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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 22
No Pages: 4
The Northampton Mercury page 1
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford
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The Northampton Mercury And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford

Date of Article: 14/08/1813
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 22
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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And General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford, VOL. 93.. SATURDAY, AUGUST J4, 1813. No. 22. eadv Money is expected \ with Advertisements. i i Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ' Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. TJ c i Stamp- Duty '' V.,' Ud. PRICE 6dk. X Paper and PHNT I; ii, g- 1;> Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. lONDON, TUESDAY, Aug. 10. AHeligoland Mail arrived 011 Saturday, with papers and letters from Altona and Ham- burgh to the ?, 8th. Their c htents are interesting. A Declaration from the Court nf Prussia 011 the present Congress at Prague,—( see last page) on the motives of that Court for dispatching a Minister thither,— and on the general antecedent steps which led to the Congress, greatly elucidates the views and feelings of the Belligerents, our Allies.— It must be first observed, that the for- mation of the Congress is the act of Austria singly. Russia and Prussia disavow the proposal nf any such project for the compromize of their difficulties; neither do they attribute the sug- gestion of it to the enemy: it was the Emperor of Austria whose views were first directed to the restoration of peace, and he is accordingly de- scribed as hJiving organised a military force capable of giving effect to his wishes, and of restoring the balance of Europe. If the Emperor Francis allows this description of his motives and ebjects, he, in truth, makes himself a party with our Allies: for that the balance of Europe is not disturbed by them, but by, their enemy ; and that it must he restored, if it is restored at all, by weight cact into their scale, are propositions ton evident to need proof.— By' an amicable congress, however, his Majesty of Austria first chooses to proceed: and to this the Emperor of Russia and the King of Prussia depute, their Ambassadors It is worth the while to observe upon the peculiar nature of the duties confided to those Ainbas- sadors: they are not to enter into friendly con ferences with the Ministers of Bonaparte, to dis- cuss and settle conditions of peace; but " they are to attend to the interests of their distant allies ( England and Spain), who are invited to be par- ticipators, and to Stale to the Austrian Cabinet their sentiments on the possibility of laying the foundations for a peace to be hereafterconcluded." There is certainly no dread or impatience of the war implied in these words,— no humble dispo- eition to crouch for a peace: on the contrary, the Emperor of Russia and the King of Prussia seem to go to the Congress, like men to a bargain, who do . not greatly want that for which they are chaffering; and are determined to ascertain its value and uses, before they purchase it.— There is likewise sreat peculiarity in the care they seem to take that their Ambassadors shall not reach Prague before those from Bonaparte shall have arrived there. Hitherto that gentleman used to leave the Ministers for foreign powers behind him at Paris, while lie took joumies of pleasure or business; once, we believe, as far as Italy hardly deigning to find leisure to give them an audience, or to leave directions for that purpose with his officers of State; now his Ambassado: ants should be well treated and private property respected. " 4. Officers and soldiers must recollect that their nations are at war with France, solely because the French Ruler will not allow them to be at peace, and is desirous of forcing them to submit to his yoke; and thev must not forgut. that the worst of evils suffered by the enemy in his profligate invasion of Spain and Portugal, have been occasioned by the irregularities of the sol- diers, and their cruelties, authorised and encou- aged by their chief's, towards the unfortunate and peaceful inhabitants of the country. 5. To revenge this conduct 011 the peaceable (( habitants of France would be unmanly and rnworthy of the natives to whom the Commander of the forces now addresses himself, and at all events would be the occasion of similar and worse evils to the army at large, than those which the enemy's army have suffered in the Peninsula, and would eventually prove highly injurious to the public interests. 6. The rules therefore which have hitherto been observed in requiring and takinst and giving receipts for the supplies from the country, are to be continued in th » villages 011 the French fron- tiers, and the commissaries attached to each of the armies of the several nations, will receive the orders from'the Commander in Chief of the Army of his nation, respecting the mode and period of paying for such supplies," It is reported that the Spanish Government have come to a fixed determination to send no Plenipotentiary OT Ambassador to Prague, nor to treat in any manner with Bonaparte, while there remains a single French soldier in the territory of Spain, or 011 the Spanish side of the Pyrennees; nor to enter into any compromise, treaty,' or con- nection with France, so long as Ferdinand VII continues in captivity, and is not restored to his full freedom. American papers were on Saturday received to the 13th ult. They bring accounts of the arrival of Sir J. B. Warren, in the Chesapeake, and of his subsequent operations. On the morning of the 22d of June, an attempt was made at two points upon Crany island, near Norfolk,. A landing was effected at one point, but the other attack having proved' unsuccessful, the detach- ment which had effected the debarkation was withdrawn. Admiral Warren's boat, carrying 75 men, was sunk by ihe fire of the enemy's artillery ; and only twenty soldiers and sailors were saved. On the 25th, a descent was made at Hampton, with 2,500 men, 400 of whom are said tit be riflemen. The enemy made an ineffectual resist- ance ; and, to cover their disappointment, esti- mate the British loss at 250 men, aiwl their own at only twenty. A considerable part of the town seems to have been burned. Our troops, it is said, were preparing to penetrate into the interior WILLIAM TEBBITT & Co. Vo. IS, Cullum- Street, Fenchurch- Street, London! and No, 43, Haymar ket, RESPECTFULLY inform Wme- Merchants, Innkeepers, and the Public in general, that they have for Sale, at their Wine and Spirit Com- mission Warehouse, Old Tom Cin 10s. ( Id. per Gall. Old Jamaica Rum 16 6 Very fine Old Cogniac Brandy.. 40 Very fine Port Wine . 48 Old Sherry of superior Quality. 48 Fine Old Dry Lisbon 44 Teneritfe 45 Rich Mountain 44 Claret of the finest Growth 105 Very curious Rum Shrub....... 56 Red and White Noveau 55 Very curious Crusted Old Port? Wine, 4 Years in Bottles... S Fine Old Rrohti Madeira 50 Curiously fine Old West- India? Madeira S Very old & curiously fine East- ^ 0 0 per Dozen. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ^ PROVED THRASHING MACHINES. FOUR- HORSE portable Thrashing , Machine, with complete Shaker r* itto Fi x tu re Ditto .,..,,... Ditto Ditto and Winnows Siraw- £ 80 65 . 80 India Sherry . British Hollands, superior to? Foreign V ell as those from the other Belligerents, must and for that purpose were collecting horses lie at Prague by the 12tl » .— Upon the whole, therefore, this declaration breathes a warlike spirit; for it breathes a spirit of independence and equality; a spirit which he at whom it is chiefly levelled, can but ill brook, and which he lias hitherto but seldom witnessed. By the articles from Hamburgh the British nation may form some idea if the cruelties in- flicted on that once happy city. _ Women are dragged to work at the fortifications, as males are wanting, at the rate of three women for two thru. Horrible calculation of the comparative strength of muscles and nerves in the two sexes, hut with no regard to hurnn" f"< lin ® » and sensi- bilities! Here are three rational beings, instead of two, condemned to misery. Women instead of { tien! Does not the aggregate of human woe enter into this Corsican's calculation as well as the amount of animal strength? Three are con- demned to suffer instead of two, because three can only lift the same weights as two. Twenty boys are substituted in the place of ten men, by this great Regenerator of Mankind, and his worthy executioner, Davoust. It is hoped, how- ever, the time mav vet come, when some retri- bution shall be inflicted by the people of Ham- burgh on their merciless tormentors. Indeed, it seems but . just, that whenever a garrisoned town is taken, the garrison should be in all instances surrendered to the inhabitants; for nothing can be more just upon a general principle, that as the inhabitants unarmed, have been subjected, during the siege, to the will of an armed garrison; so also that the garrison unarmed should, at the fall of the place, he consigned to the will of the . armed population. If the garrison has been merciful in the enjoyment of its power, then it will of course receive mercy ; if it has been brutal, it must expect retributive severity. Davaust's amnesty is a decree of horrid se- verity ; it means the very reverse of an oblivion of offences. Fathers, mothers, and guardians, are rendered responsible, in ruinous penalties, fur the acts of their children and wards, who are wholly out of their power. A great number of individuals are declared enemies of the " State, and banished for ever from the French Einpipi. If that were all their punishment, then might they reside in happiness in their free and native city, as their memories will be for ever dear to the hearts of their fellow- citizens. Important intelligence has been received from Cadiz. The Field Marshal has issued an order which may be considered as indicative of his in- tention to enter France. It bears the impression of two of the most prominent features of his Lordship's character— wisdom and humanity. He directs the officers to preserve the most exact dis- cipline— to treat the people well, recollecting al- ways that the ( wo nations are at war because Bo- naparte will not suffer them to be at peace. He inveighs in the warmest terms against the idea of revenging on the peaceful inhabitants the conduct of the French soldiery in Spain. Subjoined is the order. — The fall of St. Sebastian will be the signal for passing the Pyrennees. Joseph Bonaparte has about 20,000 men at St, Jean de Luz— of Suehet we have no further accounts. " Lisbon, July 25.— We have no accounts rela' tive to the movements of Suchet. We are given to understand that the French are in considerable force opposite the pass at Roncevallas, where Gen. Hill was posted. INTELLIGENCE FROM THE ALLIED ARMY. Order of the Day of the great Lord, " Iruita, July 9.— 1. The Commander of the Forces is anxious to draw the attention of the Officers of the Army to the situation in which they have hitherto been among ihe people of Portugal and Spain, and that in which they may hereafter find themselves among those of the frontiers of France. " 2. Every military precaution must henceforward he used to obtain intelligence, and prevent sur- prise. General and superior Officers at the head of detached corps will take care to keep up a con- stant and regular communication with the corps upon the right and left, and with their rear; and the soldiers and their followers must be prevented from leaving their camps and cantonments on any account whatever. " 3. Notwithstanding that these precautions are absolutely necessary, as the country in front of • the army is the enemy's, the Commander of the forces is particularly desiroits that the inhabi- per Gall. some Foreig! Genuine Do of the most curious ? Quality ..<, Which they offer at the above low Prices, in Casks of not less than two Gallons; and Wines, Sec. in Quantities of not less than one Dozen, to be taken away at the Expense of the Buyer, and paid tor at the Time of Purchase. Wine and Spirit Merchan's,. Innkeepers, and others, residing in the Country, may have their Orders executed, by remitting the Amount; the same to be forwarded at their Expense, bv any Con veyance they advise, and the greatest Dependance m; iy be placed on the Quality' of the Goods; W. Tebbitt & Co. pledging themselves that the above Articles are all of the most Genuine Quality. Three- horse portable Machine 65 VTwo- horse Fixture, with Straw- Shaker 40 \ new portable Machine, upon an entire new Construction, to thrash and win. now, requiring only two Horses, one Man, and two Boys to work it; the Machine may he removed front Stack lo Stack, with the same Ease as a Wag. gon, it being upon one Rase ; this Ma- chine is best calculated to thrash out of Doors 70 0 0 At RICHARD WILSON'S, Iron and Brass- Founder, Charles- Street. Leicester. — Of whom also may he had, the Patent HORIZONTAL SAILS, DRK. TS, LIMB- SOWERS, SCARIFIERS, and other AGRICULTURAL INSTUMENTS; likewise B ARK and CHY- MII, CS, apd all other Kinds of Machi- nery and Mill- Work. Shops furnished on reasonable Terms. HAZARD, BURNE, & Co. stock- Brokers, respectfully inform the Public, that TI CKRTS and SHARES for the present STATE LOTTERY, are on Sale at their Office, No. 93, Royal- Exchange, London. This Lottery, consisting of only 12,000 Tickets, will commence Drawing on the • J7th of SEPIEMSEI! next, and will be drawn in two Days. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 1 Prizes of .... ,£ 20,600 2 of 10. C00 With other Capitals, and has in it no Prize of less Value thin £ 1C\.— The First Thousand Blanks will h- entitled to £ 10 etch ; the First Prize above £*. 0 tr. 10,000: and the First . bave £ 10 on the Second Day to < 620,000. Persons residing in the Country mav be supplied with Tickets or Shares at the tendon Prices, by ad- dressing their Orders, accompanied with Remittance, to the above Office, or by Application to their Agent, Mr. C JACOB, Bookseller, PETERBOROUGH. form a corps of cavalry. The latest accounts received at New- York estimate their amount at 5,000. The whole of the country was in a state of alarm ; anrl a hostile visit was apprehended at Richmond, where preparations were making to repel an attack. The British naval force at Hampton consisted of six sail of the line, five frigates, three brigs, and one sloop of war, with a number of transports. In I. ynhaven hay there were two seventy- fours, two frigates, one sloop of war, and several tenders. Sir Thomas Hardy's squadron continued to blockade the United States and Macedonian, at New London. A letter from General Harrison, of the 5th of June, says, that the Indians were blockading Fort Wayne. The blockade of the American ports was notified at Washington, on the 27th of June. General Dearborn, in a letter dated the 25th of June, from Fort George, laments the loss of a detachment of 570 men, under Colonel Bberstler, with the sole exception of one volunteer, who escaped, Tuesday se'nnight, the son of Horatio P « pe, Esq. of Fant, near Maidstone, a child between five and six years of age, fell through a hole in the cover of a welfy and was precipitated to a depth of 8( 5 feet. Fortunately, the maid servant saw him falling, and some bricklayers being at work near the spot, one of them went down the well in a bucket. When near the bottom, he saw the child standing up to his shoulders in ( he water, and heard him exclaim " Here I be."— The man instantly caught hold of him, and they were both drawn up together. We are happy to state, that the child did not sustain the least injury. Anecdote.— The following whimsical circum- stance is related of Mr. Astley, fellow pupil with Sir Joshua Reynolds, under Hudson, the chief portrait painter of his day. Mr. Astley did not excel in genius, but he was a very respectable character in his private iit'e, and having a hand- some person, raised himself above the necessity of following his profession by a wealthy mar- riage. It was the custom of the English painters at Rome to make little excursions together in the country. On one of those occasions, on a summer afternoon, when the season was particularly hot, the whole company threw off their coats, as being an incumbrance to them, except poor Astley, who alone shewed great reluctance to take off his; ( his seemed very unaccountable to his companions, when some jokes, made on his singularity, at last obliged him to take his coat off also, l'he mys- tery was then immediately explained; for it ap- pealed that the hinder part of his waistcoat was made by way of thriftiness, out of one of his own pictures, and thus displayed a tremendous renter fall on his back, to the great diversion of all the spectators. On Sunday the 1st of August the Lord Bishop of Gloucester held a General Ordination in that Cathedral, when the following gentlemen, were ordained: — Deacons— James Undell Tyler, A. M. Fellow of Oriel college, Oxford; Frederick William Miller, A. B. of Corpus Christ! college, Oxford.— Priests, Watson William Dickins, A. tl. of Merton college, Oxfurd ; Anthony Austin, A. M. of Oriel college, Oxford ; Thomas Hawkins, A. B. of Exeter college, Oxford ; Theodnsius Wood, A. B. of Magdalen college, Cambridge; John Ford, A. B. and J. Bishop, A. B. both of Trinity hall, Cambridge, For Saturday's Gazette, 6,- c. SfC.— see last page. FELONY. Tiro Hundred Pounds Reward. WHEREAS the tinder- descnbed MEN stand charged with STEALING TWO HORSES, at Colne, in the Countv of Es « ev ; which Horses have been recovered, through the Exertions ofoneof the Police Officer- — Tliey iere traced to Hull, in Yorkshsre, where they were sold in the public Market, on the 29th of June last, and crossed the Huinber the same Dav, coming towards London. One of Ihe Men is about five Feet ten Inches high, marked with the Small- pox, stoops in his Shoulders, and about fifty Years of Age ; had on a light Corduroy Jaeketawi Breeches. Half- Boots or Ancle Shoes, and broad- ribbed worsted Stookin » s; is wefl known in the lnwer Part of Essex and the Borders of Suffolk by the Name of Tlimnas Kingsbury, alias Wilson, alias Whistler.— The other Man Is about five Feet five or six Inches high, with a smooth Face, fresh- co- loured, and Sun- burnt ; is stout made and aliout thirty Years of Age; had on a dark Velveteen Jacket and Breeches, Half- Roots or Ancle Shoes, and worsted Stockings. Thev both have the Appear- ance of Navigators or Ses- Wallers. Whoever wil apprehend the above described Men, or give imme- diate Information fa the Police- Office, White- chapel, shall, upon Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, receive the above REWARD, of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS, on Application to Mr. Hobbs, of While Colne, or Mr. Anthouv Patten, of Earl's Colne, in the said Couuty of Essex. TOWCESTER, Ist July, 1813. SUPERIOR TRAVELLING. THE Public are most respectfully informed, that on the FIRST of AUGUST next, a new and elegant LIGHT COACH, called the Princess of Wales, will commence running, from Ihe WHEAT SEEAP IN\, in TOWCESTER, to the THREE CUPS INN, A LDKRSGATE- STR E ET, LONDON. It will leave Towcester every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday Morning at Seven o'Clock,' call at the Bull Inn, Stony- Stratford, at Eight o'Clock, and arrive ill London to Dinner ; will return from London every Monday Morning at Twelve o'Clock, and every Thursday and Saturday Morning at Seven o'Clock. " The Proprietors hope to conduct this Coach in a Manner to entitle ( hem to the Patronage of ( lie Public. Performed bv WM. SMITH, GEORGE GURNF. Y, & Co- ftjr" The Proprietors cannot be accountable for any Parcel, Package, or Passengers' Luggage, above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered as licit, and paid for accordingly. ROMAN CEMENT, MANUFACTURED by CHA. FRANCIS WHITE, NINE ELMS, near London, for Stuccoing and making an old Brick House equal in Appearance to a new Stone Building. Ill Situa- tions even where the Walls are damp, ' by a proper Application of the Cement they may be made per- fectly dry. It is also used for Brick Work under Water— andin making Baths, Cisterns, Sec. it will be found to answer all the Purposes of Lead, at oae third the E xpense. Sold in Casks of five Bushels each, with full Di rections for using, at 4s. per Bushel. HE11EAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN PERKS of BRACKLEY, Northamptonshire, Earthenwareman, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, nr the major Part of them, on Friday the 23d Drt; of July instant, Saturday the 24tlf'of the same July, and Saturday the 21st Day of August then next fallowing, at the Hour of Eleven iu the Forenoon of the same Days, at the House of John Palmer, called the Mitre Inn, in the City of Oxford, and make a full Disclosure and Discovery of his Estate and Effects; when and where ( he Creditors are to eoine prepared to prove llieir Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from ihe Allowance of his Certificate.— Ml Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give Notice to Messrs. Walsh, Solicitors, Oxford, or Mr. Townsend, No. 11, Staple Inn, London. Contract for the Carriage of I'imber. NAVY- OFFICE, Aug. 6th, 1813. rriIE principal Officers and Commissioners of s his Majesty's Navy do herebv give Notice, That on THURSDAY the 19th Instant, at One o'Clock, they will be ready to treat with - uch Persons as may be willing to Contract for conveying, by Land and Water Carriage, about 167 Loads of OAK TIMBER, and about 28 l. oads of ASH TIMBER, from WHIT- TLE WOOD FOREST; and about 167 Loads of OAK TIMBER, from SAI. CEV FOREST, to his Majesty's Yard at DKPTFORD. A Form of the Tender may be seen at this Office. No Tender will be received after One o'Clock on the Day of the Treaty, nor any noticed unless the Party or an Agent for him attends. Every Tender must be accompanied by a Letter ad- dressed to the Navy Board, and signed by two respon- sible Persons, engaging to become bound with the Person tendering, in the Sum of ,£ 200, for the due Performance of the Contract. NOTICE is hereby given, That the ad- journed Annual Meeting of the Trustees of he Turnpike- Road leading from Old- Stratford, in lie Couuty of Northampton, lo Dunchiirch, in the Cnunty of Warwick, will be. held at Ihe WHITE HORSF. INN, in TOWCESTER, on THURSDAY the 28th Day of AUGUST instant, at Eleven o'clock in he Forenoon; at which Meeting the Trustees will ake into Consideration the Situation of the several Toll- Gates, with the View of making such Alter- ations in the Disposition of such fiates, as may- appear to be most equitable and beneficial to the Road. By Order of the Trustees, EDM. BURTON. Daventry, Jug. 5th, 1813. To be LETT, And entered upon, immediately, or at Michaelmas next, \ HOUSE, pleasantly situate I in the Market- place, at HIGHAVI. FERRERS, late in the Occupation of Captain SPARKE; consisting of a small Dining- Room, Drawins- Room, Kitchen, Brew- fioBse, and Wood- H ® use, anil four Bed. Rooms The Premises a'e in good tenantable Repair, and ate well calculated for the Residence of a small genteel Family. — Rent and Taxes moderate. For further Particulars, apply to Mr, ALLEN, Hicham- Ferrers, if by Letter, Post- paid. Id August, 1813. ROT11 WELL, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. TO be LETT, For a Term of fourteen Years, from Michaeltms next, ' PHE very valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND i- lately set out by the Commissioners for the Inclosure of ROTHWELL, in lieu of the Great Tithes, Sec. adjoining together, and containing Two Hundred and Ninety- three Acres, with the Bams aud Buildings thereto belonging. Security will be required for Payment of the Rent, Sec. Sec. ROTHWELL is about four Miles from Kettering, seven trom Market- Harborough, 14 from North- ampton, 10 from Wellingborough, and 20 from Leicester. Mr. DAUI. BY at the Crown Inn, Rothwell, will shew the Ptemises, and for further Particulars, apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid), to Mr. WATSON, Solicitor, Lutterworth. Desirable Freehold Estate, Tithe- free and Land- Tax redeemed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By WILLIAM YORK, At the Peacock Inn, in Daventry. in the County of Northampton, on Tuesday the 17th Day ot August instant, at Seven o'Clock in the Evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, ( unless previously disposed ot ti\ Private Contract, of which dueNotice will be given), ALL that FREEHOLD substantially built MES- SUAGE, TENEMENT, or FA RM- HOUS li very complete, with Barns, Stables, Cow- Sheds, anu other suitable Farm Buildings and Offices; a Well of excellent Water, and an extensive Yard and Garden, containing about one Acre, situate in BROOKE ENi), in DAVENTRY aforesaid, lately and for many Years past in the Occupation of Mr. Masters deceased. For further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr WARDU, Solicitor, in Daventry. A Valuable Growing Crops in West- • laddon lo- dihijt To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. DUMBLETON, On Monday the 16th Day ot August, 1819, on the Premises , n the LORDSHIP of WEST- HAD. DON, the Property of Mr. S. EDMUNDS, who is about to leave his Farm, \ CLOSE of WHEAT about 14 Acres, A HriP BARLEYabo « t " Acres and a ? S L?