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The Bristolian


Printer / Publisher: James Ackland 
Volume Number: III    Issue Number: XLV
No Pages: 4
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The Bristolian
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The Bristolian

Date of Article: 18/09/1830
Printer / Publisher: James Ackland 
Address: No.4, All Saints street, Bristol
Volume Number: III    Issue Number: XLV
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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ISTOIaXAM* MEMOIRS and CORRESPONDENCE of JJMES ACL AND. Proprietor and Editor— written by Himself. " I LIKE HONESTY IN ALL PLACES."— Judge Bayley. Printed and Published by JAMES ACLAND ( SOLE PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR; at No. 4, All Saints'street, Bristol, pagca— » m WMHIIHI ' MmnmiiMmia IININININMIY< WIFM— HI in a———— VOL. Ill— No. XLV. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1S30. [ PRICE MJ TO MESSRS, GUTCH AND MARTIN, Proprietors of the Rrisloi Journal. GENTLEMEN, In your Leading Article of last Week, in reference to the Resolutions, unanimously sdopted at a crow ded Meeting of the I nha- bitants of this Citv, in admiration of the Patriotism and Moderation of the French People, you had ths hardihood to put in • print as bold a violation ® f truth as ever proceeded from the press of this or any other country. You state, that many of the doc. 1fine « ^ uomulgated - at such Meeting, are dectdeolv adverse to those of a VAST . MAJO- RITY of the Citizens of Biistol, and that the truth of this, your assertion, is well known to the Bristolians themselves. Now this is really too bad ; nor do I think the Duke of Wellington himself at all likely to be deceived on the subject, backed as the information is by even your authority. His Grace will very natutally enquire, what his g^ od friends, the majority of the Bristolians were about, to allow so despicable a minority to pass such very objectionable Resolutions, without the slightest manifestation of dissent? Will not His Grace ask, and very reasonably, " where were those staunch adherents of mine, — to wit, John Matthew Gutch and James Martin ?" But this will not be the worst part of the ease, for I very much doubt, whether the People of Bristol will be well contsnt to be systematically misrepresented by a Journalist, who, without their support, would find his situation as unprofitable as uninfluential. So deliberate a Publication of so utterly groundless an assertion, justifies the conclu- sion, that your Journal, after the realization of manv fortunes as the advocate of popular rights, is now in the Market of Corruption, for Sale to the best Bidders, no matter who, or for what purpose it may be required. JAMES ACLAND. MEM.— Mr. Charles, of Abersychan, whose letter to rue appeared in Wednesday's Bristolian, xtill be very foolish if he pays lawyer Davis the ,£ 4. demanded by him, on behalf of Air. Pratten. Tradesmen when they send hampers of goods by public Carriers, should direct them, which does nut- appear to have been the jwe- in the present instance; If Mr. Pratten can afford to ertriih lawyers, of course he is at liberty to do so, but, as certainly, Mr. Charles is bound by his duty to his family to keep the fingers of Mr. P.' s lawyer out of his pocket. I know neither of the parties, but there is clearly a good defence to the action threatened by Mr. Davis. Capt. Parfit seems to have been too hasty, but he appears to have spoken under excited feelings— his own vigilance as a carrier having beencalled in question through the blunder, and I must say strange blunder of Mr. Charles. J. A. To THE EDITOR OP THE BRISTOLIAN. SIB, The late glorious effort made by the Friends of Constitutional Liberty, for the free exercise of their Elective Franchise, has shaken the Fortress of Bris- tolian Despotism to its very foundations. It has shewn the Enemies of Freedom, and the Corporate Tyrants of this City, who have so long, and with such an iron sway, trampled the Liberties of their fellow- citizens in the dust, that there are men who dare oppose them— who dare act like men and Britous— who dare obey the dictates of their consciences in exercising- a right, whieh they are as much entitled to, as they are to breathe the air of Heaven. The Friends of Liberty have taken one step, bul they must take seveial more, before they reach the summit of Constitutional