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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset


Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3801
No Pages: 4
The Salisbury and Winchester Journal page 1
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset
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The Salisbury and Winchester Journal and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset

Date of Article: 18/12/1809
Printer / Publisher:  W.B. Brodie, J. Dowding, and J. Luxford
Address: The Printing Office, Canal, Salisbury
Volume Number: LXXIV    Issue Number: 3801
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WILTS, HANTS, DORSET, AND SOMERSET [ NUMBER 3801, - VOLUME LXX1V.] MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1809. PRICE SIXPENCE HALFPENNY./ ® talI1P Ei, tv" •• 3ia- \ Paper and Print, id. Monday's and Tuesday's Posts. FOREIGN NEWS. CADIZ, NOV. 21. WE have something now to hope from the Spanish cause. The Archbishop'oi'To- ledo, Cardinal Bourbon, is appointed President of- the Junta, and he and his supporters seem determined to piish the cause on with the vigour which it has hitherto wanted. A levy of 2.50,000 men has been ordered in a limited time. He has also or dered part of the Junta under arrest, who were known to be in the French interest LONDON, MONDAY, DECEMBER with t A Mail from Cadiz arrived this morning Spanish papers and letters to the 22d ult. The demonstrations of the Spanish army on the- Tagus have not led to the results expected : so late as the 17th, there had been no battle : the movements of tlie different Corps indicated, however, an intention to force the French to evacuate Madrid, or to maintain it at the hazard of a general engagement. General Aresaga, Commander of the army of La Mauclia, has addressed an animated pro- clamation to his troops, calling them " to Death or to Madrid." A divi- ir. rt of this army has passed the Tagus, and is on the road from Aranjuez'to the Capital. The Duke of Al- buquerque is proceeding by forced marches from Truxillo to Talavera. The Duke del Parque has oceup'ed the im- portant point of Puerto de Banos, and thus covers F. stre- niadura, and Has the power of supporting by Talavera and Toledo, the movements of Aresaga on the Upper Tagus. The letters state the appointment of Cardinal Bourbon to be President of the Junta, and that orte of the first acts bf his administration was to order a levy of 250,000 men. Ill support of this vigorous measure, he had prevailed on the Clergy to give up their tythei, and to surrender the Hliircli plate to be melted down, and called on all superior officers, both civil and military, to give up the half of their pay, in which they had evinced a disposition cheerfully to adquiesce. The letters from Lisbon state that the British army still continues, very unhealthy, the sickness having been in- creased by an unfavourable change of weather: the general hospital is now at Estramos, but some sick still remain at Lisbon. The 83d regiment, which landed in Portugal 1000 strong, is reduced to nearly 200. The cavalry) however, are improved in health, though still very badlv mounted. The 23d Li£ ht Dragoons ( a skeleton) being ordered home, the Royals and 14th are now brigaded under General Siade, land tint 16th and lst German Hussars under Gen. Anson. The division vacated by Gen. Paget is now commanded by Gen. Sit S'tapylton Cotton. Duteif papers to the 3d inst. are also arrived. The jnost., important articles in them relate to the operations in t.' atilonia. A report made by General Pino to Marshal Aygereau states that lie has taken the important town of Ilbstalrich ( situated midway between Gerona and Barce- lona, and made a depot by the Spaniards for supplying B fake's army and Gerona with ammunition, stores, and ( revisions) by storm, and has nearly annihilated the corps • y which it was defended. It is therefore to be feared that tieroua must sOoii surrender, The Tyrolese are not yet subdued, and in several quar- ters do not seem disposed to submit to their oppressors, on any term .— The intelligence from Turkey proves tbe false- hood of the reports respecting the advance of the Russians on Constantinople i there was little apprehension of such « in thatjeapitah An Austrian Messenger ) antled at Dover on Satur- day evening, and arrived 1., Wmwn „ jyj dis patches for Prince StaTu- emberg. They are the first his Highness has received since the ' conclusion of the late Treaty of Peace : it is Supposed they have brought him a e > py of that Treaty, and an order to return home, agree- ahle to the l~ th article, which stipulates that his Imperial Majesty " shall break oft" all intercourse with Great Bri- tain."— It is reported that he has brought instructions for tbe Prince to propose a negociation between this country and France, and also an offer for a general cartel for the exchange of prisoners of war, bu't neither of these reports- meets implicit faith. By a letter from the Cape of Good Hope, dated Sept. 17, it appears that, notwithstanding the strict block- ade of tire Mauritius, the Bellor. e French frigate anc the Laurel sloop of war ( lately captured from us) had contrived to escape but of Port Louis. They were, however, disco- vered by our look- out frigates, and the Raisonable, ot 6' 4 feufts; and the Boadicea frigate, were sent in pursuit of • them. We learn from Capt. Trem< hiheere's letter to the ^ Government of Boiu'ity, detailing the loss of the Asia East- Indiiman, on the lst of May; on Gillingham Sand, off Ctilpee, that though Very little of the cargo Was saved, all the people were got out, with the assistance of the Pilot schooner attending the ship ami the Hoogly boats. A letter from Halifax, dated Nov. 5, gives the following account of tbe late mutiny on board the Colum- bine-. " An alarming mutiny was discovered in time on lioard the Columbine, ft was headed by the boatswain and carpenter, whose intention was to have murdered the whole of tile Officers, and taken the brig to America. The boatswain and six men have . been hung here ; four of them in chains ; the carpenter transported for 14 years, Seven of which he is to be in irons ; and a great. many others trans- ported and tlogged through the fleet.— I suppose it is by tar th; severest sentence ever passed by a Court Martial, but it was necessary to make shcb an example. Captain " VVills shot one of the men for refusing to obey his orders." The arrriv.' l of the troops from Walcheren is sup- posed - to have been delayed by the south- westerly winds, . ft appears by the following letter from Flushing, dated Dec. 7, that the preparations for the evacuation of the island were then in a very forward state : " The whole of the arsenal has been either destroyed or taken tiWay. There are eight mines, four on each side of the great basin, which, on explosion, will fill the basin to a certain extent; and ships are to be sunk at the entrance cf the port. Hags of truce, it is said, have passed between fen. Don and the French Commanding Officer. The latter proposed letting us- depart unmolested, if we would not injure the works; but the offer was instantly rejected,— The Senate of Middlebnrg have been informed by the French General, that the inhabitants of the town must pay for the damage doi> e to Flushing." On Friday 13,000Z. and on Saturday 3000/. in gold, in- tended for exportation, were seized in the River, and con- veyed to the Bank. On Saturday morning the letter- hags, with the letters from Dunstable, Luton, and Leighton Buzzard, in Bed- fordshire, were lost by the guard, betw een Islington aud the Post- office. SrlirWRKCK.— The following are the correct particulars of a distressing catastrophe that took place at Seaford, on Thursday last. The following ships were lost, viz.— The Harlequin hired armed schooner, Capt. J. Stevens. John Matthews, quarter- master, and John Jones, seaman drowyed; one seaman missing.— The Albion schooner, John Jerinoml, from'Gibraltar, with barilla, almonds, ca- pers, and enrk ; crew all saved.— Tbe Nice brig, Howes, from New York, with cotton, potatoes, and staves ; crew all saved.— The Traveller brig, from Malaga, with fruit; crew all saved.— The Prussian ship February, from Peters- burgh, in ballast ( having delivered her cargo at Plymouth); crew of 16', of whom 14 perished. Prussian ship Methe- dacht, from Riga, with wine, & c. ; crew of 12, all pe- rished.— And the Weymouth, from Gibraltar, with barilla and tobacco ; 4 perished.— Making a total of 32 unfortu- nate seamen lost, besides 1 missing ; and had it not been for the persevering exai tions of the inhabitants of Seaford and Newbaven, the lots of lives would have been still more distressing. MARK- LAKE, Monday, Dec. 11. We had a considerable shew of Wheat this morning from Essex- and Kent, and the terms were near 2s. per . quarter lower than last week, but this depression is not equally felt in respect to the foreign cargoes, or heavy Red Wheat of any sort.— Rye and Spring Corn come freely to hand at present, except Oats and superfine Malting. Barley ; - Beans of both sort s arc cheaper, particularly new Tick Beans, and Old Beans - dark and discoloured ; Peas and Rape Seed barely maintain the last prices ; Rye, Malt, and Barley are quite as dear for the finest qualities, and Oats have advanced full 2s. per quarter.— The season for Clover Seed seems commencing with a free demand, and some ot the Foreign comes so fine as to reach the top of the currency for our own produce. We refer to tbe lis; subjoined for all further information :— Mealing Red Wheat 65s. 88s. to Ms. fine 95s. to 93s. sup. 1.00s. White ditto 68s, 90s. to 96s. fine 100s. to 105s. sup. 108s. to 110s. Foreign. Red ditto 70s. to 84s. fine 86s. to 9Ss. sup. 100s. to 102s. Zeala'nd White § 0s. to 06s. hue Dantzic and American 100s. 110s. to 114s. Black 68s. to 78s. fine 80s. to 88s. 90s.— Rye 48s. to 54s.— White Peas 56s. to 70s, boilers 72s. to 82s. fine Suffolk 84s. to 86s. Grey Peas 48s. to 56s. fine 58s. to 60s.— Horse Beans, new, 42s. to 54s. old 56s. to 66' s. Tick Be- ns, new, 36s. to 42s. old 50s. to 5 Is.— Barley, 3- 2s. to 44.-. Malting 46s.' to 50s. fine new 51s. to 54s. sup. 55s. to 56s.— Malt 70s. to 76s. fine 78s. to 86s. 8Ss.— Oats, long feed, ' 26s. tp' 38s. short 39s. to 41,!.! Poland 42s. to 44s. sup. 45s. to 46s.— Broad Beans 50s. to 110s. Long Pods 42s. to 56s. per quarter.— Rape Seed 381. to 46/. fine'new 50/. to 521, per last.— English Household Flour 90s. to 95s. per sack ; American ditto 42s. to 13s. 54s. fine 56s. to 60s. sup. 61s. to 63s. per barrel. PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, December 5, 1809. ON Thursday,' the Slst instant, I shall le ready to receive Tenders in writing (" scaled upj, and treat with such, persons as may he willing to'' furnish on Contract what FRESH BEEF may he required for the use of his Majesty's Ships ond Iressels at St. Helen's, CoweS; and Yarmouth, in the Isle of Wight, for Twelve Months from the \ st of Ja- nuary next; which will be paid for by bills payable with in- terest 90 Jays after date. No regard will be had lo any tender in which the price shall not be inserted in ' words at length, or that shall not be delivered before twelve o'clock on. the said 21 st instant.; nor. unless the persons whoir. ake the same, or some person on their behalf, attend to answer thereto when culled for. IVM. REEKS. N. B.— The Conditions of the Contract may be seen at my OJjice. T5975 PORTSMOUTH VICTUALLING OFFICE, December 12, 1809. ON Thursday, the °\ sl instant I shall be ready to receive Tenders in writing ( sealed up) and treat for what PETTY WARRANT BREAD, may be required for tHe service of this department for the ensuing three Months, which will be ' paid for by bills payable with interest 90 days after date. . At the same time 1 shall be ready to receive lenders for the taking away what BRAN and YEAST may be produced at his Majesty's Mill and Brewholises at this- Port for One Year from the i'. st instant. No regard will be had lo any Tender, in which the. pnre shall not he inserted in words at length, or that shall, not be delivered before twelve o'clock on the. said 2\ st; instant, nor unless the persons who make the same, or some person | in their behalf, attend to answer therel'o- when cfttled^ br^ N. B.— The Conditions of the several Contracts may be seal at my Office. fGa- G1 ' IL H. , ~~ ,, THE next Meeting of iheH. II. will be on Tuesday the 19th instant, at the White Hart Inn; Winchester. Dinner on table at six o'clock. N. F, H. THE N. F. H. will meet at Stoney Cross on Tues- day the 19th of December inst.— Dinner on table at half past five o'clock. [ 6069 APOLLO LODGE. THE M ASTER of the above Lodge begs to acquaint ihe Brethern that the Lodge will in future be held at the ASSEMBLY ROOMS, in tin city of New Sarum, and that the. approaching Festival of St. Johr. will be celebrated on Friday the 29th instant. 8Qi~* Those who intend joining their Brethern in celebra- tion of the above Festival, will please to signify the same to the Master on or before Thursday the 23th instant. NEW CANAL, SARUM, Dec. 15, 1309. FFLLOS New Turnpike Road between Winchester and Pefersfield. ,4 Meeting will be hoklen at the Red- Lion Inn, at fjL Westmeon, on Tuesday the 19th instant, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of arranging about the in- t nded application to Parliament for an Act to mal e the said Road, and of extending a branch ther from through Lung- ridge, East and West Moon, into the Gosport and London Road. Those gentlemen who wish to promote the measure are requested to attend at the above place and time. [ 60.93 Brackley Brook, on the Turnpike Road leading from Romsey to Ringwood. IT boing thought necessary by the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for the accommodation of the public, to erect a CARRIAGE BRIDGE over the said Brook, any person or persons desirous of undertaking and contracting for building the same are hereby informed, that a plan and specification thereof miy be seen by applying, at the office of Mr. Thomas Warner, Romsey, to whom tenders and pro- posals are to be ' addressed ; and all persons wishing to con- tract for performing the same are to make proposals as above on or before the first day of January next, on which day a Meeting of the said Trustees w ill be held, at eleven O'clock n the forenoon, at the Guildhall- of the Town of Romsey Infra. Dated the Uth day of December, 1809. [ 6071 NEW SARUM ASSOCIATION For the Prevention of Robberies, Thefts, fye. Sfc. THE Rules and Regulations by which thislnstitu tion- has of late been governed, having been calcqjatcd to entail on particular members greater expences than tbey had reason to expect ( in consequence of their affording no remedy for the recovery of the subscr iptions): Notice is hereby given, That a Meeting is convened forTuesday the 26th day of December inst. at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Cross Keys Inn, in the City of New Sarum,— at which such articles will be submitted as ( it is presumed! will effectually prevent a recurrence Of the evil complained of; when and where such persons ( residing within twelve miles of tile city) as are desirous of becoming members, may by a personal at- tendance be admitted. WILMOT and GODWIN, Solicitors. N. B.— Those'who may not have it in their power to attend the above meeting, may at any future period be admitted, by personally, applying at the officc of the Solicitors. [ 6056 KENNET AND AVON CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, that at a General ' Quarterly Meeting of the Committee of Management of the Affairs and Business of the Company of Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation, held at the White Hart Inn, at Bath, on Tuesday the sth day of December 1S09, at eleven o'elock in the fortnoon, pursuant to public adver- tisement, the said Committee did find a Call trom the several Proprietors of such of the New Shares authorized by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the forty- fifth year of the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for enabling the Company- of Proprietors of tile Kennet and Avon Cans Navigation to complete the same, and for altering and enlarg- ing the powers of the several Acts passed for making the said Canal," to be taken and subscribed for in the Navigation and Undertaking authorized to be nlade and carried on by the said Company of Proprietors, ( on which Shares the whole amount of the money agreed to be paid fot the same hath not been already called for), for the Sum of Ten Pounds per Centum for and in respect of every such Share to be wanting and ne- cessary in order to defray the expences of and to carry on the same ; and did make a Call from the said several Proprietors for the said Sum of Ten Pounds per Centum for and in respect of every such Share in the said Navigation and Undertaking, for those purposes accordingly ; and did appoint the same to be paid into the hands of Messrs. Harford, Davis, and Co. Treasurers of the said Company, in Bristol, on or before the 18th day tit January 1810. By order of the said Committee, JOHN WARD, Principal Clerk. I MARLBOROUGH, Dec. 13, mos. [ 6o9e- BRISTOL, October 31, 1809. NOTICE is hereby given,— That the Copert- , nership between JOHN WOODHOJJSE, JOHN PAGE, GEORGE GAY; and THOMAS WOODHOBSE, of the . city ot Bristol, Tobaconists and Snuff Manufacturers, carried oh under the firm ot " John Woodhouse and Company,'-', is, by effluxion of time, this day determined and at an end. JOHN WOODHOUSE. JOHN PAGE. GEORGE GAY. THOMAS WOODHOUSE; All debts due and owing to the said- Copartnership are to be paid to the above named John Wroodhouse, who continues thi; trade and business of a Tobacconist and Snuff Manufac- turer, No. 47 aud 48, Wine- street, Bristol. [ 6046 • WARMINSTER. ISS ROYI.' E begs leave to acquaint her friends and the public, that it iS her intention, after the ensuing Vacation, to open a BOARDING- SCHOOL for young Ladies, when she hopes, by unremitting attention to the health, mo- rals, and education of her Pupils, she will give satisfaction to those, parents who entrust their children under her care. Norway Die Square Timber and Deals. MESSRS. HURRY, JUKES^ and Co. have imported several Cargoes of the above Articles, which are now on Sale, at reduced Trices; and in about a fortnight they expect the arrival of a Cafgo of DEALS from Sweden, and one of DIE SQUARE TIMBER from PeiSiguijd, in Norway, consigned to them for Salt here; both of which are ordered to be disposed . of by PUBLIC AUCTION, of which due notice wili be givenl- r- GospoRT, Dec. 7", 1809. [ 6' 0I5 SOUTHAMPTON. DAILY expected to arrive at this Port from Denia, — The VENUS ( a fast- sailing cutter), with a Cargo''" of about 21100 Baskets and 400 Boxes of RAISINS, for sale'on arrival.— Fot further particulars apply to Mr. Le Feuvre. Decembers, 1809. [ 6034 COWES, ISLE OF WIGHT. JUST imported from St. John's, New Brunswick, per the brig Success,— A prime Cargo of TIMBER and DEALS, now delivering-. to be sold. oti reasonable terms by pplication to THO. DAY, of Cowes. N. B.— The quality of this timber is far superior to any im- ported from that country. [ 6035 LINEN AND WOOLLEN- DRAPERY WAREHOUSE, Corner of Oatmeal- row, Salisbury. . PARISH has now oil Sale a new and fashionable Assortment of LADIES' PELISSE CLOTHS, fine Stuff Bombazins and Sarsnets, also Lustres and other Fancy Dresses, which w 11 be found very desirable purchases. A beautiful varit ty of Bear and Swansiown Tippets, with Fur Trimmings" of every description uncommonly cheap, t J. P. b. gs to . recommend his Kerseymeres and Waistcoating, which he is enabled to sell considerably under the regular prices, for ready money. A large quantity of good Irish and Diaper Table Linens, well worth the notice of families, with every other article in the above branches, at the usual low prices. Blankets from 4s. 6d. per pair upwards. QAn APPRENTICE Wanted. [ 5996 An extensive variety of rich coloured Silk Velvets, shaded twilled Sarsnets and Satins, plain and figured Lustres, rich Gold Muslins, Gossamer Nets, Cr. & r. AT BECKINGSALE's IHDIA MUSLIN, IRISH LINEN, and FASHIONABLE DRAPERY WAREHOUSE, SILVER- SHI CUT, SALISBURY. AVARIETY of new and' elegant Patterns in printed, twilled, and corded Cambrics, India Imitation Dresses, Curiously fine Cambric Muslins, 20d. and 22il. per yard. A large lot of stout Sheeting, full width, 12Jd: per yard. Coloured Lenos and Imperial Sarsnets, for dresses, parti- cularly cheap. Rich coloured Cotton Velvet of a superior quality. A large assortment of real Thread Edgings and Laces, Crapes and Crape Muslins, Veils, Turbans, Borderings, & c. A large supply of Cotton Stockings, of the Nottingham and Tewkesbury manufactory. An extra allowance by the half dozen. .... " [ 6085 Silk Hosieiy of every description. The above Warehouse is completely stocked with Irish Linens, Sheetings, Table Linen, Counfemanes"", and Blankets. WANTED,— A young Man, as SHOPMAN in the Lintn- Drapery Business ; also a respectable Youth, as an APPREN- TICE.