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The Nottingham Journal and Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, and Sheffield General Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  G. Stretton
Volume Number: 71    Issue Number: 3633
No Pages: 4
The Nottingham Journal page 1
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The Nottingham Journal and Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, and Sheffield General Advertiser
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The Nottingham Journal and Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, and Sheffield General Advertiser

Date of Article: 29/02/1812
Printer / Publisher:  G. Stretton
Volume Number: 71    Issue Number: 3633
No Pages: 4
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* h f- e ! U• • * /- 1 © And Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, Sheffield General Advertiser. Vol. 71.— No. 3638.] SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1812. [ Price Sixpence, or .7s. per Annum. Printed and published by OEOROE STRET'I ON, N°. 14, LONOROW, aud circulated with'the greatest expedition, through' all the Towns anil populous Villages in this anij the adjoining Counties.— All Qrdets addressed to the Publisher^ or theAgentsin the different Towns, will be carefully attended to, and the Paper sentfranktrd to any Part of the Kingdom. $ UNDAT and TUESDAT's MAILS. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, Feh. 22. DOWNING STREET, feh. 22, 1812. Dispatches, of which the following are copies, have been received at the Office of the Earl of Liverpool, addressed to his Lordship by General the Earl of Wel- lington, K. 18. dated Gallegos, January 29:— ** MY LORD,— Major- General Craufurd died on the 24th inst. of the wounds which he received on the 19th, • while leading the light division of this army to the assault of Ciudad Rodriga. " Although the conduct of Major- General Craufurd on the occasion on which these wounds were received, and the circumstances which occurred have excited the admi ration of every Officer in the army, I cannot report his tleath to your Lordship without expressing my sorrow and regret, that his Majesty has been deprived of the services, and I of the assistance of an Officer of tried talents and experience, who was an ornament to his profession, and was calculated to render the most important services to his country. " I have the houour to be, & c. " WELLINGTON." To the Right Hon. the Earl of Liverpool, < Jc. Extract of a dispatch from General the Earl of Welling- 01) to the Earl of Liverpool, dated Gallegos, Jan. 29 :— " Marshal Marmont arrived at Salamanca on the 22d iost. and the lix divisions of infantry of the army of Portugal vere collected in the neighbourhood of Alba and Sala- manca, pn the 23d and 24th. " General Souham's division, with about 500 cavalry and some artillery, were sent to Matilla on the 23d, and patroled to San Munoz and Tamames: the movement of this division was intended to ascertain the fact of the fall of Ciudad Rodrigo, and they retired again tp the Tonnes on the 26th. " We tyave been employed in repairing the damages which opr fire had done to Ciudad Rodrigo. For some days, it has not been possible to take the place by a coup- de- main, and 1 hope that in a short time the works will be in a good state of defence. WHITEHALL, Feb. 22.— His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to grant the dignity of an Earl of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, unto the Right Hon. Arthur Viscount Wellington, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, by the name, style, and title of £ arl of Wellington, in the county of Somerset. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has also been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to nominate and appoint Lieutenant- General Thomas Gra- ham, Lieutenant- General Rowland Hill, and Major- Ge- neral Sir James Auchmuty, Knt, to be Knights Companions of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. LONDON, FEB. 24. Mr. Douglas, Secretary of Legation to the Sicilian Court, has arrived with dispatches front Lord W. Beutinck, dated the 11th, 25th, and 29th January, containing the in- telligence of a Royal Act having been issued by the King jof Sicily, on the 16th January, appointing the Hereditary Prince Vicar General of the Kingdom, with the whole of the . Royal Authority; and that on the 10th the Hereditary frince had appointed Lord W- Bentinck Captain General of the Sicilian forces. In consequence of his Royal High- eess's assent, a part of the British army had been ordered to Palermo. The Sicilian Barons, who were banished in the month of Jply last, had been recalled by the Hereditary Prince, and the 1 perCent. Tax which had been imposed by the Royal Authority had been repealed.— An entire change had taken place in the Ministry, Prince Cassanq having, for the present, the chief direction of affairs.— The Queen's influence is entirely at an end. Letters and Papers from New York, to the ad, and from Boston, to the 3d instant, inform us, that the Bill for the admission of articles of British growth and manufacture, under conditions as to the time of the con- tract, has not proceeded a single step beyond the position in which it was before left. A very strong idea prevailed, that the cause of this delay was the opinion entertained by Government of the impolicy of the measure. The Papers of the 2d, present us with a letter from Mr. Foster to Mr. Monroe, and the latter gentleman's reply ; from which we obtain a temporary glance of the negociation, and are sorry to observe it in a state of retrocession. Tip British Envoy complains of the misrepresentation of his proposals to the United States, in highly respectable quarters; and the American Minister verifies the ground of the complaint; and concludes with a repetition of those very misrepresenta- io which we demur. The following is an extract from the speeches of two or three Members in the House of Representatives :— " BRITISU SPOLIATIONS.— Mr. Little called up his motion on this subject. Mr. Fitch particularly requested it might be so amended as to include the spoliations of other nations, ss well as the English. Mr. Little objected to the amendment: he had, he said, a specific object in the motion ; which was to rofte the { i; npU to arpis against Great Britain; and the more proofs of wrongs produced, the higher would their sentiments rise. Mr. Wright, too, was averse to any examination of French aggressions, especially when our vessels were all restored, or were in negociation ; and when, also, we were on tbf eve of a British war, which must make us a ti'd of Allies to France." So much for Ame- • jican IMPARTIALITY ! On the 17th of January, the President laid before jCyngrets a letter from Mr. Foster, stating that the sug- gestions that the Indian war had been fomented by the British Government, was totally unfounded, as Sir James jCraig, the Governor of Canada, suspecting the hostile in- . Mentions of the Indians, had apprised the Government of the United States of the same through Mr. Morier, so far , fcack as the 25th of November last. The Indians have sued for peace, and it was expected that their Chief, the Prophet, would fall a sacrifice to their resentment. • yhe Secretary of the American Treasury has recom- JUendfd an addition of 100 per cent, on import and ton- nage < j; ities— an increase of the land tax— a tax on auctions, / tamps, and carriages— and ail excise duty on spirits, to meet the expencts of the year. It ji said , that Admiral Sawyer is ordered to cruize off the American coast. By letters fjtorp Peteraburgh to the iSth ultimo, ill pow appears that the report of a Declaration of Peace oh the 2Gth of December, at that capital, was a fabrication, ind the war between the Russians aud the Turks is re- newed with fresh vigour. * The Moniteur of the 11th mst. says, that 40,000 English tnuskets have been found in Valencia.— Suchet, in his . dispatch from the army of Valencia, states, that 1,500 in- furiated Monks have been arrested tnd sent to France; and the chiefs. of the insurgents have been executed in the public squares !— This, is in direct violation of one of the articles of capitulation. We understand, that in the case of Mr. Walsh, |? ferred to the Twelve Judges, their Lordships were of '< pinion, that no legal ground existed for a criminal prose- cution, and that the case between him and the prosecutor <•• 33 a civil debt.— Mr. Walsh wtt, on Friday, discharged fj or. i Newgate, iiijMiseijuenst of » pardon granted by the £ rinse Regtikt, WANTED, . a COOK MAID, of a good Cha- racter, in a Gentletnan's Family, near Nottingham. Apply to Mr. SENIOR, Hair Dresser, Long Row, Notting- ham. RIVER TRENT NAVIGATION. AGENERAL Meeting of the Proprietors of the River Trent Navigation Company, will be held at the Kingston's Arms, in Newark upon Trent, 011 Tuesday the 3d Day of March next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. The Committee will meet at the same Place on the pre- ceding Day. EDWD. SMITH GODFREY, Clerk to the said Company. Newark, 13th February, 181 2. Mr. WILLIAM JOHNSON'S Assignment. WILLIAM JOHNSON, of East Markham, in the County of Nottingham, Farmer, having by In- denture, dated the 7tli Day of February instant, assigned all his Estate and Effects unto Trustees therein named, IN TRUST for the equal Benefit of his Creditors, Notice i's hereby given, that the Deed of Assignment is lodged at the Office of Messrs. MASON and MICE, Solicitors, i: i East Retford, for the Execution of such Creditors as may choose to take the Benefit of the same; and that those Creditors who shall refuse 0{ neglect to execute or consent to the said Assignment before the 1st Day of May next, will be excluded all Benefit arising therefrom. ( By Order of the Trustees) MASQN tnC MEE. East Retford, Feb. 11,1812. NOTICE TCj DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WHEREAS THOMAS WOOD, of Newark- upon- Trent, in the County of Nottingham, White- smith and Bell- hanger, hath by Indenture bearing date the 18th Day of this instant ( February), assigned all his Estate and Effects to John Huddlestene, Jeremiah Newton, James Clark, and John Armstrong Jackson, all of Nevrarkrupon- Trent aforesaid, Merchants, IN TRUST for the Benefit of all his Creditors, in manner therein mentioned:— Notice is hereby given. That the said Indenture is left at the Office of Mr. FOX, Attorney at Law, in Newark- upon- Trent aforesaid, for execution by such of the Creditors of the said Thomas Wood as may choose to take the Benefit thereof, and shall execute the same, or signify thpjr Consent in Writing so to do, on or before the Eighteenth Day of April next. 4RC1 all Persons who stand" indebted tf> the said Thomas Wood are hereby required to pay the'Amount of their respective Debts to the said Assignees forthwith, or Actions at Law will be commenced against them for the same without fur- ther Notice. Newark, 19th February, 1812. TO COVER THIS SEASON, At SixnvzcK, Yorkshire, Blood Mares at Five Guineas, and 10s. 6d. the Groom— Country Mares at Two Guineas, and Five Shillings the Groom, SIR SOLOMON, by Sir Pt ter, out of Matron, by Florizel, out of Maiden— The Money for covering to be paid before the Mares are taken away. Good Grass and Accommodations for . the Blood Mares only. Sandbeck is 9 Miles froip Doncaster, g frGnj Worksop, and 7 from Bawtry. < TO COVER THIS SEASON, .1812, At Three Guineas each Mare, and Hall a Crowfi the Groom, VIVALDI, late the Property of Major Wilson, and now of John Fryatt, of Melton Mowbray, in the County of Leicester.— He is a good Bay, with Black Legs, no White but a Star, and stands 15 Hands 8 Inches hign ; got by Woodpecker, his dam ( Paulo and Palermo's dam) by Mercury, grandam Cytherea ( own Sister to krone), by King Herod, great grandam Lilly ( own Sister to Jetliro), by Blank, great great grandam Peggy, by Cade, out of an own Sister to the Wedderington Mare, by Partner, & G. In 1805, at Bibury, Vivaldi ( who run in the Name of Brother to Vivaldi) won a Handicap Stakes of 10 Guineas each, 9 Subscribers, two Miles, beating Young Eclipse, Chilton, Lismahago, and Little Printer.— In 1806, at Ascot Heath, he won a Sweepstakes of 10 Guineas each, with £ 5 Guineas added, 14 Subscribers, two Miles and a half, beat- ing Agincourt, yi'ctory, and Watery; at Ipswich he won a £ SO. Two- mile'Heats, beating Mr. Brown's Laura, who was drawn after the first Heat; at Nor Jhampton he won a <£ 30, for ail Ages, Four- mile Heats, beating • Zofioya and Enchanter.-— In 1&) 7, at Stamford, he won a i' 50. for all Ages, Four- mile Heats, beating Wildair, Buzzard, and Eliza ; at Bedford he ran four very severe Four- mile Heats, beating D^ dona; and at Leicester he Won - itie Burgesses Purse, Four- mile Heats, beating Buzzard, Margaret, and Mr. Fisher's Waxy colt. Vivaldi will be at the Chesterfield Arms, Bingham, every Thursday; bait at Bridge Foot, near Nottingham, every Friday Morning, bait at the Ranclitfe Arms, Bunny, and sleep the same Night at the Boot' Inn, Loughborough ; go through Mount tjorrel, and sleep at the Bell Inn, Leicester, every Saturday; bait at Bilston - every Sunday Morning, ami sleep at the Black 1 jprse Inn, Uppingham; bait every Monday Morning at Hambletori^ through Oakham every Monday Afternoon, and Home l- veryl uesday and Wed- nesday during the Season. ' N. B. The original Vivaldi, o\ vp Brother to this Horse, won 14 times, beating Sir Sblomon, Coriander, & c. ' ' Good Convenience for Mares to " foal in, and Grass at Six Shillings per Week. ' '• ' " The Money to be paid at Midsummer. WARTER, advertised in tlje Racing CaTcnjar. at the same place and Price, is dead. ' V '' TO COVER THIS SEASON, lpjS, Thorough- bred Mares, Three Guineas and a Crown, Country Marts, Two Guineas and a Crown, CLASHER, own Brother to CLINKER, who won at Derby, Nottingham, and Stamford, in 1809, the Property of Thomas Bulmer, of Melton Mowbray. Clasher is a good Bay, with Black Legs, fifteen Hands tvvo'Inches and a Half high, with great Bone and. strength', and one of the best bfed Sons of Sir Peter; bred by Sir Sit- well Sitwell, Bart, got by Sir Peter Teazle, his dam Hyale, by Pbcenomenon ( Phcenomenon by King Herod, dam by Eclipse); grandam Rally, by Trumpator; great grandam Fancy by Florizel, sister to JJiomed; great great ferandani by Spectator, sister to Juno; great great great grandam Ho- ratio, by Blank; great great great great grandam by Flying Childers; great great great great great grandam Miss Bel- voir, by Grey'Grantham, Paget, Turk, Betty Percival, by Leeds' Arabian, Spanker, & c. On the 30th May, 1798, at'two years old, Hyale beat Sir H. T, Vane's filly, by Walnut, a Match for gOOgs. at York. Ill May, 1800, she beat Sir H. Williamson's filly, by Ruler, out of Tree- Creeper, a Match for 200gs.: she also won the Gold Cup, at Nottingham, bearing Lord Stamford's bay colt Alfred, and two others; and in the same year won 40gf. at Lichfield. In 1801, she beat Mr. Crompton's Auniseed, a Match for SOOgs. at York; arid in the s. ame year she won the Gold Cup at Stamford, and was allowed to be the best Mare in the'Kingdom of her year. j At Newmarket Craven Meeting in 1806, Clasher won a '" Sweepstakes of COOgs. by beating Lord Foley's Kneebuckle, Lord Darlington's colt by Sir Peter, J , ord G. H. Cavendish's filly Honour, and Mr. Howorth's filly Titian. On the same dfy he received forfeit from Lord Darlington's colt by Sir Peter, a Match for lOOgs. Next day he received 2! X) gs. for- feit for a Sweepstakes of 6Ct) gs. and was then sr. ld to Sir J. Shelley for 1000 guineas, anil at the Houghton Meeting he beat Mr. Payne's Tudor, a Match for lOOgs. Sir Peter covered at 35 Guineas a Mare, and was allowed to be the best StalUoirtu England. Clasher- will be at the Chesterfield Arms, Bingham, on Thursday Nights; bait at the Rancliffe Arms, Bunny, 011 Friday; will be at the May Pole, Nottingham, the same Night, and on Saturday; at the Anchor, Gunthorpe, on Sa- turday Night; at the Bull, Bottesford, on Sunday Night; and at Home the remainder of the Week. Mares proving barren last Year, will be covered at Half Price this Season. Good Grass for Mares, with proper Care. All demands to be paid at the, time of Covering, or at Midsummer. TO BE SOLD, THE following well- bred STALLIONS and BROOD MARES, the Property ( if Mr. HANCOCK, of Whitwell, near Worksop, Nottinghamshire, where they may be seen and treated for:— LOT 1. That well- bred Stallion, Hyacinth ( got by Cori- ander, out of Rosalind, by Phenomenon, but of Atalanta), own brother to Hyacinrhus, who at 4 years old beat Chance, Stamford, Rolla, and Brown Fanny, atYork, and is the sire of Rover, Ranger, and several other good runners. Hya- cinth is a good Bay, li3 Hands high, uncommon good shape, very full of bone; is as likely to get Hunters or Coach Horses as any Horse whatever; his Stock are large and bony, anil have good shape and action. He is a good coverer, and a sure Foal- getter, LOT 2. A Bay Filly, rising 5 years old, bred s. t Sand- beck, 15 Hands 1 Inch high, got by Sir Solomon, her dam Miss Brim, by Highflyer, out of Brim, by Squirrel, Helen by Blank, Crab out of a sister to Partner. ' This Filly has been broke, but never trained; is likely to prove a valuable Brood Mare, being as well descended from her, dam as most Mares ill the Kingdom. LOT 3. A Brown Mare by Abbe Thnlle, her dam l> y Chatswortb, Northumberland, Old Traveller, & c. ' This Mare is in Foal to Hyacintbus, and very early. LO- T 4. A Black Stallion, of the Heavy kind, 16 Hands high, 6 years old, is a sure Foal- getter, and his Stock re- markably good. This Stallion, and the Blood Horse also, if not disposed of by the 25th March, would be LET for the Season, on fair ' Terms, to any creditable Person. If not disposed of either way, they will Cover this Scason: of wliicji Notice will be given. WUitwell, February 20, 1832, KNOTT's CATALOGUE OI> EOOKS. This Day is published, by J. KNOTT, Birmingham, and may be had of the Booksellers in Nottingham, Newark, Derby, & c. and of Mr. R. Baldwin, Paternoster Row, Lohdoh," ••'-•'' PART I. of ACATALOGUE of BOOKS, for 1812, in which are comprised Works under the following Heads :— Books of Prints, Atlasses, tf- c. Topography, History, Antiquities, Biography, Voyages, and Travels. Divinity, Ecclesiastical History, and Sermons, in various Languages. In the Compilation of this Catalogue, it has been an Ob- ject constantly in View, to rate the Books at a considerable Deduction from the usual Prices of the London and Provin- cial Trade, both in respect to the Old and New Branches. To Purchasers to the Amount of £ 30. a further Reduction will be made, v7hi2. il will be increased to those who purchase to* the Amount of'jSlOO. and upwards. TIMBER, TO BE SOLD, At CL1rTON, near NOTTINGHAM, CONSISTING of Broad ana Narrow Leaf ELM, ASH', and BEECH, particularly desirable for Boat Btilders, Wheelwrights, Carpenters, & c. ' ' The first Sale Day will be on Tuesday the 3d of March, and will continue every Tuesday and Friday, until the whole is disposed of. Enquire of ROBERT SHAW, Clifton. LARGE TJMBER, TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, On Wednesday the 18th day of March, 1S12, at the Bull ' and Butcher Inn, at Selston, in jhe County of Notting- ham, at'Two o'clock in the Afternoon ( in 161arge Lots), FOUR HUNDRED and Nineteen OAK, ASH, ELM, SYCAMQKE, LIME, CHF. SNUT.' and AL- DER TIMBER TREES, blazed and numbered, and stand- ing in the Lordship of Selston aforesaid, the Property of Sir Beaumont Dixie, Bart. Mr. Joseph Clarke, of Selston aforesaid, will shew the Timber. The above Timber is of large Dimensions, and very use- ful for the Navy, and set out in large Lots. Selston is situate within about four Miles of Alfrcton, and the ' Timber is standing within Half a Mile of the Pinx- ton Canal, which communicates With the Nottingham, Erev/ asli, and other Canals. Dinner at One o'Clock. JOHN VINFIE1. D, Surveyor. Wimeswould, Feb. 22,1812. Capital MANSIONS, « $ c. at EARNBY MOOR.' TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, And entered to at Lady Day next, WO CAPITAL MESSUAGES, or Dwelling Houses ( adjoining each other.) pleasantly situated at a convenient Distance from the Great Northern Road at Bamby Moor, near East Retford, in the County of Notting- ham, each of them containing a Dining" Room, Drawing Room, and Breakfast Room, of large dimensions, Kitchens, and other Offices suitable thereto; six or eight Lodging P. ooms on the First Floor, and commodious Attics. There is an excellent Garden to each of the Houses, large Stables, Coach Houses, Dovecotes, and every ' other convenient Re- quisite for a large and genteel Family. Aud ' TEN ACRES cf excellent LAND will be sold therewith. " "' ' Barnby Moor is three Miles distant from Retford, five from Bawtry, seven from JVorkSdJ), . and fourteen from Uoncaster, in a fine Sporting Country, being nearly in the centre of the Earl of Scarbj'oogh's l innt, and within five Miles of the Hunt of the Honourable and Reverend John i. uniley Sayiie. For further Particulars apply to Mr. JOIIN RQGEIU, Ranby, near East Retford. Ranby, 25t} i January, 18J2, T LEICESTERSHIRE. Fine Sporting Country, if. ithin easy Distances of tl) e. Di'. Ze oj Rutland s and the Q, uorn Hound... TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the King's Head, in Loughborough, in the Coynty of Leicester, on Thursday the 12tli day of March nekt,' be- tween the Hours of'Three and Six o'Clock in the After- noon ( in such Lots, and subject to such Conditions of { iale, as will be then and ' there produced), rTTIK following very desirable FREEHOLD 1 PROPERTY, situated in the Parish of BURTON ON THE WOULDS, near the very good Market Towns of Leicester, Loughborough, and Melton- Mowbray; consist- ing of a Messuage or Tenement, Yards, Garden, Barn, Stables, Bullock Hovels, Sheds, and other Oat- Buildings ; and upwards of 130 A. CRF. S of Arable, Meaduw, and Pasture Land, iu several Pieces lying nearly contiguous to each other, and only separated by the Road leading from Barton to Sex, or Seggs Hill, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Johnson. Mr, William Fletcher will shew the Premises.