Freedom— befoie they can shake off the chains of Slavery, which have so long fettered their Free- born souls, and rescue their de- graded City from the Despotic sway of their Tyrants. I hope, Sir, your fellow- citizens will second you in your present noble and glorious endeavours to eman- cipate their city. Let tliern not sleep on their oars, but continue to row with all their might, till they obtain that which they have never yet had, namely, " Freedom of Election." T hey are in the road to it, if they will but unite the day is their own. Do ytmTtttie that An ucien in this i.' ty, for the ) promotion of Purity of Election," might not be formed, that would prove highly advantageous ? Many persans think one might. Let it be composed of all Freemen who chose to unite, and let the more wealthy of them subscribe a Fund towards the sup- port of their poorer brethren, who might lose their Business or Employment for voting conscientiously and Constitutionally. It is absurd to talk of the Liberties and Independance of Englishmen, while they continue to be driven to the Hustings at an Elec- tion, and sold like Beasts at a Fair ! How many honest and industrious Tradesmen in this Citv, have fallen victims to Bristolian Despotism, for having refused to obev the mandates of Despots on those occasions. But, Sir, the vile System of Slavery, which has hitherto " paraded tbe streets of this City with triumphant insolence," will not, it can- not continue much longer. The People know their rights, and they will have them. The day is not far distant, when the Despotism both of Kings and Aris- tocrats will he swept from tbe face of the earth. The Sun of Liberty has risen, I trust, never to set again. He is now shining wish refulgent splendour in France, and will, I hope, ere long, warm the Patriotism of the Sons of degraded Spain and Portugal. I am, Sir, Your obedient Servant, C. I£ » 178 THE BRISTOL! AN MEM — The, suggestion of my correspondent is a very good one, and I therefore give it publicity, by the in- sertion of his letter. Until the British Government shall ccase to resist the right of the People to vote by ballot, ( and tb? y had better do so with a good grace, and at once,) I know of no Other remedial proceeding letter than that which is now being taken against the member for this City, who has been returned by prohi- bited voles. j It should be ear first object to see that the honest electors be not misrepresented by one who has obtained liis seat by impure and dishonest means. The protection of the conscientious voter from those evils which our present corrupt system generates, then, becomes an im- perative duty on all those who think that virtue should be contra distinguished from vice, by its attending consequences. Let it not, however, be for one moment forgotten, that almost all the imperfections of onr political system under which this Country has so long groaned, may be immediately and effectually removed by that grand essential of a representative Government, THK VOTE BY BALLOT. J, A To THE SHAREHOLDERS IN THE B. B. A The Trustees for the settlement of the affairs of this unfortunate speculation have not been inactive since 1 last addressed you. Their eflortshave, however, been to a certain extent thwarted by certain persons who would act as the dog in the fable did with the hav, Jjhich, unable to. eat himself, he refused 10 the half famished cow. The parties in q! estion are in possession of a part of your engine and mill; and unless they are more honest in their proposals, and more honorable in their conduct, as it re- gards the general body of the shareholders, I shall have to discharge a painful duty to you 011 Saturday next, by a more detailed exposure of the circumstanci s to which I have but cursorily referred. JAMES ACLAND. To THE EDITOR OF THE BR1STOL1AN. I Sir, As the Friends of humanity are about to call a Public Meeting in this City, for the purpose of Petitioning Parliament for the speedy Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies, 1 shall take the liberty, with your permission, of addressing a few words to jny fellow- citizens on that all important subject, through the medium of your valua- ble Paper When 1 reflect upon the fact, that there are at this moment 800,000 human beings, the subjects of Great Britain, held in the most degrading state of Slavery that ever disgraced any country, and that they are so held under the sanction of professedly