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The Glocester Herald


Printer / Publisher: G.F. Harris 
Volume Number: X    Issue Number: 495
No Pages: 4
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The Glocester Herald
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The Glocester Herald

Date of Article: 23/03/1811
Printer / Publisher: G.F. Harris 
Address: Herald Office, St John's Lane
Volume Number: X    Issue Number: 495
No Pages: 4
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m POINTED AND PUBLISHED, FOIl THE PROPRIETORS, BV G. f. HARRIS. j' VOL. X. No. 495. SATURDAY, MAkV i! ' 23, 1811. PRiCE SIX- PF. NCE HALFPENNY. WEDNESDAY'S POST. IOJIDON, Tt'Esn\ V, MARCH 19. rT* HE German. ami other papers from the north of JL Europe, continue to speak of the movements of French troops, am! to state other circumstances, which are considered as giving a colour of probability so the reports of a rapture between Russia aud France. ' Hie private letters from Vienna state, that the ex- pectation of a war with Rnssia prevailed very strongly (• p- re. It is, also said, Wat the Princes of the Rhenish l onfederary are completing their contingents, and that all the " Bavarian ami Wirk- niberg officers absent on leave have received orders to join their corps. French papers to the 12th inst. have arrived in ' town, but they contain nothing of any importance. T. ettcrs have also been received from the French capital to the lJth, - which state that the delivery of the Empress was hourly expected. If the event be favourable to the w i « hes of Bonaparte, the birth 01 r. King ofthe Romans, for such we believe is the title designed for Napoleon's son. if sou he is to have, will probably be first announced to us by the thunder of artillery on the npvosite coast. The Mnnjtmr states, that Mons. Labouchere, a merchant of Amsterdam, having obtained a passport to go to London, a report thence arose that proposals at pence were abont to he made to England, but that the Moufceur is authorised to coi. tradict these ru- mours; M. Labonchere's journey being upon the bu- siness of ( lis trade; and as no communications do or ran caist between the two Governments while the present Ministers remain in office, whose principles— those of perpetual war— ai'e known to all Europe!— This M. Labouchereis tiie person,' who, as we learn- ed almost a twelvemonth after by the Monitenr, had been commissioned, in one ofhis former voyages, per- formed iu February 1810, 10 inform us that no annex- ation of Holland to France would take place, " if we would consent to relinquish onr Orders in Comicil, er would return to pacific sentiments."— At the time of this proposal, Bonaparte affected to know uotliing about it; and Louis, the existing King of Holland, requested that hits name might notbementioned in the offer which was to be made by M. Labouchere, as coming from two certain Dutch Ministers. The whole of these transactions is styled in the Monitenr of last December, in which they are related, " Pro- ceedings of the Dutch Ministry with the English Go- vernment." A vessel which left Heligoland since thclast packet from thence, brings intelligence that all the troop* stationed oil the banks of the river for the purpose of prohibiting commerce, have been withdraw n into tlje interior, but far what phjrct was not knpwn.— The most recent advices from Hamburgh received at Heli- goland state that the exchange had risen upwards of eleven per cent, in favopr of London, merely on the knowledge of a diplomatic character being appointed by France to proceed with overtures to the British Gftvermncijt, It is the intention of Ministers to grant a subsidy of twa millions fen the nsc of Portugal. The sum is undoubtedly large, but wp do not see, in the present circumstances of Europe, how it enu| d be inare ap- propriately applied. Din ing the late campaign, the Portuguese assuredly e* c| jeded any expectations that had previously been formed of them, and we sincerely hope, in the campaign that is about to open they will preserve apd improve tlie reputation they have now acquired. From the Lisbon papers, it appears that the Prince Regeilt has sent from the Brazils, in three ships, con- siderable supplies of flour and salt provisions for the use ofthc anniri. General Stewart, brother of Lord Castlercagh, Lieut. Fitzclarencc, and several other officers, lately returned from Portugal, upder an idea that their ser- vices would not be wautcd for two month', have re- ceiyed orders to return to join the army. It would thus appear, that the movements of Massena have raited Lord Wellington into action sooner than he expected. The fall of Olivencia is a circmnstance which has surprized all the military men in Spam and Portugal, because it possessed means which, properly used, • would have enabled the placc to hold out many months; and it is oulv by the last accounts from Cadiz that the official report ofthe Governor of this unfortunate for- tress was made known, which proves the insinuations against him Were perfrctly trne, and that he gave up the place in a shameful and disgraceful manner, and which cannot be accounted for as arising from any other cause than that of treachery.— It is said that a sally made from lladajoz cost the French 1500 men in killed and w ounded, and that 700 ofthem werein the hospital of Olivcncia. In answer to the Electoral College of Finisterre, Bonaparte boasts he shall have, in four years, more than 10O sail ofthe line; and 200 frigates. The Madras papers state the loss of the country ship Charles, Capt.' Dcunison, with a cargo of fine Arab horses, treasure to the amount of three lacs of rupees, and a quantity of salt. The ship having sprung a leak, the salt unfortunately choaked the pumps, and the water gaining upon them, the vessel went dow n with forty- one lascarsand Mr. Ask with, the chief officer, w ho were all drowned. The rest, consisting of the Captain, Major Grant ( a passenger,) and forty- one others, got into the cutter and jolly - tioat, but in the hurry and confusion, no provisions were conveyed into the boats, and they were nine days at sea, exposed to the inclemency ot the wea- ther, and all tiie miseries of hunger, before they reached Baltsore Roads. On Saturday morning the Queen held another Coun- ail under the Regency Act, at Windsor Castle, for the purpose of takjng into consideration the state of his Majesty, which was attended by most of the Mem- bers named under the Act. Saturday's Gazette contains an account ofthe cap- ture of the French privateer Velocifere, of 14 guns and 57 men ; aud the recapture of a Danish vessel ( tiie Velocifere's prize), by the Dcsirec, Captain Far- ijuliar, off the Text1!, on the 10th inst. The Duke of Grafton departed this life on Thurs- day night, at Eustnn Hall, Suffolk, in the 75th year of his age. By his death there becomes vacant the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, and a ribband of the Order of the Garter. His Grace was Governor of the ports of Cornwall and Devon, Receiver- General of the profits of the Seals in the King's jjench and Common Pleas, and of the Prisage nt' Wines. Ac.; and also Recorder of Thetford and i oventfy, & c. His Grace is succeeded by his eldest son, the" Earl of Euston ( now Duke of Grafton,) irt consequence of which a vacancy takes place in the Parliamentary Representation of the University of Cambridge, for which his L'. rdship ras one- of the Members. The Prince Regent lias been pleased to appoint Miijor- Geucral John ILodgson, to be Governor aud Commander in Chief of the Island of Cairaeoa ; and Sir J. Cpckbiim, Burt, to be Governor and Com- mander ill Chief of the Bermuda Islands. Sir Sidney Smith is appointed to the command of a squadron, which is immediately to sail on a secret ex- pedition. It is also, n^ atcd, that Sir . Sidney himself was the planner of thy enterprise he is about to exe- cute. , . , . The, Dukes of Rutland and Qlocester ate candi- dates for the Chancellorship of Cambridge, now vacant by the death of the late Duke of Gvafton. Lp> xl Greuvilte has given a pledge to ionic leading Members in opposition, that he will resign the Audi- torship of the Exchequer, whenever he may next be invested with au official situation. The ship- ow ners of tbe port of Liverpool have petitioned tlic Lor^ a of Trade not to gwt licences for the importation of w ood ip foreign ships: a similar application was made a few days, ago, by the ship- owners of North and South Shields. These indut- geneies are stated to be as injurious to the British American colonists, as they are to the British ship- ping interest; and the experience of the last two years- it is said, proves there is no necessity for them. The Duke of Norfolk, and the Earl of Egremout, who are the two most considerable proprietors of estates through wlych the Grand Southern Canal will pass, have warmly interested tlieipselvt- s in that important undertaking, which is under the snperin- tendanec of Mr. Rcnnip, and will complete a fine of inland navigation between London and Portsmouth. Kingship being in these times a fashionable profes- sion, and larger fortunes having been made in that line thau most others, there l\ as recently sprmignp a third monarch in St. Domingo, aPhillippe Dos, the nieud of Toussaiiit, late in the employment of Christophe, hi* now at wavboth w ith Potion ami him. Seated among the populous aud fertile mountains of Mirahclais, iu the centre ofthe island, and bordering upon the Spa- nish dominions, he has increased his numbers to more than 600fj persons, and hopes to increase them still more by the nature of hi » defensive system, pledging himself never to invade his enemy, but only to call his subjects out when his lines'are actually attacked. Captain Donovan, who lately travelled 1000 leagues into the interior of Africa, justly observes that lie discovered no real savages except the Dutch inha- bitants of the frontier provinces of the colony; as also appears from the following account given by Col. Edwards in his travels in that country in 1797: —" In the neighbourhood of Swellendam, there are Bnshmen Hottentots, who migh( be civilised and niadp useful, if they were not limited and pursued like wild beasts, by the .- spirit of revenge and hatred which the planters harbour against them. I liaye known fa'nneif'join together to hput these miserable people as we hunt a fox, for perhaps carrying op" n sheep or lain!); gnd Ioucesaw , after the chase was over, these, blood- hounds draw lots for the first choice of two Ijttlp hoys tlipy found concealed in a bush, and whom they unrelentingly seized and eivdaved. In this state, to the disgrace of humanity, matters remain; for no endeavours ha, e as vet been made to civilize these ignorant creatures, and make them useful to society." The outline of Mr. Perceval's plan respecting the distilling is as follows:— s. d. Corn- wash used to pay 1 Intended to pay 1 4-', per gallon. 8i - 4d. advance. Sugar- wash lias paid, since the use of corn was prohibited ... 1 3 Intended advance .... 0 Oi - is. 3W. From which it appears that two years ago the allow- ance of l id. per gallon duty, in favour of sugar- wash, was deemed sufficient; and now 5d. per gallon in fa- vour of sugar is intended. Some disturbances have taken place iu the neigh- bourhood of Nottingham. On Tuesday last the work- men, to the number of 1000, assembled hi the mar- ket- place, and from thence proceeded in a body to Arnold, a distance of five miles, w hen their numbers were increased to between 2 apt! 3000! Thus aug- mented in strength, they shortly pvinced a determi- nation to adopt measures of violence, and parties proceeded to enter the houses and destroy the frames of several manufacturers. The pause assigned for these outrages was tlie distress suffered by themselves and families, in consequence of the stoppage of work. It now appears, that in the late order to disperse the Catholic Coiuipjttee sitting ill Dublin, Alderman Darley was sent to do nothing, and Mr. Babington was sent to help him I Tuesday night some boys sef fire to tlie fursc bushes near Pound Farm, Ditton Marsh, which so alarmed ttic mistress of the farm, that in going down stairs to call her daughter, she fell, dislocated her neck, broke her leg, aud expired before surgical aid coi^ ld arrive. LINCOLN AJSI7. ES.— The King t. Drqkaril. Qn Wednesday morning tho trial of this traverse or in- dictment came on, before the Hon. Baron Wood and a special jury; the grand jury, before whom the in- dictment was laid, having found a true bill. It had been expectcd that the proceedings would be carried on in the nature of an information ex officio by the Attorney- General; but the trial was proceeded on in the common way of indictment. Only six special jurymen of the papnel answering to their names, a talcs was prayed. The pleadings were opened by Mr. Reynolds, and the ease was stated by Mr. Clarke, who, w ith Seijeant Vaughan and Mr. Header, conducted the prosecution. The libel was staled to have been published in the paper called Drakard's Stamford News of the 24th of August last, and to be embodied in some observa- tions, headed " one thousand lashes," tending to create disaffection amongst the soldiers. Mr. Brougham, on behalf of the defendant, ad- dressed the jury in a speech of tvvp hours and a quarter, distinguished by a very rare degree of elo- quence and animation; and when lie sat down, a considerable clapping was set up in the gallery aud extremities of the Com t.— The judge, with great indignation, censured this indecency, and threatened one person, whom lie selected from the crowd, with imprisonment for the offence. Mr. Clarke, in his reply to the dcfcnce, alluding to the trial ofthc Messrs. Hunt, stated, that in copy- ing the article from the Stamlord News, they had omitted the strongest parts of it, and thus shewn their own judgment of the libellous tendency of the original. " I am sorry," said Sir G. Wood, in his address to the jury, " to say that wc live in an age when Ihe liberty of the press is scandalously abused, and libel- ling is become a trade." The jury withdrew for about ten minutes, and brought in a verdict of guilty.— Judgment on the dclhidant will be delivered iu the Court of King's Bench next ti rm. Dr. D avy, in a late most ingenious lecture, gave the following important information on the art cf blcacliing — Next to potash he found the oxymuriat of magnesia thy least injurious to csttnn and linen; its bleaching operation was rather slower inits power, but its superiority in preserving the soundness of the fibre was such, that he believed it would become an article of eomtnop use; and it had this advantage, that it parted witjb its hydrogen by applying a slight degree of heat, and might thus be restored, after having been used, to its former state, and serve re- peatedly for the same purpo e. Shotting on prohibited manors produces as deadly fends i, n Germany as in this country. An officer at Prague, passionately fond of O. ic sports of the field, persevered in shsotiug in a forest fVom which he had been repeatedly warned. He one day sent his ser- vant in pursuit of'game, who was net by the son of the game- keeper, and ordered to d > sist: the servant levelled his pjece at him, buf i » < ri'i4 hi' aim, was shot dead in return: the officer, when informed of the event, armed himself, and haspicd to the ganic- ' keeper's, whose son, he killed: the afflicted father, rendered furious by despair, to. pk q loaded pistol, and shot tlip assassin through the heart. The game- keeper is arrested, and a process commenced against him— curiosity is excited tokuow the judgment. GAME LAWS.— For the more pttriicuky information of the sporting part of the community, we have re- ceived, from an acting Magistrate, the following cor- rect extract from the last edi^ i'pn of Burn's Justice, just published. " H. 1,3, G. 3. R. v. Newman.— An information was* moved for against a Justice, for convicting two per- sons for using greyhounds to destroy game , vy'iich per- sons were themselves unqualified, but were Out with a qualified person; which they pleaded in their de- fence, and that the dogs were not their own.— The Justice said lie kn". w it, and thereupon convicted them. On feehalf of the Justice, it was contended, Ist, That the defendant was justified in yylit lie had done; for that an unqualified person' wa; liable to the penalty though lie was in company, wilh a qualified person.— 2diy, That if the law were otherwise, tlie Court would not inftrpose by granting au information atainst the Magistrate. But the Court were, on the fust point, of opinion, that the two unqualified persons were pro- tected by thp( r being in company with the qualified one, and consequently that the Magistrate outfit not to have convicted them. But upon the merits they discharged the rule, the Magistrate paying tlie costs. — I. oft, 173." " Hnt at Stafford spring a « sizes in 1804, in an action for killing game, by coursing, the defendant, not being qualified, ' ( Serjeant) for the plaintiff, insisted ( aud in this hp was confirmed by Mr. JusticA Law- rence). that, though a qualified person may take his servant or servants to assist him to kill game,' he can- not qualify them to kill it; neither Vvill his presence protect ail unqualified person, not being his servant, who goes for the purpose of taking the amusement of Coursing. But if such person take an act ve part, by beating across the fields or op open land, and join m tlie diversion in the same manner with a qualified per- sou, lie is as much liable to the penalties as if no such qualified person were present. ' J'he learned Judge observed, that the contrary was ' hi; usual practice; but that practice*?.!- said, wjk'd'nv: alti ilaw.— Mss. 1>." N. 11. The same Magistrate frotn whom we have received this information, has been very lately told, " that this question about unqualified persons being protected or not by qualified ones I is not so decidedly settled as some persons think it is." If the new de- termination above stated iu the 2i| case, be the right determination, a public conning day will make, or may make, plenty of work for the Justices in Its neigh- bourhood. In tlie first case here stated, Lord Mans- field said—" Shall not a gentleman take any body out Willi him, to beat the bushes, and 8$ E a hare killed;" —- Leeds Intelligencer. AMERICAN VINEYARDS.