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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3768
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 08/05/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3768
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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SALISBURY AND AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSETi // A7> SOMERSET. fNUMBER 3769. VOLUME LXX1V.] MONDAY, MAY 15, 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE. f Stamp 13uty j Paper and Print, SjA Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEW S. FRANKFORT, April 25. THE battle which has taken place near Ratisban, must, according to all accounts, have beentefriblt and decisive as to the Austrian* ; but the circum- stantial details of it cannot be obtained, with any degree, of certainty, except through France. Trie King » ( Wirteuibeig has taken possession of the principality of Mergerthsini, On account, as his Majesty says, of the hostile conduct of the Emperor of Austria. The Kin? of Westphalia is to command the tenth army in Germ mv, which is to be speedily organized. It will Wimt of the Westpbalian and Dutch troops, with a few tatulions of French, and its destiuation will be to pre- serve the peace of Germany, and to protect the coast from any attack on the part ot the English. VAH1S, April 27.—" A Courier Extraordinary, who arrived at three o'clock this afternoon, has brcMght a k- Uer to his illustriou » Hightiess the Piiucc Arch- Chan- « : tlor of the Empire, from the Prince Vice- Constable and Major- General of the army. The letter is dated at 110011 of « he 23d instant, on the field of battle near Ratisbon. " The J£ ui| t ror," it says, " has obtained a victory, greater, if possible, than that of Jena, over the army of Prince Charles. The battle of Ratisbon lasted three days. Prince Charles has been defeated at all points, with the loss of colours, cannon, baggage, and 30,000 prisoners. His Majesty is in good health."— Moniteur. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, May 4, 1809. at ten o'clock in the forenoon, I'shnll be ready to sell to the highest Bidder, in. several lots, The under- mentioned Quantities of DE- FECTIVE PROVISIONS, & c. tying in the Stores of this Office, where any person inclinable to purchase may have the i.' L..*,, —{ n the common working hours, ON Thursday the ISth inst. liberty of viewing the same any day before the sale, viz. BrestcL 43-. J cwt. Ditto Dust, 328 cwt. Flour, - 29,782 pounds Suet, 186' pounds Pot Barley, 1613 pounds Pease, 21 bushels Oatmeal, 123 bushels Call avarices, - 20 bushels Rice, 704 pounds Butter, 12t>' 5 poumVs LONDON, MONDAY, MAY s. " Dutchpapers to the 3d inst. received this morning fully confirm the disastrous account of the opening of the tanipaign, communicated in our last, from the German Journals received on Saturday afternoon. The accounts are Hill confused, and doubtless exaggerated, but the truth of the main facts cannot be doubted :— Napoleon reached, the head- quarters of his army on the IS. th ; in consequence or previous arrangements with his Geue. als, he found all the columns of his army so disposed, that he had nothing to do but to place himself at its head, and give battle. Accordingly, at day- break on the 20th, the Austrians were attacked : we are imperfectly informed of the details of the battle, or the positions of the armies, but. they were at no great distance from Rati- bon, between that place and Neustadt. After four days fighting, the Austrian line was broken on every part; by one account 25,000, and by another 30,000 prisoners are said to have been taken by the French, with a vast quantity of artillery, and many colours. The Austrian:; are sainto have lost upwards of 20 Generals in killed and wouudfd ; among the former, the Archduke John; and among the latter, two Archdukes, ' together with the Prince of Liehtenstein,. who commanded , the van Of the anny. The numbers killed are not men- tioned ; hut the French loss js represented as trivial: how- ever, the slaughter on both sides must have been immense. The Bavarians and other continents of the Rhenish Con- federation formed the advanced corps of the French army, and consequently suffered the most, Berthier, Massena, Davoust, Lefebvre, and Kellcrnian commanded under iJpnaparte. By the ship Good Hope from Lisbon we have re- crived some interesting particulars respecting the present state, of Portugal. Tlie Good Hone ft ft toe Tagus on the 11th ult. On the 9th Gtneral Beresford had marched northward with the combined British and Portuguese —— T1... n. jlri. of Dalmntia ( Marsha) Soult) had not been heard of South of Oporto. General Cuesta had sent . a detachment of 3000 men from his army to garrison Badajos, which had been summoned to surrender, and i* i - jectetl with disdain such a proposition. A considerable body of French troops was within three leagues of that town. When off Cape Finistcfre, the Good Hope, passed, cm the 16' th ult. the fleet of transports conveying the Cavalry that followed Sir Arthnr Wellesley. They were sailing under a fine hreejje, which fortunately continued, and must have carried them into Lisbon in 48 hours. With this considerable accession to the British force in that ( Quarter there will be no fewer than 6700 British cavalry in Portugal. This day at noon, tile Gentlemen who intend bidding for the Loan wailed on tlie Chancellor of the Ex- chequer, to know the amount of the Loan, and other necessary particulars. The Chancellor of the Exchequer informed them, that he should want 11,000, OCX)/, for England, 3,000,0i K)/. for Irela.-. d, and 600,000?. for the Prince ftfcgent of Portugal, making together 14,600,000/. In addition, 1, MO, 000 would be wanted for Ireland, to be raised in Ireland, either by Loan or by bills on the Treasury. Jlut if both these modes should be found inconvenient, there would be an issue of Exchequer Bills in Ejqglaud to the amount of 1,150,000/. A further aid of 3,000,000/. by an issue of Exchequer Bills, beyond the usual vi » te of credit, might al- o he wanted to answer extraordinary demands of our allies abroad.— The <> 00,000/. for the Prince of Brazil he wished to take in a separate loan, in the 3 per cents. Reduced, taking the price at 6' 7- The Prince was not only to pHV the interest of this sum, but also 5 [ ier cent, as a redemption fund; and besides the security given by the Prince to the lenders, the British Govern- ment would guarantee the payment. In the loan of 14,000,000/. for every 100/. sterling, the subscribers were to have 60/. of 4 per cents. Reduced, and to make the bidding in Long Annuity. The deposit of 10 per cent, to be made on the 16th last, and the discount for prompt pay- ment to be 3 per cent. The property Tax nut to be charged on the first half- year's dividend. The Lord Chancellor of Ireland has removed the Several Magistiates from the Commission of the Peace fov , the county of Wexford, who Were indiscreet spectators of the late unfortunate duel between Mr. Alcock and Mr. Coh'lotigh. The inhabitants of Belfast have resolved upon an Address of Thanks to Mr. VVardle, although it was strongly opposed by the Marquis of Donegal, and his father- in- law, Mr. M'ay, who, as Sovereign Of that Corporation, has refused to trauauiit such Address. The cause between the Duke of Sussevand Lady Augusta Dti Ameland, hud been referred by the Lord Chancellor to one of tin; Masters in Chancery, who, after hearing state- ments from all parties, approved of the appointment of Karl Moira as sole guardian ; Lady De Amelarul being called upon to deliver up the infants ( her son and daughter by the Duke), demurred to the order, and petitioned the court that the whole proceedings might be referred to the Lord Chancellor, wh >, on Saturday se'iiuight, having fully ransideivd the whole ease, and heafd Counsel on both aides in a private room, confirmed the Master's report. The reason which ihilheed the Duke to remove the children from the protection of* their mother, am! the. guardianship of her brothei- U> rtl Dunmof":, wa^ a supposed encourage- ment on tlieir part to the assumption of the title of Prince and Princess, by the infants in question. A man named Chisholm was examined at Queen Sqtfafe, on Saturday, on strong suspicion of having been concerned ill the murder of Lieut. Johnson, at New Cf oss. M « nit- L » >) c, Monday) May 8. The stands of Wheat so? having hern cleattS last week, the inlahd supply ( without any from distant quartets) was abundant for the d'ematjrt: ( he ptK* s nearly the same is oil Friday, and a tlrisi'defable quantity stands 6* et Spring Corn is also in gfeat plenty, and all other articles are down in prismas j « t currency subjoined, with a ftill fnatfctt.-± Wheat', Red, S « J. to ? hs. WS. fine 7Bs. to 80*. White ois. to 7St. SOJ. ftli£ to 8ft. t. slip. 8S » . to 88i.— Rve 50.?. to 5&.— White Peas sits. to 7 « s. Boilers to 85s. " Grey Peas fit. to .52$.— Hortse Bfcans Hi. to Hit. Tick 8e* ns 3ft*. to4Sj. 4* » . Sne 49s. to sup. 61 » . to 5SJ>—- Barley 28*. Co » « « . Malting 38J. to ids. fine 47.'. to 30 « . — Malt 72.5. to 7(> i. fvie 73 s. to Oats, long feed, at>. » . toD4J. shortjfSj. toa.' M. Poland - IOI. ( o - la j.— English House- hold Flour 7Si. to 80J. per sack ; French prize and American ditto 40s. 45s. to 48i. sup. SOj. to S3 » . per barrel. SMiTHTitim MARKST, May a. We had this day 1900 he « d of Neat Cattle, w, 000 Sheep and Lambs, lad C » ! vcs, a » d 3 « ® P'S3> which sold gt^ itrally at last week's prc: » . A deposit of 25/. fi cent, is to be made, on the amount of each lot at the time of sale, And the remainder of the money paid before the Stores arc removed, for which seven days will be allowed after the sale. 1864] IfM. REEKS. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, May 10, 1809. ON Thursday, the 25th lnstant, I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing Ceated up) and treat for the supplying of all such quantities o/ VEGF. TABLES as may be required for his Majesty's Victualling Service at tins Port, for the space of One Year from the 00 Ih of Junenext; which will be paid for at the expiration of each Quarter in ready Money. . , , No regard will be had to any Tender, in which the price shall, not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said Sith instant, nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when called for. J IVM. REEKS. N. 11.— The Conditions of the Contract may le teen at my Office. f'i> » ' WILTS LOCAL MILITIA. NOTICE is hereby given, That his Majesty has directed the SECOND BATTALION of the Local Mi- litia of the county of Wilts to be called out in this present year, to be trained and exercised for the space of Twenty- eight entire Days, exclusive of days of arriving at, and departure from, and marching to ' and from the place appointed for exer- cise ; and that the Right Hon. George Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, his Majesty's Lieutenant of this county, has appointed the said Battalion to assemble for that purpose, with his Majesty's approbation, in the Market- place in DEVIZES, in the said county, on Monday the FIFTEENTH day of MAY instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon ; when the several per- sons enrolled in the said Battalion are accordingly required to attend.—- Dated the 4 h day of May 1809. By order of the Lord Lieutenant, V5fi2] THOMAS WINCH, Clerk of the General Meetings of the Lieutenancy of Wilts. WILTSHIRE REGIMENT or YEOMANY CAVALRY. THE WARMINSTER TROOP is to PARADE in the Market- plate of Warminster on Wednesday the 24th inst. precisely at nine o'clock in the morning, and march from thence to Salisbury, to be there stationed for Twelve Days, on permanent Duty. f' 327 May 11, 1809. RICHARD LONG, Major. CHRISTCHURCH AGRICULTURAL SO- CIETY offers the followinK Premiums for the encou- ragement of good and steadv SHEARERS of SHEEP: Two Guineas to the Person, living within twelve miles of Christchurch, who shall, with snap shears, shear four sheep in the best manner, in the opinion of the Surveyors, and in the shortest time, not exceeding 70 minutes. One Guinea and a Half to the next best in the same way. One Guinea to the next best. The Sheep to be of one sort ami size. Candidates to be at the George Inn, at Christchurch, on Thurday in the Whitsun' week, by ten o'clock in the fore- noon precisely, at which time the trials will commcnce. f^ rThe Surveyors of this Meeting are requested to attend on ttlis day, to ex : mine the work and adjudge the premiums, The Rev. JAMES WILLIS, President. The Rev. THO. WVNDHAM, Vice- President. S0PLEY, May 10, 1809. [ 1905 BISHOP'., WALTHAM SCHOOL. SEVERAL Gentlemen educated under the Rev. CiiARtes AND JOHN WALTERS, propose dining at the Crown Inn, Waltham, on Thursday the 95th inst. and will be happy to meet anv of their Schoolfellows on that day. MATTHIAS MARCH, 1, j NATHANIEL BAKER, j" M( Warcls- Dinner on table precisely at three o'clock. Those Gentlemen who intesd dining will signify the same to the Stewards or Mrs. Mansell, Crown Inn, Waltham, on or before the 2 ret inst. Gosporer, May 12, 1809. [ 19G* FARNHAM FRIENDLY SOCIETY. THE Local Militia being on duty, the ANNUAL MEETING of the above Society will be held on THURSDAY the first of June next. [ 1894 HANTS. Fordingbridge Association for Prevention of Robberies & Thefts. \ MEETING of the Members of the above Asso- 1L ciation will be he held on Thursday the 25th day of May inst. at the Greyhound Inn, at Fordingbridge aforesaid, at eleven o'clock in the morning, for the purpose of Auditing and Selling the Treasurer's Accounts, ami on other business relating to the Association, when every Member is requested to attend. By Order, RlCHf. STRICKLAND, Solicitor to the Association. N. B.— A Dinner will be provided at two o'clock. [ 1950 T~ HE Members of the FRIENDLY SOCIETY of Wimborm Minster, in the county of Dorset, are • desired to meet at the Club Room on Whit Tuesday, the2- Jd of May inst. by ten o'clock in the morning, to attend Divine Service.— The presence of the Honorary Members is particu- larly requested. p96t? Dinner on the table at the Kind's Head Inn, at half past two. Wit. SARJEANT, Clerk. i'ishertm, JViltun, Hci/ tcsbury, Pfilloilgkby- hetlge, and Jledhone Turnpike. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Treasurer will attend at the Antelope Inn, in this city, onTue.- lay the 16th instant, from ten o'clock in the morning till two in t! ie afternoon, to pay the interest due on the securities of this t urnpike. J. C, STILL, Treasurer. SAUSBUUV, May 4, H09, FL539 LOST, on Wednesday the 10th inst. near Coshatn • or Wintering, A PLAIN GOLD WATCH, with a small dent on the outside case, with a black ribbon and gold key ; maker's name Barraud, Cornhill, London. Whoever will bring it, or give Information to Mr. H. Wither, so that it may be recovered, will be well rewarded for his trouble. Should it be offered for sale, it is hoped it will he stopped, and notice given to Mr. H. Wither, Wimer- ing- House, near Portsmouth. [ 1954 STRAYED or STOLEN, from Mcmkton Deverill, in this county, on Sunday the 30th of April, in the evening, An IRON- GREY MARE PONY, about twelve hands high, marked on the near shoulder C, having a bridle and saddle on. Whoever will give information whereby the same shall be discovered to Mr. John Trollop, clothier, at Horningsham, near Warminster, in this county, shall be handsomely rewarded by the said John Trollop. ' [ 1!) 10 ISLE OF WIGHT.— STRAYED CATTLE. STRAYED to Avington Farm, late in November last,—. Three Yearling HEIFERS, with a cut in their left ears, anil punch in their left horns. The owners may have them again by applying to John Fowler, Newport, paying the expence ol keep, & C.- If not owned in one month from the date hereof, they will be pub- licly sold to defray such expences. NEWPORT, May il, 1809. [ 1930 IVickham Mills, Hunts.— l'o Meatmen and Bakers. ANY Person wishing to grind from Eight to Ten Loads of Wheat per week, might have the same care- fully manufactured to the utmost advantage. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Horwood, at the Mills, or Mr. John Prior, Fareham. [ 1470 SRARUM AND EALING TURNPIKE. N'O'iyf'E is herebj given. That the next Meeting - of the Trustees is appointed to be held, pursuant to the last adjournment, at the house of Joachim Hibbefd, known by ths name of the Maidenhead Inn, in the city of New Saturn, on Friday the 19th day ofMav inst. at eleven o'clock in the furenoon. W. BOUCHER, iS- AftUM, May 11, 1809. Clerk & Treasurer. MESSRS. RICHARDSON, SON, and CORFIELD in- form the Public, that the TITHES of Berry- Down and Upper and Lower Slackstead Farms, in the parish of Farley, near Winchester, advertised in this Paper, are DISPOSED OF.— Lincoln s- lnn- FieUs, May 12, 1809. [ 1902 THE intended SALE of the ABUEY SILK MILLS is POSTPONED for a few Months. Sherborne, May 12, 1809. [ 1951 MESSRS. PHELPS & Company, of Cuper's- Bridge, inform their Correspondents, that their SOAP and ALKALI MANUFACTORIES are goingon as heretofore, the Mineral Alkali, East India Alkali, Natron, Black Ash, & c. ( the subjects of the late seizure) having been restored to them by His Majesty's Board of Excise. May 10, 1809. PHELPS & Co. SHAFTESBURY, May 15, 1309. THE MISS COOKES respectfully announce to their friends and the public, that they intend ( ipening a BOARDING- SCHOOL at Midsummer next, for the Instruc- tion of Young Ladies. Those who may honour them with their patronage, may rely on the greatest attention benu paid to facilitate the improvement and promote the health and comfort of their pupils. Masters in every branch of education will attend. Cards, expressing the terms, may be had by applying at the Red Lion Ian, Shaftesury. [ 1907 SOUTHAMPTON, May ID, 1809. MRS. HOLWORTHY, grateful for the support she has experienced, embraces this method of returning her sincere thanks to her friends, and of informing them and the public, that she has taken a arge and commodious House above the Bar, the late residence of Andrew Williams, Esq. to which she will remove at Midsummer, and where, by a steady adherence to her duty, shetrusts to merit a continuance of- their patronage. A Lady arid her Daughter, or two Sister*, may b: at- commnrfaU'O as parlour boarders. . j-.- t A CARD. jl/ TR. WHITEHOUSE, late Veterinary Surgeon 1 vJL to the Prince of Wales's Regiment ot Dragoon Guards, being settled at SOUTHAMPTON, respectfully informs the Public, that he contintl.- s to pljiciise the Veterinary Art, oil moderate, terms; and fiatt'ps himself, from the long experi- ence Which he has had in Losdon, and in His Majesty's Cavalry, that his knowledge of the Diseasesof the Horse will bear the strictest enquiry, and hopes, by his attention, to merit the approbation of those who do him the honour to employ him, No. 83, High- stnjet. [ 1874 KING'S ARMS INN, SARUM. THE Public are respectfully informed, that the Business of the above Inn is continued to be carried oh, and every attention will be paid to the comfort and accom- modation of those Ladies and Gentlemen who will be pleased to honoor it with their support.— Nay 15, 1809. [ 1986" LONDON AND SOUTHAMPTON NEW ROAD, Through Kishop's H alt ham . THE next Meeting of the Trustees of the said Road is appointed to be held at the Dolphin Inn, Bishop's Waltham, on Saturday the 27th day of May inst. at twelve O'clock at noon. Wm. GUNNER, Clerk to the Trustees. Bishop's iValtham, Mays, 1809. [ 1S94 DORSET.— COUNTY BRIDGES. TO ARCHITECTS, BUILUlilts, AND OTHERS. NOTICE is herebv given,— That the next Ad- journment of the General Quarter Session of the Peace tor the ' eo'Jhty of Dorset will be holden at the Town Hall, at Blandford Korum, in and for the said county, on Wednesday the 7th day of Juiie next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, fir the special purpose of receiving from Architects, Builders, and others, ESTIMATES for REPAIRING the several BRIDGES called DURWF. STON BBIDGE, BIANOIORD BHIDOE, and CANFORD Bftioos-, the same having been much damaged by the 1; « S great flood. Any Arcliitecw,. Bailders, and others, who wish to contract for the Repair of the said Stidgcs, arc requested to attend in person at the time and place aforesaid, and deliver in their several Estimates ( sealed up), addressed to the Cletk of the Peace of the said county, that the same may be taken into consideration by the Justices then and there assembled.