Chris tian laws, 1 feel a consciousness of shame, and almost blush to own myself an Englishman. When I reflect upon the consequent mis- sery and suffering endured by these hapless creatures, when I behold them driven to un- compensated labour under the impulse of the lash— writhing under the excruciating agonies of arbitrarily inflicted torture— scantily fed and barely clothed— driven to the market or the auction- room, and sold like the beasts of the field, to the destruction of all social com- forts, and the rending asunder of the most Sacred ties of kindred and affection— living utterly unprotected by any law, ( for no law can protect them, so long as the evidence of Slaves shall be inadmissible in Courts of Law) — their bodies maimed with the scourge, and branded wilh the iron, and their minds sub. dued by oppression, and sunk in the lowest depths of moral degradation ;— my mind is overwhelmed with the contending emotions of indignation abhorence, and disgust, at the barbarous feelings of the men, by whom it is upheld and advocated ; and of sympathy, pity, and compassion, for the miserable vic- tims of avarice and despotism. " Oh Slavery ! Slavery ! surely demons were present at thy birth, and deviis follow in thy train. O ! when wilt thou be glutted with human njisery and human blood, no more to be sa- crificed to thee ? Again, when I reflect upon the years which have elapsed since the abolition of the Slave, trade, upon the exertions of the humane, for the extinction of Slaveiy . upon the nu- merous and urgent Petitions sent to the Government of our Country ; upon the hopes that have been raisel by the pledges of that Government, and the specious promises of " Wesi Indian Planters,- upon those hopes disappointed and those pledges and promises all violated ; — and after all this, see the sys- tem still vigorously pursued in all its rigour and cruelty unrestrained and unabated ; and witness the apathy which seems to pervade the great mass of Britons, and the tameness with which they permit its continuance. I am ready to sit down in despair of ever see ing Slavery abolished, and feel almost con vinced ( hat the love of liberty in England, is now but a name, or at least, a meie selfish principle, which inspires no desire for ex- tending the blessings of Freedom, and regards w'ith indifference the Slavery of others. But when I turn to the soul animating scones which have so ncenily transpired, and behold such immense bodies of my Countrymen congrr- ga ed together in every part of heKingdom, attract- ed by one ol. ject, and inspired wilh one feeling— expressing as it were, with one voice, the animated joy, the deep toned sympathy, the glowing admiration which the heroic and successful efforts of the French nation have inspired in every bosom, my hopes revive, and my soul rejoices in the conviction that Britons are Britons still, to whom liberty is dearer than life, and the warmest desires ot whose hearts can never be accomplished until freedom uni- versally triumphs, and its blessing are known and enjoyed " from the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same." My fellow subjects, ye Negroes of the West, rejoice! ihe day of liberty will soon dawn upon you, and the friend of slavery be driven from your shores; the men who can thus be animated, thus rejoiced, at seeing a neighbouring nation burst the chains of slavery, and obtain iheir rights as men, can never allow themselves to be any longer accessaiy to the holding so vast a number of their fellow men and fellow subjects, in a slate of slavery more degrading in its nature, and cruel in iis operation, than any that the most barbarous ages ever produced; nor will they any longer endure or tolerate the proceedings of those who wish lo perpetuate such a system. I know not when the me eing alluded to will be held, but I trust speedily, and that it will be altended by such a number of the friends of humanity, and maiked in its proceedings by that evident feeling and determination, as c. inRot fail to convince the slave- dealers of Bristol, that the time is at length arrived., when, if they dd'not, r will not, see the advantage as well as the justice of liberating their slave*, and working their estates by free labor ' he genius of British liber y will no longer suffer them to enjoy the fruits of slavery. And I trust, too, that the petition which may he adopted there, ( which I have no doubt will be signed