— Wc learn that at Swit- zerland, in the Indiana territory, the Swiss emigrants have made, during the last season, nearly three thou- sand gallons of wine. Time, however, is necessary to bring their vineyards, as well as their wine, to any degree pf perfection. Since they purchased of the United States tiie land which they now possess, some of the company returned to their native country, to bring from thence a greater variety of vine slips ; but owing to the peculiar situation of that country, tli/ y, as yet, have not been able to accomplish their return, which has very much retarded that rapid cultivation of the grape which would otherwise have taken placc. WESTMINSTER MEETING. Pursuant to requisition, a Meeting of the Inhabi- tants of Westminster took place on Monday, in Palace- yard. The High Bailiff having stated the business for which they were, called together, Major Caitwright addressed the meeting, and moved the resolutions anil address. He insisted on the impro- bability of peace being obtained; op the gigantic and increasing power of Bonaparte, and his threat of in- vasion beipg now more dangerous nnd near in exe- cution, without our being so well prepared to repel hi., terrible efforts. He coucluded by proposing- the following resolutions: Resolved,— Tliat this meeting think it right to make known to the Prince Regent their sentiments on public affairs, particularly on the absolute necessity of a Pafliamentary reform; not only for his Royal Higlmep's own consideration, hut in a hope also, that, iu case of surrendering his charge, he may report the same to His Majesty; evil counsellors having, for many years past, deprived the people of this realm of acres? to the throne. Resolved,— That this meeting approve and adopt the address which has been prepared. Resolved,— That the High Bailiff, together with Sir F. Burdett, our representative, are requested to present to the Prince Recent the dutiful address of this meeting. Resolved,— That the thanks of the electors of West- mi ster are due, and are hereby given, to their faith- ful representative, Sir Fraueis Burdett, for his un- qualified denial of au assertion made in December last, " That the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons of Great Britain and Ireland, do lawfully, freely, and fully represent alj'lhe estates of the people of this realm ;" contrary to notorious fact— a fact, and a wrong, of which the people of this realm have so long and so constantly compkiii; ed, buj: unfortunately without redress. Resolved,— That the thanks of this meeting ( fie given to the High Bailiff for his prompt attention tp tiie wishes of the electors, and for his conduct ui ' flie chair, Mr. Mallet read the address, which dwells almost solely on the necessity of effecting an immediate. and entire reform in the representation of the people. It alludes to the" habitual suspensions of the royal au- thority, some of which have been but recently brought to light;" Suspensions winch, the addressers say, they " know not how to distinguish from usurpations;' aud notice is taken of " the obstacles interposed by Ministers for preventing the accustomed access of the subject to the sovereign." Sir Francis Riirdett made a short speech, in which he particularly alluded to the practice of flogging. WESTMINSTER ABBEY, AND ITS MONUMENTS. RACKEKMANN, 101,. SF IT AM), LONDON, lias • issued proposals, ( Which may be liad of all the most respectable B ok and Print- sellers in the United Kingdom, or fouiid in the Twenty- Seventh' Ntitber of the REPOSITORY ofr ARTS), f t- publishing by Subscription, in Sixteen Numbers, ' forming two mag- nificent Volumes, large elephant 4to, saine size, paper, and type as the MiCnoCo'M OF LONDON; a most in- teresting Historical Wo'k, entitled Westminster Abba/ and its Monuments. Illustrated by Sixtv six highly finished and coloured Eneravines, after Design bv Pugin, Mackenzie, and Vilhera, representing exterior and interior Views of that venemb t F. difiiee, with all its Monuments; and dedicated, bv permiSsi n, to the Very Rev. W. VIN- CENT, U D. Dean of \ Vestminster.— The First Num- ber will b. e published? on the 1st of May, 1811, and the others will follow regularly pn the 1st of each suy- ceednig nmntb. N. P., No more than lootJ Copies will be printed. The first 5.00 Subscribers will be entitled to the work at lOs. Od. each iinmher, i-^ iid the other JOO will be charged 15s, From the unqualified approbation ex- pressed by all who have inspef teiilbe liiiawings ( whifh may be seen at the Publisher's), thero is no. doubt, that, long before the Work is finished, the whole im- pression will be disposed of, and then Copies of it will be worth almost anv price, REPOSITORY OF ARTS, On the first of Maiyh was published, Price 4 » . No. XXVtl. ( being the Third Number ot'tlie Fifth Vo- lume',) of that original mid popular Monthly M seel- lanv, THE REPOSITORY OF ARTS, LITERA- TURE, COMMERCE, MANUFACTURES, AND FASHIONS. This work, from tiie originally and superior excel- lence ofthe literary department, and thejfiegance aud number of its embellishment*, has justly obtained an unprecedented degree of public favour. The justice ofthe reputation vyliich it has acquired' is sufficiently evinced bv ^ ic eccentric aud highly instructive cou! » inuiiicalbiis of Jiiuinus ou the Fine Arts; the truly humorous and ingenious Letters on ttalv; the amusing and chastely moral correspondence pf Amelia; the numerous piquant and spirited pieces by the celebrat- ed Kotzi'bue; the just and animated criticisms ou new Musical Publications, and a multitude of other arti- cles, which it is impossible here to particularise. As a faithful mirror of the fashions and the graces, the REPOSITORY is'an almost ihilispemnble appendage to the toilet of every female of taste; and," as a work of useful and varied " reference, its value cannot fail to en- crease with eqcli successive year. POETICAL MAGAZINE- The humourous and whimsical adventures of Dr. Syntax, continued through the Numbers of the Poeti- cal Magazine, will be brought" t" a conclusion with the Fourth Volume, ou the Ist of May next, which will complete the Work. Those who wish to perfect their sets are requested to make early application, as very few copics remain on hand. The above lfork; are published b, yR. Aj,' HERMANN, 10!, strand. London '; and may be had ot all the prin- cipal Booksellers in the United Kingdom; and ot Mr. Washbourn, Bookseller, and Hough and Son, Glo- Cestcr, "" P" 1 BISH recommends a perusal ofthe undermen- JL » tioncd Scheme pfthe New Lottery, which will be found to contain Sixty Capital prizes, a'! to be drawn on the 4th of June. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of .£ 20,000 are - f 80, GOO 24 ,,. }, noo 24,000 Si 500 } 6,000 60 50 3,000 1,060 ....; 25 25,000 , 1,000 20 20,( 100 2,000 16 32,000 ? 0, OQQ Tickets. ^ JOO. Qqo ' l\ ckets and Shares are selling by HOUGH AND S) QN, GLOC& STEF,. B. BARRY, BRISTOL. J. R. HUNT, WORCESTER. MB « . WEBB, CHEPSTOW. Agents to Bttn, who, in the last Lottery sold Two Prizes of ,£ 20,000, also Two Prizes of £ 20, W) q in the Lottery drawn in October last, aud Thirty- seven other CAPITAL PRIZES in tlie Inst 15 Months. V Should any Person in the Country find a diffi- culty in procuring Tickets or Shares of the Agents, they are requested to apply by Letter, Post- paid, to BfSH, at either of his offices, 4, CoflNHipi,, or 9, CIFARING- CROBJ, LONDON. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is award- ed and issued forth against THOMAS DIX POOLE, of Arlington, in the comity of Glocester, miller, dealer aud chapman, aud he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commis iouet? in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, 011 Monday, the eighteenth day of March justant, at two o'clock in the afternoon, and un Tuesday, the nineteenth day of March instant; at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and 011 Saturday, the twentieth day of April next, at the same hour, atfliu dwelling- house of Thomas Leeliard, being the Fleece Inn, in Cirencester, in the said county of Gloee'sl ef, anil make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects, when aud wliefc the Creditors are to Come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sit- ting to t'bnsc assignees, and at the last sitting tiie said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the al- lowance ofhis certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any'of his Effects, aye not to pay 01; deliver the same hut to whom the Com- missioner? shall appoint, hut. give notice to Messrs. Meredith, Hobbins, and Toinkyns, Solicitors, Liu- colu's- lnn, London; or to George Bevir, Solicitor, Cirencester aforesaid. T. WEBB DYKE. WILL. THOMPSON. THOS: jON ivS. '' WHEREAS a Commission ol Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against RICH \ RD PHELPS and THOMAS PRESDICE, of Newnham, in the County of Glocester, Linen- Drapers, and they being declared Bankrupts, are hereby required to sur- render themselves to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, 011 the eighth ua'y of Marcli next, at six o'clock 111 the after- noon, 011 the ninth day of the same month ; anil on the BSffoud of April following, at ten o'clock in the fore- noon, at the White Hajt, in Glocester; and make a fuli discovery ami disclosure of their jP. st'ate and Ef- fects; when and where tiie Creditors are to coine pre- pa cd to prove tlie; r f) ebts, and at the second sittn g to chtise Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bank- rupts are required to finish then examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of their Certificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupts, Of that have any of their Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commis- sioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. George Chilton, Exchequer Office, Lincoln's- Inn, Loudon, or Mr.' W. C, Ward, Solicitor, Glotester, S JRdTFOKD'S* , - 10 EDITION OF Henf^' s < ' onniientarv, Printed verbal m from the best London Kdition, Without anv abridgement whatever. This Day is published, price only Eight- pence, ( Each number ton. aming three wtiule sheets of large demv lettei- press, aud uianv of tliem four- sheets.) . lumber I. embellished vvitli au elegant portrait 0: t . e Rev. MAITHEW HENRY, ( to' be Continued weekl v) of AN EXPOSITION on the OLp and NEW TlvSI'AMliNT, wherein each chanter is sum* tiled" up ill its contents; the Sacred Tex*, inserted at large 111 distinct paragraphs; each paragraph reduced to its proper h ads, the sense giien, anif \ a;' gelv illus- trated with practical remarks' and observations, fjrui- iug a must complete FAMILY BIBLE. By MfAjnilElF HENRY, / ale Minister of the Gant!; With a preface Rn the late Rev. HTU. FAM ROMAINE, M. A. This work is embellished with upwards of one hun- dred beautiful engravings, which are selected from such passages of bolV wrU, as not only to represent a' complete History of the Life and Sufferings of our' Blessed Redeemer, but f. l. e most remarkable Miracles and Transactions of the Patriarch*, P. iophets, Evange- lists, Apostles, & e. Thcilf engravings are Inreeraud superior to auv given ill works of double the price. I'o which' is ndiled,' a copious anoint of {,' « ? author's Ojh and extracts from his other celebrated Writings. The proprietor having expe'riencedtlie public patio- uage, to ipi extent unprecedented, for upivipils of fourteen. years, ^ tiring which ' period he has Men' ho- noured with the names of abOv'efa'f/ ce thuashr'. d •> 4- tcrioers, begs leave ( n .' gratitude! to sii^ te tlie MlwliWt facts • That notwithstanding the great ads auce in the. price ' ot Iiapei, printing, and engravings,' he continues to ( tire three t » M* sheets of large folio deiny paper, printed to the full extent of the margin tor eight pence; and, in the course ofthe vyork upwards of one btnared engruci'if;, ot superlative magnitude and ncatily, form- ing the inosf' perfect copy of ' Matthc- j) Hen,: y's Exposi- tion ml thc'Holy'S- ripturc, ever presented to the public. This it- Oik may be had by otie or m ire numbers weekly, or in three volume's neatly Vumd Subscribers are reej > ested tt> be particular in giving q. ders'fur tite Jctie cdti. on. Punted anil published' for J. S+ HAIPORD, No. 112, Holborn- IHII, Loudon, and sold by ail other booksel- lers and neivscarriers .11 kingdom; ' ' *' VVALiH'- S MtDIQtNEST CGAMAGE, No. i' 2, Badges- Street* o Strand, Proprietor of WaUh't Autiperuissis, mi ihe Hooping Cough, AstUi'ii& s^ and Complaints of the Lungs, and Walsh's Coltsfoot Lozenge » , i'oi Cuugln and Colds, respectfully informs the PuhtK. thai in future, Wal- h's Medicines tube genuine, will be Signeil C. Ca- rnage, on the Stamp ' ' "" I'Rifirs oj Hit MEplCIMES. s. 3. ti. R. Walsh's Antlnemusis.. Hand 3 6 Dftto Colsfool Lozenges... .. 1 F. C. WaUh's Ginger Seeds. II 2 9 Ditto Pondered Ginger 8 4 0 iiillo Aperient Pills' II 4 6 Ditto Digestive Qiniier dillo. ij 4 6 Ditto Aromatic Vinegar... .' ' 2 9 Ditto Improved HuxhaiuV) . Tincture of Bark ? Ditto Improved Paregoric ? . Elixir J " Z y A liberal bOou. -. Of to Merchant. Sic, for Exportation, The ahove are s- Id, Wholesale and Retail, In- C, Go- mage, Chyiuist, Ko 32, Brydges- sirepr,' JHmnp; also by Ingram ami Washbourn, Glocester; Seidell, Henney, and Ruff, Chepenham ; Reildell, and Bennel, Tewkesbury ; Pearce, Harlelbury; Wilson, Stroud; Goodwin, Tetbury ; Meaohim, LeObury ; Harding, and Kickarits, burslpy; Harris atid Richardson, Bristol^ Wright, Bath ; and Jenkins, Swansea. SIR, BUB, June fill, 1806. The cause of my troubling vou with lids, is, that f thought It s duty wlifth I owed to yourself and Society', that 1 should mention the > atu'arv effects that the Anti- perlussii had upon inv child, uh o was afflicted wilh the Hooping Cough, Ilia lyost ^ read'ul degreej he was at- tended by some of the ino t eminent of Ote Fa< ut- y there, who tor three days gave hipi over. At this time a Fr end of mine men'ioned the wonderlut cures tfiat had lieen ell fecled by your Medicine, and though we had no expecta- tion that iny child could possibly recover, ' yet 1 resolved to try it; 1 did, anc| al this linie have the happiness lo say that he Is q tile veil, and not the least s_\ m. opi of his cO. uplaint remaining; 1 remain, Sir, y « ur luiuiiih- Ser- \ ant, * JAS. ELLIS TOMKINS. ' I . M I — . r pHL following Medicine-; are prejiared only JL by the sole Proprietors, HUMBERT aud Co. 53, L ng- acrc, Lundoii: — THE RqY\ L'I| IUTISH ARCANUM; the only li^ ir- wash in E iglahd for cleansing, beautifying, and preventing' the hair from fallim; off, promoting its growth, and rendering it beautifully glossy, giving it a natural airy flowing appeaiance. Its effects will lie found pleasant and'beneficial after violent exet ei e, in cleansing away perspirable matter, such as arises from dancing, hunting, 6. C. and } t has also been liigldy rts commended by the Facility for hot climates. Patro- nised by several branches of the Royal' Family, & c.— Bottles Os. aud 3s. 6d. GOWLVND'S LOTION, improved by Macdonald ( from Dickenson's,) attested by some of the first cna- ractersin the Kingdom, as being superior to any other in the cure of cut culnr and scorbutic complaints'. Reduced by them in price.— Quarts, pints, and half- pints, ijs. 3s. 9d. aiid 2s. 3d. each. EMOLLIENT PREVEN'fiyE LOTION; tli^ most safe and elegant wash in the univeise, for clear- ing and softening the completion, removing sun- tan, freckles, morphew, and if used after Gowlaud'* Lotion has cured the eruption, it > yill iiitalijbly prevent the return ; ( s safe for slight ehiptjons iu children, and vvill be found to' giye certain ease and comfo^ to th^ face after shaving.— Bottles 3a. yd eacln ANGELICAL, or FAWfLV PILL? OP GRU. LIXGIUS; the Best Spring and Autumn Medicine in the wfiole Materia Medica, sanctioned by the practice of St. Thomas's and liartholoniew's Hospitals.— Boxes 4s. fid. and Its. eachj Dk. CLARE'S' OPTHALMIA OJN'JPMENT; an infallible reuiedy for iiiflamiiiatioi. s iii the eyes, dry or humid; generally in less than forty- eight hunts appli- cation has effected a cure. Satisfactory reference can be giveiiof persons having violent inflammations thus relieved.— Pots is. Od. M ACDONALD'S SPECIFIC for the DROPSY; every stage of which has given way to this Med cine, cxcept the Hydrocephalus, or Dropsy of tiie Head References can be given to persona 8Q years of age, who have been perfectly cured by the use of bue packet each, - lis. IT \ LI \ N DENTIFRICE, ami HUMBERT and C-' s CHEMICALLY PR'KPARED' CH. A COAL; the best Aiitiseeptic, Antisc t butic, and Medicine Tooth Pi wder 111 the world. Boxes2s. 9 t and Is. 6d. DR. DA. VVVINS STOMATIC, or DINNER PtLL- i, for the loss of appetite, indigestion, and debi- lities of tue stomach in general.— Boxes 5s 6d. The ajpife aifiefes ate sold by tngrani, successor to C. Jones, and Wiiit tick,' Glocester; Walkms, Ciren- cester; Watkins, and Bosley, Hereford; Guise and Co aud M'Doiil, Wore ster; Gittou, Biidguorthj Evanson, WlutChurchj Ruff, Chelteiihani; ami Ball, Dublin, i VVE11NESD ' V, MARCH 20. - . J A T o Monday contained an arconnt, of ttn- i rt and alarming import, in relation to >-.. v , ys health. It stated, that at eight o'clock , r- - . morning, the Lord Chanrsllorhhd waited- Prince Rege nt, and informed hiin that ' « ' flis y had relapsed into that . state iu wiikjt jtliiul necessary to prevent his seeing any qf his ' iv." This melancholy account the paper which . ,' iincd it sai l was derived from " unquestionable , niy:" on the contrary, not only the official • I reported " His Majesty to be much in'tilt v stale, i- e' lial. Jjccn through the last week," v'lereas'tiie Lord Chancellor's communication was - t « • aim'om. j'c on Sunday morning early, that" ';': e Kind's f. n. ilv i » « r> t be again debarred from acccss him, we find, by letters from Windsor, that the . • . Ivege. nt had an interview with Ins Royal F liicr iliout the noon of the day when the prohi- bition was . said to be communicated to him ; and that • e Duke of York walked with his Majesty on the . rr. icc, in the course of the day ( Sunday), when the , e ither being extremely fine, the King and the Duke were seen walking together by numbers of spectators ffitm the home park. Nay, more, we find by the ace ou I its received last night from Windsor, that his Majesty walked yesterday, for half an hour before dinner, on the terrace, accompanied by two ofhis family, their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York and Cambridge; and that lie resinned his walk after dinner for two hours and a half, attended only by a single equerry. If his Majesty, as is not improbable, had sonic irritation in the course of Saturday, it was not, we understand, deemed at all alarming by the Physicians. His Majesty has been, in the healthiest times of his life, subject to hurries or irritation. A confidential letter has reached town from Liver- pool, stating that a ship had arrived from New York, v. ilicli left that port as late as the 9th of February. ' 1 he master of this vessel says, that when the advices reached New York from Washington, the information wa-. that the Hodsc of Representatives was sit'ing with closed doors, that the new noil- intercourse law would not pass, and that the further non- importation law would be substituted for it. Our private opinion is opposed to the conclusion here drawn, and we ful- ly expect the non- intercourse bill will be converted into a law, w ith a clause, perhaps, suspending its op< ration until the Executive Government shall besa- tisfied that the decrees of Berlin and Milan have been abrogated. A letter from Portugal, dated March It, says, " Our army never was iu better health or spirits: on Sunday last the whole sick of the army w as but 2153, including convalescents." , Inciters from Lisbon stale, that the two Spanish Generals taken by the French, when they surprised the camp of Carrera near Badajoz, were, the One a relative td Godov, the Prince of the Peace, and possessing great influence- in the province of Estre- matlura : and the other, a mail who had been Godoy's private secretary, and an intimate friend of the traitor M'irla.