— Apply to Mr. Beckingsale, Silver- street, Salisbury. CATHERINE- STREET, SALISBURY. ~ JHAYDON, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Hctir- • Dresser, Perfumer, ami Ornamental HairManufai- turer, begs leave to inform his friends and the public, that, at the request of several Gentlemen, he intends opening on the 21st of December 1809, a public READING ROOM, com- modious and pleasantly situated, for the perusal of News- papers, & c. J. H. has just received a fresh Supply of French and English Perfumery. J [ f> 0' 17 EXETER AND SALISBURY MAIL. THE Public are respectfully informed, that a new ROYAL MAIL COACH, carrying four inside and two outside passengers, commenced running on Monday the 16th of October, at ha'f- past seven o'clock every morning, from the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, through Shaftesbury, Yeovil^ Crewkerne, and Char 1, to the New London Inn, Exeter, whire it mees the Plymouth and Falmouth Vlails, with coaches to Bar . staple and all parts of the west;— it will leave , the New London Inn, Exctei, every morning it three o'clock, by tic same roure, to the Red Lion Inn, Salisbury, where il will meet the Portsmouth Royal Mail, the I'oitsmouth and Gosport coaches, with others to London, & c. Performed by ISAAC YOUNG and Co. Who will not be accountable for any article above the value of il. unless entered as such a- » l paid for accordtigly. [ 4997 ALDER POLES: • • . ANY person having any ALDER POt. ES or TREES to dispose of, the quantity will be no objection, provided the terms are approved. Apply to R. ichard Cooke, brush- maker, Salisbury. . High- street, Dec. 16, ISO!). [ 6110 AYOUTH, about 17 years of age, wishes for a Situation in some respectable Family; where he could have an opportunity of improving himself in die different branches of AGRICULTURE. A liberal Premium will be given. Letters addressed to K. L. at the Printing- office, Salisbury, will be duly attended to. ' [ 6040 WANTED,— A GAMEKEEPER, who thoroughly understands the preservation of nil kinds of Game, and the care, management, and catching the several kinds of Fish usually found in large pieces of water.— A strong recom- mendation will be expected from some person of undoubted respectability who is Well acquainted with bis merits. Enquire of. the Printers of this Paper. [ 6039 _ TO WRITING MASTERS. Wf ANTED, after the Christmas recess, in a Luge » » School, where several other Masters are employed,— A Person wel l qualified'to teach Writing,' Arithmetic, English Grammar, and Gebglriiphy. He must be a good penman, and accustomed to the business of a school. Respectable re- ferences will be expected as to character, and an ample salary given to the person who may be best qualified. Applications, stating abilities and experience, to be niade ( free of cxpence) to the Printers of this Journal. [ 6058 TO CLASSICAL ASSISTANTS. WANTED, in a large and respectable School,—- An ASSISTANT well qualified to give instruction in the Latin ar. d Greek Languages, and intimately acquainted With Latin and English composition, both in verse and prose. Letters post paid, ? nd addressed to Mr. Jacob, bookseller, Winchester, will be duly answered. [ 6001 To Weavers and Manufacturers of Linen and Wootlcn. WANTED immediately, or at Christmas next,— A sober il lustrious MAN, who understands the Ma- nagement of coarse Linen and Woollen Goods, for the use of the Poor in the House of Industry, Isle of Wight; and also of Miller's and Farmer's Sacks, for sale. Reference for character will be expected. Application to be made ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Thos. Cooke, Newport, Isb- of Wight. [ 6083 WANTED, as an ASSISTANT to a LINEN and WOOLLEN- DRAPER, & c.— A young MANof very good address, who perfectly understands his business, and who can have an unexceptionable character from his last situa- tion.— A good salary will be giyen. Apply by letter ( postpaid) to the Printers, stating his pre- sent situation, name, and every necessary particular. [ 6045 ANTED,— A young Ladv of respectability, as an APPRENTICE to a MILLINER and PELISSE- MAKER. in a Market- town in Hampshire, where every atten- tion will be paid to her morals and improvement. Letters ( pcst. paid) to Mr. C. Wright, draper, Winchester, will be duly attended to.— A premium will be expected. [ 6081 w WANTED,- An APPRENTICE to i SURGEON and APOTHECARY,— oran ASSISTANT. For particulars apply to Mr. Baskett, chemist and druggist, Blandford. [ 5906 BLANDFORD, DORSET. WANTED,— An. APPRENTICE to a LINEN and WOOI. LEN- DRAPER : a Youth of genteel address and respectable connections. Apply to R. Fowle ; if bv let'er, post paid. , [ 6053 WANTED immediately,— An APPRENTICE to a COLLAR and HARNESS- MAKER, in a large town in the county of Somerset. Apply ( if by letter'post- paid) to Mr. Robert Parsons, Frome. [ 6( 190 WANTED,— A JOURNEYMAN to a. CHEMIST antl DRUGGIST, of an unexceptionable character. For particulars apply to Mr. Randall, Southampton. [ 5881 TO JOURNEYMEN TANNERS.'" T$ 7ANTEI> immediately,— A MAN who under- T V stan:' the whole of the Beam Work ; he might have constant employ and good wages, with house- rent , and fuel found him.— Apply to Mr. Kearley, Beaulieu, HantS. • N. B.— None need apply whose character will not bear strict enquiry. [ 6057 WRANTED,— A young active MAN, who under- stands and will take Care of a small Kitchen Garden, a Horse and Cow, and other ways make himself useful in the House and about the Premises.— A plain cleanly COOK is wanted, not more than 30 years of age. Apply to Mr. Legg, printer, Gosport. [ h' 014 YVJANTED,— A COACHMAN who perfectly » T understands the care of horses, and can have a good character from his last place. Apply to Mr. Robbins, Win- chester. [ 6089 CHEAP TRAVELLING. SALISBURY, Inside .. \ 8s. 0d... Outside .. \ o. i.$ d.- BY the OLD SALISBURY COACHES, from the. BLACK HORSE INN, SALISBURY, to the BE MJ and CROWN INN, HOLBOHN, and the SARACEN'S HEAD INN, FRIDAY- STREET, CHEAPSIDE, every day ( except Saturday) at half past three o'clock. All parcels sent by these Coaches will be received without any charge for booking, and will be safely an! expeditiously delivered" to all parts of London and Salisbury, without any charge for porterage. N. BROWN, T. FAGG, H. WHITMARSH, W. PENNY, and Co. PROPRIETORS. [ 52- 26 NEW SALISBURY AND LONDON WAGGONS, From the THREE SWANS, Salisbury, to TRIE SALISBURY ARMS, Cow Lane, London. MATCHAM, MITCHELL, and Company, beg leave to inform their Friends and the Pablic in general, they have established WAGGONS for- the Conveyance ot Goods from London to Salisbury, and from thence to Yeovil and Weymouth, on the most reasonable terms. The Proprietors will not be answerable for any Goods above the value of 51, unless entered and paid for as such. [ 5854 G STALBIIIDGE. HUNT and W. PIPER beg to inform thttir J • friends and the inhabitants of Stalbridge and its vici- nity, that they have re- opened tbe Shop late in the possession of the above George Hunt, with an entire new and choice Assortment of GOODS, consisting of Linen - and Woollen Drapery, Haberdashery, Hosiery, Hats, fce.& c. all of which- they are determined to sell on the very lowest terms for ready money. Funerals Furnished. N. B.— Every article in the Grocery Line sold on very rea- sonable terms. ' [ 5982 ISLE OF WIGHT. WEST COV/ ES ACADEMY, under the direction of MR. LINTOTT, who requests his Friends to ac- cept his grateful acknowledgments fot the preference they have already shewn him during the time, ( now six years) he has had the conducting of the above Academy, respectfully hopes for a continuance of their favours, and begs leave to make known to them and the public, he purposes opening a BOARDING SCHOOL on the 2Sd of January 1610, for the reception of a limited number of youngGemlemen, whose health, morals, and education, will be treated with that at- tention as, he hopes, will merit the approbation of these parents who shall entrust their children to his care. . West Cowes is highly celebrated for the salubrity of its air and the pureness of its bathing, which, in addition to a dry and airy play ground, the young gentlemen will have the ad- vantage of enjoying. Mr! Lintott is enabled, through the kindness of his friends, to ! Tive the most respectable references, if required. [ 5811 The terms may be kuown on application at the school. TO SHOPKEEPERS, & c. WANTED to rent, in a Market- town or populous Village,— A well- accustomed SHOP, in a General Retil Line. Any person wishing to dispose of the Stock in such a con- cern, may hear of a purchaser by addressing ( post paid), mentioning the particulars, with nearly the amount of pur- chase, to M. T. M. Post- office, Bath. [$ 901 WANTED to PURCHASE, immediately,— A LADY's HORSE, from 14j to 15 hands lvgh : it must be quiet; safe, and good in all its paces.— A fair trial will be expected. , For further particulars apply .( if by letter, post paid) to the Rev. J. Smith, Houghton,, near StockbridSc, Hants. , [ 5948 WANTED to RENT, FURBISHED or ULI'CR- NISHED, for a small family,— A detached HOUSE or COTTAGE, . standing in a L'aWn or Garden, and from ten to twenty acres of Grass Land, situated near a town'di village, in either the counties of Hants, Dorset, or Somerset; ( he house must consist oLnot less than two good sitting- rooms, three or four best bed- chambers, and Servants' rooms ; coach- house, stabling, dairy, and convenient offices; with good water on the premises. Letters ( post paid) directed to M. N. Post- office, Char- mouth, Dorset, will be attended to. , [ flops ALTON'HOPS FOR SALE. \ Few Pockets of YEARLING HOPS, of ex- Xjl cellen't quality and in the best state of preservation, price 81. 5s. in place, might be seen by applying to RI Wing, Salisbury. ' - J [ 6106 Stags anil Hinds, near Salisbury. TO be SOLD,— Three Brace of each in good con- dition. For particulars apply ( post paid) to lyiessrs. Webb, Webb, and Attwood, Salisbury. [ 5378 HORSE HIDES. fX) R SALE bv PRIVATE CONTRACT,— I Four Thousand HORSE HIDES, just imported from Monte Video in excellent condition. , Apply to MATTHIAS MARCH, Gosport. GosroRT, Dec. 6. 1809. : [ 5972 AS A CAUTioN.- WHEREAS my Wife MARY TANNER,' of Wi- tham Friary, in the-. county of Somerset, did elope trom me on the 6th. instant, , without'any just cause or provo- cation : Tilts is to caution all pejsohs not to trust the said Mary Tanner, as f. will riot' be." answerable for any debts slit; may contract.—- Witness niyhand, ,„. „ ' * • JOSEPH TANNER. ; Witness— WILLIAM BUTI: ER. • Dated this 11,'/: dtru of Dec. 130P.. >, . [<; o38 nPAKEN' UP, straying, in the parish of Canfprd- - i. Magna, Dorset,— A DARK- RED HEU'KR, two vears old, with two pieces cut out of the, near ear," and the'NcVv Tcrejit tajl mark. Whoever can prove her to'be tlidr'pre-• perty may have' her again, by paying all' cjtpttU. es - and' ap- to Mr.. John iim,- ; 0f tUdnell, near* Wimborne, ' V • V ' • plyinQ Dorset. .[ 6018 MARTlNls I^ IN- KBUPTCY: I^ PIE Commissioners in. a Cojjimissi iii_ of Bankrupt . awarded. and issued forth against VV1LL1 AM MARK- HAM MARTIN, of CosRarry in the cptmty of• Southamp- ton, Bookseller, Printer and Sfatftp< ir, Beiler and Chapman, intend to meet oil' the 2fit d; iyvt! T ' December in , t. it; tj. c Crown Inn, in G'osp irt aforesaid, at one of the clock in the afternoon, in order * to make a final Dividend of the Ertate an 1 Effects df the said Bankrupt; when and where th: Creditors who hive not already proved their Debts, arc » o comt pre- pared to prove the same, or. they will. be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend: and all Claims hot then proved'vvJl'be disallowed. ,' > JOSE. HR'PARSONS, • 5954] Solicity, T; ttn'd_ er the saitl gOmnlission. TO DEBTOR'S. " * JWOODWARD, having declined his Business " at Salisbury more than six Months, now earnestly requests " hose persons who staiid indebted to him' ( relating io the above business) will settle the same without further delay, either with him at Andover, or Mr. Perkins, Catherine- street, Salisbury. • [(; irr3 ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of THOMAS JONES, of Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, liajcer, are desired forthwith' to pay the amount of their r, spective debts to Messrs. Griffiths and Weltbtd, solicitors, Marlborough aforesaid ; and all persons to whom the said Thomas Jones is indebted, are requested to send the particulars of their de- mands to Messrs. Griffiths and Wclford, as ' at resaid, on or before the J st day of January next ensuing, othervris. tbey will lose the benefit of the distribution now making of. ths said Estate.— MARLBOROUGH, Dec. 7, 1809. . • - [ 6011 To the Creditors of Mr. RICHARD I- IAVWAE'O, latzof Lymington, Hants, deceased. ' ALL persons having any Demands on the Estate and Effects of Mr. RICHARD J1 AtWARD, some time since of Lymingtoh, in the CQuiity of Sonthsmuton, Baker, deceased, are requested to transmit an recount thereof immediately to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymuigtem : and'all persons indebted to the Estate of the said Richard Haytvard, deeeased, are requested to pay the amount ( without i'uriher notice) to Mr. Ri'ch'mari, or they will be sued for ' the same —. Paled this 6th day of December, 1809. \ . [ 5986 ISLE OF WIGHT. ALI. Persons having any Claim oh the E stale of JAMES COOPER, late of Ncw^ hprch, in the'Lle of Wight, Gentleman, deceased, are requested to send ah ac- count thereof on or before the'first day bf January nctt, to, Mr. John Cooper, of Alyerstcne, in die isfc ofWighf, the administrator of the effects of the said - Jariles. Cco" - r i and . all persons who stand jnddbted to'thc e- statd of the said jair. es' Cooper,. or have any of his effects, are reqlieste*! to, p:; v and deliver the same forthwith to the said John Cooper,- or they IviU be sued for tbe same.' ' Isle of Wight., Nov. 1309., ,- v'- [ 5886 ',-- ISLE OF. W. IGHT. . 1 ' A LL Persons . having any., C% m>, ,011 the Estate of JL% ROBERT JACOBS' jate'of Qiale Farm, in the Isle of Wight, Gentleman,,. deceased,. are requested to send an ac- count thereof forthwith to Mr. Wqi. Jacobs, bf. Perrc. fi 111, in the . Isle of Wight, the administrator . of the effects c f the said deceased ; arid all. persons who stand intiebteif to the estate of the said Robert Jacobs/ are requested'to pay the same imii. e- ^ tately to'the said WYn.-' Jacobs. * ISLE OF WIGHT, NOV: 30, 130,9. fiS87 ISLE OF WIGHT.' ALL Persons hating, any Claim on the Estate of JAMES COOPER, late" of Wellow, in the Isle of Wight, Yeoman, deceased, are requested to send ap account thereof 011 or before the I si day of Januaiy next to Mrs. Cooper, of Wellow aforesaid, the Wj'dovv of the said deceased, Or to iir." Roach, of Red way," in the Isle of WigTit, th5 adn: i- n- strat rs of the effects of the said deceased ; and all persons who stand ihi'jebtqd' to the estate of the said James Cooper, are req- aeste. l to piy tile same forthwith to the said Mis. Cooper or Mr. Roech. ISLE OP WIGHT, Mi. renv- er -. 0,, 1 « 09. [" 888 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE Creditors of JOHN HOLLY, ofRinjrwootl, Carpenter and Baker, are requested to meet at tn'f Crow n Inn, in Ringwood, on Wednesday the 20th of Dec. 1809, at two o'clock, when a Statement of his Affairs will he laid before them. Te be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN CRANST'ON, on Thursday the 21st of Dec. 1809,-^- AU the STOCK in TRADE belonging to Mr, JOHN HOI. LY ; consisting of good Oak, Elm, and Beech Timber ; plank, board, slabs, deals, ' double and single benches, wheel lathe, grindstone; pit, frame, and cross cut Saws ; blocks- with brass sheaves, trucks, wheel- barrows, working tools, a quantity of nails in bags and draw- ers, locks, hinges, sash fastenings, pullies, screws, coffin furniture, and nests of drawers. Also six Pigs, hog tubs, hog troughs, & c. And 011 the following day will be sold,— All the HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE ; consisting of four- poSt bedsfeads and furniture, a field bedstead and_ check furniture, good feather • hed. s, and, bedding; mahogany, wainscot, and deal chests of drawers ; tin, exceeding, good wainscot chest of drawers, with a secretary draw'er and bookcase over; pier and swing glasses, stained chairs, stump bedsteads, bed and table l. tien, table aid tea spoons, some valuable btjoks,- good eight- day clock, wainscbt dining, pemhroke; and claw tables ; dumb waiter, mahogany claw tabic, pantheon stove, fenders, fire irons, prints', iron- hound half hogsheads, silt, brewing and washing tubs, small furnace, kitchen requisites;, two sides of bacon, large beams and scale?,. baking utensils, & c. & c. The whole may be viewed the. day preceding the sale. Sale each day at ten o'clock. And on Wednesday the 27th of December will be Sold by Auction, at the Crown Inn, in Ringwood, at three o'clock, — The Reversion of " a very ( testable COTTAGE, with a good Garden and Orchard, situate'in the parish of Damerham; held' under the Earl of Shaftesbury for the life of the Widow Holly, aged 88, and- her son, William Holly, ofposport, an healthy person, aged 62 ; subject to a yearly rent, of Si. per ann. payable to the Wid< wv Holly during her life. ' f6i) 6l SI'RUCE FIRS, & c. TO be SOLD, at the late Mr. Barnard's Nursery at Wri! toh, A large Quantity of bushy and well- rooted SPRUCE Fills, from two to four feet, high; also a few good headed and fine stemed Horse- Chestnut and Ash Plants, from eight to twelve feet high. Applications to be mad? to Mr. Seagrim, or to Mr. Nightin- gale, at Wilton. [ 6084 NNA be SOLD,— A capital Grey HUNTER, got J1 by Burgundy, warranted sound; lowest price40 Guineas. — For. further particulars enquire at Mr. Moore's Library, Poole; if'by letter, post paid. [ 6097 A CAPITAL GELDING TO be SOLD, for 100 Guineas,— A dark Bay, rising six, 15 hands and a half, with great bone; no white, except a little on one foot, and a star ; got by Tom Tring, out of a most excellent Hunter by Old Hue and Cry. He is quiet with hounds, leaps well, and is likely to make a prime Hunter. He was never out of the possession of the breeder, and is warranted perfectly sound. Enquire of Eton, sadler, at Andover ; or of Wm. Ward, Whits Hart, at Pcnton, near that town. [ 607 » RINGWOOD, HANTS.- TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by . TONN CRANSTON, on Wednesday'the 10th day of Jai » - ry litIO, at three o'clock, at the White Hart Inn, Ringwood,- Nine capital ELM TREES, now standing'in the Furlong, near. the White 1. two Tit EES, about... .. 230 Feet. 2. Two ditto ,.. do.... . . 250 3. Two ditto... .., , .. do.... ,.. 210 4. Two ditto ,.. do..., ,.. 170 5. One ditto... . ... do.... ... 105 The Trees are to he lajld with their Lop and Top, to be grubbed up, and sold at per Lot. [ 6062 Just published, price One. Shilling, - A SERMON on DIVINE JUSTICE, preached before the Associated Ministers and Churches of Hamp- shire ; by S, SLEIGH, Sold by C.. Fellows,' Salisbury ; Williams and Smith, Stationers Court, London., [ 6068 CULPEPER's ENGLISH HERjUl.'^ Corrected and enlarged by Dr. PARKINS, of Grantham, This day was published, iri 12mo. embellished with copper- plates, price 7s. < M. extra boards, cn fine medium paper, coloured plates,— price 5s. bound, on demy paper, with plain plates, / S U LP 15PER's ENGLISH PHYSICIAN, or Vv BRITISH HERBAL. To which is now ti'* t added, Three hundred and sixty- nine Medicines ma le of British Herbs, being the best remedies for diseases incident to English constitutions.— Also, A Present for the Ladies, forming a complete Family Physician. *¥* Please to ask for Crosby's edition of Cnlpeper's Herbal. Printed tor B. Crosby, and Co. Stetioners'- eourt, Paternoster- row, London ; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and LuxMrd, Salisbury. \ 1 1 THE SALISBURY AND" WINCHESTER JOURNAL, Wednesday and I'hursday's Jfosts. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE OF DECEMBER 12. ADMinALTY- Ofvcr., Dec. 12. I. eHerfrnm Capt. Mucdonald, of the tied Pole stoop, dated the 10th iust. addressed to Vice- Admiral Campbell. ON the f) tli instant, at day- light, Iieachy Head N. by E. nine leagues, two luggers were observed on our Ice ( TOW, to which chace was immediately givuu ; and at ten I had the good fortune to gel alongside the weathurmo- r, which had the temerity to engage us for half an hour, when she surrendered. She proves to be Le Grand Kodeur, of Boulogne, I( i guns and 80 men, four dtiysfrom Dieppe, and had made no capture ; had one man killed and two wounded, one of them badlv. I am, & c. C. MACDONALD. The Royalist sloop, Capt. Maxwell, captured on theGth i'Uit. the lYenfch cutter prirateer L'Heufeuse, of two guns and 15 men ; from Dieppe the preceding evening, and had not made any capture ; and on the 10th, the Royalist eap « tural Le Beau Marseille French lugger privateer, of 14 guns and 6' 0 men ; a very beautiful vessel, only three months old, and considered one of the fastest sailers out of Boulogne. roBF. mN- OrfieE, Dec. 12.— The King has been pleased appoint Sir Gore Ouseley, Bart, to hold the situation ot M « ' nii. uidar to the Envoy Extraordinary from his Majesty the King of Persia, at this Court. BANKKU1TS. John Smith, of T. rr;'*, grocer. John Speitcer, of Manchester, victualler. Simuet l'. uill, of LiU'ham, Middle. se*, baker. Thouus Anstrad, of Wukefield, inn- keeper. G .'.]. Wpotrn, of Nnnhriiurch, Herts straw hat- dealer. ' I KOqy- ir, , of Old North- street, Hed UtKi- squ'ire, merchant. Tlwmas Lurcock, of tiittingboi^ Sfe, Kent, \ vo() Hcn- drapcr 5c tstylor. LONDON, t. oionel WARDI. E and Mrs. CLARKE.