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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3729
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 08/08/1808
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIII    Issue Number: 3729
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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ALISBURY AND AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. SrAiafi QW [ NUMBER 3729 VOLUME LXXIII.] Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. PARIS, July 21. THE Persian Envoy, Asker Khan, has arrived here with a retinue of 40 persons. M. J. uibbert, Secretary and Interpreter to bis Majesty the Empe- ror, with M. Outrei, the French Vice Consul at Bagdad, Bet out to meet his Excellency at Nancy. • JULY 23.— Letters from Venice mention, that the Ad- jutant- Commandant Dombrowsky had enibaiked at Zara, with a detachment of troops, and driven the English from the port of Lassina, situated at the farther end of the Island of Cherso. The English had taken possession of that port for some time, by which the communication between Daluiatia and Venice was considerably impeded, and the coast of Istria and the Gulph of Venice rendered unsafe. They had even made their appearance before Venice. According to letters from St. Malo, Captain Sureouf has lately taken another English prize, viz. the fourth. Out of the nineteen prizes taken in December last, by the P ahnontaise, the Semillante, and the Revenante, Captain Siircouf s vessel, seventeen have arrived safe in port. Thi se arrivals have caused a superflux of commodities in the French colonies, while the English army is much distressed ; as are also the colonies in the vicinity of the Red Sea, as they have lost upwards of twenty millions of pounds of rice and corn. Captain Surcouf, whose ship is the best sailer in the Indies, has kept a very sharp look out for the rich English ships from Calcutta, which leave that port in December and January. MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 1808. PRICE SIXPENCE. / Stamp Duty 3$ if. \ Paper and Print, 2U. LONDON, MONDAY, AUGUST I. Dutch Papers to the 27' h ult. have arrived, which contain some very minute details respecting the . progress of Joseph Bonaparte in Spain. It is stated, that he was re- erlfred every where with the utmost demonstrations of . joy. lie arrived at Burgos on the I4th ult. His brother Napoleon remained at Baybnne on the loth, at whieh time nothing certain respecting Dupont and his army appears to have been known there. A Portuguese Officer arrived in town this morning, with dispatches. The intelligence from Oporto comes down to the 22d ult. At that time the army of the Patriots bad advanced beyond Coimbra; they consisted of about 8,000 regimented" troops, and 12,000 Peasants. It appears that Jituot was uncertain what steps to take after the check which Loison hat! received : that General had, how- ever, sent part of his force to join another corps under General Lab. rde, whom Jurlothad sent from Lisbon to Santsrena, and had advanced to Leyria, with a view, it was said, to attack the Patriots. It is hoped, h iwevter, the Patriots will await the arrival of Sir A. W. lleslev, who was eft Cape Fir. isterre on the 22d, with his army. The Calypso sloop of war has arrived at Yarmouth with Dispatches from the Baltic. It does not appear that any further operations of consequence have taken place between the Swede, and the Russians; but, by the accounts from St. Petersburg!), we are sorry to find that Bifiia- parte still retains his influence over the minds of the Emperor Alexander and the Archduke Constailtine. The latter, it is said, had received from Bonaparte a promise ef the Throne of Turkey. The French are still continuing their insults and oppression in Holsteins, it is said they have demanded the entire cession of that Province, and a contribution of several millions of dollars. The Seagull brig of war, Capt. Cathcart, which was taken on the 19ih of June, uif 1lekkeroe, by a Danish brig of war and four gun- boats, lies a complete wreck on the beach near that town. It is stated in the Christiana Mer- cury, under the signature of the Commandant of Christian- sand, that Capt. Catheart was slightly wounded; 1st Lieut. Hatton lost bis right arm j S} d Lieut. Adam White, and Andrew Martin, master, were killed; James Wilson, boatswain, slightly wounded ; 7 petty officers, 2 pilots, and Tl Seamen, made prisoners ; besides six Ladies who were on board. The action lasted two hours: it was seen from a point above the town of Flekkeroe, and every shot was heard in the town. The Expedition sailed from Portsmouth yesterday, under convoy of the Audacious. Tile trahsports amounted to about 170. The . St. Albati's, with the transports and the troops that embarked at Ramsgate, sailed from Plymouth last night, and were joined off the harbour by the Exp ditieni from Portsmouth.— The united force amounts to about nineteen thousand nu n. It is said that in a fifth expedition, in which there is to he a very large park of artillery, andseveial regi- lnents of cavalry, some militia regiments will be embarked with the Infantry, it being the intention of Government to accept the gallant offer of those militia regiments which have volunteered for the service, An additional order for 90,000 stand of arms has been delivered at the Tower, which are to be shipped for Spain and Portugal with the utmost expedition. The Ross- shire, and the 1st Somerset Militia, have volunteered their services for Spain. It is expccttd that the King will continue at Wind- sor the whole of the summer. The ( Jueen and Princesses will of course remain with him. The Prince of Wales is gone to Brighton. The Princess of Wales visits Kensington Palace three times a week, to view the progress of the repairs and improvement making for her reception. The PrineeSs Charlotte is gone to Bognor Rocks, accompanied by her Governess, Lady De Clifford. The last fleet from China brought, on account of the Company, 119,795 chests of tea, 420 chests of raw silk, and .'< 7,300 pieces of nankeen. The India company have declared for sale S, 560,000fti. of Tea, including private trade and prize teas ; of which, no less than ; 4,5O0U) OO'&*. c<" Tie under the description of Congou and Cainpoi, and only 2O0, QOt) rt> r. under that of Pekoe, and Souchong-; yet the tea- dealers sell at least 10lbs. of Souchong to lib. of all the other three sorts put together 1 The i rade to the Brazils has set the looms briskly to work, both in Gloucestershire and Yorkshire ; in the for- mer, ;.; v the superfine cloths, in great request for the wealthy inhabitants of Rio tie Janeiro ; and in the titter, for all kinds of coarse cloths, for the inferior classes and inhabitants of the interior. Lr'. vi-. s WOOL FAIR, last week was numerously attended. Lord Sheffield stated, that the fine wools that were sold within a few mo.. ths past readily found a market at last year's price: , but there was very little demand tor the coarser wools. The general opinion is that th.' price of fine ivool will exceed that of last year ; and tha\ the coarse will not. attain last year's price?. This statement was acknowledged to be fair and candid ; bat notwithstanding there appeared to be less difference of opinion between the buyers and sellers than usual, they did not agree. No business iva- dont at the fair, nor in the evening. The Wool- growers demanded from is. to t> s. per told less than they demanded at the fair last year, and from i. « . to more than they had since received. Lord Sheffield ex- hibited specimens of fine wool grown iu England, By Mr. Toilet, of Swintiertou- hall; Mr. Portman, of BryanStone, Dorsetshire ; and Mr. Hall, of Leigh- court, some pure. Spanish, others of mixed breed; and also made several communications in favour of the Spani- h breed ; that a 3- year old Merino Ryland wether, bred by Mr. Toliett, weighed Zilbs. per quarter, and his fleece 5tks of superfine wool. At Northampton Assizes, one prisoner was capitally convicted, v iz. Henry Br. uklaisd, for stealing a bay uiare.— John B irford, indicted •' for stealing a ten pound note of the ^ Northampton Bank," was acquitted, the ,- adge observing, that the law knew nothing of" the Nortujftlptou Bank;' the Bank of England indeed existed by charter, and was acknowledged by the law of the land J but there might be two, ' r'tweuty Northampton Banks: he could not allow any evidence to go to the Jury on this indictment. The prisoner was accordingly discharged. MARK- LANE, iMonday, August 1. The Wheat matket to- day has gone altogether contrary to the expectations formed in general; instead of the eager sale and advancing price of Thursday, and in spite of the heaVy rain of last night, the buyers were wholly averse ko making any offers ( even for the best runs) upon higher terms than those Of Monday the 25th of July, which being at length complied with, a considerable proportion of the day's arrival was taken off,- butby no means the whole. The supply was large from Essex, and quite abundant from Suffolk and Kent. Beans, Barley, and Oats were also in great plenty, and found buyers at the currency beneath, but without any great briskness in the trade, except for Oats of the best qualities, perfectly fresh and swfet; White Peas were sold at 71. early m the morning, but after- wards were offered in large quantities at a he ivy declinc, and the value seems unsettled. Rape Seed is scarce at present, and has advanced nearly 2ii. per last for the finest samples. For all further particulars we refer to the list subjoined :— Wheat 6os. to 86$.— Rye 40s. to 52s.— White Peas 7' 2i. to 140s. nomi- nal.,— Grey Peas 50s. to 60s.— Horse Beans 605. to 68s.— Tick Beans Sf'i. to 6- s.— Barley 40s. to 48s.— Malt 68s. to 80s.— Oats 34s. to 50.1. per quarter.-— English Household Flour 68s. per sack.— Carrawav Seed 44s. to 58s.— Coriander Seed 18s. to ' 24s, per cwt.— Turnip Seed 9s. to 13s. per bushel.— Rape Seed 351, to 40/. per last. SMITHFIER. D MARKET, Aug. 1. This day's'rtiarket had a considerable supply of prime Beasts, and the shew of Cattle in other respects was pretty good; lleef, Pork, and Lamb are dearer rhan our last report; Mutton and Veal support last prices, and the trade in general was rather brisk. We annex an accurate statement of the prices and numbers:— Beef - Is. id. to 5s. srf. Mutton 4s. to 5.;. id. Lamb 5s. to 7s. Veal 6s. to Pork' os. to Us. lid.— Neat Cattle, 1,870; Sheep and Lambs, 18,870; Calves, 815 ; Pigs 400. The sales in the Haymarket were somewhat lively ; Straw his fallen in price since Friday's market; Hay and Clover sold- at last priccs.— Hay 51. 10s. to 61. 10s. Clover SI. 6s. to 71. 10s. Straw 11. 16s. to S1. 2s. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, August 4, 1808. ON Thursday, the 11 th instant, I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing Csealed up) and treat for the undermentioned Articles for the service of this Port, whieh will, he paid for by Dills payable with Interest < 10 days after date, viz. KILN- DRIED HOUSEHOLD FLOUR, 500Sacks, avswer- able'to a Sample that will be prnducrd at the time of Con-'' tract, one half to be delivered in a Fortnight and the re- mainder iila Mouth. ENGLISH WHEAT, 800 Quarters, to weigh .58 lbs. per Bushel, and in rase it should weigh above 58 lbs. per Bushel, the over- weight !/> be paid for-: to be delivered in one Month. No regard ieill be had to any Tender, ih which the price shull not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the said 11 t. h instant, nor unless the persons n\ o make tfwe same, or same person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when culled for. IVM'. RKt. KS. - V. B.— The Conditions of the respective Contracts may be Seen tit. my Office. [ 577 To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the Coun'y of Dorset. GENTLEMEN, AS Mr. R. W. ANDREWS has resigned the Office of one of his Majesty's CORONERS tor the county of Dorset, I beg leave to offer myself as a CANDIDATE for that situation ; rny profession as a Surgeon, although not a neces- sary qualification, Will yet, I hope, entitle me to your consi- deration ; and should I, by your partiality, b • so fortunate as to sncce - d in this object of my w: shes, I will ende. vour, by an unremitting attention to the duties of theoifice; to prove myself not unworthy your confidence, in selecting m • to fill so important a station." • [ 436 1 have the honour to be, with great respect, Gentlemen, Your most obedient and devoted humble Se- vant, DOHCHESTER, July 14, 1809. JOHN WALLIS. H~ AWKERS, PEDLARS, & c. within the Dis- trict of Hants, Wilts, Bucks, 3erks, Oxroid, G1 ' ster, Worcester, and Somerset, are to apply for Licences com- mencttig the first of August nex to th Riding Surveyor, or to the following Age its, viz. Mr. Fleetwood, Winches: er; Mr. nesant, Portsmouth; Mr. Brown, Custom- horse, Ly- mington j Mr. Humphreys, Salisbury ; Mcssr . J me* nd- Rose, Aylesbury; Mr. Fergusson, Reading; Mr. Graham, Newbury; and Mr. Newtftan, Ox: ord. [ 184 WHITCHURCH, HANTS,! WM. ALLEN, iltk July, ISO1. f Riding Surveyor. BURSLEDON BRIDGE AND ROADS. NOTICE is hereby given,— That a GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Company of Proprietors of Bursledon Bridge and Roads will be holdcn ar- the Red Lion Inn. near the Bridge, on Monday the 8th day of August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when a full attendance of the Pro- prietors is earnestly requested. Those Members who intend staying to dine, are requested to send early information thereof either to the Clerk, or to Mr. Waldron at the above inn, that adequate provision may be made. By order of the Committee, DAVID COMPIGNE, Clerk. Gosp'irt, July ft, 1808. [- 235 WINCHESTER, July 28, 1803. THE Gemlemen whose Names are hereunto sub- s'ibed, request that the Htort SHERIFF will call a MEETING of th • Gr. vn EMES, CLERGY, & FREEHOLDERS of this Couniy, to consider of an ADDRESS to his Majesty, to congratulate his M esty on the Ces at; on of Hostilities with Spain, and on the gallant efforts Ireadv made bv that hie; h spirited Nation t a> s rt their Ind p.- n eniji- against the common Enemy and Op ressor of fur p ; and t r^ pr. ss their op nion of thi im ort rice of his Ma esty's comint in, to afford his most vigorous assistance for the attainment ot th t great object. [ 522 Wiiliarn Heathcote, John Dampier, Edward Hutse, G iree Rose, William Chute, William Garrett, John Blackburn, Henrv St. John Mildmay, L. B. Wither, Wil! am Herfcrt, John Rawlirison, Abel Rous Dottin, John Harwood, Charle, Arnott, James Standerwick, John Hawkins, C. J. Claverhig, Alex indef Radcliffe, George Porter, Benjamin Slow, James Jopp, Jchh Parlby. IN compliance W'th the above Requisition, I appoint a MEETING of the GEMT:, EMEN, Cr. R. rtcv, & PUR. F notonns of the County of 5oi) Titn » m) i, to be holden at the Castle of Winchester, on Wedne dsy the lOthdUvof August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose above- mentioned. GEORGE HANBURY MITCHELL, WiN- eitEsTBit, July ts, 1808. SfiERirr. WANTED,-—— A large Quantity o: TREES, — - ft, FOREST . HAZLE, & C. J Any person having a Quantity to dispose of, or who may be willing to contract for the Providing and Planting the same, are requested to send their'proposals to Mr. James Eaton, Melbury- House; or to Mr. John Hunt, Abbotsbury, Dorset; if by letter, post paid. [ 412 WANTED, - A CURATE to undertake the Duty of a CURACY in Hampshire.— For particulars apply to the Printers; postpaid. [ 488 C? There is no Parsonage- house.— Salary 6nl. par ann. CURACY! WANTED, by a respectable Clergyman, at St. Michael next, or as much sooner asmay . be,-— A CURACY, inan eligible Country, within a few miles of, but not in a town ; with a tolerably good house, some land, and a prospect of permanency. Letters ( post paid) addressed to Z. A. B, to be . left at the Post- Office, in Shaftesbury, will he duly attended to. [ 550 TO SURGEONS, & c. AGentleman capable of practising all the branches of the Profession, wishes to engage himself as an ASSISTANT where he majt have an opportunity of visiting Patients : a situation where it is likely the advertiser may ob- tain part of the Business would be preferred. Apply to Ht Jeffrey, chemist, Sarum. [ 622 WANTS a SITUATION as CLERK to a Brewery, Cheese or Corn Factor, or as Collecting Clerk or Warehouseman,— A steady person about 30 years of age, Well acquainted with marketing of all kinds, and desirous of being useful.— Respectable references may be had, and se- curity given for any trust reposed. PI; to appply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Aslet, St. Ann's- street, Salisbury. [ 570 ^ S •* TANTED immediately, A person who is a u good Penman and Arithmetician, to ASSIST in the general Business of a School where there is a Writing- master. Such a person, of good character, and capable of close at- tention to business, will find the situation both comfortable and advantageous, as the salary Will be proportionate to merit. The number of boarders is limited, and there aie no day- scholars.— Apply by letter ( post paid) to the Printers. [ 5S> 2 WANTED immediately, as an ASSISTANT,— A young MAN-, from IS to 25 years of age, qualified to teach Writing and Accompts. Letters ( post paid) addressed to Musson, George, and Tayler, printing- office, Newport, Isle of Wight, will meet With early attention. [ 575 TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. N APPRENTICE is Wanted by a SURGEON L and APOTHECARY, in full and respectable Practice. "— As the treatment will ba in every respect liberal, an ade- quate premium is expected. Enquire'( if by letter, postpaid) of the Ptinters. [ 405 WANTED immediately,— An APPRENTICE to a DRAPBS and HABEROASJIER, in a pleasant town in Hampshire.— A Premium will be expected. Apily to the Printers; if by letter, post paid. [ 437 ANTED in a Country Family, A steady middle- aged MAM, as BtlTLER out of Livery.— It will be useless for any one to apply, unless his character is in all respects unexceptionable. A FOOTMAN is also wanted in the same Family. Enquire of the Printers ; if by letter, post paid. [ 474 GARDENER WANTED. AMAN of good Character,"" who has lived under a HEAD GARDENER, and has acquired a perfect know- ledge of the Management of a Hot- house, Pinery; & c. may hear of a Place by • pplying to the Printers of this Paper. [ 620 ANTED, at an HOTEL and INN,—— A steady r spectable middle- aged Woman as HEAD CHAM- BERMAID ; she must write a fair band, and be wed recom- mended for sobriety and Integrity. None need apply but sin- gle women. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Whale, Wil- on, either personally or by letters, postpaid. [ ifos A Ste.(( lv WOM AN above 30 vcars of age, to take the Management of a FARM- HOUSE. None need apply who are not web acquainted with the nature of such a si union, Enquire of Mrs. Smith Sishopston. [ 599 THE High Sheriff having Sailed a Meeting of the County on Wednesday the 10th of oext Month, to con- sider of an Address to his Majesty on the exertions making by the Spanish Nation against the common Enemy pf Eurt.- p , the ANNIVERSARY of the COUNTY CLUB will beheld on that day, when the Members and their Fiiends will dine together at the WHITE HART WINCHESTER.— Dinner on table at three o'clock. By Order, GEO. HOLLIS, Secretary. $ 3* Gentlemen are desired to leave their names at the Bar before twelve o'clock, that provision maybe rnade aecordlug to the number who shall express their intention of dininsr. Winchester, July i9, 1808. [ 523 _ _ CAaT[ ON. WHEREAS my WtKB, RRLOGET PARDEY, is now separated from me : I hereby give notice, that I will not be answerable for any Debts whatever she may conuact with any person or persons after this public caution. SOUTHAMPTON, July 18, 1808, WM. PARDEY. HOPE FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE OFFICE, LnnoAtr.- ititt., LONDON. A- GENTS WANTED for tl* followieg Places, in 1 the county of WILTSHIRE, viz.— Downton, Devizes, Malmesbury, Cricklade, Chippcnhiim, Marlborough, Eud- gershall, Arrtesbury, Hichworth, l. lelRSham. Trowbridge, Warminster, Hindoo, Wittoft, Heytesbury, Westbury, and Swindon. Persons of respectability ih the seve ral places above stated, who are desirous of being appointed Agents to this Office, are requested to Signify the same to thi• Utidj- r- Sigtjed, Without delay; and it would facilitate each appointment, if, at the same time, was transmitted the names of two persons, as joint securities in the sum of 300L B, order of the Ditectors, 472j WILLIAM BUY1R, Clerk. TO TINMEN. AGood WORKMAN may have constant employ and good wages by applying at J. Hill's Tin and Iron- Plate, Brass and Copper Manufactory, Silver- street. SALISBURY, August 8, 1808. [ 596 BAILIFF. 7" ANTED, to take the general Management of an extensive arable Farm in Hampshire,— A single middle- aged MAN, he must be a good practical Farmer, and understand live stock and markets, must have sened gentle- men in the above capacity, and have an undeniable character f r sobriety, honesty, and experience in all farming business. Particulars, stating qualifications, and where the party has lived, addressed by leiter, postpaid, to Mr. Marline, White Hart Inn, Bagshot, will be attended to. No one need apply who has been'in business for him- self, or who has not lived' three years in his last place.— Good wages will be given. [ 188 In the Press, and speedily will be published, ALETTER to JOHN FITZGERALD, Esq. bv ANTHONY BELL, Land- Agent, Winchester. Print'ed by W. Jacobs, Winton. [ 569 rT, 0 be SOLD, A good SHOOTING PONY, Jl at Moyles- Court- Farm, near Ringwood, Hants. -^ pO be SOLD,— A beautiful BAY PONY, about . IL twelve hands high, six years old, in make and action unequalled, combining the symmetry of a racer with the strength of a cart horse ; has been so accustomed to the gun, that the most infirm person may shoot from his back with perfect sat'etv.