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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3790
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 02/10/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3790
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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THE ' SAI AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET[ AND SOMERSET. A A [ NUMBER 3790. VOLUME LXXIV.] MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 180.9. P'tlCE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY ( Stamp Duty.... Paper and Print, 3M. • id. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. BUENOS AYRES, Aug. 8. ANEW Viceroy has arrived here to succeed General Liniers, who his retired to Mendoza, a town about 00' J miles up the country. General LinieVs had orders from the Supreme Junta to repair to Spam, to answer charges brought against him by Gen. Elio, Governor of Monte Video; but Oil his resigning his office,' he insisted on not going to that country till its situation was in a more settled state than at present. All the Creoles or natives of the country are wholly in favour of General Liniers; he lias disbanded the different regiments from Old Spain, and taken the natives in their room, which caused much jealousy on the part of the Old Spaniards. The new Vice King has been invested with more absolute Authority than any of his predecessors; he has even got the |) o\ ver of life and death in his own hand-. LONDON, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25. The - ship Invention is arrived in the River from Buenos Ayres, with letters to the 8th ult. She has per- formed two voyages in a diagonal direction across the . Atlantic, with a degree of rapidity unexampled : from the British Channel to Rio Janeiro she was 30 days on her voyage, gun- whale to every knot of her progress; from thence she sailed to Baenbs Ayres, and from the Rio de la 1' lata on her return to Great Iliitain she was. only 47 days. The intelligence she has brought is of great political im- portance : it was supposed that, the authority of Liniers was so completely established; that the feeble power of Spain over her Colonies could not- wrench the sceptre from his grasp; but the ancient prepossession. of the country in favour of the parent state have prevailed over French in- fluence; he has retired from . the come. st; and the Mem- bers of the Cabildo, whom he had shipped off, have re- turned, and have been re- admitted by the New Governor to the exercise of their functions. Spanish papers to the 7 th, and Portuguese papers tor the lTth iust. were received this morning. Accounts from Cadiz stale that the enemy have retired from Aicanez to Saragossa, and that in La ftluneha they continue their retrograde movements. The former accounts respecting terona appear to be incorrect, and notwithstanding ihe gallafitry continued to be displayed by its defenders, it is to be feared that place innst shortly surrender : the fort of MoptjuhSl, one of its principal defences, has been - urren- tlereil to the enemy.— The Lisbon- papi'r. i state the arrival < cf some reinforcements for Lord Wellington's army, but lave nothing else cl importance. By the India Government Gazette of May the 4th, It appears, tbas the most violent disputes existed between the Council and the Aimy, on the Madras establishment. Several officers, spate of them of considerable rank, are charged with preparing a seditious paper, " purporting to be a remonstrance in the name of the Army against. the acts of the Government under which it serves," jind " jtajw culated to destrbjr eveiy foundationofiliseipline^ ofie'( ii( jiu- e, and fidelity." Other officers' are- accused of ejieuhiting inflammatory papers^ censuring the" sugpeuginn of. Major Boles, the late IJepu'ty- A'djutaiit- Cetlera!; anil all these proceedings are attributed to the • example set by the " violent and intemperate acts of the Ijtaa Commander in thief." A considerable number of officers have been rebuked or suspended in. tionSeVitlenee, and, among others, Lieutenant Colonels Robert Bell and J. Ml Chalmers, have Veen removed f& tn their commands; Lieutenant- Colonel • John Cuppage and Cipti .1. M. f, Coombs separated from the Stoflf; an « l Lieii tenant- Colonel the Hon. Arthur St. Leger, Major John J) e jforgau, Captain Josiah Marshal, ' and Capt. James Giant, ordered ' to hold themselves in readiness to return to England. In short, from whatever cause these tl'visions may . have arisen, whether front the late Com- liia.' der- in- ehitl having- claimed, like his > fjredfoessors, a « . « t in the. Government, whether - from usurpation at- tempted or. tlie part of'the Army, or refusal of right on the part of the Council, they appear to be of a most ex- tensive arid serious nature*. The pre sept Ministers ( it is now admitted in the newspapers presumed to be under their eoxtntroul) have f^ t themselves reduced to tl. e necessity of soliciting the assist ilice of• the r la'e leading political opponents, the Lords Gr^ y and { SRTJIVILLE. This resolution was formed at > ( l Council heki'Oii Saturday, ami was communicated to the King that evening, by. Lord Liverpool apd Mr. Perceval. His Majesty bavin?, acceded to the men ure,: two Messen- <;• i s well serit'off ( Voro Wind- v, the one ttf F. arl Grey, in Northumbi j'krrul, ' the otiur. to Lord " GrenvU5n>" in Corn- wall, requiring the ir atHndauee on his Majesty. Mean- while the following' resignations jire said to have been determined ' mi, inaiityon to those of the 1 Mike of Port- laud, Lord Castl. FOaghj and Mr, Canning, viz. the Earl of \ Vestnu » iv| aii4, . Kaj'l'- Camtfcn, and Lyrd Gr. Levison. dower. There wiiitheii be six. vacant seats in the Cabinet. The Members who remain are the Earl of Chatham, the Earl of Liverpool, Earl BatfiuirtSt, Lord Mttlgrave, Lord Eldon, and Sir. fefce'val. These, six Ministers, it is pre- sumed, are to continue in, and the six vacant seats to be filled by Lord Grenville's nomination, assisted by Earl Grey. Lrd Gmiviile, it is farther presumed, is intended tu be first Lord ut UitHTrcasurY. and Prime Minister, arid Earl Grey, Secretary of State for the Foreign Department; « Hit it is apprehended that tlirte Noblemen will decline coming into office with half the Members. oC the Cabinet • already nominated, and the.^ gpposed secret influence iri- vluded in that half, in the peison of the Earl of Liverpool ; whilst. Lord El'skine,. Lord Spencer, Mr. Windham, and other friends ui" the Ministry in which Lords Grenville and Grey formerly act d, must - be. excluded from the offices they then held, by the | ix Ministers who are to remain in the Cabinet, and who, it is understood, make a point of excluding Lord Sidmoath and the few fiiends who still adhere to him. CovEtiT- GAKDKnTitEATRE.— Thp opera of the Woodman, and the farce of liaising the Wind, were; attemytai'- to be performed here on Saturday night; but the opposition to the ihcrca ed prices, and to the engagement of Catalani, continuing as firm and systematic as ever, Mr. Kemble at length announced that the Pioptjetors of the Theatre had iesolvud to submit their books to the inspection of a Com- jiiittee of independent Gentlemen, and abide by, their p. fart, after such inspection, of the propriety or impro- priety of the advance of prices, or any other arrangement the Committee should suggest ; and during this investi- gation, the house would be shut up. In regard to Mad: lni Catalani, Mr. Harris, in engaging her, was actuated solely by a wish loevinc. e his . attention to the public gratification ; but as the engagement of this Lady at an English Theatre was not! congenial to the public mind, he had satisfaction in assuring the audience that Madam Catalani's engagement was now cancelled.— This address was received rather favourably'-, and the audience having dispersed, the doors Of the Theatre were closed till the Committee have made their report; consequently the performers are'again prin- cipal sulferers,. by the Suspension of their salaries. iI. uir- T. ANE, Monday, Sept. 2- 5. We had this morning a Very small. arrival of Wheat from the counties of EsSeX * nd Jkcrvt, and no vessel whatever fresh up from the more distant ports ; the mealing demand- in constquencerather exceeding t'le pieVji-. t . supply, - the prices, whiplr had declined in general pbout'gs, per'quarter on Friday, fully recdvcfed to the currency et Mopdjiy preceding ;' the sales upon these . tergts were not, however, ejftferhely brisk.— The $ hew of spring cprn to- day has be/ a also far from plentiful, and the terms of last week Jiave been tally maintained for most articles, but without any particular Advance, except for Oats, which are Is. per quartet dearer, and fine fresh horse corn ig much wanted.— Mealing ft- d Wheat, to I02s. fine lOSs. sup. X iw. White 74s. to . jots, fiu. 110s. sup. to 1.18s.— Rye 50s. to68s. fine new to 63s. — WhitsPcas 56s. to 70s. Grey Peas 42s. to' 49 » .— Tick Beans, new, 44s. to 50s. fine old 5< fe'.. fo 58s.— Barley B'is. to to 42s. . Ma! ting. 44s. to 51s.— Malt 70s.' to7Cs. fine 80s: to sfts.— Oat.', } on; feed, l4s. to 34s. short 35s.. to ;) 7<. Poland sm: to 41*. —' I urnip Sjed, White . round, ps.' to 1 is. n « v ljs. to 20s. per • bushel:— R'HS Setd'' 3 « i: to 4 « i. line new to Ml. to C$ 1. per last. — English lltusehoid Flour 100s: per sick; Ainnieau ditto • JOS, to 45s, Oti, sup. 54s. to'COS. per btsrrcl. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, September 13, 180.9. ON Tuesday the 3d Of Oct. next, I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing (" staled, npj, and contract ivitk such persons as may l- e inclinable to ftmtish all such num- ber oj HORSKS as mini l- e required for performing the opera- tions of the JJrewen/, as well us for Pumping the IValerfor his Majesty's f'ieiualling Service at IVeevill; the Contract to commence furth) eitli, and to continue in force for one Year cer- tain, and further until three Months notice shall l- e given on either side, in manner j'ollolring, viz. HORSES for Grinding the Malt and raising the Worts in the firewhouses, at. per Tun of Beer brewed: HORSES for Pumping Water at either of the Wells on the premises, at per Horse, for a Spell of four Hours. . Paymen/ to l- e made quarterly ly hills payable ninety days after dale, u- itli interest added thereto at the rate- of Three- pence per centum per diem. . No regard will be hail to any tender in which the price shall not be inserted in words al length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said Zd of October next; nor unless the person who mokes the same, or soiaeperson on his behalf, attcjid to answer thereto u'hen called for. WM. RfitSKS. N. IS.— The Conditions of the Contract may be seen at my Office. RsoB PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, September 28, 180.0. ON Thursday, the btli of Oct. next Ishall be ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up0 and treat for 1000 Quarters of ENGLISH WHEAT, to weigh bllb. per bushel; and in ease it should weigh above bllb. per bushel, the < r.' er- weighJ. will be paid for ; to be d< livered at this port in one Mouth fienieh will be paid for l- y bills payable with interest SO days after dale. No regard will, be had to any Tender, in which the prices shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said Sth of October next., nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. WM. REEKS. N. B. The Conditions of the Contract may be seen at my Office. ' ' r « > 6 BOROUGH or WILTON. SUCH Persons as are willing to contract for supplv- . ing ' he POOR- HOUSK in the Borough of WII. TTTV;; with the under- mentioned articles, until the 1st day of January next, are recprest « l to send in Proposals, accompanied with Samples, to the Churchwardens and Overseers, on ot before Friday the 6' th day of October next: Household Flour, at per bag. I Salt, ^ t per bushel. Good Bacon, at per lb. | Household Cheese, per cwt. Malt, at per bushel. I Candles and Soap, per doz. Hops, at per cwt. | Grocery, & c. [ 4902 WEYHILL BALLS WILL be at the Town llall, AKDOVKR, on Wednesday the 11th and Friday the 13th of October. Tickets 5s. to be. had of Mrs. Maud. f4s< H T FARM HAM HOPS. nr ® : E " Proprietors of . Blissimcre Hall Acre, give / I^ ti^ - Ut, according to the agreem.- nt entered into by tffs' Planters and Growers of Hops within the parish of Farflhiun, all Hops sent to WEYHILI. FAIR must be on the Hill on or before Wednesday the 11th of October; and no Hops. can or wii; received on- ths Acre after that day, as the Fair wilt. commence on the 19th of October. [ 44K2 GAME. . . WHEREAS the GAME on the Manors of Stal- bridge, Handlgy, Bradford- Abbas, Clifton andWyke, in the couuiy of Dorset, and Cbarlton- Botcthornc, lien- stridge, Tcmplc- Coombe, Milborne- Port, Kingsbury- Regis, and Milbom< - Wvke, in the county of Somerset, the property of the Richt, Mont Hi iry Earl of Uxbridge, have of late been destroyed by ujiqua ified persons ; ••, f- ld- i."" It b'lins; intended to preserve the game on the above men- tioned Manors, gentlemen are requested not to sport ( her.- on ; and all persons found sporting ther- on, n > t being duly quali- fied, will be prosecuted as the law directs.— Sept.!), laOH. M/. RNHULL, DORSET. WHEREAS the GAME on this Manor has of late been most shamefully destroyed, particularly W p. nons unqualified, and those who. have been'permitted to s. xirt on it; This is to give notice, ThatTrom henceforth all unqualified persons found sporting will be prosecuted; and as it . is the wish of the Lord of tlie Manor to increase the game, he hopes qualified Gentlemen will retrain from sporting in future. Dated the 20th day of Sept. Ui09. • [ 4530 HttpERTON, Sept. 27, 1809. TIIE Public are. informed,— That the SALE of LIVE and DEAD STOCK' at CHAI. COT FAKM, which was to h ve been on Monday and Tuesday next, is disposed df l'ij Private Contiact.. (" 1: 11- 2 - LOST, on Salisbury Plain i. tween Amesbury and Hulllord, returning from Wilton Fair,— A SOUTH- DO JVN RAM, marked J. H. in a wheel. Whoever will give intelligence of the same, so that it may be had again, to Mr. ^ Oj> n Halcomb, in Marlborough, shall be handsomely re- warded for t- heir trouble. f49 » 4 HE Miss GILBERTS beg; leave to inform tliuir Friends and the Public, that at Michaelmas next they design' OPENING a SCHOOL at RINCWUOD, for the Re- ception of YOUNG LADIES. Miss G. presumes her having been teacher to the Miss Warwicks, late of Salisbury, and alt. rwards at Twiokenham ( by whom « tb< was chiefly educated), will be sufficient proof of her capability. Accommodation for a Parlour Boarder. [ 4787 ACADEMY, ST. ANNE'S- STREET. THE Public are respectfully informed, that three Pupils having this week been dismissed from the Academy conducted by the Rev. A. MORISON, M. A. there' are of course three vacancies. As it is well known that the whole of Mr. M.' s time is entirely v. nd exclusively devoted to his pupils,— as both Mis. M. and himself are ever ready to listen to the complaints, and to redress the little grievances which must sometimes occur among so lar^ e a number,— and as all of them are uniformly treated with parental tenderness and attention, he wishes it to be clearly. understood, that he feels it a duty he owes to himself to stigmatize with immediate explusion every: attempt to elope in consequence of quarrels in the play- ground, or unwillingness to- submit to necessary regulations. Salisbury, Sept. ' 29, 1809, '[ 1920 Great- Bridge ffouse Academy, near Rcmset/. Mil. EGERTON has the honour to acquaint the nobilitv, gentry, and the public in general, that he has opened GREAT- BRIDGE HOUSE ACADEMY for the reception and Education of a select number of young Gentle- men, to whom he will dedicate his personal attendance, to ad- vance the improvement and instruction of his pupils in every elegant and polite science and accomplishment. Mr. E. is well aware, his personal attendance in the hours of his acade- mical pursuits will equilly exemplify and influence his As- sistants to their duty, so as to render his instructions to his pupils agreeable and'" pleasant; likewise every care will be taken of their health'ifnd morals, added to the advantages of excellent board and lodging. Great- Bridge " House" is most delightfully situated, and its salubrious air will be as a restorative to any declining health his pupils might be inconvenienced by for the present. Any lady or gentleman who will honour Mr. E. with the education and care of their sons, Will be sensible he will merit their encouragement and patronage in his'hew establishment, by favouring him with an interview to inspect his Academy, which will open on the 29tli Of September 1809. [ 4735 . CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY COMMERCIAL COACH, FROM the THREE SWANS, SALISBURY, to the BELL SAVAGE, LUDGATE- HILL, LONDON. Performed bv EDWARD PROCK'TER, GEORGE MATCH AM, and CO. SALISBURY, Inside .. 16s, Dd. .. Outside .. , Vds. 6tL ANDOVER, ,.. .., .. tj's, 0i?. ....:..:. ' 8s. Qd. A NEW COACH to EXETER v., I PLY MOUTH, through Hindon, Mere, Wincantoh, and Yeovil, every Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday morning, at nine o'clock. [ 1214 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWAN § , Salisbury, to (^ SALISBURY ARMS, Cow I. am-, London. MATCH AM, IMITCHKLL, and Company, brg leave to inform their Friends and the Public in general, they have. established WAGGONS ier the Conveyance oi Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeoyil and Weymouth, on the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 51, unless entered and paid for as such.. { 4313 ' TIMBER AXD DlULS. MESSRS. ELDRIDCF. and SON beg to acquaint their Triends and the Public, " that they are in daily' expectation of the arrival of a large Ship from the Baltic, with TIMBER, and DEALS, of a superior quality, consigned to their House, ' which they shall be able to render at reduced pi ces.— So-' TH vmp'IOX, Sept, SB) lwb. [- 1917 KING'S ARMS INN, BURBAGti. JASPER MAIDMI'NT, being impressed with a ' lively gratitude for past favours, bets leave to solicit a continuation of the same; as, having newly fitted up his House, be Matte rs himself that he shall be able to accommo- date his frierds and the public on the'most liberal terms. N. R.— Good Stabling. [ 4890 WH. CHARLES, Manufacturer ol HOSIERY, • Wholesale and Retail, Catherine- Hill, FROME, mosi respectfully begs leave to solicit the attention of the inhabi- tants of Frome and its vicinity, to a general assortment of Hosiery Goods, in Silk, cotton, thread, worsted, lambs- wool, angola, -& c. pantaloon and breeches pieces, with every other article in the hosiery line; knitting, sevvinn:, tambour, fringe, and mending cotton ; knitting and mending worsted, < Vc. W. H. C. trusts that, from having acquired . his knowledge of the business in reputable manufacturing houses in Nottingham and Leicester, and as he manufactures the principal part of his goods, he shall be enabled to sell upon such terms as will give general satisfaction, As W. H. C. will be receiviug constant supplies of goods from the manufactory, any orders for articles out of the common way,- will be speeftily executed. Country Shopkeepers supplied upon as low- terms as at the. manufactory, either personally or by letter.— An assortment of leather gloves ; afixi cotton laces at the lowest prices. Wanted,— an active Youth, " of 14, or 15 years of age, as an APPRENTICE. » [ 4911 rpAKKN UP..