— Further Particulars may be known on Application to Mr. Edward the NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, OR BORDERS. WANTED, on LEASE, unfurnished for Ready Money given for the Furniture), a commodious HOUSE or COTTAQE, Meadows or Grass Land, with privilege for an Invalid ( a very bad Shot),' to Sport over an extensive Ma'hor, where Game is plenty . A Gentleman or respectable Farmer, having Part of a Mansion, or spacious House, with Pasturage to spare, calculated for the separate Establishment of a Gentleman, with his Wife only, will meet with eligible Persons and indisputable References.— Rent, Apartments, number < jf Acres, & c. extent of Sporting Warranty, aud how secured, express by Letter to Mr. CHAS. REYNOLDS, Long's Hotel, Bond Street, Piccadilly, London. Possession Lady Day, Midsummer, or Michaeltnac next. ASSOCIATION Of tji^ Inhabitants of WOLLATON, TROWBLL, COSSALL, SI RELLJIY, BILBOROUGH, & C. For the PROSECUTION of FELONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the An- nual Meeting of the Subscribers to this Association w| ll beheld at the House of Mr. John gaker, in Wollaton, 011 Monday the Ninth Day of March next, when and where the Subscribers are requested to attend, to audit the Trea- surer's Accounts, to choose a Committee for the ensuing Year, aiiil on other Business relative to the said Association. C. CHOULF. R, Jun. Treasurer. Dinner on Table precisely at Two o'Clock. 25th February, 1812. TO LET, AHOUSE, ir> a principal Situation for Trade, in Derby; consisting of an excellent Shop, a Parlour, Kitchen, and Back Kitchen, with Six Lodging Rooms, and a Yard, with everj^ Convenience.— May be entered upon at Lady Day next. For Particulars apply to Mr. SYKBS, Market Place, Not- tingham. TO CLOTHIERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, bv Private Contract, a very excellent STEAM ENGINE ( Five- Horse Power); four Carding, and two Scribbling Engines ; four- teen Jennies, five Billys, and four Worsted Frames, of 24 Spindles each; with Silvering, Drawing, and Roving Frames complete. Also, a most complete ENGINE LATHE, on an im- proved principle, with every Apparatus for Hollow, Cval, Eccentric, Rosette, and Face- t'Uriiing, with upwards of 70 Tools; an excellent Mandrell and point Lathe, on a ne\ v Principle; a Five- feet Reflecting Telescope; a Thir ty, inch Refracting ditto, on Brass Stand ( by Dpllond); and a raDst complete Solar Microscope, by Kimbell. For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase of any of the above Articles, apply ( if by Letter, free of Post- age) to Mr. H. GODWIN, Solicitor,' Salisbury, Wilts ; or Mr. JA;. BUSIIELL, No. 50, Coleman Street, London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By FROST and DAKEYNE, At the House of Mr. Newton, the Black Bull Inn, in Worksop, in tbe County of Nottingham, on Wednesday the 4th Day of March, 1812, at Four o'Clock in the Af- ternoon, ( subject to such Conditions as will be then pro- duced)^— ALL that commodious modern- built DWELL- ING BOUSE, situate upon the LEAD HILL, in the Town of Worksop, in the County of Nottingham, with a desirable and extensive WHITESMITH'S SHOP, and con- venient Out- Offices to the same belonging, now, in the Pos- session of Mr. Whitehead. The above Estate is Leasehold, held under the Duke of Norfolk, at the Annual Rent of'Twenty Shillings, 87 Years of which Lease will remain unexpired- at Lady- Day, 1812, For a View of the Premises apply to the Tenant; and for further Particulars to Mr- WA. LKDEN, Solicitor, Mansfield. COPYHOLD ESTATE, MANSFIELD. ANCHOR PUBLIC HOUSE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By FROST and DAKEYNE, At the House of Mr. Wj. Wragg, the Anchor Public House, in Mansfield, in the ( jaunty of Nottingham, on Thursday the 5th day of March, 1812, precisely at Five o'Clock in the Evening, ( in such Lots, and subject to such Conditi- ons as will be then and there produced)— ALL that good- accustomed PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the Sigh of ' THE ANCFICR, situate in Cock- Pit, in Mansfield aforesaid, with the Yard aud Out Offices thereto belonging, now in the Possession of Mr. W. Wragg. Also, all those Five Tenements or Dwelling Houses ad- jOining the above, now in tbe several Occupations of W. Forman, Robert Linfoot, and others. • And also, all those Four other Tenements or Dwelling Houses, situate in Duck Lane, in Mansfield aforesaid, with the Yard and other ConveniencleS thereto, in the several Occupations of Thomas Ratclilje, W. Day, and others. N. B. Possession of the Public House may be had at Lady Day next. For a View of the Estate apply to the Tenants, and for further Particulars at the- Oflice of Mr. WALKDEN, Soli- citor, Mansfield. February ISth, 1812, ' M. ms « ib/. d Woonuorsn.—. COPTHOLD ESTATE- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By FROS T and DAKEYNE. At the House of Jejr. Charles Walker, the Sign of the Eox and Crown, in Mansfield Woodhouse, in the County of Nottingham, on Saturday the 7th day of March, 1812, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, ( subject to such Conditions as will be then produced)— ALL those Two new- erected neat Sashed MES- SUAGES or Tenements, adjoining each other,' situ- ate in tiie Centre of the ' Town ot' Mansfield Woodhouse, with a Yard and convenient Out Offices thereto; also, a Spring of Water iu front; now in the Occupations of Thos. Humphrey and John Mitchell. The above Preli{ i} es are erected on the Scite of an ancient Cottage, and are entitled to Ubmmou Right upon the Forest of Sherwood. For a View of the Premises apply to Mr. Henry Bright- tvdre, and for further Particulars at the Office of Mr". WALKDgN, Solicitor, Mansfield* February Bib, 1812. PR EAVES LANE and EDINGL& T. . y « ., Gray's Inn, London^ where a Plan 0; the Jbstate may be | wen. * ' * TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H'AGE, At the Saracen's Head Inn, in Southwell, on Monday the flili Day of March, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the After- noon ( in Lots), ALL that MESSUAGE, or FARM HOUSE, with the Outbuildings and Appurtenances; and also, all those several CLOSES of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, Situate in Greaves Lane and'Edingley, in the Parish of Eilingiey, in the County of Nottingham, containing to- gether about 110 Acres, in the Occupation of Wm. Wass, who is under Notice to quit at Old Lady Day next. The above Estate is part Freehold and part Copyhold; and is distant from Southwell about two Miles, and from Newark'aud Mansfield about ten Miles. The Tenant" will shew the Estate; and printed Particu- lars, d. scribing the Lots, with Conditions of Sale", may now be had at the Office of Messrs. ALLEN and HODGKIN- 8CN, Newark ; Mr. WALKDEN. Office, Mansfield; apd • at Mr. BAILEY'S, Surveyor, Haiam, ,. t which latter Place a flan tuaj be seen. FARN3FIELD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HAGE, At the New Inn, in IJarnsfield, ill the County of Notting* ham, oil Tuesday the 10th Day of March, 1812, at ' Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( in Lots), ALL that MESSUAGE or FARM HOUSE, with the Outbuildings and Appurtenances; and all those several CLOSES of Arable, Meadow, and Pastor* 1 AND, situate in Farnsfield aforesaid, containing together about 76 Acres, in the Occupations ofjchn Bucklow and James Hall, who are under Notice to quit it Old Lady Da)' next. The above Estate is part Freehold and part Copyhold, and is distant from Southwell abou't 5 Miles, from Newark; about 13 Miles, and from Mansfield about 7 Miles. ' The Tenants will shew tfie Estate; and printed Particu- lars, describing the Lots, with Conditions ol Sale, may now be had at the! Office of Messrs." ALLEN and HODOKIN- SON, Newark; Mr. WALKDEN" s Office, Mansfield; and at Mr. BAILEY's, Siltveyoi', Halarii, at which latter Place a Plan may be seen. FOR THE BETTER FEEDING OF STOCK. In the Press, and shortly will be published by Subscription of ONE GUINEA each, upon a superfine Paper, ARECENT DISCOVERY of a SYSTEM for cutting up and preparing Corn, Straw] Turnips, Hay, Carrots, Cabbage, 3tc. for the Feeding of Stock. " By CHARLES DRURY, of MANSFIELD. This System of feeding Stock ( which has, as yet, onljr been made known to his Grace the Duke of Portland) will cause a very great Saving ' of Corn, and in particular Hay, by cutting up and preparing Straw, akisted with other Ar- ticles, which will be far cheaper, and equal to the best of Hay, and, if required, may be prepared with si) much'expe- dition, and of co strong a quality, as to surp'ass in its effects Hay and Corn, now given to Stock. It will cauir a very great Saving in'the cutting and preparing Turnips, & c. for the feeding of Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs ;- for when the ' Tur- nips are drawn, by cutting off the tops and bottoms, and storing them up in a cool Out- House", or hilling them Up with Straw and Earth, to prevent them growing, they may be prepared, when required; with Cut Straw, & c. for the feeding of Stock late jn the Summer, to very great advan- tage— To Which will be added, a New Method of improv- ing bad and mouldy Fodder, so as to cause the Manure to be ofdouble the strength to the present mode of feeding Stock with - Straw: likewise some useful Information con- cerning the feeding and management of Cattle in general, and the best means of preserving the Lives of these valua- bly Animals. ' This System of Feeding will be found of very great advan- ce in the riiaking up of Horses and other' " Cattle intended tage for Sale, and for improving young Stock; and the best • J that can possibly be applied to Milch Cows,' for increasing and enriching their Milk, and preventing them being so ten- der in the body ; also for forcing the growth of Beasts and Pigs, and feeding them with rapidity far surpassing any other rnooe that !>% i. ever yet been discovered. . The Author being fully convinced of the importance of this System, intends, when 500 Copies are ordered, to have it reiidy published for the Subscribers, and earnestly intreata Gentlemen to come forward with their Names. '• PRESENT SUBSCRIBERS. Honble. and Rev. J. Lutr.' cy Sayiie Henry Bowde/ i, Esq. John Chaworth, Esq. Rev. Henry HuwSon. His Grace the Duke of Port- land His Grace the Dukeof New- ' castle Right Hon. Earl Manvers Right Hon. Lord Middleton Subscriptions and Orders for this Publication will be re- ceived by G. Stretton ( Printer of this Paper),' Mr. Drtwry, Derby, Messrs. Passmoor, Sinkinson, and Co. Doncaster, and the principal Booksellers jn the United Kingdom, to be forwarded to Messrs. Taylor and Hessey, Booksellers, No. 92, Fleet Street, arid Gales and Curtis, ^ ookfejlers, Pater- noster Row, who ari appointed to receive Subscriptions and Orders for the Author, and pay the Money into the Bank of Messrs. Smith, Payne, Slid Smiths, London, to remain till the Pufclicafioti be delivered to the Subscribe ers. •* February 6,1818. ARMY CONTRACTS. Oommissary in Chiefs Office, Great George Street, LONDON, 17th February, 1812. - NOTICE IS HEREBY'GIVEN, to all Persona desirous of contracting to supply the following AR- TICLES for the Use of the Army, viz. BREAD to his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quarters, and Barracks, in the under- mentioned Counties and Islands .-— Alderney, Anglesea, Bedford, Berks ( including the Town of Hungerford), Berwick, Brecon, Bucks, Cambridge ( in- cluding the Town of Newiiiarket), Cardigan, Carmarthen, Carnarvon, Chester, Cornwall ( including Scilly), . Cumber* land, Denbigh, Derby, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Flint, Glamorgan, Gloucester ( including the City of Bristol), Guernsey, Hants, Hereford, Hertford, Hunts, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Jersey, Kent, Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, Middlesex, Monmouth, Montgomery, Norfolk; Northampton, Northumberland, Nottingham, Oxford, Pembroke, Radnor, Rutland, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Surry, Sussex, Warvv[ ck, Westmoreland, Wilts, Worcester, York ; and in the several Counties in North Britain. OATS to his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quar- ' fers, in the under- inentioned Counties and Island Anglesea, Bedford, Berwick, Brecon, Bucks, Cambridge, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Carnarvon, Chester, Cumberlandi Denbigh, Derby, Durham, Flint, Glamorgan, Gloucester, Hereford, Hertford, Hunts, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, Monmouth, Montgomery, Northumberland, Oxford, Pembroke, Radnor, Rutland, Salop, Stafford, Westmore^ Ir. ul, Worcester. FORAGE, viz— OATS, HAT, and STRAW, to his Ma- jesty's Cavalry iri Barracks; and OATS in Cantonments and Quarterin the under- meMioned Counties in Souili Britain :— Berks, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hants ( including the Isle- of Wight), Kent, Lancaster, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northampton, Nottingham, Somerset, Suffolk, Surry, Sus- sex, Warwick, Wilts, York; and- in the several Counties ill North Britain. As also FORAGE to all Horses kept for his Majesty's Service in the Island of Jersey. - That the Deliveries are to commence on and for the 25th Day of April next; that Proposals in Writing, sealed up, and marked, Tender for Army Supplies, will be received at this Office on or before Tuesday the 17th pay of March, jiut none will be received after Twelve o'Clock on that Day); and if sent by Post, the Postage must he paid. Proposals must be made separately for " each County and Island, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also the several Counties in'North Britain; and each Pro- posal must have the Letter which is isSexed to the Tender properly filled up,' by two Persons ot known Property en- gaging to become bound With the Party tendering in tliij Amount stated in tjig Printed Particulars for the due Per- formance of the'pcfiltract j and no Proposal will be noticed unless mad? on a jjrinted Tender, and the PricSs expressed in Words at Lengfh"; and should it so happen that during the ccnttnuahce if^ the Contract, no Troops should b*> stationed or supplied in the County, the Expence of the Contract and Bond, paid in the firs t instance by the Con- tractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon Application it this Office, between the Hours of'Eleven and Five; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General LINDKSAY, Edinburgh; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General 1 tr i'Y ENS, Guernsey; and at the Office of AssUtant Coav niifti— y General LAMONT. Jersey. UrEDNESDJT is* THUR SDJ T" s MA ILS LONDON, FEB. By the Acteon sioop of warv arrived from the East Indies, we are sorry to learn, that there has been a mutiny among part of the troops in the Island of St. He- lena. Some reduction* in the rations of spirits Jiad given dissatisfaction to the troops, and this dissatisfaction broke out into a mutiny on ihe 23d of December. The mutineers resolved to seize the depot with the stores, and, in fur- therance of their plan", arrested and confined the Lieutenant Governor. The Governor, being apprised of their in- tentions, collected, however, such of the troops as remained loyal, repelled the mutineers, and put an end to the mutiny. The Governor immediately summoned a Court- Martial, and had the mutineers brought to trial; six were instantly executed.— Perfect tranquillity had been restored when the Acteon left the Island. < Saturday's Gazette announces the capture of ka Gazelle, French privateer, of 14 guns and 94 men, by the Leouidas, Capt. A. J. Griffiths: It also contain* a re- turn of the killed and wounded in the storming and taking of Ciudad Rodrigo. This is like an unpleasant postscript to a most agreeable letter. The less of the English is. greater than we had expected, amounting to nearly GOO men. • Earl Wellington, in a dispatch, dated Gallegas, Jan. 21, and addressed to the Hon. H. Weilesley, British Minister at Cadiz, states, tint he had delivered pp Ciudad Rodrigo, with all it contains, to Capt. General Castanos.^ Extract of a. letter from at) Officer engaged in ihe sturm of Ciudad Rodrigo ;—" At half oast six o'clock < M1 th.- evening of theT9th, the different columns were formed,' ready to moire forward at seven. .' » " he attack was begun on the right by the third division. Colonel Camp- bell, of the l) 4' th, with the 5th, 7? th, and sith regiments, wCala.' W the walls of the Fausse Brsye, and pushed along it. Major- General'M'Kirjoou's brigade attacked the main breach.