— Price 25 Guineas. Enquire of A. Cooper, at the Black Bull Inn, Warminster, N. B Carries a Lady admirably. fSIS I^ OR SALE,— An exceeding good roomy GJG, little used, with HARNESS; price 30 GUINEAS.— Also a strong DARK. BAY COACH HORSE, five years old, re- markable steady in harness, and without a fault: lowest price 50 GUINEAS.—— Enquire at the George Inn, Andover. [ 6U4 TO be SOLD, A very handsome and complete POST CIIAISBi, with Barouche- box placed upon the newest construction, built bv Hankin and Winser, and just out of their hands. • " [ 608 To be seen at Mr. Locke's, coach- maker, Southampton. It has a half imperial trunk, & c. Price ISO guineas. MARKET- PLACE, SALISBURY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GATE- HOUSE, near the Corn- Market, on Tuesday the 9th of August, 1808,— Five strong useful DRAUGHT HORSES, warranted sound and free from vice ; the property ef Mr. C. Curtis, of Bishopstone, who has declined part of the business which he lately occupied. The sale will commence precisely at twelve o'clock. [ 566 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN FORCE, in the Market- place, in Wimbofne, on Friday the I2tn of August inst. at twelve o'clock in the forenoon,— A BLACK. STALLION, rising . four years old, got by Kvergr+ n, dam by Highflyer; which may be seen any day before the sale, at Mr. G. E. ilussey's, in Wimborne. ' [ 618 LYTCH ET- M ATR A VERS, DORSET. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, some time in the month of September ( of which due notice will be given) on Higher Lytchet Farm,- All the STOCK of SHEEP, con- sisting of abut 900 South- down F. Wes and Lambs, twelve good Strong Cart Horses, Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, and other im- plements and articles of husbandry ; also some flay. [ 600 CANAL COAL. NOW delivering at Chapel Qr. av, Southampton, a Cargo of the much esteemed CANAL COAL, at £ 3 per ton for ready money. Application to be made to Mr. Westlake, at the Quav.—— Aug. 6, 1808. [ 606 IRISH LINENS, SHEETINGS, & TABLE LINEN, Just received at BECKINGSALE's Warehouse, SILVER- STREET, SALISBURY. ALarge Lot of stout Sheeting, as low as lOrf. per yard; 500 pieces of Ginghams, excellent patterns, 10d. per yard; 300 pieces yard- and- half- wide Cambric Muslins, fine quality, 18cf. and lOd.; a quantity of Cotton Damask Table Cloths, as low as- 2s. each ; a variety of beautiful Sprig Muslins, only 2s. per yard; excellent Printed Furnitures, warranted to wash, lad. per yarti; an extensive collection of Worked Robes for Dresses ; Thread, Edgings and Laces, Veils, Borderings, & c.; an extensive assortment of Cotton Stockings ; Silk Stockings as low as 6s. and 7s. a pah-— an ex- tra allowance by the half dozen. [ 576 ~ BLANDFORD, AUG. 1, 1808. THE PARTNERSHIP between TICE and FISHER, DRAPERS, MERCF. RS, & c. heing this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent, the Business will in future be carried on under the Firm of WILLIAM FISHER and SON. A CARD. RS. PEARCE ( from 34, Raker- strcet North, and Bond- street, London) respectfully begs leave to acquaint the Nobility and Gentry in Southampton and its vi- cinity, she is arrived at Messrs. Sand and Lo:-' s, Red- lion- square, with her much admired STAYS A LA DIANA, made to fit, and improve every figure, ( under the immediate patronage of the first families in the United Kingdom) ; con- sisting cf fifteen patterns, adapted to every ace and sire. Mrs. P, begs to acquaint the Ladies in the Isle of Wight, Salisbury, and Winchester, that she proposes visiting those places for a short time. L- d- es are requested to be early in their application, as her time allotted for Southampton cannot possibly cxc - d three weeks. Mrs. P. is Sister to Mrs: Lloyd Gibbon, Sackville- street, London. Mrs. P. has also Dresses a la. Mode, Dress Caps, & c. Thursday evening, ftth of August, 1808. [ 607 ANDOVER, August I, 1808. 11. LUDLOW begs to return his most grateful 1? JL acknowledgments ' to his numerbus friends and the public, for their favours conferred oh- him in the GROCERY and TEA TRADE, and informs* them that he has declined that business in favour of Mr. ROBERT BRLDC « , whom he wishes to recommend to their notice, not doubting that he will merit their countenance and support. Mr. LUDLOW continues the WINE and SPIRIT TRADE, and respectfully solicits the favours of his friends and the public. [ 60* 2 RRIDGE. having succeeded Mr. LUDI. OW in the GROCERY and TEA TRADE, solicits the orders of Mr. Ludlow's friends and the public in general, which he hopes to merit by regularity and attention. [ 603 WINCHESTER. J_ MA NT, UPHOLSTERRR, AUCTIONEER, & C. • impressed with the warmest sentiments of gratitude to his friends and the public for past favours, most respect- fully informs them that he is about to decline the Mamfru.- luring part of his Concern, but that the Ait t'on and Apprais- ing Businesses Will be carried on by him as heretofore, and embraces this opportunity of soliciting th& t kind patronage and support in those branches which he has so hberaly expe- rienced for upwards of twenty years past. J. M. begs leave also to inform the Public, that his valuable Stock of UPHOLSTERY and CAM MET GOODS, Paper Hang- ings, & c. is now selling from 10 to 20 percent, under the usual prices ; likewise several thousand feet of prime season- ed Mahogany and other woods, particularly an excellent as- sortment of fine table boar- Is, fioin 2 ft. to : i ft 8 in. wide ; and some capital Veneers, Shop Fixturts, double counting- house Disk, Work Benches, Tools, & c. [ 684' SALISBURY. ^ MORRIS, RUILDER, SURVEYOR, & c. im- Jf • pressed with the greatest gratitude to the nu- merous Friends of his late Father, deceased, informs them anil the public in geseral, that he intends cairying , on the Business in all its branches, and humbly solicits their future favouis, which shall be executed with the greatest attention and dispatch by their obliged humble servant. All Persons indebted to the above Estate are requested to pay the same immediately to George Morris ; and all pe'sons having any demands are requested to send in their accounts, as an early settlement is particularly desired. CASTLE- STREET, July 4, 1808. [ 4FL3 O ALISBURY, WILTON, and LONDON FLY ' WAGGONS, daily, to ar. d from the CASTLE and FALCON', ALDERSGATE- STREET, Londoi , ana their Ware- h use, Mil ord- s reet, Salisbury. These Waggons take up and put d. wn Goods at the Old White Hors Cellar, and Blrck Bear, Piccadilly. No Morey, PI. te Jewels, Glass, or ,. ihcr valvable r hazardous Gcbds w. ll be paid for, if broken or lost, unless e itered as such, and naid fpr accord ne- ly. NICHOLAS BROWN,"! „ 10] JAMES BRICE, j- Kropric ors. Salisbury and London New Commercial Coach, From the Three Swans Inn ( afternoons at three o'clock) to the Bel! Savage, Ludgate Hill, London. r| ,111'. Gentry and Inhabitants of Salisbury and its J. Vicinity are informed this Coach is set up for their better accommodation, and to the House in London from whence the Old Salisbury went for such a number of years ; and which, as it is newly furnished and fitted in a style of elegant neatness, combined with if » ' iderate charges, will, it is hoped, insure comfort to the Traveller and approbation to the Pro- prietors. N. B. This Coach is called THE COMMERCIAL, as it is the full determination of the Proprietors to give every encourage- ment to commerce by a moderate charge for the carriage of parcels, and as such all small parcels under one pound weight are charged sixpence or. ly : it is therefore requested the friends of this concern will order their correspondents in London to send their parcels to the Bell Savage, Ludgate hill, from whence THE COMMERCIAL, for the present, se* s out every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday afternoons .- it three. Performed by EDWaftD PROCKT « R and CO. Who will not be'accountable for any package cf plate, cash. & c. & c. ( however small in value) nor yet frf any other parcel or iug>; a? e, above five pounds value, Unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. It is the it. wnt for this coach to run every afternoon ( Sunday excepted) as soon as the carriages are ready. [ 580 COALS. Augusts, 1808. NOW delivering at Southampton Quay, A. good Cargo of ED'N's MAIN COALS, at 44s. per Chal- dron ( ready money) hy - JACOB and WREN. Will be five days delivering. { SSi ANew SALISBURY and W'INCIiESTEE POST COACH, and from thence to GOSPORT and PORTS- MOUTH ; sets out from the Black Horse, Salisbury, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at eight o'clock, to the Coach and Horses, Winchester, from thence to the / Red lion, Gosport, by five . ii the evening; returns every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning at nine o'clock, and arrives at Sali b ry by sit in the evening, in time for the Exeter, Plymouth, Bath, and Bristol coachts. Calls at'thfe King's Head, Stockbridge; Crown, Bishop's W lthatn; Star, Wickbam; and Buple, Fareham. Pas= ensers and Parcels- booked and regularly ronveye-. f to the following place :—- NeWhurv, Oxford, Alresford, Alton, Farnham, Havant, FrosWorth, Chichester, Bognor, Brighton, Worthing, and East- Bourne. The above is an excellent accommodation for those travellers who wish ' o sleep in Salisbury and proceed to any of the above- places in the morning. 588]' JOHN PERRIN, Proprietors. ANTELOPE INN AND TAVERN. SHERBORNE, On the direct Road from Salisbury to Crewkef/ ie & Ejreter. nPHOMAo 1111. LIAR ( late of Ar. sford Inn) most A respectfully returns his sincere thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the'Public in general, for the Very libera! sup- port which he has already experienced7at the above old- esta- blished INN, and humbly hopes, by a constant nutrition to their commands, to merit a continuance of the same. T. H. begs leave to observe, that the ANTELOPE, fronrthe number of its bed and sitting Rooms, and its being to plea- santly situated at the north entrance of the town, lias always been found a most desirable'situation for Families who wish to sleep on their road to and from Salisbury, Exeter, & c. *. » Particular attention paid to Gentleman Travellers. Chaises to any part of the Kingdom.— Lock- up Coachr houses, . good Stabling, & c. [- 381 PRIME GOODS NEED NO RECOMMENDATION. JT. COWARD returns his grateful . icknowledg- • ment?> to the public for the many favours he has received, and most respectfully informs them he has just received a new and fashionable Assortment . of CIIEA? LINEN, WOOL- LEN DRAPERY, and HOSiERY GOODS, which will be sold at such extreme low prices as no one else can produce. The public will have no difficulty in discerning that Coward s cheap and fashionable Warehouse, adjoining the Portman's Arms, Salisbury- street, Blandford, is the only p! a « to buy real Bargains;' p> 97 CHUTE INCLOSURE. WE whose nanles are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners hamed in antl appointed by a cer- tain Act of Parliament passed in the last session, entitled " An Act for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Chute, in the county of Wilts." do hereby give Notice, that we do intend to hold the first Meeting for carrying the powers of the said Act into execution, at the house of Mary Kelsey, called or known by the name or sign. of the Cross " Keys Inn, in Chute, in the county of Wilts, on Monday the 93d day cf August next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; at which meetihg it is in- tended to appoint a Banker, or such person or persons as shall be approved by a majority in value of the proprietors who may be then present, for the purpose of receiving all monies to be raised under and by virtue of the powers contained in the said Act.— Dated this 29th day of Julu, 1808. RICHARD PARSONS. 557] BENJAMIN HAYNES. ~ T BR1NKWORTH iNCLoSURE " WE the undersigned Commissioners, appointed by and acting in execution of the Act of Parliament for inclosing Lands in the parish of Brinkworth, in the county of Wiltsi, hereby give Notice, that our intended Meeting this day, fur the special purpose of reading over and executing our Award in pursuance of the said and the General Inclosure Acts ( by reason cf our Sutveyor of Roads being by accident r nlered temporarily unable to attend to the duties of his o. iiec, in consequence of which the Roads by us directed to b e made agteeably to the said Acts, have not been cdmpleated, and other' unavoidable causes), is by us ADJOURNED to Monday the 15th day of August next, when we intend to meet at the house of Isaac Spencer, being the White Lion Inn, at Malrneibury, in the sai l county, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to read over and execute the same ; and also to finally settle the business of the said Inclosure.— Dated this 23d day of Mat,', 1 SOP. '. YOHN WM. BIF. DERMANN. WILLIAM JENNINGS. 478] RICHARD RICHARDSON. OST, nearBeau. Vii, i, t the beginning of duly,—> A BLACK and W|"< UTE SPANIEL BITCH, supposed now to be in that ncighbo. ihood. Whoever will bring her to Samuel Belhen, Lymington, will be handsomely rewarded*. for ill .' ir troui U ; and whoever detains her after this notice wi.' l ba prosecutid. [ SlO WATCH FOUND~ at Winchester, during the late Assizes.— Whoever euu ide. lCfy it, by stating the maker's name, number, and other particulars; well as its appendages, are desired to send the particU, ars ( ih writing) to Mr. John Troke, Watch- maker, Salisbury, that it may be returned to the owner, on paying the ex'pei tee of advertise- ftier^, & c. ' [ 613 PURSUANT to the Decree of the k ligh Court of Cb; mcery made in Causes, Pr. rYs, Esq v. BISHOP of BATH and WELLS, and PF. PVS, Esq. v. Bo* ' ATEB, the several Creditors of JOHN BGWATER, formerly of St. George) Hanover- square, but late of Kensingtotl > in the county of Middlesex, Esq. who are entitled to the t cnefit of the Indentures of the 31st of July, 1778, and of th ' , stof June, 1796, or . either of them, are personally or by tl. - eir so- licitors to come in and make but their claims'and prove ' heir debts before EDWARD MORRIS, Esq. one of the Maste, • s of the said Court, at his chambers in Sontbampton- buiidii > ps » Chancery- lane, on cr before the 6th of November, isni, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded the b e- nelit of the said decree. [' 55.3 AEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is aw arded and issued forth against THOMAS BIGGS the younger, of Scend, in the county of Wilts, Cheese- Dealer, » .. u u. oemg declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to sur- render himself to the Commission, is in the sa . i commission named, or the major part of them, on the mth day of August inst. at five of the clock in the afternoon; oh tile 2Cth of' the same month, at nine of the clock in the forenoon, and on the 6th day of September following, at four of the clock in the afternoon, at the King's Arms Inn, in Melksham, in the said county, and rtlake a full discoveiy and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the creditors are to come pre- pared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to ehtise Assignees, and at the last sitting the s. dd Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt; Or who have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the satfle but to whom the C « m- nfssioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Stephen Vez ey, Solicitor, of Melksham aforesaid, or to Messrs. Saidys arid Hortoa. No. 5, Crane- court, Fleet- street, London, [ s^ a fHEHEAS WILLIAM PEAD, Labourer, ^ T / tive of Hilperton, a Lunatic, escaped from ihehoure of tlichard Trueman, in the parish of Kowde, near Dev^ es Wilts, on Sunday evening the the 3d of July, 1808,' andhas not since been heard of: Whoever trill " give informition we re he may be found to Richard Trueman aforesaid, shall be satisfied for their trouble. The said William Pead is alont ao years of age, S feet 5 or 6 inches high, thin made, mrk complexion, has a mole on the left cheek, speaks but little being in a low melancholy way ; had on when he went away a light coloured' coat,, striped'waistcoat) old pair of cordumy breeches, and very bad shoes. [ 5,98 THE REATIAFAN BLACKING, ' MADE BY DAY AND aHTIlI, LONDON. THIS invaluable Composition, with half the usual labour, produces the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld- affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant Smell, and will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold, wholesale, hy Day and Martin, removed to No. 97, High Hoiborn, London; and retail at the Pr/ nting- Office, Salisbury; Coupon, Devizes; Simmorids, Blardford; Penny,' Sherborne; Clarke, Dorchester; Harvey, Weyrionth ; ] iarold*' jun. Marlborough; Skelton, Southampton; Maru„, L » mington ; Crorkford, Castle- Carey; and f" 00fe, Pool., stone bottles, price Is. 8J. each. ff" New MAP O/' SDUTHAMPTW and its Vcim- rv. r.- t>: e Is. nPHIS MAP ( p.. greyed in a - uperior style, by I BAKVR Ltrngton) was made frph the actual Survey, of the Delineator, assisted bvhis Father, if the years 1802 and 1806,. at the request of some of the Gentleuen within itshmlts, with Whose permission the same is now Ir'umbly offered to the Pub- lic; who are most respectfully Wormed that this Map is drawn on a much larger scale that any ever published of this neighbourhood, viz. one mile to ( Wo inches and two- thirds of an inch, and particularly descjibes the Boundaries of the County of the Town of Southampton, die Southampton W atet from Milbrook to Hamble, Hook, ; the Gentlemen'sSe< as, Roads, Highways, & c, 011 a space of 70 square miles of t. he. country'adjacent; the distances to Northam; and Bursledon Bridges, NetlcV Abbey, and every place of public resoit in its environs; three different Posting Roads to London, with the miles charged at each : the distances to Gosport, Ports- mouth, Chichester, and adjoining towns, with various other particulars. 1 By JOHN D. DOSWELL, ENGINEF. R, SURVEYOR, AM) VH/ tvOIITSMAm, ALBION - PLACE, SOUTHAMPTON: Who gratefully offers his sincere acknowledgments to his friends'and the public, and hopes to merit a continuance . of their favour and patronage. To be had of Mr. Skelton, Messrs. Baker and Fletcher, booksellers, and Mr. Seed, engraver, High- street, South- ampton ; and. at J. D. Doswell's pflic'e. [ 527 Albion- place, Aug. 1, 1808. SPAIN AND PORTUGAL. On Monday, August 1, 1803, was be published, printed 111 octavo, with a beautiful acquattrita View of Cadiz, with the Harbour, Shipping, & c. price one shilling, No 1, ( to be continued ever y" fortnight until completed, embel- lished with a Series of Views, in acquatinta, of the princi- pal Cities, and correct Maps, engraved from the latest authorities, expressly. for the work) of A GEOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, and PO- r\ UTICAL VIEW of SPAIN and PORTUGAL, from the earliest authentic accounts to the present period. By ALEXANDER BEAUMONT, Esq. London: published for the Author, byS. A. and H. Oddy, Oxford- street; C La Grange, Dublin ; and may be had of all booksellers and newsmen in the United Kingdom. [ 368 ESSAY ON GOVERNMENT. , This day is published, elegantly printed in one volume, ST10. Price 7s. in hoards, N ESSAY on GOVERNMENT, by PHILO- A; PATKI A. Printed for the Author, and sold at Eaije's Libra'v, Albe- marie- street; and by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salis- bury. Ifhere may be had, [ t? 6 The LORD'S PRAYER of'an Oncer waldencr, illustrated by seven Engravings, which exhibit scenes that have taken place on the Continent, since the French Revolution, price 15s.; and a new Catalogue of his extensive Library, coma n- ing the greatest variety, ever offered " to the public, price 8s. T1IE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Wednesday's and Thursday's Posts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF AUGUST 2. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, August 2. fa/;/ of a Letter from Vapt. Hathnrst, of his Majesty't ship Salsette, to Sir Stfinucl Hood, transmitted by Tice- Admi'ral Sir James Saumarei, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's ships h the Baltic. Kis Majesty'sslnp Salselte, off' Xorgen SIR, Islandj Julie 24, 1808. * jr BEG leave to inform yoa, that having yesterday, j| in his Majesty's ship S'fc. sette, chased a sloop of war under Russian Colours to Revel, where a frigate and a brig were laying, and taken a'galiiot partly laden vvi i h spirits, that was at audio r in the Roads, in coming out with the lat- ter saw a cutter off the north end of Norgen Inland, coming down with - igi, als up, who - oon afterhaftli'd her wind for the land; made all sail in chase, and closed with her at half past eight P. M. but on opposite tacks, and the wind dying • away at the time, she Crossed us with her sweeps out, and returned our fire, by which, I am sorry I have to say, ene, a marine, was kiiled ; the wind continuing very light, and the cutter pulling away with her sweeps, prevented our closing again with ber for some time, but a sudden squall of a few minute ; hrpugbf, the ship up with her about ten o'clock; yet as they were near the shore, and it just then setting in dark, they persevered in their endeavours to escape after they were completely under and exposed to tbe fire of saost of our guns; but being hailed to lay in their sweeps, at a quarter past ten they did so, as it was then impossible For them to get away. On taking possession she proved to be his Russian Ma- jesty's cutter Apith, Commanded by Lieut. G. C. Novalski, mounting 14 guns, 12- poutiders, earrohades, and n ( aimed With 61 men, four of whom Were killed, the comAiander ami seven wounded. She left Sweaborg at noon fina same day, to join the sloop of war we had chased in the inorning, belonging to a squadron of four frigates and tight sloops stationed there. The cutter is a very fine vessel, about two ; cears old, ex- ceedingly well fitted, and found in every th . tig, 1 am, Sir, & c. • ( Signed) W. lUTHURsT. C'fff of a Letter from. Capt. Harwell, of the Royalist sloop, to Vice- Admiral Campbell, in the Downs. His Majesty's sloop Royalist, tiff SIR, Gotttuburgh, July iff. • t HAVE the pleasure to a/ qua'nii you of his Majesty's Sloop Royalist, under my ej . unm/ id, having captured the Danish schooner privateer.) eisti jes, after a chace of three hours. She i - a remark/ de fine vessel, American built, pierced for If! guns, having only six mounted, and 41 men. She sailed in the/ uondng from Flodstrand, victual- led and stored for five r. ionths intending to cruize on the coast of Scotland. A*, the. time I fell in with him he was engagi , g an English, packet, which vessel must have been captured hail it not been for the timely . aid of his Majesty's sloop under my eo'ninand— I have tbe honour to be, & e. ( Signed) J. MAXWELL. WAR- OFFICE , Aug. 2, BREVET.