{ supposed ,_ to be Stolen), A Black a. PONY, about Ml hands high. The owner may have him again by applying to Robert Lanum, of Whiteparish, near Salisbury, on proving his property, and paying the ex- pences. Whiteparish, Sept. 29, 1809. [ 4886 ALDER11URY INCLOSURE. fT, IIE Commissioners named in'an Act of Parlia- M ment for inclosing Lands in the parish of Alderbury, in the county of Wilts, tlo hereby give Notice, That they intend to meet at the Spread Eagle Inn, in the city of New Sarum, on the tilth d: ly of October'next, at six o'clock in the evening ; and on the foitowing day . proceed in further executing tne powers vested- in them by the said Act; and on the 18th day of October, at eleven o'clock in th e morning, hold a special general meeting at the place aforesaid, for reading over their award, and that during such meeting they will execute the said award, when all persons interested may attend if they think proper.— Dated this 1st Sept. 1809. FRANCIS WEBB. RICHARD RICHARDSON. 48W] JOHN HODDING. STOCKTON INCl. OS& HE.. . WE, the CoqiAiissioncrs named and appointed in and by an. Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 4 » th year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, " An Act tor inclosing Lands in the parish of Stockton, in the county of Wilts, do hereby give Notice, That all claims of rights delivered to us at our late meeting, are deposited at the Office of Mr. S. F. Phelps, of Warminster, in order that all persons interested in the said Inclosure may inspect the same, and be prepared to make ,-> uch objections thereto at our next met ting a's they shall deem necessary ; and we do hereby give notice, that we intend to meet on Tuesday the loth day of October next, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, at'the house of Wra. Langi-. y, called or known by the name of the Dcpt- fordlnn, in the parish, of Wiley, in the said county, in order to receive such objections to claims, and to proceed in the exs ecution of the powers vested in us by the said Act.— Witnes- our hands this 15th day of Sept. 180.9. RICHARD WEBB. 4804] THOMAS DAVIS. WEST, KINGTON INCLOSURE. E, the Commissioners named. in and appointed by nn Act of Parli r. ent, made and passed in the 49th •- ear of the reign of tV • King,' for inclosing Lands in the pa- ish of West . Kington, in the county of Wilts, do hereby give Notice, That we have received the claims of the several persons interested,, in the said Inelosure, and that a copy of the saint is'left- for the. inspection of the proprietors at the " house, of Thomas Wait, the King's Arms Inn, in Marshfield, m the c/; unty of G'. ocefter. ' Ail person; and butli, , politic or corporate, interested, or claiming to be interested, m the said Lands by the said Act intended to be i:) 6iosed, who shall have any objection to offer to any claim or claims already del'- ered to us, are required to reduce such objection or object;, .. s into writing, and deliver thesame to us at our tneetine, to be held on Monday the 6th day of November next, the house ot Thomas Walt afore- said, signed b'y thein .. r their respective husbands, guardians, trustees, committees, or agents ; and no such objection will afterwards be received, unlets'for some legal disability^ or other special " ea- ilsc ro be allowed by us the said Com- • roissioueis.— Dated the 16rtl day o'f September 1809. RICHARD RICHARDSON. ,482) 2 ROBERT WRIGHT HALL. Wimbo^ ne, Smt. 27, 1809. To SCHOOL M AS Ili US. ' TSTANTF. D immediately,— A MASTER for the » f CHARITY- S'CHCO'L at PAtfmm. i., in the parish of Wimborne, Dorset. He must be a widower or single person, and will be required to instruct, gratis, such boys as may be sent to him," ( and whose parents are resident within a certain district of the parish of Wimborne,) in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and the church catechism: he will also be required to read prayers to the alms- meti anil alms- women belonging to the charity. 1- le will not be precluded from in- structing children in the school not resident within the district above mentioned, or of attending private scholars after the school hours ; for whom he will be entitled to the usual re- oompence.— The salary is 30'/. per annum, payable quarterly ; and the master will be entitled to a small lodging- room and garden. [ 4919 Applications ( free of postage) to be addressed to Mr. Austin, registrar, Wimborne, before the 2- 1 th of October next. " VJ7" ANTED to Ilent, in a dry Situation, within V * twenty miles of Salisbury,— A HOUSE, consisting of four or five bed- chambers, parlour, kitchen, wash- house, cell ; r, and pantry, ( if two parlours the more agreeable); with stabling for three or four horses, and from five'to twelve acres of Pasture Land.— Or Would purchase a Freehold Farm- House, with from 40 to 200 acres, in the counties of Wilts or Hants. Particulars sent for Y. Z. at thePrinting- Office, Salisbury, ( free of postage) will receive an early answer. [ 4£) 5G CHURCH PREFERMENT. WANTED to PURCHASE,-- A PERPETUAL ADVOWSON, or NEXT PRESENTATION to a LIVING, in the counties of W ilts, Glocester, Worcester, or Salop. Particulars to be sent to Mr. Tind- d, solicitor, Lin- colnVinn- fields, London. [ 47- 13 ANTED to purchase^ Sis. Couple of R ABBIT BEAGLES, of the smallest size, and true- bred Hound. — Apply to . Mr. William Lewin, Sydling Vicarage, near Dorchester, Dorset. [ 4844 CLERGYMAN in full orders is willing to un- dertake the service of a Church in the neighbourhood of Salisbury, from Sunday the 2- 2d of October 1809, till about the beginning of December following. Refer to the Printers. [ 4807 7 ANTED,— A CURATE, in the Isle of Wight, to take care of two Churches, single duty at each. Terms mav be known by letters post- paid to Mr. Jacobs, bookseller, Winchester. [ 4912 ASl'lVATION wanted'by a Person Very capable of assisting either in the GROCERY or DRAPERY Business, or both united.-—- The most respectable references can be gifen for sobrietv, honesty, and activity. Letters .' post paid) addressed A. Z. a! Mr-, Wm. Long's, Market- place,. Salisbury. • [ 4.021 N OTIC E. XN consequence of the Death of Mr. SPENCE YOUNG THOMPSON, all persons having d • mar. ds en THOMPSON and WATTS, ColoU'rmen, Painters, Plumbers, ai d Glaziers, on the Quay, POOLE, are desired to sem. their accounts' to Hairy Watts, the surviving Rartncr ; and all persons indebted to Thompson - and Watts, arc requested to pay their respective debts to the said Harry Watts, Ix tore the • 25th of December next.— All accounts, against the late Mr. Thompson, to be sent to Mrs. Thompson, Old Orchard ; and - those against Harry Watts, to be sent to him 011 the Quay. The Business will be carried on under the old F. rm, till Christmas.—^- Peoi. E, Sept. 28, 1809. [ 4910 A SALISBURY, October 2, 1809. CHEAP L THEN- DRAPERY, LONDON " WAREHOUSE", MARKET- PLACE. RWILLIAMS respectfully takes this opportunity • of returning his most sincere thanks to the inhabi- tants of Salisbury and its vicinity for the very flattering en- couragement he has experienced since his opening the above warehouse; and begs leave " to inform them of'his return from London, where he has made very considerable purchases ( Which are now ready for . inspection;, consisting of 100 pieces of printed furniture, from Is. per yard; 30 pieces ot furniture dimities,. from 1.9. per yard ; 80 rich counterpanes, uncommonly cheap; 50 pieces of sheeting calico, el! wide, Is. 2d-. per yard; 150 piece's of stout calico, Gd. per yard and upwards ; i.' O pieces of best dark ginghams, 8< i. per yard; 30 pieces of light ginghams, Is. per yard, worth. Is. 3d.; also 60 pieces of his real shirting calico, which has been so much approved of, from Is. per yard ; with an extensive assortment of sheetings, blankets, huccabacks, brffwn Holland;', check' calimaneos, shawls, handkerchiefs, cotton and worsted'hose, & c.; also 100 pieces . of superiioc cambric muslins, 2*. per yard, positively worth 2s. 6d.; 30 pieces of fancy muslins ; 30 seeded • null dresses, remarkably cheap ; 150 dozen of worked caps, full size, from 2- DS, in the parish of .' rading. For particulars apply ( if by letter., post- paid, to Mr. Bell, land- agent, Winchester. , " [ 4. t> S5 Chilmaik, deceased, are. desirtd to transmit tluir accompts to Mr. Win, Gvvilliam, or Mr. Wm. Rowden, of Chilmark. aforesaid : And all persons that stand indebted to the above, are requested to pay the same, or they wiH be sued for the same without farther notice. Dated the 20th tlay of Sep- tember 1809. [ 4892 ' CAUTION TO LABOURERS. . WE, ANTHONY JOHNSON and THOMAS JOHNSON, of the parish of Romsey Extra, La- bourers, having been this day summoned before the Magis- trates, assembled at the Petty Sessions of the Peace, a; the Town- hall; at Romsey, on a complaint made against us by WILLIAM TJRVF. R, for non- performance of our contract as labourers in husbandry during the harvest, which has been most fully proved against us; and Mr. Tarvcr having kindly consented not to press for punishment on our making a public acknowledgment of our offence, as an example to deter others from such improper conduct, We do therefore make this our- public apology, and acknowledgment of having been ivnilty of the above charge, and do express our contrition for tl. e same. — Dated this sad day of September 1809. The mark K of ANTHONY JOHNSON. The maik K of THOMAS JOHNSON. Witness— GEO. OAK,. [ 4915 This day is published, CURSORY OBSERVATIONS on the Nature and Properties of the ALUMINOUS CHALYBEATE W ATER lately discovered at Sandrocks, in the parish of Chalc, in the Isle ot Wi^ ht 5 the IDiseases in which it m: vy be advantageously employed, and the Mode of administering it, both interfially and externally. By' F. I. WATERWQftTH, Sureeon, - Honorary Member, of the Physical Society, Guy's Ho. p'tal, Surgeon to the Isle of Wight Volunteer Cavalrv, and one of the. Surgeons of theHouse of Industry in the'lsla. id. Sold by Musson. and Taylar, printers, Newport: Mr. Lambe, Mineral Water Warehouse, No. 1- 4;), New Fond- street;' ttud Mrs. Watktns, ( late Owen's) Mineral Water Warehouse, Fleet- street. plriM S STOMACHIC; CORDIAL, Prepared hit Ann fmiter > Hetlimg Ham- , Hath; sold !; y , JSrodie, Dowdittg,. & Lvzjw'd, Salisbury, .1' RICE IS. 3D. A BOTTLE. THE STOMACHIC CORDIAL is a sovereign Remedy in complaints of- the Stomach, relaxed state ot' the- bowels indigestion, pains ^ nd giddiness in the head, pa- ralytic affections, and internal weakness. It has also been found efficacious as a Preventive of, the Gout; and is parti- cularly be. ieficial in turiale. d sorders. Mrs. Walker is permitted' to giveprivate teferenccs to many persons of high respectability, in whose families this cordial lias been found'of infinite benefit. The dose for a gro. wn person is two table spoonfuls; for a child of seven yeats old; a dessert spoonful. To re f- ken at night on going to bed. r. T* g> ,. anyordeA. [ 4831 WORCESTERSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of the GREAT lYTHE- S of Castlcmorton, with very extensive and impfoveahleCommon Riehts. For particulars' appiy ( if by. lettcr, post paid) to Mr. Hell, land- agaritj'- Winchei- ei'.' * • . -,[ 4tJtfS jVTO Medicine is so well caleu- l.' tetf, or has hotter succeeded in giving relief in mtniet-'-. M bad cases of Scrophula than SPlLSBURY's PATENT ANTISCORBU- TIC DROPS. A trial will prove this, and convince even the tender anxiety of parents, when the glands b-.- ome fir* swelled and diseased, or the usual symptoips of sciophulous enlargement of' tlfe stomach in children takes place. In eruptive cases ot" Scurvy,' Gout, Rheumatism, and Ntrvous Irritation of the Stomach Irom bilious affection-, its superi- ority has long been acknowledged. [ 41- J7 The genuine medicine has the words " !' v the Kni-' s Pa- tent" expressed. on the bottle, bill of directions, and'outside wrapper ; and the King's duty is printed in bl - ck j. k. Sold at the Dispensary, 15, Soho- square. London, in small bi t'les at 5s. tid.;, double bottles 10s.; and lareer \ l. is. Compound Essence, to allay unpleasant in itation, 8s. The Medicine to be had ot Brodie., Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury, whole- sale venders fir the West of England; and Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle. pfWight.. A- GENTLEMAN offers the most. SnfalHWc Exotic t L 3L for the TEETH' and GUMS, that wiU'ipstantly destroy the Scurvy, heal the Gums, make them and the I of a healthful red, fast'. n, . whiten,' and preserve the T.- fh. and render the Br< r.- th sweet: it is so innocent ••• an in ( ant may swallow it; the facility use and recommend u.~ Therr niictoc is a Gentleman of l. Vrtttne, and so convinced of it fiieacv that he Willi £ Wet himself to font t a thou and •• uinea-' f the. person use> jt as- he directs, have th « , too. th- ache, or a if tne pcrs 11 use tooth, decay.—--' I W M 3th, decay.— 7T0 be bail, by special appointment; of Mr. ood, grocer, Newport, Etc of Wight ; Mr. Banks, Ryd- j r. Siblev, CV. U- ;. Mr. Lancaster, Portsmouth ; Mr Luc s Southampton ; Mfc Groves, l. ymir. gton; and of the Propria r! No. 1, Tcmple'Ph'. oe, BKtk'& iai's Wl, at yd I N' Bb 1 - ' Cov!' , is , k':-'• ''?> orthr Mouth ' n a bad . state, let tbePiepiMv aiv : s requires no fee.) THiv SALISBURY AND WLNCUKSTER J0U11NA!.. Wednesday s and Thursday's Posts. RNOM THE *• LONDON GAZETTE OF SEPTEMBER 25. THE time allowed for the importation of bides, calf- skins, goat- skins, wool, & c. in foreign ships, being expired, his Majesty in Council lias teen pleased to order that such permission shall be extended for six months, from the 25th inst. and that on the arrival of any foreVga vessel, with such goods, at any port of the United Kingdom, the said good* . shall be admitted to entry, on payment of ther sum', duties as are due and payable on the like goods when imported in any British or Irish- built Vessel. .. JMT- I NFC BANKKUl* rs. } o! rh Secenmbe, of Grampouuii, yarn- inartnfactorer; William Hore f » ! id Cnartes flui'Icy, also uf Urami> ounU, uiltl lticliarii berle, of I.- iunccstem, r.-.. n! iui. m; iiiuf: H'tiir.,: rs. Thomas I'- ree, nf Canterbury, bra/ aer. Thomas Wood, < if Stockport-, raylor. Jnltn roller, of L° v- v>, butcher. Davil l>? an, son. Lr. vi. l Bean, jun. and JohnDtan, of St. John- street, YVtst- Sihitiifielil, ctieeiehiongers. Tlwnras Cumins, » f Castle- Court, Bircliin- t- ane, London, merchant. GR- JS"; ——— —— — ; I IN J. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27. " Npv York papers lo the 20th nit. were received tiU morning.— They contain little intelligence, but they ire more temperate than heretofore in their remarks respecting the had success of the negotiation with Mr. Li- kine, the most impartial of them dividing their dis- approbati n ri'Specting that business between what they call the duplicity of the British Government and the sin- gular credulity of their own. Accounts from Barbadoes to the IQth u! t. were re- ceived last night. They state, that Fort Bourbon, Mar- tinique, had been demolished by order of our Commander in Chief, and that our Garrison there was remarkably healthy. The Fclieite frigate had arrived safe at Antigua, but much injured in a gale of wind. Accounts have reached the Admiralty that the whole of the Spanish Fleet ill Ferrol have been completely fitted out lor sea, by a squadron sent lor that purpose from the Tagus, and the last ship sailed for Cadiz on the lGtli inst. T. IK JUBILEE.— A Court of Common Council assembled yesterday, and was very fully attended. Among other business, the^ Court received the Report of the Committee to consider of the best means of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary ofdiis Majesty's accession to the Throne. Mr. Alderman Wood stated, that it was the opinion of the Commitle : that the Corporation should, ill the iirst place, Attend divine service at St. Paul's, and afterwards present a congratulatory Address to his Maje- ty; and that the front of Guildhall should be illuminated in the evening. As Chairman of the Coinnv. itee, he had signed this report, but he did nut consider himself bound by it.— Mr. Waith- man said, that he was also one of the Committee who had agreed to the report, yet he did not consider himself bound by it. As to the address, he saw no cause of con- gratulation. He contrasted the situation of affairs when lii . Majesty a eended the throne, with our situation at pre- s- sit, and drew an inference unfavourable to the general system yf Government. He concluded with moving an amendment, to expunge that part of the report which related to ihe address and the illumination.— Mr. Mawman proposed that,- with the permission of the Lord Mayor, the Corporation should dine together in the Egyptian Hall, * f: ich Member paying for his dinner.— A long discussion followed on the question for Humiliation anil entertain- ment, particularly with re- pect to paying for the dinnfr, for which it was said there was no precedent. Mr. Alder- man C. Smith, Alderman Wood. Alderman GoOdbehere, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Wlieble, Mr. Jacks, Sc..' c. took part ill the. discussion. On a division, there appeared a majority i g5 in favour of a dinner, at the e. cpeuee of the City Funds!— The conclusion of the whole was, that the Court, after several divisions, resolved, " To proceed in State to Church, to return Thanks on the occasion ; to present a congratulatory Address to his Majesty; to illuminate the front of the Guildhall; and dine in the Egyptian Hall at the Mansion- house, of which the Lord Mayor was requested to grant the use." . Mr. Canning is recovering slowly from his wound. It is now said he was compel! d to go out with his antago- nist. He had never fought a duel before ; it was Lord Cas- tlereagh's second apjmarance in the field. The public feeling on this transaction may be judged of by the following ex- tracts from different papers: " Wimbledon Common seems the fashionable spot for political men of honour.— There Mr. Pitt and Mr. Tierney fought ; and there Mr. Canning and his Colleague have shewn their prowess; and there, if we remember right, Abershaw was hung in chains \— from a letter entrusted to his delivery ; the prisoner is only ' 20 years old ; a sister, a fine girl about IS years of age, whom he had employed to change one of the stolen notes, was obliged to give evidence of the fact; and their wretched parents wore in Court, witnessing the conviction of one of their children, of a crime which dooms him to an igno- minious death, by the reluctant testimony of another, without which the chain of evidence would have been in- complete. The unhappy girl was in the utmost distress, and was with difficulty supported from. fainting whilst she delivered her evidence, after which she was carried out of court, apparently more dead than alive, by her attending friends. Thomas Richardson, a sorter in the General Post- Office, was charged on two indictments with stealing out of a letter ten Bank post bills for 10/. each, with intent to defraud Messrs. Hoare and Co. of Fleet- Street. He was acquitted on the first indictment, in consequence of a point of law in his favour, which was pointed out by Mr. Justice Bailey. To the second he pleaded guilty, by advice of Counsel, and was consequently found guilty by the Jury. There were several other- charges against him to an enormous extent, a conviction on which he avoided by a plea of guilt. On Monday five prisoners were capitally convicted, viz. Charles Lawrence and John Jefferson, for stealing a piece of velveteen from a shop in Frith- street; John Briant, for cutting the throat of George Smith, with intent to murder him ; Cornelius Sullivan and Dennis Fitzgerald, for an atrocious a « ault on Elizabeth Walter. The prosecutrix in this latter trial is a poor woman, upwards of 50 years old, has been married 21 years, and had 12 children ; she resides at Poplar, and was returning home from Sliadwell on the night of the lGlli inst. when passing through Ewan's- yard, she was met by the prisoners, who seized her with brutal force, and Sullivan completed the crime charged against him, whilst Fitzgerald held her, anil placed his hand over her mouth to stop her cries, which were at length heard by the patrole, who came up, and took the offenders iiito custody. rFhe testimony of the prosecutrix to this effect was supported by three Police Officers. For the prisoners, a number of Irish witnesses were Called, w ho all swore that the old Lady had been drinking with the prisoners all the evening ; but they contradicted each other so much, that 110 credit was given to their testimony ; and one of them ( Michael Haggerty) so glaringly contradicted himself, that the Court ordered him into custody, and committed him to take his trial for perjury.