— Dated the Wth day of April, 180?, By Orderof the Court, 1549] ' Wm. BURNET, Clerk of the Peace. WM. TINSON, late Butler to Edw. Atkinson, Esq. most respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has taken and entered on the DOLPHIN INN, in ROMSEY, where every attention will be paid for the com- fort and accommodation of those who may honour him with their support. [ 1904 CROWN INN, R1NGWOOD. JOHM KING respectfully thanks the Nnbilitv, Gentry, and Gentlemen Travellers, for the support 5ie has received since he entered on the above Inn, and informs them, that the repairs of the House being now completed, at a great expence, he is enabled to accommodate them in a superior style, and it shall be his study to merit a continuance of their favours. A choice Stock of Wines and Liquo's. Post Chaises, with good Horses. Lock- up Coach Houses and excellent stalled Stables. MAND E. LAKE, having declined Business in , favour of Miss BOTI. Y, beg to solicit for her the fa vours of those friends who honoured them with their com- mands ; at the same time return thanks to their friends and the public for past favours. SILV EIT- STUELT, SALISBURY, May 12, 1809. [ 1934 EBOTLY returns thanks to her friends for past I » favours, and begs to inform them and the public, she has taken the Shop and Stock of Millineiy and Haberdashery late Miss LAKES', where she intends carrying oil the ab. ive with the Dress- making, and bapes, by a strict attention to their commands, to merit the favours of Miss Lakes'friends and the public, which will be gratefully acknowledged. SILVER STREET, SALISBURV, May 12, 1809. [ 193. KJ- TWO APPRENTICES Wanted. BOWLER & SON's Neiv- invenfed warranted IVatei - proof Hats. MESSRS. BOWLER and SON communicate to the public, that they have authorised and appointed Messis. H. and J. BIGGS, in Bi. ANDFORn, Agents for the sale of their New- inventerf Warranted WATER- PROOF BEAVER HATS, which they engage to resist the most in- clement weather for any length of time. As B. and S< XN are aware that attempts will be made to im- pose a spurious imitation of their invention, they caution the public, that none are genuine but what are vended by Messrs. Henry and John Biggs. B. & Sos earnestly recommend to th? Navy and Armv their Naval and Military warranted Water- proof BeaVer Hats and Caps.— Ladies Riding Hats ( water- proof); and Hunting Hats, particularly made i « r that purpose, and to be hart as above. fly39 LONDON, May 6, 1S09. CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY COMMERCIAL COACH, from the THREE SWANS, SALISBURY, to the BSLI. SAVAGE LUDGATE- HILL, LONDON. Performed by EDWARD I'LLOCKTER, 637] GEORGE MATCHAM, and CO. SALISBURY, Inside,. lCs. Od. .. Outside .. 10?. € d. ANDOVER, Its. OD Ss. ad. JUST RECEIVED at BECKINGSALE's WAREHOUSE, SILVER- STREET, SALISBURY, TWO Bales of stout Furniture Dimity, ISd. 13d. and l4rf. per yard. A quantity of Fustians and Nankins, from 10i. per yard. A variety of elegant white, and coloured bordere'd Rob? Dresses, from 4s. Gd. to 4Ss. per drrss. Several fabrics of real Colcratne Linen, very cheap. Irish and Russia Sheetir. p, at the old prices. An extensive variety of New Patterns in plain and corded Twilled Cambrics, for dresses, opera coats, & c. Fine Shirtings & Stout Cotton bheetiog, 18< f. 8c 13d. a yard. A large lot of Cotton Damask Tab'. Cloths. Fine Cambric Muslins, undressed, I8< i. per yard. A variety of Sprigged Muslins for dresses, from 20d. a yard. J ust opened at the above Warehouse, a large supply of Cot- ton Stockings from Nottingham and Tewkesbury, of a very superior quality and particularly cheap: an extra allowance by the half dozen. Silk Hose of every descripti , n. [ 193? WANTED, A CURATE to undertake the Duty of a CURACY in Hampshire.— For particulars apply to the Printers, post paid. [ 294 There is no Par<-> nage- house.— Salary Gal. per ann. CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside.. ISs. Od. .. Outside.. 10s. 6d. ANnovfcR, 10s. Gd... 7s. Od. T) Y the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from AJ the BLACK HOUSE IKN, SALISBURY, to the BELL and CROWN INN, HOI. BORN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, ^ FRIDAY- STREET, CBF. AFSIBE, every day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches, and by the Salisbury Expedition Coach, will be received without any charge for booking and will be safely and expeditiously delivered to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMASH, W. PEXNY 12o' 3j and Co. PROPRIETORS. WANTED to RENT, for a Term of Years,— A small, neat COTTAGE, to consist of two sitting- rooms, four bed- rooms, kitchen, wash- house, and cellar, and a small garden, stabling for two horses, and from three to six acres of land attached to it. Any part of the county of Hants or Wilts will be preferred. A iine addressed to A, B. Post- Office, Totton, near South- ampton, will be attended to. [ I92t ARespectable Young Person, being desirous of a Situation as PRIVATE GOVERNESS to two or three young Ladtes under 14 years of age,— or COMPANION to an elderly LADY, where she is to be considerded as one of the family ; salary will be no object, till those who may ho- nour her by employment are enabled to judge of her abilities and study to please. Letters addressed ( post paid) to R. F. Printing office, Salis- bury, wiil be immediately attended to. [ 1899 WANTS a Situation,—- An- elderlv person, of respectable connections, as HOUSEKEEPER to a single gentleman, or to wait on an elderly lady. Unexceptionable reference car^, be given, bv applying ( if by letter post- paid) to A. B. POst- Office, Andover. '[ tj) 81 SURGERY AND CHYM1STRY. ANY Person wishing to have a YOUTH educated in the Profession of SURGERY and CHYMISTRY, has an oppirtunity of doing it more perfectly than by any plan at present adopted. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Printers of this Paper, or to Mr. Jcseph- Frowd Spencer, Sur- geoif and Practising Chymist, King- street, Covent- garden, London. [ 158.1 LAND SURVEYING. J ANTED, A young MAS, with a suitable education, to be ARTICLED for five years.— For particulars apply to the Printers; if by letter, post paid. WANTED,— A young or middle- aged MAN and his WIFE; the former, who is to go with a Team, and to ho otherwise employed upon a Farm, must understand and be able to work well at. all sorts of Farming Business; and the latter must be capable of attending to a small Dairy, and to Poultry.' For further particulars apply to the Printers; but none need apply but persons who can produce une. xCentionab. le cha- racter-;' foi sobriety and orderly life. If the man has a son fit for Under Carter, he will also be engaged. [ 1546 WAN TEW, — A steady, sober, Married MAN, capable of all sorts of Husbandry Work, particularly Harvesting and Hedging.— He will have very liberal wages; and also house- rent and firing found him.— If he has sons, they will be constantly employed, winter and summer, wet and^ dry.— If he can thatch well, an addition will be allowed him" upon that account; but none but a very sober man and a good workman need apply. For further particulars apply to the Printers. [ I53fl ISLE of WIGHT, May 6, 1809. TO JOURNEYMEN BOOKBINDERS. ASteady MAN, that is a good Workman, and used to country work, may have constant employ and good wages on applying by letter ( post paid) to Mr. ' fhompson, bookseller, bookbinder, and stationer, Newport, Isle of Wight. [ 18& 3 TO SAWYERS AND LATH CLEAVERS. WANTED,.— Two good Pair of SAWYERS, who have been used to cut Ship Plank ;— likewise a LATH and TREENAIL CLEAVER. They will meet with constant employ by applying to Mr. Ed. Guillanme, Botley Cottage. [ 19- 23 TO TAYLORS. WANTED immediately, as FOREMAN,— An active steady MAN, thoroughly acquainted with the business in all its branches, to assist in CUTTING, & c. and whose character will bear the strictest investigation. Apply [ if by letter, p ^ st paid) to Mr. James Hawkins, Southampton. [ 1991 WANTED immediately,— Two WOOL- SORT ERS.— Good hands may have constant employ and good wages, by' applying to Geo. and W. Randall, Wilton Wilts. [ 19- 10 w ANTED immediately, Two PLA1STERERS. For further particulars enquire ( if by letter, post paid) of Mr. Joseph Hill, Southampton. [ 19; TO HAIR- DRESSERS. WANTED,— A steady Young Man in the HAIR- DRESSING Business. One that can work w « ll at the beard may have constant employ and good wages. Apply to the Printers ( if by letter, post paid), or at 147, High- street, Southampton. [ 1973 WANTED, in a large family in the country Where a kitchen- maid is kept, A steady good COOK.— An unexceptionable character will be expected ; and no one need at! ply who does not thoroughly- understand her business. Letters . post paid) addressed to B. C. at the Printing Office, Will, if approved, be duly attended to. [ 1895 WANTED, in a Clergyman's family,— A steady Servant as UPPER HOUSE- MAID, who can work well at her needle, and brng an unexceptionable character. Also,— A PLAIN COOK who can have an unexception- able character. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to the Printers. [ 1SS5 THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt ^ awarded arid issued forth against JOHN HURGE, late of Castle- Cary, in the county of Somerset, St6cking- maker, Dealer and Chajiman, intend to meet on Tuesday the 23d day of May r. est, at eleven in the forenoon, at Ansford Inn, ifi le parish of Ansford, in the said county of Somers t, in rd.- r to . make a dividend of the Estate and" Effects < f the said bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have net aheady proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend; id all claims not then substantiated will be disallowed. April 29, 1809. ' [ isG5 u n^ i a. iu vnupiiiaii, lntenu ro meet on ttie 2, Mh ot r instant, atone o'clock in the afternoon, at the house o CI 1 Blanchard, known by: the name or sign'of the Crow-. ! mi, in Gosport, in the county of Southamptu , ! or. 1 t.- i ks a Dividend of the Estate and Effects rf thf.| : - i'- ru, ; when and wlure the Creditors who have n - t . i r< v. d their Debts are to come prepared to pr v si. they will be excluded tile benefit of the sai 1 D •- itle,..'..' all Claims not then substantiated will be disal, we „ Wfl COLLINS AND iiKW. v\ i GOSPORT, AND May 1, 1809. COMPIGNE, Solicitors. ANTED immediately, in a small Family in the Country,— A middle- aged active WOMAN, in the capacity of COOK and HOUSEKEEPER.— As good wages will be given, it will be . unnecessary for any person to apply who is not complete mistress of her Business in every respect, and who cannot bring a good character from the place or places in which she has lived. Letters fpost paid) directed to A. B. at the Post- OfSce, Frome, will be immediately attended to. [ 1948 WANTED, in a small Family,— An active young MAN, who has Seen used to wait at table, and to in- door work: he must have a good character for sobriety, ho- nesty, and Civility. Apply to the Printers ; if by letter, post paid. [ 190G FRIGKER's BANKRUSTCY. "^ HE Commissioners in a Commission of B:\ nk- TO CREDITORS. THE several Persons to whom JOHN ALLEN, late of the Dolphin Inn, Romsey, in the county nf Southampton, Victualler, now stands indebted, are earnestly requested to send the particulars of their demands to the Office of Messrs. Daman and Warner, Ro- nsev, on or before the 18th day of May instant, in order that in arrangement may be made for the adjustment of his affairs. May 5, 1809. |- lga9 LAURENCE TULLOCK, DECEASED. ALL Persons who have any Claims or Demands on the Estate of LAURENCE TULLOCK, of the town and county of Poole, Gentleman, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof to Messrs. G. and }. Keu. p, or to m. Parr, attorney, Poole. [ iSss ALL persons having anv Demand 011 the Estate and Effects of JOHN ALNER, late of Bere Regis, m the county of Dorset, Smith, & c. deceased, are desi'red to send an account thereof to Mr. Wm. Bellows, of Bere Regis aforesaid ; to whom all persons indebted to the said Estate are d sired to pav the amount of their respective Debts. May 10, 18Q9. [ 1912 DAVID WHITMARSH, BROCKENHURST. ALL persons indebted to the Estate of the said D. W. are immediately to pay in their respective Debts to Messrs. West and Co. Lymington, or they will be sued for the same. PHILLIPS and ETHERINGTON, Assignees. Corbet- Court, London, May 10, 1809. [ 1911 Mr. JOHN WYATT, DECEASED. ALL Persons having anv Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of Mr. JOHN WYATT, late of Droxford, are requested to send an account of the same to Mr. Cruickshank, solicitor, Gosport j and ali persons indebted to the estate are hereby desired by the Administratrix of the said- John Wvatt, to pay the amount of their debts imme- diately into the hands of Mr. Cruickshank, whose receipts soall be their discharge. DROXFORD, May 12, 1809. [ I9B8 JOSEPH NEAV. E, DECEASED. ALL Persons who have anv Claims or Demands on the Estate of JOSEPH NEAVE, late of Lonsham, in the county of Dorset, Miller, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof to George Neave, of Poole, his actfcig Exe- cutor, who will discharge the same; and all persons who stand indebted to the said estate, are desired forthwith to pay their respective debts to the said George Neave. ' [ 117 Mr. WILLIAM RANDALL, DECEASED. ALL Persons having any demands upon the Estate of Mr. WM. RANDALL, late of Berwick Saint James, in the county of Wilts, are requested to send ail account thereof to Mr. Henry Poole, at llcddington, ni- ai C-. lnc, Wilts ; and all persons being indebted to the estate of : he said Mr. Wm. Randall, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their debts to the said Henry Poole, who is authorised to receive the same. HEDDINGTON, May i5, 1809. [ 18S1 NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WHEREAS JAMES KNELLER, of Gosport, in the county of Southampton, taylor, hath assigned all his Estate and Effects to William Fennell Spencer, of Gosport aforesaid, mercer, and John Kneller, of the saine- place, corn merchant, intrust, for themselves and tlie other Creditors of the said James Krieller, who shall execute the deed of assignment:— Notice is therefore given, that such deed will remain at the office of Mr. Cruickshank, solicitor, Middle- street, Gosport, for the signature of the Creditors, who are requested to call and execute the same, or they will be excluded the benefit thereof. All persons indebted to the Estate of the said James Kneller, are desired to pay the amount of their respective debts to the Trustees, or Mr. Cruickshank, who is authorised to receive t| e same. GOSPORT, May 5, 1809. [ 18SS - MAN SERVANT WANTED. WANTED immediately, in a large Family, where other servants are kept,— A steady, active MAN, Who has been accustomed to wait at table, and look after a horse and chaise. -- No one need apply who has not been accus tome'd to service. A character will be expected, and good wages given. Application to be made ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr Martin,- bookseller, Gosport, " [ 1903 A COACHMAN. WANTED, in a Clergyman's Family in the Country,— A steady, sober, middle- aged MAN, who thoroughly understands the bus'uess of a COACHMAN, and who will occasionally assist on a small Farm.-— A good cha- racter from his last place will be espectcd. Enquire ( if hy letter, post paid) of John Force, auctioneer, & c. Wimbourne. [ 1985 Isle of rnght.— Notice to Debtors and Creditors. JAMES PEDDER, late of Buckberry, in the Isle of Wight, husbandman, having assigned all his Estate and Effects toTrastees, for the benefit of his Creditors. Notice is herebygiven, that the deed of composition is left at the office of Mr. Worsley, solicitor, Newport, for the signa- tures of the Creditors who have not already signed tile same ; and all persons having any claim or demand on the said .1. Pedder, are desired to send ail account thereof forthwith to Mr, Wm. Clarke, Newport; and all persons indebted to the Estate of the said J. Pedder, are requested to pay the same immediately to the said Mr. Clarke: and the Creditcis are hereby informed, that the Trustees of the Estate and Effects of the" said James Pedder will make a first and final dividend of the said Estate, and Effects on the 23d day of May next; and that such of the said Creditors of the said James Pedder who shall neglect to execute the said deed of assignment on or before ' the s id 23d day of May next, and prove their debts to the satisfaction of of the said Trustees, will be excluded the benefit of sueh dividend. - NEWPORT, May 1, 180,9. [ I5b' 7 1I7" HEREAS a Commission of Bankrnpt is awarded » T and issued forrh against EDWARD CHIFFEN'CE, late of the liberty of the Close of Sarum, in the county of Wilts, Musical Instrument Seller, Dealer snd Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission na. mod, or the major part of them, on the sevenih day of June next, at six of the clock in the afternoon ; on the eighth day of the same month, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon ;" and on the twenty- fourth day of the same month, ot two of the clock iii the afternoon, at the house of Isaac Young, known by tlie. name or sign of the Red Lion, irt the city of New Sarum, and make a full discovery and disclosure of'his estate and effects ; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last sitting the paid Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to 01 dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Warden, solicitor, Salisbury, or Mr. Luxmore, solicitor, 3, Red Lion Square, London. [ 19- 33 NERVOUS DISORDERS. ERVOUS, Hypochondriac, Hysteric, Spasmo- ' dlc, Apoplectic, Paralytic, and Convulsive Disorders, Heart- burn, Head- achs, & c, have b, Vn cured by HOTH M- GIL's NERVOUS CORDIAL DRQfS, to which thorn- Mis owe their restorati in to health from the most deplorabi.- sti'te of the above maladies, when given ovi- r by physicians ot the first eminence, and when the catalogue of medicines t. ad been in vain exhausted to give relief. The many wonderful cures performed by Fothergii's Drops almost exceed belk'f— a trial of them is only necessary to afibrti the fullest conviction of their never- failing efficacy. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 1, Cheapsid% corner of Patefnost- r- row; and by Brodie, Dowding, u; d Luxford, Salisbury; a d most booksellers and medic ne venders in every town, hi bot- tles at 4s. Gd.— 1 ts.— and22s. each. , 1 TI4S9 ( THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTttl JOURNAL", Wednesday's and Thursday s. Posts. , f HOM Til a LONDON GAZETTE CF MAY 9. FOREIGN- OFFICE, May S. T; IK Kins has been pleased to appoint Robert \ d; « ir, H< q. to be his Majesty's Ambassador Extra- ordinary and Plenipotentiary at tlie Sublime Otto- man Pbi- te. „ . ' The Kins has also been pleased to appoint utcathird Ca . niji", , isq. to be his Majesty's Secretary to that Emba, sy. WxR- OFPtCE, May P. ls( />•?. of Foot Guards,— Capr. H. Whe. tley to be CIptain of a Company, by purchase, vice M- r ron, who retires. -•'• i lies;, of Foot.— Major M. C. O'CortneH to bo Lieutenant- Col > n. i, w. tnout purchase; Brevet Major J. Scott to be Major, vie O'Connell. • 2,1 rest India Reg Capt. John Lord Burghersh, from toe S 1 Dtagwn Guards, to be Major, without purchase, vice M- MIIIOH, promoted on the Start" in Portugal. r, r ••-. — Llri : ad r- General John Hope, of the COth Foot, 11 He Depntv Adjuta- t- General to the Forces serving in North JJntW, vi.-' i Major- General Mackay, deceased. Major Thomas M'MahOn, from the 2d West India Regi- ment, to b: Lieutenant- Colonel in the Army, he being ap- pear ted to serve m Portugal under tire command of Lieutenant- General Be- resford. UAMvKUPTS. J . huapartwi, of Stockport, colton- sinauer. Jos. el s'^ ai, of N'ortli Shields, groce. r. . .1. :: c •[.( J. pitchers, ofNorv.: . tl, vine and liquor- merchants. Aiidr- w Voune, of Stamford, coimuou- brc^ er. John Cart, a-, of Cliepluwn, mason. JolmHoec, of . Mafis field, innkeeper. Join Mtilrm, rtf OHri.-. tchuteli, s^ italS'- lds, furniture- broker. Tluiina; Brigiit, or We' 3tburyfli| v) n-$ ivera, corn- dealer. HOUSE OF LORDS. MONDAY, May 8.] The Earl of Liverpool brought do a n a mes- age train his Majesty, stating that the Prince Regent of Portugal had requested his Majesty's assent to the raising a loaa of 600., OOX in this country, to be ap- plied in part to tire liquidation of advances made to the Prince on bis emigration from Portugal, and for service? on I'cteil with his establishment-, that by a convention betvteeen bis Majesty and the Prince Regent, the latter secures to bis Majesty the revenue of the Island of Madeira lor i ivmei. t of the interest, arid for the gradual reduction of the principal ; that as it might be necessary to rai- e this loan in the applies of the year, his Majesty had to recom- ra 1.1 to Parliament to guarantee the payment' of it, re- lying that the House would enable liini to fulfil the engage- ment. On a motion far re- committing the Scotch Judicature Am mdmeut Bill, Lord Grenville rose, and severely censured the manner in which a bill of this importance had been smuggled through the House. Not a single report had been made by the Commissioners appointed to carry into execution the Act for the better administration of justice in Scotland, although they were to report from time to time, and the whole of their reports were to be wound up by the 12th of November in the present year. If further notice was not take of it, such bills as this might be brought in Session af- er Session, and Scotland might, be deprived of the benefit of an Act from which such advantageous expectations had been raided. The Lord Chancellor defended himself from the censure conveyed in these observations; after which the bill was ordered to be re- committed on Friday. It wa^ then ordered, on the motion of Lord Grenville, that the Commissioners • hould inform the House what pro- gress they made in the Act alluded to.— Adj. TUESDAY, May H.] The Newspaper Bill, the Snow- hill anil Temple- bar improvement Bill, and the 6,000,000/.' Exchequer Bills Bill were brought up from the Commons, and read a first time. Lord Liverpool moved an Address to his Majesty, assurin g him of their Lordships ready concurrence in the assistance of the Prince Regent of Portugal, by the gua- rantee of a loan of 600,000/. The Duke of Norfolk said, he most cordially concurred in the intended aid to an old ally, and lie wished that, instead of holding at hopes to him of a return to the Tag; is, we should afford him greater assistance to strengthen him in his American dominions. Tie- Address was agreed to nem. ( lis. Lord Liverpool moved the second reading of the MHitia Com-/, tiun Bill, which ( after various objections from Lord FitzwiHiam, the Marquis of Douglas; and Lord Sel- kirk, . vhieb were answered by Lords Mairowoy and West morei . wQ was carried, and the bill was read a second time.