- The forlpro hope was led by a. Serjeant and twelve men; Lieut. Mackay, cf the 88th, then followed with 20 men. The three grenadier an 1 three light com- panies of . the 45th, 74th, and 8Sth regiments, under the command of Major Manners, of the 74th, who volun- teered, formed the storming party, supported by tlie rest of the brigade. After starting, the breach was soon ascended, notwithstanding they had two walls to get Hp ; it was cut off on both sides, and all the work cleared away on the inside, so that there was adepth h- ft of 15 feet. No ladders having come up, occasioned a short delay, when the enemy fired grape, musketry, and hand grenades, which caused Considerable loss; however a passage was soon forced out through the ditch of the traverse, which cut off the breach on each side. The enemy at the same time sprung two mines on the left of the breach; unfortunately General lH'Kitinon, who commanded the whole was standing on the top of one, and was blown up. The enemy set light to some shells, which blew up with a terrible explosion. Notwithstanding all these obstacles the town was soon entered and carried: the third division lost a great many officers and men. The light division stormed the left breach, and it proving more practicable than the main one, they Were soon on tile raniparts, and drove all before them. The enemy then attempted to make a stand in one of the squares and fired from the windows, but were driven from them and threw down their arms, and hid themselves in the houses, under beds, chests, & c. Colonel O'Toole, tvith some Ca^ adores, got into the town by escalade, as also G « ; ieral Pack, with his brigade ; in short the town was carried in every poiur. " Unfortunately some houses were burnt by the soldiers malting fifes on the thin hrick floors, which communicated to the reams. Thus was this important fort stormed and taken in less than half an hour. The General ( Barrie} who sommacdcd ir, left his own house, and retired to another, but was afterwards discovered, and brought to' Lord Wel- lington. Captains Langland and Collins, 74th regiment, it wounded; the former slightly, the latter in the thigh. . Lieut. Tew, 74th regimeut, severely in the hips and arms. — Ensign Atkinson, 74th regiment, slightly. Captain Hardyman, and Lieut. Pearse, 45th, killed ; Capt. Martin, same regiment, mortally wounded. Two officers of the E8: h regiment, slightly wounded." A private letter received from Cadiz, states, that the day after the. installation of the new' Regency, General O'Oonnel Issued orders for ali Officers in Cadiz to join th* ir respective regiments, or ro account for their not doing so by the 23th ult. By this judicious prcOueding, the Spanish army was supplied with 635 Officers, besides their servants, who were not fewer than 2,000. This augurs Well for the new order of tilings. The report that M. Rehausen, the late Swedish Charge d'Affaires here, had resumed that public character, . jj unfounded: we are, however, given to understand, that Bernadotte, several months ago, signified his anxiety to form some amicable arrangement with this country, upon the subject of commercial intercourse. To forward this desirable object, Mr. Thornton undertook tils late voyage to the Baltic ; and a correspondence was then commenced, « nd still continues, between the two Governments. The dispatches brought by the last packet, are said to afford strong hopes that the r. egociation will speedily be brought tn a favourable conclusion. We believe this is the only foundation for the report circulated last week, ( and Which we copied from the Star) respecting a Peace actually concluded between England and Sweden. Accounts received from Hamburgh, of the 19th vlt. state, that the French had assembled an immense num- ber of small craft in the Ems and Weaer, supposed for some Secret expedition. Bonaparte has, in lieu of the Dutch order of the Union, created an Imperial order called the Re- union, the • grosses and decorations of which are destined to reward the services of the great Officers of State, Judges, and the Civil Officers of the Empire. It is composed of 200 Grand Crosses, 1,000 Commanders, and 10,000 Knights, The Duke of Cadore has been nominated Grand Chancellor, and M. Vander Goes Van Dixland, Grand Treasurer. Half a million of francs have been granted towards its en- dowment. The oath binds the individual to be faithful to tfte Emperor, and to the dynasty. It appears by an official statement presented by Mr. Gallatin, to the American Congress, that of forty- five millions of their exports, the grand source of national riches— more than thirty- eight millions of them are pur* chased by Great Britain and her allies, Spain and Portugal; • while short of one million two hundred thousand are taken by France and Italy. Licences are granted to the Baltic, oil condition of the vesstb applying for them exporting goods to the amount of 51. per ton, previous to obtaining a licence to import any commodities from thence. No official communication has yet been made with respect to the new Ministerial arrangements; but it 1 a. said, that'' although the Prince Regent's Government afe decidedly of Opinio:), that the Catholic Concessions can- nnt at present be made, and Mr. Perceval and many others think that it cannot be right to make them at all, yet that the Government would not feel itself warranted in refusing the assistance and services of any man in office, if his ser- vices were valuable on other grounds, merely because, in Consistency with his former votes and opinions, he must differ from the Government on this question." To this extent, jind 110 further, the question is to be considered as aH open one. The Prince Regent has sent one of the vacant Ribands to Dublin, to his Grace the Duke of Richmond. Lord Keith is appointed Commander in Chief of the Channel Fleet, in the room of Sir Charles Cotton, who died of an apoplexy on Sunday last. A letter from Dublin, says, " J. Keegan ( the drunken school- master), with T. Quirterman, O. Adams, a* id J, and L Byrne, appeared at the ComniUsion of Oyer and Terminer; when Mr. Greene proceeded to intimate, that the Attorney- General authorised him to say, that no prosecution wa9 intended against the prisoners 5 and that it was, therefore, his wish that they should be discharged by proclamation. The Officer of t/ ie Court proceeded ac- cordingly, with the usual formalities, to have thein dis- charged." Miss Long's bridal dress is of the most splendid description; her gown alone will cost 6', 000 guineas-; the occklace 30,000/. The other parts of her dress are equally elegant and expensive. The Rev. Mr. Crofts, of Yorkshire, will, it is said, shortly lead to the hymeneal altar the beautiful and accom- plished Miss C. Manners Sutton, fourth daughter of his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Military Schools. recently established by Go- vernment, have adopted Dr Bell's system of education. After the debate in the Commons on Monday flight, Mr. Bankes intimated ' lis hope of being enabled, on the 17th of March, to bring before the House the subject Of the Resolutions cf the Military Commission in 1783, by • which a considerable number of Sinecure Places fcrit re- cwnmwded to be * i> » Mnsvi. The Rev. Ehcnezer Aldred, a Dissenting Mi- nister, from the High Peak in Derbyshire, appeared iu a boat upon the Thames, 011 the 20th instant, dressed ill a white linen robe, with his hair flowing over . his shoulders, and announced that the seven vials, mentioned in the Re-- velations, were to be poiired out upon the city of Loudon, —- Observer. , HOUSR OF LORDS. FRinAir, Feb, 21.— A Message from the Commons brought up the Nottingham Frame- Breakers" Bill, which was read a first time. MONOAY, Feb, 94.— The Earl of Lrjerpiolmoved, that the Nottingham Frame- Breakers' Bill should be read a second time to- morrow. Lord Holland would not object to the motion, but he thought it was too hastily brought forward, without any enquiry or examination into the circumstances existing in that part of the country : he should, however, oppose the principle of the Bill, as being, iu his opinion, totally inade- quate to its proposed end. Lot J Liverpool consented to put off the ducussion of the Bill till Thursday next. HOUSE OF EOMMONS. MONDAY, Feb. 24 Oiru motion for deferring the Not- tingham Watch and Ward Bill, Colonel Eyre regretted that it should sustain any delay, because the inhabitants were extremely anxious for the passing of itv in order that they might he enabled to defend themselves.— The order was , then deferred till to- morrow. On the question for bringing up the Report of the Com- mittee of Supply voting the- Navy and Army'Supplies, Lord Folkestone made some observations 011 tho great increase of foreign troops in the service of this country, which now amounted to 30,000, a subject, he thought, that ought to he viewed with great jealousy and alarm. He also made some remarks 011 the practice of enlisting men from out of the French prisons and the illegality of fareigners bear- ing commissions in our service, one of whom, he said, had the command cf a district.— Lord P- almerston replied, that Government had allowed a certain number, not of French prisoners, but of Germans, who had been forced into the French service, to enlist into our service, and these were the men' who now composed the German Legion, He did not know it was illegal to do this; and with respect to the as- sertion of a foreign Officer having the command of a dis- trict, it was utterly false. General Linsingen w^ s the only foreign General in this country, and his command only ex- tended over the German depots. The Report was then brought up, and several Resolu- tions read by the Clerk. On reading that for granting a sum to the Widows of Military Officers, Mr. Baoiei moved the reading, from the Journals, of certain Resolutions of Committees of that House, declaring that the Office of Paymaster of Pensions was a sinecure ; and wholly an useless and unnecessary expellee ; and that it ought to be abolished. The passSges lie alluded to were 1 read accordingly. I Mr, Banies then contended, that the Minister who had I dared to fill up that office, after the Report made by a I Committee of the House, ought to be called to an account ! by the House. The whole of the duties of this office had 1 heen performed by one of the Clerks of the War Office. The office had been done away by the Resolutions of the Committee, and it ought not to be revived. It never could be maintained that offices with large salaries and no duty, ought to be kept up, merely for the purpose of re- warding services like those of the H011. Colonel M^ Mahtn, Mr. C. Adami seconded the Amendment. Mr. Lcckhart agreed, that it was equally the duty of the House to preserve the Prerogative and due influence of the Crown, as it was to support a system of economy. He did not consider any blame could attach to the Minister of the Crown, who had acted in the only way he could ; for when the place was conferred on the Hon. Gentleman, it was intimated, that he must hold it subject to the fu'tire opinion of Parliament. The opinion of the House was now appealed to; and he, for one, was of opinion the place should exist no longer. Mr. Willerforce said, the Commissioners of Public Ex-, penditure had long ago recommended the abolition of this office, as one of no utility. This recommendation was made uwards of thirty years ago. What, then, must be the feelings of tbe public, to see, now that the receipts of it were more than doubled— what might be called a new lease of it granted. He declared he gave his vote most heartily in support of his Hon. Friend's Amendment. Lord Ciutfereagk said, he did not consider the Resolution so often alluded to as being intended as a direction to the Executive Government, hut merely as laying the grounds of a plan the House itself intended to pursue ; namely, to appoint a Committee to inquire into all sinecure offices, and say what should be abolished, and what retained ; but the very principle of the Resolution was, that a countervailing fund should, as these offices were abolished, be placed at the disposal of the Crown.—( Hear ! bear 1) '. Tbe Chancellor of tbe Exchequer stated, as be did in the Committee, that he was himself tlie only adviser of this appointment. If he had believed that the country would have been endangered by the grant of this sinecure, he would have felt it to have been his duty to oppose it; but he thought that more danger would arise from the dis- cussion of the question it) that Heuse than from the sinecures themselves. He contended that a Bill should have been brought into the House to abolish sinecure places generally, and that this should not have been particularised. It had been said that he should have advised the grant of this place to some political friend of his own ; but lie sup- posed he should not be blamed for advising that a man should be appointed to it who deserved it for his long ser- vices to the Prince his master. . Mr. Sb'ridfm wished, if they intended that tile people should be relieved from a part of their burthens, a Bill should have been brought in to abolish all such places. This place had been condemned as an useless one, but the proceedings respecting it had not warranted Ministers not to advise the grant of it. Mr. M. Montague, Mr. Herbert, Mr. B. Batburst, Mr. Morris, & c. spoke against the amendment; and Mr. H. Sumner, Mr. M'Donald, Gen. Tarleton, & c. in favour of it, A", however, concurred in the warmest testimony to Col. M'Mahon's general conduct and services to his master. The House then divided:— For Mr. Bankes's Amend- ment, 115; against it, 112.— Majority against Ministers, 3.— Adjourned. TUESOAY, Feb. 25.— Mr. Bankes moved for a Copy of the Record of the Conviction of Mr. Walsh ; also, that an Address be presented to the Prince Regent, praying that he would be pleased to direct a Copy of his gracious Par- don to the said Mr. Walsh, to be laid before the House, together with the Letter of the Judges, in consequence of which, the said Pardon had been issued, and other docu- ments connected with the foulness of the transaction in which Mr. Walsh had been implicated. These motions were severally agreed to, as also another, requiring Mr. Wa[ sh to attend in his place, on Thursday, to answer such charges as may be brought against him. O11 the motion of Mr. Drummond, leave was given to bring in a Bill for the more effectually preventing the Embezzlement of any Security in Money or Effects, de- posited in the hands of Bankers, Merchants, Brokers, Agents, Attornies, or others. The Bill was brought up, read a first time, and ordered to be read a second time on this day se'miight. Mr. Rose moved for leave to bring in a Bill to provide for the hetter regulation and preservation of Parechial Registers of Marriages, Births, and Deaths, and placing the same in security; which, after some conversation, was agreed to. Mr. Brougham, after a long speech, moved fot a Select Committee of the House to be appointed, to inquire into the application of the Sums arising to the Crown out of the Droits of Admiralty, and make their report thereon to the House. This motion was opposed by tbe Chancellor of tbe Ex- chequer,* nd finally rejected without a division. NOTTINGHAM WATCH ANB WARD BILL. Before. the House formed into a Committee 011 this Bill, Mr. J. Sviilh wished to correct a misrepresentation of his speech, which had appeared iu the public prints: he never had attributed those disturbances to the body of traders, and he deprecated the idea ; he knew they were excited by men of the lowest class. The House then went into a Committee on the Bill, ( Mr. Lushington in the Chair.) Mr. Secretary Ryder said, that sinfe the Bill had been last before the House he had received several communica- tions, which had made it advisable to extend the provisions of the Bill to the whole kingdom. The Bill had been, in consequence, new- modelled ill many parts, and in that state was submitted for discussion to the Committee. The several clauses went through the Committee. The House resumed, and Air. l. ushington brought up the Report; which was agreed to, and ordered to be printed, with the amendments, and to be taken iutii. further consideration on Friday next. Sales tig fefcfU an& nl>. TO, MORROW, ( SATURDAY-) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By GASKILL and NEWCOMB, In the Market Place, Nottingham, on Saturday the S9th > instant, at Twelve o'Cloek, AN excellent CURRICLE and. HARNESS, which may be Jceil at Mr. Eadnell's Livery Stables; near the Castle. That CAPITAL ST ALLION, catted PINE APPLE, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv GASKII. L and NEWCOME, In the Market- Place, Nottingham,, on Saturday the 29th Day of February, 5812, at Twelve o'CIock. PINE APPLE is of a dark Chesnut Colonr, is 11 Years old, 15 Himds 9| Inches high, has. plenty of Bone, very Rood Action, and a certain Foal- getter. Pine Apple was got by the Right Hon. the Earl of Cler- mont's Bay Horse Aituator, by Trumpator, dam by Robin- sraf Crusoe. At Newmarket First Spring Meeting, 17S1, Air, iator( then 4 Years old), carrying 8s. 31b. won a Handicap Sweepstakes of Mgs. each, Clermont Course, beating Rally, 75t. 121b. and S'canderbeg, Tst. lib.; Monkey, fist. lib. and or, eother, paid forfeit.— In the Second Spring Meeting, he won a Sweepstakes of 3flge. each, Clermont Course, carrying 7st. 4lh. beating Aurora, 3 Years old, a feather; and Robin Grey, 4 Years old, 7st.— Buzzard, 9st. 1211). paid forfeit. 2 to 1 on Aimator.—. The next Day, at fist. 4lb. be beat Mr. Wyndham's Monkey, 7st. 13lb. Clermont Course, lOOgs.— 2 to 1 on Aimator. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. GASKILL and NEWCOMB. Freehold Estate at Beestan.- rHomes and Lands. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Bv GASKILL and NF. WCOMB, At their Auction Mart, Carlton Street, Nottingham, nn Tuesday the 10th of March, 1812, at Three o'CIock, in the Afternoon; LOT 1. \ NEAT MOUSE, well fitted up, ( for- J~\ merly called " Fares' Cottage") adjoining the Premises, in the 0:- upation of Mr. Foxirrtft, contain- ing two Parlours, a Kitchen, Bick Kitchen, a Pump of ex- cellent Water, Pantry and Crllar, with ftitlr good Lodging Rooms; and having an exrcllent GARDEN, well stocked with choice Standard and Wall Fruit Trees:— commands fine Views of Clifton House and Grove, & c. N. B. Two small Fields adjoining, with a Stable or Oig H" tue, mav be r'nted for five Years certain. LOT 2. FIELD ALLOTMENT, now divided in two Closes adjoining, and in the Occupation of Mr. Spurr, and on the South S'de of the Turnpike Road to Sawley, well calculated for building upon. The Sifiiation commands a beautiful View of Wollaton Hall, Clifton, Vale of Belvoir, & c.