— Guilt;/— Death. Yesterday 33 prisoners were tried, two of whom Were capitally convicted, viz. Mary Smith and John Brown, for stealing 38 yards of ribbon, the property of G. Gibbs, pri- vately in his shop. BitEAn.— Yesterday the price of Bread was ordered to be raised to Is. the quartern loaf wheaten, and 1J. 3\ d. household. ( ORN- EXCHAXGE, Sept. 27.— There are some few fresh arrivals of Wheat to- day, but the supply in general is very short, and jthe prices nearly at Monday's currency; Barley this week full 4i. per quarter higher ; Malt and White Peas are each something dearer; Beans of each kind fully at. the last advance; Oats are likewise in short supply, and they are rather dearer ; Flour at our last quotation. WILTS. NOTICE is hereby given,— That Application is intended to be made, at the next General Quarter Ses- sions of the Peace, to be holden at Marlborough, in and for the county of Wihs, on Tuesday the ad day of October next, for the REPAIR of a ccrtain PUBLIC BIIIDGE over the River Kennet, between Ramsbury and Chilton, in the said county. — Dated this 13th ('. ay of Septemler, ISOS. 469- 2] JOHN SWAVNE, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. September 25, 180.9. NOTICE is hereby jiiven to the Proprietors of Lands and Estates in the parish of Fordington, in the county ot Dorset, and to all other persons whom it may con- cern, that, at the next Session of Parliament, a Petition will be presented to the Hon. House of Commons, for leave to bring in a Bill, in order to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the Open iitid Common Fields," Meadows, Commonable Lands, and Waste Grounds in the parish of Fordington aforesaid. [ 4928 Turnpike Road under Salisbury Plain. NOTICE is hereby given,— That Application will be made at the next Sessions of Parliament for leave to brin^' in a Hill for reviving, renewing, continuing, amending, and enlarging the Term and Powers of an Act passed in the 2' 5th year of. nis present Majesty's reign, intirulcd, " An Act for amending, widening, and keeping in repair the Road from the bottom of White Sheet Hill, through Hurdcott to the Wilton Turnpike Road, at or near Barford, in the county Of Wilts," and which said Road passes through the several parishes of Donhead Saint Andrew, Ansty, Swallowclift, Sutton Mandeville, Fovant, Compton Chamberlain, Hurd- cott, and Barford, in the said county of Wilts.— Dated this 8thday of August 18u:). GEO. SOUTH, 4267] Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road. DORSETSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the next General Quarter Session of the Peace for the county of Dorset will be holden at BRIDPOIIT, in and for the said county, on Tuesday the ad day of October next, « n which day the Court wid be opened precisely at twelve o'clock at noon, and imme- diately adjourn to the Bull Inn, in the said town of Bridport, for the special purpose of examining all Bills and Demands, on the said county, and taking into consideration such other business as may occux. relative to the civil concerns therein, pursuant ta a resolution entered into at a former Session. And on Wednesday morning, the Court will be opened precisely at ten o'clock', and begin with trying Appeals, next Fravcrsrs, and lastly, the Prisoners. All Appeals ( except those to be entered for the purpose of adjournment) must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, on Tuesday, the first day of the Session; on failure thereof, the adverse partv will have a rieht to enter a Ne Recipialur. And in the forenoon iftv. esday, all Recognizances, Infor- mations, and Records of Convictions, are to be returned to the Clerk of the Peace by the respective Justices Clerks : also the Duplicates of the Land- tax and Lists of Jurors arc to be returned bv the Chief Constables, pursuant to the statutes in that case made: and also, all persons having business to do, and Bills of Indictment to prefer, are required to attend accordingly. w< M. BURNET, Clerk of the Peace of the csunty of Dorset. SlItvROORVE, Sept. 14, 1S03, [ 477ff •—- " Blest spot, " Where H< r.->- » Hie, and Felons rot!" « • IMPROMPTU. " There arc many who wish, and yet think it no sin, " Thai before Punster Canning rcsign'd, " He would have just publish'd one mare Bulletin., " And thus prov'd a friend to Mankind. QUIZ." " Mr. Canning, it is said, presented his front very auk- wu'diy to his opponent. The wound, we understand, is not t i'actly in the thigh, as the IFidaw IVadman would say." The notices of insolvent debtors intending to take the benefit of the late Act exhibit an instance of fallen greatness in til-; per on of " Natale Caramaui, otherwise jos^ im Antonitts Maxi'. rtiliaims de Sulkowski, PRINCE of LISSA mid RRPSSKS, formerly of Lissa and Reussen, in the king- dom of Poland, in the palatinate of Possen, on the confines of Prussian Silesia," but late of the Saracen's Head, Aldgate. A number of forged Edinburgh Bank Notes have lately b e n circulated at several manufacturing tow. s in the We^ t of England, particularly at Birmingham. The Notes of Country Baid< s « hich failed years ago, such pi the Luton Bank, Bedfordshire, have been passed lately, both i i town and country, by a set of sharpers. On Tuesday the 12th inst. a skiff belonging to Ulysses Hughes, Esq. a Lieutenant, in the Royal Navv, of Groves- end, near Swansea, in which lie had proceeded fo Bristol, and was on his return with a quantity of household furni- ture, v. as picked up by the Perseverance, of Newport, near the mouth of liridgewater river, and towed into Burnham shore. Her side was beaten out, and Mr. Hughes, with two man he had engaged for the trip, perished. A boy, w ho was also on hoard, saved his life by swimming to the shore, ' lire body of a voting woman, named Eekersly, of Lymm, Cheshire, was lately found sewed up in a bag, with a large stone tied thereto, weighing about half a hundred, in the faiial near Lymm. The supposed murderer, a young man, SI years of age, is in custody. OI. OBAII. KV— On Saturday William Sheppard was in- dieted for forging, " and uttering as true, a certain receipt, w ith intent to defraud Richard Mordy. The prosecutor had been servant to a gentleman, and having saved some money, he was desirous of vesting it in the funds ; he therefore commissioned his brother, Thomas Mordy, to take it to the Bank of England, and have it vested in the 5 per cents. The brother went to the Bank in January list, and meeting the prisoner, who was called a jobbing broker, he agreed to transact the business; he left Thomas Moldy a short time, andjon his. return gave him a receipt, purporting to be the receipt of W. S. West for the transfer ot' 20/.' to the name of Mordy. In July Richard . Mordy applied at the Bank for the half- yearly dividend on the 20/. and on exhibiting his receipt found that no such stuck h id been transferred, and that no such person as West was known at the Office. The prisoner was in consequence taken into cu- tody, when he pleaded temporary and. urgent distress, declaring that he intended in a few days to have really purchased, the stock for Mordy, and had not the most distant intention of ultimate fraud. He now repeated this defence, and called several persons to his character, who gave him an ' excellent one, and particularly instanced that for the last 13 years he had supported an aged toother, with great affection and tenderness, by his industry. Judge Heath, in summing up the evidence, observed that the plea of neees- ity could not be admitted in justification of the crime ; and had it been' tlv: prisoner's intention to purchase the stock for Mordy, as he bad'siated, rhere was ample Pine for him to have done it between January and July. The Juvy, after some deliberation, returned their verdict— Guilty of til" fraud, hut not of forgery. The learned . Judge explained to the Jury the principle of the law respecting forgery, and that in the present case forgery was the very essence of the charge. The Jury withdrew, and after 20 minutes deliberation returned wi'. h an amended v. diet of gen, rally Guilty— Death.— The prisoner is a respectable looking man, about 32 years old, and seemed ext, cnii- ly affected during the whole of his trial. Thomas Rhodes, a letter- carrier belonging to the two- penny P* t- office, was found guilty of » Ualiu; two SI. note* HANTS SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the Goneral Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the county of South- ampton, will be holden at the Castle of Winchester, on Monday, the 2d day of October next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at which time the Court will be opened, and im- mediately adjourned to the George Inn, in the c ty of Win- chester, for the special purpose of inspecting and examining the Treasurer's accounts; and also all bills and other demands on the county, pursuant to the resolutions entered into at a former session. The Court will be adjourned from the Reor-' e Inn. and opened again at the Castle of Winchester on the Tuesday fol- lowing, tux. the Od day of October next, precisely at ten o'clock ill the forenoon, when all Constables, Bailiffs, Jurors, itnd others concerned, are hereby required to give their at- tendance. And in order to give all. possible dispatch to the business, the attoniies, parties, and witnesseij, prosecuting any appeals, indictments, or other " business, must be prepared at . the open* ing of the Court on Tuesday moniVlfi, amVxWrjni^ thc, tvhble , of the sessions, that the Courr* may call on th& c'mses ifl such Vrder and at such times as thewshall see conveirinit.'**' Appeals must l: e entered lerffi the. Clerk nj the Peace pre- viously ttj the opening of the Court on Tuesday morning, or the parties will not I- e permitted to try. Recognisances, informations, and records of convictions, are to be returned to the Clerk of the Peace by the respe- ctive Justices' Clerks on or before the day preceding the sessions. Dated this 1 sth day of September 180!). , THO. WOODH AM, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. All persons who have entered into recognizances to ap- pear at this sessions concerning assaults, & c. are required to take notice, That they must, in pursuance of their recogni- zances, appear at this sessions, either personally or by their attornirs, in order to withdraw the same, although they may previously have compromised the matter. F47S8 WILTSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the General Quarter Sessions of'the Peace for the county of Wilts will be holden at MARLBOROUGH, in and for the said county, on Tuesday the 3d day of October next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the resolution entered into at a former Sessions, for the special. purposcs of receiving the Lad- tax Assessments and Jury Lists from the Constables of the several hundreds, of examining and auditing all Bills and Demands on the county ; and of attending to all business relative to the County Gaol and Bridewells, Militia, convey- ance of Soldiers' Baggage, County Bridges, and such other business as may occur relative to the civil concerns of the said county ; and no biljs will be allowed, unless delivered in at the sitting of the Court on that day. The Court will open on Wednesday morning, precisely at ten o'clock, for general business, which will begin with ' the Trial of Traverses, next Appeals, and lastly Prisoners. All Appeals ( except those to be entered for the purpose of adjournment) must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace previously to'the opening of the Court on Wednesday, and on failure thereof, the adverse party shall have a right to enter a jYc Reeinialur. The Bailiffs and Constables of the several Hundreds, out of which the Jurors are taken, are hereby ordered to attend the Court, with proper wands, during the whole time of the Sessions; and to remain in such placc or places in the Cburt as shall be then appointed, to . assist in keeping peace and good order, and to execute the orders and processes of the Court. In order to give all possible dispatch to the business of the Sessions, the Clerks to the Justices of the Peace cf the said county are particularly requested to send to the Clerk of the Peace, on or before the first morning of the Sessions, all Re- cognizances, Informations, and Records of Convictions, taken before such Justices of the Peace respectively. 4693] JOHN SWAYNE, WILTON, Sept. 12, 180.0^ Deputy Clerk of the P, TCC. AI. BION FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, New Bridge- street, London; empowered by Act of Parliament. AOT. NTS:— Bristol, Mr. Bartholomew Bxrrv, bookseller; Gloucester, Mr. John Bobcrts, bookseller; Cheltenham, Mr. Robert Hughes, solicitor ; Tewkesbury, Mr. Wm. Edgcumbe, builder; Bath, Mr.- Thos. S. Meylcr, bookseller; Taunton, Mr. Richard Meade, solicitor; Chard, Mr. Thomas Gnppy, ironmonger; Salisbury, Mr. James Lacy, Silver- street; War- minster, Mr. George Strode, clothier; Blandford, Mr. Rich C. Pooley; Sherborne, Mr. John William Gill, druggist. Insurances falling due at Michaelmas should be renewed within fifteen days from that period. _ - Abatements art made, according to the plan which origi n3tcd with this company, on the Premiums of all Fire Insu- rances out of London. A large advantage is allowed on Life Insurance ; and every facility is afforded by which the interest and convenience of the public may be promoted. 40U] WARNER l'HiPPS, Setrsfciry. • VFOTICE is hereby given to the Proprietors of i. ^ Lands and Estates in the parishes of Elliiigham, Ring- wood, and Sopley, in the county of Southampton, and to ail other persons whom it may concern, that ia the next Session of Parliament, a Petition will be presented to tile Honourable House of Commons, for leave to bring in a Bill in order to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing, allotting, inclosing, exchanging, watering, irrigating, draining, improving, cm- banking, and appropriating the common and several meadows, marshes, pastures, lands, waste grounds, moors, and watery and improvable places, and for altering, diverting, rendc- Ting navigable, and improving the rivers, watercourses, and streams, and formatting horse and man towing piths along the same, in the said several parishes of Ellingham, Ringwood, and Sopley, in the said county of Southampton; and for defraying the expences of all and singular the premises, ami for making compensation to the owners of mills and other lands, tene- ments, and hereditaments within the same parishes, and to he several other persons to be in the said Hill mentioned. BOOKS, PRINTS, AND MUSIC. To the LOVRRS y'Music, SCIENCE, and LITERATURE. TURNER and Co. Booksellers, respectfully in-. I • form Musical LaeKes, Professors, and Amateurs in Harmony, that they have for sale, at the shop adjoining the Lamb Inn, Catherine- street, SALISDOKY, An extensive Selection of choice MUSIC, comprising the Messiah and other favourite works of Handel, Mozart, Pleyel, Haydn, Mazzinghi, Von Esh, Shield, Dibden, and the most cele- brated Composers, which ( tor a short time] is selling at only half price, warranted correct, catalogues of which may be had.— Likewise, will be. Sold by Auction, on Monday, and following evenings until all are sold,- 5— Upwards of 2900 Volumes of valuable B( VK. S, in various branches of litera- ture. The sale to begin each evening at six o'clock. N. B. — Libraries or quantities of Books purchased, or valued on a plan which will ensure full value to the seller. *,* An excellent fine- toned VIOLONCELLO will be sold on Wednesday evening, if not disposed of by private contract. GRAND CITY LOTTERY, to be ! rr, wn in Guildhall. CERTIFICATE. WE, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, have carefully surveyed and valued the several Freehold Buildings allotted as Prizes in the Third City Lottery, and we adjudge the separate value of each to be. as follows. !•'. PAYNTEII, THOMAS SWITIII. S, D. R. Roftn. London, Aug. m, l& oy. SCHEME. > Prize of £ 15,700 3 Prizes of £ 3,000 1 p,! W0 1 . a, poo 1 .1,300 1 .. 2,700 1 6,900 I .. 2, fl00 1 4,10s 1 .. 9,300 1 4,000 1 .. 1,300 1 3, S00 1 .. 1, SOO 1 0,600 1 .. 1,400 3 3,000 1 .. 5 00 3 3,100 t No FIXED Peizr.. IN former LOTTERIES, if tieo or three ol" the capital Prizes chanced to remain in the Wheel when there was only one day to draw, it was considered an extraordinary cir- cumstance, and theTiokets were eagerly bought at an immense price.— In the present STATE 1- 0 I'TERY there are Thirty- two Capital Prizes, and all to le drawn in ONE DAY, on Friday the 20th of this. Month, which easily accounts for the rapid manner in which Tickets are now selling. f 19 g . rgX) be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A J. convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, containing'a par- lour, kitchen, anil pantry, on the ground floor ; an under- ground cellar ; three bed- chambers, and garrets ; with a good garden well stockcd with fruit trees, pleasantly situated in Ramsbury, Wilts. |" 4:) 35 Enquire of Mr. Harold, Marlboro', for further particulars. This property is so rapidly improving that there can be no dmibt it will be worth double its present value in a very few years.—— Tickets and Shares are on " sale by Sir J. Branseomb anil Co. London ; likewise by their fortunate Agett3$ Uc$ S! S. Brodie, Dowding, a « i1 Luxford, Salisbury. PRESENT PRICE : Ticket £ S 15 0 Half. .£ 4 12 Quarter 2 7 Eighth £\ 4 Sixteenth 0 12 Particular Numbers may be secured, from N ® . 1 to 20,000, at the above Offices, if not already sold. pi? 18 • ROYAL EXCHANGE. / TESSflS. HAZARD, BU- RNE, and Co. Stoc'i- M, Brokers, have on sale at their State Lottery- office, No. 93, Roval Exchange, Tickets and Shares for the STATE LOTTERY, which is on a new and imprvvdplan, consisting of only 5,000 Numbers, to le Drawn in One Day, the 20th of October 1809. The Scheme contains 4 Prizes of £ 20,000,— i of .£ S, 00ll,— 4 of £ l, ooo,— 8 of £ 1,000,— and 12 of £ S0n, ' " With others in proportion, & not. three Blanks to a Prize. Letters ( post paid) d^ ly answered, and Schemes gratis.— All kinck oPGovernment Securities bought and sold by commis- sion.— Country orders, accompanied with short- dated bills on London, post- office orders, or sash in parcel by coach or car- rier, punctually attended to, and correspondents may depend on being treated exactly on the same termi as if personally present. [ 4341 ,€ 200,000 PRIZE MONEY, To be had at No. 26', C'nnhill, Lbndon, and Si. Margaret's Hill, Borough. HORNSBY and Co. State Lottery- office Keepers, and Stock- brokers, advise their country correspondents not to delay their purchases of tickets and shares, as no chance can be obtained after the 1.9th of October by post, the drawing beginning on the 20th of Octobcr, and finishing on the same day. The new regulation meets with universal approbation. All orders executed with the same punctuality, and at t'ae same price, as if present. In 1807 and i sos Capita! Prizes shared bv Hornsby & Co.