— We own that the defeat of Carrera's division is to us, under all its circumstances, a most dis- heartening event. Surprises, ambuscades, and the like stratagems, we would naturally cxpect to be practised by the native troops, who had the perfect knowledge of the country, and of its inhabitants. It never occurred to us that strangers could have pos- sessed the local facilities to give them the superiority in such enterprises. Lord Wellington reports the people of Spain as inveterate in their hatred of the French ; but may we not be allowed to fear, from the recent adventure near Badajoz, and the charac- ter of tiie Generals taken, that some of the Chiefs do not participate iu the enthusiasm of the people ? The private accounts, both from Paris anil Vienna, confirm the reports of the probability of a war break- ing out between Russia and Francc. What was mentioned in the Hamburgh Correspon- denten regarding the dismission of Prince Konrakin, Minister of the Home Department to Alexander, is now confirmed in the French papers. The Prince, whose brother is the Russian Ambassador at Paris, was well known for his attachment to tilt polities of the Ex- Minister Canlinronrt, and is a further indica- tion of the change of opinion at the Court of St. Pe- tersburgh. Letters were yesterday received from the coast pf France to the date of Saturday last, by which we learu that at that time the embargo had not been raised. Paris papers to the 13tli inst. state that several per- sons of high rank hud arrived in that city, among whom w ere the Prince Borghesc, and the Viceroy of Italy. Their arrival is attributed to the desire of Bonaparte to give eclat to the accouchement of the Empress, now shortly expected. Bonaparte has decreed, that the knowledge of the dead languages is not necessary for holding any pub- lic situation, or taking any degree in the national in- stitutions of Francc. All public proceedings are to be conducted and registered in the French language, and the prescriptions of physicians are to be written in that tongue. He has also issued a decree, prohibit- ing the circulation in the departments of Holland, and those of the Ems, of any newspapers, periodical jour- nals^ or musical works, printed in the department of the Mouths of the Rhine; and also interdicting the introduction of similar works, printed in the two first- named territories, into the latter department. The French Government of Holland has entirely abandoned the system of conscription, as it is enforced in the other parts ofthe empire ; and a mode of filling up the ranks of the army less obnoxious to the feel- ings of the Dutch has been adopted. From the Hamburgh and Danish papers to the 26th n) t, it appears that the Bank of Vienna has been great- ly embarrassed by the war contributions to France; and that the Nobles of Hungary have made a volunta- ry contribution to alleviate public distresses. The taxes are described to be extremely burthensome to the subjects of Austria, and it is said that some resist' anee had been made to their collection.—- French troops continue to be moving towards the north of Germany. ... < 1200 Norwegian sailors have passed through Ham- burgh, on their w ay, to Antw erp, for the purpose of manning the fleet in ftie Scheldt. By a letter frym Port- au- Prince, St. Domingo, dated the 15th of the preceding month, we learn that overtures had passed between the rival chiefs Pe- tion and Christophe to settle their quarrel by a treaty of partition. An article, dated Constantinople, Dec. 12, says, —" The news from Bagad is unpleasant. The Porte had imagined, that after having punished, in an ex- emplary manner, one rebel Pacha, the others would have obeyed, and that ol der would prevail: however, the new Pacha refuses to pay over tu Halet Efl'enili the treasure ofhis decapitated predecessor, and will only consent to pay the arrears of contributions due. Halet Efl'endi began to speak ill a high tone, and used tiic name of the Sultan, upon which all the city took up arms, and the Envoy ofthe Grand Seignior was obliged to retire to Musstil." Oil 15th Jan. Te Deuui wa- sung at Carthegena, for the cessation of the epidemic distemper; which had destroyed 4- 169persons, including 78 British soldiers. Mr. Foster, the new Plenipotentiary to the United States, will sail from Portsmouth, in a very few days, in tlie Minerva frigate, Don Cevallos has embarked at Portsmouth on his return to Spain. A change is in contemplation in the Government of Ireland, by which the office of Chancellor of Ihe Exchequer, and of Chief Secretary, arc to be united in the same person. Mr. Foster, we understand, re- tires after the present session. Yesterday, at two o'clock, Sir John Sinclair, as President of the Board of Agriculture, a, ni1 a'Com- mittee of the Landed Interest, waited uponMr. Per- ceval, in Downiug- street, to discuss whether the'prc- • scnt prices of bariejv and other, corn, were adequate tn^ lie eoc> eased\ eutSl « f land, and enhanced ex- jpjnccf of t% c grower? < * In ponscqtience of tlV increase in the price of bul- lioiij H has been found necessary to jiflix and addi- tional Value to tilt dollars now in ciriMtation; aniK the Bank Directons haveNin consequence given pub- 1 lie notice, that they shall issue and receive the Bank dollar tokens, nntil six months notice to the contrary be given, at five shillings and six- pence each. If Hiis measure" had fiot been adopted, the dollars wonld very soon have been withdrawn from circulation, because they were worth more, to lie sold as bullion,- tlihii the price irt which ttrerwere curtrut... ; The case of the Earl of Banbtiry, which has been in controversy before the House of Lords for only one hundred and fifty years, is to be decided on Tltursday in a Committee of Privileges. In the House of Commons oil Monday, after some debate, two millions were voted to enable the Go- vernment of Portugal to maintain a body of troops. The House went into a Committee on the Commer- cial Credit Bill; among the Commissioners named are, Mr. Lygon, Mr. Raikes, the LoriLMayor, & c. On Tuesday Mr. Henry Martin obtained, leave to bring in a Bill to explain and amend an Act passed in the 39th of the King, which at preseut was felt very lieavily by printers, publishers, and others con- nected with the Press of this country. Lord Castlereagh and his brother, Gen. Stewart, were the only Irishmen of rank who ap| » earrd without the distinguishing mark of the shamoek on Sunday last. The 10th light dragoons have received permission ti> assume the epithet of " Royal." Their facings, which were yellow, will now be changed to red. The report ofthe wreck and total loss pf the crew of the Sabiua, of 18 guns, Capt. Groves, which has appeared in several London and provincial prints, is totally unfounded; as the Sabina, about three weeks since, was at Cadiz, and Capt. Groves had left her and was- arrived at Lisbon, waiting for his passage home, and was then on board the Barflcur, of98gmis, Admiral Berkeley. The Fervent, of 18 guns, is arrived at Plymouth from Chcrbnrgh ; we are sorry to say that while our vessels were- tiff their station, the French squadron, a 74 and two frigates, ventured out, audaftera smart action captured tlie Challenger, of 18 gams. The Fervent escaped by fast sailing; the men of war psssed on for Brest. Several vessels, lugger- rigged, arc preparing, by order of the Admiralty, to cruise in the Channel, to prevent the depredations of the enemy's privateers. Ilis Majesty's schooner Fteur de la Mir, Lieut. Alexander, foundered lately off St. Domingo in a gale of wind; but the crew cseapcd in their boats, were picked up, and landed at Jamaica, by an American. Captain Willoughby, who so gallantly defended the Nereide in the Isle dePas, is not dead ofhis wounds ( as mentioned in some papers'), but is qiiiterccovercd from their effects, excepting in the unfortunate loss of an eve. Tbe Bahama Islands experienced in the montlfof November, the severest gales of wind ever known in that quarter — 200 vessels were lost, tnany souls perished, and incalculable damage sustained by the planters. The Board of Trade, we understand, now issues licences for the general importation of Baltic produce, with the exception of spirits, stock- fish, aud oil. Yesterday the benevolent Society of St. Patrick held their annual dinner at the London Tavern. The meeting was very numerous and respectable, and the subscriptions liberal: 14561. were collected, includ I itc lOOgs. each from the Prince of Wales and the Marquis of Dow iithire. The Secretary at War, Lord Palmerston, left town on Saturday, to canvass for the University of Cam- bridge. He will be opposed, we understand, by Mr. Smyth, grandson to the lat*- Duke of Grafton. Yesterday, at Bow- street, Mary BUfeeniau, wjio was apprehended on Saturday evening, in the pit, passage of Coveut Garden Theatre, was convicted as a reputed thief. - , T° BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, W « AIOORE ami SON, . , . . Ill Mondnv, Tnfedav, and Wednesday, the 25th On Tuesday, the ? 6th; day ot March, 1811, aut , Stall, and 27th days o'f March, 1811, beginning p> eK following dsys-^ Tlie entire \ ... \ cisely at teh o'clock each morning;— All * LIVE STOCK, & c. MODERN AND IXKGANT n—- ii.: cr> t » J_„... r HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, WORCESTERSHIRE. ELEGANT AND MODERN FURNITURE. i W by fQ i Books, China, Glass, Hretring Utatsils, Casks, and , other Effects," _•'•' V, at the RECTORY HOUSE, in" the parish of UFTON- UPON- SEVERN; Mr. Raines meaning in future to re- serve only a small part, of the Rectory Housfe to him self. ' S • ... The Effects conqflrise mahogany fluted four- past, tent, anil tt^ ter. beiMends, with rich chintz, cotton, dmiity, and harrfteen hangings. aud, window- curtains to match; ten prime seasoned feather - Jicds, I, Marseilles qnilts and cotton counterpanes : an elegant assortihent of mahogany furniture, id Cumberland, dining, Pembroke, Card, library, dressing, and night tables, a very handsome sideboard, doable and single chests of drawers, and wash- hand- stands; mahogany,! fancy- painted, ami stained chairs, neat pier and dres- sing glasses, a beautiful convex mirror, in rich gold frame, Wilton anil Scotch floor, bedside, and stair- case carpeting, painted floor- clijjh, a , pair of, sofas, with elegant cliinz corers, and draw window- curtains, with modern drapery heads to correspond ; au excel- lent month clock, and a general collection of drawing- room, parlour, chamber, and kitchen furnitures, dai- ry ' and cn'inary utensils; an assortment of c'oiim arid earthenware, in breakfast, dinner, few,- ami supper services, a variety of cut glass, in decanters, trifle- dishes, castors, salts, jelly, wine, tumbler, rummer, custard, and finger glasses, together with japan tea- urns, tea- trays, waiters, and other japan ware; a mash- tub, working- tubj, skeels, and brewing requisites, aud about 20 wrUjtea. iinetl casks of various sizes. A prime dairy cow, useful poney, rick of hay, cart, set of gecring, hurdles, ladders, wheelbarrow s, gai- u den- roll, ritciimbet- frame, aud a variety of farming and garden tools. Catalogues may be had a week previous to the sale, at the Hop- pole, Worcester J Feathers, iledbu- ry; King's Head, Glocester; White Lion, UjiTon ; at the place of sale; and of the Auctioneers, Tewkesbnry. VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, Dm Utensils, frc. etc. BE SOLt)-. 15Y AUCTION, fyt V 71ft. WHITE, f . oa ti! w Consisting of Cows, Oxen, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Fann.' inglihttlements, sDairy Utensils, find part ofthe \ HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Ste- nt the Gmii^ RsFsrin, in the parish of Westbnry- tiponi Severn, in the county of Glocester, the property of Mrs MARY BIRT, who is going to leave the Farm: Comprising Ujrtefa very useful dairy cows, with calves, or to calve; two fat cows, two three. year- oid heifers in- calf, fotjr two- year- old heifers, six three- year- old steers, fix two- year- old ditto, eight yearling beasts, eight capital meaty oxen ; six useful cart irses, one nag horse; 80 ewes and lambs, and to yean; ( H • - — , •• -...... — — - —. • 7 , — , i wool mattresses, straw palliases, Witney blankets, Two rams, 25 wether sheep, 55vearhng sheep, cmssed " '* ~"" ' with the RyeUnd breed; nine capital store pigs, one sow in- pig;, two broad- wheel waggons^ two urn row ditto, two broadswlieel ox- wains, one broad- wheel cart, oqe roller, three pair of harrows, one dra « , four ploughs, five sets, of long geers, two sets of thiller's ditto, ox- yokes and chains, all in good condition; 1' 5 cow cribs, one rick of plover, a quantity of hay, a iiiim- ; IKII of excellent casks well bound, and several other fiiticles, which will be expressed in catalogues previous . idtli^ sale: . i ;.„,.. COPY HOLD U> US, .. And Capital Ouk and other Timber Trees. '" TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, bv 1 , tf. UUITP 1811. MR. R. CANNING'S Bay Horse, KNOWSLEY, by PARAMOND, dam by ALEXANDER, " ill Coier this Season, for readv. mnnev, at TWO GUINEAS and a CROWN, each Man;. He will be at the Angel Inn, iu the Corn- Market, Worcester, oil Fridays and Saturdays ; at the White- Hart, Evesham, on Sundays and Mondays ; at the Stin, Tewkesbury, every other Tuesday ai d Wednes- d y; at the Marquis of Graiihy, G. lieestcr, every o her Tuesday aud Wednesday; and at the Talbot, Upton, on Thursdays, during the Season, UARAWAV, The property of Michael Bryan, WILL COVER, this Season, at Tewkesbury, at TWO GUINEAS each Mare. Caraway was tot by Ceriamler, his dam by Mugnet, grand dam by Matchein, great grand dam by liegutu. i, and , u of a i own sister to the Anoatrr Starling, by Starling Partner and Croft's Bay Harb, He is a dark brown, clear of white, fifteen hands two . nches high, with great bone and good action. At Newcastle- upon- Tyne lie won a sweepstakes of 25 guineas each, seven subscribers; at Ktockton, .50/.; at Morpeth, 5011.; at Penrith, 60 guineas; at Richmond, 501.; at Ascot, 50/. and 100 guineas. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is award- ed and issued forth against JOHN WEBB, of the parish of Bisley, in the county of Glocester, Clothier, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the fifteenth and sixteenth days of Marrh instant, and on the sixteenth day of April next, at eleven o'clock m the forenoon of each of tiie said days, at the house of John Child, the Red Lion Inn, at Cha ford, in the said county of Glocester, and make a full discoverv aud disclosure ofhis Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second sitting lo choose Assignees, ami at tbe last sitting the said Bank- rupt is required lo finish Ins Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent fiem the allowance of his Certificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any ofhis Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same hut to whom the Commission- ers shall appoint, but give not ce to Mr. Charles Con- stable, Solicitor, Syiuoiid's Inn, London; or Mr. Mat- thew Lamburn, Solicitor, Stroud, Gloceslershire. RICH. DONOV AN. WM. A. COOKE. P. H. FPHF. IL SWEDISH SOAP. MILFOBD- HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. THIS NEW SOAP will be found be\ OIK! all comparison the best pteparatiou known for the MILLING, < S. c. of WOOLLEN CLOTH, aud to be a most important improvement. Made only as ordered, and sold iu CIIESTS, Price Fifteen Pounds sferlintr each, containing in general about Three Hundred Weight, but regulated always by the current value of i . oiuloii Curd Soap, it bearing the same price. Orders for any quantity not less than a Che t in post- paid Letters( enclosingRemittances in Bankers Paper, or they will not be attended to,) addressed to the sole Manufacturers, " THE MIM- OHD- HAVM SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY," Pembroke, will lie executed within three weeks' notice, and delivered free of expence at any of the principal ports in the united kingdom. V NO CREDIT WHATEVER. JO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by W. MOURE and SON, On Thursday, the 28th day of this inst. Marfch, at the White Lion Inn, Upton- upon- Severn, Worcestershire, between the hours of four aud six in the evening, sub- ject to the conditions of sale as shall be then and there produced;— All that Messuage or Tenement, Shop and Prctniscs, Eligibly situated in the centre of the town VfUpton- upon- Scvern aforesaid, with the Appurtenances, now in the possession of Mr. Williams, Breeches- maker. The premises are Freehold of Inheritance, arc in complete repair, and early possession maybe obtained, and a purchaser may heaecouimuiUted with part of tlie purchase- money on mortgage. " To view the premises, apply to the said Mr. Willi* anis, and for further particulars at the office of Long and Beale, iu Uptoii- upon- Severh aforesaid. TO BE SOLD bv AUCTION, bv W. MOORE ' and SON, Precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon of Fridav, the 29th day of March, 1811, at the NAG's- flE- VD INN, RIPPLE, about midway between Tewkesbury and Upton- upon- Sevcrn;— All that very Capital anil TTTBI. Y VALUABLE OAK TIMBER TREE, Called TRUMPETER'S OAK, with the Lop, Top, and Bark, now standing in a field ou STtili- lfn I- ESTATE, in the parish of TWINIXG, within a short distance of the turnpjke- foad leadingfioni Tewkesbury fo Upton- npon- Severn aud Worcester; three miles from the for- mer places, and twelve from the latter; and within a mile nf the River Severn. The aboveuained Tree is well worth the attention of tiuiber. meic . anls, being nearly tnirty feet in length, and upwards of twelve feet in circumference, exclusive of the branches, vftjch $ re very iarj; e. Messrs. Clarke, the Occupiers of "^ tub- Hill Estale, will cause the tree to be shewn ; a d further paw cu- fcirs may be known of the Auctioneers, Tewkesbury. GLOCESSTEBSHIRE. Charlton A mqs, near Cheltenham. TO be SOLD by- AUCTION, in Fee, by IF. MOORE and SOS, On Tuesday, Ihe- ad day of Apr. li, IBM, beginning precisely at len o'clock in the morning;— All the LIVESTOCK, Hay, Dairy-'- Utensils, part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BrewnmRequisites, Casks, and otnei Effects, on Ihe Premises of Mrs. How MAN, ( Who is going to leave tue Estate,) at BAFFORD FARM, in t' « parish of CHARLTON KINGS, wit, m two miles of tiie town nfClie teijiain: comprising 14 prime young dairv cows an . ralves, or to calve, s- yen three- year- old heifers in- calf, one fmir- year- old barren hei- i'ci, cue three-? car- old ditto, 10 two- jear otd diito, five vear ing heifers, a ueil- hred two- vi ar- oid bull, a y arliiig ditto; 10 ( heaves lu- yean, fo ewe and wether tets; I wo ver\ fat pigs', oi e hilt u i- farrow, seven store pigs; one two- year- old Cart fcoif, a very nsef- d six- year- old hackney mare; aTtcu At* well- ended hay, about 14 tons ; barrel Churns, rhe< se presses, ciiwis, skeels, double a id single milk leads, and other dairy utens Is; tw furnaces, mash- JBb, skeels, and brewing requisites; six well- seasoned hogsheads and smaller casks ; together with a variety of household furniture, aud other effe t » ; the whole of which will be ex- pressed in catalogues, that may be had at the Lamb Inn, Cheltenham ; King's Arms, Prestbury; Fro& mill Inn; Maidenhead, GloCestei ; at the Place of Sale; and ofthe Auctioneers, Tewkesbury. T° GLOCESTER. vHIRE. be SOLII bv ALT HON, by W. MOOtt E and SON, O 1 Moudav and Tuesday, the 15th aud IGtli days of Apri-, 1811, beginning precisely at 10 o'clock each niBi'tniig;— Ail the very capiial and truly valuable LIVE STOCK, Incitements of Husbandry, Hairy Utensils, Cider Cast's, part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and llicwing Requisites, on i he premises of Mr. WM. HYIR, ( vrtio IS s '(' « to leave the Farm), at VV I IS- LINGTON- COURT, in the panso ofS A ND HURsT, witi in a mile of the turnpike- ioad leadiui! from Glo- cest r to fewkesbury, three miles from the former, ami 7 from the latter place. The first day's sale will consist of the Live Stock and Imp. ements of Husbandry, winch comprise eigh- teen prime young dairy cows and calves, or to calve . 