by many thousands) will be such as to convince the Government that some decisive step, not merely for the amlioration andi mprovement, hut for the total extinction of slavery, a step that w. ll at once give a death blow to the system, must be immediately taken. Now is the lime whilst Tyrants are trembling on their thrones, and liberty extending its blessings over the nations of the earth, for the friends of freedom lo raise their vo; ce 111 behaif of their enslaved brethren, with effect. Let the voice of Bristol now be heard in concert with the o: her Towns of the Kingdom, demanding from the Government that great aCl of national justice, emancipation of Biilish slavery, in such rcspecci- ful language as can not be deemed offensive, a id al the same time with that firmness, energy, and d- Jcisionj as may not be disregarded or denied. A FRIEND TO FREEDOM, THE BR1ST0LIAN 179 SECOND DAY'S POLL. Continued. Code, Rich, carpenter, harford st Cole, Wm. tailor, queen square Copp, Thos. accountant, counter slip, freeholder • Cox, Peter, cloth worker, broad st Cookworthv, Frederick, haberdasher, union st Coates, F. dward, accountant, prines' st Cogan, H. cooper, bridewell lane Cook, John, cooper, field terrace, battle bridge, middlesex Cottle, Thos. labourer, ann st. st. philips - Collier, Charles, millwright, hotwells Collins, Samuel, cabinet maker, ship lane, redcliff Coleman, John, mariner, limekiln lane Coldston, Rich, cordwainer, pile st. redcliff Cole, John, mast maker, pile st. redcliff Cook, Wm. pewterer, union road, dings, st. philips Cocker, Samuel, butcher, new st. st. philips Cole, James, brush maker, lead house lane, st. philips Cook, Wm. merchant, park st. freeholder Collins, John, grocer, cherry lane, st. james's freeholder Cole, John, baker, worle, somerset Coates, Charles, road surveyor, Chew magna, Somerset Cooper, Samuel Clark, Hambrook, Glos'ter, freeholder Cook, George, ironmonger, guinea st Cox, John, tiler and plasterer, 1, brandon st. Cook, Moses, ironmonger, guinea st Coombes, John, plumber, prince's place, clifton Collins, John, tea dealer, king square, freeholder Coombs, John, bright smith jacob st Cole, Thos. linen draper, redlarid Coggan, George, painter, waiter's buildings, bedminster Cox, George, accountant, marsh st. St. philips Cray, James, labourer, guinea st Cross, Thos. farrier, thomas st Cross, Wm. ship broker, st. james's place Crane, Benj. labourer, pill Craven, Thos. iron founder, rose alley Crocker, Edwin, carpenter, griffin lane... v Crawley, Danl. yeoman, woollaston, gloucestershire . Crocker, Thos, plasterer, bread st. st. philips Crosney, Arthur, yeoman, griffin lane Crewel!, Wm. smith, chapel court, bath Crinks, George, collar maker, barrow, somerset Crase, John, labourer, bishop st. bedniinster Crook. John H. accountant, st. james's back Crinks, Wm. brush maker, broadmead Curtis, John, hatter, montaguest Culverwell, Charles, bookseller, st. philip's plain Curies, Thos. carver and gilder, 4, clare st Curran, Jos. brazier, thomas st Curtis, John, accountant, montague st Curnock, Dennis, cordwainer, horsefair Curtis, Wm. brick maker, avon st. st. philips Curtis, James, baker, baldwin st Cummins, Danl. painter, st. philip's plain Curtis, Thos. smith, walcot buildings, bath Cummins, John, bright smith, wilder st Curtis, H. C. ba-. er, baldwin st. Curtin, Jos. seedsman, opposite richmond terrace, clifton Cumtlev, Saml. cabin t maker, great ann st st. philips Curtis, Thos. shoemaker, lewellyn's court, st. paul's, freeholder Curtis, Jos. ironmonger, cheese lane, st. philips Cummins, John, brass founder, botany bay, st. paul's Earl, Wm. jun. tin plate worker, hotwell road Eaton, George, ironmonger, redcliff parade Eaton, Jos. ironmonger, redcliff parade Earle. Wm. michael's hill Eacott, Thos. labourer, tower street, temple Edwards, Wm. blacksmith, aivington, gloucestershire Edye, Wm. labourer, back st Edwins, Wm. painter, bridge st Edwards, Wm. banker, corn st Edy, Geo. carpenter, limekiln lane, freeholder 0. P. B. A- 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Edwards, John, rope maker, temple st. Edwards, Benj. glass maker, bread St. St. philips Edwards, Charles, cabinet maker, glousester st. st. pauls, freehold .. Edwards, Thos. glass maker, hotwell road Edwards, Abel, labourer, redcliff hill :.. Edwards, George, cordwainer, stake's croft Edwards, Charles, cooper, john st. st. philips Edkins, Michael, painter, north st Edwards, John, brass