— 18,544, 20,000i.— 10,2.91, 20,000L— 19,514 , 20,000(.— 2,279, 10,000/. 133, 10,000i. 3,831, 5,000/. 8,716, 5,0001.— 19,570, 5,000/.— 17,127, 4,000/.— 3,53fi, 2,000/.— Several of 1,000/. 500/. 100/. 50/. & c.— Besides One Million Sterling in former Lotteries. ^ [ 4900 STATE LOTTERY, mil le drawn in One Day, 20/ A October 1809. NPHE SCHEME contains the following CAPITALS, JS besides the inferior Piizes of 100/. 50/. & c. as usual. 4 .. Prizes of.. £ 20,000 1 4.. Prizes of,. £ 9,000 4 5,000 I 8 1,000 12 of ...£ 500. The Lottery contains only 5,000 Numbers, four tickets of every number, which will entitle the holder to four times the amount of whatever prize is drawn against the number, there- fore the purchaser of four tickets of one number may gain 80,000/. or in ihe same proportion by two or three tickets of one number. Orders for tickets and shares, accompanied by remittances in hank notes, or good bills at short dates, addressed to either of SWIFT and CO's Offices, No. II, Poultry, No. 12, Chariug- cross, or No. 31, Aldgate High- street, London, will be immediately executed, on the same terms as if the parties were- present. [ 4885 TO MILLERS. BLACKMQRE and Co.' s PATENT BOLTING CLOTHS, without seams, cxcel every other invention of the kind, not only with regard to durability, but also in respcct to dispatch and accuriecy in dressing, as the great and increasing demand for them clearly evinces. The proprietors, gratefully acknowledging past favours, beg leave ro inform their friends and gentlemen in the flour trade in general, that their Patent Cloths are sold by Mrs. B. Evans, Salisbury; Mesrs, Kelleway and Gould, Fordin^ bridge ; Mr. J. Stratton, Andover; Mr. J. Waring, Alton; Mr. J. Gibbs, jun. Ems- Worth; Mr. R. Godfrey, Rumsey; Mr. W. Seymour, Odi- hatn; Messrs. J. and M. Meers, 1' etersfield ; Messrs. Pocock and Hodgkinsou, Southampton; Messrs. Rice and Fluder, Lymington; Mr. P. Fromow, Newport, Isle of Wight; Messrs'. Cox and North, Devizes; Mr. W. Hilliar, Warmin- ster; Mr. D. Maurice, Marlborough ; Mr. G. P. Scott, Dor- ehcstrr; Mr. T. Butler, Poole; Mr. W. Trenchard, Shaftes- bury; Mr. C. Coomhs, jun. Beaminster; Mr. J. Rickctt, Wmcanton; Mr. J. Francis, Castle Cary; Messrs. J. Car- penter and Son, Wellington; Mr. J.* Glover, Reading; Messrs. Lodge and Holditch, Newbury. [ 4957 All Bolting Cloths of their manufacture have the fol- lowing inscription on the head- leather, " By the King's Pa- tent, manufactured at Wandsworth, Surry, by Blackmore and Co, 6old at thsir wauufctfitary." No OIIICK ire genuine, STAPLEFORD, WILTS. ANeat and convenient HOUSE to be LETT, and entered on immediately, in the above village, a healthy situation, seven miles from Salisbury unci- thirteen from Warminster, with two coaches passing daily. It con- tains two parlours, live bed- rooms, kitchen, and all con- venient offices; thirty yards distant from the turnpike road. With a pleasure garden ' in front, and a stable if Wanted, and a right to keep a cow on Stapleford Common. [!. S71 Enquire of Mr. R. Loader, Stapleford ; it" by letter, post paid. MELK. SIJ11M, WILIS. rP0 be LETT, with immediate possession, A J. comfortable and convenient MESSUAGE, with a large Garden, and 2 Closes Of rich Pasture Laud, containing about 7 acres;— also a convenient Malt- House adjoining, capable of working 12 quarters a- weelc, with Store- rooms, and other attached offices, situate in Melksham, 11 miles from Bath, 10 from Warminster, and 7 from Devizes. . For further particulars, & c. enquire of Mr. Tho, Flower, Melksham; if by letter, post paid, [ 1780 To MALTSTERS. rpo be LETT, and may be entered upon immc- 1. diately,— A roomv and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, at the. top of Gentle- street, in the town of Frome, late in the occupation of Mr. David French, with a large Malt- house and Stable adjoining. The whole is now putting in complete repair. [ fsfls F'nr further particulars enquire ( if by letter, post p'aidl of Mr. Jacob French, or Gilbert Rotton, solicitor, 1' romc. NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT TO be LE T T for a Term of Years, with immediate possession,— A convenient DWELLING HOUSE, in good repair, pleasantly situated in the High- street, in the town of Newport, fit for the residence of a genteel family ; comprising a large parlour, kitchen, cellar, pantry, and other suitable and convenient offices ; a handsome drawing- room, two large bed- rooms, nursery, and dressing- ioom, and tour good bed- chambers ill the attic story. For particulars enquire ( free of postage) of Mr. Willington, Quay- street, Newport. " [ 1852 r| be LETT and entered on immediately,'— A X HOUSE, Garden, and necessary offices, fit for- the re- ception of a small genteel retired family; the supply of water is remai kably good and convenient; and situated in a pleasant part of Westbury, Wilts. Terms moderate, as an acceptable tenant is the princi- pal object of the advertiser. [ 4793 Enquire of Mr. Humphries, woolstaplcr, Westbury. Corshani, Wilts, nine miles from Hath. ' T'O be LETT, and entered on immediately,— A ii. very convenient and substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, pleasantly situated in the centre of Cjjtsham aforesaid ; con- sisting of . an entrance- hall and sca: r- case, two good parlours, store- room, kitchen, brew- hcuse, cellars, four good bed- rooirs, besides attics, and other convenient offices, well supple d with excellent water; and a good wailed Garden immediately adjoining. For particulars apply fif by letter, post paid) to Mr, Arnold, the proprietor, who will shew the same. pH> 93 KING WOOD MILL, HANTS. TO be LETT by tender, for a term of seven years from the 10th of October inst.— One of the most valuable and powerful MILLS in the South of England, now used as a Grist and Corn Mill, capable of grinding forty loads of Corn per week, having at present only three ' pair of stones, but capable of doing much additional" work ; with a good dwelling- house, garden, stable, end out- buildings, end about five acres of good meadow ground. The premises are easily convertible to any purpose " of manufactures that re- quires a great p.-> wer, being situ: it: d on the Avon, the only mill in a town containing 3000 inhabitants, and not being affected either by floods or drought, and veiy impre. veable in their construction ; they nr « Tcry ruoinj-, substantially built of hricV, and well timbered. Also to be lett, separately,— The valuable EF. I. FISHERY, jand Right of cutting Weeds and Rushes in the above inill- ~ pond, near two miles in length. For particulars apply ( post- paid) to Mr. Wm. Carpenter, 3, Pump- court, Temple, London. \ \ vti FREEHOLD PREMISES IN SALISBURY, TO be LETT or SOLI), in one of ihe first situations for trade, opposite the Antelope Inn, Catharine- street; consisting of a dwelling- house, sheip, store house or work- shop, walled garden well stocked with choice fruit- trees, and handsomely laid cut with gravel walks, with tlic advantage of a carriage- road to the back premises; at present in the occu- pation of Mr. Stevens, cabinet- maker, who has notice to quit at Lady- day IS 10. To treat for the same apply to Mr. Woodward, Star and Garter, Andover.— Letters post paid. [ 481G CLOTHING TRADE. TO be LETT or SOLD, at Island Bridge, near Dublin,— A capital new WATER- MILL, in every re- spect well calculated fur machinery for carrying cn the clothing trade on an extensive scale.' The Building consists of three stories, containing nine large rooms, each ten feet high; new water- wheel, upright and lying shafts, Sc.- on the river Liffey, with a. large and constant ' supply of water, and water- carriage from the sea to the mill door. The Lease is held from the Corporation of the city for a term of 43 years unexpired. Island Bridge is less than a mile distant from Dublin, per- fectly peaccablc, and the head- quarters of the Royal Artillery, and has several considerable factories. Persons desirous of further information are referred to Mr. Knight, auctioneer. Devizes, who will shew a view of the premises and adjacent country. [- 1S09 MILFORD, near SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A small Copyhold ESTATE, in the parish of Milford; consisting of about 12 Acres of Arable, Meadow, aad Garden Ground, with Six Messuages or Tenements. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin, solicitors', Salisbury. [ 4838 F A W L E Y, On the borders of the New For « st, and half smile from Southampton Water. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A neat NEW HOUSE, replete with elegant fixtures; consisting of cellar, dining- room, parlour, kitchen, snei wash- house, on the ground floor; four pleasant bed- rooms, dress- ing- room, and library ; stable, gig- house, garden, and small field. For particulars apply at the house, or by letter fpost- paid) to Mr. Jeffreys, at Weevil, near Gosport. [ 4849 " a* Early possession n-. ay be had: SOUTHAMPTON. rT", 0 be SOLD, A substantial and convenient 1 DWELLING- HOUSE, fit for the immediate re- ception of a genteel Family, and most desirably situated, No. 2C, on the rast side of the Above Bar Street, " Southampton ; commanding, from the back front, an extensive view of the River Itehcn and the surroundiug country. The ground floor comprizes entrance hall, stair case, and an entrance for ser- vants, dining parlour, and two others;— one pair of stairs, drawing- room, and three good bed- rooms with closets ;— two pair of stairs, four good bed- rooms with closets, and way to the roof;— basement story, large kitchen, scullery, larder, pantries, cellars, and vaults for beer, wine, and eve ry other convenience;— a large garden at the back of the premises, tastefully laid out, with a small green- house, vine- house, & c. The whole inclosed with lofty brick walls covered with choice fruit trees in full bearing, and an uncommon good supply of spring and rain water. " [ 1711 For viewing the premises, and further particulars, apply to Mr. Watts, builder, at his office in East- street, Southampton. DORSETSHIRE. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A very desirable ESTATE, situate at Anstey, within the parish of Hilton, in the county of Dorset, now in the occu pation of Mr. George Mullett, as tenant from year to year; consisting of a very good DWEI. I, INO- HOUSE, with necessary offices, Dairy- House, and Cottage ; and 130 Acres of excel- lent Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with right of com- mon'on Anstey Down. This Estate is pleasantly situated about six miles from Blandford, in a good neighbourhood, near the borders of the vale of Blaclcmoor, within reach of a pack of fox- hounds and harriers. For a view of the premises apply to Mr. George Mullett, the tenant; and for further particulars to Messrs. B. & J. Fox, attornies at law, Beaminstef, Dorstt; if by letter, free of postage. [ 4888 WILTS.— CALNE TURNPIKE TOLLS N'OTICE is hereby given, That the TQLLS arisii; r at the Calne Turnpike Gates, known by tne s. v r I names hereinafter- mentioned, will be LETT by. AlICTlCiN, tithe! in one or more lots, to the best bidder ( acr-- rdiij; t-> Hi i conditions to be produced), at the White Halt Inn, i: i Ca'li. e aforesaid, on Friday the < Jrh djiy of October next, l. eiwe. 41 the hours of ten o'cl iCk in the forenoon aed two o'clock in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act pushed ir. the 18th year of the reign of bis pr sent Majesty Kin; G < a3> the Third, for regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls will be put up at the several sums tor which icy wer « last lett, vit. Chihisterhill, Qucmcrfoid, and Chalk- street Side Gate .£ 1055 Smdling's- lane flcadir.: to Devizes) 110 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, give security with sufficient sureties, to the satisiaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Koads, lor payment of the rent agreed fur, and at such times us rhcy shall direct. J. MEREWETHER, Clerk and Treasurer. CAI. NB, Sept. 5, IK09. f4S90 . FRO ME TURN PI KK. 1VTOTICE is hereby'( Siveu, That the several TOLLS X ^ arising at ttj- several T( Il! Gates hereunder mentioned, and being upon the Turnpike road Lading to, ihr-. i" h, and from the town of Frpmc, in the county of Somerset, and oih- r roeds in the counties of Somerset and Wilts, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, r, t the Hi use of JoRtl Hooper, being a public inn called the George Inn, in ti e said town, on Thursday the 9th day of November n « t, be- tween the hours ot twelve at noon and tv\' o in the afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the l; 3th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, for 1 » ulat'mg the Turnpike Roads ; which l olls produced the last year ths sum of jtfsoso s- JA viz. At. Cottles Oak Gate Wallbridge Gate Cole Lane. Gate Goose Marsh Gate Warminster Gate Soho Gate Tattle I louse Gate Row Gate. Horse and Jockey Gate. CritchiU Gate....' . £ 4" od, on Wednes4ay the 11 th day of O - tuber, 1809, at two o'clock in the afternoon ' unless previously disposed of " by private contract!, tither together or in the fol- lowing lots. FREEHOLD. Lot 1.— About Five Acres of Rough COPPICE or WOOD LAND, 011 the North tide of the turnpike road f ading horn Ringwood to Poole, near the direction post, and Three Acres and Twelve Percl. sof COMMON LAND adjoining. Lot 2.— Eighteen- Acres ( more or less) of- the HEATH LAND, near the above lot, on the South side of Pot ic load. Lota.— Two Acres and a. Quarter ( moreor, less; u. MEA- DOW LAND, called TOMS'S, near the above lots. Lot 4.— A Piece of MEADOW LAND '( Llusr. uoitil ad- joining the last lot, containing about Three Acres, held for the remainder of a long term of years. Apply for further particulars at the Office of Mr, Baldwin, in Ringwood or Christchurch. [- 1857 DORSET.-.— LOR'FE MULLEN INCLOSURE. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, before the Cctumis- X sioner appointed for carrying into execution Jin Act passed^ in the 17th year of the " rei-. n of his present Majesty Ring George the Third, entitled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the parish of Orfc Mullen, in t'k- county of Dorset," at the Crown Inn, in Wimhorne Minster, 011 Friday the oth day of October next," at tw" o'cl ck in the afiernocn, Three Lots of FREEHOLD WASTE LAND, containing300 Acres, situate in the. parish of Corfc Mu" e 1, in the county of Dorset, within a short dist inc.- of Wunborn.*-, Poole, Christchurch, and Warebam, and adjoining the rotjd from Corfe to Upton. • . —^ - jUptiir Printed Particulars, with Plans annexed, may b « had of Mr. &. stleman, Witnborne ; at the Old Antelope, Pool • it e iV'hite Hart, Ringwood ; the Coach and Horses, Southamr- Hoimcs and Lowdcn, Clements Inn, ton ; and Messrs Loudon. [ 4049 DORSET. f-' alual- le Freehold land.* ami Premise!, within the parish if Litton Cheney. qpo be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. . TAMKI X RICIURCS, of Weymouth, at the Coach and Inn, in Wimerborne Abbas, Dorset, on Thursday th - 1 atit ( lay of October, I'foS, at two o'clock in the atWrm- on, in lots,— Two MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, with a Garden and vciv excellent Orchard adjomin -, in the occu- pation ot Mr. John Fry, tenant at will; also a Close of MEADOW, called Wood Mead, by estimation five sen*; a CI « e of MEADOW, called West Close, or Newton's Ck. x by estimation five acres; and a WATI-. R MKADOW, CALK Hili Meadow, by estimation two acres; all which meado lauds are in the occupation of Mr. Job Lr- j, tenant at will at a low rent. These meadows are particularly worth the attention of gentlemen having other lands in the parish of Litton, as a' valuable acquisition to the dairy and sheep farm. [ 45< e Tb be viewed by leave of the tenants, who will shew the same; and particulars- miiy be had of the said Mr. L » > at Litton; at tile Public- house, W'interhorne; of the Auc- tiniieer ; and of Mr. John Henning, attorney, ' Weymouth. RUMSEY. ~~~ IX) be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Cross Kev, . Inn, on Tuesday the loth of October instant, at six o'clock in the evening ( unless sooner disposed of bv private contract),— A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, consisting of a shop in front, with a parlour, kitchen, and pantry behind ; three good chambers and closets over, anil the same number of rooms in the attic story, with a stable and bake- house behind. The above premises are now in the occupation of Mrs. Coombs, baker, as a yearly tenant; adjoin the Cross Key? ui Bell- street, and are web- adnptcd for any " retail trade. Further particulars may bo obtained of Messrs. Daman at> 4 Warner. [ 1.1147 Desirable. 1 ' reehold. JJroadiKai/ ne, Dorset. 110 be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. BAM*, on . Saturday the 7th d., y of Oct'. her isn' 9, at the Woo I and Stone Inn, in Dorchester," at thrt* o'elocjc in the u terui- on'— All thst new erect- d neat am" " convenient FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES, containim- a good boarded parlour, ' four neat hed- rooms, with closets, kitchen, cellars, pantries, Sc. together with a court yard, large- JncInsert garden, a well with good water, carpenter's shop," and saw- pit roofed in. The above premises are situate near the centre of the plea- sant, village of Broadmayne, four miles east of Dorchcstcr, in the Warehatn turnpikc- roa^ l. . The above dwelling- house has been bnilt within these last two years, and will be found a very desirable situation for a carpenter, baker, hosier, grocer, Sc. For a view of the- same apply to Mrs. Grant, widow, on the premises; and f- ir further particulars to Mr. M. Baker, auc- tioneer, Cornhi', 1, Dorchester; if by lett. r, free of postage * i* Land- tax redeemed. Part of the purchase- money inay remain on sccuritv of the premises.. BIIOADMAYNI, Sept. 27, 1S09. | 4907 DEll'LlSU, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, bj M. Bakep., on Thursd » a - an;- nient that the gallant f'oitress of tieruna has been relieved by a division of the army of General Blake*-; It is also reported that Barcelona is driven to great ex- tremities. It is state! in the New York Advertiser, that a cargo, consisting of (> 000 negroes, lnulattoei, and renegade Frenchmen, Iroiii Cuba, had been landed at New Orleans, and that 1200 more were on their voyage for the same do- tiuatton. It is mentioned, that permission for. the re- ception of this colony into New Orleans was obtained at too instance of the French ' Consul at the lli{ it » d States, •. vvoo'was authorized to tender the word of Napoleon, as a sectnity ( of their loyalty and peaceable demeanour! Letters, received yesterday fropi Malta mentioii, tint the Toulon fleet was ready to put to sea, and appre- ln- nsbm-' were entertained at Sicily that the troops on ho n il iha fleet were intended to make a deStent on that Island. Advices havtbuajTCee'ived from Surinam. This Colony, which % c; i! aime'' jf being one of the most Yaiun- ble- on* the inmion-. i Continent to which it belongs.' Jiot. only ' -" Uttered preatly from neglect, but recently from natural c. uses. The low country has been laid waste by inundation. Ilia Mos . tv came to town on Wednesday, and held a Levee at the need's Pa'. ac , which was attended. by ali the Members of the late Administration who yet remain in office. A ^ ouncit was afterwards held ; the object of which ( before- the answers of Earl ( Jrey anil Lord GrcHville are received) cannot, be conjectured. The .1 . onl. Lieutenant <> f Ireland,' who is on a pro- gress ill the South of the tslaiid, held a Privy Council at Co; k on Sunday last. The politicians there profess them- * lvis to be much at a loss to account foi so very unusual fc measure. Oil Wednesday .1 General Court of Proprietors was held at th" India Ho ise, to which the Chan- man submjtti < 1 a r- soUitioii of the Court of Directors, re- appointing Jtr. ' Ill unas Locke, a Cadet oil the Madras establi- hnii- in, who } ial • . dijitii'- sed iu coMsop'. oiice of his appointment |. . , en cor: nylly obtained which . resolution was tv . oiuioiidy adopted. Mr. Herriott having adverted to the comoia'io. ts which had been made at a'former Court, respecting ihe lum- protectiou of commerce in t he Indian te.