street, two - loers rum tl> e corner of B idg'- street, an 1 are well known to be the " rst stand in town for respeiStable business Th y extend fro> i front t- rear upwards of ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY- SEVEN FEET. One o' the Front Homes is let at £ S0 per year, the Lease of which will expire 1st November 1813 — A Nh" p ' et to a tenant at wi 1, ar £ 30 per year— The other front Hau- e with all t' e - ear Ground. a large Yard and two back Houses, are at present unoccupied, and would answer wel for the Hat- making, or many other branches requrine room. Any person wisl ing to vie v the Premises, will apply at Mo. 55, Waring- street. where Proposals for the whole, either jointly Or separately, will p. ease be made. Belfast, May 12 ( 589 ' il^ HAT FX TENSIVE and COMMODIOUS INN, for- 1 merly occupied by rhe 1 te Mr WILLIAM M'CAL- F.- T. Newtownards, TO£ ettier with 9 V 1R. 4P of MR V j DOW GROUND, in the highest condit on bel l n- der Miss : DA « IE » . ail suVj •& to the s nail yearly Rent of S; xty three : Pounds Sterling; 26 y ari of the Lease unexoirel. an 1 one J young Life in being, fro rr November last— It is useless' to ' comment on the si Oration or convenience of this Cone rn. it being well known to be most eligibly sitns'ed fir an Inn, and lately th? House and Offices have und r; one a tho- ouah repair, makes it complete for any prson wishing to pure a- e. All), a BUILDING. TENEMFN Tin High street, newly waMed- in, held und r the Earl or LOSSOSD as v, by Let. se of Sixty- one years and Three Lives, renewable, su'> je£ t to a small yearly Rent. Also, a HOUSE and TENEMENT anl BUU. DING- GROUND. known by the flame of DUGGA N GARD'N - ub eiS: to a, small yearly Rent, held un- ler the E. rl of I. ON-, ' aoHDzstr, for 3 young Lives and 31 years, renewable] fro: n Nsvember, 1804. Also. all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the Inn, consisting of Bed-, Bed- teals, Tables Chairs, O- sks. Draw- ers. Carpets' & c. Also; a Variety of Kitchen Furniture, Farming Uten< its, Hots- s, Co vs, Chaises C n, Sec & c Aho. ia Q uantity of OATS on the Foot, and a large Quan- tity of HAY. Trattsat Sale. The above t « continue from day to dav until all are so'd. Any Person wishing to treat for any of the tbive Con- Wnl please apply to Mr GEO. PATTON, New- Lsndiiig the Cargo of the Ship / hotter,. Cup'ain TAT- to a", from ' RINID VP, consisting of 223 Hhdi. 42 Tierces, and 112 Barrels Sugar, 7 Barrels Coffee, and 18 Puncheons R. Uum, ON SALE WITH * 50 Hhds. ' Leaf Tobacco, lately landed, and in which are some of the highest c nraciers ever ' imported here — Alicante, Sicily, andTenerlfe Barilla— Bleachers, u Smalts— American Ri in — and Tenerife Wme, in 1i Pipes, Hogsheads and Quarter Casks. Belfast, June 30. ; HfHE HOLDERS'of'FLAXSEED are hereby j*-,; , J - l to make » . return to the Su. HscriRer, ( on or beVe . ; jof July) stating the Quantity andr Destript& i of FL } H SKED they m , y have on h » ud. by what iesser it Was i ported and iri/ m whence. ferns to niir Is. and HABERDASHERY GOODS, whirh„ with an • x- enwive and elvgant As « ortment of PERFUMERY, direSt froru London, they will sell at the lowest prices. u B. White Beaver Hats cleaned— Caps, Bonnets, Pe lisses, & c 531) & c made on the shoitest notice Chureh- lane, No 17. MILITARY CLOTHING. present supplied with BLACK CLOTHS, A DAM M- CLEAN is at J\ SCARLET, WHITE, and such as will answer the Yeomanry. And has received by the D- ligbt, Captain HODGSON, an additional Supply of several Articles in tile WOOLLEN J INE ( 516) Belfast, July 3. SALE OF CALICOES. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the White Vinen Hall, on WEDNESDAY the 8th inst. at ONE o'clock, by ord'- r of the Assignnes of a Bankrupt's Estate, ] 5 ) Pieces GRAY CALICO. 391 Ditto BLEACHED Ditto, that have been finished suitable far Exportation. Terms at the time of Sa'e. JAMES HYNDMAN. JU1Y3. ACCTI3NEER. ( 54S •• I BARILLA BY AUCTION. • WirtLMAM ORR will Sell by AuAion, rm FRIDAY V> • the I0' 1' inst at ONF, o'clock, at Mr. WILLIAM MAXWELL'S Stores in Hill- itreet, ' JhirlyThree Holes Ben ilia. Terms st Sale. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. 538) Belfast, July 3. G LITIS. THE SUBSCRIBERS have ready for sile, BEST and IN- FERIOR GLUE, of this year's Mannfaflure t which, with their usual assortment of SOLE and UPPER LF. A THER, will dispose of on moderate terms for good Pay- ment*. M'KIBBIN 4c JOHNSTON. 29, Mi'l- street— June 29. s' rr The DWELLING- HOUSE, No. 19, Mill- street to Let. f533 A GENERAL HALF- YEARLY MEETING of the - t'h BELFAST INSURANCE COMPANY, will be b- ld in ( lie Centre Room of the White I. inen- Hall, on THURSDAY next the 9th inst. at the hour of « NE o'clock, for the purpose of electing Directors and Auditors for the t- nsuing Six Months, and transacting other Bu « iness. Pine for non- attendanct of Members resident in Belfast, and with- in two miles of it, 5s. 5d. JAMSS M'CLEERY, Secretary. July 2, 1812. ( 534 AUCTION OF FURNITURE, On TVKSrtAr next, the 7/ 4 July instant, at ELEVEN o' loth, at the Dwelling bouse, Na- 63, Donegall- strtet. late Mr: M WU. LI. iMS, 4GREAT Variety of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE- partlv enti- e new, and soifie sec md- band, too auaie. reus to particularize, comprising Fashionable Articles for Parlour, Drawing- Room, aud Bed- Chambers-—- likewise Kitchen Requisites, and Lumber, ike. A Sofa Bed te^ d; a Piim Forte; a Dog Cart, with Har- ,•> complete nearly new ; two pieces new 4- 4tA Carpeting, & c Ac. There are a few excellent Feather Beds; and as the wbo'e will be peremptorily sold - without reserve, ti. is Sale de- serves tiot; ce. Ready Money fee every article before delivery. JAMES HYNDMAN, P. N. . 513) Commission Broker and Licensed Auctioneer MEADOW TO TIE SOLD. To be Sold on the Foot, " P'HP GRASS of some rernirkable fine Meadow, a' I Orangefieid and B; lvAir Park. Apply to Mr IRELAND, at Orangtfield. 540) JulyB. > , i, — TO BE SOr. D BY AUCTION, At th of Mr. JAMS? HTNDMATf, Be'/ ast, on SAT'JHnAT tie 15ti of August * ert, at ONE o'Clocl, if not SolJ h y Private Comtrafl before tltiit Jay, " TriLLULTA HOUSE and FARM, lying in the Pari h of Ballinderry, and County of Antrim, situate on the great road leading from l. isburn to Antrim, by Glenavv. about three mil- s from the former This Farm consists of 75 Acres, held hy Lease under tbe Marqnis of Hertrord for on a food Life in being; Yearly Rent and Fens j£ I5: 13: 10. On this F rm are lately built.