^ s°/ iA B K Y about 15 and a Half, And a C LO S E of B A R LE Y about 12 Acres. Credit will be given upon approved joint lecurity-, un ' 1 ' be Iwenty- hrst Day ot December next. iheJse of two excellent Bams mav be had till St. thomas next, as the Straw must be spent upon the Premises The Sale will commence at Afternoon. Two o'Clock in the Growing CAPITAL SITUATION. To be LETT, And entered on immediately, or at Michaelmas next, AGood DWELLING HOUSE, with a Butcher's Shop, now U full Trade, and an exceedingly rich Close of Pasiure Land, containing about three Actes, thereunto adjoining, situated at BAR BY, near Daveutry, in the County of Northampton, The Tenant, if required, maybe accommodated with a good Malt- Kiln, adjoining the said Premises. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, enquire of Mr. RICHARD LORD, of Barhy aforesaid. Crops of Corn, Horses, Implements of Husbandry, & je. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DUMBLETON, On Thursday, thelyth Day of August, 1813 on the Premises, in the Lordship ofW EST- H ADDON the Property of Mr ROBERT KILSBY, who is abour ( o leave his Farm, 4 Close of WHEAT, 17 Acres and upwards, IX Ditto of BARLEY, 15 Acres; Ditto ot OATS and BARLEY, 15 Acres • ' Four aged Cart- Horses and Mares, with ( heir Gearing complete; two Waggons, three Six- inch- wheel Carts, several Ploughs and Harrows, ami a Number ot I mplements of Husbandry. & c. The Crop, are excellent, and the Use of the Barns and Yards may be had till M. Thomas next, as tho Straw must be spent upon the Premi es. The Wheat is from Seed procured from Burrell last Autumn, the Superiority of which, as a Change for this Neighbourhood, is clearly evident, from the very great Demand for it among th= most eminent practical Farmers, Credit will b: given for the Crops ( ill the 1st 0 December next, upon approved joint Security. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock. R, K avails himselfot this Opportunity to info- nn his Friends and the Public in general, that his valu- able Live Stock, consisting of about 51 Oxen and Cows, 600 Sheep and Lambs, 9,) Rams, five Cart- Horses and Mares, Sec Sec. will be Sold bv Auction tile last Week in September; the Sheep and Lambs will be sold 10 in each Lot Catalogues will be prepared and d; stributed in due Time. West- If addon Lodge, August 1th, 1813. STAMP- OFFICE, NOR I'H A ilPTOY, JVLY 30. 181S. \ U HERE AS many Persons neglect to v rPnew lh,>' r LIOFA'Si. S, till Notice of their beiris expired is sent them ; they are hereby informed, thin they are required to send to the Stamp- Offices, without am furiher Notice, for those under the Management of iiis Majesty's Com- missioners of Stamps, as tlie present Licenses will expire at the following Periods ; — To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with an ex- » cellent Malt- House, Brick- Kiln in full Trade, Garden, Orchard well planted with Fruit- Trees, and two several Closes of Arable and Pasture Land ; conrainingin the Whole about eight Acres, situate iu the Parish of fc Y DON, in the County of North- ampton, and now in the Tenure of Edward Tew. Mr. TEW will shew the Premises, and further Particulars may be had at the Office of Messrs ARTLN, in ( ianbury. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ Desirable and improvable FARM of ARABLE, MEADOW, and PASTURE LAND; containing 115A. 2R. 161' with a good Farm- Hoit. se and suitable Buildings, situate at WAPPENHAM, in the County of Northampton, now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Goodman, Tenant at Will. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. GEORGE HITCHCOCK, Hinton, near Daventry, in the County of Northampton. Furm.— Steppinglu, Beds. To be LETT by" TENDER, rriIF. WARREN FARM, in the Parish of I STEPPING L Y, Beds; consisting of a good Farm- House and Homestead, and about 68 Acres of rich old inclosed Sward and Arable land, and 66 Acres of Warren Land, two Acres of which said 56 Acres the Proprietor is to be at liberty to Plant an- nually with Firs or other Plants or Trees. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. For a View of the Farm, apply to Mr. SCSTT, the Tenant. SCf* Proposals in Writing, stating tiie Amount of Rent, and other Terms tor taking tiie same, will be received by Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Woburn, until the 14th Day of September next. 14th August, 1813. The Wheat Sh'uf Inn, Woburn, Beds, ( The Sale of which was in March last postponed), WILL be SOLD by AUCTION, in the Month ot September next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, Further Particulars will appear in a future Paper, and may he had of Mr. H URLEV, theProprietor( whois declining Business); or at the Office of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Woburn. Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Security. Mansion- House, with Lund adjoining, Manor Fishery, 4c. in a delightful Part if the County of Buckingham. To be LETT, For a Term of seven Yearss and Possession had at Michaelmas next, C^ t BEAT LIN FORD PLACE, a most desirable H Residence for a genteel Family, replete with every Convenience, and particularly eligible to • sportsman, situated within the Dake of Crafton's Hunt, one Mile from the Market Town of Newport- I'agnell, five from Stony- Stratford, 15 from North- ampton, and 52 from London, together with the Manor of Great- Linford, extending over 1,700 Acres ( partly Wood Land) abounding in Game, and com prising Rights of Fishery in the River Ouze and • Grand Junction Canal; and any Quantity of Land contiguous to the Mansion, and ofexceilent Quality, not exceeding 70 Acres. The Premises may be viewed at any Time, further Particulars obtained on Application ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to HENRY ANDR EWES UTHWAIT, Esq. at Great Linford I'lace, Messrs. HEARN, Solicitors, in Buckingham, or Messrs. JOHN DAY & SON, Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. To be LETT, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, THE capital MANSION- HOUSE, at SOUTH- WICK, near Oundle, with the Garden, Plan- tations, and Ponds thereto belonging, About twenty- five Acres of rich Pasture Land may be had with the Premises, if the Tenant shall think proper. And at Michaelmas, 1814, the Tenant may have the Occupation of about One Hundred Acres more ol Arable and Pasture Land. The House is fit for the Residence of a large Family, and is well situated tor the Farl Fiu- william's Hunt, Enquire of Mr. BERKSLIY, of Biggin, nearOundle. • 9/ A August, 1813, Freehold.— Little- Brickhill, Bucks. To be SOLD or LETT by Private Contract, ACompact and newly erected Brick MES- SUAGE, with a large Yard anc Gard: n, ami convenient Out- buildings belonging thereto, fit foi the Accommodation of a small gente: l Family, and well calculated for carrying on Busiress, situate in that very pleasant and much- imprtved Town of I, ITTLE- BRI pK HI LL. Immediate Possession may bi had. The above Estate may be made into wo Dwelling- Houses, is in capital Condition, will fenced and watered, and possesses the great Advin-' age of being eligibly situated adjoining the great West Chester Turnpike- Road, and of having Coac'his through the Town to and from London every Da;.— The Grand Junction Canal is within the Distanceof two Miles, and within easy Distances are the Maket Towns ot Woburn, Leighton- Buzzard, Dunstalle, Newport- Pagnell, and Stony- Stratford, For further Particulars, apply at th| Office o{ Mr. DA*, Solicitor, Woburn, Beijs. To be SOLD by AUCTION, ( With immediate Possession), At the Quart Pot, in Daventry, on Thursday the 19th Day of August^ at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by Pri- vate Contract), FREEHOLD newly built Brick DWELLING HOUSE, calculated for the Residence of small genteel Family, situate in the most desirable Part of the HIGH. STREET, in DAVENTRY, late in the Occupation of Mr. Swan. Apply for further Particulars, to Mr. BURTON, Attorney, in Daventry. BEDFORDSHIRE. Two valuable Furnes, free from Tithes, and ex- onerated from Land- Tax; and a very desirable small Freehold Farm of thirty- six Acres— in three Lots. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. PRICKETT, At the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, on Wednesday the 18th of August, 1813, at Twelve o'Clock, in two L ® ts, AVery valuable and desirable FREEHOLD DAI RY FARM ; containing upwards of Fifty- two Acres, most eligibly situate at WILSHEMP- STEAD otherwise WILSTED, about four Miles from the capital Market and County Town of Bedford, on the Turnpike- Road to Ampthill, and six Miles distant therefrom, eleven Miles from Woburn, and lorti'- Six Miles from London, in the Occupation of Mr. George Caree, whose Term expires at Michael- mas, 1813; also of another valuable Freehold Farm, containing upwards of One Hundred Acres, very advantageously situate in Chalton, in the Parish of Torfdirigton otherwise Tuddington, surrounded by several capital Market Towns, at the Distance ot one Mile trom Simdon, three from Dunstable, four from Luton, and eight from Leighton- Buzzard, and the Grand Junction Canal, in the Occupation of Mr. John Groom. Also, a very compact and desirable FREEHOLD FA RM ; comprising upwards of thirty- five Acres ol excellent Arable and Pasture Land, within a Ring- Fence, with a Barn and other Out- buildingsthereon, called* G R EENDITCH FARM, situate in the Parish of R1SELY, now in the Occupation of Mr. George Sugars, under Notice to quit at Michaelma- next. RISELY is a pleasant Village, surrounded by good Roads, distant trom the County Town of Bedford about nine Miles, from Kimbolton about four Miles, and from St. Neots about nine Miles, all capital Mar. ket Towns; and surrounded by the beautiful Villages of Knotting, Melchburne, Yielding, Keysoe, Dean, Pertenhall, and only a short Distance from Melch- burne Park, Sackville Lodge, and Strawberry Hill. May be viewed, and printed Particulars may be had on the Premises, at the Swan Inn, Bedford; the White Lion, Kimbolton ; the Cross Keys, St. Neots ; the White Hart, Ampthill; the Goat, Woburn; the Inns at Leighton- Buzzard; the George, Luton; the Crown, Dunstable ; of Mr. TAIHAM, Solicitor, Simor. dslnn, Chancery- Lane ; at the Auction Mart; and of Mr. PRICKETT, Highgate, and at his Office, No. 7, Warwick Court, Holborn. London. BREWERY, & c. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, rJMIAT Old- established and extensive Brewery, 1 now in full Trade, situate near MARK « T_ H AR- BSIROUCH, in ( he County of Leicester, with a large Malting Office, and every requisite Building for an extensive Business. Also a Number of Public- Hojises, and upwards ot 12 Acres of Land. For Particulars, and a View of the same, apply to Mr. W. SMITH, Little- Bowden, near Market- Harborough. N. B. The Utensils and Casks may be taken at Valuation. FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE FARM, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, with Possession at Michaelmas next. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. W1LLOCK, At the Hind Inn, at Wellingborough, in the County ot Northampton, on Wednesday thslSth of August, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, , t VALUABLE FREEHOLD and Tithe- free r\ FARM, situate in the Parish of NEVVTON- BROMSHOLD, near Higham- Ferrers, in the County of Northampton; consisting of a VERY GOOD FARM HOUSE, with all requisite Out- buildings, and SUNDRY 1NCLOSURES of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, containing OnE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY- FOUR ACRES, in the Occupationof Mr Jonathan Sanders at TWO HUNDRED and TWENTY POUNDS PER ANNUM, but whose Term etpires at Mi, chaelmas next. Newton- Bromshold is three Miles from Higham- Ferrers, eight from Thrapston and Wellingborough, eighteen from Northampton, thirteen from Kettering, and twelve from Bedford. To be viewed till the Sale, and Particulars may be had at the Swan, at Bedfoid ; at the G'reen Dragon, Hicham- Ferrers ; White Hart, at Thiapstou, and at Kettering; George, at Northampton; Hind, at Wellingborough; and of Mr. WILLOCK, NO. 25, olden- Square, London. i on the 1st August. ^ on the lit August 3 3 Pounds. 0 10 0 5 British Lace License, on the 1st August, annually .... .... Foreign Lace Ditto annually Penalty for not taking out a Li- cense, and renewing the same J. Fifty annually \ Medicine License, within any City, Ro- 1 rough, or Town Corporate, on" tlielsl> Sept. annually \ Ditto, in any Village, & c. & r Penalty for not taking out a Li- ) cense, and renewing Ihe samef Fifly annually \ Appraisement License, oil tlie 5th Jaly, > annuaily f Penalty for not taking out a Li-) cense, and renewing the sameC Fifty annually \ Pawnbrokers' License, 12 Months from? die Date nf tin- last License < Penalty for not taking out a Li-) cense, and renewing the sameS Fifty aunually \ ( Signed) RD, SCRIVEN, Head Distributor for the Counties of Northampt suid Rutland. Pounds. 0 3 0 Pounds-. 5 0 0 Pounds. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In the Middle ot next Month, unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, ALL that old- established PUBIiC- HOUSE situate in CORBY, in the County of North- ampton, known by the Sign of the NAG'S HEAD, with a Barn, Stable, Cow- Lodge, and Urge Yard thereto belonging. For further Particulars, apply personally to THOS. WusyN, Houghton, near Huntingdon. Rugby, Warwickshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Bi, ROBERT CROOKE, On Monday the 23d Day of August, 1813, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, at the Spread Eagle Inn, in Rugby aforesaid, under the Conditions then to be produced, unless in the mean Time disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given A I. I. that CLOSE of rich ARABLE LAND, t\ with the Barn and other Buildings standing on the same, adjoining the Road leading from Rugby to Hillmorton, situate near the Town of RUGBY aforesaid, containing about tive Acres more or less, in the Occupation of Mr. John Liggins, the Proprieter For Particulars, apply at the Offices of Messrs. CALDECOIT & BENN, in Rugby. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the Black Swan, in Warwick, on Saturday the A 28th Day of August, 1813, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon Very desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE, Fine certain and Tithe- free; consisting of a Sub stantial Farm- House, with suitable Farm Buildings and Offices, a good Orchard and Garden, and 9C Acres ( more or less) of very rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, divided into several Closes, well timbered and watered, situate at CUMBROKE in the County of Warwick, now in the Occupation of Richard Robhins, who is under Notice to Quit on the 1st Day of January next, " Apply for further Particulars to Mr, BVRION Attorney, at Dayentry Stamp- Office, London, July 99th, 1813, |> sTO'HGE is hereby given, That an Act wa » , . I> assed ; n the late S. ssion of Parliament, for altering, explaining, and amend ng an Act ot the forty- eighth V earot His M., j « tv's Reign, for granting Stamp Duties in Great- Britain, with regard to the Duties on re- issuable Promissory Noies ' commonly called Bankers' Notes), and on Conveyances on the Sale and Mortgage ot Property ; an I for better enabling the Cornmi. sioneis of'S'j- nps to giv- Relief in Cases 1 of spoiled Stamps; and tor better securing the Duties on Stage Coaches. — In regard to BANKERS' NOIES, It is enacted, that a: ie' the loth Day of Octob- r next, no Promissory Notes, t. ir the Payment to the Beaier on Demand, of any Sum not exceeding two Pounds and two Shillings, shall b,; re i . ied, by any Bankers or others in England, at anv lime after the Expiration otthre- Years from the Date thereof, under a Penalty of £ b), but that all such Notes shall, on the Payment thereof after that Period, he forth- with cancelled, by the Persons paving the same, under the like Penalty. The rr. issuing ot Notes for larger Sums is already restrained by the former Act. In regard to SALES AND MORTGAGES, Divers Provisions are made tor removing Doubts which occurred on the former Act re. ating to the advakrem Duties — In regard to SPOILED STAMPS,, The Commissioners a e authorised to ailow and exchange Stamps on written Instruments, sigi ed hy any Party or Parties' ( except Policies or Insurance) whiah have or shall become inoperative, unfit of insufficient for the Purpose intended, void, or useless, in a Variety of Cases not before provided for. But Application for the Allowance- must be made within six Months after the passing of the Act ( on 10th of July Instant) or after the Date of the Instruments, or within six Months after the In- itiuments become void, in Case of their becoming void for Want of Enrolment, or withinVtx Months after the same shall be received back, in Case ot their having been sent Abroad. And all Applications for the Allowance ot spoiled Stamps, on Instruments not fully written, or not signed by any Party, must be made, at this Office, within six Months after the passing of the Act, or within six Months after the same . shall have been spoiled, if belonging to Persons resident in London or_ Westminster, or wi'hin ten Miles thereof, or within twelve Months after the same shall have been spoiled, if belonging to Persons resident elsewhete in England. And Affidavits, orsolemn Affirmations in the Case ot Quakers, of all the Facts and Circum- stances relating to the spoiled or useless Stamps brought for Allowance, must accompany the Application; which Affidavits or Affirmations must be made before a Commissioner of Stamps or a Master in Chancer), ordinary or extraordinary. And any Person making a false Oath or Affirmation will be punishable tor Perjury.— In regard to STAGE COACHES, The Act contains a Clause for more effectually securing the Duties, in Cases of Persons running Stage Coaches without a License. And it is enacted, that all Licenses for keeping Stage Coaches, whicr: shall have been granted, within six Months preceding the 1st August, 1813, shall continue in Force till the 31st July, 1814, and that all Licenses grante-: before the 1st February, 1813, and being i, i Force on the 31st Julv, 1813, shall ccace on that Day, and new Licenses shall be taken out in l. ieu thereof ' on tiie Dai following ; and all Licenses to be granted aftei the 3lsi July, 1813, are to have Effect and continue in Force, trom the Date thereof, until the 31st Day or July following, and no longer. It is recommended to al! Bankers, Rolicijors, stationers, and others concerned, to make themselves acquainted with the particular Provisions of the Ac. in order that they may avaid Penalties, and eutitl themselves to the Relief given by it, in Case o spoilud Stamps. JJy Order of the Commissioners, > ' WM. K^- fPtN, Secretary. Posts. 10. Il'e inesdmi and Thursday s F, » m the LONDON fiAZETTE of Aug. Admiralty- Office, Aug. 10. Exl^ act of H letter from Captain Oegorv, of hi M- ijest- x's stnojS Elerira. adilfewd t « Vice- M- ri'iat Sir R. Real's. Commander in Chief in- Newfoundland, and transmitted hy the Admiral to John Wilt, in Croker, Esq. Kl'- ctra sloop, off St. Peter's, July' 8. 1HAVF. ' he honour to acquaint you, that his Majesty's sloop under. my coiumand captured, vesterdav, after a chace of six hours, the Growler, a vrrv fine American privateer schooner, ierced for/ futirfeen glim, and having one 1 r twenty pounder and four eighteens, lone with LONDON, T « UIISDAY, Aug. 12. A feleiriphi'o Vmifiniiiiiiehtinn was received on A1 Monda. v evening ' from Plymouth, announcing the arrival of the Sparrow, from the North coast of Spain, and bringing ft" ( iceoiint of an at'ack made 011 Lord Wellirta'tnfr, by Soiilt-. on the 2Bth ult. in which he was repulsed with great loss, and driven back to bis former position. It is now certain that though the Sparrow sloop of war is arrived at Plymouth, she is not the bearer of anv messenger or dispatches from Lord Wellington. The following notification from the Admiralty, was announced yesterdav :— Admiralty- Office, August li, 18IS, " The Sparrow, which is arrived from off St. Sebastian, has not broucht any official dispatches from the army; but she brings reports to the effect of the telegraph message, but without details. " The Funny cutter was waiting at St. Sebastian for Lord Wellington's dispatches, which were mo- mentarily expected there when the Sparrow sailed. " The action ajipears to have taken place con- siderably iu advance of St. Sebastian, at Puerta Mavor." Nothing further has been published hv Govern- ment with respect to the attack on St. Sebastian, but the following statement received bv a re- spectable house in the city from an officer on board the Sparrow, was posted yesterday at Lloyd's:— " The attack on St. Sebastian'* was on the 25tli nt a vei y wide breach, behind which the French had made a deep ditch, nnd our people were re- pulsed in consequence of this, and with a loss of 500 men, killed and wounded, of whom a tenth may be officers.— Field Marshal Wellington was cn the spot soon afterwards, but left it on the 28th to meet Soult, then approaching with 33,000 men, of the divisions of Jourdan, Foy and Clausel. These thrice attacked tbe British lines, but were a!- wnvs beaten back. The whole conflict was with the. musket and bayonet.— The. Frenci loss is esti- mated at 6000 men, and the Allies at 8000. I'ield Marshal Wellington and v> ult were several times near each other, in ihe very thick of the union.? T he absence of official intelligence from our army has been in some measure supplied down to the 27' h ulr, by the arrival of French Papers to the recent dare of Moixjay Isflt. They contain a report from General Key relative to the attack on SR. Sebastian, on the 25th ult. ant! two letters from Marshal Soult to the Minister, of War, de- tailing Ills movements up to the 27th. The report of General Hey stares the loss of the Allies in the attempt against St. Sebastian at from 14 or 1500 men. Five hundred and eighiv- oue wounded were carried into the town, and 23? besides were made prisoners. The dispatches of Marshal Soult mention jome affairs in the valley of Liastan, but which appear to have been little in > re than the driving in of our out- posts. It is evident, however, that he meditated an attack on the 27th or 28' h. To- morrow," says he, ( writim. 