- tl, the Chairman clearly shewed thatSir Kdivard Pellew bad exerted him olf to . the utmost to protect that etmt sneree, awl thai all. the losses had been occasioned by tiie masters of ve— ek tim ing to run' without convoy," or breaking convoy if tbey sailed with it. Mr. Herriott said, the explanation. was p irfectlysatislartntj. ' This moriviiiT a Collision Hail was held at Gnild- hall, f rtlie e!< c. tiouofa Lord M lyor for the year ensuing, « '." ii. Thomas Smith, E*|. Aldcrinati of Fan ingdon . Ward V. noiii, ( being Uie next in rotation) was elected without opposition. On Wednesday some of the. Gentlemen interested in the Foreign trade waited upon the Council Board, in order to know whether Government would allow any more Licences for vessels to clear for French and Dutch Ports The answer returned was, that Licenses would be granted for three months |' roin tls » 4ay,- ptt'mittitig. the exportation of British manufactured goodi and British colonial produce, and that the vessels would be allowed to bring back corn and bur stones. The Carlisle Journal of September 28 says, " We hare to record one of the' most destructive inundations that ever occurred in tin - pa; t of tlii- country. The Eden and PetteriU were not deficient in m-'- h. tf, but by far the largest pro- portion was effected by the CaUlew ; w hose mountain tor- rerit* hurrying along a continued declivity, scarcely- gave war ing of its nop. ACh. It was lamentable to . view the Limn n e quantities of arn which were, driven down by the torrent: at- o ie time the l iver presented the singular apjteara.'. ce of an imiiit'iisc moving liehl of corn. Some houses were thrown down, and a large quantity of I'uihi- tufe was wa lieu away; timber, tree', " hedges, Cvc. were ar- o carried awaystofie walls were leveiledj acd t\ r g'l'puivd stripped- of it- oil ; and, melancholy to add, it is. already known that live, or six persons have perished by this tremendous flood. Mrs. Ct. ARKF. attended vfith her bail at Hicks's Hall on Wednesday, and pleaded Not G nitty to - the . indictment of Mr. Wardle. Tile Wrights have also put in bail, and pleaded iVvt Guilty. A.- SACLT" at WORTHING.— Mr. Barret again appeared at Marlbouiugh- strcet Olftce yesterday, to answer charges exhibited against him by Miss Latham ; but the Lady did Dot- appear, and the Magistrate ordered the defendant to be discharged from, his bail. LAW.— By a late decision in the Court of King's Bench ( which accords with a former one given by . Sir Win. Scott), if is now confirmed that a I'ASMtiuis within the pi ovisions of the Marriage Act, and. can only be legally married by bairns ( for want of a legal father, capable iu the contem plation of the. law of giving consent to such a person, being nraw- ied by licence). This has been settled by a decision of the Court of King's Bench, in \ vhieh three . fudges' agreed to this doctrine, and one only, Mr. Justice Grose, dissented. . ' An- old man named Pugh, and. hls daogl| tfr- ln- la\ v Kliza- bethPush, Here on Wednesday « x: uniue. d at Guildhall, on a charge. of dropping a tine girl, alioyt 15 tikmtbs old, in. a court: leading into Castto-. tree',, llolb< irn. It. came out in the course of tlie examination that; the child was the illegitimate offspring of a young Lady of re ipeotable Mli- ii- ctlons, whose conduct was - opposed to beiunoacuiate, and had Ixiea placed, at nur- e by the female prisoner, hut was taken by her from the' nur= e tm the- eveitmg it was found. Iris supposed the parties had r/ eeived money, for tbe child's support, and by their oWn iidrtiissioli the child was dropped in the hope it might be taken to a workhouse. Th - v were eouur. itied. for trial. On Tbursilay night a numerous body of sailors, women, boys, tic. again attacked the homes of rendezvous for. the impress service in Liverpool, and did considerable mischief. All the impressed men were set at liberty, and the rioters having effec ed their purpose, dispersed before any effectual force could hi- brought to suppress theui. The disturbance began iircotisetjuenee of the press- gang haying taken away some men from a public- bouse, wheffe'tfiey/ were engaged in daiicin*. On Friday, as Lieutenant- Cohiml Bell, of Berwick, was shooting onthe Lowhaughs, near that pi .•;.', w ith a di\ u'ole- barreled gut, having fired at a bird, an v loading ugaiu, the other ban- el, which was charged, went off, and lodged vlui contents id bis body : tie expired soon alter. A distressing event happened in America about two months ago. At Southwick, . in Savannah, were drowned four young Ladies, three of them from 15 to IG, and one 17 years old, viz. Julia, daughter of Mr. John Stratum, . jun. Mary, only daughter of Lieut. Roswe. ll Laogdon, and Charlotte' and Orpha, daughters of Mr. Clark Cannon, all of Sonthwiek. They had assembled near a pond for the purpose of picking cherries, but finding them scarce, en- tered into a boat with a view to collect pond lilies^ by some in- ans they overset the boat, and befure assistance could be afforded, they all perished; . their bodies, the next day, in separate coffins, were laid side by side in the same grave. A circumstance of a nature peculiarly distressing hap- pened some months past at our settlement in the Bay of Honduras. Lieut. - Hazlegrove, of the 5th West India regiment, being on duty, and having occasion to pass a bridge recently erected, and which was without railing, ( to visit his guard), the night being extremely dirk, he unfortunately slipped off into the river. C'apt. M'Kay, of the same regiment, being at the quarters of a brother officer in the neighbourhood of the bridge, from which Lieutenant Uazlegrove had just gone, and hearing the plunge, instantly flew to his assistance, by attempting to cross the bridge i'pr'lights, when, most melancholy to relate, lie al'o missed his way, and was precipitated into the river and drowned. The" bodies of these unfortunate young men, neither of them having reac'nsd the age of twenty- five, were next day found. They were married about a year past to' sisters, whom they have left with families. A Morning Paper states, that the following wanton act of barbarity was committed on Saturday last :•— Mr. L , of Bighton," in Northamptonshire, having con- igned the management of his farm to his nephew, a young man of an irritable disposition, he quarrelled with one of the plough- beys whom he tied to the tail of a cart, and flogged un- mercifully. The lad remonstrating against the treatment he had received, broilght upon him farther and more severe punishment. His inhuman master next fastened him to the tail of one of the cart horses, then giving the animal a cut. with his whip, lie spitmg forward, and finding ail in- cumbrance behind, kicked to get rid of it, and hitting the poor hoy in the stomach, he immediately expired. The offender was arrested and conveyed to gaol. OLD BAILEY.— There was no capital conviction either on Wednesday or Thursday, nor any trial that excited public interest.— Sentences were passed on several prisoners, and then the Sessions adjourned. Coax EXCHANGE,' &/*. 22. The general supply of Wheat is again short, and sales are heavy, at little variation in price. Barley is from 3s. ( o 4. « . per quarter higher. Matt also rises. New Rye and Beans of the two kind- are likewise dearer. Oats vary bur, little. Flour nearly as before. Fine American 62:.'. to b'b'. s. per barrel. BIRTHS.] On the 12th of August.,, at, St. Kitt's, in the We t Indies, the Right lion. Lady Cranstown, of a son anil heir.— On the lfjth inst.' in Northumberland- street, the Ladv of Brig.- Gem John Hope of a daughter. MARRIED ] Oil the 6th of May, at Madras, Robert Alexander, Esq. second Member of the Board of Revenue, to Miss Grace Blacker, third daughter of the Rev. Dr. Blacker, of Wells.— On Saturday, at Llandogget, North Wales, the Rev. Walter Wilkins to Miss ChiappVni ( niece of} the late Gen. Chiappini> in the Imperial service) " ister of the dowager Ladv Newboroug'u, and aunt of Lord New- borough.— On Wednesday, at Maryboue, Hudson Gumey, Ks( f. of Norwich, to Margaret daughter of Rob. Barclay, Fj- q. deceased, late M. P. for Kincardineshire. DIE!').] Lately, after a long illness, the Itight Hon. Lilly'Alar.' ria Carpe'tor, sister to the Earl of ' lyrcdnnel. — On th" 17th instant, at Cork, Sylverius Moiiarty, Esq. Vice- Admiral of the White.— On the tflth instant, at. Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire, in her 64th year, the Right Holt. Caroline, Dowager Lady Lyttletim, widow of Tho. Lord Littleton.— On Tuesday se'nnight, at Greenwich Hospital, Mrs. Browell, wife of the Lieutenant- Governor. Latclv, at Dartmoor, Gen. Jago, a black Frenchman, who had received upwards of twenty wound; in various actions.-* rOn . Monday, in Bedford- place, John Travel's, Esq. a Director of tlie East- India Company, and an Elder Brother of the Trinity- House.— On Thursday se'nnight, at Liverpool, Mr. David Salmon, aged 106 years, who sailed round the world in the Centurion, with Lord Anson. Oil Wednesday, in Duke- street, Westminster, Mrs. B. mtham, mother to the Speaker of the House of Com- mons. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, without reserve, on Tuesday Octobcr a, 180P,— The whole STOCK. ofSHR£ P, young Beasts, Colts, & c. of Claverton Farm, two milts and a half from Bath, the pro- perty of Mr. Drew, quitting the same; consisting of 510 ewes of different agesi u '. 0 wether and chilver lambs, 20 two- tooth wethers, and 7, rams; ( the above sheep are principally of the Dorset and South- dowu breed, the others of the Dor- set and N: w Leicester Cross; are fine in their wool, and, it is presumed, are equally calculate!}' for the grazier or breeder); 38 heifers, of dihercnt ages, of th; Devonshire breed ; a yearling colts, 3 sucking colts, and 2 mares in foal. [ 4834 ' For th- accommodation of purchasers, the sheep will be sold 20 in a lot.— The sal-.- to begin with the sheep precisely at ten o'clock. THOMAS JAMES, Auctioneer. Valuable FREEHOLD FARM, in WILTSHIRE, free of Great Tallies. R| X> be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. KNIGHT, on Thursday the 12th of October, 1809, at the B ar Inn, Devizes, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— A most desirable and compact FREEHOLD FARM, called Upper Uevers- brooke Farm, situate in the parish of Hiilmartin, two miles north qf Calm', now in the occupation of Mr. J. Ramming, including a farm- house, barn, cow stiils, stabling, and other out- bUildings, garden and orchard, with about 1- 30 acres of good pasture land, and 20 acres ot arable, in twelve inelo- sures, all lying within a ring fence'. The tenant will shew the premises. Printed particulars, and further information, may be ob- tained from Mr. Atherton, Solicitor, Calne; John Gale, Esq. Stert; and the Auctioneer, Devizes, where a plan of the estate may be seen. [ 4756 HANDLEY FARM, NEAR BLANDFORD, DORSET. Capital stock of South- Down caul Dorset Sheep & c Lambs. RPO be SOLO by AUCTION, by PKRCY and FI. FORCE, on' Wednesday the 4th day o{ October, isofl, on the Prcmis- s at Mr. Rand li's. ( who is leaving Handlevj,— 1000 S mtb- D Swn and Dorset SHEEP and LAMBS, 10 use- ful Cart Morses, ' 2 valuable Colts, l handsome Bull two years old, a q rar. tity of Harness, and various. Jm'plamrnts of Hus- ba'rfdry.— All the Sheip ate warranted sound in every respect, and will be sold in scores. ( Kf » On account of the number of lots, the sale will corns mence precisely, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. [ 4929 CANADA TIMBER, DEALS, & e. JLIST arrived from Quebec, and now discharging in- Southampton River,— The ship SWAN, Fen wick, master, with a Cargo of the following Goods: 8.100 Feet Pine Timber 711 ditto White Oak 3GOO Inch Pine Boards 800 10 to 12 feet 2J in. Deals 4150 Staves" 14 Masts, from 64 to 67 ft. by IS to 20 in. 16 Smaller ditto, which will be SOI. D by AUCTION, on Thursday the 5th of October, at the Dolphins Inn, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. For th- c^ enicncy of purchasers,. part of the cargo will be landeiiUBsK'edbridge, and be put in small lots. For piftic& lar* and cataloeu- s apply to 4- 354J E. BAKER and Co. Southampton. GOSPORT. Excellent Situation for any kind of Trade. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. MONDEY and TAYI. RH, at the Dolphin lnn,* Gr. sport, on Monday tire, 2< l day of October next, b-.- twe- n the hours of bix and eight in the cvt-,. ing ( unless an acceptablc offer be made in tlic mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given),— A FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, with a capital Shop, Storehouse, two Stables, and otherOutbuildin :. s, and Yard; situate in North- street, at tbe corner of N » rthCross- strect, Gosp - st ; now in the occupation of Mr. Thrs. King, grocer, the proprietor, who is quitt ng business. The Dwel- ling- house lias two parlours, a dming re 1, and six bed rooms, a kitchen, and pantiy; and is replete with fixtures an. l every family convenience; and there is a good cellar under the whole house, and in the y? rd is a rain'water tank of eight tons. ' The Shop has f r many years had a goed- accuitomed trade to it, anil the whole estate measures in front, in N*- ith- strect, 30 feet, and ill North Cross- street 60 feet: and from it* peculiarly advantageous situation,, command, ng two- principal streets at the entrance of the town, is adequate to an extensive business.— A purchaser mav have immediate possession; may take the Stock in Trade and Fixtures on a valuation ; and, if required, part of the pnrchasi- money may remain 011 mortgage/— The Land- tax is redeemed. For . further particulars apply to tbe Auctioneers, and at the office ot . Mr. Minchin, solicitor, Gosport. [ 4712 A GAME DUTY. LIST t> f persons who have obtained GENERAL LIST 1. N: imes^ Residence. A DLAM. s: esq. Devizes ' Avenell. j. jun. liadbury Akrrman, Moses Blu'usdon St. And. Andrews, John . Dinton Andover.' lord vise. Charlton Anroo- J, Henry Burbage Audry, Amb. esq. Secnd Audry, Peter, esq. Ditto Ash, Robert, esq. l. an. glev Burrell Arnold, Charles Corshatn Audry, John, esq. Lacocfe Archer, captain East Downton Al'ord. Tur Thoj.- Sherrington Astley, F. D. esq. Everly Astlcy, rev. I". B. Astlry, Uenj. esq. Akernnn, mr. W. Astley, W.- B. i? sq. Ash- a'Court, sit W P. ban. A'Court, Wm. esq- A ruiidel i, hon. J. E. 1 Iiteh Angel, B. I. A. esq. Studley Amor, Harry,. gent.. Avebury . Angel, Mos'. s, gt. Bishopstone Ashe, Henry, gent. Ramsbury Alexander, j. esq. Manningtord Boh. Alexander, Charles Ditto Audree, J. F. W. Market Lavington Brown, George Avehury Brown, Tho;. gent. Aldbcum Bailey, C. N, esq, Park Town BtsU- rman. HJ. c . q. Charlton CEHTU'ICATES, at the rate of Three Guineas each, tor the year ! 8oy, in the county of Wilts. Ditto Ditto Patnty Everly Hev tes' ui ry- house Hevtcsbury • Bio > ks, John, esq. Beale, John Bpekiand, Joseph. Buekland, John Byrehall. Richard Butler, George Bad- en, Wm. sen. Baden, Wm. jun. Btthe, John Bolingbroke, G. R. lord viscount Liddiard Triegooze Bradford, Richard Midghall Bradford, Cornelius Ditto Ditto Ci udwell Ditto Ditto' Stratton St. Margaret Rodbourn Cheyuey Day- house, Endlord Ditto Elcoinbe Brind, George Blind, Joseph Butler,. James Bridges, John Brunsdoo. John Bribdj George Bcilwell, Francis Brind, Walter Bennett, John Bayley, William Bailey, Thomas Brook, Thomas Liddington l. iddington Lincham Ditto Little Hhiton Wanborough. ' Wootton Tiassett W/ oughton Norton Kington I. ang'ey Kington St. Michael Brokimborough . Hendry, W. L. esq. Christian Mattord Bailey, Sydenham Kington Langley Biedennan. rev. G « 4. Garsdon Byrchall, F,, jun. Stratton St. Mary ' Bedwell, Francis Poulton Bed', veil, John Crickl.' ad ® Bennett, M. M. Ashton Keynes Braitiiwaitc,- rev. J,. Milton " Bait; Wm." brewer Rmnsbtiry. Blackm? n, J. m. d. Ramsbury Brooke, rai. ffii!.' West Dean ' BrovyHjofrn, rnr. R. Ditto Bowlej cir. Edw. . Mmistar. • Bailey, mr. James Downton Names. Hesidc/ me. Rudd, Wil'iiam Bratton Br wiling, Thomas Box Beams, Geoyja Chippenham Baiky, Thomas Ditto Browning, Richard Lci;, h Delamere Byaij, Samuel Sticrston Magna Bell, Charles, jun. Luckington Brown, Ji I111 Burton. James Box,' John Barnes. Jonathan Bennett, Thomas Bennett, G. B. Bracher. John Brodrip, George Bennett. John, esq Barnes, John Bennett, fj. clerk- Bl indferd, M. D. Bath, marquis of Marlborough Locke.- idge North Newiiton Widhill Los':. ill Miilmsbury Tisbury Stourtou Hatch Ditto Ghiimarfc Swallowdiff Longkat, parish of Deveril Lougbridge Soutli Damcriiam Cliicksgrove Budden,. George Braclier, Henry Bay- ley, James, esq. Bishopstone Barton, Nat. est). Warminster Bannister, mr. J. Ditto Bennett, mr. John Codford Burgess, Thos. jun. Ccrsle. y Perva Barter, John Thoulston Bale, Josiah, gent. M- w Saruin Bathurst, ll. isq. Clarendon Park Blackmore, W. gt. New Sarum Blake, Michael, gt. Ditto Bowie, John, guit. Ditto Brereton, colonel Close of Sarum Brown, Tins. gent. New Sarum Buller, F. W. esq. Ditto Butler, John, gi- nt. Ditto Stockton Collingbornc Ducis Gomeidon Stratford Toney Broad I linton Devizes Brimslade P-. wsey Shalbourn Bc) wii,., tW.