20 two- year- old heiliis, go yearling ditto, 2 two- year* old bulls, au I one yearling, principally of the Hereford- shire breed, 9 capita' andyoiiu;. nll- t. nCii cat treblings and mines, 3 three- year- niil col s, 4 yearling ditto, a very useful six- year- old iiaekney mare, ai d a poney ; 40 ewes and lambs, or to yean ; 10 drv s . eep, two sows witn pigs, threesloies, and a cajntal hoar ihrec narrow- wheeled waggons, one narrow a il thn e liroail- w heeled carts, nine sets of long, aud t ree of ibiliei's geemig, double and m, igle ploughs, bar. ey- roll, drays, and oilier tinmiiic utensils, O. I the second day will be sold tlie Household Fur- niture, Dairy Utensi ls, Cider Casks, Brewing Requi- sites, and oilier Etlects, vvnicu consist oftiiur- ji st, tester, and tent b< ilst" ads, with nariateen and linen furniture; well- seasoned ieat er beds and bedding, tables, chairs, chests of drawers, anil genera assort- ment of parlour, chamber, and kitdi - u requisites; a double wi- id- iip clieese-, ires » , barrel- ehuri. s, cheese- cowl, milk- leads, and dairy uleiisils ; 13 hogsheads of cider, 20 seasoned empty hogK., ea< i » ind smiil. er casks, furnaces, mash- tub, skecs. Inns, and We wing requi- sites, logether with many other useful arricles. Catalogues may be had a week previous to the sale, at the lloolhall and Maidenhead, G. . c sier; Lamb, Ciieltenhain; Green Draton, Corse Lawn ; New Inn, L ti. ford; at the Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneers, Tewkesbury, the afternoon, subject to such conditions ns shall i be ' then produced ;— several Pi ces or Parcels of . LAND, containing about 42A. in. 34P. situate in the parish of Hope Mansel, in the county of Hereford, being allotments under au Iiiclosnre Act, for inclosing ' lii commonable and waste lands in the parish of Hope i . Mansel, in the ccuuty of Hereford, in the following lots:— , , A. R, LOT 1. A Piece of LAND, containing aboijt 91 10 LOT 2. Ditto 7 0 II LOT 3. Ditto.....' 1..: 5 I 12 LOT 4. Ditto........'.....; , 3 3 28 LOT 5. Ditto....;:" 10 0 9 LOT 0. Ditto.. ;.;...'.. » 3 0 « s LOT 7. Ditto 3 3 22 The above land is copyhold of inheritance, and is subject to tiie. payment of a small chief reut to the . lord ofthe manor of Hope Mansel. At the same time also will be SOLD, the nnder- men- tioned TIMBER, in the following Lots : LOT 1. Twenty- seven MAIDEN ASH TIMBER TREES, numbered with red paint, from 1 to27, both inclusive. LOT 2. Twenty- seycn ditto, also numbered with red paint, from 28 to 53, both inclusive. LOT 3. Twenty- six ditto, also numbered with red paint, from 54 to 80, both inclusive. LOT 4. Thirteen MAIDEN ELM TREES, of ' rnatuie growth, and one WITCH ELM, blazed and Crossed with red paint. LOT 5. Forty- one MAIDEN OAK TIMBER S TREES, of matin e growth, also blazed and crossed with red paint.— This lot is of good quality, and fit for naval purposes. The above Timber Trees are standing on the above- mentioned lands, and are within three miles of the river Wye. - For a view of the Land and Timber, apply to Mr. John Addis, of Hope Mansel, at whose house a per- son will attend every Tuesday and Friday, till the day of sale, to shew the same; and for other particulars, to Messrs. Tovey and James, Solicitors, Newnham, Glocesterslure. ( One Cancern.) GLOCESTERSHIRE. Capital Farming Stock, Implements in Husbandry, Corn, Household Furniture, fyc. At Calmsden, in the Parish of North Cerney, 5 miles from Cirencester, and 4 from Northleach. RO BE SOLD BY AUC HON, bv ' T. ACOCK, On Tuesday, the 26tli of March, 1811, on the Pre- mises; - The LIVE STOCK, Implements in Husbandry, fee, the Property of Mr. II. ES, who is leaving the Farm; comprising four cart horses, two three-} ear- old cart colts, cjie hackney mare, four fat oxen, one fat Cow, six tiree- year- nid oxen, seven two- year- oh! ditto, ten two- year- old heifers, two three- year- old • Into in- calf, two three- year- old barren ditto, one barren eow,; aud one cow in calf; four porking pigs, two sows aud pigs, five store ditto, and one boar pig ; two vvaugons, three Jiroad and one narrow- wheel carts, p ouglis, drags, harrows, roll, harness, hurdles, sheep racks, chaff machine, winnowing ditto. Also two wheal ricks, one barley ditto, and one oat ditto ; with an assortment of Dairy and Brewing Utensils, and Honseiio d Furniture, which will be expressed in Catalogues to be had at the usual places in due tunc. Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. GLOCESTER8 HIRE CAPITAL Farming Stock, at ILiwIing Lodge Farm, Fire miles from Winchcoaihe, seven from Stow, and ten from Cheltenham. ro BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, by 1 7V ACOCK, On the Premises, oil Monday, the 1st of April, 1811 All the valuable Live Stock, the property of Mr. Cook, who is leaving the Farm : compr smg IS7 ewes and theaves, m yean or with lambs, 13d ewe and wether tegs, 28 fat shear hogs, and 10 rams; 11 usef.. l da. ry cows and heifers, in calf or witn calves, yoke working oxen, tbrec3 year old ditlo, enht 2- year- old heifers and steers, seven yearlings; s x siore pigs, ami one sow and pigs. *„* Tne sale to begin at eleven o'clock. Cata- logues may he had ai the usual places in due lime. OLOCEST! RSrllRE. TO be SOLD by AUC HON, on Monday, tbe 1st day of April next, at ike White Horse Inn, in the town of MITCIO. LDEANJIII the county of Glocester, between the lieu s of three and five in the afternoon, ( unlessd sposed of in the mean time hy Pruate Con- tract, of vviiich notice wilt be uiven in the Giucestei Herald tne30th March instant:)— All that Very desirable />• eh old Altssuage, Consisting of a pood parlour, small ditto, good kit- chen, i wo chambers and garrets, day house, and cel- lar, w mi a nood milMioiise and cyder- mill, barn, tliree- slall stable, shcep's- cot, sheds, anil other necessary buildings; gm d fold, with a spring of wa'er running through it; a pleasure garden planted with choice fruit- trees, ami two kitcuen gardens; together with about SEVENTEEN ACRES ot exceeding y RICH ME A- DOW LAND, which.- may be occasionally flooded, anil about nine acres of PLOUGHED LAN D, some of which would make good meadow laud ; the greatest part is weil stocked witu the best sorts ofFruilrTiees, now i i their p'rime, a, d capable of making one hun- dred hogsheads of c der m a season, and very api to bear timt, tile situation being very good, and a regu- lar succession of truii- trei's having been planted for ten y eai s past, and no i xpei. ces have bet n p ired to graft tnen witn great variety, and of be best aorta. The premises are wall supp led with water, and seveial ponds have been lately made, apd a trout stream runs tiiougn nearly the middle of the lands, nearly sur- rounded by the turn, ike road leading from Ihe town of Miicheldcan to Glocester, distant from the former about two mile.-,, and the latter about nine ; situate in LONGHOPE, where parish taxes are very reasonable, and wnere coal anu materials of all descriptions for huihhiij itiay be had at a reasonable expence. The lan i- tax is redeemed. It * as lately the residence of tne proprietor, ho spared no exponce for its improve, ment for ten yea is last past; and will be sold subject to a strict lease, ( tne re., being equal to 110/. 5s. yearly,) aud to sucli conditions as shall be produced. For iiirthei pa- titulars, and to ii eat for tne same by pi i- vate contract, apply to Mr. Thomas Bayly, Attorn y- at- law, ( heps low. Monmouthshire, the proprietor; if by letter, post paid, will ue duly attended to. GLOCESTERSHIRE. Assignees of THOMAS li! A . ,..... _ _ EE, a Bankrupt.) • T^ O- Bg SOLD BY AUCTION, on- Tnesduy, X th^. 2d » o/ April,. 1811, at four in the afternoon, at the Stfan Trir., iu Bibnrv, ( In Fee,) •> THJIEE IN8LOSURES OF ARABLE LAND, Containing aboiit Thirty- four Acres, in ARM'NCTON, in the parish " of Bibnry; also the LEASE, ( eleven v years nnexjjited at Michaelmas last,) of about Seventy- eigh^ eres of inclosed LAND, with a Barn, Stable, and other Buildings, situate iu Arlington aforesaid.— About Twenty- eight Acres are now in Wheat. The whole of the above Freehold and Leasehold Premises is ill a very beneficial state of Cultivation to ' a comiog- on Tenant. Immediate possession will b"" siven. For particulars apply to Mr. Pitt, in Cirenoesjcr.- and/ or a view, to Mr. Poole, at Aiiiugtoh Mill. Cr.— ~(. One Cvm. xriuj.-~ GLOCES'lERSlilRI- T7 " TO be SOLp by AUCTION, on Thursday and Friday, the 28tU^ » < t « ) tlnitys of March, 1311, beginning each mitrning at eleven o'clock ;- » > ' ' ' : l',-. 0i'. V1IAXL- THK VALUAHLS .( jriVJ | I. ive Stnck and Implements if Husbandry, 1. Of Mr. Win. Rogers, ( who is leaving the Farm,) at CORNDEAN.- neaj- the town, m d in the parish of winchconib, within 5. miles , of C^ eltenhnyi, 15 of Glocester, 10 of Tewkesbury^ apd 11. ot'Evesham, The Lite Stock consists of • 260 fat sheep, 20 dairy coyy. V calved or' to calve; 8 three- yeai- old heifers, 9. two- year- old ditto,' 20 cow-' yearlings, 1 capital well- bred bull by a son o|* Sultan, I two- year- old bull by ditto, 9 yearling bulls bv ditto, 10 useful draught horses, ami l i ag, 1 * i The Implements of Husbandry comprise 4 stout narrow- wheeled waggons, 1 brond- wlieeh- tf carts, 1 narrow- wheeled ditto, peering for It horses and various otlw'r articles ih husbandry. ' N. B. ' Hie cow- kind descended from Mr. Fowler's 1 breed, aud are welf worth tiie attention of the public. Kg" A person will at tend with a cold collation, and great care , will be taken of Gentlemen's Horses. CAPITAL STOCK. > 11 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, bv THOS. JARRFTT, '" " On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 26th and sV tli davs of March, ' 8i 1, on the premises of Mr. Win, Jack- sons, ofLaverton, near Broadway, in the ( oimfv uf Glocester, who is leaving his farm -,— All the capital LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, . Implements In Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, and par! e/ the Household. hmnUitte, , .,.. Consisting of ( itieen capital dajry cows in- caltV five cart hot-***, six sets of geers., two narr|) ji>- whe « l wag- gons, iwjo ditto c » ' M, uvppa( r ofiiariows, bailey roll, two stnddUs,. quaniitj; of Sags, " six dozen ot'hurdlei, sheaf- pike aiid rakes, wipnowiug f » n, and Viiriefv of implements,, dairy and brewing utensils, wifli'a qiiau- titv of Well- seas^ ited casks. *• T n Ttie live / lock will be sold the first day. ' .' no The sale to" tiegiri at len o'clock in the- morning. A person wrtll attend with refreshments for the coiif. ' Furlliw particulars may be had, by applying tlie Auctioneer, in Evesham. ,.> CAPITAL STOCK? ro BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by 1 '., . THOS. JARRE'FV, ' " 011 Wednesday and Thursday, the 3rd anil 4th days of April, 1811, on the premiss of Mr. Miisely, of Doniiigtoii, ' hear Bidford, in the'coinily of Warwick, who is leaving Ins farm ;•— All the LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, Implements in Huilandrtj, Dairy Utensils, and part of the Household Eur. n'iture, ire. Consistin.' of nine capital dairy Civws in- calf,; eight ca. pital cart horses,, rag , t . sets of giieis, two JMAVS and traces, six head- stalls, throe narrow. wl. eel wag- gons, tluee broad, wheel carts, two pair of harrows, three plouKhs. - two barley rolis, three nine stone stad- dles with timber, winnowing fan, five dozen of bags, quantity ofhiird. es, bean- iuill, and a rick of well- ended hay, a variety of implements, dairy and brew- ing utensils, and quantity of well- fjpasnhrit casks. I he sale to begin at ten o'clock each morning. The stock nml implement* will be solll the first dav. Further particulars may be had, bv applying to tlio Auctioneer Evesham. - CAPITAL FARVIING STOCK. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by A ./. AUG, ' On Tuesday an:' Wednesday, the 2d and Sil days of April, > 311, on the premises of Mr. A. Hatha way; of Swell- Wold, near Stow- in- the- Wold, Gloeestersiiirc ( who is leaving the Farm):— All the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, & c. Consisting of eight young cart geldings and mares, two nag horses, a ponev, five working oxen, Hjno in- ealversand a hull, one hundred and seventeen excellent ewesand lambs « r irf-' la'thb, thirty fat shearhogs, three rams, twenty' store pigs, fourteen sides of bacon, five waggons, three earls, two rolls one tun, ploughs, drags, havrows, winnowing machine) fans and sieves, large quantity of hurdles, sheep- racks, aud cow- cribs, seven stone staddles and timber, ten sets of geers, five of ox ditto, dairy and brewing uten- sils, Casks, a Teneriffe filtering stone, and a quant, tv of useful HOUSEHOLD FURNIIURE, winch will be particularised 111 Catalogues, to be had hi dnetuncat the principal Inns inStow, Mortou- jn- Marsi, Burfi. rd at the Place of Sale, a„ d of the Auctioneer, Eveskun. V The sale to begin at 10 o'clock each morning. K5* A Person will attend with a Collation for tiie Company. I IM ^ po be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Lion Inn, JL in the town of Brecon, 011 Monday, the 8th day of April, 18il, between the hours of four and six ill the afternoon, sul j ct to conditions then to be pro- duced ; the following Lots of Oak, Ash, and 0 he - Timber Tree*. LOT 1. Two Hundred AN 1 F. leven OAKS, standing upon Aberbrane Farm,, below the Turnpike- road leading fr 0111 Brecon to Treeastle, numbered pro- gressively, frmn 1 to 211, with Prussian blue. LOT 2. Two Hundred and Eighty- three OAKS standing upon AbeiInane Farm, above the before' mentioned road, numbered progressively, from 1 to 283, with Spanish brown. LOT 3. One Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty- five OAKS, standing iii a Grove on Vherbrane Farm, called Coed- y- Crig, numbered progressively, from 1 to 1,465, with red lead. LOT 4. One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty- two OAKS, standing in the before- inentiyiied grove numbered progressively, from 1 to 1,132, with white lead. LOT 5. Ninety- three OAKS, standing on Ltwyntew Farm, 111 tiie parish of Devynock, in the county of Brecon, numbered progressively, from 1 to 93, with red lead. LOT 6. Sixty- eight ASH and Two WYTCH TREES, standing on Aberbrana Farm ( near Lots 1 and ft,) numbered progressively, from 1 to 68, with white lead, LOT 7. Seventy ASH TREES, standing 011 Aber- brane Farm ( near Lots J and 4,) numbered progres- sively, from I to 70, with white lead. In Ihe before- mentioned lots, there are several hundred Trees containing very fine plauk timber, of good size. The remainder are adapted for building, cleft, and other nssful purposes. All the Trees ale very conveniently situated for conversion and carriage, being close to an excellent turnpike- road, leading from Brecon to Trecastle. E? Lots 1, 2,3, 4, 6, and 7, are distant about four miles, and lot 5 about six miles from Brecon ; from whence there will, in the course of a few months, be a conveyance, by means of the Brecon and Aberga- venny Canal ( which is already open, and in w ork, lit the greater part of the line), to the port of Newpoi'. S^ t jeftiey Beavan, the woodward, or ihe lenaiits of A be rb nine and Liwvntew Farms, or Mr, Evan Powell, of Trailwyn, will shew the respective lots ; and for further particnlars, app'y to Messrs. Po « . » U and Jones, Biecon; or Mr. R. Williams, Mo. nnoiid'. SATURDAY'S POST. XoNUUK, TlILRSn. VY, MAtt. 21. PRICE OF STOCKS THIS PAY. 3 per Ont. Cons, money, t> 4}|— tbr account, 64 jj. NavySpvt ^ enl. 96} 97— Omnium ;>\ dis. Reduced — — 4 pet Cent. — Ex. 1' iits 5s. to 7s. preni.— Bonds 23a. preni. THE KING. THE following are tiie bulletins issued from Wind- sor Castle, of bis Majesty's health, since our last: March 17.— His Majesty continues much the same as be ha* been through tlic last week. March 19.— His Majesty is in every respect as well as lie lias been through the last week. March 21.— There has been no material difference in his Majesty's state within the last eight or ten clays. Tiie London newspapers in direct opposite intc- r « sts, still persist in their counter- declarations re- specting a notification said to have been madeal Catl- tan- lioiise by the Chancellor, on Sunday, on the state ef his Majesty's health. A vessel is acUcd at Cork from Lisbon; but she has not brought any later intelligence from th. jrmy than the date of L « ' d Wellington's last dispatch, which w as at the yd. She left Lisbon on the 3d. Accounts lately received at Heligoland continue to mention the march of the French troops toward- the interior and the Confines of Prussia, aud speak most confidently of approaching hostilities between Russia and Fiance. The conscription is expected to be rasrieiJ into execution at Hamburgh, Willi the utmost rigour, and no exceptions will, it is said, be allowed. The dk-: r « ss occasioned in that city, in a mercantile point of view, is beyond description; money is un- commonly scarce, and numerous bankruptcies are considered itnavoidah e. In Holstein the quantity of, grainiipmi hand is immense, and the farmers, in Con- sequence ofliaving no market for the sale of it, are rcflnfed to such great distress, that the greater part will not be able'tn pay their rents. The AlVieaine, Admiral Bertie, arrived yesterday at Portsmouth from the Isle of France, last from the C'upe uf Good Hope. . The Admiral - immediately landed and set off for London; but we have not heard that he has brought any intelligence of importance. All was quiet and likely to continue so in the Last. Yesterday his Royal Highness the Prince Regent honoured the Earl and Countess of Derby w ith his c* mpany to dinner. T!: e Essex frigate arrived at Cowes yesterday from Plymouth, supposed for the purpose of taking Mr. Pin1, ney ( in hoard. Great interest is now making for staff appointments nnder tfie new ( rnvemor ofthe Cape of Good Hope It is said f* he a am in contemplation to call Mr. Abbot up to the Honse of Peers, when the authority of the Prince Regent bccomes less restricted, and fh. st Mr. W. Wynne will probably succeed to the Speaker's Chair. Tbe quantity of British coin seized during the year enduig Feb. t, 1811, amounts, m gold, to 10,1271. 