011 the 26th) " Count Keille will form the attack on the left, should the enemy maintain his posi- tion ;" and Geo. Rev in his letter to the Minister of War says, " the Duke of Daloiatia has done me the honour of informing me, that he would jjut himself in motion in order to deblockode u* as well as Pampeluna." It is probable that the Allies did n'tt maintain their position on the 27th, but fell bark in order to concentrate their forces. A genera! action in such circumstances could not liave been avoided; nor was it desirable that it should. The fate of ihe two fortresses of St. Sebastian and Panipebina, nnd it may be saitUal; the past successes nf the campaign, hung upon the issue of a battle. That our great Hero has kern successful to . the extent descr'bed in the resorts brought bv the Sparrow, we have every reason. lo conclude lias been the rase, from the gilence of the French Journals with respect to Soult'* iterations posterior to the 26th. Had Soult been victorious on the 28t'i, there is ni> reason why the Paris Papers of ihe 7th or 8ili Should not have ann mimed his final triumph, as rea'lilv as those ol the oih impart to us his partial sat" esses on the 25th or 26th. The Earl of Aberdeen auH suite sailed on Tuesday from Yarmouth, n the Cydnus. The defeat of vjiilt, as far as it as ascertained, w; forwarded to his Lordship on Monday night: which iliere is no doubt he will cause to be circu- lated on his arrival on the Continent. N » m& people think, according to an evening paper. " ihni bef oe Ihe Farl uf Aberdeen, nnd the Kinba> s\ with the Garter, reach Germany, every irf.* H > f a Congress will, for the present at lea- i, be abandoned. Perhaps even, say tliey, tit.' next anivnlfrnin the continent may aunourice sucli nba- vloion- Mit. The French Plenipotentiaries knew of the battle of Vittnria several days before th Russian, Pru sian, and Austrian Plenipotentiaries It will be in the recollection « f our readers, that the French knew nf ihe loss of their army in Egypt before ive did, atnl immediately sent Otto orders t sign the Preliminaries, getting by wur Ignorance a value in exchange for an army supposed hv ns lo he keeping tiie field, though known by them to be pri sonrrs of war. The French had, as we have just stated, a similar previous knowledge in ihe present case; but it Hid not, as is reported, induce them to ionsen! to the basis proposed hy the Allies in concert with Aostria. When the Russian, Prussian, and Austrian Plenipotentiaries received the intelligence of onr greal victory, ( he Allies rose in their de- mands, Count Metternich, immediately upon re- ceiving the information, asked ihe Count de Nar- bouiie if he bad any news from the French army in Spain? The latler answered lhal Juurdan had concentrated his forres, expecting to attack ihe Biiiish ariny, but that it had not taken place when the last account carne away. Counl Metternich is understood not lo have said any thing in reply ; but tiie immediate rise in the demands of ihe Allies suf- ficiently cinvinred the Fien « h Plenipoteniiaries that they were not ignorant of ihe issue of the bailie. Hence Ihe French, not, consenting to tlie^ basis demanded, though they knew of the victory before tile Allies, and the Allies rising in Iheii de- mands as SHrtti as Ihey were acquainted with the intelligence, it is believed lltere will be no Congress, and that the six days* notice of the resumption of hostilities would be given on Tuesday." Capt. Taylor of the Spairow was severely woun- ded in one of the breaching batteries before St Sebastian. The Sparrow was eleven days on her passage to Plymouth: and, it is supposed, that as the Fancy was left waiting for dispatches, th* t one or two days may elapse, before they are received in town. The battle of Salamanca was known nearly a week before the official details reached Loudon. All possible means to communicate the intelligence the moment it arrives are adapted. It is positively asserted that General Moreau has accepted a command in the Russian and Prussian armies. It is believed he will serve with that part of tire allied fqree under the Crown Prince of Sweden. He is arrived at the head- quarters. The whole amount of the American Loan ( five millions sterling) is reported to have been negoci- ated in t! iis country.'— Morning Chronicle. At the late Central Quarter Sessions of the peace for the Eastern Counties, the additional sum of one shilling per mile, was fixed and ordered by the Justices, for the conveyance of baggage, by a waggon with four horses. I he Planet Mars is nt this period an interesting night's object in the southern sby, where it ex- hibits ajdi. sk not less in magnitude than that of Jupiter, but clearly distinguishable from that Planet bv its fiery redness, whereas Jupiter, wlie", , een, presents to the eye a glowing white. Mats vvas on the Meridian, • or its highest southern altitude, on Monday night hbout 26 minutes oav. level!: and tnav lie Seen in that quarter about ton ninutrs earlier each night, ( luting the whole o the- present month. That Mars at present ap- pears much larger than it ordinarily . does, is ex- plained by t" e consideration that this planet now exceedingly near to' the point in which ii » libit approaches closest to the path of the earth, while the latter is in that part of her circuit which inclines towards the orbit ot Mars. Monsieur B- , in a lute duel with Mr. I received a wound very high in the neck ; the ball passed quito- through, and ha fell. His secbn hastened to him, anil net being aware of the prr else situation of the wound, exp'essed a hone that the shot had caused no very material injury— " No, my friend," replied Monsieur B. " like many other things 1 have received from the same quarter, it went in at one ear and out at the other." \ T() I • C ^ SO To the Debtors and Creditors of JOHN" PAYNE, Lute of ROTUKRSTIIORPE, in the County oj Northampton, Yeoman, deceased. HCE. is hereby given, That all Per- sons lo whom t vie said JOHN PAY VI itoo' 1 indebted at the Time of his Decease whether upon Bond, Note, or otherwise, are requested to vend fin Account of their respective Debts with the Mature of their Securities, to Mr. John Gates, \ ttorney at Law, Northampton,— \ n'< iva! l Person • landing indebted to the Estate of the said John Payne, are required to pay their respective Debts to the said John Gates, who is duly authorised by the Widow and Administratrix to receive the same. Hundred of dartre , in the County of JLsivester^ to wit. WcrxrNGBonoucH, Amw^ t - fit!?, ,1813. TWHITE, CHY;. 1IST an! DRUGGIST. * ta- kes the- Liberty of informing his Friend* md fhe Public, in the Town and Neighbourhood o' ' V'ELU N ( iBOROUGH, that he lias taken and Metered upon the Shop, late in the Occupation- oi Mr. RICHARD LBTTICK, Surgeon, on the Market- ' ML where he has laid in an entire fresh Stock o' Genuine Drugs, Patent Medicines, Confectionary. Perfumery, § \ c. which he will sell, Wholesale an i iletail, upon the most reasonable Terms, and hopes, by Assiduity and Attention, to meet that Encourage- ment his Merit may deserve. N. B. Prescription*, & c. prepared with the most scrupulous Accuracy and personal Attention. N Marlcet- Harborough and Wei ford Tarnpike- Road from Northampton. oner, is htrebv given, That a Meelin. of the Truueiea of the said Turnpike- Roads, will be holden at - HiftHr. aTE- HOUSE, in th* Parish of , S pa * T ro Y, on THURSDAY the NINE (' EBMit . Day of AUGUST instant, at the Hour oi lilevey in the Forenoon. CIIARLKS MAftKHAM, Clerk to the Trustee?. Northampton, August 7th, 1813. Meeting of the Subscribers for matting a nayieable Canal from the Grand Junction Canal at Great- Linford to Newport- Paanell, and of such other Persons who are interested therein, is appointed to he held at the SvvAisr INN, in VEW. PORT- PAGNELL, on $\ TUADAV the 21st Day of AUGUST instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon.— Uy Order of the Chairman at the last Meeting, WM. LUCAS. August \ ith, 1813. WHERKAS WILLIAM JOHNSON, an Apprentice to WILLIAM DEVEREUX, a Bricklayer, of Drayton, near Daventry, did on Sunday the 25th of July last, run awav from his Master, who had been at Work at Win. Banbury's, F> q at Kelmarsh.— The said William Johnson is about five Feet two Inches high ; had on when he wentaway, a light plain Frock, and Pair of Worsted light Cord Breeches.—- The aforesaid Wm. Johnson has a great Dent or Hollow on the Crown of his Head, fair Complexion, red and jolly in the Face, a light taper L? » d downwards, and has grey Eyev Whoever will apprehend the said William Johnson and bring him to his Master ( whi will beat work at W. Hanbury'a, Esq. for some Time to come) or give Information so that he may be had again, shall receive ON K POUND Reward of the said William Devereux. Desirable Freehold Estate, Northamptonshire. o he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, T^ TOITOR is hereby given, that by Virtue o* an Act of Parliament p is- ed inthe Fifty- thiru Year of the Reign ot King George, intituled, 14 Ai \ cr to alter and amend two Acts of tne Thirty-.- first Year of King George the Second, and thirteenth Year of his present Majesty, so far as relates to the Price and Assize ot Bread, to be sold out of the City ot Loudon, and the Liberties thereof, and beyond the Weekly BiiIs of Mortality, and ten Miles of th? Royal Exchange an ASSIZE of BR E A D is intended to be set for the Hundred of GAR TREE aforesaid, in the County of Leicester aforesaid ; and ali Cornfactors, Millers, Meal men. Bakers, and other Persons, who are Dealers u\ Wheat or Wheat Flower, and residing or carrying on their Business within this Jurisdiction, or who buy or sell Wheat or Wheat Flour, either in the Public Market or by Private Contract, within the sarhe, are hereby required on Tuesdav in each Week, till further Notice, to make Returns ac- cording to the Forms annexed to the said Act, and according to the Regulations of the ! » ame, to Mr. JOHN BF. RRY, who lias been duly appointed Receiver of Assize Returns, under the said Act, at Market Harborough, in the C > unty ot Leicester, and Hundred of Gartree aforesaid, of the trui and precise Quan- tities of all Wheat and wheaten Flour respectively, fit for making wheaten Bread, Standard wheaten , Brs; id, and Household Bread, which shall have been bought or sold by them within seven Days preceding in ea Week, and the true and exact Prices for which such Wheat or wheaten Flour shall have been respectively bought or sold, and rhe Names and Residences of the Persons of whom bought or to whom sold ; and which Returns are to b; signed by the Party making the same. And all Persons required by this Notice to make any such Returns, who shaJl neg'ect or refuse to make the same, or who shall make any false Returns, will. be liable to a Penalty for each Offence cot exceeding tbe Sum of Ten Pounds. Signed, JOHN BERRY. Receiver of Assize Returns for the Hundred of Gartree aforesaid, in the County of Leicester aforesaid. Market- llarbnrough, Wth August, 1813. V To be LETT or SOI. I), And may becnrereci upon at Michaelmas next. Desirable MANSION- HOLJSR and LAVD, called the Minor of Ouie, with the Kiijht ot Kisliery, situattd in the pleasant Village nt SB A RN liROOK. io the Countv of Bedford The Premises onsist of a commodious House with suitable <) ttice<. Stabling tor ten or more Horses, large Kitchen and I'lea ure Gardens, stocked with a Variety of Wall lodiither Fruit- Trees, in full Rearing, with 15 Acres f rich Pasture or Meadow 1. and adjoining forming together one of the first Situations for any Gentleman Sporting Residence, being only four Miles from the Oakly Hounds. SHARNBROOK is eight Miles from Bedford; theKet. tering Coach aud Leeds Mail go through eveiy Dav. Particulars may be known by applying to Mr THOMAS C* tL, ot Risely, near Bedford, if by l. etter. Post- paid — May be viewed by Leave of R. DENIS, Esq. the Tenant. ALAL With Possession at Michael/ nits, ISI'i, , L those FOUU INCL03URES of capital ARABI. F. and partly convertible ARAB I. li LAM I), with Yard, Barn. Stables, Hovels, Well ol • xcellent Water, and Out- buildings, situate in the Parish of CO LLl NGTR E F, now in the Occupation of Messrs, Jeyes, containing 53A. 1R. 19P. The abuve Estate is Tithe- free, fenced with food thriving Quick Hedges, most desirably bounded by the Turnpike. Road to Stony- Stratford, three Miles from Northampton, and in a pleasant, healthy, and fertile Part of the County of Northampton. For furl her Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. PISRSOV, General Agent, Kimbolton, at whoseOificea Planot tbe Estate may be seen, i etters are requested to be Post- na il. Dnventri/ Auction- Matt. To he peremptorily 8() M) hv AUCTION, By Mr. TtTE, On Wednesday the I8th Day ot August, 1813, UPWARDS of 100 Lots of neat, and elegant HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, & c. & c. ; comprising Oak, Deal, and other Chests of Drawers, Mahogany Dining and oi her Tables, Pier and Swing Classes, Mali gany Wash- hand. Stands, painted Wash- hand- Stands and Dressing- Tables, Oak and other Che ts of Drawers, handsome Corner Cup- boards and Buflf ts elegant painted Bamboo and other Chairs; & c. & c. ; a great Number ot capital Iron- bound Casks, and Brewing- Utensils in general; several good Bridles afld Saddles, nearly new. Ladies side- addles and Pillion*, several good Guns, Pistols and Blunderbusses; large handsome Carpels, Hearth Rugs, Fire irons, & v. See. '.[' he Sale to commence precisely at Eleven o'Clock. NT RUKNPFKK TOLLS TO LETT. OTICE is hereby given. That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road trom the Sourh- Fnd of Peacock's- l. ane in the Parish ot Bromham, in the Count" of Bedford, to the Turn- pike- Road leading from Wellingborough to Olney, in ihe County of Buckingham ; and also the Road from the said Turnpike- Road, at or near the South- End of the Town of Olney aforesaid, to the Turn- pike- Road leading trom Northampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the same County, will be held at the BULU INN, in OLNEY aforesaid, on FRIDAK. Iht- TF. NTH Day of SEPTEMBER next, at which Meeting the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- Gates upon the said Road will be LETT to FARM by AUC- TION for one Year, trom the Thi'teensh Day of the same Month, between the Hours ot Twelve and Two o'Clock, in the Manner directed by an Act of Parliament passed in the 13ih Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced the last Year, over and above the Expences of collecting the same, the following Sums, viz. : — Bromham Gate. .£ 103. Laoendon Hate with the Weighin Machine Kavenstone Gate 90. and will be put up at those Sums respectively Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction ot the Trusted for Payment ot the Rent at such Time and in such Proportion! aathe said Trustees shall direct. JOHN GARRARD, Clerk to the said Trustees. Olney, 10 A August, 1813. A Capitul Feu Farm. To be SOLD by TENDER, \ Very valuable antl desirable FARM; enn i a sisting of a good Homestall, Barns, Stables and other Out- butliings, and 16XA. 1R. 151'. more or less, of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, situate in HOOK'S DROVE, STONE BRIDGE DROVE and Gut. ru DROVE, in WISBECH HIGH FEN in the Parish of WISBECH ST. MARY'S, in the County of Cambridge. The Whole ot the above is Freehold, except 42 Acres, which are Copyhold of Inheritance, fin Certain. Also 17 Acres, more or less, of excellent ol. l SWARD, lying in GUYHlRN FIELD, and con tiguous to tnfe above Copyhold, of the Manor Visbi'ch Rectory, fine Arbitrary. The HUOVC Farm is in a good State of Cultivation lies well r> r Occupation, and is divided into con. venient Allotments. The Wholj is now in th? Tenure of Mr. Jeremiah Grounds, under a Lease, four Years and a Half ot which are unexpired at Michaelmis next. Haifthe Purchase- Vloney mav remain on Mortgage. The Farm may be view.- d by Leave of the Tenant awl Proposals for purchasing to be addressed. Post | » id, or, or before ttie 6th of September next, t GEORGE BULLER, Esq, Barnwell, near Cambridge or Mr. JAMES ANBERTON, Anorney- at- Law, Kim. bolton, Hunts, where Plans of the Estate may b, and of whom, and of Messrs. BELLAMY, seen. Gi sai ISTONI, & BELLAMY, Attornies, Wisbech^ and Mr. PIIRSON, General Agent, Kimbolton, irther Particulars inav be had. 20! lo !)<• SOLI) hy AUCTION, At the Dolphin Inn, in the Town of Northa- npion, on Friday the Wth Dav of August instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Con- ditions of Sale as will be then produced, The following Fit behold ESTATES, in Lots : — Lot 1. ' PWD Closes of rich Meadow Land, 1 ,- » ith Stables, Hovels, and Lofts, in ST JAMES'S. END, iu the Parish of DUSTON, near rhe Green M iu, now iu the Occuparioy of Mr. John ( Villi;, containing together 7 A. 2R. UP. Lot 2. \ Close or Orchard, with a Stable therein, now in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Edwards, and t wo Messuages or Tenements, with a large Barn and .' able, in th ! several Occupations of Joseph Parsons. Hlo: 11.1s WiUon, and Brown, or their Under- tenants, situate at the Lower End of HOHSE SHOE LANE, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON. Lot 3. Range of Tenements, with a Barn and Garden Ground, called the Court Yaid, situate in HORSE SHOI- I. ANI aforesaid, in the several Occu- laiions ot Ward, Howard, Ga- nage, Davis, Collier, Callis, Howard, and Wyait. Lot 4. A Messuage, situate on the South Side of GOLD- STREET, in NO R THAM P TON, in the Occu. tmii ot — Far: in j comprising two Ro > ms on the Gmund Hoor, two Chambers, two Allies, Brew, house, ami Sh d. good Cellars, paved Yard, and Pumo i> - tli good VVater. The Estates mav be viewed by applying to the re speuive TENANTS; and for further Particulars . nquire of Messrs SMYTH, Solicitors, or Mr. JOHN VORKS, Auctioneer, iji Northampton. \ 3 0 3 0 3 0 Coihyhold Fstalc, Winslow, Backs. To he S O L I) bv A TJ CTIO N, By SAMUEL DUDLEY, On Monday the 23d Day of August, 1813, at Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Bull, in Winslow, V LL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, r\ situate in WINS LOW aforesaid; consisting of a Kitchen, Sitting Room, and VVork Shop on the Ground Floor, three Bed Chambers, a Wash- House, . nid Cellar; Barn of two Bays, small Garden, and Yard; a Well ot excellent Water, with a small Cottage adjoining theiete, the Whole of which will be sold in one Lot. The Piemlses are in the Occupation of Mr, John King, ( late Mr. Chirles King, Whitesmith), Copy- hold of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Winslow, subject to a small Quii Rent and a Heriot on Death. Fines on Alienation or Death are certain and very low. Possession will be givon a » Michaelmas next. For further Particulars, apply totlit AUCTIONEER, W inslow. STONY- STLI \ TFOILL), URCKS. A Capital Residence, itit ft. five Acres of uncom- monly rich. Meadow Land, Freehold, ' lithe- free and Land- Tax redeemed, with immediut- e Pos- session, if required% or at Michaelmas next, To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JO US' DAYS, SOX, In one Lot, on Thursday the 19ih of August, 1813 at the Cock Inn, in Stony- Stratford aforesaid between the Hours of Five and Seven o'Clock, subject to such Conditions ot sale as shall be then and there produced, \ Modern substantial!. Stone- built, tiled, slated " V and sashed HOUSE.' witfi 1' RE VIISES belong, ing thereto, situate in the I Ii CH- STREEI, late in the Occupation ot Mr. Edw. Worley, Solicitor; com- prising, on the Ground Floor, an Entrance Hall, two oomy Parlours in Front, large and convenient Kit- chen, Larder and . Pantries,, with Wiiw and Reel- Cellars, Brewhouse, Wood and Coal Bam, the Whole communicating with the Dwelling, and very convenient, with a Pump and Well of excellent Spring Water, never known to fail in the dr. yest Sea on; on the first Floor three commodious Bed- Chambers j on the second Floor two Ditto, with Attics over thc same ; a large Yard, with two Stables for 14 Horses, Coach or Chaise- House, a very capital Stone and Tile. built Barn, ceiled; with one of the Stables adjoin ng the same, are well adapted tor Store- Houses, Granaries, Malting, Sec ; al. so two excellent walled Gardens, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, in full bearing ; adjoining to the Premises, and to be included ill the Lot, are two Closes of Rich Meadow Land, containing five Acres, " well fenced with fine thriving Hedges, and good Water to each. The above is a desirable Residence for a genteel Familv, or for carrying on a considerable Trade, Manufactory, or any Business that tequires Room. May be viewed by applying to Mr, SMITH, the Proprietor, adjoining the (' remises; ot whom further Particulars may be known; and also of the AUC- TIONEERS, in Stoat- Stratford. W VRWrCK- Sl'tlRE. i imt desirable Freeh , It Residence, and about Jive Acres of' excellent Pasture Land, wilh Pos- session at Michaelmas next, To be SOLO by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ Most desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, fitted up with great " aste and Neatness, rrost eligibly situate at SOUM XM, in the County of Warwick ; comprising Breakfast, Dining, and Drawing Rooms, commodious Kitchen, Larder, excellent cool W^ ne • and Baer Cellerage; several principal Bed Room , besides Servants' Rooms; detached is a convenient Laundry, Stable, and other suitable Appendages, Yard. Garden well stocked and tastefully laid out. together with an inclosed Allotment otexceedingly rich Pasture Land adjoining, most abundantly supplied with Fruit and ornamental frees; and, together also with one other inclosed Allotment of equally rich Pasture Land, commonly called or known by th.- Name of the Town Land", which said two several Allotments contain by Esti- mation, five Acres or thereabouts ( more or less), and, together with tiie House, Garden, and Out- otfices; ire row in the Occupation of Mr. Poole, Solicitor, whois removing to Keuilworth. Tin Situation ot the Property is particularly inviting, being happily placed in the midst of a social and highly respectable Neighbourhood, distant only five Miles from that distinguished and much fre- quented Watering Place LKAMINOTON, and pos- sessing tnoreover the Advantage ot being situate witbineasy Distances of several Packs of Hounds. The Premises ate in excellent Repair, aad the Whole presents a most desirable Residence tor a gentetl Family. N, B The Household. Furniture and Fixtures may be taken, or not, upon a fair Valuation, at the Option of the Purchaser. For further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. WARDLI, Solicitor, in Daventrv. Kimholtou Agricultural Society. LIST of the PREMIUMS offered for the Annual Meeting, which is fixed to be held ai he White Lion 1 no, in KIMBOLTON, on the tirst Tues- day in June, 1814. PREMIUMS. £. s. d. For the best Ram Lambhog 3 For the best Pen ot five Ewe Lambhogs which shall have been ted on Grass, Tur- nips, Coleseed, and other Green Food and Flay only 3 For the best Pen of five Wether Lambhogs, dilto 3 For the best Two- vear- old Wether, ditto .. 3 For the best Pen of five Ewe Lambhogs, ted on G rass and Hay onl y 3 Fortliebest Pen of five Two- year- old Wethers, ditto 3 3 0 For the best liull, not exceeding 18 Months oid 3 3 0 For the best Heifer, not exceeding 18 Months old 3 3 0 For the best Boar, notexceeditig 18 Months old 2 2 0 No Stock to be shewed tor any Premiums unless Notice in writing thereof be given to Mr Day, the Secretary, at least one Day previous to the Annual Meeting— fhe Cattle to be penned as usual, and ready to be shewn by Eleven o'Clock.— The Pre miums will be given to such Owners of Cattle as were the Breeders thereof only, of which, as well as of the Ages, satisfactory Proof must be given to the Committee — The Sheep to be produced for Inspection in their Wool: and the Committee, in determining the Premiums, to take the Wool as well as the Carcase intG Consideration. — No Animal to receive two Premiums from this Society ; nor any Person to receive the Premiums for the Best or second Best of th - same Class. fo tire best Sheep sheuer 2 2 0 Second- best Ditto 1 1 0 Third- best Ditto 0 10 6 ( J3" Each Shepherd to shear two Sheep, to be ap- pointed by the Committee, and the Shepherds of Memoer* of this Association to have the Pre- ference.— If more than eight Candidates to draw Lots —-\ nv Person having obtained til? first Prize not to be again entitled to another Prize for three Years afterwards, or h iving obtained the second, for two Years afterwards, To the Labourer in Husbandry who shall have brought up, or be then biinging up, the largest Family without parochial As- sistance Ditto next largest Ditto.,. To the Labourer in Husbandry who shall have worked the longest Time with one Master or Mistress, or on the same Farm Ditto next longest Difro To the Male Servant in Husbandry who shall have lived the longest Time with one Mas- ter or Mistress, or on thessame Farm ... Ditto next longest Ditto To the Female Servant in husbandry who shall have lived the longest Time vmh one Master or M [ stress, or'on the^ ame Farm . Ditto next longest Ditto ' The Candidates for Premiums to Sheep- Shearers Labourers, and Servants, to deliver their Certificates to Mr. Dav, at the White, Liois Inn, in Kimholton by Ten o'CIock in the Morning of the Annual Mee ing, as no Certificate will be received afier that Hour, nor in respect of any Servitude of less than seven Years' Duration.