- a lar. re con- venient DWF. LLING- HOUSE, with extensive OFFICES, ill in good repair, snd fit for the arcomo l- ation of a Geiiteel Family, The F elils are all inclosed with Quick- set Hedges and the Farm nearly belted round fey a beaut ful Plsnting of n « eful Tree « , all in a thriving state; in the whole up- wards of 20,000. HENRY PRICHARD, at the plate, will shew the Premises; and any r'nlormation known, bv apply- ing to Mr. FRANCIS MURRAY, nearKiluUa; er MA- THF. W STEELE, Belfast. JulyS, 1812. ( 549 i Si) rh Persons afi sriod indebted ro the late Mr WILLI VM > M't'AI LEY. by Bond, Note, or B » ok Account, are de- I 8 red forsbwifh to pav the same irwmediately to Mr GEO. | PAT l ON. of N « w( 5wnards; who is du. y anthoriz - d to re- • ceive the same; and . oy Person haying . ny demands against i tii* Estate of the said WILLIA VI M'C ALLEY, at the tiln- of h s decease, , re req- i- sre-' " i Fu- nisb thcir Accounts { without delay, to th'- sai1 Mr O' RG'- l PA ITOIi, that S ( he same may be examin - d and dischafg- d. GEORGE PAT TON, DOCTOR M- CULLOGH A I. EX- P ATTERSOM, WILLIAM ST RE AN, Nswi OWNAKDB, July 3, 1812. EXECUTORS n ihr i^ te W 1 L L I A M L< L'C A L LEV ( 526 ROBERT STRONG, Plain! ff; JOHN Wt . SON, Defendant. 1812, I will, oil at ONF. o'Cioch Inu's- Quay, Dui. li TRSUANT to the Dseree ol* his Majesty's C- u t of I'xcHequer ^ ti Ireland, m de in this Cause, bearin? • — date rhe 1 9 h I > y of F'tbruary, MONDAY the 10th d, y of August next, the A'ternoon. at my Offi.: e, on the PORrADOWN MARKET. rf^ HF. PTTBLIC are hereby informed, that the J- MARKET » f ( his Town, which has been of late held on MONDAYS, will, from and after the 18th day of July, be held on SATURDAYS, agreeable to the origin ,1 patent; to commence on SATURDAY the 18th day of July, when there will be a Market for the Sale of all descr ptions of I. AWNS, LlNESS, & c. The above change has taken place at the sugeeition and by the advice of the principal Merchants, Manufacturers, and others, concerned in rhe Linen " I rarie; to whom the local advantages of this Town, and its peculiar fitness of situation for Markers of any kind, have been long sfparetit, being in the centre of the best ma- nufacturing distrilt in the k ngdom, at a convenient distance from the homes of the principal Buyers, and famous for ihe goodness of acconmodation it affords for man and beast.— Oil rite same day will be opened at the Crane, a Market for the Sale of Butter, whUi will be equally well worth the attention of those concernel. The M0N I HI. Y FAIR for the Sale of BLACK C. AT- TLE, HORSES, Ac. will, from and after the above day, be held on the Third SATURDAY, in each Month, in- S'ead of MONDctY, as hitherto, 530; PORTADOWN. July 1, 1.912. highest bidder, All the Defendant's Ti'le a id Interest of in arid to all that P rt or Parcel of LAN1>, situ ite, lying an! being in the Townland of LISNAWASO, and Conuty of J Down, containing by estimation E'gbtee- i CRE.- s, togethrr with the Snccon, Toll, or Muifhire. » '' the Towphnd o'. LisnaWard aforesaid, with the Wafer, Water- caurses, Wei-, or Dam, usually held with the Mill— And also, all his the said Defendant's Interest of in and to rhe G'is", Toll, in l Muiaure. of the TOWN and. UNUS of EDNIG'J, CORBET, KU. MACRK'V, the Upp- r Half of BAL- LENY, a" d the QUARTF. R- L. VND in the Townlan ' of Maghsrally, situate, lyng, and be'irg in the Barony o( l,** wer Iveagh, and County of Down, for the purposes in said De- cree mentioned.—- Dated this 29th dav ol June 1812 WELLESLEY. There is a never- failing sspply of Water to the Corn- Mill, on the above- inentione I Premises, wh ch in all S - asons must be valuable. The Sirnat on could not be exreede i by any Corn- Mill wha- erer, fo- *' epeo. lent of rhe To vnlanls which are boinyi to it, there are several Towniaods contigu- ous, which are not bound to any Mill, th- 1 etiants o which would naturally resort to this Mil for ' h » ir own ease— The Land is also we'l circumstanced, and in good order. For particulars as to Title & c apply ' o JAMES FRANCIS BRUSH, Plaintiff's Attorney, 143, Abbey- street, Dublin ; or, at Drmnore, in the Vac. tion ( 528 PAR INK IS HIP In the Grocer if and Spirit Harness, and Manufacturing of Tobacco <) y Sniff ] j" OHN IRWIN, ( Pcrtner in the late H we of ' ij M'COSH & IRWIN,) respetftfull'y in'or. ns fiw'ttirt> d « j and the Public, that h- has taken in o Pa tnership 1AME3 j GLASGOW, and JAMF. S M, IRELAND, whri served j th ir Apprentices)! ps to said House; arid thit the Business w il be cirrio. l on under the Fir ii is! JOHN IRWIN 3t CO- Wbo, from their scri. St attention, hope to merit a share of l'ubl c Favour. Tiiey- have for Sale lowing Goods, viz Fine and Common. Congou Tea, Hyson and Cvmmon Green Ditto, Very Fine, Fine, and Second Scale Sugars, li fined I'ommon I. wnp Ditto, Alic m'e Barilla Ashes, Jamaica Rum, • Old Antigua Ditto, Whiskey, Leaf Tobacco, lie. Sjf r. Wh ch, with COMMON ROLL Sc. Pi, 3. TAII. TOBACCO, and SNUFP of their own Manufadl ire, and every Article in the GROCF. RY and SPIRIT' LIN'E, they will dispose Belfast, June 2$ (" ill) A, HILL, In. pector, Port of Self,, WHEAT TO: BE SOLD. ] plROM T- o to One Hu. idre 1 Tons. of- the very Wi,,, ' . cire'ully l, ilh dried— |' 0 be » h'pp » 8 free c h- rardl ! i hter at the Antrim Ouav. navahl, VfM - Antrim Quay, payable by kill, t srxtv- one or rnne; y one davs. Also, Twenty Tons nf B \ RUFY - . FERGUSON 514) • Apply tn & LEDLIE. MILLS. COUNTY GF DOWN an extensive Assortment of the fol- PRESENTMENT I •| 1HF SECRETARY of the GRAND JURY will kec - h s Office open for receiving Atfidivits tor Prese,,. ments until' Monday the 13th o' Jnlv next, at Sit- oViock and for Atcocuting Affidati'. until Monday the 07, h '}.,•, DOWNP VTRICK. June 22. It is requested that, the Affidavits for Presentments ma be delivered as soon as possible. SUMMER ASSTZK.; MG r; pHE Secretary's Office in the County of 1 if, , - : r Antrim Court- n C » [ Wkkfe » i « i; willVertiain open until WHO N- sSDAY the 8th day of July ne*-, a, tft,' Hour of NINJ « o Llock in the Evening, for receiving Affidavits for Present- ments; anl till TUESDAY the 2Ht, at the Ho,., lor receiving Accounts. •, 57J _ CAR RICKFEROU3, June 22, . 1812. of 011 reasonable Terms. 507) 6, Rosemarv- s- reet— June 29. NEW TEAS. JOHN JOHNSTON TJf AS rec- ived, per the VENUS, from LONDON, and I - IJL has for Sale, 50 Chests Fine and Common Congou TEAS, Which, with an Assortment of Goods in the GROCERY LINE, will be sold cheap, No 13, Ann- street— June 20. • , Gunpowder and Patent Shot. ( 4' 17 WANTED, On the Ist of August, in a Family in the Country, A'COOK and BUTLER Apply at this Office — 548) July 4. SCARLET, WHITS, & BLACK CLOTHS. JOHNSON & FtSHF. R have revived, by the Cult. NJTTOSAM Bev LE, A Jresh Supply of Scarlet, White, and | nlack Cloths, Which have been carefully chosen, and will be se'd cheap. Belfast, Juae 28 DESERTED, From his Majesty's Tender MARIA, viz. CCHARLES XEATLEY, Ordinary Seaman; aged 21 / years; 5 feel 7^ inches high ; fair complexion; brown Hair and Eyes; reides in or about Belfast, and is well known in that town; is 3Son of the old man so well known ill Bel- fast, carrying Balads about the'street. PATRICK CIEARY, Able Seaman; aged 29 years; 5 feet 6J inches Hgh , stout made; light Complex'on ; b; ue Eyes; lit hi Hair I mush freckled in the Face; red Whiskers. Each had on whm deserted, Blue Jacket and Trowsers, Lea- ther Giazcd Hats with the name " MAXIA" in gilt letters in front. N. B. CliAtf lives somewhere in the neighbourhood of Doiiaghidae, anclfs very well known Whoever will apprehend the said Deserters, and lodge