— Col. the Hon. Robert Meade to be M . jor- Gencral in the Island of Madeira only.— Capt. ft. Amis trong, of the 68d Foot, to be Major in the Army. HOSPITAL STAFF.— Arthur Brooke Faulkner, M. D. to be Physician to the Forces. BANKRUPTS. Thomas mallbiidge, of Stolie- m- tmhons, butcher. .1 • O. P arr , U1L( x. C. Patrick, oi Surt'olk- Une, London, insurance- bvoltiii. LONDON, WEDNESDAY, AUGUSTS. By a Gottehburgli mail, which arrived last night, ' we learn that the war in the North has again become in- teresting. The Swedish army in Finland has been compelled to make several retrograde motions, in consequence of the Russians being strongly reinforced. They have, however, suc- ceeded in an attack on 200 waggons laden with provisions, the greater part of which they have either taken or de- stroyed. This loss will be severely felt by the Russians, who are much distressed for want of this supply, and will thus be disabled from taking any advantage of their superiority. The vessels that were warned off from the Prussian ports, hip- e since delivered their cargoes in Russia, with tbe (.• section of British manufactures, which are still pro- h'bjjetl. Bispiltches from Lord Collingwood, dated off Cadiz, the It th of duly, were received yesterday. The following is circulated among the friends ot Ministers as a brief abstnet of their contents: " The, capture of Figueras by the Portuguese Patriots is confi'meiL a ; is also the defeat of the French near. Bar- celor. t, and their being completely hemmed up in the forts. » i neral Moncey's army is said to have been almost annililated in Valencia, together with another French cerp in Murcia ; and tbe former accounts of the repeated at ticks of the enemy upon Saragossa, and their defeat each tint', by the brave Palafox, are likewise confirmed. , " Dispatches had been received from General Castanos of the lltli of July, in which he informed the Supreme Junta, tint he intended to attackGenei'al Dupont on the following day." The successes of the Patriots in Arragon antl Murcia, are ( Utailedin the Seville Gazette of the 13 th of July, published order of the Supreme Junta. Colonel Sir Thomas Dver, who was sent to Spain lft a military- diplomatic cipacity, also arrived in town yesterday-, rfter one of the shortest passages ever known— he was only two days coming from Gijon to Plymouth; cojis- quently « • brings intelligence of a very recent date ; t • ve-. sel in wlich he came brought Oviedo Gazettes to the g , s, . a- ic Oviedo Wette of the 30th of July corroborates the accounts bet, re recced of the successes of the Pa- etm'ts in the South if Spain—^ ieast so f., r as a repetition ot the relation ofthvse events, wuv. « ] ditional particulars, can be deemed a corporation. According to the accounts published at Seville, tk whole loss of the French, in it| the different actions which have taken place in Arragon in Catalonia, antl in Valencia, amounts to very near 40, « o men. General Moncey, who had entered Valencia win an army of 1 if, 000 men, vVas completely defeated by Gtneral Giro, and of his whole army only a corps of < 100 mm escaped.— In the battle near RIO Sect), notwithstanding the superiority of the French in cavalry and artillery, the Patriots attacked them with so much fury, that four entire regiments were literally cut to pieces. An article in the Oviedo Gazette, dated Madrid, July SO, states that 900 French, who escaped the fate of their brethren under Moncey, effected a junction with the divi- sion of General Frere, who vVas on his march to reinforce General Dupont; but receiving information of the division of General Wedel, which had a similar destination, having been completely routed, he desisted from bis intention', and did not venture beyond St. Clemente. The same Ma- drid article states, that the Cktalonians have just taken by storm the fort of Munjoy, and put the whole of the garri- son to the sword. General Dupont had not surrendered when the last ac- counts came away, but be was completely hemmed in, and 111 the last dispatches from General Castanos, dated the 11th of July, he stated, that it was his intention to attack Dupont tbe next day. Accounts have been received from Oporto so low down as the 28th ult. Sir Arthur Wellesley had arrived on the 25th, had landed, and paid a short visit to the Bishop. He then re- embarked, was soon out of sight, and expected t > reach Figueiro on the 26th. It was rumoured that he * as first to proceed himself to theTagus, to com- municate with Sir C. Cotton, and then rejoin the troops at Figueiro. The Portuguese are in the highest hopes, and entertained confident expectations of driving out then- oppressors, or destroying them. A Portuguese Military Officer arrived yesterday at the house of the Chevalier de Souza Coutinho, with" dis- patches from Oporto. His Majesty's Cabinet Ministers being assembled at. the Foreign Office, the Portuguese - Ambassador immediately attended there, and submitted to them the information he had received. The battle of Rio Seeo, between Cuesta and Lassolles, was believed at Oporto to have cost the French 8000 men. Cuetta, however, found it necessary to take post, after the battle, at Benavento, in order to increase his force. In tbe dreadful storm on Friday the 22d ult. a youth about 18. years old was killed by lightning, whilst hoeiiig; potatoes, between Lampeter and LaudoTciy, Last night Dutch Papers to the 2f) th ult. reached town. The reports of the disgrace of Murat appear to be unfounded, for it is stated in an article from Paris, that he is to succeed Joseph Bonaparte as King of Naples. The Provisional Gover ment of Tuscany nave announced to the people of that country, that they are to have the honor of being adopted into the family of Napoleon tbe Great; that is to say, Tuscany is to form a part of she- kingdom of Italy. In the proclamation announcing this event, Bonaparte is styled " the Protector of Religion and Morality I" whilst by this very act lie is robbing the Queen of Etruria of her dominions, and he has most iniquitously secured and de- tained that Queen a prisoner in France. Bonaparte, it appears, has again changed his mind with regard to America. He has recently issued an order at Bayonne for laying an Embargo Upon all American Ships in the Ports of France and Holland that may have touched at Engligii Ports,- and this Order has been enforced in the most rigid maimer. The Exertion giin- brig lately unfortunately got on shore on ( he Danish coast, and, while endeavouring to get off, was beset by die row- boats. Her efforts were at. last successful, but in the action eight men were killed and several wounded. On Monday the Fishmongers Company gave a grand dinner, at their Hall, to the Spanish Deputies ami several other persons of distinction ; among whom were Earl St. Vincent, Lord Erskine, Sir G. Hill, and W. Smith, Esq. M. I'.— Success to the Patriots of Spain and Portugal being- drank as a toast, an English gentleman fa friend of the Spanish Deputies) made their acknowledgments for the interest the English nation bad taken in their cause. " Earl St. Vincent and the Wooden Walls of England," and " Lord Erskine antl the Trial by Jury," were then given. Earl St. Vincent thanked the Chairman for the honour done him in connecting his name with that which constituted the nation's glory and its best bulwark. Lord Erskine declared his unabated attachment to the cause of freedom, and ills ardent wish that he might see the constitutional principles of British Liberty spread and established throughout. Europe. Many other patriotic toasts were given', accom- panied with appropriate songs; and the Noble Spaniards' departed amidst the congratulations of the company, highly gratified with their entertainment. The Buckingham ( or King's Own) regiment of Mi'itia, in barracks on the coast of Sussex, was on Friday reviewed by Major General Lord Charles ' Somerset, who expressed to Lord Temple, the Colonel, bis high approbation of the discipline of the regiment. The men having . pretty gene- rally expressed a desire to assist the cause of the Spanish patriots, Lord Temple, after the review, caused the regi- ment to be drawn up in the quadrangle of the barracks, and harangued them on the subject, concluding with a promise, that he w ould leatl on in person those of his men who should volunteer on so praise- worthy an occasion; though he wished them not to be biassed by him, but to act solely from the imiiulse of their own feelings. On the instant, the whole regiment, except 30 men, offered their unlimited services, and retired from the labours of the day amidst the plaudits of all who had witnessed the transaction. BREAD.— Yesterday the Lord Mayor ordered the price of the Quartern Loaf to remain at l2| d. wheaten, llId. household. The debts proved under the commission of bankruptcy against the firm of the late Sir Roger Kerrison, and his son Thomas Allday Kerrison, amounted on Saturday last to the sum of 502,000/. ROWING MA* RB.— Monday, according to annual cus- tom, six young men, the term of whose apprenticeship ex- pired* in the course of the last twelve months, started from the Old Swan, near London- bridge, to row against tide to the Swan at Chelsea, for Doggett's Coat and Badge ; when George Newell, of Battle- bridge, having first arrived at the destined spot, > vaff- declared the victor. HOONSLOW WOOL FAIR On Monday, about eleven o'clock, a large concourse of farmers and wool- buyers assembled 111 the ancient Market- llouse in Hounslow, and began tbe opening and inspecting of about 700 tods of wools ( 21 ® .), of the South- down, Wiltshire, and Dorset breeds of sheep, which had been brought in and pitched for - sale by the farmers residing within a circuit of six or seven miles round the town. Sir Joseph Bankes, the patron of this institution, being prevented from attending by indis- position, Mr. Jonathan Passingham, a neighbouring far- mer, communicated from Sir Joseph, that 110 wools had been sold at two or three of the principal fairs, owing to the prices previously fixed by the sellers being more than the buyers would give, and that from the few- sales which had been made, some decline from the last years prices nlu it be expected. The company dined at the George Inn; Mr. S. Bennet was in the chair. After dinner the Chairman called the attention of the company to the great decrease of Merino Sheep in Spain, which the present contest must occasion, and begged to enforce tile propriety of extending that breed of sheep here. Mr. Pa. singhain, before the company returned to the Market- place, h- ggt- d to express his decided disapprobation Of the conduct of those indi- viduals, whose mistaken policy, if longer persevered in, would defeat the objects of this and similar institutions, by the absurd practice of the sellers of wool, after dinner, retiring from the buyers into a private room, and con certing the exact price which every seller present should demand for his wool! For himself, he would say, and he could answer for similar sentiments in many of his friends present, that if the price which their judgment, formed oil the best information they cottltl obtain of the Supply and demand for the article, should lead them shortly to set on their wools, should prove such as the buyers could not come up to, they should endeavour to come down to their offers, which always had here been liberal, and, he trusted, always would be, to farmers who brought their wools to Hounslow Fair with the determination to sell. On re- turning to the place of sale, and after examining the quality of several tods of wool which had code in since the morning, the selling began, and every pound of wool was sold. The Downs from 51 A. to 47- « . : the Wiltshire from 44s. 41s.: and the Dorset 42s. to 38.!. according to their respective fineness, and the care and neatness of the sheep owners in washing their flocks. PntEXo. ijr. NON,— The Edingburgh papers relate that on Tuesday the 26th nit. that fine wooded bank immediately opposite to Sprinfield paper- mill slipped, with a dreadful crash, into fae river Esk, which it so completely choaked up, that not a drop of water passed for several hours. The bank, which is ( bout two hundred feet in height, had dis- covered symptoms of agitation 011 the preceding day; and fur about an bout before it gave way, the agitation wan extremely violent, mil the trees were seen falling in all directions; hut when it began to move in a body, it. was awfully grand and teriMrc, antl the noise was equal to that of the loudest thunder.— The slip is supposed to have been occasioned by water lodgtd in the bank, which had loosened it from its bed. STAMP DUTIES.— By the XCT passed in the last Sessions of Parliament for granting alditional Stamp duties, it i enacted, " That, from the of August instant, any per- son drawing a bill, draft, or uriler, upon any banker, or person acting as a banker, payable to bearer on demand, dated on any subsequent day to that when it was actually issued, or which shall not specify the place where it was actually issued, or which shall not actually be drawn and issetul within ten miles of the banlters on whom it is drawn, ( unless duly stamped as a hill of exchange) shall forfeit 100/. — And any- person knowingly receiving such bill, draft, or order, shall forfeit 201.—- And any banker, or person acting as a banker, who shall pay such bill, draft, or order, know- ing the same to be post- dated, or that the place whence it is dated is not truly specified, or that the same is not within 10 miles of his office, shall forfeit 100/. and shall not be allowed to charge the money -: o paid in account against the drawer of the bill, draft, or ordA." WOODLANDS, NEW FOREST. TO be LETT or SOLD,— A comfortable Family HOUSE in the Cottage style, wiih FURNITURE, and about 12 acres of good Pasture Land, with or without a good Cottage adjoining, Coach- house, Stabling, Offices, and un- limited Right of Forest, situate near the Forest, hounds, three miles from Lyndhurst and sevct. from Southampton, late in the occupation of General Nicolls, and may be entefed pn immediately. For particulars enquire of Mrs. Brimyard, at Hill, hear Southampton, o/ Mr. Cowcher, at Bath.' [ olO POLYGON, SOUTHAMPTON. AHOUSE, with Coach- House, Stable, antl fear- den, fit for \ he residence of a gentleman's family, TO BF. LETT unfurnished, antl mat- be entered on immediately. For particulars apply to Mr. GeO. Hookey, Southampton ; if by letter free of postage. [ 042 VICINITY OF SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD,— MERRY OAK HOUSE, with two coach houses, stabling, two gardens, in. on-; of which is erected a neat green house, pleasantly situated in a lawn of twelve acres, well timbered, and neatly laid out with shrubberies and walks. The house has been recently and expensively fitted up ; the rooms are numerous, large( and lofty, and ready for the immediate reticplion of a gentleman's family. The elegant Household Furniture may be laken to by appraisement. For particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Hookey, Southampton. Letters ( post- paid) will- meet due attention. [ 71 ^ N Elegant Marine VILLA, near Southampton, L beautifuilysituatedonthe'bankoftheriverltchcn, com- manding truly piCturLStiue views, in a Garden about ao acfe and a half, nearly walled round, planted with choice fruit trees, and shrubs laid'out with tas^ e; the house is lately and substantially built, of a pleasing elevation, and On a conve- nient plan, the outside stuccoed, anil an Italian roof; the principal rooms are expensively and neatly fitted with marble chimneys and French windows to the floors; it contains dining parlour, drawing- room, study, four, best bed- cham- b- rs and three servants* ditto, with every requisite domestic office ; detached is double coach- house, a two stall and four- stalled stables, wash- house and laundry with servants' rooms over, and adjoining is apaddock of about sf acres; possession may be had immediately; it is particularly well adapted for a person fond of sailing, being within 300 yards of th, c river, Where vessels 01 large burthen may lie afloat; the neighbour- hood is respectable, and the roads good: to be SOLD by AUCTION, on Monday the Iftth of August, at the Dolp » ns Inn, S luthampton, at one o'clock, by GEORGE HOOKEY. Further particulars may be known at the office of William Curry, Esq. solicitor, Southampton, or of the Auctioneer. SHAFTESBURY, DORSET. SOAP AND CANDLE MANUFACTORY. TO be DISP08ED OF, and entered on at Mi- chaelmas next,— A valuable and extensive TRADE in the above Branches, Which has been carried on in Bell- street for above 70. yeras, arid capable of great improvement. The Premises, together with a Garden and gtSOd Stable, very compact and uonvenicnt, TO BE LETT ; itock and Fix- tures may be taken at a fair valuation. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. D. Gillingham, ShaSton. N. B. No other Soap- boiler in or near the - town. [ 005 nno be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A 1 desirable FREEHOLD, situate at Fy field, 111 the county- of Hants; consisting of a good family house, with appropriate Conveniences, detached brew- bouse, wash- house,' and other offices; four- stall stable, and barn, and'a very productive kitchen garden, plentifully stocked with fruit trees, in full- bearing. The premises are Well supplied with excellent spring- water. The grounds which surround the hous• are beautifully interspersed with shrubs, evergreens, and . iV. t trees; the whole comprising about four acres and a half. Fyfield is a dry pleasant village, in a fine sporting country and good neighbourhood: distant from Atulover four miles, one from Weyhill, 15 from Salisbury, 25- fiom Southampton, and G3 from London. For further . particulars, and to treat for. the same,.. apply to Mr. Gibbard, solicitor, Milbank- street, Westminster, or to Mr. Criswick, auctioneer, Andover. [ 503 rjpo be SOLD,— A FREEHOLD COTTAGE, A. completely and handsomely Furnished ; consisting, on the ground floor, of a dining parlour and breakfast ppilour, butler's room and butler's bed room, a hall, two kitchens, dairy and larder, with excellent arched Cellar underneath ; upper story, a drawing, room, five good bed moms, and maids' bed room ; in a ictached building, men servant's bed room, and many cor. veni..::. i - ; a coach house and stabling t > r five horses, with good hay lofts over them ; a dot kennel, granary, and a well stocked garden, with a paddock ot pleasure ground ; the whole completely fenced and laid out with great taste. This cottage is situated four miles from Winchester, and lour from Altesford, on the river Itcben, a river abounding with trout, the surrounding country with game, and is" in the vicinity of two packs of fox hounds. [ a3l This'cottage requires only to be seen to be admired, being one ot th-.- completes! things of its kind in England. For farther particulars, i'nquiry may be made ( if by letter, post- paid of Mr. John Ridding, Solicitor, Winchester. HYTHE, NEAR ' SOUTHAMPTON. TO he LETT,— for one Year certain, and entered on immediately, with or without Land. A coiti- fortable FAMILY- HOUSE, FURNISHED ; consisting of an entrance hall; dining- room, 18 ft. by 1 if ft.; drawing- room,- 8 § by IK feet; sitting- room-, study, kitchen, wash- house, dairy, larder, & c. six bed- rooms, servants'ditto, and laundry; a walled garden, coach- house, and stabling ; surrounded by beautiful interesting scenery. The tenant may be accommodated with 3.5 acres of excel- lent arable and meadow land, barns, stabling, & c.; now in the occupation of Captain Larcoiri. N. B. May be viewed by tickets, and particulars known by application at the office of William Curry, Esq. Town Clerk Southampton ; if by letter, free of postage. [ 398 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be LETT, and entered on at Michaelmas next, for a Term of Years,— The FARM and LANDS called UPPER KINGSTON, or BUCKS, situate in the parishes of Kingston and Sborwell, in the Isle of Wight, consisting of afloat 24ft acres of arable, meadow, pastdre, and wood Land. The Dwelling- house is lately built, and the barns and other buildings are convenient and in good repair; the tithes of such of the lands as lie in the parish of Kingston ( and which com- prise the much greater part) will also be lett for the term of tbe lease with the farm, if the present incumbent shall so long continue rector, and at the expiration of two years a consi- derable quantity of other land will be added .0 the estate, if wished by the tenant. For other particulars, and to treat for the lease, apply to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell, Newport; and for a view of the premises, at the dwelling- house of the farm. [ 573 nno be SOLD,— A very desirable - ESTATE, con- JL tiguous to Winchester, in one, two, or three lots ; consisting of a good convenient- Family House, pleasantly Situated, with useful offices, coach- house, four- stall stable, an exc ilent garden walled round and clothed with fruit- trees, with ten acres of L nd in small fields near the house.