— The Premiums to Labourers to be determined under the sam? Rules and Regula tions as in former Years; one of which is, that these Premiums and the Premiums to Sheep- Shearers, are only given in such Parishes as some Member ot this Society owns oi occupies Property. The Society to assemble at tbe White- lion Inn, in Kinibolton, on rhe Morning of the Annual Meeting, at Ten o'Clock.— The Committee for determining the Premiums to be appointed at Eleven, and tbe Shew to take Place precisely at. Twelve o'Clock. By Order'o'f the Society, WM. DAY, Treasurer and Secretary. Sr. Neots, 131.1. KRtrE. tiNO DISPf'. N- sA RY. rill-'. Annual Meeting of the Governor- of the K. K I'T Kit IMG DISPENSARY will ^ e hnlden at thf WHITE HAIIT INN, on T. ucj- OAY next the 17ih Instant, at T « « o'clock. By Or. tr,-. J. HOGG, Secretary. Kettering, August IQth, 1813. Till-: Holders of CASH NO I lis, issued by thi » Int.- Finn of J VMl'. S and JOSF. PIf RlCKF. TT, ofOvxoLB, Hankers which way Dissolved nn the Thirtieth Dav of November last, nay receive ilie fall Amount of the said Noies, on \ pplirntion to Mr. James Itifketl, of Cotterstock, near Oundle. August 10 th. 1813. WHEREAS - i is awarded at a Commission of Bankrupt anil issued forth against JOSE PU IlICKKTT, late of OtINBi. K, in the Countv of orthampton, Banker, Dealer and Chapman," and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required o surrender himself to the Commissioners in tha aid Commission named, or the major Part « f them, in the Twenty- sixth and Twentv- seventh Days of \ u£ int instant, and the Twenty- first Day of Sep- tember next, at the Swan Inn, in Oundle aforesaid, it F^ leven in the Forenoon on each Dav, and in. ike full Discovery and Disclosure nf his Kstate and Efl'ects; vchen and where the Creditors are lo como prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting lo choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting • he said Bankrupt is required to finish bis F. xami- ation, and the Creditors are lo assent to, or dissent Vnm ihe Allowance of his Orlificafe. All Per- son- indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same hut lo whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give Notice to Mr. Barber, Gray's Inn, London, Mr. Balderston, Solicitor, Oundle. August 6th, 1813. 3 0 2 0 3 0 2 0 On Monday pext, August 16, wilt be publish d by R. Ackkrvavh. 101, Strand, aud may be had of all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom, O IX POEMS, illustrative of as many Engravings ^ from elegant Designs made by Her Royal Highness the Princes* Elizabeth, and dedicated with Permission, to her Majesty the Queen. IVnt at ( he , Shakespeare Presj. Royal Quarto, Price 24s. in extra Hoards. QUINTON INCLOSURE. VTOTICK is hereby given, That in the next Session of Parliament, Applicalisn will be made to the Honourable House ofCommnti » of the United Kingdom of Greal- Britain and Ire- land, fur Leave lo bring in a Bill tn obtain an Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing Ihe open and common Fields, common . Meadows, common Pas- tures, and other commonable Lands, and Waste Grounds, of and within the Manor and Parish of QUINTOV, in the County of Northampton, and for extinguishing the Tithes thereof, and uf all t'ae * ld Inclosures within the same Parish. C. & W. T. SMYTH, Northampton. August, 1813. Association for the Relief of the Manufacturing and Labouring Poor. COMMIT! EE. His Royal Highness the Duke If Kent. His Rinal Highness the Duke of Sussex. Hi< Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge. His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. His t. rice the Duke ot Rutland. Right Hon. the Earl of Winchilsea. Right Hon, Lord Calthorpe. Right Hon. l ord Rolle. Wight Hon. Lord Teignmouth. Right Hon. the Lord Mayor. Right Hon. the Chancellor of the Excheiuet. Right Hon. J C. Villiers. Sir Thomas Baring, Bart, M. P. Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. Sir M. Cholineley, Bart. Wm. AL xander, Esq. William Allen, Esq. F. R. S. Thomas Bahington, Esq. M. 1'. Henry Brougham, Esq. Andrew Hurt, Esq. " ~ ~ ' • M. P. Aid. M. P. army Lcc Woods, in the Parish of Quainton, Rucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Messrs. BERRY S; HAYWARD, At the King's Head Inn, Aylesbury, an Saturday the 2Sth Day of August, 1813, at Two o'Clock, \ Very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at LEI, in the Parish of QUAINTON,. Bucks, e'ght Miles from Aylesbury, eight trom Bicester, and six from Winslow, called Great and Little Lee Wood; comprising 170 Acte-, or thereabouts, of useful Arable, and about eight Acres of Meadow Land, in a good State of Cultivation, lett to respectable Tenants on Terms which will expire at Michaelmas in the Year 1817, at Rents, which it is presumed, will double at that Time, and subject to the Payment ot One Ilundicd Pounds a Year ( payable quarterly) clear, arid without any Deduction whatever, during the Life. Time of a Gentleman aged 49 Years on the 23d of September last. Particulars will be immediately prepared for Deli, very at the Inns in the Neighbourhood ; and further 1 nformation had by Application to Mr. Ros", Soli- citor, or Me- srs. BERRY Se HAVWARD, General Agents, Aylesbury. Growing Crops of Com. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHS DAY SF SON, OH Monday the 23d Day of August, 1813, and fol lowing Dav it necessary, in Lots, on the Premises of Mr. H OR WOOD, io TU R W ESTON FIELD, near Brackley. in tile County of Northampton, who is leaving the Farm, I7IFTY- ONE Ridges of WHEAT, .. I- 40 Ditto of BEANS, 3d Ditto of BARLEY, 74 Ditto of OATS. The Straw to be taken off" the Premises, and Credit will be given on approved Security. Th - Company is requested to meet at Ten o'Clock at Mr. Horwood's House, in Turweston aforesaid, and proceed to Sale. Catalogues may be had six Days before Sale, at the Inns, in Brackley, and of Mr. Horwood aforesaid. Huntingdonshire. — Borough if tjuilnumclitsler, about a Mile from Huntingdon. Valuable Freehold Folates, in Lund arid Houses, free from great and small Tithes, Part with Land- Tax redeemed; with early Possession. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By PETER COXE Co. At the Fountain Inn, Huntingdon, on Saturday the Ssthsf August, 1JJI3, at Five o'Clock in the Af- ternoon, in nine Lot*, by Order of the Assignees, TMIF, valuable and highly improvable FREEHOLD 3 ESTATES of Mr. JOHN WRIGHT; com- prising a neat and well fi tted Residence in perfect Order, occupied by Mr. Wright, with Court. Yard, Garden, Orchard, and various Out- buildings; a House, divided into three Tenements, with Yard Stabling, & c. adjoining; a Farm- House, with large Yard and numerous Out- buildings, Garden, and Orchard, occupying about two Acres, at Duck- End ; another Orchard of about an Acre, at a short Distance; twenty Acies of productive Aiable Land, at BASS- CROFI; and fortv Acres at KING'S- BUSH; Part near, and the Remainder adjoining the London Road, with a Plantation of young Trees at the Boundaries ; two Houses, with Gardens, Farm- Yards, and Buildings, in POST. STREF. T, in the Occupation of Mr. Blake and Mrs. Wright, Tenants at Will; a desirable Re- sidence fot a moderate sized Family, at the Entrance of the. Roid to Cambridge, recently put into Repair, with Yards, a Variety of Out- buildings, Dovecot, Gardens, Orchard, Paddocks, and valuable Grove ot about 1,503 young Trees, containing about five Acres, of vybich immediate Possession may be had ; also lti Acres of Arable Land, at HOLM- HILL, on Lease to Mr. Blake, about six Years unexpired, and a Con- tract for the Purchase of nine Acres and a Halt, ad. joining, in Hand. There is a Right of Common to the several Houses, in the Whole tor- 12 Cows. May he viewed fourteen Days preceding the Sale; and Patticulars had of Messrs. Sweet & Stokes, So- licitors, No._ 5, Basinghall- Street, London; of Mr Henry Sweeting, Jun. Solicitor, Huntingdon; at the Bull, Rovston; Angel, Northampton; Angal, 1' e terborough; Lamb, Ely; Biack Hull, Cambridge; at the Place of Sale; and of Messrs. Coxe & Co. Mad- dox- Street, Flanover- Square, and 33, Tlwogmorton- Street, London. On Monday next. August IB, will be published, pOETIC SKETCHES of SCARBOROUGH; I written to accompany a Series of Tsveuty- one humorous Designs, made daring a Visit there lost Season i descriptive nf the Customs and A. tnnsernenls ofihat fashionable Watering- Place. The Designs by T. GRKEN, and etched by T. ROWIUDJOS. The Poetic Sketches ure illustrative nf the coloured Plales, and written hy various Gentleman. Printed on large Royal Octavo, for R. ACKKRMANN, 101, Strand ; and to be had « f all the Bouksellers, Price 21s. Fo Plumbers and Glaziers. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By IV. r MARTIN. On the Premises of Mr. JOHN PERKS, PLUMBER and GLAZIER, of BRACKLEY, Northampton- shire, a Bankrupt, on Tuesday the 17th Day ot Augusi, 1SI3, ALL the capital STOCK in TRADE, W> RK- 1 NG TOO LS, HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other Effects,— Sate to commence at Ten o'Clock. Catalogues may be had in due Tune ot the Auc- tioneer, Bracklev. To To be Peremptorily SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chan- cery, made in a Cause, Williams against Travers, with the Approbation of Robert Steele, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the George Inn, in Northampton, on Monday the 4th Day of October, 1813, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, IN rivs COTS, rpHF, MANOR of VVESTON- FAVELL, in I- the County of Northampton, and the Quit Rents, Royalties, and Privileges belonging thereto. — Also several FREEHOLD FARMS and ESTATES, together with a PUBLIC- HOUSE, known by the Sign nf the TRUMPET, all situate at WESTON- FAVELI. aforesaid, late the Property of Mrs ELIZABETH ELLEN F. KINS, deceased. Printed Particulars may be had ( gratis) at the Masters Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London; at the OHlces of Mr. Wi i.( i NSON. Solicitor, Southampton- Street, Blooms- bury, where a Map of the Estate may be seen ; of Vlessrs. PEARSON, Solicitors, Pump Court, Temple ; Mr. AYRTON, Solicitor, No. 15, G ray's 1 nn Square ; CHRISTOPHER SMV TH, Esq. Northampton; and I JOHM B.\ M « IR KOSSSLLJ Esq. Beaminster, Dorset. A Impropriate Rectory of Floore. be SO I, D bv A UCT I O N, By Messrs. DA Y & SON, At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, in Daventry, on Wednesday the25th Day of August instant, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, Capital LEASEHOLD ESTATE, being the IMPROPRIATE K ECTO RY of FLOORE, in the County of Northampton ; consisting of a substantial Stone- built Dwelling- House, fit tor the Residence of a Family of Respectability, with an exceedingly good Homestead and rich Meailow ad. joining, containing upwards uf three Acres, near the Churchin the Village ot Floore; and of a Farm- House, with large Barns, Stables, and Fatm. Build- ings, and lf » 9 Acres and upwards, of uncommonly rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in a Ring Fence, in the nerv Inclosnre of Ftoore, held for the Remainder ot a Term of 21 Years from the 5th Day of April, 1812, renewable according to the Custom of Church Leases. Apply to Mr. BURTON, Attorney, in Daventry or Messrs. KINDERHY. LONG, antl AU » TEN, Soli, citors, Gray's Inn, London ; at whose Offices Plans and descriptive Particulars of the Estate are ief Printed f'rticulars may also be had at tiie George and Angel, Northampton; White Horse, Towcester Wheat Sheaf, and Saracen's Head, Daventry \ King' Head, Coventry ; Black Swan, Warwick ; and the C » ck Inn, and of the Auctioneers,. Stony- Stratford. Northamptonshire Freehold Farm. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, The latter End ol the Month of August, ifnot before Sold bv Private Contract. AValuable KSTATE; consisting of 135 Acres of Arable and Pasture Land, situate at DEN- TON, and Five Acres iu BARTON MEADOW, with suitable Farm House and Buildings. Further Particulars will appear in a Imture Paper, and may be known by Application to Mr. GARIAUD, Solicitor, Olney, Hirts. — Capital Freehold Estates, Mansion, Co- tages, Warren, Farms, and I. and, Trout- Stream, and an dtd- established Inn, at Welyn, ' lwenty- Jl Miles from London. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, % Mr. ROMAS, At Garraway's, London, on Thursday, September 9 at Twelve, in Three Lots, A Highly improvable FREEHOLD ESTATE tV comprising upwards of Five Hundred and Fifty Acres of rich Meadow, Warien, Pasture, . Aiable, and fine thriving Wood Lands, situate in the most beautiful and fertile 1' ait of the County ot Hertford. The capital MANSION, LOCKLEY- HOUSE, with Offices, Coach- House, Stables, Gardens, and' Pleasure Grounds, a fine Trout Stream running through a Part of the Grounds ; Farm Yard, and Buildings ; and a Farm Yaid aod Buildings iu the Townot Welwyn, Tne WHITE HART, at WELWYN, an old- established well- known Inn, with excellent Offices roomy Yard, Stabling, Gardens, Sec. A compact Residence, wiih Gatdea, and about an Acre of Land, at the North Extremity of the Town of Welwy n, let on a long Lease. A neat Cottige and Butcher's Shop, with Garden and Meadow Land, the whole lying compact, Th? principil Part ot the Land is in Hand ; the Mansion and tie Remainder of the Land on Lease, ot which three Yiars ate unexpired at Michaelmas next On Paris ol the I. and are very eligible Sites for Building, txclllent Neighbourhood, and good Road in all Directiois; four Miles trom Hatfield, seven from Hertford and twenty- five from London. May be viewed, by applying to Mr. ASSAHAM BATTEN, Weiryti, or THOMAS ROSE, at the Warren House, of whmi Particulars may be had, and at the White Hart; t the Swan, Stevenage ; White Horse Raldock; Wodpack, St. Albans; Sugar Loaf, Dun stable; Salisbirv Arms, Hatfield; liell, Hertford Green Mao, md Red Lion, Barnet; of Messrs BROW* Se FISHER, Solicitors, Ratiibone- Place Messrs. LON'MORS Se SON, Solicitors, Hackney, at GARRAWAT'S; and of Mr, ROBINS, Warwick- Street, Goldei, Square, I. andsn, where a Plan of the Estate ma bssesu. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, At the Sign of the Rose and Crown, in Aldwinckle, near Thrapston, Northamptonshire, on Wednesday the 18th Day of August, 1813, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, IN THREE LOTS, Lot 1. A FREEHOLB MESSUAGE or TENE- Xi. M¥. NT, with an useful Garden, and Out- houses thereto belonging, situate at ALD- WINCKLE aforesaid, and in the Occupation ot Widow Ward. - Lot 2. A FREEHOLD MESSUACE or TENE- MENT, with a Garden and other Appurtenances thereto belonging, in ALDWINCKLE aforesaid, and in the Occupation ot John Stretton. Lot 3. A CLOSE of exceedingly rich SWARD GROUND, in Al. DWINCKLF; aforesaid, con taining ab,; ut five Acres, in the Occupation ot ti e said John Stretton. May be viewed in the mean Time, by applying to the TENANTS, and further Patticulars l; ad of the AUCTIONEER, Thrapston. Gentetl Residence, Huntingdonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. PIERSON, At the White Lion Inn, in Kimbolton, on Friday the 3d Day ot September, 1813, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, \ Very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE; con- sisting of a substantially Brick- built Residence, Garden, and Orchard, pleasantly situated at STONE I. Y, in the Parish of KIMBOLTON. The, House is completely adapted for the Accommodation and fit for the Reception ot a respectable Family, in exc- llent Repair, and contains on the Ground Floor roomy Entrance 36 Feet long, with handsome Stair- case, two Parlours- in Front, 14J Feet by 13J ; spacious Hall, 15 Feet by 14J ; Butler's Pantry, China and other Closets; Kitchen, 22 Feet by 12, with Pump of excellent Water; Oven, Brewing and Washing Coppers, convenient Cellars, and Dairy. On the first Floor, Landing- place, 18 Feet by 14; two Bed- Rooms in Front, li Feet by 13J, with small Dress- ing- rooms attached; Bed- Rom, loi Feet by 14; Mail- Servants' Room, Fruit- Chamber, and conve- nient Store- Closets. On the Attic, Landing21 Feet by 7, one Bed- Room, 16 Feet by 10, and two Bed- Rooms, 18 Feet by 94- — Detached at a convenient Distance from the House, is a large boarded and tiled Building, 37 Feet by 15, capable of being converted into Stablingat a small Expense.— The Garden, which is about HO Feet by 100, in Front of the House, is tastefully laid out in Compaitmen's, intersected by Gravel Walks, with handsome Giass Plat, and planted with the choicest Flowers, Shrubs, and Fruit frees, in the most complete Order; and the Orchard on the Back Front v( ell planted with young Trees, selected with the greatest Care. This convenient Residence has been built within a few Years, is delightfully situated at a convenient Distance from the Turnpike- Road, and within a plea- sant Walk ot about a Quarter of a Nlileot the Market Town of Kimbolton, commanding a most beautiful Prospect over the adjoining G roui. ds and Plantations, belonging to his Grace the Duke of Manchester.— The Purchaser may be accommodated with three or four Acres of old rich inclosed Pasture lying very contiguous. For further Particulars, or a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. PIERSON, General Agent, Kimbolton, who is authorised to treat tor the same by Private Contract. H. C. Combe, Esq. John Egerton, Esq. Joseph Fox, Esq. William Hale, L, q Henry Hoare, Esq. W. H. Hoare, Esq. • i Christopher Idle, Esq. M. P, Z. Macaulay, Esq. Samuel Mills, Esq. * John Mortlock, Esq. Thomas Pellatt, Esq. Thomas Pemberton, Esq. Richard Phillips, Esq. William Phillips, Esq. Joseph Rejner, Erq. T. Rowcroft, Esq. J. D. Thompson, Esq. Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P. J. Weyland, Jun Esq. Samuel Whitbread, Esq. M. P. W. Wilberlorce, Esq. M. P. TREASURER, Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P. Bartholomew La& e. SKCRF TAR Y . W. G. Caiter, Esq. Temple Chambers, Fleet- Street, London. Freemasons' Tavern, London August 4, 181& ' V a Meeting of the Committee of this ^ JE Institution, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE F A it r. OF WIVCIIILSEA, in tile Chair, the following ADDRESS was approved, and ordered to be printed ;— The Committee nf the Association for the Relief nf Ihe Manufacturing and Labouring Poor feel It their Duty most earnestly aud respect- fully to call tiie Attention ot the Public to the important Object of their Institution. The Extent of Misery already relieved, and of Assistance afforded to Thousands of industrious and distressed Families, holds out the most grati- fying Encouragement lo nil who are willing to co- operate in ihe benevolent Purpose of this Association. The particular Measure which the Committer would at present recommend, is the Forui uion of Local Auxiliary Associations ( especially through- out the distressed Districts) for ihe Purchase and Distribution of Fish. It may be beneficial lo make it known, tlat fhe General Association isalwavs ready to give Assist- ance ( as far as it can), and likewise to afford any Information w liich has been derived from its Kxpe^ rience. to any Places from whence Applications may come ad Ires- ed to the Secretary. In Cases in the Country where the Distress has been so general, and tile Neighbourhood so poar. iliat Participation in the Bounty of the Association in London was necessary, il lias been afforde I j and, besides giving immediate Relief, it ha frequently encouraged the mast beneficial local Arrangements. In other Cases it has been sufficient merely to send Quantities nf Fish ( o he sold on the Terms of the Association, ( viz. Twopenc^ per Pnund indepen- dent of Carriage.) with Directions for discharging the F'ish of the Salt used, and for dressing it : and for this latter Mode of Assistance no greater local Subscription is necessary Iban merely to pay the Charges of Correspondence, Carriage, and Distri- bution. or any casual Los.; which is not probable. In Addition to their other Measures for ihe direct Relief of the distressed, the Committee are attempt- ing to cause Fresh Fish of various Sorts tn he sup- plied to some Manufacturing Towns in the Centre of the Kingdom, and expect that Ihe Fish may he sold at more than a Third under the Price of Butcher's Meat; hoping thereby as well'to increase general Plenty, as to a< sist ihe middle Orders, on whom ( he poor Manufacturer in many Cases de- pends, and rvliose Situation is justly entitled to every liberal Assistance and Consideration. fi will be gratifying to llie Public to kno* v that the Plan is founded upon a Principle peculiarly en- couraging and beneficial to the Fishermen, securing to ihein a moderate Compensation for their Labour, whatever may be ( lie Abundance of the Markft where ihe Fish is landed. If Ihe Circumstances which led to the Formalinn of ihis Association; if the hard Case and pressing Wants of tile industrious Manufacturer and hi] help- less Famil y in the unavoidable Suspensions and Stop-, pages of Trade ; if ihe Wish to rescue our Country from Dependence on Foreigners, even for Subsist- ence, are . Motives which every humane and pairioti* Heart will willingly acknowledge, it is presomed that the Proposal to increase the Number already formed of Local Auxiliary Associations will meet with general Concurrence ; and that Ihn. e who do not feel themselves called upon to take any more active Part in their own immediate Neighbour- hood, will favour Ihe General Association with such pecuniary Assistance as mav enable it to coniinue its useful nnd benevolent Exertions, Local benevolent lu- titmions are informed, that the Association has now an ample Supplv of Salt Cod, " faneirellent Quality, which Ihey i* ay pur- chase in any Quantity, not less than one Ton. m the prime Cost of ^ 18 per Ton, exclusive of Package and Carriage, on applying, by Letter, to I be Secretary. Subscriptions are earnestly solicited, and continue to be received at Ihe following Bankerj in London: Messrs. Birch ft Chambers; Bosanquet & Co ; Coutlj 4 Co ; Down, Thornton, & Free ; Drum- monds & Co ; Hammerslers & Co.; Hankey & Co; Houre A Co ; Morland, Ransom, Sc Co ; Pinions, Cnckerell, Trail, St Co.; Srnilti, Payne, & Sipilli t and tiuy Correspondence may be addressed to W. G. Carter, Tcwple Cbwnbert, Plcpt. . Street, Loadno, MR. PRETTY ( Dhwrirg Master to Rugby School), respectfully informs ihe Nnhilitv and Gentrv that he has commenced his INSTRUC- TIONS in DRA WING.— Terms mav he known fcy Application to Mr, ABEL, Bookseller, Market- place, Northampton. Scnooi. s attended on Ihe usual Terms, Northampton, Aug. Id, 18) 3. Choice Collection of Gooseberry 1' lants for Sale. THE Nobility'j Clergy, and Public in genera1 are rrspeciftilly informed, that they ma\ he supplied with, any Quantity of choice GOOSF'- BF. RIIY PLANTS, tw » ' Years old, among' which are several different Sorts of Rough Red » , o the finest Flavour, both for the Table nnd preserv- ing, and are excellent Bearers, bv applying to Mr THOS. IIARTUP, NORTH AMPTIJN, who is ap pointed to sell the same at 10s. 6s. per Dozen.— Any Person taking sir Dozen will have two Roots of the Regis Ferrara Tigrata given in, far exceeding iu Beauty the grandest Tulip. Orders for the above will he thankfully received and punctually executed. W1 CURATE. W\ NTED directly, or at Michaelmas next, A CUR ATE for two Parishes, about wo Mdes distant from each other, in the Cotintv nf Northampton and Neighbourhood of Higharn- Ferrrri. There is a good House and Garden, wi Fixtures, Graies, Kitchen Range, Ac.( good St ble and other delaraed Of- ficps, and kepi io go- Repair. It would suit a Gentleman with a Family • who is desirous of a permanent Situation. A small Quantity of Lund mav he had, if requested. For Particulars, direr! ( Post- paid) to A. M. at the George Inn, Thrapston. WANTED immediately, A Journeyman B\ KER.