them in any of hi Majesty's Gaols, or deliver them on board [] his Majesty's Tinder MAMA, » hall receive the Reward granted by his IW jetty, for apprehending Deserters; and a further Rewrd < 1 £ 1, will be given by Lieut HAWKtS, for each Dtsertei And Notice is hereby given to ail Mas- ters of vessels, nd to ship either of the said Deserters, as they will answer the entrary at their peril. And if any " Person or Prr> oi>* are dicovered secreting' them away, they will b « punished with th utmost rigor of tke law. Signed THOS. HAVVKES, Lieut. Com. S51) FOR BRISTOL, The Cutter VENUS, JOHN SALTER, MAST* » , W11 load ts Sail first fsir wind after 11th Fur freighlarply tn R. GREENLAW, Agent. In the Matter of J ' H E CREDITORS of the Hmk- JAMES COFFEY ( I rupi are reqw st d to meet the a Bankrupt. f Assignee on WEUNESD \ Y the 8 h ——— . • - s „ f j„! y next, at the House of Mr. JAM US ORR, Kirkuhbio, at the Hour of TWELVE o'clock, at Noon, ir. order to assent to or dissent fro m, the Assignees' prosecuting certain Surfs at Law, relating- to said Birikrupt's Estate, aud on other Special affairs reiatiag thereto. • ROBT. MAWHIN1E, " Assignee'of sa^ d Bankrupt. KIRJCOXBIN, June 27, 18T2. ' ( 539 COUNTY OF ANTRIM. A FEE- FARM ESTATE TO BE SOLD. The LANDS of NOVAIJ. T ' and ' VHITF. H1LL held in Fee. eKosf rated frttm . Chief' Rent, and mott ' desirably situa'ed close by the I ovsn of lallycas tle. " I ' HIS Estate contains upwards of 350 Acres Cunning- 1 ham, anl is set upon old Leases ror Yeirs an l Lives,- at very low rents, producing not quite £ 200 a-/ ear." hut will encrease very largely at the expiration of the leas s.— Some of the lives have dropped, and the years have nearly expired. Rent- Rolls, anl all other necessary information, mav be had by app'ying to STEWA » T and MSCAR IZNAT, Esq. s. Marlbro'- street, Dublin; ^ HOS. L. Sr'wsn.- r, BMJ. Bel fast; or AtrxsNnER M'NeiLL. of Ballycastle, who w II also r ceive propnsa's; and when the value is offered, the purchaser will be declared W m. Sco rr, one of the Tenants, Will shew the Lands. June 26, 1812. ( 527 TO BE LET, And Possession given the first day of October next, [' HAT newly erefled MILL and KILN, in the Town* land of Dfurtigoolan 1 and Parish of l. oughinisland, { and County of Down, by the late MA'IHEW FOR « , Esq— The Mili is wel - S'ipptied with Water, and a second pair of 1 " Stones for grinding Fiour. with Dressing Machinery, & c. See. \ There are Ten Town ands will be bound to said Mill, and j about Ten Acres of good Land. For further particulars, apply to Mr. ROIEKT BROWN, Agent, who will receive Proposal- On'il I si, September next. ( 5^ 6) SEAfOKq, June 39, 1812. | HOPS, 8c LONDON DOUBLE BROWN STOUT. rHE SOBSCRISE* bas received per the Ve « os, froui LONDON, SLrty Pockets HOPS, Growth IF 11, of very fine QJI li- y, and Sixty Hhds. of high flavoured Diuhle Brown Stout, ' Two years. old, engaged to stand any cli nate',. and are now selling at his Store in Byrt's- entry, High- street. PAT. DONOHOO. . Belfast, June 28. ( 498 11 BLEACHERS' SMALTS. GEORGE LANGTRT & CO. TJT AVE for- Sale, a Ptrcel of Real DUTCH BLEACH- F. RS' SMALTS, of very fine Quality; ALSO, I American P t and Pearl Ashetf, Aiicont Barilla, Refined S dtpelre, American Rpsin, Fine and Common Congou Teas. Bel'a « . April ! 6j l8ie - GEORG11 l OTTON- WOOL^ ORLEANS Do. Do. POT ASHES, SICILY B tRIL'LA, LEAF TOBACCO, For Sale, 011 Reasonable I'erms, by . JAMES KENNEDY, Belfast, May 19 Dooegall- Quay. ( 21E JAMES LENNON I" jTAS on Sale, at the Stores of Mr. M C \ PjN, Tomb's- XaL Quay, as per Agnes, direift from SLIG. 0 i 557 Parrels Kiln- dried Oats, 35 Tons Oat roeaI, and 100 Hags First Flour, Which he wH dispose of on moderate Terms. ( 194 BALLYMEN. A MARKET. Manor and Town BALI. TMEN. " fl Xy'HtREAJi some Persons have A. f J Y for" a lenS; lh riftilVie past m » d- — a Pr » « lce of FORESTALLING and REGRATING in the TOWN ai) d SUBURBS of 11 ALLY- MI-. N A, to the injury of the poor and the fair dealer— I d , therefore give Public Notice, that any f'erjon of Person, who m. y be detected in such practices in future will be pro • sec lit ed as far as the L" aw will allow. P- A1. CKEN, Seneschal. BALLYMEN- A, June 24i ( 513 , TIMBER FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD IMMEDIATELY, In tie Woods of GLEN, between Newry and IlanhrL'gi, the property cf ARTHUR INNES, R, q. A LARGE Quantity of full- grown OAK I IMBCR, late" i\ ly cut down, fit for. Ship Building, or any other use; and also a large quautity of ASH and BIRCH, fit for ali manner, of country us. s. ( 519 A PROFIT RENT TO BE SOLD. A WELL- SECURED PROFIT RENT of ^ 21, IK, ; A ' per Arirmm. For particulars, apply to Mr. ANDERSON, Chronicle Oifice. ( 352 • - COGNIAC BRANDY. THE Subscribers have impor ed. and for Sale, a small parc l of OLD real COGNIAC FRENCH BRAN- DY, Warranted genuine, which, w. itb every other article iu the WlNF. and SPIRIT TRADE, they will sell on the most reasonable Ternts. . . ' JOHN.& fHOS. CUNNINGHAM. Castle- street, June 5. . _ ( S49 ' \ ' V CARD. FATRlClt TA. NNY, late Assistant to. Mr. JAS HTNO- MAN, Auflioneir, most respectfully begs leave to in- form his Frien Is and the P. ublic, that he. has formed a Part- nership with Air. JOHN CUMING, as Commit sim Brokers end Licensed Auctioneers, VNDER rue FIRM OF CUMING. & TANNY, Who hop*, from their united exert oo, and siri& attention to Business, to meet with a share of public favour. . Orders left at their Office, 84 High street, will be srriitly attended to N. B. iidolts Posted and Settled cor eitly on the shortest notice. '. " ( 414) Belfast, Jliiie 17, 1812. TEN POUNDS REWARD. WHEREAS some evil- minded Person or Persons, did, in the month of October last, G AG a. MA- Rfi, my property, by means of which she died; Now I hereby offer a R ward of " TEN POUNDS S TERL1NG, to a » y Person who will prosecute to convidlon, the Person who has com-, mitted the above atrocious crime.— Given under my hand this 29th day » l June, 1812. HUGH P ) WER, 435) Of CROsjxtTl, near BALLVIAT. FOR GLASGOW, THE HAWK, B. M'COR MICK, MASTXI, ( A constant Trader), To sail in a few cwye. - FOR DUBLIN. The BF. E, RANKIN Tn a few dais. For Freight, apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY. The BETSEYS, Nxrwow, at Glaigow; and the DIS- PATCH, JA » * J » < » » I, it Dublin, * t « loading for Belfast. 454) ifcmatc, June 93 Public are resneitfully inform- ed, that the following REGULAR TRADER* Vl Witt tail for their rejpeSbvt ? orts, • wkb tbe fir it fair Wind after the dates menlionvii f FOR LONDON, The armed brig FACTOR, M'Ntfcc 11th My. The armed brig DONEGAL!. COUK IRNAY, 14 da J » after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The armel brig > URORA, STARKS. 4th July. The GUNN1NGH \ M BOYLE, Bell, Eight days after, FOR BRISTOL, The SWIFT, N « * t., IHth July. FROM ( JVERPpOL FOR ti '. I. FA. ST, Th* MINERVA; Cou. a riNAT....'. 