— Containing about 4A. 2R. 10P. From One- half to Two- thirds of the Porcliase Money may remain 011 the Estate. fcjr Possession may be had at Lady- Day next. For further Particulars apply to GASKILL arid NEWCOMB. Auction Mart, Nottingham, 21it Feb. 1812. TOTON FARM. -" pilF. verv valuable LIVE and DEAR FARM- I ING STOCK, on the Premises of Miss WALUS, at Toton, near Stimleford, in the Cfunty of Nottingham, to be SOLD by AUCTION, byGASKTLL and NEWCOMB, on Monday and Tuesday, the I ( 7th and 17th Days of March next; the Sale to commencc at T' 11 o'CIock each Day. STOCK. Eight valuable Milch Cows, principally poll'd; two Three- year old Spring- in Heifers, two Two- year old Stnrks, four Fat lleasts, six Yearling Calves, one long- horned Bull, , th Day of February, 18- 12, at Six - VClock in theiEvenirig, in such Lots, and subject t » su- sii Conditions as will be then pro- duced:— A LL those NINE capital- built MESSUAGES, rV or DWELLING- HOUSES, pleasantly situated in Southwell aforesaid, and now in the several Occupations of Mrs. Mall ( Widow), Miss Asham, Milliner, and others. Also, an extensive Garden, adjoining the said Messuages or Dwelling- Houses, containing about Three Roods- of I- and, well stocked with the choicest Apple, Pear, Phimb, and Gooseberry Trees, in full bearing, late the Property of Mr. Mall, deceased. Mrs. Mall will shew the Estate, and fiirther Particulars may he had by applying to Mr. KENT, Attorney, or of the Auctioneer, Mansfiald. The greatest Part of ehe Purchase Money may remain on Security . of the Estate ( if required). And on the same Day will be SOLD by AUCTION, by the said Mr. ROBINSON, at the House of the said Mr. Mall, late of Southwell aforesaid ( deceased), at Eleven o'clock in the Morning, the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, and other Effects, late of the said Mr. Mall. Also, a valuable Collection of CARNATIONS, AURI- CULAS, POLYANTHUS', & c. consisting of about 1,000 Roots, which, for the Convenience of Purchasers, will be put up in Lots. . ( One Concern.) FREEHOL U.— BUVIVORTH. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINSON, At the House of Mr. Josejjh Winfield, the White Lion, in Blidworth, on Wednesday the 4th Day of March next, at Six o'CIock in the Evening, in such Lots and subject to such Conditions as wiil be then produced:— Two Brockwood Dales and the Assart End, containing in the whole about Twenty- one Acres, and now in the Pos- session of Mr; James Wilson. T he said Mr. Wilson will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. KENT, Attorney, Mans- field. Mansfield, ISth February, 1812. Freeliold Land, at Km. iU. v, ( exonerated from Land Tax. J TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINSON, ( Under a Commission of Bankrupt against Wm. Dickons, . of Mansfield, Grocer), at the Kingston's Arms, in New- ark- upon- Trent, on Wednesday the 25th Day of March llfc- xt, precisely at Four o'CIock in the Afternoon :— ALL those TWO CLOSES of rich Old Pasture LAND, called Long Lands, lying near to the Town of Kelham, and containing together upwards of 12 Acres; also, all that other CLOSE of excellent Feeding LAND, called The Hareholme, situate at Kelham aforesaid, near adjoining the River Trent, and being part of a most fertile Tract of Land there, called The Island, which last- men- tioned Close contains about 12 Acres: and the whole of the Premises is in the Possession of Mr. Iilgall. Further Particulars may be had of Mr. William Ingall, of Bilsthorpe; Mr. Henry Smith, Mansfield; or at the Office of Mr. WOODCOCK, Solicitor, Mansfield. 65* Actual Possession of the whole of the Premsses may be had 1171 the 6th Day qfA] yil next. February 28, 1812, SALE AT NORTON, NEAR CUCKNF. Y. On Friday the 6th Day of March, 1812, at Ten o'CIock in the Morning, will be PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINSON. Upon the Farm of the late Mr. Wright, Norton, near Cuckney;— AN Assortment of HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, most excellent BREWING VESSELS, FARMING STOCK, & c.:— Consisting of Feather Beds and Bedding, Bedsteads and Hangings, Tables, Chairs, Looking Classes, large Double and Single Clipboards, with Drawers, & c.; Oven and Boiler; Baking Oven Door and Frame; several good Ash Grates; Flour Cb- est, Lead Cis- tern, Kits, Buckets, two Milk Leads, Churn, & c.;— Also an excellent Brewing Copper and Under- Wtuks ( about CO Gallons), capital Mash and Gathering Tubs, convenient- sized Barrels, Oak Thralls, Hop Sieve, Brigs, & c.— The STOCK consists of a Bay Filly, three Years old ; Brown Colt, four Years old; Yearling Colt j Black Mare, four Years old,; Grey Mare, three Years old; two In- calf Cows, two Sturks; thirteen Sheep; three Corn Brandriths, Nar- row. wheelcd Waggon, two Narrow- wheeled Carts, two Ploughs ar. rl Swingle Trees, Swathe Rakes, Corn Riddles, Hay Forks, Straw Cribs ; ail Assortment of Horse Tackle, in good Condition ; Winnowing Fan, & c. Also,. PART of a STACK of HA Y,— about Five Tons. N. B. The Auctioneer respectfully solicits the early At- tendance of the Public or, the Morning of Sale. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. TAYLOR, On Monday the 16th, and Monday the 23d of March, 1812, at the House of Mrs. Mellors, of Tuxford, in the County of Nottingham, ALL the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LI- NEN, and CHINA; comprising five good Feather Beds, Blankets, Quilts, Bedsteads, Mahogany Chairs, Ta- bles, Chests of Drawers, Pii- r and Dressing Glasses, Car- pet, Kitchen Utensils, Brewing Vessels, & c.— Also, Two f. uns, by Brummit, and a capital high- bred Pointer, three Years old. The whole will be sold without Reserve, and the Seller will pay the Auction Duty.— The Sale will begin each Day at Ten o'CIock. Catalogues may be had on Monday preceding the Sale, on the Premises at Tuxford, or the Auctioneer, Retford. TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY TICKET, On Wednesday the 4th day of March next, at Four o'CIock in the Afternoon, at the Sign of the Carpenters' Arms, 011 the Mansfield Road, in the Town of Nottingham:— 0 4 T7LM TIMBER TREES, now standing in ' J^ t JQj a close near the Fox Lane, in the Parish of St. Marv, in the Town of Nottingham, and Jate in the Occu- pation of JohnTatton, deceased, in the following Lots:— LOT 1. Three Trees, marked No. 1, 2, 3, 2. Three ditto, .4, 5, fl. 3. Three ditto, 7,8,0. 4. Three ditto, 10, 11, 12. 5. Four ditto, 13, 14, IS, 16. 6. Four ditto, 17, 18,19,20. 7. Two ditto, 21, 22. 8. Seven di. to, 23, 24, 25, 21, 27, 28, 29. 9. Five ditto, 30, 31, 32, 33, S4. For further Particulars apply to H. M. WOOD, Sur- veyor, Nottingham, Also, a Quantity of ASH TIMBER TRF. ES, now standing ill The Lordship of Harlaxton, in the County of Lincoln, together or in LCFS, by PRIVATS CONTRACT.— Apply to Mr, STUBBS, at . the Wheat Sheaves Inn, in Hariaxton aforesaid. Harlaxton is two Miles from Grantham. au- J - immedi- ately on the Banks of t! rj Canal from thence J<> the River Trent, near to is Nattirghw Treat Bridge. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINSON, Upon the Premises of Mr. William Dickons, Grocer and Tea Dealer, in the Market- place, Mansfield, on Monday and Tuesday the 9th and 10th Days of March, 1812 ( free from Auction Duty), at Ten o'CIock each Morning:— ALL the Modem and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Linen, China, Brewing Vessels, and other Effects. Catalogues ( descriptive of e3ch Lot) will be published seven Days previous to the Sale, and may be had of the Auctioneer, in Westgate, Mansfield. N. B. The Property may be viewed on the Saturday pre- ceding the Sale. Valuable FREEHOLD LAND, at Holme and Balder tan. TO BE " SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HAGE, At the House of J. Woollit, the Mail Coach Tavern, in Newark upon Trent, on Wednesday the 11th Day of March next, at Four o'CIock in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions as shall be produced at the time of Sale), LOT 1. a CLOSE of rich MEADOW LAND, JLX situate in HOI. ME, in the Parish of North Muskham, in the County of Nottingham; containing eight Acres ( more or less), and now in the Occupation of tbe Executors of the late Mr. R. Terrewest. LOT 2. A Close of excellent Meadow Land, called the Bowbridge Lane Close, containing Five Acres ( more or less), situate in BOWBRJDGE LANE, in the Parish of Balderton, near to the Town of Newark, also in the Occupation of Mr. Terrewest's Executors. Possession of the Premises will be given at Lady- Day next; and further Particulars may lie known on Application at the Office of Messrs. GODFREY, TALLENTS, and BEEVOR, Solicitors, Newark upon Trent. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By E. B. ROBINSON, Upon the Premises, On Monday the 2dDay ofMarch, 1812, and the following Days, until the whole arc disposed of, THE entire STOCK in TRADE and HOUSE- 1 HOLD FURNITURE of Mr. C. Wright, Bookseller, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, who has assigned over his Property for the Benefit of his Creditors. Consisting of Cartridge, Cap, Brown, and Writing Papers; a general Assortment of Stationery, Day Books, Ledgers, Account- Books, Copy Books, & c.; a CIRCULATING LIBRARY, Containing about 1800 well- selected Books, among which are, most of the new Novels and Plays ; a general Assort- ment of Books, ^ mong which are, Gifford's History of France, 4 Vols. 4to.; Hall's Encyclopa: dia, 3 Vols, folio; British Encyclopedia,. 6 Vols. 4to.; Paley's Evidences ; Aiken's Annual Review; Inchbald's British Theatre;— Walker and Suttaby's Edition of the poets and Novelists; Bibles, Testaments, Common Prayers, School Books, & c. Also the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects. Catalogues are row ready, and may be had of the Auc- tioneer, or of H. Barnett, Fainter, Long Row. C. WRIGHT liavng assigned over his whole Property to Messrs. LONCMAN and Co. of London, and H. BAR- NETT, of Nottingham, for the Benefit of his Creditors,— all Persons indebted to the said C. Wright are requested to pay tbe Amount of their respective Debts to II. BARNETT, Long Row, where the Deed of Assignment now lies for tho Inspection of the Creditors. TO EE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, MOST CAPITAL ESTATE ; consisting of an excellent MANSION, fit for a Family of the first Distinction, in complete Repair; with excellent Stables, Hot- H, ouses, Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, and 245 ACRES of the richest Land in the Kingdom, in tiy: highest State of Cultivatiou: Also tbe very excellent ( and nearly) new Furniture, capital Stock of choice Wines, Farming Stock, & c. completely ready for immediate Habitation. Such an opportunity rarely occurs to purchase a complete Estate.— the Furniture is truly elegant, and the Stock the highest bred. For further Particulars enquire of Marston Buszard, Esq. Lutterworth, Leicestershire;' or cf M e » « rs. BURT and CO. Solicitors, John Street, Ameaw S< l « ir « » London. Genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other TO BE SOL!) BY AUCllON, By Mr. RAGG, • On the Premises of the late Mr. Wm. Burrows, Butcher, Boot Lsnc, on Monday the 2d Day of March, 1812, ( Sala to commence at Ten o'CIock in the Morning)— COMPRISING Mahogany Dining, Pembroke, and Screen Tables, Mahogany Chairs, Hair S.•..... Sofa and Cover, Barometer, Pier and Swing Glasses, Onfc Desk and Drawers^ Eight- day Clocft, in Oak Case, Maho- gany Ftour- post and Camp Bedsteads, with Manchester Hangings, Feather Beds and Bedding, Wool and Straw Mattresses, Carpets, Fenders and Fire Irons, M. hogany and Painted Wash Stands, Mahogany and Oak Draw e' S Painted Dressing Tables and Cha rs, with, an extensive Assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Catalogues arc now ready, and may & bad at the Auction Repository, Pelliam St; eet. GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, UMBP'i. LAS <* c TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, By Mr. RAGG, At the- Auction. Repository, IVlhutn Street, Nottingham, on. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the Sd, 3d, and 4th Days of March, I3I2, Sale to commence at Seven o'CIock in the Evening of each Day:— CONSISTING of a Lady's handsome French Gild Watch, neat Gentleman's Gold Hunting Watck, elegant Gold Pulse Watch, and several other Watches, of different descriptions.— Also, a large Assortment of Silk, ~ Cotion. and Scots' Gingham, Umbrellas, of good Size and Quality, with a few Dozens of Silk Hat Covers— thi whole consigned far positive Sal?. Nottingham, Feb. 21,1812. MONTHLY REPOSITORY SALE. GENTEEL HOUSEWU. n FURNITURE, TO BE SOLD BY" AUCTION, By Mr, RAGG, At the Auction Repository, Pelham Street, Nottingham, on Tuesday the 3d Day of Marifh, 1810, at Ten o'CIock. ill the Forenoon :— COMPRISING three elegant Sets of Mahogany Dining Tables, with loose Circular Ends; handsome. Drawing Room Chairs, with Hair Cushions a:: d Covers; six Sets Of handsome Mahogany Drawers; two capital Eight- day Clocks; Mahogany Dining, Pembroke, Card, and Dressiug Tables;. Sofas ai'- d Covers ; Oak Dining and Screen Tables; Four- post am} Camp Bedsteads; Feather Beds and Bedding; Mahogany and Painted Wash Stands; two Fowling Pieces, and a Brace of. Pistols; a capital and well- toned Harpsichord ; Rush arid Wood Bottom Chairs j Painted Dressing Tables ; Corner £ upbvsrds md Buffets ; two Reeling Mills: a Patent Sewing Cotton Machine; rmii numerous other Effects, which will be expressed in Cata- logues, and may be had three Days prior to the Sale; at tb* Auctioneer's Office, Pelliam Street. •. Land ar. d Tenement in the Clay Field. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. RAGG, At the Auction Repository, Peiiiam Street, Nottingham, op Wednesday the 4th of March next, at Three o'CIock m the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions of . Sale as will be then produced), in the following Lots.— L0T A LL that CLOSE of ric! l PASTURE A LAND, lying ill tie Clay Field, witbia the Liberties of the Town of Nottingham aforesaid, cos-, tabling about One Acre and a Half, and jiow in the Occu- pation of Mr, Marshall. LOT 2. An that tlWly- M'efted Messuage or Tenement, adjoining the above mentioned Lot, containing Cellar, House- Plare, Park, nr,. and Chambers; and now in the Oc- cupation of Mr. William Dexter. The above Close is ot excellent Quality, contiguous to the Town, and surrounded by a good Quick Felice.— laur. c-, diate Possession may be had.— For further Particulars apply at Mr, Ragg'a Office, Pelham Street. LEASEHOLD FROPERTT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. RAGG, ( By Order of the Assignees of Mr. Thomas Sunders, for the Benefit of his Creditors), At the Auction Repository, Pelham Street, Nottingham, 011 Wednesday the 11th Day of March next, at ' I hvea o'CIock in the Afternoon ( subject nvsuca Conditions of Sale and other Arrangements as will be then produced), ALL those desirable LEASEHOLD PRE MISES, situated in Howard Street, in the Town of Nottingh a til, and late ill the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Simmers; consisting of a wcll- bujlt modern HOUSE, with K'tchen, House- Place, Parlour, lour Lodging- Rooms, large Joiner's Shop, convenient Timber Yard, Saw Pit, and other suitable Conveniences; with upwards of 70 square Yards of Building Land adjoining the same. The above are newly- erected and substantially built, with sashed Front, and is a most desirable Situation for a Joiner - Immediate. Possession may be had. Also will be Sold by Auction, by Mr. RACC, at the Re- pository, Pelham Street, on Wednesday the 11th Day of March next, at Five o'clock in the Evening, a FLYING COACH, vjxm a new Construction; several Joiners" Work Benches, Tools, & c. For further Particulars apply to Mr. RAGO, at his Offico in Pelham Street. [ One Concern. J TIMBER. TO BE- SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H1CKSON, At the George Inn, in Alfreton, on Tuesday the 3d Day of March, 1812, at P-, ur o'CIock ill the Afternoon, and sub- ject to such Condition j as will be then produced, QEVENTY- ONE OAJC, Twenty- seven ELM, O and Eight ASH TREES, numbered with gcrilx- s from No. 1 to 104, and S9 CYPHERS, standing in Lands situate at the Outseats, in the Parish of Alfreton, in the County of Derby ( by the Side . of the Turnpike Road leading fron> thence to Nottingham, and within two Miles of the Pye Bridge Wharf), in the several Possessions of William Hill, John Cox, John Smedley, apd John Fletcher. The above Timber is of good Quality, fit for Wheel- wrights', Carpenters', and Joiners' Use, and the Bark is very good. J, ohn Bridgett, of Alfreton, will shew the same, Alfreton, Feb. 15th, 1812. SOUTHWELL. ~ ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILD, On Tuesday and Wednesday the Sd and 4: h of March next, precisely at Eleven o'CIock in the Forenoon of tacli Day, at the Great Room in the Saracen's Head Inn, ASelect Collection of PRINTS and ENGRAVINGS, a small Cabinet of Ancient and Moderr, Silver, Cop- per, Greek, Roman, English, and other Cojns and Medals, together with a few very choice and valuable Books. In which Prints are comprised the celebrated Panoramas of the Storming of Seringapatam, aud the View of London, from Black friars' Bridge; also, the Death of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and others of great celebrity; and amongst + 1,^ U , A.. .1,.. TI' 1 .... LJ , . and others of high estimation. Catalogues are now ready, and may lie had at the Office of the Auctioneer, and at the Place of Sale. Pepper Street, Nottingham, Feb 28,1812. Valuable Live and Deai FARMING STOCK, and other Effects, TO BE SOLd BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES, On Thursday the 12th Day of March, 1312, at Tea o'CIock. in the Forenoon, on the Premises ' of Mr. Fdwaia Tinley, of Sutton- upon- Trent, in the County of Nottingham CONSISTING of three, capital Black Mares, one ill Foal, one good Black Yearling Colt, one ditto Filly, two- year old Bay Colt, cf the Nag Kind, three- year old Grey Colt, of the Cart Kind, three- year old Black Colt, ditto Filly, good Fat Heifer, three two- year pld Heifers, two yearling ditto, seventeen good Hogs; good Narrow- wheel Waggon, Broad- wheel Cart, Oak Wcggon Hovel, Plough, anit three Harrows, Harness for four Horses, and a Variety of oiher Implements of Husbandry. Credit will be given till the 30th of June for all Bargains Sbove Five Pounds, on approved Security. N. B. The Farming Stock is free from Auction Duty. TO BE SOl. D BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ABRICK, TILE, and SASHED MESSUAGE or D WELI. ING- HOUSf., with the Bakehouse, Out- ' buildings, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto be- longing, situate in New Basford, in the County ot Notting- ham, in the Occupation of fylr. Yeomans, Baker.— And also, a Piece or Paicel of Land or Ground, willed round , situate in New Baslord aforesaid, adjoining the said Mes- suage, containing 304 Square Yards, or thereabouts, also in the Occupation of the said Mr. Yeomans. The Premises are Freehold of Inheritance; and the Price, and further Particulars, may be had on applicati'- ii at the Office ot Mr. GREEN, Attorney at Law, Newark, Newark, Fcl^. Jlltli, isu. 4 FRIDAY,'* EXPRESS. LONDON, THURSDAY, FEB. 2*. The Lilly Arabella packet has arrived at Fal- mouth, hum Lisbon, with a Mail, m Seven days.