— One who understands his Busi- ness, nod is a steady Man — rNone ne « ' d apply that cannot bring a Character answering to ihe above. Apply lo \. MEE, Baker, Kettering, if hv Letter, Post- paid. NORTRT OJPTOV CI- ANI? ^ ASSUIIL FMIBAT, II. L be c. lebrated on WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, ihe 13th, 14th, and 15th of OCTOBER next, under the Direction of Mr. BARRETT, who has the Honour most re- spectfully to acquaint the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and the Pufilfc in general, and his numerous Friends n this Place, thai Madame CATALANI, llr. and Mrs. VAT.' GHAN. Mr, GOSS, Mr. KELLVRR. And Mr. BRAHAM, ARE ENRAGED AS PRINCIPAL SIKGERS. The Morning Performances will coosisl of TWO GRAND SELECTIONS, and the SACRED ORATORIO of the M ESSIA 11. iu the Church of ALL SAINTS: with GRAND CONCERTS in the Evenings, at the THEATRE. Among the Instrumental Performers already en- gaged are Dr. HAGUE, Professor of Mu. ie in fhe University of Cambridge; Messrs. LINOI. F. Y, ANFOSSI, GRIESBACH; HOLMES, SMIIITZ, ASIILEYS. MARSHALLS, JENKINSON, SZC. f urther Particulars in a future Paper. Northampton, July 22, 1813- This Vay vat putiUiei, Price U. . • CMlfe Till A L Of IIUFFIIAM alias HUFVF. Y '? WHITE, ROBERT KENDALL. andMARY HOW ES otherwise TAYLOR, arraigned at the late Assizes at NORTHAMPTON of Felonv in robbing, the Leeds Mail Coach on the 25th of October last; the two Former weie convicted and received Sentence of Death; and. tbe Latter, being an Accessary to the Felony after the Fact, was acquitted. Printed and published by Dicey, Sutton, & Smith. and mav be had of the Booksellers in North, mpton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Higham- Ferrers, Thrapstan, Oundle, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Newport- Pagnell, Towcester, Daventry, and Market Harborough : and also of the Newsmen who dis- ibutethis i'apei. ON SUK » AV, Auot- ST !' 8I; J. A SERMON will be preached in the Parish Church of OLNEV. Burks, forthe B- neftt of the SUNDAY SCHOOLS in that Place, by the Rev. LEGH RICHMOND, Rector nf Turvev, Beds. Service to begin at Three o'clock. MEDICAL BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. Northamptonshire Midland District. 4 DD1TIONAL Subscriptions nnd Donations. ' * C.. L. '.. trl spencer . Wm. Hanbnrt M Subs. 3 3 0 , P. .. 2 2 0 Dons. 31 10 0 10 10 0 WANTED immediately, A steady Youth of respectable Family, as an Apprentice Ion BUTCH PR.— \ Premium will he eiperted. Apply to RICH A RD W An WICK, Butcher, New- pnrt- Pagnell, Burks, if bv Letter. Post- paid. WANTED, A MAN to undertake the Management of a MALT- PIOUSF, for tlie ensuing Season.— None need applv but who can have the Character of a good Workman from his last Employer. Apply to GREGORY, ODEI. 1. OSBORK, WO- turn, Beds. VI/- ANTED immediately, A MAN~ or * " TWO to engage in making a Quantity of DRAINING TILES.' Enquire nf Mr. JAMES BAYES, Brick and Tile Manufactory, Kettering. A Quantity of Garden and Chimney Pots to be Sold.— Enquire as above. TO STONE- MASONS. WANTED immediately, at the I. itne- Kilns of Messrs. FISHER & SONS, Ches- terton, near Cambridge, A STON E- M ASON. f^ Apply as above. WANTED, in a large regular Family, where a K'trhenMaid is kept, A steady YOUNG WOMAN, who understands plain Cookery, and making Bread. Applv lo Mrs. HIGGINS, at the Hind Inn, " Wellingborough, FARMING MAN AND SHEPHERD. WANTED at Michaelmas next, A WORKING FOREMAN, or FARMING WAN. Au active MAN used to Business, aud the rare of Stock, a good Hovel- Builder and Sower. — Also, A SHEPHERD who understands his Business.— Married Men would he preferred, as " there are good Cottage*.— Undeniable Characters will be required. Apply to Mr. RUNOIMAN. near Woburn. \ T a Meeting of the Original Committee .: for effecting a Communication between the GRAND JUNCTION CANAL and N B W PORT- PAGNELL, , It was reported, that the Grand Junrtion Canal Company had d.- clined In form a Canal from Great- Linford to Newport- Pagnell; It was therefore resolved, that a Meeting nf the Proprietors of Lands, and of the Inhabitants of Newport- Pafnell and ils Vicinity, and all others disposed to support ihe aforesaid Measure, be forth with culled. Notice is accordingly hereby given, that such Meeting will be held at the Swan Inn at Newport- Pagnell, on Friday Ihe 20th Instant, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon. By Order of Ihe Committee, GEORGE COOCH, Solicitor. Young Castrel, anil others. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. HAGGER, n Tuesday the 17th of August, 1813, in the MAR- KBT- 1' LACE, HITCHIN, Herts, Sale to com- mence at Twelve o'Clock, Lot l. r| MI\ T beautiful bav Stallion, four ! Years old, YOUNG CASTREL, got by Mr. Hervey's Old Castrel; perfectly sound, very uiet for Riding, and his Stock is of stiperinrQuality Lot 2. A capital Cart Stallion, four Years old, O U NO ROG F. R, a very good Worker, full of Bone and Action, perfectly gentle, all over sound, and well known in his Rounds for Usefulness. Lot 3. A bay Blood Nag MARE, quiet in Har- ness, with a very excellent Foal at Foot, and warranted " n- foal by Young Valiant. ot 4.' A full- sized and handsome bay Nag HORSE, warranted quiet in Harness and sound, a very good goer; five Years old. Three Months' Credit will be given. DUNCHURCH I URNPIKE ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees appointed for putting into Execution the Act nf Parliament lately passed for more effectually repairing the Road from Dun- ehurch to Hillrnorton, In ihe County of Warwick, and from thence to St. James's End, in the Parish of Duston, in the County of Nnrthampton, will be bnlden at the House called the Fox AND HOVNDS, in HARLBSTON, ill the said County o Northampton, on MONDAY the 23d Day of ABCUST instant, precisely at Eleven of the Clock in Ihe Forenoon, for the Purpose of transacting Business relative to the said Road. By Order of the Trustees, WM. TR. SMYTH, Clerk August 13, ISI3. Capital Grazing Lund, Leicestershire. With Possession at Michaelmas next. To be SO L D by A U C HON; By Mr. CHENEY, At the Talbot Inn, in Weltord, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the2? tliofAu ust, 1813, between the Hours of Five and Seven o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to sach Conditions as will be then and there produced, A LL that capital FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE V GRAZING LAND, situate in the Parish ot HUSBAND'S . BOS WORTH, in the County of - eicester; consisting of a very good Farm- House ith Out- byildings, Home- Close, and three Closes adjoining, containing 44A. 2R. 20P. be the same more or less, late in the Possession of Mr. Jenkins. The Grand Union Canal runs up the Outside of the Estate. At the same Time will be Sold, A PEW, in the Parish Church of HUSBAND'S. BOSWORTH. To be viewed till the Sale : and Particulars may be known of Mr. CHENY, the Auctioneer, at Naseby, Northamptonshire. Vt/ ANTS a SITUA TION as BAILIFF, or WORKING MANAGER, A Middle- aged MAN, who is competently qualified to under- take the Management of a Farm, having a thorough Knowledge of his Business. Enquire of the Printers of this Paper, if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed to S. N. NOTICE is hereby given, That Appli- cation is intended to be made to Parliament in the next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut nr Canal, with proper Aqueducts, Tunnels, Feeders, Reser- voirs. Basins, Locks. Quays, Wharfs, Staiths, Warehouses, and other Works, from a certain Navigable Cut or Canal, called the GRAND JUNCTION CANAL, in the Parish of GREAT JLlNFORD, in the County nf Buckingham, to or near the Town of NEWPORT- P \ GN ELL, in the same County. GEORGE COOCH. Newport- Pagnell, \ 3th August, 1813. hive Stock, Crop of Oats, Iiay Stacks, and Grass Keeping, Kilsby, Northamptonshire, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EVW. NEALE <$• SON, On Friday, tbe 20th Day of August, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN GIBB1NS of KILSBV aforesaid, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon j CONSISTING of 10 well- bred Ewes, nine Lambs, three Dairy Cows, Hackney Mare, rising four Years old ; very good Narrow- wheel Cart, Iron Arms, with Gearing complete, lately new; Thiller's Tackle ; a Quantity ot Manure, about three Acres of oats, a very good Crop : two Ricks and a i ' StuRi- i of exceedingly good Hay, well gathered, and ' Way be taken off the Premises ; about nine Acres of Grass Keeping, three Acrcs of Aftermath until the • 21st Day ot December next. CAPITAL INN, And convenient and useful Closes adjoining the Town of Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, % Mr. KIRSHAW, On Monday the 23d of August, 1813, Lot 1. A LL that capital and old- established POSTING INN, the ANGEL, situated in Bat DOE- STREET, ia the Town of NORTH AMPToN ; consisting of four good Parlours in the Front, back Parlours, Bar and Bar Parlour, Kitchen Scullery, Pantries, Larders, Sec.. & c. ; excellent Sleeping- rooms, and large Dining- room, one Pair suitable Attics; Urge Yard, good Stables, Coach. Houses, Granaries, Sheds, and Soldiers' Rooms; con venient Wine, Spirit, and Ale Cellars, with every Requisite for a Business of Magnitude. A. Lot 2 consists, of a Piece ot Ground called the Ram Garden, situated in Scarlet- Well Lane, containing. ................ 0 Lot 3. A Close adjoining Scarlet- Well, containing I Lot 4 A Ditto Ditto 1 Lot 5. A Ditto 1 Lot 6. One Part of a Farm in the Occu- pation of Mr. John Dunkley, near Clack. Mill, which will be divided into two Closes 8 Lot7. Oi. s Ditto Ditto 8 Lot8'. One Ditto 8 Lot 9. One Part of a Meadow, called Barnes's Meadow, which will be divided, containing 3 Lot 10 O e Ditto Ditto 3 Lot 11. One Ditto Ditto 3 The above Closes are excellent Land, most con veniently situated near the Town ot NORTH AMPTON, will be sold subject to Conditions to be produced at the Time of Sale. For further Particulars, enquireof Mr. BURBIDGE Solicitor, Leicester; of Mr. JEYES, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, Peacock Inn, Northampton, at whose Olfices a Plan of the Estate and Subdivisions may be seen. 1 20 I Eligible Estate, Kilsby, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCI ION, By EDW. NF. ALE < V SOJSf, At the George inn, in Kilsby, on Tuesday the 23th Day of September, 1818, about Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions ot Sale then to , be produced, in the following Lots : — Lot 1. A LL that capital and substantial Stone CM. and Brick DWELLING- HOUSE; • comprising a roomy Kitchen, Hall, Parlour, and Grocer's Shop, Cellar, Pantry, and Dairy; five txcellc- t Bed- Rooms, and two large Attics, one capital Oak Stair- Case, and back Ditto ; a spacious Yard, containing a large Barn, Five- stall Stable, Cow. Sheds, with other suitable Out offices adjoining the Dwelling. House; together with an excellent Well of Water, a large and productive Garden, well planted with choice Wall Fruit and other Trees in full bearing, pleasantly situate in KI1. SBY aforesaid, and well adapted tor the Residence of a Gentleman, or any Person requiring Room, and now in the Occu nation of Mr. JOHN G. I « 3INS, the Proprietor. Lot 2. All that PIECE or PARCEL of exceed- ingly rich GRAZING LAND, situate near to the Town of KILSWY. and adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Kilsby to Lutterworth, and within 300 Yards of the George Inn, containing six Acies or thereabouts. Lot 3. All that other PIECE or PARCEL of exceedingly rich GRAZING LAND, adjoining Lot 2, containing six Acres or thereabouts. - Lot 4. All that PI E C E or PA R C E L ot exceed- ingly rich ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, adjoining Lot 3, containing six Acres or thereabouts. N. B. The above Estate is Copyhold of Inheritance, and the Lots of Land are well fenced and watered, and a Number of young thriving Timber Trees are grow ing ill the Hedgerows. Possession ot the W hole may be had at St. Thomas next. For a View of the Pieinises, apply, to Mr. JOHN GIBBINS, of Kilsby aforesaid ; and further Particulars may be had at the Offices of Messrs. CALDECOTT & BENN, Solicitors, Rugby. Genteel, neat, and modern Household- Furnitur To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, By Order of the'lj- xecutors of the late WILLIAM GIBSON, Esq. on the Premises in Bridge- Street. NORTHAMPTON, ( The Time of Sule will appear in a future Paper) A LL the valuable, neat, and genteel HOUSE / A HOLD. FURNITURE, PAINTINGS, & c of the said WM. GIBSON, Esq. deceased; conprisin Four- post Mahogany Feet Bedsteads, painted Cor nices; Field and other Bedsteads, excellent Feather Beds, Cranky Mattresses, fine large Blankets, Coun terpanes. Mahogany Wardrobes, double and single Chests of Drawers, Dining, Pembroke. Ca; d, Tea id Dressing- Tables, Bookcase, Bureaus, Nigh Tables, Wash- band. Stands, Chairs, Fire- Screens Sideboard and Cellaret, Knife- Cases, Counting House Desk, Ice. Brussels and other Carpets, Sta r Ditto, Curtains, with handsome Black and Gold Gilt Poles, Sun Shades ; China and Glass, Kitchen, Scullery,- and Brewing- Utensils in general; sweet Iron- bound Casks, with a Variety of genteel, neat and useful Effects, too numerous for an Advertisement Also to be L ETT, and entered upon hnmediately at Michaelmas next, Thatconvenient DWELLING- HOUSE, wi beautiful Gardens, in high Perfection, and well clothed Hot- House, Green- House, and every Con- venience suitable for a genteel Family, late t" Residence of the said Mr. Gibson. For further Particulars, enquire of iWr. JON or fhe AUCIIONIFR, Peacock Inn, Northampton. LEICESTERSHIRE. To be SOLO by AUCTION, flf not previously disposed of by Private Contract) On Saturday the 2d Day ot October, about Three o'Clock, at the Three Cranes Inn, Leicester, in Two or more Lots. AMost desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Lordshipof LODDINGTON, near the Turnpike- Road leading from Wansford and Upping- ham to Leicester ; consisting of One Hundred and Sixty Acres of superior Land, of which about 70 Acies lie detached trom the Rest, and may be pur chased separately. The Estate affords eligible Spots for Building, and would furnish Brick Earth and Timber. The Situation is an excellent one tor a Sportsman Hunting Box, being in the Centie ot the best Cover: of several celebrated Hunts ; and is equally well adapted for a Farmer or Grazier, the Land being very improvable, and the parochial Payments remarkably jow. — Possession inay be had at or about Michaelmas, if desired. , „ For further Particulars, and Reference for viewing IT'iPly at ihe Law Offices of Messrs. MILES, ALSTON MILES, Leicester, who are authorized to I'reat by J'tivatc Ceiittatu , Growing Crops of Wheat, Barley; Oats, and Beans. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By WM. RF. FSLEY, On the Premises, at AUTHOR P E, in the County of Northampton, on Mondav tile 23d Day of August, 1813, the Property ot Mr. P. JONES, Juo. * ' PWENTY- NINE Acres of WHEAT, in 6 Lots; Six Ditto of B A R LEY, in one Lot; Nine Ditto of O ATS, in one Lot ; Twenty- five Ditto of BEANS, in three Lots. Three Months' Credit will be given for the Wheat Crop, and four for the other Corn, on paying down a Deposit of 20 per Cent, and giving approved Security for the Remainder of the Purchase- Money. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer at the Stocking- Frame, Abthorpe, at Eleven o'Clock, at which Time the Sale will commence. - To be SOU) by AUCTION, By Mr. PIERSON, On Friday the 27th Day of August, 1813, at Three o'Clock, on the 1' remises. late in the Occupation of Mrs. ANN SMITH, Printer and Stationer, KIMBOLTON, VCapital larjre sized PRINTING PRESS, complete, with Chases, Friskets, & c. See. and a well chosen Collection of modern TYPES, together with every other requisite fora small Business. The above will he Sold without Reserve, under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. Valuable Freehold Estates, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. WOOD, Early in October next, 1813. unless disposed of by Private Contract, AGenteel RESIDENCE, situate in the Centre of DUNSTABLE; and two COT- TAGES, with Gardens, Orchard, and six Acres of rich old Sward Ground, at THORN, in the Parish of HOUGHTON. REGIS the Property sf the late Mrs. BUTTFIELD, deceased. May be viewed by applying to Mr. WM. FAMES, Houghton- Regis, who will treat for the same by Private Contract; also Mr. WOOD, Land Agent, Sec. Leighton- Buzzard. A1 Freehold Ijind, near Oundle, Northamptonshire, - With Possession at Michaelmas next. To be SOLD by AUCTION, RyMessrs. SKINNER, TOUCHING FORItMT, On Tuesday the 14th of September, 1813, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- House, ' Change. Ally, Cornhill, London, in one Lot : N ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Parishes of BENEFIF. LD and OUNDLE. in the County of Northampton ; consisting of WKB- STER'J CLOSE, containing THIRTY- SIX ACRES of fertile Pasture and Arable Land, and a Cotiage iy the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Jinks, at SIXTY- THREE POUNDS per Annum, but who has received Notice to quit at Michaelmas next. The Land- Tax is allowed. To be viewed ; and printed Particulars had at the Talbot, Oundle; George Inns, Thrapston and Stam- ford ; White Hart, Kettering; Hind, Welling- borough; Fountain, Huntingdon; of the Printers of this Paper; Mr. ROKINSON, Solicitor, Carey- Street, Lincoln's Inn, and of Messrs. SKINNER, TOUCHIN, & FORREST, Aldersgate- Street, London. Capital Growing Crops, To be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, By ROBERT FURZE, On Friday, the 20th Dav of August, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN STANTON, at NO KTH- CR. AWI. EY, Bucks, who is leaving the Farm, in the following Lots : Lot 1. 171VE Acres, more or less, of fine growing I Wheat, in Mill Field. 2 Four Ditto, ill Ditta. 3. Four Ditto, in Ditto. 4. Four Ditto, in Briar- Lane FieKl. 5. Four Ditto, in Ditto^ 6. Six Ditto ot good growing Beans, in Ditto. 7. Three Ditto ot Vetche", in Ditto. 8. Six Ditto of good Oats, in Foot. Path Field. 9. Five Ditto of Ditto, in Ditto, 10. Two Ditto ot Wheat, in Town Land. The Straw to he taken oil' the Premises. 11. Two Ditto of Oats, in Ditto, and the Straw to be taken off the Premises, N. B. The Purchasers will be accommodated with the Use of the Barns until Lady- Day, 1814, as the Straw on the first nine Lots must be spent on the Premises. Three Months' Credit will be given on approved joint Security. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer attheCastie, at North- Crawley, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, and from thence proceed to Sale, Valuable Rams, if the olu Leicestershire Breed, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By DAVIS 4- SON, On Friday, September 10th, 1813, on the Premises of Mr. MOSES MILLER, of SMEETON WESTERBY, near KIBWORTH. HARCOURT, Lei- cestershire, who is leaving his Farm ; CONSIST ING of 14 valuable Shearling llatns. 15 Two- shear Ditto, eight Three- shear Ditto, and five Four- shear Ditto t 14 capital Ram Lambs. The Whole aie in high Condition, and may be viewed any Day ( Sundays excepted) preceding the Sale. There requires no Comment on the above Stock Mr. Miller, having been a Ram Breeder upwards oi 30 Years, and in high Estimation for Rams of the old Leicestershire Breed, for producing Size, Wool, and Mutton, and such an Oppottunity may not olfrr again to the Grazier and Public. Also, a valuable Rasn Cart, with Partitions for holding five Rams, and four Lots ot rich Manure. Sais to begin in the Morning at Ten o'Clock. RIVER CHEIIWELL. Proposals for Contracts to cleanse the River between Nell Bridge and North- Aston Mill. ' IMIE Owners and Occupiers of Lands adjoining I the River from Nell Bridge to North- Aston Mill, being desirous that such Part of the said River should be SCOURED and CLEANSED in the most effectual Manner, and as soon as the Season will admit,— any Person or Persons wilting to contract for the due Performance of the same, so that the said Works may be completed on or before the 20th Day ot November next, are hereby desired to deliver in their Terms for completing the same, in Writing, at the Office of Messrs. Cnurchill, Field, Se Weston, of Deddington, Oxfordshire, on or before the 27th Day ot this instant August. And as some Parts ot the River will require more Labour and greater Ex- pense than other Parts thereof, the Proprietors have caused an exact Admeasurement to be made of the several Distances between the several and respective Properties, to tender it more easy and expeditious for the Persons willing to contract for the Completion of ihe said Works, to set forth in their Terms the Price > er Chsin ot 22 Yards, in the respective Distances lereinafter. stated ( finding all Materials and Working- Tools) for well and sufficiently paring down the Banks, taking off the projecting Parts, and removing the same, together with the Mad or Soil to the Banks thereof, in equal Quantities on each Side as near as can be, and at a sufficient Distance from the Rivet, to he safe from falling or sliding again into the same, and that no Part of the Paring ot the Banks or the Soil of the River shall be thrown into the deeper Parts of the Water, but shall be wholly removed to the Banks of Ihe River, to the Depth of four Feet and a Hall from the Level of the Surface of the Water, at a Medium Height between the high Water and low Water, except only where the Bed of the River is a Gravel, and where such Depth cannot be obtained. The respective Distances herein- before referred to. Chains Linh From Nell Bridge to the Navigation Bridge- Mr. Cartwright on Aynho Side, Rev. W. Woolston on Adderbury Side 38 40 From the Canal Bridge to Bear's Mouth— Mr. Cartwright on Aynho Side, Mr. Wilson on Adderbury Side 11 0 From Bear's Mouth to Mr. Baker's Estate— Mr. Cartwright on Aynho Side, Mr. W. East, on Clifton Side 48 0 The Length ot Mr. Baker's Estate— Mr. John Baker on Aynho Side, Sir H. W. Dashwood on Clifton Side 6 60 From Mr. Baker's Estate the Length of Mr. Gardner's Estate to Croughton Meadow— Mr. R. Gardner on Aynho Side, Mr. Samuel Churchill and Mr. Wm. Merry on Clifton Side 36 60 From the Noith Corner of Croughton Meadow to the North Cornet o. f Mr. Merry's Plan- tation— Mr. Fermor r„ i Aynho Side, Mr. S. Churchill on Clifton Side 6 20 The Length of Mr. Merry's Plantation by the the Low Shot— Mr. Wm. Merry on Aynho Side, Mr. S. Churchill on Clifton Side... 3 30 From the said Plantation to Clifton Mill— the Mill Dam wholly Mr. Merry 25 0 From Clifton Mill to Truckingham Corner, by Souldern Parish— Mr. Cartwrighton Aynho Side, Mr. Wm. Merry on Clifton Side 28 0 The OldCherwell or Backbrook from the Low Shot to Clifton Mill; the Banks to be well pared down. and the Soil to be wholly thrown out— Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Fermor on Aynho Side, and Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Wm. Merry on the Clifton Side 50 0 From Aynho Meadow to the North Corner of Mr. Wm. Merry's Allotment on the Soul- dern Side the River— Mr. Cox on Souldern Side, Mr. Merry on Clifton Side 6 40 The Length ot Mr. Merry's Allotment on the Souldera Side the River— Mr. Merry both Sides 13 0 From Mr. Merry's Allotment on the Souldern Side the River, to the Corner of Mr. Robert Kilbj's Allotment in Clifton— Mr. Cox on Souldern Side, Mr. Merry on Clifton Side rhe Breadth of Mr. Robert Kilby's Allotment — Mr. Cox on Souldern Side, Mr. Robert Kilby on Clifton Side 9 0 From the Corner of Mr. Robert KilDy's Al- lotment to the Division between Mr. Cox and Mr. Gough, in Souldern— Mr. Cox on Souldern Side, Mr. Cartwright on Clifton Side IT' 30 From the Division between Mr. Cox and Mr. Geugh, to the Division between Mr. Gough and the Navigation Company — Mr, Cough on Souldern Side, Mr. Cartwright on Clifton Side 31 30 From tbe Division between Mr. Gough and'the Navigation Company to the Endof Soulderu Parish— Navigation Company on Souldern Side, Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Samuel Churchill on Clifton Side 25 0 The whole Length in Friiwell Parish— Mr. Fermor on Fritwell Side, the Proprietors of Bertmoor Meadow on North- Aston Side... 27 60 The lemaining Length from Fritwell Palish to Noith- Aston Mill— Mr, Feimor and Mr. Bowles ou the Somerton Side, and Mr. Bowles and the Proprietors ot Bertmoor Meadow on the North- Aston Side 25 POSTSCRIPT. London, Friday, Aug. 13. 