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The Post Boy, With the Freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestick


Printer / Publisher:  L. Beardwell
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2235
No Pages: 2
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The Post Boy, With the Freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestick
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The Post Boy, With the Freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestick

Page 1 Col 2 Battle of Mal
Date of Article: 08/09/1709
Printer / Publisher:  L. Beardwell
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2235
No Pages: 2
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With the Freshest Advices, Foreign and Domestick, From thursday September 8. to September 10. 1709. • YYY •. the post boy, Naples, Aug. 10. N. S. BY Order of the Royal Assembly, several Persons have been again taken into Custody here, as Trai- tors to their Country ; and some are condemn'd to the Gallies for Life. They write from the Province of Abruzzo, that about 200 arm'd Men ( most of ' cm, they say, Natives of Rome) had been at A- quila, and cry'd out, Long live Philip V. This occasion'd some Commotion ; but not finding the Inhabitants so in- clin'd to that Prince, as they had promis'd themselves, they plunder'd some Barracks, and so retir'd. The Differences between the Governour and the Inhabitants of Ischia arriv'd lately to that Height, that the of the latter Was kill'd, and a great Number repair'd in Arms to the Fields; but the De- tachment of IOO men, that was sent thither from hence, seiz'd several of them, who are sent to the Gallies. The Ships design'd to convoy the new- rais'd Forces to Barcelona, and the Tartans, that are going for Corn to supply this City, are now ready to sail with the first fair Wind. By a Vessel from Trapani with Salt, we have Advice, that 13 british and Dutch Men of War were cruising off of that Place, Upon Intelligence, that a French Convoy with Corn was to pass by that way. An Order has been publish'd, command- ing all the Barons of Calabria, to send a certain Number of Men, in proportion to the Extent of their Land, against the first of September, to guard all the Posts along the Sea- side, in the room of the Regular Troops, who are design'd for the Expedition against Sicily. Rome, Aug. 54. N. S. An Alteration has again been made among the Pope's Troops here. Six hundred of the eldest Soldiers were pick'd Out, who are to be kept standing, to be divided into Ten Companies of 60 Men each, and to have the Name of Guards. The rest of the Troops were disbanded j but every Man had his Mounting, and a Pistole. Yesterday Morning, the Marquis de Prie had a long Au- dience of the Pope. ' Tis said, that that Minister has re- ceiv'd an Express from the Imperial Court, with Orders to represent to his Holiness, that the Emperor Will not admit Signor Albani, till he shall be made a Cardinal, and come to Vienna with the Character of Legate to his Imperial Ma- jesty. By the same Express came Advice of the Surrender of the Town of Tournay to the Allies, and of the King of Sweden's entire Defeat by the Muscovites. This the Queen- Dowager of Poland no sooner heard of, but she went immediately to wait on the Pope, and consult his Holiness about her Concerns in Poland, as well with respect to the Revenues she still has in that Kingdom, as with respect to the Princes her Sons. of the ordinary Post, that we may see the private Letter and know the Circumstances of this rencounter. I am told the Moment, that the King is going to hold a great Courier wherein to deliberate, once more, concerning Peace. I haJ it also from very good hands, that they repent at Court their having so far abus'd the Advantage gain'd over Gene- ral Merci, as even to insult the Enemy ; and too late wis they had not been puff'd up at that Defeat. Some wh have a good Insight into Things, affirm, that Peace will speedily be in a fair way toWards a Condusion. To speak Truth, I can't see how they can continue the War, since the Finances are in a worse Condition than ever, and did general Misery of the Kingdom has reduc'd the People to the most extreme Poverty. From the Camp before Mons, Sept. 14. N. S. As soon as We had brought off our wounded from the Field of Battle, and bury'd our dead, we return's to our former Camp, from Je- mappe to Gaugnie- Cochie. The Duke of Marlborough has his Quarters at Belian. Lieut. Gen. Webb, Gen. Spar, and the Majors- Gen. Wakkerbaert and Hamilton, are in a fair way of Recovery. Lille, Sept. 15. N. S. On Wednesday last, the French in the Neighbouring Places sung Te Deum, and fir'd their Cannon, upon Account of their