— Adj. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, May 8.] Mr. C « ani « g: de'. ivered a Message front Si'-: H » i>' ty v-' ative to the guarantee of a Loan of GOe. oU'r'. to ' of i'ri ee Recent of Portugal, which was re- i ; ">' d t i lb' * • nmi'tse of Supply on Friday. • Mr. ./ •' v,-/.-.• • Combe brought in a bill for indemnifying Pi- int.- rs ami B> . kvlb r- who had inadvertently omitted to aiii . ia i- :(" in- te- books and paper- in the manner di- re •'!.'•, i by Act f i:> arliam .• , which was read a first time; l/ n d ,'. i~ elk unserved, that the females of the late Sir John Moore's family w « r id provided for;' and requested to kh w if any measure, had been taken for increasing their iri"' ii- i - ? ';":>' (. i. nneeUcr of the Exchequer replied, that, it had be;- a. the intentio ' to iettle an ammitv oa Sir John Moore's mother; but that Lady her- elf, and all the relatives, wished, the se! t! in - at to be made on one of the General's biothers, for which steps were accordingly taki g. Mr. II. Martin called the attention of the House to the third report of the Finance Committee, in which it was stated that. 1,500,000/. was yearly expended in sinecure places; yet in that account many offices that are nearly sineeu-' e are not enumerated; for in tance, the Dunhy of Lancaster was not taken. He wished the House to con- sider the enoimous increase of the National Debt,— the enormous amount of our public expenditure, no l « ss than 77,800,000/. in the last year,— and then decide if it was not n cessary to check profusion. He dill not expect any preat saving would at first be made by adopting his motion ; but if cee moiny was once commenced, it might soon be followed with g od effect. Offices in the Courts of,! u- tice, • amounting in aoiiuul value to 26,871/. bad been pointed out as useless; y t when, pensions ware assigned to retired Judge s these sinecures were not touched, but the pensions were secured on the public taxes ; nay more, every one of th '.- a pernicious sinecure:- appeared in the list of rever- sionary grants recently laid on the table, and thus their abolition appeared to be carefully guarded against. The grant of pen ions out of the - IS per cent, duties, and out of the ale of condemned Naval - Store-, ought to be restricted, if not altogether abolished ; and the enormous increase of the pensions to foreign Ministers merited particular notice. In 1787, these pensions amounted to pi85/. they now amount to 51,680/. I— The allowances from public offices, differing little from pensions, amounted to no' less than 6.6,71?/. a year, the pensions to 42,000/. making nearly ,!)" '/. which was nearly 4000/. more than was legal, vmder Mr. Burke's Act, had these allowances been called by their proper name. But perhaps the most crying abuses came under the head of sinecures paid to persons executing offiee:; by deputy, amounting in England to 272,35nif. per annum, ; rated in the report, which did not comprise £ nv return of offices, from the ceded or conquered i4aads. He did tint mean to attack the present possessors of these offices, but he must press on the House thd necessity of their gr ulual abolition. in Scotland, sinecures were less extensive: the Committee reported that- oil his Majesty's accession they amounted to — they now amounted to 39,600/. The offices executed by deputy in Scotland amounted annually to 2<},< S0U/. Ireland was a more fruit- fa! sni! for these pensions, compensations, & c. The j'- ee. ions no this establishment exceed by 10,000/. a year ti e sum ; emulated by Act of Parliament; and there were many eompeo anions granted in Ireland, the'principle of which ivas wholly, objectionable. Me concluded by moving a i imaer of resolutions to the following effect,; " That in t. ia present arduous state of a, Tail's, and increase of Taxes, it. is the opinion of Parliament that it is expedient to apply fart her- remedies to the abu es in Sinecure Places and P ii i r " under Government, in the Army arid Navy, & c.; Tout a'l e'ension- be annually voted; That, as our coal- man' a'' a- with foreign Courts are no. v les-, a cheek o'. i' Io i o ' ... put to the Pensions allow - d to persons in f' • a ; "" . at no Pensions sbouldbe granted ont of the Safe ( r h. • ; i Store"; that an account he yearly laid before !' i'" i a" , ch,. . vin°' tiie amount and increase of Pensions, l ! S 1 i: * i i a :..:: • Offices • and. That this Hou- e do re- ft i;-. a ',,' oa Coni- uiftee on tbis dav se'niuith*, mi'uii- '. ... e i " a | 1 '> porl i'C Lll" t'oinuiiiIae of i'Heoie,-." : . „' VbirjityOn roa- t » seeond c''' motion. ?: e coacrre ; in ; it uordiaily in aii the resolutions projioseJ bv the Hon. Gentlemin ; but be waited to correct one in- accuracy he had fallen into. The net amount of payments for sinecures., & c. w as 1,400,000/. which was 100,000/. less, than he hail stated, The gross amount was, as lie had stated, one million and a half. The Chancellor of the Exchequer thanked the Hon. Gentleman for the fair and eanil id manner of his statement. He had pleasure in agreeing with many of his sentiments ; and he was ready to admit that the office of which he has the reversion is among those that require regulation. Many offices in the Courts of Justice also require regulation; and he was disposed to go a considerable way in support of these measures. But he wished the Hon. Gentleman to consider'whether it would be proper to bring forward bis plan ill the present Session It Would perhaps be more advantageous to leave it fofthe considuration of Ministers during rtifc te'eess. Mr. Cr'eevey stated, that it would, be necessary to enforce the laws more strictly than bad been done heretofore. In Air. Pitt's Administration his relations, men, women and children, had sinecures of 6, 12, and 15 hundred a year. Mr.. Long had a pensiairon the Civil List of. 1508/. a ye r besides a bouse and other establishment-, - although by Mr. Burke's BUI no greater pension than 13( H)/. a year could be given out of that fund to any person not of the Blood Royal. The question was then put and carried unanimously that the report of the Committee should be taken into con- sideration oil this day se'nnight. The Newspaper Duty Bill was read a third time, and passed.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, May 9J The Temple- bar and Snow- hill Improvement Bill was read a third time, and passed. In a Committee on the W. oollen Manufacture Bill, Mr. Jackson was heard as Counsel for the Journeymen Weavers against the Bill. Lord Temple called the attention of the House to the papers oil the table relative to the late campaign in Spain ; observing, that as Ministers had presented every document which they considered exculpatory of their conduct, it was now time foi the House to come to a full discus ion and decision where the blame of the failure of that unfortunate campaign lav.— Our army was evidently not to blame; for with the concurrence of Ministers themselves, the thanks of Parliament had been voted to the army; and the me- mory of Sir John Moore had been consecrated to fame. Our Commanders and army in Portugal had also received the applause of the country and the thanks of Parliament, yet they had encountered nothing but misfortunes, till they had sought for safety by abandoning the peninsula. If, then, the fault did not rest with our army, it must be somewhere else; and he thought it evidently lay with Ministers. The first instance of their incapacity occurred in the expedition lo Portugal, to which country General was sent after General, in unaccountable but rapid suc- cession, when neither was acquainted with the plans or instructions of the other, and. when the manner in which the whole had been concerted had maJ. e us a mockery even to the enemy whom our brave soldiers had beaten. Tile next effort of Ministers was the expedition to Spain, in whjch they contrived that every thing should be too late for the intended purpose ; and even when tbey sent a General of consummate ability to command, they fettered him with instructions to obey a man who knew nothing of the movements of an army, and whose information was so defective, that it tended to deliver Sir John Moore and his army into the bands of Bonaparte, from which disaster they were saved solely by the discrimination and ability of the British Commander. The snare was laid by the traitor Mot la, and Charmilly the emigrant conveyed from Mr. Frere such directions as must, if implicitly obeyed by Sir John Moore, have occasioned bis whole army to have been cut oil". He concluded with moving several Resolutions to the following effect:— That it appears to the House, after considering the documents laid before it, that the spirit of resistance manifested in Spain last summer, had not been seconded by Great Britain • That the British Ministers, before they gave the promised assistance, afforded the enemy time to collect his resources, and advance with numerous armies into Spain : That when the British army arrived there, it- was not supplied with those things necessary to enable it to co- operate effectually with our Allies : That nothing was done by the British Ministers to combine a proper plan of operations, o!' to gain a know- ledge of the amount of the force of the Spaniards, or of the enemy : That the loss of the Spanish fleet at Ferrol, in con- sequence of being taken by the French, was owing to the neglect of Ministers, in not sending a naval force in time to get the fleet away: That the House is further of opinion, that in consequence of the negligence, weakness, and in- capacity'of Ministers, the hopes of the nation were dis- appointed, its treasures wasted, and 7000 of its bravest troops uselessly, sacrificed. Lord Castlereagh and Mr. Canning justified the coil duct of Administration towards Spain, remarking, that if they had not endeavoured to profit by the popular en- thusiasm in that country, they should have, been severely censured by the Noble Lord; and that all his present ground of censure was from subsequent events, which it was impossible to foresee. Mr. I'onsonbt/, Mr. Tterney, Mr. Bat hurst, Lord Henry Petty, and Mr. IVlutbrcud spoke ill support of the reso- lutions. The Chancellor of the Exchequer vindicated Govern- ment from the several charge* contained in the reso- lutions ; but they were so futile, and bad been before « o fully discu. s- ed, that he did not think it necessary to trouble the House at any length. Oil a division, the numbers were, for the motion. 111; against it, 230 ; Majority lly.— Adjourned at five o'clock ill the morning. Prince Stahremberg arrived in London this morn- ing, as Ambassador from the Court of Vienna, and imme- diately " had'an interview with Mr. Canning. He came through Holland, and after escaping innumerable dangers, was picked up in a' fishing- boat by one of our cruizers. The intelligence which be has brought respecting the operations ' in Bavaria differs most materially from the accounts given in the French bulletins. He says, that the losses sustained by the French in tlie several actions were quite as great as those of the Austrians, and that as late as the 28th ult. the French were unable to advance, having Suffered so severely. 1- le therefore by no means considers the advantages which the French have obtained as decisive of the late of the cam- paign. He also states, that in Italy the Austrians liad ob- tained some very important advantages, and that the whole population of the Tyrol have ri- en to a man in favour of Austria.— A battle was fought near Treviso, in which no advantage was gained on either side.— Another is said to have been fought at Vicenza. if that he the fact, the French must liave been driven back several leagues. Letters from the Leeward Islands state that Gua- deloupe had offered to surrender, hut that we could not pare sufficient troops to garrison it. The Island of Bermuda is in extreme distress for provisions. Supplies will be immediately dispatched from England ; but it is hoped that the new measures with re- spect to America may have produced a favourable change in that country, which may be the means of affording more early relief to the unhappy sufferers, among whom all kinds of provisions were as dear and as scarce us - they were at Gibraltar in the time of the memorable siege. Several rumours were afloat yesterday about a change of Administration, amongst which it was confidently said that the Duke of SV -' nml hid resigned, and that Karl Grey had been sent for to attend his Majesty at Wind- sor; but all these groundless reports expired with the day. The papers relating to M. Charmilly are laid on the table of the House of Commons, and from them it appears, that this gentleman was, in the year 1795, placed upon tile full pay of a Colonel for the rest of the war, though he then belonged to no regiment, and that be likcwi c had a gratuity of 2000/. given him as an acknowledgment of his zeal and activity in the British service. The Report of the Committee of the fJouse of Lords, on the law relative to imprisonment lor debt, suggests, among other important improvements, to extend the exemption from arrest to debt, not exceeding 20/. Capt. Barclay will start on the I st of June at Newmarket , to decide his extraordinary wager, by the terms of which lie is to go 1000 miles in 1000 hours, at one mile an hour. The bets are even, and the Captain still backs himself freely. Extraordinary as it may appear, on piercing into the rubbish on Monday morning, on the Russeli- street side of Drury- lane Theatre, a body of fire, and immense volumes of smoke, burst forth, to the astonishment and terror ol the neighbourhood. Engines continued to play most part of the morning on [ lie volcanic ruins. BREAD.—- Yesterday, there being no Court of Aldermen, the Lord Mayor ordered the price of Bread to remain the same as last week, viz. Is. 2-^ 7. the quartern loaf wheaten, and Is. household. COUN EXCHANGE, May 10. Every article at Market this morning rather declined in price, except Flour. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, MAY 10. Paris papers to the 4t! i inst, containing the two first bulletins of the French army in Germany, were received last night. These official documents bring down the ope- ration-; to tli" 27th, when Bonaparte was at Muhldorlf, on the Inn, after bavihg had seven affairs with the enemy three of which were great battles, and foyr actions of infe rior consequence. The fir t of these battles look place at. Tanu On the 19th ; the second at Abensberg ; and the third at Echmuhl ; all three place- within a short di tance of each other. The army which advanced aero, the Inn and the Iser was not the main Austrian army under the Arch- duke Charles, but a corps of about 60,000 men, under the Archduke Louis and General Hiller. It object was to ad- vance to the Danube, to draw- the French from the left to the right bank, and to occupy its attention between that river and the Iser. The two first battles \ Vere fought be- tween this army and the French— and the latter having been successful, pursued the former in its retreat to Land- shut. Meanwhile the main Austrian army bad been col leeted in Bohemia, under the Archduke Charles, who made a rapid . descent upon the Danube, made himself master of Hatisbon, where there was a small French force, and passed immediately to the right bank, and to the very scene where the first battle had been fought hv his brother, the Arch- duke Louis.— Bonaparte does not appear to have expected this movement, which forced him on a sudden to ( ha'. v off his army from the Iser, and measure back his steps almost to the Danube. The Austrian army umUr the Archduke Charles is said to have amounted to 110,000 men. Bona- parte and the Archduke commanded their ' respective armies in person. This battle was most furious and sanguinary, and lasted till, night. The number of prisoners taken in lll'is battle, as well as in all the rest, is no doubt exagge- rated, lint the re. su. t of. all ol' them has evidently been highly adv/ ntageous to tile French.— After the battle of • Kehmuhi, the Archduke retn* ated to Ratisbon,- covering the city with his cavalry.- These wet, e attacked, and the enemy " forced their way into the city, where another furious conflict ensued, and the Austrians were forced to retire to the left bank of the Danube. Bellegardfe's corps, w hich might have been of great service had it joined the Arch- duke a day or two before, did uot reach him tHI'the day after Ratisbon was taken.- The Archduke retreatwl in good order, and is said to have taken the mad to Bohemia. The French bulletins say he is cut off from the Inn and Vienna. The Arehduke Louis, meanwhile, had pursued his retreat to the Ion and the Saiza, without being much molested.— The last bulletin leaves the French and Austrian armies as follows: Bonaparte, with the centre of his army, is taking the road to Vienna, npOn which the remains of the Archduke Loni ;,' s army is falling". The Archduke Chailes is retreating into Bohemia, and th" left of tae French army is pursuing him. The Archduke John* is at Knfl'steio, oo tfi - lr, n, and Gene d Jeliaehich's carps i » retirng to join torn. The si^ M waig of the enemy is following the march, of that cores. J, is to- lie remorkad. that the bill, le'ti is ilvcuo account of anv Austrian Otiicer of rank either killed or taken. FASHIONABLE STOCK OF MILLINERY, & c. SALISBURY. r| pO be DISPOSED OF, on advantageous terms, .1 a fashionable and new Stock of MitUNERY, LACK, and HABERDASIIEH V GOODS, the property of MissCHRIS- TABELLA ROOKE, late of Salisbury. Persons desirous to treat for the same will apply personally, or by letters post- paid, to Messrs. Stevens and Blackmore, Salisbury. All persons who stand indebted to the esta'te of Miss RootfE are desired to pay the same immediately to the said Messrs. Stevens and Blackmore,—- Mr. Pinknev, linen- draper ,— or Mr. Oal: ford, attorney., Salisbury : and all per- sons basing any demands on the said Miss ROOKE are re- quested'foithwith to deliver the same to'the said Messrs. Stevens and Blackmore, Mr. Pinkoey, or Mr. Oakford. COTTAGE IN THE ISLE op WIGHT, ELIGHTFULLY situated at the back of the — Island, in the beautiful village of Shorwell, arid sur- rounded Hvith extensive sea and land prospects; is a comfort- able LEASEHOLD COTTAGE,, containing two parlours, two kiichtrn, cellar, pantries, Src. and six sleeping rooms. The Front is neatly ornamented with aviranda of trellis work. Attached and belonging to.' it. are a large garden and a field of two acres. The whole is FOR. SALE, and farther particulars maybe obtained. bv application ( if by letter, p > st paid; to Mr. T'hos. Daw, Stock Exchange, London, or to Mr. James Cull, New- port, Isle of Wight. " [ 1570 ' T" 0 be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A J comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE, situated at WEST DEAN, in the county of Wilts; consisting of a kitchen, par- lour, washing- room, and three sleeping rooms; with a stable for two ho/ ses, and otht r outbuildings ; also a Garden, and a Plot of Ground of about 66 lugs.— The above Messuage is held by life- of a middle- aged man, and a purchaser may' find the Estate very reasonable. Apply to James Cooper, East Tytberly 5 or John Rows, of Frenchrarire. • flflag rpo be SOLD l. y PUIVATK CONTRACT,— A 1 COTTAGE and GARDEN, and four Closes of Meadow Land adjoining, containing about 5{ acres ; also a good 13am, Stable, and Milk- house, with Yard, Garden, and Plot of Ground adjoining, containing together about li acre: the whole Copyhold of Inheritance, and situate at and near Red- lynch, in East Down ton, Wilts, 7 miles, from Salisbury.— Extensive common and forest rights belong to these premises. Also a Close of Arable Land, called Heath Close ( one mile frcm the above), containing four acres, situate at South Char- ford.— This closeis Leasehold, and held for two lives. ' John Goulding, the present tenant, will shew the premises; and for further particulars, and to treat, apply to Mr. Arney, Close, Salisbury. [ 1B87 BUGLE- HALL, SOUTHAMPTON. TO be DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CON- , TRACT, All that, capital MANSION- HOUSE, si- tuated in Bugle- street,. Southampton, with the FURNITURE and FIXTURES ; containing on the first fl lor an entiance hall, together with a large an. l well proportioned dining room, breakfast parlour, and gentleman's room ; on the second floor a suit of rooms, consisting of three elegant drawing rooms; over which are three best bed chambers with dressing rooms, and six good bed chambers on the attic, floor ; the basement floor consists of an excellent kitchen, housekeeper's room, butler's pantry, servant's hall, store room, and other conve- niences; a good six- stall stable, double coach- house, wash- house, laundry, and servant's rooms: with pleasure ground and shrubbery adjoining. The house is beautifully situated, commanding interesting views of Southampton river, New Forest, the Isle ' of Wight: and adjacent country: fitted un TO BUILDERS. WILTS.