4th July. the CERES, SAVAUS... .". » . Eight days afte*. FROM LoMpoN IFOR BELFAST, , Tbe armed brig GEnROE QAUOHET I0rh July. F The armed brig LAGAN, HoflxiNt.... .14 days after. For Freight, ih London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILl. I. AM OGI1 BY, Abeliurch- Yafd. Gentlemen Who have Linena'lo forward,- w'ili pleas* send them ro GEORGE LANGTRY ty A few stout Lad watrts- d asprentice: ta : fc* S- a, TO BE LET OR SOLD, A FARM of LAND in Ballydovev, Par « ! i of Holywood, / a. containing 55 Acres, 3 Roods, i- o. t 10 Perches, Cun- ningham Meastire, held by the Heirs of the late JSMES WwoesiDE, under KUOH KtNNEnr, Fsq for Two liv- s or Thirty- one yeais from Nov 1807, at the Ye rly Rent of Dne Guinea per Acre. The above Piopeity would be div'ijed into two Farms having suitable accommodarins for t » v i Families, Proposals will be received, by R- v I. C WIGHTM. AN, Ballydo. ey, or J AMES M'CUi'CHEON, Craigavad. un- til 12th August, when rhe Tenant or Pure - aser will be de- clared. P;- rmis- ion has been obtained from Mr KENNEDV, for letting or setting this Farm. June £ 6 1812. N B: A man who lives upon the Farm will shew the Premises. ( 488 REWARD. « nytlFSl? AS, on the Nijht of FRIDAY the 12th inst. 7 a some Per- oil or P. rsons now unknown, came into my BLEAC H- GREr » , and sto'e thereffom S iten ^ eces of Yard wide LINEN, about half- bleached. I hereby pro* niise to pay FIFTY POUNDS to any one who will in Thfee Months give me Such infor- mation as may enable me to p- o « ecute t- « conviition, the Person or Persons who have committed said Thefi; and for such private information as nny enable to recover the L. nen and trace the Theft, I will pay TWENTY POUNDS, and keep such inform it ion svcict if equire I Given under my hand at Carnnieen, t. ns 13th June. 1812. JAM I s COIJLT.' I R. N. ii. If. Linens of the above descrio- ioi should be offered for Sale, it is r- c[ ue « ted they ttiay be stopp.- d and informa- tion given as above. ( 141 The Public are respectfully nform- J— eel, that it is intended the following V* N. E. TRADERS Slit'iai' At the Utidtrmentkmtdftrhitl S^ l^ Syfl TOR LONDON, The armed br'g BRITANNIA, ABERDEEN... li b July. [ J. These Vessels being armed and completely well lound, lnsuran-. e by them will consequently be effected 011 tbe • no » t reasonable terms FOR LIVERPOOL* The KFLLY, IVI'ILWAIN 5th July. The ST. PATRICK, CsMWtu 7 days a nr. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON:..... Ff- t fair wind FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST. The armed brig LEVANT, M'KIBBIN.... ....... 1st July. For Freight, in l. ondon, apply to Messrs WM ft ' UHN WH. ARTON, Nicholas' L?. ne ; or, . n Belfast, tb R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who wil! receive and forward LINEN CLOTH mi other MERCHANDIZE with care aud disparch A lew Stout Lads- wanted as APPRENTICES to the Sr4 ro whom llh* r » l F. nrou- sgemi- iit Will heiriven FOR KINGSTON, JAMAICA, ^ TH". srowT AR^ KD: SHIP HUGH JONES, ROBERT LARMOUR, Msirti, To sad 20th instant, eit'icr singly or tujoui Coiivoy at Cork For Fieigh « or Passage apply to WM. M CAPIN, Dcmgall- Qmy, WHO HAS ON SALE, l7i Hogsheads Sugar, US Puncheons Rum— and 34 Tons Logwood, Received direct from J IMAICA, per the ab . ve Vessel ALSO, Mess Beef and Perl— Hogshead and Barrel Stereo— ' Wood Hoops— BASS Mats, and $ t. Uies S< dt. Cl$) Belfast, June 8, 1812. " 1 ' '"> » *• FOR SALE OR CHARTER, The Schooner PROVIDENCE, , Ot 0ARTMOU3 U, ' iJJT ' Btrftben per Register 109 Tons, and armed, and sails remarkably fast : C-. H he. made ready for sea in a few days— Apply T* Mr. PHILLIPS, Ga « » « woq » ' s Hotel, or to WILLIAM PHELPS* No. S, Ljnat- Xilri- Doci, ( af* COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE OMR; N- 4E POETRY. — MG. -• ..' JL- M LH.. 1 1. - J. J— { To the Editor of the Belfast Commercial Chronicle."] By inserting the following Fragment you will oblige A SUBSCRIBER. THE VOYAGE OF EHCTLLA. Tuo » * Verses are part of a Metrical Romance, ( not yet published) en ' he commencement of the war between the Spaniard* and Chilians, which Ercilla has celebrated in his Poem Called the " ARANCANA," from the name of the prin- cipal tribe who resisted the power of the Spaniards, with va- rious success, for above two hundred years. Ercilla had at- tended PHILIP the Second as a Page to England, when he became the censort of MART. In the Romance, Ercilla is supposed to have formed a friendship with an English youth, nf a noble family, and a more tender attachment to his sister, who had both secret!? entertained the Doctrines of the Re- fSTmation. Some attempts made by the Briton to change the religions faith of the I. over fbut in vain) came to the know- ledge of the Kin- ^- and the brother and sister both suddenly disappear. Ercilla long uncertain of their fate, after he had returned wiih the King to Spain j learns at last, to his great surprise, that his B itish friend, after a series of uncommon adventures and escapes, had found refuge in Chili:— that iu consequence of a domestic injury, he had incited the Chi- lians ( till then submissive! to assert their independence; and tha- he had after- led them to victory. On this intelligence, Ercilla indulges a faint hone that the object of his passion yet survived, and had probably attended her brother on his voyage. Inspired by this hope, he prevails on the King ( whose favour be had obtained by his fidelity) to suffer him to join the powers then wsbarking for the western world— the sequel of bis adventures are detailed in his own celebrat- ed poem. The fontrait exhibited there, between the unsub- mitting spirit ef the Chilians, and the direful effect* of Span- hh revenge, may with some probability be conjectured to have had a partial influence, not only in humanizing the Spaniards in some degree, but in fostering that noble spirit • f independance, whose signal consequences are now the ad- miration of mankind. 11 was not Cupid's flickering torch alone, That led the dauntless youth from zone to zone, Nor patriot care, nor hope to leave a name Of martial glory on the lists of Fame : — !* tItTa'i * Genius call'd him o'er the deep; That mighty Spirit taught his hands to sweep The sounding lyre, and fir'd the vent'rous niuse To paint the scenes of death in glowing hues. TaxRE Spain's atrocious deeds were blazon'd high ; Her own dire image to her startled eye Displsy'd its hideous lineaments at large, ' Till conscience woke, and own'd the dreadful charge. By tliine, as by th' Orphean Ivre of old, The heart of Man to Reason's lore controll'd— « Confess'd the charge; and, tho' Ambition bore His standard long aloft on Chili's shere, Y* t hnman rights were own'd, and hostile wrath, PursuM on listed fields the work of de* th. More for renown, than vengeance—' till the hour When wisdom galn'd once more a partial power. By the sad lessons of experience taught To value peace, by years of bloodshed bought. A NOBt. tR lesson still, thy lofty lays fwpir'd :— that longing for immortal praise Which Freedom feels. Ah! many a nameless day Inert, and dormant in tl, » mind it lay, I, ike that fine element that ' scapes the sen< e, Till by some agent rous'd, it flames intense, f Ag. inst his will, the < 5allit Tyrant woke That rowia, which, like a fiery whirlwind, took His conquering legions in their full career. And swept away the soldier, shield, and spear; It kindled in V'm'era's fields of fame ; Soon Talavera felt the spreading flame : Badajoz's thund'ring mmpires own'd Its forte, When Guadiana trembled to its source — Fam'd Guadiana ! long shall echo swell Respondent to thv roar, with airy shell, The name of WELLINGTON ; and Tweed return The Hero's name, on ./ Ether's billows borne, As far as England's glory, with the sound Of WALTER'S Lyre, that rolls the world around! • Spain. f Caloriqtie, or latent heat. See the Vision • Don Roderick, by Walter Scott. To tbe EDITOR ./ the BSI. FAST CHRONICLE. Doctor hinted he could have the curacy filled for fifteen pounds a- y ' ar. TUESDAY.