7s.* Cd. and iu silver to JOl. lis. The gold exported • hiring tiie same peiiod amounted, in bullion, to IC, 63.5 ounces, II dwts. ; in coin, to" 45,8.53 ounces, . Tdwti and 1200 pieces-. in plate, 73 ounces, adwts. The silver coin exported to 2,.' 187,463 ounces, and 3 dwts, Tiie silver plate to 88,83' i ounces. 6 dwts. <@ locrster, 8A TUIiDAY, MARCH 23. Oa tbe 19th of October was married, at Madras, Colour! George Wood, ofthe Bengal Native Infantry, to Miss Frances Vick Remmingtoii, third daughter of Jnlm Remniingtoii, Esq. of Horsley, in this comity. Lafelv was married, at Winclicomb, ILL Hiroils, Esq. of Evesham, to Mist Elii. Smith; of, Winch- comb. i . On Sunday, the t7t! i iitst. died, Susannah, wife of tiie Bev. John Pormlt Oldisw orth. of Swansea, and d.- wiRhtcrof the late Kev. Edward Sparkes, formerly Head Mfetcr ofthe College School, in thi-. city. Thurtdav died, at Bristol Hotwells, the Rev. Geo. Smith, vicar of Urchfont, and of Aldcrbnry, Pitton, ami Farley, Wilts, and brother of Sir Edw. Smith, Bart of New- land Park, Yorkshire. Last week died, at Namiton. in the parish of Wjneh- etfmh, much regretted by her numerous family and friends, Mrs. Oliver, relict of tiie late Mr. Oliver, of the above place; whose death also occurred but in September last,' A woman whose excellence, in all relations of lite, was a pattern worthy of imitation. On . Tuesday week died, Mrs. SuUon, wife of Mr. Septimus Sutton, surgeon, ofUlcy, in thiscottnty. Ou Friday sennight died, Mr. Omwell Lloyd, woollen- draper, of Tewkesbury ; a member of the corporation, aud one of the oldest inhabitants of that borough. Saturday se'nnight died, ( at the houie of Mrs. Brown, Hampton, near Evesham,) after a few mi- nutes illness, Miss Reynolds, of Winchcomb, aged 67. Friday last died, at her lodgings iu Bath, aged 73, Mrs. Jenkins, relict of John Jenkins, Esq. of Stone, in this conntv. Tuesday died, at Alton- Barnes, Wilts, the Rev. John BreretOn, rector of Abbotstoke, Dorset, pre- bendary of Salisbury, and a jnsticc for Wilts. On Wednesday hist died, aged about 60, at Boding- ton, in this county, atter five days illness, . Miss B. Lloyd, a maiden lady, and sister to the late Llovd, E- q- of Cartilage, near Ross. On Tuesday morning died, at the Ram Inn, in this city, Mr Wm. Marsliall, of Cheltenham, aged 59. At an ordination held by the Bishop of Winchester in his private chapel, Winchester House, Chelsea, on Sunday, the 10 th inst. W. P. Jones, of Cheltenham, was admitted to deacon's orders. The Lord Chancellor has lately appointed John Chadborn, of this city, Gent, a Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery. Tine day appointed for a general fast was observed in this city, and we have no doubt in all other parts of the kingdom, with appropriate solemnity. Iu consequence of the measure adopted for allowing a certain proportion ofthe militia of Great Britain to volunteer tut- the regular forces, an Order in Council was agreed upon at tbe Prince Regent's Court, held 011 Thursday, tor filling uu the vacancies in tl* several regiments of militia by a fresli ballot. Ou Friday, the 13th instant, Mrs. Mason, wife of Mr. John Mason, ofWmcheoinb, was safely delivered of three children, all of whom are very likely to live. At a meeting of the Wuig Club, on Tuesday, at the London Tavern, one of the toasts was " Sir Wm. Guise, and the Independent Freeholders of Glocestcr- shire,"— which was drank withgrcat applause. The Musical Professors of Bath are about to give an instance of a noble pre- eminence in the disinterest- ed exertion of their talents, in aid of the subscription now open for the British subjects prisoners in France. Tbe celebrated Miss stone, whose astonishing talent for the piano- forte has attracted the attention uf the most scientific musical professors and amateurs, is a native of Leumiuster. Home ot the minor speculators were set at work on Wednesday by the risein the value of dollars. Those who saw the notice early in the newspapers, were able, bv making a run upon the shops at which little purchases could be made and change , obtained, to pay themselves well fin rMd'ng before their neighbour* J Oil ( IK- 17 th inst. Mary Ludlow was committed to our conntv prison by Samuel Wuthen, Esq. charged on suspicion of stealing a red leather pocket- book, containing a one pound Bank of England note, the property of Patrick Shea, a private iu the 89th regi- ment: and on the 19th, John Randall and Joseph Randall, bv Sir Wm. Hicks, Bart, and Thomas Welles, D. i>. charged on the oath of James Law retire, of Stavertoii, farmer, with having, on the S4th day of February last, broken into his cellar at Stiivcrton aforesaid, " and stealing fjercout a quantity of beer, bis property. In the House ofConitsans ten Monday, the second reading of the Tannton and Bristol CanaS Bill was car- ried by 75 against 46. The Corporation of London, who now send up a petition almost weekly to Parliament, have Extended their uhti- comtnercial efforts so far, as to petition against the Bill for making a Canal from Taunton to Bristol. What, hut a want of s milar presumption, should prevent the inhabitants of Taunton and Bristol from remonstrating against the improvements at Temple Bar* Wc understand it is fully " resolved to bring the pro- jected Abergavenny and Hereford tram road to Pontrilas. A serious accident happened on Sunday se'nnight to the Rev. John Lloyd, of Brilliant, Carmarthen- shire, who, while walking near his lionse was attack- ed by a dog, which seized his arm, aud injured him in a very serious nitnner; notwithstanding which Mr. Lloyd held the animal by the cars until a labourer dispatched him with his shovel. Dr. Titrton and other medical gentlemen attended, and dissected the animal; on doing winch there appeared evidence sufficient to w arrant fears that it was mad. Amputa- tion would have been resorted to, but it was app * bended, that it* the dog hail been really mad, it was too late fo* that measure to havC any good effect. The Rev. gentleman is perfectly tranquil in mind, and awaits the event with a serenity becoming his holy profession. Win. Morgan, of Thornhnfy, in this oolinty, has been travelling the country with a petition, soliciting the assistance of the humane, and to which he had got many very respectable names, and subscriptions to a large amount; and attiflng the rest, one for 211. bill which he has since confessed Was not a gift, but he- was to return the money. He went to Calne, in Wilts, begging of different persons of credit in that town; and falsely stating that lie had within the las: year lost eleven cart horses, which hail so reduced him as to make it necessary for him to work at daily labour, unless by the assistance of friends ho could be enabled to get into business- Doubts having arisen as to the credibility of the mail, he \ vas on Monday l ist apprcl^ ndcd at Chcrhill; and on examination of circumstances next day at Calne, lie was fully ci. ni- nil tied for trial at the next Wiltshire assizes for re- ceivingmoney under false pretences. AccrotjNTs, &, e.— On Monday last S. Vowles, an infant, . was burnt to death, at Clifton, by her clothes taking fire, in the absence of her parents.— The same day Jacob Harding, of Wiuteiboume, upwards of 66. years of age, having laid himself down to rest in a quarry, some boys » t play near the spot inadvertent- ly rolled down the precipice a large stone, vthicli fal- ling on the hack of the poor old man, caused his al- most ins tat it death.— And oil Tuesday as Hester Mil- lard, aged 55, was moulding up cabbage plants in In- r garden, at North Niblev, she drop! down and Instant- ly expired, without Uttering a word. LITERARY INTELLIGENCE.— We rejoice to find that the public is at length authorized to expect a work illustrative ofthe venerable metropolitan Cathe- dral, in a style of exccllcnce worthy of that national fabric. There is scarcely a class of persons but what must feel deeply interested iu a History of Westminster Abbey and its Monuments, either from the magnificence of the former, or from the awful, sublime, and affecting recollections which the latter are calculated to awaken. With that pleasure which we always feel in paying a merited tribute to exertions which have for their object instruction and amusement, we direct the attention of onr readers to that elegant and useful work, the Repository of Arts, & c. which, for the originality of its literary contents, and the excellence of its embellishments, may, with truth, be asserted to eclipse all contemporary periodical publications. We regret to, learn, that Dr. Syntax lias nearly- finished his whimsical tour, which will lie'brought to a conclusion in the fourth volume of the Poetical Magazine, in May, when that interesting miscellany will close.— See advertisement hour front pugc. ASSI7. E INTELLIGENCE. At Monmouth Assizes John Morgan, for . horse- stealing, was condemned ; John Thomas, for stealing Various articles from a dwelling- house,' was sentenced to twelve mouths imprisonment, and to be fined one shilling; Ann Evans, for uttering base coin, John Graham, for stealing a watch ami money, and W. IV il- liams, to be imprisoned six months; three were ac- quitted, aud against two no bills were found. At the Nisi Prins bar eleven causes were entered on the pa- per, the principal of which was a special jury cause, Capel Leigh, Esq. of Polity pool, against Lucas aud others, respecting the right of fishing in the river Usk, a verdict for which was given in favour of Mr. Leigh. An enquiry was executed before the Deputy Sheriff, Mr. Price, of Abergavenny, in a cause Mr. Charles Wallington again « t W. Powell, of Colebrook, for an assault. It appeared that the defendant had some time ago lived as servant in husbandry with the plaintiff, who then resided and occupied Colebrook Park Farm, under Mr. Hanbury Williams, but Mr. Williams ar- terwards adopted the defendant as hi* son; that some time in July last, as the plaintiff w as returning home, on horseback, from Abergavenny, and the defendant was walking towards that place, on the opposite side of the road, he met a waggoner of the name of Gilbert Watkins, to whom he said, as the defendant was pas- sing, " Gilbert here's my old waggoner, Will. Jones, coming," that Watkins had not gone many yards, when turning his head back, he savy the defendant strike the plaintiff a blow across the face with a walk- ing stick, which he used with both his hands, that brought the plaintiff to the ground; that ; uendea- vouring to get up, he was again knocked down, and beat by the defendant, who stamped upon his sto- mach with his foot, and, from the evidence of the surgeon, so injured him, that between the 11th and 18th of the month he conld not pronounce his life. t- i be outof danger. After summing up the evidence, itie Deputy Sheriff desired the Jury would divest them- selves entirely of the eloquent sp. cehes they had heard from the learned Counsel ou both sides, and attend to the evidence only, adding, that it was an established maxim in law, and often observed by the late learned Judge Lord Kenyon, that where a man cannot pay in his purse, he must pay in his person. Tbe jury, after a few minutes consultation, retained a verdict with 5001. damages for the plaintiff. Counsel for the plain- tiff, Mr. Damiecy and Mr, Abbott; attorney, Mr. Hugh Jones, Abergavenny. Counsel for the defend- ant, Mr. Jervis; attornies, Messrs. Gabb and Sou, Abergavenny. At Hereford, W. Lticas, for stealing a cow belong- ing to Mr. Gardiner, of Broomfield, Salop, and u sow, the property of Mr. R. Cleaton, of Lhmsliav, Radnorshire ; was found guilty of both charges— W. Stephens and Jas. Stephens, tor stealing sheep, were found guilty - W. Tribe, and Benjamin Evans, for stealing various articles were each also found guilty— John Stephens, Daniel Lambert, aud George Taylor, were acquitted of tbe several charges against them, and against Elizabeth Beavan no bill was found.— A true bill was found against Thomas and Mary Wat- kins, for a murder at Longtovvn. At tbe Nisi Prins, only 16 causes were entered for trial, some of which did not come before the court. The general gaol- delivery for Bristol is to he boldcp on Wedm- rday, theT7thday of April next. TIIE LAIIL OF RERKPLEV'S HOUNDS, Throw off Tuesday, March 26, at Queen Wood, LORD FOLEY'S H0L'N| 1S Meet on Monday, March 25th, at Himbletou. Friday, J9th, at Freeze Wood. GLOCESTER INFIRMARY. Number of Patients in the house. Men, - 62 Beds, - 72 Women, - CC ——, • 45 . . Berkeley Hunt Club. THE QUARTERLY DINNER win be at FROG- MILL INN, on MONDAY, tbe 25th of MARCH instant. March 16,1811. JEREMIAH HAWKINS, Secretary. ST RO UDASS E M ilLlEs! T~ THE next STROUD ASSEMBLE will be held at the GEOIIOE INN, on Tuesday, the 2d of April. GLOCESTE'B WIR'MAJIY, MARCH 21, 18IT7~ ALL Persons concerned in the lolovving; Commodities are desired to tend in Proposals, sealed up, to tbe Infirmary, on or before Thursd v next, at what Rate tijev nre willing, ( o supply the In- firmary for the next Quarter, with Meat, Rice, Sugar, Soap, Candles, a d C al. 1 ~ — - • • « ...- I-. • « -•;•-- .• WANTED, an APPRENTICE to . PLUM BER, GLAZIER, and PAINTER. For further particulars, Inquire of Jolm Canter, P. niuber, & c. at Cirencester. ! .. ....- •-. ..,- » --- GL'ICE- TER, March 22, 1811. RP. CHANDLER, AGENT to PHILLIP . GEORGE and CD, PORTER and STROVIJ BEEH BRIEWERS, Bath- street. BrtStoi, beg* ieave t acquaint his Friend* and tbe public thai lie has crra- inenced the S\ LE of PORTER mil !?!'<•' % hoth Draft and Bo'tled^ at In* CELLARS, , t, e I I . I- patiOii of Mr. Jo in,. While, near tue Fi r. urn Bri.; ..", Weatgate- street, where ail Orders will be . thankfully received. Tiie long- established celebrity of the Firi i of I5. George and COI renders it unnecessary fur R. I'. C. to say much as * o the quality of the Brown Stout {' nrtci and Beer, as be is convinced theV are pot to be ex- colled by any Honse in the kingdom GLOCKS'lER AND BRiS- QL Si-: i-'- rn f :. viv; v !. i(/:. WILLIAM WATTS, having been solicited by numerous l'rieuds to . embark in tile CARRY- ING BUSINESS to and from GiocESTEn a- nl BRIS- TOL, bfgs leave respectfully tb inform tbe Trade in ge- neral of the Citv of Gldeester and ils Viciuitv, thai he lias established regular SP. I I NGand NEAP'TR- OWS for the Conveyance of Goods to and from the ah. ve Places; and as he is determined personally to attend to the'Cnncerii, aud pay particular Regard to the im- mediate forwarding of all Goods entrusted to Ins Care, and, furthermore, to be regular and moderate in his Charge, hopes to meet with that Eneotiiligenieiit and Support his Assiduity and Attention may deserve. St3 » Those Friends who wish to favour him with their Support, are particularly requested to say in their Orders " PEN WATTS'S TROW, Glocester, March 1, 1811'. • To the Nobility and Gmlry, IN THE Vicinity of CHELTENHAM and GLOCESTER. Mil Lords and Gentlemen, HAVING determined, at the instance of several respectable Friends, to establish myself in this town, as a VETERINARY SURGEON, I beg leave respectfully to solicit yottr patronage and favours, confidently trusting, that sixteen years practice, un- der the professional education of Mr. Professor Cole- man, will enable me to render that general satisfaction I shall feel it my first duty to afford. With the greatest respect, I remain, My Lords'and Gentlemen, Your most obtdicr. t Servant, GEO. MORRIS, Veterinary' Surgeon. Sydney Cottage, Cheltenham, March I t, 1X11. Aloreton- iri- Marsh t oil Free Fair,- WILL be held, as usual, on MOSfpAY the 25th of MARCH inst. when th<" fe'k I'. ng PREMI- UMS will be given ( TWO GUINEAS for the best Fat Cow shewn, which shall have been thrBS months iu the bauds of the feeder; ONE GUINEA to those who produce the greatest manlier of beasis for sale; and ONE GUINEA to those who sell t ie most: ONE. GUINEA for the best pen of ten Fat SlieCp, wool not to be considered; 10s. 6 I. for. the second best pen of ten ditto. G LOC ESTERSHHUi" BE SOLD U? AUCTION, bv Mr, Effiu. ro i Ts, At the King's licit I tun, G iicester, rn Saturday, the fourth day of April, 1811, at five o'clock 111 ti e after- noon;— A compact and most de- irable FREEHOLI1 ESTATE, situate at Dowiihatlierley and L >• .. f rd, little more t an tWo miles from the city ot' G ncester ; consisting of a FARM HOUSE, wrh cmVeiii i. t outbuildings and cottages, and several Close- nf ARABLE. MEA- DOW, and PASTURE GROUND, of - tiie.- ichcst quality, ly ing convenient t' erepi, c. - laming in the whole sixty acres or thereabouts : to-' etwer also vvitii certain perilous of tiOWNHATHERLI- V WOOD. ' File whole in tbe occupation of (.' bares Hrunsdo... lis tenant thereof, under a lease, uf winch years tvil be ui- exp red at Michielnias next. The premises are all tithe- free, and form one of the most climb e little farms , u the iieigi boi rbood. A considerable part of the purchase money may re- main on mortgage of ihe estate, | i the purchaser sua i desire it, The tenant wi'l shew tiie prt imses, ami further particulars may he known at Ihe office of Wnitcombe, Griffith, anu Plullpolts, Glocestei, T G LOC F ST E RSHI RF. 7 Y; ilual> lc! F. iviiii. i lock, Of the Real GL,' lCESI'E ISUIKE BREED1, ' TH) lit. SOLD BY AUCTION, by I . V/ - MELSOM, Oo Tiiev ay and Wednesday, the 26tt. and 27th days of Maich, ltl 1 :— All the LIVE STOCK, HAY, Implements of Husbandry, Casks, Cider, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Dm < hold furniture, ANI' OTHER EFFKCTS. The property of M s, DAVIS, at h i Farm, at Hemp- stead. near the Church, within one nine of the city of Giocest' r, and nearly adjoining tne Bristol Road, who is declining tne i arming Business. The I ,) ve Stock consists of eight prime dairy cows and calves, fair cows in- calf, six tniee- year- oid hei- fers in- ca l, five two- year. iiid heifers m good season, five yearling heifers, oue prime young fat cow, oi. e cap tal two- year old liulj, aud one yearling bull: sow and nine plus; a four- year- old blue., cart mare, and a three- year- old poney. The Implements of Husbandry and Dairy Utejis. ls consist of one excel. ent waggon, cue broad- vvheei ea, t, aud one narrow- wheel ditto; sundry sets of long and tlijllets' eft- ring, drays, plough, harrows, waggon line, hurdle-, ladders, sheep cubs, hair cioths, barrel citum, halt- burr I ditto, two cheese presses, cheese cowls, skeels, vats, and other dairy utensils j several iron- bound hogsheads and cider casks, two iron furnaces, mash tubs, Casks, and other blew ing utensils; a quantity ot Household l-' urciture, kitchen grate, capital fowling piece, and many other articles, Also, two starks of prime hay, - The sale to begin it eleven each morn- ing, Catalogues to be had of tbe Anctionei r, G!