— HOUSE OF CORRECTION. THE Justices, of the Peace at the General Quarter Sessions held at New Sarum, in and for the couniy of Wilts, on Tuesday the 11th day of this instant Aprif, Having approved of a Plan for Building a new House of Correction at Devizes, in the said county, Notice is hereby given, That the said Plan, and the Eleva- tions, Sections, and Specifications thereof are left at the office of the Clerk of tht Peace, at Wilton, near Salisbury, Wilts, for the inspection of any person or persons inclined to undertake the work. Persons inclined to contract for the building and carrying the plan into execution ( except what relat es to the Carpenters and Joiners' works), are desired to sand in their Proposals to the Clerk of th j Peace op or before the 31st day of May next ( sealed up), without signatures, but with, mottoes or other devices', accompanied with Sealed letters ( marked on till- out- side with corosponding mottoes or other devices) containing the names and addresses cf too persons sending the same. The proposals will be taken into consideration on Friday the 2d day of June next, at the Bear Inn, Devizes, ut eleven o'clock in the forenoon, where the parties who send in such proposals arc requested ta attend. JOHN SWAYNE, Deputy Clerk of the Peace. WIITOS, April 17, 1809. £ 1365 D E S E R T E l£ S.' WHEREAS JAMES SNOOK, of Sutton- Man- deville, and JAMES CHILD, of Stourton, who weteenroiled to serve in the Third Battalion of the Wilts Local Militia, commanded . by Lieut, Col. PENRUBDOCKE, have neglected to attend tile training and exercising of the said Battalion, which commenced at Salisbury on Monday the 8th of May instant, whereby t e. y are deemed Deserters. A reward of Twenty . Shillings for eaon of the said Deserters is allowed by Act of Parliament, to any person or persons who shail apprehend them, or eith. rot them, and give notice thereof to Adjutant Mac Dowuli, of the said Battalion, at: Salisbury. JAMES SNOOK is about twenty- two years old, dark com- plexion, dark hair, long featured about 5 tr. 5 in. high. JAMES CHILD is about twenty- five y ars old, stout made, dark hair, long face, father pale complexion, arid about 3 ft. 5 in. high. ' [ loyt SALISBURY, May 13, ISO". rpo be LET!',— Those well- known FULI. ING, H MILLS, with about five acres of, water meadow and pasture land, situate at t^ uirihampton, two miles from Salis- bury ; to which is attached, and worked by a separate waters wheel, a compleat Set of Spinn ng Machinery, capable of spinning about five packs of vvi il p. r week; all which ma- chinery to be sold to the person wno takes the Mills. For further particulars apply to the Printers. [ 1310 Desirable Keaily- ftiruished KHSIDENCS in the ISLE OF WIGHT. be LETT," and entered on. immediately, 1 PIDKORD HOUSE, c mpl. fely FURNISHED, situated in a genteel neighbourhood in the centre of the- Island, about, three rn. lts from the town of Newport. The House consists of an entrance hall, handsome timing and drawing rooms, music- room, stu. iy, seven good bed- rooms, besides servants' r ioms, large kitchen, other convenient otfices, and extensive under- ground cellars,; detached from the dwelling- house are a double coach- house, stabling for 2 hoises, and a large gar- den, well stocked with, vegetables and > uit trees of every de- seription. The tenant may be accommodated with any quan- tity of meadow laud adjoining and surrounding tie house, not exceeding fifty acres. The whrole of the premises are in Complete repair, and of a size and description to accommodate a large or moderate family. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid^ to Mr. Love, cabinet maker, Newport, Isle of vyight. . [ 1889 FURNISHED LODGINGS. TO be LETT', and entered upon immediately,— A Part ofa HOUSE, genteelly Furnished, comprising two parlours, a dnwing- room, artd two or three bed- rooms ( if required), with other suitable cortvenienciesr within a short distance of Newport, Isle of Wight. The apartments are re- markably airv and pleasant, and would suit a small family, and will be lettwith or without ajgarden, a few acres of land, stabling, tec. For " particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid] to Y. Z. Post- efhcej'Newport. N. B. Two. or three Gentlemen maybe accommodated with • Board and Lodgings, if required. f 146.9 BLANDFORD, DORSET, nno be SOLI) by PRIVATE CONTRACT, S. The Fee Simple and Inheritance of the " following PREMISES : a large and conven ant Dwelling- house now in the occupation of Mr. P. A. B;; res, vvoolstapler, as tenant thereof, with spacious yard, stable, workshop, wool- lofts, warehouses, an I garden ( hereto belonging. Also a Dwelliog- bouse adjo ning the same, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas O'aklSy, as tenant thereof. Aiso a Dwelling- House adjoining, now in tlie Occupation of Mr. Henry Lambert, as tenant thereof. " Also a Dwelling- house in the yard adjoining, in the occu- pation of Mr. Robert Young, as tenant thereof. And one other Tenement in the occupation of Mrs. Preston. The above premises are situate in the East- street, in the town of Bianoford. Also a new- built Dwebiiig- house, situate in Whitecliff- mill- street in the sai l town, in the occupation of Mr. James Brown, as tenant thereof. I. ana- tax on the whole is r deemed; an- l the purchaser rri ' V lie accommodated by lrttieg b » i£ tile pur. base- money remain as a security. FT. r. further jamieulars y-' lv Cif by letter, post paid, to Messrs. Kan,; and Johns, Ulandibrd. (. 1 ijol POR PUBLIC SALE, at the STAR am) GAR N * - ff. Tim*, Portsmouth, on Thursday th? tMl- • : noon,—— The fine fast- sailing FRENCH SCHOONER • UOITADE. Ihmensions.— Length on deck 7 » It. Sir ~ Breadth af beam 21 ft. 7in.— Depth of hold about sit. a . admeasures HO tons— This vessel is nearly new, rerfiarkabl, well found tn all kinds of stores, and might be sent to srs without any expence ; is well adapted for the fruit or anv other trade where dispatch is required, being an uncommon i. Sailer. . ' mediately after the sale of the vessel, will be SOLD hu EN I IKE CARGO,_ consisting of thi? following Goods. Tor Uorile Constimptimi. ' About a Ton of Cheese ( 52 Casks Beef 9 Ditto Pork 2 Ditto Hams Q. 8 Ditto Bread 79 Diito Flour 75 Ditto Butter 3 Hampers ditto 3 Casks Pease 8 Sags CalavanCes 2 Casks Linked Oil .. PS 13ask » ts containing .12 Bottles, each OKve Oil 25 Casks Nails 21 Coils Rope 8 Casks Tallow V -' 1 Ditto Lard.' in a modern style, replete wall all' necessary offices, is wetl supplied with good water, anil fit lor the immediate reception of a family of distinction. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) at the Office of Mr. Watts, auctioneer, & c. Kast- street, or at hisdwelling- hou- e. No. 55, Above- bar, Southampton. [ H02 DORSET. To Uuilders; Cab'mel- MalterS, and Upholsterers. j*"> NE of tlie first Opportunities now presents itself that was ever offered to the Trade in the above branches, which may be carried on together or separately, combining every requisite for that purpose. Immediate possession may be had, the person now carrying it oh being obliged to decline business solely on account of ill bealrh, 1' roo. h t on by o, .-(-- exertion. The lvhtifc STOCK in the separate branches to be taken by appraisement, which it is supposed will not exceed jgaooo, one- half of wh'Ch is to be paid for on taking the business, and the remainri'r as shall be agreed on between the parties. The trade has been fully established for many years, and is now carrying on with the utmost success. The HOUSE. and PREMISES ( which will be sold with- the Business) are most eligibly situate in the centre of the Market- place of the populous town of'Blandford, surrounded by the seats of the greatest, part of the nobility and gentry of. the county; and consist " of a most substantial and roomy brick- built Dwelling- house, with spacious Shops, Ware- rooms, and feather- lofts, with all necessary Out- buildings attached, comprising two. Paint- shops, Joincrs'- shop, Store- rooms, Sc. e're. The premises measure from the street to the riv r' 481 feet in length; To prevent unnecessary inquiries, the price of the House and Premises where the business is carried, on is fixed at £ 1000, one- half of which may remain as a security on the samel The whole of the concern may, with ease, be carried on by two or more in partnership— one well acquainted with the building, and the other with the cabinet and upholstery branches. For further particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid! to Mr. C iarmbury, build* r, cabinet- maker, and upholsterer, or to Messrs Kin; and Johps, solicitors, Blamlford. [ 1938 MERE FOREST, HANTS. By order oj the Right Hon. Lord Glenl- eruie. Purveyor- General of his Majesty's I foods, Forests, & e. OAK HARK. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LI^ PUS, at the Golden Lion, Southwick, on Monday the 22d d , y of May 1809, at four in the afternoon, in four lots,— The BARK of iw Trees, felled for the Navy ; also the Bart- of sb'o Trees, felled for sale ; and also tht bark of 3S85 Flitterans ( Tillers), felled fr thinning: all standing at the'Pole, in the Forest o » Bere, in the county of Southampton. The particulars of the lots, and conditions of sale, will be distributed previous to the day of sale, or may be had of the Auctioneer, and at the place of sale; also of Mr. Thomas Piyne, keiper, at Wickham- walk, ar. d Mr. John Geary, keep'er, at Creech- walk, in Bere Forest. JOHN DUDGEON, Deputy Surveyor. BEHB. FOKEST, MAG 3, ,1809. [ 1582 NEAR LYM1NGTON, HANTS., TO- be SOLD- by AUCTION, by WINSTAJILEY and SON, at Gurravvay's, London, on Fridav the 19th of May, 1H09, at twelve- e'eloek, in four lots, by order of tfft executors of Joiiv WALTER, Esq. deceased, A valuable ESTATE, part Freehold and part Life- hold, beautifully situated at. South Baddesley, i a the parish of Boldie, 2 miles from Lymington, 11 from Chr stehurch, 5 from Beaulieu, 10 from Lyndhurst, 18 from Southampton, and 95 from London; consisting of a roomy convenient house, with coach- house, - stables, and suitable" o! Hces ; yard, shrubberies, fish- ponds, . lawn, '& c. containing together near 22 acres; with a Freehold Walled Garden of two acres, and four acres of Pasture Lapd adjoining, Also FOUR ELIGIBLE FARMS,- containing - 163 A. 1 R. 33 P. with suitable build- ings, in the possession of Messrs./ Edward Withers, Robert Drover, Robert Pirinoct, " and —- l. ejuno, who have had notice to quit at Michaelmas next, when possession may be had. The- prcsent annual Value pt the whole is about £ 700, which, except about six acres, is held for the life ofa healthy gentleman,, aged 6& years, . insurable. To be viewed by applying to' Mr. John Tealing, on the premises, ot whom printed particulars may be had : likewise ofTho. Becklev, Esq. at' Lymfngtoh ;' of Cha. II Thin, Esq. Ringwood; trie Dolphins, at Southampton; Atii'e lope,, and White Hart, Salisbury; at the Place of Side; and of Win-- Stanley and Son, Peiternost- r- Kow, Lo'ndon. : [ lf. 6' 9 HAVANT, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WINDSOR, on the Premises, on Tuesday the 30th day of May, 1809,— All those extensive PREMISES late the property of Mrs. Knapp, deceased, in the North- street, Havant ^ com- prising a well- built Dwelling- home, doptaining three gqod' parlours end one dining room, four bed chamber:; and four attics; beer and wine cellars, wash- house, brewtfefise, and- gooei kitchen fwhich, with a trifling expence, may be con- vetted into a dwelling- house); together with a Jarge walled garden well stocked with choice truit trees, < Sc.; also a Malt- house adjoining the above, with'two' working floors, well supplied with gi'od spring water, eastern, kdn, and extensive barley and. malt granaries; together with a malt- mill and' mill- house; the whole measuring in front 140 feet, and in depth 60 feet, or thereabouts. ( eir1 The above Premises are Copyhold, almost equal tn . Freehold, situated in the centre of 11 i. vant, and are well c'al- cuiated for any business requiring roomy premises. For a. vie » v of the Premise* apply to Mr: W-. Knapp, of Langstoii, , arfd for further p;. uieuiais to- Mr. C. Knapp, of. Bishop- street; c'r ti* thc auctisn: er, a' bis house agei'. cy office, St. James's- street', Portsea. A... ..-- The HOUSEHOLD F UnXfTURS, Brewing U- en- sils, X- e. . f the. a:, I M, Kn. pp.' N ''.— T'e. esel • of tfie rem w'll cnrr.' mc. ce at eleven o'clock in' the Tote ho in, an XTthe c- iate will be'Sold at !* ur o'clock in thcslfeinocn precisely. [.' 931 Andjbr Exportation.— A larsequantity of Nertb'. Jackets; Trowsers, and Shirts ; Boots, - Shoes, Thready Tape, Box s Trunks, Hair Powder, Shirt Buttons, Snyff boxes,, Painted Paper, Wax and Tallow Candles,' Plantation Hfas, Grind- stones, Packs of Staves, Coop T's'fwitrs, 10ho; she « ds- of fine White Earthenware,; four Casks of Wine, one, ditto Brandv, sixteen ditto Cyder, anil sundry Other articles ; being an aV- sorted cargo bound . from Havre tie- Grace, to Martinique, for which market the whole of the manufactured'good's arc par- ticularly adapted : captured by and condeihned'in'the Hieh Court of Admiralty as prize to his Majesty's sloop Racoon, James Welch, Esq. Commander. [ 1573 For viewing the vessel and cargo, catalogues, ondWurther particulars, apply, three days btfore the *, de,' to J.-< S. Hulbert, Esq. Agent to the captors ; cr PORTSMOUTH, May 3, 1309. JOHN' . MOVLB, Broker. KlEXT PRESENTATloiTrcTA' R¥ CTORYV In the Isle of TP'ight. r" ipO he SOLD bj AUCTION, by Messrj. IIog- A. and ' PHILLIPS, at ' Garraway's CbflFee- house, Change- alley, Cornhill, Loudon, on Tuesday the 3yth of May, at twelve o'clock, unless an acceptable offer is made in the mean time by private contract,— The Next PRESENTA- TION to a RECTORY in that much esteemed, healthy, and beautiful pert of England the ISLE OF WIGHT, - nearCaris- brooke Castle, containing about one thousand seven hundred acres of rich land, chiefly arable,' with an excellent Parsonage House, and forty- two acres of glebe, estimated as Worth to' a resident Rector upwards of seven hundred pounds per annum. The present Incumbent is in his 54th year. Particulars may be had, 20 days previous to the sale, at Gar- raway's* and of Messrs. Boggart and Phillips, 62, Broad- street, Royal Exchange, London. [ 1454 VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, NMI, LYMINGTON", 1 ( i the County of Ilanls. NNO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mess". HOGG ART JL and PHILLIPS, at Garraway's Coffee- Honse, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, on Friday the 9th of June, . at twelve o'clock, in One Lot, A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, with the MANOR or reputed MANOR of PILLEY and VYARBORNE, extending o\ er a large tract of country abound- • mg with. Game, within the south boundary of the New Forest; together with three hundred and seventy acres of rich Arable, Pasture, anil Wood Land, in the highest state of cultivation ; and the Great Tythes of Hay, Corn, aful Pulse, arising there- from, and out of eighty- six acres in the tything of Vil'ley and Warborne ; 14 miles from Qhristchurch, .14 frrim Ringwood, 8 from Lyndhurst, 17 from Southampton, and one and a half from Lyminetoh ; with a spacious FAMILY. HOUSE. Plea- sure Grounds and Gardens, and suitable offices ; a FARM- HOUSE, and outbuildings. The above property has been held in hand for some years, lies compact, is entitled to extensive Forest rights,, and is presumed worth at least 6001, per ami.— Land- tax redeemed. The Estate may be viewed on application to William Sims, the Bailie, at Warborne; and particulars Had, twenty days previous to the sale, of Mr. Baldwin, . Solicitor, RingWood; Mr. King, solicitor, Lymington ; at the faolphins Inn,' South- ampton ; Hotel, Christcburch ; Crown, Lyndhurst; of Messrs. Sandys- and Horton, solicitors, Crane Court, Fleet- street ; at Garraway's ; and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, 6- 2, Old Eroait- strcet, Royal Exchange, London. [ Hop HAMPSHIRE. J compact ar. d desirable Le& daicc. i f. riwn'. Arable', Pas- ture, and trood Lrmd, in a ring- fence. •. TO'be RE- SOLD, by Messrs. ADAMSOK & FIELD on Tuesday the. 16th of May 1809, at font o'clock ia the afternoon, at the Crown Inn, P 4ume . « . ; UI. KSS an hempi'r ble O:' T is in the mean time made bv private contract),— A most desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, called BEI- MOB* LODOE ; consisting of a good modern House, calculated- fbr a moderate- family, standing in a handsome lawn, and com- prising a small entrance- hall, large duawing- room 29 ft. by 17 ft. tour good bed- rooms, and dressing- room, with servants' rooms detached, water closet, kitchen, pantries, ceUansvJaige brew- house, and sculleries, with a good oven, and a plentiful supply of fine water ; capital four- stall stable with lofts pver, double ceiach- house, granary, and other convenient' out- offi. e- es, and an excellent willed garden ; together with about 101 fcresof fine arable, pasture, ani wood hnd, surrounding the house, in a ring fence. - ' The above estate lies in a peculiarly dry and. and heilthy situation in the middle. of the Hampshire hunt, hus- eAery command of field sports, and forms altogether a'Singularly compact and desirable residence for a sportsteni. Or gentleman of moderate family who wishes for a pleasant ami independent retirement in Hampshire.— TKe'roads and neighbourhood are most excellent; within B miles of the market and post town of Bishop's Walthrm, 7 from Winchester, W oj' Southamp- ton,' Hi of Gosport, If) of Portsmouth, arid Cu p( Loiul- ou. Particulars to be had of Mr. Pinkett, solicitor, NP. 3, Elm- court, Temple, London; Mr. Shugar, solic to'i, Portsmouth ; Mr. Gupner, solicitor, Bishop's Walthaiu, who will gtve di- rections for viewing the premises ; and of Mt's- rs. Adamson and Field, !> 8, Fenchurch- street, London, where a plan of the estate may be seen. ' '[ 1214 ISLAND OF POKTSEA. HPO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. COI. MKS, JL at the Royal Oak Inn; Queen- street, town of PoriSea, on Monday the 12th day of June, 180;), at seven o'clock in the evening,— The following valuable Freehold EST ALES: Lot I,— Comprises a well- built brick and sash Dwelling- house, late the country residence cf Sir John Carter, deceased, situate at Milton, in the island of Portsea ; containing, in the basement, two cellars; on the ground floor a neat entrance, two parlours, butler's and housekeeper's rocens; on the . first floor four good bed- chambers; end in the attic two capital up- right chambers, and two servants' rooms ; a detached kitchen* scullery, arid wash- house, with two rooms over; a coach- house and stable, with a large loft over, and poultry- yard be- hind ; at the back of the house a paved coim- vard, with a well of good water and lead pump therein ; and a larwgttrtlen in the rear, well laid out, enclosed bv a lofty wall, and stocked with ail kinds of fruit trees; together with about a quafter of an acre of land each side of the wall, now used as kitchen gardens. The before- mentioned estate stands Unri- valled by any in the island of Portsea for pleasantness of situ- ation and convenience of every kind, commanding land and sea prospects, of Portsdown, the island of Portsea, part of the county of Sussex, s llayliog Island, Fort Cumberland, the - offing, St. Helen's) Spithead, the Isle of Wight, and ad- jacent neighbourhood. Lots,— Comprises a well- built . Dwelling- bouse, situate at Kingston, near the church| late in the occupation of Capt. Bradley, of the Royal Navy, but now of Bussed, Esq. containing two good parlours, with a cellar under ; on the first floor three good bed- chambers, and two bed- rcoms in tits attic; a detached kitchen arid wash- hr use, with a lead pump therein'from a well of good, water; a go d stable, with aloft over; and a large garden at the hack of the whole, . Pleasuring ill front about I i feet, and in depth about 201 Veet. Lot a.-— A most desirable Piece of Land, - calculated' for building on, situate at Cold Harbour, at the end of Snrrv- street ( and nearly'opposite the government- house occup rtl by Gen. Eveleighj, in the occupation of Messrs. Cox and White, measuring in Cold . Harbour about 21 leet, and in Surry- strcet 48 feet 10 inches, or thereabouts. l ot t.—- A Dwelling- houv anil Premises, adjoining let 3, now in the, oecapation. of Mary Luke, measuring in limit about l' « feet fi inches, and in depth 47 iet, or tt) i icahe- uts. Lots.— A Dwelling- bouse and Premises, adjoining lot. 4, in the occupation of Mrs. Gobilell, measuring in front about 17 feet - 1 inches, and' in diptli i) H feet, or thereabouts. Lot 6,— A_ Dwelling-. bp. uSe and Premises, adjoining 1' it 6, in the occupation of Juhri, Brevver,. measuring in front about 17 leet si inches, and in ctepfh. « 7 les t 10 in. or thereabouts. Ldt7.— A Divetl ng- house and Premises, adjoining IctC, in the occupation cf Sarah Reed, measuring ill front aboe. t lb" fe- t 7 inches, antl in deptli < H lee t y inches, 01 thereabouts. ' ' tne '' N. B. The Land- tax of whole is redeemed. For a view of lot 1 apply at the house, and of the other prr- hiises to the tenants; and for further . particulars to the. Au° o » tioneer, or to Mr. Howard, solicitor, Portsea. ris » 2.> This Day was published, in 8w>. Price Ib's. HPI'lE ECCLESIASTICAL and UNIVERSITY JL ANNUAL REGISTER, for 1' OR. London: Printed for C. and 11. Bail wi. i, New Bridge- street ; and sold by Ptodje, Dowdiug, stud u- jifoi'd, Salisbury, *•. » * The Price'of the fust Volume is cohere, d by a com- plete f. i~ t Coeeuaying'l- 20 veiy closelyp'iiiUd Pagis) cfaluhe i', ne| iiii Kcett i. es, Vie>. r.'