— Paid nine pounds to seven differ- ent people, bur could not buy the second- hand pair of Mack breeches offered me as a ba'gain by Cabbage the taylor : my wife wanting a petticoat above all things, and neither Betsy nor Polly hav- ing a shoe to go to ehureh. WEDNESDAY.— My wife bought a petticoat for herself, and shoes for her two daughters; hut un- luckily, coming home, dropt half a guinea through a hole she had never before perceived in her poc- ket, and reduced all our cash in the world tohalf- a- cown. Item ; ch'd my poor woman for being afflicted at the misfortune., and tenderly advised her to depend upon the goodness of God. THURSDAY Received a note from the ale- house, the Top of the Hill, informing me that a Gentleman begged to speak to me on pressing business;— went: Found it was an unfortunate member of a strolling company of players, who was pledged for seven- pence halfpenny— in a struggle what to do. The baker, though we had paid him but on Tuesday, quarrelled with us to avoid giving any credit in future ; and George Greasy, the butcher, sent us word he had heard it whispered, the Rector intended to change his Curate, and therefore advised us to deal with Peter Paunch, at the other end of the town— mortifying reflections tnese s but a want of hu- manity is, in my opinion, a want of justice: paid the stranger's reckoning out of the shilling in my pocket, and gave him the remainder to prosecute his journey. FRIDAY A very scanty dinner, and pretended therefore to be ill, in order to leave something for my poor wife and children. Told my wife what I had done with the shilling; the excellent crea- ture blessed the goodness of my heart, and burst into tears Mem. Never to contradict her as long as I live. SATURDAY.— Wrote a Sermon. SUNDAY.— Preached my Sermon at twe dif- ferent Parish Churches, and came home exces- sively wearied, and excessively hungry. No more money than 1\ d. in the house.— But see the goodness of God 1 the strolling player whom I had relieved was a man of fortune, who acci- dentally heard that I wjfs as humane as I w s indigent, and from a generous eccentricity of tamper, was led to do me an essential piece of service. I had not been an hour in the house, when he came in, and, when my wife was cook- ing the produce of our last penny for dinner, he put a £ 50 note in my hand; and the next day presented me with a living of j£ 300 a- year.— Mem. Never to forget such a benefactor. SOCIETY OF FRIENDS. SIR— The situation of the Curates has at length I understand, come under the notice of the Impe- j rial Parliament, and Lord Harrowby has brought a bill in their favour into the House of Lords. I do not know whether it be intended to extend the provisions of it to Ireland or not, nor how far it is calculated to operate in their favour. I make no doubt but it would be a gratification to many i of your Readers, if you would give them a sum. ! mary of the bill in your useful Paper. It has been I long ( he custom of all Governments to give su- perannuated soldiers pensions, as a provision for them when they became unable to serve ; and our own excellent Prince has lately added to the usual provision, an extra allowance to Officers who have been wounded in the service. Does there not seem to be an equal claim to lie on the part of the Ser- vants of God, who have worn out their strength in the best cause; and might they not, with jus. tice, expeCt a similar annuity, when their strength has become inadequate to the important service? The poor Curate, who has injured his lungs in de- claring the truths of the Gospel, while his Rector has lain by in idleness, appears to have as just a claim to some legal remuneration as any Officer whatever. Reserving any further remarks until you ahull have favoured tis with some abstract of the bill in question. I take the liberty of enclosing you the Journal < I a Wiltshire Curate, which I picked up somewhere in my reading, and vou wili oblige me by inserting it. I think I seethe grateful surprise of the poor fellow and his excel- lent wife, wheu his unknown friend so uneipeit- edly presented him with the £ 50 note, and the living of ^ 300 a year.— I affl, Sir, Your obedient servant, HARROWBV. Harrozuby- Hull, 3d July. MONDAY.— Received ten pounds from my Rec- tor, lJoCtor Snarl, being one- half year's salary. > Vaited a long time for admittance. Item ; the THE EPISTLE FROM THE YEARLY MEETING, HELD IN LONDON', BY ADJOURNMENTS, FROM THE GO ™ OF THE 5TH MONTH TO THE30TH OF THE SAME, INCLUSIVE, 1812. To the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings of Friends, in Great Britain, Ireland, and elsewhere. DEAR FRIENDS— Being permitted to meet at the present time, to investigate the state of our religi ous Society, and participating togeiher in that love which, we believe, takes its origin in the boundless mercy of God through Christ our Holy Redeemer, through Him who died for us; we have found this love to extend to you our Breth- ren. We have considered your situation, whether in your larger or smaller meetings; and as we have again been impressed with the belief, in renewing the written salutation of our love, we shall be found in the way of our duty— we have de; sired to be directed to impart to you such infor- mation and Counsel as may tend to your increase in the fear of the Lord, and in the consolation* of his presence. Seeing, therefore, the infinite value of love, that ind'ispensible qualification of a true disciple, we are desirous of pressing it on every individual, to examine impartially how Far he feels it ^ flou- rish in his own mind, and to influence all his ac- tions, thus inducing others to follow him as he is endeavouring to follow Christ. And we believe that nothing" will be so favourable to the preserva- tion of this holy disposition as humility of heart, a temper in which we constantly s e our elves un- worthy of the least of the Lord's mercies, and dependant only on his compassion for our final acceptance. Seeing also that no awakened mind can be without a view to a better and an endur- ing state, and that no one knows how soon lie may be called to put off mutability; let us bear m perpetual recollection that, in the state to which we aspire, there is nothing but eternal love, joy, and adoration, in the presence of Him