— A lurchaser of the above may be accommodated with more and, if required. Also,— Two FARMS adjoining, which contain, by estima- tion, between six and seven hundred acres, the whole laying nearly within a ring fence. There are two decent farm- houses, with barns, stable, rick- house, granary, fyc. all in good re- pair.— The land is in the highest state of cultivation, tbe aresent proprietor having been regularly Improving it the last ten years by purchasing large quantities of manure over and above its own produce, and sowing very sparingly; he has also kept ab. v. ve 700 south down sheep besides lambs constantly on the farms. N. B. A purchaser may enter, and prepare for his wheat crop next spring, and have possession of the land Michael- mas following. For further particulars apply to Mr. Faithfull, solicitor, Winchester.— July 23, 1808. [ 4- 1- 1 HANTS. DELIGHTFUL RESIDENCE to be LETT, with immediate Entrance, by STROUD ami STIDES, auctioneers, & c. ( the neat and modern Household Furniture and Fixtures of which, together with a new gig and harness, may be taken by appraisement),— called BROWNING- 11ILI. LODGE, near Bamthurst; consisting of a very pleasant and convenient Dwelling- house, containing a drawing- room about lb' feet by 12^, parlour 17 feet by 13, entrance- hall 1- 3 feet by 11, cellar, kitchen, wash- house, dairy, pan- trv, China closet, five bed- rooms, several attics; coach- house, stall and open stables ; servants' rooms; out- buildings, two yards ; paddock, and orchard surrounded by a beautiful lawn ; garden and meadow tastefully :< nd conveniently diver- sified with a grove, a cooling and pleasant promenade of trees of considerable length, shrubberies, fruit trees, plants and flowers in excellent culture, and disposed with simplicity; the whole affording a very desirable retreat, in a respectable neighbourhood, having good roads, and happily situated for rural sports, being the Mnnor- llouse; abounding with game, and near a choice pack of hounds; together with an unlimited right o'f extensive and valuable common. - The whole pre* raises are about four acres, but a few more may be had if io- dispcnsible. . . For further particulars, and treaty, apply to Stroid and Stibbs, Newbury ; for a view of the premises, at the house, or to Mr. Thomas Falknor, Browning- Hill. The above is distant from Basingstoke 7 miles, Newbury 9, Reading 14, Kingsclere 3. [ 428 ' MAIDEN- NEWTON.— TITHES AND GLF. BE. TO be LETT, for a Term of Three Years from Michaelmas next, - The GREAT and SMALL TITHES of the parish of MAIDEN- NEWTON, in the county of Dorset; containing about three thousa d acres,' with the Glebe Land of such parish, and a Dwelling- house, Barn, Stable, and other Out- houses, convenient for the management thereof. The tenant to pay all out- goings, except land tax and landlord's property tax. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. Jen nings, solicitor, Evershot, Dorset, t° whom tenders for taking the same may be made on or before the lOUi day" of September next.-— Dated the § 5th of July, 1808. [ 485 DORSETSHIRE. Immediate Residence for a small genteel Family. TO be LETT, for a Term of three Years, A neat Brick and tiled COTTAGE, situate at Spetisbury, three miles from Blandford, near the turnpike road leading to Pook; comprising two parlours, a good kitchen, and conve- nient pantries, iV'c. a pleasant sitting room over the dining parlour, a good bed chamber opposite the sitting room, two bed chambers, a dressing ro> m, and two neat garrets ; a pretty Garden, a plot1 of ground 111 the front, a two- stall Sta- ble, with Coach- house, iSrc. N. B. Further particulars may be known ( by letters, post paid) Of Mr. Percy, upholsterer', & c. Blandford. [ 103 POOLE TURNPIKE. THE next Meeting of the Trustees will be held at the London Tavern Inn, in Poole, on Monday the 15th of August next, at eleven o'clock in tbe forenoon. At this Meeting the Trustees will take into consideration the expediency of making a new Entrance into the Town of Poole at Mount Rails, and of removing Messrs. Ledgard's Ropewalk, and will then make such orders therein as shall be requisite, and as they are authorized to make by the Poole Turnpike Act passed in the 39th year of his present Majesty's reign. At the above Meeting the Treasurer's Accounts for the last year Will be settled. Any persons desirous of contracting for the Repair of the Turnpike from Canford Bridge to Cranbourr., for a term of three years from the 10th of October next, arc requested to transmit their Proposals in writing to Mr. Castlcman, at VVirn- borne, on or before tl'.*; 12th of Ac .— st next, that they may be taken into consideration by the Trustees at the above Meet- ing, when the persons making such Proposals are desired to attend.— One sufficient surety . vii! be required to warrant the performance of the agreemen t on , th£ part of the Contractor. 3- lf£ WM. CASTLEMAN, Clerk to ths Trustees, DORSET. TO be LETT by PRIVATE CONTRACT, for a Term of seven Years from Michaelmas next, All that very desirable and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE called LANE- HOUSE, with a barn, stable, orchard, and gar- den ; together with six fields of rich meadow ground, con- taining about 29 acres, and 14 acres of arable land adjoining thereto and also 2- 2 acres of pasture land about a quarter of mile distant therefrom ; all situate in the parish of Wyke Re- gis, about a mile and a half distant from Weymouth. N. B. For furth. r particulars, and to treat for the letting, apply to the owner, Mr. Henry Weston, of Portland) or to Mr. Tizard,- attorney, Weymouth.— Hffc July, 1808. [ 336 TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Thursday tW 25th day oF August 1803,' al't'.' e famb Tnn. Hi niton, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon, subject to sttch conditions as will be then produced,— A veryTotripi • 1 FREEHOLD ESTATE, confuting of a e- ibi. tar. tial Dweli'tai- House, Cow Stails, Stable new iy built, and Uj) Acresi- f land, . ChirtJy Me. adow and Pasture ip opo. lotj and two CI: .•!' MeadJW o* r I'astCre, railed tTFJH'gefi miff Dam ; I'a Mead, containing ^ ix acres and a quarter, in another. The above- premises ate situate in the parish of East Ktiovlo?, and now are in the occupation of MaryO » ens, vtidov- i . is tehstJT frcan year t(* year. For a view of the premiss apply at the Farm House; and for further particulars to Mr. Still, at East Knoyle. ( sin , SMALL FREEHOLD ESTATE, AT TOTTERNg, WILTS, ' npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by U. fcstGirr, at JL the Black Horse; Inn, in Deviz-. a', on Friday the hurt 01" August isijB,: t four o'clock m the aftrrnpon.. atone Lot,- - A fREi'HOLD ESTATE, situate at Crook Wc od,' :„ tiie parisll' ot Vr.- terne, - consisting of a Barb, Stable, Ccw- 11 - c.- c, B ndi;, and Orchard, with ii Acres of cKctllent Pastufe T. artd, and 4. Acr; s of rich? Water Meadow ;' more > r less! adjbhfmg cacti other; 1 ow in the occupation ot Miss Ann'White, wlio will quit at Michaelmas next. For a view of the j r ani ,. s apply. torMr. Robert Watts, at the sij- u of ' the George, in Pjite.- i. c.---—. KjkI: : r. particulars may be known bv applying to Mr. Joye, solicitor,, cr.' tlie Auctioneer, Devizes. ' ' . TROWBRIDGE, WILTS. 1 SOLD by AUCTION, by D. Usr/ mee, T° t JL at the George Inn, in ' 1 rowbtidge, 011 Monday the 1. . day of August . list, between the hon-. i oi six anil eigfct o'clock in die evening of. that day,—— The. followmg PRE- MISES, ai; litua'. ed n't -..',.-' town of Trowbridge,- subject to. such conditions as shall titen'and there be produced : Lot 1.— All that new- built LSv'cKmvheus-, Gulden, and Premises, situate in Hilpcrtou- lan.-, late 111 th. i. ocupatiouof James Angel, but 11 . w of Samuel Cog. swLii. I- ot'J.— Ail that freestone- fronted' Dwelling- house, with the Out- let and Work- shops behind the same, in that healthy and pleasant part of the town called Paradise- row, now in the occupation of Mr. W. Lawson. Lot ' a.— All that other freestone- fronted Dwelling- house and Premises adjoining the last,' now in the occupation of Ml. William Sergeant.— If thought more advisable at the time of sale, lots 3 and 3 will be put up and Sold in one lot. Lot 4.— All those extensive Premises, late in the occupation of the Widow Crabb, deceased ; consisting of two dwelling- houses, shear- shops, and other out- buildiugs, now cccupjcd by Mr. Henry Crabb. and his under- tenants. Lot ft,— All that Dwelling- house and Premises, in Emp- lane, in the occupation of Hubert Silverthorn, and a ( joining another dwelling- house, lately purchased by Mr. James Tanner. N- B. All the above premises are Freehold, exccpt the last' lot, which is held tor the remainder of a long term of yeara, • and are lett to tbe respective tenants as tenants at will, whb will permit an inspection of their respective premises. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Timbrell, Trowbridge. [ 604 Freehold Manor and Estate, 7Fills. TO lie SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— a very desirable and jmproveable ESTATE ; consisting of a Manor, extending over about 700 acres of land ; a Farm- house, with barns, stables, and other necessary obt- buildings, about IS acres of meadow and pasture, and' 210 acres of arable Land, lying together ; also a right of Common on 158 acres of sheep down, and !) G acres of cow down, adjoining the •>' tate, and within the manor. The above farm is lett to Mr. Joseph Furnell, under a lease, whereof six'years will he un- expired at Michaelmas next. Also a Fishery'adjoining the es- tate, and two Cottages and Gardens, now also lett to the said Joseph Furnell, from year to year ; and seventeen other Cot- tages and Gardens, and twelve acres' of Land, lett on leases and copies of court- roll for lives to. several persons. The above estate- is situate at Salterton and Newtown, in the larish of Durnford, in Wilts, " about three miles from Salis- bury, and may be viewed by applying to Mr. Furnell, the tenant. Further particulars may be known on application ( by letters, post paid) to Messrs. Vizard, solicitors, Dursley, Gloucester- shire ; or Mr. Vizard, No. 8, New- square; Llncoin'Sinr, London. [ 147 ELEGANT MARINE VILLA, Willi twelve Acrcs of Land, on the smthern Coast of the ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, A truly beautiful stone- built FREEHOLD RESI- DENCE, just finished, in a style of.' Superior taste and ar- rangement, and forming one of- the most complete habitations the Island. The house consists of an excellent dining- room, 22 ft. by 16; elegant drawing- room of the same di- mensions, besides a large bow; handsome library, Iff ft. square ; housekeeper's room, butler's pantry, kitchen, scul- lery, wash- house, brew- house, dairy, and other attached and detached offices ; under- ground, cellars ; seven best sleeping rooms, besides servants' tcoms, water closet, and every de- scription of domestic convenience. The wHolc'of the buildings are slated, and the house is well supplied with the finest spring water. THIS estate is Situate in that tn jst enchanting part of the Isle of Wight called the Under Cliff, and commands in front the most bold and unbounded views of the ocean, and on either side the most varied and romantic scenery of water, rock, and cultivated landscape. There is a. large Cottage for a Labourer, detached Kitchcn- Garden abundantly cropped, and twelve acres of superior arable and pasture Land, adjoining the house. [ 321 The Purchaser may have immediate possession.-- For further particulars, and to treat for the purchase, apply to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell, solicitors, Newport, Isle of Wight. NORTH- BRADLEY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by I>, HERITAGE, at the George Inn, in Trowbridge, oil Monday the 15tli day of August inst. between the hours ot six and eight o'clock ' in the evening o'f that day,-—- The following FREEHOLD PREMISES, situate In the parish of North- Bradley aftiicsaid, subject to such conditions as shall then and there be pro- duced : Lot 1.— All that rich Close of Meadow Ground, called Cle- mems's Mead, bounded by the river BisSe on one side, and on the other by an estate the property of James Selfe, Esq. in the occupation of. Mr. Joseph Arn. r,, which close ot mea- dow contains by estimation 3 A. I. It, 0 P. ( more or less* and is occupied by tbe said Joseph Amer. - This lot may prove a valuable acquisition to a purchaser, from its conoeC' tion with the river; by " ni'- fny it lias* behi thought t'r. at a va- luable mill might be advantageously erected thereon. Lot 2.— An Allotment of Arable Land adjoining the afore- said meadow, late part of Outmarsh Common, containing by estimation about two acres and a quarter, also in tbe oc- cupation of the said Joseph Amer.— Tile Crop of Wheat now growing on this allotment will best skew the value of the land. ' Lot J.— Two valuable Closes of meadow or pasture Ground, near the last lot, called the Common Ficces, adjoining each other, and immedi . t.- ly adjoining an estate belonging to Phi- lip James Gibbsr Esq." in the occupation of Mr! Ap; legate. J — The last lot contains 7 acres ( more or less), anil now in the several occupations of Mr. John Gaisford and Farmer f ryer. The wool, of the above premises are liHt for one year only, which will- X j re at Lady- day next. Tr: For furth j particulars apply at tbe office of Mr. Timbrcll, • owbtidge. • [ 50.1 A MARINE COTTAGE, CLOSE TO THE SEA, IN HAMPSHIRE, I^ O be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, with . ten Acres of FREEHOLD LAND, in high cultivation, immediately joining the sea, situate between Lymington and Christchurch, commanding one of tee most beautiful sea views in the kingdom : the House contains four bed chambers and a drawing room, with housekeeper's room, butler's pan- try, and suitable apartments for servants, With offices of every description; the whole on a small but compact scale. Also capital new- built STABLING for eight horses, with four good rooms over for servants, a harness room, additional stable for four horses, and standings for four carriages.— The premises may be entered upon ready furnished or otherways imme- diately. The House stands out of the turnpike road leading from Christcburch to Lymington, is very retired, and within half arl hour's ride of the New Forest, three miles from the fashionable bathing place Muddiford, fiM from Christchurch, seven from Lymington, tw- nty from Southampton, and ten from Mr. Ward's fox hounds at Lyndhulst. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Pilgrim, at Christchurch, who ' will ' shfcw the premises,, and is authorised to treat for the sale; or to Messrs. Greene, Tennant, and Harrison, Gray's Inn, London. fl07 MARLBOROUGH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by E. HAROLD and SON, on the Premises, on Tuesday the 16th of August', 1308, and following davs,— All the neat and modern HO WSJ'i- IIOLD . FURNITURE, Linen, Plate, Glass, China, degaiat Piints and Paintings, & c. aaid valuable Library of Latin and Greek Classics, ot tile Rev. Joseph Edwards, at the Free Grammar School in ifie Marsh, lately daceascd; comprising excellent goose feather beds, four- post and other bedsteads and furnitures, blankets and quilts j handsome mahogany bookcast^ bedstead, table and bed linen, a set of mahogany dicing' tables, Pembroke, card", and dressing tables, chairs of various descriptions, walnut cscritorr, chests of drawers, 5" handsome pier and swing glasses, highly finished prints and paintings . by Bartolozzi and other eminent artists, two pair of • globes, Turkey and Wilton carpets, about 50 dozen of glass bottles, & c. The Library consists cf some very scarce and valuable works, particularly Biblia Graeca, 2 vols, folio, Grose's Anti- quities, Locke's Wotk. s, Gibbon's Roman History, Uniur-' ul History, Hume and Smollett's History of England, G nrlt - man's Magazines, 32 vols. L'Estrange's Josephus, with up- wards f 6' 0o volumes of ancient and modern authors. The Culinary Utensils comprise a large brewing copper, two less ditto, large mash tub, coolers, casks « jf various sizes, ca- pital roasting- jack complete, copper tittbot kettle, brass and copper boilers, ditto saucepans, and a general assortment of useful kitchen requisites ; the whole of which will be ex- pressed in catalogues that will be delivered five days prior to the sale at the Bear Inn, Hungerford ; Globe, Newbury; Casle, Devizes; Red Lion, Lambnurn ; Bell, Swii. don ; on the Premises ; and at the Auctioneers', Marlboiough. [ 859 DORSET. TO be LETT, completely FURNISHED, antl en tered upon immediately or at Michaelmas next,— All that cipital MESSUAGE called EDMONDSIIAM HOUSE, fit for the reception of a ge .*: 1 family, with double coach house, excellent stalk d stables, courts, yards, granary, dov cote, extensive walled - tdens well stocked with choi. • fru't trees, orchard, sh. . V lies, pleasure ground, and lands, containing togeth- 1 : ) ut nine acres, pleasantly situated at Edmondshatn, o - ljle from Cranborne, in the county of Dorset, 12 mi' : south east of Salisbury, 12 north east of Blanuford, a id '.( J from Muddiford fa delightful watering place), in a fine open country aboanding with field sports, and hounds in the neighbourhood. The Depute; not' two Manors ,' attached to the promises), well stocked with game, will be lett with the above; and a neat Curricle and pair of capital Houses, light Cart, three Cows, Pc cters, Rick of Flay, & Cr dtc. may be taken at a valuation, the proprietor going 011 foreign service. For farther particulars and to treat apply personally, or by etter i post paid), to Mr. Arnev, attorney at law, Close, Sa- lisbury.— The premises may be viewed, . u seasonable hours, by applying at the Miuisiou- honss. 543] BERKSHIRE. DELIGHTFUL FREEHOLD VILLA, WITH forty acres of LAND, tythe free, land taj redeemed, with immediate possession, to be SOLD by PRIVATE CON- TRACT, by Mr. HISCOCK ;_ comprising a genteel residence on the ground flAor", an entrance, hai- t, breakfast. and ' dining parlours, drawing room IE by 17 feet, water a'nd other clo- sets, ten bed rooms, two stair cases, under- grohnd b^ er and wine cellars attached, lofty kitchen, dairy, larder, brew house, outhouses, and domestic offices ; the whole singularly con- venient, and well supplied with excellent water ; with a lawn, shrubbery, pleasure ground, and ornamii. tal timller, judi- ciously laid out; cold bath,. fish pond well stocked ; excel- lent kitchen garden anfi. orchard, with a variety , of luxuriant and singularly prolific walled and otlioY fruit trees; together with a double coach bouse, stabling for fourteen horses, barn, granary, eov.'- houses, piggery, and great- conveniences,. with 40 acrcs ( more or less; of excellent pasture and arable Land, in the highest state of cultivation, most conveniently connected, and divided by live mounds in the greatest per- fection. The whole of which" Estate is in' the completest state of repair, presenting' a-' truly healthy and comfortable residence to the gentleman fond of the natural amusement of farming, retirement, or the society of the most respectable neighbourhood ; pleasantly situated on. an cieiy declivity, nearly central between London and Bath ; . a convenient dis- tance from the Bath aid. other highroads, $ ve miles from Newbury, and four'from Hungerford ; ' abounding with game and field sports, immediately, in th?. hunt of the first'packs of fox hounds in the kingdom. The modern and exceeding 1 neat HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE feJt'cept Plate and Linen}, vvitii Fixtures, liVe and dead Farming Stpck, to b'e. taken to at a fair valuation. Personal and post paid applications for purchase, 6r further particulars, to Mr. His. cock, Stroud- giccn, Newbury, will be duly attended to, • ' " flOS WILTS. Freehold Estates, Colliugbourne Kingston, between An- dovcr, Hungerford, and Marlborough. npo be SOLD bv AUCTION, by Mr. ROBINS, A at Garraway's Coflee- house, ' Change- alley, Cornhill, London, on Tuesday the 30th of August, at twelve o'clock, in two Lots : Lot,!.— The very eligible FREEHOLD ESTATES, I md- tax tc. decmed, comprising the manor or reputed manor of Collingbourne Valence, and Bfonton House; a definable ' family mansion, seated 011 a lawn surrounded by thriving plantations, with gatdtjv, orchard, yard, barns, stables, and out- buildinus, and upwards of 151 acres of meadow, pasture, arable, and wood Land, all lying c, impact, in a good state of cultivation, and in a fine healthy part of tbe country, com- manding rich and extensive views over a rich country, pre- senting a pleasant residence for a gentleman fond of farming and field sports ; situate in the parish and near the village of Collingbourne Kingston, and wkhin a quaiter cf a mile of the Church. Lot 2.— A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, adjoining lot 1, called Heath Farm, land- tax redeemed, and Gammon's Corner, situate in the parishes of Collingbourne Kingston ' and Chute, with a farm- house, yards, ;; arden, orchard, barn , stables, and out- buildings, and upwards of 171 acris til rnei:- dow, pasture, and. wood land, all 111 good cultivation, and ' lying compact. An Act is obtained for inclosing the pari- h ' of Chute, which will kdd a considerable quantity of land liy ' this lot. These Estates are very eligible property for investing morv- y, or for occupation ;• ere within two miles of Mvertey, nine • from Hun. . ford, ten Irony Marlborough, twelve from An- fdover, sixteen from Salisbury, and seventy from London. May be viewed by applying. 011 the premises, where paiticu- ilat& maybe had; at the Star and Gate i", Andover; Svv. in, liungerford ; Castle and Marlborough Amis, Marlborough ; - - White Hart, Salisbury ; the Inns at Evcilcy and Amcsbiiiy ; Pelican, Newbury; White Lion, Bath; Bush, Bristol; ' Black Bear, Devizes; White Hart, Chippenham; at. Garra- way's ;' and of Mr. Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, London, where a plan of the Estates may be seen. [ 217 For Gout, Rheumatism, Nerreals Complaints, Indigestion, L~ c. . XLEY's CONCENTRATED ESSENCE of > JAMAICA GlNGEk.-^ T- his- uscfaLMcdieinc isie. om- mended bv several eminent: ' medical men,'' and' is in constant use with many persons of the highest rank anil respectability. It relieves and shortens tbe duration of lots ot tile Gout, con- fining them to the extremities antl mitigating the paro^ ysips; . it removes those. unpleaeant symptoms arising : e:- i. 1 v:. 1.1 . of- the stomach and bowels,' yiz. flatukncy, rr. do. eeui u, oppression aft. r eating ; in Nei'vOus Complaints it warms invigorates the Stomach, creates appetite, ai d assists digt. e and thereby sir ^ theme the whole system. Prepared and * Id by the inventor and proprietor, Sanui ' 1 Oxlev, her Majesty's chemist, ' London ; sold also by Bredie, ' Doweling, and I. uxford. Salisbury; and the principal Medi- cine Venders throughout the united kingdom, in bottles at 10s. tid.- At. ( id. and j. sd. each. None can be genuine 1 y what is signed 011 the label, " SUT. I. C'- iiy." d AND GENERAL, ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Friday* s and Saturday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS; VIANA, July 20. THE news in this quarter is, thatont troops continue to mareh towards Coiinbra, with , tlv in- lention of proceeding to resetie the capital from the possession of the Flench trailers. Pigueras, Nijzaret, and St. Martin, are alreailv free ; and in Peitiche there are Said to be only about 40 French remaining. From the capital we receive no intelligence, the post not being per- mitted to come away. BIJSAVF. STB, JULY 22. Marshal Bessiert*, who entered this place with from 10 to 12,000" men, subsequent to the ' retreat of oar army, marched out again in the evening of the 20th. The country is entirely laid waste, for the enemy - f. it down ail the plantations, and fed their horses with the • uru. Seig- ior Cuesta has retreated with tbe'caValry, and isti left i:.-. itry at their own disposal. It is said that ie ie s gone to join Palafox- VALOTWLECAS, ,/ U'V £ 2. Our head- quarters are at Mfm- z .-. & l, and the ssdv.. neeil guard has arrived at Astorga, where it remains completely an the alert. SsUjnor Cuesta has suddenly evacuated Benavente, and faarehed for Leon. In consequence of dispatches taken by a Serjeant of the Regiment of Saragossa, from a French Aid- de- Camp, whom he apprehended in the disguise of a Spanish postillion, and tvhich dispatches were transmitted to' Seignor Cuesta, who received them at ten o'clock at night; he dismissed- the peasantry belonging to his army, ordered the Cavalry to mount, and with them and the flying artiileiy, he marched off suddenly at twelve o'clock, rayiug," •' Let those who are able and willing follow me." This precipitate departure lias given rise to various specu- lation-'. There are some who, from the intelligence re- ceived yesterday, predict same heroic achievement as the issue of the plan which he had so suddenly adopted. • ViGO, July 25.— At three o'clock yesterday afternoon a Convoy hove in -> ight of this place. It Was steering for the coa- t of Portugal, ahd consisted of 6,9 merchant vessels, thiee Sail of tin- line, and two frigate..- It is supposed to he the fleet which is conveying 8000 men from England to the assistance of the Portuguese. LONDON, FRIDAY, AUGUST % Cnpt. Cock, of the TotVnshepd packet, from Co- runna, arrived in London on Wednesday " evening; he left CJorimnaou the morning of Sunday last, and brought dis- patches for the Adinkaltv, and also for the Spanish De- puties. Tiie Townshend packet brought over Spanish Cazettes of the 31st ult. Thev repeat the accounts already given of the victories of Generals (,' aro and Palafox, and thus fir afford a favourable view of the situation of the patriotic < iuise. But all the reports of General Cuesta having ob- tained advantages over the { French, since the battle of the 14th, have been unfounded: on the contrary, he appears to have been unable to maintain his position at lleuavento. jiessieres, it is stated, has entered'that place at the head of 12,, 900 men. The. Spanish army had retreated towards Galicia, and on the 22d their head quarters were at Maw zanal, and their advanced guanl at Astorga. It is s$ id in Some of the Spanish Gazettes, that Gen. Cuesta, after the retreat of his army, withdrew, with the cavalry, to- join Gen. Palafox ; but this operation does not appear to be practicable, as the French, according to all accounts, wer - in force between Leon and Arragon. Betsieres, it is said, left lienavcnto on the 20th, with the French ad- vanced guard, and proceeded towards" Astorga. This re- treat of Cuesta's v. rmy may possibly afford the French an opportunity of forwarding reinforcements to Portugal. In ewry other quarter the patriots go on successfully.— A French corps of JjOOO men, infantry and cavalry, with a train of artillery, was attacked about the middle of June, o. i the way from Barcelona to Taragona, and defeated with great loss. The whole of the- enemy's artillery and ammunition was captured. The French force in'Barcelona and its neighbourhood is, in consequence of the repeated attacks it lias susMtied, reduced from 15,000 to 8000. There is as yet no account of the attack which was to have been made on Dupont on the 12th ult. but by the 11th • « very measure had lieen taken to ensure a successful issue to the operations of General Caslanos. A body of British troops is .. aid ( o have landed at Port St, Maria ( North of Cadiz) to co- operate with the patriotic army, Dupont, it is said, had not more than 9000 men, white the forces T? hich surrounded him amounted to 50,000, of which 30.0OT) were troops of the line. These Gazettes also present art interesting Journal of the numerous attacks made by the enemy upon Saragossa. They continued till the - 4th of, July, when the enemy were forced from a post which they had occupied, and their defeat appears to have been complete. It is stated in general terms, that they lost all their Officers, their cavalry was reiiHced to thirteen horses, and their' infantry was ruined. Munit's army, entrenched near Madrid, . is represented in these papers as only wailing for a favourable opportunity to make its escape to France. This might have been cre- dited if we liad not- learnt within these two days, that King Joseph, with 1( 1,000 men, had reached Madrid without meeting with any kind of opposition! lie arrived there on the 20th ult. seven days before he was expected. On the authority of Capt. Cock', of the Townshend packct, we are told that Sir Arthur " Welleslev landed liss force ( 10,000 men) in Portugal. Tho disem- barkation, it is said, was effected on the 28th ult. in the river Mondego, up which the troops were carried for some distance in boats, and afterwards advanced to Eigueiro dos Vinhos, which is near the great road to Lisbon, and partly in the rear of the, French corps posted at Leyria. DINNER FOR THE SPANISH DEPUTIES.— Yesterday a Din- ner, under the patronage of the Merchants of the City, • was given to the Deputies of the Spanish Patriots, at the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgatc- street. In the great ball- rooin six long tables and one across were laid, calcu- lated to accommodate 350 persons, at which Sir Francis Baring presided ; and in an adjoining room, in which G. Hibberd, Lq. presided, accommodations were prepared for 70 more. The tables in both rooms were most elegantly decorated with military and naval trophies, and the colours of the different Spanish Provinces, now in arms against tho grand Despoiler of Europe, were entwined withi'thnse of . England. Different emblems of Commerce were also con- spicuously displayed ; and on the cross table, in the great room, were six pillars, elegantly ornamented with festoons of flowers and appropriate devices; the parterres were beautifully adorned with the most happily- conceived mot- toes and designs. It is needless to add, when the price of the tickets ( three guineas) is considered, and the well- known taste and liberality of the Merchants v. ho Con- ducted it, thsit the dinner, dessert, & e. consisted of every thing that the combined powers of nature and art could produce.--- After dinner, when tli • King and Royal Family of England, Ferdinand VII. King of Spain, the King of Sicily, and thtvKiiig of Sweden had been drank, as toasts, a gentl^ an gave " The President of the Doited States of America." This met with the disappro- bation of the greater part of the company ; and a, loud and continued hiss was heard from every part of the room, till a glee from the band of vocal performers restored the company to good huwiour. Sir Francis Daring then gave " Our illustrious Visitor.-;, and may they find their loyalty and love of their country crowned with succe- son tlijir return to their native land." This tuast was drank with lvu - ated bursts of- applause. Mr. Canning, at the request of tile Deputies, expressed their acknowledgments and gratitude to the English na- um.;. ai* d as a. - fuoof of their great respect for his Majesty, they begged to propose- again as their toast— Tf- IE KING— whieji was again drank with enthusiasm ; arid " God save the King" played by the band, for the second time. " Siicctfs to life Portuguese," and other appropruid twits, followed; tbe evening was pa-:, ed with great conviviality ; iind the S; xuii » h Deputing were highly pleased with the honour done to them and their oause. Among the Company were—(, ord; Sidriiodtb, f- Jawkes- burv, Erskine,• Mu'grave, Camden,* and Batlmrst; Vis- counts Matarosa and BahiiatneHe Portuguese and Swedish Ambassadors; Sir T Dyer, Sii Wiii. Seolf ;" tlie Chancellor of the Kxchequer; A'dhi'ual Apodaca'V General jC- orue ; the Lord Mayor, iposcot' tiie Aidwme'i, lic.& c. ftom i..' Vega, Jaeome, Nuryega, Jjsrpfti, and-. Sanga; Sheridan, Canning, i . Luiig, - Dunlins, Windham, iiiga:, Haraoiid, Francis, dc. &-.*. His Maje- ty has taken Harwell House, in Buck- inghamshire, the seat of the Rev. Sir George Lee, Bart, on lease for five years, for the residence of Louis XVIII. and it is now fitting up for his reception. Tuesday being the 2d of August, the Duke of Marlborough performed the annual ceremony of presenting a white flag to his Majesty, at Windsor Castle, as the tenure by which the estate of Blenheim House is held. On Wednesday a Court of Directors was held at the East India House, when the undermentioned Commanders took leave, previous to departing for their respective desti nations, viz. Capt. II. P. Trem nheere, of the Asia; Capt. T. Jones, of the Walthamstow ; Capt. II. Hughes, of the Tottenham; Capt. J. Jameson, of the General Stuart; and Capt. G. Simpson, of the Union, for Madras and Bengal ; Capt. T. M'Taggart, of the Ocean ; and Capt. J. Hay, of tilt; Sir S. Lushington, for Madeira, Madras, and Bengal; and Capt. J. Normand, of the Devaynes, for Bombay. On Monday morning last, the Nottingham Militia, quartered at Blachington Barracks, being paraded for a field- day, were addressed by Colonel Gould in an animated speech, proposing to them to offer to extend their Services to Spain and Portugal, should they be required; at the conclusion of which the Officers stepped forward, and were, followed by the men with enthusiasm, every one of them volunteering to serve in this glorious cause. TLLR HAUVEST.-— The Commander in Chief lias given leave' for a proportion of the Army to assist in getting in the . harvest; in consequence of w hich, all field days and exercise are for the present suspended, but will be again resumed in September. ASIOSISHINO PRODUCE.— A part of the Tweedmouth Common,, containing about 23 acres, the property of James Forster, Esq. Postmaster of Berwick, was bought a few • years ago for 400f. four acres of which have this season pro- duced thi> amazing quantity of 1500 stone of hay. It stood so thick in the field that the mowers would not cut it down at the ordinary prices. GAME LICENCES.— The parly requiring a certificate is, in the first instance, to apply to the Collector of Taxes in his parish or district, and on payment to him of the licence- duty ( three guineas) and one shilling for the Collector's trouble, is- entitled to a receipt, which the party is to deliver to the Clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes acting for the district in which he shall reside, and the said Clerk shall give in exchange a printed certificate ( gratis) to the party.—- The names of certificated persons to be advertised as usual. [ Woodcocks and Snipes, taken with nets or springes, are not game : if killed or taken otherwise, they ore game :— the same distinction is made between rabbits destroyed in . warrens or upon lands in the occupation of the person killing or directing them to be killed, and rabbits killed in other situations: the former are not game, the latter ore.] The plague has broke out in the southern provinces of Russia, atHJ has already committed dreadful devastation, and was rapidly spreading. An epidemical disorder, but fortunately of not so malignant a nature, has shewn itself in Livonia and Courland, and eait'ied off a number of the inhabitants. Oil Saturdy, Mr. J. Hodgman, of Folkstone, was com- mitted to Westgate gaol ou suspicion of forgery. On being charged with the offence, he attempted to shoot himself with a pistol, but the ball, after passing through his clothes and inflicting a wound against one of his ribs, fell upon the floor. Saturday last, the Assizes at York commenced. Wm. Tindill, aged 35, of Amotherbury, in the North Riding, was capitally convicted for having uttered two Bills of Ex- change, knowing them to be forged. The ASSIZES at ^ Hertford began on Monday, when Geo. Fowler was indicted for stealing a horse, the property of Geo. Palmer, Esq. with whom he had lived as coachman ; but having had warning to quit his service, he rode off one of. the coach- horses, which lie left at an inn at Wal- thamstow, where it was found several days afterwards.— Guilty, Death. On Tuesday George and Thomas Shepheul, and William Freeman, were indicted for stealing, On the 12th of July, three silver tea- spoons, a silver punch- ladle, a glass pepper- castor, and a wine- glass, from the Pedlar's Arms public- house, on Hertford Common. The Counsel for the pro- secution called for the serious attention of tne Jury, inas- much as this case was attended with singular circumstances, and it would be a question of the inteuiion of the prisoners, for of the fact of their taking the articles alledged there could be no doubt,. Of the three prisoners at the bar, Freeman was the son of a most respectable tradesman; the two others were brothers, the elder not more than 18, and the younger 16 years of age; they were the sons of a gentleman of great respectability and of large fortune, and Were nearly allied to persons who had held most exalted rank in the country. The facts of the case were very short. On the 20th of July the three prisoners left London as early las five o'clock in the. morning, on horseback, and took the roa 1 to Hertford. They called at several public- houses, and drank at each. They arrived at the house of the prosecutor some time in the forenoon, where they had some ale and . bread and cheese, and soon after departed. Immediately after they were gone', the landlady missed the articles stated in the indictment; she gave the alarm to her husband, who pur- sued them, audi they were apprehended in Walt ham Abbey Marshes. They were searched, and the articles found upon them. The prosecutor proved the fact as stated The prisoners being called upon for their defence, Free- man put in a written paper,- in which he stated, that he had no intention of committing any illegal act'; that t'ley. saw the articles in the cupboard, and they proposed to take them awav to frighten the landlady, and to Send them back by the stage the next day, with a note to her, to beware of strangers in future, lie concluded by so- lemnly denying any design of stealing the. articles. Several witnesses were called, who gave the prisoners an excellent character for honesty. Mr. Alexander, a Solicitor in London, stated, that he was the Trustee for the two young men indicted by the name of shepherd, and t! at their fortune, on coming of age, would be at leat 20,000/, eieh. He further added, that th. ir father was recently dead, and since his death, being left without proper eontroul, they had behaved with gr> at irregularity, and committed many wild excesses. Another gerttlema. , theii father's late agent, stated, that their father, during his lite time, al- lowed them 40o\ a week for pocket money, and he con- tinued- the same allowance, until the Lord Chancellor should make an order what was the proper stipend to be paid them during their minority. The Lord Chief Baron, in summing up, said it was a singular case, and in many parts bore hard upon the pri oners: it was for the Jury to decide with what intention ' they took the goods. If at the moment of taking, they meant to' convert them to their own use, they were guilty of felony, and any aiter in- tention of restoring them cuuTd. not wipe away the original offence. The Jury deliberated a considerable time, and . then found a verdict of— Not Guilty ! GOUN- EXCIIANTGE, Jug. 4; Thcre'is a middling sum ly of Wheat for this day' 3 market, and the trade heavy in • sales at rather less prices; KarieV and Malt at small vari- ation ; Beans of the two kinds likewise ; White Peas of the new crop cheaper ; Flour without alteration. SsitTiirtELD MARKET, August 1. This day's market had a middling supply of different kinds of Cattle ; Beef, Mut- ton, Lamb, Pork, and Veal, sold at last prices, but the trade in general was flat. BIRTHS.] On the 27th ult. at Wcsterham, in Kent, the Lady of Capt. Cumberland, of Ms Majesty's ship Stately, of a son.— Oil the 28th ult. at Binfald Grove, Berks, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Bnctsericlge of a son. MARRIED.]. Lately, the Right Hon. Lord Lecale to Mrs. Julia Carton, widow of Thomas Carton, Esq. ' of Alaidstown, county of Dublin.— On the 11th ult. in Dub- lin. Lieut.- Colonel Sir Edward Ryan, K. M. T. to Miss' Mildred Hamilton Rowan, daughter of Archibald Hamil- ton Rowan, Esq. of Killaleagh Castle, county Dow i.— Saturday sP'riinght, at St. Feock church, Cornwall, Capt. William Cosset, of the Royal Engineers, to- Miss Gertrude DanicH, second daughter of Ralph Allen Daniel!, Esq. of Tre'lissiek, SI. 1'. for West Lobe. On the S8th ult. at Gretna Green, Lieut. Frazer, of the 15th foot, to Miss Catherine Williams daughter of F. Williams, E- q. of Wileroi't, neaii. Hereford. The lady, when of age, will have a large fortune, left her by her grandfather;— Ou Tuesday, C. R.' Beauehamp Proctor, F.. o. second son of Sir Thomas Beauchamp Proctor, Bart, to Miss Halhed, only daughter, i f R. W. Halhed, fcq. of the Priory, Berk- shire.— Ou the 25thJulyr at Welch Hampton, in Shropshire, Ml'. J. Lewis, of Breeden Heath, aged seventeen years, to Miss Glover, o- f Fjllesmere, a » ed eighty- three years.— On Wednesday, at St. Nicholas's Church, Bristol, Mr. Rea- gon,"> ared thiH'y- ttne years, to - Mrs. Hoey," of Millard's- court, Bat. ii, aged seventy- four veal's, after a tedious court- ship of three days, neither of the parties having 3een the other before last Sunday. Dir. D.] Last week, at Ebley House, Glo'stershiie, aged 30 years, Mrs. Cooper, wife of Thomas Cooper, Esq. and eldest daughter of Sir Samuel Wathen.— In July, Madame Gauttierot, the celebrated Professor of the violin. — Oil the 2il imt. in his 6' 2d year, Thomas Astley Maberley, Esq. of Bedfor- row, an eminent solicitor,— On the 28th ult. in Cripplegate workhouse, Mary Cary, aged 103 years. BLANDFORD RACES, 1803. V TUESDAY, August the 9th,— FI- FTY POUNDS for Horses that have not won that value since March 1S07 :— four yrs. old, Sst. - all),— five yrs. old, fist.—- SIS yrs. old, 9st. 61b.— ANS ajed, yst. tolb. Mares and Geldings allowed alb. The best of three four- mile heats. Same day,— The GOCD CUP, a SUBSCRIPTION of TXN GUINEAS each. Thirteen Subscribers :• it. lb. Mr. Farquharson names Chaise & One, 4 yrs. old.... 7 10 Mr. Worrall'S ch. f. by Ambrosia, out of a Don \ Q Quixotte RT) arc, 3 yts. old / Mr. Mills. names Bronze, 5 yrs. old S 12 Mr. Biggs's liosario, by Ambrosia, 4 yrs. old 7 10 Mr. Greathcd names White liose, 4 yrs. old 7 10 Mr. Miles names Mountaineer, fl yrs. old 9 Mr, Harvey's br. f. by Sorcerer, out of Quiz, 3 yrs. old.. 6 Mr. Trevanion's b. c. Gammon, by JSeningbrough, \ out of Harbarossa'S dam, 4 yrs. old / Mr. Drax Grosvenor names Briseis, 4 yrs. old Sir J. Hawkins's Clermoun. t, 5 yrs. old Mr. Dundas's Rubens by Pencil, 6 yrs. old Mr. Banks and Mr. Clinton are Subscribed, but DI name. WEDNESDAY the loth,— FIFTY POUNDS for three and four yrs. old : Three yrs. old to carry fist. 1 - 2lb. and four yrs. old, 8st.— Fillies allowed 3lb. each.— A winner of a Plate this year to carry 3lb. of two 5LB. extra. The best of three two- mile heats. Same day,— FIFTY POUNDS, given by the Members for the County : Four yrs. old, 7st. lalb.— five yrs. old, SSt. lSib.— six yrs. old, P9T. 3lb.— and aged, flst. 61b. The best of three four- mile heats. Winners this present year of one Plate to CL ry alb. of two Sib. and a Royal Plate 7ib. extra. A HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of FIVE GUINEAS each, two miles. Horses to be named the . evening of the first day's race. Five Subscribers or no race. All Horses that run for either of the Plates to be shewn and entered on Saturday the fith of August, at the Stand House- on the race ground, between the hours of four and eight o'clock in the evening, paying, if a Subscriber, one guinea, if a Non- Subscriber,- two guineas, and five shillings, to the Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post, which Post en- trance to be by. eight o'clock preceding the day of running.