pretended Victory ; but they now own, they were too hasty, and that they had 12000 Men kill'd and wounded; and among them several Generals. Mean while, they give out, that they will ven- ture a second Battle. Yesterday Major- General d'Uffel, Governour here, receiv'd Orders to send the Regiments of Holstein- Beck and Hamilton to the Army ; besides, which B Regiments are going thither from Tournay ; as is like- wise General Wilkes, with his Body ; so that in 8 days time, our Army will be almost as strong as it was before the Battle ; for the Garrisons of the Maes and Brabant are- also to march to the Camp before Mons. On the other hand, the French have drawn all their Troops out of Ipres and other Places. This day was observ'd here, 1 day of General Thanksgiving, for the late glorious Victory ob- tain'd by the Allies; and Monsieur Steenlak gave a noble Entertainment to the Officers of our Garrison, upon that occasion. Antwerpf Sept. 16 N. S. We hope to be Masters of Mons in 18 or 20 days. ' Tis computed, that we had, in the late Battle, 12 or 13630 Men kill'd and wounded, and the French about aoooo. From his Grace the Duke of Marlborough's Camp at Belian, Sept. 16. N. S, Yesterday was observ'd throughout the whole Army, as a Day of General Thanksgiving for. the late glorious Victory, and in the Evening there were Bonefires We are making the necessary Dispositions for the Siege of Mons; and the Troops are order'd to provide Fas- cines sufficient for that Undertaking. Some of our Batta- lions, that suffer'd most in the Battle, are sent into our Gar- risons, whence others are coming in their room. The e- nemy's Loss, as well in the Number kill'd, as taken, is much more considerable than was at first thought, a great many of their Officers and Soldiers having been left Wounded on the Field of Battle, and in the Houses hard- by. For this reason, the Duke of Marlborough sent word, two Days ago, to the Mareschals de Boufflers and Villars, that they were at liberty to send Waggons and fetch them off; and that he would order Lieutenant- Gen. Cadogan to go to Bavay, with 500 Horse, to meet any Of- ficer they should send with the like Number, to take the Pa- role of the Officers, and a List of the Soldiers, that they should carry off Accordingly', Lieuten.- Gen. Cadogan, and the Chevalier de Luxemburg, a French Lieuten. Gen. met; and having agreed upon Matters, the former return'd ye- sterday in the Afternoon,- having left two Officers 0n our part, to take an Account of all that, shall be found. two days were likewise allow'd ' em to bury their dead, and bring off their wounded, as they desir'd, ' « Brussels, Sept. 16. N. S. On Thursday last Te Deum was ' sung here, under a triple Discharge of our Artillery, for, the glorious Victory obtain'd over the Enemy our Troops are now preparing for the Siege of Mons. They have had the Vanity there also, to make Salvos, according . Gustor as if Victory had been of the French side. The prince of Orange distinguish'd himself in the Battle by catching one of the Colours of the Regiment of Metral in his own hand, and fixing it 2 or 3 00 Paces before his Troops , it the same time exhorting them to advance 15 far. the dutch Regi- ments, which have suffer'd most, and are to be sent into the Garrisons, to be made good, consist of the : 7 follow Battalions; namely, 1 of Oxenstern, which yesterday in the Afternoon arrivd here One Mail from Holland; which brought the following Advices. Hamburgh, Sept. 13. N. S. LEtters from Poland advise, that Stanislaus Lesinski has declar'd his intention to surrender himself to the King of Poland, and sue for his Pardon. The Muscovite Gen. Czerametoff is arriv'd at Poloczko, with an Army of 5ooco Men, whose Van is arriv'd upon the Frontiers of Courland.. There are Letters from Moscow, of the 6th of August, which import, that the Turks had deliver'd up the King of Sweden, as a Prisoner to the Muscovites; but this merits Confirmation. Next Week, the King of Denmark's Manifesto will be publish'd: Mean time, all the Danish Troops are marching; and ' tis thought the Fortress of Bahus in Norway will be first attack'd. paris, Sept. 13. N. S. Some begin to fear, that the Tide of Joy which flow'd here, upon the News of Count Merci's Defeat, will meet with a fatal Ebb. Their Fear is groun- ded upon the Arrival of an Express from the Army in Flan- ders, who inform'd the King, that at his Departure, they were actually engaged. That Express arriv'd yesterday be- fore it was light. He added, that the Mareschal de Villars had receiv'd a dangerous Wound, being shot in the Pan of his Knee, by a Musket- Ball; which oblig'd him to retire, and leave the Care of the Troops to the Mares. de Boufflers. he says indeed, that we had