through whose love we were first awakened. In contemplating this copious subject, though we are not apprehensive of more symptoms of de- ficiency than in former years, we feel disposed afresh to encourage friends to be prompt in un- dertaking and prudent in executing the blessed office of peace- maker. And we believe the patient endeavours of faithful friends will be generally crowned with success, in proportion as their own minds are seeking to Jesus for assistance in per* forming an office on which he has pronounced his blessing—- and in endeavouring to lead the minds of any contending persons, to a sense of the ab- solute necessity for all true disciples to live in peace one with another, and to forgive one an- other even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven the; .. * Before we quit the subject of Christian lore, let us remind you that no limit of a name can bound its influence. In this season Of almost unprecedented pressure on some of the poorer classes of our countrymen, we deem it particu larly desirable, that our dear friends every where should not be backward in examining into their distresses— but liberal in contributing a due pro- portion of relief. Many are allowed to have tem- poral possessions sufficient to do this with com. parative ease.— Let those, therefore, remember that they ate but stewards, and let them seek to be good and faithful stewards* And it is pro- bable that others, not equally abounding in the good things of this life, may find that in using moderation in their owu expenditure, they may have wherewith to supply the wants of others, and to make the heart of the poor man sing for jnv. Oh ! the blessing of clothing the naked ml feeding the hungry ! who would not desire to be entitled to a share in it 1 Moderation in personal and domestic exoense, every way become the followers of a lowly- heart- ed Saviour. We are therefore engaged to r> r" ss it upon our vottng friends just setting out in life, to beware of needless expense in the furni ' ire of their houses, and in their general domestic h ibit*. Even those who think ' heir property may enri'le them to abundance or to elegance, bv indulging in costly habits are setting but an ill pxamole to } those of mo e contracted means— md as we are but too apt to copy that which coincides with o> ir natural disposition, our want of circumspection may prove an incitement to extravagance in others, and prompt them to use exertions for supporting an appearance, which may divert ; them from the true business of life— the daily I study to be approved in the sight of God. And, d ar youth in general, especially you whose period of life may not be so advanced as j that of those whom we have just addressed, even : you, who have left, or are about to leave, the j protection of a parent, to enter into the busy scenes of life— some (.." you, probably, in ponulous towns, far different from the retirement of your paternal abodes— we beseech you to guard against the new temptations which may now assail you. Oppose the first incitement to any liberty incon- sistent with your principles, and be willing to seek the society of experienced friends, in the places where you may be situated, and to receive their admonition with meekness and attention. Never forget that the season of early youth is a season of peculiar danger— and if you grow up under this sense, you will from time to time be led to cry for preservation to Him, who has said ( and his words are Amen for ever,) " Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out f." The usual accounts of sufferings brought in this year, chiefly for tithes and those called church rates, and for military demands amount to thir- teen thousand six hundred and forty- five pounds.|| Five y° ung men have been imprisoned for refus- ing to serve in the local militia.— Besides these and other accounts which we have received from our several Quarterly mee'ings, we have an epis- tie from Ireland, and one from each of the Yearly Meetings on tr. e American Continent. The Yearly Meetings of our American Brethren seem vigilent in their attention to the support of our testimonies, and to purposes of general benevolence. The due education of our youth still forms a part of the concern of the Yearly Meeting of Pennslyvania— which has also, together with those of Maryland and New York, continued to care for the inha- bitants of the wilderness ; and those of Carolina, Virginia, and Midland tes ify in their epistles, their unremitting concern for the state of the en- slaved Africans in their land. Although in our country, as well as in theirs, the infamous traffick wi; h Africa in slaves has been abolished by law, we desire friends not to forget that slavery still exists within the - British Empire, and to suffer the sympathy still to flow towards its oppressed victims. Thus, dear friends, we trust we may say that both abroad and at heme, the Lord is influenc- ing his servants to remain on the watch. Though the subjects of our concern may be somewhat various, it is still pleasant to reflect that all are aiming at the same object, and all looking to the same Lord for his gracious assistance. Having the same faith, and being baptized with the same baptism, even those plunges into exercise, and con- flict which wash us from confidence in our own exertions, how can it be otherwise than that we should rely, as we have just hinted, on the same Lord ? May this unity of travail encourage us all to abide stedfast in our allegiance to him, that in due season we may reap the unfading ie- ward of his holy peace. Having touched on some of the subjects which have warmed our hearts in desire that we may be built up a spiritual house, we intreat you to con- sider that it is by means of individual exertions, under the the direction of the omnipotent Master- builder, that the work is to be effected to his praise. Be vigilant, therefore, we beseech you • be constant, when cases require it, in faith- ful and tender admonition. Neglect in this point gives countenance to defects and increases them, whilst tke faithful admonisher may hope to par- take of the reward of those who " turn many to righteousness," who, saith the prophet, " shall shine as the stars for ever and ever J." Now, dear friends, in conclusion, let us observe, that love, Christian love, is the parent of every virtue— it restrains our immoderate gratification of personal indulgence— it expands OHr hearts to every class of society, and to every modification of the human species— it makes us prompt to lend a hand of help to such as may stray from the path of safety— it leads to universal benevolence— and as it is the origin of e. very Jfood work, so through the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, it will be the reward of a life passed in his service, in its native region, the realm of unmixed love, with him for ever.