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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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No. 28.] 28.— ON FEES, GRATUITIES, & c.-( Po( t Office.) 6t POST OFFICE of Ireland ; for the Year ended 5th January 1809. Total Emolument. Deduftions. Net Emolument. £ s. d. t, joo 1,500 Obfervations. colle& ed and received all and every rate, fum and fums of belong to the Office of Poftmafter General, by virtue of fuch as he may from time to time reccivc from the Loid Lieutenant Meflcngers, and other Officers and Servants upon fuch Salaries and to take fuch Security from all as he may think fif for the Service of the Office, and to caufe faid Salaries and Incidental 1,103 9 2 710 l> 39 « 7 t Pott Office of Great Britain the annual fum of £ 433. 6. 8. through Ireland, and on the Incidents of the Irllb Poll Office he to Mr. Pettcgr inc Treves, £ 379. 3. 4. and the entire of the annual fum of £ 54. 3. 4. the atfu. il falary ( lands at prefent the ufe of a houfe which he also possesses. Post matters on their appointments. and circulation of Irish Newfpapers through the Province of £ t63. 8. which the Secretary agr: cably to that regulation paid 6* 5 17 5 Salary £ 14.1. fixed Allowances, =£ 50. per vVarrant of the Lord Lieutenant in 1796, and £ 50. more in 1800. The Fees are as follows; viz. in. 5d. on Ex- prelfes to and from Great Britain; jr. 51J. on Irifh Expreftes, 17J. 4d. on the rppointmenl of C! er k> and Deputy Poftmatter. « , and 8J. Xd. on that of Letter Carriers, Meflen- gers, and Mail Guards. 161 Salary £ 125. £ j. o. as Storekeeper. T25 The Fees areas fol- lows, viz. On private 70 Exprefles, 2J 8{ d. O11 the appointment of Clerks andDeputy Poft mailers, 51. 5d. On Letter Carriers Meflengers, and Mail Guards, 21. 8\ d. entirecorrefponrlence of the Office. He receives daily the various orders as may appear lo him neceffary, and when their Lortllhips Monthly Returns furnilhcd to him from the Lett, r Bill Office amount- of Credits to be made to the Deputy Poft matters for Riding Allowances, ExprcfTes, Ship Le'. ters, ami Incidents, he is Poftmafters General when requi- td to icceive and execute fuch being fir ft properly vouched, examined and figned by : h « general bufinefs of'the Office in all its branches; and iflues all the Eftablifhment and up » n other official matters. He keep3 an pointrnents for the frgnalure of the Poft matters General. He affifts mak: s fair copies cf and enters all Reprcfentations to Govern- 1 ion of the Secretary, all complaints from the Public. He makes pays over to the Treafurcr the amount of all Cafh fo received by fallen into Cafh. Letters received upon official matters; and in the abfence of Increafe ofExpenee lirce 5th January 1804. By Addition to Salaries. £ s. d. 35 75 20 A Appointment of Additional Officers. No. Amount. Total Increafe of Expence. £ s. d. Other Employments, Placcs, & c. Dcfcription. 130 SirJolmLees isSearcher & Packer of tl. e Port of Wexfoid, & Comptroller") of the / Port of f Co. k. ) Infpeftor of ") Frarks V Inland office J Annual Value. d. 568 13 10 845 7 7 ip — Attendance. • By Deputy Piom 6 o'clock till 9 every Morning, and from 5 r,' clock till 8 every Evening. j > 1.1 ! i J
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