— Oil Monday came on, in the Court ot King's Bench, before Lord EUenbo- rongh and a Special Jury, the trial of the indictment of Francis Wright, Mary Ann Clarke, and Daniel Wright, for a conspiracy to defraud Gwyllvm Lloyd Wardlc, Esq. bv charging him with certain articles'of household furni- ture, sold by Francis Wright to Mary Ann Clarke, to the amount of nearly 2000/. for which the said Wright brought an action against Col. Wardle, and that action coining on to be tried, Mrs. Clarke and Daniel Wright appeared as witnesses, and deposed that Col. Wardle had undertaken to pay for those articles, by w hich false testimony Francis Wright obtained a verdict. Mr. Arabin having stated the indictment, Mr. Alley, as leading Counsel for the prosecution, addressed the Jury at considerable length, stating all the circumstances of the case, and naming the witnesses whom he should call to prove that the Wrights and Mrs. Clarke had long been associates together ; that Francis Wright having entrusted Mrs. Clarke to the amount of 2000/. it was contrived that Mrs. Clarke should induce Col. Wardle to call with her at Wright's shop iu Rathbone- place, that Daniel Wright should be there to receive them, that Sirs. Clarke should be called aWay, and Mr. Wardle being left with Daniel \\ right, ( who was stated to be the servant of his brother, though believed by the learned Counsel to have been his partner) Daniel might give such evidence to their conver- sation as should make the Colonel responsible for Mrs. WEDNESDAY, D E CEMB ER 13. A Mourenr of the 4th inst. was received yesterday. It contains a copy of Bonaparte's speech to tin- legislative Body, delivered on the Sd inst. the Anniversary of his Co- ronation. It so much develnpes the views of this extraor- dinary man, that we deem it necessaiy to lay it at length before our readers, as under — Gentlemen lie:> ulies of the Departments to the Legislative Hody, " Since your last Session, I have reduced Arragon and Castile to submission, and driven from Madrid the falla- cious government formed by England. 1 was marching upon Cadiz and Lisbon, when I was under the necessity of treading back ray steps, and of planting my eagles on the ramparts of Vienna. Three months have seen the rise and termination of this fourth Punic war. Aecustomed to the dcvotcdness and courage of my armies, I must neverthe- less, under these circumstances, acknowledge the particular proofs of affection which my soldiers of Germany have given ine. " The genius of France conducted the English army— it has terminated its projects in the pestilential marshes of Walcheren. Iu that important period I remained 400 leagues distant, certain of the new glory which my people would acquire, and of the. grand character tbev would dis- play. My hopes have not been deceived— I owe particular thanks to the Citizens of the departments of the Pas de Calais and tbe North. Frenchmen I every one that shall oppose you - hall be conquered and reduced to submission. Vour grandeur shall be increased by the hatred of your enemies. You have before you long years of glory and prosperi ty. You have the force and energy of the Hercules t}( the ancients. " I have united Tuscany to the empire. The Tuscans were worthy of it by the mildness of their character, bv the attachment their ancestors have always shewn us, and by the services they have rendered to Eutopeau civilization. ' " History pointed out to me the conduct I ought to pursue towards Rome ; the Popes, become sovereigns of part of Italy, have constantly shewn themselves enemies of every preponderating power on the peninsula— they have employed their spiritual power to injure it.— It was then demonstrated to me that the spiritual influence exercised in my states by a foreign sovereign, was contrary to the • independence of France, to the dignity and safety of my throne. However, as I acknowledged the necessity if the spiritual influence of the: descendants of the first of the pastors, I could not conciliate these grand iut rests, but by annulling the donative of the French emperors my pre- decessor-, and by uniting the Roman States to France. " By the Treaty of Vienna, all the Kings and Sove- reigns, my allies, who have given me so many proofs of the constancy of their friendship, have acquired and shall acquire a fresh increase of territory. " The Illyrian Provinces stretch the frontiers of my great Empire to the Ssve. Contiguous to the Empire of Constantinople, 1 shall fiod myself in a situation to watch over tbe first interests of my commerce in the Mediterra- nean, the Adriatic, and the Levant. I will protect the Porte, if the P, ate withdraws herself from the fatal indo- le ice of Ene'and. I shall know how to punish her, if she offer herself to be governed by cunning and perfidious counsel". " .1 have wished to give the Swiss Nation a new proof of my esteem, by annexing to my titles that of their Me- diator, ami thus putting an end to all the uneasiness en- deavotued to be spread among that brave people. " Holland, placed between England and France, is equally bruised by them- Vet she is the debouche of the principal arteries of my Empire.— Changes will become necessary ; the safety of my frontiers, and the well- under- stood interests of the two countries imperiously require them. " Sweden Ins lost, by her alliance with England, after a disastrous war, the finest and most important of her provinces. Happy would it have been for that nation, if the wise prince that governs her now, had ascended the throne some years sooner. This example proVes anew to Kings, that the alliance of England is the surest presage of ruin. " My ally and friend, the Emperor of Russia, has united to his vast empire Finland, Moldavia, Wallachia, and a district of Gallicia. I am not jealous of any thing that can produce good to that empire. My sentiments for its illustrious sovereign are in unison with my policy. " When 1 shall shew myself beyond the Pyrenees, the frightened Leopard will fly to the ocean, to avoid shame, defeat, and death. The triumph of my arms will be the triumph of the genius of good over that of evil; of mode- ration, order, and morality, over civil war, anarchy, and the bad passions. My friendship and protection will, I hope, restore tranquillity and happiness to the people of Spain. " Gentlemen, Deputies of Departments to the Legisla- tive Body, I have directed my Minister of the Interior to lay before you tl^ e history of the legislation, of the admi- nistration, and of the finances of the year just expired; you Will sew that all tbe ideas I had coiceived for the amelioi'Ajoii of my people, have beeu followed with the greatest activity— that in Paris, as in the luo. st distant parts of my Empire, the war has not produced any delay in the public w irks. The Members of my Council of State will • submit to you different projects of laws, and especially the law upon the Finances ;. you will see in it their prosperous - condition. I demand of my people no new sacrifices, though circumstance's have obliged me to double my mili- tr. vv means." Bonaparte's visit to the Legislative Body, on this occa- sion, was made with extraordinary solemnity, lie set out from tli.: Thuilleries at half- past ten, iu the coronation coach, and proceeded first to the Church of Notre Dame. The King of Westphalia accompanied him in the coach ; t. be King of Nades and all tbe Grand Dignitaries of the Ctown preceded him. The Clergy received him at tbe en- trance of the church ; the Empress, the Imperial Family, tbe Kings of Wirtemberg and Saxony, and the Queen of Westphalia, occupied the choir. An Almoner of tbe Em- peror said mass, and Cardinal Fersen celebrated Te Deum. Napoleon was then re- conducted under a canopy to his car- riage, a a! proceeded to the Palace of the Legislative Body. The Moniteur is nearly filled with the account of these ceremo lies. It has no intelligence of importance except the speech. KINO'STtir « TKF,.— The Opera commenced last night for the season. The house was tolerably well attended, B'.- BAI>. The priee was yesterday reduced hajf an assize. The quartern loaf wheaten iv'll therefore again be sold for 1J ' 4| rf— household for Is. 2id. M.\ RK- LANF., Dec. 13: Wheat in plentiful supply ; ordinary : onple? cheaper. Barley a d Malt full a dear as oo . Monday. JSo variation iu Oats. Flour also as . Monday. Clarke's debt. Iii proof that Mrs. Clarke was indebted in this 2000/. to Wright, the learned Counsel stated, that when she applied to Sir Richard Phillips about the sale of her Memoirs,, Sir. Richard offered 5000/. for them; she replied, that as she owed Wright 2000/. for furniture, she must have 7000/. for her Memoirs: this sum Sir Richard refused to. give, and the negociation broke off. The Earl of Chichester had afterwards given 10,000/. for the book, that it might be suppressed. Evidence having been called formally to prove the trial and verdict on Wright's action, Colonel . Wardle was the next witness. He positively deposed that he had never promised payment for tbe furniture ; that when he called at Wright's with Mrs. Clarke, aeconipanied by Major Dodd, ( private Secretary to the Duke of Kent), she shewed liiiu some furniture, which be understood was for her, but he merely expressed his opinion of it.— On his cross- exami- nation, the Attorney- General asked, if lie did not expect to get lid of the verdict for Wright's debt by convicting the defendants ?— Col. Wardle said, he did not know what might he tbe legal effect of the verdict; the inquiry of the learned Gentleman gave him some hopes that he might, and he certainly wished it.— He had given Mrs. Clarke 1011/. to pay her butcher, baker, & c. previous f her setting out on a tour to see the Martello towers, and 20/. at another time, which was the only money he had ever given her ; he had also given his acceptance for 250/. to Mr. lllingworth, and- Major Dodd hail given his for 250/. as a counter security for Mr. Illin'gworth, ou his giving a bill for 500/. to accommodate Mrs. Clarke. He thought it necessary that Mrs. Clarke's mind should he unembarrassed, to enable her to give, her evidence during tbe late investigation, but he did not consider the money he gave as any remuneration for that evidence. He had always told her, that if she was holiest to the public cause, the public would ainplv remu- nerate her, In reply to repealed questions of the Attorney- General,. whether the Duke of Kent was ever alluded to, as attached to any promise, or as otherwise concerned iu the investigation, tile Colonel declared that tbe Duke, of Kent knew nothing of the business, and all that bad been said oil that head were iulamous calumnies on his Royal Highness. Major Dodd stated that he was with Col. Wardle and Mrs. Clarke on the 1st of December 1808, when they called at Wright's, and nothing passed to induce a suppo- sition that the Colonel was to pay for the furniture. He was private secretary to the Duke of Kent, but thought he had a right to express his opinion on the investigation, or any other public question. Mr. Gleiiuie deposed that Mrs. Clark had applied to him to intercede with'Col. Wardle to assist her with 500Z. ; that the Colonel declared lie would not make, himself re- sponsible for her debts; and that this application occa- sioned the accommodation of Illingworth's lending his bill for 500/. Mr. lllingworth proved ^ hat he lent his bill for 500/, on Mr?. Clarke's note, having, unknown to her, the counter security of Col. Wardle and . Major Dodd ; that his bill was peed to Wright ; be discharged it when due, and was re- paid by Col. Wardle and Major Dodd, to the latter of whom be gave Mr-. Clarke's note. Simeon Bull, a house- broker, proved that Wright took a house of him for Mrs. Clarke ( whom he called Farquhar), paid him the rent, and avowed that be was to furnish her house in Westbour pe- place. Other witnesses proved that Wright bad onHarious occasions been the active agent of Mrs. Clarke. Sir Richard Phillips deposed, that when Mrs. Clarke ap- plied to hiiu respecting a book she was about to publish, in the conversation which ensued she said that she owed Wright 2000/. Lord Folkestone was called, but the Counsel for the prosecution did not insist on his Lordship's examination. The Attorney- General then addressed the Jury on be- half of the defendants. He reprobated this prosecution : the oldest man iu the law had never met such a case. The parties might all have been indicted separately for perjury ; but. then they might have availed themselves of each other's testimony: by stringing them together in this indictment for a conspiracy, their mouths were shut. There was no evidence at all of this pretended conspiracy. In the year 1808, Mrs. Clarke owed Wright, upon an old account, 26001. of which she paid him 2000/. When she met Col. Wardle, she was peunyless, and it was ridiculous to sup- pose that Wright would trust her further. Col. Wardle fexpeeted great renown, at least, frem the course he was pursuing: Mrs. Clarke was necessary to him : in ( be first three days of their acquaintance he gave her 100/. and when it was considered that Mrs. Clarke excluded herself, at the moment of their connection, from the advantages she had hitherto enjoyed, it. could not be supposed that she would make so great a sacrifice without sufficient pro- mises and inducements. The Colonel was now interested in setting those engagements aside— so deeply interested, that he was hardly a competent witness on t> is indictment. As to Major Dodd, wdiat could be more indecent than his going from the Duke of Kent to Mrs. Clarke and Colonel Wardle, without apprizing the illustrious Prince of these visits ? It must be supposed that he 1,- id some strong mo- tive of personal interest. Mr, Glennie be also considered a- an interested witness. What should have brought Col. Wardle to tbe shop of Wright, unless for the purpose stated ? The bill of lllingwortb, and the notes given to hiiu, appeared altogether a juggle; there could be no reason for this circuitous course, but to conceal the names of Wardle and Dodd, as connected with Mrs. Clarke. Mr. Stokes, an attorney, was examined as a witness for the defendants. He stated that on the late investigation he was summoned to attend the House of Commons ; pre- vious to attending, he went to Col. Wardle, and told him he was not aware of the danger of calling him,— he should be obliged to tell that Mrs. Clarke expected to derive con- siderable advantage from her evidence. Col. Wardle said, if that was the case, he would not call him.— Whilst he was there, a Mr, Wright was announced ; Colonel Wardle said, he was the upholsterer who was to furnish Mrs. Clarke's house; he advised the Colonel not to have him called as a witness, as it would discover tbe whole circumstance of the Colonel's furnishing Mrs. Clarke's house. The Colonel said, " What shall i do with him ?" and at length desired the witness to- go and dismiss Wright, which he did. Col. Wardle was again called. He remembered Stokes waiting on him. Stokes was summoned to attend the House of Commons on the business of Pew, which he thought better let alone, but he never assigned the fur- nishing of Mrs. Clarke's house as a reason for his not going. The Attorney- General contrasted the evidence of the last witnesses, to shew that Stokes could have no interested motive, whilst Col. Wardle had every tiling that could bias a man— his character— his former consistency— his future fame— all at stake. He was pained in being compelled to draw such comparisons ; it was one of the disagreeable duties of the profession. Mr. Alley replied to the observations of tiie defendant's Counsel. Lord Ellenborough censured the mode of laying the present indictment; an indictment of each or any of the parties separately, for perjury, would have been a far pre- ferable mode. ile could not sufficiently regret the intro- dliclion of a practice, by which all the witnesses., in any cause might be linked into one indictment for a consphspey., and so be prevented from exculpating each other. He thought there was little doubt of Mrs. Clarke's having expected remuneration for her evidence in the late investi- gation. The 100/. and the 20/. acknowledged to have been given by Col. Wardle could be viewed ill 110 other light than bonuses to her. The subsequent 500/. by Illing- worth's bill waS also a bonus, though there was a juggle ill the transaction which he could not understand. As the prosecutor had given her these sums, it was probable he had answered for others, If no money bad passed between them the ease would have been widely different. Tlie Jury, after deliberating in the box about five mi- nutes, returned a verdict, of A* ot Guilty. The trial begun at nine o'clock in the morning, and lasted till eleven o'clock at night. The'Court w as exces- sively erowded the whole time.— The Dukes of York and Kent, tbe Earls of Moira and Chichester, and Mr. Serjeant Best, were subpoenaed as witnesses, but were not called. WILTSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE tor the county of Wilts, will be holden at Devizes, in and for the said county, on Tuesday the Ninth day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the resolution entered into at a former Sessions, for the special purpose- of examining and auditing the Treasurer's accounts, and all other bills and demands « n the county; and of attending to all business relative to the militia, conveyance of soldiers' baggage? th « gaols and bride- wells, and such other business as may occur, relative to the civil concerns of the said county ; and no bills will be allowed, unless delivered in at the sitting of the Court' on thai day. The Court will open on Wednesday morning, precisely at. ten o'clock, for general business, which will begin with die trial of traverses, next appeals, and lastly prisoners. All Appeals ( except those entered for the purpose of ad- journment) must be entered with the Clerk oi the Peace previously to the opening of the Court on Wednesday, and in failure thereof the adverse party shall have a right to enter a Ne Redpiiitur. The Bailiffs and Constables of the several hundreds, out of which the Jurors are taken, are hereby Ordered" to attend the. Court, with proper wands, during the whole time of the Sessions, and remain in such place or places in the Co'. nt as shall be then appointed, and assist in keeping pence and good order, alid to execute the orders and processes ol the Courl. JOHN SWAYNE, WIL„ TON, Dec. 15, 1809. Deputy Clerk of the Peace. In order to give all possible dispatch to the business of the Sessions, the Clerks to the Justices ol the Peace of the snid County are particularly requested to send to the Clerk of the Peace, on or before the/' ir/ morning of the Sessions, all Re- cognizances, Informations, and Records of Convictions, taken hei'oie such Justices of the Peace respectively. [ 6060 Hants, Sussex, and Dorset Fire Offt'e,— Gosport. HUE Directors of this Provincial Institution are happy in announcing to the residents of the district its continued increase in prosperity, and io offering their acknow- ledgments on the occasion. The endeavours of the proprie- tors to procure the money sent away amongst strangers for insurances, to be expended in the immediate neighbourhood of the assured, has thus met with that patronage and en- couragement which tlie principle of the measure so justly claimed for the discerning and respectable inhabitants of tile three counties, whose fur-. her influence with their neighbours and fiiends, in favour of the establishment, is therefore re- spectfully relied. on. Receipts for the Renewal of Policies falling due at Christ- mas are in the hands of the several Agents. This Office invariably makes good Losses or Damage by Fire from Lightning. Farming Stock insured at the reduced rate of Ss. per cent. DAVID OOMPIGNE, Secretary. GOSPORT, Dec. 16, 1809. [ 6' 059 * SARUM AND RALIXG tuflNPlKE". NOTICE is hereby given,— That the TOLLS arising at the several Toll- gates on this Turnpike will be LETT by AUCTION, to" the' best bidder, at the house of Joachim Hibberd, known by the name of the Maidenhead I Inn, in the city of New Sarum, on Wednesday the 10th day ' of January next, between the hours of eleven and two of the clock, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th year of'the reign of his Majesty King George the Third " for regulating the turnpike roads;" which tolls produced the last year the several sums hereunder mentioned, above the ex- pence pf collecting the same, and will be put up at the re- spective sums, and in tbe lots following, viz. Lot 1.— I'etersfingcr, Earldoms, Totton, and Lynd- hurst Gates £ uop Lot 2.— Lobcombe Gate 513 Whoever happens to be the best bidder must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said turnpike roads, for payment of tile rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. W. BOUCHER, Clerk and Treasurer. SARUM, Dec. 1, 1809. [ 5907 Dairy Farms, near / Vincanton, Somersetshire. TO be LETT by TENDER, for a term of 21 Years, optional in the landlord or tenant to vacate at the end of the first 7 or 14 years,— Two very desirable DAIRY FARMS, with good houses on each, and all proper and necessary out- buildings, in good repair, situate in the parishes of Stoke Trister, Horsington, and Cublington ; the one in the occupation of George Read, containing 74 A. I R. 25 P. including two orchards ; the other in the occupation of James Sprackljng, comprizing 6- 2- A. 2 R. 32 P. ( both statute measure), including also two orchards, and two cottages,- May be entered upon at Lady- dav next. Tenders ( sealed to be sent to Wm. Strong, Esq. No. 7, Montagueeplace, Bedford- square, London, on or before the Ist of February next; where a plan may be seen. [ 5967 N. B.