— Dis- patches from the Earl of Wellington have been received by this Conveyance, dated Head- qu irters, Freynada, on the 6th and 12th inst. but they contain no news. • A letter from Freynada, dated Feb. 4, states, that Gene- ral Bonnet had evacuated the Asturias, and arrived with 6000 men at Benavente. The famous Mina,'' having taken prisoners the garrison cf Huesca, consisting of 1000 men, was, whilst conducting them towards Navarre, attacked on the 11th of January, by 3000 French, who attempted to rele- SS the prisoners; but his gallant division succeeded in completely repulsing them, with the loss of 1,500 men in killed and prisoners In Catalonia, the Patriots continue to obtain great advantages, the enemy's force iu that proyince being far from respectable. The latest accounts from Lisbon state, that both Mar- niont and Lord Wellington were moving towards the Alentejo. Lord Wellington had determined to attack Ba- dajos, which would inevitably bring on a general action. General Hope has arrived at Portsmouth, to take his passage in the Melpomene, for the Peninsula.— The Brune and another frigate have arrived at Portsmouth, with a convoy of transports from Lisbon, having 1500 Prenqh prisoners on ho: ird, which were captured in the fortress of Ciudad Rotlrigo.— The y9th regiment is also arrived in the above fleet, as likewise the battali » n of Marines, under the Command of that able officer Major Williams. This battalion is to be reinforced from the dif- ferent divisions immediately to 1000 strong, when they • will embark for North America, as the most efficient force - which can be possibly sent there. There was a dreadful storm at Plymouth on Tuesday.— The lightning struck the Tonnant man of war, and killed and wounded 24 men on board tl^ nt ship. On Thursday last the Earl of Liverpool received the Seals from the Prince Regent as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. On Saturday the Noble Earl held a levee for all the Foreign Ministers in this country. Return of the effective strength qf the Regular and Militia Forces, on the 25th of December, 1811, laid before the House of Commons on the 11th instant, payalr? at home 12,050 Abroad.., 11,719 Foreign and Colonial 1,865 Abroad... 3,186 EoOt Guards at home 3,748 Abroad... 3,130 Infantry at home 45,531 Abroad... 99,735 Foreign and Colonial 2,745 Ab; oad... 30,320 Militia .. 77,159 G eneral Total... 143,068 Do. abroadl53,040 Total 1296,1081 Tuesday the Sessions eijded at the Old JSailey, When sentence of death was passed on Wm. White, for re- turning from transportation; David Dickson, for stealing goods in a dwelling- house; Benjamin Hitchcock, for se- creting and stealing a letter, containing money; Thomas Tomkins, alias EkinBritten, for stealing goods in a dwelling house; Robert Green and John Parton, for burglary; James Setree, Charles Wheeler, alias, Walker, and Ed- ward Drouet, for stealing a heifer ; Jane Bridger, for steal- ing goods in a dwelling- house ; and Elizabeth Buckley, for a like offence.— Two were sentenced to fourteen years transportation, and 27 for 7 years. Price'i of Stocks. 3 per Cent. Red. 62*— Cons, for Acct. 62j|.— 4 per Cent. 78 § i— 5 per Cent. 9S- J— Omnium, —. Nottingham, Friday, Feb. 28. —>> a « — WMORLEY returns Thanks to his Friends . and the Public for the many Favours he has re- ceived in the LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY BUSINESS, s- nd beg9 leave to inform them, he has relinquished the same in favour of Mr. GREEN, whom he wishes to recom- iriend to their Notice as worthy of Support. Nottingham, 27th February, 1812. JGREEN having purchased the Stock in Trade • of Mr. W. MORLEY, and in addition thereto laid in an extensive and Fashionable Assortment of Goods in the Linen aiid Woollen Drapery, and Haberdashery Lines, purposes opening the same for Inspection on the Seventh of KL- rch; when he trusts, by Attention and Assiduity to Business, to merit the Support of his Friends and the Pub- lic ill general [ Long Row, £ 7th Feb. 1812. The whole of Mr. Morley's Stock is now selling $ ff, at reduced Prices. BIRTH. On Tuesday the 25th inst. at his Lordship's house, in St. James's Place, London, the Countess of Loudon and Moi- ra, of a daughter. MARRIED, On Wednesday last, at St. Nicholas's church, by the Rev. H. J. Maddock, the Rev. Charles Arndld, Vicar of Roydon, in'Essex, and Chaplain to his Grace the Dnke of • Richmond, to I. ouisa. youngest da, ug. hter. of Mr. Maddock, Surgeon, of this town. DIED, At . Granby, near Bingham, on Monday last, at an adr • vanced age, Mrs. Newbray, widow of Mr. Newbray, late farmer, of Sutton, in the said parish of Granby. On Saturday last, at her son's house, in Bridlesmith Gate, in this town, Mrs. Little, aged 72. On Tuesday last, at an advanced age, universally and ' deservedly lamented by her relatives and all who had the pleasure cf her acquaintance, Mrs. Gould, mother of Mr. Gould, hosier, of. this town. On Monday evening last, aged 67, Mr. Wm.. Colman, cf Apple Row, in this town. He was one of the party who played the celebrated match at cricket, with the Sheffield men, in 1771, A few days ago, Mr, Francis Kirkbv, a respectable farmer, of Little Hallam, ill the parish of Ilkeston, aged 75. On the ijtli inst. John Sl. in. ey, of Basfqrd, frame- work knitter, was committed to tne county gaol, to take his trial at the ensuing assizes, on a charge, of wickedly and unlawfully soliciting and inciting two soldiers in'the Royal Berks militij, to break and destroy a certain frame,. used in the hosiery manufactory, at the parish of Basford afore- said, on the 27th of January last, without the' consent of the owners thereof. Committed to th, e town gaol, on Tuesday- last, by Wm. Wilson, Esq. Mayor, Elizabeth Wilson and Ann Wilson, charged with stealing a mauiid, the property of Robert Matthews. Major Henry F. Mellish, of the Sicilian regiment, ( well known in the sporting world) is appointed Deputy Adjutant General to the forces serving in the. Isle of France, with the rank of Lieut. Colonel in the army, vice Dundas, who resigns. FAIRS.— March 2, Leicester, Stamford, Duffield— 3, Abbot's Bromley— 6, Higham Ferrers— 7, Uppingham, Eoiirne— 7,9, Nottingham. THE CHASE. Mr. CHAWPRXN'S HOUNDS will meet at Saxondaje, on Tuesday the grl of March ; at Little Crop well, on Thursday the 5th ; .? nd at Tolle. rton Hall, on Saturday the 7th, each day at ten o'clock. PATIENTS admitted a? d discharged at the GENERAL HOSPITAL,. Nottingham, since our last, In- Paticnts discharged 7 cured -. - 5 Ditto relieved - - - - - Ditto made Out- Patients Ditto incurable -. - - - Ditto dead ------ Ditto for irregularity r Ditto without relief Out- Patients discharg- 7 26 msr beloved at home by all; and she died by strangers ho- noured, and by strangers mourn d. On Friday la< t, at Codnor Park, Derbyshire, Mrs. Roystone, aged 93. On Saturday, in the 61st year of his age, at Mosbro' Hall, Samuel § taniforth, Esq. much esteemed and re- gretted by his friends. A few days since, W. Chatfield, of Cowfold, at t} ie un- common age of 105 years, departed this life, after only a short previous illness. The chief amusement of this old man, for the last seven or eight years, was angling, which he practised with the keenness of a youthful sportsman, and with considerable skill, nearly to the day of ( lis deatfi. On Sunday last, at Plymouth, suddenly, Sir C. Cotton, Commander in Chief of the Channel Fleet. Sir Charles was made Post Captain, August 10,1779; Rear- Admiral of the Blue, Feb. 20, 1797; Vice- Admiral, April 29, 1802; and Admiral, April 28, 1808. Sunday* Peirce Cook, the famous runner, ant} who lately challenged Molineux, the cruiser, to a pugilistic encounter, was apprehended at a house in St. George's Fields, London, and on Tuesday last he was bropght down under an escort, and lodged in the county gaol, at Derby, for examination before the Magistrates. He is charged with being concerned in various burglaries and robberies committed in the counties of Derby, Nottingham, and Lei- cester. A Coroner's inquest was held on Thursday the 13th instant, on the body of Joseph Mycock, of the . Slate House, near Ashborne, who was shot on Monday " the 10th instant, as he was sitting in a room by the fire- side with his wife, the remainder of the family being in a back kit- chen. After an attentive examination of evidence for three days, the. Jury brought in a yertlict of wilful miiiJer against Benjamin Mycock, brother of the deceased ; and he was accordingly committed to Stafford county gaol, by Enoch Hand, gentleman, Coroner.— Committed also, John Myat, charged with stealing a quantity of wheat, the property of Margaret Goodwin, of Draycott. A few days since, a, map named Thomas Eley, who was employed in getting free- stone at Codnor Park, was unfortunately destroyed by the damp or foul air, in a pit where he was at work. Mrs. Mills and her daughters, who so success- fully obtained goods to a considerable amount on credit, from the people of Leeds in December last, have, after, va- rious fruitless attempts to obtain similar favours elsewhere, at length honoured HuJ} with their presence. On Mon- day last, they arrived here from Gainsborough, and took lodgings at Mr. Whittaker's, in Paradise- place, under the name of SLIM, meekly contenting themselves with a suit of ready- furnished apartments, till they could obtain a house in George- street, or some other place, of fashionable residence.— The Miss Slims lost no tir. ie in favouriag the shopkeepers there with their presence and orders. . In one instance they succeeded in obtaining millinery goods of Miss Watmough, to the amount of six or seven pounds. Orders were alsp given for a quantity of wine at 60s. per dozen; the price was no object, provided the quality was good. Some evil genius, however, generated suspicion in the mind of the vendor, before the wine reached its desti- nation, when he rudely countermanded the hamper. Re- port says, this circumstance, with sonie features of incredu- lity and want of promptitude in complying with the orders which " Mamma was to call and pay for," led those ladies to imagine a change of situation was necessary to enable them to avoid their noisy creditors, and to redeem their fading credit; they therefore took a house in French's Gar- dens, where they were apprehended on Saturday last, and conveyed before Mr. Brown, and after undergoing an ex- amination, the mother and eldest daughter were committed to Sculcoates House of Correction, on a charge of swind- ling, in obtaining from Miss Watmough a bonnet and pelisse. The remaining part of the family abide with them for company. Thus have those fair ones been foiled in the first stage of a tour of experiment which they most likely projected to indulge in during the ensuing Spring and Sum- mer.— Hull Packet. . The Court of King's Bench has granted rules for mandamuses to the magistrates of Suffolk, Gloucestershire, Yorkshire, & c. to compel them to administer the oath to several persons of the methodist connexion, claiming to be licensed as preachers of the Gospel.— These rules are grant- ed with the view of having the real meaning of the To- leration Act argued and solemnly decided. The CHESTERFIELD HARRIERS hum at W't'gfield on Monday, March 2d. . GAINSBURGH, February 2.6. ARRIVED— Retford, Cawkwell, with groceries, & c.; Derby, Poole, with ditto, both from I. ondon.— Certs, Mob- son, with barley, mustard, seed, & c. from Lynn.— Tyne and Trent Packet, Popplewell, with shot, leather, & c. from Newcastle. SAILED— Return, Cooke, with oats, wheat, tyidplaster ; Severn, Andus, with wheat, plaster, iron, & c.; Blandi- nah, Buxton, with iron, shot, plaster, & c. all for Londpn. — Agenoria, Sewinger, with cheese, iron, salt, & c.; New- ton, Fioodman, with iron, salt, and earthenware, both for JLynn.— John and Amelia, Alsop, with iron, cheese, & c, for Newcastle.— Betsey, Townend, with ifon, clay, & c.; Port Packet, Christie, with iron, cheese, clay, both for Sunderland.— Wells Packet, Hammond, with oats, linseed- cakes, & c. for Wells. Prices of Grain at GAINS BUPrGH, February 26. Wheat ( per quarter), 94s. to 104s.—- Barley, 46s. to. 51 s. — Oats, 24 « . to 31s.- Beans, 48s. to 54s Rye, 44s." to 52s. NEWARK MARKET, Feb. 26. Wheat, 1008. to 110s.~- Rye, 60s. to 63s.— Barley, 56s. to 60s.— Oats SOs. to 40s.— beans, 52s, to 56s. CORN EXCHANGE, ( London) WEDNESDAY, FEB. 26.— Jo- day we have not many fresh arrivals of Wheat, nor much of remaining supplies : sales of fine tolerably brisk, at a small advance.— Barley in middling supply, and fully keeps its price; as likewise Malt.— In Peas and'Beans of each description but little fluctuation.:— There are few fresh arrivals of Oats, but tolerable quantities on hand, 4nd this article ready sale at a small increase in price.— Flour gene- rally named higher this week 5s. per sack. ' • The Advertisements relative to the sale of the " An6h, or Public House, Mansfield," and a ' « Copyhold Estate, at. Maris lield Woodhotise," by Frost arid Daketke, did noireach its till Saturday last,, and consequintly too late to appear ir, our last publication. SITUATION FOR A BAKER, IN MANSFIELD.— The Messu- age and Premises, situate in Church Street, Mansfield, advertised for Sale by Auction on the Uth March next, have been disposed of by Private Contract. February Wilt, 1812. LITTLE STEEPING, LINCOLNSHIRE.— The Sale by Auction of the Instate situate at Little Steeping, advertised for Mon- day the 2cl Mprfh next, at the White Horse Inn, in SpilsW, is postponed. . February 2fth;, 1812. TOWN OF NOTTINGHAM. sr. MATTHIAS FAIR, Otherwise called MARCH FAIR. IAM directed by the Mayor and Aldermen of this Town to give Public Notice, thaj the above Fair, which is appointed to lie held on the Day of St. Matthias, Old Style, will this Year be held on the Seventh Day of March, pursuant to the Act of Parliament passed in the 24th Year of hit- late Majesty, King George the'Second, for ' altering the Style; the Day of St. Matthias in every Leap Year failing on the, 7th Day of March, and in every oth( r Year on the 8th Day of March, and will so Continue during the present Century ; and not on the 6th and 7th D' 4ys of March, as some have erroneously supposed. ( By Order) GEO. COLDHAiVI, Town Clerk. . Nottingham, 27th February, 3812, ed cured - • - - J ljlDo. for non- attendance 2 1 •! In- Pauei> t8 admitted - - 8 0| j Accidents - - - — - - 0 0; iOut- Patiento admitted - ZS 0;! Remain in the Hospital 50 0| jRemain Out- Patients - 218 HOUSE VISITORS, W. R. Middlemore, Esq. and Mr. Naylor. — GENERAL LUNATIC ASYLUM, near Nottingham. New AUHVAI. Svbscrib& R. George Moody, Esq. of Beckingham £ 2 2 0 NEWARK, MANSFIELD, GAINSBURGH, & c. MARRIED, On the 6th instant, at Youlgrave, Derbyshire, Mr. James Taylor, of Bakewell, fo Miss Ann Briddon, daugh- ter of Mr. Briddon, Middleton. DIED, On the 5th of January last, at Boston, in America, whither she had gone for the re- establishment of her health, Mrs. Hinckley, wife of Mr. David Hinckley, of that town, and eldest daughter of the late Mr. Outram, of Alfreton. — Benevolent, affectionate, tad pore in heart; « e was AIT a Meeting held at the County Hall, in Nottingham, IslL on the 1th February, 1812, • HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE, LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY, In the Chair, RESOLVED, That a Subscription he entered into by the Inhabitants of ike County, for the purpose of rewarding such Persons us $ hall, by secret or other fnforniation, or by active Exertion, liafc been useful detecting or apprehending llutse who shall have been guilty' qf breaking Framed, or other such Outrages ds' have been long prevalent in'the County; and also for the purpose of making some Competition to those who shall have sustained any £ oss by Malicious Mischief either in their Persons or their Property, in consequence of their Ex- ertions in slid of the Civil Power. That a Committee of Five Subscribers-, any Three of whom to be competent to act, be appointed, to contnrul and regelate the Subscription, and the Expenditure of the Money < o be raised by the same; and to decide in all Cases whether' any and what Reward shall be given, or Compensation matte. 7hat the Committee shall'nol be accountable or responsible to any Person for the Application qfthe Money, or for any pther Acts respecting the same. That Edward Smith Godfrey, Esq. Clerk of the Peace, and Mr. ScidthOrpe, of Nottingham, . Treasurer for the County, be the Secretaries for the said Committee, and Trea- surers for the said Subscription ; and sHaU'jrom time to time iiemand' such Proportion of the Subscription as the Commit- tee shall direct. And all Noblemen and Gentlemen desirous of subscribing to the Fund are requested to communicate their Intentions, M. Mr. Godfrey or Mr. ScultlHfrpe. . That Ten. ycr. Cent, oji tlte Subscription befimmediately paid. '' ' '" '"".• EDWARD SMITH GODFREY. ' Su'liSCRlBEkS, Duke of Newcastle.....;........ 500 ' fluke of Portland ......: .500 Earl Manvers 500 Lord Middleton ..:. .'.. 500 Rear- Admiral; Sdtheron ..'....'.. 1- 05 \ VilIiam Sherbrooke, Esq...... 100 3: Chaworth, Esq..,.....;.;,.... 100 J. Maimers Sutton/ Esq. .:..... 100 ' Lord Newark....'. .......... 100 A. H. Eyre, Esq ..... LOO , • The Hon, John Simpson....*,.. 100 John Deiiison, Esq. 100 H. Gaily Knight; Esq. 100 Thomas Webb Edge, Esq. ... 100 The Right Honourable Sir 1 n . • Joh'tiBorlace Warren, Bt. jluu ° • Lord Viscount Galway......... lOO 0 • • • Rev. J. Kirkby 52 10 . John Longden, Esq. 52 10 Wm. Elliott Elliott, Esq.. 50 0 - John Elliott, Esq. 50 0 John Need, Esq - 50 0 Lieut.- Colonel Coape 50 0 John- Hall, Esq 50 0 • Thomas Maltby, Esq 40 0 Francis Evans, Esq. 31 10 Jonas Bettison, Esq ; 31 10 • Thomas- Moore, Esq. ....,„... 31 10 John Robinson, Esq,...'. Si 10 Dr. Staunton,....- 31 10 . Rev. J. Storer 1 21 0 Rev.- J.- T. Becher-......-.,..£ 0 0 - Rev.. WilHaln Clay ........ 20 0 . THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, PRICE 5s. AGRICULTURAL MEMOIRS; or History of . the DISHLEY SYSTEM. In answer to Sir JOHN SAUNDERS SEBRIGHT, Bart. M. P. By JOHN' HUNT, Author of Historical Surgery, and Anatomical Reflections on the Form of Animals, & c. & c. & c.' Printed and sold by H. Barnett, Long Row, Nottingham; and may be had of Mr. Combe, Leicester; and Mr. Riste, Loughborough. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Road, at Hockerton, Kirklington, Southwell, Normanton, and Winkburn, in the County of Nottingham, known by the Names of the HOCKERTON GATE and K( KKI. INGTON QATE, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the House of William Greasleyi the Sign of the White Hart, in Kirklingtou, between the Hours of Two and Six o'clock in the Afternoon, on Saturday the 28th Day of March next, in manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, « • for regulating the Turnpike Roads which Tolls, at the Hockerton Gate, produced the last Year the Sum of £ 61. 1 Q. r. above the Expenses of collecting them, and will be put up at that Sum:— Also the Tolls at the Kirklington Gate produced, the last Year, the Sum of ;£ 8 assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Certificate. ^ 11 Persons indebted to the said Baukrapt, - or who have ? ny of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint; but give'Notice to Messrs, ROSS, HALL, and R. QSS, Solicitors, New BosWell Court, Capey'Street, London, or to Mr. FOX, Solicitor, { Newark. WINTHORPE. TO BE LET, and entered upon at Lady Day next, THREE RESIDENCES, on a genteel small scale, with Gardens, and two of them with Stables for two Horses each; particularly" trifling in Parliamentary and Parochial Taxes.