11HE Fai ley cutter, bv which vessel Marqu's Wellington's dispatches are understood to have been transmitted, has not yet reached this country; we are therefore unable to communicate the official particulars of the victory gained by his Lordship over Soult, on the 28th ult. - The fol- lowing is an extract of a letter from an Officer, dated off St. Sebastian's, 30th July :—" Au Officer from Lord Wellington has arrived. A severe action took place- on the. 2Bth, which lasted from half- past twelve to five. Soult assaulted with about So, 000 men, and was invariably driven back. Lord Wellington had only three divisions, the 3d, 4th, and ( Hi, and some Spaniards, in the whole about 20,000 men. The loss is threat on both sides., Ttiree of Lord Wellington's staff are wounded. This goes bv the Sparrow. The Fancy cutter will take the Officer with the Ge- neral's dispatches." The storming of St Sebastian's has been equally glorious to the- British arms, though less successful, than the battle of the Pyrennees, The failure is chiefly attributed to the inundation of a trench, which separates. the Isthmus, upon which St. Sebastian's stands, from the Continent. Th< carnage was severe. ' The following is stated to be the loss sustained by the Royal Scots, which was the regiment principally engaged in the storm : Killed— Major Peter Fraser, Captain Camerou, Adjutant Cluff, Lieut. Samuel Clarke, Lieutenant Francis Massey, and Lieut. John Anderson. fYuunded.— Captain Arg. iiinbeau, lost an arm Capl. Logan, ditto; Capt. Bucklev, severely Capt. R. M'Donald, ditto; Capt. James Stewart ill two places, slightly; Lieut. O'Neil, severely; Lieut. Eyre, ditto, and prisoner) Ensign lloskins, dittos Ensign Alstane, ditto, and prisoner; Ensign Reynolds, ditto; Volunteer Miller, ditto.. Two hundred and eighty rank and file were killed and wounded, among whom is the whole of the grenadier company. St. Sebastian's is a place nf s; reat strength; the town surrounded with a deep ditch, alwuvs cither wet, or capable of inundation; the citadel on a rock, almost perpendicular, a perfect eagle's nest commanding the whole town, and scarcely to be attacked or reduced, except by shells or starvation. We are sorry to have to add to the list of Officers who have died of the wounds received in the battle of Vittoria, the names of Major Wid- drington, of tbe 83d regiment; CaptainsVandeleur and O'Brien, of the 8? th; and Lieutenant Forster, of the 18th dragoons. American papers to the 1Stli ult. were this morning received in town. They bring a report of ati insurrection of the negroes in South Carolina. Yesterday being the Prince Regent's birth- day, when his Royal Highness co i. pleted the 51st year of his age, it was observed with the same demonstrations of respect as the King's birth- day The Bishoprick of London still remains vacant, the Bishop of 1 incoln having declined it. This dignified elevation in the Church is said now to lie between the Bishops of Hereford and Litchfield. Since the iiev. Mr. Owen's resignation of the Curacy of Fulham, upwards of 200 of tbe inha- bitants of that place have addressed a letter to him, expressive of their regret at his leaving the pastoral station which he had held for seventeen years with so much credit to himself, and advan- tage to the parish; the letter was accompanied with an elegant purse containing upwards of ,£ 670 sterling. The wheat harvest is stated to be so forward about Royston, and other parts of Cambridgeshire, that a great portion of it is already carted. O i M. irjiy came on the e'ectjon^ f Magistrates for this Corporation for the year ensiling, when; William Brown,, Esq. was chosen Mayor; and John Barrett, and William Kirby, Gents. Bailiffs. An elegant entertainment was afterwards given on the occasion anlic George Inn, and a bill in the evening, On Monday Inst the first meeting of a new Horticultural Society was held at Mr. Mobbs's, the Black Lion, In this town, where a great num- ber of beautiful carnations and picotees we're shewn, consisting of upwards of one hundred well- blown flowers; and which were allowed, hy the most competent judges, to be one of the finest collections ever exhibited in this place. Monday last the annual gooseberry feast was held at Mr. Bjradel's, the Plough, at Silehy, Lei- cestershire, when the prizes were adjudged n « follows:— The first to Mr. Gird, of Leicester, Jubilee, weishing 2Idwts. Ugrs.: the second to Mr. Besson, of IJohey, Crownllob. 20d wis. I3grs.; Ihe third to Mr. Gird, of Leicester. Viper. 13' lwtc. I9irrs.;~ the fourth in Mr. Glover, of Silebv, Green Chissel, ISdwts. 9grs. ; and Ihe fifth lo Mr. Besson, of Hnhey. Fudler, I8dwts. 5! S— A sweep'takes for the five heaviest gooseberries, which weighed four ounces and three quarters, were adjudged to Mr. Gird, of Leicester. On Friday the 30th ult. was held in the parish rhurrh of Wohurn, pursuant to notice, Ihe first annual meetingof theWoburn and Dunstable United Branch Bible Society, Mr Hugh Inglis, Barl. in the Chair, in ihe absence of his Grace the Duke of Bedford, the President of Ihe institution. — After a very' satisfactory report nf the proceedings of the past year had been read bv the worthy chairman, the following gentlemen addressed the meeting : I lie Rev. Messrs. Anderson, Bull, Caslleden, Parry, Woodward; Messrs. Butfield, Martin, Salmon, and W iffin.— The Rev. R. P. Beachcroft, Rev. L. Rich- mond, T. S, Grimshaw, Rev. S. Hillyard. arid Rev. Harke, as deputies of the Bedford Committee, favoured the meeting With their attend- ance on this interesting occasion. The chaste and manly eloquence of these gentlemen, characterized bv all that i* powerful in argument, or beautiful in diction, the energy nf their appeals, and liberality of their views, male a deep and permanent impres- sion on Ihe minds of a numerous rial highly respect able auditory. The spirit of concord and time of liberality which marked the proceedings of the day, cannot fail of exciting the most pleasing emotions iu all who are impressed with the importance of ex- tending the boundaries of that christian benevolence which it is the peculiar object of this society lo promote. Before the company separated, Ihe most pleasing prospects were afforded of Ihe future pros- perity of the Branch Bible Suciety of Woburn and Dunstable. Mr. It. W. Gem, one of the executors, last week paid to the Trustees of the General Hospital, the Dispensary, and Blue Coat Charity School, in Birmingham, the remainder of the sum of three thousand pounds, left as legacies by the lat I'hortias Whately, Esq. to these excellent Charities. It is said that a new Theatre will be speedily erected in Bath- street, Leamington; a temporary one has been opened during the last week, under the judicious management of Mr. Simms.— It is proposed to enlarge the Parish Church ; which from the influx of company, is now become absolutely necessary. Mr, Justice Dampier in his charge to the Grand Jury, at the late Stafford assises, noticed a practice which he observed in the depositions before Magis- trates, previous to the commitment of some of the prisoners whose names appeared in the calendar, of faking confessions from prisoners upon oath; which his Lordship said could be of no use whatever, no Magistrate having a right to compel a prisoner making a confession to tell his story under such a sanction. Whatever a prisoner says voluntarily, the Magistrate is bound to receive exactly as the prisoner gives it. But confessions taken upon oath cannot be used, even to find a bill upon. Upon looking over some of the depositions, his Lordship said he found the only evidence tending lo affect the prisoners, was a confession of one of them, taken upon oath.— The confession of one prisoner cannot be evidence against others— what a, prisoner says may charge himself, but what he says cannot even put others upon their trial. • vers wai pig to receive the produce of her ajee activity, at the foot of the ladder, escaped, while she was caught sticking in a hole in the lattice of a window, which she had made to take nut some cheese. The charge of burglary was abandoned, atid she escaped . without any other punishment than an imprisonment of two years, On Tuesday last was committed to fhecotintv gaol bv S. Blencowe, Esq. Claries L, ock, charged with stealing divers articles of wearing appa el, the property of Thomas Pinfold, of Middleton Qiene>-. — And yesterday to the same gaol, by th; Rev. Edw. Griffin, Clerk, Richard Vyck, charge! with stealing a silver watch in the dwelling hnise of Richard Green, of Middleton. EPIGRAM On the Delay between ( he Arrival nf the Sparrow the Fancy, with Dispalchcs from Churl |" cried Britannia, and that of th Lord IVellington. YOU peevish old inflamed, To Neptune, while anxious she look'd o'er the sea ; '' My Wellington's fought, and you might be ashamed To keep thus the tidings of glory trom me." Bright Goddess;" he answer'd, " Oh 1 blame not in thought Old Neptune, who glories in seeing you blest ; By a Sparrow 1 sent word the Hero had fought. And to Fancy I thought I might well leave the rest." Price of Stocks this Day~-\ per Cent. Red. 57i| — 3 per Cent Corts. 57. JI — 4 per Cent Cons. 73. Navy 5 per Cent. Ann. 874. — India Bonds Id.— Exchequer Billsld. — Cons. for. Acc. 57J. — Om. fiiHSpr. 10 The adjourned Meeting of the Owners and Occu- piers of Lands lying within the above District is fixed for SATURDAY the 28th Instant, at the RED LION INN at AYNHO, when a full Attendance is par- ticularly requested, as ihe Proposals for the Execution of the Works will . on that Day be taken into Consi- deration, and the Payment of the first Deposit be- come due. W. R, CARTWRIGHT. Aynht, \ 1th August, 181?. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, Ava. 14. BIRTHS.] At her father's house, at Stowe, in this county, the Lady of the Rev. G. VV. Daubeny, of a son. Monday last, at North- Town, Berkshire, the Lady of the Rov. A. D. Morrice, of a daughter. MARRIED.] Ou Monday se'nnight, at New- bottle church, Mr. Richard Towersey, of London, to Miss S. Johnson, of Charlton, in this county. Same day, at Kingsutton, in this county, Mr John Lord, farmer and grazier, of Ilinton- in- the- lledges, to Miss Ann Perkins, eldest ( laughter of Mr. II. Perkins, an eminent farmer and grazier of Charlton. Monday last, Mr. Abbott, farmer, of Welford, to Miss Martin, of Welford- lodge, both in this couiitv. Wednesday last, Mr. Lattimer, schoolmaster, to Miss Martin, both of Welford. Lately, at St. Nicholas's, Guildford, the Rev J. K. Martyn, of Pertenball, Bedfordshire, to Emma, fourth daughter of the late G. M. Ma caulay, Esq. Alderman of London. DIED.] On Tuesday se'nnight, on his journey to Hitchin market, in the 65th year of his age Mr. John lltll, of Wbitwell, lltrts, land- steward to the Hon, Thomas Brand, & c.— It is supposed he was seized with an apoplectic fit, as when found having fallen out of the chaise, there appeared very faint signs of life, and before medical assistance eould tie procured he was quite dead. Yesterday were executed here pursuant to their sentence at our late assizes, lhiffhain otherwise Huffey White, and Robert Kendall, for robbing the Leeds mail coach on the 26th of October last. The behaviour of these unfortunate men after their condemnation was widely different.— Kendall appeared to be deeply impressed with a sense of the awfulness of bis situation, and earnestly so- licitous to obtain that pardon of his Creator which he had no hope to receive from an earthly power. He uniformly persisted, however, in as- serting his innocence of being at all concerned in the mail robbery; and at the place of execution solemnly declared that be should be a murdered man, in respect to the rritne for which he was about to suffer. He appealed to the populace on the hardness of his case, saying that his life would be taken away because he unfortunately was seen in the company of his fellow- sufferer on the night of the robbery, previous to its being committed, and on the morning after, but of which lie nevertheless had not the least knowledge. — White affected to have no fear of death ; ami his hardihood never appeared to forsake him. In his general deportment, and particularly during the awful procession to, and at the place of exe- cution, he discovered the utmost contempt for every thing serious and sacred; and more than once expressed his disapprobation at the delay oc- casioned by the Chaplain in the performance of his duty. It may be truly said, that in his life he was a dreadful character, but at his death still more so. White also positively attested the inn > cence of Kendall, and af. er sentence of death was passed upon them he thus addressed the Judge, " My Lord, I hope you will have mercy upon Kendall, for he was not the mm who robbed the mail."— If any credit can be attached to these united declarations, the whole transaction, as it regards Kendall, becomes involved io the most impenetrable mystery; inasmuch as they are di- rectly at variance with the apparently very clear and satisfactory, though generally circumstantial evidence adduced on their trial— which is nin published, and may be hud of the booksellers, fyc. in general; see advertisement in the third column of this page.— The concourse assembled to wit- ness the solemn scene was supposed to be the most numerous ever seen on the ground on any occasion. Yesterday se'nnight were executed Azabah Fountain and G. T. Rowel!, convicted at the late Lincoln assizes of the murder of the husband of the former by poison. They joined in prayer with he clergyman for a short time, and then ascended ( he fatal steps with more resolution and composure lhan could be expected from personsin their awful situation. Tne bodies were removed to a building n the Castle. yard, for dissection. Rowell p- r- sisted to the lasl in denying that he knew to what purpose tIre laudanum was to be applied ; whilst his partner in guilt continued to assert, that they both had frequent conversations upon the subject, and lhat he knew when he got it that it was to poison her husband. Rowell was a native o; Mellon- Mow bray ; at w hich place be bore a very bad character, and from 1807 to 1809, lie worked as a cooper, with Mr. Skinner of Bingham who frequently told him, » hen reproving him for his bad practices, " that he was fearful, when he left his servitude, it would be his lot to suffer thi vpngeance of the law." This vicious ^ ud irreclaitu able youug man was also to have been married lo Ihe eldest daughter of the unfortunate Fountaiu, having paid his addresses to her for some time. At Bedford assizes, Joseph Clarke for stealing fourelieep the property of II. Rock, of Woburn was capitally convicted, but afterwards reprieved ; William Fennel, charged wilh stealing wool ih property of E. Bass, of Stagsden, was sentenced I' two years' imprisonment ; and against John Blun- dell, charged with horse- stealing, sud Lot Garn.- r alias William Hull, charged with stealing weurit apparel, & c. no bills were found.— Samuel Balls charged with manslaughter, in killing E. Allen, of Bedford, to be imprisoned one mouth, and agains Wm. Brigstock no Irue bill found. At the Rutland Assizes, held at Oakham, oi. Friday se'nnight, Elizabeth Bollands, collector ol old iron, and woman of all trades, aged 70, was indicted for breaking into the house of Mr. Flintham, of Ingthorpe. SOHK accomplices, who OXFORD RACES., Tuesday, Aug. 3, the Gold Cup of 100 guineas itlui, und 70 gs specie, was lcon by. Mr. Jones's Poultoii, aged 0 1 Mr. Fane's Mountebank, 5 years old 0 3 Mr. Wright's Crossbow, 5 years old .... 3 Mr. Pigot's York, aged 4 Five to four on Poulton ; after llie deail eat, six to four on Mountebank. A Match for 500f<. p. p. I Si*, each. Four , VTis. Mr. Sadler's h-. m. Off- sh '- goes, aged .. 1 Mr. L. P. Jones's b. h. Gamester 2 Town Plate of Fifty Pounds. Four- mile tie"*. Mr. Fane's Romeo, aged I O J Mr. llallett's Calebs, 5 years old 2 0 u Mr. Starling's Asperue, 5 years old .. 3 d Wednesday, 4, the Noblemen and Gentlemen's Purse of £ 50. Two- mile Heats. Mr. Fane's, Wisdom, 4 years old .... 2 I 1 Mr. Hallett's ch. f. by Hedey, 3 yr.. I 2 2 Thursday. 5. Fifty Pounds, Ihe gift of his Grace the Duke of Alarlboruugh, for all age*. Tioo- mile Ileals. Mr. Findes's Accident, 4 years old Mr, Rjiwlinsou's Topsv- Turvy Mr, Sadler's Conine, 5 years old Mr. liallctt's Levant, aged Mr. Stevens's Fitz- Oliver A Match for 50 » s, \ 1st. each. Ilalf- a- mUe, rode bu Gentlemen. Mr. Coventry's Godiva 1 Mr. Crawfurd's Ringdove 2 HUNTINGDON RACES. Tuesday August 3.— / Vie second and h. st year of a Sweepstakes of 10 guineas each, with £ M added from the racing fund. Lord Hinchingbrook named Mr. Villler's horse Merrvfield I Lord Suflield named Mr. Goodisou's chestnut filly by Alexander the Great 2 Sir Charles Bunhury's Rival 3 Gen, Grosvenor's bay filly. Poodle 4 Gen. Onslow named Mr. Si< son'sch. m. Folly5 Same Day.— A Gold C\ ip of the value of 100 guineah Lord Sackville's ch. c. b y Walton Walked oVer Wednesday.— A Plate of Seventy Pounds. Mr. Goodison's f j I Sir Charles Bunburv's Rival,... .. 2 2 Lord llinciiinghrook's b. m Donna Clara.. 3 dr —- To the GROWERS of WHKAT.— The TsFAi. iiBr. lt AI. KAT. Y, n certain Preservative against Bunts ' in Wheal.— T(> those persons who have already made use ol this preparation, it is unnecessary to say any thing l>> way of recommendation, the advantages they have experienced from the u3e of it being such, that many of them have declared that they would nut he without it, were it ten times the price it is sold at; but to those who are unacquainted with its value, the following fact must necessarily prove, not only the efficacy, but the great utility, likewise of this preparation, which is calculated to preserve a species of grain from injury, that is not only the strongest nourishment but the prin- cipal support of man:— A few years ago, the inventor of this remedy tried an experiment upon 50 bushels of wheat, which was sown upon 20 acres of land, in an open field; the flat it was sown upon lay nearly in the centre of 200 acres of fallow, which was all sown with wheat the same autumn. The fiat on which the wheat prepared by this Alkaly was sown, was lean, old- going, tired land, far from being in a decent state of cultivation, having had no more than three or four ploughings, whereas land for wheat ought to have at least silt or seven. Tbe 50 bushels of wheat were all in the ground by the 26th of Sep- tember; it came up very even," and continued a fine healthful growth until it was fit for the sickle. 1 he bunts were but few in number, as, upon a careful examination, by judicious people, they could not discover more than 4 or 500 hunts in the whole 20 acres; whereas the adjoining flat, which was 12 acres, was neaily one- half of it bunts although the seed with which both flats were sown did not differ in any respect, except the preparation; indeed, there was not a single land throughout the whole 200 acres that had escaped the ravage* of this diminutive but destructive insect. By appointment of ( he inventor, the Alkaly is old by SuIton & Cn, ( late Dicey Sutton), No, 10, Bow Church- yard, London, and by the Printers of this Paper, price ,£ 1. II.. fid. Ihe large packet, and 16s. Ihe small, with full directions for using it. Sold also by Tomalin, Daventry; Harrod, Harbo- roitgh ; Dash, Kettering; Ban inger & < on, New- port- Pagnell; Palgrave, Bedford; Queneborougli, Dunstable; Lovell, Huntingdon; Sanderson, Wel- lingborough ; Yorke & Summers, and Bell, Oundle | Unwell, Rugby; Gallant & Guruey, Towcester; Jacob, Peterborough ; llawkes, Lutterworth ; Warde. Hinckley ; Loggin, and F'. Wheeler. Aylesbury; Seeley. Buckingham; Collison, Brack- ley; Alsop, Luton; Richardson, Stony. Siraiford t Creed, Leighton ; by ( he venders of Medicines ia general, and may be had' of Ibe Newsmen, who carry this Paper. ff3- The large Packet contains as much Alkalv as will make a Lixivium sufficient In prepare Seed enough for 30 Acres of Lan I j ihe small Packet for 15 Acres. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, Aug. J3, There is very little business doing wilh us at pre- sent,— Wheat, unless of fine quality, is offered ratln- r lower.-— Oats are aboul Is. per quarter cheaper for line samples ; ordinary spris not saleable at any rate.— Other articles are cent- sidered much as on Monday, but the prices are little more than nominal. Northampton — Saturday. 112s. Cd. to i? 2s. Od. Wheat Rye Barley Oars^ Peas — s. Cd. to 50s. 6d. to — s. Od. to 80s. Od. to — s. Od. to By tne Standard Measure. — s. Od, 60s. Od. 51s. < M. , 84s. Od. — s. Cd. Market- Hurbormigh— Tuesday lust. Wheat .. 110s. Od. to 130s. 6d. Barley 55s. Od. to 61s. 0d. New Oats — s. Od. lo — s. 0d. Old Oats — s. Oil, to — s. ( VI. New Beans 80s. Od. to 82s. 01. Old Beans — s, Oil, to ~- s. Od. By the Customary Measure. Daventry-. Wheat Barley Oats Beans - Hog Peas - Wednesday last. ..., 112s. Od. to 126s Od. 56s. Od. to 63s. Od. 50s. Od. to 60s. 0d. 9ds. 6d. to 100s IM. 80s Od. to — s. Od. By the customary Measure. Leighton- Buzzard— Tuesday last. Per Load of five Bushels Wheat 76s. to Beans 46s. to Rye — s. to Hog Peas 52s. to Per Quarter. Barley 51s. to Oats 46s. to 84s. 55s. — s. Ms. 53?. 56s Banbury-— Thursday last. Wheat ( per Bushel) 12s. 0d. to l$ s. Od. Beans ( Ditto) 8s. I'd. to lis. Od. Hog Peas (' Vitto) — s, Od. to — s. Od. Vetches ( Ditto) — s. 0d, to — s. 0d. Barley ( per Quarter).... ,, 50s. Od. to 56 s. 0d. Oats-( Ditto) 45s. Od. to 48s. 0d. Bread 2s. 7d. the Half- peck, LIST of FAIRS from Aug. 16, t » August ! J8 znitliin the Circuit of this Paper. S. Aug. 21. Bedford. Deddington, Oundle, Rugby and Winslow. Tu. 24. Toddington. rh. 26. Hinckley, and Northampton. F. ST. Coventry. SONG. ( TO rnv. TC. VB OF " I « F. » M BT JR. RT." OH ! mourn for the davs of confusion nnd m. rrow Of kingdoms o'erthrown, aud of greatne betrav'd. tfnrertiin the Fortune that hangs on Ihe morrow, And -' urope divided. debased, and rfismav'd Tn vain the great names that through nges descended. Ranks, titles, nnd thrones, in one chaos are blende' 1 Andthe Corsicansmiles on the fall of ihe World ! Oh Fngland, mv Country, soV Country remaining Artthou too his'triumphs at last lo adorn ? Art tmu, like Ihe rest, to be drngg'd uncom- plaining, At he wheels of hisrhariot, all bleeding and torn ? ThoiTsIarH of Islands, thou land of sweet beauu Thot Land where brave NELSON bade all do Sheir dutv, , At thon too to fall with the fall of the world ? Tbo Land where the crest of the fifth HARRY brighten'd, Mhnse hemes have perish'd for Freedom and Law— WFre ELIZA has triuirtph'd, and CHATHAM has lighten'd, . nd MARLBOROUGH blazed in the trark of Nassau !— Tilt why should I inen'inn the deeds of old story ? Y'o, Krilons, arestill, like Ihe Britons before you! Vittoria renews your bright vision of glnrv And your eountry shall stand, ' inid Ihe fall of the world! BALLAD, Tn the New Farce of Fr. jT atttf Itnnr. X. FT others , « o climb the proud hill of ambition, On history's tablet to ehissei their nnmf:— True happiness bows not lo t e. r > fi>. itinn— Her home is not found in the bubble of fame ; Let some think the chace can give charms beyond measure. And oihers with learning their moments beguile: — My worship siiall be at thai fountain of pleasure, The sweet lip of beauty adorn'd with a smile, let topers preside at Ihe full merry meeting. And hoast the delightsthat of Bacchus are horn! The friendship that springs from the grape is but fleeting, A vapour of night that dissolves in the morn. That jewel I'll seek in my life's dearest treasure Unfashion'd hy int'rest, unsullied with guile : — The heart of a friend in Ihe bosom of pleasure, When beauty's sweet lip is adorn'd with a smile. \ rmUtice t « , bv request of the Imperial Amhn « - ador, extended ifatll the Kith of August, so that thesis danotice is nht to take place until after hal day " It will be seen by the above important docu- ment, that Austr; a recalled her troops from the i'rench army, and augmented her force in B die- nta, on purpose to give her such a commanding ittitude as should ohliee tiie belligerents to state her their proposals for putting an end to the war. The belligerents have acceded to her offer, id plenipotentiaries have been appointed by Inssi?, Prussia, aud France; while their more distant allies, Great Britain, Sweden, a d Spain, nd Portugal, the allies of Russia aud Prussia, nd Denmark, the ally of France, are invited also to send plenipotentiaries to Prague. These denipotentia'rie's are, as we have already soil!, to state to Austria their different bases of a Treaty , f peace.