— With leave of the tenants the farms may be viewed. PORTSMOUTH, npo he SOLD by AUCTION, at the Blue Posts JL Inn, Broad- street, on Thursday the 29fb of Dec. T « 09, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, ( unless an accepted offer is previously made, of which timely notice will be given),— The good SHIP LOUISA CAROLINA, nearly Three Hundred Tons burthen, and adapted for. auy trade where a ship of her size is ' Wanted. For inventories and further particulars apply to Messrs. BURRIDGH and Sons, Portsmouth, or 59R5J Messrs. D. 11. and J. A. RUCKER, London. PORTS MOUTH. FOR PUBLIC SALE, at the Star and Garter Tavern, OIJ Thursday the 21st of December, at eleven o'clock in theforenoon,—- The following GOODS, viz. For Home Consuqiption: 1- 16 Barrels Anchovies, just imported pci the Two Brothers 35 Casks ditto, from 1 to 3 Cwt. each 576 Bottles Sweet Oil 5 Tierces prime Mess Beef. Immediately after which, 300 Barrels prime Stockholm Tar 600 Rough Handspikes 500 Yards Russia Sheeting 28 large iron- bound Water Casks And sundry other goods, as will be expressed in the catalogues. Also,— For Exportation: 18 Chests Prize Havannah Sugar. For Catalogues and further particulars apply to 6080] S. ALEXANDER, Broker, fc' 2, Broad- street, Point. ItOYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE or LONDON, Established by Royal Charier in ihe reign cf his Majesty King George Ihe First, FOR assuring Houses, Buildings, Goods, Mer- chandize, Corn, Hay, Live Stock, Ships in harbour, in dock, or while building, from Loss or Damage by FIRE : and also for the Assurance ol' Lives ; likewise empowered by Act of Parliament to grant and purchase Annuities. Tfie Corporation of the Royal Exchange Assurance have con- stituted and appointed Mr. Guy, silversmith, their Agent and Receiver for Shaftesbury, and parts adjacent, for the above branches of business— of whom printed proposals may be had. N. B. Fire Policies are issued tree of expence to the assured, where the annual premium amounts to 6s. or upwards; and all payments for losses or damages by Fire are made by this Corpo- rator: without deduction. Assurances on Lives being found to be advantageous to per- sons having office,, employments, estates or other incomes,' determinable on the life or lives of themselves orotbers; Tables of the Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had as above. And, for the greater convenience of the public, the Company luve determined to extend fby special u^ reemmit} the Assurance on Lives to the age of 75 years. ' [ 60( 5- 1. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, SOUTHAMPTON- STREET, STRAND, LONDON, Established for the express Benefit of Country Residents, under Parliamentary Licence. TRUSTEES. His Grace the Duke of Rutland, K. G. ; the Most Noble the Marquis of Buckingham, K. G. ; the Right Hon. the Earl of Northampton; the Right Ho8.- t. be Earl of Buckinghamshire ; the Right Hon. the Earl of Upper Ossory ; Wm. Praed, Esq. M. P.; Scrope Bernard, Esfi. M, P. and sixly Directors.— Managing Director, j. T. Barber, Esq. PERSONS insured in this Office share Profits equally. Farming Slock insured generally, without the average clause, at the reduced rate of o. e. per cent. No charge is made for policies on removal from other offices. Persons insuring for seven years by one payment, are charged for six years only. 1,0 scs have been always made good by this Office, without de- duction or discount. *** Agents are appointed in all the principal towns, who ' lif e, founded on are likewise Agents to the Provident Life O similar principles. r. 5992 N EW STATE LOTTERY, to be drawn in Ong Day, the 14th of February, 1810. 4 4 12 20 20 44 36 4,860 SCHEME. £ 20,000 £ 80,000 .. 5,000 <... 20,000 .. 1,000 12,000 .. 500 10,000 .. 100 2,000 50 2,200 25 900 15 72,900 £ 200,000 i. ooo Prizes This Lottery is upon the same plan as the last; it consists of enlr 5,000 Numbers ( from 1 to 5,000 inclusive); but there are Four Tickets of each number, which will be severally en- titled to whatever prize is drawn against such number ; for instance, if No. 1 should be drawn a prize of .£ 20,000, tbe four tickets of that number will Each be entitled to £- 20,000, makin;, in the whole, £ 80,000. *. » * Shares will be entitled to their proportion. Tickets and Shares are on sale at all the Offices. [ 5726 IN THE LrlST LOTTERY . D 2,618... ... A.. . £ 20,000 2,618 4,099... ... D.. 5,000 383 830,. . ... A.. ... 1,1100 830 .548... ... D.. 500 4,855 .. £ 20,000 . . D 1,000 fT^ HE above Capital Prizes were all sold in Shares A bvBlSH, No. 4, Cornhill, and 9, Charing- cross, Lon- don, who is selling Tickets and Shares in great variety for the NEW LOTTERY, which is on the same plan as the last, only with an improved scheme, containing 5,000 numbers and 5; 000 prizes, among which are Forty Capitals. There are four tickets of each number, add the whole Lottery will be drawn on the 14th of February next, in One Day. Mrs. Hopkins, silversmith, Bradford, Wilts, Agent to Bish, is selling tickets and shares, where schemes, with particulars, may be had gratis, or at No. 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing- cross, London. *.** Three Shares of the above Capitals in the last Lottery were sold in the neighbourhood of this town. [ 5817 2,618.. £ 20,000 10,2,94 - 20,000 18,544 20,000 1.9,544 20,000 2.2/ 9 10,000 PAID Off DEMAND. 133 -£ 10,000 8,831 5,000 8,716 5,000 19,570 5,000 17,127 4,000 Besides Prizes of 2,000/. 1,000/. 500/. & c. This grand list of Capital Prizes were Sold in Shares, in the last and three preceding Lotteries, at the old- established State Lottery Offices, 26,, Corehill, and St. Margaret's Hill, Bo- rough, of HORNSBV and Co. who were also the first to sell two Prizes of 30,000/. HORNSBY and Co; respectfully solicit the favour < f their Country Correspondents in the New State Lot- tery, which abounds with Capital Chances ; they also beg leave to assure their friends, that they will use their best endeavou s to procure Prizes worthy their possessing. Tickets and Shares are selling at the lowest prices, and all Orders by Post or Carrier executed to any part of the globe, on the same terms as if present. Also at Mr. T. Adams's, bookseller, Shaftesbury; and J. M. Coombs, stationer, Chippenham. To be drawn in ONE DAY, the 14th February next.— Two, three, and four Tickets of the same Number may be had, so that 40,000/. 60,000/. or 80,000/. can be obtained by one adventure. [ 6020 TYTHE3, HANTS. TO be- SOLD'by AUCTION, by Mess, SKINNER, DYKE, TUCHIN, and FORREST, on Thursday thel'si of December, punctually at three. o'clock, at the Globe Inn, Newbury, IN ONE LOT, by order of the Executors of the DuciiESS- of BOLTON, Tbe GREAT TYTHES of Com, Grain, flay. Lamb, and Wool, arising from the cbapelries of Itchingswell and Sidmonton, within the parish of Kingsclere, in the county of Hants, on the borders of Berkshire, about 3 miles from Newbury. The tvtfie& ble lands consist of upwards of 2000 acres, statute measure. The Tythes are held by leases on two lives, to which the purchaser may nominate a third life, upon paying a moderate fine. Printed particulars may be bad of the Printers of the Read- ing, Oxford, and Salisbury Papers ; at the Swan, Kingsclere ; Crbwn, Basingstoke ; George, Winchester ; place of sale ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, Tuchin, and Forrest, Alders- gate- street, London. ' [ 5795 FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, SOUTHAMPTON. - 7OR SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, by Mr. DELI., on Wednesday the 20th of December 1809, be- tween the houis of six and seven o'clock in the evening, at the Blue Boar, East- street,— All that Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES, pleasantly situated in Spring Gar- dens, now in the occuyxuion of Mr. Smith; consisting of a parlour 12 ft. by 14, dini ng ditto 18 ft. 6 inches by 14 fe- et, three good bed- rooms, paved kitchen, pantry, wash- house, court yard, garden with a north wall, and a p'ump or exceed- ing good water.—— These premises are. well calculated for a genteel family. Possession may be had at Christmas; To he viewed any time previous to the sale; and further particulars may be known of the Auctioneer, No. 156, High- street. [ 60" 9 TlMBFll - rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Royal Oak Jl Inn, in the parish of Dulish, in the county of Dorset, On Wednesday the 27th of Dec. 1809, at three o'clock in the- afternoon,—- Two hundred and ninety- five exceeding good OAK, ASH, ELM, SYCAMORE, and WALNUT TIMBER. TREES, with their Tops and Bark, all marked and numbered, and standing 011 different fields in Dulish aforesaid, divided in small lots,— particulars of which may be had ten dnysipre- vious to the sale, at the Crown Inn, Blandford ; King's Arms, Pittletown ; Antelope, Dorchester; at the place of sale ; an< of Mr. John Warr, surveyor, Beamister. Dulish is eight miles from Dorchester and eight from Blandford. • . - & 5959 . I ,, 1.— t—-—;— 1 -,' '•• • .—- i[ *• * * - - " CAPITAL ELM TIMBER, Great part of tchich is of very large dimensittns, suitable to Navalpurposes. } 70R SALE by AUCTION, by R. KNIGHT, at _ the Bear Inn, Devizes, on Friday the 29th of Drcembtr- j 1809, at two o'clock, in lots,— 136 very fine ELM TREES; 84 of which are now standing on a faun in the occupation of Mr. Ferris, at Bulkington, ' five miles west of Devizes, the remainder at Rowde, two miles north of Devizes, within' « very short distance of the Kennet and Avon Canal; also 123 Oak and Ash Pollards, and 7 Maiden Oak Trees. For viewing the timber at Bulkington, apply to Mr. Ferris aforesaid; and for the timber at Rowde, to Mr. Bains, or. the premises, or ih< i- Auctioneer, Deviz. s; from all qf whotft printed paniculals may be obtained. [ 6( 10? ELM TIMBER, At PoutsIiOT, two miles West of Dceizcs. OR SALE by AUCTION, by It. KNIGHT, af the Bear Inn. Devices, 011 Friday the 5th of January, 1810, at two o'clock, in lots,— 162 good ELM TREES, with their Lops and Tops, as now standing on a farm in the occu- pation of Mr. Gilbert, at Poulshot, one mile from the Ren- net and Avon Canal. FOr viewing and printed particulars apply to Mr. Gilbert aforesaid, or the Auctioneer. Devizes. [ 6( 108 nPIlK MANOR of HOUGHTON, in the county 1 , of Southampton, with its Royalties, oi l extensive Rights of Fishery, and a Right of Spotting over a large tract of Copyhold Land, with a House, and excellent Stabling, A Coach- house, Yard, Garden, and other convinicncea, with lour hundred and eighty acres of Land, will be SOLD by AUC TION, in March next, unless previously disposed of by I private contract. Houghton i:- within two miles of Stcckbridgc, near the New F For st, Southampton. It was some time since the spotting residence of Lord Rivers. Early possession iday be had of the Manor House and its I convenience t; and of the land in hand, consisting of above I seventy acres; including a hare- warren; and tbe tenant in j possession of the remainder of the land w ill quit it at Michael- 1 mas next. Tbe F. srete may be seen bv application at the House ; and ' 1 furthei particulate bud of Edward Atkinson, Esq. residing in it; and of Edward Chippendale, Esq. King's Bench- walk, I Temple, London. [ S966 LYMINGTON, HANTS. no be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. NEWELL, L on Thursday the 4th day of Janury, 1810,. at tbe Ship Inn, on the Quay, in Lymington aforesaid, at six o'clock in the evening ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given),— The undermentioned PREMISES, in the following lots. Lot 1-— All that Messuage or'Tenement, in the High- street of Lymington, l ite in the occupation of Mr. Miushall, but now rented by Mr. Richard Mason. Lot2.— All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Out- houses and Garden thereunto belonging, adjoining lot 1, and now in the occupation of the said Richard Mason. Lot 3.— All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Gar- den, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate near Boldre Bridge, in the parish of Boldre, near Lymington, and now in the Ocu'pation of Mr. Jesse Jenvey. Further particulars may be known on application to Mr. Richman, solicitor, Lymingtnu, Hants. [ 5987 FIFE HEAD MAGNA, DORSET. O be SOLD by AUCTION, by II. PLOWMAN, 1809 Mrs . . ^ teen prime dairy cows well seasoned in calf, one capital bull three years old, two cart horses; waggon, dung pot, sull and tackle, liairows and ditto, three pair trace harness, two psir thill ditto, van and stocks, corn sieves, & c. cider mill and press complete, sundry cider casks, dairy utensils, half hogs- head furnace, a quantity of old iron, &- c.— Also two Ricks of choice Meadow Iday ( about eighteen tons) and a quantity of wheat straw. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. [ 6055 Desirable Situation as a Retail Shop, in Poole, rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, by J- BRISTOW'E, JL at the Old Antelope Inn, in Poole, on Thursday, the « ist of December, isnfl, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to the conditions then to be produced,— All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, fitted up, and which has for many years been used as a shop in'the grocery and slop trade, situate m Fish- street, in Poole, at a convenient distance from the Quay, and near the Strand- street, now in the occcupation of Mrs. Plowman; and also a small Store- house behind the s iid messuage or dwelling- house. The dwelling- house is in tho- rough repair, being new, and there is a very good rain- water cistern.— The Premises are freehold of inheritance. " For further particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Parr, attorney, Poole; or to the Auctioneer. [ Span Dorsetshire.— Eligible Freehold Estate, Tithe- free. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Greyhound Inn, Blandford, on Wednesday the 17th of January, 1810, at four o'clock, subject to such conditions as shall then be produced, An exceedingly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, tithe- free; consisting of a farm- hou= e, two barns, stable, cow- house, barton, and orchard; together with 167 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, capable of great improvement; situate at Charlton- Marshall, in the county of Dorset, two miles from Blandford, six from Wimborne, and twelve from Poole. Mr. Snell's Bailiff will shew the Estate; and particulars may be known at the office of Charles Bowles, Esq. Shaftes- bury, where a map may be seen ; also of Mr. W. Upjohn, land- surveyor, Cann Cottage, near Shaftesbury; and Mr- John Charlton, land- surveyor, Stourton, Wilts. [ 6088 WEYMOUTH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. COMMAS, on Wednesday the 17th day of January, 1 s 10, at tbe Bear Inn, at three o'clock in the afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which public and timely notice will be given), for the remainder of a term of ninety- nine years, determinable on tw > healthy lives.— All that ex- tensive, commodious, and old- established INN, called the BEAR INN, extending from tbe front in St. Mary- street back to St. Thomas- street; comprising 6 good sitting rooms, 15 good bed chambers, with closets and garrets, a kitchen, bar, brewhouse, cellars, and other convenient offices ; to- gether with stabling for 70 horses, and a yard that will con- tain 100 market horses. Further particulars mav be known by applying to Mr. Bowles, attorney at. law ; Mr. G. Cooper, the owner ; or the Auctioneer, at Weymouth, [ 0065 TI „ GRATKLY, NKAKANDOVER, HANTS. O be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by f H- Cr. iswtfK. on Thursday the 21st of Dec. 180< i— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the Rev. Mr. Frederick! ( leaving Grately); consisting © f field bedsteads with cotton i furniture; goose feather beds, blankets, and counterpanes: mahogany wardrobe and chests ot drawers; dinner, claw, and I Pembroke tables; Wilton and Kidderminster carpet*- itierf and dressing r-- l » fwes . jhoc*..,,, ...... — • ' 1 " * rpo be SOLD by AUCTION, 0.1 Wednesday the 1 20th day of December instant, by JOHN DAY, at ths' Castle and Ball Inn, Marlborough, at four o'clock in the V afternoon of- tlie same day,— Two FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES ( one used as a bakehouse), with a large Garden to j the same, adjoining, situate on the north side of the High- f street, opposite St. i'eter's Church, fn Marlborough aforesaid. The Premises adjoin each other, and contain, in front, nearly 26 feet, and 225 feet in length ; are in good repair, and pos- session may be had immediately. Further particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneer, or to Messrs. Griffiths and Welford, solicitors, Marlborough. [ 6^ 1- 2 RAMSBURY, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by EDW. HAR. OL^. and SON, on the Premises, on Tuesday the 26th o( De-\ ] cember, 1809, and following day fwithout reserve),— All thejj neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mr. 1 EYI. ES, Surgeon; comprising fine feather beds; matiogiuyl four- post, tent, and bureau bfdstcie1-. - md fhr.. i—"- ftmo- i- l some mahogany dining and odo r'ti. Tiles a very comple ma- l h0" iinv warTlrJ^ For Disorders of the Head, Dimness cf Sight, Dtfeet ^ Hearing, ! fc. THE CORDIAL CF. PHAI. IC SNUFF. - AS a proof of its efficacy, Mr. RBCHAIS THORI of Itchen Stoke, Hants, writes, in Feb. 1805, to t.( Proprietors as follows: " I am now 74 years old, and can sec to read with cimrnj glasses, and my memory is as good as when I was only 1 July 1776 years ago) I was seized with a dreadful siddinj in my head. My doctor gave me various medicines: they } me no good. He admitted this, and candidly advised the t of your Cephalic Snuff. 1 took it, and in a few weeks » much better.—— After this I took it more freely, tind in. weeks was as well and hearty as ever, and so ha\ e contint to this day." In consequence of the increased expenCc of the ingredie of which this elegant and efficacious Snuffls composed, t the high duty upon the bottles, the Proprietors ateunder v necessity of raising the pfice to is. ).]< i. per bottle, stutnJ^ k eluded. [ 0. It is sold only by F. Ntwbery and Sons, at the w? r,- h<> » for Dr. James's Powder, No. 4- r>, in St. Paul' 4 Church- yal London, and Brodie, Doweling, and Luxford, at Salisburj anil none is genuine, unless the words " /•'. Netehq/, No. 4 St. Paul's," is engraven on the stamp ; and by their appcJ meat by Mollis, Romsey ; Anderson, and Earle, Winclicsi Thomas, Whitchurch ; Maud, and Painter, Andov. r: SlJ ton. Uookev, Randall, linker, and Moon, Southa- npid Clarke, and Smith, Devizes; Keilaway, Fordlnsbridne; L c: is, and Thotne, Ringwood; Grove, and Uriel, Lymingtaj Moore, Poole; Hussey, and Fprce, Winborne; I lit! Shaftesbury ; Framptoir, and Clarke, Dorchester ; Musa and Co. and Bowling and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight, J AND GENERAL ADVERTISER OF WjLTS, HANTI, DORSET, AND SOMERSET. Fridays hid Saturday's Posts." WEST INDIES'. BRIDGETO\ VN, BARRAIJOBS, Oct. 21. 7 HE liew Sessions of the Legislature, whidh I commenced on Tuesday. last, was opened by the _ 1L President with a Speech to the Coyncil and As ein- blv, in which he observes— that our dilfcrences with the United States of America being renewed, we are again threatened with Nun- Intercourse ; but our energies had been so called fojjth by that measure ah'eatly, and so n'. ueh provisions had in consequence been produced, that it was, evident we need suffer vety little inconvenience from its renewal. ' Gen. Munro sailed from hence yesterday, for Surinam, where he is to have the military command. It it reported Governor Baiitinck waits his arrival to return to England!. LONDON, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13. It is- now generally believed that the Austrian- Mes- senger who arrived on . MontlaV; brought not only a - proposition for an exchange of prisoners,, but also a srrtposal for a Congress, to be held at some'town in " the North of Ffatice, to settle the Preliminaries ot' a • general Peace. The Marquis Welieslev has appointed his brother- in- law, Charles Gulling Smith, Esq. to be tbe Under Se- cretary of State in the Foreign Department.— Tiie Hon.' Henry Wellestcy is appointed . Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain, in the room of Mr. Hookham Frere. A letter from Gibraltar, Nov. 18, relates the fol- lowing disastrous occurrence:—" Lieut. Spence, with 11' seamen in a gun- boat, attached to the San Juan, receiving. Ship, Sailed on Satin day' with dispatchas fi » r Admiral Purvis, at Cadiz. On Sunday morning, off Saticti Petri Island, about four leagues from the shore, a squall came on, with so much violence, that it immediately upset the vessel. Tbe Lieutenant and hi; whole crew were precipitated into the ocean. Only one escaped, by holding by thebimiaide, till taken up oy a market- boat passing from Malaga to- Cadiz." fhiring the heavy gale on Tuesday, above 100 transports started from their moorings at Deptford, and drove to Blackmail, and several small Craft were sunk. Advice is already received that some yesseU have been diven on the coast of Norfolk, and it is feared we shall hear of much mischief. CiTV POLITICS.