— In'the Interior'Arrangement an un- usual degree of Comfort; the Situation remarkably healthy, at an agreeable distance from the River Trent, and within a Mile and a half of Newark. Further Particulars at the Hotel, Newark. Capital PUBLIC HOUSE, FERRT, and FARM, near Gavnsburgh. TO BE LET, and entered upon at Lady Day next, A Capital PUBLIC HOUSE ( called the Ferry £\ Inn), Two Stables, and'a Barn, all Brick and Tiled, and in very good Repair, with the Yard and Garden, si- tuate in Walkerith, near Gainjsburgh, and in the Occupation of Mr.- Thos. Loughton, jun. with the. Right of Ferry over the River Trefit called the Walkerith Ferry; and one large Ferry Boat for Cattle, 52 Feet by 20, and a smaller Boat for Horses, 26 Feet by 11, both complete and in good Re- pair. And also, 120 ACRES, and upwards, of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Larnl, situate in the Hamlets of Walkerith, Morton, and Stoc'kwith, in the Tenures or Oc- cupations of the said Thomas Loughtpn, jun. and of Mr. Thos. Loughton, sen. and convenient for Occupation with the Ferry Inn. Enquire of Mr, Stewart, Builder, Gainsburgh. WILLIAM BUTCHER'S DIVIDEND. - THE Creditors of William Butcher, of Sutton . in Ashtield, in the County of Nottingham, Mercer, Dealer arid Chapman, who- have- proved Debts under his Commission, lr. ay. receive a- Dividerid of FIVE SHILLINGS in the Poqnd, on their respective Debts, . on Application to Mr. Peter Wood,- Hosier, in Mansfield, any Day after' Monday the 2d'of MsrCh pext, f26. th ' Feb, 1812. • LINCOLNSHIRE. '•"', SLfiAFOR D " ASSOCIATION, .-, . For Prosecuting Felons. _' '' STOLEN, in. the Night of Wednesday the 19th instant, from Mr. James Brown's Farm Y'ard, in Slea- . ford, in the . County of Lincoln, a BLACK MARE, of the Cart Kind, rising four Years old, about fourteen: Hands and a Half high., with a suiall White Range down- the Face, and a Switch Tail ( if not altered), with a little White aboye the , Hoof on the Jnsidepf the Far Leg-. Whoever will give Information so that the Offender or Offenders may be brought, to Justice, shall, 011 Conviction, receive a Reward of ' PEN GUINEAS,- to. be paid , by the Treasurer, of the said Association; and. a farther Reward of'FIVE GUINEAS will be paid by Mr. Brown. • It is supposed the Man who stole the said Mare took her. tfie same Night on the Turnpike Road, towards Falk- ingham, and from thence across the Country through Cold- harbor Bar. CHARLES SMITH, Treasurer and Clerk to the said Asseciation. Sleaford, Feb. 20th, 1812. " NOTTINGHAM AND LOUGHBOROUGH TURNPIKE ROAD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GiyEN, That there . will be a Meeting of the Trustees of the above Road at , the House of John Lewis, the Sign of the Ranclifi'e Arms, in Bunny, in the County of Nottingham, on Mon- day, the 9tli Day of March next, at Ten o'CId'ck- in the Forenoon, in order to view and inspect the said Road, and 011 other special Business.' ' SAML. SANDERS, Clerk to the Trustees. Nottingham, 27th February, 1812. COMBE'S SALE CATALOGUE, 3815. This Day is published, Price One Shilling, ACATALOGUE of BOOKS, now selling at VERY LOW PRICES, By T. COMBE, LEICESTER. *„* Maybe had of the Booksellers of Nottingham and Derby, POCKET BOQIv LOST. ON Saturday last Was lost in Nottingham Mar- ket- place, a RED MOROCCO POCKET BOOK, containing 34 or 35 One Pound Notes; the Name, James Eden, Hounds' Gate, Nottingham," was written in^ two Places in the Inside of the Book. Whoever has found the same, and will restore the whole to the Owner ( Mr, Eden), shall receive TEN POUNDS Reward. [ Nottingham, Feb. 27, 1812. TO COVER THIS SEASON, STAVELE Y, a Winner of the St. Leger Stakes, at Blyth, near Bawtry, Yorkshire, Blood Mares at Five Guineas, and Five Shillings the. Groonr, andCountry Marcs at Three Guineas and a Half, and Half- a- Crown the Groom. ' Staveley was got by Shuttle,, dam by Drone, Match'em, Jocasta, by Mr. Cornforth's Forester, out of a Sister to Young Cadej by Old Cade, Partner, & c. His Stock is as promising and bony the Stock of any Horee in the Kingdom. Good Accommodation fir Mares. Staveley tad uncommon speed, anrti'or his Performances see the Rn « ing Calendar? " 05,1< P6, and 1807. TO BE LET, BY TENDER, AVERY DESIRABLE CORN AND TURNIP FARM; comprising a convenient House, Barns, Stables,' Dovecot, Granary, Sheds, and other Outbuildings, principally Brick and Tile, and about 126 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, of a Sandy, Loamy, and- Clay Soil, a great Part of which is of a very, superior Quality, and the whole in high Condition, having been for several Years last past in the Occupation of the Owner. The Farm is at Swinderby, in the County of Lincoln, and well situated for two very good Markets, being within 8 Miles Of Newark and Lincoln, and 3 of the River Trent. Possession will be' given at Lady Day nejt, Old Style; and the Tenders, which must be in Writing ( sealed up), may be left at the Office of Mr. GREEN, Attorney- at- Law, Newark, until the 25th Day of March next, when the same'will be opened,' and the Farm let to the'highest Bidder, upon his giving approved Security for Payment of the Rent, and Performance of the Covenants for the Ma- nagement thereof. In the mean time further Particulars may be had on ap- plication at the Office of Mr! GREEN. ' Newark, Feb. 24th, 1812. For the Grmih and Preservation of the- Ifahi. MATHER, Perfumer to their Royal Highnesses the Princess of Wales, the Duke and '. Duchess of York, No. 12, Ed ward'Street, Permian Square, London has appointed Mr. COR- BETT, of Nottingham, a Vender of his Articles for the Hair, which have pi- en long held in the highest estimation; and are . prepared only by Mather, at his Laboratory, Craven Place, Bayswaterand sold wholesale apt} retail at his Warehouse as above. These Preparations consist ' of! two- Articles, which are to be ujed according to the State of the Hair. The Nu- tritive Liquid removes Scurfy Dryness; nourishes the Hair, causes it to grow to a beautiful Length' and Thick- ness,. and preserves it in Old Age. It increases the Eye- brows, Eyelashes, and Whiskers, and answers every pur- pose of Qils and Pomatums, for constant use in dressing, with or without Powder. The Astringent Strengthening Lotion prevents the Hair falling off after Fevers,' Lying- in, violent Exercise, & c: and is superior to every other Prejiaratipn for cleaning the Hair, as it preserves the Co- lour, and givej it that fine Gloss so much admired. Soid in Bottles, engraved and sealed with his Name, and Address, 5s. and 10s. each, with a Treatise on the- Nature arid Pre- servation of the Hair. Likewise may be had, all t| ie Article? mentioned in the Treatise for the Complexion, & c! which'have.' been long approved of for their Iiinoceilcy and- superior Efficacy. CAUTION. T T. RIGGE's celebrated Magnetic RAZOR J • TABLET, patronised by the distinguished'( though envied) san: tion of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent. The proverbial excellence of this Invention, which will keep Razors in a constant state of efficient repair for 20 years, without the aid of a Cutler, lias excited a marked aqs) pointed jealousy in the mind of one of our- first- rate Cutlers in London, who has descended to a contemptible attempt at opposition and external imitation, which- needs only to be seen to prove its'insignificance,- on a comparison with J. T, Rigge's Magnetic Razor Tablet, being diame- trically opposite in jts use and effeits. J. T. R,- Inventor of the^ Magnetic Tablet, grateful to the Public for tlreir very liberal support and encouragement; considers . himself imperiously called upon to assert, in order to preyent Im. position, that his Magnetic Tablets have been constantly, . and will. continue to be, sold with his Signature, and num- bered in Red Ink': such only are his gerniine invention and manufacture, and which are appoiuted to be sold by one or more respectable Agents in every City and- Town throughout the United Kingdom, price 7s.- 6d.; alsp, a newly- invented Razor Strop, upon entirely original prin- ciples, of various sizes, from 6d. tp 12s each, at his Warehouses, 65, Cheanside, and 52, Park Street, Grosve- nor Square; and by Mr. C0RBETT, Perfumer, Not- tingham.- 7- Wbere . may also be had, his. invalqable SUB- STITUTE for 3?' OI9D'EB: BLUE, which prejyes a Saying to the Consumer of at least one halt .. . . TO BE LET, on LEASE, or otherwise, ADESIRABLE FARM, with good Farm House, large Barn, Stables, Cow- Houses, and other Out buildings, at BI. IDWORTH, containing about 480 ACRpS, all Old Inclosure ( excepting 9 Acres), a considerable Part of which has lately been put into a forward state of cultiva- tion.— The Rent very, moderate, Parochial Rate? extremely low, Ty the- free, and the Land Tax redeemed. Live andDcad Stock, Crops, & c. to betaken at a fair Valuation, and immediate Possession given.' The Farm lies within a quarter of a Mile of the Turn- pike Road leading from Nottingham to Mansfield, and is 9 Miles from the former, and 5 from the latter Town. - For further Particulars apply to Mr. JONES, Ramsdale ; Mr. BROWN, Surveyor, Nottingham ; or Messrs. BOLTO N and PAYNE, Solicitors, Nottingham. Feb. 27; l § 12. ' " " ' . CAPITAL FOX HUNTING SITUATION. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AN excellent MANSION ( nearly new), with capital Outbuildings and Stables, and 220 ACRES of LAND ( more or less), in a good State of Cultivation, of which upwards of 60 Acres are good Meadow. For further Particulars enquire of Marston Buszard, Esq, Lutterworth, Leicestershire ; or of Messrs. BURT and Co. Solicitors, John Street, America Square, London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By FROST and DAKEYNE, At the House of Mr. Wm. Johnson, the Black Bull Inn, in Mansfield, in the County of Nottingham; on Thursday the 19th Day of March next, precisely at Seven o'Clock i » - the Evening ( subject to such Conditions as will be then produced), ALL that CLOSE of rich MEADOW LAND, acljoining the Chesterfield Turnpike Road, in the Parish of Mansfield aforesaid, commbhly called BOLD'S CLOSE; containing upwards of Six Acres, now in the Bos- session- of Mr. Wm. Johnson. The above Close will be sold subject to an annual Rent Charge of =£ 10. . payable for ever hereafter to certain Trustees for charitable Purposes. For a View of the Land apply to the Tenant, and for further Particulars at the Office of Mr. WALKDEN, So- licitor, Mansfield; or to Messrs. ALLEN arid HODG- KINSON, Solicitors, in Newark upon Trent. Very Valuable Premises for Bleachikb, near Matlock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JACKSON, At Mr. Saxton's, Matlock New Bath, in the County of Derby, on Friday the 13th Day of March, 1812, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced:— ALL those very Valuable Freehold Premises, andt upwards of Three Acres of Land adjoining thereto, and- Two Tenement's standing thereon, situate in Lumsdale, near Matlock aforesaid. The Situation is extremely desirable, and replete with every convenience for carrying on the Blea6hing Business to advantage. In the Land is a Spring of fine soft Water, with a regular arid constant Supply. In the Building's is a Water Wheel, of 24 Feet diameter,' with three Pair of Fallers, three Bedlams, a Retort for making the Oxygeni- ated Muriatic Acid, the Receiver of which holds 570 Gal- lons, nearly new, and worked by Water; a Bucking Keer, with Pump, worked by Water; a Steam Boiler, nearly new'; a Boil- House, Drying Stove, and Brimstone Stove; Warehouse Room, and Counting House ; with every other Apparatus and Convetiiency relative to the Business. Immediate Possession may be had. For ether Particulars enquire on the Premises, or of the Auctioneer, in U'irkivvorth. • '• BIRMINGHAM LIFE INSURANCE and ANNUITY OFFICE, Union Street, Birmingham, For Insurance on Lives, and Survivorship, Endowments of Children, and granting- arid- purchasing Annuities. Empowered by Act of Parliament. .. PATRONS. '",'"•' The Right Hon. the EARL of DARTMOUTH, . The Right Hon. Lord Viscount A- SHBROOK, ' The. Right Hon. Lord BEAUCHAMP. Sir CHARLES MORDAUNT, Bart. M. P. DUGDALE'STRATfORD DUGDALE; Esq. M P Hon. WILLIAM BEAU'CttAMP LYGO'N, M P.' Hon. WILLIAM- HENRY LYTTEL'l'ON, M P Sir ROBERT LAWL'EY, Ban. ' ' ' ' ' • ISAAC H AWKINS BROWNE, E? q/ MvB... PERSONS insuring with this Company will en- joy the following peculiar Advantage's; — 1st, A Capital of Ha if a Million has t) een' subscribed as a Security for all the'Engagements of the iNs'TiTUTiOM, the Proprietors taking upon themselves the sole Responsibility, while the Insurers participate with them in, tlte Profits, with- out incurring any Risk whatever. , 2' d, ' At the expiration of every ieven Years, one third Part of the Profits is appropriated to increase each Pojicy, in proportion to the aggregate Amount paid by each Per. son for Premium, wh.^ h gives Persons assuring at this Office every reason to expect their Heirs or Assignsnvil) receive a very considerable Addition to- the Sum insured. Sd, Every Proprieteir is under the necessity of maiing an Assurance, and when it drops, a new Assurance must be made in its place, which gives an additional Stability to the Institution, by a perpetual Renhvation of Policies. Proposals, containing the Rates of Insurance, and every Information, may be obtained at the Office,' or'of. the fol- lowing Persons, who are also Agents to the. JJiriuingham Fire Office. . ( By Order of the Directors) R. I. WITHE- RIDGE, SECRETART. Agents'. ' . Nottingham, John .. Crackle. Derby, Thomas Symojis. Chester, William Hall. Laivton, Benjamin Parr. Louth, Cornelius Stovin, Sheffield, Josiah Fairbank. Leeds, Frederick Wm. Qates, Lincoln, George Varah. Wakcfuli, John Berry & Co. Huddersjieli, John Battye. Dcvusbury, Thos. Marriott. Lutterworth, S. Burdett. Licbjield, Thomas Rutter. Tamuiortb, William Wain. Rudgeley, William Hawkins. WILLIAMS' EVERY MAN HIS OWN LAWYER. ThisDpy is published, in one large Volume Ofiovo, price Hi. Boards', or lgs. bound in Calf qn£ Lettered, '•"•' EVERY MAN HIS OWN LAWYER $ or, COMPLETE LAW LIBRARY : ' Containing the Laws affecting Sheriffs and their Officers, Coroners, Parish Officers, Corporations, Executors and Administrators, Guardians and Wards', Landlords and Tenants, Masters, Servants, Apprentices, and Workmen : Farmers and Graziers, Inn- keraerj ijnd Carriers, Jurors anej Witnesses, Husband and Wife, Parent'and Child, Arbi- trators, Trustees, Partners, Auctioneers, Sportsmen, Coun- try Gentlemen, & c. To which is added, the Law? relating to Elections,' Usury, & c. with an Explanation of the Terms of Law of most frequent Occurrence. ' The whole, forming a faithful and comprehensive' Sum- mary of the Works' of'Blackstone, Burn, Viner, Bacon, Comyns's Dige'st, and Jacob's Law Dictionary. Communicated in the most pleasing and familiar Man- ner, and adapted to the plainest Understanding. By T. WILLIAMS, ESQ. Conveyancer. The Laws of his Country are the first Science of an Englishman." - • GIBBON'S L; FX. ' London: Printed for Sherwood, Ijjeeiy,- jjjnd fenes; J. Walker; F. C. and J. Rivingron"; Longman,' Hurst, and Co.; Lackmgton and Co.. J. M. Richardson, J. Richardson, Crosby and Co.: and Jf/ i? 50n'tmd Son, York. •<. y * * The Publishers cah with confidence recommend the , - . - - —-•....-... ..... .1. wj. i. u^ iiit 1. / ; enu tne above to the Public as the most V. sefu^ Work ever published, highly'useful- to'; Practitioners, as the It will also be found 1 , wliole'Law' on the Sale and Purchase of. Eir e's'and of Goods, or. Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, Wills Legacies, Bankruptcy, Tythes, Mortgages, Annuities, Libel! & c. is compressed within its limits; together With numerous Precedents of Lease-,, Wills, Deeds of Partnership, &. c. drawn by the most etnjttent Counsel. MAJOR- GENERAL ROBERT CRATTFURB. The last letters from our army in Portugal mention the death of this invaluable Officer, of the wound he received when leading on the light division of Lord Wellirgton's- arroy, in the most gallant and able manner, to the storm of Cittdad Rodrigo.,— At the time he was wounded, hs was considerably advanced in f> e » t of his division," animating them to storm the breach. He had commanded the light division during several campaigns, with the greatest ability and distinction ; and his loss is as universally and as deeply lamented by that army, as he was universally esteemed and beloved and held in the highest consideration.— He was an Officer of the first- rate talenti; profoundly versed in every branch of the military • cience; of the most ardent zeal, and truly heroic courage; and he enjoyed the advantage of very great experience. During the long period of SS years, he had devoted iimself to the service of his country in the most indefati- gable manner, quite regardless of his own comfort, con- venience, and safety ; but sedulously attentive to the comfort and tonvenience of his troops, as tar as circum- stance* would permit. Tkey- always looked up to him with the utmost confidence and attachment. There cannot be a stronger proof of the regard the light division bore him than the following circumstance:— Upon his return to Portugal last spring, he joined his division when the army was drawn up to receive Massena's attack at Fuente d'Honore ; and as soon as he appeared at their head, the whole division gave himTHREE CHEERS in presence of the enemy.—- He served under all the first Characters in our army ; and they all had the highest sense of his great merits— none more so than our present illustrious Com- mander in Chief. • In private life, he was one of the best and most estimable ef men.— The loss that his country sustains in him is very great; to his wife and four children it is irreparable. Funeral af Mq'/ or- Genera! Robert Crqnfurd. Lord Wellington, to testify his high sense of Major, © eneral Craufurd's great and distinguished merits and services, determined that he should be interred in the John Sexton, of Stanmore, MiddUfex, baker, Feb. March 7, April 4, at Guildhall, London. Solicitor; Mr. Clark, Berners Street, Oxford Street. James Child, of Crutched Friars, London, viitualler, Feb. 2.5, March 3, April 4, at Guildhall. Solicitor, Mr. Parton, Walhroek. George Mackenzie, now or late of Derby, falefman, Feb. iZ, If, April 4, at the King's Arms Tavern, Derby. Solicitor, Mr. Wild, Cromford, near Wirkfworth. David Lewis, of Milford, Penibroltefhire, fhop- keeper, March 5, 6, April 4, at the Commercial Rooms, Briftol. Solicitors, Meffrs. Morgan and Livett, BrilloL James Watfon, of Sutton in / 1 ft field, Nottioghamfiiire, miller and farmer, Feb. 27, 2?, April 4, at the Swan Inn, Mansfield. Solicitor, Mr. Watkden, Mansfield. Thomas Eleanor, of HeHton, Cornwall, fiiop- kceper, March 5,6, April 4, at the Commercial Rooms, Briftol. Sblicitors, Meffrs. Morgan and l. ivctt, Briftol. Thomas Gooch, of Exeter, grocer, March 9, to, April 4, at the Hotel, Exeter. Solicitor, Mr. %• Turner, Exeter. Richard Page, late of Amblecoat," Staffordfhire; but now of Lutky, Worcefterfhire, miller and maltfter, March 11,12, April 4, at the George Inn, Bewdley, Solicitor, Mr. Court, Stourbridge, Thomas Camvrighr„ of Borton upon Trent, Staffo. dfhire, cheei'e- faClor, March 6,7, April 4, at the George Inn, Burton upon Trent, Solicitor, Mr. Ofborne, Burton. Christopher Skirrow, of Lancafter, grocer, March 12, 13, April 4, at the Commercial Inn, Lancafter. Solicitor, Mr. E. Atkinfon, Lancaiter. John Roche, of Nicholas Lane, London, merchant, Feb. 29, March 7, April 4, at Guildhall. Solicitor, Mr. Oakley, Martin's Lane, Cannon Street. Jofeph Calder, of Powick, Wnrccfterfhire, dealer, March 16, J7, April 4, at the White Li* n Inn, Upton upon Severn. Solicitor, Mr: Philip Ballard, Malvern. Robert Robinfon Day, of Ha'oerdaihcrs' Street, Hoxton, Middldex, candle wick manufacturer, Feb. 29, March 7, April 4, at Guildhall. Solicitors, Meffrs. Bryant and Patterfon, Throgmorton Street. William Clark and JamesClaik, of Kingfland- Maker, De- von, flopfellcrs and drapers, Feb. 29, March 12, April 4, at the New Crown Hotel, Plymouth Dock. Solicitor, Mr. Wm. Davie, Plymouth Dock. LYESOAY'S GAZETTE breach which he had so ably and heroically assaulted, as | Ifaac Voting, of New Sarum, Wilts, viflualler, February lid confer upon him. 29, March 10, April 7, at Guildhall, London. Solicitor, the highest honour h « could confer upon . .. .