— No less than three reputed running Horses to stait for either of the Plates, unless by permission of the majority of Sub- scribers present,— If only one Horse enters, the owner to have 10 Guineas; if two, 15 Guineas between them, and their entrance- money returned ; but if two be permitted to start, and either refuse, such t ne so refusing shall forfeit his right to any part of the 15 Guineas. - The owner of the winning Horse each day to pay two guineas to the Clerk of the Course for weights, scales, ropes, & c. & C. All Horses to stand at the Stables of a Subscriber of Half a Guinea, and to be plated by . no Smith but a Subscriber of Half a Guinea.— No person to sell Liquor, or erect a Booth or Stall on the Race Ground, but a Subscriber of Half a Guinea, to be paid into the hands of the Clerk of the Course. ORDINARIES as usual. AN ORDINARY each day at the CROWN IN. N for the LADIES.— A BALL each nieht of the Races. 84] EDW. CF. ATHF. D. Esn. RURAL SPORTS, on WHITE HOKSE HIUL, ueu, UrrtNGDON, BERKS. N FRIDAY, August 12, 1808, the sum of Twelve Guineas will be given to be played for at BACK- SWORD, as follows:— Each man that breaks ahead, the blood to run one inch, to be a tyer ; the tyers to play it out, and the best at last to have Ten Guineas, anil the second best Two Guin as. Half- a- Crown will be given to the man that breaks a head before the tyers are called, One Shilling to the man that has his head broke. ' No sham play will be abowed. Likewise, Eight Guineas will be given to be WRESTLED for, as follows :— the man that throws three files to be a tyer ; the tyers to be wrestled out, and the best man at last to have Six Guineas, and the second best man Two Guineas.- No sham play will be allowed. SECOND DAY— SATURDAY, August 13,— The sum of Two Guineas and a Half will be played for at BACKS WORD, by young gamesters t" at never won aprize above Seven Shillings " value, as follows:—- The man that breaks a head to be a tyer, : nd the tyers to play it cut; the best man to have Two Guineas, the second best Half- a- Guinea. No sham play will BE allowed. Likewise, Two Guineas and a Half will be WRESTLED for, by younr gamesters that never won a pri?-- above Seven SH- llicgs value. The man that throws three files to be a tyer; the tyers to wrestle ft out; the best man to have Two IGC. ineas, th • s.' Cond best Hali- a- Guiuca.—- No sham wr sthng will B.- allowed. Hats t be Grinned for,— Donk- y Racing,— Running for a Ciiemis:,— Running in Sacks,— stunning up and down the Hill for Cheeses,— Women Sinoaking Tobacco,— with nu- merous oth; r pastimes. FS71 To begin each day at. levcn o'clock. MERINO SHEEP. TO be SOLD, at Dulverton, Somerset, on Tuesday S .- ptembef the 13th, at three o'clock in the afternoon,— - 100 YOUNG EWES, and EWL HOGS, being the whole breedi, . flock of the MERINO and RYBLAND CROSS, the pro- perty of Lord Porchester, which has been eight years selecting, . N I mproved by crosses from liis Majesty's and Lord Somer- vitlc's flocks.— Also 12 capital MERINO RAMS, a'nd - eight MERINO EWES, all of the pure blood, without any English cross. This flock, which is allowed to be one of the best in Eng- land, may be viewed by application to the shepherd at Pixton Park, near Dulverton, at any time before the sale. [ 562 PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, Specially empowered by Act oj Parliament for the Insurance of LIVES and the Grant and Purchaseof ANNUITIES, SOUTHAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, LONDON. PRESIDENT:-- The Most Noble the Marquis of Bucking- ham, K. G. VICE- PRI SIDENTS :— Marquis of Salisbury, Earl Temple, Viscount Bulkeley, Viscount Chetwynd, Viscount Dan- cannon, Lord Braybrooke. TRUSTEES :— Marquw of Buckingham, Lorl Eraybrooke, Sir John C. Turner, ' WilUiam Praed, Esq. M. P.' and Scrope Bernard, Esq. M. P. THE Directors apprise their connections that the Tax on Life Insurance will commence its operations in the month of October next, until when Policies will be issued free of any expence whatever. It is in consequence submitted to those who have Life Insurance in contemplation, that no time should be lost in carrying their design into effect. The distingui hing principle of this Institution is, that the persons insured are entitled to share profits equally with the original Subscribers, after the expences of an oeconomical management are defrayed, in which the Presidents, Directors, Trustees, and Auditors, act gratuitously. Thus, by the spe- cific sums insured, and the division of contingent profits, every Member has the fullest value for h; s payments, without being liable to calls upon any losses, as the sole responsibility is undertaken by an extensive association of Noblemen and Gentlemen, who have subscribed an ample capital to gua- rantee the engagements of the Office. Military IVfen, insured ar this Office, are not charged with any additional premium unless called into actual service. No admission Fees are required, nor is any charge made for Policies. The Agents to the COUNTY FIRE- OFFICE are also Agents to THE PROVIDENT INSTITUTION. 531] J. W. BARBER, Managing- Director. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, T SOUTHAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, LONDON. Established for the express Benefit of Country Residents. THUSTF. ES,— His Grace the Duke of Rutland, K. G.; the Most No|} le the Marquis of Buckingham, K. G. the Right Hon. thi? Earl of Northampton; the Right Hon!' the Earl of Buckinghamshire ; the FLIGHT Hon. the Earl of Upper OSsory; Wm. Praci, Esq. M. P.; Scrope Bernard, Esq. M. P. TIIIS Office, established upon similar principles tq the Provident Institution, combines the firm security derivable from a fixed capital of adequate amount with the benefit to the persons insured which results from their equal participation in profits. The unprecedented'resort < jf business to this Establishment is a sure plrd e of- tiie pubjfc estimation in which it is held; mil, thus encouraged in their object of reducing country insu- rance to the most beneficial terms, the Directors have deter- mined to low I" the rate of insuring. Farming'Stock tqSs. per hundred pounds. Losses by Fire from L. i hthing. are made good. Claims up > n this Office have always been paid on demand, without deduction or discount. Policies graties on removal from other offices. J. W. BARBER, Managing- Director. AGENTS.—— Salisbury, Mr. J. Foot; Melksha'M, Mr. T. BourAe; Winchester, Mr. M. Charter; Altort, Messrs. Waring and Lowe; Ringwood, Mr. J IJHN- Merry weather. ' FCSF* Persons desirous of the Agency OF these Offices, in towns where Agents are not already, appointed, are requested" to signify the same to the Head Office, anti Yo state their situ- ation and occup ttioii, with- a reference iiviondoa. [ 592 KENNET AND AVON CANAL NAVIGATION VTOTICE is hereby given, That at a General i. i Meeting of the Committee of Managemerit of the Af- fairs and Business of the Company of Proprietors of the Ken- net and Avon Canal Navigation, held at the Town- hall at Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, on Tuesday the tenth day of July 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the directions of the Act of Parliament, the said Committee did find a Call from the several Proprietors of new Shares and optional Notes, authorized by an Act of Parlia- ment made and passed in the forty- fifth year of the reign'of his present Majesty, intitled " An Act for enabling the Com- pany of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation to complete the same, and for altering and enlarging the Powers of the several Acts passed for making the said Canal," to be taken and subscribed for in the navigation and under- taking, authorized to be made and carried on by the said Company of Proprietors, for the sum of ten pounds per cen- tum, ;"> r and in respect of every such share and optional note respectively to be wanting and necessary in order to defray the expences of and to carry on the same, and did make a Call from the said several Proprietors for the said sum of ten pounds per centum for and in respect of every such share and optional note respectively in the said navigation and under- taking for those purposes accordingly, and did appoint the same to be paid into the hands of Messrs. Harford, Davis, and Company, Treasurers of the said Company, in Bristol, on or before the - 20th day of September 1808. By order of the said Committee, JOHN WARD, Principal Clerk. MARI. BOROUGII, 1 st of August, 1808. F5< B AMESBURY TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the TOLLS arising from the several Toll Gates undermentioned will be LETT by AUCTION, to the highest bidder, at the house of Philip Morgan, being a common Inn known by the sign of the George, at Amesbury, on Friday the flth day of September next, between the hours of twelve and one of the clock in the afternoon of that day, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the .,'. 5ill year of the reign of his present Majesty, for regulating turnpike roads, such letting to com- mence from the 29th day of September then next, and which Tolls amounted last year to the sums hereafter mentioned, above the . expences of collecting, and will be put up at the same sums respectively, viz. Mullen's Pond and Fifield at £. 112 0 0 Countess Gate at 13 10 0 West Amesbury Gate at 144 0 0 Heytesburv and Chittern at il82 0 0 Wiley and'Deptford, the Side Bar at \ „, „ „ Deptford and Langford, at (' 81 " " Bulford at 22 2 0 Whoever is the best bidder must at the same time give se- curity, witii sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said roads, for the payment- of the rent agreed for at such t; nies as they shall direct. JOHN HODDING, Clerk and Treasurer. 593! N TURNPIKE TOLLS. OTICE is herreby given, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gate upon the turnpike road leadini from the river at Swathling to Sherril'Heatb, in the county of Southampton, called or known by the name of the BOT- LEY TURNPIKE GATE, will be LETT by AUCTION to the best bidder, at the house of Hume, known by the sign of the Dolphin Inn, at Botley, in the said county, on Mon- day the fifth day of September next, between tiie hours of eleven and two in the afternoon, for the term of Three Years, to commence from Saint Thomas's- day next, in manner di- rected by the Act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third " for regulating theTurn- fiike Road.-,:" which tolls produced last year the sum of one hundred and eighty- four- pounds, above the cxpences for col- lecting the same, and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must, at the same time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of theTrustecs of the said turnpike load, for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. At the same meeting new Trustees will be eiected in the room of such as are dead, removed, or refuse to act. ' J. PADDON, Clerk and Treasurer to the Trustees. FAREIIAM, 4th of August, 1308. [ 581 BELLEVUF,, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON, Tf'ith an indisputable Free- hold Title and the Land- Tax redeemed. npo he SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the JL George Inn, Southampton, on the 20th day of August next, between the hours of ten in the forenoon and three of the afternoon ( if not previously disposed of by private contract) — This charming and elegant MANSION, in thoroueh good order and repair, and fit for the immediate occupation of any family of distinction, with coach- houses for four carriages, stabling for nine horses, laundry, wash- house, dairy, and every other attached and detached office ; a large green- house filled with plants, pinery and succession h- uses in excellent order, extensive and elegant conservatories, with an abundance of fruit trees in full bearing, and a prolusion of gr tpes; a very large garden in great order, having had two acres added to the original one, and nearly encircled by a high wall, clothed with choice fruit trees in full bearing, and a very large ice- house fill id with ice ; together with fit\ een acres inclosed in a lawn ordi c at the back of the house, with a shrubbery around.—— The fixtures, furniture, & c. may either be soid with the houss, or taken at an appraisement. For further particulars apply to Mr. George Hookey, in the town of Southampton, who will give orders to persons wish- ing to inspect the premises; or to Mr. Crosbie, Bruton- street, Grosvenor- square, London. [ 291 GOSPORT-. FOR PUBLIC . SALE, at the Dolphin Inn, on Thursday the 18th of August, 1808, at ten o'clock ini the forenoon,— The good SHIP MONTREAL. Dimcnrio- ns:— Length, 112 ft. 10 in.; breadth, 27 ft. 10 in.; height between decks, 6 ft. 6 : n.; depth in hold, 11 ft. 6 in.; British built, with figure head, quarterdeck, and galleries; admeasures 36U tons ; copper fastened, coppered to tier wales, and decks copper nailed ; is abundantly found in anchors, cables, sails, and every other description of stores fone suit or sails new) ; from the dimensions anu stowage adapted for any trade, as she sails remarkably fast; a very desirable ship, and ^ vorth the attention of any person wanting one of her class; may be sent to sea without any expence except pro- visions, being iu complete repair; in short, by viewing the ship she will speak for herselt; captured on her voyage from Monte Video to Copenhagen by his Majesty's ship Brilliant, Thomas Smith, Esq. Captain, and regularly condemned as prize. ' " ' [ 490 For Inventories applv to Messrs Cooke and Halford, Agents, London; and to MATTHIAS MARCH, Broker, Gosport. ISLE OF WIGHT. By Order of the Honourable Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs, FOR SALE by AUCTION7, at the Custom- Hipuse, in East- Cowes, on Tuesday the 9th day of Aug. 1808, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, The toll; wine GOODS, which have been seized and legally condemned, and may be viewed and tasted on application to the Ware- house lieeper. Far Private Families only. BRANDY 765 RUM 60 I-,, GENEVA 160 > GALLONS- WINE 4ij For Dealers and others. 695-} _ / Havannah, in tin cases 10 rPoun< Js- t Brazil, in bottles .. .. 1- sJ Shrub, Coffee, Sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa, Cashew Nuts, Currv Powder, Tamarinds, Preserved Ginger, Gttara Jelly, and Pickles. Also,— The broken up Hull of the Lion Cutter, Bowsprit, two large and two small Anchors, two Cables, two Warps, with sundry lots of Beams, Plank, Blocks, Dead- eyes," Iron, & c. & c. Hie. - ' [ 517 ISLE OF WIGHT. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by " Messrs. TUC- KERS and PITTIS, on Monday the 15th of August, ishs,' and following davs,— The entire' HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE. Plate, Linen, China, Gfcr » , Post Chaises, Sociable, Gigs, Post and Saddle Horses, Stock of Wines,' and cither Effects, of Mr. Robeit Hackctt, at the Green Dragon Inn, Newport, ( who is about to remove from the above Inn tothe'Stm Inn, in Newport aforesaid}; consisting of maho- gany ( om- post and tent bedsteads, with dimity and otner hangings; ten good feather beds; hair, flick, and straw m.- t- trcss'es ; blartl- rets, quilts, and counterpanes ; mahogany bu- reau and chest of drawers-, basin stands ; mahogany dining, Pembroke, claw, card, dressing, and ni^ ht tables ;• pi-.- r arid dressing glasses ; Wiiton ahd Scotch crpcf,; mahogany and other chaips;' a quantity of linen; plate, China, and glass ; good kitchen requisites; likewise about 70 dozen of excellent , old ' pott wine; 12 good post and saddle horses, two post . chaises, one sociable, two gits, eood chaise harness,' saddles, & c. Src. N. B. The- liorses, chaises, and wine, With a part ' of- tiie household furniture, will be sold on the first day ; the piate, linen, China, . and- glass, ou the second day- of sale.-— flic sale to commence- each- day . at eleven o'clq&. in the fore* noon. Catalogues may be had at the Sun Inn, of the Auc- j tionccrs, and at the . place of - sals'. [.;•, 4 nnc ' BLAKENS, NEAR I. YMINGTON, HANTS, be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, by Mr. .4 Nr. WEt. T , st the Nag's Head Ir. n, in Lymington," ou Saturdiy- the 30th day of tWs Instant August, at five o'clock in the afternoon,— All that COTTAGE and BARN, together with fifteen, acres of LAND surrounding the same, within a rm< fence, Situate at Blakens aforesaid, in the occupation or Mr. Richard Pcaree. The premises are " Freehold, exceedingly picturesque in point of situation, open to most extensive arid beautiful views 01 the sea, and surrounding forest scencty, and, - upon a con- fined scale, cbmpetent to being made a " very delightful resi- dence. Five acres of the laftc'i are in a state of'cultivation, and have been cxcecthngly productive; the remainder has hot been broken up, but the sod is of an excellent quality. Further particulars may be had by application to Mr. Rich- man, solicitor, Lymington. ( 555 IBBERTON, DORSET. ~ npo be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHK ROYLE, A without reserve, on Tuesday the 16th of August 1808* and following day,— All the valuable HOUSHOLlj GOODS ana FURNITURE of the late Mr. Seymour, deceased; con- sisting of fine seasoned goose feather beds, four- post and oth. r bedsteads, with other furniture, blankets, - quilts, and sheets • mahogany pillar, claw, and otiier tables ; bureau and chest of drawers, capital - p- er and swing glasses, 30 hour clock and case,^ a number of chairs, a braes furnace, sets of fire irons, roasting jack, brass and coppet bo'Ur, and saucepans; pewter and brass, china and glass, a number of iron and wood- bound pipes^ md hogsheads, and other cesta?; a large quantity of Cleft and other wood, a number of kitchen requisites, and a variety of other articles.' ibbcrton is about seven miles, from Blandford, and four from Sturminster Newton. . The sale will begin precisely at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon each clay.— For further particulars apply to John Hoyle. Auctioneer, Sc. Blandford. ' [ 601 CORNWALL.- FREEHOLD ESTATES. ' O be SOLD by AUCTION., in Lots, at the fi. king's Arms, Leskeard, on Thursday the nth and rSm^^ nter?' Aus"? t' ^" V- Sumlry valudfe '" REE HOLD HS! ATES, co-.- npr sing the M ANSION ai < 1 HA K- TONof CARTUTHER,- situate in the par so of Menheniot containing together o3~ A. 3DP. statute; several other Estates, situate in the same parish, containing upw- nsfsot " so statute acres; als- i an Estate, called Brerukui, toe. iVr with : sundry Houses and Lands situa'c in the town, and perish of Lcskeard, containing upwards of 120 statute acres. And s> vcral Estates in Dulos parish, cmtvning tog. ther about 240 statute- acres. And an Estate,' called HEN'DRA GUI- LINO, T. Tn.' and parsh, about 25 statute acres. Likewise an Es'. ete called TRECAN, situate in the parish of Larrcaih, containing 64A. 3 « . 11 P. statute. And severed Tenements in the towns of Fast and West Looe. fji) Some of the before- mentioned Esfrtes are upon leases for years, and others are held upon lives. Descriptive Particulars may be hud. at the" King's Arms, Plymouth ; the Fountain, Plymouth Dock ; t". e Kill's • rms, Bodmin; the White Hart,' f. adiireston ; tin- Tallio- I ost-- withiel; the New Inn, Callington : the Kim \ U. ad, Trutos at the place of s; d.-; of Messrs Strong, Stiil, and St ong, Lincoln's Inn ; of Mr. Childs, Leskeard : an ' ot Mr. Wr. gh't, Surveyor, 10, Charles- street, St. Jsnits's Squ re, London. BORDERS OF DEVONSHIRE, npo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Castle Inn,' I. Taunton, Somerset, 111 Saturday the 13th day of August, 1808, at five a'clock in the afternoon, utiles" pr'-. ious v dis- posed of bv private contract, of which in tice si ' IS '•<• e- v'- n — All that truly eligible FREEHOLD FARM, c„ d-. d LEAKS and SALTS', in the parish of CHORE stunt- N. M the county of Devon; now in the occupa^ on of Dmiel Clarke, : rid " the executors of the- late Henry Gill, ns tenants at will; compris- ing a new- built farm- house, b- rn, rial 1 -, two tenements, and other buildings, together with 6s A. 3 K. \ P. of m nd: w, pasture, orchard, arable,. coppic--, - nd ' r u; h land ; ti e whole forming a most compact ai d d- s raide laim; is dirt n't from Taunton only eight miles, from Wellin - t' 11 six, C: tird i. ii, and Honiton eleven ; and in a eOod state of - eliiv t • -,. ' For a viewer the premises epu. y t Dani Chuke, tk prii - cipal tenant; and for ' further- particulars to S in, el Y.' i Esq. of Monk's- Mi';], ncfir Woottoit- under- lidgc. [!',-.- DORSETSHIRE AND DEVONSHIRE, nno be SOLD bv AUCTION, at the ] fnn, JB. in Bridport, en Thursday tl 18th ' v < ."' at one o'clock, in'st ndrv lots,— Th-- cxt- usee ' -, , -. o-' t or LORDSHIP and LIBERT'- , in jtROAlH IN,' lii : county of Dorset.; and sever: 1 vidn- jbl . . - provaule ESTATES,' wit'dn che. t par ' . ': ' •:-.: • i , -, 1 of Whitechnrch C„- . c rum. - • three to s; x miles star.' ; • i Crewkcrne, comaerng m' ti, - - , ; of rich me. dotv, pasture', mesne, and lett to respectab';.- tenants on terms, 01 by agree- ments, which Will expirein 1809. Ai. so, \ I7ILL he SOLD by- AUO HON, at the T.,,-, „ T ' V Inn, in Sidmouth, on- Tu sdny the 25th dai .• inst. at one ,-' clock, in sundry lots,— Tile MANOR, c, r ; - PUTED MANOR, and LORDSHIP of STONE, within V c parish of Sidbury, containing ab ' ut 400 statute aer s of really rich, fertile Land, part of which comprises Brook F r: n, one of the most compact and delightfully situated estates 111 Devonshire, now occupied by Mrs. Mayne", wh" se t, rm there- in will expire at Ladv- day next, distant about two r iles from Sidmouth, ar. d well worth the attention of any gentleman who wishes to build'near the e. -. 