. g. s, and Curacies, al[ h-. betit a'iy air ng d; with feii V Inenor. j^ i- i the Kin.'. s •. woks, l. artw- j of IVlrons, an | N eir. be 1 of 1' risbioiHis; Lot a. .. v*< h be 100,. V ry to 1 :„ t till in flour. \ ului... » , illy n 10 t-. llorded in ' r. m- e mi'd'rate i'riee. [ Kt'l, • t < J. / AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WJLTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. r Friday's and Saturday's Posts, FOREIGN NEWS. CADIZ, April 9. ORDERS have been given by the Supreme Junta of Spain for packets to be. appyhi. ted to sail'regu- larly between Spain and Trieste, in order to facili- tate the intercourse between Austria and Spain. B/ DAJOZ April 10. Generals Urlino, Pina, and Merina, have been discovered to be traitors, having sold the army of Andalusia, as well as that of Gen. Cuesta. It. has- been discovered, that the agreement was made with some Colo- nels of the French Cavalry ; but every necessary precaution bas been taken to prevent its taking place. Gen. Cue- Ma informs us that bis head- quarters are at Mostiera; be hopes soon to have an action with the f re neb. HOUSE OF LORDS. WEDNESDAY, May ' O. J Several bills were brought tip frotn the Commons, and read a first time. in a Committee on the Militia Bill, an amendment was made, cancelling the clau- e which allowed recruiting for any- county in the adjacent parts of other counties.— Ad- journed to Friday. For every 100L sterling subscribed. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY, May 10.] Mr. Boottle moved foi leave to bring in a biil to amend the Act 35 G. 3. relative to the removal of paupers,. and to repeal part of another Act, ' compelling paupers to wear badges. Mr. If/ dtbread seconded the motion ; observing, that though he had for two years been silent respecting the Poor Laws, he had not forgone his intention of endeavour- ing to reform th- t system. He should shortly again endea- vour to obtain the sanction of the Mouse to this reform, and to a plan for more generally dilliidng the advantages of education throughout the country. Leave being given, the bill was brought in, and read a first time. Mr. Ward rose to make a motion relating to the depart- ment of the Accountant of the War Office. Since 1/ 37, the increase of Clerks had been very great, but the busi- ness was not conducted with increased expedition. The accounts were in consequence in great confusion, whilst the public paid 54,000/. a year for that which, might be better done for 30,0001. He moved that there be laid before th - House returns of all regimental accounts in the War Office. The Secretary at War did not altogether object to the motion ; but he assured the Hon. Member that he would find the accounts were in arrear 011 account, of the increase oi business, with which the appointment of extra Clerks bad not kept pace. After some further observations from different Members, the motion was agreed to. The Scotch Local Militia Bill was read a third time, and passed. The other orders of the day being disposed of, the House adjourned. THURSDAY, May 11.] Mr. Shaw Lefevre moved that the report of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the state yf Cold- bath- fields Prison should be laid before the House. Ordered. I11 a Committee 011 the Navigation Act, Mr. Rose moved that goods and merchandize, the produce nf America, should be permitted to be imported into this country in neutral bottoms ; which resolution via- agreed to. Mr. Curwin brought in a bill for the better security of the independence of Parliament, by preventing corrupt practices in the return of Members ; which was read a first time. Mr. Mathclts renewed his charge against Lord Castle- reagh and Mr. Perceval, that they had disposed of the public money and public offices to. influence . elections. In the boruugh of Hastings, two men named Milward, father and son, were alternately Mayor, and decidedly influenced the- elections: they held offices which brought them in every - sr- o- er-. Old places jii the Custom* and Excise which brought them collec- tively 2,. Tjtit. a ?(, r wliiclv they returned the Meni- A11 official account of the battle of the 22( 1 ult. has been published by the Austi ian Government in the Prague Gazette. It differs materially from the French Bulletins, as it positively states, that 011 that day success was on the side, of the Austrian-. It must be admitted, however* that this does not invalidate the claim of the enemy to the advantage they assert they have obtained on the wnole of the operations. The Bulletins contain accounts of battles subsequent to the 22d, in wdicli the Austrian* are stated to have been defeated. And as Bonaparte's Head ( ju li ters were 011 the 27th at Muhldorf, it is evident that the suc cess of the enemy must have been very considerable, Thg Loan of 14,600,000/. for the service of the present year was this morning contracted for:— TERMS. GO I. Four per Cent. Anns. 601. — — Reduced a perGent. Anns, — B 10 per Ann. Long Anns. The Dividends upon each Stock to commence from April last, and the first half- yearly payment, becoming duo Oct. 10, to be exempted from the property Duty. Discount after the rate of 3 per cent, per Annum for pay- ments made in full. BIDDINGS OK THE DIFFERENT LISTS. s. it. Messrs. Goldsmidt, Son,'& Moxon.. 8 10 per Ann. Long Ann. Robarts, Curtis, & Co 9 9 ditto. Barnes, Steers, & Ricarilo.. 10 10 ditto. Baring, J. J. Angerstein, \ Batye, Ayton, & Ellis../ 0 U tt0. Of course Messrs. Goldsmidt have the Loan! It was at a premium of 1 j per cent, at twelve o'clock. On Wednesday a ballot was taken at the East India | House lor the Election of a Director, in the room of John Manship, Esq. resigned. At nine o'clock i.- i the evening the scrutineers reported the numbers to be,— for Wm. YVigram, Esq. ; for James Daniel, Esq. 45,9 ; for Evles Irwin, Esq. 440; for Anthony Chamier, Esq. 323. Whereupon Mr. Wigram was declared duly elected. LONGEVITY.— There is now living- in Bethual- Green a man named Davis, in the 105th year of his age, in perfect health, and iu full possession of all bis faculties.— In the retired parish of IJanbeclr, in the Isle of Anglesea, there is living a woman named Winifred Rees, who is said to cttained the age of i 1,9 years: she enjoys the lease of a cottage, i: i which she has resided 105 years. Her sight is good, and she has the use of all her mental faculties, with a considerable degree of strength and activity. CORN- EXCUASOB, May 12.— Sales of Wheat are again heavy, at rather lower juices, as are also Barley and Malt. White Peas and Beans of the two kinds as bef re. Oats are rather cheaper, excepting samples of the first quality. Flour sales are heavy, at last reduction. To the Sheriff of the Comity of Wilts. Sir,, ' April - 21, 1809. WE the under- signed Freeholders and other Land- holders of the County of WILTS, request that vou will be pleased to call a Meeting of the Inhabitants of this County on some early day that may be convenient to you, in order to afford us, and the Inhabitants of the County in ge- neral, an opportunity of publicly giving our Thank- to GWYU. Y- M LLOYD WARDLE, Esq. M. P. for his upright and disinterested conduct during the reecnt Enquiry, and also of expressing our sentiments upon the subjects developed during that Enquiry. H. Hunt, Sans Souci Cottage Wm, Collins, New Sarum Samuel Beeby, ditto James Whitmarsh, ditto J. L. M. Wyatt, ditto H. Jeffrey, ditto George Short, ditto John Beekingsale, ditto Alex. Minty, ditto John Woodward, ditto Thomas Adams, ditto Michael Burrough, ditto T. R. Guest, ditto John Dennis, sen. ditto John Dennis, jun. ditto Francis Stokes, ditto Samuel Jones, ditto Nicholas Brown,. ditto Isaac Young, ditto John Bishop, Calne Thomas Bryan Bishop, ditto J- sse Coster, Enford Wm, Hunt, ditto Thomas Oakford, ditto Samuel Everert, New Sarum R. B. Wray, ditto Jnsiah Benet, ditto Thomas Marks, ditto Wm. Long, ditto Thomas Roles, ditto Richard Hopgood, ditto Samuil Devenish, ditto Thomas Chapman, ditto Geo,. Mackrell, ditto Thomas Futcher, ditto John Sw'eatman, ditto Wm. Smart, ditto John Batchclor, ditto Wm. I-' nch, Luverstock Robert Io S, New Sar'um Richard Fitz, ditto Charles Othcm, ditto I!-- nry Blatch, ditto Richard Rooke, ditto Thomas Wi'ki -, ditto James Alner, ditto John Allam, ditto Samuel Gibbons, NewSarum A. Wharton, ditto James Easton, ditto John Philpott, ditto MatthewTargett, ditto J. Baster,' Rdwde John Coleman, Melksham Thomas Bourne, ditto Jjhn Axford, Eastcott Robert Weylen, Devizes Geo. Matcham, New Sarum John Matcham, ditto H. Wye- he, ditto Samuel Whitchurch, ditto Richar: l Sutton, ditto WITH Trotman James Ranger, ditto Rev Wm. Moody, Bathamp- ton- House R. v. Joshua Winter, Rector of Codford St. Mary Matthew Davics, Warminster johuBleeck, ditto Wm. llu^ hes, ditto Henry Wansey, jun. ditto P. Warren, ditto Georefe Wansey, ditto Tho. Cousens, Heytesbury E. SI, l ie, Warminster John Seagram, ditto Thomas Down, ditto John Everett, ditto Benjamin Everett, ditto R. Kv - rett, ditto John Barter, Thoulston J Noyes, jun. Chippenham Robert Sadler, ditto John Mead, Calne Wm. Miles, surgeon, ditto John Fowler, Deviz. s Wm. Sed- field, ditto Alark Burton, ditto Win. Pullen, ditto Wm. Way leu, ditto Wm. Biggs Wm. B, Axford, Eastcott Wm. Akermar, Patnev To the Freeholders and atlier Inhabitants of the COUNTY OF WILTS. GENTLEMEN, IAM happy to observe that the Countv of Wilts has awakened from their DEEP SLEEP, anil that they have determined to follow the noble example that has been set by so many Counties, cities, and boroughs, of this King- dom, to return their thar. Ss to G. L. WAITDI. E, Esq. for the unparalleled intrepidity he displayed in bringing forward in the House of Commons charges of so serious a nature against his Royal Highness the late Commander in Chief. If ever there was a period when it was necessary for the People to animate bv THEIR support the patriotic exertions of Public Men, NOW is the time. [ 1897 May 10, 1809. A WILTSHIRE FREEHOLDER. To the Printers of the Salisbury & Winchester Journal, SIRS, , S a Rector in the County of Wilts, I beg; leave, through your very excellent and provincial Paper, to suggest some few hints to my Wiltshire friends, previously to tiie meeting of Wednesday next. I would not object to a vote of thanks to Mr. Wardle, if it were drawn up in temperate language. But against any further proceedings, as a lover of mv King, Constitution, and Country, and as a detester of Bonaparte,' I would pr, lest. Anilfqi these reasons : 1. The object of the Enquiry has been answered ; therefore enough has been done. 2. A generous- hearted Englishman disdains to trample on a man wnen he is down, and insuit him in his distress. 3. Respect is due to old age ; and no man, who feels as be- comes a man, would give pain to our virtuous and most bene- volent king, at the age of seventy. - L- Bonaparte knows how to employ money and art. He has emissaries and agents. They will, and thev do, seize every opportunity of increasing discontent among us. 5. Faction among us is the - very work that will serve Bona- parte s cause. They that hold on the side of faction, without meaning to be the friends of our enemy, yet really and most substantially are the friends of Bonaparte. 6. I have already heard enough in other counties to know, that at this time much more is to be feared from blind and fu- rious sedition, than from any occasional practices of political corruption. 7. P ' litical corruption is the sin of man : furidus sedition is the sin of devils. [! 883 May 10, 1809. A WILTSHIRE RECTOR. nominated. Several other boroughs bowed ro the 5 lfiucnee of the Treasury in the samt way. But the prin • • ipal transaction which implicated the Noble Lord and the 1 tight Hon. Gentleman was, that Mr. Ooiiuin Dick paid a sum of money to Mr. Henry Wellesley, Secretary of the Treasury, for a Seat iu the House as Representative of the borough of Cashel, which seat be was to procure through tlie influence of Lord Castlereagh, and Mr. Perceval was privy to the transaction. Mr. Dick had the seac; but happening to differ, with tbe Noble Lord and his Right Hon. colleague 011 a particular point,— informing them on a late investigation, that he should, vote against the Duke of York, th"}- suggested to him the propriety of vacating Ills seat, rather than give such a vote, and Mr. Dick va- cated accordingly. He moved that evidence should' be examined at the bar oil these facts 011 Monday. The Chancellor of the Exchequer said, be could not con- sider the present charge as particularly directed againat him, but brought merely to shew the necessity of a Par- liamentary reform. He deprecated the proceeding as cal- culated to destroy all social intercourse, and impede all public busiuess. But he should leave it to the House to decide on its propriety.— He then withdrew. Lord Casllereagh spoke to the same effect, and with- drew also. Mr. Cartwright and Sir Charles Morgan were both of opinion that it was unnecessary to go into the proposed enquiry, since the bill for preventing the obtaining of seats by undue means would answer every purpose required. Sir Francis Rdrdett expressed his astonishment that any Gentleman shouVd contend that these practices, which were pregnant with ruin to tbe Constitution, Ought not to be enquired into and punished. Bonaparte could have no better allies than men possessing these principles, which had brought, destruction 011 tbe ancient Governments of the Continent* Ln\\ l Milton said, it was evident that abuses of the nature . complained of did exist; but they were of long standing, and by 110 means peculiar to the present Mini- sters, therefore he was not for singling- them out as objects - of punishment. He- should prefer having the matter re- ferred to a private committee, who might report oil the remedy for the evil. He moved an amendment to that effect. Ijtrd Folhestone observed, that tlie present motion seemed to have a wonderful effect in changing the opinions of some Members 011 the subject of the bill for preventing the obtaining seats by undue means. That bill was- at. first pronounced to !>•• unnecessary, but now it was held tip to view as well- calculated to reform the evil Mr. Windham was averse to the punishment of an in- dividual for the amendment of a general abuse. Mr. Tierney propositi an amendment, the object of which was to omit Mr. Perceval's name in the charge, and to make it solely against Lord Castlereagh. Mr. If'Uhcrjbrce was for going into the enquiry. Mr Canning spoke against it. After several other Members had spoken, Lord Milton withdrew bis amendment, and that proposed by Mr Tieri » .- y was negatived without a division. The House di- vided 011 the main question, when the numbers were, Ayes 85, Noes 340. Majority against the motion 225.— Ad- journed at half past two. EIR1 IIS.] On tbe 3( 1 in t. at Lord Hereford's seat in Herefordshire, the Viscountess Hereford of a sou.— O. i Sa- turday, in Lower Grosvenor- street, the Lady of Sir John Shell.}', Bart, of a son.—- Same day, at Wilton Park, tbe Lady of Col. Maxwell, M. P. of a daughter.— On Monday, the Lady of Co!. Clephane, M. P. of a daughter. MARRIED.] Ill December last, at Madras, Lieiit.- Col. Monro, (^ uarter- Master- Genei: d of the Army, I o Mis- C, Blacker, daughter of the Itev. Dr. Blacker, of Wells.— On Saturday, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Capt. dames, of the Scots Greys, to Lady F. Hay, sister to the Earl of Errol.— Same day, atMarybone, James ! 5o} le Delap, Esq. of the 1st Dragoon Guards, to Miss lliliier, eldest, daughter of N. Hillier, Esq. of Stoke Park, Stuty.— Oa Monday, Wm. Milner, Esq. eldest son of Sir Wm. i'. iilner, Bart, to Miss Harriet, Benrinck, daughter of Lord '•'.. Bentinek.— On Tuesday, Ma. jo: Wm. Eustace, of the 9G1I1 regiment, to Miss Talbot, only daughter of Richard Wngan Talbot, Esq. of Maliahide Castle, M. P. for the co. Dublin.— Same day, Edvv. Grove, Esq. of Sheas. 011 Park, Staffordshire, to Vi is Knieiia H'artopp, second daughter of Sir Edward Craddock Ilartopp, Bart.— Lately, the Hen. Capt. Gard- ner, It. N. to, Miss C. V. Straubcnz e, of Yorkshire.— On the 4th inst. Capt. Richard Harvey, of Charewater Mine, in C: rnwall. a* od 64 years, t « Mix Uebeeea Pear e, aged Ty years, a handsome young woman, and not destitute of fortune. DIED.] Lately, at the Brazils, Commodore Michel).— On the 7 th of January, at. the Cape of Good Hope, Andrew Cassels, Esq. Supreme Judge of the Vice- Admiralty Court there— On Sunday, suddenly, atDawlish, Patrick Pearse Walsh Porter, Esq. of Farucome House, in Worcester- shire: he had ordered bis carriage to be ready for him at IN compliance with th? abova Request, I do hereby ap- pointa Meeting Of the Inhabitants of tbe said Countv, to be holden at the Town- hall of the City of Salisbury, on Wednes- day tiie 17th instant, at twelve o'clock at noon. 13,83] • CHARLES WARRE MA LET, WII, BURY- HOUSE, May 4, IS09. SHERIFF. LONDON, FRIDAY, MAY 12. Yesterday morning Government received dispatches from Portugal. They were brought by the Statira, which sailed from Lisbon on the 25th ult:. Sir A. Wellesley had arrived there 011 the 22< 1, after a passage of seven day— Our army was in the field, and was advancing towards Oporto, which was expected to surrender. The reports of the progress of a large French army under Gen. Victor on the eastern frontiers of Portugal, is stated to be wholly without foundation. Victor, according to the last ac- counts, remained at Merida. Gen. Beresford was engaged in organizing the. Portuguese. army, which is reported to be now formidable, both in point of numbers and dis- cipline. five in the morning, but when his valet entered his room to cc'- l him, he found him dead in his bed : an abscess bad form d on bis liver, the bursting of which is supp,, s'd to have occasioned his death.— A few days ago, at Leominster, the Rev, Sir John Dutto- i Colt, " ijart. aged 90 years, Rector of Cold Wesson, & c— Last week, at Frbme, Mr. James Crouch, aged 98 years. BARRACK- OFFICE, NEW- STREET, SPRING- GVRO^ NS, May!), ]?(> 9. SUCH. Persons as arc willing to. contract for erect- ing certain additional BUILDINGS to Ike Barracks at. PA& KBURST, in the Ist. E OF WIGHT, may SIC the plans, spe- cifications, and form of contract, and bond for the same, at tliis Office, any day after the 2Zd inst. between the hours. of'tcn and. Jour o'clock. The proposals must, be addressed to " Tne Comrr. ission. ers for the Affairs of Barracks, Barrack- OJjir New- street, Spring- gardens," with " Tender for erecting Adcli- tvms to the. Barracks at Parkhurst" marked on the eoner, and delivered at the Barrack- Office, sealed up. on or l- efo- e two o'clock on ilie 1 of June next., after winch hour no tender will be received. The. party tendering must, l- e prepared [ ifjt two sureties in £ 25 per cent, each on the amount, for the due performance of the contract. [ 1943 I1 CANFORD INCLOSURE. THE Commissioners having found som » consider- able difficulties in dividing and allotting the Waste and Mud Lands on the N. West side of Poole, extending to the- Channel and Lake leading to Crcekmbor, hereby request that the Proprietors in Poole, who may be desirous of Having the whole- or any part of their Allotments set out in that situation, will, within three weeks from this day, deliver to Mr. Castleman, their Clerk, a request in writing for that purpose. Dated l lth May 1809. RICHARD GEE. WILLIAM DRIVES. 1.057] WILLIAM CLAPCOTT. The day before the Statira sailed from Lisbon, the Tri- umph, of 74 guns, and upwards of 70 sail of transports, full of troopi, arrived in the Tagus. The troops imme- diately began to disembark. A neutral vessel arrived . yesterday at Dover, from Holland, and brought a report of the Ausu ians li- ivin£ gained a victory over the left wing of the French army. There has' for some time been a report, of an insur- restion against the authority of Jerome Bonaparte, in Hesse Ot - el; . until, is now said that this insurrection ha; a- umed a very formidable appe.. ran= e. CANFORD INCLOSURE. ANY Persons do- irons of contracting for gravelling, the new Road branching out of the Turnpike from Poole to Wimborne, between the second and third mile stones, and lending to Great Canford, of the width of 25 fee', and about a mile in length, and also for forming and gravelling the Road over- Ensburv Green, are desired forthwith to send their pro- posals iu writing to Mr. Castleman, our Clerk, at Wimborne. Dated llth May 1809. RICHARD GEE, W- M. DRIVER. ^ Commissioners. 1958J WM. CLAPCOTT, j ' Great Sottietford, alias Broad Some/ ford Inclosarp. N'OTiCK is hereby given, that the Commissioners named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament, passed'in the 4oth year of the reign of ins Majesty, for in- closina Lands in the parish of Gre'it Somerford, otherwise Broad Somerford, in the county " Of Wilts, intend to meet on the 2: 3d day of th's instant May, at six o'clock in the after- noon, at the Angei Inn, in Chippenham, in the county of Wilts, and proceed the next day io the further execution of the powers vested in them in cind by the said Act; and that they will hold a sptcial General Meeting, on Thursday the S > th instant, at twelve o'clock at nrton, at the place aforesaid, for tbe purpose ot'reading over their award; and that during such special Meeting they intend executing the said award, at whjeh time and place the proprietors" or persons interested in the said Inclosure may attend if thev think proper.