— The Court of Common Council met on Wednesday, tor tbe purpose of re- considering tbe Ad- dress, voted to be presented to his Mtyasty, at tbe Court held on the 5th inst. Mr. Sheriff Atkins said, the Address voted was couched in terms disrespectful to bis Majesty ; lie therefore moved that it should not be presented, but that another, which be had prepared, should be presented in Its stead. Mr. Alderman Combe, Mr, Sheriff Wood, Mr. Waiihman, & c. opposed the motion, argued that'the Address had been voted and passed in the customary way ; that if read, it would be found to be a manly and proper Addre s ; . md it would be a disgrace, to undo what had been so well done. Sir C. Price, Mr. Dixon, & c. supported the million, which on a division was carried by a majority of 13, the numbers being 114 for it, 19jJgainst. lt. A requisition wtis afterwards signed by many Members of the Court ( friends of fhe original Address), andpre. setlted to Ae Lord Mayor, l'eque . tin? him to call alidfther Court, tor tbe purpose of reconsidering this second- voted Address'.' ilis Lnitbbip complied wirh ' the application, ajid. lias or- dered another court t » be convened. Yesterday a Common Hall was held at Guildhall, when the Lord Mayor opened tbe business by stating, that in Corise; nence of a requisition, tie had calletltlie Livery to- gether " to consider the present deplorabiestate of public a'. fairs, and the late calamitous expedition, by which tile blood and t » asufe of the country have been s « infamously . wa ted."— Mr. Favell moved an Address, precisely'the fame as that voted in the. Court'of Common Council oii the 5th, a. nl rescinded on Wednesday. Mr. . Tones, Mr. - JJUIM, and >;.-. Wr. itluiun, spoke in favour of the- motion. Mr. Sheritf Atkins and Mr; Dixon attempted to oppose it, but could not obtain a hearing; Ou tire question being put, almost evfcry hand ill the Hall was held up for the Address.— It was then resolved, • that tbe Address should b-. carried up to his Majesty by the Lord Mayor and She- riffs.— Mr. Sheriff Wood expressed hi- readiness. to pi'esent it, and his re- ulution to support the fights of the City ; M . Sheriff Atkins said he would discharge, his duty, with- out anv consideration of the nature of the Address.. Tbauks were voted to the Lord Mavur, and ft, the mown and se under of the Address, and then the Hall was adjourned. A dashing swindler has taken in- the uioney- lencfiiig tribe for 18,000/. by personating Earl Percy, and pretending that he wanted a loan for the a- sistanoe- of bis friend, Col. Beaumont, without the knowledge of hisfatlifcr. He asked tot only 15,000/. but tbe Gentlemen were « o eager to oblige the heir of the House of Northumberland, that they pressed tbe other 300. If. ou him. Although lie first met Mr. T. the money- broker, at Northumberland House, ad- journed with him froth ' thence to" a. coffee- lniuse.' » > d- again • met him aud other parties' ^. ww- il. at tbe Bull Inn, Hexham, where tU money was paid - to him, the deeds signed, and the whole business adjusted, hi, plans have Iwen so well laid, that the dupes have not any clue by which to trace him. It is sai. l Mr. T. has red- ived a letter, offering to return a large portion of the mutiny fur a'com' promise, on security against prosecution, should he ever be discovered. The people of Plymouth are dreadfully off for want of coals, which are selling at the fate of 4s; Gd. per bushel, and not to be procured generally at' tliat high price. BURIAL of DISSBNTBM.— The suit promoted in Doctors- Cumtnons bv Mr. Kenipe, a Dissenter, against the Rev. John Wicks," for refusing to bury the body of a child be- longing to two of bis parishioners, was decided on'. Wed-- nesday. Th'e child had been baptised by a Dissenting Minister : Mr. Wicks contt/ nded that this saerament must be performed by a Minister of the'established church, otherwise such baptism was null, both by the ancient and- modern Rubric, and the. Canon Law- The Court was of opinion that Mr. Wiaks had mistaken tlw law, aud that it was h's duty to have performed the, ceremony ; but re- oommended, as the suit was brought only for the purpose of determining tbe rijht ( and not from any vindictive spirit) that there should be no further proceeding on the articles. . MURDER.— Sunday sennight, at. a late hour, three men came to the house of Thomas Tobin, of Kijnqgrana, near Cloiie. en, Ireland, and on demanding a horse, Joj which he replied tlwt he had lioe one, they desired him to eoine out that they might speak to hiin ; the unfortunate lilan opened the door, and was instantly taken by the liKnd by one of these inhuman villains, who in the very agtjstruck him dead with a blow of a hammer, ' l'obin's son inltantly rushed out ai- ined with a shovel, which lie struck, as he thinks, with effect, at one or two of the villains, who till fled. Some suspicion attaches to two men of the | netgh- b'lurHnod, named Meagher and Trench, and inconsequence they have been committed to gadl. Ltjrd Thuriinv.— On Sunday se, n'inght, . Tv'OIiveii WyHiatns, Esq., many years Lieut. Colonel of the Royal Cornwall Militia..— Lately, ofthe hooping cough, the three ySungeft children of M.. N. Daniel, Esq. of Powis Plaec. PLUSH INCLOSURE. WILLIAM JENNINGS, the sole Commissioner named in and appointed by an Act of Parliament, made and, pa. sst; d i| i tbe 4:> th year of the reign of his present Majesty King, George the Third, entitled, " An Act for inclosing of Lands. wfthin . he ty thing of Plush, in the county of Dorset," do hereby give notice, ' Chat 1 have set out the following public and private Carriage Roads, Bridle and Footways, through and over the commonable lands of the sajii ty thing, ( that, is' to say) Om?. public Carriage Road of the breadth of thirty, feet, be- ginning at Cratc's- cnd Gate, near the' village of Plush, and extending in ils present track north- eastward along the- south- east side of the higher . field towards Mappowder. One other public Carriage Road of the like breadth, begin- ning at Churchill's Gate on the north'hill, and extebdibg east- ward over the same to - Whitehinch Gate, leading towards Melcombe Horsey. ' One ether public Carriage Road of the like breadth., begin- ning at Cow- lane " gate, near the West end of the. said village, • and extending northward in Its present track over the middle field antl west, hill towards Cerne. One other public Carriage Road of the like breadth, also beginning at Cow- laife gate,,' and extending in its present tr-. ck south, westward'to Brushells- end gate, leading to Piddle, trcrithide. One private Carriage Road and public Bridle and Footway of the breadth of ten feet,, branching - out of the above- described public- road leading to Cerne, and extending in its present track over tbe allotment of Mr. Robert Miner to Mill- gate. One other private Carriage Road of the breadth of twenty feet,, leading'from the saitl v- dlage nearthc dwelling- house of Michael Miller, Esq, and extending in a north- east direction over his freehold allotment to his. leasehold allotment belong- ing to Nap's Living.• One pubbc Footpath of the breadth of four feet, leading from the said village over tbe middle field in or near its pre sent. track towards I'lush Chapel, being the ancient chapel path. And that 1 have ascertained the same by marks and bounds, and have prepared'and signed fi map of such- roads, which is left at the office of Mr. Coombs, in Dorchester, my Clerk, for the inspection of all parties inteiesfed. And I do heteby give further notice, That I. have appointed my next attendance, to bs hplden on Tuesday the 9th day of . lanuary. next, at the house of Mrs. Wiltshire, called the New Inn, in Cernei in. the said_ coUnty, for the purpose of hearing any objection ihat maybe made to" the setting out of such roads. Given under my hand this 11 th day of Dee. 1809. 6042] WM. JENNINGS. - CAPITAL TIMBER. B RAM DEAN, NEAR ALRESFORD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION,, by Mr. - MA my at the Fox Inn, in Braindean, on Tucsiay the 19th of December, .1809, at three o'clock in the afernocm,— The undermentioned lots of capital TTMBEll TREK, ' now stand- ing and growing on Woodcote Estate, at Bramlcan. Lot l.— 04- Ash Trees, in Woodcote Pari, numerically marked, with white paint. Lot .2.— 56 ditto, in Woodcote Coppice, hanmer- marked R P. Lot Lot Lot paint. Lot 3.— 25 ditto, in ditto, marked X with - ed paint. 4.— 27 ditto, in ditto, marked X withwhite paint. 5.— 23 ditto, ou Wood Farm, market) X with white A V 108 ditto, in Beech Wood, and 14 ditto, in Cock- shutt's Coppice, hammer- marked R P. Lot 7.— 20 Beech Trees, in Woodcote Park, numbered with rase. Lot 8— 29 ditto, on Wood Farm, hammer- marked R P. Lor 9,—• 6 Fir Trees, in Woodcote Coppice, hammer- marked R P. L it 10.— - 28 Elr. 1 Trees, in Woodcote Part, numerically marked with white paint. • Lot1.— 3 « . ditto, in Woodcote Park, are! it ditto, ia Wood cote Coppice, inarkcu X with red puir. t. Lot 12 — lit! ditto, in WoMcote'Park; iiamaKi- maiked R P. Lot 13.— as Lime Trees, in Woodcote Park, hammer marked It P. Lot 14.— 5.9 ditto, in ditto, marked X with white paint. Lot IS.— 62 ditto, ill ditto, marked X with red paint. For further particulars, and a view of the same, apply to Mr. Barnard, at the. said Inn, Bramdean. f5,< l « i0 Sixty- three capital Walnut Trees. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDLER, on Thursday the « lstoi December 1 30.'), at the Maitlenhead Inn, Salisbury, at three o'clock in die afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced, in the following TO In Lots,- Lot 1.— 9 Trees, • 2.— 10 ditto from 1 to ,0 > standing on Mr. Bratlby's 19) Farm, Stratford Tony - 4 Trees - 12 Trees - 14 Trees 10 1 1 1 ion Mr. Newton's, Dog- Dean Farm on Mr,- Bell's, Harnham jon Mr. Biddlecomb's, Britfcrd llarford St. Martin and South Newton Inclosure. WE JOHN SEAGRIM, JOHN ROGERS, and JOHN CtiAirt. ToN, the" Commissioners named in and ap- pointed by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 4,' Hh year of the reign of his present Majesty, infilled, " An Act for dividing and allotting Lands'in the perishes of Barfnrd Saint Martin and South Newton ; and for extinguishing Rights of Common in other Lands in or adjoining the parishes of Bar- ford Saint Martin aforesaid and B iverstock, in the county of Wilts," do hereby give Notice, That we have received various claims from persons claiming rights or interests in, over, and upon the said lands and grounds intended to be divided and allotted ;- but, on account of the. proprietors being numerous, and [ est any proper claim may have been omitted to have been delivered in, WH HAVE ADJOURNED our Meeting to the Grey- hound Inn, at Wilton, in the. county of Wilts, on Monday the 15th day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, for further proceeding in the execution of the- powers of t!: c sa. id Act -. when all persons claiming any rights or in- terests ; n, . over, oi; upon the lands or grounds aforesaid, in respect, Wii( pcof r. o claim or claims have been already niade, are hereby required, by themselves or agents, to lay such tlveirr- spcctive claims in writing before us the said Commis- sioners ; aad. no claim can, or will be received after that! day, and all persons making default will ' be totally, barred and excluded,' We also giveNotice, That at our last meeting OBJECTIONS in writing Were delivered to us the said Commissioners against terta; n cl- im's already made and delivered to as under the said Act; and at our next meeting all persons having any further objection or objections to make to any or either of tbe'clatms which have already been or may be delivered to us at our said adjourned meeting, to be held as aforesaid, are hereby- re- quired to.' d ' over in to us the said Commissioners their several objections to the said claims in writing. We further give Notice, That we have appointed Monday the i- d day of January next for proceeding to investigate, hear, and determine, Such claims and objections; and all and every person or persons who have made and delivered in, or shall make and deliiver in, any claim or claims to us tbe said Commissioners as aforesaid, arc hereby required to. produce sufficient evidence before us at our said next meeting iq sup- port of their several ar. d respective claims ; and all such claims ( where the objection or objections thereto shall not be withdrawn at our said next mett ng), tchiih shall mt. te then sul- stantiuted ly Evidence will be whollydisallowerf, and the person or persons making default in proving and substantiating th ' same will be wholly debarred from all benefit or advantage m respect thereof under the said. Act-. Dated this Zbth day of November 1809. JOHN SEAGRIM. JOHN ROGERS. 6p5s] JOHN CHARLTON. 6.- 14 ditto - 15 ^ Jf^^ BSf4'- For particulars apply at the Auctioneer's, High- street, Sa- lisbury. Th'e Farmers will shew the timber. [ 59- 13 ELM, OAK, WALNUT, AND OTHER TIMBER. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the George Inn, at Trowbridge, on Tuesday the 19th day of December next, between the hours of fcur and Sve, in ( he afternoon, in suitable Lots,— 542 Elms, 97 Oaks, 17 Walnuts, and 61 Ashes, and other Trees, now standing on estates in the pa- rishes of Westbury, Steeple Ash ton, and Truwbriffge, in the county of Wilts; also ths tallage of about ten acres of Cop- pice Wooc(, and of an Ash- bed of one acre, in thesaid parish of Westbury. The Timber is principally of good quality, and some of it of large dimensions ; and is situated adjoining or near to turnpike roads. [ 5842 Particulars maybe had ( after the 1st of licit month) of Mr. Tlmbrell", solicitor, Trowbridge; V. Sturges, surveyor, Small- street, Bristol; at the George Inn, Trowbridge; Abingdon Arms, Westbury ; arid at the King's Arms, Melksham. " CAPITAL TIMBER.' TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at die Kind's Arms Inn, at Melksham, on Wednesday the 90th day of De- cember next, between the hours of'four and five iu the after- noon, in suitable Lots,:— 350 Elms, 2- JOals, and 30 Ashes, now. growing on estates in the parishes of Helksham, Chip- penham, and Reevil, in theqountvof Wilt*, viz.: 150 Elms on an estate at Mplksham Forest, in the occupation of W'm. Keevit; <> 0 Elms, 16 Oaks, and' 30 Ashes, on an estate at Tytbenoh', in the parish of Chippenham, in the occupation of Win. Crook ; and Ho Elms and'SOakS, on the Old Hurd Farm; in the parish of Keev. il, in ttre tenure of Thos. Ellis. . This Timber is principally of good quality, and some of it of large dimensions ; and that at Melksham and Tytherton is within a short tbsta'nce of the Wilts and Berks Canal. T" he respective teriknts will shew the Tiir. ber, and further particulars may be had of them ' after the 1st of next month); also of Mr. Timbrell, solicitor, Trowbridge; and Y. Sturges, surveyor, Small- street, Bristol. ' [ 5S41 MANORS, ESTATES* and A DTOIfSQN, in HANTS. ' TX)' be SOLD by " AUCTION, in one or more lots, JL in. March Or - April 1910,— The extensive MANORS and ESTATES of CHILTON CASPOVEB and Bitows C. is- DOVER, iii the county of Hants '; consisting of Amble, Mea- dow, and Down Lands about three thousand jivehumtred acres; and inclosed Wood Lamb about sir hundred andJifty acres; together with the ADVOWSON of the RECTORY of the TWO PARISHES.— The whole ot the above lands ( excepting- abobt 230 acres small tenements, leased for lives) are in hand, or lett to feSporfsible? tenants at yearly rents.. These Manors are situate a miles from Winchester and Alton, 5 miles from Alrcsford and Popham- lane, in a capital sporting country, being : n the centre of the H. H, and in- " cluding tiie celebrated- covers called Thornty Dtnvn. Particulars may be had, any time . after Christmas, at the principal Inns iu'the neighbourhood ; at the Printing Office, Salisbury; of Messrs. Richardson, Corficld, aud Wharton, Lincoln s- inn- fields,. London ; and at the Office of Mr. Davis, Horningsham, Wilts, who is authorised to treat for the whole by Private Contract. [ 5904 Maps of the Estates may be seen at the two latter places'. DORSETSHIRE AND DEVONSHIRE. be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Three Cups nn, in Lyme, on Friday the 1.9th day- of January, 1810, at one o'clock,— The following verv. valuable and im- moveable FREEHOLD MANORS, ESTATES, and'AD- VOWSON, situated in a fine sporting country abounding with game. Lot 1.— The capital and verv desirable Freehold Mahor of WILD COURT, with its Rights, Royaltie.-, Members-, and Appurtenances, situated in the parish of Haykchurch, in the county of Dorset, and a small part in Axminste/, in the county ot Devon, about 4 milesdrotn Axmirister'anfl Lyme, 6 from Chard; and 10 from BridportandCrewkefJei. com- prizing tbe Mansion- house of Wild Court, with very valuable aud improveable Farms in Demesne, . containing about 572 acres; and sundry Lifehold Tenements, containing 71 acle-, the whole within a ling fence and well timbered, of the esti- mated annual value of £ 1000 and upwards. Lot 2.— The ADVOWSON of the Rectory of the Parish Church of HawkehUrch, w. th the Glebe Lands, Gr. atlind Small Tithes, and Rectorial Manor thereof; the yearly value about £ 600. Lot 3.— The capital and very improveable Freehold Manor of WILD, with its Rights, Royalties, Members, and Appur- tenances, advantageously situated adjoining the great western road, in the parish of Whiteehurch Canonicorum, in the county of Dorset, about two miles from Axminstcr and Lyme ; consisting of several improveable Farms and Woods in Demesne, containing about 511 acres; with the Reversion of sundry other valuable Estates held by 1, 2, and 3 Lives, containing about 583 acres, with a valuable Common about 1 oO acrcs ; the whole within a ring fence, and well tinibefed; the annual value £ 1200 antl upwards. Lot 4— A capital Freehold Estate called WESTFORD PARK and BATCHAMS, situated near troadbridge, on the banks of the River Axe, in tbe parish of Thorncombe, iu the county of Devon ; consisting of a Farm- house and suitable Outbuildings, with 201 A. 3 R. 35 P. ( more or less) of rich Grazing, Pasture, and Arable Land, of the estimated yearly value of £ 350. Lot 5.— A compact and desirable Farm called SELLIOTS, situated in the parishes of Stoke Abbots and Burstock, about mile from Broadwindsor; in the county of Dorset; consist- ing of a Comfortable Farm house and Outbuildings, and 75 acres ( more or less) of rich Land, of the estimated yearly alueot'£ l20. Printed particulars may be had at the Grecian Coffee- bouse, London ; at the Place of Sale ; and the principal Inns in Ax- minster, Bridport, and Crewkernc; also of James Hodder, of Hawkchurch, who will shew the estates ; and foT further Mrtfc- utars application maybe made to John Stanley Smait, £ sq. 28, Red Lion- square, London; George South, Esq. Market Lavington, near Devizes, Wilts; or to Mr. Bond, land- surveyor, Axminstcr, where plans of the manors*! and estates may be seen. [ 59163 ••' JWi This day is published, price is. Gil. bumd in mi leu. pHcktts fa'r nulet, or ds. Cd. iri rcdrMu fx!; a, ilr. tu war act':, EARSLEY'S - GENTLEMAN ant? TRADE- WAN's POCKET LEOGEB, for the year iRld; cui, tabling days and hours for barinr c selling stock and re- ceiving the interest—- list of bankers—- h'olvda'vs at the public oihc-. s— 111- ruled puses'for accompts artd ' inemaraiidums— a correct table of the present- stamp duties— lists of army and navy agent,-— new hapkney coaej? lares— list of the house of peers;, commons, and office; x— and many other art leles- cquallv useful, for which the reader is referred to the table of contents. Printed tor G. Kearsldy, N„. 4,;, Flect- stfrcr ; G. \ V, IK: c and J. Robinson, J. Wajkfcr,. B. IX Svmonds, M. Binck. s-, man, 1 aternoster- row ; Scatchfird and tetu- rman, Ave- Maria- lane; J. Richardson, Raval Exchange; and W. SiUljibv. Stahonefo - court; and sold- by tirodie. DewtUne, and Luxford, Salisbury. , ^ ,, BINGLEY'S BRITISH QUADRUPEDS taB^ rius day ; s published, in octavo, with W Engraving!,, executed chiefly by Mr. ' Samuel Howiti,— jl, e demy cope's, prirrtlS;. ill boards,— the- rov.- ucopies, witE proot'impressions. 1/. I ' M-. MEMOIRS OF BRITISH QUADRUPEDS; illustrative principally of their habits of lite, instincts, sagacity, and t,< es tu ratuifcind. Arranged according to the system ol Linntro.- Bv. il. tj Rev. > vl BINGLEY, A M. rcllow of the Liunean Society, & late of Peterliou » c, Cambridge. A lew copies are taken oft'on line imperial vellum paper, will! the plates heauiil'uilv coloured", price 3/. 13*. 6.7.' in boards. I. Onflon : Primed for Barton and Hai vey. Gi neitlitirch- sucet; ,1- olm Walker; J. ongman, Huist, Rees, andOrme ; It. Sclftley ; Sherwood, Keeley, and loucs, Paternoster- row ,• J. Haididj;, St. James's- street. john Kiohardsou, Royal Exchange; , i, d llwjdie, Dowdmg, and Luxfoid, Salisbury. [ l*> qs BIRTHS.] On Sunday, at Belvoir Castle, Lady Catha- rine Forester ( sister ofthe Duke of Rutland) of a daughter. — On the 26th ult. at Coalstnn, in East Lothian, Lady Robert Kerr of a son.— Lately, at Lei. tli, the Ladv of Capt. the Hon. A. Jones, of the Royal Navy, of s sou.