( ct ster. 8fc. AU i leUL vV - j^ lliiS. TH 10 greatest blemish to Beauty is super- fluous Hairs on the Face, Neck, and Arms. HU- BHK P » ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them ; is an elegan' article, perfectly innocent, and plea- sant lo use. Price 4s.; or two in oiie parcel ' h. Sold by the Proprietor, No. 23, Russell- street, Co- vent Garden, London ; also by D. Waller, al his New Medicine Warehouse, Westi: » 4c- slreel, and by Whiltick, Glocester; Seldrn, Henney, U- atT, and Whillii k, Chel tenham ; Stevens and Watkiris, Cirencester; Wilson, an ; Jenuer, Strosd; Heath, Moninouih; Roberts, Rossd Redded, Tewkesbury; Agg, Evesham J Tymbs, Wor- ceiter; I'rutsr, hrit'. ul; » : id by one person in every tovtft GLOCESTER, Marefa 12, lCtl. > LUNATJC ASYLUM. AT a Meeting of Subscribers to the intended LU- NATIC ASYLUM, held this day at the Infir- mary, it appearing, from reference to » list of the Com - miitee, that a few only of the Gentlemen appointed in 1794, were now living, tbefollowi: g names were pro- pose . and added thereto • Sir B. W. Guise, Bart. Sir William Hicks, Bart The Rev. Doctor Cooke Henrv Hicks, Esq. Doctor Baron - The HeV. Mr. Hallifax G. C, Hopkinsuu, Esq. The Rev. Mr. Wethfcrell John Feudal), Esq. R. B Cooper, Esq. Chas. F. vans, Esq. Nath. Clifford, Esq. Rev. Samuel Conuneline W H. Wmstone, Esq. The expected Plans from Edinburgh not having been received, the consideration of them was of necessity postponed to a future Meeting, A Meeting is accordingly appointed to be held at the Infirmary, on Tuesday,' April 23d, being theTues- dav in the Sessions Week, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. The following names are added to the List of Sub- scribers:— • - . His O ace the Dnke of Beaufort ..... i" 200 I ord Rf. Edward Henry Somerset..... The Hon. John D lit ton Sir B. William Guise, Bart • Sir Wihlam. Hicks, Bart W. H. Wins to lie, Es^ Edward Webb, Esq ,,... John 1' endall, Esq G. C. Hopkinson, Esq J - III: Paul Paltl, Esq ,-. Matthew A'Deane, Esq The Rev. Daniel Lysoiis., The Rev. C. Sahdtford ( ad ' ifiunnl)... Henry Hie s, Esq. ( additional)...... Rev Me. Halliflix ( n{ " 100 100 100 31 HO 30 21 St £ 1 21 SO o 0, Q .0 10. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0, 15 15 10 10 10 10 LOCAL MILI1IA. NOTICE is hereby given, That a GENERAL MEETING ofthe LIEUTENANCY of the County of Glocester, and the Cities ( f Glocester and Bristol, wiil be lioluen at the King's Head Inn, m the C ( y of Glocester, on Monday, tiie first day of April, 1811, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon," to tlx the places and periods ( subject lo the approbation ofhis Royal Highness the prince Regent,) fpruSsembling of the several Regiments of LOCAL MII. ITI \ .. f'tint County, to be trained and exercised for the space of fourteen days during the present year, liy Order ofthe Lord Lieutenant, II. WILTON, Clerk of the General Meetint, Dated the 14th day of March, 1.811, I'HE Creditors who have proved their Uebts un- der a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued against JOHN JONES, ot the pitv of Gl cen- ter, Cnler . Merchant, dealer and chapman, are re- quested to meet tliv Assignees of .. is estate and effects, on the 25th of March lust, at ton o'clock in the fore- noon, at the King's Head Inn, in the city of Gl ces. ter, to assent to ol dissent tVom the Assignees com- ineiicing, prosecuting, or defending tinv suit or suits lit law or in equity, for recovery of itnv part of the Said Bankrupt's estate or effects ;" or to tbe compound- ing, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreii - any matter or thing relating thereto; iiuil ou ot e. s_ pecialjifta, rs._ H. and H, WILTON. OOLUNS, Working Optician, at Mr Vv VVtii^ Ticx'j, Westgate- street, Glocester, tnai. u- faettires and sel's'alf kinds of OPTICAL and PHILOS'IHI I- CAL Iss'riiuMEN rs ; coinpi ising spei taeles for I nig and fhort- sighied eyes,. mounted in gold, silver, or steel, with the ( inest white or coloured gm- ses, o ivnli bra- zil pebbles., which are not liable to be s v itcji • or broken, like common glass; tortoise- shell spectm les, peculiar for their lightness ; concave glasses, for shin sighted eyes j preservers for eyes first requiring tne aid of spectacles; reading and magnifying glasses, foi all the variety of uses, mounted iu gold, silver, pearl, fortuise- slK. il, fee. Sic, Those persons who favour W. pat ii n't with their pustoui, uiay defend on " being very carefully suited with Ihe. best glasses or pebbles, properly adapted lo their sight ; fo<- tbe of numbers of persons have been much in ured by an improp. r choice of specta- cle-, in buying theui from hankers, pedlars, and O'tiers, who, uiiac- quaiuted with the nature of vision, ileal in a suit of spvciacles too bad for any but them- selves to recuiimieiid, and are unable to a J a,. t proper- ly vaiioo- glasses to ( pfferet; t eyes,— rThe glasses mav be e. inngcd nfief; a shoi t trial, if required, provided hey are. not damaged. Persons in the country may be exactly suited, bv sending the glass, or part of the one they last us, d ; - and those persons not having this opportunity, mav i e suited by sending vvoid whether or not tllev have pre- viously worn spectacles, and at what certain distance ( iu inches), they can, or cannot read the smallest print of this pa|. er, without Hie aid of spec'acles. Telescopes, camera dbscuras, camera lucxlas for drawing in perspective veiv pur able, opera g a- se-, micio- eopes, mountain or travelling and other b iro- nieters; seif-- regisieriiig tbei niometers, vvhicb shew • vliat the greatest degree of cold has been, in the ab- sence of the observer; with bat, i, hot- house, andevery other kind of tiiei nioineter; hydrometers, for proving tne strength of spirits; pocket and other compasse-, with evtry other kind of lostrument made to order.— .' laroineters and tiierniometers accurately repaired,— Plates re- silvered, . ... . Note.— Sp. ctaeles, double jointed in steel, 7s. 6d.— Snvei, 18s,— I oi toisesbell and silver, 16s.— Single- io nt- ed steel, 3s.— Silver, 13s.— Concave glasses, 1-. 6d.— Extra e. t- glasses, silver, 6s. 6d.— Gold 11.5s.— OouQie ditto to act as spectacles, 4!.— Heading hand- trass, iioin and tortoise- shell, 7s. 6d. - Silver nm, II,— Pear! and silver, II. 5s.— c. ye- g! a- s, shell, 3s.— Si'ver run, 10s. 6d,— Pearl and silver, 13s — Pebbles, i0s. 6d. extra The real TURKISH CEMEN r, for ioiniug broken chma. glass, . metal, wood, iioiy, See. to be had as above. To the i . duor of the Glocister Herald. SIR, OBSERVING ill your paper of Satutday last, a paiagraph stati. g that an Ejectment Cause zcat tiled ai the laite Assiz. s, « herein Mr. Cob man. a re- spectab e Innkeeper, was plaintiff, and Mr. Clarke, defendant; and that a veidu t mas gven tor the plain- tiff,- subject to the decision of Richard Dpnovpn, Esq. I i Liuk it rignt to acquaint you that such stati meiit is rronco'ts, and evidently calculated to mislead : at ihe same time 1 s. iall point out to you the real facts at- tending the case. The Cause alluded to xl- qs rnt ir ed, b-. u u as regularly entered for trial, and wou d certain y have come on iiad it not been for the la quest of Mr. Yeates,' tbe plaintiff's attorney, who, on ' liepftrtof his client, solicited a reference i the defendant at fp t positively refused lo acquiesce' in tnis proposition, being sa. islied in case the cause bad gone to tiisl, thai a nonsuit must have been entered against the lilamtijf, but In Consequence ot the renewed and urgent solicitations of the plaintiff's attorney, ooupecied with tiie other- wise unavoidably protracted trial of another cause, for au aggravated trespass, depending between the same parties, and the decision of u Inch is of much greater importance to my client than tue cause in question, it was at length agreed that both cau- e- snuuld be referred— the consequence H as that ano- ninol verdict of one shilling damages in the eji- e- iient cause was, by consent, ( being the usual mode in ca- es of tips nature,) taken for the plaintiff, subject Hi Mi. Dotio van's award. The point therefore, as to the nonsuit, with such oilier questions of laiv and fac as may ari- e, remain for bis determination ; and in tl eei ent of his deciding for tbe defendant, the verdict must, as a matter of course, be altered accordingly; lam, Sir, your most obedient servant, W. C. WARD, Attorney for Mr. Clarke. Glocesier, March 18th, 18} I. nro Bi^ SOLD BY AUCTION BY I. IV. FORD, O . Tuesday, the 26th day of March, 1311, at CHA- VENAGE- LOOOF; I ARM, iiearTcthury, Olocesterslure ; — All the LIVE STOCK, and other Effects, the pro- perly of Mr JONATHAN NEATv ( quilting Ins Farm;) consisting of fifteen prime dairy cows aud calves ; seven t iee- year- old hejferS iu good season ; three yearlings ; three bulls of the Hereford breed; forty South Down ewes and lambs; seventy hog sheep ; one youth Down ram; one six- year- old mare; one three- year- old gelding ; one two- year- old ditto ; one poncy; two yearling colts; three sows in farrow, with other effects, thfi whole of which will be sold without reserve. The Side- will begin precisely at eleven o'clock, as the whole villi be sold in one day. The Keep of the Park to be' let- till- the' etli of April GLOCESTERSHIRE. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Esfat* and Effects of WILLIAM.. ROBERTS, lale of AshelwOrtli, Gentleman, deceased, are'hereby re- quested to piy the same immediately, to Mr. Gardner. Solicitor, Gloeester, wliojs duly authorised to receive the seme; and cil persons who have any Claim or Demands on the Estate and Effects of the said deceas- ed, are requested to send, their accounts immediately to tfie said Mr., Gardner, in order that they mav be adjusted aud discharged. GILES ROBERTS, Administrator of the said deceased, A she! worth, Feb J3, ml I. ^ . EAGLK FIKK-.- OFFICE, LONDON. .-••..• • . PAYMENT OF, RENT. PERSONS insuring Property in , the iCoimtrt' with this Company, are entitled to a DIVIDEND of TEN per CENT, wheu the Insurance is effected, and aiuinallv ion : the same bemg renewed, tlicreby making a DIVIDEND of SEVENTY per CENT, at the end of Severn Years, without the risk of being diminished by Losses .. POLICIES expiring at Lady Day, must be renewed within Fifteen Days from tliat period. W. BF. ETH. AM, Secretary, Life Insurances effected, and Annuities granted. • - .- - v AGENTS, Mr. tt'M. READ, Auctioneer, H'eslgetc- Street, Glo< ,, ceMen, , , , . Mr, Jonathan P. Baldwin, Linn Dmptr, Cirencester. ,. , , Mr. John MOORF.,' Auctioneer, Tewkesbury. Mr. OLDER WATTS, Haberdasher, 79, fligM ttrcet, Cheltenham. Mr, WILLIAM RICKAIiDS, Printer, Durslee, Mr. GEORGE BAR ! Eli, Stroud. • Mr. GEO. HILL,. Solicitor, Iforcester.. Mr- PETER IIIIID, Hhopkcw; r, rStoutbridge. I- O be I. 6T or SOLD, a roomy aud convenient . DWELLING HOUSE, situate bv the road side at Wl eatenhnrst, in tlys comity, lale in the oc- ' ci. pation ot Mr. John Crump, sadlerand collar- maker', and st. iee marly fitted up and painted, at considerable expellee ; consisting of two . parlours, good kitchen; back ki c, en, bre. wliouse, lintj cellars ; four good bed- r. oms and (. arrets over, with'stiibling for tlirefe or four horses; kuge GARDEN, » ear. y an Acre; aiti with or %• t out about three a? r- s of rich P XSTURE LAND ' lite premises ate . veil sujj Jied Willi good water. Wheate h rst it seven miles from Glocester, silt tiom str'- ful, and .- ve. rom D . r.- iey, and adjoins the • ugh road leading from Glocaster to Bristol. For a view of the preinis- s, apply to Mr. Philip l'errv, at Wheateniiurst ; ami for furtlier partU'iilars, II Mr William Pye, at the ie. t I n, Frau. pton; or Mr. B oxseine, SolH- ifor, hi Dnrtle-, GIDCES I'ERSHIRE. " ' r- O be SOLD bv AUCTION, br 1 - IV. PEACH, O. I M rnday ai l? Tuesday, the 25th and 26di of mis uis'. M uch, beginning each tnoiviiigflt ten o'clock, at the Vicaiajte Mouse, D . wnhatliorly, nearly ad- joining the turnpike- road leading to Tewkesbury, and within a slioit disat. ee of t . e city uf GloCester;— » ALt, THE NEAT AND litKFL't HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Consisting . f four- post, teflt, and servants' bedsteads, with VI iiiicticiter stripe, andcheck Iiargi- Iis; season- ed feather beds, bureaus; chests' of hifwers, dres'suig* tables, swing gl ss, « , and bason stands; three sets of enetun unido blind-, m- hoganv carl,' and oal< .. iliiig able.- and chairs; two neat cliimueyiglasses, I carved a, d gilt bttrnished go d frames; a backgam- i o ta ie, with men, dice, aud boxes; a man's sad* .1 e w. th plated stirrups; S.' Veral good bridles, a side sad ea. id pillion, a d a pair of saddle- bad; an ex- c, e mg goon s oke- jack by Gmlsall; a patent oven, i k tchen grate, era e ami fire irons', annon jig- tovc, g od gun, pipes, hogsheads, iron- bound bam- ls, inall r casks, tubs, <\ c. dee. K3* A persi. in engaged to utcendw. tbrcfresiimenti fur t. ie company. CM Al FORI I- HILL; OLOCESTI. RSHIRE. 7 O BE SOLD HY VUCI ION, by - I - . Mr. CA , t ELL. . On Thursday, the 28th day of March, 1611, on tho nr. m.- e< u I ha ford- iti ,, by ' Inler of the Assigneeolf Jo N WLBB a Bankrupt; " Ail the IMPLEMENTS IN TRADE. Household (. oods, Furniture, untl other Effect*, of the said John Webb ; Comprising two 7 )- s, i . tile jennies, an 80- Spindlejen- iiy, two reels, a warping bar and scarm, a wil ey, a large Lone- wheel, a- c. used iu turning machinery { beam scales, an i weig ts; a writing- desk, an oil- cask, ai d pump, a sinal1 quantity of wool, yarn, cxc. 1, nlahoga ai d :. er dining a dcard tables,' mahogany and waiuiit- tr '.' cha. rs, bureau, chest of drawers; looking gl. isse-, carpets, jfir- irons and fenders, tea* trays, waiters, tea- nr , c ffee- d. ttp, china, glass, and earthen ware; a few silver ariic. es: mahogany foi. r- post and other b dsieads and furniture, beds/ bos . is, biaiikets, sheets, a , d counterpanes; dress- mg. tabl- s, wasu- hand- Stai d, aec..; kllClien requisites, brewi. g utensils, copper fur- iace, several hogsheads, nibs, ace. - Ano a HORSE, pair of panniers, a chaff box; a quantity o Inv, sev ra. laddeis, « c,; together witU many usefu rtic es, t" o III m r ins t particularize. CF* The sale to i. GIU T teri o' I CK. ^ MONMOt'T'ilSHIKEi Capital Nari' and itiier I itijlier. TO HE SOLD liV AUCTION, Uy MIt'll t LDAV/ S, A; the Bealifpit Arms I n, C. epstoW, on SatnrdavJi tne 30tb day of March, IBU, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, subject to t- omitti. tis then lo beproi'nced • LOT l. O. • bundled ami eiglitv- M A ( DEN OAK TIMBER T REE-, stau uug ou Llanper II Farm, u< the parish ol Woivesnewion, abontfiVe ifn. es from the seaport- tow if Cuepstow, numbered progressively from i to .80. Toe above lot is very prime Timber, of large di- me si nS, and fit for dinost any naval purpose. LOT 2. One hundred MAIDEN O VK TIMBER TREES, stai dmg on the Ohnn Farm, and On li. i. di adjoining, in the parish of Neweiiurch East; numbered progressive y from 1 to 100; Within four mileS ot the seaport town of Chepstqw. LOT 3. Three hundred M AIDEN OAK TIMBER TREES, standing near Brock wear, ( n tl e couiity of Giocester, close to tiie navigu| i, e liver Wye, at J the above place. | These last 1 ts are of sound growth, and well worth' I the attention of merehai ts in general | Mr. Clement Powell, of L'lriipeell afnfesaid, will I. shew Lot ; ; Mr. John Jones, W . odvrard, Cne, slovV I Paik, Lit 2; Isaac E- laway, " Woodwaid, Tnifertfy will shew Lot 3 For fnrtiier particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, Usk. ..... Capital i. ale untl Im Umber TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, cjf ff 1 Prime . LM TL viBER TK. I-. L-,, with 1 their Lop and Top, now standing oil the Manor of Pool, near Cnenc stel, all . marked and, numbered Willi wmte paint. Alsi, Two Hiindri d and Sevemyreight OAK TIMBER TREE*, standim on the aforesaid Manor, also iinmhersd with white paint, with their Lop, Top, aud Hark. Tbe above timber is ofthe best quality, tbe Elm particularly sound, lengthy, a-. d of large dimensions, for the most part, affording capital keel- pieces, and Timber adapted to Canal, Wharf, and Pipe- Work. The Oak will lie found well wnHli llie alio, ( ton i f Sliip- bui defs and Timber- merchants. To treat li r tins Timber, which will be sold in two separate lots, apply to Mr. Hayward, Kemble, near Cirencester, who will - hew the Timber, and prodrt e Couditu ns ofC ntracf.' N. B Tue Thames and Severn C inail adj'omsl the' Manor of Pool, Within a mile and a half; the beif markets ara tli « r « fore by itt Ifteani ttfiibitilcV CEl. m RATION OT " THE ELECTtO" N OF SIR B. W. GUISE, IS BRISTOL. ON Friday the friends of Sir B. W. Guise, Bart. in Bristol and neighbourhood, celebrated Ids election by a grand dinner at the Assembly- Room, PiuircVsirert. More than two hundred gentlemen were present, Sir Abraham Elton, Bart, presided, having Sir William Guise on his right. After the cloth was removed, " the King," " the Price Regent," " the Queen and Royal Family," were drank. Sir A. Elton, the Chairman, in rising to propose the health of Sir William Guise, addressed the meet- ing in bis usual eloquent manner. He said they were nnt then met to discuss party questions, nor to enter into any personalities respecting die noble houses over whom they bad lately atchieved so distinguished a triumph. " The electors had accomplished what had been deemed an impossibility, but having done so, be hoped they would act the part of generous conquer- ors. Tie spoke iu warm terms of the conduct of Sir Wm. Gnise, for having come forward to light the bat- tles of the freeholders; and expressed bis firm con- viction, that in times of corruption, he would be above being corrupt. He concluded by giving " The health of Sir William Guise," which was drank w ith enthusiasm. Sir Wm. Guise, in returning thanks, expressed the high gratification he felt at so numerous and respecta- ble a meeting of liis friends iu Bristol. He trusted that he should do his duty in Parliament for the bene- fit of his King and his country.