— Dated May 11, 1809. JOHN UE'- TH, 192SJ. Clerk to the said Commi, . tars. HMO he SOLD by AUCTION, by J. , rowt, JL at the Old Antelope Inn, in " .. ie, on - Thursday the 15th day of June, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon,, subject to the conditions to be then produced, Lot I.— A Messuage, with the Office:; and Garden thereto adjoining, at the upper end of High- street, in Poole, now in the occupation of Captain Tait. Lot 2.— A Messuage, adjoining Lot 1, with the Offices and Garden thereto belonging, now in lha occupation of Mr. Orchard. Lot 3.—- A'Messuage, adjoining Lot f!, .>': • sand Garden, and also a Workshop tea r r : a in the occupation of Mr. W. Reev a / 1' he above hous s are ; aa '. d are in a very pe asant situation. The tenure is leasehel ' • ' - e s i the d- th of three lives, una is r. new- able for ever on payrr. r ' for further particu! . : v I'a >] c, or to Mr. Barter, ti: r ['. 9- 0 TO THE IXUA1UTA VTS tiF WILTSHIRE. GENTLEMEN, AS 1 have lha honour of addressing vou on a /" a. national and universal, - i « eresting subject, the late Inquiry in the House of Cor*:.: : , and rot doubting but I sh 11 coincide, in opinion w. tli all, those persons who are go- verned by t e pur. live of truth, or zeal for the honour and safety of their country, I am confident that an apology for this hberty would be deemed superfluous : 1 shall not, there fore, otter any for submitting to your serious consideration the following cursory observations on this topic, so naturally interesting at the. present time to every weli- wisher of his country. You will observe that a Meeting of the Inhabitants of this County : S convened . by the Sheriff, at the request of 92 respectable. I- -. eeholders, who, laying aside all minor con sideratior-. s, and animated by the best public f& irigs, have conic, at a very short notice, from all quarters of the'county, with ban Is and hsaris at once indicating a general spirit of independence, not easily to be subdued. The Requisition is not only to enable us to oScr our jrateful thanks to Mr WAIIIM. E, but to ado'd us : I opportunity cf publicly anp constitutionally expressing our opinion upon the'different matters brou ht before to. ' aubiic, through his laudable perseveiin;, and patriotic exertions. In this investigation of national abuses he has undertaken a hazardous task! to no- thing hut. his consc- ous recti, u ie can its success he attributed he h is had to a counter, e. therto, unheard- of difficulties Tbe DUKE of YORK, who was the subject of his charges, stood iu .. pre- eminent situation, and it required more than common share of courauo and public honesty to stand forth the accuser of . a man who was the third in rank, the second in power, and the Jirst in • njhencc in the State. What Mr. W A HOLE'S reward ? He has the satisfaction to see that his - xertions have venerated public virtue in the nation 1 tnj a to an extent more, ample than he could have expected from ties immediate Inquiry: He receives the daily thank, ci thousands fir having revived a common concern, whiei was ie. d eaa r r, f continuing in oblivion from want of svm- p <'\ for tbe sutf* rers. Wdl the Inhabitants of the County of Wilts wit'n- h'' id their, tribute of grateful praise? If ever t .!'•• Ware a time irr- the histor; of a country which loudly c 1! d for the universal apolause of the people, as the reward for .-- nerous Efforts of public virtue— NOW is THAT TIME. i look forward with confidence that all respectable men, of every rank and description, will attend this Meeting, and devote one day to the sacred trust reposed in them by their forefathers, aad thereby convince the whole county, tr there, . are, in Wiltshire, men sufficiently honest and deter- mined to maintain tr. e spirit as well as the letter of the British Constitution. It. b- hoves every Englishman to assist- Mr. WAKDLL in this great undertaking; but it you withhold your public approbation on this clay, pu will become a party to t;.* urr Oder of your dearest rights and liberties. If it be ask : I, -, vo r. would be the weightof an individual in the great scale of public affairs— my answer is, in the words of the great Lord tloimgcroke, " The Brit, sh Constitution is tne business " of every Briton." Let m- i i- irfd ypu, Gentlemen, that t'oe individual neglect of po » li(£ » ? y has dissolved thegr etc st Empires, and sunk them into tf^ n ar ahitct state of p' vertv and s! - very. It is from ties ev'la'uniess sp eddy removed by the unanimous exertions of thereapiej that England has to dread th. most fatal consequences If any thing w re -. vantin. to animate you to a high sens- of year'public duty on this occasion, recollect that in ties County you have to. boast the honoured names, of BURDETT and FOLKESTONE. Such cha- racters as these are mo justly appreciated by every Eeglishman to require any eulogy of mine ; » nd thoui'h we led indignant that only 4 out of tbe a- 1 Members that ate sent to the I louse ofComm ns for this County are seen in theglori - us Minority Of 1- 25, yet, for th" honour of Wiltshire, let it never be for:?, at- n, that we Observe with pride in tbac list the names of HUSSEY and GooDAitu. That the p. ople of Swindon and North Wiitshir s. wiH do justic to tie latter there c- not exisst'a doubt; that th" p opl_- of Salisbury and the South will cease to '. . ore tar .\' e. s7or- i ke qualifications of the forjVierTs im- possible.— Aliow ine, Gcnttenen,- hefore I conclude, to ob- serve to you, that frilm the impartial character " f Sir CUAIII. ES MA LET, the High" Sheriff; wtmay augur every thing that is desirable in tbe conducting ofthis Meeting. When I had the honour of waiting on him witi the ' Requisitionf he discovered that nobleness ot manner wbch proves him itorthy of that hhh rank and the disrin : ui, hed official situation he holds in the County ; at once cdmhnhrig the policeiiPf^ Ji.^ a gentle- man witii the unreserved hcs- oitalityof an ane'^ nt Bri. too.— In delivering these. serui'uetjs, 1 have only - ecu. exercising my privilege as a Fret holds), been acting consistently with my political opinions and win the ideas I have' formed, of. the duties which, as a Man, Iowe to my native Coun'v,— as a loyal - Subject, to mv KineJ- aod as aa independent Eneli- ii.- m--. tr, to that Constitudon vhich was the envy and admira- tion of the whole Wo ild, I am, Gentemcn, With ufteigned respect. flRSS You obedient humble servant, SANS SOUCI COTTAGE, WAY S, Ifiog. H. HUNT. — : • - AN Advertisement taring . appeared in the lli. si Sa- lisbury and Winclster Journal ( the! Srti of May), stating certain Resolution, and a Letter of Thanks to Colonel Wardie, as- having beenagreed to by the town aad vacinitv oi CnristchiTieh, it is jtfgid expedient to explain that that meeting was called in cos quence of the following notice : ^ CHRISTCTIUIICII- T Aprii 57, 1 SI'. 9. " SUCH of the Inhalants of this ;,-. W, I as are desirous of expr . esing their gr iti'tucs to G. L. WA an I. E. Esq. for 1 : -. '. ate patriotic con el uct in Parlim ' tit, are r.- aen sted to assemble at ill : G- x) ree loo, at twete o'clock on Saturday next, when a letter ofthanks wii) bc| > o; itted for thsirconsideration." And. that the uncieP eoed are the names of those re- spectable. Inhabitants » d Freeholders who signed the letter j/> m. Jeans Ti. Wellcinshaw John Saicer [ H. Dale-, i'un. ' Geo. R. Tiller P. W. Jackson John Atfr. dge W. 1. WRIGHT I- i. G. Vince ' Matt. Aldridge John Goddatd Rt. H. Cox M. AL- nadee, jun. HICijaRD NORMS. Chao- rr NEW TURNPIKE ROAD BETIVEEN WINCHESTER AND GOSPORT. T is proposed to apply to Parliament for an Act for the m: ik; ng of a Turnpike Itoad from Winchester to Gisport, to pass from Bar End, at Winchester, through Twyford, Crowd- Hill, Fair Oak, Bothy, and Swannick,' to join the Bursledon Turnpike Road at Park Gate, upon Titch- field Common, which road leads directly to Gosport through 1' itchfield. There is', in this way, not a single Hill, of any consequence, between Winchester' and Gosport, and the dis- tance is supposed to be shorter than that between Winchester nt Gesport By the way of Bishop's Waltham. Such Gentlemen as ar•• c!> sirous ' of promoting this undertaking, will please to xneet ee at tbe Georee and Draron, at FAII; OAK on Tuesday the l a'ih instant, at revive o'c. odk at noon, fo the purpose of ordering a Survey and of making other pre- liminary arrangements. Mau 4 1809 WM. COB3F. TT, may t, isoj. EDWARD HOUGHTON, JOHN HUNT, JAMES WARNER, EDWARD GUILLAUME, RICHARD HICKLEY, GEORGE RObiNSON. N. B. The Gentlemen Landholders in TitcbfcUl ire par- ticularly requested to attend. [ 1807 CiilTTSRN, WILTS. TO he SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by GERHARD and Co. on Thursday Mav IS 1* 09 All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Implements of Husbardry, and other Effects, the property of Mr. G Pal er quitting his residence; comprizing four- post, to t, and other bedsteads, with cotton, morine, and check tor. ture • pr me goose feather beds, mattresses, blankets, ouilis, and cotton counterpanes; mahogany wardrobe, bureau, and eh s' of drawers; mahogany dining and tea tables, painted and stained chairs, two capital eight- day clocks in rich japanned cases, pier and dressing glasses, Kidderminster carpet, stove and other grates; a quantity ot pewter, brass, and copper articles • kitchen requisites, breVing and dairy utensils, twelve prime iron- bound hogsheads, four pipes, & c. The Farming Stock consists of four capital narrow- wheeled waggons, two with iron arms; one cart, two oak rollers pair of drags, five harrows, three two- whetl plouehs : a quan- tity of trace, thill, and plough harness; stav! 1- stones and " F^^ uowing tackle complete, a quantity offiia - w . d, See. tgjt On account of the numberof lots the sale wiil com- mence precisely at ten o'clock. fl5SSU TURNPIKE From the Golden Fqrnifr Bill, near Bagshot, in the county of Surry, to the several towns of ' Basingstoke and '. ' diham, in Hants; and from Odihwn to StcalUmJieid, in Wills. NOTICE fo hereby given,—' Tint' the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gat.* of Newrooms and H -. rtky- Rqw ( including tlw Tolls payable at the Weight Kn^ iuc); sitduUc at the Blackwater Gat?; will - be POT LP TO AUCTION, t. the best bidder, at ths next ni ctieg o! the Trustees, held ( by adjournment! at the hau « e 01" Thomas Parsons, the King's Aims Inn, in Muriel!, en Thursday the 18th day of May inst. between the , hours of eleven and two o'cloek, for tlie term of three years, to commence from tiie 24th day of June next, in the manner d r. . t d by an Act passed in the ! 3th yea/ of the rei,; n of his present Majesty, " I'or regulating Turnpike Roads;" which To'Js, arising at the said several Gates and Weighing Engin'", w re kit for the sum of ,£. 2105 the last year, clear of the collectors salari s Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must, at the same time, give security-, with sufficient sureties, for payment of the rent or rents agreed for, and at such times as the Trustees shall direct.— Dated the 1th d , y of May, IS0.9. IS77J R. RAGGETT, Clerk to the Trustees. A TAN- YARD. ' O be LETT by SURVEY for a Term, on the premises in the town of Bruton,- ia the county of So- merset, on Thursday the 18th day'of May 1809, precisely at two o'clock in the afternoon, the present occupier being aoing to decline trade,— Consisting of- a large and complete TAN- YARD, now in full work, the same family having the good- will elf the trade upwards of seventy yeai ; together with a DWELLING- HOUSE, Garden, and oilier Offic- s, and about ten acr - s of good Pasture Ground part of it orchard), plea- santly situated, and all adjoining. The said Y:. rd consists of eighty tau pits, four li- mes, beam- house, water pools, drying shad s, bark barn, mill- house, kiln, bark shop', also two good stables and a wa. m- house, The person becomoig tenant mayt be accommodated with about 100 tons « f Bark, now on th : premises, at a fair valua- tion :— also all the Utensils belonging to tbe said trade. The tan- yard being ten miles distant from any other, there1 have been boo-:- it . jo i d , z - n of skins in a season ; and also - in the said neighbourhood may be obtained 300 toes of bark in a season. The said tan- yard and premises may be entered upon at any time agreeable to tbe taker. Bruton, in th- a ecunty aforesaid, is situate about 30 miles cast from Taunton- Dean, 36 west from Salisbury, 25 south west from Bristol and Bath ; and three or tour good market- towns about five miles distant frpm. Bruton. KS* The t nant may be accommodated with a well- qualified pc rsoo or the above business. 1 For foo'V)- particulars apply to Mr. William Robins, of hruton, in " 1.- said county; if by letter, post pad. [ H5S; BECK. HAMPTON INN, Five mites from Marlborough, sece/ i'from Calne, and twelve J rout Chippenham. RJPO he SOLD by- AUCTION, by HARRY ROSS, J. on tbe premises, on Friday the 19th cb y of. May, at two o'clock in th-' afternoon,— This valuable INN, with five acres of Land contiguous eheretsituate at the junction of the two roads from aath through Chippenham arid Devizes to Marl- horough. - An early posse ssion may be lead. For further particulars applv at the office of Guv and Mi- chell, in Chippenham ; if by . letter, pose paid. ' fl643 • ' SOMERSET. nr^ O be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Ant- el Tnn, .' « in Sherborne, in the c. unty of Dorset, en Tla esd-- a ! e 1- th day of May 18' 19, subject to suebcohditi s ., . i s then produced,— Several Ci- s- s of improvable l- hi EHi'd D LANDS anel PREMISES, containing about 38-> acres 9 n ods and ; 36 perches '( be tl.- e same more or less), situate w'tbin the parish or Yeovilton, and parcel of them, nor ot Speckinaton and Brid. gr hamptoii, in the county of Somerset. For a view ot the premises apply to Mr. S. Bu wn, or Mr. R. Sealy, at Sp akii. gton, cd whom printed parncu1. rs ma; he had— aiso at the Blue Bell, lielnster ; M. reoaid, Yeovd ; Greyhound, Winc. nton; and of Mr. Ilarb. n, at:. may, Sherbon. e, where apUn may be seen. [:- 122 alio r r. a . ieir older Jol Gee -\ ldnbes R. VV. SI 0 Aminos - Daw W -.. I iday Samuel llieks . ben. Elli;, c Martu, Stokes V a, • ,!:- u.-.{ .1 hn Sa- a. t bootrt D-. vv Henry Dak 1H « )] Charles Hicks Rienar! Dale Win. Blake Robert Bound Wm. Hatch ird Wm. Blake, jun. H. Matbee- s' Job,:: Giliingham A. I'aek Antoony Daw J nr.. s l. ockyer J. Aidrulge, jun. Capital Manor and Farm in ? PWsk: re. npO be SOLD by AlJCTtON, by lip. }, vigut, M at th : Bctr Inn, Deviz - a, Wilts on ' • \ l day of May ISf. fl, at three o" 1 ck in tit- aft r . vo'--.- •>'•{, • I. INOR or LORDSHIP of Y \ ThS-. URV 1: .!'. ".. • <} in the county of Wilts, with the d . i ts, Land- tax, f i IT, R y- alties, ami Appurtenant; s : h of; oompr'.- ii" i « , » I F nn- house, with all oe essary f, :.. , st. ibl . uM. uifo:., s, cot- tages, and about Si'< acres <. f good arabi , nv. adow', •'„ d pas- ture land, now on L-.- se f t the r re> ai.. der of a ter n <..• \ ' ' rs of which 6 were unexpired :. t Lady- day last, n il, v low ck ar yearly rent Of £ 270 ; sundry Land's, ar, untine to m. w ids of - SO i. ercs, now out on ce -. pies of court- roll, and chie fly hc: d by one oil life only ; and sundry C< ttages, <. ow also on- < n co- pies of court- toll, and mostly fullstat d. The Minor, Farm, and' Premises [ exeept about " 0 ac res) are held by l. ase undec the Prebend.,)'. f the IV 1 nd of Yatesbury, found ed in the Cathedral Chun h ' of S . nun. for three good lives, subject to the i s , vd V srly r r, t . f /.' 3.. S.. 8; and these 60 acres are Freehold, and exonerated from land- tax. Yatcsbary is situate in - a fine sporting country, ut f.- ur miles from Calne, and seven from De\ izec'. no Si ,•'>. r sib, near the turnpike read from Bat:, to i.: ,, • , Ki niru- Jarly adapted lor the residence and occupation of a e ntiem'an farmer. ( O* Mr. George Ruddle, of Yatesbury, will sh: w the premises, Printed particulars will be ready by the 1st of May, and may be had at the Castle, in Marlborou. b ; Spread « .:' i .. in Salisbury; Catherine Wheel, i- i Cain: ; a- id of Ih Awc- tioneer, and Mr. Hughes, • attorney, office a map of the estate may be s in D at w nose py~ a CHARD MoKSav DESIRABLE RESIDENCE NEAR BATH. npO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the York Hotel, 1 in the city of Bath, on Saturday the 27th day . t May inst. precisely at twelve o'clock at noon, unless-, disposed of in tie mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given,— All that FREE! lo;. D MANSION- HOUSE, together with a Hot- house, and about three acr - s of Pleasure Ground, well laid out, and excellently supplied with a choice collection of fruit trees, situate in the: delightful village of Batlif rd, about ih'ree miles from Bath.— On the ground floor are a drawing- room 99 by 2- 2, best bed- room 22 by ] H,- dining- parloures by 17, library 23 t. y 17, servants' h dl, store- room, . butler's room, kiteh- en, larder, pantry, dairy, wine and beer c'ellars, and everv other convenience \ the upper story consists of several exc i> a. t bed- rooms, besides servants' rooms. In an inclosed y: d uijoining the dwelling- house are two stables ' for three hoises in - ich, also a double coach- house, and rooms over them for 111 n servants. The premises are Freehold, and capable, at a small expence, of being made one of the most complete and. enviable spots in' the county of Someiset: th v stand on an eminence, and command a beautiful view, with a great extent oi the river Avon. Tickets, to view the premises, mav be had, and further particulars known, bv applying to Mr. lilse, coriv, vancer, I'ouriCain- build. oc's, ciatb. flcOS A CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARM. ' T'O he SOLD by AUCTION, by R- I KNI HT, at the Bear Inn, in 1; viz- s", n the 181 h day of June next,— All that capital and - b sitai a FARM, II. cl SHAW FAiiw. situate in the par'sh ,. /> v ro n, in the county » f Wilts; n-\ v intheoc opation'o' R-',- ''' hn- Neate, as tenant thereof, wliose term x n'es at Mieha : m s next: c. impr'zma a f- rm hinjse, with b: necessary bams, stables, outbuildings, and yards; a-:-, e pw rds ce - la- o eei s acres 01 arable. me. adow, p'- sure, • coppic , ai d d - wn tan*. The premises are free from great tyth . arid • xon rat'- d :'•- in land t,. x -, are situate in a fi: e sporting c untry, aia uiidii g with came; and are. distant fo. vu miles fr - MarP " rouah, ten mile.: from D viz as, and a sh rr way onlv from tho great turnpike road between I ondon ar. d Bath. Printed particulars wiil'be r . dy by ihe 25tb inst. r, rd may b - ha: it the Castle, in Marl1ore uab ; ihc Lord's Arms, n W rmir eter; the Spread Eaale, in Salisburv : il • Alice 1. > n Cbippenl' ' la : and of the .. uc'ioneer, and Mr. f- iugb s,^ attor- ney, in Devizes, at whose office a plan cf the farm, a av 1 e seen. ' fito'i IS.'. E Of PUR'SECK, DORSET. TO be SOi. l) ( in 1' KE), pursuant to a Decree" of the High Court cd Chancery, bearing date the 9.8th day of Anrd 1_ V> 7_, made in a cause ent'tlcd Foolers •• /. ore.— One- uod vii' d MOIETY of a FARM and LAN.' -., Nor'h Eggleston-,- in the ji r; s'n of Tynan, m. n Purbeck, in the county ot VJ 1 set; te' - . cvaa d standing and growing thercoi'. The sr. l ' est te will be :- d- i i-: ONI: :, O-.-, ' Comat- e, Cm-, Ksa. on: : h ' I. •• rs o thepuolic Sale- room of the said C'.- uit, io S ) UtS en. ings, ChaM .. ly- ian- e. ( a- a i. 0. on 0 a h ' 1. between the hours -. f two anil thre- o'cd c k in t , — pcrticulars Svhereof m v i- e , ht, I . ri, ia Mast- a-' s chambers ih South oTipto-.. ni; o>. „\ tbe ) l ' ! i - n, W. rcd-. an- i ; theS -.' ip, C, e eC - d -. ' " ' ' " " 1; and the Ant i. , ! J" iches e- ; sed citors, in the T- my: - l.,-,-, d. r, soli - it r, in War: Jia,: t:, Dor: t fi/ ). I ao « . o. t. at of 1' er 1 Pore.' Mr. G-. Wa 1 orge toll Ell AM. ./,": ' / i/ Uhiicd. price Orc'pkii'in. LETTMR to SAM KL .. iHTiii- upon the Duke- of Y- ob's A.- ;, - d, t' 1 important Papers,, and P ••>'. •::. e," i,; P.- f „ m. it Pap By il r.' nted for the Author, London- * !-; AD. Esq. . b eea uceion of Mi', S CLA1 le. and sold by Jo,. e N w • < t - street, rl' 72 • GG\ yfN'E Ul- li OF MRS.- C'I. A! f th; s-; destined' to ioe fiei: .'•'•.' wr : - n by herself ( embellished with' her Fori it, colour;.'., the only striking likeness extant , of "' FIE AUTHENTIC AND IMPAKTF AL UVE ef Mr*. MARY AN\ E CI. ARK", contamin e „ r le- rourorgii: I Letters of tli- s ek- bne l. rynH » « DitV of York, a curious original Poem. fee. with niat. y nt Facts, illustrative of the late j- i port t-. t Investia'atio , nevtr beforcpubhshe-'. * By W. CLARKE, Fsq. To prevent impdsitiein, the public are requested to lv p- rti- cui Tin or. ttrif. the Second Kdition of Clarl: Lif- • Clarke, published by T. Kellv, No. 52, P tcr'tio r r w, r. o'idon ; and sold by Btodie, Dowdir. g, and Luxi'orr bary. [ i4S9 r P1TTON, NEAR W1NTERSLOW, WILTS TX) be SOLI) by AUCTION, W Messrs. GATE- 1 HDUSR, on the Premises, on Thursday the nth of fevi^' nfo, lo* » nJ| day,— Ali t ee llOUSFHOLt) • UltMrURfc, Farming Stock, and . ether Eri. cfs, „ te the iroperty of Mr. JOHN NEWBBBRY, d-. ceasod. The Mto- K : ompnse> s 120 . sheep of different d scriptions, s. Ven i.- w rful Iraught horses with their harness, two narr w- wli el w - ; ons, tour carts, four rollers, two pi uahs . n pVt , t'r ' s ind harrows, a bailey rick, thirteen quarters of thrilled jarlev, two ditto of oats, and six sacks of wh-. t; a'rek etaddle upon nine stones, ten dozen hurdltS. fiv- stuk" of aees, two sows and pigs, two doz n • acks, a th if.