1 coast. And several other small TENEMENTS and CLOSES in Possession and Reversion within that Manor. Printed particulars of the respective estates are now ready, and may be had of Mr. Ne. je, of Drimpton, in Broarfwimi- ser ; or of Mr. George Farthing, of S dmeuih ; and the res-' pective tenants will shew the estates, and maps thereof may be seen, and further particulars had, on application to Mr. Bawden, solicitor, Chard, Somerset; or to Mr. Bond, land surveyor, Axminster, Devon. y$;. » HTO- bc SOLD bv AUCTION, without reierv a bv J. BR1STO WE, on the premises, in the High- Si 1 e t, POOLE, on Monday the 32d of August 1 dm, and the teilo'- v- I days,— The entire STOCK in TRADE of Mr. G. Nichleson Allen, Ironmonger, Anchorsmith, Y.' h'tifmiui, Gunsmith, Brazier, Edge Tool Maker, and Tin Plate Wo kirt Comprising 200 dozen" axes, 30 dozen carpenter's sdzei, 20 dozen cooper's ditto, 20 dozen turning chi: « .- ls and gouers, 20 dozen pickaxes, 16 dozen ships scrapers, 46 doze'm brick- layers and plasterers trowels, fiOo dozen Newfoundland split- ting knives, cut throats and seal knives, 4- 5 dozen iron ladies, 45 dozen garden and turnip hois, 80 dozer, soei. et chisscls, 36 dozen augres, 190 dozen spade and shovel trees. 15 dozen otter and bear traps, " 30 fowling pieces, 4 bra- s bluiiderbcs^ es 6 wall pieces, 50,000 gunflnts, 88 dozen Norwav stonts. ai quantity of furze, hedge, and other hooks and bills,' spade s and shovels, copper, brass, pewter, ai d tin goods, Bath and other stoves, stove metal, japanned goods, brass and prince's metal candlesticks, locks, wire fenders, nails, screws, and rivets, anchors, grapnels, a quantity of bushel, nut, and nail, r'pi iron, and old cast metal; and a great variety of articles in the Ironmongery Line. The whole well worth the attention of the Trade in particular and the public in general. Catalogues will be delivered in due time at the New Ir> n Wimborne; the Crown, Blandfcrd ; the Lion, Shaftesbury; the White Hart, Ringwood; . the Hotel, Chr. itchurch ; the Crown, Southampton; the Printing- office, Salisbury ; tie Red Lion, Wareham ; the Antelope, Djrehi st.- r : tiie' Kir '- f Head, Weymouth ; the Greyhound, Bridport; by Messrs. \ V. Gibbon and Co. Bristol; and et the oiiiee 1 X BRISTOVS E and Co. Poole. The sale will begin at eleven o'clo keechd. v. ii, M nPHE Royal Family, aod Ladies and Gentlemen ot" JL Distinction and Fashion, use PRlNCE's RUS.- IA OIL for moistening the Hair when dressing, which is so greet a nourisher to the hair, as to prevent It cumin-, r y to all pe- riods; promotes tiie growth, and make-, the h . ir prow thick and long ; particularly assisting the whiskers and beautityi'cg the eve- brows ; prevents its tailing off; and 1 e-- t< r s it on ' i aid places, if the. least roots remain. Several Gentlemen that werfc bald have declared, after using the Russia Oil n gularly tor three months, the bald places became nearly covered with hair. Ladies and GentlOmen going to wat- ring- places ought net t.' neglect to use the Russia Oil? as it prevents the ccncral case of the water ceoasionme; ihe lr-' ir to lail off or become eheded: also Gentlemen should not omit applying it to- iht- ( Whiskers, to prevent them turning grey, which es too gc>" rally experienced on aceount. of the constant wetting tV" ev re- ceive from shaving; this case is cle uly proved, as the whisl kers mostly change colour sooner- th^ n the hair on t' ' • Sold wholesale arid retail, at 7s per bottle, or a bottle con- taining loursmall, at one Guinea, by thenrooHcior A ' iv/'" ' k ^.';.^ n" str}. t: vt:> Oxford- stiv; t; and, hy lippoinmient, by" Mr Smittt perfhmcrto lus toy sty, New Bond- street; Bayly and biew, Uicsspur- stre. t, London* . Brotlie, Dowding arcl Luxford, Salisbury ; and by most principal Perfumers' and Medicine Venders in jltishmtl., Ireland, and Scotland CAUTION. AS noxious Counterfeits are selling m nettv shops, and to deceive, have imitated the Russian Ea THE SALISBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY. NIGHT, AUGUST 6. ADMIRALTY- OFHCK, August 6. Copy of a Later from Capt. Dix, of his Majesty's sloop Cygnet, to Viee- Admiral Vashon, Commander in Chief of ids Majesty's skips and vessels at Leilh. His Majesty's sloop Cygnet, at Sea, SIR, July 27, 11) 08. IBEG leave ro inform you, that, after a chace of nine hour-, I had the good fortune to come up with and capture the Danish brig privateer Christiana, Mounting 14 guns, twelve'Impounder earronades, and two long nines, manned with t> 0 men; out three days from Christiana without having made any captures. She is Vic- tualled and stored for one month, arid was proceeding off the North End of Shi riand for the purpose of intercepting our h . ueward- bound UreenlMiulmcii. The Christiana was formerly an English merchant brig. 1 have the honour to be, & c. EDWARD DIA'. The Average price of Brown or Muscovado Sugar, com- puted t'r. ini the returns made in the week ending tho 3d d. iy of Aw;. 1800, is Thirty- nine Shillings and Eleven Pence Hufpeuuy per Hundred Weight] exclusive ol' the Puues of Customs. WAR- OFFICE, August. 6, 1808. Coldstream Regiment cf Foot Guards.'—' eond Major Lieutniant- General John Calcraft. to be Frst, Major, vim- Finch, appointed to the Command of the S- tth Foot ; Colonel K. Alexander Howard to be' Ciiml Major, vice Calcraft; Captain 11, Dowi. es Jack'on to be Captain of a Company, vice Howard. 54,' ft Regiment of Foot. Lieutenant- General the Hon. Edward Finch, from the Coldstream Guards, to be Colonel, vie • 1 ;<- meir, uu- Oiier. il NiooW. € 6t. Ditto. Lieutenarit- iieueral Oliver Nieo'. s, from the 54tb Foot, to be Colonel, vice the Earl of Clatnicarde, deceased. GARRISONS.— General Sir William Medows, K. B. to be Governor of Hull, vice the Earl of Clanricavde, deceased.— General Francis Edward Owjn to be 1' eutenant- Governor of the Isle of Wight, vice Sir William Endows. S TAFF.— John Campbell, Esq. late Lieu' - nant- CoIoneJ in the 60tli foot, to be an Inspecting Field Officer of Yeomanry and Volunteer Corps in Great Britain, with the rank of Lieutenant- Colonel while so employed, vice French, ap- pointed a Brigadier- General. Commission tinned by the Lord Lieutenant of Hants.— StmtU Han's Yeomanry Caealn,— Cornet Sam. Sharp to be Lieutenant, vice Smith, resigned. Lytniugloti Hu'tuhon of Volunteer Infiintry,-~ Ensign R. Hockcns to be Lieut ' riant, vice Cruickshanks, resigned.— Win. Biel, Gent, to 1,.' Ensign, vice Hockens, promoted. Eling and Mdlbrook Battalion of Volunteer Infantry,— Lieut. John Scald to lie Caotr. in, vice Hoar, resigned. BAN ICltUPTS. Hftirv Chambers, of Warwick, innkeeper. K. Bet! and K. II; 01 ol Newcastle- upon- Tyne, woollen- drapers. J ur. es Kn. iu, ol' 01 n, f< r > o. i. Micliarl Tempest, 01 . • . mercer. .1- tims LI V. sun. John ... v., James Laivten, iun, and Jarvis lavrten, of Vrtoi - ir i-.- i'- l lie, oi. .. - " it. icturers. James Young, ol' Manchester, cotton- mauu:. Gt- onre Str a., of Liacoln, merchant. E. Joonson, of ijl.^' litig- liearr- yara, Holhorn, cabinet- maker. N. ]".. i{< ibiri".. ui, of llend- court, H - itljrook, merthaal, J. T, Ctiowies, < rt' iirali- l. ua . CorrihiU, pointer. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST G. days since by mistake, and reached Plymouth, where the Captain landed and set off for London." The army of Dnpont is said to be again defeated ; and affairs go on well on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, where at Mattaro, V. deutia, & c. the French troops are reported to be reduced by repeated checks. PLYMOUTH, August 5. The St. Alban's, of 74 guns, sailed on Sunday morning, with several sail of transports under convoy, having troops on board for Spain. They joined the expedition fioin Portsmouth, hut were obliged by contrary winds, to put back on Monday. The whole sailed again on Tuesday, the wind having come rouud to the N. W. and .. ere soon clear of the channel. PORTSMOUTH, August 6. The Expedition under Lieutenant- General Sir H. Hurrard, consisting of about 14,000 men, including infantry, cavalry, and artillery, em- barked on board nearly 1~ 0 sail of transports, sailed from St. Helen's oa Sunday, under convoy of the Audacious, of 74 guns, the Egeria and Brazen sloops of war, and the Ze- bra bomb. Sir H. Burrard, Sir John Moore, and the Huv. Major- General Hope are on board the Audacious •, l. i- ut.- General Frazer and Maior- General Murray on board the Brazen ; Lieut.- Gcn Lord Paget, and Majoi,- General the Hon. Edward Paget on board the Egeria ; and Lord Wilhani Hem hick is on hoard the Sebta, It is said that a million of dollars are iinmpdiately to be shipped on board the Eiir. yalus and Minorca frigates, for Cadiz. Sunday— Sailed the Audacious, of 74; guns, Captain Gosselin ; Brazen sloop, Gapt, Shephcai'd; Egeria sloop, and Zebra bomb, with 160 sail of transports, composing the expedition under Lieut Gen. Sir Harry Burrard. Monday— Arrived the Alert eloop, Capt. Tiliard, with convoy from the Downs; Primrose sloop, Captain Mein, from off Cadiz ; and Champion, of gui'S, Capt. Craw- ford, from Plymouth. Sailed the Glomen sloop, for the Downs. Tuesday*— Arrived the Albaeore sloop, Caotarn, Burn, from Guernsey, and Goshawk sloop, Captain James, and sailed again. ' i Wednesday— Arrived the Mediator, of 36 gun's, Capt. Blarney, from, Plymouth ; Uesiree, of 36 guns, Captain Stuart, Jj'oiu Cork. Sailed the Iphigenia of 32 guns, Cap. t. Lambert, with convoy for Newfoundland. Thursday— Arrived the, Success, of 32 guns, Captain Ayscough, and Loire, of guns, Capt. School berg, from Greenland ; Enrydice, of 24 guns Captain Bolton, from Plymouth ; and Forrester sloop, Capt. Richards. Sailed the Boadicea, of 36 guns, Capt. Hatley; Cham- pion, of 24 guns, Capt. Crawford; ajul Minorca sloop, Capt. Hornby. Came into harbour the Stately, of 64 guns, to be docked. * Friday— Sailed the Illustrious, of 74 guns Captain Brougliton, to join the North Sea licet.; and Mediator, a' 32 guns, Capt. Hlaj'ney, with stores for Sp. i ,. Saturday— Sailed the Decade, of" - guns, Capt. Smart, ApjronfWlWtTS.— The Hon. (' apt. C. Pajet to the Re- • , - » ..";. ; T ieuf. Harlev to the command of the Ildefonso vitstu . liing deput; Ms. Terry to be Purser of the Stately, of 64 guns, WINCHESTER. SATURDAY, AUGUST 6. Paris Papers have been received to u- e 24th ult. They are wholly uninteresting— not a word about Spain ; not a word about victories over the Patriots. The silence of the papers under French influence is a most favourable oiuen. Letters from Gottenburgh state, that the Emperor of Russia has offered 10 make peace with Sweden ; but th't his Swedish Majesty refused, observing, that he c. ' ot treat without England. i. : r; on, Ford, is arrived at Liverpool from Ba . i which place she left on the 27 th. June; and e . • 13a. July, 1: 1 lat. 41.26. long. 48. was chased b privateer, of 32 guns. Tl\ e Belleisle, wit; tuiUercoavoy from Portsmouth., hadarjiyed at Isarhudoes, No intelligence has vet been received from Sir A. V.' elicMtv" since he left Oporto, which was 011 the 25th ult. Ministers are in hourly and anxious expectation of hearing front him. It is imported that the French ara « in possession of Oviedo, but it is not known 0: 1 what authority this report rests. It does not appear to L-^ entitled to any credit. There are strong grounds to fear that Bessieres will be able to form a junction with Junot before the arrival of Sir Arthur Wellesley's Expedition in the Tagus. The force which sailed on Sunday from Ports- mouth, under Sir II. Burrard., is destined for Portu- gal ; so that in a few days we shall have a force iu that country much superior to the French, even though Jnuot should be reinforced by Bessieres. In ennscqueuee of the retreat cf the Spanish army from Benavento, it appears that Bessie- res has advanced towards Portugal. We hope that Sir Arthur Wellesley will have compelled Juijot to surrender, before the euemy appraached Lisbon. Sir 1). Baird is at Cork, to have the command of seven regiments now embarking at the Cove. I'll order to complete the 2d battalions of those regi ments in Ireland that are deficient of men, an immediate volunteering from the Irish . Militia is to take place. This measure will add at least six thousand men to our regular forces. The person committed to gaol in Kent, for forging, was an engineer of some eminence at Foikstone. The forged bill was fur 7id/. PRICES OF STOCKS THIS DAY, At Three o'Clock. Bank Stock, 243J India Stock, — South Sea Stock, — a Cent. Red. 3 Cent. Cons. 4 V Cents M* 5 ^ Cent. Navy, 98, j 5 v Cent. 1797, — Long Ann. Omnium, p. India Bonds, 5 a fi p. Exchequer Bills, 4 a 5 p. Irish 5 Cents. — Imperial 3 Cents. 07- J English Lott. Tickets, £ Ditto Prizes, 2 ^ Cent. dis. Port Betes. BRIXHAM, August 5. On Sunday last, the wind being inclinable to the Eastward, Viee- Adm. Duckworth sailed, with the following ships under his command :—- Royal George, Dreadnought, St. George, ^ Neptune, Te- meraire, Aeliille, and Valiant; the wind changing, they returned again on Monday, and sailed again on Tuesday, to cruize off Ushant. A very lai ge fleet arc now in sight from the Berry Head, supposed to be the expedition from Portsmouth for Spain. Wind E: S. E. and fine weather. '' FALMOUTH, August 4. Some transports having on board the 2d ( or Queen's), and 20th regiments of foot, and a fleet of store- ships, with arms, ammunition, & 6. which arrived here from Plymouth during the last week, gai: ed again on Tuesday last, under convoy of the Aiuiable » nd Pomone frigates. The troops are said to be destined to reinforce Sir Arthur Wellesley at Lisbon, and the store- ships are bound to the coast of Spain. The Little Beit sloop of vjar sailed on Tuesday, with some vessels under convoy tor Madeira and the coast of Africa. '."' ' 1 The Trompeuse sloop of. war and Growler gun- brig sailed on Tue- day for Corunna.' " The Princess Amelia packet sailed Tuesday for Corunna. The Townshend packet arrived from Corunna and Ply- mouth this morning. She passed this port two or three Oil Monday part of the 2d battalion of the 36th regiment arrived at Southampton, from the Isle of Wight, on their route to Worcester. On Wednesday last was married, Mr. Grist, an eminent Tanner of Romsey. aged oQ, to. Miss Jesse of the same ' place, aged 19 years. On Wednesday the 27th ult. died, in Dublin, after a long and painful illness, in the 6' 4th year of his age, the Right. Hon. John Thomas De Burgh, Earl of Clanricarde and Baron Dunkellin, a General in the army, Colonel of the 66th regiment of ( hot, Governor of Hull, and Custos Rotulorum of the county of Galway. His Lordship suc- ceeded his brother Henry ( who was created a Marquis, but which title, on his dying without issue, was extinct) 011 Dec. 8, 1797 ; married Miss Bufke, daughter of Sir Thomas BurRe, Bart, in 171) 1), and has left issue a son, and two daughters. The Sen, Lord Dunkellin, iiojy ' Earl of Clanricarde, is about seven years old. The late Karl of Clanricarde formerly resided, for the must part, on his estates in this county, and lived in a style of splendid hos- pitality. He was much respected by the Nobility and Gentry, and greatly beloved by his tenants and thj: neigh- bouring poor. On Saturday last died, at Basingstoke, Wni. Pur- due, many vears a porter in the market of that town; and on Tuesday last his wife died also. On Friday the 23th ult. a reivmrkable large hern was seen 011 the manor of Lord Temple, near this city. The size exceeded that of any hern seen before in this country. At oiir late Assizes a cause was tiled whereinJ. L. Grant, Esq. of Farnborougb, was plaintiff, and Mary Gunner, of the same place, was defendant. It was to try the question whether the lord of a tremor could approve a part of the waste of a common against tenants having common of turbary. There was a second question respecting common of pasture, wluc!) turned 011 there being sufficiency or insufficiency left for the tenants. The lirst and principal question respecting turbary will be argued on demurrer in the next term. A verdict by eojy, cut was therefore taken for plaintiff, damages one shilling, conditionally until the demurrer has beeii argued. Gunner v. Grant,— This cause turning on the same ques- tion, a verdict was given for Got,!)"! the plaintiff, to abide the evtut of the demurrer iu the other cause. A cau'e of considerable interest was tried on the 23th ult. wherein Mrs. Phillip1, a farmer's widow, at. Docken- field, in this county, was' plaintiff, and one Golib'ing, a considerable timber < « ealer, at Rugate, in Sussex, was de- fendant. By the opehnjr of Mr. Burrough, the plaintiff's counsel, and by the corroborating testimony of the plain- tiff's witnesses, it appeared that this action was brought by the plaintiff to. recover, damages for ihe seduction of her daughter, Elizabeth Phillips, by tile defendant Goldriiig, whereby Elizabeth Phillips became pregnant, and the de- fendant refused to marry her, ti; .; ueU hv had accomplished his purpose under repeated prQmLes of marriage. The young woman gave her testimony ill so modest, simpln, and impressive a manner, as to interest the most sympa- thetic and tenderest feelings of a very crowded court; and although the well known wit and ingenuity of Mr. Jekyli ( defendant's counsel) was exerted to the utmost, to take off from the effect of the young woman's testimony, yet the jury, to the apparent satisfaction of the whole court, gave a verdict fir the plaintiff, damage, 200/. and costs of suit. SALISBURY. 1^ 0 If DAY, AUGUST 8, tsos. The WOOL MART established by the Bath and West of England Agricultural Society was held on Wednesday, at their Exhibition Yard at Bath. There was a greater supply of Anglo- Merino wool than last year, and the fine quality of many of the lots was so great a . temptation to the manu- facturers, that those lots were soon bought up. On the whole, a large quantity was disposed of, at prices mostly adequate to the expectatiods of the growers. On Monday the business of the Assizes for the county of Wilts" commenced here. Only eight causes were entered, and tl\ at which was considered the mo- t impor- tant ( Beckford, Esq, v. Cres » well) being an section, for a trespass, aiiedged to have been attended with 111,1115' circum- stances of a most aggravated nature, went off for want of a sufficient attendance of Special Jurymen Northey, Esq. v. Essington ( entered for a Special" Jury), and Webb v. I< eate% were both withdrawn.— The others were unde- fended actions of debt, or of a nature equally uninteresting. — The whole of the Nisi Prius business was ended at an ea. rly hour on Moyday. At the Crown Bar, George Barrett was indicted for stealing a horfe, the property of Broom Pinnegar, and was found Guilty,.— Death. yenjaiuin Lougstreet, indicted for stealing a horse from the ( 5 » ur of the Waggon and Horses (. nil, ai Semingtop, was also found Guilty,— Death. Elizabeth Paddock, tried for breaking into th, e house of Robert. Young, of Clarendon, 110 person being therein, and stealing divers goods; and Samuel Murrv, for entering the cheese room of George l^ eat, at Overton, and . stealing a quantity of wearingapparel, were both found Guiitv,— r Death. William Dakon wjs convicted of stealing an iron bar, and sentenced to be, imprisoned one month, and privately whipped.— Thomas Sedley, convicted of stealing a peck of malt, and other articles, was sentenced to bo imprisoned- one week. Stephen Saunders and Maria Lamperd, charged with different offences, were tried and acquitted. And 110 bill was found against Elizabeth Lanham, who had tieen accused of stealing a silver spoon, & c. The capital, convicts were all reprieved. Ou Wednesday the Judges set off from this city for Dor- chester, to hold the Assizes for the county of Dorset, the commission for whioh was opened that evening, and the business commenced the next morning. Eleven causes were entered, but of these two were referred, and the Records of t^ ree were withdrawn. The only cause that excited the least public attention was that of M'II. WAIN V. FINCH, for CHI. M. CON.— nThe plaintiff is a surgeon and apothecary at Ringwood. The Defendant ( Mr. Charles Finch) has recently opened an asylum for Lunatics, at Moor- Town, very near Ringwood. Imme- dlatelp on his settling there, he became very intimate with the piamiilf, and he inarfe use of this intimacy, according to the statement of Mr. Casberd, Counsel for the plaintiff, to rob him of his wife's affection-, and to do him the greatest injury iu his power. He proved the necessary fact's fiy the eviil< nee of the plaintiff's servant boy.— Mr. Jekyll made a most eloquent and witty speech for the defendant, detailing various facts to prove that the plaintiff had not been de- prived of any very valuable article in that portion of his_ wife's affection which he could have lost since she bad be- come acquainted with Mr. C. Finch. The Jury gave a ver- dict for the plaintiff, damages Five Pounds 1 It was a maiden aS- ize, there being 110 capital Conviction at the Crown Bar. 1 John Pearce, a gvpsey, only 15 years old, was con- victed of stealing a shell out of the house ( jf Betty Green, at Kingston, in the Isle of Purbeek, and was sentenced to be transported tor seven year-.— This was one instance of the determination ;> f the Judges to punish,. as severely af possible all depredations on the unprotected property of the poor, who are under the necessity of leaving their dwellings very slightly fastened, whilst they are engaged ill the harvest field, and other avocations. Mary Trout, convicted of stealing two bottles of elder wine from the dwelling- house of Mr. Wagstaff, at Bridport, was also sentenced to seven years transportation.— Mary Luff, her accomplice, Was sentenced to be imprisoned six mouths. Gentilla Fletcher, for stealing a silver spoon ; John Pen- ney and William Tett, for stealing a pouint and a halt of butt leather, were each sentenced to a year's hard labour. John Wo vlwVrd, charged with stealing some brass and iron wheels from a manufactory, was acquitted. And no bill was found against Francis Wilkinson, charged with having, on the 25th ut- November 1805, ma- lleiou- ly stabbed Richard Edwards with a dirk, at Wey- mouth, with intent to murder him ; nor against Henry Cooper, charged with having uttered a forged note, pur- porting to be a 1'.)