founder, broadmead Edwards, Thos. sail maker, pipe lane, temple Eeds, Esau, harness maker, prince's st. bedminster Elliott, John, builder, jacob's wells Elbury, Wm. potter, St. philip's marsh Elliott, Wm. cordwainer, horsefair Ellis. John, cooper, old market st Elliott, John, basket maker, chew magna..., Elmes, James, labourer, bedminster down Ellis, Walter jun. quarryman, hanham Elliott, James, draper, union st: bath Elliott,- Edwd. labourer, nelson gardens, redcliff Ellis, James, yeoman, portland square Ellis, James, labourer, hotwells. Ellaway, James, livery stable keeder, little john st. st. john's Ellis, Mark, milkman, hotwell road, freeholder Ellis, John, basket maket stapleton road Ellis, Wm. victualler, temple st Eiliott, John, confectioner, west St. st. philips Emery, John, shipwright, Cumberland row, bedminster Emett, John, gerit. fish ponds Emmett, Wm. rfiiller, mangotsfield, freeholder '. England, Jas. plasterer, horfield road England, Joel, plasterer, horfied road •. England, Wm. plasterer, west st Eplett, Chas. cabinet maker, college square Essex, Humphry, bookbinder, upper mauclih lane, freeholder Etheridge, Thos. quay warden, albion pi. bedminster Evans, John, trunk maker, baldwin st Evans, John, shipwright, hotwells Evans,' James, printer, berkely pi. Clifton Evans, Edw. druggist, Worcester Evans, John, mason, hotwells Evans, Wm. nursery man, horfield Evans, Alex, corawalner, hillgrove st Evans, Francis, cabinet maker, dowry sq. clifton Evans, Geo. Augustus, tailor, ann st. St. philips Evans, David, tobacconist, callow hill st Evans, This, clothier, horse fair Evans, John, gent, guinea st Evans, John, baker, horse fair, freeholder Evans, W, m. accountant, limekiln lane Everson, Th.> s. glass maker, avon st. st. philips Eyde, Wm. Jun. glass maker, bath parade, redcliff Farlane, Mc Alex, joiner, brick yd. st. philips Farr, Wm. goldsmith, broad st Fenning, John, book seller, host st Fear, Geo. cooper, old market st Fear, James, mariner, street st. St. philips Ferris, Rd. druggist, union st. freeholder Ferris, Wm. mason, back lane, st. philips Fisher, James, joiner, hope square, bedminster Fish, John, tailor, weston, near bath Fisher, Peter, ironmonger, thomas st Fisher', Francis, jun. linen merchant, king's parade, clifton Filer,— cordwainer, barton hill Fletcher, Wm. potter, knowle hill, somerset, freeholder Fletcher, John, labourer, narrow plain Fletcher, Wm. coach painter, jamaica st Flowers, George, turner, pump maker, st. augustine's Flook, Thos. wine merchant, ashley place, st. paul's Fletcher, Wm. cliair maker, horse fair Fletcher, Edwd. tailor, wilder st Foster, James, architect, culver st Foxhill, Francis, butcher, north st. freeholder Fowler, George, cabinet maker, clevedon D. P. B. A. 1 1 180 THE BR1ST0LIAN D. P. B. A Fox, John, shipwright, charlotte st. bedminster Foot Thos. cabinet maker, bath . ;, Ford, Grey, Farmer, keynsham Foord, Jonathan, cooper, back fields Fowler, John S. passage st. St. philips Forster, Wm. carpenter, st. james's church yard , Ford, John, cabinet maker, bread st. st. philips Ford, Charles, mason, pile st. redcliff Fowler, Wm. tiler and plasterer, st. philip's plain Francum, Thos. glass cutter, freshford alley redcliff Frost, Thos. yeoman, pile marsh, st. georges Fry, Jos. acountant, pembroke st Francombe, Jas. druggist, newport Franklin, Jno. glass cutter, church lane temple Frost, Jno. baker, redcliff st Freeman, Wm. mariner, college st Fryer, Wm. coal miner, West st. bedminster Fryer, Saml. coal miner, west St. bedminster Fryer, Jos. coal miner, west St. bedminster Fryer Mark, Wm. sail maker, jacobs wells Friar, Jno. coal miner, W6st st. bedminster Franks. Edwd. C. plumber and glazier, narrow wine st Fry, Wm. druggist, redcliff st Freeman, Jas. gent, upper berkley place, freehold Francomb, Thos. house carpenter, henbury Fryer, Benj. trinity st. st augttstine Franklin, plane maker, birmingllam Fuller, James, innkeeper, redCIiff st. freeholder Fuller, George, cook, mtmtague tavern Fuller, Wm. tiler and plasterer, horsefair Gay, George, carpenter, new cut, st. philips Gadd, Thos. victualler, redcliff hill, freeholder......... Gardener, John W. lawrence hill Gauthing, Rich, mariner, dings Garrett, Wm. tailor, st. jamte's church yard Garrald, George, glass maker, limekiln lanfi Garland, James, mason, backvveli Gardner, Wm. bright smith, Wellington st. st. johu's Garmston, Paul, bright smith, narrow wine st