- J< « bn Kriclierj mn. Sam. Bewit i, Wm. esq. Bowles, Thos. esq 1 Ipmington Fovant Great Woodford Ditto Bennett, mr. . Wm. Barford St. Martin Bracher, mr. John Sutton Mandeviile Marlborough Sutton M. mdeville Cow. ei. field Lovtries Wily East Downton Blake, James^ esq. Bracher, mr. Sara. Bristow, Rob; esq. Bracher, William Blily, John, tsq;. Brachcr, mr. James Btshopstone Bruges, rnr. Wm. Semington Ball, mr. George - SteepleAsht- on Biinman, mr. J. jun. Monkton Farleij Brawn, Stephen Westhury Leigh Blatch, John ' Ditto t Barnes, Ocorga Wfstbury Biggs, parry, esq. Black, mr. David Bowie, mr. Rich. Bradby, mr. A. Brown, Thomas Butcher, Henry Batt, R. London Butcher, William Barns, John, esq.. Blunt, Harry, esq. Ilippenscombe i'lurit, Waiter, esq, I lippenscombe Bishop, John, esq. Calne Borough' Barnes, Thomas Cheverell Parva Butcher, William Urcblont Biggs, Christopher Etchellhampton Cook, John, gent. Aldt'. ourn Chambeflain, rev. G. Kee'vil Clark, .1. Singleton Devizes Crook, William Melksham Crook, Richard West Ashton Cook, rev, J. Bradford Clark, John Norris Trowbridge Cook, William West Overton Cocketl, Norris Westbury Leigh Coekell, mr. John Chapmansladc Clift, John North Ncwnton Cresswell, E. esq. ' Sher- ston Parva Cres; we! 1, E. esq j un. Di tto Cresswell, II. esq. Ditto Cresswell, T. esq. Sberstftn Magna 1 Caswell, Robt. tsq. Yatesbury t Clark, major Laycock ' Coates, the rev. R. T. Steeple Langford Cross, mr. John Sutton Mandeville Cooe, mr. Richard Milford Compton, J. esq. East Court Crine, mr. Henry Broad Chalk Cooper, mr. Robert IdrAistoii Cavanagh, W. esq. Fyfield Cooper, G. F. gent. New Sarum Coombs. Matthew Ditto . Crook, Thos. esq. Names. Calley, Tl. os. esq. Galley, J. J. esq. Crook, Henry. Co John Carpenter, Jobn Church, WiUarn Cripds, William Chit- fence, James Carter, Wm. esq. Church, Robert Chandler, William Coleman, W. E. esq. Coleman, W. esq. Cannings, T. jun. Cusse, fs'evil Coleman, Henry . Comely, William Omwdy, R. Wm.. Crowdy, Jas. jun. Cooki- Mesback Chandler, Jo. hu Dowling, John Dare, Uriah Oarby, John Daily, William ' Dobson, Charles Davis, Wm. esq. Davis, J. jun. tsq. Davis, John, esq. Daw,. Abraham, gt. j Dyke, Will. am • | Dyke,, W. jun. esq. ! Dvfee, Wm. esq. J Dredge, mr, S. j Davis, Samuel I Devcril, John Dixon, Chas. Danl. Oowling, rev. W'm-, Davis, R. esq. Duam, Thomas Estcburt, T. G. esq. Eden, Joseph Ellis, Edward Edwards, Z. H. esq. Eddols, Jobn Edwards, Jas, jun. Edridge, Thos. esq. Edwards, J. M. Eyre, Henry, esq. Eyre, J. M. esq. Skins, rev. Robert Egerton, F. T. esq. Emly, Samuel, gt. Everett, J. G. esq. Eliott, the hon. W. Evans, Wilbam Everett, Thos. esq. Edwards, Nathaniel Edwards, Henry Edward", William Eldridgc, John Edridge, A. L. esq. Edwards, Wm. jun. Evans, rev. Arthur Edwards, John Filing, J. S. Eastoii,- Wm. clerk Essington, Robert Ferris, Francis Franeome, Richard Francome, John Francome, Edward Freeman, Robert Fruinpton, Richard 1- rampton, William Foot, William, sen Canty, Robert Clerk, Wm. P. Clerk, Henry G. Cousins, Thomas Cole, Jonathan Church, Robert Tythcrton Lucas Ci'icklade Stcurton Deveril Longbridge Jleytesbury Crudwcll Aidbourn Cnambeilain, L. esq. Broad Blunsdon Clltirch. ' George Aiobuin ( Jrpe^, Henry Binkwell Golen « n, J. Aldbum Foot, William, jun. Foot, Joseph Francki, Chevalier Flower, Tboniat''' Fricker,- Edward Flower, Obadiah Fitz,. Walter FisniaKe, J. gent. Foot, Jutnes, gent. I'Oyle, rev. Edward Foi;, Geur^ e, e^ q Residence. Burdrop- puik Ditto C. oltCHJ Ave bury Wanborough Aid burn Wootton Basset Marlljoidu- gh FoS% B. siwystone 1- hiiL. vingtt- n Kington Langley Ditto Ogbourn St. Oeorge Cricklade I l. nmington Malmsbury Wtstroplampton Haftnir. gton Ditto . Stert Ogbourn St. George Broom Farm • Highworth Kudge Deveril Longbridge Fisherton Dehmere Ditto Bapton Clarendon- perk . Woodborough F'igkeldcan Ditto - ,-•; Gr; at Wishford - A'-: Winsley Leigh and Woolley Monkton Farleigh Holt Box Burbage Rouridway IVulshot Tinhead Leigh Hardenhinch Laj'cock Corsham Ditto I. andford Ditto Newlontoney East Winterslow New Sarum Heytesbury Ditto Warminster Horningsham Rodburn Cheney Ditto Westrop & Hampton Devizes Christi m Malford Rodburu Cheyney Overtown Liddington Suttort Vcncy Ttsbury Cornpton Bassett Worton Liddiard Millicent Purton Rodburn Cheyney Coate Wanborough South Marston Ty thing ofCharlton, parish of Donhead St. Andrew Ditto Dognal, parish Don- head St. Mary Fonthill Gifford Heytesbury Imber ( south part) Sutton Veney Tetfont Magna New iwu. uj » Ditto Cholderfon A^ lderbury Names. Residence. Folliott, mr. John Eest Knoyle Fleetwood, mr. G. Coombe Bissett Flower, n. r. Walter Ditto Foiliou, mr. J. East Knoyle Flower, William Beanacre Fry, James, gent. Ouemerford Finch, J. jun. yeo. Baydon Faugoin, Chevalier Zeals Fcx, James Poulshot Fisher, Geo. Dike Limply Stoke Fisher, G. D. jun. Ditto Flower,. Wm. H. Chippenham Flower, J. - Ditto Frcckc, Thomas Yatton Keynell Ford, Stephen Colerne Fowle, Wm. esq. Chute Forest Greenwood, rev. T. Calne Borough Gillmore, rev. John Froxfield Gilbert, Tiiqmas Collingb. Kingston Gibbons, John Westbury Leigh Gingt- 11, William Bremhiil Gale, Robert Stanley Guy, Anthony, esq. Chippenham Gamer, James Slauelueriord Godtray, major Biddeston Garrett. John Market Lavington Gale, William Chippenham Gaby, Ralph Ditto Goldney, Henry Ditto Green, mr. John Barford St. Martin Graily, mr. Wm. Netherhampton Gray, mr. James East Knoyle Giles, mr. Humph. Hanging and Little Langford - Godwin, mr. John B. rvvick St. James Glass, mr. William Orcheston St. Marv Goddard, W. gent. New Saruin Grove, Thos. esq. Ty. Winsford, parish Donhead St. Aiidr. Grove, John, esq. Ditto GoOdfellow, H.- nry Tt- flbnt F. vas Greenwood, R. cik. Bt- nortt George, T. V. yet). Axford tirubbe-, W. 11. est], 1' ott: cue Green, James Stoorton Goodman, J. sen. esq. Wilcot, Oarc, and Draycott Gordon, John, esq. Dognal" Gwiilam, William Chdmark Grant, John A 1' cannings Godd-. rd, rev. Edw. Clifte Pypard Goddard, R. esq. ' ditto Giddings, James Allcannings v Go. ld. ird, R.- esq. Swindon Goodman, J. jun. esq. Wileot, Oare, and Draycot GooldingrM. esq. ditto Goodman, M. H. clIt. Walcot, Oare, and Draycot Goodcnough, Tev. J, Wanbortugh Giffard, Fras. esq. Uphaven Cileed, John Ashton Keynes Gray, major * Box Gilbert, Joseph Beechingstoke Havward, William West LuVir. gton Heslop, Ralpil Osksev 1 laskins, John Purtoii Harris, Richard Wcstrop& Hampton Hewitt, William Badbury Ht- nly, Adam Linehain Hampton, Pitt, gt. i'otttine Henly, Jc'nii Wootton Basselt Ilall, Robert Potteme Henderson, W. esq. Oaksev Hunilev, Michael Maniiingford Bruce Holtham, Richards ditto I lowell, Francis F'oxley Hopkins, Francis Christian Malford Oaltsey Strattcti St. M. irgarct Somi ri nd Keynes South Mars tint Ty. Charlton, parish Donhead St. Andr. Hoare, sir R. C. bt. Stowton I.( oare-, Henry, esq. ditto Hughes, Robt. esq, Bromham Hooper, William Warminster ditto ditto Chsh- rn AU'Saints Crickl ide Beechinestoke t. Marlborough Hawkins, Leonard Hunter, George Howell, Etoejbe- rt : lows- e, Edmund Hawkins, Richard House, John fbllien, John I larding. D„; iiel Habsood, Job 1 Hay wan!, Joseph i laicomb, Wm. ^ Ilayward/ Ber. j. " West Lavmgton Hill, Geor-. e Coles Hilt Devere'll Hi: o!; coek, John Avebury Hcai, Jo| in ditto Ilabid iy,' Giles Sutton Veney HumpHries, Robert Brixton D vcrell Hoddmg, John, gt. New Sarum Hay ward, L esq. Mark t La'Vington Ht'lssey, James, gt. New Saturn Hunt, H. nrv. esq. EmWd llernc, Mr. Thos. Fittteton H:: yw„ rd-, John Wilsford Hi, ucman, E.. esa. Dnrnford Hitchcock, mr. W. Alton and Stowall Hutchins, John Droyly, esq. Porion Hutcfcins. rev. R. W, ditto Heale, Slater, esq. Qucmerford H atchins, rev. A. B. Porton .11 II, Robert, esq. East Knovle He'yar, rev. mr. Tdl . rd Roval Hay tor, tin. G. Maddmgtoii Hiteheock; Harry Allcarimiigs Havtcr, mr, J, jum M; « ! diogton Medley, II. esq. Calne Bon Heal, mr. William Goomhe Harding, mr. Thos. BishopstoJ ilewitt, mr. John ditto Herbert, lord Wilton Hood, Daniel . Whlchhtiry Harding, James M. Iksham Haywatd, Jacob Whitley Hart, Joseph Bradford Hughes,- John, gt. Broad Hinton Hiryter, Tfics. S. WesfbUry Hajward, Wm. P. West Lavington Howes, rev. I. H. Easton Grey- Hooper, John Box Holbo. row, Isaac North Wrax dl Hooper, rev. T. Yatton Keynell . Hancock, Wm. jun. Pcwsham * Hiscock, James Rowde Hooper, Robt. jun: West Lavington Hill, William Week • Heathcote, J. E. esq. d: t: o Hayward, Thomas Chippenham Howard, Robt.' gt. Ramsbury Hancock, W7m. Box Holborow, Daniel Sherston Magna Hancock, . t. t- sq. Marlborough Hooper, John Laycock Hooper, John Baydon Halbert, William Corsham Hulbert, E. G. ditto Holder, James, esq. Chilton ( house i Chilton Foliiatt) Hayward", Richard Wilsford Hayti. r, T. / ditto Jackson, rev. J. S'. Pewsev Jcrterys, Robert John, St. R. esq. Jones, J. jun. esq. Jones, Shtpvvay . Jones, William Jones, Hertrv Jelle- yman, j. Jones, Robeit lugs, Edward Jtnricr, Richard Jenrier, John Semington Ogbourn St. Andrew Woolley Sberston Magna ditto Luckington East Downton East Knoyle Dev. zes r Broad Bjun'sdon Bury Blimsdou Natr. cs; liisideu Locke, W. esq. Pooo:; eon Lewis, John Bulkington Liddiard, John Conipf ; i Bassett i.. on;, John, esq. Melksham Loyd, Amlirose Beanacre Lowther, G. esq. Tilshead Long, Richard, esq. West Ashton Loyd, John, jun. Bradford Large, William Ogbourn St. Andrew Ludlow, A. esq. Hcywood- house Lawrence, T. gent. New Sarum Lewis, Thomas Wedhampion Me- reweth r, J. esq. Klackland Mitdbejl, T. esq. Standen- ho. Charn- ham- street Meech, Tbos. Luke Westbuiy Leigh Meecb, Robert ditto Morris, captain R. 13th It,' dragoons Trowbridge Barr. Munday, Robert Chippenham Marsham, James Langley Burrell Matthews, Jacob Chippenham Methuen, P. esq. Corsham Moody, mi. Thos. Stratford under the Castle Mussell, mr. Thos. Sherrington Munday, Henry Winterboume Earls Moore, Geo. esq. Elsrooe Marshall, mr. Geo. Alderbury Martin, mr. Jam. s Fovant Marsh, the rev. M. Wint - rslow Matoli, it-. r. James Fkgheldean VIevriek, E. G. cik. Remsbury Meyrick, A. esq. ditto Maris, Edward Matthews. Richard Kennet / s'- r. i: Maton, mr.' L. Marsh, Thomas M: bt: nSBrigmiston Ty. Winsford, parish Donbead St. Andr. Swallowcliff J lamer! 11: 11 M ere Woodlands Orcheston St. Geo. Ditto Port - n Toekenbam Wanborough M.-. ifev, Thorrms Miles," Charles Merrv . veather, J. Mil's, J ones M. te'o. el!, R. jtm. Matthews, James M- itthews, Robert • May, John. je. n. Miliingion, Robert Wootton Bassett Masksivne, Jasper ditto Mills, David Oaksey May, Charles Seagry Maskelyne, R. esq. Leigh Matthews, Wm. Eastrop Mackfarlane, C. gt. Devizes Nea- le, Isaac Kaston Percy Nicholas, r v. J. l. l. d. Charlton Nbyes, Richard Warminster Nowlson, mr. F. Stratforci ' Coney Northover, 11. jun. Cow. sfi Id Loverits N'cwman, mr. G. South Newton Newman, mr. 11. ditto Noyes, rev. Robert Bishopstone Nicholson, mr, W; Barford Sr, Martin Newman, mr. J. Britfortl & Longford Newman, Nigel Pou'. sbot Norris, Richard Coialstone Nt wn-. an. Elver Castle Ccombe Norris, W. T. esq. Colerrie Ovendon, C. esq. Market J-, avington Pile," Robert Alton Barnes' Pinncgar, J. gent. Compton Bassett Pike, Demy Pewscy Pike, '.' hxoas Wootton Rivers Pinckne- y, David Tidconifce Phillips,' John Eeauacre Price, Win. Tinhead Piice, Edward Ditto Ponso'r. bv, C. 8. esq. Leigh and Woolley Phipps, T. H. esq. Leij^ iton- house P'. ckford, Benjamin Wes\ bury Pinnegar, Broom Tytherton Kelway Pinu'e'ear, Christn. Ditto" Pootiiig". T. N. I aiirfey Burrcll Pea: » e, Tliomas L - coek Pike, Thomas, NoSth- Newnton Powell, A. esq. BaVKist. icIi Pack, rev. mr. Rti$ f, all Page, mr. Wm. Bisirpstone Poole, ( cv. dr. Bej)| ird Sr. Martin Ponton, J. jun. Wjipot, Oure, and l.' flycott Pembroke, the rati of W « ton Packeridge, Jas. Wile, t, Oare, and Draycott P irham, rnr. T. Ebbesbs- rr-. e Wake Phillips, T. N. esq.' Oowesfi Id Lovtries i Towsey, mr. Ed. am- rx.. . . S'eropt, Wm. esq. On lie Coi'r: t. S > eari'ig, John. gci t. Wonon S i- ni rs, Wm. S icrst'in P n . a ft : innei, Dyke, esq. Aeebury C- olertie . S msion, Mich. S nail, Rt. S agrim, rev. mr. S icnc'er, 11. jun. Spencer, 11. sen. S: roud, J. S If, Rt. Seard, mr. B. SWayne, mr. Tho. Sveaync, mr. J. P. Sidford, mr. Jobn Sti'. l, J. C. esq. Still, Rt. es;;. Still, Peter, esq. Simpson, mr. Wm. Milford South, tev. T. Br sal Chalk Smith, Mr. T. EUton Stockwell, Rev. T. Stritford Toney Simper, Rd. Fovant Sofie, Ilenry Wdy ditto Bishop's Fonthill ditto Bavdrn Wiilchbury Strat orrl under ti. t Castle Steeple Langford ditto Barford St. Martin Pi est Knoyie ditt) ditto Stiles, H. tsq. S-: pb, mr. Elms Smith, mr. Win. Selfe, mr. II. S o. ith, Wm.' cfq, bowei Chi Ik Whitiey Dshertbrt Anger W-. st HainJ^ m Amesbury Studley Selvvyn, the r v. J. I. ud- gersball Smith, mr. II. Stiles, Rt. gent. Suttoo, Js. gent. Sriugfellow, Geo. Still, John, clerk Snook, Henry S- nith, John Seammell, T., jun. S S iuth, Geo. S diiKui, W. W. Soirees, T'rso. Self, James, Slade, Wm. Slade, John Seymour, tbe hon, and rev. Edward Scurry, rev. F. S imers, Isaac Smith, tl t rev. S. Seymour, Cl. a. Smith, John Sheppard, Wm. Smith, Rd. Stiles, Ed. Strange, Rd. Staik v, r v. S. Sargent. John Somers, Wm. Smith, W01. esq. So vims, Wm, Smith, Abraham Sutton,. S. Shipton, M. juu. Saunders, Rd. Smith, John South, Daniel Smith, John Sharps, Tlio. Sadli- r, John • Shuchburgh, rev. C, W. Tannt r. J. pent, Tnompson, Rd. Tuiwell, Wm. Tuckey,' I'l: o. Tarrant, Benj. Tu- key, R. i. I'u, key, J. gent, felling, Wni. jun. Telling, John I lam ar. d Her. ly Whiiley New Sarum Donh adSt. Andrew Fonthjll Gdioid I: Mar D.\, D. venli Mm - Codford ditto a Lav'n. gfo; Longbridge ett Lfpton Lovell 1 lor oig'. ham Staunton ditto Pnrton Inglesham l-' uj- ton I'BrnyJonl Ciifi'c Pypaid Witcombe S wind- On Wootf n F Hullavingion ditto Somei ford Magna KeroMv -. oil Ewcn Brink worth ditto Ch rlton Millxiarn Water Eaton Matmesbury Eastrop ditto Purton East Downton Yates Oaksev Hrcmilham Rodburn Cheney Little Town Can Court WintrrbourneBasset Minety ditto Pinckney, mr. A. Broad Chalk Pinckoev, mr. P. Wilsford and Lake Poore, E. Dyke, esq. Fi-' ntl loan Perry, John gent. Clarendon park Pearee, Samuel IV iree, Andrew Phillips, Rd. Pi! Meat, A. jun. Pressley, C. Patient, Geo. jun Perry, Daniel Pearce, James Pvke, Thomas ! Page, Geo. gent. 1 Pye, Dai i f Popha'm, Edw. Wm. Leighbonrn, e- Pear'ee, T. D. Parsloe, J I Stoufton peyeriH Longbridg Charlton Corton Wattiiir. sfcr Upt'sk! Lovell datrtore IVf. t » na PSh Smei f e 4 Magna Crudwcll " mas Pen ton Criekla le Cooock' inegar, Richard Sevenhampton Pinnegar, Chrislil. Fresdan Pinnegar, Christn. ^ Bushton • Pioneg - r, Jacob Lineham Pike, j. is. Wootton Bassett Pinncgar, Jaco!) Ditto Price, r: v. A. C. Wroughton Price, Ambrose C," Ditto ' P'mramtr, Wm. P. nncgar, Rd. Poultan, Joseph Poulter. Ctins. Parry, Jos. i'eck, Wm. esq. Pinck. ney, Robert Pinnegar, Wm. Pickering, I. esq. - Perrett, Paul Read, Rd. Pvead, R. Watts,. esq. Purton Kington S » . Michael Se. uth Maiston Cricklade Water Eaton Allingtoft LtiSh- dhhouse Marlborough Sout'o Maision Bui lord R- tiwde Stratton St. Margaret Re- eves, Harry RamVo'it, Jasper Ricks,- Nathaniel Ripley,- rev.' Tlios, Robinson, rev. T. Reeks, John Ryder, rev. Edward Oaksey Ride,. Thomas Ashion" Keynes Drayiott Folliott Linebam Wanborough Wootton Bassett D. tto D: runtsey Crleklade Vv'est Kr. oyle Devcril Lo'ngbridge Chicklade Manningford Abbots Calne Borough Boreham- house Upton Lovell JI nes, Daniel, esq. Conock Jeiihcr, William M,. rSton Maisy Joh n, the hon, F. St. Brock lev- bouse Jenner., Thomas Jenner, William Ind, Richard Ind, William Jordan, William Jenner, Marv JenneT, mr. Daniel Jaques, Kingston King, Rich- Dore King, Stephen Keene, Joseph King, John KennJer, H. esq. King, Henry- King, Henry Knight, Richard Kcmro, ' Utos, gt. ' Klutbn, Thomas Kidlow, Charles King, mr. T. Kcbfiy, John. Knight, William Keynes, R. Y. esq, Eaauuned, 4877J ' Water Eaton ditto Woc'tton Bassett ditto Devizes Marston Maisev Fyfield Yatton Keynes Manningt'on Swindon Minet> » Mars ton Maisey liigbworth Chilmark Cbicksgrove Warminster Cildbourn Ch'ittern All Saint's Krr. wick. St.- James Broad Chalk Hey wood Langley BurrcB Chippenham 1. P. TINNEY.- Recves, William Itiddich, John Rickward, Rd. Randall, Rd. Bobbins, Wm. Reynolds, John Rich, C. H. esq. Raxwosthy, John Raxworthy, J. jun. Ditto' RdwejVev. Robert Amesbury Ransom, Wvjun. West Dean Rowden, mr. John Fovant Rowland, H. A xfonl Randall, mr. G. ju'n. BrSe. d Chalk 1. Roles, mr. Wnt. Maddington ib- les, mr. Jas. Ditto Reoke, mr. Henry Bishopstone Rooke. John, esq. Ditto Randall, mr. W111. Wilton Rebbeck, mr.' J. jun. Eb'oe; sborne Wake Rooke. H. esq. Charlton Ridcout, r « . Pi R; SenSey Redman, Thonkus Melksham Fanner, W. jnn. esq. t « . ennett Tedmarsh, Wm. Marsti- n Maisey ' Pinker, Wm. esq. Litil- oe, i - I Tock-. v, Th- i. c' • ' n FrtzWajrcn luekey, Jo!: n ditto Tuckey, It'. . LirMiardMillicent Tuhber, Win, Baydon Turn r, John Fonthill Gifford Tiller, G. It. Damerhani South Temple, Wm. esq. Bishopshopstrow Tilting, rev. Broun- cher,' D. D. Sutton Veney Tanner, J. g.- nt. New Sarum Taylor, Wm. Stratton St. Bernard Idmiston Urchfont Hanging and Little Langford Tcnapleman, P. esq. Whichbtiry I'br'ng, mr. Alvideston Tanner, T. esq " f hring, mr. 11. Ty! ee, Cha. Taylor, Simon Taylor, John Turner, H. G. Tucker, Isaac Tayler, Sam'. Tanner, Wm. Tarrant, Uri.. h Devizes Keevil ditto Sliort Street Westbur Devizes Kmgswood Chippenham igh Tu . well,! luinphry Alluigton T omer, lid. esq. Wixcomb Tliateher, Edmund. Rarr. sbury Vdfjtt, John. Woods, Wm. esq. Whittlock, Js. esq Warwick, James Williams, rev. Js. Webb, Rd. Wallhink, Matt. Webb, Rt. Wolfe, lit esq. Wbittaker, Wm. Washboutn, Rd. Woodroffc, Geo. Wcoiyear, H. W. Wort, n: r. G. Willi ,111s, mr. Wm, East Knoyle Wapsborough, C. esq. Shrewton Watson, Wm. Stratford Williams, L. esq. fettle'Woodford Williams, rev. Wm. Fittlcton Waters, mr. T. Boscombe Waters,- mr. Rt. ditto Watts, mr. Rd. Ham and Henley W fs,- J. 11. esq. ditto Swmdon Stert L'ttle Bedwin Mdtcn Poulshot Southwick Bradford Atwoith Leigh and Woille) Bratton East n Gray C'hipp: nnarn East l/ owntoa Wilton ditto Close of NcwSarum New Sarura Close Watts, mr. G. Warden, J. gent. Weeks, L. gent, Wlehens, J. gent. Whiteimb, J. gent, ditto White, Wm. gent. New Sar » m Whitei H. gent. ditto Wlutciiurch, S. esq. ditto Whitchurch, Wm. ditto Wyatt-, Jamcs, gent, ditto Wyndliam, W. esq. ditto White, Js. jun. Potterns Warriner, G. esq. Coiioek Webb, Wm. ' Stourton Wnitaker, Wm. esq. Haystone Wright, J. ihn Swallowcliff Williams, John Martin Williams, Rd. jun. ditto Wilton, James Warminster Wansey, H. jun. ditto Wrren, Peter Wbittock, Wm. Warren, Geo. Wens. y. Geo. Wirren, Tiro. ditto, ditto ditto ditto ditto WynHhatbfWm. esq, Dinton Witheri, Rt. jcn. Rodbourn Cheyney W rman, Stefd- en Furton Willi: Vis, Thoi jun.- Okurs Farm Woodli- y, Geo. jun. Wootton ikssott Whitewicfe, rev, H. Brin'. w, rtii * W'oitcv.- iok, rev. C.' ditto' White, Tbo. Walker, Wm. White,, A. esq. Wh. te, John Redman, Jas. Ditto Riqhens, George Knovyle- farm, Hen- Weeks, Wm. set, and Putiiall Cildbourn Wbrton Col'liugb. Kingston Mi'tcin ditto ditto Melksham Reeve's, J. gent. Spearm- g, C. gent. Stagg, Wm. " Stagg,' Johrt Soinersot,' E. jun. Somerset, Rd. Sanby, Wm. SbraiSn'ell, R. H. Hilperton Saunders, T. H. Bradford Saunders, John ditto Spencer, Walter Chaifield Spe jfing, - Joseph linsti idge iSeagrim-, E. F. ' esq. Bratton' Smith, R. S. Brtmhill Sealy, Thomas Castle Coomb Sinters, rev. John Cbpneuliam Saywe'. l, Wm. ' W- efc N wnton: Norton KingstonSt. Micb: el Hankert 111 Lea and Ciavert in South M t< u Aslitoii K res Scmerfoul Keyu s ditto - ' Crieklade Alton Barnes • Cheverell Mag a White, Tho. Whcatlcy, Tbo. Wsishbouril, J'>' ln Wa'shbonru, M. Wells, Wm. Washboiirti, T. E. Watts, Tho. WnstiboufhjJ. gent. Yatesbuiy Woodward, Js.' f ockeridgc WillianrSjJ. jun. gent. Baydon Williams, J. sen. ditto W.- lls, Js, Child bourn Wnkeman, Geo. Bishopstone Wsntworth, Tho. Aldbou: n W ureu, J. gent. Ogbouin St. George W 1 tv, Wm, clerk T. ifont Evias Young, Wm. Mildcnhall ' Youtig/ Jalin Chirton. Salisbury, Sept. 45, 1809. Published by order of bis Majesty's Commissioned for the Affairs of Taxes. , ' iVLi. TuE » V" WINTER. Secretary. TIM SALISBURY. AN'D WIXCLIESTEFT JOMVFTAT. Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, rtJBI. lSIlEU ON SATURDAY NIGHT, SEPT. 30. At the CoumU- Chamler at the Queers Palace, Sept. 27, 1809, PRESENT, The Lor( Js of bis Majesty's Must Hon. Privy Council. IT is this ' lav ordered by their Lordships, that his Grace the Lord Archbi. hop of Canterbury < lo prepare the Form of a Praver a- xl Thanksgiving to Almighty t; « d f ir the pr- • teolion- afforded the King's Majesty during a Ion." and an arduous reigu ; such Prayer to be used in the service appointed for the day, alter the General Thanks- giving, i I all Churches and Clmpeb in England and Wales, ami town of Berwick- upon- Tweed, on Wednesday the 25th of October " next, being the day on which his Majesty began his happy reign. FOREIGN- OFFICE, Sept. 30. The King has been pleased to appoint Lcuis Casamajor, Esq. to be his Majesty's Secre- tary of Legation at Lisbon. WAR- OFFICE, Sept. 30. 43d Re*, of FW— Capt. C. C. Pairiokson to be Major, vice Proctor, deceased. STAFF.