— On Sa- turday, in Lincoln's- lnn- fieldi, the Lady of Mr. Serjeant Jtest of a son. MARRIED.] On the 17th of October, Lieut. Colonel Brine, of the 31st foot; to Miss Dickins eldest daughter Hf Got mul Dickins, Chief Engineer at Malta.— A few days llnce, Sir Rich. Brooke, Bart, of Norton Priory, Cheshire, : o Miss Cunliffe, second daughter of Sir Foster Cunlilfe, Bart, DIED.] On Sunday, at Rcudlesham House, in Suffolk, the Right Hon. Lady KetidleshaW, relict of the late and mother of the present Lord lleudlcsbam,— On tbe 2!) lh ult. at Tarring, in Sussex, Mrs. Somer. s* wife of Dr. 8omers, Physician to his Majesty's forces in Portugal, and daughter of the late Admiral Campbell.— On Tuesday the 5th itist. in the 73.- l ycar of his age, the Rev. Jonathan Davie*, D. D. eighteen years Provost of Eton College, and previously Master of tbe School: be has left 1000/. to tbe University of Cambridge, for the purpose of fouuding a Scholarship similar to those of Lord Craven, one of which he bad enjoyed ; and 2000/. to King's College, to aug- ment their funds for the purpose of Advo. ivnons, - On Friday, Mrs. Howorth, wife of Brigadier General Howorth ( now commanding the Artillery in Spain) and sister to Harford Saint Martin and South Neuiton, Inclosure. WE whose- names are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named in and appointed . by. an Act of Parliament made . md . passed in the 49th year ot the reo. n of his present Maj sty, intitled " An Act lor dividing and allotting lands in the parisnw of Barford Saint Martin and South Newton, and . for extinguishing rights of common in other lands in or adjoining the parishes of. Harford Saint Martin- aforesaid, and B; ive'rs| ock, in the county of " Wilts,", do hereby give Notice that w e have, by virtue and in execu- tion Of the powfr given as well by the said Act as'bya certain Act of Parliament made and passed in the 41st year of the reign of his said Majesty, intitled " An Act for consolidating in one Act certain provisions usually inserted in acts of in- . closure, and for facilitating the- mode of proving the Several facts usually -' requited on the. pav- ing of- such acts," set . out and appointed, the following public carriage roads and high- . ways through and over the lands and ground's by the first mentioned Act intended to bo divided and, allotted in manner directed by the last mentioned Act, the general lines Qt" which roads are herein after described ; that is to say,— IN BARFORD- SAINT. MARTIN. No. 1.— One public carriage roadof the breadth of 30- feet, commencing at or near fhe pafspmnle barn of Barford Saint Martin, and thence ; extcntliri; northward, near rts ancient course and direction, through tbi'common fields and down of Barford. tciits- usual entrance into Shortengrove- coppice, in the Forest of GroVely, iHe samy - being - the highway from Barford Saint Martin to Great Wishford. No„ 2.— Oqe Other public carriage mall of the breadth of S'O test, comriiencing hear the east end of Baverstock- lane, in Barfbrd Saint Martin, aiid tiieitce . extending eastward; in its ancient course and direction, over Barfyrd- down, to its usual entraucc'into. Sandgat. s- coppice, in the said Forest of Uroveiv, the same being the highway from Baverstock to Great Wishford. No. 3^— One other public carriage road. of the breadth of 30 feet, commencing. at or near White- croft, in Barfonl Saint Martin aforesaid, branching out of the. turnpike- road and extending southward, in its ancient course and direction, over the common fields and down of Barfortl to its tisual entrance into the parish of South Bureomb, the same being tile high- way from Barfor. l to Broad- chalke, called White holloway. No, 4.— One other public carriage rood and drift way of the breadth of 80. feet, commencing at the e « t end of New Inn- lane, iu Baverstock, and extending eastward, near its ancient course, and direction, over Barford- down to . its usual entrance into the parish of Bureomb. IN STOWFORD. No. 5.— One other public carriage road of the breadth of 30 feet, branching out of the turnpike road near the Swan Inn, at Stowford,' and extending north- eastward, in its usual course and direction, through and over the common fields and down of Stowford to if usual entrance into the parish of Woodford, tbe same being the highway from Stowford to Woodford. ' • No. 6.— On « other public carriage road and drift way of the breadth of 80 feet, commencing at the south- west corncr of Stowford Bn'rnbake- field, and extending eastward, in its usual course and direction, between the common fields and over the down of Stowfyrd to the turnpike road leading from De- vizes to Salisbury, the same being part of the highway from Stapleford to Salisbury, called the Old Bath- road. And wc do hereby also give Notice, that wc have prepared maps in whichsuch intended roads areaccuratcly laid down and described , and causcd the same maps ( being signed b. y us) to be deposited widl John Swayne. of Wilton, iu the county ot W tits, Gent. our Clerk, for the inspection of all persons concerned; and we hive appointed, and we do, hereby appoint a Meeting to he holden by us at the Greyhound Inn, in Wilton, W ilts, on Monday the 22d day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which meeting all such persons as may be in- jured or aggrieved by the setting out of such roads may at- tend : and we do hereby further give Notice, that we. shall at the said meeting proceed in the further execution of the pur- poses of the first mentioned Act. Witness our hapds this 25th day of November, 1809. .-• - JOHN SEAGRIM. JOHN ROGERS. 8959) JOHN CHARLTON. . H'HITE HART INN, MERE, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by A. DA'RKNELL, on Tuesday the' 19rh ol December, 1899, and following dav,— The following HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- TURE, and ot- her Effects, the property of the Innkeeper, who is quitting tbe above Inn ; comprising four- post ma- hogany, tent, and othet bedsteads, with silk damask, chintz, dimity, and morine furniture; goose feather and other beds, mattresses, and betiding; mahogany buieau and chest of drawers, oak ditto, floor and bedside carpets, pier and dres- sing glasses, paintings and prints; mahogany dining, card, Pembroke, arid other tables ; mahogany, walnut, painted, and Other chairs ; Bath stove and Pantheon grates, well- toned spinet, china arid glass, good eight- day clock it: oak c. se, kitchen range, fountain, pewter, brass, and eoppct articles; kitchen requisites, yasksj good - steel malt mill, taxed cart and plated harness, with a variety of other articles, as will be expressed in catalogues, at 3d. each, which may be had ( three days before the salt) at the Black Horse; Knoyle; Swan, W, iocanton ; and at the place of sale. The motiCy'for the Catalogues to he returned to purchasers. The above goods may be viewed the day before and the morning of sale, which will begin each day at eLven. ( 6041 TROWBRIDGE, WILTS. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by I). HERITAGE , at the George inn, Trowbridge, on Tuesday the lilth- day of Dec. inst. between tile hours of three and tour o'clock in the evening,— The following truly desirable FREEHOLD ' PREMISSES, subject to such conditions as shall . then and there be produced : Lot l.— All that Messuage or Dwelling- house,, with the garden, and larg£ and extensive Workshops thereto adjbinin! and belonging v'together with five Tenements, and, a stab! thereto alsp adjoining, situate near the Market- place, ii Trowbridge aforesaid, now in the occupation. of Messrs, Dea- ' clothiers, and' others, under lease, determinable 8.4th HANTS. HfX) be SOLD bv AUCTION, at Mr. Demezey's Jt the White Lion Inn, at Hartfordbridge,' on Thursday the 1st day of February, 1810, atone o'clock, in three lots,— The following FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD MANORS and ESTA TES,. situated in a fine sporting country abounding w. ith game. Lot I.— The very desireable Manor of HALL- PLACE, situated in the parish of Yately, about 3 miles Irot. i Hartford bridge and 2 ficm Blackwater, with ihe Court Baron, Roy- alties, Guit Rents, and Lands, being Copyhold ot Inheritance ( nearly equal in value to Freehold), held of the Manor of Crondall; comprising a Mansion called Yately House, with Gardens and Fish- ponds, Water Corn- mills and Farms, con- taining 239 A. 2R. 13 P. ( more or less) now occupied by- Messrs. Bosley, White, and Hewit, at low rents amounting yearly to £ 282 .. 10. Lot - 2.— A Copyhold Estate, consisting of a capital and good- accustomed inn, the RED LION, with capacious Stabling and Outbuildings, and 28 A. 0 R. 30 P. ( more or lessj of good Land adjoining, advantageously situated in the great western road at Blacawater, in the parish of Yately, about 32 miles from London ; now in the occupation of Mr Hart. Lot 3.— The improveable Freehold Manor of MINLF. Y WARREN and IlORNLEY FARM, containing 966 A. 3 R. 36 P. ( more or less; situated near I iarlfordbridge arid Blaek- wat. tr, with the Plantations in hand, and Minley Warren Farm, with a newly erected Farm- house, Barns, Stables, and Out- buildings ;' now occupied by Mr, Bosley? on an improving lease. Printed particulars may he hatl at the Grecian Coffee- house, London ; at the Place of Sale ; and of Mr. Bosley, the prin- cipal tenant, who will shew, the estates ; and f'urther'pai- ocu- lars may be had of Joliu Stanley Smart, Esq. 28, Red Lion- square,' London ; George South, Esq. Market Lavmgton, near Devizes, Wilts, where plans of the estates may be seen ; or of Mr. tjond, land- surveyor, Axminster. " [ 596- 2 VALUABLE SCHOOL BOOK. Tliis day is published;, in'octave, price 9J. 6 /. board", 1 he Sixth Edition. of COLLECTANEA GK/ ECA MAJOR A ; AD • mum aeade'mi'cS juvenfutis accommodate. Cum notis philologicis, qu- ts pai f m cotlegil, partirn scripsit, ANDREAS D \ LZEL, A. M. Socius Regis Societatis Edinens'u; etnueerin Acadcn-. ia Jacob! VI. Scotoi'um Regis, Lit. Gr. Prof, eidemque, a Secretis et Biliothecarius. Tortus 1st. Complectens excerpta ex variis orationis solutx Scriptorilms. Edii'io Sexta, cum ilotis uberio- ribus, cuiaccedit Appendix, in quaindicamui* subddia quxdam selects, lingme Grzca: studiosis uulissima. Primed " at the Edinburgh University Press, forT. Cadeli and W. Davies, Strand, and John Murray, 32, Fleet- street, London; and sold by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxlord, Salisbury. Ol whom may be had, by llie same Author, new • ditions of I. Collectanea Majora. Vol. 2, 8vo. 11*. boards. II. Analeeta Gixca Minora. 8vo. 6*. boards. [ 5* 17 JT. RIGGE's celebrated MAGNETIC RAZOR I « TABLET ( patronised byhisltoval Hi - hnes- s ,- h ,. l'r-" ce of Wales) hav. ng become so high in reputation, as tb be Con- sidered the only invention in the world capable of forming a most scientific and acute Etlge to a Razor, without the un- pleasant use of oil or grease, the Proprietor aud Invent-' els it his duty, M caution the public, that none arc genu, e but such as ate sold with his signature, " John Thos. Ri-.- ae," and numbered in red irk, price 7s. 6( Z. at his Warehouse, 50, lark- street, Grosvenor- square, and6s, Cheapside ; by Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and by regulatl. y ap- pointed agents in every city and town in the united kingtlom. June 1814, except two of the tenements, which are occupied by Mr. James BefenCe and Isaac Motre, as tenants at will. Lot ' 2.— All that DWellirig- house, with the Ware- houses arid Stables thereto adjoining aud belonging^ situate near the last- mentioned lot: the dwelling- house" in the occupation of Sarah Tucker, and'th'e wa're- lioiises and stable, of Mr. Thos, . North, grocer. ' 1 Lot 3,— All those two Closes of rich Meadow or Pasture Ground called Colley Meat! and Newlands, situate near Whltyrough- bridge, containing tngether 13 A. 2 R. 16 P ( more cr less), lett to Wm. Vincciit on lease, which will cx pire 25th March 1315. Lot 4.— Two Closes of Pasture Ground, called Redhouse Upper arid Lower Grounds, situate near Studley Green, con- taining together 6 A. ( more orloss).- If thought more advisable ' at the time of sale, this lot will be divided. Ei. ther of. the . fields would be a. dcsjrable situation for building a cottage, the views from whence are extensive and picturesque. Lot. 5.— All those two Cottages cr Tenements, with a large piece of Garden Ground thereto belonf^' n -, adjoining the last- mentioned lot.—- The last two lots are lett to James Ke- wman, as tenant at will. l. ot 6.-- AU that Close of Pastu reGround, situate in London- bridge- lane, called Hillman's, containing 1 A; 1, R. 30 P. ( more ot less). Lot7.— All that Close of Pas: ure Ground adjoining the last- mentioned lot, calicd Gillet's, containing 2 A. 0 R. 14 P. ( more or less). The two last lots are in the occupation of Mess. Fratne, under lease, of which two yeais will be unexpued at Lady day next. Lot 8.— All that valuable Brick- Y'ard, with the Cottages and Gardens adjoining, situate at Lower Studley, containing 1 A. 3 R. 5 P. ( more or less; lett to Nat. Frallv, brick- maker, on lease, of which 7 years will be unexpired at Lady- day next. Lot 9.— All that Close of Pasture Ground, called Hlake's, containing 1 A. 2 R. 35 P. ( mot.; orless)!; and all that Close of Pasture Ground, called Arnold's, containing 5 A. 0 K. 8 P. ( more or less), both adjoining the turnpike road leading from Trowbridge to Westbury.— Blake's is occupied by Messrs. Frame, under lease, of which two years will be unexpired at Lady- day next; and Arnold's, by Mr. Thomas Martin, under lease, of which 5 years will be unexpired at the same time. f . ot 10.— A Close of rich Meadow Land, called Great Pinch- mead, containing 8 A; 2 R.' 32 P. ( more or less), now in the occupation of Mess. Frame, under lease, of which two years will be unexpired at Lady- day next. The last eight lots are also situate in the parish ot Trow- bridge aforesaid. Lot 11.— All that Close of Meadow or Pasture Ground, called Lark Leaze', situate in the parish of Steeple Ashton, containing M A. 1 It. 20. P; ( more or less), now in the occu- pation, of the. widow Glass, as tenant at will. Lot' 12.— All those two Closes of Land, called the Cl. avs, situate at Steeple Athton aforesaid, containing 5 A. 1 R. 36 P. ( more or less), now in the occupation of Farmer Tiley, tenant at will.—— The two last lots have rights of common en- Steeple Ashton Common ISLK'OF WIGHT. MHO be SOLD . by AUCTION, bv Messrs. TUCKER JL '. and PITTIS, at The Bugle Inn, in Newport, ih the Isle of Wight, on Thursday' the 4th day of January, 1810, at four o'cibik in the afternoon, before the Sheriff ot Hamp- shire ' Or his Under Sheriff, by virtue o'f a writ of Finditjoni Exponas, issued out of his Majesty's' Court of Exchequer in a cause " The King against John Jacob, Esq."— The. fol- lowing very desirable LEASEHOLD ESTATE^, late the property, of the said John Jacob', viz. Lot 1 .— A capital antl most desirable Tide Water Corn Mill, called'" the West Medina Mill, driving three- pair of stones, and '. capable of grinding 20 loads of wheat per week, with large and convenient store rooms,. dwelling house,' mill pond, and about two acres of lantl adjoining, tin the west-, bank ot Newport River, about two miles and a half from the town of Newport, and an equal distance from Cowes. N. B.— This lot, for convenience of shipping, & c. is rarely equalled, jjnd three additional pair of stones may fee put in the mill at'J trifling expence"— Part of this lot, on wh| ch the buildings stand, is hold for the residue of a term of 21. years, untlcr the lessee of Queen's'College, Oxford, of which 14 weft unexpired at Midsummer last, at the yearly rent df lOi.; tbe garden and lands is held for the residue of a term of 17 years, under the; lessee of the same, college, of which 14 w'ero unexpired at Midsummer last, at the yeawr rent of lo guineas;. aud the remaining part of- the mill- pond is held for the lives of Samuel. Rbllestone, Esq. aged about 66 yeais, James Kirl- tpatrick, Esq. aged 53 y* ears, and Osmond John- son,' Gent. abnur 29 years, at the yearly rent of 5/. underthe lessee of. the same college.— These lessees are bound tb renew upon payment of a proportional part of the fines payable to the cnilege. Lot 2.— A capital Water Corn Mill, callcd Shitle Mill, driving three pftir of stones, and capable of grinding 10 loads of wheat per week through the year; with a convenient malt- ho'usc and well- built. brick dwelling- house, " and every discriptioh of outioffices, stables, gardens, and about' 3 acres of'meadow land-; the whole in a most complete state Of re- pair, and very desirably situate about a mile south of Newport. N. B.— This \ ot is'held lof ' the residue ofa term of 30 years, of which 16 were unexpired at Michaelmas last, at tile very low yearly rent of 801. Lot 3.— The Equity of Redemption, subject to a mortgage for the sum of 800/. and Interest, of a welbbatlt, roomy, and capacious Storehouse, situate in Sea- stfeet, in " Newport aforesaid, at a small distance from the quay and adjoining th'e river. N. B.— This lot is held under the Corporation of Newport for the reeidue of a term of ,61 years, of winch ,46 were un- expired at Michaelmas Est, at tile yearly rent. of Is. tori, and one capon, or 15. in lieu, at the option of the fyiayor'bf Nfewporr. Lot 4.— The Equity of Redemption, subject to a . mortgage for the sum of 2000/. of a Cottage or Tenement, and about 42 acres of Land, called Whitewalls, situate at Thorley, in the Isle of Wight, now in tlie occupation of Thos. Taylor. N'. B;— This lot is held under' file Manor of Thorley for, the residue of a ( arm of 99 years, determinable on the death ofthe said John Jacob, now aged aboot 61 years, at the yearly rent of 1Z. 6s. and a henot of 8Z, Lot 5.— Tbe Equity of Redemption, subject to the same, mortgage as lot 4, of a Cottage or Tenement, and ttbout 3 acres of Land, called Lowes or Woodficlds, situate near Ashey Farm, in the parish of'NSwchurch, in the Isle of Wight, with common of pasture for two cows and two pigs on the common called Wondfields. N. 13.— This lot is held under the Manor < yf Asjirv'and Rvile for the residue ot a term of 29 years, determinable on the death of the said John Jacob, aged about 51 years] at the yearly rent of its. id. and an heriot of 2/. Farther particulars niay be had, and the conditions of sale 1 atrom^ d by Ih'r Royal Highness the PRINCESS D/ WALES, HIS Royal Highness- the DUKE of'SUSSEX, mot most ol t^ A ohhfy. WFW ACASSAR OIL, for improving the GROWTH of HAIR, preventing its tau. ng mi . . , nan • g eon- ur, particularly after sea bathing, which often proves very inju- rious to the hair, bestowing an universal gloss on the tresses, and producing extraordinary effects ou children's hair. Observe, this is the only preparation for the hair that is sanctioned by any part of the royal family. Sold, at 3s. Gel. per bottle, by the proprietors. R - v' • ' e- id Son, kirby- street, Hatton- gafden, London; and by Brodie, Dowdmg, and Luxford, Salisbury; Savage, Winchester; Simmonds, Portsmouth; Harvey, Weymouth; Langdon, Sherborne; Hayes, Winchester; and ah perfumers ammt- nicne venders 111 the united kingdom: where tmtv be b- d. An Essay oil the Human Hair, by'A. Rowland, jun. [ 5475 CHILBLAINS are prevented from Breaking, and / their tormenting Itching instantly removed, bv WHITE- HEAD'S ESSENCE of MUSTARD,' universally esteemed fop its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Af- fections, and Complaints of the Som. ich ; but whoie tins c. i- it- I AIN remedy lias been tmkn > wn, or neglected, ard the Chil- blains have actually suppurated or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very soeediiv heal them. They are prepared and sold by R, JOHNSTON, Apotheea. y, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London,' the Essence and Pills at ' is. 9fl. each— tbe Cerate at I*. H,/. They arc also so'd by Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxlord, Saiisbu. yt and l y every medicine vender in tbe united kingdom. ' fo189 J) r. Fothcrgiil's Nervous Cordial. Drops, , ROM experience are found a most efficacious Medicine for the following disolders: lowness JI, spirits and nervous affections, Consumptions, hypochondria/ ism, hys- terics, spasms, palsy, r'paplrxy, loss of appetite, bilious com- plaints, constnnpu- m » , fits attending pregnancy, indigestion, ac- companied by sick head- aches, heart- burn, & c. • Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, ' Chcapside, London ; Beodic, Dow- ding, aud Luxlord's, Salisbury ; and by mosur. ediyitie venders, in bottles at 4*. 6d. each, [ .^ 503 HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS. ALL COUGHS which are produced bv Colds, Winter and Chronic Coughs, are cured in a'vetvsWt lime by these Pills. . In all the eiirlv stages ot consumption, they have never yet been known to fail. wi,.,. « ti :..' e. c__ 1 F .. ,. Where Hectic Fever has long preyed upon the patient, dice pills, at certainly cure it, as bark in intermitting fevers. In the last stage of consumption, many persons have been restored to health ; and there is no siaie of that deplorable disease, where visible and great benpl'. t is not received. [ 610 Sold wholesale and retail bv G. Walker, 106, Great Pu. tLnd- st. eet, 2*. 