— He concluded by proposing the health of Sir A. Elton, which was drank with three times three. Mr. W. Coates, after adverting to the consequences of the late triumph in other quarters of the country, and tn the necessity of an effectual and radical re- form, suggested, that an annual meeting should in fu- ture be held oil the 15th of February, to commemo- rate the glorious victory obtained by thoindependciit freeholders of the county of Gloccster. Sir A. Elton thought the 7th of February, the day of Sir William's return, would he more propel for the proposed anniversary— and Mr. M. M. Coates suggest- ed that a committee should be appointed for the pur- pose. Sir Win. Guise then proposed as a toast, " Prospe- rity to the city of Bristol;" drank with three times three. The healths of the following gentlemen were then given—" Col. Webb, inid thanks for his exertions."— " Sir, G. O. Paul, Bart."—" Mr. Gordon, the pre- sent High Slu rifl ofthe county ."— Peter Baillie, Esq.? —" My or Wall, ofthe Oxford Militia."— Coi. Gore Langtoh."—" Mr. Westfaling."—" Capt. Gray." The Rev. Dr. Heming, after some pointed remarks on the conduct ofthe houses of Beaufort and Berke- ley, aud on Mr. Dutton's advertisement subsequently to the election, proposed the health of Nathaniel Peach, Esq. which was drank with three times three. Mr. l'eacb returned thanks nearly in the following words. GKNTI. I- MF. N,— I rise to offer you my sincere thanks for the honor yon have done me in drinking my health — au honor which, t fear, might be much more deserv- edly bestowed upon many geu'lemen present, whose exertions during our late glorious struggle were far greater than mine, and consequently more entitled to tiiat distinction which von haicso kindly conferred upon me. But while I lament the weakness of my past efforts, in comparison with those of many surrounding gentlemen, I feel the greatest possible piide iu assert- ing, that our worthy Repte entat. ve has not one friend in the whole circle of his acquaintance, who wished more fervently for the welfare of his election than myself. In the cauva » ss of the county, I regret to say, I took little or no part; and after the eoui- liteiicemeni ofthe pull, 1 found in every instance where 1 sought to remler the cause some service, thai my wishes were anticipated ; particularly in the business of the Bristol Committee, where nothing was left un- dnne on the part of Mr. Bush awl his colleagues, to hasten that success which we are now assembled lo celebrate, by termiiiatiug. a contest, the continuation of which, while it aggravated the party, held out no hopes of success to the oilier. From the moment I became informed of Sir Win. Guise's intentions of Offering himself to the county upon the independent interest, I determined to suppoit him. — It was the Cause; and not the Candidate, which I resolved to es- pouse ; lor I shall ever f el occasion to regret that my acquaintance with Sir Win. Guise commenced almost with his election : personal attachment, therefore, wliibh is so apt iu the common course of life to inter- fere with our choice, hail no restraint to impose upon nie in the present instance.— My family, Gentlemen, as vou know, have ever advocated the cause of Inde- pendence; nor ha* e you, I a in sure, forgotten that memorable support which they so liberally afforded my relative, Mr. Cruger, within the walls of this great and opulent city. The terms upon which Sir William Guise fust offered himself to your notice cor- respond precisely with those upon which Mr. Crugt- r first obtained your promises of support. Gentlemen, you itretehed out your hands to saie both from the overwhelming storms of aristocracy, and sought to alleviate the sorrows of your distressed county, by contributing your slime iu the fair and honest repre- sentation of its people. Sincerely do I wish that sur- rounding counties, who, like this, have hitherto been influenced in their returns to Parliament, would imi- tate our late example; then, indeed, might we reason- ably expect that Reform which, like the invasion of Bonaparte, has been so often talked of and as lepeat- i- illy given up— then, indeed, might we continue the pride and envy of surrounding nations. It has so hap- pened, that I haiebeen present at many county elec- tions, but I never remember to have seen one so plea- santly conducted aud so amicably decided as the last. Ciicumstances have also thrown me, within these few days past, into the society of some few of Mr. Dut- tou's particular friends, in none of. whom have 1 dis- covered any traces of those failings which so often embitter the recollection of contested elections. 1 cannot w ithdraw from you, Gentlemen, without ae- knowl dging the indulgence with which you have heard me: if I have intruded upoit your patie'ure im- moderately, or beyond the necessity of the subject, ascribe it," 1 beseech you, to that excessive joy so commonly attendant on the success of our undertak- ings, which 1 feel myself quit* unequal at. this moment to controul. About seven o'clock, Sir Abraham Elton, the Chair- man, took leave, previously conjuring the freeholders to use their victory with moderation, and to beware that they did not bring their cause into hazard by indiscreet and premature attempts at farther ac- quisitions. Sir A. Elton having retired, the chair was filled the remainder of the evening by Mr. Russel, of Clifton. The health of Mr. De Visum was drank with great applause; also the following toasts :—" A full, fair, free, and equal representation of the people," pro- posed by Mr. M. M. Coates.—" The Liberty of the Press," & c. < 5e- c. Mr, Gattie and Mr. Mallinsou satig some excellent songs— one of which, " The Prince and Old England for ever," was peculiarly well chosen, and much applauded.— The excellent band of the Oxford mili- tia attended in full uniform, and played , several fa- vourite airs. The company broke up at an early hour. HOUSE OF COMMONS FRIDAY. The supplies towards defraying the expend s of the different branches of our Naval Establishment, ordi- nary and extraordinary, were voted by Mr. YORXK, hi a Committee of Supply. In the course ofthe de- bate, Mr. HUSK I S SON took. au opportunity of making a few observations on that part of the estimate which related to the expences ofthe transport service. He was desirous of being informed to what extent the re- cent system of employing troop- shins, instead of mer- chantmen, for the conveyance of the forces sent abroad, had proved be neficial. He was anxious to know whether the great and accumulating expendi- ture on this head was indispensibly necessary. We had at present in commission six first rates, nine second, and 114 of a loner rate, while the vessels Xjinfin ordinary weresl » * ostofequaI number. There were also 35 new ships building. At a firmer period, when the enemy had HO ships of the line, our own number was 125 ; and now that it may be taken at 50, our own is increased to 300. All the ports of Europe did not contain one half of this number. In the last year we added 25 ; in this it is proposed to add 37. Our whole naval expenditure was lasbyear 19,000,0001. this year it is above 21,000,0001. He threw out these remarks merely for the sake of information: the sub- ject was of great importance, and if any retrenchments could be effected, it was desirable that they should be carried into execution w ithout delay. In answer to this, Mr. YORKE said, he feltebliged to the Hon. Gentleman, who never spoke without communicating some useful suggestion, tor giving him an opportunity of stating the causes which render any reduction of our naval establishment inexpedient at the present period. Tiie troop- ships, which were always taken from those that, after hcing paid off, were reported to be unfit for service as ships of w ar, had been of the greatest advantage, not only in point of expedition and security, but in point of preserving the health aud comfort of the tronps. Tlicrc were now abroad, thus employed, fourteen ships ofthe line, six of them two- deckers. They had serve d to convey upwards of 10,000 infantry. Upon the subject of the comparative augmentation of our naval force, the fact was, that under the present circumstances of the w orld, a greater number of ships was required On our part, to watch and blockade the enemy, ' lint enemy was of an active mind, and was likewise in possession of great maritime resources—( Hear!) lie had already 64 shipit of the tine, and 46 building, making a total of 110, together with 44 frigates, li e, ourselres, had not more than 100 actually fit Cor service ! He declared Government wished to adopt every practicable re- trenchment, and had ordered an accurate survey to be made of all Slie vessels lying in ordinary, iu order that those which should! be found' useless, might be broken up and sold.— Under tliese circwnslanees he was persuaded, that the best economy would be to maintain our full establishment, and to. continue to preserve that imposing superiority on which the de- fence and safety of thecountry so materially depended. The subject of the projected Itarbour at Northfleet was afco alluded to, anil the House had the satisfac- tion to. be informed by Mr. Yorke, that the plans res- pecting. that undertaking, and the breakwater at Ply- mouth Sfttind, were bath under consideration, and that tiie result was likely to prove favtuisable to their adoption. ________ In consequence of the great success attending the exertions of British officers in training the Portuguese troops, Spaniards are also to be trained on a very extensive scalc, under the auspices u. f the British officers and the British Government, Au establish- ment is now forming for this pospose in the island of Majorca, where tiie Spaniards can b* disciplined with- out danger of interruption until they are perfected in the use of arms, an advantage they cannot have in Spain, as, the moment they assemble in any very great body, an army bfFrencbmen proceeds to disturb and attack them. Anns, accoutrements, and cloathing, arc now preparing in England for the equipment of thirty thousand men in Majorca, all Spaniards, to be sent into Spain ten thousand at a time, when they are perfected in the use of arms and the necessary nia- neeuvres, a process which will take about two months. Lord Wellington has spared many of bis best scrjcants, and some excellent officers, for this purpose, and num- bers are going from other quarters. The uuiforms very much resemble the British, It is said, in an article dated Paris, March 5, that on the occasion of the Empress's lying- in, stmts of money will be distributed to pay the child- bed ex- pences of poor parents, and to redeem cffects pawned at the Mont de Pietfc. The acts of munificence of the same kind, ordered npon the announcing of the Empress's pregnancy, had for their object the relief of a great many poor inhabitants of Paris. Relief was administered at their boast s to » , 166 ; the child- bed expellees of 2,062 families were defrayed ; the sums received bv 14,481 debtors of the Mont tie i'iete were repaitl; antl effects given in pawn have been re- stored to those who deposited them. The small apartments looking into the Palace- court of the Thitiilerics, which were lately occupied by the Duke of Frlotd, Grand Marshal, have been united to the apartments of the Empress, and will be occupied by the infant on its bittb, and by the persons attached to its scrvicc. Next year the Children af Prance will occupy the apartments prepa ring for them at the Pavilion, formerly called the Pavilion of Marsan, aud which will bear the name of " the Pavilion of the Children of France." We are assured, that at the moment so imp tiently expected by all the French, and which must crown their dearest wishes, the birth of a Prince will be announced by 101 discbarges of cannon, and the birth of a Princess by 21. These salutes will lie repeated by the artillery of all the fortresses of France, and by that of all the ports, of the vessels in the roads, and of all places abroad oc- cupied by the armies. A ship lately arrived from Abyssinia, which has brought some acceptable particulars of the result of the voyage as far as related to the political object with which it was undertaken. 7he king of that country received Mr. Salt, the British agent, ( who accompanied Lord Valentia in his travels), with par- ticular distinction; and the few but well- selected presents delivered by the latter produced a very fa- vourable disposition in the personage on whom tliey were conferred. Much opposition had been given by some artful and industrious French itinerants, but the English interest had ultimately and completely pre- vailed, and for the first time in this remote Christian country, prayers are offered up for the life of George the Third, on the Sabbath- day, in the same service with those of its native Sovereign. Mr. Pearce, an associate of Mr. Salt, who was left at Massowah to learn the language of the cenntry, w as found by him in perfect health. Mr. Salt was introduced to the King of Abyssinia at his capital, Antalow: and an opening is made for commercial intercourse. An American paper says, that a spot of land in the village of Uttica, at the corner of two streets, was lately sold at the rate of three hundred thousand dollars an acre, which might have heen purchased, 25 years since, for one dollar an a,- re. This. village is situated on the Mohawk, 10c) miles from Albany, on the scitc of old fort Schuyler, and in the centre of business in the western part of New York. In 1794, there were only two houses on the spot: now in the com- pass of one mile there are probably 2,500 iuliabitants. The Court of Chancery in Ireland has delegated an authority for the representatives of the present Arch- bishop of Dublin to renew certain leasts that had ex- pired, by which bis Grace's family will benefit at least 30,0001. from fines thence arising. Mr, N. the master of a sloop of war, was last week tried at Plymouth for desertion; v.' lieu the charge being fully proved, be watj sentenced to be dismissed the service, fo be mulct of all his pay and prize- mo- ney, declared incapable of ever serving again as an officer, and to serve before the mast, on board such ship as the Commander iu Chief may direct. A midshipman belonging to the Amethyst was also tried for using abusive language to the Commander ofthe Prince Frederic convalescent ship. He was sen- tenced to be dismissed the service. On Saturday evening, in couseqnence of a female in the pit passage of Covcnt- Garden Theatre ex- claiming, " Take your hands out of my pocket," Do- naldson aud Lock, peace- officers, rushed into the crowd, and observed Mary Rlakeman feeling about people's pockets, whom they immediately conveyed to Bow- street Oliice, wlierc she was well known, and committed for reexamination. She was genteelly attired in a silk- gown, a handsome shawl, a new silk bonnet, with a black flower; and her appearance mch, iu every respect, as to prevent suspicion ill those uuacquainted witii her character. SUMMER. WINTER. Horses. T » ns. Cwts. Tons. Cwt*. a 6 0 5 10 6 5 10 5 0 6 5 3 4 n 6 4 5 3 15 4 3 17 3 7 4 3 0 2 10 3 2 10 2 0: 4 3 0 a 15 3 2 12 5-, T 2 1 10 1 5 1 1 5 1 0 The author of an enigma published iu tlitt Leyden Gazette offers 10,000 francs ( 4201. sterling,) to any one who shall truly interpret it. Jeffcry, the seaman, who was left on the desolate island of Sombrero, is now exhibiting himself in Lon- don, and a painting of the rock on which lie was put, with a likeness of himself, with the dress, he had on when he left the ship. A gentleman ofthe name of Walters has undertaken to walk, for a considerable wager, from London to Holyhead, a distance of 276 miles, in four days and a half ; to be performed tiie latter end of this mouth. To. Members of Friendly• Societies sewing in the Local'Militia.— Ky statute 50 Geo, Iff. c. 25, sec. 13, it is enacted, That no member of any Friendly Society, serving or entering to serve in the Local Militia, shall by such service be subject to any fine or penalty imposed by such Society for nou- atten- dancc during the time of such service-; any thing in any rule or bye law of such Society notwithstanding. INGEKUITY AIDED DY INDUSTRY.— This is the true philosopher's stone, so much sought after in former ages, tlur discovery of which has been reserved to genius, wlten studying to improve the mechanic arts. Heuce a pound of raw materials is converted into stuffs fifty times its Original value ; and the nictals too are not, indeed, transmuted into gold— they arc more:— for the labour of man has been able to work the baser metal, by the ingenuity of art, so as to become worth many times its weight in gold. There is a certain pinion in an horizontal motioned watch of such exquisite workmanship, that its value is worth its weight of the most precious diamond. And six steel wire springs for watch pendulums, weighing only one grain, aud which are usually sold for 7s. 6d. each, 21. 5s.— whilst a grain of gold is only worth two- pence. So that steel may be rendered three times dearer than standard gold, weight for weight. Waggons, Stage Coaches, Ifc.— The Highway Mill now ill the House of Commons makes the following provisions for the increase of tolls on the turnpike reads, after the 24th of July next, on waggons, carts, and stage coaches above a certain weight. Waggons, carts, or other carriages, ( with ccrtain exceptions) exceeding seven ton ten cwt. in summer, and seven ton in winter, not to be permitted to pass. Provi- sions for weighing waggons, & c. to be extended after the 2* th July fo stage coaches. No stage coach, weighing with passengers and luggage more than three ton, in summer, or two ton ten cwt. in winter, to be permitted to pass without paying an increased toll in proportion to the weight. WEIGHT ALLOWED.* BREADTH OP WHEELS, Waggons. Havingthe tire nine ? inches brood - J Six inches, rolling 11 Having the fore-} wheels ami tbef hind eight inches f broad ) Six inches - - Having the fore-} wheels antl the ( hind five inches f broad - - - ) Three inches - - Less than three indies Carts. Nine inches - • Six inches - - Three inches - • Less than three inches Additional toll fur afcruvight on every waggon, cart, or stage tmick, commencing ait the % ith July, 1811. QUANTITY. Toll per cwt. For the first and second hundred weight » f i. d. such overweight, at the rate of 1121b. to the hundred - For every hundred above two hundred ami not exceeding " five hundred For every hundred above five hundred, anil not exceeding ten hundred For eveiy hundred above ten hundred, and not exceeding fiite'i it Vatitlred - - 3 0 And for every hundred above fifteen Winifred 4 0 But in no case shall the penalty for overweight ex- ceed the sum often pounds at eaeh weighing engine. * Including iu all cases the weight of the carriage, as well as the burden conveyed therein.— Summer commencing May I, ending October M: winter com- mencing Nov, 1, ending April 30. DIAMOND CUT DIAMOND.— A keen encounter, ( and all for the love of justice and tin; law,) took place at Lincoln a few days ago, between the resident dealers in hats in that city, aud an itinerant inter- loper ; the latter of whom was charged before the magistrates, at the instance ofthe associated body of Lincoln batters, with selling his cliapea » x without stamps, and lie was convicted of the offencc, and paid the mitigated penalty of 51.