— Bv the 12th of July, the Russian, Prus- sian, and French plenipotentiaries were to arrive At Prague, ancl the armistice, at the request of the Emperor of Austria, was expended to the 10th ay of August, the six days' notice to be dated from that day. But our plenipotentiary would scarcely have set off before the 10th. However, Lord Cithcr. rt was on the spot, and the vWws'of this country were known to, and in accordance with those " of Russia and Prussia, there being a perfect concert and understanding between the allied powers. I'he Congress, for the definitive arrangement f peace, is to depend upon the result of the... 11- sion of the plenipotentiaries to Austria, If their respective bases are not utterly irreconcilable, then of course the Congress will be held. Austria will of COUP E submit her particular basis, which must demand cessations from France. The scales if War and Peace are in her bands; and Strang, change of fortune ( which she will not forget she owes to the allies!) she is placed in the situation of weighing and deciding upon the pretensions of the mAn, from whom, not twelve months ago, she received ' he law. The Prussian declaration is a verv measured document— holding nut 110 confident hopes ot peace, but pledging that the all'es wilFaccede to none but just, honourable, and secure terms; A BIRTH- DAY THOUGHT. SEVEN limes seven years your glass has rim, ( Says Time) pray tell me, what you've done ( Hone, done, alas! like other men,— 41 What I would never do again." Then wisdom learn flora folly patt, Each hour approaches to jour lHst : Think, w hen > ou've felt this scythe of mine What must eternally be thine. N. 1! No preacher is listened to but Time, v » hich fivss us ihe same train and tirn of thoii' » in tlint eld r pep'e have '. led in vain to put into our A Gentleman who Ins just reached London from St. Petersburg states that great exertions are making tn reinforce the Russian army, in Silesia, and that an edict has been issued by tbe Court fur a new levy throughout thfe Russian dominions, which is to provide au army of reserve to the number of 200,000 men. The Emperor of Russia. — In consequencp of the election of his Majesty to the distinguished honour of a Knight of the Garter, it has been de- termined that the investiture of so great > Monarch shmil I he - carried into effect with thf grea'est possih e splendour, and accordingly the robf- maker t-> the King received o- ders to pre- pa e the whole of the parapharnalia necessary heads before. The only way of avoiding > 1 trifling I f., r a„ Insta lafion wilh the greatest magnificence and frivolous .- Id age. is to lay up iu our way 111 it piiey are as follow:— The shoes are to be white Such siore<- . if knowledge iinrl nh. er valioiis, as mas ni ike u « 11- efiil nnd agreeable in « ur declining years. The mind of man in a long life vi 1I1 hecom » a inaga zine of wisd'tm or follv, and will cunseqienil y dis- charge itself io somethingimpertine'it or improving For which reason n « Ihere i* nothing 111 minus than an old trifling story-' elier. so there llolhirig more venerable, than one who has turned his experience to the entertainment and advantage of mankind. Sun dat and Tuesday's Posts. (( oatinued from the first I'age.) From the J . ON DON GAZETTE, of Aug. 7. Admiralty- Office. Augu. il 7. Extract of a Letter fr mi Captain sir George Collier, of his Majesty's ship Surveillante, ad- dressed to Admiral Lord Keith, and trans- mitted bv bis Lordship to J. W. Croker, Esq. Vurbeillante. off St Sebastian's, duly 22. Til P. brew lung batteries raised on the Cbofre S, nid- H* lVs were oucned against the walls of. St. ReVuist an'tt on the 20th, tyf ten i- tbe . forenoon, under 111 . ar unfavorable circumstances of wea- ther, and this evening there is a considerable breach; but a second will, I understand from General Graham, be made before the storm is attempted. A gun has been thought necessary PI theLigbt- House-! l;! l. Capt. Taylor, of the Sparrow, has prepared a battery, and had the weather per- mitted, a twenty-, our pounder would have been dragged op, and mounted ere this. The casualties have not been many considering the verv commanding fire our guns are exposed to. A Captain Dubordieu, of the Royal Artillery, lias been killed; and I enclose a return of sea- men killed and w.. untied ( up to the night of tbe 21st.), belonging 10 ilie squadrpn. I tifive the pleasure to ssiv, the good conduct of the detachment landed under Lieutenant O'Reilly, has been the admiration of the artillery officers in command of ihe batteries. List of Killed and i- Vounded of a Detachment of Seain'n from the sqnalron before St. Sebastian s, up to the Evening o f the. 21nf o f Julv, 1813. Ki'led— William Mars. William Bradley, se- men — Wounded— Lieutenant ft. G. Dunlop ; james Thvnne, seaman, dangerously; Thomas Parkill, J- imes Agnew. Patrick O'Conner, Wm- Bryant, seamen, slightly. — Total— two killed, six wounded. ( Signed) D. O'REILLY, First Lieutenant of his Majesty's Ship Surveillante Thi « Gazette contains a return of 10 American vessel., laden w itli diff. rem articles of merchandise, detained by the squadron under Rear- Admiral Laforev, at ihe Leewaid Islands. — And also an order fur all ships returning from the Mediter- ranean, 8ie. to ihe western ports <> f this country, to perform quarantine at Milford Haven. A mail from Heligoland arrived this morning r. nd brought Hamburgh and ' Mtona papers to tbe 28th lilt. They contain the following document of the highest importance :— I) ECL \ It ATION FROM TITC COURT OL' PRUSSIA TO TUB VIEWS AVI) INTENTIONS OF AUSTRIA, TO RESTORE PEACE A V 11 THE BALANCE OF EUROPE. ( I'rom the. Ilerlin Gazette, July 17.) " Since the alliance of Prussia with Russia, the views of Ihe Imperial Austrian Court were direct- ed to tli" restoration of Peace and ihe balance of Europe, and his Majesty the Emperor declared public notifications, that he was determined bringing about a peace, the conditions of which would en- uie its duration. " Inconsequence of these declarations, the Aus- trian auxiliary corps was recalled from the French army, considerable armaments were made, aud respectable number of troops assembled in Bohemia. These armaments have latterly increased, and by organizing Ihe land militias they have been com- pleted. But still anxiously concerned for the res- toration of peace, the Austrian Court wished make an endeavour, with assistance of the Ambas- sadorsofthe Belligerent Powers, lhat were able 10 assemble at Prague, to bring about a reconciliation between them. " The French Cnurt has agreed to this proposal, nnil Iheir Majestiesthe Kingof Prussiaand Emperor of Russia have determined to send Ambassadors to Plague, with directions to attend with continual and uninterrupted regard to the interest of their distant Allies, who are invited to be participators. and to 3tate to the Austrian Cabinet their sentiments 011 the possibility of laying ihe foundations for a peace 10 be hereafter concluded. " His Majesty the Emperor of Russia has, for this purpose, accredited the Privy Councillor, Baron Von Anstelleu to his Majesty the Emperor nf Austria; and his Majesty the King of Prussia has likewise furnished his Ambassador at the Impe- rial Court, the Minister of State, Baron Von Humboldt, with powers for that purpose. " Boih these authorised Ministers have immedi- ately left the head- quarters of Iheir Sovereigns, aud must have arrived at Prague hy the 12th July, on • which day the French Ambassdors were likewise to arrive there. The allied powers therefore, remain likewise in this instance true to their purpose— of losing no opportunity nf procuring tu Euiope a just, lasting and secure peace, for the restoration of which they will labour with indefatigable per- severance, and use, for that purpose, all the ineiuis lhat Providence has put Into their hands. In order t. o gain the uecessary time for the negacialinn, the kid,' ornamented with silver 1 ce and roses; the st'o. knig » and paotal > ons of white si'k, manufac- tured in one; the jacket or doublet and trunk, of white siver tissue, ornamented with silver lace, in imitation of point; tbe sword with a gold lid rhHirlt and scabbard covered with crimson velvet; siir;:. at of rich crimson velvet; a large rosette for the right knee; the Installation- garter richl embroidered, for the left knee; ihe mantle ot garter blue velvet, lined with white lustring; the ba ige of t; ie order richlv embroidered ; the man- tle is fastened 011 the neck, with blue and gold r pe, with two long rich tassels, commonly called cordoon; the hood of crimson velvet, worn 011 the right shoulder; the gloves white kid, trimmed with br- iad silver lace, See.; the Spanish hat of black velvet, with a large plume of ostrich a- ut heron feathers; the splendid gold collar of the orde with the medal of St. Georgf, to hang on the breosr; two stars of the Order, richly em- broidered. The onlv difference in any of these ornaments to the other Knights of tbe Order i that the mantle l-. i-, the same length of train as our King's: the Prince Regent's is not so long. ' I'he Deputation take with them 1 he statute au thorising the election, and the proceedings there- at, with the great seal attached ti> tliern, in gold boxes. To- norrow a general rehearsal of the ceremony will take place. Yesterday sir T. Tvrrwhitt, the Gentleman Usher of ihe Black Rod, set out from Carleton- house, accompanied by Mr. Pullman, as his private Secretary; Mr. Grange, of the Treasury, who has resided a num- ber of years in Russia; and Mr. l'tipper, a Surgeon. Sir Thomas takes with him letters and several articles for tbe Duke of Cumberland. He > vas followed bv Mr. Hunter, the King's Mes- senger, who takes with him dispatches for Lord Cathcart.— Ttiev were to proceed to Colchester, to remain there last night, and to go from thence to Yarmouth ertrly this morning.— Mr. Towiisend, the Deputy King of Arms, left town about tlie same time, accompanied by G. F. Betty, F^ sq. his - ecretary, and Stephenson, Esq. a Herald Extraordinary. The Earl of Aberdeen set off from Argyle- house about three o'clock on Saturday, accompanied by Dr. Fisher, of Brighton ; and at half- past four o'clock, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Lambe, and, it was un- derstood, Mr. Morier, followed the Noble Earl, who slept at a friend's ne ir Bury St, Edmund's on Saturday night. The Noble Earl is to meet tbe Deputation to the Emperor of Russia this day at Yarmouth, and sail with them from thence. Wool.— Important extracts from Lord Sheffield's Annual Report on wool, at the Lewes Meetim? July 26:—" In respect of our general Irade, we have the prospect of exporting as much of our woollen manufacture, as we did previously to th extraordinary measures of the enemy ; for i appears, that the export nf woollen is increased, • ind the quantity of cloth manufactured in the West Riding nf Yorkshire, in the last year, exceeds thai manufactured ihe preceding year, 815,535 yards Since the commencement of the French Revolution in 1789. the quantity of cloth milled in this countr taken on an average, is nearly doubled. Oiflcial value nf wonlleu manufacture exported in 1811, £ 4,826,397 ; ditto exported in 1812, =£ 5,684,9) 1 Tbe woollen manufactures in the West nf England, have been fully employed during the w hole of last winter, and scarcely an idle hand lo be found in any of I he manufacturing towns, and but liitle variation in the state of the trade, between this year aud the last. The large stock of wool on hand, in many instances two or three years' growth, has in general been disposed of, laterlv at very fair prices. The lower sorts of wool continue to meet a ready sale, but the middling has now fewer purchasers. " The average of tjventy years' importation of Foreign wool in the beginning of the last century, was only 861, T271bs. The average of eight years ending in January, 1811. was 7, T29,929lbs. aud Hie import of last year nearly the highest average, being 2.300.0001b?. more than in Ihe preceding year.— Amount of Ihe general imports of wool last year, 7,314,91Tlbs. and it may be supposed that the import of the presei I year will he still larger. The price current of prime Spanish wool, 9s. to 9s. 6cL per lb. to which that of prime English grown pure Merino wool is fully equal, being sorted after the same manner, the question as to quality, between imporied and home- grown fine wool, being at length ultimately settled." Lord Sheffield, who is welt known to take the lead among our great laud- holders and growers of wool, upon this most important national object, remarks, that it is not through the want of Foreign trade, that the wool of the United Kingdom is depreciated; neither is it the manufacturers, but the wool growers, who have now reason to com- plain. There i « as great a demand for our manu- factures as ever ; but the immense importations of Foreign wool, free of all dutv, from all parts, into this country, so taxed and tithed, must ulti- mately ruin the growth of our fine w « ol, which has of late ye.? rs been so greatly improved in quality. Hence the Noble Lnrd proposes a protecting duty of one shilling in the pound, 011 oar average im- portations of Foreign wool, which would produce nearly ^ 500,000 per annum, or the trade to he entirely laid open, for export and impact. And it is understood that a Petition to Parliament will be presented next Session, praying for a duty ou the import of Foreign wool. In Ireland, the prices of tine wool are considerably higher than in thi country, and the growth aud manufacture in the mast improving state. Mi. John Hunters account of " Sugar.—" Sugar, is perhaps one of the greatest restoratives, of any kind, that we are acquainted with. It is not a common opinion, and therefore not a common tiractice, to give sugar entirely with this view; vet there are sufficient proofs of its nutritive juality over almost every other substance. It is 1 well known fact, that, all the negroes in the sugar islands become extremely lustv and fa' in the sugar- cane season ; and they hardly live upon any tiling v'se. The horses and cattle that are al- I . wed to teed upon them all become fat. The hsair of the horse becomes fine. Birds which - eed upon fruits never ea' it till it hoc ones very ripe, when ii has formed the greatest quantity ol •- igtir. Insects tbe same: we cannot have a stronger instance of this fact than in the bee. Honey is composed of sugar, with ot-. er juices ot 1 lie plant, but sugar is ihe priti iual ingredient. When we consider that a swarm of be s will live 1 whole winter 011 a few p muds of honey, we must allow, t! i it sugar conta- ns perhaps 111 ire nourishment than IMV other known substni To mepareseed- grain to Usown on pnoran l sanii) Tjtmds. — I'ake 12 or 13 pounds of sheep's dun which von will boil, dregs and a 1, in 0 good de of water. Dissolve three or four pounds ot " salt- petre, and infuse in this pickle for eight hours a bushel of new wheat, &<-. Dry it in an airy place, nit much exposed to ai- e sun. Repeat this ope- ration several time . and sow your grain thinly. Evrry grain of the prepared seed will produce 7 " r 8 stalks at least, and each of those pralk will pro luce ears of more than 50 grains of cor. in each. Grain thus prepared starts sooner than wher so-. vii in tiu uso'il meth ids: the hirds are not s Fond of feeding 011 it; mid it grows tiiick ami aree, but ought to he sown thinner than itstini. Aft of prolonging Life.— Dr. Huseland, Pro fessor of Medicine at Sena; in his " the Art of prolonging human Life,'' considers th extension of its length tu depend on ihe following points: — I On the ma- s of the principal vilte, and the vital spirih. 2. On the consistency nf the orga- nization of the bodo. 3. On the slower or more rapid consumption of human tifi. 4 On the means, great f 1 0- less of supplying that consumption. The age of the world, according to the Doctor, has tfo ii, fl lence 011 ihe age of mii'i ; aud notwithstanding what ha- been said, and is believed to be the con- trary, he might yet attain ihe years if the Patriarchs. Old age maybe attained under any zntie; never- theless experience pr-. ves, ibat life is not .0 soon consumed in the cold as- in tfie torrid * ones; in islands, as on continents. As a proof of this he states, that- old age is most comnionly attained ir. England, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. ( Ac- cording tn his own principle, and other facts, he might have added Russia). The life nf a man is likely lo be longest, when he conforms to the pre- eepts and the laws of nature. Those in general, who have reached an extraordinary old age, have been married generally more than once, and fre- quently in old age. The most striking example he gives is of a Frenchman, named Longueville, who in ihe ci- urse of a life of 110 years, had ten wives, the lust of which he married in his 99th year, and had by her two children. To live long, an aclive and even a fatiguing course should he pursued early, afterwards tranquillity and uniformity is necessary ; but no id e person was ever reckoned among the number of the long- lived. Long- livers have, iij general, subsisted more 011 vegetables than meat ; indeed, many of them, the Doctor observes, were confined to the former. Upon the whole, bethinks it may be inferred with great probability, that the organization of man does not render him incapable of living 200 years; but as he cannot produce an instance, his reasoning of ci » * rse falls to the ground What he adduces of Parr is not sufficient, who died ai the age of 152, aud had all his viscera in a slate . if perfect preservation. Ilis table, ou the calculation of the probable duration of life, reckons that of 100 persons, 53 die before the 10th year- - 20 between the 10th and 20- h — 10 between the 20th and 30lh— 6 between the SOth and 40ih— 5 between the 40th and 50th— and 2 between the 50th and 60' h.— So that only 6 persons in 100 live bevood the 60th year. HUNTING ASII VNOMNG. — A young country ' Squire had been subpoenaed to the metropolis ( Paris), to bear wiin. ss for an assault which had been committed upon one of his gamekeepers; and had left hi, estates most reluctantly, as it happened iu the midst of September, and thus prevented his enjoying a diversion much dear to his heart, that of hunting; determined, however, not to lose the wh,. Le of the fun, lie had packed his French horn, Ilis ;, un. and a brave of his best hounds, iu ihe car- riage, and brought ihem all safe to lown. — He had taken his lodgings at an old and well- known Hotel, near the Palais, and attended at the courts ofjusliee the main part of the day. The law business, his dinner, and his lounging at the theatre, being over, he used to com" home at about twelve, and, » eni upon his natural propensity for limiting, never mis- sed to swell the sounding horn, animate his dogs lire two or three limes out of the window, and halloo the loudest tantivi for about t wo hours before he retired to bed. Fortunately for hirn his room was hung with an old arras, which, though in tat- ters, exhibited si ill the faded rema'ns of a stag- hunt. Before this venerable tapestry, he set his hounds 10, and the ready dogs, by their continued yelping delighted the ears of ihe young Actaeon. This noise had for several nights annoyed the inmates nf ihe house, but especially a young country attorney whose bad luck and invidious star » nuld have it, that he should sleep immediately above the turbulent votary of Diana. He made use nf all possible means to restore ihe welcome silence of night,— had remonstrated with the timid landlord, knocked repeatedly upon the floor will) a stick, achair, any- thing he had at haud, but to 110 purpose. The hnnter was so deafened with the very din he made that hecould, or would not, hear. Deprived of his rest, the lawyer at last determined to put an end, i hecopld, to this horrlhlebotheralion, and, milslering a bnld countenance, burst tn meet the hunter in ful chase. Atone o'cluck he coines don n, opened the door, and having, with, great difficulty, obtained yv hat can hardly be called silence, gentl y and politely represented hi, jad case ta the ' Squire, who, without turning froia the forest- wrought arras, answered with a sneer, " f am fond of hunting. Sir, and wi not give up my diversion for your sake." I ll- pleased with this short and peremptory decree, theattorney relumed to his apartment in dudgeon, and as he could not get a wink of sleep, framed at last an in geuious and effective plan of revenge. The next day having done his nusiness earlier than usual, the attorney came to his lodging!, and sending for bricklayer, who nimbly went up to him, " My man," said he build me directly before this door a wall about a foot and a half broad, and a foot high." The fellow stared, wondered at the scheme but toon obeyed, and in a little lime the task was performed. Jhen a. water- carrier was sent for " My lad," said the attorney, " fill me up this room with 20 pails of water, and that within S hours." The water- carrier smiled, nodded, and at about half past eleven the job was done. Soon after came home the ' Squire, w ho roused his dogs sounded his horn, fired his piece as usual ; but " Zounds," exclaimed he," am 1 caught in a shower what the devil is this? it will spoil Ihe chase. Indeed, a deluge of rain was pouring unmerciful! at all points, on himself, on his dogs, en his bed and on is very lijjht, which was soon put out Finding himself in Ihe dark, yvet to the skin, and enraged at his disappointment, he flies up stairs opens the door of t he lawyer, and, with the acorn pauiment of the most horrid imprecations, thun- dered out - * By all the Devils inllell. Sirrah, wha areyoil about I" The attorney was in bed, a boo ia one hand, and a fishing- rod in the other lamed deliberately to the ' Squire and said wit great composure," You are find of hunting. Si J am fond of fishing." The ' Squire bit his lips attempting to smile, went back to his ruoin, and hunted no more, A dreadful thunder storm yvas experienced the neighbourhood of Btelby, near Pocklington Yorkshire, on Monday se'unight. As Mr. llarr son, a farmer of Bielby, and two men, with h maid servant, were making hay in a field, severe flash of lightning, accompanied with a most awful clap of thunder, burst over them. The poor woman yvas struck dead 011 tlie spot, the master knocked down, but not much injured one of the others is dangerously ill, and not likely to recover. The man unhurt is brother Sarah Tellers, who was killed; she WaS struak on the shoulder, her hair was singed on her hea and her handkerchief rent from her slvu der I'he electric fluid passed down her left arm, an entered her side. The Coroner* Inquest was held on Tuesday. She appeared to be tnuilm^, and verr little changed in the countenance. Same dar another young woman was killed bv the lightni'ttg, while iti the artof forking liav on a hay- rick in that neighbourhood) and one young woman cur her throat « o as to occasion instant death ; and mother hung herself. ASSIZE INTELLIGENCE. ' he Assizes for the county of" Lincoln coin- ni rcerl 011 Monday, yvhen Azuhah Fountain, aeed 3fi. and George Turner Rowel!, aged 23, both lore of Waltham, w- e- e charged on the Coroner's Inquest with the Wilful - Munirr of Rohe- t Fountain, husband of the said Azubali Fountain,— I' appeared from the evidence, that. Ro- veU was a j mnievman cooper, who had lodged about fourteen weeks with the deceased; during that period an illicit connexion was carried etyvee ' the two prisoners, and to complete their crimina'hv, thev determined on Inking away tbe husband's life by poison. A large quantity of BENJAMIN G^ OFIMAN'S BANKRUPTCY. " jnilK Creditors who have proved theii a Debts under a Coinm; * ion of Bahkrup- against BENJAMIN GOO'tMAM. of STA- VERTON, in the County of Northampton. Deale and Cliap.) iiiu, may receive a final Dividend o Sixpence iu the Pound, on their rerpe'- tive Debt-, hy applying 10 John Smith, Esq. iu Daventry, au\ Day after the 1st Day of September nex t. By Order of the Assignee, J. M, WARDER, Solicitor to the said Commission. Davenlnj, 4th Aagn ,'. 