- r. u . d ladder, van and stocks, heaver. ated ditto, seMKtffc - chump, re, : haff- cutter, corn- line, old iron, & c. The Futnitur • consists of four- post aprUetber b dstet. d'- j with cotton furniture, seasoned f ather beds and !• d ' in - enest of drawers, pier and swing passes, chairs, t itb'- hour c. ock with oak case, oval dining and sqhawnables, a'squerc cooler, four iron- bound c,. sks of ditier. nt sizes, a -:-, ' a'ion brewing copper, washing tubs, pickling ditto, a . » •„.;, v of IK, con and twelve cheeses at per lb. about l ALFA . YJ. LT i of prime hops of last year's growth, two dozen hotter'fiat- and cloths, a lot ol spars, be ms and scales, e oo. n tooe fire- wood, and numerous other articles. The Stock will be sold on th- first dav, a:, d t e sale will commence precisely at eleven oVloee. Ca : g s maybe had ot the Auctioneers three days previous to t sa'e. N. B.— All persons who have any cl- • • r •'. -. an. I on the estate'and effects of JOHN Mt VEaE ' I- v. deceased, R. dcsir.'. l to send the same immediat. : v to Es uihit > e : r. nn v, h: s widow and administratrix, in order that t may ' • dhare- : and all persons indebted ty the said estate are r • I - d .,'* y the seme to the said administratrix. ROOMY FREEHOLD AND LE.\ SEil( JLD PRK. ViS^ S In DF. nZHS* F011 SALE by AUCTION, bv R. KN. GH I, OA fi Wednesday the 17th of Mav 1809, at the. Cast; Inn Devizes, at four o'clock in the afternoon, in Tw . i. r. u — Let l.— A substantial and convenient F; c: hold Utvniisc- HOUSE, most desirably situate near th • Men', t Pi • Vbo oceep itton of Mr. Richard Coo!:, plune'e r. ie vin • six. i' ep- I'. g looms, two parlours, and domestic ofi: -; • a i • ( y erected Building, 6Sfc: c by 14; with seveial O'lthuiTahiai applicable to any trade reqirrine re. vm ; a -- t • i •' S"' I- -,' r .1 very large enclosed Gar- Jen. Also, aUi- inhu tire Aove, iacir. g New Park- street, a convenient FreehoM DWKT. I> NO- 4- iousa, iri the occupation of Mr. Evh;•; ,. the r eo- a new- built Stabi. e % eight heae, s, snr I! y •';•! Lot^.— Two small Weil- buil' DV.- EI. LINO ' OC : S, in New Park- Street, in the occupation of Mr.. hinp and Mr f « b - vs with. Stable, Outbuddi- ees, and e oed G'ed o; ; ; 1 • e i is- under the feoffees of St. M rv's, tor iet.-, e o('; VI- « <,'.. f ivbidl 64 ur. e?- pired ; su'oj ct to an anhu el quit r. , • The whole may be vi, w- d by pereession of ( t„. , c .-;!?• and furth er particulars known ' by applying to Mr. U C ," k! or the Auctioneer, Devizes. ' f e d / THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday s Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NtOHT. MAY 13. QUEEN'S. PAI- ACK, May 10. ATreaty of Amity having been concluded be- tween his Majesty and the Sublime Porte, it is this dav ordered by his Majesty, by and with tlie advice of his Privy Council, that the Order made in 1807, prohibiting vessels from clearing out for the Pot ts of the Grand Sipior, and laying an embargo on vessels belonging to the subjects of the Grand Signor, together with all persons anil effects > aid such vessels, be henceforth revoked and discharged; of which all persons concerned are to take notice. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, May 13. On the 2D inst. in lat. 4S. N. 5. W. his Majesty's sloop Parthian, Capt. Harward, fc 1 in with the noted privateer of Baurdeatix La Nouvelle tiironde, and captured her after a chaee of 3S hours. She i; a fine copper- fastened brig, mounting 4 tuelve- poundel* and 10 four- pou. ulers, with a complement of 68 men ( 58 on board) out 45 days, and has been a great scourge to our t rai'e. During this la ; t cruize she has been chased by twelve different men of \* ar, none of which had the smallest chance of nearing her. BANKRUPTS. Tlios Wilkftison & John Wigliton, of Cateaton- street, wottOcn- ciraptrs. Thus. Worherby, of Great St. Thomas the Apostle, ironmonger. Tfo.- s. Cnllison, of Southampton > w, Dloomsiniry, cabinet- maker. Cii. ir'cs Wall, ofFrith. streat, Soho, man's- mercer. <• . rge Putterson, of Hertford, merchant. Jaeob Jacobs, of Wentworth- street, Petticoat- lane, glass- cutter. James Bayly, of High- street, Shadwell, ship- bieaker. Sa- nael Barber, of Stapenhill, tanner. VVm. G nble, of Llv< rpool. linen- mitrchant. J) Chenu, of Qt. Qucer- st, Lincoln's- inn- Acids, Ffcnch « ovtt- m » » ? r. 1 v Dalkin, of South Snifids, merchant. Timot'iy vV, bb. of Hereford, flax- dreseer. " - i i !)" nt, of Shelton, money- scrirener. Si .: M I'.- rme, of Stone, corn- dealer. K -.-.- • i " . of the Close of Sarum, muslca'- inslmmint- scller. ' . ' : v -, of Manchester, hatter T'. ma 1 . y, of Lime- street, London, merchant. 1 ' ' ugh, of Liverpool, innhe. per. J HOUSE OF LORDS. F '': • \ Y, Ah 19.] The iv'- y i: Assent was given by eoiv. ••••> ttf the Local Militia Bill, the bill for- register"- ii' : h vee- el-, and 70 other public and private bills. d f) nrtilb; tated,' bat as Mr. Frere wa reealled from - noui- J decline making the motion re- peet.- I. ' Gentlf'man, of which lie had given notice.— Ad •!. op COMMONS. i | Mr. Canning brought a? a copy £> - , i'rea nered into with Sweden, and . net ; M.- e that 1 rt of the subsidy had been .- ad sit t (| i. - The sum of 300,000/. w » i voted < i . > od the .. Ivance. fn a ' nitte. „ f Way ; d Means, tlv Chancellor nf f'" fc. r • ,- ter stated t ' oial of the > o'ies to be 83,831,^ 00/. th- Way* * iv. i S'e. in to meet - hieh would r.- q ir r Loan o ! 1,600, ) 0i. > f which 11 ft. \ 000l. was to be t : ed for gland He had . conclude. m advan- tageous > argain fo the Loan ; the interest for which would 1: paid without any new Tatrs. He should follow the sy tent of a Noble Lord ( Lord H. Petty), and ch rge it t li ortii/ rt ot the existing War Taxes, which would be nert: aged to the necessary extent, lie concluded with m . vi. tjf that a Loan should be raised, & e. ' r a vari'- ty of d. su t rv observations, the resolutions passed, and the House adjourned to Monday. PORTSMOUTH, May 13.— The Court Martial on Rear Admiral Harvey is to assemble on Monday the 22d inst. on board the Gladiator in Portsmouth har- bour. The respective Flay Officer* summoned on the occasion will hoist their flags in the course of the en- suing week. Monday.— Sailed the Alert sloop, Capt, White, with eonvoy for Newfoundland; Hardy gun- vessel, with convoy for Cork; and Defenher gun- vt- ssel, on a cruize ; and Fleehe sloop.— Arrived the Foxhound sloop, Capt. Greene; and Linnet brig, Lieut. Tracey.. fftdneaday.— Sailed tde Saracen sloop, Capt. Bluett; and Gloiaer sloop, with convoy for the West Indies ; Hope slooy, Capt. Pearce ; and Thunder bomb, Capt. Caulfield, to the eastward. Thursday. — Arrived the Orion, of 74 guns, Capt. Sir A. Dickson, from the Baltic. Friday.— Arrived the Donegal, of 80 guns, Capt. Mal- colm, from off Kochefort.— Sailed the Magicienne, of 32 guns, Capt. ( Juitis, with convoy for t\ ie Brazils; anil Adonis schooner, Lieut. Buchan, for Newfoundland* Saturday.— Arrived the Thesius, of 74 guns, Captain Beresford, from off Rochefort; and Protector gun- vessel, Lieut. Milchener.— Sailed the Foxhound sloop, Captain Greene tor QucbeA. . Went out of harbour the Algecoras Spanish line of bat tle ship, and a schooner. WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, MAY 13. LONUON. ^ SATURDAY F CF. . V / N G, MAY 13. Dutch papers to the 11th inst. were received early this morning. The intelligence they bring, though in a small compass, is favourable. The tide of Austrian dis- aster is fio' universal: In Poland their troops have beaten a French corp<, and enteral Warsaw on the 19th ult.— It further appears that the Austrians were received with en- thusiasm by the inhabitants of the Tyrol, who have assist- ed them in driving th" Bavarian troops from ln^ fruck, Ha1!. Sti'r.' in;;." i, and Wildaw. At the convent of Saint Charles they attacked a strong corps of French and Bava- rians, killed 500, and compelled the remainder to capi- tulate. The Dutch papers contain the 3d Bulletin of the French army, dated Burghausen, April 30. No seriotts encounter has taken place since the sanguinary struggles related in the two first bulletins. The whale French army, ha. . g repaired the bridge which the Austrians had de- stroyed, has crossed the Inn. The Duke of Dantzic freaehe i Aitemark on the 28th, and the Bavarian General Wrece entered Salzburgh on the 2Sth. The bulletin does not inform tis of the position of the Archduke Charles. The Dutch papers say that he has fallen back upon Cham, a place about 20 miles North of the Danube. If so, be has abandoned his design of retreating to the mountains of Bohemia. Hamburgh paper3 to the 3d inst. with Vienna News to the 23d ult. are just received. The insurrection in Westphalia is really serious. King Jerome has pubhshtyl a proclamation, offering pardon to those who will lay down their arms. The 2d Austrian bulletin, dated Saciie, April 17, states that the Archduke John has gained an important victory, afier a conflict of two days, over the Vice- King of Italy. The battle commenced on the night of the 14th, near Saciie. The Archduke had taken 6- 003 prisoners, including two Generals. In the Sheriff's Court yesterday, judgment having been suffered to go by default, the Jury awarded to Mr. Wel- le ley the sum " of 20,000/. damage , to he paid by Lord Paget, for d im. con. with Lady Charlotte \ V, liesW. HEMP.— In the agricultural communications by the Cork institution, there i;, among other articles, a very im- portant one from the Earl of Shannon, slating the ex- yence and produce of three acres of hemp at Castlemai tyr, toy which his Lordship had a clear prolit of one hundred Jfjuxtif, two shillings, find sltpcrtce 1 The South- East Battalion of Hants Local Militia is assembled at Lymi gton, the South- West Battalion at Ronj » ; y, for twenty- eight days trailing and exercise. Lately died, at Hill, neat Southampton, Captain S. Baker, late in the East India Company's service. On Wednesday the 26th ult. died Mr. John Ar- thur, sen. of Audovcr, a respectable wheelwright, aged 79 years. On Monday last died, at Beaulieu, at an advanced age, Mr. Johil Gorcnge, a respectable farmer of that place. On Sunday morning last a fire broke out at a house at Ashton, near Bishop's Waltham, which was entiieiy con- sumed: part of the furniture was saved. A male inhabi- tant of the liou e, confined by sickness, was r<;-. : ued from the flames by the courage a. id humanity of a neighbour, who brought him out at his back. The ace:; tcv having happened during divine service, the getting out he engine at I bat time fr > in the church at Bi- bijp's Walthain, where it is usually kept, occasioned a terrifying alarm to the congregation. ERRATUM in the Salitbury Journal of the in - ant.— In reporting the proceedings of the Ha ts Tt- seting, the six resolutions proposed by Mr, Powlett were inadvertently tr n posed The three which stood la: t - 1, - uld have stood first, as Mr. Powlettread them; thereby proposing to vote, 1st. That the latee quiry hail proved the existence of gross abuses; 2dly, Thank, to Mr. War. le; 3dty, Tba : ks to the. 125, & c.; ' 4thlv, that Minister-, by their threats and con- duct, had sacrificed the true interests of the Crown, and treated with contempt the rights of the people; Stilly, that it is expedient for Parliament to consider the increasing expences of the Stare, and to ado( t effectual modes of re- trenchment; and 6thly, That the discovery of abuses will prove of little permanent advantage, unless followed by further enquiry and reform. We give this long explana- tion in justice to Mr. Powlett, having bean informed that he was misunderstood in consequence of our error. o SALISBURY. MONDAY, MAY 15, 1899. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS At Three a' Clock, D V' Bank Stock, 245} India Stock, I85| South Sea Stock, — g ^ Cent. Red. C7J 3 Cent. Cons. 68 4 if Cents. 82| 6 ^ Cent. Navy, 33| 5 Tp- Cent. 1797, : Lons Ann. is 3- 16ths. Omnium, — India Bonds, 12 a 14 p. Exchequer Bills, 8 a Up, Irish 5 V Cents. JHf Imperial 3 " p- Cents. 65j English Lott. Tickets, — Ditto Prizes, 2 y cent. disc. pott jsetoa. FALMOUTH, May 11. The Princess Elizabeth packet arrived here yesterday mopning from'Lhbon, after a long passage. The Statira frjgate, which left Lisbon about 8 iwrtniahfrtince, arrived on Tuesday. The British army, under Sir John Craddoek, had taken an advanced yosition, in order to prevent the junction of the force said to be entering Portugal by the Eastern frontier, from join- ing Soult at Oparto.— Sir Arthur Welle. ley had arrived. The Statira ran down on her passage out on the 20th u'' the schooner Alliance, from Liverpool, bound to 1 i ; lelphhia. Sho saved the crew. PLYMOUTH, May 12. On Wednesday came in the Statira frigate, from Lisbon, with dispatches. On Thursday came in the Amelia, of 3b" guns, from the ccast of Vrancc, with the crew of the Alemene frigate on board, that ship having been lost off the mouth of the Loire, la t week, by striking on a rock, when she filled so suddenly, that the crew had not time to save tl. ii ir clothes. Came" in the Parthian, of 18 guns, from a cruize, a': ri brought in the French brig privateer, Nouvelle Gironde, of 14 guns and 85 men, vvhicii she captured the 4th iftst. after a chace of thirty- six hpurs • She had been at sea four months, and had captured eight vessels, among which were the Fortune, from Gibraltar, bound to Glasgow, and the brig FfBina, from the Cape of Good Hope. Yesterday came in the Marlborough, of 7- 1 guns, frorjj the Brazils, with dispatches, which were forwarde I last night 1- y expre ? for London. The Monarch, of 74 guns, sailed vyiih the Marjboriugh, and is also arrived. Cumins' in now from the westward, tne Medusa, of 36 gHW, hiving with her two brigs, fvyo sloeps, afid four Juggers, all ( French, laden with naval stores, brandy, wirje, arfdTprovisiqus, wljreh she eapturci on the Coast of France, . On Monday last the third battalion of Wilts Local Militia, commanded by Colonel J'enruddocke, assembled in this city, to be trained and exercised for twenty- eight days. It is a wry fine corps; and by the great exertions of the Officers, in one week, has attained a very considerable degree of adroitness in military evolutions. The fifth battalion, commanded by Lord George Thvnne, assembled on the same day, for the like period of exercise, in Wanninsttjr, and is also making rapid progress in discipline. On Monday the 1st. iYist. was married, at Egham, Joseph Gulston, Est^. of Fosbury Manor, in this county, to Anna Maria eldest daughter of the late James Kuowles, Est;, of Englefield- green. On Thursday was married Mr. R. W. Andrews, of Dorchester, to Miss A. Luckham, of Stepkton, Dorset. On Saturday the 6th instant died Mrs. Cooksey, widow of Mr. Cooksey, late of this city.—. Mr. Cooksey, by industry a « d parsimony, h3rl accnmul ted considerable property, the income from which he left to liii widow, and by his will it is now to be divided, in different pro- portions, among his numerous poor relations. Last Monday evening a fire broke out in the Bear Inn, St. Thomas's- street, Weymouth. As soon as the alarm wa- given, tfce drums of the 2d Somerset beat, to arms, and Colonel Cooper, with his officers and men, immediately repaired to the > pot; such Were their exertions and activity, that, in the course of two hours they put. a stop to ?. calamity that threatened the destructionof several valuable SIKI extensive premises. On Tuesday evening last, as John White, carrier, of this city, was returning with his waggon from London, accompanied by his so*, a boy about nine years old, in Popham- lane the unfortunate boy ob ervitig something amiss ill the harness, and attempting io rectify it, a hor - threw him Sown, unci r a wheel uf the waggon, which passed over him, and killed him on the spot. On Wednesday Ann Andrews was committed to Fish: r- ton Gaol, for trial at our next As ize,, on sy- ipicion of having broken into the house of Mary Macklin, at Bul- ford, on the 3d iiist. in the absence of the family, and Stolen theiefrom 12?. 14 » . %* 7' he Letter of SoBRitis could not he inserted with- out the KHAL signature of the writer.— Several other anonymous articles are also I., id aside, because the writers ehvse to indulge in remarks anr! insinuations relative to the priuate characters of individuals, and have modestly expected us to publish such insinuations, irhUst the- j cou- rageously skulk from the possibility of being culled on to justify their own assertions. TPe again intimate to our Correspondents, that ac- counts of Marriages, Sfc. must be authenticated by a known signature - by departing from this rule we might be the instruments of Malice in wounding the feelings of innocent and respectable, females, which is tor /' requen. l./ the purpose of such anonymous conlftiunicatimis. GOOSE AND CROW QUILLS. A Liberal Price will be given for any Quantity of / JL GOOSE and CROW QUILLS, by Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Printing- OFF. ee, Salisbury. [ ISMS WINCHESTER. THE annual SPEECHES at HYDE ABBEY SCHOOL will be dsliv. red on Thursday the a. 5th instant. These Gentlemen and Ladies who intend'honoring the Performance w th their Company, are requ sled to be in the School at One o'Ciock, at which time the Speeches will commence. [ 19S8 THEATRE, SALISBURY. N MONDAY EVENING, for the Benefit of Mr. and Mrs. OLD.— The Comedy of THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, and ROBINSON" CRUSOE, On WEDNESDAY,— The ' IWedv of HAMLET, with the Pantomime of ROBINSON CRUSOE, for the Benefit of Mr. and Mrs. TAYLOR. On FRIDAY,—' THE SCHOOL OF REFORM, and the Burlctta of TOM THUMB, for the Benefit of Mr! HOWARD. The above- named performers having, from adverse cir- cumstanct s attending their former nights, completely failed in he r attempts, beg leave aga n to off. t themselves to the fivor of the public, and to solicit their support. THEATRE, ANDOVER. MUTTON'S COMPANY OF COMEDIANS. ON MONDAY the 15th of May instant will be performed Colman's admired Comedy of The HEIR AT LAW, with The IRISHMAN IN LONDON, by De- sire of Mrs. THOMPSON, ofPentoti L<: d; e. • On WEDNESDAY,— The Tr gedy of JANE SHORE, with the Musical Farce of LOVE LAUGHS A f LOCKSMITHS. * » * Nights of performance are Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. " f 976 A BALL, ON FRIDAY the 86th of May, at the Hotel, Christehurch, Hants. [ 1018 Admissior, 6s. each, tea, music, and wax- lights included. OATMEAI.- ROW, MARKET- PLACE, SALISBURY. MILLINERY, Ste. RS. ELDEllTON respectfully informs her friends she is returned from London, with a large assortment i » f Italian split and other Straw Bonnets, of the newest sh pes, and a variety of fashionable articles in Mil- linery and Dre ses. Lad es may always find at her Shop an e » - we and well selected stock of Lace, Ribbons, Sarsrtets, Muslins, Trimmings, and every article in the above lir and :: y depend on being served with the best goods, on m,>. Ir. rate t ions. [ I9S5 '-.,.* " I'W'i Apprentices wanted out of'the House. ANDOVER. MRS. FOOTNER takes this method of informing her friends and the public in gtncral, that she and her Assistant are just returned from London with a new and elegant Assortment of MILLINERY, DRESSES, HABER- DASHERY, & c. & c. which mey have taken gttat paina to select, and which Mrs. F. hopes will give satisfation to those Ladies who may be pleased to honour her with their com- mands. Mny 11, 1809. N, 8. Two APl'RENHOES Wanted. f 1< I20 SOUTHAMPTON, April 40, 1S09. JAMES OHIDELL, late of the MITRE TAVERN, High- street, takes this opportunity to return his thanks to his friends for the \' MV liberal support he has hitherto re- ceived; and a report havinc been circulated that J. C. had declined business as a PORTER MERCHANT, f. e now takes the libery to inform his friends and'the public in gene- rd, that he h., s removed from the above Tavern, to No. 30, in Freuch- stieet, where he is now selling prime old London Bottled Porter, Cyd. r, and Ales of the best quality, as usual, on the most r. asonab'e t mis. 11S80 N. B.— Orders punctually attended to. CHEAP DRAPERY, HOSIERY, & Z JN consequence of the death of the late Mr WM. HUMPHREY, DRAPER, corner of Oatmeal- row, Mar- ket- place. Sal, saury, his E- x . cu tors have come to a determina- t: on i'i ; tfr to the public his large, valuable, and well- selected STOCK m the above branches, which they mean, to sell on such very reduced terms, is will on inspection prove the de- cided advantage which may be obtained by an early att ntion to this advertisement. The LEASE of the HOUSE to be disposed of, and may be entered oa at Midsummer next. The Extures, Furniture, and remaining Stock may be had at a fsj valuation. [ 1437 N. B,— The Stock being very large, great allowance will be m ide t;> Shopkeepers and persons buying to sell again. All Debts due to the above Estate ; by order of the Ex- ecutors are to be immediately paid at his late house; and all Claims upon the Estate art requested to be sent there, or to Mr. This. Stra- SF rd, 63, Holborn- hill, for examination. POOLE. SEA BATHING. NIGHT's FLOATING MACHINES, with commodious, rife, and private accommodations, are now moored of the late Sir John Lester's Quay, in the pure stream cf the tide, where the salutary and pleasing amuse meat of Bathing may be enjoyed any hour. Terms ti. b had of M. Cleall, No. 9, Fowler's- lane, near the Old Inn West- street. ["' 360 REPOSITORY AND AUCTION ROOM, ' THEATRE, POOLE. FOR the accommodation of the Public, and at the request of masy of the Inhabit nts of Poole, B. STKOUD, sen. has taken and fitted up the Theatre, in Hill- street, fot the reception ot every kind. of Household Furniture, Car- riages, and other Eftects, and proposes, when a sufficient collection of articles are brought in, to sell the same by Public Auction,— notice of which will be given. Household Goods talen in exchange for new, or sold as abevj. [ 1961 This day are published, elegantly printed in one. volume, with a frontispiece ( forming a fourth of the author's poetical works), price 8s. in / wards, POEMS ( never before published), written chiefly at Bremhill, in Wiltshire. By the Rev. W. LISLE BOWLES. Printed by ( and for) R. Cruttwell, Bach ; ami T. Cadell and W. DavieS, Strand, London ; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxfoid, Salisbury. Of whom, may be had, by the same author, 1. SONNETS, and other POEMS, elegantly ptintetHn two volumes, uniformly with the above, wiili engravings, 10th edition of Vol. I. and - 2d edition of Vol. II. price 6s. eacu in boards. 