Gaster, John, cooper, baldwin st Gardner, Wm. plasterer, hope eourt, St. augustine's Gardiner. Joel, hat manufacturer. pritch^ rd st "•• Gay, George, butcher, warmley. Garmston, Edwd. ironmonger, peterst. Garnston, J. C. bright smith, Ijieatlst Gardner, H. commission agent, colston st. st. augustine's, freeholder Garmstone, Paul, bright smith, bread st. Garrard, George, gardener, shirehampfion Gaster, John, jun. labourer, baldwin st Gardner, Thos. ironmonger, stapleton road Gaster, Kobt. cooper, baldwin st Gaster, Jos. labourer, baldwin st . Gane, Philip, confectioner, milk st Gerrish, Elihu, brush maker, castle green terrace Gerrish, Wm. fruit dealer, broadmead, freeholder George, Alfred, gent, freeholder, bath st George, John; mason, limekiln lane German, Thos. mariner, princes st Gee, JamSs, mariner, upper church lane, st. michael's Gee, Rich. P. tobacconist, portland square Gillard, Saml. F. rope maker, somerset square, redcliff Gibson, Benj. glazier, old market st Gingell, John, collier, bedminster Gibson, Saml. cabinet maker, milk st Gibbons, James, ironmonger, hotwellroad Gillis, . James, musician, pithay Gilbert, Thos. F. dyer, redcliff hill Gilmore, James, mariner, pill Gilmore, James G. mariner, pill Gillett, John, chair maker, temple backs Gittins, Abraham, waterman, bewdly, Worcestershire 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 Gillett, Wm. joiner, all saints' st. Gilmore, Rich, mariner, pill Giles, John, Shipwright, hotwells ; Gibbins, Francis, gent, gloucester st. st. paul's Gillard, Rich, brazier, passage st. castle precincts Gingell, Isaac, yeoman, oldland, bitton Gihbs, Jos. cabinet maker, Stephen's court, St. augustines'., Gibbs, James, plumber, broailijiead Gifford, Jos. cabinet maker, barton st Glass, Wm. bellows maker, temple back.., Goldwyer, ft. surgeon, king Square Godfrey, Isaac, carver and gilder, hotwell road Golding, Saml. coal miner, kings- wood hill Godwin, John, mason, rosemary st. freeholder Goodhind, Saml. brick maker, gloucester row, st. philips ., Gotley, John, sawyer, temple st Gould, Wm. mason, rochestet, kent Godwin,' John, wire worker, redcliff st. Gover, Edwd. confectioner, redcliff st Gordon, Wm. glass maker, nailsfea Goss, Edwd. maltster, portland square Godfrey, Jos. shipwright, queen st. castle precincts Gould, Jos. chair maker, thomas st Gough Robt, gent, brislington Gough, George coal miner, west St. bedminster Gore, George, cooper, blackfriars Godfrey, James, cotdwainer, ellbroad st Goldney. Gabriel, esq. clifton hill Godfrey, Saml. brewer, marlborough st Goldsmith, Wm. shipwright, hotwell road Gollifer, Peter, brazier, redcliff hill Godfrey, H, baker, marlborough st Gore, Wm. glass maker, bread St. st. philips Gough, Saml. gent, bedminster Goolden, Saml. sugar refiner, montpelier Goddard, George A. esq. corn St. St. werburgh's Green, Jos. smith, oldland's court, clifton Griffiths, J. brush maker, stapleton grove Griffin, Jos. mariner, wilder st Groves, James, currier, old market st Greenslade, Amos, corn merchant, pritchard St. freeholder Greenham, John, wheelwright, thomas st. Grove, Wm. jun. rope maker, newfoundland st Groves, John, chair maker, cathay Groves, Cornelius, glasfi maker, nailsea Grissley, Charles, esq. clifton Gregory, George, house carpenter, henbury Griffiths, David, accountant, hillsbridge parade Granger, Thos. accountant, bedminster causeway Groves, John, chair maker, thomas st Green, Thos. shipwright, eaSton road Groves, John, glass maker, limekiln lane Griffin, Thos. labourer, st. james's street Grange, Robt. labourer, ellbroad st Gribble, Thos. accountant, picton st Gregory, Thos. carpenter, st. georges Griffiths, Griffith, grocer, maudlin lane Groves, James, glass maker, avon st. philips Grinham, Wm. cooper, redcliff mead lane Gregory, Wm. gent, upper berkeley place, freeholder Griffiths, John, cabinet maker, temple Grant, Thos. glass maker, michael's hill Gregory, John, saddler, bath parade, redcliff Grimshaw, James, labourer, george's st. st. philips Gristock, Charles, cabinet maker, bedminster causeway ., Groves, Wm. glass maker, avon st. st. philips Grffiths, John, victualler, temple st.. Green, Wm. cutler, lower college green Grove, Wm. brazier, houlton st. St. paul's Grills, Thos. yeoman, west st. bedminster Guest, George, rope maker, milk st. D. P. B. A. Printed and Published by JAMES ACLAND, at No. 4, All Saints'Street Bristol.
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