— In retaliation, the tramping gentleman brought forward a persou who deposed that a hat which lie wore, he bad bought at a shop in Lincoln last October, without a stamp: the seller was, therefore, fined in the same penalty as had bren inflictcd in the former instance by the magis- trates ; and ( to the high entertainment of those pre- sent) the informer in this second instance ( a poor pensioner suborned for the purpose) was, on the in- formation of a constable in court, fined also 51. for unlawfully wearing the bat witliout a stamp I— Nor ditl the discomfiture of the poor itinerant merchant end here; for the deputy licenser of hawkers lodged an information against him at the same time, fo? hawking goods without a licence, and the mitigated sum of ten pounds, with 10s. Cd. costs, lie was obliged immediately to pay, and was compelled, moreover, to express bis grateful thanks, that he was net sen- tenced to pay other fines, on account of his not hav- ing taken out a licence to sell hats by retail, or to a term of imprisonment, for selling without stamps !— A more chop- fidlcn hero than the poor fellow in this case, was perhaps never seen; and as he had conduct- cd himself with some loftiness, and breathed out threatenings and vengeancce on his first conviction, his abasement at last was the more severe. " How a. . » . the mighty fallen 1" AHECOOTS OP OUVSR CSOMW Ell— f Extracted from the port- folio of " A Man of Letters."}— Prince Cromwell, who was now wholly out of action, having laid his scene in the counties and boroughs for elections to the ensuing Parliament, gave himself and the town a little recreation. It happened on a Friday. in July, that, de- sirous to divert himself with driving bis coach and six horses iu Hyde- Park, with his Secretary Thorlow in it, like Mepbistophi^ us and Doctor Faustus careering it in the air, to try how he could govern horses, since rational creatures were so unruly and difficult to be reined, like another PliJeton, he fell, in the experi- ment, frortithe coach- box; which was presently post- ed into the city, and many ominous and true conjec- tures maeie of his certain catastrophe ; oneofthesongs tin this occasion ending in this prophetic rhyme:— " Every day and hour hath shewed us his power, " But now he hath shew'il us his ait: 41 His first reproach was a fall from a coach, " His next will be from a cam" B ANKRUPTS from SA > CUD A Y's GAZETTE. John Pearce, Basingliall- street, clothier, tl. c. March SI, 26, April 27, at Guildhall. Atts. Higinoorand Co. Bush- lane, Cannon- street Henry White, late of Drttry- lane, apothecary, d. c, March 21, 27, April 27, at Guildhall. Atts. Pliillipson and Co. Staple's I; n .. ... Thomas llust, Marchmont- streer, Tavistock- squaie, oilman, d. c. March 23, 26, April 27, at Gtiildtiall Atts. Presland and Co. Bninswick- qnare Wm. Bowdcn, Downhead, Somerset, d. c. April 8, 9, 2". al the George, Shepton Malleit. Alls. King, Bedi'nrd- row; or Hyatt ai- d Co. Sliepton Mallett .... Elizabeth Hobe, Plymouth- Dock, milliner, d. c. Match 27, April Ifr, 27, at the New Crown, Plymouth- D ek. Alts. Williams and Co. Prmee's- sti eet; or Bozon, Pn mouth- Dock John Longsdon, Stockport, C. nuire, tim- ber- merchant and cottnii- spimier, d » c. March 30, April 1, 27, at the Castle, Stockport. A"*. E. ige, lo- ner Temple; or Harrop, Stockport Wm, Mormon, 0 6, 1 o 2 6. Old Gravel- lane, butcher, d. e. March 15, 26, Apri 1 27, at Guildhall. Att. Davies, Lothbnry Miles A inflow and Robert Ainscow, late of Clayton- in- le- Wooils, Lancashire, cotton- manufacturers, d. c. and copartners, April 11,12, » 7, at the White Horse, Pres- ton. Atts. Blakelock and Co. Temple ; or Blanchard and Co. Preston Thomas Sumner, Bonds, Lan- cashire, miller, April 5, 6, 27, at the Royal Oak, Gar- stang, Atts. Blakclock, Temple ; or Gardner, Gar- staug.. Richard IJjughes, of the Poultry, goldsmith and jeweller, d. c. March 19, 30, April 27, at Guild- liall. Atts. Chctham, Falcon- square; or Donollon, ColeiiKin. street- buildings Thomas Pearson, New- road, St. George's in the East, grocer, d. c. March 19, te April 27, at Guildhall. Att. Hollow- ay, Chancery- lane Richard Selwau, Bath, Harness- maker, d. c. April 1, 2, 29, at the Full Moon, Bath. Atts. High- moor, Bush- lane; or Wmgate, Bath I'm. Mild- rum, Tolnes, Devon, linen- draper, d. c. April 5, 6, 27, at the Old London Inn, Exeter. Atts. Brutton, New Millman- street; or Brntton, Exeter. Meredith Swancott., Foster- lane, Cheapside, warehouseman, March 23, 30, April 27, at Guildhall. Att. Bellamy, Clifford's Inn William Shurman, Hockley, War- wick, corn- dealer, farmer, d. c. March 28, 29, April 27, a! the Warwick Arms, Warwick. Atts. Sheph trd ami Co. Bedford- row : • r Tidmas, Warwick Abra- ham Hart and Philip Simons, Portsea, Hants, navy- aaentsaiid slopseller;, d. c. and copartners, March SI, 27, April 27, at Guildhall. Att. Templer, Burr- street, East Smithfield Thomas Hattye, Lane, Alnimid- bfry, York, clothier, d. c. April 3, 4, at the Brown Cow, Holmfirth, antl 27, at the Pack Horse, Hudders- fiehi. Atts. Stephenson, Holmfirtb; or Battye, Chan- cery- lane William Augustus Bnrtteht, late of Portsmouth, perfumer, fruiterer, cook, d. c. March 27, 28, April 27, at the Fountain, Portsmouth. Att. Callaway, Portsmouth Tlwmas Sutton, Woolwich, victualler, d. c. March 19, 26, April 27, at Guildhall Atts. M'- wrs. Whittons, Great James- street Mat- ttu' 111 Plajstet, Hmldersfield, Yorkshire, boot and shoe- maker,. d, r. April 4, 5, 27. at the White Lion, Hud- desstieltl, Atts. Allison, Hiidelersfield ; or Walker, Lincoln's Inn Jwn. es Macneall, Preston, Lancashire, linen- draper and tea- dealer, d. c. April 9, 10, 27, at the White Horse, Pie, ston. Atts. Blakelock and Co. Temple; or P Ikingftm and Soil, preston Edward Hay, Birmingham, hiamU- merchant, d. c. April 12, 13, 17., at the White Hart, Birmingham. Atts. Boil- field, Hind- court, Fleet- street; or Maiidsley, Binning, ham Thomas FHgg- ins, late of Merc, Wilts, victual- ler, d.. c. March 25, 26, April 27, at the Snip, Mere. Atts. Seymour, Mere; OK Bleasdale and Co. New Inn Charles Peter Melbourne and James Swan, Old Bond- street, paper- hangers, d. c. March 19, 20, April 27, at Guildhall. Atts. Kibblewhite and Co. Gray's Inn- place John Lewis White, late of Can- non- street, wine- merchant, d. c. March 19, 2.3, April 27, at Guildhall. Atts. Sloper and Co. Moutague- street, RiisscH- sqnare George Sanders Prestwidge, late of Maid- lane, Soathwark, brewer, d. c. March it's 30, April 27, at Guildhall. Att. Montagu, Hen- rietta- street Joseph Spencer, Brighthelmstone, li- nen- draper, d. c. March 19, ¥ 3, April 27, at GuildiiaJl. Atts. Botirdillon and Co. Little Friday- street, Cheap- side. KANKRVPTS from TUESDAY'S C.- 12F7TE. Edward Norm, llehester, iiwholder, d. c. April 8, 9,30, at the George, Shepton- Mallet. Atts. King, Bedford- row; or Hyatt and Maskell, Shepton- Mallet. William Marmlen, and Henry Mainsden, Manches- ter, eottori- manufactiirerj, d. c. anil copartners, April 8, 9, 30, at the Mosley Arms, Manchester. Atts. Ellis, Chancery- lane; or Card well. Manchester William Marsden, and Joseph M& sden, Hoghton- tow- er, Lancaster, cotton- manufacturers, d. c. and co- partners, April 11, 12, 34), at the White Horse, Pres- ton, Lancashire. Atts. Blakelock and Makinson, Temple; or Startifant, Preston Ebenezer Whitten- bury, Manchester, merchant, d. e. April 8, 9, St), at the Dog Tavern, Manchester. Atts. Ellis, Cliancery- lane; or Higson aud Atkinson, Manchester John Hartley, Manchester, manufacturer, d. c. April 8, 0, a>, at tha Mosley Artus, Manchester. Atts. Ellis, Chancery- lane ; or Cardvvell, Manchester Sarah Moore, Wolverhampton, Stafford, sadler, April 8, 9, 30. Att. Corner,, Wolverhampton Tlum. as Jack- son, Cheetham, Manchester, cot ton- manufacturer, d. c. April9, 16, 3CI, at the Blue Boar, Manchester. Att. Milne, Manchester Thomas Dutton, Liver- pool, cabinet- maker, and tea- dealer, April 8, 10, 30, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. A tts. Winelle, Jtohu- streef, Bedford- row; or Pennington, Liverpool Miles Fauicett, Liverpool, music- seller, d. c. April 8, 10,30, at the George Inn, Liverpool. Atts. Forrest, Liverpool; or Windle, John- street, Bedford- row Mm FJlam, sen. Westleigh, Lancaster, butcher, d. c. April 8, 25,30, at the Pied Bull, Leigh. Atts. Wee- ton, Leigh; or Blakelock and Makinson, Temple Henry Worms, Wapping Dock- street, Wapping, up- holsterer, d. c. March 26, 30, April SO, at Guildhall. Atts. Howard and Abrahams, Old Jewry John Lewis, Abergavenny, cabinet- maker, d. c. March 26, April 4, 30, at the Rummer Tavern, Bristol. Atts. James, Gray's inn- square ; or Cornish, Bristol William Batty, Wakefield, Yorkshire, cloth- manufac- turer, March 26, 29, April 31), at the StaffordVArms, Wakefield. Atfs. Beaver, Wakefield; or Evans, Hatton- Garden John Kemp, Nowell's- buihhngs, Islington, dealer in hay, March 26, April •>, 30, at Guildhall. A tt. FiUingliain, Union- street, Whitechapel. ... James Miiheood, Huddersfield, maltster, eprntaetor, d. c. April to, it, 30, at the Rose and Crown, Hud- ilersfield. Atts. Battye, Chancery- lane; or Crosland, Huddersfield Bristow Bradley, Farnham, Surrey, common- brewer, d. e. April 2, 3, 30, at the Bush Inn, Famliam, Atts. Holiest, Farnham; or Dyne, Liu- coln's- Iun- Fields, London Thos. Browubitl, Leeds, silversmith, d. c. April 4, 8, 30, at the White Horse, Leeds, Atts. Lee and Raynar, Leeds; ot Battye, Chancery- lane Thomas David Rees, Great Maty's- Btiilding's, Saint Martin's- lane, Middlesex, victualler, d. c. March 23, 30, April 30, at Guildhall. Att. Hinrich, Cecil- street, Strand John H'Merley, and William Pepper, Nottingham, hosiers and lace- manufaettirers, and copartners, March 28,29, April 30, at the Red Lion, Nottingham. Atts. Jainson and Lees, Nottingham; or Stevenson, Liucoln's- Imi Robert Soanes, Upper East Sinithfield, provision- merchant, d. c. March 23, April 2, 30, at Guildhall. Att, Tarn, Wurnford- cotirt, Throgmortou- street Moses West, Colchester, merchant, d. c. March 28, 29, April 30, at the Angel, Colchester. Atts. Sparling, Colchester; or Cutting, Bartlett's- buildings, Hotborn... ... William Ilooke, Beccles, Suffolk, grocer, d. c. April 8, 9, 30, at the While Lion Inn, BecCles. Atts. De- bary, Derby, and Scudamore, Tanfield- com t, Tem- ple; or Bohtm, Eeccles Jo. ni ' laylor, Bristol, manufacturer, d. c. March 21, April 3,30, at the Bush Tavern, Bristol. Atts. Heelis, Stuple- lun, Ltmdon; or Bttrges, Bristol Wm. Carter, jun. merchant and commission broker, April 8, 10, 30, at the George Inn, Liverpool. Atts, Chambre, Chapel street, Bedford- row, London ; or Stathams ami Hughes, Liverpool... ... Samuel Beaton, Downhead, West Camel, Somerset- shire, jobber, d. c. April 10, II, 30, at the Mildmay's Arms, Queen Camel, Somersetshire. Atts. Coote, Austin- friars, London; or Healey, Dorset... Ilamlit Mvltion, Liverpool, merchant, d c. Aprils, 11,30, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. Atts. Barrow, Tbreadneedle- street, London; or Massey and Cart- wright, Liverpool Jolm Waistle, Liverpool, buil- der, d. c. April 8, 9, 30, at the Globe Tavern Liver- pool. Atts. Meddowcrott, Gray's- Inn, London; or Davies, Liverpool.... Herman Ernst - Simrs-, Hackney- road , Middlesex, merchant, March 28, April 2, 3% at Guildhall. Att. Fisher, Nelson- square, Blackfriar's- roatl Thomas Cuoper, Htgham, Kent, buteher, d. c. March t'i, April 2, SO, at Guiltlha. il. \ tt. Chip- pcndball, Great Queen- street. Lincoln's- Inn- fields BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSF. D EO.- William Harrison and William Gorst, Little Town- street, Lon- don, William Harrisox, North End, Middlesex, and Simuel Cooke, Deptfonl, merchants, d. c Robert Way ten, Devizes, victualler, d. c. DIVIDENDS.— April 15. Thomas Bowles Cftild, Neath, Glamorganshire, tanner, at the Ship and Cistie, Neath 17. Simeon Etty, Oxford, wine- nierciiati., at the house of M try Cosier, Oxford John James, Bristol, cooper, d. c. at the Btisli Tavern, Bristol. CERTIFICATES — April 9. John Lewis, Bristol, woollen- draper, d. c Wm. Stir. shcombe, Brutal, cabinet- maker, d. c. BRISTOL SHI? NEWS CAMB tit,— The Good Intent, Remiv, from Guern- sey ; and the Atlas, Cougar, from New York. ArtRiVKD,— At Jamaica, the Charlotte, Sale, the Jane, Andrew, the Simon Taylor, Ltiiid, the Bri. - tol, Harvey, the St. Elizabeth, Lovcll, tiie Minerva, Gardner, the Hercules, Gay, the Hope, Atkinson, ami the. Nelson, Thomas ; at Honduras, the Brilliant, M'Arthur; and at IJarbadoes, the Pilot, Barton. SAILED,— The Britannia, Vickery, the Active, Simlctt, the Two Friends, Cuilimore, the Mercury, Vauglian, antl the King George, Diingey, for Cork . the Caty Ann, Williams, for New York; the Dih- gencc, Simpson, for Guernsey; the Eliza, Gibson, for Trinidad; the Susannah, Hendricks, for Lonc- sntmd ; the Ti es Amigos, Mosquito, for Lisbon ; the William Luce. Willy, for Dublin ; the Frederick, Gardner, for St. Croix; and die Eoltis, Ell'ord, for Newfoundland, SAILED FROM CORK,— The West Indian, Cert- main, for Barbadoes; the Sarah Miles, Baker, the Union, Blake, the Martha Btte, Bullock, and the Sophia, Martin, for Jamaica. ENTERED OUT,— The Henry and Mary, Rumney, for Cork ; the Wilson, Whileway, for New Brtniv wick ; the Mary Aiicii^ Waggejt, fol- Waterford j the Mi. iv, Power, for Newry; and the Matty, Hutchinson, for Dublin. COASTERS ENTERED OUT,— The Expedition, Grif- fith, for Cardigan ; the Trafalgar, Griffiths; and the Fonmon Castle, Morris, for Neath; tlic Fortitude, Wliyte, for Glasgow ; tiie Ann, Evans, for Carmar- then ; the John, Mathias, for Plymouth; the Lang- port, Coleman, for Bridgwater; aud the Bristol Packet, Hum, for Dartmouth and Exeter. JHaitets. CORN EXCHANGE, LONDON, MARCH 13, LOLL- The arrivals of wheat this morning were not nu- merous, but hav ing a portion of last w eek's ou hantl mostly frpin the North, there was no scarcity. With this supply, last Monday's prices, with a reasonable briskness in tiie sales of fiue samples, were obtninrd- — Bailey ( of which large quantities subsequently arrived, and tttulerweut a reduction et' 3s. and 4s. )> er quarter) has iu consequence of a good deal being taken off by the distillers, rather revived from its depression,— Malt, with pease and beans, sold nearly at' last statement.— Very large arrivals of oats l ave come iu within these lew eljys, and the price lower than on this day week. A. S. Wheat 60 to 86. Fine ditto 90 to 94 Superfine ditto. 96 toUH) Rye 34 to 40 Barley srs to 34 Malt f, o to 70 White Pease 40 to 43 a. s. Boilers oo to 54 Grey Pitas e 34 to 43 Beans 38 to 55 Ticks 32 fo 50 Oats it to 27 Poland ditto s8 to 3J Potatoe ditto ...— to 34 PRICE OF SEEDS, & r. Carrawayp. owt. 3S to 40 j RycOr. v? sp. qtin> 3f) to 5 ® Coriander ditto.. 40 to 50 | Mustard, wli. bus. 8 to IV RadClovor dittoSO totSO ' D. tto, brown, do. 12 to 16. White ditto ditto95 tol30 I Turnip, ditto to to 45 Rapt, 441. to 50: 1. per last. .. Trefoil, 20s. to 79s. p. c. wU Od- Cake. 161.16s. per thousand. AVERAGE PRICE OF SUGAR, * Computed from the returns made in the week ending March 13,1811, is 41s. Od. perewt. Exclusive ot the duties paid or payable thereon on im- portation thereof into Great Britain, PRICE OF FLOUR. Fine 85s. to Oils, per sack. Seconds 75s. to 80s. ditto. Bran l is. to 16i. ! » d. per qitar. Fine Pollard..... 26s. to .10n. Od. ditto. PRICE OF HOPS. ~~ BASS. I. » . I. s. I I'LW'UKTS. I, S. I. Kent. 6 O to 7 10 Kent & » i> to 9, { 1 Sussex 5 12 to 7 II Sussex 6 O to 7 t<* Essex <; 0 to 7 10 J Farnhain... lO 0 ti) 14 tj Old Hops, 20*. to 45s. per cwt. TownTs » llowpercwt... 7 7s. Yellow Russia 60s. White ditto 6Is. Soap ditto 63s. PRICE OF TALLOW. Melting Stuff, per cwt. 56 « . Ditto rough S6s. Graves. Good Ditegs. 1 Yellow Soap, » ) « ... Mottled, 90s.... Curd, 94s, Candles, 12s. Od Moulds, 13s. Od. PRICE OF MEAT AT SMITHFIELD, Sinking the offal... per stone ufalbs. Beef.... 8d. to 6s. 4d. I Veal ... 6s. 0d. to 7s. 4,1. MuttonSs. Oil. to 6s. 4d. | Pork... 5s. 4d. to 7s. Od. Lamb, Os. Otl. to Os. od. NEWGATE AND LEADEN HALL, By the Careass. Beef... 4s. Otl. to ,5s. Otl. j Veal... 5s. Od. to 7s. < Vi. Mutton4s. 4el. to 5s. itl. | Pork., 5s. 4tl. to 7s. Odl. Lamb. Os. Od. to Os. ttd. ~~ RAW HIDES. * Best, heifers& steers, persfone 2s. 8d. to 3s. t> l. Middlings 2s. 4d. to 2s. Cd. Ordinary Is. lOd. to Od. Market Calf ( each) 15s. Od. to Os. Od. English Horse Its. Oil, tnl4 » . Otl. Lamb Skins Os. ( Hi. to Os. Od. PRICE OF LEATHER. ~ Butts, 50 to 55lbs. each SOel. to 21 d. per lk. Ditto, 56 to 66lbs. each 24d. to 25d. Merchants'backs I9d. to 20} d. Dressing hides I81I. to 19d. Fine coach hides ..., 19d. to 21d. Crop hides, 35 to 401b. to cut,.. 17d. to 184d. Ditto 45 to 50lb 19ef. to Sid. CalfSkins, 30 to 40ib. 28d. to 34d. Ditto 50 to 70lb. 36d. to 40d. Ditto 70 to 80lb S6d. to S9d. Small Seals ( Greenland) S6d. to 3? d. Large ditto, 130s. to 160s. per dozen. Tanned Horse Hides, lfld. to sod. per lb. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW, ' ST. JAMES'S. Hay.., 61. 6s. to 91. 12s. ! Straw_ 3l. 18s. to 41. 7t. WHiTisewAPBr,. Hay... 61. 6s. to 91. 12 « . j Clover81. 8s. to 101. lots. New.. 01. Os. to 01. 00s. I Strnw3l. tf) s. to 31. 18 « . SMITttFIEI. il. Hay... 81. 8s. fo 91. 9-. I CloverSl. Os. to 91. to*. New .. PI. Os. to 01 Os. j Straw. 31. 10s. to 31. 16*. vCountri; lESrSt^ ~ GLOCESTER Wheat, 14 « OD to 17s. OD Bar. ley, 5s. Od. to 6s Od... Beans, 6s. Od. to7s. 8d... Oats, 3s. 6d. to 4s. Od. per customary bvskel of nine gallon » and a half. Wheat, 16'. Id. to 17s.* l. .. Bariev5s. 6d. to 6S. 0d.... Oat » , 4s. 9d. to 5s. 3,1.... Pease, 6s. 6d. to 7s. Cel. Rye, 009. per bushel. HEREFORD Wheat, 15s .. Oats, 4s. 4d... Peas 6S. Cd Beans, 6s. ed Barley, 6s. Ctl. ' WORCESTER.... Wheat, Ms. od to 1.1a « d Bar- ley, 5s Od. to 5s 6d Beans, 6s. Otl. to 6s. 8d. Pease, 6s Od to 6 » 6d Oats, 3s. 9d. to 4s. 6d. p'e- bushel.... Hovs: S94 pockets weighed 011 Saturday, current prices, from 51. 5s. to el. Bs. per cwt. BRISTOL.... Wheat, R8s to 99s. per quarter Fine ditto, — s Oil Malting Barley, 00s. to 00s. per quarter Grinding ditto, 00s. to 00s Oats, 20s. to 21s... Fine Flour, 80s. t? 90s Second do. 66s. to 78s Horse Beans, OOs. to 00s Clovei, Oils to OOs Quarter Loaf: Wlieaten, l3Jd Standard, laid.; Household, lUd Hav, 90s.' to 133s Straw, 36 I. to 42d. DEVIZES Wheat, 36s to 10? s ... Barley, 30s. to 39s.... Oats, 24s. to 29s..- Beans, 40s. to 50s" NEWBURY .... Wneat 85s. to 106s... BaricV » 6s. tt » 34s. .. Beans 42s. to 50s.... Pease42s. to 49s... Oats % s . to 32s. WARM INSTEP... Wheat, 90s to 108s... Barley, 35s. to 42s .. Oats, VCs." to 30s ... Beans, 44a. to fits. REVDINO Wheat 90s. to 111s.... Beans 4X to 48s... Pease 43s. to 54s,,,, Oats 24-. to 30s. .. Ba l- v SI's, to 39s,
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