2. The SPIRIT of DISCOVERY; a descriptive and histo- rical Poem, in five books, with Notes. Embellisher} with engravings, one volume, 2d edition, price Si. [ i^ l 1 mt SIXTY FAT WETHER SHEEP, about 18 lbs. per quartar, to be SOLD, hi one Lot, at Cranborne Lodge, Dorset. , 191 ii rpO be SOLD,— A handsome Black GELDING, A rising six years old, warranted sound, perfectly tem- per :>' x, and free trom vi t . To be seen at the Post- Office, Salisbury. p975 Horse to be Sold, the property of a Gew'l : meti, ABROWN GELDING, six years old, 15 hands 8 inches high, remarkably strong, very handsome, ca- pital action, warranted sound, free Jrom vice and blemish, quiet in hand, and a pleasant. horse to ride. Inquire of Mr. Huniby, King's Arms, Christchurch ( if by letter, post paid. [ 1917 5' jj1 To prevent trouble, the lowest price is to Guineas. TO be SOLD,— Two neat GIGS, new, with new- plated harness, or without;— also a COACH, well worth tlic attention of any post- master. For further particulars apply fif by letter, post paid) to John Andrews, coach- maker, East- street, Southampton. [ 1< H4 ALow, fashionable PHAETON, with four wheels, head, and front seat, nearly as good as new, to be SOLD for. half the cost price. [ I. 071 Also a fashionable GIG, vvfth lamps, in perfect condirion, w. th harness, & c.— Apply to Mr. Wilkinson, St. Dennis. ro be DISPOSED OF, An old established MANUFACTORY in the SAUSBCKY FLANNEI, and LINSEY line, replete with Machinery of various kinds. For further particulars apply by letter ( post paid) to A. B. to be left at the Printing Office. ' [ 1885 SOUTHAMPTON, May 13, 1809. TO be DISPOSED OF, at Messrs. Warren's, 1 above Bar,— A large quantity of STA'l UARY MAR- BLE, in Slab and Scantling of various thicknesses and sizes. The above will be found worthy the attention of small pur- chasers, and will be sold at reducsd prices. Please to enquire for Mr. Barker. [ 1970 MARKET- PLACE, SARUM. TO be SOLD, Those well- known Premises formerly called the THREE LIONS INN, the first situation for the public line on the Western Road, or equally desirable for an extensive trade. [ 1915 For particul - s apply to the Printers ; if by letter post paid. FREEHOLDS, SARDM.—(" Lurid Tax redeem,: dj. TO be SOLO by PRIVATE CONTRACT, with immediate possession,— Two MESSUAGES adjoining together, in Milford and Penny- farthing- streets; theprincipal being a corncr house, and lately used as a Bakehouse, but now untenanted, with a good own therein, though fit for any other business, being verj roomy and eligibly situated, or it may be occupied as a private dwelling. For particulars and treaty apply to Mr. Chubb, New Canal; letters to be free of postage. [ 1988 SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD,— The LEASE of a comfortable HOUSE, situate in the centre of the High- streets con- sisting of a drawmg- ri om, dining- room, three best Cham- bers, three servants' ditto, kitchen, housekeeper's room, fkc. iec.; recently fitted with every convenience. The Fixtures to be taken at a valuation, and trie modern Furniture in the same way, if approved. For particulars apply at G. Hockey's Agency- ofiice, South ampton j if by letter, free of postage. , [ 1972 A very desirable. Situation far a Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, at Southampton. FOR SALE bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, on advantageous terms,— The STOCK in TRADE, Dwel- ling House, Work Shops, and Furniture, the property of Mr. John Sturdy, declining business. The sum required to take to the concern will amount to about eight hundred pounds. Any person desirous will find it worthy attention. For particulars apply to Geo. Hotkey, Southampton. [ 1947 Newly- erected COTTAGE, & about 9 Acres of Land, at HYTHE, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A substantial Brick COTTAGE, slated roof, built on ; convenient plan, consisting of two parlours, four good bed Cham ben, kitchen, offices, and cellars; detached are barn and stable.— The whole erected within two years ; most de- sirably situated on an eminence, commanding extensive and ttuly picturesque views. Parted with on aceount of the pres nt owner's ill health. ^ For particulars apply to Geo. Hookcv, at his Agency- Office, No. 150, High- street, Southampton;' letters ( postpaid) will, meet attention. [ 1961 RIDGE HOUSE, NAA « BECKINGTON, SOMERSET, Late the Residence of Lambert Tree, Esq. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, by W. ALEXAN- JL DER, on the premises, on Thursday the 18th instant, and following days, All the truly elegant and modern FURNITURE, Linen, China, Glass, Books, Prints, & c, of JOHN CHILD, Esq. Captain in the Royal Navy, whose family is about to quit the above Mansion ; comprizing a most taste- ful and superb selection of Town- made furniture, descriptive particulars of which may be had of the Auctioneer. [ 1974 Sale each day at eleven precisely. FYFIELD, NEAR ANDOVER, HANTS. ' O be SOLD by AUCTION, nn the premise*, l. y H. CmswiCK*, on Wednesday the 24th day of May 180.0,— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China, Glass, and other Effects, the property of Mrs. WHITE, leaving Fy- field ; consisting of four- post and field bedsteads, with fur- niture, fouher beds and bedding; mahogany bur aus and chesanof drawers; set of mahogany dinner tables, 9 ft. by 4 f claw - and Pembroke tables ; pier and swing glasses ; piano forte, by Broderip and Co. ; pair of lff- inch globes ; monthly clock; Uft. 4 in. mangle; kiteheu requisites, and numerous other articles. O- i account of the number of lots, the sale will begin atreleven o'clock. [ 1977 COOHSF. Y, in St. Ann's- street, Salisbury ; comprising four- p > st and other bedsteads, with damask and other furniture* ; prime- feather- beds and bedding; mahogany chairs, tables, bureaus, dr. awe. rs, & c.; pier and swing glasses ; Brussels and Kidderminster carpets ; w'rth the wliiile of the kitchen and brewing utensils, & c. The whole to be. sold without reserve. Thestle to bi gin on Wednesday evening at five o'clock^ and on Thursday morning at eleven o'clock. [ t, « 4s ELM AND ASH TIMBER, npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIULER, on 4. Friday the i, 9th of May, at the French Horn, at B. r- f. iird, Wilts, between the. hours of throe and five o'clock i « the afternoon,—< 3 Ash Timber Trees, mostlv clelt, and very finev lyinsiri the copse at Compton ; 4 lartre Elms; and 15 Poplars. At the same tima and placi will be sold, 4o Ash Timber Trees, great part of which is fine cleft; ID Finist and 7 Sycamores; lying at Cold Berwick Farm, near 1 lindon, The Timber will be put up in eirtitcen Lots, catalogues of which may be had of the Auctioneer, in Salisbury, and at the place of sale> s and it may be viewed any daj previous to the sale. p1878 rT^ O be FREEHOLD, SALISBURY. TO be SOLI) by AUCTION, by Mr. VIDLER, at the White Hart Inn, on Monday the 2Sd day of Msv, 1809, at five o'clock in the afternoon,-— A DWELLING- HOUSE, Shop, Store- house, Courts, and walled Garden well stocked with choice fruit trees, arid handsomely laid out with gravel walks, with the advantage of a carriage, road to the back premises and garden: must desirably situated for business in fatherine- strect, now in the occupation of Mr- Stephens, cabinet- maker, as tenant ; t will. To treat by private contract, i)]> ply to the Piinters. To be Disposed of,— About 6000 well- burnt BRICKS. Apply as above.—( One Concert) [ 1941 / TODKRN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per Ouarter- Wheat. I Barley. May s. s. is. s. Salisbury, 9,80 io 93 | 3S "> 48 Basingstoke 10 76 to f) 2 42 In 5! Devizes, 11 6' 4 to 9- 2181 t" 51 Newbury, 11 88.& 100 34 to 501 Andoter 13 • 67 to 9* 3 [ 31 to 4:) i Warminster, ID: 77 to 871 30 to 53 i Weight of the Gallon Lour, 1 Oats. Bearis. Bread s. s. s. s. s. d. 86 to 44 lis to 84 2 0 34 to 42 6- 2 to 70 1 11 33 to 42 1) 0 to 71 - 28 to 4H 38 ia 63 1 11 27 to 44 51 to 60 1 10 32 to 43 58 to 70 Half Gall. 4lb. 5$ nz. This day is published, price U. 6d. A LETTER to the VISCOUNT FOLKESTONE J\ on the Unlawfulness of the Votes of Thanks to Mr. Wardle and the late Minority. * " It will in time it Win upon power, and throw forth greater themes " For insurrections ar « u ng. , By 3. P. T1NNEY, Esq. Published bv Brodie, Dowding, and Lflxford, Salisbury! arf< i C. and R. Baldwin, London. „ Of whom may be had, by the same Author, The RIGHTS cf the SOVEREIGNTY VINDICATED, with Reference to Political Doctrines of tne Edinburgh Re- view, and other periodical publications. Price us. Also — REFLECTIONS on spine Ouestions relative to the present State of the Nation: addressed to HwKev• FBAMCIS RANDOLPH, D. D. Prebendary of Bristol, and Chaplain to his Royal Highne& s fhe Rulca- of Yojk. T OST, in t'e Night of Friday the 28th of April JLj last, bctw. en Lontbn and vlton,— A HAIR TRUNK, abcu: 2 feet 4 inches long, and 14 inches wide, directed Mr. C; o :, Newport. Whee- er has found the same, and wiii ciuse it to be delivered, with its contents, at the Post- Uffice, Alton r Karnliatt, or the Red Lion, Bentley Green, shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward, and any reasonable expenc s. May 5, 18( 9. [ 1.099 fine- flavoured old Port, Sherry, and Madeira Wines, Piat.: and plated articles, valuable China, and other effects of a Gentleman, qui ting iiis residence, No. 211 Above- Bar, Southampton, will be SOLD by AUCTION, . n the pre- mises, by GEO. HOOKEY, on Tuesday the 8th of Jun", and following day, at eleven o'clock. [ ifi- ij f** Further particulars in the next Journal, T CATTLE taken ii to GRAZE on ALDERBURY COMMON:— s. d. Yearling Heifers 1 0 per Week. Cows, Stc I 6 ditto. Yearling Colts 1 6 ditto. Horses, & c 2 t! ditto. N B. For the Keep, & c. appiv to G. Marshall, Alderbury, near Salisbury. Aprils, ' 809. [ 1.523 SALISBURY. TO be LETT,— LODGINGS, fit for the reception of a genteel Family. Enquire of the Printers. [ 1908 " X) be LETT, in a pleasant Market Town in Hampshire,— Part of I FURNISHED HOUSE, consist ng of a dining- room, w th ttree bed- rooms, part of a garden, Chaise- house, and stabling or one horse, if required". F> r particulars enquire oft he Printers of this Paper. N. B. Not ten miles from the Sea. [ 1921 D3RSET. no be LETT, party furnished, at Michaelmas _ next,— DEAN'S COCRT MANSION HOUSE, - with double Coach- house, su'tabl- Stabling, a good walled Gard. n, and about 22 acres of Pastue Land, adjoining the hous^. For further particulars appy ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Castleman, solicitor, Winbtrne. [ H. 44 " ALDBORIE, WILTS. T) be LETT, from Michaelmas next, for the term of fourteen year,— Three Hundred and Fifty ACRES, of LAND, and" uprards, in Aldborne Chace, at present in the- occupatiotrof IVr. Robert Church, Mr. George I butler, and others. Mr. Thomas Hodder, of Aldborne, ' 1 will, or, application, shew theLarid. Proposals for taking it to besent ( postpaid) addressed to Mr. Griffith, Gayton, Nortlamptonshire, who is duly authorised to answer every paricular. [ 1632 ' Desirable Residence in he county of Cj'lo'ster. TO LETT, for a Term if Years, and may be en- tered itr mediately, A good and substantial- built DWELLING- HOUSE, with abut 150 acres of Arable and Pastdre LAND in a ring fence, rythe- free, together with va- luable and extensive Rights of Cmmon. T he above premises have later undergone a thorough re- pair, and are in every respect conenient, spacious, and suit- able for the residence of a gentletfln's family. The neigh- bouring roads are excellent. [ 1953 Applications Irani principals wi rqeet immediate attention by Mr. M- Harris, N'a. 4, Upper brough- yvalls, Bath. MANOR and ESTATE, AT VERNHAM, HANTS. TO bs SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HtscocK, on Wed le'sday the I7th day of May, 1809, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the B'-. r Inn, Hungerf rd, Berks, ( subject to such conditions as will then and there be produced), — The MANOR of 1 O PS, with 150 acres of arable, mea- dow, pasture, and wood land, held by lease, for 20 years, of Winton College, renewable every seven years, at e. moderate fine and annual corn and money rent: and a FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising 100 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, with a suitable farm- house, farm- yatd, barns, granary, stable, garden, and useful outbuildings adjoining, and three cottages detached. The above estate is situated about six miles from Andovcr and Hungerf. rd, and 10 from Newbury; and the whole is now in the occupation of PhHip Hughes, whose term expires at Michaelmas next, and the purchaser or coming- o-> t nant may enter on the farm the 20th inst. for agricultural purposes. May be viewed by leave of the tenant; and particulars had of Mr. J. UIagrave, solicitor, Speen Hill; Mr. Richard 3; ring, Sjieen Farm; and of the auctioneer, Stroud Green, n ar Newbury ; and a plan of the estate'may be seen at the office of Mr. Blagrave. [ 1.984 LINCOLNSHIRE and DERBYSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the 30, h of June next, at the Goiden Fleece Inn, in Louth, in the county of Lincoln, subject to conditions which will be there and the - produced,— Several very valuable FREEHOLD MES- SUAGES and FARMS, Closes and Parcels of rich ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND ( nearly the whole of which is Tithe- free), in the parishes of Lcuth Park, North and South Cockerington, Keddington, AlVingham, and Theddlethorpe, in the county of Lincoln, and at Brimmine- ton, in the parish of Chesterfield, in the County of Derby, VI. Quantity. Lot. Tenant's Mimes, Premiers. h. 11. I'. I. Mrs. Evin A Close ot Meadow 31 1 24 John Paddison ditto 27 1 32 3. Charles Pawson .. ditto 11 2 4 4. Wm. Preston A Messuage and Farm.... 270 2 19 John Leach ditto 140 3 32 6. John Parker ditto Ill 3 24 7. Thomas Simons ditto 170 0 li Robert Greenwoed ditto 43 1 2 9- John Taylor ditto.... G7 0 19 10. Wm. Stubbs ditto 7 I >" 11. T. Cockson A Cottage, Garden, & c 0 i 3 1 j. John Fox ditto 0 t 27 13. Charles Taylor ditto and Ground...... 8 0 o 14. Roberf Cox. A Close of Arable m * rimmington 4 2 0 Valuable Freehold Land if Premises, near Lj/ mmgtun, HANTS. npO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. NEWELL, JL at the Nag's Head II, n, Lyministon, on Thursday the 25th of May 1809, at five o'clock in the evenin.-. in two Icis. — A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of about « U acres of excellent Pasture Laud, with two Cottages, Bains, Stabling, Out- houses, ftc. standing thereon, situate at Wood- tide, in the parish of Lvmim^ ton. Six acres of the afiove ate very eligibly situate for building 011, commanding a most charming anil « te: is: ve prospect of the Isle of Wight, Yarmouth Roads, Hurst Castle, the Needles, and many other phasing objects; the remainder of the land lies within a vary short distance, and collectively, or in part, wotild bs extremely well deserving the attention of any one wishing to build in this delightful neighbourhood, being on the borders of the New Forest, surrounded with ex- c. lent roads, not more than a mile trom Lvmijigton, and combining everv advantage, for comfort or amusement. For a view of the premises apply fif by letter, postpaid) to Mr. Joh « Rickman, Old Town, Lymington. Immediate possession may be had. [ IP96 KEYHAVEN, NEAR LYMINGTON. • TO ty AUCTION, by Mr. J. Xhwbi i, A at the Nag's Head Inn, in Lymingt. il, on Saturday the 27th day of Msy instant, at five o'd..,- k , a ( hc a; tern > on un- less previously disposed of by private conrrae.,- u'„.„. t FliEEHO- I. D'MESSUAGF. or TENEMENTaud GARDisf*. desirably situated at K.- yhaven, in the parish of Milford, lately let as a lodging- house, and now untenant. d, and of which immediate possession can be given. For a view of the premises app. y to Mr. Coombes, at Kcy- h'u/ en ; and for further particulars, and to treat for the same by private contract, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. King, solicitor, or the Auctioneer, Lynaington. [ 1900 SOUTHAMP T O N. rpO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Dolphins ft Inn, on Thursday the 25th day of May 1809, at ins o'clock in the afternoon, by Mr. WATTS.- All thai convc » nicnt Freehold MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, situ- ated on the South side of the lower East str et, now in the occupation of Mr. D. AU , ide; with Eight TIN EM I HTS adjoin- ing on the back thereof, being in Spring. Gardens. Part of the purchase nionqv may remain on mortgage. Also at the same time and place will be Sold by Auction, ( u. lless previously disposed o! by private sale, of which due notice will be given),—' The Rem ainder of a Lease of all that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, w,. ih Front Shop, and large and valuable Stores behind the same, in thy i ccu- pat- on CM Mr. John Shurmer, grocer, Ac. nv- 1 advantage-! u « iy situated for business, No. la, High- street, a joining the Crown Inn. Farther particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Shurmer, Mr. Tbojnas Sbaw, or to the Auctioneer, ia Southampton. [ 19- 18 — x. HANTS. RPO be SOLD by AUC. *).;, by PERCY and 1 Fo* cs, on Tuesday May K;. isnp, at two o'clock in the afternoon, The. valuable STOCK of a small Farm at Cran- moor Lodge, near M'liiningfce, occupied by John Cunningham; comprizing 4 cows and eel 1 baifenner, 4 Alderney heifers, 1 Aidtrney bull, 2 good cavt horses and 1 pony, 2 useful carts, ' 2 ploughs, drugs and harrows, plough and other harness, fan and stocks, ciiejt- se, press, corn bin, sieves, prong*, rakes, and forks, with other implements ol husbandry ; also a garden roller. Cranemoor Hodge is 4 miles from Ringwood, 4 from Wim- borne, anil 4 from Longham, [ l> 6' 7 T 889 3 14 For particulars apply to Messrs. Bullock and Arnold, No. Hi, Bedford- row, London ; to Mr. John Charlton, land agent and surveyor, Stqurton, Wilts; Mr. Paddison, attorney at law, Louth; or to Thomas Birch, of South Cockeringt. in afoTtuaid, who will shew the Estates in Lincolnshire; and Mr. Cox, of Calow, near Chesterfield, wiil shew the Land at Brimmington. [ 1^ 12 X) be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. PKRCT and FORCE, at the Dolphin Inn, Kinson, in the parish of Great Canford, Dorset, on Tuesday the attth day of May, 1809, at five o'clock in the afternoon,— The Fee Simp( e ofi the following PREMISES, part of Moord< wn Farm, in the tything of Muscliflf, in the parish ot Christchurch, Hants, and now in the occapatinn of Josiah Rod well, as tenant thereof, whoss term will expire at Michaclmi^ 1811, L t 1.— Charley Mead, together with a brick Barn, Straw- house, and Farm- yard adjoining; also a little Close, called Downhay, and a strip of Garden, ab ut a A'. Lot 2.— A mud- wall Barn and F . iin yard adjoining, also a little Close, called Close East of Sunups, about .1 R. Lot a.— Great Close, ab nit 7 A. 2 R. N. IS.— This close is to be s- iwn by the tenant this year t « summer turnips, to be fed ofi w th sheep. Lot 4.— Broadlawns, about S A. N. B.-^' his close is also to be sown with summer turnips, to be fed off with sheep, in tile year lslt). Lot 5.— Leg Close, Hwugnlawns, and D. J acres, part of Grecnway close, about 14 A. Lot 6.— Outer Brake and Inner Brake, a bo lit 11 A. Lot 7.— Five Fields lately awarded under the Christchurch Inclosure Act, about 29 A. A. R. P. One Close of Arable, about a a 0 N. B. ' 1 tie tenant is to spread 80 loads of chalk upon this close. One ditto Arable, about 3 0 0 One ditto Arable, about 1 a 0 One ditto Pasture, ibhut 6 2 o One ditto Furzy- ground, about 9 0 0 29 0 0 The admeasurement of the land will be ascertained and inserted in the particulars which will be delivered at the time of sale.— Three- fourths of the purchase- money may, if re- quired, remain on mortgage.— The timber is^ ot to be vtrtued separately. For further particulars apply to Mr. Casta man, Wimborne, or to Mr. Parr, Poole. [ 1957 Jdso by fhf f^ wrcM apd PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BUODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J LUXFORD, AT THE P4llNTlN, Q- QFi< JCE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic An- les of Neics are received ( Postagepaid). • v T. Vst cf England; respective ^ gwsjaas; and jn Louiloa by tye^ srs. TAVLBR attdJEIYTQN, No. 5, Ww- wick- Sijuare, Wi « fMck- Lane, Newgate- Street, and Jf[. WILKIE^ Bookseller, flatpraoster- Row, Pt. Paul's,
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