- The light division assembled before * r St Francisco ; near Hu„, auctioneer, „,), nre h,,|,, VP( t t ntlimandPr lav. at • - , , . .. , T / I March 3, ft, April 7, at the Neptune Inn, Kingtton upon Convent where their late beloved Commander lay, at j twelve o'clock, 911 the 25th of January ; the fifth division lined the road from thence to the breach ; the Officers of tjie brigade of guards, of the cavalry, and of the tliird, fourth, and fifth divisions, with Lord Wellington, and the whole of the head- quarters at their head ; also. General Castanos and all his Staff, Marshal Beresford and all the Portuguese, moved in the mournful procession.— He was was borne to his place of rest on the shoulders of the brave men whom he had led to victory.— The Field Officers of the light division officiated as Paul Bearers— Major- Ge- 11er. il Stewart ( the Adjutant- General) was Chief Mourner, attended by Capt. William Campbell, and I. ieutenants Hoods and Shawe, Aides- de- Camp to their late glorious Commander, and by all the - Staff of the light division. The ceremony was as awful, as affecting, as sublime as possible, and well calculated to inspire feelings of the most exalted nature ! And if any other sentiment but that of the most sincere grief could have found place on this melan- choly occasion, it would certainly have been ENVT at such an end so wept. The breach of Ciudad Rodrigo is the Monument of this admirable man, bedewed with the tears, and decked with the praises and blessings of the whole army. Monument in St. Paul's to Major- General Robt. Craufurd, On the 21st of this month, an Address was voted unani- mously, in the House of Commons, to the Prince Regent, praying that a Monument may be erected in St. Paul's to this'illustrious Officer, a » a tribute of the Nation's gratitude for his most brilliant services, and as a recorded prrof of # ieir deep regret at his loss,— Mr. Perceval, on this occa- sion, expatiated, in the Warmest manner; on the exalted merits and eminent qualities and services of Major- General Robert Craufurd; and Lord Castlereagh seconded the motion in a most impressive speech, He extolled as much Major- General Craufurd's private as his public virtues; he described him as one of the first characters in the army. He dwelt greatly on the magnanimity, firmness, tranquil- lity, and resignation which he displayed to his end, conscious, from the Erst, that his wound was mortal; and he observed, that the enthusiastic attachment which all the army bore him, their poignant grief at his loss, and the illustrious I. ord Wellington's sincere regard, esteem, and confidence, were sufficient to raise his character to a higher fitch of elevation than any words could reach. HuH. Solicitor, Mr. Galen Baire, Hull. William Bofwotth, late of Curajoa, but now ofLiverpool, merchant, March II, 12, April 7, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. Solicitors, Meffrs. Bardfweli and Stephen- fon, l. iverpool, Robert Warrington the elder, of Coventry, wocSftapler, March 9, 23, April 7, at the Bromley's Arms, Ellafton, Staffordshire, Solicitor, Mr. J. Davenport, Stairfton, iu the parifh of Alhborne, Derbyihire, James Charles Brookrr, late of Alderroary Church Yard, London, woollen cloth factor, Feb. 29, March 7, April 7, at Guildhall. Solicitor, Mr. Courteefl, Walbrook. Charles Say, of Newington- Butts, Surry, habcrdaffier, Feb. 29, March 7, April 7, at Guildhall, Solicitor, Mr. Hadfon, Winkworth Place, City Road. James Wainwright the younger, of Wavcrtrce, Lancafhire, builder, March It, 13, April 7, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool, Solicitors, Meffrs. Orred and Baines, Li- verpool. John Simonds, of Jermyn Street, Weftrainfler, hatier- daflier, Feb. 29, March 7, April 7, at Guiklliall. Soli- citor, Mr, Chambers, No. 10, Furnival's Inn. Henry Kelleway, of Longham, Soutbamptonfhire, ma'tfter, March 17, 18, April 7, at the King's Head Inn, Wim- borne Minfter, Dorfet. Solicitor, Mr. Henry Rowden, Wimborne, or Chriftchurch. George Salvidge, of Litton, Somerfet, niealman, March 4, j, April 7, at the Chriftopher Iun, Wells. Solicitor, Mr. Robert Welfh, Wells. DIVIDENDS—( From Tuesdays Gaxette. J March 17, Walter Garnian, Briltol, merchant, at 12, at the Rummer Tavern,— 21, W. Croker, Ratcliffe Highway, ironmonger, at II, at Guildhall.— 17, X. ew'is Morgan, of Aylefham, in Norfolk, linen- draper, at J3, at Guildhall, London.— 7, T. Sliarrock, Prefton, ihop- keeper, at II, at Guildhall, London.— 17, Thos. Hall, Stoke Newington, Middlcfex, victualler, at 12, at Guildhall.— 21, Walter Foy, Beech Street, London, linen- draper, at 12, at Guild- hall.— Hugh I. ekey and Charles Bufil, Old Jewry, merchants, at 12, at Guildhall.— April 4, Samuel Auguftus Ou'dy and Henry Oddy, Oxford Street, bookfellers, at ii, at Guildhall. CERTIFICATES, March 17.— Richard Towtiroc, of the town of Nottingham, maltfter.— Wm. Phillips, Wragby, Lincolnfliire, fliop- keeper.— John Holt, Leeds, Yorkfhire, butcher.— W, Arrowlmith, Stoke, Staffordshire, common brewer.— Geo. Matthews, Hytbe, Kent, hatter. 1 THE TlPTIl MPGXT OF T » E NOTTINGHAM VACCINE INSTITUTION. THIS Institution, which has now existed six years, was designed not only to relieve the Poor, by offering them the advantage of the gratuitous Vaccination of their Children, and to benefit the Town, by preserving it from or lessening the prevalence of the Small Pox, but also hy carefully observing and reporting the progress ot the Vacdne Disease, in so many instances, to enable the Public to form, founded on experience, a correct opinion of the utility of Vaccination, considered as a substitute for Small Pox Inoculation, and of the probable advantage or disad- vantage which might be expected1 to r6salt to- Society from the universal practice of It. ft is with considerable satisfaction that the, Directors of this Institution have observed, that the Small Pox has only prevailed in this Town once during the six years of its exist- ence, and that then its progress, which was very rapid and mortal, was effectually arrested by the vaccination of those Individual* iu the different parts of thi- Tpwn in which it ap- peared, who were otherwise liable to the contagious influence of it. It may, indeed, be fairly attributed to the influence of Shis Establishment, that, during the period of its existence, the'I'own has escaped Suffering snost severely from the Smalt Pox, that Disease having been several times introduced into it, and only prevented from becoming general by the pre- caution of immediately sftAecting those to Vaccination who In the House of Commons on Friday, the Chan- cellor of the Exchequer moved, in a Committee, that the grant to Lord Wellington, of £ 2000 per annum, recom- mended by the Prince Regent, he voted.— The motion was put and carried with the single negative of Sir Francis Burdett. On this occasion the Hon. Baronet delivered a speech, of great length, which ought to be reprobated by every loyal subject of the land, He insisted that Lord Wellington had done nothing to merit such a grant. Su- chet, he argued, deserved praise. Even if the exploits of Lord Wellington had been as splendid as represented, he should feel a strong objection to voting away the money of the people, in their present distressed situation. The people ( alluding to the Nottinghamshire rioters) called to Si for relief, and we gave them a halter! Mr. Canning replied to the Hm- Baronet in very for- cible terms.— He said, he had supposed if any difference of opinion existed at all on this occasion, it would have been an opinion that the proposed grant was not equal to the merit of its object.— The Hon. Baronet had drawn a comparison between Lord Wellington and Marshal Suchet, and said his ( Suchet's) merits were the greater; he ( Mr. C.) was no more able to judge technically of the merits of Suchet, than the Hon. Baronet was of Lord Wellington. He was not aware, however, that at present that was the question before the House, or that it was the intention of the Hon. Bart, to move as an amendment, that the name of Lord Wellington should be omitted, and Suchet's in- serted in its place—( Hear, beer / J— when such a motion should be submitted, the Hon. Bart, would find him ready to acknowledge the merits even of an enemy—( Hear, tear !)— The Hon. Bart, grudged =£ 2,000 a year to I. ord Wellington, while Spain had offered him =£ 15,000. These rewards had, however, been declined by the Noble Lord ; and with such examples 0f foreign gratitude before us, would the Hon, Bart, wish to oppose this vote ?—( Hear, Liar / J— Mr. Canning here observed, that he did not doubt or despair of ultimate success in Spain; and instead of con- sidering the present grant as too much, he thought it far below the merits of Lord Wellington, who had so nobly refused'what had been offered him by Foreign Powers, trusting entirely to the gratitude of his country. The Navy Estimates were voted on the motion of Mr. Yorke. On this occasion Lord Cochrane made some ob- servations, recomnieuding a strong na- fal force, with 5000 troops, to be employed 011 the coast of Catalonia.— The Army Estimates were also voted on the motion of I. ord Palmerstone. • At the Old- Bailey Sessions, on Saturday, Benja- min Hitchcock ( late of Nottingham), was indicted, for that he being a letter- carrier belonging to the General Post Office, did feloniously steal a letttfr containing two notes of 1/. each, the property of Mrs. Loubourne, of the Old Bailey.— In defence it. was urged by the prisoner, that distress alone had induced him to act dishonestly, to sup- port a family of young children. He handed a handful of Bank- Notes over to the Solicitor for the prosecution, and observed, that he was willing to make all the restitu- tion in his power by way of atonement. The Jury foynd him Guilty, Death; but strongly recommended him to mercy.— There were five other indictments against him, for similar offences, but he was not tried on them CORN EXCHANGE, London, Monday, Feb. 24. Sales of Wheat are readily effected at last prices. Bar- ley and Malt nearly at the late advance. No material al, teration iu Flour, Oats, Pease, or Beans. CURRENT PRICE OP GRAIN AT MARK- LANE. Wheat - - - 60 to 98s: Fine ditto - - 100 tollOs: Superfine Wheatl 12 toJIQs Rye * * - 46 to 5? s Barley - , , 44 to 56s Malt - - - 80 to 88s Fine Flour, 90 to 95s... Oats - - - Polands * - poiling Pease - Grey Pease 1 Ueans - - - Rape Seed ( per last) S2aa68/ ,. Second dittq, 85 to 90s no to S8s S9 to 40s 76 to 82s to 62s 52 to 58s HULL SHIP NEWS, / ™ Feb. 17, to Feb. 84, FOREIGN CLEARER. Barkworth, Forest, for Jamaica. COASTERS Alt RIVED.. Ocean, Ware ; Humber, Spencer ; Sheffield, Jackson ; Derby, Poole; York Merchant, Turr ; Friends, Duckies; Retford, CavykwelJ; planter, Harrison; Hope, Dixon; Ebor, Sta. infoi- th, all from. London. Manchester, Wilkin- son, from Yarmouth. Thistle, Marshall, from Glasgow. Messenger, Sanderson ; Amicus, Clifton ; Ceres, Hobsoti; Harvest Home, Batty; Telegraph, Watson, from Lynn. Providence, Gill, from Wisbech. Hull Packet, Gardner, from Newcastle. Speculation, Corbin, from Sandwich. Good Agreement, Randall, from Ipswich. Sally, Franks, from Grimsby. Commerce, Pearson, from Wells. Good Design, Newlove ; Welfare, Kirton, both from Scarbro'. Weser, Flood, from Blakeney and Clay. COASTERS CLEARED. William and Thomas, Heeps; Ann, Parkin; Hannah, Thickett; Fame, Wilson ; York Union, Hinsley ; Fleece, Popplewell; Sampson, Jagger; Phoebe,. Wright ; Diana, Sadler; Industry, Pinder; William, Walker ; providence, Markham ; Bee, Bewitt; Thorne, Bendon, all for London. Enterprize, Hill, for Ipswich. John and Amelia, Alsop ; Dorothy, Jefferys, both for Newcastle. Maria, Wood, for Bridlington. Telegraph, Cozens, for Yarmouth. Betsey, Townseud ; Catharine, Wilson, for Sunderland. Wynd- ham, l. mgham, for Portsmouth, Stafford, Thompson, for Leith. Elizabeth, Wiseman, for Rye,. Asthma, Consumption, Wheezing, and Winter Cough. The high reputation which Mr. Fisher's PREPARED STRAMONIUM and O^ VMEL have acquired, in the cure of the above Diseases, has induced some unprincipled Drug- gists to imitate tfeem, and to substitute for them the common Datura Stramonium, which, in several instances, instead of affording relief, have aggravated the sufferings of the afflict- ed.— Mr. Fisher has therefore appointed, as his sole Agent in Newark, Mr. ' f. CAPARN, Chymist, Market PJa. ce, to supply the Public with the genuine Preparations. The cases that have terminated favourably by a courfe of SPILSBURY'S Parent Antifcorbutic Drops, have "^ y". j been numerous, and have claimed a celebrity for this me- dicine during the fpace of thirty years and upwards. Its fuccefs in fcrophulous. cates has amply borne out the tefti- mony of Dr. Hamilton, Proftffor of Midwifery, Edin- burgh, when treating on this dilt* afe in his work on Fe- male Complaints. Every patient will on trial exj eri; nce the fame exertion in his habit to throw off this dif'eafe.— In Herpetic Eruptions, Eruptions from cold weather, thofc particularly attended vrith disordered ftomach; in fcor- stated in our last; that regiment, as we are assured, having po hospital in the town. We were misinformed respecting the regimental hospi- T tal of the Bucks militia being near Mr. Harvey's house, as "" fj0' ? outY> rheumatic, and bilious complaints, patients • • 7 daily give decided proofs of the efficacy ot this mild An- 1 tifcorbutic. • As there are numerous counterfeits, pleafe to afk for fpilfbury's Patent Antifcorbutic Drops, with the King's duty printed iu black ink, ill bottles of 5*. 6d.— double bottles ios.— and larger il. 2s. ( duty included).— Com- pound Eflence, Sis. Sold by the printer of this Paper; Mtffrs. Ridge, ar. d Hage, Newark; and Drury, Lincoln, the appointed agents. • BANKRUPTS REQUIRED TO SURRENDER. SATURDAVS GAZETTE. James Tims, of Worccfter, carpenter and joiner, March 12, 13, April 4, at the Guildhall Coffee Houfe, Wor- ccfter. Solicitor, Mr. G. Hill, Worcefter. Jan es Newton and George Lomas, of Stockport, Chefhire, corn- faCtors, Feb. 29, March 7, April 4, at the Caftle Inn, Stockport. Solicitor, Mr. Harrop, Stockport. John i. omax, late of Liverpool, flioe- maker and flopfeller, March 16,17, April 4, ot the Globe Tavern, Liverpool Solicitor, Mr. J. Phillips, Liverpool. John Hewitt, of St. James's Street, London, engraver, Feb. 29. March 7, April 4, at Guildhall. Solicitor, Mr. Stokes, Golden Square. William John Donne, of Great RufTell Street, Covent Garden, haberdafher, February 2?, March 7, April 4, at ; v , ,-. .- . ,, ,, .,,, ' ... ' ,. J... J » .... . " / TV, ' 1 throughout the Kingdom, price is. lid. a Box. Guild hal. SohcittJ*, Mr. Hudfon, \ V inkworth P ace. • .. , b, ' , r. 5 ,, „ „, Thomas Chalmers, of Wormwood Street, Broad Street, particularly for thofe prepared by DICE? and London, warehoifeman, Feb. 29, March 7, April 4, at ^ \ T V feVeI! t tounMrC? « s Guildhall. Solicitor, Mr. Parton, Wnliwosk, 1 is m tlie Stamp. Dr. ANDERSON'S, Or, THE TRUE SCOTS PILLS, ( So well known and approved for their cffi: acy in Bilious, Flatulent, and Stomach Complaints in general,) HAVE been for almost a Century, arid stiil con- tinue tobe, faithfully prepared by DICEY and Co. No. 10, Bow Church Yard, London; and are fold Retail, by one or more ref'pedtable Vender in every Town s j would have been, in all probability, infected, with it. The actual benefit resulting from Vaccination, can only be estimated by adverting to the dreadful calamities which attend the unrestrained contagion of the Small Pox ; or by comparing it, in its nature aixl effects, with the prior re- source of inoculation for that Disease; and, witirespect to these; it is indisputable, that it is a Disease much milder in its nature, and incomparably less mortal in its tendency, than is the inoculated Small Pox ; that it is found in- general to have a less deleterious influence on the constitution, than that disease; » and, what is above all other considerations, that it is not infectious : The Small Pox communicated by Inoculation may, indeed, save one life, but it may also, by its infectious influence, destroy the liv. es of many others. The Cow Pox has ho influence but upon the subject vacci- nated; whatever be its effects, it will be known where they will end; but what distressing and fata! consequences may result from a single Inoculation for the Small Pox, in a populous neighbourhood, no human being can possibly foresee,-— With regard to its influence, as a security ajrainst the subsequent contagion of the Small Pox, the experience of this Institution is exceedingly in its iavour; hut on this very important part of the subject, the attention of the Reader is referred and requested to the following Case and Observations which have been communicated by Doctor Stop, ER " In rendering to the Public, and more particularly to thctse by whose liberality it has been so laudably supported, an account of the progress of this Institution, it is but justice to declare, that the principle upon which the Directors pledged themselves to cQiiduct it, has never been loit sight of : the register T.' as, from the commencement of the Institution j been V> kept, that every Case and every mate- rial particular respecting it, may be inspected at this mo- mem. By thus stripping the practical part of all mystery, and by the publication of every important fact occurring either in their own practice, or that comes to their know- ledge, in a form that does not permit them to question its j authenticity; those who consider the question as undecided, will be best able to judge of the real value of the discovery. Pursuing this determination, the single instance in which Small Pox occurred after apparently perfect Vaccination in the practice? of this Institution, has already been recorded in a former Report, and the Directors mean to c « ntinue this practice, whenever any interesting. fact occurs to them, either in the history of Small Pox, or the practice of Vacci- nation, having a reference to this question. " It is matter of some triumph to a Provincial Establish- ment, which has been conducted on this principle for- several years, to find that it has received the sanction of the National Vaccine Institution, who, in their Report pub- lished last August, ha- Vc, in the true spirit of candour and philosophy, communicated two instances of Natural Small Pox happening after the most correct Vaccination; and which had occurred, not in the Practice of that Institution, but in two Families Of note ; and had, of course, attracted much of the public attention.