— Lieut. Cel. J. W. Gordon to be Commissary in C'.' ef of all his Majesty's Forces at Home and Abroad ( Ire- land and the East indies alone excepted). BANKRUPTS. Thomas Knovlci, of York, shopkeeper. Gcorce Strattoi', of Piceai'iUy, irenmerager. Joshua Metcalf, of New Loildon. ttreet, Orjtcbed- friars. mfrcJitr. t. JolmGne, rf L< m( l< » n- strfc t, Crutched- friars, merchant. Win. Mullens, of Cheam, Surry, laiilder. Jam" Hew; tt. of Wi - r li: dEunt, near Staines, farmer. J. ^ Luc is, of Birmingham, auctioneer. Hubert Taylor, of I .. li. e'- yard, VVMti- cross- strcct, cUair. raaker. James HOUMKI, of l> W-. » ! VR, V'ttualfer. 11.. I. Lcnitix, of Islincton, builder, J. F, t> mij\ of Cb vk nvell- gr- Hn. lira's- founlrr. LONDON. SATURDAY E FEN IN G, SEPTEMBER 30. Lord Grent1 ilie arrived in town early yesterday morning, but Earl Gre y is tint at present expected, being attained in the conr. try by indisposition. Mr. Perceval and Lord Greuyille li- d an interview soon after his Lord- ship's arrival ; it is rumoured that, the result proved decidedly that wo coalition between the parties could take place. Mr. Thomas Grenvi'de is also arrived in town, and \ vas vest el • day a considerable time with his brother, at Cainelford- Hou « e, from whence letters were sent off to Lord Erskine, Lord Henry Petty, Mr. Windham, and the other Members ol' the Admtni- tration they acted w ith, and also to Mr. Coke and several other Members of Parliament who supported that Administration, Lord Grenvillc has declined accepting the offer " made him, of taking office in the present Administra- tion,— Courier. Earl Grev has written to Mr, Perceval, declining coming to town, " his sentiments and political prin- ciple not allowing him to believe it possible that any arrangement could be entered into which would induce him to co- operate with the present Ministers.— Ibid. Lord Grenville had yesterday an interview with the Prince of Wales, at Carloton- House, at the early hour of nine in the morning, and continued with his Royal Highness nearly two hours. Mr. Sheridan was after- wards with the Prince, as were also the Dukes of Clarence and Cumberland. Lord Grenville had also conferences with Lord Holland, Mr. Tiemey, and all the Ministers in town who formed the Administra- tion when lie was last ill power.— Star, Lord Grenville", as well as Lord Grey, has refused to ussist in the establishment of a comprehensive Ad- Hlinistranon, Be it so! His Majesty is not without Servants," who will conduct his affairs with fidelity, 2 al and talent.— Sun. We understand that the vacant offmcs may be ex- pected to be filled before the next Levee.— lb. The. answers of Lords Grenville and Grey to Mr. Perceval's proposition to assist him to extend and combine « n Administration we now. know to he decidedly in the ne- gative. The Ministers who remain in office are in conse- quent*; in " some perplexity. The Duke of Richmond, it is said, is to no brought from Ireland, and Lord Melville from Scotland, to take important stations. Bonaparte, during this derangement, is driving at bis objects.— No squabble in his Cabinet to impede his operations. Can any Que wonder that lie should win and we lose the game ?— St. James's Chronicle. The Earl of Liverpool has transacted the business of the OFf. ces of the three Secretaries of State, since the duel between Lord Castlereagh and Mr. Canning. The Medical Report . from Walcheren i",— Died lasi week 375 men and 5 Officers— remain in the hospitals The transport Mary ( P3.) from the Isle of cberen, last from Yarmouth Roadi, arrived yesterday Dover, with 200 sick men belonging to different regiments. The poor fellows were landed soon alter the Mary came in, and sent to the barracks on Dover Heights. Et. opp. MENT.— An elopement of rather an extraordinary nature occurred at Kensington, early in the morning of Wednesday last, which has involved in distress a very respectable family at that place. The parties are a Miss S , and a Corporal belonging to a Light Dragoon Regiment. The Lady was considered one of the most • polite and accomplished girls in the neighbourhood, of 23 years of age, with a fortune very considerable. She was Jjli~ siiig on the morning of Wednesday, and was met at Chelsea in cdropany with a dragoon, whose ( regiment was quartered in the county of Kent. It was known that the young lady was attached to her humble gjillaut, and the parties were purrued and overtaken at Tenttrden, near Maidstone, on Thursday morning, and she was restored to her friends, after having presented the dragoon with seven guineas, in the presence of two relatives who overtook her. on ber passage : On the 4th instant, off the banks of New- foundland, in lat. 47. 1. long. 46. 32, West, she was brought to by a French corvette with a cargo on board : soon after she discovered a lugger to the leeward of ber, to which she gave cliae'e, and ordered the Captain of the Hanna to steer the same course; but night coining on, he altered his course, and by thi^ means made his escape. Sailed the Plover, of 18 guns, on a cruize. This day arrived the Duke of Argyle, of this pert, Fphraim Lover'dig, master, from Cork, laden with oats, bound to this port. PORTSMOUH, Sept. 30. The Arethusa frigate has detained arid sent in here the sloop Dolphin, in ballast, from Bourdeauz. Monday— Arrived the Nonpariel schooner, Lieut. Dick- enson, with dispatches from Lisbon.— Sailed the Argus sloop, Captain Stuart. Wednesday— Arrived the Thalia of 38 guns, Captain Vashon, from the Downs; anda convoy of transports from Lisbon. Thursday,— Arrived the Salcette, of 36 guns, Captain Bathurst, from Walcharen ; and Euryalus, of 32 guns, Capt. Dundasj Opossum sloop, Capt. Byam, from the coast of Africa. Friday—. Arrived the Superb, of 74 guns, Capt. Jackson, from Waleharen ; Nyaden, of 32 guns, Captain Cottrell, from Greenland; Bucephalus, of 32 gun-. Capt. Pelly; Active, of 33 guns, (/ apt. Gordon; Perlin, of 38 guns, Dipt. Thompson; . Gannet sloop, Capt. Stevenson; ami Thais sloop, Captain Terriers, from Flushing.— Sailed the Achille, of 74 guns, Capt. King; lllustiious, of 74 guns, Capt. Broughton, off Cherbourg; Hu-> sar, of 38 gains, Captain Skene ; and Thalia, of 32 guns, Capt. Vashon, for Plymouth.-— Went out of harbour the Dryad frigate. The Bellisle, of 74 guns, is ordered to be paid off at this port. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER Southampton Races commenced on Thursday last, when Mr. Mitchell's Littleton, bv Dotterel, walked over the course for the subscription cup. The town plate of 50 guineas, for maiden horses of- all ages, two mile heats, was won by Mr. Day's b. c. by Highland Fling...'..... I 1 - Mr. Prior'sb. m ... 3 3 Mr. Dilly's b. c. ' fruity 3 2 Mr. Gihbins's br. m. Chance 4 4 On the second day there was a sweepstakes of 10 guineas, far which Mr- Trevanion's liuchcphalus walked over the course. The ladies' plate of 50 guineas, for horses of all ages, three mile heats, was won by Mr. Martin's Silver ides .' I 2 1 Mr. Dilly's Red Cross Knight 2 1 2 Mr. Bruges's br. ill, Chanoe. 3 3 Mr. Prior'i Durham Lass dr. The first day's race afforded but little sport; the second day's sport was, excellent. The stewards' ball and supper was attended bv a most fashionable com- pany, consisting of the first families in the neighbour- hood. BIRTH.] On Sunday, at llinton- house, the Lady of Thomas Kingscote, Esq. of a daughter. On 3unday was married, at Peteffield, Captain Robert PeaVce to Miss Seward. On Saturday the 23d inst. died Miss Eliza Covert, eldest daughter of John Covert, Esq. of Muddiford, near Cliristchurch. Lately died Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. Henry Smith, of Bishop Stoke, a Lady much beloved and respected. Thursday being the anniversary of the Natives Feast, the same was respectably attended, and the subscriptions for apprenticing out poor children amounted to 1 III/. The stewards for the year ensuing ate the Rcy. Mr. Charles Richards, and Mr. J. Pat)], merchant. George Colebrook is commited to the County Gaol, charged with manslaughter, in killing Joseph Craswill, in a battle at Hayling South. SALISBURY, MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1809. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o'Clock. Bank Stock, shut. India Stock. — South Sea lljck, — 3 ^ Cent. Red. shut. 3 Cent. Cons. 68. J $ 4 V Cents, shut. 5 ^ p- Cent. Navy,— b - p. Cent. 1797, — , Long Ann, shut ! India Bonds, 2- 2s. 23.5. p. I Exchequer Bills, 6s, 12s. p. i Omnium, — 1 - U C R-,.- Irish 6 » Cpnts. — Imperial 3 Cents. — English Lot. Tickets, 17s. Ditto Prizes, full money. port Betog. FALMOUTH, Sept. 28. The Princo Ernest packet arrived from Sicily op Sunday. A Messina gazette brought bv her states, that the Pope had been seized by a party of French soldiers, by order of the General commanding at Rome, and conveyed towards Upper Italy. The Duke id' Kent packet arrived from Cadiz onTuesday. The Rhin frigate arrived. from Plymouth, with a fleet of victuallers destined to supply the fleet oft' Brest, & c.—- The fleet is detained by contrary winds. The Ladv Arabella packet sailed for Jamaica this morning. PLYMOUTH, Sept. 2(). On Mopday, at » meet- ing of the inhabitants of this town, convened by the flavor, it was resolved to commemorate the 50th anni- versary of his Majesty's reigii by a procession to Saint Andrew's ehttrch, and a grand dinner at the Guildhall. A liberal subscription has also been entered into, to defray the expence cf a bonfire, an ox to he roasted whole on the JJpe, and beer to bo given to tile populace ; and the re- mainder of the subscription to be given to the ppor. On Saturday, during' the heavy gale of wind, La Rhin, pf 44 guns, Ca'pt. Malcolm, which had sailed for Roohefort, vdth a fleet 0? victuallers, put back, and the victualler? • went up Catwixe;'-— A brig, laden, yvent ashore off the Long Room, and now lies bilged. La Rhin sailed again on Tuesday, with bullocks on board, and seven victuallers under convoy, for the fleet io Ka- qne ftos4s.—-* Came in the Arrow, with three transports; from the v.' estward. On Thursday came in the Hanna, Capt. Create, from Piptou, with tiurdjer, fur this port. She has been 30 days At a Charter Council, on Thursday, George Wynd- ham, Esq. was elected Mayor of this city, but paid the accustomed fine to he excused serving the office. Another election will take place this day. Edward Upharn, Esq. was 011 Monday elected Mayor of Exeter. Jphti Palmer, Esq. was on the same day elected Mayor of Bath. ^ On Friday was held the Anniversary Meeting of ^ fcfiovernors, & c. of the Salisbury Infirmary, who having ^^^ Bi^^ ithe Council Chamber, walked from thence 111 where an appropriate and most t- xetdlefflm^^ Hb^ jreached by the Rev. M. Marsh, Rector of an anthem, selected from the wiyks of Dr. performed by the Choir. When divine service was endenf a collection for the charity was made at the church doors, which amounted to 83/. 15s. The Governors then returned to the Council Chamber, where the annual report of the Auditors was read, from which it appeared that several benefactions have been made and some legacies left to the charity, since the last anniversary; that the internal neconomy of the house had been most excellent, and the general benefit of the insti- tution had been more widely diffused ihaii ever. The company dined together at the Cross Keys Inn, a buck being given on the occasion by the Earl of Radnor; and the dinner altogether was sumptuous and well served up. The Lord Bishop of Salisbury is the Chairman of the General Courts for the ensuing year. CHIPPENHAM RACES.— Sept. 20. A Sweepstakes of 10 guineas each, with 25 guineas added— twice round the course ; won by Lord C. Somerset's Cerberus, beating Mr. Scrope's Mountaineer, and Mr. Heath's Rumbo. Five paid forfeit. The Members' Plate of Fifty Pounds— tlie best of three Mr. Day's b. f. Snowdrop .. 7 1 1 Mr. Duiidas's c. c John of Gaunt ... .. 4 0 3 Mr. Barhani's b. h. Rambler .. 6 6 2 Mr. Faulkner's ch. g. No Conjuror.. .. 1 5 d Mi- Heath's b. f. Little Folly .. 5 4 d Mr Golbourn's b. h, Rumbo d Mr Craven's b. t'. Incoustant .. S d MJ. Jones's g. h. Prisoner .. 8 d Excellent sport— each heat warmly contested, and won with difficulty, Wednesday,- r— Match for Fifty Guineas— three miles ; Mr. Bouveiie'i Stripling beat Mr. Galley's Scotch Step. A Plate of Fifty Pounds, for three and four years old— two- mile heats: Mr. Lucas's Guildford Nan 1 Mr. J. IHy's Ambrosia 5 Mr. Emden's b. f. Miss Seedling 2 Mr. C- Day's b. c. Swindler, by Petworth 3 Jlr. Rawlfnsou's Miss Bath 4 Better running was never witnessed than the two last heats between Guildford Nan and Ambrosia. There was an excellent ordinary the first day at the White Hart Inn ; and in the evening a splendid ball in the elegant room recently erected at the A ngel Inn. The ball was opened by Miss Tilney. Long and' the Hon. Mr. Bou- verie, and the'dancing was continued vyith great hilarity • till a late hour in the mo'rning. . The Right Hon. Wn). Wickham passed through this city onTuesdsv, i » his way fron> London to Lord Grcnviilc's seal in Cornwall ; and on Thursday Lord Grenville and family passed through fton* the West, in their way to Loudon. The transports from Cork, with the 1st or Royal brngoons on board, under the command of Brigadier- General Slade, arrived iu the harbour of Li- ban on the 13th iust. On Salardav se'nnight was married, at Bath, Mr. Self, of Wafroinster, to Miss Smith, of St. James's- street, Bath. On Monday last was married, at St. Peter's church, in Dorchester, by the Rev. T. M. Colson, Mr. Nathaniel Smith, ofSwanage, to Miss Harriet Mor- gan, of Fordington. On Wednesday last was married, at Moteombe, Mr. T, Maughan, of London, to Miss Anna Smith, of Donhead Lodge, near Shaston, Dorset. On Thursday. last was married atWhichbnry, Mr. Francis Brown, juii. of this city, to Miss Rowden, daughter of Mr. Rowden, of Wishford. On Saturday se'nnight died, at Exeter, Hugh Downman, M. D. the celebrated author of " In- fancy," and who for 30 years had practised as a Phy- sician in that city, with singular reputation and success. On Sunday the 24th inst. died, at her house in the Close of this city, Mrs. Henrietta Wyndham, sister of the late William Wyndham, Esq. of Dinton, in this county. GLEANING.— We are int'rmed that several farmers in the neighbourhood of Shaftesbury have had considerable difficulty In keeping persons froin gleaning, even before tl » e corn is carried; and the gleaners there are so strongly impressed with the idea that they have a right to glean after it is carried, that they declare they will neither a- k the consent of the owners, nor suffer themselves to be hindered from gleaning on cleared lands. It will be truly charitable in any one to caution these mistaken people, that the Courts of Law have uniformly decided against their having ativ claim of righto n the subject ; particu- larly at the kite Essex Assizes, w hen the learned Judge said, " No person has a right to glean in any field, unless by permission of the owncr^ of such field." FORDINCBRIDGF. BANK.— Messrs. Kellewav having sent circular letters to several bankers, with the 5* os. of the Notes contained in a parcel stolen from the Exeter Mercury Coach, about three mouths since, a'man has been stopped at Arundel, alteniptingto circulate them, and several of the stolen notes, to the amount of between three and four hundred pounds, were found 011 him. He is now safely lodged in prison at Petworth. We are desired to contradict the paragraph which appeared in our Paper of the47th of July last, relative to the death of Mrs. Langley, of Mells, and to state on the authority of the Clergyman of that palish, and the certi- ficate of the Medical Gentleman who attended her, that she died of a consumption. This chatye would have been long since publicly refuted, but for tlie exertions of the injured party in endeavouring to discover the author. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per Quarter— lireml, per Gallon. i Wheat. I Barley. Sept. j j. j, | s. s. Salisburv, 20"! 104/ 0190 : 43 to T> 0 Basingstoke 27j llG/< i! 28 ' 35 In 42 Devizes, 83 ; 104/ OT3- 2 i3S In 54 Newbury, 28 j 108( » 130 14? In 41 Andover Sill S) S ( H2H1 as In 4ti Warminster, 301 3- 1 ( otaGj 55 to 70 IHight vf the Gallon Loaf, 8tb. 11 or.— Half Golt. Ml-. h\ ox Oats. Beans. Bread s. s. s. r. s. d. 11) 4 tn 4( 7 70 10 71; 2 7 ; 3I l" 42 57 I" G- 2 2 ( If i 40 In 44 SO In 6s ao to 4- 2 02 to 70 2 4 j ' 27 In 42 0 5 In 62 2 3 , . to 45 64 to 74 STATE LOTTERY. THE Public are respectfully reminded, ( hat the DRAWING will BEGIN and FINISH the Tu- entietli of this Month, when the following CAPITAL PRIZES will be dis- tributed amomist the FORTUNATE FU RCHASERS in this most popular Lottery, viz. 4 of. £ 20,000 4.... of.,..£ 5,000 j 8 of £ 1,000 " 4 of.... 7,000 [ 12 Of 500 Resides the inferior Prizes of £ 100, £ 50, & c. as usual. This Lottery also presents the opportunity never before of- f- red to the Public, of gaining the immense Sums of £ 80,000, £ 80,000, or £ 10,000, by the purchase of One Number only. Tiekrts and Shares are noiv selling b/ BRODIE, DOWDING, AND LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, SALISBURY: Who sold two P'izcs of £ 30,000, one of .110,000, and several of £ 500, in the last Lottery. SOUTHAMPTON THEATRK. HpIIE Managers of the Theatre, ever anxious to JL exert themselves in the best possible way to procure novelty and amusement, beg leave- most respectfully to inform the public, that they feel great pleasure in announcing the enpax: nei » t ( for Four Nights onlyj of that freat and in- imitable actress Mrs. SIDDONS, the unrivalled Melpomene of the British Stage, who will make her first appearance oa Wednesday evening next, October the 4th, in the interesting and affecting character of Mrs. Beverley, in the play of the GAMESTER ;— the other nights of her performance will he Friday the 6th, Monday the . nth, and Wednesday the ltth instant, in three of her favourite and popular characters On Monday evening, October 2, ( by particular desire), the last new play of The FOUNDLING ot fhe FOREST, and a favourite Entertainment. ' [ 4.915 THEATRE, LYMINGTON. Minton's Company— fram the Theatre Royal, Windsor. MONDAY, 2d Oct.— TheTragedy of Jane Shore, with the new Pantomime of Harlequin Knight. Tuesday— The Comedy of John Bull, and Love laughs at Locksmiths. Wednesday— The new Comedy of Rfan and Wife, with The Weathercock. Thursday— The Heir at Law, with a new Melo- Drama called The Blind Boy. Saturday— A Play and Entertain mSnt. [ 4! HI MISS F1GES embraces this opportunity of return- ing her grateful acknowledgments to the Ladies of SOUTHAMPTON, and her Friends in general, for their liberal patronage since her commencing Business, and begs to acquaint them she has engaged in a new concern, which will require her almost immediate personal attention ; and that the whole of her fashionable and new Selection of MILLI- NERY, DRESSES, & C.-& C. will he SELLING OFF, without reserve, at very reduced prices, till the 10th oi Qctobcr, and 110 lonirer. lfa'il, High- Street, Southampton, Sept. 2.9,180.9. [ 4939 SALISBURY, August 14, LWTP. HENRY SHORTO, CUTLER, SILVERSMITH, & C. informs his friends and the public, that during the alterations making at his Shop, the Business will be trans- acted in a room within. Wanted,— A quantity of Buckhorn. To be Sold,— The Windows, Doors, and Shutters of a Shop Front, of large dimensions, convertible into two fronts. For particulars apply as above. [ 4240 At Standen House, near Newport, Isle of Wight, ONE or two GENTLEMEN may be accommodated with B^ ard, kc. and every convenience for keeping s horse, on moderate terms. Any Gentleman wishing to board with the Familv, would find this a very desirable place of re- sidence. The premises are extensive, and the situation very pleasant. , A few Parlour Boarders can likewise be accommodated, and Adults receive private instruction, if necessary.;— Terms may he known by application to Mr. Attwood, Standen, either personally or by letter ( post paid). [ 4504 TO CLASSICAL ASSISTANTS. RANTEI), in a respectable SCHOOL,- - An W. ASSISTANT, well versed in the Classes and Com- position. Letters ( post paid) addressed to A. B. Post- Office, Winchester, wdl* be attended to. [ 4fl « o HOUSE AND GARDEN WANTED. WAN FED,— A small HOUSE, with a Garden adjoiniri- r: the same must be situated in Salisbury, or within a very short distance thereof.