the Advantage orer the Ene- my, especially in the Right Wing ; But we are nevertheless impatient to hear how the Action ended. For, altho' ye- sterday and last Night, 6 more Expresses came in, yet we « n learn nothing of what they brought. They say only, at there has been a very bloody Rencounter. This is all we hear, but we read in the Countenances of our Courtiers, Joy no longer reigns there. We long for the Arrival Liege of Zoutland to Maestricht, of vander Beeck, i of Rechteren, I of Berkhof- and i of Metral to Tournay, i of Uffel, i i of Hebborn, and 2 of May, to Lisle ; 1 of , and 1 of Palland to Aeth; 1 Guards, 1 of Dhona, dukelom, and 1 of Nassau- Woudenburg, to Brussels; rj leyden to Malines, 1 of Ivoy to Boisleduc, 1 of Wel- to Grave, and 1 of Vegelin to Damme. The Prince ange is to command the Siege of Mons. rue, Sept. 17. N. S. Some Letters from Milan advise, the Inhabitants of Palermo have revolted. The Armies savoy continue in their former Posts; nor has anything erial happen'd, except a Rencounter between Gen. Rhe- er and a French Party at la Vachette near Briancon, reip the French claim the Advantage, tho' several Let- from Swisserland impute it to the Allies. They write n Madrid, that the new French Ambassador, Monsieur court, being at last arrived there, Monsieur Amelot was paring to return home. There is nothing remarkable from Germany. Yesterday Morning, an Express arriv'd e from, the States Field- Deputies, who brought a Letter m those Gentlemen, dated the 14th, from before Mons, porting, '. That after the signal Victory, the Enemy had seen forced to retire, with Precipitation and Confusion, beyond Quenoy, where they were then re assembling their army Our Horse pursued them almost as far as Bavay, here they took all their Wounded Prisoners, as also those 1 the adjacent Places, besides such as were left on the Field f Battle. The French King's Houshold are, for the most art ruin'd. We have taken a great Number of Colours Houshold- Goods and Trading- Stock, without any In- spection, are insured against Loss by Fire at the Rates fol- lowing; for 7 Years, you may insure is' I. for 2s. 6d. 5 ol. for 5 /. 100/. for 10 s. and after the same Rate for any greater Sum ; returnable, with an Interest, deducting only forat shall be paid for Losses by FIRE. By the cha ritable Corporation , for Relief of industrious Poor, & c. in Duke- street, Westminster, who have Thirty Watermen, with Porters and Carts in Readiness to help remove your Goods at Fires. Attendance is given at the said house, and at the London- Coffee- House behind the Royal- Exchange, from 10 to is, and from 3 to 6, Sundays and Holydays excep- ted. Note, there are Estates agreed to be settled on Trustees to - make good the Payment of the said Money. Just publish'd for the Month of August, 1709. ATlas Geographus. or a Complete System of Geo- graphy, Antient and Modern, containing what is of most Use in Bleau, Varenius, Cellarius, Cluverius, Baudrand, Brietius, Sanson, See. With all the Modern discoveries to this time ; Illustrated with about 200 curious Maps, ( according to the latest Observations ) San- son's Tables and Cuts, by the best Masters. This i6th finishes the United Provinces, contains flanders, & c. with. a Neat and Large Map of Modern Belgium, or Lower Germany, & c. Price 1 s. Printed by John Nutt, in the Savoy ; and sold by B. Barker, and C. King, in Westminster- Hall; B. Tooke, at the Middle- Temple- Gate W. Taylor, at the Ship; and H. Clements, at the Half- Moon, in St. Paul's Church- yard ; Andrew Bell, at the Cross- Keys in Cornhill ; R. Parker, and R. Smith, under the Piazzi of the Royal- Exchange ; and J. Morphew, near Stationer's- Hall: Where may be had the Fourteen preceding Months, Price 1 s. each. N. B. Thofe that take them in Monthly, are desired not to bind them till Europe is completed, which will now be in about four Months; bccause there will be a good Frontespiece, Preface and large Index, and a Table of the Coins, Weights, and Measures in several Parts, with the Propor- tion they bear to those of Great- Britain. WHeseas a Box, and an embroider'd bag, were de- liver'd at a Gentleman's House, in Porter- street, on Thurs- day the First of September, instant, to a Person pretending himself to be a Porter, to be carried to the HampsTead Coachman, at the Che- quer Inn in Holborn; in which was a red Mohair Gown and Petti- coat lin'd with a red Lutestring; a red and white strip'd Tabby Gown and Petticoat lin'd with red Sattin ; a new red and white strip'd Calli- coe Gown and Petticoat, lin'd with a red and white Bowder'd Callicoe, and Holland, Lace, and Writings of a great Value Whoever can give notice of the Things, so as t hey may be had again, to Mr. Young, at the Queen's Head and Roll in Chancery Lane, shall have f Gui- neas Reward for the whole, or proportionable for any part thereof, without being ask'd any Questions ; or if they are offer'd to be sold or pawn'd, you are desir'd to stop them, and give notice as aforesaid, and you shall have the same Reward ; or if they are pawn'd, the Money again. » THE infallible Cure for Vapours, being a pleasant Tincture, a few Drops of which takes off a Fit in a Moment, and prevents its Return, by dispelling the Cause thereof. 