— Jn addition to those cases, i they were enabled to publish four others, equally well au- j thenticated, of which three are instances of'Natural Small [ Pox occu$" ing after inoculated Small Pox, where the erup- | tion had taken place in the most complete manner. The • fourth is a case of Natural or casual ' Small Pox happening | twice to the same Person, after a considerable interval of 1 years. " The inference from these and similar facts, is, that the j more this Subject is investigated, the more certainly will it i appear, that although it is a Law of Nature that the Small Pox happens but. once to the same Person, yet that this Law has its exceptions, and that there are certain Constitutions, although these are rare, in which the susceptibility to Small Pox is not destroyed hy the occurrence of that Disease, either by infection or inoculation, and therefore cannot rea- sonably be expected to he so destroyed from the most perfect Vaccination. This doctrine ius been uniformly maintained by the Medical Directors from the first establishment of this Institution, and as 3 further proof of its correctness, the following case is annexed to this Report; not on account of its singujarity, b"*' because it seems to be authenticated be- yond all dispute, by a concurrence of circumstances that can rarely be expected in a detail of facts that includes a period Of more than ten years '" Thomas Litigforth, of Lower Harrowgate, Yorkshire, fjfteen years of age, was inoculated with Small Pox Matter, ill the Spring of 1800 or 1801, by Mr. Wormdall, Surgeon, of Upper Harrowgate. The inoculated part made the usual progress, and at the accustomed period the eruptive Fever appeared, and in a few days Was followed by a general erup- tion, which was considerable on the face, but accompanied with mild symptoms, and the whole Disease, disappeared in a favourable way, leaving a scar on the inoculated part, which i. 3 distinctly visible at tips day. The same Boy, being at the Parochial School of Pa'inul, was sent on a message into the adjoining Parish. Workhouse, where a Child lay ill of the Small Pox, in a dying, state. He was instantly sensible of a most nauseous smell, of which he complained much on his return to his Father's House at Lower Harrowgate, on the same evening. Dfc'FatbeK recollects this to have happened in April, 1809, on a Tuesday; and on Friday of the same Week he was taken ill of head- ache, fever, and general pain, On the following day Dr. Jaques, Physician, of Upper Har- rqwgate, visited him; and being informed of his inoculation for the Smoli Pox, and satisfactory progress under that pror cess, eight or nine years before, he concluded, from the na- ture and severity of the symptoms, that Scarlatina, or some other eruptive - Disease was impending. On the Monday following; the eruption made its appearance, and Dr, Jaques was'sooB convinced that it was a true case of Natural or casual Small Pox ; this was confirmed by the nature of the eruption, which proved confluent, and the duration of the Disease froin its commencement to its termination, of which the vestiges still remain on some parts of his face., Had fur- ther evidence been wanting of the true nature of the Dis- ease, it was supplied by three of the Patient's Sisters and Brothers, who Bad never undergone the Small Pox in any form, being taken with that Disease before his recovery was complete happily all the four passed through- it with- out any bad consequences. " T his account was drawn up by Dr. Storer, on the spot where it happened, and where he had the advantage of re- ceiving it separately from Dr. Jaques and Mr. Wormdall, the Physician and Surgeon who treated the Patient at. the times specified— from his Grandfather and Grandmother, with whom the Child lived at the time of hk inoculation— from his Father and Mother, with whom he was when he wa » seized with the Natural Small Pox— and from the young Man himself, as far as he was able to recollect. The facts are agreed upon by all the Parties concerned, although the dates cannot be accurately ascertained, as no Notes were kept." 8t* te of the REGISTER, October 11th, 1811, being the chsc of the Sixth Tear. Satisfactory, or perfect Cases 3018 Doubtful...... 383 Blank...,..,. .'., 193 Liider Vaccination 10 3603 During the last year Dr. Clarke has removed from Not-, tingham, and in consequence the Institution has been de- prived of the advantage of his exertions, as its Physician 5 and Mr. Calvert has been elected to succeed Mr. Calton, who, for a similar reason, had resigned his office as its Sur- geon. The very meritorious services which had been gra- tuitously rendered to the Institution by the former Gentle? man, induced the Directors to wish to present him with some complimentary expression of their sense of the public Obligation to him; ? md accordingly a Piece of Plate was voted for that Purpose, the cost of which will appear in the items of the Yejir's Accounts. The Directors would not, whatever might have been their apprehensions of the * In a leiter from Mr. CAtTos. f the late Surgeon to the Institution J on the sutig-' Ci of diseases succcedinx to or o. pjnx- rently induced by the C% yi Pox, he expretui himself thus :— « During the whole course of my practice, I liescr observed any disease whatever imtuced by the inoculation of Con- Fox; • hitriUo i recollect any erpptioe disease being presented to me within three months after the Inocnlation, and then evidently j from other cuse*.'— It niU'berecollected, that tlifs statement j is made ( j) to' nearly six years' . practice us Surgeon of the [ Institution, ami af. er honing attended t< j the cmtrSi P/ the i • disease ji » aio^ s. csppe^'. ct Cases. | merit of Dr. Clarke, lia^ e ffiihtaed t « e. ffcondfcf so' large a Sum, had not the increase of their Funds, by two Fines liberally presented to the Institution by one of the Directors of it, enabled them to do so without appropriating the Subscriptions of the Public to any use but that for Which they had been given.— They have the satisfaction to report, the prea- nt State of the Funds renders it unnecessary imme- diately to collect the Annual Subscript!'.. is, which are be- come due j and that it is not their intention to call upon the Subscribers for them until the exhausted State of the Finan- ces of the Society shall render it necessary. Nottingham, October 17,1811. SUitcihcitt of Vaccine Cash Accounts, from Oetoier 18ffl, 1810, to October 11th, 1811. 1810. DR. £• A d. 18th October, To Balance in Treasurer's Hands 111 13 2 Subscriptions aud Donations, 68 2 0 =£, 179 15 2 1811'. Oct. 17th, To Balance in Treasurer's Hands... £. 88 si 8 181 a CR. •£. s. d. Oct. 23d, By Robert Maples, as Assistant Secre- tary, and Salary..... % 3 0 Philip Cox, for preparing Rooms, mak- 1: 311. ing Fires, & c o- Feb, 1st, By Mrs. Lingford, for a Piece of Plate 34 18 22d, By Mr. Stretton, for Advertisement.... 1 4 . —— By Mr. Barnet,, for printing Sf Reports,& c. 5 12 Mar. 4th, By Mr. Sutton, for ditto, & c. v 2 10 ^— « By Mr. Wilkinson, for collecting Sub- scriptions 5 5 April4th, By Mr. Calton, 149 Cases 18 12 July 6th, By ditto, 98 Cases .... 12 5 Sep. nth, Sundry Accounts paid by Messrs. Cold- ham ajiU Enfield 3 3 Oct. 16th, By Mr. Calvert, 4- 5 Cases 5 12 17th, By E& iance in ttoTreasurer's Hwds„.. 88 2 7' 0 6 0 0 6 0 0 0 =£. 179 15 2 ALIST of the SUBSCRIBERS to the ASSOCI- ATION for the PROSECUTION of HORSE STEALERS, and for other Offences committed in the County of Nottingham :— His Grace the Duke of NorfcHc. His Grace the Duke of Portland. His Grace the Duke of Newcastle. The Honourable Henry Sedley. The Honourable John Simpson. Acltlom Jon. Esq. Wiseton Abson John, Retford Adwick Thomas, Kelham Buck Robert, M. D. Newark Bland Thomas, ditto Bettison Joseph, Flintham Bainbridge Francis, ditto Briggs Robert, Tuxford Bettison Jonas, Esq. Holme- Pierrepont Becher Rev. W. Southwell Brumby Thomas, Retford Bovver M. West Drayton Bousor S, and Son, West Retford Bradley James, Cromwell Baxter George, Bingham Blagg Francis, Carcolston Bradshaw Stephen, Newark Bayley B. Esq. ditto Brooke John, Houghton Brockto. il Wm. Eanidou Brockton John, Elston Cartvvright Miss, ham Chaplin Rev. R. Averham Cheetham John, Chilweli Chattle John, Bingham Cocks William, Nottingham Cluvvorth J. Esq. Annesley Crabtree T. Colston Basset Charlesworth Kev. J. Os- sington Clarke Mrs. Gonalston Crawley Mrs. Ragnall Clark Blirabeth, Newark Chappell G. Esq. Arnold Gox H. Esq. South Scarle Darwin R. W. Esq. Elston Denison J. Esq. Ossington Dashwood C. V. Esq. Stan- i ford Hill Doncaster C. Middlethorpe Downing William, Sutton- upon? Trent Deeping Wm. Haw ton Day'N. Mason, Thfu. mpton Esain Mary, Sutton- upou- Yrent Eyre A. H. Esq. Grove Eyre William, Newark Edge T. W. Esq. Strelley Emmerton J, E, W. Esq. Thrumpton - FiUingham G, Esq. Syerston Fillingham Rich. Balderton Faulkes Thos. Flawborough Fanlkes Thos, Sibthorpe Fisher John, Cottam Fynes Rev. Dr.. Cromwell Forster Richard, Newark Giles Mrs. E. Carcolston Grant Richard, Bingham Godfrey Edw. S. Newark Hall Mrs. ditto Handley W. F. Esq. ditto Heathcote Rev. Edw. East Bridgford Hall R. C. Sibthprps Hutton Geo. Esq. Carlton- upon- Trent Holt Rev, G- Boughton Hilton George, Adholton Howe Gervas, Langar Hind Thomas, Gonalston Hole H. North Muskham Hole J. South Muskham Jackson J. A. Newark Jones Edvv- ard, Arnold Jackson Mrs. East Retford Kaye Rev. Dr. Kirkby- in- Ashfiekl Kerchevall John, Balderton Kirkfiy Rev. J. Gotham Lock' Mrs. Newark Lilly Miss, Marnham Lee Reuben, Sibthorpe Lee Thomas, Bingham Lammin Thos. JCneighton Milnes Rev. Dr. Newark Midgley W. Ralleston Marriott F. Hawkesworth Maltby 3. Esq. Shelton Mason Mrs. Eaton Mason Wm. Esq. Welham Moody Geo. Beckingham Moody R. Esq. Mattersey Molyneux Sir Francis, Bart. Wellow Marshall John, Skegby Martin George, Dean Hall Marshall Tho*. South Scarle Matthews R. Carcolston Martin William, Caunton Morley Chas. Nottingham Nevile Mrs. Thorney Neale George, Cottam Neale Charles, Screveton Neale Mrs. E, I. anj ar Norton J. O. Newark Otter Robert Ordoyno Jacob, Coddington Oldham Mrs, H. Cockney Pennell Rev. D. Newark Pocklington J. Esq. North Muskham Parker William, Newark Parr Mrs. ditto Ponton John, Coddington Parkinson John, Rufford parr John, Cropwell Butler Balmer P. Esq. E. Bridgford Petty George, Bingham Rastall P. eV. W. Newark Rayner John, Gunthorpe Roper Mrs, E. Sibthorpe Staunton Rev. Dr. Staunton Sikes Rev. J. Newark Spragging T. Esq. ditto Sketchley S. Esq. ditto Strong John, Bingham Sanday Wm. Holme Lane Smith ICeniz, Kelham Sam'pey Robert, Screveton Short S. C. Kingsay Sheppard M. P. Newark Thorotoii T. Esq. Flintham Thompson Mrs. WestBridg- ford* Tomlitison Wm. Newark Tinsley Robert, ditto Turner William, Tuxford Turner Wm. Kneighton Taylor J. Norton Cuckney Taylor James, Everton Tinley G. W. Sutton- rupon- Trent Vessey Gervas, Barnfcy in the Willows Unvvin George, Tuxford Williams Gregory Williams, Esq. Rempstone Wood John, Eastwood Wilson William, Shelford Wright J. Nth. Collingham White S. Cropwell Bishop Wakefield J. West Drayton Wadsworth J. Nottingham. £ 5" Subscribers in Arrear can receive no Benefit from the Association Fund. THIS DAY IS PUBLISHED, Price only Four- pence, containing 36 Pages, 12mo. of close printed Letter- press, on fine yellow Wove Demy Paper, No. I. ( to be co » tinued in as quick Succession as possible) of "' HE BRITISFI REPORTER of the DEBATES and I PROCEEDINGS of the HOUSES of LORDS and COMMONS. When the nature of the Change in the Cabinet, made by the Prince Regent, is considered, the formidable and powerful Opposition that the Executive will have to con- tend with, and the manifold and important Concerns that the Legislature will have to discuss, it cannot be doiihted but the present Session will be the most interesting of any for Years past. Under these Circumstances it is that the Editor steps forward to render an Impartial Report of the Proceedings of the PRESENT PARLIAMENT, commencing with the Prince Regent's Letter, and the Answers of Lords Grey and Grenville. He pledges himself to an accurate and faithful Report of the Proceedings of both Houses, free from Attachment to Party, or the more vile Attempt at Misrepresentation, too frequently adopted by the warm Supporters of any particular faction. Stomach Complaints, Wind, Govt, Spasms, Chdic, and General Debility of the Stomach and Intestines. CORNWEl. l.' s ORIENTAL CORDIAL. THE singular effects of this Cordial, since its introduction to the world, have been progreffively beneficial; it is the moft pleafant and fate ftomachic ever produced. It was firft djfeovered and ul'ed by an emi- nent Pbyfician in the Ealt Indies, where Debilities of the Stomach and Inteftines arc fevere and alarming ; and the brother of the late Lord Alvanley, I. ord Rodney, aud a great number of diftinguifhed Perfonages in this country Jjave patronifed and recommended it. It reftores tone to the ftomach, removes fpafms, wind, and cholic, and for generally ftrengthening the ( toinach and bowels it cannot be furpaffed, while its agreeable fla- your renders it as pieafant as Madeira wine. Sold by Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London, Price 45. 6d. or fix in . one large bottle zl. Is.; and retail by the Printer of this Paper; Dvnn, Robinfon, and Wil- cocM'on, Nottingham; Shcppard, and Robinfoo, M » PS- # 4df and Claugiitsn, and t'ord, ChjJterljyhJ. ytTST PUBL1SHSD", Price Sixpence each Number, CNOORE's Modern and Complete Srstcra cf J UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY; being an accurals and general Description of the WHOLE WORLD, and its Inhabitants; including authentic Narratives from all tkt: distinguished Navigators who have made New Discoveries, among whom are the following:'.— Mulgrave, Byron, Wa1.- lis, Carteret, Cooke, Furneaux, Gierke, King, Forrest, Maurelle, WiLon, Portlock, Dixon, Blijjb, Edwards, Mar- chand, PF £ : se, Vancouver, Entrecasteaux, Missionaries, & c.— Likewise, interesting and entertaining Accountsfrom the most Modern Travellers:— Halfway, Shaw, Brissot,- Bruce, MungoPurke, Macartney, Sotmini, Hearue, Mack- enzie, Weld, Barrow, Browne, Render, Palla., Ke:. ci., Collins,-& c. Forming a Complete Collectiun t. VOYAGES and TRAVELS. By GEORGE ALEXANDER COOKE, £= 4. f. The Work is decorated with 75 Engravings, and illustrated with 25 Maps, which form a complete Atlas. If. The Cheap Edition is printed on a Demy Quartcy and comprised in 13.4 Numbers, price Sixpence each This Edition contains more Letter- precs than any coctenw porary Publication at the same. Charge, HI. The Superior Edition is printed on a large Qisafto, Wove Vellum Paper, which is comprised in only ( tub Hundred Numbers, price One Shilling each; it contains- Coloured Maps, Additional Plates, and First Impressions.- IV. The Work being complete in two Volumes,. maJ' be purchased collectively, or by one or more Ngm& ers at a time. The Price of'Binding is as follows: in Calf Let-' tered, Seveu Shillings each Volume; Caff Gilt, Eight* Shillings; and Super Extra, Eleven Shillings. London: Printed for C. COOKE, 17, Paternoster Row; and may he procured of the Printer of this Paper, and all the Booksellers. 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Stretton, and York ( druggist), Nottingham ; Pearson, and Coleman, Melton Mowbray; Hage, and Smith, Newark; Drury, and Barron, Lincoln; Pritch- ard, Derby; F. yre, Castle Doniugton; Price, and. Swinfen, Leicester; Adams, Loughborough; Robinson, Mansfield; Taylor, Retford; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom.— The genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with the Name of " R, JOHNSTON" inserted on it. TO THE AFFLICTED with the Rheumatism* JL Rheumatic Gout, Sciatica, Lumbago, Pains of the Back and Kidnies, Numbness, Palsy, & c. is particularly recommended THE CUMBERLAND BITUMINOUS FLUID. This most extraordinary fossil production, since its happy- discovery, has excited the astonishment of many eminent medical characters, who have witnessed its unrivalled effi- cacy in the above complaints, and determined the discoverer- to render it, if possible, as ussfy. 1 as it is pre- eminently ex- cellent ; for which purpose he takes this method to givq publicity to its merit. Upon application to any of the medicine venders, may be had gratis an account of a number of surprising Cures effected by this extraordinary medicine, in the most hope- less and deplorable cases, with the most unquestionable reference to people of the first respectability, from amongst which the following is selected. Copy of a Letter from J. Makepeace, Esq. of Hexham, Northumberland, to Mr. Ramsay, Apothecary, Penrith. SIR, Hexham, June 22,1811, I was most grievously afflicted with the Rheumatism for several years, particularly across my Loins and my Hip,^ and Knee Joints, which at times completely deprived me of the power of walking. I had the advice of several emi- nent Physicians, and by their recommendations went to Bath and tried the effects of the Waters, without gaining any relief. After making use of various Medicines to ni} purpose, I by the advice of a Friend was induced to try your Medicine, from the use of which I am happy to say I have received the greatest relief, as I can now walk without pain or lameness, and enjoy as good health as can be expected at my advanced period of life, being in my 87th year, which I attribute solely to the use of your in- valuable Medicine. You have my full liberty to make what use you think proper of this Latter 1 am, your obedient Servant, JOHN MAKEPEACE. The above medicine is put up in bottles with full in- structions, at only 2s. 9d. each. Invented and prepared only by G. 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The Public may be affured thif excellent Medicine is perfectly congenial to the conftituy tion; and many have remarked their health much im- proved in other refperSls, after its ul'e.— Full and pljitj Directions, figned by Dr. Arnold, are inclofcd with Box, which will enable all Perfons to cure themlelve^ without the knowledge of any one. Sold by G. Stretton, Nottingham; Sheppard, Manj? field; Adams, Loughborough ; Drtwry, Derby; Price, Leicefter ; Ford, Chelterfield; Ridges, Newark; Axtell, No. I, Finch- Lane, Cornhill, London; and may be had of the different Newfmen, in Boxes at is. q< L and 4s. fid. dut^ included.— By the above Perlons are alio fold, Dr. AR- NOLD'S RESTORATIVE DROPS, for inward Decays, Gleets, and Seminal Weakneffes, from whatever caufc arifing, price 4s. fid. the Bottle, duty included. Printed and publifhed by G. STRETTON, NO. 14, Long Row, Nottingham; fold alfo by the following Agents,, by whom Advertifements as well as Articles of intelli- gence arc received, viz. Meffrs. Sheppard, Lockwoodf and Robinfon, Mansfield; Bradley, Ford, and White' Chelterfield; Pierfon, Sheffield; Meffrs. S. and J. Ridge, and Hage, Newark; Hurft, Grantham; G. Baxter, and Hill, Bingham ; Price and Co. Leicefter Drewry, Derby ; Smedley, Alfreton ; Taylor,' Retford; Siffon, Parker, Workfop, & c.; Jackfon', Gainfburgh j Sterland, Ollertott; W. Tayler, and T. Newton, Warwick- Court, London, ( where theje is a rcgulii- file kept) ; alfo at the Chapter, Peele, and London Coffee- Houfes; at any 8 « c of which places it ciajr bf ft. an every week.
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