/. note of Gray and Co. bankers, at ' ' rew kerne. ORATORY. Bonaparte and the Spanish Patriots. MR. THELWALL's PHILIPPIC against the boundless ambition of the Oppressor cf Europe, and his ODE addressed to the energies of Britain in behalf of the Spanish Patriots, will be delivered on Thursday » ext, at the Assembly Room. SAIISBVHY, at eight o'clock precisely.— Tickets 10 be had 01 Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, at the Printing- office, Canal. It will be repeated cn Friday the 12th at the Theatre, BLANford; on Saturday, at the Town- Hall, Pgioi. c; on Tuesday the loth, at the. Town- Hall, BRIDPORT ; AND in the co. urse of the week at Weymouth, Exmouth, & c. Tickets to be ha. l of the respective printers and booksellers.— Also, The Ode to. be recited, and- plans and terms of instructions, at Mr. Thelwall's Institution for the Cure of Impediments, Instruction of Foreigners, Cultivation of Oratory, and Com- pletion of an accomplished Education. [ 578 ' T'O be SOLD by AUCTION, bv Guy and c0. on tjie Premises, in the Market- place at Sturminster- Newton- Castle, in the countv of Dorset, on ThuiMWy the ISth of August, 1800, and'following dav,— AH the neat HOUSEHOLD FUrNITuRe afcd other Effects of Miss Harrison, quitting her resident*. The whole may be viewed the day preceding the sale, which will begin at eleven o'clock. [ oM OAK. TIMBER. On Monday last was married, at Sherborne, ] V| r, Watts, of North Cadburv, to A^ iss Satah Pew, of Castle Cary.' ' On Thursday last was r^ iarri, ed, at Dinton, Mr. William Douty to Miss Mary Croonte, both of tbat plape. A few davs since died Lady Diana Beauclerc, relict of the Hon. Topham Beauclcic, and sister to the Duke of Marlborough and the Dowager, Countess of Pem- broke. A few days since died, in the prime of fife, after a short illness, Mr. Jeffries, ironmonger, of Devizes, On Wednesday died Mrs. Boys, widow of Lieute- nant- Colonel Boys, late Inspecting Officer 011 the recruiting service at Marlborough. The amount of the subscription at Salt- lane Chapel, in this city, on Thursday se'unight, when the Rev. Mr. Townsend preached for the benefit of the Asylum for Deaf and Dumb, was upwards of 2W. ( instead of ' 251, as errone- ously stated). It may promote the cause of humanity bai'ely to intimate, that subscriptions for this excellent in- stitution continue to he received at the Bank of Messrs. Bowles, Ogden, and Windham, in this city. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Com. per Quarter—- Bread, per Gallon. Bail?)'. | Oats. I Beans. I Wheat. I s. 2 76fc> 84140 fa> 44: 10 < o47i74 to 80 Bread, s. d. 1 1C Salisbury, tytsingstoke, a j Of- to H > 40 In 4- 1 to 4: 1 <* i to 69 j 1 8 Devizes 4 7- Jto 85' 37 to 41: 10 < 0 44 7' 2 ( o 74 1 7* Newbury, 4 |!> 7 to 80 40 to 4J 4- 2 lo 4( 1 H9 to 7- 2 1 9$ Andover, 6' lt,' 7 lo 85 48 to 41.37 / » 44 Cut lo 71,1 s Warminster, 6)< 3S < « , 8a 40. ta41 88 to 42 70 to. 74 j Jfeiglil of the Gallon Loaf, 8lb. Hoz.— UulfGoU. 4lb. 5Jt » . To the HI. NDOX TROOP of WILTS YEOMANRY. GJI NT'L. E MEN, KNOWING the great ^ Convenience of collecting you together during the harvest, I have taken this method to acquaint you that, ir\ compliance with your una- nimous request, I transmitted to the Lord Lieutenant your very meritorious offer to become a Local, HOUSE MILITIA J but that in consequence of the representations of your Colonel, LordBiu ci,, t'nat the other Troops of the Regi- ment were u. willmg to change their sctvice, and of his ex- pressing a wish that the HINDON Tuoor should not be sepa- rated from the Regiment, 1 have been induced to withdraw the oiler, subject to your approbation; and I am, GENTLEMEN, Your faithful humble Servant, FERN, Aug;. 5, I SOS. THOMAS GROVE. ~ SOUTH AM PTON RACES ' WILL be held 011 the New Co. urse,' Net ley Heights, on Thursday the 26th ? nd, Friday the 26; fi instant.— Horses to start atone o'clock precisely. There will be a CONCERT in the evening previous to the Races, and a BALE and Surfeit 011 the- 26' th ; Tie; ke: s and Ordinary as usual.' ' Winning horsrs to pay One Guinea to the Cl^ ik of the Couroe for weights, Sfc. & c. j horses to sttftd at the'' stables, and plated by subscribers of Half a Chorea each ; no person will b pftmitted to ertct a booth' or grail, or sell liquors on. the ground, is not a subscriber of at least Half a Guinea Ail dn : j^ ti Course will be destroyed; it is there- fore requested ' fio'ne win be " brought that, are not properly ecured,. JAMES DOTT,. | Stcwards. G. H. HITCH ELL, TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on Peartree- Green, near Southampton, oc- Tuesday the 16th of August, 1808, at twelve o'clock, by GEORGE HOOKEY,— 25 OAK TIMBER TREES., ( which , tor the convenieiicy ot uurchas. rs, will be put up iu separate lotsj, ten of Which were tclWiu 1807, and fifteen, in 1808, May be viewed any time previous to the sale. [ 6Iff VOCAL CONCERT, At the Assembly Rooms, Southampton, under the patronage of the Stewards of the Races, JAMES DOTT, Esq. and G. FI. MITCHELL, Esq. MESSRS. GOISS, JAMES ELLIOTT, HARRING- TON, and ELLIOTT, beg leave respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and their Friends in general,' th t they intend pert' imiiigaVOCAL CONCERT at the above Rooms on Wednesday the 24th of August.— Particulars, of theCon- cert will be advertised.- kt- due time. Tickets, five shillings each, to be had at Mr. Wellman's Music- shop, Mr. iSkelton's Circulating Library, and at the rooms the night; of performance. • [( 509 POCOCK and HODGKINSON beg leave respect- fully to ' lforin the Public at Southampton and vicinity, they have taken the Premis. s of Mr. J. LOME'R, opposite the New Chnrch, which is this day opened as a warehouse for FAMILY LINEN, MUSLINS, and HABERDASHERY, upon a liberal aiyl extensive plan;' where they purpose sup- plying families with Goods of the first fabrics* by the single piecej at the lowest wholesale prices, and shall constantly have on sale an extensive variety of the newest worked Mus- lins, Prints, and other fashionable fancy articles, with which Ladies may be supplied on terms equally advantageous. P. and H.' s grand object has been to select Goods of the most curious fabrics for elegance and durability, to effect which connections have been formed with the'first manu- factories : Linens and Cambrics will always be of their own importation, and India Muslins direct from the Company's Sales. Under such arrangements they strongly solicit the favours of a generous pufilic, with an assurance that should thev be so honoured, nothing shall be wanting 011 their part to insure a continuance, SOUTHAMPTON, July 2c, 1808. [ 49S THE CREDITOR of BENJAMIN CHARLES COLLINS, Esq. late of SALISBURY, and of MORTIEER- STUEF. T, CAVANDISH- SQUARE, who reside in LO,.\" » ON, are requested to send an account of their respective demands to TOWNLEY WARD, of Co. yent,- Gardcj,' Esq. the acting Executor 1 And those Creditors lehq. liye in the COUNTRY are desired to send the account cf their drnxn. nds to Mr. JOHN DOWDING, on the New CaQaJ, Salisbury, who is autho- rised by Mr. WARD to rec' i've all debts due to the estate of t'fle deceased. f5. vj TO be SOLD, at HENTSTRIDGE,—— A capital CARRIAGE HORSE, six years old; also a handsome BLOOD MARE, rising five years 0I4 Enquire of Mr. Gray, juti. Henstridge. nP<) be LETT, for three months from the 1- 4th 1 Inst.— A large ReADY- FURNISHED HoUsE, plea- santly situated in the Close of Salisbury. [ 5S8 For particulars apply to the Printers; if by letter, post paid. vALUABLE and centrical PREMISES and T LEASE to be DISPOSED OF, where the Linen- drapery business has been advantageously carried on for many years, in the first City in the West of England.— Immediate posses- sion will be gnrn. for particulars apply to Mr. S. C. Webb ( if by letter, post paid", at No. 5, Galloway- buildings, Bath. ' [ 589 NEW- STREET, SALISBURY. ' TH) be SOLI),-— A DWELLING- HOUSE, in Jl good repair, fit foe the reception of a respectable family, with alloc part of the neat Household Furniture, as may be mutually agreeable, and almost immediate possession given if required; a large garden, stream, and stable. Apply ( if by letter, post paid; to L, M. K. Post Office, Sarum. [ 621 Haifa mile from the Sea, Christchurch.— nea house. tO be LETT on LEASE, UNFURNISHED,— A A HOUSE ill excellent repair; containing an eating room 20 feet by ltf, drawing room S7 by 18, breakfast parlour, eight bed r jams, detached kitchen with servants rooms over, scu- lety, larder, china closet, and other convenient offices; coach- hotfse, five- stalled stable, garden, meadow, and fish- pond ; the whole captaining about 10 acres, Well wooded and intersected with gravel wallts.. For particulars and tickets" to view apply ( if by letter, post paid; to Clement Sharp, upholsterer, Ramsey; or 011 the Premises. Cottage to be Lett, with privilege of Shooting. TO be LETT, and entered upon at Michaelmas next,— A newly erected BRICK. COTTAGE; con- taining two parlours, kitchen, brewhouse, and three bed- rooms; with under- t^ ound cellars, stalled stabling lor two horses, convenient out- houses, and a good kitchen- garden, pleasantly situated near t; •• London turnpike road, in the parish of Longparish, Hants, three miles from Andovef and four from Whitchurch. [ 583 it^ f The tenant may be accommoda^ d wi. th permission to shoot over a very extensive Manor abounding with Game; an I, at Michaelmas 1. Of), with four acres of Land adjoining. For particulars application may be made personally, or by letter ( postage paid!, to Mr. Bird, solicitor, Andover, Hants. MARLBOROUGH, TO be LETT, and entered on immediately,— That good- accustomed and long- rstablished INN," the BEAR and CASTLE, opp . site the Market- house, 011 the high road from London to Bath ; containing two good parlor^, large bar, kitchen, dining room, five b d rooms, four attics, large cel- lars, convenient brew house anil utensils that will bre- w 24 bushels of malt, 1.) stall stable and larc* open stables, with if good garden.— The Stock and Furniture Wo be taken at a fair appraisement, and the Beer at present is upwards oi- tiOOO gallons. For further particulars apply ( post paid) to James Shrimp- ton, in Marlborough aforesaid. [ 57!> IX) be LETT or SOLD, and entered on . it A Michaelmas next, That lone- established and well- accustomed INN and POSTING- HOUSE, called ANSFORl) INN", situate in the great road leading from tilt cities of Bath anU Brisiid to Weymouth ; the present occupier retiring from Auctioneer, Bath. business after near twenty years residence. For particulars apply to Mr. ' Thurston, A BLANDFORD ST. MARY, DORSET. t0 he SOLD by PriVATE CONTRACT,— A heat Sashed and Tiled dWElLiNG- HOUSE, with a walled- in Garden Adjoining; and Malt- house near the same, Which will'work 20 q darters per week. The premises are leasehold, and pleasantly titillated in the ptyish of Blandford St. Mary, and fit fof t^ e* immediate reception of a genteel family. ' [ 053 For further particulars apply to Mr. h. Biggs, Blandford. CAPITAL INN, 000 SOuTHAMptON, August 1S08." rpO be SOLD bv AUCTION, sometime in this I Month, A VREtHOLD MESSUAGE or DW£ 1. LING- HQySE, most conveniently and advantam i. us.' y situ- ated, being the corner house lading from the High n - ct to the East- street, which said premises arc now in the cci pation of Mr. Andrew Jacob, grocer, tenant at will, and fare well caicuk'tcd for an extensive business in any line. Further particulars will be inserted in the next paper. [ 50' i TO be SOLD, for the remainder of u terra of Years, or LETT, at an annual rent,— All that well- known and capital INN, called the SevEN STARS, in Totnes, Devon, haif yrtiy in the direct road between F) xet? r and Ply- mouth',' arid six miles from Tbrbay. ' The situation is most admirably'calctflated for business1, and the house is large and commodious, with spacious'stables, coachdiouse?, conrtiages, and ' garden;' adjoining'.—' T," he purchaser or taker may have, possession Michaelmas next,; and may take, at a fait ap- praisement, yi the valuable Furniture of% e present tenant, v/ ith horses, Coaches, chaises, Kc. & c. • For- farther particulars; or to neat for the same, application may be rnade to' Messrs. Welsford, Arthur, and Rosdew. mei chants, Plymouth',— Plymouth,' July 28, 1808. [ 505 HAMBLeDON, HANTS. TO be DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CON- TRACV,—\ desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE, situate in the beautiful village of Hambledon, Hants; compreing a haricfc? i> me, uniform, substantial, brick- built Dwelling- house, in perfect repair; With numerous domestic offices, coach, house, three- stall stable, laundry, drying and poultry ground, an excellent garden and green- house, tind seven iicrer of pas- ture land. The country - abounds with game and fish sports ; harriers kept in the village, ' fox- hounds near; distance from Portsmouth 12 miles, Winchester 18, and so from London.— To bq viewed any day, except Sunday. For particulars apply to Thos, Sueter, . builder, at Hamble- don; and to Debary apd Derby, No. 1, Tanfield- court, Temple, London. [ 590 I^ OR, SALE by AUCTION, « the Merchants* A floating- Dock, Hotwells, on Tiuirsdiy the nth of A. ugujt next, prcc'uselv at eleven o'clfick in tile forenoon,— About 800,000 Feet of prime HONDURAS MAHOGANY, uf large dimensions, j, ust iuip? jud per ship Isabella, from Honduras. ' [ 454 ( 5Qr To be viewed at the place of sale; ami catalogues may be had on application to ' ' GEO. BOOTH, Broker, Bauco. i,, July 22, 1 « 0 « . Small- street court. On SALE, — About. Go Tons HONDuraS CHIPPED LOGWOOD; imported in the above ship. ( One Concern WEYMOUTH. 1? OR SALE by AUCTION, at theCusiojr,- House, ijf tlii), Port, on'fuesdav, the iHth of August, laos^ t - ten o'clock in. the forenoon,' for i't,'< ate Families only, ' X BRANDY.. RUM GENEVA... WINE Vu> Mwm OGVDs, . two . 00 . 250 . 10 Gallons, i [- 1M * By Order of the hon. Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs, foR SALE by AUCTION, at ihe Custom- house, . Poole, oaTtnu^ iy, August W, te.^ 5,, at two o'clock in the afternoon,- rTbe folltnying GOODS, which have been, seized and legally t^ ndrmocd, and may be viewed and tasted by application to the warehouse- keeper, in office h » urs, iv.' u da> x before the salt. For Dralers Qnd others : « HI ( faHons of BRANDY. I'or pxivutf P'amiliri oifly .- Gallons BRANDY, 18 Gallons GENEVA, If}, Chalfkons COALS, 1 Ton CANAL COALS, ao. Pounds SOAP. pits T" rr*> be SOLD by AUCTION, soWe time in Sep, ti- mbec next ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract),— The unexpired; Term of nine Years of a LEASE in a pleasant COTTAGE in Hampshire, situate at East Chol- derton, tour miles from Andover, 95 from Sot « fca » ipion, and 67 from London ; tepltte with every domestic convenience ; Grapery and Peach- house in full V. carine, extensive and highly- cultivated Gardens, surrounded by walls (.- loathed with choice ttu. it tree.;, with aboi> t, tbirtccti acres ofrichiuabU- : nd pasture ian. d adjoining. ' I lie Cottage, which is in complete repair, consists, of a dininc- room - 28 feet bv if), drawing- room 24 by 14, breakfast parlour, six bed- rooms, attics, servants' hall, kitchen, butier's pantry, brew- house and underground cellars, with double coaeh- htn. se, stables for eight Worses, straw- house, granary, and other convenient buildings. Fot. lurthet partiiultra and a , ievr ei the pteiaisei, apply to Mr. Criswick, auctioneer, Andover.' [ 5o* SOUTH- DOW^ SHEEP. TO, be SOLD.- by AUCTION, BY Mr. CRISWICK. on t'ae Premises at Sandy- down Farm, near Stock* bridge, Hants, 0: 1 Friday the 1.1th of Auo* st inst. at twelve o'clock,— About Une 11 ur. dred Lots of £ WES, RAMS, and RAM LAMBS, part 0$ the selected and well- known stoe it the property of Powlett Powlett, Esq, The Stock may be viewed by applying on the premises and catalogues had at Sandy- down and' North- park Farms ; at Launceton House; arid at the Auetioneer'S, andover. [ sc's, ROMsEY. Stock of Listen DrQperp, Mercery, HaUpltfthtry, tfc. bf SOLD by AUCTION, by CLEMENT . ShArp, on Thursday the. t: th of Aucust, and two fill lowmsd, iys,^ rheS, ock ot UNEN- DRAPSlRY, MFRCERY, and HABERDASHery helot) g, i¥ to ^ Con » , n, rel moVe- t for the ccnyeniency of sale to the Assembly Room, t. c the Angel Inn. To be viewed, with Catalogues, on the Wednesd* v pre- ceAng the 4a', e, which will bcein each day at eleven o'clock. The Household Furniture will be sold by Auction on Mon- day the 15th. ' ' Pine Boards, plank, balk Timber, t( e, TO. be SOld by AUCTION, by CLEmenT SiiAi'. r, on ",' hursilay the lfith of Aut; i) st, at. the Anchor Inn, Redbridge,— The CARGO of the Ship NANCY, Robert Sampson, Master, jiist arrived ftoni New Brunswick ;' con- sisting of about ' tin, 000 Feet of In el). Pirje Board, 40,000 Feet of Pine Plunk, from 2 ipehrs tp 4 inches, 11 Pieces- of Balk Timber, : * a Pieos Birch < Jjts>, 180 Spars, some of Isrce ditjictjsiorjs, Quantity of Lath wood, Sc. This Cargo has been selected with care, and is particularly sound and free from knots, and is remoy. ird, tu the Bank of the Andover and Salisbury Canal for the convenience of purchasers. To be viewed at Redbridge, two days preceding the sale,' with Catalogues, to be had at the Auctioneer's cabinet and upholstery warehouses, in Romsey. Sale to begin precisely at eleven o'clock. [ 500 Isle- of Wight.— Freehold, ur. d Tythe- free.. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by WM. TUCKER, on Saturday the « d day of September next, at five' o'clock in the afternoon, at the Newport Arms,— A valuable and most desirable FREEHOLD TENEMENT,' filled LEGG'S ; consisting of a double Cottage, a Barn, and excel- lent Garden adjoining, situate in the village of Whitwell. to- gether with five acres and a half of most excellent Meadow and about thirteen acres of exceeding plod Arable Land there- to belonging, in convenient incisures ; now in the occupa- tion of Mr. Hollier, as tenant at will. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Clarkes and Sewell j and for a view of the premises to Mr Hollier, at Mile- place, near Whitweil. full SOUTHAMPTON. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, on Wednesdav the 10th of August. 1W, by Mr. Dele t, — All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, the property of a Gentleman leaving Southampton, at h i tiwelline- house in East- street. The Furniture comprises four- post and test bedsteads, with dimity and'eotton furnitures ; feather beds, mattresses, blan- kets, quilts, and counterpanes ; chest of drawers t dining, Pembroke, and other tables ; dumb waiters j chairs; carpets; and useful kitehrti furniture. Catalogues to Be had at the place of sale, and of the Auc- tioneer, High- street. To be viewed the morning of sale until eleven o'clock, when theaucoon will begin. [ 612 TPO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the 2£ d day of A August instant, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the Swan Inn, at Bradford, ( unless previously disposed of by pri- vate contract, of which due notice will be given), The MANOR of POMERY, id the par sh of Whitfield, in th.- county of Witts; composing a good Farm- House, with proper and substantial outbuildings, yards, ttc. and about C7o acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, Sheepsieight, and Coppice Wood, abounding probably with more young erow- ing Timber than any other estate 01 the like number of acres; with great plenty c. f came, and a right of fishing in the rivtr by Which it is bounded on one side. The estate is in the hands of the proprietor, and potsessiop thereof may be had immediately. For a view of the premises apply to Samuel Huntlcv, on the Farm ; « nd for further particulars rif hy tetter, postprcdi tj Mr. Cruse, land- surveyor, No. 4, Trim- street, Bath. [£ s< i PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BRODIE, J. DOWDING, AND J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic Articles of News are received ( Postage paid.) Also by the PRINTERS and BOOKSELLERS in the West of England; by the respective ^ EWWEN ; and in Loudon by Messrs TAYLOR and NEWTON, No. 5, Warwick- Square. ' Wajrwidt- LANE Newgate- Street. ; nd WILKie.. Bookseller. Paternoster- Row. St- MANOR OF ASHLEY, HANTS." GAME and MAST. WHEREAS the GAME on the said Manor has of late years been scandalously poached and destroyed . This is to, give notice, that all unlicensed or unqualified persons found trespassing thereon will be forthwith proceeded against according to law;-- and nil licensed and qualified persons are hereby jequested to. refrain from spotting on this manor. Notice is also given, that all persons are forbidden to turn DOGS into the WOODS in this manor, of to gather ttuick Or other Plants; and if any swine ate hereafter found in the woods they will be impounded, and their owners, aud like- wise all persons gathering q^ ick 01 other plants, or doing any injury to the wood, will be - prosecuted according to law. GAME.— ISLE OF WIGHT, WHEREAS the GAME on the Manors and Es- tates of the late Sir John CARTER, ARTHUR ATHER- LEY, and THOMAS BONHAM, Esqts, called Alvington, Land- guard, Lowcombe, Hyde, Sandham, Roud, Appltfotd, and Chjllerton, in the Isle of Wight, has for many years been de- stroyed, and it being the wish cf the propjietots of the estates to preserve the same, all qualified Gentlemen ate requested not to hunt or shoot thereon the ensuing season ; and all Per- sons unqualified are hereby required to fake- notice, that if found trespassing on any parts of the estates they will be pro- s cuted. CThre<; Duties J 57- 2] CLARKES and SEWELt,, Stewards.
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