— Amen. Signed in and on behalf of the Meeting, See. Such were t'ie rare qualities we sought; and do not ascjrlbe j to flitrery. what, you have won bv msrit, when we boast * their discovery in the name of CURRAN. We solicit you, then, Sir, iri. t^ e name of our Institution, bv accen'inj its Clhair, to give u< our only atonement for the loss of KISWAN. The Deputation appointed to wait on Mr. Cur- ran, reoorted his answer to a general meeting on the 29: h of June. ANSWER. BP pleased to accept my most grateful acknowledgment of the honour you conf r noon me in the offer of that ^ Jhair, which was so splendidly filled by our illustrious and lament- ed Countryman I cannot but most highly value such a mark of favour from so respeft ible a body of my Fellow- Citixens. It would be an unworthy afFeftation were I to say, that rhe gratification which I feel in accepting this offer, was in any degree diminished by the reflection, that a sort of com- parison may be suggested, in which I could not have even the consolation of thinking, that the vi& ory under which so unequal a competitor must sink, could add any thing to the credit of so honoured a predecessor i I know the gifts which he has conferred upon science, and the glory which he has qtieathed to Ireland, in a name which cannot be involved in the mortality of his person, but must live for ever. But I cannot think myself humiliated by the consciousness of individual disparity, while I feel that I am an Irishman, and, as such, am raised in participating the honour of my Coun- try A long and intimate friendship with Mr. Krrwan, gave me tbe opportunity of knowing how he felt and thought on such subjects as I was capable of discussing with him. As a man, his heart was exalted sbovt every vulgar prejudice, and every interested antipathy— it was enamoured with liberty, and recoiled from thraldom As a Philosopher, he saw that servitude was a condition befitting no human being but him who was vile enough to infl; 6t or to endure it. I can assume hut little praise to myself in venturing to hepe, that such facilities of communication were not utterly lost upon me— and that the high and manly tone of spirit, in which he took an interest in the various and wayward des- tinies of Ireland, could not fail of making some impression upon me, to your kind belief that this may have been the case, and to that alone, I attribute your election of me to succeed him; because, in that point only could you have hoped, that in my succession he would not be altogether unrepresented. The time has not long passed away in which I should ha « e been unwilling to allude to my attachment to our com- mon Country: but in this happier period of patriotic libe- rality, thank God, there is nothing rare or peculiar in the sentiment; and every man may freely profess it, without incurring the charge of egotism or vanity. Shall I presume to advert to the over- measure of com- mendation which your kindness has led you to use to my- self? I should be mortified if you could suspetft that while I felt the kindness, I did not also look fariher to the motive of S'jch di- proportioned approbation. It is wise and politic to reward even the most barren good intention beyond the exarSt limits of its claim— and perhaps it belongs peculiarly to tbe nature of the Irish heart, that it m « y be generous and even prodigal, without any risk of impoverishment. INTERCEPTED LETTERS. • f John. vi. 87. | \ Dan. xii. 3. , H An opinion being sometimes entertained with regard to these sufferings, that individuals are reimbursed by the Stciety, it i « desired, if erosion should occur, that friends would refute it, as no such practice exists. DUBLIN LIBRARY. ' f in peace with hi^ o, and with his . sjpi^ te ani abso. | l< J'e consent. I confer;?, that ressop inclines me I to this determination, so conform iHie. t, 6 . the s ta- tion of this unfortunate country, if. f can do no- thing for it, and so" suitable to my domestic rela- ti > ns. In this case, I wish the Emperor to give me an estate in Tuscany, or the South of France, 100 leagues from Paris, where I propose to pass one part of the year, and the other at Morfontaine. Events which havehappened, and the situation in which I am placed, so repugnant to the reftitVde and integrity of my character, have greatly en- feebled my health ; I am also advanced in age » and honour and duty alone retain me here. My very expences will oblige me to quit, unless the Emperor supplies me in a different manner from what he has hitherto done. I embrace you and my children." IT. TO THE IAHC. " Madrid, March 27. " My Dear— I have received your letter of the 29th of February. I have nothing to add to what Deslandes will have told you. I have made po alterations in my determination since his departure. I am a little indisposed. V. TO HIS BROTHER LOUIS. My Dear Brother— I received your letter of ths 25th of Oftober, and saw, with pleasure, that your health improves. My affairs do not proceed very well. I have an officer here, who is worthy of respeft for his talents, and the favourable senti. ments he entertains towards you. Never doubt, my beloved Louis, of my ardent and unalterable friendship. I embrace you with all my heart, and hope to see you again some day in good health, and in that happiness which a good conscience and the affeftion of our friends ever bestow ynur affeflionate Brother, JBSEPH." VI.— TO His SISTER THE QOEENOr NAPI. R9. " Madrid, March 20. " My Beloved Caroline— With much pleasure I received accounts of you and your children.— I could have much wished to have met you at Paris on your arrival, and hope your affairs are more prosperous than mine, though my health is sufficiently good; and I have the pleasure to te'l you that I love you in the same manuer I have done these 20 years, and that I shall ever rem tin your brother and friend, JOSEPH." VII. TO CARDINAL fSSCK. " Madrid, May 12. " My Beloved IJncle— Your letter gave me pleasure, and Deslandes, who possesses my entire confidence, will inform you of my situation. I embrace )• with all my heart. Your affec- tionate JOSEPH," At a general meeting of the Dublin Library, on the 22d of June, the following Address ( drawn up by Charles Phillips, Esq.) to the Master of the Rolls, on his election to the Presidency of that Institution, was unanimously agreed to:— To [ the R'tghi Honourable JOBN Putifox CoxZAtf, Master of the Rolls, ( SIR— The death of Mr. Kirwan having tendered vacant the Chair of our Institetion, we proceeded to the very dirt- cult duty of seletftiug his successor. Onr arduous ebjeS was to discover a name, which united the purest principles, with th* most brilliant genius; which adversity had proved, patriotism endeared, and years made venerable.— A name which was of native growth, and car. ried in its very sound the Conviction of its value— which taught purity, while it inspired pride, and shamed the venal, while it gladdened th* virtuous— A name, of which in our best times we had been familiarly vain, and which, in our worst, like an Orphan pledge, had been fondled by the feel- ings of the Country. 