1813. iitd- ir. ill wis fir cured for the purpose, fro Iruggist, of Grimsby, ami this they administered 0 the unfortunate man in elderberry wine, wh'le he yvas 01 a s'ate of intoxication. On be'" g examined before the Coroner, tliov, afte. r so- ne hesitation, bo'! » confessed the deed.—- The Jury f- uiio hem GuVtu, and thev were ordered to be executed 011 Friday, and their bodies delivered ' or dissection. They appeared but little impressed with the awftdness of their situation during rhe greater part ol tbe trial; hut when their fate vas confirmed, and the Judge displayed to them the enormity of their offence, recommending penitence and nrtiver for be short time they had 10 live, they became much affected. The yvoman fainted, aud was conveyed from tbe bar in a sfate of insensibility. Friday, came on - it Chelmsford assizes, the trial of William Cornwall, the man who yvas 1 committed some time hack, 011 Suspicion of being Aork intituled, t, lp miiri) erer of tile | ate M|. s_ stevens, of Wood- ford ; when, after a very laborious and patient investigation, which occupied the Court nearly six hours, he yvas found guilty. I'he evidence, although merely circumstantial, was, neverthe- less, so conclusive, being sunported by various corroborative facts, as deta led at length by eighteen witnesses for the prosecution, that the Jury returned their verdict without a moment's hesitation. The Learned Judge ( Ellenborougb), in a most impressive manner, which drew tears from several of the auditors, immediately passed sentence of death upon the prisoner, and or- dered lii'ii foe execution on Monday last. Under the very peculiar circumstances of the case, the Magistrates of Woodlord made application to the Judge to order the prisoner for execution at Woodford, yvhich his Lordship promised to take into cnnsidei ati- in,— The prisoner exhibited the same unbecoming levity and hardihood during the progress of his trial, yvhich he had shewn during his previous examinations, and since he has been in custody: always persisting in bis innocence: and upon the Judge pronouncing the njvful sentence of the law, tjie prisoner, with a convulsive grin, said, " thank you, wy Lard and Gentlemen ;" upon which be ivas removed from the bar.— The prisoner having complained, on the preceding day, that he was friendless, and with- out tbe means of employing Counsel, one of the Magistrates, residing at Woodford, yvith great humanity, ordered * hnu a Counsel at his own expense. To the SO lit I. try, Gtcy/ tlf. ana I'D,.!.. AT t. AII UK IS It. KCO 1/ .1/ K Y I) K /) 4 \ A ilTIC!. E OF SI \ GO LA II EXCm. LESCK patronized by their ttoyal Highnesses the Princess of IVAI. HS and Du'- t of SUSSEX, th SPANISH A MBA'tSA DO It, ({ peers of th NAVY and ARMY, and by tiie most distin- guished Families in the Kingdom ; MACASSAR OIL FOR I'HE HAIR. rHE Virtues of this Oil, extracted from : Tree in the IsUud of vlacassar. in the l ast Indies, are . far beyond hulogiuui, for increasing the Growth of Hair on BALD PLACES to a beautiful l. e g'h and l'hickness, preventing it talli" g off o turning grey to ihe latest Periodot Lite; bestows o ihe Tres- es an inestimable GLOSS and SCENT - md pioduces a beau'itul Curl; promotes the Growth of Whiskers, Eyeb- owsy & c. ; is pre- eminent for Children's lair; in tine it i> the fi- st Product on in the World foreia licaung all Impurities, and rendering • he Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Chiliren nuly KI. GGANT and BEAUill- lJL IMMEDI- ATELY AFTKR SEa- 1! vTtliNG this Oil should be app-' ed as a 1' re. eivative— Vienu Rowland's Treatise 0< t the Hair, included with each Bottle', highly wormy the Attention of every Family. Sold at 3s. 6d.— 10i. 6d.—£. 1. Is. per Bottle, by the Proprietors, Rowland & Sou, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by their Appointment by the ' rinters ot this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer and Hair- Cutter, Noithampton ; Ward, Da- ventry ; Derbyshire, Perfumer, and Swinfen, Drug- gist, ' Leicester ; Nettleship, Lincoln; Moxon, Gainsborough; Page, Oundle ; Cave, Peterborough ; Norri,, Bedford; andbyalt Perfumers, Hair- Cutters ; and Medicine Vemlers in every Town throughout, the Empire. Wutioa— To prevent Imposition, please to ask for Royvland's Macassar Oil, and observe that each Bottle is signed on the Label in Red Ink, A. Row- land Sf Son, and the Treatise on the Hair included with each- Bottle, without which none are Genuine. The celebrated ABSTERGENT- LOTION*, For rfntpvingalt Kinth of Pimples, Tetters,, tting- IForins, Carbuncles, 6fc. from the Face anil Skin. " Beauty — That steals- so softlv in ti * Stripling's Heart, " And gives it a NEW PUI. SE unknown before." \ 17" HEN the ali- poweriul Charms of oOr fair » V Country Women arecap. ibls of stimulating tbe ilreasts of Youth to noble Enterprise and laudable ursuits, who in Return expect to be rewarded with ihe enchanting Smiles and amiable Hearts of those they love, an Auxiliary like S O LOM. l) N'S A US TP K G I: NT LOTION, which so admirably heightens their Powers of Kascin itioh, must cer- tainly be a valuable Acquisition and Appendage 10 the Toilet. Sold hy the Printers of this Paper; Barringers. and Bliss, Newport- Pagnell ; Be- sley, Banbury ; and all other Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom; Price 4s. 6d. and 2s. 9d. a B tile, Duty included.— Be careful to observe the Words » • Saml. Solomon^ Liverpool," engraved in the Stamp, yvithout '• hicti none are genuine. Ease from fjim/. ness and Pain in a few Hours. " I "" HE BRITISH OINTMEN T for CORNS, pre. S pared by W. Ninon, Chymic. il Colour- Maker to H i- Majesty. ' 1 his most excellent Ointment never fails curing hard or soft Corns ~ in a very short Time, ind gives Ease in a feyv Hours. No other Trouble s required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Corn, Night and Morning, yvith the Finger. Tha Proprietor begs Le. iv< to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by W . Sutton Si Co. ( late Dicey & Sutton), Boyv Church- Yard, London; and Retail, by ths Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, North- amton; Tomalin, Da'ventiy; Wilcox, and Gallard, l'owcester, Mather, Wellingborough; Palgrave, Bed- ford ; Loggin, Aylesbury and Le ghton ; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market- Town. Price2s. 6d. Duty included. CONSUMPTION CURED. rN Cases of approaching Consumption, HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS have never been knoWn to fail. In the more advanced Stages, the most unex- pected Cures have taken Place, even after their re- mained no apparent Possibility of Recovery; and in the most deplorable and complicated Cases, Life has- been lengthened after all other Medicines had ceased to act. Those who are satisfied that in regular Prac- tice there is no Remedy for Consumption, will feel it their Duty to try this Medicine, yvhich is com- pounded with a Drug never be'bre used. So' l, Whilesale and Retail, by G. Walker, 106, Great Portland- Street, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northamptoi and may also be ordered ot any Person who s « ) ls Patent Medicines. Price 2s. 9d. each Box. IjiT Just published, An ESSAY 011 the CAUSES, PREVENTION, and CURE, of CONSUMPTION ; in which the Dangers of Bleeding and Starving are explained. By L. HOPE. Price 2s. NEW MARRIAGE ACT. To the Printers. As I think it ivould be yery proper for somebody to endeavour lo get a Rill passed iu Parliament to prevent unhappy Marriages, with suitable penalties to he inflicted upon delinquents, I beg leave to give you some hints. When two yourfg thoughtless fools, having no visible way to maintain themselves, nor any thing to begin the world with, yet resolve to marry, and he miserable, let It be deeihed Petty t. arccny. If a younger brother marries an old woman, purely for the sake of maintenance, let it be called Se defendant0. Wlien a rirh .. Id fellow marries a young wench, in her full bloom. I yvould have it made Felony without benefit of Clergy. When two old helpless creatures, that can hardly hear one another, marry to be more miserable, let them he deemed non compos. When a lady marries her coachman, or a gentleman his co^ k- uirtiJ ( espec'Ally if there be children bv a former marriage), let them both be transported for 14 years. When a man has had one shre w nf a wife, nd buried her, and yet will marry a- second, let in be brought in Fein de se. When a woman in good circumstances marries a tow- a- rake not worth groat, if she is betrayed into it, let it be called Accidental death; but if she knew il, then let it be ade single/ s^ i. ny, and singe her in the fist. When man with no children, mairies a woman with five r six children ( and rice versa), let the delinquent md thrice in the pillory, lose bnth his ears, and tfer one year's imprisonment. If a mun marries yvoman of ill fame, knowing her to be so, let him e condemned to hnve a pair of horns painted 011 is door, in perpe'uam rei m moriam ; or if she be known scold, Iheu a couple of neats tongues ainted there; And yvhen a man or woman marries 0 the disinheriting of their children, let them suffer as in cases of high treason. When a woman marries man deeply in debt, knowing him so to he, let liar he sent to the house of correction and kept to hard labour for three months; and if he deceived and did not let her knoyv his circumstances le her be acquitted, and he be doomed to beat hemp ill the days of his life. These, Sirs, and such like penalties, might pre vent many unhappy marriages, and the ruin 1 many families. If you can get them paused into law, you will deserve well of your country , and be particularly esteemed by, Sirs, yours, with many et cteteras, QUONDAM LEGULEIUS THE GENUINE I) r JOHNSON'S GOLDEN OINTMENT, Piepared by Wi LL 1 AM SINCLETON, No. 2, UNION- PLACE, LAMBETH, Surrey, - pins Ointment is an effectual Remedy in In iL tiammations, Films, Specks, or any other Dis- order incident to the Eyes'; having completely effected Thousands of Cures when all other Means had failed. ( jST Purchasers are requested to see that the Bill of Direction given them with this Article, lus the Proprietor's Name as is under- written: All not signed are Counterfeits, prepared by me^ ^ VVm. Singleton, Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by VV. Sutton & Co. ( late Dicey & Sutton), Boyv Church- Yard, and by the Printers of this Paper; and, Retail, by Tomalin, Daveutr'y; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Harrod, Harboroiigh ; Is wood and barringer, Newport- 1' ag- nell; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, ^ Lettering; and by all other Venders of Medicine in the Kingdom; Price 2s. per Pot with full Directions. WYMAN's AN 1' IBILIOUS PILLS t O justly esteemed for their easy and certain. / Operation in removing all Bilious Complaints, Obstructions in the Liver, Indigestion, Sick He. id- Ach, Jaundice, & c. They are an excellent Rem dj for Persons of Bilious or Costive Habits; for Persons of sedentary Lives, where sufficient Action ot toe bowels is not kept up; also tor Persons who hive mpaired iheir Constitutions by free Living; ana in early Attacks of ttie Gout are peculiarly useful, by lieviating the Severity of the Fit, am shortening its Duration, They tiave been IUU' 1,1 Highly useful pre- paratory to, or . luring Battling, these Pills re- quire no particular Regim n or Confinement, and do not contain auy Mercurial or Annnioni. it rreparation. Prepared and soluoy W. Wyman, surgeon, Ketter- • sokt, Wholesale, by vV Sutton * Co. Dicey & Sutton), No 10, Bow ChurclisYard, London ; and, Retail, by thePrinters ot tins Paper, lidge, ana Mar- shall, Northampton ; Sanderson & beale, and Vlatber, Wellingborough ; Tomalin, W , kinson, and Bales, Daventry; Reeve, Higham- Ferrers ; Yorke & s im- mers, Oundle; Beesley, Banbury; Barringer, and In- yvood, Newport- Pagnell; i^ ueueoorough, Dunstable; AIsop, Luton; ! iarrod, and liull, . ylarkei- HarOjrough : Inns, and Gallard, l'owcester;' Seeley, Buckingham; Hawkes, Lutteiyvoith; i'algrave, BedlorU ; Ganluer, Biggleswade; Richardson, aud Rogers, Slony- oir. it- ford; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury ; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton ; Ward, Hinckley; i-. aton, i'nrapston ; Jauoo: Peterborough ; Roberts, Southam ; Sharpe, Waryvict. ; l. uccock, Kimbolton; Emery, St. Neots; Lovei Huntingdon; Tapp, and Perks, Hitchui; Waili Olney; Rowell, Rugby ; Warde, Stratford- upon- Avon. Roltason, and Merridew, Coventry; and by ever; Venderof Medicines in the Kinguom. l'nce 2s. 9d'. per Box, Duty included. Be careful to asK. tor WVMAN'S Antibilious Pills. BAN Kill PIS requited 10 surrender. Langdort John Harris, Windsor- place, City- road. St. Luke, Middlesex, carpentei, Aug. 20, 21, Sept. 18, ' Guildhall. — Att Wot> u$, New Corn- Ex- change. Mark- lane. Kirby John Johnson, High street, Southwaik, sack- iug- raaker, dealer anu cnapman, Aug. 10,17, Sept. 18, Guildhall. — Att. Reeks, Welltloae- q . are. Crosset Robert, John- street, Commercial- road, Mid- dlesex, master- mariner, d. & c. Aug. 17, 21, Sept. IS, Guiidhill. — Att. Fitzgerald, Lemon- sueet, Good nan's- Fields. Norman Jonathan, Hollowav, Middlesex, victualler, d.& c. Aug. 14, 17, Sept 18, Guildhall.— Att. Jones, Millman- place, Bedfoid- row, Singleton John . Arthur, Manchester, watch- maker, d. Sc c Aug. 14, 21, Sept. 18, Guildhall, London. — \ tt. Isaacs, Bury- street, St. Mary. Axe. Ackerley Samuel, Liveipool, draper. Aug. SO, 31, Sepi. 18, house of James Eraser, Liveipaol.— Att. Bird, Liverpool. Henley Hen- y, Bath, plater, d.& c. Aug, 10, II, Sept. 18, Full Moon inn, Bath.— Att. Wingate, Bath. Blanch John, Noryvich, biker, Aug. 16, 21,' Sept- 18, Woolpack Inn, Noryvich. — Att. Deacon, Norwich. Bromley Geo. Hangingheaton, Deivsbury, Yorkshire, clothier, d. Sc e. Aug. 16, Mack Bull Inn, Mirtield, 18, Sept. 18, Black Bull Inn, Gomersall.— Att. Carr, Gomersall. Bentham John, Yarm, Yorkshire, merchant, Aug. .26, 27, Sept. 21, Black Lion, Stockton, Durham. — Att. Raisbeck, Stockton. HiuWng John, Liverpool, merchant, d. k c. Aug. 30, 31, Sept 21, Star and Garter, Liverpool.— Att. Avison, Liverpool. Pari Abraham, Stockport, Cheshire, victualler, d. Sic. Aug 21, 23, Sept. 21, Castle Inn, Stock- port — Att. Walters, Stockport. Rickett Jos. Oundle, Northamptonshire, banker, d. Sc c. Aug. 26, 27, Sept 21, Swan Inn, Oundle. — Att. Balderston, Oundle. Sanders Saml. Holly well- street, Shoreditch, Middle- sex. dealer and chapman, Aug. ! J. 24, Sept. 21, Guildhall.— Att. Stratton & Allport, Shoreditch. Kennard Jas. Plymouth- Dock, Devonshire, tailor, d. & c. Aug. 17, 28, Sept. zl, Guildhall, London. — Att. Anstice & Cox, King's. Bench- walks, Temple. Careless Thos. Hereford, carp. nter, d. & c. Aug. 23, 21, Sept. 21, Gieen Dtagou Inn, Hereford.— Att. Aston, Hereford. Hocket John, Uinfield, Berk- hire, carpenter, Aug. IS, 17, Sept. 21. Broaa Face Inn, Reading.— Act. liiggs, Reading Burgas John, Bedford- str et. Cove't- garden, Mid- dlesex, druggist and chyinist, Aug. 17, 24, Sept. 2- 2, Guildhall. — Att. Wmtakei, broaU- couit, Long- acre Fuller Thos Mildenhall, Suffolk, cord-- vainer, d. & c. Auj 16, 17, sept. 21, Red Lion Inn, Newmarket, Camb idgeshire -- Ait. liiles, Great Shire-. am. Ward Dan. Romford, Essex, victualler, d. & c. Aug. 17, 21, Sept. 21, Guildhall, London.— Att. Young, Synionds- llul. Billing Jo n Humphries, sen. and Billing Jab. Hum- phries, jun. Partington, Middlesex, corn- dealers, d See. Aug. 17, " 24, Sept. 21, Guildhall.— Att. Diuce, Biliner square. Apileton Thos, Ethermgton, Houndsditch, Middlesex, provision. mciehant, d. & c. Aug. 17, 24, Sept. 21, Guildtiall.— Aft. Ainory, Broad- street. Bankruptcies enlarged. Bache IP. Union- street, Lambeth, Surry, blacking- inaiiufacturer, from Aug. 14, to 21'. Gooch IF. Canterbury, gunsmith, from Aug. 14 to 24. Diewett T. l'ooley- stieet, bouthyvaik, from Aug. It to 21. DIVIDENDS to be made to CREDITORS. Davys J. Loughborough, Leicestershire, money. scrivener.— Sept. 6. Turner R. Birmingham, builder. — Aug. 31. CERTIFICATE to be grunted. Lloyd P. Birmingham, malts er.— I11; 3It. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS, fo, Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, and Head. Achsarising from Indigestion or fiee Living for Bilious, Gouty, and Rheumatic Complaints, and for Colds, slight Fevers, &- c. By kindly assisting Nature in tile due Discharge of the Animal Functions hey preserve Health, and promote Longevity ; the best general Family Medicine, and are particularly convenient for Travellers, as they are mild in their Operation, and do not require any Confinement.— Sold by F. Nevvbery & Sons. No. 45, St. Paul's Church- Yard, and by their Agents in the Country; Price4s. 6d. a Box, containing thirty- six Pills. Be sure that the Name " I". Newbery," is engraved in the Stamps. DAY & MARTIN BEG Leave to acquaint the Public, that bv attending to the following Particulars they will avoid being taken in by the vile Compositions that are offered as the genu'ne BLACKING, prepared by them at 97, HICH- HOLBOHN, LONDON.— After the Word BI. ACK. 1 NG in the first Line of the Labels he Counterfeits have a small ( as ); some have the same before the Word MADE inthe next Line, and oihers put a small ( nr ) immediately before the Number 97.— Purchasers should observe that the hole Address is clear and distinct. Sold by Birdsall, Inwood, and Holmes, North- ampton ; Bates, Daventry; Inwood. and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Folwell, Towcester ; Page, Oun- dle ; andNorris, Bedford.— Price Is. fid. per Bottle. - he ( klT Observe, a few Copies only we now left ou Sale, Price Three Shillings, Of that scarce, interesting, and useful Family Work { with which is given an elegant Portrait of the Author, and a View of Giiead- House) entitled 1 GUIDE to HEALTH; or ADVICE to BOTH V SEXES, in a Variety ot Complaints. By S. SO L I. VION, M. D. contiining a Treatise on Female Diseases, Nervous and Hypochondriac Complaints; also General RE marks pn those Diseases yvuh yvhich the Human Body is most trequ litly afflicted ; explaining the symptoms M » de of 1' reatmeut, and Remedies most properly adapted for -. exual Debility, & c. Sic. Soldb' the Printers..! this Paper; Barringers, and Bliss, Newport- Pag. iell; Beeslev, Banbury ; ana all oilier Medicine Venders in t e I'nited Kinedon. 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In fifteen Days they generally cure those cruel Disorders, and where they tail in that Time of peifectly lestoring Health, the Patient has the happy Assuiance that tie or she is the Eve of being so restored, let tne Degree 01 Malignity be ever so great. It is an Excellency pecu liar to these Pills, to maKedirectiy to the com plaining Part, and enter into Coniest with the oifending Matter, which they speedily dislodge and expel They are declared by Experience to be a Preserver ot Health, as well as a Restorer, by taking only eight single Pills Spring and Fall iiieveiy Year: In short, the Patentee tias this extraordinary Obligation to them, tnat whatever he promised himself tioin them they were sure to tulOl anuexceed as thorign impatieo ot immortal and universal lame. These Pills are most worthy a Place 111 the Cabinets' ot Masters and Captains of Ships; the more so, tot that they wilt keep good in all Climates any Length ot Time, anil that they have now borne the Test ot neaily sixty Years, wilh increasing Credit to themselves, ami Honour to their Author, in. omuch that during the last eigtit Years they have radically cured upwards oi - 40,000 Persons, many ot whom had been . Uncharged from Hospitals, where salivation had been frequently repeated, and ail othet Methods made Use of vvuhou't Effect. Prepared and sold by the sole Proprietor, Thomas Taylor, Memberofthe Royal College of Surgeons, in London, at his House, No. 9, New Bridge- Street ; where he will give Advice, without a Fee, to Persons taking these Pills, and will answer Patients'Letters, it Post- paid, on the same Terms, observing in all Cases the most inviolable Secrecy; no Patient's Name or Case having been mentioned, but ai their own particular Request, by the Proprietor, during the Course of more than 38 Years lhat he has had the con- ucting of an extensive Sale ot the above Medicine, and the Practice arising therefrom They ate also soiit, by his Appointment, by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; Inns, and Gallant, Towcester; Tomalin, Bates, and ' Viikinson, Daventry; Sharpe, Warwick; Rollason, Coventry; Price, Leicester; Hariod, Harborough; Seeley, Buckingham; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leigh- ton ; Knight, Collis k Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Mather, Wellingborough; Beesley, Banbury ; Tookey, iiundle; Palgrave, Bedford; Atkinson, Manchester and by one Person in eveiy considerable Toyvn in Great- Britain and Ireland, in Boxes ot only 2s. 9u. each, sealed up with full and plain Directions, whereby Persoas ot either Sex may cure theinselve will. Ease and Secrecy. N. B. Every Boxsoldin Great. Britain is sealed up with a Stamp, on which, by Favour of the Commis- sioners, is printed at the Stamp- Office — T. Taylor, No. 9, New Bridge- Street— to imitate which is l'elony LONDO. S . MARKEib. Corn Kcchange, Monday, Aug. 9, 1813. There has been a Urge supply ot Foreign Wheat since our last ot this'clay sc'r, night, and this day many . Essex samples airived; in consequence ot this, and a very sinail demand, prices have dropped about: 3 . per quarter — Barley and Malt are - carce, buU having some littie -. e. nanu iur ti , e samples ut tua laiitr, it sells readily i. itoer nigner; but liar. ey is dull in sale, b mglittle wantingai present.— There wa, a large supply ot Winte . .- a, this mo oing, and the repori ot the crop on file ground ot tins article being Highly favourable jt the beginning of the market, a feyv safes ot nue boilers were maue at llWs. pei quarier, but towaiiis. me close, tne b » > t: samples were ottered at 9ss. — i^ iey Peas are Ime- wise cheaper, as are Beans, having good supplies of each. — I lie Oat maiket is itill extremely dull, and 2s. pei quarter lower, although the supply since last Monday, was but moderate. Suffolk.,. — s. to — s. Giey Peas __— s. to — s. Fine . .— s. to — s. Oeans S3s. to 70s. tine — s. to 75s. 1' icKs 65s. 10 68S. Oats 24s. 10 30s. Rolands 21s. to 21s. I'otatoe am., 38s. to than Wheat 80s to 9,) Fine 100s. tolOJs. Superfine... — s. to — s. Fine White- - 83s. tol07s. Kye Ms. to bis. Barley 43s. to 48s. Fine Suffolk 50s. to 54,. Matt Ssds. to 88s White Peas.. 80s. to 84>'. Average ot Wneat, liOs. 2d.— 3s. ld. i loiver last return. Fine Flour, 106s. to UOs.— Seconds, 95s. to 100s. Average of Flour lo9s. 3d.— Os. Od. J higher ttiaa last let urn. PRICE OP SEEDS. Carraway 70s. Od. to 75s. Od. ) Coriander 32s. Od. to 36s. 0d/ Red Clover oOs. Id. toll2s. Od. ( per cwt* wlute ditto 70s. Od. tolSOs. Od.) Rye Grass 25,. Od. to 50s. Od perquarter White Mustard 8s. Od. to 14s. Od. > . lirown ditto 12s. Od. to 20s. Od. S p" S| J I urnip 10s. Od. to 14s. Od. ditto. PKiCE oi HOPS. * BACS. 91. 0s. to 111, Os. 81 0s. tcrlOl. Os, 81. Os. to 101. Os. Poe KIlTs. 101. 0s. to 141. Osi 91. 0s. to 111. Os. 161. 0s. to 201. 0s.* Kent Sussex. -. Essex K. ent Sussex ., Facnham . 1 ail otheis are Counterfeit. SMITHF1 ELD. — MONDAY, August 9. ( To sink theoflal— per stone of blbs. j Beef.. 5s. 0d. to 6s. 4- 1. 1 Veal 5s. 8U. to 7s. Od. Muttou5s. 4d. to 6s. Od. | Pork 7s. Od. to 8s. Od. Lamb .... 6s. Od. to 7s. Od. Head of CattD this Day.— Beasts, about 1927— Sheep 16,090.— Calves, 20Q- Pigs, 280. NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS. Beet.. 4s. Od. to5s. 4d. 1 Veal ,5s. Od. tobs. Sd. Muttoiifjs. 4d. to 6s. Od. | Pork. 7s. Od. tc8s. Od. Lamb .... 5s. 4d. to 6s. 8d. PRICE OF TALLOW, & c. fownTallow 92s. 6d. | St. James'sMarket 5s. 5d. Clare Market Os. Od. WhitechapelMaiket5s. 4.1. Yellow Russia92s. Od. Whiteditto 88s. Od. Soap ditto .. 88s. Oct. MeltingStutt' 86s. Od. Ditto rougn 60s. Od. Graves 28s. Od. iioo. 1 Dregs. 9s. Od. SOAP— Yellow., 102s. Od. lQi. 9- J. Average per st. of81b. 5s. 4d, 4 Mottled.. 114s. Od. Norttinmpton : Printed and Published bo . and for T. a, Dieer, Sctios, ! f Ji. Svinisox. /
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