9./.' each bok ;— a'so by Brodie, Dowding,/ and Lux. ford, Salisbury, aud may be had of all their agents and newsmen, and of Mr. Hayes, Winchester. DIXON'S ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS. From Mrs. Martin to Mr. Dixon, Apothecary. SIR,—' have some years used, and continue- to use _ your DIXON's ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS ; as a family Aperient I do not know their equal ; since I have tsken them I am relieved from a bilious complaint, particular. ysick head- achs, which frequently were very distressing to me. I re- commend them to every family 1 am acquainted with, parti- cularly those who live at a distance from medical advice. Yours. & c. J. HAMILTON MARTIN.. Bircbmore- hmisr. near Woburn, Bedfordshire, March 2, 1802. Sold by Mr. Butler, 4, Cheapside, London ; Brotlie, Dew- ding, and • oxford, Salisbury ; and most medicine. venders, II boxes at - is, 3d. and Gs. each. [.-> 516 CO" Further particulars nmy be obtained at the office of MrTTrnibfefl," solicitor," Trovbridge; or of Y; Sturgc, sur- veyor, Small- street, Bristol. « : 2 known, on application to Horatio Lcggatt, Esq. London; George Mollis, Esq. Under Sheriff ofTianrs, Winchester; • or » Messrs. CiaikesandSewell, Solicitors, Newport, lsl.- of Wight. [ CO 82 CLARKE'S FLORIDA ELECTUARY, after numerous tfials, has never been known to fail in cur'ng those Agues and Intermittent Fevers with which the inhabi- tants of low marshy situations are' particularly afflicted.— Thousand's in the, county of Sussex alone have been cured sinOe March last; it has been administered with the happiest effect to the brave men lately returned from the expedition, under the immediate sanction of surgeons in the army ar. d navy. One packet, price 2s. ad. is in most cases a complete cure. Prepared and sold, wholesale, by Mr. Clarke, Brighton • sold, wholesale, . by Sanger, fsn, Oxford- street, London; Brodie, Dowdin-.-, and Luxford, Salisbury, and retail bv their Agents and NnW- men.— May be had- of. all Venders of'Medi- cine tiitoughoueihe united kingdom. , [ 4s » 4 Sutler's celebrated Restorative Tooth 1' onxjer. EAUTY of. Countenance and Regularity of Fea- I Hues are allowed to distinguish the British Fait • but the Proprietor of BBTLER's TOOTH POWDER wote. l beg leave to remind his countrywomen, that the lustre of 1 heir charms loses halt its influence where the Teeih arc- discoloured, or shew a rotten or unhealthy appea. ance: this is the more inexc usable, as the present prepa- ation aflurds the infallible means of'removing every blemish of the enamel, and is safe in its application, beino- composed ol vegetables. It is'recommended'to the attention of all ranks, a » . clearing away every imperfention. cither in the colour or the t e- cav of the enamel of the Teeth : a'j rendering the breath sweet and dcleriable, and malting Uie rums of their proper shap. n, and ve.- mil. ieii hue; and a certain preventive against the Tooih- athe.— No composition oi this kind ever brought lorflCprd to public notice, lias met such universal appro- bation ; and the pioniielor has to boau thj 11 is in daily use of Royally it « elf. ' Sold* wholesale and retail, at Me Butler'*, No. 4, Cbeaiwide, corner Paternoster- row,- London ; oy Mes, r » , B. cldie, Dowdln-. and Ltiklord, Salifbury ; and reioil by Mr. Haves, Winchest- r most count. y medicine venders and perlumeis' in ' boxes at 2s. 9d. each. Of Whom may be had, Butler's Aromtfic Pectoral ilczeige for improving the voice, and Jot. coughs, eolds, sure tl- r' aetbmas, Sec. in boxes at 1*. 1 J. V. each. f5j;" ' THE SALEBURY AND WINCHESTER JOURNAL. Sunday's Post. By Express. LONDON GAZETTE, PUBLISHED ON SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC. 16. FOREIGN- OFFICE, Dec. 15. ( fTF^ HE King has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Henry Wellesley to be his Majesty's Envoy JJL Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to hi, s Catholic Majesty Ferdinand the Seventh ; and has been pleased to direct him to reside in that cha- racter at the seat of the Central or Supreme Junta in Spain. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, Dec. 1( 5. Oil the 3d instant his Majesty's ship Survei Halite, Captain ^ Colha^ having been driven in a gale rather to the soufh* ar4jcjIWr station, in recovering her groniul fell iu with and capmred the French cutter privateer La Comtesse Laura; pierced for 16 guns, had 14 mounted, and 55 men on Board, being part of her complement; five days out from Rochelle. without making any capture. She is copper- bottomed, sails fast, aud was Well calculated lor the annoyance of our trade. WAR- OFFICE, Dec. 16.— 11/ A Ucgt. Light Dragoons— Major J. W. Sleigh to be Lieut.- Colonel, by purchase, vice Thomas, who retires; Capt. Arch. Money to be Msyor, by purchase, vice Sleigh. 10tk Regiment of Foot— Brevet Lieut. Col. John Peter Hamilton, fioin the 4th Garrison Battalion, to be M^ jor, vice Bates, who exchanges. STAFF.— Major C. Edwards, of the 3d Ceylon Regiment, to be Deputy Adjutant- General to the Forces serving in the island ot Ceylon, vice Brownrigg, deceased. BANKRUPTS. Jtichard Spickeracll, of Seven Oaks, innkeeper. Edward Scott, of Cnandos- street, Covent- garden, shoemaker. Kicliard Dean, of Bow, Middlesex, baker. Samuel Godfrey, of Liverpool, straw hat- manufacturer. , Mary liiehards, of Vauxhall, near Birmingham, dealer. John Jennings, of Denmark- court, Covent- gardtn, watchmaker. John Burton, of New- Cross, Surry, dtaler. John Tnsou, of Chicksand- sueet, Jlile- End, builder. James Bennet, of Plymouth, haberdasher. LONDON. SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 16. STOC rs.— Consols for Account, 70|. The rumour of proffered negociation occasions the advance. The Portuguese papers to the 3d instant, received Jresterday, have brought the disastrous intelligence of The movement of General Areizaga on the Upper the defeat of the priheipal patriotic army in Spain Tagus terminated in a general engagement, on or abont the 17th ult. at Ocana, wherein the enemy obtained a victory as decisive and complete as any they have gained since they entered the peninsula. The wreck of the Spanish army retreated to the Sierra Mountains. Ail . official account of the battle has been published in the Spanish Government Ga- zette, but the exact amount of the loss was not known. It is reported that Lord Wellington has left Badajos, and retreated with his army to Castello Bianco, thus com- pletely withdrawing tbe British army from Spain. The unhealthy situation of Badajos, and consequent mortality among our troops, makes it a subject of regret that this retrograde movement did not take place sooner. Accounts from Walcheren, dated the 13th instant, were received this day. They state that the destruction of the batteries, arsenal, See, had been completely effected. Our troops had all embarked on Saturday, and were to sail with the first fair wind after Wednes- day last. We regret to add, that twenty transports were driven on shore by ihe tempestuous weather, • ome of which, it is feared, wil! be lost. The Election of Chancellor of Oxford has termi- nated iu favour of Lord Grenville. The numbers were— For Lord Gtenville 406 For Lord Eldon 393 For the Duke of Beaufort 238 It was the severest contest ever known, and the event " has not only disappointed the personal expectations of Lofd Eldon, hut those of his Majesty's Ministers, who » e undi- vided interest he had. The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed Mr. Alfred Johnson to be their Agent Victualler at the Cape of Good Hope, In the room of Henry Palliser, Esq. retiring home on act ouut of ill health. The melancholy intelligence was this morning posted at Lloyd's, tbat " the Hussar frigate, of 38 gun's, Capt. Skecne, was lost during the late heavy gales in tbe Channel, and only three men were saved." The loss of shipping and lives in the late gales is truly- distressing. Tbe Diana, from Hamburgh, was lost off } ai mouth iu tlie night of the 9th inst. crew of nine men all perished but one. The Gustavus, Nbale, totally lost at Flushing, with all the crew : several other vessels lost, and many driven on shore there. The Eliza, from New- foundland to Watcrford, totally lost near Tramore; crew all lost but two.— The Melcomb, Brice, from Sunderland to Weymouth, foundered off Yarmouth. Eleven other vessels are posted at Lloyd's on shore at different points of the coast, whose crews are all safe, but some of the vessels will not be got off. CITY POLITICS.— Another Court of Common Council was held yesterday, to re- consider the proceedings of tlie la » t Court. Previous to the business being gone into, Mr. • Tacks, who iu the debate on Wednesday used some disre; spj. ctful expressions of Mr. Clifford the barrister, made a ful | apology.—( It teas understood thai this apology was rpa de in eon^ cqucncc of Mr. Clifford's demand of that or SOME OTHER satisfaction.)— Mr. ' faddy observed, that the Address voted at the last Court was drawn up in a hasty manner, and would not be pleasing to his Majesty : he therefore moved that it should be referred to a Committee. Alter a long debate, or rather wrang le, the previous ques- tion was moved and carried by a majority of 18. THF. DRAMA.— Mr. Kemble on Thursday sent a note to Mr. Clifford, and in consequence theyhadan interview, which led to the introduction ot' Mr. Kemble to a party of 6. P.' s, assembled at the Crown and Anchor, when Articles of Amity were agreed to, on the followi - basis:— The Pit to be reduced to 3s. Gd.— the former rate of ad- jnission.— The Boxes to be continued at 7s.— At the end of the present season, that part of the Front Boxes, which is now occupied by Annual Boxes, to be restored to the use of the public, as it was in the old theatre, at the time of Mr. Keinble's becoming a Proprietor. All legal proceedings to be immediately stopped. Mr. Brandon's dismissal was one of the articles proposed by the Committee— but Mr. Kemble stated that he had no authority to accede to such a proposition. When Mr. Kemble repeated thesffterins in the evening at the Theatre, some discontent was manifested at Bran- don's not being dismissed. He ventured tp appear ou the stage, to plead his own cause, but was soon driven off.— Air. Harris, jun. interceded for him, but in vain; the audience appeared to be resolved on his dismissal. Last night there was gre . t confusion during the first act of tbe play. Mr. Kemble informed the audience, that Mr. Brandon having incurred their displeasure, had withdrawn from the service of the Theatre. This did not giye com- plete satisfaction: an apology for the Managers was called for. Mr. Kemhle st length again came forward, asked pardon that an apology had not been made sooner, ex- pressed the sorrow of the Proprietors for what had taken place, and promised that it should not occur again. Tran- quillity was immediately restored ; and when Mr. Kemble came on ill his character of Pemuddocke, be w is received with loud plaudits, with which he was repeatedly greeted during the remainder ot the evening. The late Lord Mon- on was adored by his family, who would not forego the last marks of respect to his remains. His widowed Lady attended at his funeral, supported by her mother Lady Mexborough ; the sisters of Lord Monson also attended. Lady Monson fainted at the grave, and was taken away senseless from the melancholy scene. Two of the powder- mills at Hoimslow were blown up on Thursday evening, about six o'clock. It is feared that two er three lives were lost. Port H2etu£ f. FALMOUTH, Die. 14. The Princcss Charlotte packet arrived last night from Lisbon, in ten days. The Spaniards had been defeated, it was said, near Madrid, with considerable loss, but had rallied, and it was added, recovered a part of their cannon. The Plover sloop of war arrived on Monday from a cruize. Tbe Whiting, government schooner, arrived on the same day from Lisbon. Dispatches were brought, whose, con- tents have not transpired. The Arethusa f- igate sailed on a cruize on Saturday last. Tlie Rhin frigate remains here. There are several packets under orders for the West Indies, Lisbon, the Mediterranean, & c, all detained by contrary winds; and several are daily expected to arrive from various parts. The Snake, packet arrived this morning from Cadiz. BRIXHAM, Torbay, Dec. 15. Arrived this day the Druid frigate, from a cruize, and remains with tbe Thames and Daphne frigates and Persian sloop, with a small convoy for Lisbon. PORTSMOUTH, Dec. 17, During the severe storm of Thursday night, a large transport was driven on shore on South Sea Beach, and alio a West Indiaman near Moukton Fort; but as the weather is now mode- rate, hopes are entertained of getting- them both off without much damage. A French privateer had the audacity to anchor in Spithead Roads, and even to obtain supplies from the Isle of Wight; but being soon discovered, was immediately made a prize of; and conducted into the harbour. On Monday and Tuesday last the town was gratified with the inimitable performance of Mr. Cooke, of Covent- Gardeu Theatre, in the characters of lago and Sir Pertinax Macsycophant, which he sustained with his acoustomed excellence. Monday— Arrived the Unite, of 36 guns, C:, pt. King, from Plymouth; Partridge sloop, Capt, Foote ; and Tyrian sloop, Captain Davis. Tuesday— Arrived the Arethusa, of 36 guns, Captain Mends. Thursday— Arrived the Goshawk sloop, Captain Innes, from Lisbon. Saturday— Arrived the Franchise, of 46 guns, Captain Dashwqod, from the West Indies; aud Escort gun- vessel, Lieut. Crosbio, from Guernsey.—. Sailed the Euryaius, of 3G guns. Captain Dundas, off Cherbourg; and Cbarybdis sloop, C apt. Fowler, with dispatches for the West Indies. On Monday a Court Martial was held on board the Gla- diator, 011 N. Taylor, Surgeon of the Jamaica, for a crime that disgraces human nature, and which being fully proved, he was sentenced to be hanged, which sentence is to be carried into execution 011 Monday next. WINCHESTER, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16. On Monday a detachment of the 1 st regiment of foot, from Maiden, in Essex, passed through this city for tho Isle of Wight, destined for the East Indies. On Tuesday the 1 Jth regiment inarched from hcnce for Chichester. The following arrangement is to take place at Eaton :— Dr. Heath, who, succeeded Dr. Davis as Master of the School, is to be Provost; Dr. Goodall, the present Master, retires on the Eaton Fellowship, at present held by Dr. Heath ; and Mr. Ktate succeeds Dr. Goodall as Master of the School. Mr. Bowyer, brother of Sir George Bowver, is elected Member of Parliament for the borough of Abingdon, in the room of the late Geo. Knapp, Esq. Ou Saturday the l6" th inst. was married at Apple- shaw, bv the Rev! A. Thistlethwayte, James Edwards, Esq. of Horsebrldge, to Miss Butcher, only daughter of the late John Butcher, Esq. of Appleshaw. Lately was married the Rev. William Veale, of Trevailcr Hall, Cornwall, and Fellow of New Col- lege, Oxford, to Miss Borlase, only daughter and heiress of C. B. orlase, Esq. of Castle Hoincclt, Corn- wall. Last Monday was married in London, Mr. Henry Doller, to Miss Elizabeth Loader, both of thi-: city. On Saturday night last, a shocking accident happened at the Sun Inn, Southampton, to the pilot of the transports which arrived to convey the 8th regiment to Jersey: be was going to sleep at the Sun, being rather intoxicated; when he had taken off bis clothes and was putting out his candle, his shirt sleeve caught fire, and although every assistance was rendered, he was so much burnt that he died the next day. a Committed to t' e County Gaol, Win. Knqtt, for horse- stealing; Adam Holtoway, for obtaining goods from a shop at Basingstoke, under false pretences; Richard Faulk- nor, Forjay M'Guflin, and Jane Curran, 011 several charges of passing forged one pound Bank^ of England notes, at Gosport. On Monday l^ st the Mayor and other Magistrates of Southampton examined a young person, a soldier's wife, on suspicion of her having been concerned in the murder of Wm. tSweetman, a shoemaker, who was found dead, with bis throat cut, and several stabs in his body, and part of his bed- clothes thrown over him. The v. oman was re- examined yesterday, but there was no evidence of her guilt produced. She was re- committed for further exami- nation. SALISBURY, MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1809. A report having been Circulated iij this city, that John Singleton, and Mary his wife, who died about ten days since in Cajtle- st'reet, died from want of the necessaries of life: the May Of and Justices having minutely investigated the same, it has been most satisfactorily proved lo them, that there is not the least foundation fur such report, and that they both died from the effect of disease only, and not from the want of any necessaries; and that the report of the deceased having received from Mr. Woods ( the per- son in whose house they lodged) unkind treatment, is equally void of foundation. Joseph Phillimorc, D. C. L. Regius Professor of Ciyjl Law in the Uuiversity of Oxford, has heen presented by the Chancellor, Master, and Scholars of that University to the Prebend in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury called Shipton, near Bur& rd, in Oxfordshire, void by the death of Dr. French Lau. rencc. This Prebend of Shipton is usually held by the Regius Professor, who is the only Lay Prebend in our Cathedral. On Monday was married, at Harnham Church, by tho Rev. M. Marsh, Mr. Edward Cooper, of Bradford, youngest son of the Rev. Edw. Cooper, of Yetininstcr, Dorset, to Miss M.- Brodie, youngest daughter of the late Rev. P. B. Brodie, of Winterslow, in this countv. On Monday last was married, at Rin- wood, by the Rev Mr. I) a\ ies, Mr. J. B. White, formerly of Shastoii, but now of Bed win- street, Salisbury, to Miss Sarah Sophia Warne, of Hum, near Ringwood. On Saturday the Qth inst. died, in Duke- street, Westminster, Mrs. Ballard, wife of Mr. Alderman Ballard, of this city. On Monday last died, of an apoplectic fit, Mr. Kerley, of the Greyhound Inn, Wilton. On Tuaday the 12th inst. died Thomas Butler, grocer, o" Poole, after a short illness, much lamented by his fanily and a numerous circle of friends. SINGLE- STICK, Mr. EDITIR, T^. . . , „ IN justice to the Gaipesters of the county ol Somerset, ^ cannot pass over in silence the vague, paitial, and incorrect statement of the Single- stick play tbat took place at Trowbridge on the 4th and 5th instant, vhich appeared in your last Journal, without feeling irnself bouud to correct it. It is therein stated " that by'four o'clock on the first day the Wiltshire men stood tiveity tyers against fourteen of Somerset,"— this is a gross misrepresentation, so peculiar to the person at Trowbridge who advocated the cause of the mm of his county. The Somerset had but ten tyers, and including the twenty of Wilts sixteen Of them were tyers without turning a stick. Tbe Somerset lads having all played, their renowued opponents came forward in tbe most oourageons manner, and each ot the number above- mentioned successively became a tyer every five minutes ( being the time fixed for that purpose), because there were none of Somerset to oppose them, and never were gamesters of the county of Wilts in such plenty, iu con- sequence of this advantageous encouragement! The odds for the second day's coutest were therefore exactly two to one, viz. tae Wilts having twenty and the Somerset only ten. At length the number of Somerset tyers were re- duced to two only, George Wall aud John Wall, who had to play with fifteen, of whom they broke nine, which, with two, they ohtaiued before, were eleven, namely seven by George W all and four by John, the former having also saved his head: he was then opposed to Blackford, and, after two severe bouts, and having six left to contend with, he was advised to decline the contest, as there could not, of course, be any great prospect of success. It may not be improper to observe, that these two gamesters aply broke as many heads as all the Wiltshire men who played 011 b » th days added together, and whenever they have fairyta; i they are always, I conceive, a niftch, in the proportion of one to two, for any county iu the kingdom. I'ROME, 1 am your's, & E. Dec. 13, 1809. AN IMPARTIAL AMATEUR. HOME MARKETS. Prices of Corn, per Quarter—: fyead, per Gallon,. Dcc. Salisbury, 12 Basingstoke 13 Devizes, 14 Newbury, 14 Andover 16 VVarminsttr, IB Weight of. hr Gallon Lcpf, all:. \ loz Wheat. Barley. Oats. . S-. S. s. s. 5. lQO/' illS 44 to 5t> S8 to 42 72/ ol 17 42 to 50 30 to - 39 S8/ 0111* 44 to 52 32 to 411 94( 0127 35 to 50 26 to 40 9- 2 to 125 37 lo 49 27 In 40 i 92( 0119 36 to. 59 33 to 45 Beans. Bread s. s. 5. d. r, 0 to 74 2 7 5- 2 lo 65 2 3} 51 to 66 50 to- 7a 2 4 50. t'i 66 2 Si 58 to 70 — r - Half Gall. 4/ 4 b\ oz. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. TICKETS and SHARES are now selling, in great variety, for BRANSCOMB and Co. by BRODIE, DOWD1N3, • and LUXFORD, at the PRINTING- OFFICE, SAI. ISEVM; who in the three last Lotteries sold Shares of four Twenty Thousand Pound Prizes— on-: Ten Thousand— several of One Thousand, Five Hundred, & c. $ c,— aui where, the fallowitg CAPITAL PRIZES were sold pi life kist ayd late Lottmes:— No. 2,618 £- 10, OOP € f, l45 20,000 lfl.'. B 40,000 3,> 66 20; 000 7JK6 20,020 11,643.' 20,000 14( 223 20,000 No, 13,747....,£ 10,000, 12,309...... 10,000. 8,366.. 