— The. advertiser will either purchase or rent. Appiy to Mr. Samuel Foot, solicitor, Saiisbury. [ 4961 TREES Fort PLANTING, AT ALDERHOLT. npo be SOLD,- A valuable NURSERY of young H. APPLK TREES,- of various sorts and sizes, from one ; shilling to f. v,- - hillings a piece, and are to continue selling i toi t ic season t'„ all are sold. AISQ a great Quantity of i SEEDLINGS; which will be sold at moderate prices, l. y Mr. James I' jfter, of Alderholt, neat Kordingbridge. [ 1891 Cottage, near Carisbrdbke, Isle of Wight. rpO he LETT or SOLD,— A neat and comfortable X FREEHOLD COTTAGE, consisting of two parlours, two best bed- rooms, attics, & c, with an excellent under- ground cellar, and a small garden. Apply to Mr. Fmch, LaVustock, or Mr, Noyes, Pan Farm, near Newport. [- 1732 rT, 0 be I . FIT, and entered Upon immediately, 1 BROOM PLACE WATER CORN MILL, situated " in the parish of ltchen Stoke, near Alresford, I lants ; comprising a capital Water Corn Mill, with House, Garden, Barn, and Stables, with excellent Water M adow and Arable Land ; the whole in thorough repair. For further particulars apply ( if bv letter, post paid) to Mr. John Dyble, Ovington, near Alresford, Hants. [ 9444 nno be LETT, in the centre of the Market- Place, JL and entered on immediately,— A neat compact DWEL- LING- HOUSE, with- Coach- Houses, two Stables adjoining, and a large Yard, very suitable for any Trade, where room is required. Enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of William Absolam. POOLF., DORSET, Sept. 27, 1809. [ 4903 rpQ be. SOLD, at Longford Castle,— A Light Bay JL thorough- bred MARE, got by Lup, 14 hands S inches high, tf years- old. "- Enquire for the Groom. [ 4324 rTX) be SOLD,— A remarkably fine Black COACII X GELDING, 15 bands a inches high, warranted sound, perfectly quiet and steady in harness," rising five years old, and parted with for 110 other reason than being too lar^ e for tne proprietor.—— Inquiry to he made of Robert Cole, at Goodworth Clatford, Andover.— Price 70 guineas. [ 4J14 rrO he SOLD.— An excellent SHOOTING a PONY, five years old ; was used for that purpose the whole of last season : price Ten Guineas. Enquire ( if by letter, post paid) at Moore's Lucky I. oitery- office, Poole. [ 4937 SOUTHAMPTON. TO be LETT, lor the Autumnal pud Winter Months, or a longer time, if required,— A Ready- furnished HOUSE, in Moira- ptace. Enquire at G. Hookey's agency office, High- street, for • particulars. [ 4S5& MERINO RAMS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— About 20 ANGLO- MERINO two- tooth and four- tooth RAMS, five, six, and seven crosses from his Majesty's best Merino Rams, from pure Ryland Ewes, and carefully selected out of $ very large flock. They are worthy the attention of sheep breeders, as they are particularly deep short- legged sheep, without horns. For particulars apply to the Printers of this Paper, or to Mr Rufus, Winters low Hut. [ 44lo HORSES FOR SALE. ~ AVery handsome Dark- Grey GELDING, by Lop, fifteen hands two inches high, a capital goer, very tem- perate, a good leaper, six years old, and sound : he is'master of 15 stone to any hounds. Also a very promising COLT, Tising three, bv Dotterel, dam by Sir Peter out of Fame: he is fifteen andanir. ch, with good bone and capital action ; has been backed and physicked ; warranted sound, and untried. Enquire of Mr. Hodder, P mperne, near Bland'brd. I^ OR SALE, al Garraway'sCoffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Cornhi 1, London, on Wednesday the nth of October 1809, at twelve o'clock at neon,— About 300 Bags of SPANISH WOOL ; so to 80 Bass of German Wool ; about 100 Packs of prime South Down Fleeces and prime Euglish Wools. Particulars will-- be given in due tim•• bv C. ' and J. D. Jacdmh, sworn brokers. No. - 2, Copthall Buildings npo he SOLD by AUCTION, at C^ a^' s J. Coffee- house,' on Tuesday the 10th of October 1809, at one o'clock precise'v — The following GOODS, viz. 200 Bahs of SPANISH WOOL, just landed. Catalogues of which will be delivered in due fme, by « fl » J LAROCHE, DOXAT, IT Fox, Brokers. SALISBURY. FOR SALE by AUCTION, by J. ELDER- TON, near the Corn- Market, on Ta - sday, October 3, 1809,— A capital well- bred CHESNUT MARE, four vears old, 15 hands high, very hanifcome, sound, and free from vice, late the property of a gentleman deceased ; aiso a gdod Gig Horse, warranted sound, two strong useful Cart Horses, two Hackneys, and a Pleasure Car. Sale at twelve o'clock. N. B.— The Mare and Gig Horse may be seen on Wonday and Tuesday at the Cross Keys. - [ 4958 MARK. ET- PLAfcE, SALISBURY. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, bv Messrs. GATR- HOUSF, near the Corn Mark, r, onTuesday the 3d day of October lso9(— Fivi strong useful DRAUGHT HORSES, the property ot a Gentleman who has no further use for them. The sale to commence between the hours of eleven and twelve o'clock. • [ 49J3 Capital Sale of Sheep.— Stalbridge Park, Dorset. r po be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. TAYLOR, on JL Thursday the 12th of Oct ber ! 80.1,— All the valuable FLOCK, of SHEEP an.; 1 AMtfS, the property of Mr. JAMES, who is quitting t.. e said Park ; consisting of 400. four- teeth, « 40 two- teeth Ewes, and 2C0 Chilvcr Lamb*. The above flock is warranted sound and free from goggles, well worth tiie attention of breeders, and will be put up in small lots for the convenience of purchasers. The sale will begin at one o'clock precisely. [- 1931 MARCHWOOD, kmb SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. ETHERIDSE, onTuesday the 3d day of October 180D,— The LiyE and DEAD STOCK of Mr. Richard Phillips, quitting his Rum ; consisting of five excellent young draught horses, two coits, four cows, five large and four smaller pigs, thirty four- teeth Ryland Wethers; two waggons ( nearly new), two dung carts, two pair of drags, four harrows, two ploughs complete, cart and plough harness, large roller, icc. & c.; a rick ot well- made clovtr hay ( about 14 tons). Sale to begin at eleven o'clock. [ 4757 Farming Stock.— Winhall, ne, ir Winchester, Hants. r| X) be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, JL bv Mr. MAST, 011 Tuesday the 3d of October IS09, at eleven o'clock, The valuable STOCK in HUSBANDRY belonging to W. F. liuny, Esq. leaving Hampshire; com- prising; between 300 and 400 South- down sheep and lambs ; SO useful draught horses; cows and pigs; 7 gocd wagons, fi carts; ploughs, rollers, drags, and harrows ; ; cv ® ralsc S f>' harness ; about three quarters of an acre of potatoes ;* af d a variety ' of other articles. To be viewed on Monday preceding the sale, when cata- logues may be had oil the premises, and at the Auctioneer's, Winchester. [ 4711 rgX) be SOLE} by AUCTION, by p. HERITAGE, S at the George Inn, in Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts, 011 Monday the !> th day of October 1S09, between the hours of tout and einht in the evening of that day, in 19 Lots, — Several MESSUAGES, Tenements, Cottages, Gardens, Orchards, Closes, Pieces, and Parcels of Meadow and Pasture Ground, sjtuatc within the said parish of Trowbridve, the prqperty of his Grace the Duke of Rutland. [, .5.0 Particulars may be had at the Office of Mr. Timbrel!, in Trowbridge, and at fhe principal Inns in and near that pi ee. Hamlet of BOLKTON, Parish of CiLUNcaiAM, uc the Count'/ of' Dorset. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. JEANS, at the Red- Lion Inn, Bourtpn aforesaid, on the 20th of October, 1809, between the hours of four and six in the after- neon, in one lot,— A Customary or Copyhold ESTATE of INHERITANCE, now in the occupation of Mrs, Honor Butt, whose lease will expire at Lady- day 1813; comprising a substantial dwelling- house, witii sprtablc outbuildings, about thirty- three acres of rich meadow and pasture land, and about eleven ucris oi arable ( be the same more or less). For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer; and for a view of the premises to the tenant. The Timber of the estate to be taken at the valuation, . [ 4909 N. B.— The Land- Tax is redeemed. SOUTHAMPTON- ' TO be. SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by Mr. DELL, oil Monday the ad of October 1609,— The neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Paint- ings, and Prints, of1 a Gentleman quitting his residence, No. 7, High- street. The Furniture comprises mahogany four- post and tent bedsteads, with cotton furoitiitps; bordCTed goose feather beds, mattresses, blankets, quilts " and counterpanes ; set of rqahogany dining tables, circular ends ; secretary and bookcase, Pembroke and other tables, mahogany chairs, wardrobe, double and single chests of drawer?, miiror, pier and dressing glasses, Brussels carpets, kitchen furniture, Ike. & c. Catalogues to he had at the plfcc of sale apdofthe Auctioneer. Sals to begin at eleven o'clock. f4glS rTX> be . SOLD by A: ' V. >. v, by J. ] L Wednesday tor I't O. • .. w,. -. — TheHOUSEHOLD FUUNI I'UHEer".-, . his residence at Wisiii'omi Haust • . nr. ; t. nt, aud ot.. r beds: - ids, wiV. n, i r,.. y mtures ; prime seasoned goe. se feather rers and I •. •; t ' of mabog.' ny dinner udjies, ha:.;; :.: ml, ::;. sod paint - J chairs, card ml cl.'. vv u:: r drawers, caipcts, pier and dtessingr; his » , '•. ,.:•.•!.- ing utensils, & c. & e.— A : so aver) han ; ' - -• twopi: s, a small new- liuilt granary on stones, :: leaping baf, .. quantity of p sis and chains, and a Uar. u> OMt » family carriage 011 two wheels. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the nt 1 ; . Catalogues to be had at Vidler's Upholstery Warehouse, High- street, Salisbury; and at the p . cc of saie. [ .1: 33 HOUSES IN HIGI<- SHEET, SARIJM. " ' O be SOLD, in separate lots, by AUCTION, unless an acoeptal H offer shall be atads in the mean time, - Four capital FREEHOLD HOUSES, wi'h ShcpJ and Offic/ s, well situated for any trade or rm. mifc ctr rv, A High- street, Sarum, in the occupation of Mr. Ju!,, s, Mist Antrim, Mrs. Craddock, and Mr. Vacher, tenants ut will} and an excellent garden to the river. Notice of the time of sale will speedily by given ; in the mean time the premises may be viewed by leave cf the tenants, to whom application tor further psrt. culars'may ta made personally, or by letter post- paid. p947 " KOMSEY. " ** TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. Yodsg, on Saturday the 7th of October l." C9, at tlx White Horse Inn, between the hours of four and six in tin- afternoon,— The following FREEHOLD PREMISES, in the parish of Romsty Extra, late the prop rtyof Mr. H. Bell, deceased: Lot f.— All those, five Messuages, under one roof, situate near the Andover Canal, in the occupations of John Street, Rt. Blake, G. Knight, and the widow King. Lot i.— All those two Messuages and Gardens, next to th$ C^ nal bridge, in the occupation? of J. Atkii. s and B M 1 '. ell. Lots'— AH those two Messuages and Garder-, adjoining lot 2 on the west, in the occupation of — Summon and -— Smith. For further particulars spplv to Messrs. Holmes and Son, - solicitors, Uomsry. " [ 4780 LONG HAM, near / A'OOE- - 1 ''".'. ' TO be SOLI) by AUCTION, by Clkm. SHARP, on Tuesday the loth of October ISOf), at eleven o'clock precisely,—' Fhe entire HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, mat one- horse Chaise, and other Edicts, the property ot W. Potr, Esq. on the premises, Longham ; comprising tables, maho- gany and japanned chairs, carpets, hearth rngs, pier glasses and mirrors, prime goose- feather beds and bedding, ibui-. po- t and teqt bedsteads, fenders and fire irons, ra. iboga'ny cl. tst o£ drawers, glass and china, bronze chifBhejr ornaments, andvi. rious other articles, as will be. more particularly expressed iu catalogues, which may he Lad at the place of sale, and at the Auctioneer's, Romsey. Absnlute Reversion in aid to three Acres oj Copy hold Land, and to One Hundred Pounds sterling-. npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by ADAMPON and A I''( ELP, on Thursday the sth of October iHtip, attw. Kt? o'clock, al Garraway's Coffee- h.. « se, London, by dhrctienof the Assignees of Mr. Wm. Borbidge, a bankrupt,— The abso- lute Reversion in aid to Three Acres of Copyh Id Meadow Land, called Shattesbury- lane, in the parish oi K.-. st Knuvlo, near Hindi n, iu the county of Wilts, subject to a fine ot 2. t. and a quit- rent of Is. Gd. certain 011 the dt„ th of a Lady aged about sg; together with One Hundred Pounds sterling, payable on the demise of the same Lily. Particulars may he had at Garraway's, and of Adams, n and Field, 5h, Fcacharch- stretty London. [ I. 051 LEASEHOLl7 ANI) r COPYHOLD t- S l'ATL. BROUGinX) N, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. CRMWIC.*,. at the Whu Hurt Inn, in Stockbridge, on Widncsday the 4th day of Qctobcr 80.0, at three o'clock in the afternoon- — A desinihle ESTATE, situate at Brou brcn, partly Cep/ and partly Leasehold, particulars of which ate aj fellows 1 A Farm- House » • d Garden, with Barn, Stable, C, rt House, Rick House on - 20 pair of stones; » piece of Pasture Lancl ( about a acres! adjoining; also. a piece or parcel cf Arabic Land lying in Townsend Field, centannng- loA. and upwards i; also a piece of Arabic Laud bu'g iu Gre- nhcdgt Fi, id, con- taining 32 A. and upwards. Th'sc fields are only separated bv the turnpike road leading ffom Wallop Rorpsey. Abo il reu pieces or parcels of Arable Land adjoining each other, calli d Lord's Wood, containing about HA. a R. ; also an Orchard about a quarter of an acic, near the Farm House ; also a piece of Pasture, at tbe lower end f Bfoughton, about halt' an acre • and a piece of Meadow or Pasture Ground in Oakley Meadow! containing 4 A., t R. 10 P.— The whole consisting, by admea- surement, of about 85 acr. s ; of which about 17 acres are held by copy of court roll, the remainder by lease f ir .00 years de » terro nable upon lives ( and full st « t d) under Sir C. Mill, Bart For particulars, and to trtftt by private contract, apply tri Mr. Tredgold, Winchester, or to the Auctioneer, Andover 1 and for a vn w of the premises, apply to Mr. Burt, solicitor the present ocrupier. V The purchaser may have possession at Michaelmas next.' BkOCKHURST, near GOSPOUT. > TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. HICKS, at the King's Head Inn, there, on Thursday the Eth day of October, 180<>, between the hours of four and six in trio afternoon, ( unless sooner disposed cf bv private contract,— A neat and modern- built FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, plea- santly situated on the London road, at Krockhurst aforesaid, lately in the occupation ot Mr. Inglefbid, the proprietor; it has two good parlours, a kitchen," and wash- house, on the ground floor, and lour large bed- chambers ovef; also adjoin- ing are, a milk- house and coal- hole, and a well of excellent water, with a garden before and behind the house, stocked with youns; fruit trees and shrubs; the whole measuring 5G feet in width, and HU in depth. The above premises were lat-. ly built by tbe proprietor, for his own residence; neatly fitted up with coppers, grates, and otht r fixtures, and are in the best possible state of rep. iir.—' Hio land- tux is redeemed, and immediate possession may be had. N. B.. Part of the purchase- money may remain" on mort- . gage, if required. [ « » « MODERN HOUSEHOLD FUHNITIRF. elegant Drawing- room Suit, Pi. r Glasfcs, io- hich Mirror m superb frame with four lights, Register and IVn- theon Grates, and other valuable l ibels, the property of a Gentleman quitting his residence. No. 4, High- street, South- ampton— to be SOLD by AUC TION, on the Premises, by GEO. HOOKEY; on Tuesday theiid oi OcWtict at eleven o'clock. The . Household Furniture consists of four- post and tert bedsteads, with printed cotton and dimity furniture; goose-, feather beds, mattresses, blankets, quills, and counterpanes j a drawing- room suit of twelve handsome Grccian- torm chairs, japanned, rose- wood, and gold ; elegant drapery curtains foe three windows, ot handsome printed cotton, Ijned with blue and Parisian fringe ; Brussels carpets of large dimensions ; set of mahogany dining tables, 11 tt. in. by 4 ft. i> in.; card and Pembroke tables, mahogany and painted drawers and basin stands, fenders aud fire- irons, glass, china, kitchen utensils, & c. &* e. To be viewed the day preceding the sale Catalogues, pricu. fid. each, to be had a( the placed sale, and at the Auctioneers general Agency- office, Southampton. r- 17- 4 — - , - • » ' Household Furniture and liuildinff Materials. SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on tlie Premises, by GEO. HOOKEY, on Thursday the- 5th ot Oct. ifcy. o. a; eleven o'clock,— I lie neat and entire HOUSEHOLD R K N1TURE ; consisting of four- post and tent bedsteads, wit!-, printed cotton and dimity hangings ; modern French window curtains ; goose- feather beds, blankets, and counterpanes .; mahogany drawers, wardrobes, a set of small dining tablcv circular ends, card and pier ditto, inclosed bason stands, ma- hogany and stamed chairs, a sofa, pianoforte, Brussels cir- pets, pier and dressing glasses, kitchen range, pantheon stoves, fenders and irons, glats, china, & c. See. the property of Mr. MARSH AL!., quitting hi- residence at St. Marv'*, Precisely at two o'clock will be sold,— Tile MATERIAL.-; of a Kriek and Oak- tinibii built, capacious CART- HOUSS and S'l ABLE, to be taken down > md removed in two months. The whole may be viewed the day previous, and on the morning of the sale day till it commences. [ 4842 ™ S~ LE7> F WKTH'T r rpo be SOLF) by AUCTION, by TUCKER AND JL Pn fis, at the Bugle Inn,, in Newport, on Tuesday the loth Of October, 1609,— A FREEHOLD ESTATE cal'k- d WrsTCJ- irr, situate in the parish ofNwthwood ; comprising about 2S acres of rich Arabic, Meadow, and Coppice Land, and an excellent S'one Quarry contiguous to the sea, being well situated for shippinc at a trivial cxpencc, now iu the oc- cupation of Mrs. Cole, whose lease capires the nth pf Oct. 1809, when possession will be given. N. B.— ah— extensive sta and of any eentlcrt- an who is desirous of erecting a villa, being miles from West Cower,, and about ti rniles from it be town ot Newport. For a view of the Farm apply to Mr. Cooke, of J'allance ; and for particulars apply to Messrs, Clarkes and Sewcll, soli, citori, Newport. 14B51 The sale will commence at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, • The above Farm is eligibly situated, commanding liind views, and is well worth the attention *> 7 • V PIUNTLD AND PUBLISI1LD BY. W. D. 131^ 0DIE, J. DOWDING, AND , T. LUXl- ORD, AT THE PIUNTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; W/( cre Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of Nevis, at e raeived ( PasUjgepaidj. *} soby thp fsiNTWis « P4 a tbe W « f < rf Etigbod;- by the mpwtiv * hi Lor^ on by M* srs, TAVI- EW mi XEWTOX, No, 5, Warwick- S^ re, WarwitJc- twje, Newgate- Stmt, acd Mr. V\ ILKIF, Beojttellfr, ratcrocslcr- Ew,
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