1 JOSETII BONAPARTE TO HIS BROTHER NAPOLEON. « Madrid, March 23, 1812. " A year will now soon have elapsed since I asked your Majesty's opinion relative to my return to Spain: your Mijestv wished me to return, and here I am. Your Majesty had the goodness to say, that it would always be time enough to leave it, if the hopes I had conceived should not be realized ; and in that case your Majesty would se- cure me an asylum in the South of the Empire, where I might pass my days in tranquillity. Sire, events have not corresponded to my hopes; I have dom- no good, nor do 1 hope to do any. I therefore intreat your Majesty to permit me to deposit in your hands the rights which you de- signed to bestow on me, with the Crown of Spain, four years ago. I never had any other objeCt in accepting the Crown of this Country, but the happiness of this vast empire. Itiisnot in my power to realize my hopes. I intreat your Ma- jesty to receive me benignly into the number of your subjects, and to be assured, that you never had a more faithful servant than the friend which nature gave yu, your Imperial and Royal Ma- jesty's most affectionate Brother, JOSEPH/' II.— TO THE QUEEN OE SPUN. " Madrid, March 23, 1 SI 2. " My beloved Friend— You m-' st deliver the letter I sent you to the Emperor; if he carries into execution the Decree of Union, and publishes it in the Gazettes: in any other esse you will wait till you hear farther from me. In the event of t your delivering the letter, send Tie the Emperor's answer and passports. Remi his informed me of something, which gives me sufficient concern.-— If they intend sending me the necessa.- y funds, why so long delay the convoys, and not send me bills on the public treasury bj Estafettes ? Em- brace my children for me. " P. S.— If you find that Mr. Mollien has sent ' me no money since the 500,000 lirres Which I have received, in January, wher you receive this letter, deliver my renunciation to the Emperor. No one is obliged to a'tempt absolute impossi- bilities : such is the state of my treasury." III.— TO THE SAME. " Vladrid, March 2S. " My Dear— Mr. Deslandes, who will deliver you this letter, will state to youall tbe particulars you wish to know respecting mr situation ; I am going to speak to you of myself, in order that you may lay it before the Emjeror, and that he may come to some determinatioi, whatever it may be. Every thing renders me desirous to get out of my present situation:— 1st, If the Emperor makes war with Russia, and judges me useful here, I will stay with the Geneial Command and General Administration. If ht makes war, and does not give me the command nor leftve me rhe Administration of the country, I wish to return to France. 2d. If he does no make war upon Russia, and whether he gives ne the command or no, I will remain, provided he dies not desire from me any thing which may make it supposed I con- sent to the dismemberment of tie Monarchy; and if he leaves me sufficient troopsand territory, and sends me the monthly loan of 1,000,000, which he promised. Under those cicumstances 1 will remain as long as possible, siice I consider my honour interested in not leavinj Spain abruptly ; i as in leaving it dining the war with England, sa- crifices would be required of m>, which I cannot, or ought not to make, but at a general peace, for the good of Spain, France, anc Europe. A De- cree of Union from the Ebro, ariving unexpected, ly upon me, will mal « : me setbut the following day. If tbe Emperor defers his projects till a peace, let him give me the meais ot existing dur- ing the war. If the Emperor wishes 1 should v; o, or has determined| npon any of he measures which will produce this elftCI, 1 woud choo » e to return ! Last week the wife of the Gunner of tha Ca- maronian frigate, in Hamoaze, cut her throat in a fit of insanity. On Wednesday, Abraham King, of the Te nant, of 80 guns, Capt. Sir J. ihn Gore, received part of his sentence of 5'.) 0 lashes, for sending a threatening letter to his Captain. Having re- ceived 150 lashes he fainted, and was taken to the flag- ship. At the late Quarterly Examination, held ir, Trinity College, Dublin, the following Students obtained C<- i- tificates :— Greham, Baron, Mr. Le- ndriek, Mi, Smith, 3s. Shaw and Keatinge.— In Science, Mr. O'Brien, Graves, sen. Ferr. ill, Mr. Lyle, jun. Oiyens^ Graves, jun. and Martin.— In Classics, Mr. Stewm t, i'du.' Graves, sen. Ariirsttonsr, 4tus « Mr. Lyle, jun. Mr. Nugent, Owens, Heibert, Giavt- s, jnri. And the following obtained Premiums:— M. iunsell, Collis, sen. Mr. Lynam, Mr. Hoare, sen. Wolfe, Hamilton* Wright, ' idus. Brooke, lmus. Stock, jun. And in Science, Mr. Grierson, Wellund, Dickenson, jun, Crone, Mr. Fetherston?, Walsh, Dunc; iri, Heibert, and Mills.— In Classics, Mr. Young, jun. Jacob. O'Brien, Handy, Mr.. O'Hara, Mi. King, Stewart, Monk, and Skeys.— And for General Good Answer- ing, Mr. Hani ill, Mr. M'Alpine, Mr. Simpson, and Macartney. fROrOSED INSCRIPTION FOR THE LfD OF A CHEST, IS THE ARCHIVES OF TUB Plttt'Y COUNCIL, Beneath, arc deposited all that remains of the once celebrated ORDERS IN COUNCIL. Circumscribed by this narrow boundary, and reduced to a few shreds of worthle- s parchment, those haughty and innovating Decrees Which, in their iife- time convulsed Empires, and tore the scanty morsel from the grasp of starving millions, now repose in harmless ob- curitv. Through the baser passions ol the human heart, the moral Genealogist • lay perhaps trace their origin to a remote distance* but their immediate progenitors, were MALIGNITY and INSA rsiAXioN. Fostered by unremitting parental care, and the laborious exertions of their nearest relatives, SoriiisrRY and FALSEHOOD, they rapidly attained a formidable and disgraceful maturity, During a d sastrous period of Six Years, they exercised an uncontrolled oppression over the industry and resources of the Poof; Polluted the National Reputation for Commercial In egrity with the mojt loathsome viihmies; Cherished the infant ManufaCio. es of our Rivals; and insulted the Public Righis of Mankind, by a long series of ha'eful and aggressive Depredations. Their career was at length arrested hy the awakened energies of iheir vidims ; and after a resistance which only proved the genuine cowardice of Tyranny when opposed to the united efforts of Rectitude and Patrioti- m— • overwhelmed by the contempt of the Wise, and the exertions of the Good, they expired June 10th, 1812. On the same day, their only legitimate desct- ndant, THE LICENSE SY- STEM, shared the fate of its guilty parents; and their death is thus recorded by a British Public, as an Event awfully instructive to furure Legislators, and strongly illustrative of the consolatory and important Truth, , that it is essential to the very Nature ui Evil, to issue in its own Destruction. BEL FAS T: Printed and Published by DKUMMONO ANDERSON. fo » Self and the other Proprietors, every Monday, U'tdnndav, and Saturday.— Price of the Paper, when sent to any part of the United Kingdom, ^' S, 8/. : W. yearlv. paid in advance, AGENTS— Messrs. Taylsr and Newton, Warwick- st) I. oh- don— Mr. Bernard Murray, 166, Old Church street, UuU iin— Mr Ja » . Anderson, booksel er, Edinburgh.
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