10,167...... 12,076. 18,318 11.871. 5,000, 5,000 5,000 5, OOU 5 000 Several of ilooo—£ 500,—& c. Ha/ Us, Sussex, and Dorset Insurance Coin}' any. \ T0T1CE is hereby given,— That thy General ill Half Yearly Meeting of the above Company wi', 1 be holtien at the Crown Inn, Go, sport, on Tuesday the 26th day of December inst. at ten o'clock in the forenoon. DAVID COMPIGNE, Secretary. GOSPORT, Dec. 12, 1809. fb'Ob'O SALISBURY ASSEMBLY. MR. GOODALL's ( the Master of the Ceremonies) BALL will be on Thursday the Slst day of December, 1809. II. BROOKE, •> H. EYRE, {- Stewards. W. B. BRODIE, J [ 6066 SALISBURY CARD ASSEMBLY. THE Subscribers are requested to meet on Tuesday next, the 19th, at twelve o'clock, for the purpose . of settling the ,\ ccoun: s, and electing other Srewariis for the year ensiling.— IMceinber 16, I 809. [ 6047 SALISBURY CITY ASSEMBLY. QUCH ladies and Gentlemen as aie disposed to O support a CITY ASSF. MBLY, are requested to leave their Names at the Printing- office on the Canal. The Terms of Subscription are proposed to be the same as for tbe late Awemhly. • ' [ 6087 DEVIZES ASSEMBLY. "' HE Third Subscription Assembly will be at the New Tovn Hall, on Tuesday the 1.9th inst. [ 5965 npHE next ROMSEY ASSEMBLY will be on 1 Wednesday the 20th instant. ROMSEY, Die. 12, 1809. l « 079 THE THIRD STURMINSTER NEWTON BALL will be on Thursday the 21st inst. Tickets may be had at the White Hart Inn. [ 6054 SINGLE- STICK. A CHALLENGE. , THE ten Gamesters of the Countv of SOMERSET, who played at TROWBRIDGE on tlie~ 4th instant, hereby challenge to play the twenh/ WILTSHIRE who became tyers on that day, for FIFTY GUINEAS. Particulars may be obtained bn application to Thomas Bulne, Esq. at Buckland, or Mr. John Nicolls, Frome. [ 6098 WANTED immediately,—- An APPRENTICE in the Ironmongery Business. Apply to W. Barnes, Catherine- street, Salisbury. [ 6113 SERVANTS WANTED. AGood COOK; she must be able to make good butter and bread;— likewise an elderly Woman, as UPPER NURSE or GOVERNESS NURSE. None need, apply who canno: have undeniable characters. Apply to the Printers, if by letter post- paid. SUN FME- OtrlCE, BANK- BVILNINOSJANDCRAIO'S- COUKT, CHARINC- CROSS, LONDON, For Insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, Ships, in Harbour, in p . ck, or Building, and Craft, from Loss and Dam, ageby Eire. WE whose Names arc under written, being Agents for the Sun Fire- Office, have authority from ihe Ma- nagersto inform the ptibljc, and all persons insured in die said Olfice, that the Premium oil the Stock of Corn and Hay, being the produce of a Firm, also, Ca. ile and Implements'of Hus- bandry thereon, will be rated at TWO SHILLINGS per cent. And all persens insured ill this Office, are requested to refer to their Policies, in order that they may receive the benefit of this Reduction of the Prepiium 011 Farming Stock, oil their respective Renewals at Christmas next; and tlutf PRINTED RECEIPTS, under aur hands, . ire ready for delivery, for the premium and duty 011 POLICIES, as they become due; and that printed proposals of the term? of insurance may be had of us, which will befouadas moderate in every respect as those ot" the other offices. Farming Stock may be insured, generally, in al! Barns and Oti'- houses, or 011 a Farm, without an average clause, which mi1: be seen by applying to us, who will give any further infor- mation which may be required £ br tiie explaining this mode of insurance. Arundel, R. Parker; Dorchester, G. Frampton; Win- chester, W. Gauntlctt; SwthmrrMon, T. Durell; Portsmouth, W. Baker; Lyinington, Mrs. fc. Mitchell; Basi'tgstokc, C. Hawthorn; Andover, R. Bird; Salisbury, j. Smith; Murl- borowch, N. Merriman t Devize j, T. Newman; lb arminster and Mere, R. Butt; Chic letter, J. Plaisto; Rending. J. Blandv ; Far/ iham, W. Trimmer ; Newbury, W. Budd; Blandford, E. Roe ; Lyme and CluannOuth, J. Bl ackmore; Sherborne, Samuel IV bitty. N. B. Policies Insuring Three H undred Pounds, are issued free ofexpence; and all payments for losses by Fire, are made by this Office without deduction. jrtr" The Sun Fire- ofice have aj ways paid Losses or Damage by Fire Iroin Lightning. [ 6076 ELEGANT ANNUAL PUBLICATIONS. ATLASSES, REPOSITORIES, SOUVENIRS, AL- MANACKS, LADIES* and GENTLEMEN'S POCKET BOOKS in the greatest variety, and in the most splendid, elegant, and simple modes of binding; also Cou RT CALENHARS, HOUSE- KEEPERS'ACCOUNT BOQKS, and every annual Publication are now selling, at the lowest London prices, by BRODIE. DOWDING, and L. UXFORD, Successors to Mr. Collins, at the PRINTING- OFFICE on the CANAL, SALISBURY. * » * Jus( received,— Several Bo^ cs of BARRETT'S WAX CANDLES and GIBSON'S PLAYING CARDS, which are now selling at the same Money prices as at the Manufac- turer's, whereby the cost of poxes and London carriage is saved ( o Ladies and Gentlemen residing in the West of Englapd, [ 6086 Mr. MOON'S ffESTERIV PQCKJSIT ALMANACK. A SECOND EDITION Of this most useful Vade mecpm, containing a correct List of all the Country Bankers in Great Britain, with the names ol the London Bankers whom they draw upon,— List of the Field Officers qf the several Regiments of Local Militia in the six Western Counties,— Law List, » c. will be j ublished ON WEDNESDAY NF.\ T, MISS ANSTIE gratefully acknowledges the kindness of those friends who have entrusted her with the Education of their Children, and is happy to say thai Mrs. LI. LIOTT succeeds her in her present establishment. DEVIZES, De(. \ G, 1809. [ 6104 1V/ TRS. ELLIOTT b, egs leave to inform her friends ivX and the public, that her SCHOOL will re- open on Mon'd ly January 2i, 1810. Terms for Board and Instruction iri the English Language, Geography with the Use of the Globes, Needle- work, icc. Twenty Guineas per annum, and One Guinea Entrance. Writing and Arithmetic, French, Music, Drawing, & c. at the usual prices. N- B. Mrs. E. has removed to the house lately occupied by Miss Anstie, v. nd has engaged O^ e same masters. DsyiZEs, Dec. 16, 180.9. [ 6135 EDUCATION.— CALNV, WILTS. THE Rev. w. MARSH, A, M ( late of Pem- broke Hall, Cambridge) having received his own edu- cation at Eton, undertakes the care of Ten young Gentlemen, Under fourteen years of age, to, initiate thein iii the Classics, Geography, Writing, Arithmetic, and the English Grammar, preparatory to a public Education. ' I & a.\ ts for Education and Board Fifty Guineas per Ann.— Entrance Two Guineas,— And the usual Terms for the other Accomplishments. Mr. W. Marsh will make it his constant aim to instil into the minds of those youths who may be entrusted to him, the principles of the christian religion ; and will also attend most carefully to their health and comfort. N. B.— Washing will not be included in the above terms. Each young Gentleman has a single bed-— The Christmas Vacation ends oh the 22d of January. [ 6092 ISLE OF WIGHT. WILKINS, MEW, BUSSELL, and Co. fro,,- mongers, Smiths, Tinman, Braziers, Brass Fvundtrs. Gunsmiths, Bellhdngers, IVireuvrhers, Plumbers, anil Bar, iron Afm-( hants, Newport, Isle of Wi^ lit, beg to offer their grateful acknowledgments to their friends for the Support they ever experienced during the life of their late Partner, Mr. WILKINS ; and " to acquaint them, that the respective trades in which he was engaged will be continued, for the joint be- nefit of his family and surviving partners : they solicit a Con- tinuance of the patronage so liberally bestowed on them, and ad'i their assurance that their utmost study will be to merit it. WINTER FASHIONS. CCOLLINS, Milliner, Dress Maker, & c. to their y Royal Highnesses the lYincess of Wales and the Duchess of York, No. 37, Half Moon Street, Piccadilly, London, respectfully informs the Ladies of SOUTHAMPTON and its Vicinity, that she has sent from her establishment in London, for a few days only, a most elegant Assortment of Winter Pelisses, Mantles, Tippets, Morning and Evening Dresses, Bonnets, Hats, Dress and Undress Caps, Dress Handker- chiefs, Lace Sleeves, Veils, fee. The Jubilee Pelisse and Russian Mantle aie particularly reeommended to notice. As. at this season at the year, Miss COLLI NS could not leave her business in town, she has deputed a particular friend to represent her at SOUTUAMPTON, whose punctuality and at- tention she can placc an implicit reliance on. Cards of Address will be circulated on Tuesday the 19th inst. or may be had on Monday at Mr. Skelton's Library. [ 6108 NORMAN HKIFERS FOR SALE. npO be SOLD by HAND, \ n Soathampton Market, J_ on the morning of Tuesday the 19th instant,— Six fine NORMAN HEIFERS in Calf, lately imported, from Jersey. KING'S ARMS INN, SALISBURY. To Coach Proprietors, 99' c. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by 0. NORTON, on Monday the ist'a instant, at four o'clock,— About Sistv Dozen of choice old PORT. And on Tuesday fhe 19th,— Seventeen seasoned POST HORSES, COACH, POST CHAISES, Harness, itc. Sale to begin at two o'clock. ~ [ 6107 SALISBURY. T3 be SOLD by AUCTION, by C NORTON, on Thursday the 21st dav of December instant, and fol- lowing day,— Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE of a GENTLEMAN leaving bis residence in Eieter- Stiect; consisting of four- post and field bedsteads, with chintz, dimity, and other furnitures; prime bordered goose feather beds, mattresses, superfine blankets, counterpanes, and qujltsj, mahogany double chest of drawers, with a secretary ; set of dining tables; dressing chest of drawers ; Pembroke, card, and other tables ; Brussels and Kidderminster carpets ; sideboard, dumbwaiter, & c. bureau and bookcase with glazed doors; sofa, chairs; pier, chimney, and swing classes; capital time- piece, an eight- day clock in amahoganv case, about 60 dozen of fine old port, i^ c. with numerous culinary articles. Sale to begin each morning at ten o'clock; and Catalogues will be deliveied two days previous to tbe sale, at the Auc- tioneer's, Poultry Cross. . [ 6935 MARKET- PLACE, SALISBURY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GATE- HOUSE, near tjie Corn- market, 011' fuesday the 19th of December inst.— A handsome GREY MARE, 15 bands high, warranted sound aqd free from vice; sold for 110 fault what- ever ; the property of a gentleman in an ill state of health. Sale at twelve o'clock. [ 6112 Hampty; arth, near the Earldoms, Wilts. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GATE- HOUSE, on the Premises, on Wednesday next, the 20th day of December, 1809,— All the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE and Effects of Mr. Robert Moody, deceased ; consist- ing of six tons of qieadow hay, a cart mate seven years old, a mare colt three years old, a cart built upon iron arms, two sets of harness, apple- mill and press complete, cheese- press, and two sides of bacon. The Furniture consists of bedsteads, feather beds and bed- ding; dining and pillar tables, 30- hQur clock, six half- hogs- heads, sundry other casks, tubs and silts, copper aud brass articles, pewter, &: c. The sale to commence at eleven o'clock. [ 6111 C'. iNN, near SHAFTESBURY. TO be SOLD by PUBLIC. AUCTION, at the Cross Keys Ipn, in the town of Shaftesbury, on Monday the 8th day of January next, between the hours, of two and four in the afternoon, ( unless previously disposed cf by pri- vate contract, of which due notice will be given,)— All those two Closes of excellent PASTURE LAND, very deshably situated in the parish of Cann, near Shaftesbury aforesaid, containing, by. estimation, 18 acres, ram - or less, arid now in the occupation of Mr. Daniel Giilingham, who wilt ^ how the same. For further particulars; and to . treat by private contract, apply to Messrs, Hooper and Broome, Ringwood, Hants.— Letters to be post paid. [ 6095- ' LYMJNGTON, HA MPS HIRE. TO be LETT, with immediate possession, for one or two year?,— An excellent FAMILY- HOUSE, hand- somely fitted up, and completely FURNISHED in the most modern style, and late hi the occupation of General Nicolls; together with three coach- houses, good stabling for 7 horses, lawn, meadows, gardens, and every'other requisite for a large family. The above is most delightfully situated in Ly- mington, and commands a view of the Isle of Wight aud Channel, Needle Rocks, & c. For particulars apply ( postpaid) ta Mr. West, banker, Lymington. Also a handsome ORGAN, standing in the hall, which plays with Finger, aud has the addition of five Barrels set with Tunes. , [ 5791 SALISBURY. TO be LETT, with immediate possession,— genteel HOUSE and GARDEN, situated in Castle- street, For particulars ( if by letter, post paid) enquire of G. Morris, builder, surveyor, Sc. Endless- street. [ 6181 LYM1NGTON, HANTS. TO he LETT, handsomely Furnished, and entered on immediately,— A good FAMILY HOUSE, with a good walled Garden, Coach- house, and Stabling for three Horses. [ 6058 Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Perkins, Lymington. BLASH FORD- HOUSE. TO be LETT, » t Christmas next ensuing,--— BLASHFORD HOUSE, near Ringwood, the late resi- dence of James Powell, Esq. with Fixtures, several articles, of Furniture, and some few acres of Land. For further particulars apply to Mr. Baldwin, solicitor, at Ringwood. [ 59. M; SEEND, WILTS. TO be LETT, and possession had immediately,— A FREEHOLD VILLA, lawn, gardens, grecn- honse- coacb- honse, Stable, dairy- bouse, and other appropriate. cou, senienc. s, with or without land, from 5 to 16 acres. For other particulars apply to Mr. Usher, solicitor, at Bristol; if by letter, post paid. [ 5874 PENTON MEHSEY, ' NEAR ANDOVER, T3 be LETT, and entered 011 immediately,-—— A convenient and compact DWELLING, HOUSE, con- sisting of two parlours, a kitchen, brcwhouse, and other offices, with five good bed rooms, a three- stalled s » ble, small granary on six pair of stones, Jrc. an excellent pais& n walled in, with nearly an acre of Meadow Land adjoining. For particulars apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Wilfiarr* Ward, White Halt Iiin, in Pcnton. [ 5397 ANDOVER, HAN'IS. TO be LETT,— A convenient DWELLING, HOUSE, well sityiuttd in the centre of High- street, with, or without a Malt- house, capable of wetting from 18 to 20. qr- per week.- r—- For further particulars apply to Mrs. Maty Goodall. Andover. N. B.— To be Sold,— A capital Horse Malt Mill, a Mashing Tub and Underbade, calculated to mash fwiu twenty- four to thiity bushels, all of which is equal to new. [ 6019 WARMINSTER. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT,— A. substantial new- built DWELLING- HOUSE, very eligibly situate near the Market- place of Warminf. trt, and which might be occupied eith r as a private residence, or iof the purposes of trade, with a commodious shop in front.-,-— Immediate possession may be bad. [ oM5i For particulars and tieaty apply to Mr. Phelps, Warminster, ' To GEN'ILEMF. N SPORTSMEN wanting Qvali/ o. wnj. A CAPITAL BA ft GAIN, TO be SOIJ) by PRIVATE CONTRACT.— Fifteen Acres and upwards of FREE LAND, briii . ing in JELOO per annum, clear of alt deductions excepting land- tax and property- tat, situated in North Wilis, having an unlimited light of common for sheep, itc. and a reeve in a common field. For the accommodation of a purchaser g(? at part of tlie purchase money may remain on mortgage. For particulars apply ,( jf by letter post- paid) to Messrs. Hooper and Broome, Solicitors, Ringwood. Hants, or Mous. Broome and Pinnigsr, 1, Gray's- lnu Square, London. • ALTON, HANTS. qno be SOLD'bvPRIVATE CONTRACT,—. AH JL that LEASEHOLD newly- erected MESSUAGE, Te- nement, or Dwellmg- houssvconsisting pf a good dry under ground ccllar, two parlours, six bed rooms, kitchen, and wash house; with a fixed pump and a well of excellent water, a paved yard, good back entrance, and a garden be- hind, situate in the Hieh- strect, Alton.— The he'use is very fit for a school, or any business requiring room. For particulars apply at the Post- office, Alton. [ 5955 VALUABLE FREEHOLD INN and LANDS, At Kington Saint Michael, Wilts, adjoining the turnpike roaff,' only two milts from Chippenham, and eight Iron* Malmsbury. nPO be SOLD, by PRIVATE CONTRACT*— All X tbat well- accustomed INN called the PLOUGH, with th'c stables, garden, and excellent close of pasture laud ad- joining, containing by estimation three acres, late in tbe occupation of Mrs. piafta White, deceased, and an . liable situation for a person desirous of being in the public life. Persons desirous of purchasing are requested to send by letter ( post paid) tbe price ibey ' r. re willing 10 give,, to Mr. Wilkins, land- surveyor, Dunkirk, near Devizes, Wilts, os to the Office of Messrs. Guy and Michell, solicitors, in Chippenham, on or bclote the 15th day of January qcxt. WEYMOUTH. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT.— All that modern brick- built, extensive, and welt- accus- tomed BAKERY and DWELLING-! 10U4rK, situate- 11* High- street, the property, and now in the possession, of Mr. HUSH SEXEY, ( who" is leaving Weymouth); comprising » convenient, well fitted? up shop, parlour, large bake- house with two excellent overs, fuel- house, and a large paved yard and garden behind the same; drawing- room and two bed- rooms on the first floor; three attics, and one large garreo over— The above premises are in complete repair, and- have a good supply of water. Application to be made ( if by Tetter, i « st paid) to Mr. to in, Henning, attorney, Wevnaouth. N. B. Half of the purchase- money may remain 011 security of the premises, if desired, [ 6043 T1TCHFIELD, HANTS. TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, or LETT, ready furnished, fot a . term :. ot exceeding six nor less than three months,— An excellent'FAMILY HOUSE, situate ill the agreeable village of TitchfU Id, seven. miles from. Gosport, three from Fareham, and nine from. Southampton ; consisting of a drawing- room 26 feet by 20, diipng. and sitting rooms, six rooms on tne first and f > ur on th • attic stdry, f ur servants' rooms, butler's pantry, housekeeper's r. om, senums"- hall, kitchen, scullery, pantry, dairy, goo. l wine apd beet cellars, & e. There are staples, double coach bpuse, bp- w- house, wash- house, and lauitfry, with divers other, convenk- m offices detached. At the bafk of the house is a. ilpwer and kitchen garden, comprising upwards of « wo statuji; acres, of land, completely Walled round,' with a grapciy, & e, N. B. About 450 feet on the north side of the gar<>. n. frpnt- ing the street ( with the exception ol the space oecjpicd- hy three small cottages, which may be had if required) through which it is proposed to bring a turncikc road, landing. from Cosham to Southampton, IJotley, and Winchester, aptj is we| l worthy the attention of buildt rs. For particulars enquire of Mr. Thos. Mondcy, TiichfijW ; Messrs. Mcndey and Taylcr, Auctioneers, Gospoi: » or Mr- Thomas Edwards, No. 3, New Bo: well Court, Carey- street, London. ' [ 6036,- WILTS.— WEST KINGTON INCLQ^ URF- WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named in and appointed y, r an of Parliament made and passed in tbe forty- nifltb yeasof the reign of his present Majesty, intituled " An Act for ine^ osiritj Lands in the Manor or Lordship of West Kmgton, in th*, r parish of West Kington, iu the county of Wilts," dohcre'Mf. ' give Notice tbat we have appointed and set out the iolowing Public Roads, through and over the said lands intended by the said Act to be inclosed, that is to say:— No. 1.— One Public Carriag. Road, of the breadth « f forty feet, extending from Sherril'Gate, in it's present trucx, over West Kington Down, to Tormarton Gate. No. 2.— One other Public Oarriage Road, of the liradth of thirtv feet, branching out of the first described road it Stirt's Gate, and extending in an eastward direction over tie West Field, to the village of West Kington. No, 3.— One other PuWic Carriage Road, of the bradth of thirty feet, extending from the south side of the vllage of West Kington, in it's present track, over the South ,' ield, to an antieht lane, leading to Marshficld. No. 4.— One other Public Carriage Road, of the headth of thirty teet, leading out of Ivy Lane, and exten.' iig in its present track across the South Field, to au anticot Gte in the parish of Marshfield. Nci. 5.— And one other Public Carriage Koad, of tb breadth of thirty feet, extending in a southward direction acb. ss Wick Green. And we do further give Notice, that a Map sigwd by us, on which the said Reads are accurately laid downrand de- scribed, is deposited with Mr. Audley liaVvey, solictor, our Clerk, at his Office in Chippenham.— Any p'cison « | r persons who may object to any Public Road so set out ( Knitted O be set out, may exhibit their cause of complaint to DS at oir next Meeting, to be held at the King's Arms Inn, [ n Marsh- field, on Tuesday the 6th day of February next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.— Dated tbe 11th dav of A urnst 180}. RICHARD RICHARDSON. ROBERT WRIGHT HALL. PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY W. B. BRIDIE, J. DOWDING, ANL't J. LUXFORD, AT THE PRINTING- OFFICE, CANAL, SALISBURY; Where Orders, Advertisements, and authentic. Articles of News # » •<; received ( f ostnge pq^ d). the PWHTEM and BooxsELUSS in the Vfm of EW; by the native NSWSME* , * d in Lomjon by Messrs. lAYI^ tt and NEWTON, No. Warwick- Square, Wanvick- Une, Newgate- Street; and Mr. WILKIE, Boozier, Paternoster- Rev,
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