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To be sold by Mr. Francis Zouch, in Thames- street, at the Corner of Garlick- Hill, near Queen- hith, by Wholesale or Retail. nd Standards, and among the rest, the first Standard, call'd Cornette blanche, with 15 or more Pieces of Cannon. 1 we know not yet the Number of their Kill'd, Wounded, 1 r Prisoners; nor the Loss of the Troops of the State, by reason several ot the Wounded die daily.' They desire eave for the Generals and Colonels to nominate provisio- tally the Officers under them, to fupply the Places of the kill'd, as the only Means to preserve the Glory and Emu- , ation among the Troops so worthy. They beseech their High Mightinesses to let most of the Regiments that were 11 the Fight, be changed for those in the several Garri- ' ons; and conclude, with assuring them, that the 15th was to be observ'd as a Day of Thanksgiving throughout the Army, and the 22d with the same Solemnity at Tour- lay. Pursuant to their Request. we hear, that Orders are ven for the following Battalions to march' to the Army j namely. from Huy 1 Battalion of Prince Albtegt, Liege Prince William of Hesse, Brussels 1 of Vilgas and 1 of Lisle 1 of Holstein- Beck and J of Hamilton, Aeth of Ammama, and from Tournay 1 of Rank, 1 of Cham- rier, 1 Prince- Royal, 1 Murray, 1 Lauder, 1 salis, and 1 f Albemarle. Their High- Mightinesses have likewise, by etter, thank'd their Field- Deputies, Count Tilly, and o- ther Generals, for their wise Conduct, good Behaviour, and Vigilance in the late glorious Battle. We expect to hear very Moment, that the Danes have invaded Scandia, with n Army of 14000 Men. Windsor Sept. 7, This day, Charles Hopson and Richard Guy, Esquires, Sheriffs of the City of London and County f Middlesex, came hither, to wait on the Queen, and know her Majesty's Pleasure, when she would be waited upon by the Lord Mayor, Court of Aldermen, and Com- mon- Council, with their humble Address, congratulating her on the late great Success vouchsafed to the Forces of her Majesty and her Allies, at Blaregnies, under the Com- nand of the Duke of Marlborough, being introduc'd by mr. Vice- Chamberlain Cook.: Her Majesty gave them a ve- y gracious Reception, and was pleas'd to appoint Saturday next. At the same time, the Queen was pleas'd to confer he Honour of Knighthood on the Sheriffs, who were nobly entertain'd by the Board of Green- Cloth. London, Sept. 10 The Conge D'Eslire is passing the Seals for Electing Dr. Tho. Manningham Bishop of Chichester. . Officers in Sir Richard Temple's Regiment kill'd in the ' te Battle: Capt. Twysdon ; Lieuten. Aspin ; Ensign Soan. wounded, Capt. Dearham ; Capt. Roberts ; Capt. Mingay : Lieutenants, Smith, Strangeway, Mafterfon, Churchill, Andrews, and Bentham: Ensigns, Rushton and Lywood. There were kill'd, in the D. of Argyle's Regiment, 7 Offi- : ers, and 11 wounded ; besides about 300 private men kill'd. The following Officers were also kill'd; Lord Tullibar- dine, the Duke of Athol's Son, Col. Hepburn, Col. Cron- strom, and Capt. Smith. . ' Tis remarkable, that the late Battle was fought the same day of the Month Prince Eugene gain'd the famous Victory over the Turks at Zenta, in the year 1697, upon which ensued the Peace of Carlowitz. Prince Eugene no fooner heard, that Lieut. Gen. Webb was wounded, but he sent his own Surgeon to take Care of him. .,: Capt. Silver, Master- Gunner of England, is dead. We are inform'd, that the Royal Irish Regiment of Inis- killing Dragoons, commanded by Colonel Caldwell, did Wonders, in the late Battle, against double their Number of French Horse, forc'd their Way thro' the Enemy Sword in hand, drove them out of the Field, and being again charged with fresh Squadrons, - cut them in pieces. The ' of of that Regiment was not much; but the Colonel was wounded, and some few Officers kill'd and wounded. On Thursday Bank Stock was 131 iqr. ( a) 30 and half Ditto Subs. u 111 and half fa) n, East- India 3 and batf a 1 qr. Shares i 1 y- 8 Mill. Bank. Si 1 or. Irish lands 68 and half. African 4, Army Debentures 88 and half. LONDON: Printed by L. Beardwell, next the Red- Cross Tavern, in Black- Friars,
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